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Tell the World What He Has Done

Duane McKey


Duane McKey

Internationally known lecturer and Bible student



  • March 16, 2019
    11:15 AM
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Well you know we are is about broadcasting all media platforms broadcast a bad tism we these are all the different things that we do want to talk about each want to start a new CD A Center for Digital evangelism in the Philippines we're going to start one and the U.S. and one in Europe and one in South America and one in Africa said you know a lot of people go on the Internet and they young people they search for stuff don't think we don't do a very good at the General Conference or our conferences or our churches and connecting with people and so that's what we're going to be doing with these centers where do young people come and use computers and cell phones You Tube evangelism or You Tube or we have one right here Mark Fox that works with us Facebook live cell phone evangelism that that's an amazing thing just started just started less than 2 years ago and I would tell you the whole story would do that this afternoon but but every week we connect. With 250000 people on whatsapp around the world every week they're listening to Mark family sermons they're amazing Think of that and people walking in the church is what I like about that this afternoon asking to be bad guys when I say well you have to study 1st naysay No I know it was a well how do you know my cell phone. Well what do you know what i asked me and Steve I know. Because I've been listening listening let me know as eyes which we can talk more when we have time this afternoon at about the CD innocent it was good to evangelism in our hopes there and what what we can do together to do more. But the cell phone evangelism and just incredibly just let me just share this. Just I just wrote these these countries down new interest in cell phone evangelists and taking Bible studies from no as to November from Thanksgiving time until Christmas Morocco Lebanon the U.S. Virgin Islands Germany Britain British Virgin Islands India Baroudi Ethiopia Saudi Arabia Botswana by the way we just had a guy over and over in a country that I can't tell you where. He got the cell phone messages and he immediately said I want to know who Jesus is. And so we had this I'll tell you about a friend we have over over in Israel who is and their pastor there and we've got a hold of him he said well tell him Jesus is what was it that the rock. Yeah Jesus is the rock and so they sent that to him and then and then they said OK now what we tell him what tell him to go to the Bible and read the Bible in time who Jesus is would go away from the Koran which says that so that's where they're at now we'll pray for him so I can't take the rest of the story but it's really. We have a place a country that we have tried address we have tried missionaries we have had no members in that country you lose your head there. And they were just a few months ago they started listening to our own short way 2 people did they were taken all the country they were baptized they were sent back into the country they now have 60 people studying in small groups a man the 1st Adventists there in that country can't tell you where. Sorry Well these are the things lot of fun exciting things going on social media and Internet and Facebook and podcasts and Like us on Facebook by the way that's always a good look at the videos there are lots of new videos coming out every week Joe Watts I see you back there good to see you and look you know which will help if you don't know but we have a good representation here from a D.V.R.. Our comprehensive health evangelism I think is one of the newest things we're starting to we're very excited about that because we believe the best way to reach people like in India and China is through a comprehensive health evangelism by the way we just took was it 49 Robert Cathy I think to mentor to preach Chinese young adults in their back in China doing the service the 1st time they've ever done evangelism in their lives and we're going to start a training school we were going to do it in China but you know things are not good there now and so we're going to do it in a neighboring country and have a training school for them they call their fill out a visa in the neighboring school tell the world what he has done well the devil is about telling the world what Satan is up to the media tell us tell us what tell us that story pretty well don't think you probably heard just recently about. The killings in a mosque in New Zealand. Not long ago there were some killings in a church in Mindanao in the Philippines. Is terrible we but I think God's people God's people thank you guys people who are supposed to tell the world what God is up to and what God is doing and how lives are being touched in chains around the world. 2 weeks to go through in a week before that we we talk to we some of the I tell you that story is a 2nd we stop by the garden tomb it may not be the actual 2 maybe as the one where the church isn't in the jurors that we're not sure but the point is the tomb is empty. The tumors empty for Corinthians 15 says if the to me not empty of Christ be not raised our faith is in vain. And I know it I know it's empty. I heard a lawyer prove it. Now really think about it think about it just the next week we were here and soon I hear hear Thomas. That's where he died he was martyred there did you know that all the disciples except for John lost their heads or were crucified or died some horrific death every one of them just think about human nature if you were lying. About the resurrected Jesus would you or he'll think die for a lie now that's how you can prove it isn't that. Every one of them they saw Jesus they bleed it so much of all their hearts. They say Go ahead Peter said Crucify me upside down I want to be crucified like Jesus I'm not worthy of that every one of them John thought me that go ahead put me in that in the boiling pot of oil and didn't touch him because God had a mission for him and all the rest of them die. Die terrible gas because they had seen their resurrected Christ they had been there not far from the garden tomb they had been there. That's the place I would like to vent I want to see that played back some time there in Bethany you know when the the the disciples were around Jesus and all of a sudden he started going