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Living Without a Mediator

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH
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P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University




  • March 23, 2019
    3:00 PM
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Living without a mediator is not an topic that is frequently addressed outside of Atlanta ism because it is based on an understanding of Christ Ministry in heaven Furthermore among 7 the Atlantis this is also an topic that is not currently discussed everywhere and so here now it's associated with the 1st angel's message of Revelation 14 for 6 and 7 proclaiming the out of his judgment in 844. And this Angel's mess is started basically in $831.00 and William Miller and his group were only promoting this. At the same time you know what is this out of his judgement that period that Huet and according to the Atlantis in 1844 the out of his judgment is associated with Christ cleansing of the sanctuary so the content of the out of its judgement is basically that clashes then cleansing the same cheery it 1840. And many interpret a display or $2844.00 as follows The sanctuary is the earth when is this cleansing of the Earth this is the 2nd Advent because the earth is the sanctuary when will this be at the end of the period of the 20 city in the prophetic days or 23 units years in $844.00 and this is of course based on the U.D. principle that the one prophetic day is the one solar year and so everybody or many of them look forward to $844.00 and what happened disappointment in $844.00. Of course you know the administer of us get the blame of what happened during that time but unfortunately year many others who predicted the same period came to another conclusion but all of them were disappointed. So what was dandy Ethen the solution to the great disappointment what took place isn't a renewed into intense study of the cleansing of the sanctuary and the result of this Vos and a whole new insight from Daniel 8 $1417.00 Adventists discovered that the sanctuary in Daniel $814.00 relate to the Saints Here in the time of the end now if it is the same it sinks you to the time of the end what that the implications of that picture the sanctuary den is the new covenant sanctuary which is in heaven according to Hebrews 8 for $1.00 and $2.00 at the same time this lets to do new light that in 844 Jesus began his final face or for Cyprus the ministry in the most holy place of the heavily sanctuary that was in extremely important new light that came there this men's did mean that in 31 A.D.. After Christ ascension but he began his atoning ministry as mediator for the forgiveness of sins in the holy place of the have the sanctuary that means also at the same time that in 1914 Christ entered the most holy place to begin is any typical day of atonement ministry that involved be sad it's his work as mediator his final atonement of blotting out of sins doing the investigative judgment you find as a newly writing speeches to 51 to 53 and to 60 so this whole new insight solved then the solution the disappointment further study showed it essentially doctrine reveals incomplete system of truth for God's people says 844 and so the only class of Christians that discovered his new insight were Adventists because all the other ones after the failure of the predictions in 844 or 843 what did he do it is through out the baby with the bathwater and they didn't study further what did it do they still were out historicism and when they threw out historicism they were the victim us or the Roman Catholic Jesuit into potations or future edition and press that ism and that is what you see today the Oly carry on or the historicism are 7 they haven't missed reality and endangered species friends and if you don't speak up and share dish powerful interpretation of what they'll have in the rest of humanity. Keep in mind 99 percent or more of the Christians of the over the whole world has no idea of what's going on the subject of the saying to you Harry was Dicky didn't look the mystery of the disappointment 8044 it open to view a complete system of truth connected in a harmonious showing that God Hand had directed the great at the movement and revealing present duty as it is brought to light into position and work of his people you find is in great call diversity for 20 city and so that is extremely important now a new light on Christ cleansing work in a time of the end and so are there is an intense study and specifically study individuals responsible for this and that was. How to medicine Dr Hahn an O. R. L. Crozier and they studied this extensively what happens in regard to $844.00 but the disappoint of us and the association with the century that was the end in sight of her medicine it took them one and have years of study and then they published an article and element it says this is the truth for guts people and so what do you find there the whole disappointment explained but at the same time it gave an insight that today very few 7 day at the does even cherished and is a tech left and right the cleansing of the saying to Aerie in 2 dimensions since 8 $144.00 there is a literal and a spiritual temple. The little being the same to Aerie did New Jerusalem a literal city and the spiritual the church Now keep in mind is the little occupied by