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Humanity and Divinity Combined

Larry Kirkpatrick
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  • March 23, 2019
    4:00 PM
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Humanity and divinity combined it should be a stimulating hope a man on his own can accomplish nothing men cooperating with God can experience a change heart God always intended the closest connection between himself and the creatures he made in His image. Humans are not left dangling helpless and hopeless on the battlefield between Christ and Satan humans are not intended to be the recipients of infinite get out of jail free cards humans will never enter heaven because they claim a loose verbal affiliation with Jesus my thesis today is very simple the gospel is the power of God to salvation divinity works in the human believe or God has a part man has a part and man may become a partaker of the divine nature that's what I believe. Now again this presentation we have a hand out for you it's vailable again and great controversy dot org And if you go into the panel the left panel go down to where it says resources and click on that and then go in and look for God's character in the final generation and click on that you'll find all the resources here and what we have as a resource for you is just simply you have it on your phone we have just a selection from 1st selected messages page 342344 there are 800 paragraphs in this L N Y document and. We're going to talk about that in a few moments but 1st I'd like you to open your Bible to Philip Ian's chapter to Philip instructor 2 and we have 3 parts kind of to this today we're going to talk look at Flip Institute then we're going to look at this crap channel statement and Ellen White and then we're going to go and finally look at the partakers of the divine nature statement in 2nd Peter so if you look at Phillip in chapter 2 verse 3012 and 13 you know that the chapter there. Let's look at those 2 verses 12 and 13 a flip in Chapter 2 Therefore my beloved as you have always obeyed not as in my presence only but now much more in my absence work out your own salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure it's a very interesting passage and it's one that we might talk about it in passing but we often don't. Stay too long in this place fear and trembling in those those things now we know Philippians to the 5th verse urges the believer what Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus when you look at Philippians 2 when you take from verse 5 and look at verses 6 through 11 if you're open to that you see the Jesus is presented as the presented as the ultimate example of divinity humbling himself to humanity victorious in humanity and restored at last on a high and finally verses 12 and 13 show the combination of human and divine work now we know Philippians this is a message from from Paul to the Church of the Philippians him in light of Jesus humbling himself Philippians to being then being exalted the believers admonished in verse 12 work out your own salvation for that is God's plan you know that it says that he is to fear and tremble how many churches in the Sacramento area do you drive by and there's a church has its sign in it says they're a joyous for worship time to fear and tremble. I'm guessing not very many but the Bible tells us that if we want to experience the salvation that Jesus has for us we are to fear and tremble it's part of the plan so vacation is only possible because the humans activity is conduct conducted in league with God he cooperates with God The Believer cooperates with God It is God who works in Him God wills and God doesn't him according to God's pleasure. Now securing our salvation I don't want to use this word very often it's so overused and yet I believe it fits here securing our salvation is an extreme project it's an extreme project God has taken on the thought even that God could take a fall in human who has developed a self-serving character in deranged humanity their God would respect the free choice of that person their God would then persuade him to abandon his chosen selfishness and then transform him so that he embraces life with the Holy Spirit indwelling him that is a remarkable project that is an extreme project but it's really no more remarkable nor extreme than the New Testament command influence to 5 Let this mind to be in you which was also in Christ Jesus you see the willing in the doing are not man's work the human part is to cooperate to permit God to accomplish that which God only can accomplish inspired writings highlight this cooperative element you know the texts Jesus says in John 1515 without me you can do nothing and yet in Philippians 4 verse 13 we find that the believer rejoices that our can do all things their Christ who strengthens me so we look right at it but we don't really see it we don't really see the power of the Gospel that God has for us God works so we can work. Not so many centuries ago a man named John Wesley said no man's sins because he has not grace but because he does not use the grace he has. And John Wesley was right that's right people then and it's right of people today and it's right of you and me today God forbid on the day that we sin it's not because of God's fault why would I become a Christian if that was my case if it was really true that you could do nothing it would mean that you didn't have faith but Romans 121213 says to us 123 says that God has given to each man the measure of