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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • December 31, 2009
    7:00 AM
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him him him I plan to think even this opportunity to thank you for waking us up this morning I ask that you please bless those are traveling in today and then traveling mercies think it's him is that we are here at UIC and he can receive the blessing I asked you please and give of ourselves and Phyllis a Holy Spirit Andrea special labeling Sebastian this morning and night his lips and happen to speak your word let him be a vessel for you thank you so much for letting us in dynamic process and we can't wait that great UIC reunion in heaven in your precious name amen over to rise to the disease us how you said you see his him and why you see the guy in a and he is a you he is in you as you message in the morning as you know Jesus run admin this morning leadership message with you entitled but now but now before we jump into the message and while the rest of the latecomers are strolling in I'm assuming with their Bibles I just want to ask you guys I think this is okay just for them this is something that will help set the tone for meetings throughout the morning my first request from USG see this morning if the parade and to be intentional about this not being a regular meeting see you then in existence for about eight years as an organization means this to help ourselves not exist that's the reason I do I think this is a movement and see what I see as an movement therefore means it is not an event is not something that happened for five days at a convention center out we stay in nice hotels eating food that means a lot of prayer but I believe that we can give them a chance this morning we'll see what they have for us but she wants is a movement and what that means is we must always be moving towards our goal which is the finished God 's work in this generation if that is the borough energy rising is a movement then you argue once July C functions as your luau as long as the feet of young people have asked about the father 's business in July C is in the is when you stop moving that utilizing dots is not in the conferences and that's not legitimizing .net GUI Susan dies when your feet as young people start moving about your father 's business DOS I need to request as my second favorite Doctor who kinds of attendees nor those of him to do I him and for you my challenges came as Iran we welcome you as you are but our prayer is that you were not stay in as you want we must always be seeking higher ground and as a result of that advantage of first UIC program you have to be intentional in your mind that this will not be a regular wiki on nonimmigrant back to do more of the same it's not a mountaintop experience this is actually the bottom of the Israeli July see that you understand spiritual mountain climbing to be true mountaintop for those of you are constantly rising before I know that many of my superintendent for many years you can become disillusioned how many more July season we have to on the great speakers can we come up with how many more great and powerful seminars do we need to continue to go through every generation we must be improving as a movement and diamonds for those of you attending for years we need your presence as well because God does not just use speakers also uses attending and our young people here in this place for the next five days or days we may not make it the morning or evening devotions for whatever reason but you will see them in the home they may be living in your room next to and therefore God needs you to be an agency 's excellent with the theme Odyssey we have to leave behind are the political correctness that keeps us all from being true to the calling that God has upon our lives if we are truly bad generation that means we must be when no other general so not even generate so much on this abusive mother or sister doing something that is not represent the spirit of Christ tapped him on the shoulder and called among if you see a young sister a little too close to a young brother tap him on the shoulder amen capital initial my third request in favor is that you guys bring a pen and paper when you come to listen to the word of God we have this mindset I've heard everything that's ever been preached we have this mindset that what else could come from this book but the children the matter is lives are continually changed by the part of the word of God and that means us to think arrogantly that we can get nothing from the Bible is being picked this is in actuality the thoughts of God is expressing humanity cannot exhaust so my recommendation always a take on a piece of paper pen or pencil you ask yourself three questions about every Sunday it helps me of the freezer the something is a hard to listen to a vent maybe doesn't know what I'm talking about maybe a pastor is just the most dynamic speaker in North America three questions one ask yourself number one what is it that I've heard in this surname that I've never heard before you always let alone something second question that was my mind when the word of God was being preached you know sometimes listening to that in the Bible they appreciate them I started wondering yes you don't know why maybe it got pizza too late what was wrong last night but your mind wandering and that's not a negative thing you don't write that down because even though the preacher when talking about but now the Holy Spirit is talking about a relationship because when two or three are gathered their use in the midst of them and that has a message for every single person seem to hear where was your mind when the word of God was being preached and lastly what am I going to do