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The Brave-hearted Gospel

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • January 1, 2010
    7:00 AM
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all I see is that we see that a non- White House with young people get off on New Year's Day at six in the morning except for that one reason a man I'm delighted to see you here I know that some of your Christian ravioli filling in a little late there was a online godly party going on above my room had to call upon the name of the Lord by this morning you guys this so well yesterday and no favors that I ask of you I thought maybe I can push the envelope a little bit and ask you a couple other favorite is not okay yes okay here we go number one one thing that I want to challenge us here at UIC as I had mentioned yesterday that he wants he is not an event but it is a movement and the success of any movements is movement and that means that when we talk about the spirit of July see the spirit of UIC is not just when the meeting starts of them were in the seminars but there's something very special about that little break time between one seminar in another when you're traveling onto your next seminar when you are leaving here to go to breakfast I wanted to challenge off to take the spirituality hi your in that little space of time the reason I say this I got invited to go to China some years ago to preach in that invitation I asked again how long in all etc. said all the details he said what was income for weekend obligations amount or five sermons sin all you need to bridge twenty three cents in one week they said yes you know how things are in China except you sent us all the young people in income milling it is much as possible as allow me how to take a break missing this is how we take a break after you finish one seventy people do not get up and socializing in a glass of water everyone gets on their knees they have a prayer session on their own volition Lord help me to apply this message to my life waiting for the next seven solid challenge us to start having more spontaneous prayer sessions in the hallway it shall adjust the start singing while awaiting to get our breakfast amen sometimes you have to make the drug people so afraid the fusion log is rushing you there salivating at the doors for the reckless and he can encourage them and we would just see some old songs of Zion amen the always on the side is so powerful that is all entire song about the captain in a say as was sitting by the waters of Babylon after you sing us one of the old songs of Zion now granted they were mocking the people of God but they knew there was something distinct about the music that is designed to invite the presence of Jesus someone a challenging to spontaneously break out in Bible studies prayer sessions singing together in the hallway one thing I love when I get to go to Africa you preach one hour they're angry that's only one in our number one so you can go to always be stormy angry at you then I figured nonbreaching and out in the hall and a get together and just think for another hour of my Lord and sometimes am on the plane back to America I'm thinking to myself is the Holy Spirit difference here that it is over there was into the size notice no difference the difference is the willingness of the heart amen someone at South secondly my second favorite little more sobering we have this habit some of us that he wants he thought start exiting before the meeting is over a man so on taking the license asking a favor before you decide to get up out of your seat wait for the meeting of the outline my saying this I was reading about education chapter on faith and prayer and she was talking about how we live in a very busy world and as we living in this busy world she says many of us we have no time to linger at the feet of Jesus we can't hear a message would like I wanted to speak to me like Mary we've chosen that one good thing that only comes in the feet of Jesus or lack artwork is any rush out can you imagine if Jesus was here how many people do you think would rush out to breakfast zero and I believe Jesus is here as a result of that I will challenge you don't rush so quickly out of the Masters presence take some time to digest what drawn convictions have brought to your heart let it sink into your bones make a resolution in your mind that because of this message is going to change how you want to write is not a change of conversation at your breakfast table a man is as possible Johnson is not impossible right as yesterday we had a button now experience that we not a man this is a week a man is a good fate of labor New Year's Eve no savages upon a man's is as possible do I see little better we're getting there the time unless is this morning is the brave hearted gospel the brave hearted gospel let's pray mighty God everlasting father we thank you for the gift of life and we know Lord that she did not give us life because we were so righteous yesterday but because your mercies are new every one that has never been in each one it took anything less than courage to further the work of God it took brave hearted souls and Lord we pray this morning that she would give us that spirit that dwelt in the breast of Paul that spirit that sat in the bosom of Joe that spirit that was in the Lord Jesus Christ that challenged him to not just be loving to speak the truth teach us Lord as we study a word is our prayer in Jesus name amen take with you on your Bibles and something to the book of Daniel chapter three what's after I either okay there's mercy when you get as a man who not theirs they have mercy all right Daniel chapter three amen all right Daniel chapter three one of my favorite stories in all the Bible outside Eli blogging Parson Daniel chapter three verse one NSF McCain made in evidence I will whose height was threescore cubits and the breadth thereof six cubits and he set it up in the plane of Dora in the province of Babylon that Nebuchadnezzar the king sent to gather together the princes the governors and the captains the judges the treasurers the counselors the share of and all the rulers of the provinces to come to the dedication of the image which Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up