faith. When you became a Christian why did you do it did you become a Christian on this basis that that if someone told you what if someone had told you then now that I better and understand the sin problem now that I understand that the best experience the best experience I can hope for for the rest of my life is the same bondage as before in the Jesus came only to save his people from their sins at some later time maybe hundreds or even thousands of years from now what use would that be to me see I need help now I need to overcome now I'm desperate now and that's just where others are they look for a living Savior they look for a living God and they look for a remedy from him now and if we don't preach the gospel right we will not be giving them a remedy for now Jesus is the great physician there is a remedy for God's Word shows us how in the present experience than how in the present to experience victory God must work in me friends there is no other way. Not going to do it on your own if Libyans 12 and 13 Paul reminds the beloved disciples and Philip by how diligent they have been in serving God they are to work out their own salvation their to be engaged with divinity this is life or death work and yet they're not alone as they submit to Him He works in them his will his desire for good for them is operating and victories are made real in their experience in the power of God Christianity is not a fake or a pretend or a make believe religion that we just kind of hope there's a victory some day and call it a day Vic Christianity is a present walk with the living God and without him we have nothing but with him we have so much now in my previous presentation we noticed that I might have mentioned that in passing that in this book God's character in the last generation that there's a statement from Alan widen we often call it the corrupt channel statement it's interesting that in this book half of the authors half of the authors refer to this statement when they basically teach that you cannot overcome today and so what I want to do is take the middle part of this presentation and I want to look at that with you because you know what's interesting although half of the theologians in scholars that wrote this book quote that can refer to that and you know it's interesting that not one even has even a cursory analysis even a cursory look at the at the Ellen White document or the statement so if you don't mind today what my plan is is we're going to look a little bit at it and maybe start some of that analysis that didn't get done when that book was written and you know what I always find with Alan Watt is that when you start plowing into it and studying. I begin to come to hope and I see the plan of God for me and I begin to see that Jesus does love me and he's giving me the inside I need so let's look a little bit at this issue so now the statement we have this referred to is from 1st selected messages page $344.00 and we call it the corrupt channels statement here is here it is just sliced out here here's what it is the religious services the prayers the praise the penitent confession of sin a sin from true believers as as incense to the heavenly sanctuary but passing through the corrupt channels of humanity they are so defiled that unless purified by blood they can never be of value with God they ascend not in spotless purity and unless the intercessor Who is it God's right hand presents and purifies all by his righteousness it is not acceptable to God now in God's character in the last generation this is what we're told in this book Here's some of the things we find on page 262-636-4266 all right even our very best is tainted by sin Here's another one the truly tragic person is the good person who finds it hard to acknowledge that even good deeds need forgiveness because what Ellen White terms our corrupt channels of humanity Here's another one we need to understand that we are not just those who commit a little error here and a minor mistake there no all of us are fully embedded all of us are fully embedded in a world of on godliness. He goes on to say every person is imbedded in entangled in the deadly condition of Sin Sin is the universal human condition nor is it goes on nor is the 2nd the great 2nd coming dependent upon our perfection or we would never be saved because there is no such thing as human rights as snus and there's others this is just a sample from one of the chapters now I want to ask you a question how can the believer be fully embedded fully embedded and yet our Lord in John 1714 can boldly say I have given them your word and the world has hated them because they are not of the world just as I am not of the world and in John 14 go to verse 16 and Jesus said this they are not of the world just as I am not of the world while we just heard there were imbedded hopelessly in this world world of sin Jesus says they are not of the world and in John 14 John 1717 he asked his father sanctify them by your truth now if they cannot be what if they cannot be sanctified if you even truth won't do it what's going to do it how can you be sanctified if even the truth one sanctify you and so here's a fact none of the off none of the authors in the book your offer is even a rudimentary discussion of this passage that they throw out there they quote quote it there and so if if even believers are fully embedded in a world of ungodliness and it's all hopeless I don't really know what message we have for the world. It's interesting that this document and you have that be the