now that I've heard this message specific action you don't when you look at creation which is in question right now we say that God created the world by his word that means that the word of God will always produces action amen so that means we live in a world right now than when that's ultimately it will slap a man is not digesting window at least a donkey to open its mouth when God tells the scientists that Johnson was fighting the sun but there's one part of creation that is change the power that is within the word of God and that is humanity God can speak to us and we would do nothing simply because he's bound by the will we must choose to surrender to the word of God everything that is in opposition to the winnable so your third question is what am I going to do now that I've heard business my last request is about a four letter word anybody know what I'm thinking no operate with you should do nothing the entire file is okay for that aligns us with a and R amen oh amen I want to reiterate something Justin said last night a man is not a black word amen I go to present line services understand the amen is anything God bless my brothers and sisters but as a blockbuster recognize that at the end in the revolution of the victory comes all creation I Hispanic Asian where you come from the product line the line you will license and got the victory and Jesus Christ is one right now and we know that will be amen so that means is not a closer word and a man the first time in Houston the Bible is in the book of numbers chapter five unfortunately regarding a wife was unfaithful to her husband and the priest was to take her to the gate of the camp pronounce a curse and she was supposed and respond by saying amen which means so letting the as you have said so it is something that comes from the message that resonates with your heart something anything I wanted that man woman just said so learned be unto me as they have sent then you say amen at the something in the methods that sent on your toes I'm not begin that up you don't do the same amen B Asman said unto the serpent a man so I mean from the left from the rights down the middle on the preacher that likes conversation so please don't hold your a mess let's pray mighty God everlasting father we thank you for the gift of life and we know it's not because we were so righteous yesterday that you gave us want to but it's because your word says that your mercies are new every more and great is your faithfulness but even when we do not believe that God abides faithful for he cannot deny himself father Ulysses endured forever and we are praying for this one we then she would hope this by the power of your Holy Spirit that this will not be a regular meeting that you will travel from heart to heart and from mind to mind impressing upon the soul the message that you have to than once that we may obtain higher ground and to develop a Christlike spirit that is punishing teachers will as we read your work and take this your manservant who you know is what dusting your site and breathe upon him preferable and filled with life this is our prayer and we ask that you help us to be our experience we ask in Jesus name amen you have your Bibles I listened to the book of second Samuel chapter twelve seconds Re: I wonder there's a man if you're not there say have mercy okay second Samuel chapter twelve when astronomers are you there and then what were the process and the sending and onto baby and who came up to him and then there were two men in one city the moderates and the other poor the rich man had seen many flocks and herds Manhattan not the same one that you which you have been in notice and he grew up together with them and with his children and did eat of his only an drink of his own cock and lay in his bosom and was on to him as a daughter sounds like when using pets in America right on those which either pets better than the children on partners but apparently it's not a new concept is fine and David's anger was greatly kindled against the men and he says anything positive in the man that has done this thing shall surely die and he shall restore the lamb will because he did this thing and because he had no pity and Nathan said to David thou art the man that said the Lord God of Israel I invited the king over Israel and I deliver the out of the hand of Saul now we know that the situation that is coming by the prophet Nathan as well David sang the national in his desire for and we find that nonmovant comes and visits to be oppressive in the life of David that he gets reviewed under stories people tell him the story the response of the story and then not the profit of the personal estate you are the person was guilty of the very thing in this hard sometimes and he says it are driving a shepherd boy there were two men in one city now gone him flocks and herds that Lucy OC but at the same token this one gentleman appointment he only had one in Atlanta San Francisco and the president was one of his children and what has happened I came in as was the custom of hospitality in the Old Testament they wanted to prepare something for this language problem in the resume looking to bring as many flocks and herds he said to himself you know I want to use any of my seat at minimum to his seat some things that I and I can take this man's land shows that these examiner engagements responsiveness is incomplete how to shop as a supplemental the manual item in the NEC were talking about a young man so now how I did defend his seat so you can only imagine how precious and heartfelt this is the date and he responds with this condemnation the second sentence after twelve it says that David says as surely as God relates the manual business shall certainly die not interesting the Old Testament and the book