then the princes the governors and the captains and the judges in the treasurers the counselors the Sheriff 's at all levels of the properties is were gathered together at the dedication of the image that Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up and they stood before the image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up that it heralds cried aloud to you it is commanded all people nations and languages that are not time you hear the sound of the Coronet foods hot start but sought to rebuild some and all kinds of music you fall down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king has set up an blue softball is not down and worship it shall the same hour he cast into the midst of a burning fiery once therefore at that time when all the people heard the sound of the coordinate root Hartsock would sulkily in all kinds of music all the people the nation 's and the languages fell down and worshiped the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up now when you are studying the word of God is one device that we like to use to extract the message from the Bible and that device is repetition what is it repetition so the Bible writers back then it has the micros this Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel none of these programs and you know you can like to italicize and underline something right now so we can do to cite this is very important but it will bottle right to do that and then have those devices will be using something called repetition so when reading the first seven verses I wanted to see how many times this phrase appears in the passage you see in verse one and he says he set it up this golden image in Photoshop verse two it says right in the device was Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up chapter three Nebuchadnezzar had set up first for Nebuchadnezzar the king has set up immersed by starring when you come now number seven that Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up not as a repetition yes so you wanted to yourself why this prays constantly being repeated well guess what the Nebuchadnezzar with the concept of an image on his own yes or no writing at that image from from what the dream so follow this blog had given Nebuchadnezzar a dream and wrong again and Nebuchadnezzar a dream God said to Daniel interpreting this dream that there will be a image Nebuchadnezzar this is what you saw and in this image there was ahead of the Justin Anza brought belly and thighs of an exiled speed part of iron and part of making show actions beneath Adventist we should all know the pharmacy by now and then so he says okay here's the original Nebuchadnezzar turns over in chapter three is as although no no no I got it all wrong is not a head of gold it's in him is will so hear God has revealed something to Nebuchadnezzar constantly interrupted who is as this secret was revealed so here we happen the revelation of God Nebuchadnezzar can see into the future of nations and God says after you shall arise another kingdom noting that will not last forever Nebuchadnezzar but the God of heaven he will set up his kingdom and his kingdom is one that shall not be overcome to what we find is that Nebuchadnezzar is taking something that God revealed clearly Julian and he is now perverting the revelation of God is bringing what the revelation of God was in order to fit what he wanted to say now you have to ask yourself the question how do you and I pervert the revelation of God is not according to our own desires when it does not fit nicely neatly within our plans for our users and all of a sudden you know we learn about no truth from God we send out a new look at the spirit of prophecy was studying the Bible someone preaches a sermon and God by revelation has opened our eyes the sun moves through to some secret that we did not without his divine aid have access to and as a result of that when it's not losing the self what is not conforming to exactly what I wanted to say and we like to set up an image of gold and because Nebuchadnezzar said on the program the revelation of God to say what I wanted to see it's not a head of gold in his imageable and you ask yourself what statement is he making he is defined the revelation of God and he doesn't take it so far that he wants to make this golden image and set it up in his office on his trophy table right Z on the planes Nora any golf everyone in the round and he says you know what not only when you are not per by the revelation of God was saying you on our news on landlord oh God what were my life please tell me what you wanted to do we pray optionally Smith says I want you to stop studying medicine I'm calling you into the mission field revelation from God all I know God meant he wanted to be a missionary doctor somebody save and possibly new arena yes no God I am going to do once he is a you want me to go I just wanted you watch the video provide the funds and it always I love the money never came insulin was not obeying God 's will even though God laid on my heart to go we use circumstances to determine so you have all these things that we pray for the revelation of God we provide info just let friends it doesn't just affect UNR when you and I propose something that God has revealed to us clearly we become an agent optimization province is not enough for me to have my own golden image I want other people to bow down to this image using is not enough for people to look at the revelation of God about creation anyone up about the revelation of God to fit what they wanted to see what they're not content with just writing it in their own personal journals that want to publish it in articles and books and propagated his universities and I want everyone else about ounce of my golden image to my perversion of the revelation of God the flight was a worldwide creation and have to be in six literal continuous twenty four hour days and at length about the revelation of God in it what all of us to come to the fate of their golden image anyone ever want about out this is not a new concept really in a different yes this is capable to herself in the profession is very happy disturbing bodies in the bargain keeping the garden as he ought to be keeping the body but no a suitcase that