Jesus Christ our hyper our king and priest according to John for Dean to Hebrews $8.00 to $911.00 the spiritual temple by the Holy Ghost 1st conscience the 17619 and the feet in stupor stint in $22.00 now what are down the implications of this year between these 2 that is a perfect concept of action as Crash prepares to play the spirit as the people think about it when he came Christ came to his temple the sink you had to cleanse it the spirit commenced the special cleansing of the people now this element unfortunately is not quite known among our people so here is a very interesting covert operation between the 2 effect as a whole so involved in the place your view and the bomb of the questions is now so what does it mean if we understand the heavenly geography it's of no practical value Dr fort and many others cite it they were completely mistaken the Holy Spirit worked in connection with Christ as Crash cleansed the books so the spirit start to cleanse the sanctuary on Earth which is the church so this cleansing has now gone on for over 270 years is our church now purer than ever before. It should be shouldn't be but it is not it's not and this is a shame so now there is a need for a special cleansing and Melaka is the version to Slieve are seen as a prophetic state the statement by the prophet for the end time and so what do we see here then behold I vill sent my messenger and he shall prepare the way before me and the Lord whom you shall seek shell suddenly come to his temple and this in the context of the last day is the most holy place in the heavenly sanctuary but who will a bite in the day over scumming and who shall stand when He appears that is of course in that context Christ 2nd Advent for he is like a refiner's like a refiner's fire and like the fuller soap and he the Holy Spirit shall sit as a refinery and beauty fame of silver and he show spirit effed to sons of Levi and in the context of the end time these are courts people who live and people and purchase them as gold and silver that they may offer and to the Lord offering in the right Chief snus So why does God's people need cleansing they must prepare to the sea the sea of the Living got I saw and this is an testimony for all of the eye witnesses Ellen White. And this is what you find in early writings I saw that many do not realize what they must be in order to live in the sight of the Lord without and High Priest in the same cutey through this time of trouble so unless you understand the century theology you don't get it. Those who received the seal of the Living God and I protested in the time of trouble all mushed reflect the image of Jesus fully So what is necessary Revelation 7 the seal of the Living God why do goats people need cleansing they must prepare for the lettering I saw that no one could share in the refreshing to let the rain Alessio pertain to victory over every beset Mint bright selfishness love of the world over every wrong word and action now you see how is this possible you look at your own life as I don't qualify and you may close the red books and give up but this is not the entrance we should therefore be what drawing nearer and nearer to the Lord and be earnestly seeking that preparation necessary to enable us to stand in that letter better in the day of the Lord earlier writing space of the one he show instead of walking away and giving up on Adventism we should draw closer to the Lord because there is where we can't get it now this 1st statement is that really so exaggerated real Anybody who is sprout selfish who loves their world who constantly have usual wrong words and actions would have access to do to have and know so out a medically we need to go to Jesus the conclusion the need of the believers victory over every sin and then at the same time how to accomplish this by drawing nearer and nearer to Jesus. So they can be cleansed by the Holy Spirit and stand in the dave Lord Their this the simple prescription many love the Lord clearly and have 2nd fast everything so I'm sold houses farms property put every Still last last penny into the proclamation of the 70 admin or all of the only at the message so they absolutely gave everything but where they are ready to need the Lord a life which is a little different from meeting the Lord a you die and then you out as a wrecked it friends great call the verse you paid for 24 says they were not yet ready to meet their Lord and you had to give everything what more can you do why a word all day no dread. And here again the eyewitness says quote They were not free from errors and I saw the mercy and goodness of God in sending a warning to the people of the earth and the repeated messages to lead them to a diff diligent searching of heart and study of the Scriptures that the my divest themselves of the error which had been handed down from what the heed. And pay piece. Through these messages God has been bringing out his people were he can work for them in greater power and word taking keep all his commandments early writing speeches to 50 it's a part of the great Calder's of vision but see here. They had many and biblical practices like keeping Sunday paper in big and Sabbath infant baptism many were not practicing temperature healthy for defining their bodies through the use of tobacco Elko tea coffee unclean foods wearing jewelry in a dorm and many had Iranis ideas about a god that dieting