of Exodus tells us that these elemental and you only have to restore the world is not widely object but yet we find that with David he goes beyond the condemnation of God he is harsher on this particular crime that God himself needs but it's interesting because the next verse says David Masson Justin and this man just left your domain brother Matt you know we live in a time when you are the man doesn't have any negative connotation you so what are you waiting you know Jesus is the man a man Jesus was a man but again in case I have different definitions about what the man is oftentimes lead a horse upon the evil that we see in others that we are not a lot we set out and we watch CNN we open up the newspaper we heard some stories on the mission field about the kind of evil and wickedness that exist in the world and we set back like they did listen to the Jerusalem news on man stole another man's land then you shouldn't kill within the message comes back to you and Lisa is not a man we read about the fact that the genocide that happened in Rwanda imaging just pick up one book to read the stories of Menendez to other men men get the underlining and you see the evil that is in the heart of individuals they said they looked at the genocide as a 9-to-5 job get up at night while killing until five p.m. come back a million people died in less than a hundred beats and we rooted that it was able to displace evil and the fact that all these nations do not intervene and we condemn the evil that we see around us but what do we do about the evil in our own hearts we often harsher and when you see the wickedness of that man when you see the weekend as a nonlimiting do you see that you are the man missing friend that was simply talking about is this what caused them to commit this genocide in one what caused the heart of Hitler to rise up and decide to kill millions of Jews that caused Stalin to cause the death of his people it was a three letter word soon an advantage but certainly will you send me an refill because I think I'm not as gross not a selling off his visitation with an Aqua enhancement on the human authors and every time we look at the moves and finally cracked the newspaper is just not a grew up in a good question one just like you one nice that Academy and the school just like you what happened to me that is why Timothy McVeigh blowing up this building in Oklahoma City was such a big deal to America because we thought terrorists are out there terrorists are out there in us exactly on mentality in the church the greatest opposition that comes in the church tends to be from within the church to say that somewhere someplace has some office said has taken hold of the man or woman and when they condemn the actions of a pastor we may condemn the actions of an outdoor another church member but here it comes back to you via Nathan two thousand and nine fundamental you're the man I remember listening to this illustration about a wealthy businessman he was listening to an apologist Robbie Zacharias and him and Robbie had a meeting in Raleigh was recounting this meeting is that he sat down with his wealthy businessman and wrong this presentation was about the fact that in order for you to believe in right and wrong you have to believe in God you can ground morality without God so the lucky businessman links are wrong across attendances I want to believe that there's right and wrong I believe that is evil in the world that I don't have to believe in God to believe that it has destroyed on and on his assistant was sitting I him until about a businessman and he said when talking about the humans around him I had been talking about the evils in society running the robot and you own in the menopause hormone and he said well I guess when I committed it is a victimless and Robbie providing the proper logical to told the story of a Prime Minister in Japan who committed suicide and when his wife woke up in the morning she saw open on the table de profundis by Oscar Wilde anyhow these words underlined as terrible as it has been what I have done to others nothing was as terrible as what I had done evil is not victims daily Zaman you may think you consider your computer lots of pornography by herself but the Bible talks about those that oppose themselves in second Timothy chapter two and talks about unison against me was sitting against yourself cinema is gone because of his self-destructive pulmonary Similac in this concept we need to look at the tables around us this will change the dynamics of how we interact as it serves as a brother or sister make a mistake with the individual having this weakness we say I look at them and enough fingers come back to the Mac so using in my question is is there a change that you are seeking in your heart is very things that you are seeking in your life and the most fundamental question I believe that this generation of him as one settings allowing the human heart that generation about being real generational mapping and is comes in a place now everything you notice what happens when we get inside and you we now get people to agree on about being simple as being real possibly say a little seasoning real values the real reality the fact that a president 's office about this soon does not justify it does not get any married nominalism of authenticity in the church but that's one of the seven and my question is this rehab at least recommendations for how we believe the human heart can be changed at the really going to change the human heart by education is a really good obesity in a classroom listening to someone teach me about the history of hatred that enemy is not hanging are you really going to feel that my life by publishing physiological profile sexuality are you really wanted to let my pride by