will allow on exposing the speed of spirituality each child learning how to put on the root down my throat now all of a sudden she's been confused and deceived by the double she becomes an engine optimization the serpent never came to Adam he decided to eat so using friends for each and every one of us this idea this aspect of viewing on reporting the revelation of God does not just affect your life and mine it affects every life around us everyone under our influence and we must make sure that when God reveals something clearly to you and I resubmit everything in our lives that is contrary to the will of God everything otherwise were pulling a Nebuchadnezzar setting up a boot image and want other people to bow down to occupants in fact there was even a punishment attached for not conforming will cast them into the fire burns will notice what happens in verse eight the story goes on verse eight this is where pride that time certain Chaldeans came near and accused the Jews and they spake and said to the king Nebuchadnezzar okay there forever the King has made a decree that every man under the sound of the product loot Hartsock put salt also all kinds of music shop down and worship the golden image and whosoever was not now and was a bit that he should be taxed into the midst of a burning fiery furnace there are certain Jews who now has set over the affairs of the province of Babylon Shadrach the shack and Abednego these men are key and not regarded me they serve not by God 's nor worship the golden image which will set up with Nebuchadnezzar so now follow this hero can't use tattletale link child needs never had a young brother sibling out of the tattletale and a lot of times on the analysis of the actually one of my younger brothers and CIG Y C and all I believe these can be crossing the line sometime during this conference is probably sleep right now but I remember being the oldest of seven children and all in all I did grow up in the church so I remember we stopped all these flights over videogames is back in my day video games only had two controllers seven kids you know the problem now Sebastian is the biggest so we got a get off the little they had a stigma by scholar skews me get on the videogame my little brother was crying and screaming sound is not bad slides is lied to sliding over this thing the fundamental issue that begins the combat is all of a sudden my younger brother who wanted to decide if I want to understand is that on telling that even on telling daddy writing busily doing on selling daddy I'm telling you waiting for me to draw the design with a note please note that adding subtle suddenly notices that I'm not getting scared and organize intern Veronica was back on the sadly learned later him as you see was that the cattle that when you come in from the dead the jealousy that they are because I want something from them these are the man knows what they said whom thou has sent all over the affairs of Babylon and the count is being jealous of these men make sure all Nebuchadnezzar was sitting too far back there were too many people about the plains of Europe he could not see that there were three Hebrew boys were standing while everyone else was falling so the Chaldeans felt it their duty to their country to go to the king and let him know there were some people who don't regards they don't respect you that they're not conforming to your loss so Nebuchadnezzar obviously he could not see them he hears a reportedly says okay bring them into the first thirteen what do that with me then Nebuchadnezzar and his rage and fury commanded to bring Shadrach Lisa and Abednego then they brought these men equivocating Nebuchadnezzar 's mega synods and then is it true essential of Shadrach the second Abednego do not use up my dogs don't worship the golden image which I have set up now and we be ready now if you may want and you'll be ready that had what I need here the sound of the coordinate don't have that much salt amigos and all kinds of music you fall down and worship the image which I have made well but if he worshiped not you shall be taxed the same into the midst of a burning fiery furnace and who is that God that shall deliver you out of I know what you notice something here at weblogs Nebuchadnezzar brings lamenting committees like okay guys I think maybe you want to miss something I organize okay because I scheduled over the affairs of the province of Babylon that you exempt maybe there was a missing indication get the memo says without that you know baptism is really true it is really showing about dollars and my nails are my God behind all the mileage I don't believe it I trust in God 's image on my best in my class at the University of Babylon so while you are the best I brought you when you're focusing around and who better to enforce the policies of Babylon and the individuals I sent over the province of Babylon I can be having cool guitars in my cabinet so he says listen guys maybe you didn't hear what you go to be cast into a burning fiery furnace if you don't bow down this is where it gets good for sixty shot back the second Abednego answered and said to the king of Nebuchadnezzar we are not careful to answer you in this matter is when a policy that you said that in this response we are not careful to answer the notice to that a new alien words he said how do you guys the writing is obviously doesn't want to deliberate on him he doesn't want to think about this for a second fiery furnace bowing to the image okay Gosselin alleging that on the back of my throat all that you guys make a decision whenever you're ready he does not list on a say as Nebuchadnezzar starting a hulking but not careful to answer you in this matter you see friends before the crisis comps there must be certain decisions that you and I have made in our minds I had a pot were not waiting for the crisis so when you come down the path that a I design and sounded the alarm about Willie DiNapoli said in my man well I do on the ground my pastor my bottle didn't come in on Sunday and was on the Facebook regularly I will need to be capital and actually a man I already know what the answer is no one my thing I could some of us which one to be careful and we had this mindset today that we must speak the