food rushing immortality of the soul everlasting hell fire of the weak it. The ministry his atonement on the cross righteous by faith just a vacation significance of a faith the faith of Jesus and victory over sin so you can see here that there were quite a few errors and that through the Holy Spirit decades and decades and decades it till the end of the 19th century to correct those things so where they already know they were not ready in $844.00 now we have many more of the duck these are correct it but is our life style more like crashed That's the question oh yes we believe in the Sabbath the 7 day we're doing know how to keep it holy that's another question then we find another prophecy that pretty soon that Peter spoke about about a could return of the clashed and this wasn't an concept that's lost cherished by the pioneers often you find as an ex Lee ninety's to 21 repent before him because hurt it. That God may send Jesus Christ whom heaven must receive until the times of the restoration of all things when the character of question be perfectly reproduced in his speech will then he will come to claim them as his own canary 2nd that when takes place then all truth is restored and practiced among them and people then deity flecked Christ character or God's character remember that state with the 1st Peter 1st chapter is 2223. That in the obedience of the truth the Holy Spirit will purity for his people you get a message to show in other words all the people say OK Randy who do we have to go through 28 fundamental beliefs just accept Christ each and I wrote an article that each fundamental belief. Contributes to holy living in crashed and you a limb in a DOS and you have a remnant that is steeped in sin we get the Holy Spirit restores all truth to purify goats and people because by practicing dose truth caught beautifies his people and so since 844 the hair only spirit has been doing this Holy Spirit uses Christ last message of mercy to purify Galt's remnant and how does it do it here Revelation 144-6212 the string angels messages and wanted to do Revelation 14 for 6 and 7 the 1st angels message proclaims the everlasting Gospel to the whole world. It calls for the Penton sphere go out and give glory to Him and announces that the out of his judgment has come and calls for worship of the Creator and of course in the 7th day so that is the contents of the 1st ages message Revelation 14 version 8 the 2nd angel's message it announces the fall of Babylon the Corsi has affected all nations with the false doctrines and then you get the Revelation 14 1st 9 to 11 the 13 jewels message which is a message of a warning against Paul's worship warning not to worship the beast and his image and receive the mark on this for it or omens and those are the messages that specifically are there for the last days what is the result of these messages they produce fish. That will be able to give us the power to stand in the day of the Lord Revelation 14 verse 12 he uses the patients of the saints in the day to keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus friends this faith of Jesus is very powerful it is faith in his providence how Gault guy did his church right from the beginning of the 1st century you get that the warning against apostasy beyond that and message of courage a little help in Revelation in Daniel 11 the Reformation the process of defamation and the digital amend as good work to cleanse the church but it wasn't sufficient It was not sufficient and as a result bribes and to some went downhill. And then raced up the Edmund movement the eta movement is the continuity of the process reformation we don't stop by Luther in a swing really John Wesley but Carter's given is a message that will purely for his people so that it will be standing and mercy is finished and so here then at the same time the commons of gotten specially didn't the glare of the 4th Commandment So what is now the effect of the 3 angels messages Revelation 14 verse 12 it produces what believers who keep the commandments of God Secondly believe us who what keep defeat of Jesus and those who accept these messages keep courts Law the 10 Commandments perfectly this law they are able to obey through what the faith of Jesus which give them the victory over seen to transgress cults law here is revealed the perfect relation between the commandments of God and the Gospel the faith of Jesus and he had in his last statement you find the law and the gospel they are united they ought to be united and they're all circumstances you present the law but without the fate of Jesus you will never do it it's impossible now if I depend on my faith I don't make it sometimes is great but sometimes is a list I could ropes of sand but the faith of Jesus is different it is invincible and that's what we need throw the end of time. The 3rd angels message is represented as flying through the heavens proclaiming the commands of God in the faith of Jesus this message is to prepare people for the coming of the Christ how to obtain righteousness Romans 322 even the rate is of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ and $2000.00 upon all them that believe for there is no difference for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God now and so of the 4 following statements it is taken from the King James because most of the new translations the translators do know what to