talking to me about Napoleon at Waterloo friends Jesus is the only sure for the evils in society and our righteousness hanging on the cross Christ was the gospel how can you be honestly the only cure the evils of society how can we be my belief is this because we have not experienced the actions and down we don't really believe Jesus Casey to evaluate all really believe that Jesus can bring a person on here to hear from darkness to light from blindness this I will send him unto the best place the fact is with the imidazole things that you are seeking this morning this is the time to get the change was made in your Bibles to the book of John chapter twenty Gospel of John chapter twenty when NSA men can obviously have mercy okay John chapter twenty are you there notices me verse thirty and thirty one and many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples which are not written in this book but these are written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of God and not believing you might have life through his name now is so interesting that joblessness at the end of his Gospel you could of the battle for the first time you know someone tells you know how I talked about reading the Gospel of John is a good place to start responding the battle of John as you probably know one two three four five Atlanta Chapter twenty and now Bill Newington on you and by the way this is the book doesn't apply to my gospel is not a good vacuuming the last minute so you underlie certain stories are not in John's Gospel Matthew 's gospel wasn't as certain accounts are not found in John's Gospel John says in verse thirty he says in many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples which are not written in this book which means my gospel is not a historical account I wasn't trying to catalog history I wasn't trying to necessarily I will see the fulfillment and experience on seasons the purpose of my gospel he says but they are written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of the living God and this is the purpose of John's Gospel at least in those early every single pass if everything encountered in Jesus 's life he's trying to say this is why you should believe this is not usually believe that Jesus is the Christ and that believing you are may have life through his name John says that he is not an intellectual assent alone faith is not just belong in a dogma or idolatry faith is not just belong in a clean safe belongs in an individual case belongs in Christ and because faith is a process on China getting to believe in a person 's nonsense on China visit to believe in a man who can flip tables and receive children with the same hands that's what I'm trying to get into believing that Jesus the Christ so that means that when you look at John's Gospel he is building a case in an argument from story to story from person to person this is why you simply that Jesus is the Christ but I believe friends and more than elite outdoor gospel John records the ability of Jesus to change lives it has some of the most account of Jesus 's one on one encounters with individuals in his ministry just to do a quick overview we need a chapter three Nicodemus the Pharisee that is going to say Nicodemus asked the volcano respected and knowledgeable people to the woman of Samaria the outcast the downtrodden you don't the man at the point of the him us him them and caught in adultery guilty the blind man to help with the hotel is apparently irreversible Jesus comes in any changes individual lines and that we find here this becomes the greatest argument for Christ's 's ability to change lives today on the postmodernism in art and revolution in August on these different things in theories but the plan is being down everyone since it seems everyone has had this one a break evolution at least one something you can get a PhD in psychology and still not diligent mental problem Chris Christ Johnson's is the one my question is has gone change your life would justly make it in that these are written so that you might argue an argument for the Messiah ship of Jesus is the Christ is there someplace in the diary of your experience with Augustine I look at one story in the Gospel of John which is what were going to finish quickly to John chapter nine John chapter nine when it started with one to me this is one of the most exciting stories in the Bible when NSA meant anybody needlessly okay John nine thirty one and as Jesus passed by he saw a man which was blind from his birth him him saying Master wounded said this man or his parents that he was growing on Jesus answered neither hath this man sinned nor his parents about the works of God should be made manifest in him not want to follow this Johnson a news was about to get stoned he was passing out of the temple so they went to the unity is the same as with anything for his life and that he is running for his life he passes by a man with one line now a national question no one is going on right that you are a group of people trying to tell you that you stop which is not what methodologies is that Lisa is not afraid for his life is a free compassion by a statement is not afraid for his life is afraid the passerby and he sees a man who has had an issue in his life from birth blind from birth as Jesus passed by his mother looking for the blind man that was not on his agenda he was just passing by and that he was passing by they see this man was brought back and want to see them then the disciples on the news that is he did his parents mess up if you know some of those interesting amenities in the forties born that's interesting and Jesus says in verse three neither hath this man sinned nor his parents about the ruts of God should be made manifest in him not until it do not put yourself in