handout I think you've received this this handout here is the whole document and when you go through the whole document you find a lot of joyful hopeful and insightful pieces and so I want to look a little bit with you at this statement and do some some analyzing at least begin the process that wasn't accomplished unfortunately in this in this book. All right well let's let me give you some background there are some phrases that Alan White uses and I'm still studying these phrases I don't claim that I have the last word but we'll let's start with these I will give you all the references there in your page. But she uses different phrases so let's look at this analysis of Ellen White's writing shows that her references to quote the natural heart unquote show that it show that it is initially neither totally evil nor totally righteous the natural heart isn't neutrally THERE IT trends downward in L A large writings the natural heart in the carnal mind or equivalent terms if you study this you I believe you'd come to that conclusion as well the natural heart must be daily converted it must be continuously subdued it is a persistent feature of the human experience so these are just scum conclusions I've arrived at looking at Ellen White use of these terms you may want to look these up and study them for yourselves a few more things here God gives the believer a new nature there is a power in the divine nature to withstand evil in God's grace subdues the natural heart desire of Ages 678 is one of those life of Paul 125 Jesus works in the natural heart to arouse in MITI against sin and through exercising faith in God enmity against sin and Satan is created in the heart OK human effort is necessary to overcome the tendencies of the natural heart there has to be some human effort. Another phrase I'll allow uses in this document and you can kind of scan it while we're thinking about it Here she talks about the springs of life the springs of life what is that one signs of the Times March 80099 Ellen White says that the springs of life can be healed and then you look at steps to Christ maybe Page 18 God's power work in working inside a person can change his heart. And in selective messages the one that you have Page 341 it says A Through Christ the springs of life can vitalized man's nature transform his tastes and set his affliction affections flowing toward haven't through the union of the divine with the human nature Christ could enlighten the understanding and infuses life giving properties through the soul dead in trespasses and sins just some of the things that she says in this really fascinating document so you see God has to get into the heart the work must be accomplished from within humans have no power or goodness of their own God has given us faculties and certain capacities are designed into us yet through the effects of Sandy's have been there described in different ways or defect described as palsied blunted some of them are even described as having been dead and faculties that are built into you that are palsied blooded or dead and because of the fall in humanity we have. Well it's interesting that another thing she says in that you'll have on your handout page $340.00 all the ingenious subterfuge is the devil can suggest are presented to his mind to man's mind to prevent every good impulse unquote So that's an interesting idea because you see something important is still functioning in the fallen human nature the devil lacks intentionally to suppress impulses toward the good in us however dim they might be God calls forth these impulses which make at least limited human response possible remember steps to Christ 47 the power of choice God has given to man it's again it's built in it's something you have the power to choose the natural heart then is spoken of in 1st selected messages $3040.00 is that I would say it is that baseline humanity that we all are born with and and it includes the character we develop on top of that humanity that character trends downward to self-service in the only way back from this is for divinity and humanity to be combined I want you to hear again the results that occur when humans act out their faith this is from signs of the Times March 899 and listen to this talking about Jesus when he came to the world the 1st time divinity and humanity were blended This is our only hope the Son of man is fully qualified to be the originator of a humanity that will blend with divinity by partaking of the divine natured he offers to make us golden threads in the web of humanity he would have us act our part by cooperating with him in healing the springs of life which have been perverted and setting them flowing and sanctified channels that's a pretty interesting line isn't it healing the springs of life throughout our life we retain the natural heart it must be daily subdued. But as day by day we join in fellowship with God as we consent to his working we train ourselves to cooperate with divinity we receive God's grace we invite his Holy Spirit inside not power innate to us but power external to us enables us to cooperate this is the gospel lived out this is the hope of the Christian experience Jesus it says and 340 dot 3 on your hand out Jesus took the human form and nature Now that's an interesting thing that he did that he took that to show the way C. he didn't wear our humanity like a costume he took a humanity like our own and just as we need the Holy Spirit he needed the continuous influence of the Holy Spirit and so Jesus walked through his this