do with the face of Jesus and so in order to make it more palatable and understandable for people to make the faith in Jesus but the original each constantly did faith of Jesus and friends there is a difference but the faith in Jesus and the faith of Jesus now both are necessary knowing and this is from Galatians 216 knowing that the man is not justified by the works of the law but by to faith of Jesus Christ even we have believed in Jesus Christ that we may be justified by to faith of Christ and not by the works of the law for the works of the law shall no flesh be justified So yes you have to have faith in Jesus Christ drop pain the faith of Jesus Christ you see the point and if you really understand this and experience it in your life it makes all the difference and takes away defeat here of the future and all the calamities and the time of trouble in whatever because it is not many faith. The jesus faith and the found in him not having their own righteousness which is of the law but that which is through the faith of Christ the righteousness which is of God by faith Philippians $39.00 and so presently friends we are on the probation our time is precious we have a few a very few days of probation in which to make or ready for the future to mortal life child guidance by 55 so let's look at the dictionary the process of period of testing over observing the character or abilities of a person so how to use the time of probation many are deceiving themselves by thinking that their character will be transformed at the coming of Christ but it will be no conversion of heart it is appearing our defects of character must be here beauty bent it all and studio grays of Christ we must overcome them while probation shell lasts this is the place for fitting up for the family about at in this home base $319.00 so what is the purpose now probation Oh are accountable for their actions while in this world of probation Oh have power to control that action if they will if they were wreak if virtue and purify purity of thoughts and acts they cannot gain help from the friend of the helpless Jesus is it quaint it with all the weaknesses of human nature and if entreat it will give strength to overcome the most powerful temptations. Oh can obtain the strength if they seek for it in the military. Guidance for 66 is a marvelous promise and so all can obtain help to overcome probation is for what time to choose Jesus Lord and Savior time to overcome sin with the faith of Jesus get ready for Jesus to come time to develop faith and be cleansed by the Holy Spirit this is the time to prepare others for Jesus' return so to race probation can close and so what is it by death. And then Michael stand up Michael stand up to close a probation he does is holy let him be holy still and here's a beautiful quotation every hour to keep in mind a solemn thoughts of the Lord soon return and if you have this to recognize the individual work to be done through the aid of the Holy Spirit we are to resist what natural inclinations and tendency to wrong and weed out of the life every earn Christ element those we shall prepare our heart for the reception of God's blessing which will impart to his grace and bring us into harmony with what with the faith of Jesus for this work of preparation great advantages have been granted to his people in light be stoat in messages of warning and instruction sends to the agency of the Spirit of God in heaven he places the 47. And so here messages of warning caught never gets tired of those things from the Bible as well as the spirit of prophecy and so those messages go right to our mind and the frontal Lopes because there is only through the frontal lobe that the Holy Spirit communes and now here you are my a 15 verse 16 day words were found and I did eat them and they work sure unto me do Jory every Georgian of my heart for I'm called by the name at the same time in the New Testament there are Christians in a particular church and the relief to receive the Word with all readiness of mind and search the Scriptures daily where those who see things were true over so X. 17 years 11 so if you really enjoyed this word has commandments is destructions Then why do you wait. Why except to do that it is of Arch not a new death but at the same time oh god anything you ask we will do no restriction whatsoever here I am Lord I Psec revise my life for you like the early martyrs in the church and the reformers and so finally after probation at the end of probation become the 2 crash last warning message before the close of probation we have Christ last message of warning this no is Christ last warning of message of mercy it is beauty for a new work of the Holy See The beautiful a work of the O.T. spirit in a letter they know of Revelation 18 version one placed finally predation for the 2nd advent. But needed closure of Earth history artist a special bestow of spiritual graces promoted promised to prepare the church for the coming of the Son of Man this outpouring of the Spirit is likened to the falling of the letter rain according to X. of the Apostle $55.00 so what is now the purpose of the letter reign it prepares for the time of trouble is the letter in which research revives and strengthen them God's people to pass through the time of trouble reviewing Harold made $27862.00 but together with this it fits persons for the letter rain and translation quote