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How YOU can Study the Bible with Seekers

Joakim Hjortland


Joakim Hjortland

Author, Co-founder of IMPACT generation, Director of AFCOE Europe


  • December 31, 2018
    3:30 PM
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The only part of thank you for this opportunity but it's beautiful place beautiful convention and we pray that McGyver with your spirit as we get into this topic help us on the Stanhope to focus live my words to say what you want to says keep something up something as you see fit and credit we may be inspired and that we may on the stand how we can share the truth we have people not just thank you Dr Willett after appendices name Amen. A few months ago I was on an air pen back from Portugal I've been teaching of Africa Europe and when I was at this airplane I thought of a talk with this guy he was young in the rhythm guy. And he was in his twenty's he had no religious background and we turned out to be a very good conversation actually what kind of interesting ideas we have to finish and he was kind of initiating the conversation and I was like I don't know anyway what happened was actually in quite another aspect in this case I'm actually quite interested I didn't ask too much in the beginning but it sort of asked about this mission school and this and that and found out that I actually started to basically I started to I basically had a Bible study there and then and then into with him and he was a really really a man and he what he and then afterwards he asked many questions about a very interested and I clean up or maybe like one 3rd of the whole 3 hour 3 he had his mouth open in amazement and he was like really and this I was not supposed to be at this plan actually And both of us kind of felt that this was a special new thing and one of the highlights of the time of this on the plane was going you know with a high 5 after he actually accept my challenge to really give God on the Bible and on the chance in his life so this was. Yeah I think you see this Bible study was one of my top. There were at least top 5 most I think powerful bibles by the time experience anyway so we will be talking today about how to game a Bible study but before it was about a quarter as we start I kind of what it would be interesting to see a very briefly and talk a little bit about why if being Bible studies I think it's always nice to kind of have a mention on why that we're talking about a house so this is kind of I guess how my brian friend likes to work at least when I press conference on as so what would you say I like to short I think there are several good reasons to give have Bible studies with people and it's a response but when you say there are several nice blessings that comes with giving Bible studies. There and 11 reason is basically that the answer to prayer I'm to sit there with the sheriff through 3 people who are speaking out wanting to know yes that's one reason other is don't go to say Why'd you buy because yeah. Yeah help people come close to the got expected of one of the. Other thought. I think that's an interesting good reason actually a very developing thing ourselves we learn we grow you become it's healthier whatever you will do with what you're involved with with other things you know if you learn communication you learn to communicate with people to talk if you're a percent there are speaking like it will help you it would help you pretty much anything you were doing here today would be helpful skills but you Langa one interesting I will not read all the things you have on hand out here but we'll use it also have it read a will use it for out there workshop but a couple of the 1st things that are on there you know it talks about the 2nd one it talks about how basically we are born again by the Word of God on. Especially when it's up and Jesus said of course unless we're born again we can't see the kingdom of God so the Word of God is essential in conversion generally this is like a key component and in the Christian life in general this is sanctified invited by your truth your word is truth so this shows that you know the Word of God is essential and I mean if it's both then it helps on the stand they wouldn't pick it up themselves so basically we are bringing the medium that that got us you know shows and to reveal himself to help people to tell him who he is and what is it is like to talk in the Christian life an incursion generally And one more thing I want to say a little bit about our Actually one thing is the giving Bible studies this is funny Porton part of this is something God calls us to do as an important part of our work out the priesthood of all believers and for instance not just because Number 6 it's very interesting go through the beginning there it's us every shot should be a trending schools for Christian workers members should be taught how to give Bible readings. And so basically every sharks people should learn the members should learn to do Bible studies but yeah get them to see my friends are mining a lot of it it's not exactly how the sharpest generally today are we have some good examples but the. And but this is something I think is I work with pretty much all of us can and should be involved it is an important part of the work of the priesthood of all believers to be bible studies and wondrous enough we did not mention that this is an exciting work it's a very meaningful and it's really a I told a story in the beginning on the air con he was really a joy like I was very happy after you know this experience like well this was a powerful divine appointment you know and it's a nice work isn't it John you know on quite a bit of privacy got it down and saw So that's once so but a subway God calls us to work not only that as I mentioned briefly in kind of the introduction well come in come in. Is that I think also this work giving Bible studies opening the Word of God to people will play an important part in the finishing of the work yes so talking about I believe this work will be an important part in the finishing of the work on not just this powerful powerful coat on you have it on the hand out someone is missing a hand out of a cup all of you