world and he overcame Jesus' life giving properties or trans moment transmitted moment by moment to the receptive believer there is an actual change in the person 341 dot 3 it says there again Christ on the Cross not only draws him into repentance toward God for the transgression of his law for whom God pardons he 1st makes penitent you know penitent being made sorry God's drawing us and making us penitent I want you to know those are not forensic actions that's not just counted you're not just counted as being sorry God 1st makes you sorry you're not just just. Counted as repenting but God gives you the gift of repentance repentance is a gift. God is ready to give us a gift of repentance. In fact we go on and read in 342 da paragraph 2 all that it was possible for man to endure in the conflict with Satan Christ endured in his human and divine nature combined obedient sinless to the last he died for man his substitute ensure it enduring all that men ever endure from the from the deceiving tempter that men may overcome by being a partaker of the divine nature and I have decided this is what I want to experience I want to be a part taker of the divine nature I'm already a partaker of the Human nature of the messed up human nature and I am very sure that being a partaker of the divine nature is a lot better and so I need the help of God Jesus endured according to this text that we just read Jesus endured the maximum that we endure the maximum can't do more than than than that his example of insurance is exactly the political to your own case his example of overcoming is exactly a pleasurable to your own case 342 dot for the righteousness of Christ is presented as a free gift to the sinner if he will accept it but you accept it the righteousness of Christ it's a free gift to you Will you accept it the sooner it says here same paragraph 4 has nothing of his own but what is tainted in corrupted polluted with sin utterly repulsive to a pure and holy God only through the righteous character of Christ can man come nearer to God. See by choosing to sin man's works were made valueless Jesus never chose to sin Jesus is God His works are meritorious it's by his works that were saved not by our works now we as we continue reading through the stock Munich at $344.00 Paragraph one there's 2 that intercede for us it says Christ our mediator and the Holy Spirit are constantly interceding in man's behalf there are those on it says it says of Christ quote he presents his blood shed from the foundation of the world so that's what Jesus does his spotless character stands in the place of our spotted character his merits save us in a judicial sense but now listen to this quote The Spirit works upon our hearts is what the Spirit does Jesus does that here's what the Spirit does now the spirit works upon our hearts drawing out prayers and penitence praise and thanksgiving the gratitude which flows from our lips is the result of the spirits striking the cords of the soul in holy memories awakening the music of the heart and that is a precious thought did you see hear the action language there the Holy Spirit strikes the cords of the soul he draws out he awakens none of this is forensic or accounted as it this isn't forensic this is the real deal so to speak right at the same time none of it's meritorious here Jesus' death on the cross that solves that for us Calvary when Jesus dies on Calvary he provided the meritorious component but divinity and humanity must be combined the heart is to be transformed great controversy 506 it is the grace that Christ implants in the soul which creates in man in MITI against Satan. Without this converting grace in renewing power man would continue the captive of Satan the servant ever ready to do his bidding but the new principle in the soul creates conflict where Heather too had been peace the power which Christ imparts enables man to resist the tyrant and usurper some people are worried about handing out great controversies friends when I was becoming a Christian and becoming a 7th Day Adventist the great controversy was the 1st book that I read and when I read this I said this is God speaking to my heart this is what I need 5 a weight of great controversy in the unregenerate heart there is love for sin and a disposition to cherish and excuse it in the renewed heart there is hatred for sin and determine resistance against it determined resistance and sometimes we have a hatred for sin but it's not a thorough hatred sometimes we have a a resistance against sin but sometimes we are not having the determine resistance I want the renewed heart I want the Holy Spirit to be in my heart so that in my life it's the experience I have is determined resistance guard must implant Grace implanted Grace creates enmity this is converting Grace renewing power power imparted see God changes the belief of the believer so as we're reading in this. We're noticing in L A light statement she's got a lot of interesting things and we look at the Bible and we find them too we do have to intercessors Jesus in the Holy Spirit Romans 826 and 27 Hebrews 725 and we have one mediator. Galatians $319.00 there's several text we could look up for that their work is to restore us Jesus as mediator comes between and he reconciles us he secured the gift of the Holy Spirit for us who intercedes for us and who who can we say it he repairs the image of God in humanity we should not lose sight of God's goal God's goal is that humanity humanity and divinity become bind quote the Atonement sometimes these