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When the Truth is Forbidden

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • March 16, 2019
    12:30 PM
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To us this morning we're going to be talking about another part of David's story a few weeks ago we looked at the. The annoying thing of David to be king in Saul's place God sees differently than man sees doesn't he God looks on the heart while man looks on the outward appearance and while Samuel thought that Aly ab or one of the other brothers of David must surely be the one that God would choose he just looked like a king God knew that David was the one whose heart was right for this position and you might think that being anointed king over Israel would be a. Inflating experience for a young man you might think that there might be a temptation to pride or to some sort of you know becoming self-important not wanting to go back and watch those sheep anymore but that's not what happened with David in fact the Great on of that was current furred upon him did not serve to elate him notwithstanding the high position which he was to occupy he quietly continued to go about his employment watching his father she and I could only imagine that is the son sat out there in the wilderness with his harp in his hand the songs that he began to compose in this scene had a different depth than a different texture and color and meaning to them knowing what he knew about the high responsibilities that God was calling him to he remained faithful After all God knew that he was a man after his own heart with new inspiration with new commitment. God continued to prepare him in the outdoors for the tasks that he would have. It would be too long before David would have the opportunity to see some of the inner workings of the king's palace you'd be exposed to some of the stresses that a king was. Confronted with on a daily basis and he did have the opportunity to retreat again to as he kills and his sheep as he would as he would be able to worship God together with his employment of watching the sheep we're going to look at that story here about how he had a an insight into that into that powerless before he became king and that's power heads for it in just a word of prayer as you begin Father in heaven we thank you that you've given to us your word we thank you that you've you've you've given us stories the Lord and they're not just there for our bedtime reading to our children they're there for our example upon whom the ends of the world have come so we pray that as we look at this story today that your Spirit would guide us we think you in Jesus name Amen 1st Daniel Chapter 16 we're finishing the chapter here day 1st End of Chapter 16 after the Noynoying of David we find this distressing spirit that begins troubling Saul We start in verse 14 1st Samuel Chapter 16 verse 14 but the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and I want to pause right there I think that we have to we have to understand there are different manifestations of the Spirit OK. I do not believe that at this point in Saul's life he has committed the unpardonable sin in fact it seems to me that throughout the rest of this chapter the verse even that we read for our scripture today the spirit of the Lord is part of the troubling of Saul I would propose to you that the spirit of the Lord which was causing skull to be troubled was the spirit of the Lord convicting Saul of his great need of the things that he had done wrong and the fact that he needed to repent of his rebellious spirit that was indeed as a sin of witchcraft in his art and rebellion rebellion when it comes into our hardens deep seated and well rooted it's not easy to pull out and evidently as we look at the rest of Saul's life we won't go to all that today but as we look at the rest of solve life evidently it's all never yielded to the spirit that was working upon his heart and when you don't yield to conviction it can make you miserable there are different manifestations of conviction beloved some people when they're convicted they become very happy their joy still as they see the truth and and they want to follow it some people become very sad some people become a angry you know Vangelis and we find that some people start of OJT ing us some people confront us there's all different emotions but all being caused by the same Holy Spirit of God convicting the person I used to think in evangelism I still think that I had done something wrong and someone got angry and soon I began to realize I should be thankful that someone got angry because that means something very important it means they're being convicted you see if someone tells you something you don't agree with and it's just you don't like it you can just brush it off and go on but when the Holy Spirit follows you home after the meeting and bugs you about it you start getting angry at the preacher. And so yeah I believe Sauls being convicted so hear this 1st phrase the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul I think that we have to back up and remember remembers the son of Kish and his donkeys we talk about that as if it's been a while ago after he came back from finding his father's donkeys or I guess this prophet told him they had they were OK after he went out on that mission came back the Bible records that the spirit of the Lord came upon Saul the prophesied right so what I think is being described here is simply this God poured out His Spirit in a remarkable way on Saul after he'd been chosen to be king