your personal life I don't know what issues you and I've been doing that from birth there are some weaknesses in your life and in mind we've had a long time to say men him them dealing with Susan came to know Jesus ourselves some skeletons in the closet thumb about battling since that doth so easily beset us and you know Ron Nowacki Fidler then I had about this from birth I had this issue since I was a child but I don't want when you talk about my travels administrate around this country and I send our young people had been abused by Seventh-day Adventists I send out along the route was always picking out one place in the state has never left my mind at the administration 's young lady came up since last time to talk to you about your son and suggests how you doing how can I help you she started telling me about sexual abuse she was experiencing so don't know what to do so great together we talked next day I priest again she came up with a friend her friend looked at me she looked at me stable Sebastian on she has something that she wants to tell you I said okay size listed on the side the people are just conversing in ready to leave the meeting and the girl looks at me and immediately her face shines brightness cry enterprises the just found just south in Rajasthan a friend ago collapses on the floor and start crying hysterically and I'm the one and I knew what every one of us has a lot of questions why him myself him me sometimes become a legitimate alignment amen this is something that is the devil that's has to be one of his best lines as you know and also utilizes other than this a few and become you soon we like I wanted to this essay and Jesus says things will have to be ashamed of not going on in the past we don't have to be ashamed of everything that was struggling with being down even if you are not the issue in the same me and Jesus says so some want to be made manifest in your life God wants to show himself strong in your behalf are the miracle working power on thesis that is not in power in the blog about it if you must already see after you are not the comeback you know the Bible says that you are born in sin and shaped in iniquity we now have a blindness from birth and Jesus doesn't pass by he doesn't classify and he says why so that the works of God could be manifesting so noticeable Jesus does how he heals this neck John nine verse we read verse three we going to Barstow Jesus says I must work the works of him that sent me while it is day the night cometh when no molecular and as long as I am I am the light of the world when he had not spoken he spat on the ground may claim the spittle and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the cleanup this was interesting the man is already Jesus makes Clay from dirt a him the one design and then he doesn't lose instructions in verse and and said unto him go rounds and report on site along which is my interpretation sent he went his way therefore and Ross contains zinc and say that I found this in Montréal is in alignment with this lady spent on the ground makes great annoyance the eyes of the blind men and he says hey and I'm sorry on and washed when a minute another thing about online Jesus on identifying the placental from his eyes he is walking the streets of Jerusalem inside the temple Henley space no developer to find his and you can imagine he's wrapping around talking to people in my menopausal side along and then sent me what happened on your journey with Jesus to be healed in some people that silicon is something about this was a practical joke I will thought along the monitor then you have other people say brother when you look a voice and a man named Jesus told me to go find the pool of side along so I can wash anything is blind man by the hand is not always eyes anything here's the planet of side along and I can only imagine that actually goes down to the poor stumbles in thousands of e-mails down beside launching his face but this time he opens his eyes he can see in the fast enough a blind man sees his reflection on that question myself this is dripping down his face in the reflection of a growing loser with him I size you are easy for the first time in my fantasies when I is the family sees a young child for the first time it is a beautiful woman for the first time amnesty and as you know why he realizes he comes back see and hear we have the only person that we know he wants to see is Jesus but he only heard his voice if it is working with no we never ceasing so even if he saw Jesus he wouldn't know you wouldn't know you see friends when Jesus was a change in your life the first thing happens as you see yourself as you really are when I come back in the same you see a sample we really are because sees is not the first time disaster this is an entire marathon the wind so we looking a decision is only thing he sees is beautiful to him but at the same token he doesn't just look to see beauty he doesn't just get to see colors in the sky and all men embracing his wife or child running into the arms of his father for the first time he also gets to see evil for the first is only heard never saw never saw and of course you know what happens he comes back seeing in verse eight as soon as Jesus words that change in your life and in my notice what happens the neighbors therefore and they wish I'd seen and I was blind said is not this he that sat in their son said this as he said he is like him but he said quietly that was sent out in Holland my eyes hoping as a man that is called Jesus made clay and anointed my non- seventh-inning you will follow along and wants and I went along to see signs using faith as soon as you have a button that experience people I was a module to be you come back from the rising of the land and now you can enjoy tonight