phrases the great controversy the plan of redemption all these these kinds of phrases those are God's description of this process common views of the Gospel lead us to set our sights too low God is able e Feagin 320 God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to a power that works in us it's the gospel and it's not just the wimpy gospel it's what the Bible has for us and it's the gospel that the Bible has for the last generation this is the gospel for you and I who are living in god forbid in 2019. So now let's come to this section quoted so many times in the 2018 books selected messages book one and I'm going to just quote from 344 paragraph 2 and 3 I'll read the whole thing right the religious services the prayers the praise the penitent confession of sin a sin from true believers as incense to the heavenly sanctuary but passing through the corrupt channels of humanity they are so defiled that unless purified by blood they can never be of value with God they ascend not in spotless purity and unless the intercessor Who is it God's right hand presents in purifies all by his righteousness it is not acceptable to God All incense from earthly Tabernacles must be more East with the cleansing drops of the blood of Christ he holds before the Father the censor of his own merits in which there is no taint of earthly corruption he gathers into this sense of the prayers of the praise in the confessions of his people and with these he puts his own spotless righteousness then perfumed with the merits of Christ's pre-purchased propitiation the incense comes up before God whole Ian entirely acceptable the gracious answers are returned Oh that all may see that everything in obedience and penitence in praise and thanksgiving must be placed on the glowing fire of the righteousness of Christ the fragrance of this righteousness ascends like a cloud around the mercy seat I wish that they had quoted the whole piece and not just that one piece I'm finding a lot here in the whole document that's quite encouraging actually so now according to the God's character in the last generation statement somehow somehow Ellen White statement that we just read constitutes evidence that that quote All are in bondage to the power of saying quote There is nothing we can do about our sinful nature and quote Even our very best is tainted by sin quote even our good deeds need forgiveness. Well what about that. So let me give you 66 quick items in response to that number one none of us have ever suggested or probably even even had the thought that we read in the book that our deeds might be personally salvific Lee meritorious Christ's deeds alone save isn't that settled I mean in my book I've got 2 whole chapters on that and then quote those number 2 perfumed with the righteousness of Christ deeds rise before God in the it's the what it says in the document you have they are made entirely acceptable. No one who teaches lost generation theology or maybe a better term for it basic absenteeism nobody is teaching that we ever abandon Christ nobody is teaching that we come to a place where we somehow outrun Jesus we wouldn't have any righteousness then we're not teaching that number 3 those who believe in the original sin idea they make the idea that the corrupt channels of humanity they make that idea to represent our humanity and they say that it is infected with sin infected with sin you know what's interesting with that terminology infected with sin I can tell you the fact none of you've ever read Ellen White and read that we are infected with sin it's not a phrase she uses none of you've ever read the Bible and read that we're infected with sin that is not a bible language so it's good sometimes to stay close to inspired terminology and watch out for terminology terminology that's been dreamed up by some of our contemporary theological helpers let's stay away from let's watch out for that just be careful OK That's number 3 number 4. Now Ellen White describes the how of how humanity becomes corrupted it's important to understand this she describes it differently than those who teach original sin or the were infected with sin so here's the quotation it's from manuscript 50 $7890.00 Christ took our nature fallen but not corrupted and would not be corrupted unless he received the words of Satan in the words in place of the words of God unquote did you hear that Jesus humanity was fallen but not corrupted now our nature is fallen and it is corrupted too because guess what we've all seen income short of the glory of God at some time we receive the words of Satan in place of the words of God and acted upon them Jesus didn't do that number 5 here true holiness is possible in fallen humanity that's a pretty bold statement but let me read it lead me read your paragraph and see what you think this is from signs of The Times October 6th 1900 it's a little bit long but every part of it is worth listening to here we go and begin the quote of what I'm saying true holiness is possible and falling humanity is a true Listen to this the affections per verted by sin become degenerated and depraved but through a connection with Christ they are brought into a higher holier channel and aided by Divine Grace man may be an overcomer that's just starting Here's the next one carrying right on the next sentence the faculties warped in a wrong direction through the influence of sin need no longer be misused in perverted need no longer be wasted on accomplishing selfish purposes or fastened upon the perishing things of earth. Onward