of Israel in a similar way I would make this illustration the Holy Spirit is with each one of us from the day we're born I believe working upon our hearts as soon as we're able to understand right and wrong Holy Spirit's working with us I think over the Spirit of God I'm thankful that he's there the Bible says John Chapter 12 Jesus said and I if I am lifted up from the earth will draw all and the word men is applied there he didn't say men he said I will draw all to me that drawing takes place he was lifted up by the way so all are being drawn and if that Holy Spirit of God is doing the drawing before we're even aware of what the Holy Spirit is before we're aware of right and wrong before we know and have accepted or rejected or anything about salvation God Spirit is working on our hearts and God is always working with Saul just like he's always working with us. But you know the Holy Spirit is is promised in a different way when we're baptized it's promised to be given to us in a different way now not to draw us to Christ although we still need that but now it's to empower us for service to give us gifts and abilities in the wisdom of the tact and the right words to say in season and out of season. That's given to us when we are when we are committed as a follower of Jesus Christ Amen so in the same way I would propose that Saul was given a special op or in the spirit for his work as king and now the Bible says that has been withdrawn that's what's happening as we pick up the story here in verse 14 the spirit of lore departed from Saul and it despite dressing spirit from the Lord troubled him and Sol servant said to him surely a distressing spirit from God is troubling you evidently this was something that was publicly visible people knew that he was troubled people knew that he was having difficulty some people even believe that this was a type of depression you have heard of depression you know depression is one of the greatest problems we face health problems that we face in the western world today out of it's estimated that one out of 3 Americans suffers from chronic depression. I'm not an expert on depression but I want to talk to you a little bit about that today on Talk to you a little bit about it because I think it's important for us to understand that there's there's certain things that we can do and certain things that we can't do when it comes to depression now I read from the book patriarchs and prophets when Saul King Saul realized that he had been rejected by God and when he felt the force of the words of denunciation that had been addressed to him by the prophet he was filled with bitter rebellion and despair it was not true repentance that had bowed the proud head of the king he had no clear perception of this sense of character of his sin and did not arouse to the work of reform his life but brooded over what he thought was the injustice of God and depriving him of the throne of Israel and in taking away the city the succession from his posterity he was ever occupied in anticipating the ruin that had been brought upon his house he felt that the valor which he had displayed in encountering his enemies should offset his sin of obedience isn't that interesting Yan Yang works religion of works human nature he did not accept with meekness a chastisement of God but as Hoddy Spirit became desperate until he was on the verge of losing his reason now you may not have been liking Saul but it's possible that you've been to a dark place in your experience that you've gone through. What could be called depression sometimes we don't recognize it for what it is sometimes we don't recognize the sign in part because they become chronic their depression becomes just a way of life because we've become accustomed to it we think Well I'm I'm not depressed I don't need help I don't need counseling when actually we are suffering from chronic depression just a few of the signs of depression prolong sadness unexplained crying spells significant changes in appetite and sleep pattern irritability anger worry education anxiety pessimism indifference loss of energy persistent look less energy I just don't want to do anything no zest for life no interest in getting out and doing anything anymore feelings of guilt worthlessness inability to concentrate and decisiveness inability to take pleasure in former interest Social withdraw all unexplained aches and pains and recurring thoughts of death or suicide all of these put together on a consistent basis or some of these on a consistent basis can indicate we're suffering from a chronic protracted experience of depression now what causes depression again or not I'm not an expert I'm not a physician I'm not a doctor but just from Dr Neil nettle these studies there are 10 hits or factors that tend to lead us into depression and I've added to the 11th being the spiritual component This is why I'm sharing this today friends there are some people that would read the story of Saul and they would say the reason he was the put depressed was because he had rejected the Spirit of God He rejected conviction and I'm not sure that wouldn't be right OK I think that's what's happening and when the Spirit of God is troubling him I think it's because he's been convicted he's not yielding to the conviction but. I don't want anyone to go away from here to this morning and say it because I'm feeling those symptoms of depression I must have a sin problem because there's a lot of other factors that are possible do you understand what I'm saying today I remember when I was in seminary and and we had