truth and law I don't disagree with that but this is where I disagree this Sunday my son in our hearts now believes that we can speak the truth lovingly enough it will become acceptable sources and amounts on a deliberate say okay how I palliate this thing how I softened the blow away Nebuchadnezzar on development planning to the violence the players some nice background music Okie Nebuchadnezzar we will not be bowing down your image base side for the sorry for the family and decide that's why we say we say these words attempting on call curse words and in Canada customers because they are not assuming the sale reservoir life is that you don't want these books you want to buy this was a single and perhaps the Navy new designer on some other planet and some other universities somewhere deep down in the density are to consider buying this book from us XML so we say no no no no no there must be some curse words for Christians and as we come back to this point speaking the truth in love you must be vigilant and love friends and there's no one who spoke the truth more loudly than the Lord Jesus Christ King Zaman as a result analysis and I think one minute when Jesus said to people one of my favorites John Sunday is coming to visit another they say love you I did finally tell me to say what you have a double North American when he was arguing this is what you seek to kill me a man without the true visit his mother than always talking on item one application through Jesus Thompson Eddie says you are on your father the devil how do you say that lovingly you'll are of your father the devil is in the top of the blog ethanol no as I walked up to you at the lunch line in July see you say you're not going to father the devil do you like Nick Newt Nicodemus walking latest a man you must be born again present Oregon's visit fascinating fabric as you must be born again so here we have friends a situation that when Jesus gives us this example so do the Hebrew borrowings that we are not careful to answer you in this matter someone will walk into the hotel owner walked into the convention center and meeting people at the front desk relieving people at the restaurant we go out to wherever we find ourselves at this conference and for the rest of two thousand ten into the rest of our lives there are certain decisions we had to have made ahead of time and that decision is I will always speak the truth I will speak it aloud but love does not meet his committed to a more acceptable to people is as clear as making sense will have to be careful now let's get going what they say so they say this when I get to Nancy was not of her sixteenth or seventeenth it be so our God whom we serve is able to deliver on from the burning fiery furnace the field will deliver us out of thine hand Okie you know friends after we had made up our minds about what we will do and what we will not do and whatever you and I to maintain an unashamed attitude and unashamed lifestyle to Julie and by this means we have to decide ahead of time I will not be issuing you want to make it up in your mind I had an okay I'm down here walking on a little with his restaurant across the street below Louisville convention center was in it when you guys doing here and many of us we went into the crisis while you know you administer not popular were down south in the Bible Belt seven advantage in all not the not the best people to dispose in a mountain city with generation of youth for Christ that's a little better than Illinois Gottman is enough only other Christian group that you were with the Christian group but do I say I've already decided in my heart ahead of time usually when I was found out that they wanted me to speak for this theme I got on my knees I say Lord I wanted to speak intellectual messages I actually have a life of punishing this before come to the conference so in all my travels and all my love in all they are to and fro I made up my mind opportunities come to be punishing sun am requesting a happen I went to Canada to speak over there when I got the Canada you know that customs down like this doesn't make any sense together went right across the board anyone making which allows for no reason as were Canadians are looking into Canadians by the way except for the fact that they make is gold border control I want to the cost I have I had it my slip he said what you doing here I said I'm preaching celebrating Saddam 's alcohol I said I'm a producer on also known as the Doctor Augustine Ulster is on Minnesota Street is not really a minister is because the line to start engaging me at the cost of on about alcohol in Christianity unlike in another world so I leave them that I get back on the plane I think I saw a gentleman is a chief financial officer for a big financial accounting firm Norton three hundred company whatever they call it I was sitting down talking I break I went to my little Brooks obviously Christian is is a odds always like a sound hitting the wrong running on me doing it wrong he to be preaching really yes we'll be talking about so what would I do something at the University of long etc. said I saw bowling on it onto the conversation by the end of it the guy sucking on a lives in Boston he single very lonely his eye is looking for friends that's on the market a menarche John Cook it right again the action motivation so I said all of this guy was suddenly and the importance that a as manually learned some of the more practical things of life amen ladies weekends as you know someone who are not shirts but any women stop out Olympic women feel that synonymous redundancy on in our lesser dysmorphic silence on another plane ride on coming back on Sunday then he is a lawyer below your and he actually knows the meaninglessness so what thought is like all yeah I know I know the name identities with XYZ anon drop in Minnesota rising AIN exactly work nurse on his active presence organization I work with Santiago I know about then I had envisioned these are what gave us an upgrade is this a lot with this organization generation of Christ what's going on a syllabus is happening with John and the world is the gospel the rest of the flight we just talk about special thanks is I do not miss this is actually to be a Catholic priest and