now the very next sentence when the soul has been convicted of sin has excepted of Christ the character becomes transformed and there is an elevation and purification of all the powers of the being they are no longer debased my selfish aims and unholy actions and then this question is asked what may not man become through the grace given him of God through the sanctification of the truth he may become a part taker of the divine nature and escape the corruption that is in the world through last he may show forth an example of righteousness of true holiness and so my assertion that true holiness is possible and fallen humanity well in our own works do not become solve ific Lee meritorious and yet our faculties although previously warped in the transform Christian they can be rightly used even in 1st selected messages 344 Ellen White calls for us to become partakers to read it in 342 paragraph to obedience sinless to the last he that is jesus jesus died for man his substitute insurer enduring all that men ever endure from the deceiving tempter then man may be overcome by being a part taker of the divine nature and there it is. Number 6 Do you know the believer forever needs Jesus our works are not acceptable to God for salvation and they never will be and we're not trying to make our work acceptable to God That's not our business Jesus has accomplished this God's forgiveness is forever necessary for sins that we've committed. Can't go back on that were his forgiveness ever withdrawn we would be destroyed Nevertheless the believer will draw close to God such that he will stop sinning and the power provided by provided to him by God No Glory accrues to the sinner but all glory accrues to Jesus when there is an overcoming experience in your life it's not a glory to you it's a glory to him it's his doing it's his power it's his strength it's his desire for you and I to be overcomers but he's the one that causes us to be overcomers So what then can we make of the notion and in our book God's character in the last generation what can we make then make of the notion that our tainted nature needs continual forgiveness Well we make a distinction between evil and guilt a distinction between evil and guilt treason animals display distortion caused by the effects of sin in the world but they have no capacity to choose they're not condemned by God And so we have when we think about things that are evil in the world there's no choices to be made but when there are moral choices to be made then you have guilt and so you and I you know let's say you're differentiating between yourself in a rock a rock can't make choices you can make choices so guilt would be the category potentially that applies to us evil in the world if God needs to change the rock then that's that's that category the Atonement deals with guilt by forgiving in addition to deals with evil results by recreating and restoring what the curse of sin is damaged so it's a category error to teach that even when we are not willfully sinning our human nature itself needs forgiveness that's a category error here Nature doesn't need forgiveness when does condemnation arise. Condemnation arises from intentional morally wrong personal choices not from the human and her human organism into which one is born our best deeds do not need forgiveness they need healing Forgiveness is for acts of sin the Atonement does not apply forgiveness to situational aspects of our lives to which were subjected apart from our choice so are we born with a sinful nature yes do we experience infirmities like faulty memory in the making of unintentional misjudgments Yes Are we guilty when we drink tainted water or are unintentionally exposed to carcinogens are we guilty for that or what about the Gospel workers responding to God's call who intentionally leave the relatively clean air of the West in order to go in labor for souls while while breathing the severely polluted air air in the Orient What about them do they need to pray every day for forgiveness for breathing the air we're God has sent them to work to compare God's infinite perfection to our human imperfection and to say that anything less than our making decisions as infinitely perfect as God is is sin is to create a philosophical trap such a teaching leaves all of our obedience tainted by sin in some respect and it introduces a hopeless fatalism into the Christian experience you can never overcome even when you come to church on the Sabbath and you keeping the Sabbath you can't be keeping the Sabbath you're still sinning because you're breathing your existing your heart's beating that's not what the Bible teaches there is a difference between temptation and sin and as soon as that gets blurred you get into an evangelical gospel you get into lots of problems in the sanctuary system by the way won't work with that and then you have to take away the sanctuary understanding and then pretty soon you have to take away this piece and take away this piece and take away this piece. And brothers one day and sisters one day we would just just move in with the next evangelical church down the street because there'd be nothing at all different about us and the worst piece of all would be that we would not even believe that victory over sin was a possibility what a tragedy to think that the planet would think that there is a God but he won't give us victory over sin today what a tragedy that would be God's character in the last generation readily expresses the opinion that last generation theology produces guilt