oh. Can you imagine the impact they had never seen Superman Superwoman into that stuff. He was going up and they were watching him he's gone and the angel said you may have been here only why why do you stay here again seen up into heaven the same Jesus will well come in the same way. Jesus so why the tumors empty he's coming back. He's coming back. What a message God has given this church. Wow what a mess. And this gospel the kingdom will be priests and all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come. Have Well everybody can do something somebody said to me some young person I know what T.M.I. means I said What is that to me people in Indianapolis I'm. Told Oh member involvement Mr White makes it clear until all of us work together. Church members church officers pastors administrators Harry to we all like you were saying join hands and work together the work won't be finished and Jesus will come I'm thankful for that your dream and your vision your passion Steve. To work together Floyd. Jesus is coming. Everybody can do something. Him as Richard used to say this the work will not be finished until all the preachers are put in jail Kathy doesn't like that and I don't care for it either I like Mrs White's version better. Don't you. The work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to their work and unite their efforts with those of Minister century to officers it's good business. And that's what we're about. And that's what about that's what the church is about Larry that's what we do. That's what we do here is a new. Version and this is gospel the kingdom she will be broadcast and the whole world for a witness to all of the nations and then the end she'll come while Jesus is coming as we broadcast it so we share in every way through the Internet whatever we can do Luke 2128 and when these things begin to happen this afternoon we're going to talk about a young man he's Cathy 20 years old. 22 he's been preaching to 150 than 170 Baptist preachers in India they're asking about becoming 7th and. It's an incredible. Look up and lift up your heads because your addiction draws near where the 1st generation Steve. 1st generation capable reaching the world in mere seconds. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. WHAT TIME TO BE ALIVE have China 1400000000 believable India 1300000000 the things happening in India we are just. As absolutely amazing Let me let me go to Israel this is what we some Ali his wife Audrey from she was originally from South Africa my wife and then their daughter and front there she's growing up real fast and last year we were there a year ago and took over $100.00 God pods. With an Arabic with the Bible on them and Bible studies and things the crazy things you know we unpack them and Robert your memory we have packed them because we're trying to get all want suitcase or cat and I took one of the boxes and stuck them in a suitcase together and put them in low places it lock bags and we got to the airport we heard a noise. They had turned each other on. And so we go in and we were to find the ones that were talking and we take them and we return them off and then we check the bags through and we get to Germany and get in on El Al Airlines going to to Tel Aviv and the security from El Al comes up to us the Israeli airlines and they said what you have your suitcase. Well you see we have these little radios and they have the pre-court in your hearing Arabic on them the Bible says. And so they smile and they said OK then we got to is are we prayed as we got in Tel Aviv going to stick you know going through customs there they would and they wouldn't talk. And they were just as quiet as could be. Got in the car and they started talking again. And they are big. So we share them and we sense family as MOM IS sisters and we still have quite a story 20 years ago he was a young man. And that is the earth where he lives about 85 percent of the people are Arabic and so he lives in this 4 story house next door is as I'll call another 4 story house his dad was the chief of the clan that the tribe about 1802000 people the ACO is the religious leader. And so his sister goes off to Europe to Austria and finds a crazy place called Bogun Hoffman and ends up in school there and then he hears that she's become a Christian so he sent by the tribe to go there and kill her. He gets there and she says he only has her phone number and so you call Jesus this up come to kill you you become a Christian and she's I know but give me a year just just let me live for one more year before you kill me and I'll tell you where I'm at and so he said well since he did. He said OK you have a year well. Her fiance got got him somehow to Bogota often given a place to stay for the year and through a series of encounters with the teacher it's online you can watch the story on a dip your daughter or he he becomes a Christian so he goes back to Israel he meets with the tribal council and they said did you kill your sister. And he said 1st you must tell me who this Jesus is in the Koran and he got angry and his uncle said Stone him. And so the All course boys picked up stones and start of the want to reason he fell down and we said Father said Say your brother to his other sons and they fell on him they took him to the car in a few days later he got out the hospital and came back and same thing happened he had to go to the tribal council and he said that they said was a killer he said. I'll tell you but you must tell me 1st who this Jesus is in the Koran stoning again back to the hospital and so he has his parents said always and you are leaving and so he went back to Europe he started studying a bogan often went to South Africa for a break commit Audrey then went to Southern avenues University and became a pastor and for a number of years now he's passionate over in Europe and Austria and so we we had heard about this I think quite 4 or 5 years ago I believe he was called to be a pastor in Nazareth. So he cause of his mother he says Mom they want me to come back and be a pastor of the of the church our advantage church in Nazareth is a safe well you're all go is dead and our house our family we're protecting you come we'll protect you and so I came back and then this is last year we ended up there with these god Pods and he was telling this story we met with the family and he's become the school board chairman of the largest Arab Muslim school public school in Israel now and that they ask him they said