a we had a presentation from the counseling whatever the department was thing you know were available if you need help you can come and talk to us it's free of charge and and there was one young man who was there he's thinking you know I'm a pastor why would a counselor want to talk to a pastor I why would a pastor want talk to a counsellor you know and he actually stood up after the presentation he said this is crazy like we just need to have more face and I thought there is the voice of someone who has never suffered from depression because depression is not always a sin problem it can be but is not always a problem and the worst thing that you can tell to a person who's depressed if they're depressed from one of the other reasons the worst thing you can tell them is it's because you're not a good enough Christian that is only further depression guilt I wouldn't feel this way if I was a better Christian I shouldn't feel this way because I'm a Christian that is extremely extremely damaging it is not helpful and that's why I want to spend a little bit of time here because I don't want you to go away from salt story why do believe that sin was the main problem here we also remember that we are living in a sin stricken world where not all while we might say that all depression is caused by sin that's only a statement to say that there was no depression before sin right. It's not necessarily our sin that causes our depression we are cursed with the curse of sin in our human race our genes etc so they hit the frontal lobe the decisions that we make the way we think that is a factor lifestyle particularly if we have a sedentary lifestyle that leads to depression there's there's what they call endorphins and again I'm not an expert so if there's any doctors here to correct me you're welcome to but endorphins are released when we exercise that right Doc achiever he's your exercise man by the way he wants to go hiking on Sabbaths I love going hiking with Doc achiever not only to get a lot of exercise I get a lot of endorphins and I learn a lot so exercise heals endorphins when you don't have those endorphins you can feel very discouraged. Circadian rhythm sleep one of the challenges and blessings of our world that we have today is our devices they're not all in our hands some of them are mounted on our walls but they've made their way into our bedrooms and they've they've become a part of our daily routine in America today Americans spend hours a day in front of devices used to be just the big screen T.V.'s and the bigger the screens got the more damaging it got to our circadian rhythms Have you ever driven by a house and known there's a T.V. playing inside the house how do you know that you see it do you see a pink glow you see a red glow what's the color of the glow that you see it's a blue glow and guess what blue the shades of blue are what disturbs or circadian rhythm the most so when you wake up in the morning when you wake up in the morning there's a there's a there's a there's a there's a day like that begins to come over the horizon you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't seen it lately or not getting up early enough is not that early right now OK so you've got to get up that blue light in the morning is actually what reset our circadian rhythm and early morning sunlight by the way God made us this way God knows all this is the whole His creation just fits together like one perfect puzzle doesn't it when is it easiest to have the sunlight going directly into your eyes it's in the morning in the evening that's what reset their circadian rhythm but instead we have these devices or these big T.V.'s The bigger the T.V. the more of an impact it made on hours or gradients we're keeping that blue light in till late at night and our circadian rhythms all messed up and even if we're sleeping we're not sleeping well there are lots of things that cause depression your phone could be causing depression that's just reality your circadian rhythm could be could be off by your devices that you carry to your room with you at night your nutrition the Bible the body is created do to work on well our feelings are based on hormones the buy a body creates its own hormones right but it requires cholesterol and certain fats to make those hormones are neuro transmitting hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine and all those things Sara Tonin and and melatonin and all those things are created by the body but we need certain fats in our diet and guess what God put those in our diet in things like walnuts and and certain nuts omega 3 S. Those things aren't usually found in usable quantities in packaged foods but the Western world consumes. And so diet can have a huge impact on our on our on our on our mentality our toxins exposure in our environment some people learn to discern environmental exposures social or greed relationships and lots addiction to sex or to food or to drugs medical conditions such as illnesses genetics has a factor the play in whether we are depressed or not and so there's all these things that we can do and really the answer if you are suffering from depression I would say as a pastor I'm going to say 1st of all I'm going to say go ahead and spend some time in prayer with Jesus search your heart ask him like David did search me oh God know my heart try me know my thought see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting and we're going to talk after this in just a minute about how we can excise faith when we pray those prayers but if you have if you have made the