and hopelessness and despair I guess I just disagree I believe the reverse is the case it is actually the powerless hopeless victory less spiritually empty non Adventist non biblical non sanctuary informed viewpoint that increases guilt and despair we get to choose we follow what the Bible says or will we follow this convoluted theological system that we keep absorbing in from from other places Ellen why does not trapped in the 1580 book of Concord Lutheran salvation understanding there's a pretty interesting things in that but you know that Luther. Luther died I believe it was 154551578 or 79 you have the the form of Concord and then you have the book of Concord you see the cover of it there in 1580 and Martin Canute's Kemeny It's the 2nd Martin he was the systematize or of that and within 40 years of Luther's death just about Lutheranism look totally different than it did while Luther was alive so we've got to be careful about what Luther says versus what Lutheranism became in one generation I might add. Interesting pieces all around by the way the next slide shows you and I know you can't read it by this is a index page from the book of Concord and if you look at it you will see if you could if you could see that well you'd see that the very 1st item on the left column on the page is original sin it's the 1st thing on the doctrinal list original sin if we go on to that item Ellen why doesn't portray believers as being in the say at the same time saints and sinners like Luther does she doesn't speak of our best deeds needing forgiveness for our our actions to be of value to God by the way in the selected messages statement doesn't necessarily mean that they have saving merit all marriage for our salvation comes from Jesus life and death for us the basis for our being saved is never never even even in the remotest sense located in ourselves the corrupt channels of humanity are not stronger however than Jesus the divine high priest of humanity Jesus is stronger 1st select a message is 341 paragraph 2 Its is that Christ goes on to say Christ was hanged upon the cross that he might be able to impart his righteousness to fall in sinful man and thus present men to his father in his righteous character I believe that that statement that paragraph the 18 paragraphs of the correct channel statement so-called have all that has a lot of insight to is it gives us a lot of hope rather than sadness and despair Well one of the things that we saw there was over and over again the idea of being a partaker of the divine nature so would you turn and open your Bible over to 2nd Peter and I'd like to spend the last portion of my time on this presentation with you looking a little bit at this idea of becoming a partaker of the divine nature. So we're looking at 2nd Peter chapter one and verses 2 through 11 now we rejoice in verses 2 through 4 and so let's read that out grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God in of Jesus our Lord as his divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life in godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue by which have been given to us exceeding great and precious promises that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature and now it doesn't stop there but what else does it say having escaped interesting having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust through Jesus you see we are given great promises in through these promises we are made partakers of the divine nature but exactly how is it that the promises are made effectual in us it's a good thing to ask in a good thing to try to understand do we experience the power without acting out our faith well let's just read straight on because do you know the Protestant principle Scripture interprets Scripture and Peter's pretty good interpret in what Peter has to say Paul for to get it interpreting what Paul has to say well what does Peter say as he goes on. Could he possibly suggest that there is a way that for humanity and divinity to work together while let's read 1st let's read verses 5 through 11 now. But also for this very reason now what reason the reason we just talked about that through these promises we might be partakers of the divine nature for this very reason giving all diligence add to your favor to you to Virtue knowledge to knowledge self-control to self-control perseverance to perseverance godliness to godliness brotherly kindness and to brotherly kindness. Love lesson don't stop for if these things are yours and a bound you will be neither barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ for He who lacks these things is shortsighted even to blindness and has forgotten that he was cleansed from his old sins therefore brother and be even more diligent to make your call an election sure that for you for if you do these things you will never stumble for so an entrance will be supplied to you abundantly in the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ doesn't that give you hope when you read that how can you do anything but say I want that I want to become a Christian I want that to be my experience so how is virtue added to faith how is knowledge added to Virtue how self-control added to knowledge while the text told us we were told by giving our giving all diligence which is what Paul said in Philippians right work out your own salvation with fear and trembling because it is God who works in you to will and to do he says giving all diligence and by determination it says in the same passage to do these things a Christianity