he left the priesthood to be globally you would never know last story my brother just recently came to Boston widely thought that you my brother to get his hair cut at the barbershop I usually go to and while my brother Jimmy Zarkin I'm sitting at a say in oh Sebastian on they found out that I travel and speak sometimes and a lot was a Christian so the guy was the barbershop any smashing a man of God he says think about the illuminati might be illuminati after Eleanor not this conspiracy theory stuff that's it I'm a little bit sexier not start engaging among the state he says a smashing hit a floppy haircuts I sent on a barber chair and put on the well-drained and he starts asking questions that they sold you what you want to think about this right it is questions that were not a lot of discussions in the barbershop about religion this week is begin heating up here but I would have to question if this isn't possible for God and the devil to be the same person might want something that in the atmosphere about said about days I get up also SNL is not possible because God is righteous the devil is working again be the same person because I wanted it over what about my developed cable he's not talking unable right inside what is able then what is it my thinking was that without not to be a ghost and in the barbershop this is landing in people into facts him him him another notch on the blogroll next-to-last restart volume I belonged on the back the guy didn't forget about it and I want to charge one time he was at a local church that left all three hobbies nine hundred and fifty dollars from the church Atlanta barbershop and moving away from anything and I know about God 's forgiveness the guy was going my brothers there he started bringing up the fact that he is all about the love of God this is what God is the Bible says God is love Linda Godby and the entire barbershop is a complete synchronicity while under my hacker sunlight on paying twenty dollars agrees that the people were fairly animal allegedly and we are not careful to answer you in this matter and we know that our God is able to deliver us receive friends one of the things that should embolden us as young people is to be one hundred percent confident that our God is able to deliver us usually one of the problems as we come into the situation were like man under the guidelines not one not an MLM that God before who can be against you that's not a dilemma friends that's an opportunity for the miracle of God can I get a good value a situation like that I'm in a bind praise God now wants the Lord delivered me from this on I kept wanting to figure out when I'm coming on Sabbath or not is not an issue is not an issue on the media got an opportunity to work a miracle for me he's able to deliver us on until you one of my favorite stories about this I heard it on conference one time is I was telling Ms. Neuhauser told his little fundamentalism and the two it was wrapped in penicillin a Santiago to have the lines their case in big-box menubar to another in all other animal decades and the monkey located in such a case in any façade he walked into this elephant in the change was beneath the elephant coming up in your only other thing coming out of the mainstream on his leg and his son was confused in the background the library on how comes out of it doesn't just break out of the cage Eileen has a little being straight on his way so the downturn suicide he says Sun this is what happened when he was a little baby elephants they put a chain on his leg and he would take a chick and he would take a shot at break the chain but he couldn't maybe got a little bigger when he got a little bigger they put a bigger say on his leg and he would take any returns and rejecting trying to break the same money cutting that he got along well and running off the road they put a big hotel is lacked any retention and he would chant in which I can try to break the chain but he couldn't so now all the time now that they never even tries to take anymore all they do is flipping straight on his leg and is on the bill something around his leg he will never find a kid because he sent to us on the swing is not on his leg is on his mind and for many of us we are like elephants in constraints that's why we are ashamed we've been kicking against the grain we've been trying to share the gospel we been trying to be both anything that we cannot break free but because of this we objected to the candlelight nothing 's happening I go knock on doors idea Bible studies identify needs them I did since nothing is happening I'm not having any breakthroughs but the pious phrases that we cannot just let the string now not me on that will identify the little things well being screens make us timid now building strings keep updating both of the Lord and I believe friends that are the Seventh-day Adventist church we've been talking since the eighteen hundreds about finishing the work we've been talking since the eighteen hundreds about seeing Jesus come in our generation and has a charged weekend and we've checked everything and we couldn't finish the work and now we've become a generation of elephants in pink strings we don't believe God is able to take the gospel to all the world anymore we don't believe that Jesus is able to use us to bring us all to the feet of Jesus because advocating against chains and all the double houses about little pinched and allow proselytizing on my campus we'll talk about religion in the workplace pink strings when you had as fast action with telling us ever so eloquently involved in the Roman empire you'll be killed on the spot you workers those machines were in a generation of peach Springs in my challenges is that some of us with a break of constraints on our legs in order to be unashamed we got to forget about the past but now experience things they went yeah that was then that was insane then but now and you understand that God is able to break the strings on your line and my able to break the chains you just keep kicking it was the one to bring the freedom you just keep pushing against the generation you keep pushing against the closer I'm not just a list of postmodernism I'm not into Samantha Modernism the semantic pollution I will not have came