where he at they asked me to be the school board chairman so why would you ask me I'm a I'm a Christian and so we know but I'm a 70 administration I talk about Jesus we know I have prayer I talk about God we know why would you ask me we trust you. He says the worst thing you can do to an Arab is bait and switch you need to be honest they respect that. Well he's Remember he's living next door in this 4 story house next door to their 4 story house that the uncle and his family who had vowed to kill him because he become a Christian the it's been tense Audrey told Kathy a few days ago it has been terrible terrible so early one morning it's been 6 months now. Audrey hears a noise outside she goes to the the window opens the curtains early in the morning and she looks down and she sees a crowd of a young man there and cousins are next door screaming that we some are going to killing going to killing. And so she closes the curtains she falls on her knees and she begins to cry God save my husband while the young man 20 years old cousin the son of the of his direct cousin 2nd cousin so there's a behind him takes a knife stabs him another one takes a steak fork and stabs him on the other side both the knife and the fork been. Can you imagine that. You know that we were there year ago in Israel and there was a tourist that was killed in Jerusalem by stabbing. It's against the law for the Arabs to carry handguns but they carry knives that's their preferred way of creating terror he dropped the knife here's been at 90 degrees his brother US and brother bends down picks it up hands it back to him and says take the knife and never come here again and that's you walking away he turns and says No we sent our kill you he won't know how you won't know when you won't know where but Och well 3 weeks ago. We Are Church priest in Tel Aviv they tell us the rest of the story just 10 days before that these 2 cousins who had vowed to kill him on a motorcycle near Nazareth came around a corner ran head on into a semi truck. One is security mutely the other one died a week later so when we were there they were in the process of the funeral and they were going to the funeral so you see we sent a brother had said to him when they had vowed to kill him after the stabbing attempt he said we're going to plan an attack on their house and we since and now wait God will fight for us. God will find a peace deal us. I'll fight for what a god. A man. What what a god. I pray for them just talk to him a couple of days ago he's translating sermons to the cell phone sermons. Are going to with his voice in Arabic it will be good Arabic so that they can be used all across the Middle East amazing just briefly this is Robert put this and this video together did you see any of you see the video last week of the I'm glad you did maybe 2 or 3 because let me let me quickly show you this video this is this is an area in the Philippines that is controlled by. The rebels for 50 years they've been trying to overthrow the government have you heard about the rebels in the Philippines they're always bombing that city all the churches and they kill people in the now all the cross the mountains. I think some of the 2 or 3 of you went to our mission trip when we were here to the Philippines and we to protect our state give us free passage we would buy a $1000.00 worth of medicines Larry and snip up into the mountains and give it to the let the rebels in and then they liked us and they did they have to give us free passage back and forth and they would protect us that was a. You know. And and so these are the rebels they control the mountains well. 2 years ago we started broadcasting and they started listening we had 16 past years in the valley come to us and say we want to become Adventist him indoors and they and then we asked what about your churches they have lots and lots of churches all across the well they've been listening to your radio too and they all want become admin and. That's really and so the rebels we've seen some doctors ups the medical workers and the rebels and listening to a W.R. and our hearts are being touched this is a team of doctors and before we were just there in August and when up we were you know with Cathy and I and all of the whole team Robert to we head off it by helicopter if he cuts it's an all night walk through mud up the mountain and the 1st day we go on horses and Kathy set up I'm not going to horse. So we we fly up there we baptize the set of 3 A Larry 5 rebel generals. 5 rebel generals these are the rebels now we've had a medical clinic right there and we preach and they we've had by workers here they've been working with them for some time now and listening to the radio broadcasts and we have new churches can you imagine in a rebel village before I show the video I want tell you the story. Joslin. A few months ago she and her husband were in there and the rebels HE HAS A K 47 in the house or in a mountain village and all of us when they hear a noise outside early one morning and then bullets start flying through the house she grabs the kids and runs out the back door he grabs A K 47 runs out the front door she never sees him again. She hides in the jungle she's so angry so angry she takes the A K 47 he becomes a rebel herself and teaches her boys how to shoot then a few months ago she. Threw for a week much of I guess now she sees her start hearing this broadcast on admin This will create a cult and she learns about forgiveness and she learns about Jesus and C. and her kids are baptized. 3 weeks ago she said being in church and she says to Robert De Lay pastor. Why didn't you come sooner. And if we had heard sooner about Jesus my husband would have been in church with me. We need to broadcast we need to use the Internet we need to do everything possible talking to our friends and neighbors. Sherrie Jesus in the marketplace wherever possible 2 years ago we had almost no work in the mountains where the rebels were now in 91 religious consecrated. When this gospel they came to and she'll be preached in all the world as a witness I want Jesus to come don't you. Father have been I want to thank you for a as I. For their wonder for support. For finishing the work for all the different ministries they support to reach that in. This culture can be arranged. And Jesus was blessed. Me Christ. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave the Visit W W W audio verse or.


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