decision to follow Jesus and accept His salvation and to accept his forgiveness for your sins if that is your choice if that is your desire and that's something you've decided to do you can rest assured that it's not because of guilt or sin that you're been suffering from depression you need to look at some of these other things and you need to find answers to your depressions we use the acronym new start because these are the areas our nutrition our exercise water sunlight temperance air rest trust and divine power those all are ways that we can overcome the depression that we experience I'm not here Dr I'm please it's clinical depression chronic depression or 2 to depression needs to have professional treatment but all of us in some ways can learn from these principles and to live happier and holier lives I want I want to be very clear here there's lots of reasons for depression but David here is confronting Saul. And he's he's experiencing depression I believe from conviction which has been resisted or is being resisted Romans Chapter 5 Verse one turn of me here Romans Chapter 5 in verse one there was a time in my life when I experienced depression as well as a couple of opportunities to understand depression better and you know I think God for those because it's made me understand better what people go through if if you if you're if you're saying one person who's never had a bad day in your life you won't understand someone who's ever gone through depression. But Romans Chapter 5 in verse one Paul says in very triumphant tones therefore based upon what we read about in Romans Chapter 4 which we talked about not too long ago Romans Chapter 4 be Abraham and even last week we talked about Abraham was justified by faith right people in the Old Testament were saved the same way that we are saved today Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness video Bay yes he obeyed but they'll be it's was not his righteousness his face righteousness came by grace through faith when he believed and they obeyed as a result of his being made righteous not in order to become righteous therefore being justified by faith we have what does it say peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ I will submit to you that solves problem in our story today was that he was not justified by faith Saul's problem was that he did not have peace in his heart this was a spiritual problem that Saul was facing Saul was dealing with sin and he was trying to deal with it himself and it will never work you cannot do enough good deeds to make peace in your heart surely all my valiant deeds and and in standing up for Israel confronting Israel's enemies surely they are good enough to make me feel not. Guilty of his will one little sin of offering a sacrifice when I wasn't supposed to but no amount of good deeds however persistent or perfect can ever give us peace that only comes from the righteousness of Jesus the lifestyle changes however right and correct and proper they might be they none of them can give us the peace that only comes from being justified by faith and so when we come to Jesus when we return recognize that we're a center maybe even like the older brother in the parable of the 2 sons maybe even like the older brother in the parable of the the prodigal son when we come to Jesus We realize you know I've been in church but I've been lost we come to Jesus and we realize I've been a good person on the outside people think I'm I'm just all this but but I really I'm really inside needing the heart change transformation conversion miracle that only God can give is a temptation for us today to think well maybe it's too late for me maybe my heart's too hard and maybe we say our prayers and we don't feel anything different what do we do then well I'd like to share with you who steps across Page 49 you have confessed your sins and in heart put them away you've resolved to give yourself to God Now go to him and ask that he will wash away your sins and give you a new heart then it says what be lieve that he does this because he has promised you may not feel any different but you can believe it you may not feel that you're a now a you know a saint and perfect because you aren't. But you can believe that God has made you write His For Christ's sake. You can you can have that experience and I share with you a little more the context of this step the Christ passage is one of my favorite parts of this little book as your conscience has been quickened by the Holy Spirit you have seen something of the evil of sin of its power its guilt its woe and you look upon it with a warrant you feel that sin is separated from God that you are in bondage to the power of evil the more you struggle to escape the more you realize your helplessness your motives are impure your heart is unclean you see that your life has been filled with selfishness and sin you long to be forgiven to be cleansed to be set free harmony with God's likeness to him What can you do to obtain it it is peace that you need Heaven's forgiveness and peace and love in the soul money cannot buy it intellect cannot be a curate wisdom cannot attain to it you can never hope by your own efforts to secure it but God offers it to you as a gift without money and without price it is yours if you will but reach out your hand and grasp it the Lord says though your Sen be as scarlet they shall be white as snow though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool a new heart also I give you a new spirit will I put within you all take away the stony heart out of your flesh I will give