called it I think close number 7 not of course Number 7 here it says how can the great work of the 3rd annual message be accomplished this is asking a very good question a good question for us to ask basically how can we finish there were and this is why what is up here and not just answer it must be largely accomplished by persevering individual effort by visiting the people in their homes so it doesn't say would be accomplished by this big among with accompanist or the those kind of come pencils or have their place but. A key part in the finishing of the work is basically individual efforts you people witnessing in the home individual members and not just this powerful big preacher sure gap can use powerful Prichard but even more important maybe you could see the individual active members the priests of all believers and I think an illustration that I really like that illustrates its very well. Imagine with me that you have are. You have a lot you have like a super good evangelist's powerful of an It's like a supermarket only or something else and every day that is just an illustration by that to make a point every day this guy has a rich ng one house until fall for just us so access to us every day his reaching 1000 people to accept is a story and in one year 365000 people have been rich but on the other side over here you have one active Lemon ber a carpenter or mechanic or something but in one year he's reaching one person for Jesus reaching one person for Jesus but not only the UP He also teaches that person to do the same so after 2 years both of them reach one more person after. After one another year it goes from $2.00 to $4.00 to $8.00 right if doubling all the time because they are not only coming in to us members but they are also taught to Rich other people so basically you see this is the picture you get after one year to surround the city of the script this group over here is 365000 plus one that Renaissance out and then after 3 years 1000000 over here it's a block the tree are now question How long do you think it takes before the prover here is larger than this group over here and it gets us. 30 years is a pretty good guess 21 yeah. So to hear you say after actually and 23 years it's pretty much the same this group is slightly smaller on this group but after 24 years this group is like pretty much double a tight front and after they get it on the screen there but actually it would take an hour it was a couple years since I do this consolations they will might take a little bit longer now but since the population of the well is growing slightly on the camera but for this guy over here it would take 19000. 542 years to finish the work to reach Errol and I can be fearless Russia but on this side it will take. 33 years 33 years so this yes I think this is basically illustrates the truth of the quote number 7 here and how come the great work of the 3rd in its message to accomplish it must be largely accomplished by persevering individual effort by visiting the people in their homes. Each one rich one and if you look at number 9 yes the cold part of the Course there it says hundreds and thousands worsen the sitting families and opening the forum the Word of God and we could read on this talking about this powerful things that would happen in the time often and the servant of the Lord how active led people all over the world they're going into their homes their opening the scripture they're giving Bible studies basically so so we have been told I think we have good reasons to set up a giving Bible studies individual members involved in this work he would play actually role in the finishing of the work so this is one reason why this is an important thing and a good thing to talk about God can use us I believe in this work and it's a great work so. Well we'll have a break so it's to parch the 1st part of our spot that we look at it's best sickly I would share some reasons on. How to basically get started to give up I will start with someone because when it's a stock before we kind of game I would just money as of how to get started how you actually can start up a Bible study with an ominous how we can actually come to that point because if you don't get there it doesn't matter how good we are with the restaurant support it will be good to start with out how we can get started and how we can keep going so I would basically share 7 things 7 advices on this note and I think it would be to take a break pretty much off the top and then we'll move on to more of that actually stopping and I have been working at the Bible working for several years. Couple years up in the north of Norway I started with I don't know maybe like about 70 as the difference to calling here quite some different people and I had quite a number of times also before I thought of the Bible worker I thought yes I was a student and different things and also afterwards so I've had a I've been able to start up my results with a lot of people and I've used to get a little different method to try to come to that point and I would share some of the things I've learned that I found helpful personally in starting up Bible studies with all kinds of people of different backgrounds OK So number one some of the things that we share with you are quite simple maybe they sound like too simple but actually I think there are some simple they are actually very important and not as much a given us you might think right away so the 1st one is one of the simple ones in a way but the different ways of doing it and I was basically asked. Asked. The problem is we don't do this enough and we don't do it in the best way if we did this more we would have more bible studies going on this is one of the most important reasons why there are not many more bible studies going on and we need to ask and the thing is sometimes we think you know all know this person isn't as us he would never say what this person committed must be and he would never say yes we really think yeah yeah maybe he might say no but he might actually say yes and we are with a friend we don't like rejection no we don't like that want to say no but. Really the worst thing that can happen the canopies like to say no it's not about you know like you can at