that doesn't do anything is in Christianity this strength is from God even the ability to use the will by which we choose God even even it is a gift from God nevertheless we are to think we are to do and we've all read this in sidesteps to Christ 47 Everything depends on the right action of the will the power of choice God has given to man is theirs to exercise God gave it to you as a gift it's yours. Deserve ages 125 the tempter can never compel us to do evil he cannot control minds unless they are yielded to his control saying the same thing but a different way and so and so and 1st US alone eons for 3 Paul tells us something he says this is the will of God your sanctification this is God's Will this is what he desires when the human in the divine or combined we're not left with to the emptiness in the powerlessness of our own nature our natural heart is not left on subdued rather the Holy Spirit works in us we live in communion with Jesus we have the mind of Christ our mind lifted up out of itself and charged with the heavenly current desire of Ages $363.00 if you don't believe me in Christ the cry of humanity reached the father of infinite pity as a man he Jesus he supplicated the throne of God till his humanity was charged with a heavenly current that should connect humanity with divinity through continual communion he received life from God that he might impart life to the world and the last thing the next thing it says is his experience is to be ours top that top that you can't top that and so you see God's divine power has given us all that we need to live Christian lives today all but the end times are going to be too hard no that's not that's not what it says his experience is to be ours it's beautiful when we're diligent in embracing the promises we were diligent in choosing to say Yes Lord work in me change me then it happens. All the pieces faith virtue knowledge self-control perseverance godliness brotherly kindness and finally love authentic work in us a heavenly courage continual communion charge our humanity so that we have the experience of Jesus his experiences to be ours it is hope that the avenues message brings not despair it is hope and by the way the main Bible passages I've referred to in this talk Philippians 212 and 13 2nd Peter 13 and 4 some of those same passages are the passages that thrilled the hearts of 80 Jones in E.J. Wagner but do you know that certain Adventist historians of recent decades find these emphases concerning a very concerning to them they look at themes preached by Jones and Wagner and they think that somehow an interesting Christ close at hand Christ indwelling the very experience which Paul calls Christ in you the hope of glory they think that that is liable to lead us into pantheism does that leave doubt lead Paul into pantheism does that lead Peter into pantheism I don't want to go off my track here but you know the ideas of co-operating with God and being partaker of the divine nature those are ideas that God has for us in these last days and we need to watch closely where certain folks are connecting dots because sometimes they're dots are wrong and sometimes they're connecting lines are wrong and sometimes they were wrong connecting dots in the connecting lines are wrong all together well let's conclude humanity and divinity come bind is the experience of the gospel. This is what made me want to be to accept Jesus as my Lord this is the question upon which this whole Symposium is founded the question what happens what happens when a generation says yes to Jesus. The world wants to know what happens when that happens what happens when we see beyond the ingenious power Nala flying explanations of minutes constructed what happens when we. Leave out aside what happens when we follow what Jesus has given us in the Bible God's character in the final generation meet together and then Peter can conclude is a pistol with the warning 2nd Peter $311.00 in the 1st part of 12 therefore since all these things will be dissolved what manner of persons are you to be in holy conduct in godliness looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God when we know these things we can agree with one who is said to silence forever Satan's charges to make it evident that his people are serving him for motives of loyalty and right without reference to reward to clear his own name in character of the charges of injustice and arbitrariness and to show to angels and to men that his law can be kept by the weakest of men under the most discouraging and untoward circumstances God permits Satan in the last generation to try his people to the utmost they will be threatened tortured persecuted they will stand face to face with the issuance of the decree to worship the beast in his image Revelation 1315 but they will not yield they are willing to die rather than sin. And I was in Melandri sin in the sanctuary service page $317.00 willing to die rather than sin dno that's where Jesus was. Right on the cross Jesus was willing to die rather than to sin and now it remains for us to be joined with him in his crucifixion Romans $66.00 says that right that we are buried with him in baptism and raised with him in newness of life. Humanity and a vanity combine are willing to die rather than sin you see that is God's character and that leaves me with just this 5 word QUESTION In conclusion the challenge. Are we. The final generation. Will decide. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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