you a heart of flesh and then this passage you have confessed your sins and hard put them away now go to him and believe that he has done this because he has promised God wants us to take him at his word and if you ever discourage your feeling down and depressed you think it might be because you don't have the faith you need all you need do is claim the promises of God If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us or send them to cleanse us from how many all unrighteousness. Jesus said therefore. To him and hit him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out for no reason they even if you come for the wrong reasons it doesn't matter he doesn't throw you out he accepts you the Way You Are we come to Jesus the way we are in men would have to wait till we get ourselves better we have to act get our act together we don't even have to wait until we want to stop our rebellion our sins we come to Jesus just the way we are he's the one who changes our art and we have to trust him we have to accept that and if after you've made that decision you still have chronic depression friends there's another reason for it don't beat yourself up saying I'm not a good enough Christian that's why I don't have I don't I'm lazy or have left or gee I don't feel this way or feel that way listen get help but Jesus is really will is ready and willing to forgive you your sense today now none of us need to leave here having any doubt that our sins are forgiven because Jesus is that kind of city if you would have to wait till tomorrow we have longer devotions we have to wait till we get something cleaned up a house or fix a relationship do it now give your life to Jesus and ask him to be your Savior from sin he will forgive you for everything that you have done that's why he is such a wonderful safe here. He is an amazing Redeemer and so Saul realizes he's been rejected he's dealing with this depression we go back to our story in 1st single chapter 16 and the Bible says in verse 15 1st angle Chapter 16 in verse 15 Saul servant said to him surely a distressing spirit from God is troubling you let our master now command your servants who are before you to seek out a man who is skillful player on the heart and it shall be that he will play it with his hand when the distressing spirit from God is upon you and you shall be well there's something these servants of Saul already understood they knew the power of music your music has an ability to affect subconsciously that is it does not pass through our frontal lobes and being filtered what we lie what we you know the words whatever it is it actually goes directly to our hypothalamus and our emotions and it affects our home our hormones without us making a decision about it that's just a reality when I was a teenager we were passing through Oklahoma and my mom's here with us today actually she might remember this. We're passing through Oklahoma and we had a friend we knew by the name of Dr McElwain is that correct Dr McElwain was a had a Ph D. in music therapy I want to say something like that but she was the director of the University of Oklahoma as music physiology lab. Now it's sort of I find it sort of humorous looking back now at the audio equipment they had there but. It was high tech I mean the time is really high tech and basically this lab was like you might see in a doctor's office with a whole bunch where they do like Gans or brain all kinds of stuff and separated a glass wall separated it from what looked like a recording studio and so you would go in there and it was fun I remember my friend Christine went 1st and. It was I was in the studio side and she was over there in the sitting in the chair and you have all these these us electrodes or whatever the are pasted to yours gal and you have your breasts than your heart rate and your blood pressure on your skin tension and your service perspiration all these sensors and it was the most fun thing to do to turn on different types of music and to watch Christine's body react to it I could make or break faster heart rate go up there she get sweaty shoes I mean it is amazing and then of course the return of the favor was returned and at it wasn't necessarily there was no choice in other words this wasn't something you could just choose to say well I like this music so I'm going to know this was something the doctor McElwain could say look this is going to happen if you play this music. There's a matter of doesn't matter what your your preferences are your tastes are this is what the body's going to do and it's very fascinating to watch that happen and that the soul servants didn't have a music laboratory but they knew something they knew that music had the power to effect emotions without someone being think thinking about it and by the way do we believe in emotions do we believe that God was concerned about our emotions yes we do I will say this as something I'm going to Christians we believe that God that emotions are held captivity to the higher powers of reason and intellect that is to say our emotions should not drive our decisions our decisions should drive or emotions if you look at Adventist of vandalism it is categorically different than some other faiths because they use emotions to drive their decisions instead of the decisions to drive the emotions and it's a completely different approach different approach to appeal different approach to material being presented is completely different foundationally so so here Saul servant say bring someone in bring someone who will play the heart sacred music has the