I'm orchestrating moment ago I was in the sleep lab I remember you I became interested my mother she was a similar event is before I was born that the church when I was probably wanted to use the anonymous lasagna can send an Adventist I came on the musical Christmas holiday I was a vegetarian you know that they go over well mama cycle making a favorite you know you like soundman I'm making filet mignon for Christmas dinner like Maya nonvegetarian now lots of vegetarian who utilizes it has anything to mom my mom not trying on just saying it on trying to be healthy you don't think you are the temple of God and how to evaluate our practices that led to the fitness center the light came on that's great the other online okay I'm just if you carry news I remember losing and I'm sure you are now unsettling usually present development of your past it only makes the change of gone now much more powerful things about Johnson & Johnson out of the baggy jeans which I can't been dressing like a close before made me to big brother yes that was me right now so here comes and now he comes back and once I him him then you will want to get a job now and obviously by now this is what it is this something I pass the makes are especially when they were both monotonous and rivalries no one responding man I'm a terrible canvasser someone was knocking on doors to be some outraged no Bible studies I'm not good this obviously some Muslim shrines individually yesterday I fail so that I'm not to give victory to date Jesus is all about right now experience them as the present is a contrast to the tax so Ugandans that you have identified whenever you felt yesterday ally right now my brother has undergone emergency lysate meson going to start to start attitudes enshrined not right now that's what this is about and the reason that we are saying is we haven't had a button topics see the blond man in Atlanta denied Jesus he has to deny his eyesight how can you make me ashamed a man named Jesus from the loss I can see now how sorry you are according to Socrates and Plato and different philosophies that's great but I can see can you imagine that philosophy class one oh one my Majesty explained this is where we offer this is where we are so he comes John nine and when the speed to this story the Pharisees are opposing him his parents don't claim him now here's a son you just got to see for the first time you can only imagine him his heart especially when Jerusalem I like that it is on the frontline announces that he has a son and you will understand what is used to diagnose and find friends elaborately in a path and see what happens in NYC and I will appreciate that says that Jesus has nothing like and in my sometimes for the parents won't cling synonymous talking to the Pharisees in John nine and this is what happens when I do this and this is where closing verse twenty four then again called to the man that was blind they think of them lasted him to come back this letter to him that God the praise we know that this man was a center talking about Jesus and he answered about twenty five is sent by the dubious I don't know I'm not but there's one thing I know whereas I would now I see a man was eventually standing before the Pharisees men who minimize the Old Testament of the Lord Manuel Islam to think manual can reason and the blind additional galleries in the auto my faith in Jesus how can you reason like the price we know that this man is a sinner in the blindness as you know I'm not interested in being intellectual I'm not interested in being the smartest apples in the bunch that's not my goal my previous and I'm not I don't know but there's one thing I know whereas I was behind policy but now but now him constantly rising you may not know many things I can break down twenty two hundred a prophecy I can give a seminar how to reach a neighborhood for Christ I can get out there and prove these devotional messages I can't do the one-to-one logistics that will be sent are not that Jesus is the one you can download version but you can bring down the theological necessity of the three Angels messages whatever the case may be used to know just one thing I'm traveling you one thing this morning at CYC usually when people try to attack the barn then when a child is proven to find a reason amount of the bed cannot reason him to deny Jesus incident on my experience this is where we are acting and experiential knowledge with the power of God when we know what it's like to be changed it is like to be delivered when we know what it's like to not battle under temptation when the government lays it on thick window mount was not converted the reason on a monument sign and keep the sound values on how to do all these things you may not know many things do you know one the one about now experience you see the man who wrote that in that we love so much John you amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now on was blocked but now it's John Newton is to be a wicked man him under his father was active educated and Jonathan very young ages teens exotic the sailing when all of his father and he was just the wrong content child a lot of us it is little new escapades doing the devil 's business unit of getting kidnapped and became a slave in Africa he was held captive for almost a year and it just so happened that one of his father 's friends happen to be passing by this particular port and John Ms. Johnson also knows somebody can help because the signal came picked up John McCain and on his way back to England they hit the store and moderately zombielike course the ship is going down without a BR Lawson rabidly destroyed any centralized management and Napoleon will try to get buckets of water out of the ship and I was doing is he's an incredibly Sandman is