least give it a try sometimes and and what I have found is that many times you actually get surprised to find which person are interested while I was in it in my in school when I mean starting out and when I've been working the tent maker as an electrician I've been surprised sometimes to find which person are the most interesting and sometimes you don't you see it on Facebook when you see what they like but not how they are at work sometimes just one time I spent there when I was going through door to door and I came to this so this particular door and on the door it said this thing it said Welcome to Hell and it was kind of maybe tempting to pass that door and go to another door you know rather I was well I guess I can give it a try and I'll count this person with dark black hair on top to and I was like and I was actually this particular day I was at various threads for what sometimes you know this is not I basically I think you mean our friends we are just very well yeah straight to the point like just off we said that we're looking for people who want to study the Bible we have had a very short with it yet. You want rich everyone but what about people are really rather you might original and to my surprise when we asked this question she actually said yes. So basically the point here is that when it's asked if we ask more we will get more bible studies and so this is the 1st thing 1st thing now but then the question comes how should we ask I think there are different ways to come out and can be appropriate and good in different situations for different people and so on a couple of suggestions but I have use of different times one could be asked for a favor. You could say something like. It's something like You know I've been I was. You know attending this workshop I'm kind of in the process of learning how to be bible studies and I need someone to help me could you help me to could I give a Bible study to you but for some to call some people if you would ask in a different way they would say no but if you ask like this they would actually say yes sometimes they fall a bit embarrassed they don't want to you're probably not asked if they don't want to know that I know but they don't want anyone to know that they're interested in Christian things if you're alone with them they might ask you about your faith but when other people are around they wouldn't if you are this way they kind of have an excuse to sort of it you you sort of what do what are you doing with this guy now I'm helping him he's learning to give Bible studies he's going through this study you know asking for a favor and he says maybe better he can kind of hide behind us well. One time we had this Jorma potential impact and I think he was actually interested but he was hiding behind a camera pretending that he was writing for the newspaper and sometimes in a people need up and you can given that by by for some people it is very effective when I say no it's one time I was going to record some programs of life and I went to this lady and said like a person I said asked her if she could help me because you know you have a palm and everything so I wanted to practice to kind of know how long time I much Arrow took her off if she could help me with that on a work with her and it worked over there and so that is one way or another way you can ask if you could say something like maybe we can say some I can share some thoughts that tell me what I believe you can share what you believe is kind of more like back and forth for me you know if you miss the Jehovah's Witness or Mormon or some people from other faith that might be a smart and effective way to ask. Another way you can ask is something like a topical something new if there is what I mean we thought that if someone is going through. Tough time in their lives going through suffering maybe you can study about Bible says about suffering or if someone is really stressed maybe you can share some verses connected with stress or aura basically share some study or share some things from the Bible you can offer me if they're interested to hear what the Bible which principles the Bible has to. Commute communicate with up to the when it comes to raising children or whatever like you can ask them on a particular topic that they might be interested in and then they might say yes but if you ask in General Shelton I started a Bible with you they might say no so that can be a smart way also to ask. And that sometimes you would guess just Otherwise you would just know and I think I think that when it sometimes convinced a lot of the bits you know you need to say sometimes it's good to try to come in some of the came and you can give it a try if you don't like it after one starter you know we can quit it's OK it's worth why not like to try to The thing is you know. People don't know they don't know what a treasure the Bible is they might have preconceived ideas that might be a bit scared sometimes when you know young princes when I was starting with him now starting to become a pastor he was a student of mass on when I had the 1st Bible study with him he tried to find all it excuses they didn't want to start with me but I kind of tried to overcome the excuses and convinced him to sit down and he worked and he got interested on mention they got baptized and so on sometimes in his convinced that delivered so I guess there are different ways of doing that one time I followed this guy aside like I tried to get started with him many times but in their work he was a little bit interested but I never managed to sit down about it with him so I want some of the time I holed up I had a $200.00 pound bill and I select a man. Why don't we see thought that one time if you feel is a waste of time I will give this money I will give you this money I tell you but. Then suddenly it becomes a win win situation you know if he doesn't like it you get Thomas Crown if you like it's better than a 100 crowns so you actually work a child for quite some time and never got a father with him with our son and I did not have to pay him the $100.00 bills so that was going to add so you know with the BE CREATIVE you might be different ways to unity or whatever something maybe all sound off you for