those who come up to every point and stand every test and overcome be to price was it may be have heeded the counsel of the to witness and they've all received a letter rain and thus fitted for translation so you can see here that this is nothing different from the early stated element made in 850 how to prepare for the lettering how to prepare a part of the lettering and the 3rd angel's message is swelling into a loud crying and you must not feel at liberty to neglect the press and duty and still entertain the idea that at some future time you will be the recipient of great blessing when without any effort on your part a wonderful revival will take place to day you are to have your vessel putrified that it may be ready for the heavily Do ready for the showers of the little rain for the letter rain will come and the blessing of the god will feel fill every soul that dispute the fight from what. Every defilement evangelism page 71 it's our work today to yield our souls to Christ that we may be fit for the time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord fitted for the better isn't of the Holy Spirit evangelism 71 when is it to day to day of your to yield our souls to crashed and call upon the Holy Spirit to be filled with his with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit have you received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that is the question and if not you need to ask for it when today those who want to make a covenant with the Lord to us daily from now on for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and experience it may see your hands praise the Lord praise the Lord because that will get us through. And so now then the next phase is the close of probation Daniel 12th 1st one situation at the close of probation how will it be Christ has finished his end a typical priestly work as mediator in the heavily sanctuary there is no more forgiveness in atonement for sin God's wrath is to be poured out on the record in the 7 last plagues Revelation 14 1st one through 11 and Chapter 16 no more forgiveness of sin no or don't and if you don't understand the century and how it works and how Christ works there you don't see it in terms of this it doesn't make sense it may SMIC after fanaticism but no sooner century we have a perfect in the standing of Christ's work in Heaven and for us how can you when survive this time of trouble. Who is able to stand a David Lort Revelation 7 years 2 or 3 only those who received the seal of the Living God in the forehead will be protracted. When Christ finishes his doning ministry what them at that time shall Michael Christ stand up the grace preached which standeth in this deal for the children if I die people and the shall be a time of trouble such as never was there sin divorce a nation even to the same time and the dead time die people shall be delivered everyone's show be found written in the book Daniel 12 is one and so now down here is that any encouragement Yes that is an advertisement and we can even learned today. When those early Christians were exiled to mountains and deserts and here what you have is a picture of the old engine Valley in the School of the barbs in the dungeon today with hunger and cold and torture when the martyrdom seemed the only way out of the distress they rejoice the day were counted worth it to suffer for Christ who was crucified for them there their worst the exit poll will be a comfort in the chorus meant to the people of God who will be brought into the time of trouble as never bus so those experiences friends prepare for the pair you put it comes coming and so when Michael stands up when a High Priest has finished his work in the sanctuary he will stand up put on the garment of vengeance and then the 7 last clicks will be poured out early writing speech $36.00 a mediator is only necessary for believers who are still sinning so if you know. And that is not anymore possible Dounia time since all cases have been decided either a person has overcome their sins and receive the seal of the Living God or will have the mark of the beast and then Angels let go the 4 winds of strife without us intercessor when he Jesus leave the sanctuary in darkness covers the inhabitants of the earth and in fearful time the Rachel must live in the sight of a holy God without an intercessor great controversy page 614 they will be in no need of intercessory because they are sealed but we will always need Jesus his faith his enabling grace to resist state and some tension until the 2nd Advent because you will have your sinful nature until the time as Satan it uses the people of God on the court of their sins the Lord permits him to trade him to the uttermost their confidence in God their faith their firmness will be severely tested as they review the past their hopes sink for in their whole life they can see little good they are fully conscious of their weakness and in the earthiness Satan endeavors to terrify them with the thought that their cases are hopeless that the stain of the defilement bill never be washed away he hopes to destroy their faith the devil yield to his to patience and turn from the allegiance of God great controversy page 1618. They afflict their souls before God pointing to their past 3 plantains of the many sins and pleading saviors promise let him take hold of my strength that he may make peace with me and he shall