ability to call me the emotions the music that David would play in his heart would be something that would make Saul less anxious and stressed and so the Bible continues will keep on a verse 17 Saul said Do servants provide me and now a man who can play well and bring him to me and then one of the servants answered and said look I have found I have seen a son of Jesse the best might who was skillful in playing of this is what's fascinating to me you remember when no one took place. Jesse didn't think David was even worth consideration because he was just the shepherd boy we looked at how that phrase that he used to refer to him was a be little demeaning phrase that he used it was not something that was really in it he was just David. But David whether was since then or whatever David actually in the palace had already gained a reputation the Bible says he's not always skillful in music the man said but he is a mighty man of the hour a man of war prudent in speech and a handsome person and the Lord is with him in that amazing I'm going to propose to you that when you just. Say this God looks on the hard right man looks and that what appearance but when we live our lives based upon pleasing God and not worried about what man says eventually people are going to recognize God is doing something in your heart right and so here he's gone from being just the afterthought of the Jesse sons he is now recognized in the palace by one of the king's advisors as being a mighty man of valor a mighty man of war a wise musician and a good looking man as well most of all that last phrase I love the way it says and the Lord is with him how would you like to have that said about you if you could choose an Epitaph One to be wonderful if the ones others chose for you was and the Lord was with her the Lord was with him the presence of God so filled David's life that people recognized he was different from even the other believers in Israel the Lord is with him. Therefore Saul sent messengers to Jesse and said Send me your son David was with she and Jesse took a donkey load of bread and a skin of wine and a young goat and sent them by his son David to Saul So David came to Saul and stood before him and he loved him greatly and became his armor bear then Saul said sin to Jesse saying please let David stand before me 3 is found favor in my sight and so it was whenever the spirit of God was upon solve it got David would take a harp and play it with his hand then Saul would become refreshed and well and the distressing Spirit would depart from him and I don't know exactly all was going on and David insults life there's you know we just know what the Bible says we stepped it from because word says but I have to believe that the power of David's music was allowing the fall to stop focusing on the negative thoughts on all of the woes and the self-pity and his thoughts are being elevated perhaps even to the spiritual things of the perhaps there were times this is what I would like to believe from this passage there were times that under the influence of David's music it doesn't say whether he sang or not but I sort of expect he might have been singing along perhaps there were times under the influence of David's music the Saul actually yielded his rebellion and allowed Jesus the Lord of the Holy Spirit to have control of his heart for that time perhaps that's what happened we continue on our story just just a short thought about the power of music. Satan has no objection to music if he can make that a channel through which to gain access to the minds of the use anything will serve his suit his purpose that will divert the mind from God and engage the time which should be devoted to his service he works through the means which will exert the strongest influence and hold the largest numbers in a pleasing infatuation while they are paralyzed by his power when turned to good music is a good account music is a blessing but is often made one of Satan's most attractive agencies to ensnares souls this thing if we look at the bible going to 3 passages here in closing our topic is the power of music as we see that in this story but only look 1st and 2nd Chronicles follow with me quickly here our time is nearly up 2nd Chronicles chapter 5 and verse 11. Through 14 I want you to see what took place in the music that took that was that was prepared and shared by the worshippers in the dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem this is Solomon's Temple of Solomon has been king think is the 11 years or so at this point. When the dedication the temple takes place 7 Chronicles chapter 5 and we're going to begin in verse 11 and this is what it says it came to pass when the priest came out of the most holy place for all the priests who were present had sent it by themselves without keeping to their divisions and the Levites who were the singers all those of of a staff and Heman and jettison with their sons and their brother and stood at the east end of the altar clothed in white linen having symbols stringed instruments and harps with them a $120.00 priests sounding with trumpets indeed it came to pass when the trumpeters and singers were as one to make one sound to be heard in praising and they going the Lord and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instance of music and praise the Lord saying for he is good and His mercy endures for ever that the House the House of the Lord was filled with a cloud so that the priests could not continue ministering because of the cloud for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God what