help and so yeah I can help you if we can see it and I can share some things afterall you know sometimes you just need to this delegate sneaking you know you don't know what you don't know they don't know what pressure it is that we need to try to believe it persistent when it's just like hey I really want to share this with you you know and and then you will get many Barbara Starr at the if you wouldn't get otherwise you shouldn't be in the Bible just being bold That's a great reward when it's ability to more bold and we aren't all you can be too bold sometimes but at the other anyway most of us are I get so little usually so and one thing before we leave the 1st point of asking is then really I think it's better to ask people in person asking in person is the best generally asking by phone is the 2nd best writing is the thought of it most of the time I would say it is a to react someone when you write or when you speak on the phone but if you see the face you know so that things are not like this in so many OK So that's number one ask is simple but it's an important stuff to get going and has stuck many Bible studies that wouldn't have a clue of why 2nd point also it's useful advice that I simply don't ask. Now or some of your kind of scratching your head I want to know what it is talking about this kind kind of conscious but it is what I mean without is basically Sometimes I think the best thing to do is not ask them but basically stop sharing. And you know sometimes if we would ask a person sometimes the person would say no but if you would start sharing he would actually be interested and he would listen and he would stop starting regularly and he would be baptized Sometimes this is the case you know they don't know what they think they have a very broad concept of the Bible if they had a right when they were out of the US So sometimes the best is just to start sharing and you can do that in different ways because this show a little clip on You Tube You have to dig much it's short think videos different things you can look up online Arcam a kind of appeaser should send it to someone look together with someone on a maybe list into a conversation where you share a Bible or you can share maybe a story a testimony a little bit of Testament or the tablets into reading some verses or or it could be one story that I like to use just to give you an example. Some of you read this book a potential for the powerful testimony from the 2nd World War this Adventist is up. Some editing stories a very inspiring story anyway he was faithful to he never killed anyone during the war yet and use protection it's quite an amazing story but what happened in the end of the war was that he actually sat down with some of these. Coastal G.R. some of his superiors and he had a Bible study with them he showed down in chapter 2 and basically he told them based on this prophecy he pleasure our Germany our forces he was a soldier in the German army he said basically. We would not be able to establish his kingdom that they were trying to establish Can you imagine that quite up quite well I would say you you could be killed probably or put in prison or something for sharing like the most of anything that the people but I'm missing link this people live they are the story out there checked up and said wow it fits all of these prophecies it fits with the story and they were so I meant they were so convinced that this is actually true so so they instead of killing him instead of putting him in prison what they did was that they started to set it up little by little as much as they could save up to save up fuel and suddenly when the war was over when they quickly had to live group had to live Russia and they had to go back from Russia to Germany it was very cold and many German soldiers actually died in the process but every single one in his group and his I don't know what it was and I mean the battle you're on or whatever in this guy found hostile in his group every single one of his crew survived basically because he superiors to live and act according to their word of God is not a powerful story but sometimes when either you know I would share a story like this it's an interesting story when you have to sharing a story people listen to black stories and they don't know the ending until you come through and then you're already pretty short termism. Sharing stories is powerful illustrations is that all of that in it so anyway what you might do is like you share the story and you get the interest and then you might ask them Hey you want to see this prophecy is really cool then it's much more you know likely that they might actually say yes or sometimes you might not even ask them you might just say hey let me show you this is really it is it is I just think bible and just start sharing that I think that's I think I did this on the premise or action in the beginning I think this is what I use I think I told a story 1st and I think I think I asked him actually I think he said yes he was very positive so anyway this is sometimes don't ask and you will getting to powerful divine appointments and start it so many different ways you can do that but just trying to give you some ideas OK number 3 is also important one pray pray prayer is. Powerful and it's essential in soul winning in giving bias but it's very it's very important. We should pray course before try as we try to start up a Bible study as we try to reach someone and also then when we prepare to start it you can study after study prayer is essential in effectively reaching leading people to just us and. My dad he was talking out of his therapist but then he got inspired he could also be you know we are a priest of believers we can all take part in sharing the gospel and he started to pray sometimes he approves of conversations with his patients but he wanted kind of to have something more started to pray that God would give him someone to have a show and someone to have a Bible study with and he was praying and praying several weeks passed but then one day basically he had a good the really good conversation with someone and he was a patient as he was working and this led into a Bible study and 2 years of bible studies and God bless Jack