gone you know gone unless the only means entities that I is now he says a union that would God be merciful to me I run a slave ship he thinks female slaves in the bottom of the ship brings them and put them back in John says is no reason for God to send me one reason is right after he pray this in his heart and any economy can blog Baldwin Cynthia Lorentz recognition this should survives got converted dedicated his life and ministry will enable thousands of news good friends of William Cowper who wrote what closer walk with God and while John you depend the worth of this song God 's grace this will be in front with John John who had no experience and I remember reading about how he was eighty two years I he was eighty two years I organize the message on you know how you notice as you know my memory is not that great but I remember two things Grayson and Jesus is a great Savior else I remember the families they left these environmental things social and my question to us this morning and she wants is to e-mail do you know I remember my sister used to watch this show extreme makeover may be reverted in this television show my sister found in the about hobbies before they take ordinary people apparently have no style or fashion sense they bring them onto the shore a redo their hair vitamins are drawn may God sometimes even plastic surgery on the person you know slight assumption was that way if you want away program exercise regime and the people will nine yards and the enhancement of the show is for the reaction of your family and friends when you go back home that's the and the reaction is found on tape so the family sitting there in Internet is a little knock at the door is a and eleven advising him on the crazy Ugandan isolate on nice shoes and got a fresh haircut whatever the case may be anything this is extreme makeover name it I'm so a change of fashion they may have some concerns you have file the house all what you think this morning some of us need an extreme makeover and when you go back home the reaction of your friends and of your family every head is bowed every icicles every head is bowed MAI is close maybe there's a person or young person this morning we says the irony but no experience I knew my eyes open I also got to be manifested in my life I was in a bring down the strongholds in my past I will have to be ashamed if you want to say this morning that I want a button our experience and when I did them but not experience now you know why you give me honestly you can't mainly disbelieving Jesus an enemy out of creation because he's re-creating today about as outrageous as I want to buy now experienced knowledgeable and spent the evening a button now experience in CYC is just a portal site along thinking why they go back to see not my last appeals very specific that some of us who may have never ever gone victory over particular thing is just one nagging sin done one thing I been doing that for a long time to Africa the young man's family is restarted and masturbation for ten years young ladies are planning to struggling with pornography or years him and hatred even racist basin will struggle I mean victory this week I need to happen but now it's mythology to come to the function in a special periphery I mean specific necessary victory over this thing in my life although she would come to the front because the menopause this is where the rubber meets the road we can talk about Christ we can talk about the power of Jesus but the play was brought down to you we have victory and can we keep getting victory everything that today is something in my life perhaps since I was more a ninety victory today I need to have the template now experience don't go back missing quite impressive in the snake will remove the debris what makes anyone think on this plenty good room and my pharmacy saying Lord I need victory I mean victory this morning and every single day of my life no one comes similar to the something very specific and easy to break this by the power and are guaranteed when you start living a victorious life you understand how you can be honest no seen criminal Jesus changes I know Jesus delivers it is the power of God salvation let's pray heavenly father we thank you Lord for the him this morning thank you father of how you have met us to this moment in time and discouraging moments in our past by the hard times by the different ethics but was weeping at the feet of Jesus for our sins and for shortcomings now we stand here on the very cost of the newness of life and we pray Lord this morning that you give us about knowledge experience individually and as a movement suddenly father we want to pray for those with confluent and you will have been struggling for a long time and we're looking and searching for high and low for that victory over these things but not the same it's not my education it's not my Brooks is not like reading stories that I found Jesus and that by believing in him the wrong life through listening so for those of us comfort for the specific needs is our prayer that not one might not by power but by your spirit Lord will break the bonds in suit this is under his father under the power of God that we would view of the members of the instruments of righteousness that we would have that Damascus Road experience nausea change the smoked pressure changes teach us how to apply in Jesus so that the victory is day by day this is our prayer and we ask that you help us to be our experience we ask in Jesus in public or will this was his value versus what I see a generation of Christ are you like to learn more about you my seat please visit www. my son when I will review like this more free online seminar please visit www. audio verse got more


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