an amazing story about the power of music they came together to worship and dedicate the temple but it was when they all united their instruments and voices together praising the Lord that the Lord's presence was manifested in a very visible in a very physical way a powerful story another story on the opposite side of of music we might find in Daniel Chapter 3 you know this story the story of the plane of Dura and Daniel's 3 for. Yes I just bring this up because this story is the prototype it's the pattern that's used by the Book of Revelation to talk about in time events and the false worship that will take place in a time you understand what I'm talking about right the image of the beast which is set up that in language of Revelation 13 is borrowed from Daniel chapter 3 the same stories repeated again there's an image there's a definite crease God's people delivered a man god people delivered a man yes God people delivered but here we find that Babylon has its instruments it has music and we find that they're not going to ask these a symbol dignitaries from all around the kingdom to worship this image without giving them some emotional encouragement along the way and so the Bible says and then chapter 3 in verse 4 that the Herald cried aloud to you it is commanded O. people nations and languages that at the time you hear the sound of the horn flute harp liar and psaltery in symphony with all kinds of music you shall fall down and worship the golden image that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up and whoever does not fall down immediately and worship Him Sorry who had it who'd ever does not fall down and worship shall be cast immediately into the midst of a burning fiery furnace and so in Revelation 13 we find that repeated but I want to just take you to Revelation real quickly not Revelation 13 but Babylon has quite a career throughout the book of Revelation it comes to an end and Revelation chapter 18 and that's where we're going to turn this is spiritual babbling by the way spiritual Babylon and as it talks about the fall of Babylon one of the things that it knows by the way this isn't noted anywhere else in the Book of Revelation that I can think of. But it notes the music of Babylon when it says and in Revelation chapter 21 and verse 21 revelation dept 18 I'm sorry and verse 21 then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea saying thus with violence the great city of Babylon shall be thrown down and shall not be any more the sound of harpists musicians flutist and trumpeters shall not be heard in you anymore no craftsman of any craft will be in you anymore in the sound of the millstone shall not be heard and you anymore the finality the end of Babylon is described by describing the end of its music's interesting isn't where involved in a great controversy artery the great controversy is not between us and somebody else not between the liberals and conservatives not between not between the nominations or people groups the great controversy in Christ and Satan and we're picking sides we choose which side we're going to be on the devil of course with the great choirmaster the greatest musician of all time in heaven he was the leader of the musicians right he knows how to use music music God knows how to use music to God wants to use it in a way that's uplifting in a way that's encouraging in a way that's inspiring in a way that affirms the decisions that we make to follow Jesus with our hearts I'd like to believe that as we sing as we pray as we worship the presence of the Lord can be in our midst as well when you don't you want him with you I mean David maybe I don't know maybe the reason that he does glowed with the presence of the Lord the spirit of the Lord is within the Lord is with him was because he spent so much time on his heart sing praises to God. And it does radiated from his countenance on one hand you have depression on the other hand you have David solemn duty to contrast aren't a what a what an opportunity we have to be David's today to be in God's presence to ask him to forgive our sins as David perfect no it wasn't his life to bear that out he made some bad decisions later in life he wasn't perfect as a teenager when he was anoint you what he was ALL have sinned and come short the glory of God I'm sure David was faulty just like you and I but he loved to be in the presence of God and he lived by faith and that presence that you is that your desire Today Father in heaven we just thank you that you've given us the opportunity to learn today from the word we pray that is we look at the life of Saul that we might be inspired warned I guess you might say by his mistakes but inspired by this young man named David. Who is who illustrated the power of Saul sacred song to change and to impact our hearts Lord most of all today I want to pray for your Holy Spirit I want to pray that your spirit be very active in my heart and I want to pray to your spirit be very active in the heart of each person's listening this morning as well sometimes we don't like the conviction that it brings Lord but we need it and I pray that we might not resist we might not push aside the convictions like Saul did but that right now while we're in this holy place and your angels are guarding and your spirit is is moving that we would make the decision to accept Jesus as our city to give him our hearts and lives and to know that. He is able to do is promise that even me. Even see each one of. You that the our experience and our joy we pray for. 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