taking the afraid the blood of a strain on me and then he says when the lab God is exalted to its rightful place then we will see a revival of primitive godliness which is not been witnesses of apostolic times that I become both again about Jesus that has become unashamed you are asking for she says let us a revival that rekindling of the great controversy and you will see the flag it will come back you will see the doctor will come back you think it's hard to get quiet because you want to work on Sunday that's not and if you can keep up with the threatening but even he do when the horse Norman Frankenstein for Austin started racing up great party gospel is time for us to understand the gospel message has never gone forward by the cowardly it was talked about Luther Martin Luther and Desiderius RSS and him restless he was the intelligent man he was a man who was smart he can make you feel good about yourself you know those people that have that count a winning smile how you do with a sister linkages feel beautiful that was a rashness and arrest was understood to his studies of the Bible he said what the charges all matter-of-fact just off the charges may all Soviets are staging these things I want to start the season teenager young man any converts in his name happens to be Martin Luther someone will click on send this god like a thunderbolt I mean you just can't stop his brother you can get more unashamed semi- molten races besides preaching a silken money delivery before the Council that grandma is open before the Council and I was sitting there before the Council as a model are you thinking if I understand it's a good time until now everything I do the findability I will build my church on this rock etc. etc. monotherapy finishes and I will not recant matter-of-fact how people will support me this I really like who he says like Desiderius Erasmus Erasmus said Haiti's extreme case extreme ends pushing things a little too far this is this is never anything I was teaching in the publicity says Mark Holland you're probably and went on to further the Reformation when did you hear about arrests it's always been the brave hearted that move the work of God for normal sometimes I'm too harsh sometimes I'm a little too hard but friendly little risk something in this generation less listening to hard grounded into soft let's go not why not something that's cowardly but with something as bold and enlightened disciples after you get prosecuted you come down to your knees and accept employees it will give us more about after I just got a job of making the gospel basso disciples to the brave hearted gospel while most of our next verse in verse eighteen then he says in a certificate but if not be it known unto the king that we will not serve thy gods nor worship the golden image which now has set up knowledge you think about this one for such the human voice said him whom we serve is able to deliver us and when I said that this is what I like to call that level of faith this is when you get that I was like on competent in the power of God when you can actually send out your heart apart instead I know it will have believed so seventeen hundred Christian and love verse eighteen anything you know what but even if God does not remember us we will not blot out the image felt that what we have are two kinds of Christians this morning we got a lot of Christian and we haven't even if Christian and a lot of us live our lives around the what if 's but if they don't understand that if they don't accept the message what if something bad happens one of my delegate sounded to my university and I did then you know friendly new campus ministries at Eastern Michigan University it was only five or six of us in the ministry along with any ministry below what we were doing they had united Christian Fellowship and I said do not invite campus help which is awesome and that his organization said no not to be a part of anything that we do and because of this we were banned on campus all the other Christians are all yet you guys are campus will there's then and there spots in the question is we can't not like men know maybe we should maybe should've spoken the truth more lovingly maybe later we were too aggressive about the health messaging we had a veggie case that's okay this is what we start saying to ourselves but is that really the issue no friends sometimes bad things happen to faithful men sometimes a lot understand people don't always accept the truth no matter how loving we can tell them but the point is you have to tell them you have to stand for something you have to son to at some point in your life this sign I would dive for this thing and that means I will add these things but the grace of God let it come and Jesus fared no better Jesus Baird know better and see friends we are not a place for many of us have become like if Christians that's publishing but the oddest thing when you look at this time was the situation parallels what we are going to face in setting up on the mark of the beast and because the situation parallels do you understand that when we have to see the last days and the crisis valleys before you enemies before me without you don't want if Christians is then related even if Christian I will not bow down to you but I say Sebastian you understand you can watch it you will come in on Saturday even if in my question is what happens in that world Christianity what happened to this kind of faith in God like the Hebrew Bruins were they sit down and they say even if God will do this even if the people misunderstand even if the message is an accepted Internet phenomena be popular Internet underdevelopment my mom 's not been a following understand all the convictions that Jesus laid on my heart at CYC even if that's true faith complete surrender to God doing what is right because it is right and leaving the consequences with God that is what worked like a saint with punishing even if cellular something of mine I will not transgress the Commandments of God I will not go around trying to bastard CNN you acting as it is embarrassing to know Jesus is not embarrassing to know Jesus is embarrassing to be a sinner to be making a noncovered with his righteousness that's embarrassing because when you stand before