make peace with me Isaiah 27 1st by their faith does not fail because their prayers are not immediately answered through suffering they keep anxiety the keenest Guinea's exile and terror and this that they do not seized their intercession they lay hold of the strength of God as Jacob lay hold of the angel and the language of their souls is I will not let the go except out bless me great call the version 619 so in the time of trouble if the people of God has done call fest since to appear before them well tortured with fear and anguish they would be overwhelmed despair would could of their faith and they could not have confidence to plead with God for deliverance but well they have a deep the sense of that unworthiness they have no concealed wrongs to reveal their sins have gone before and to jets with according to verse or the date is 524 and have been blotted out and they cannot bring them to remember and. Praise the lord great called the 1st page 620 seat and let many to believe that God will overlook their own faithfulness in the mind and affairs of life but the Lord shows in his dealings with Jacob. That he will in no way saint or tolerate evil. All who are endeavor to excuse or conceal their sins and permit them to remain upon the books of heaven own call fests and Unforgiven will be overcome by Satan those who delayed a preparation for the day of God cannot of Tain in the time of trouble or any subsequent time the case of all those is hopeless great controversy 620 hopeless you know just before and I'll know who it was in 80 she was writing from early morning to late at night and people say you know why when you do it Take it easy it is no no no call Tess siller work for me to do and I have to finish it and how often do we console those works to read those over 800000 pages has the message of the Lord written how many do we read think about it in the last in the nation lives through the time of the will without sinning will sin be removed during the time of trouble some who think that believers will still see us sin in the 2nd Advent. To the 2nd Advent point to elevate statement of the experience during a time of trouble that quote if it were know it is needs food for them to be placed in the furnace of a fires that the earthly news must be consumed and that the image of Christ may be perfectly deflected to create controversy 621 this do you think means that the leaders are still in need of God's A nor atoning grace to remove the earthly news that prevents them from reflecting the image of Christ perfectly. Reply this earth loses associate to the pull of the sinful natures but it cannot be since sin sins must be repaired and that of doing you'd create one judgment to be forgiven or De Ville assisting wish by faith hope for the special class of believers the context of the statement is out of context the converse of the statement shows that Ellen my ideals you get a special class of believers who quote have been deceived and tempted to be trained to sin but to have returned to him with truly Pender's before the close of probation God will send his age roles to comfort and protect them in the time of peril great controversy Bates 621 the role of faith in a time of trouble note since I have been sent before to judgment and they cannot be atone for during time of trouble without to mediate that it is Vaughn's faith and total dependence upon got that is tried and strengthened even Jesus or on the cross could not see his father's faith he knew his father was there he too dependent on the promises. True faith is big victory that overcomes the world hell for those with little faith again elements here an interesting thing those who exercise but little faith now will be planted to deeper distress and anguish in the time of trouble because they have never made it in habit to trust in God the lessons of faith which they have neglected will be forced to learn under devil pressure the pressure of discouragement great called the verses 622. So keep that in mind that they are not completely lost no they have to learn some things and so do you need time of trouble some have an easier time with others but all have a difficult time our sinful natures prevent victory over sin and until the 2nd Advent is not so some quote this statement The closer we come to Christ the more sinful you will appear in your home the Bible echo December 1 1892 there seems to be no victory possible but our reply of us although we appear more faulty in our own eyes it does not mean that we are still committing sins instead to be perceiving our weaknesses more clearly in our sense of our nature of Christ strength and the faith of Jesus but you see and the context of all night statement is there is still hope for these be leveraged to survive a time of trouble so that they will be able to progress to reflect the image of Christ perfect however during this process progress they will not continue to sin they will have to fight of patience the craving of the sinful carnal nature but they will be overcomers through the faith of Jesus and not commit sin keep in mind that having a sinful nature is not sin as many of the Protestant belief and some of us. No. Nor do we have to. Because the victory crashed in a building grace this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon a little visit W W W audio verse or.


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