the awful I caught we understand to embarrass then we shall understand see friends the concept of a even if Christian and this is exactly what we need we need she wants me as a movement to embrace a spirit of even if that everyone goes home early long ago whether you are in your neighborhood and small-town big towns big cities or small you know Podunk passing through one streetlight whatever the case may be whenever you are you and I must make up our minds when we leave this conference assignment of two thousand ten I've made up my mind Lord let it be and even if Christian I decided to follow Jesus no turning back and once we come to that place friends this is exactly what Christianity this is what we've been lacking is that kind of courage that brave hearted gospel I would take a hit for Jesus on the resume Ms. understood does he risk being misunderstood when we the recipe shaped conceits of the shamefully and sometimes it has to them it boggles my mind that it doesn't break our hearts that we should back on the responsibility he gave us as a church there is no backup plan to the three Angels messages there is no backup service to the seven administered this incident and because this is it I love down and I think to myself as bit hot lunch for you and me he gave everything for you and yet we come down on the streets of Louisville on the street elaborately layered and we start acting like Peter and Matthew twenty six I don't know him when he is an adjustment while being persecuted I don't know him every time I read the story breaks my heart because there were many false witnesses right then and there in the Justin all testifying against Jesus but there was one guy broke his heart was Peter and I feel the person I turned the head of Jesus and he looked at peace you don't know me Peter department I'm a simple man fear not from henceforth shall be fishers of your lonely Peter Lord save me our parish only Peter William Tell and I am you are the Christ the son of the living God only the Lord you're not available to the cross will suffer not to be so you don't know me Peter friends think back up all the moments in your life with Jesus came through for you then gave down when he didn't even if a blessing David is the goodness of God you didn't deserve the grace of God and because we didn't deserve it Luis and Donna data hearts because I didn't deserve it our friends on the continent bless me even if please is not a lacrosse for all humanity not just the ones that would accept it even if they don't accept something to die for them in and out and the pains of hell for themselves imagine was going to the mind and now you understand that throughout Christian history this is one move the gospel according Robert it was a brave hearted gospel no more tolerance not what not backbone of our young people afraid to be misunderstood I remember reading about NBC's one of the early church fathers in the first century and when these heresies were coming up in the chart Athanasius was finding these heresies and it cannot happen easiest to understand the world is against you and Athanasius going this time called Contra mandal and he says of the world is against Japanese use in Athanasius 's cultural and minimum against the world because I'm standing for truth digital underground to go that wasn't true Christian you read about these individuals are in Adalia never read the book a thousand shall fall government that will be part powerful drug I read it in like two days to share with you something before going to the story by Eric Moody why did the title my son the Braveheart involves this is what he says like many of you are growing up and amidst a sterile and weak North American church we talked a good talk when it comes down to living out in the real world were nearly impotent we talk about love joy peace victory and blessed happiness would feel in our ranks actually exhibit these basic evidences of the Christian faith as a group we Christians are soft mushy and lacks there seems to be a serious shortage of the majestic intrepid daring just and durable quality of the church once possessed the steel of a man is strangely lacking for instance whatever happened to the idea of sacred honor unvarnished nobility and unwavering allegiance to the King what happened to the quake in my boots they are of God that laid all the I met with the cause of Christ because I got if I'm not added to the depending to an Scripture but in the radical abandon to seek and save the lost this appeared to the once glorious idea of martyrdom or how about the biting me to stand against evil the break the child of the wicked at the roots of the oppressed and the widowed and be enslaved where is the holy boldness courage the very needed to burn the truth of Christ in this godforsaken culture the Braves wanted gospel is pretty living the stuff of martyrs and saints it's bravado meets brains it's how life this means partly like heart it's for Hannah Flynt meets tender lump inspired soul rather it is historical living with straight from the pages of Scripture and made incarnate in the lives of the disciples of Jesus in the twenty first century the brave hearted gospel is installed within and it's not hard on since but rather it is the giving up of everything to see social and the sooner rescue the brave wanted gospel is pure adventure a life of nuclear joy and hollow ecstasy it is the hard way to live and yet the most satisfying friends today it's time for Austin we embrace the Braveheart across the hearts of men and women that brought us to this place the only reason why Scripture can be preached as it is today BC I remember reading this article about the new atheists in wired magazine I want to share this with you as I close wired magazine two thousand six November issue called the new atheists and this is what he said he talked about the article is as however this was more than a Miranda against Christianity this was a call to arms against the scores of Christianity the article was entitled the new atheists and to say modeling it was quite alarming basically the message is if you truly believe that God is a myth than stand up and in the name of all that is reasonable and something to stamp out display of religious big my friends this is what the guy said an article I must ask you an important question today where do you stand on God it is fun to the class oppositions we are called upon relaxed agnostics being noncommittal nonbelievers we made these would be embarrassed to defend antique absurdities like the virgin birth or any other blatantly we called out we spent sinners and told to help emphasize this debilitating curse the cars of the any concludes by saying this at some point clinging to a belief in God is just going to be too embarrassed that's why a magazine two thousand six and are coming down like Moses on the mountain is on the lower side for many of us guys we've been attending since we been going to meetings women and prayer meetings participating in Bible studies doing some outreach and are constantly think today it's time for us to cross the line is not trusted by all the way not holding back no more fear of rape on a gospel says it looks at danger and illicit opportunity I will brave hardy Dawson one of my favorite stories Jane Andrews preached another one says when he preached she never heard Morgan that the spirit of God speak by a man in San Angelo 's appeal I want to use today is that he was telling the story of a modern talking to his disciples and he was about to go to be burned and even about his disciples disciples said Sergeant thinking that the part of the gospel is more popular than the flames he says yes the more powerful how I know this is object so it will be the size is not burning on on on the rack and when the backup drives the roles I raise my hands and original than the pad the blast was appalled in the feelings so on the sunny he's going a timeout and he liked the Flyers and there is the signed release watch enough off that is his mentor Bernie on a piece of wood they can smell the last clicking on the links at first as his skin is spiraling all of these the disciples are getting married is like that it doesn't know no signal arrives bring still no signal then all of a sudden he says he's looking up in the hills is launching in anything that happened sooner and he starts running towards the burning mentor he said and will and will did with his other hand up to one on the penalty will pay a anyway bouncing Blessed assurance Jesus is mine by this contrast across the lawn when he doesn't implement the following events and fun and don't so my question this morning is how many of us have been considered how many of us have been embracing the Howard Harding gospel and was saying this morning I'm ready to embrace away party boss I'm ready to cross the line and at all of Christendom no raise my head as soon as it's going to the power of the gospel is not found within the flames and easier hence it will not my peel this is hands-down as exotic as no neutrality proceeding is not masking for you this morning as young people to make a commitment to Christ and that commitment is the same commitment Amanda Mason was like a wife may swell has been exercising a lot and do you solemnly swear that the Lord Jesus Christ for better or worse an original over in sickness and health children for many of us this is where we have not made of that commitment to keep this is something that we radically changed my whole mentality relationship with the Lord it doesn't matter how weak my devotions and are being it doesn't matter how misguided I can be I remember reading from the line there is no divorce between Christ Philby and said that him him him Jesus is our resident not probably has not announced them just a lot more unpleasant I'm making a death commitment to Jesus and ad hominem make up my mind to being human in question layup the layout is committing a Megadeth commitment and as we may die death commitment for those of us and they made it once before and we know it all married people do have that renewing of their mouths right that is the living room of your mouse price normal tolerance the Gospels never been noted in my comments only want to briefly people understand in the heart of months this message will it will finish the work we went to the establishment of the medicine at the welcome table emcee at the feet of Jesus to grasp everything I found in one day of creation to let you the last generation and Abraham will say what was in the gene designed to see when his made up on the night president may party bus is the even if Christian that you want to see me today no matter what death commitment to Jesus I was born in sending the administration amended by Seventh-day Adventist history together heavenly father you know how happy this message has been on my mind for a long time I know that it will not have any choices over one sinner that depends and I can only imagine how much time it is rejoicing to see these hearts precious Jesus so much so that he gave his life saying Lord Jesus were making indefinitely this morning ready to cross the line on the same and embrace the brain had a blast nylon will swing back from doing the job that was outcome will looking in the face of the Nebuchadnezzar 's authority over thing we know that our God is able to deliver us but even if you don't want to the bottom that it be no encourage a slower to them we find ourselves challenge by the dogs the engine cable one hundred will remove our sense of purpose in this version of the generation dinosaur in the ways in which you would help us to develop some courage courage that was in the martyrdom of Peter I but most of all the courage of the Lord Jesus Christ to speak the truth and to do the will of him that sent fundamentalism movement that is more than zero I see his movement of young people and on rightly trained ready to lay down their lives as a good soldier Jesus as you may dedicate our lives the Lord Jesus and make this afternoon it is operating it is offering your host will fall for one day you will present us faultless before you nicely with exceeding joy this is our prayer and we ask that you help this to be our experience we ask in Jesus amen this was the display audio versus what I see a generation of Christ you would like to learn more about Jim I see please visit www. zero eleven four or if you like this more free online services please visit www. audio verse more


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