that's a Jew And then he also got to start it with a group of young people in the shops and so on so he was praying for opportunities and God gave opportunity when we pray God would show us that we can witness to people we can shut it word with people we acted I was working as a kind of out the Bible worker out spiritual work up in the region a Q.B. home so that's your job you have been there. And there was this particular guy tries to like try to start having bible studies with him but he was kind of like oh maybe I'd like he was one of the cool guys I wasn't interested you know but I tried to like reach out to him and I tried to. I had been asking a couple of times and then I thought I would ask him one more time I was like sometimes you need to persist the little bit you know and I thought I would give him one hour off and one more time so I Praed I saw him in the library sitting there doing some homework and I prayed and I walked over to him and I was just going to ask him how he was doing because a couple days ago I think we had played soccer and he had had a quite bad injury of his we had to go to camp. Hospital and he was infectious and I so I asked him about the news and then he told me like. He told me like how he had he had went to the hospital there and he was in truck shows and it was really hurting and he was laying to sleep and he was had all this pain and and then he but then he said and then I prayed and I was surprised to hear those words from him because he wasn't like the spiritual guy he was like yeah whatever I'm but then he said and then I prayed and the next morning when I woke up the pain was gone and I imagine I've been praying for him and trying to several times talks have Bible studies with him and I were like OK I asking one more time I don't want to settle too much you know so I walk over to him and I will walk over to him basically to ask him last time to a Bible study and he shared his testimony so forth you know I asked you know and this time he said yes and several of his school friends that were in the interest that we started the Bible study group with like 4 or 5 people basically because of this miracle that Gabby and you know when we pray for people when we make our separate well about God We work in people's lives and he will open doors he will so pray essentially and beginning in starting up I was part of and also ask give Bible study on try to reach. OK This leads us to point number 4 or advice number 4 so ask don't ask prayer number tradin number 4 is simply to not press. Now again you might be scratching your head and wonder what I'm talking about here but I heard a story from an analyst. Here who had an I'm going to company A beginning with a company in Paris and it's a valid his name with the pastor beach and he knew French was lots of people in this big hall and they were ready to start a meeting and so he he walks up to you know to start to speak and he says you know let us all stand up so we can be big in the misting with a prayer this is what a sub and then he starts to pray and he did what sometimes preacher do he had a pretty long prayer and as he opened his eyes after the prayer half of the audience was calm and you know I know I know that it's such a step to Christ it's $91.00 and it says that never should the Bible be started without prayer before opening it purchase we should ask for an item and I think this is an important council and I usually start Bible study concernment on all of this with prayer. But I don't believe we always have to pray together with the person when we start before we witness to a person I don't think you have to present it with a person before you quote a scripture from the Book of Proverbs I don't think you always have to press a get it with the 1st you can credit for just you should credit for what you do not always have to press together with the person that for you share something from the Bible. We don't see Jesus praying before he witnessed a woman of the world we don't see we don't read the whole thread before he preached several times in the book of Acts right but he wasn't caught out with a bit different part but we don't read it at the present but he was basically preaching we don't read generally it's good I think but I was when I was at the right with a lot of door knocking 3 and a half months I was there and all the time I think I met like 5 pretty much everyone believing I'm but one of the 5 atheist I I met him and I I had we had a good talk with him and eventually I managed to convince him to give the basically started a Bible with me it was hard but he liked I finally saw the so so we walked around the house were sitting down getting ready to start a Bible study and then I asked Ashley I asked actually quite carefully asked if it's OK for we have a short prayer before we start a Bible and when I said those words he stood up he backed off. And he did not want to study apparently he had a really he had up how to have a bad experience with a Pentecostal or something up in the course of nothing and that when I set up he was scared and I tried to commit and I said OK it's OK you can sit down we can we don't need to pray I said but no I never got a Bible study with him because of this and I think sometimes especially when you start sharing you know you don't have to ask can we sit down and started a Bible together you don't always have to ask it that way sometimes various start sharing you don't have to always sit down and can we pray and I think generally sometimes I do that within the 1st time it depends on who it is but I've experienced one time I can this guy or a bad working north he was invited basically we met a guy he was not an artist but he was interest that we had a really good talk with him that he invited a bunch of his friends because he wanted them to hear what we had to share they came there isn't in the US that in the why we were there that in the that he was trying to want us to witness to them but when one of the guys realised what the young the rhythm guy when he went out while we were very lucky to get on he walked to the other part of the apartment he didn't want to be without but then eventually he came back and actually managed to talk with him and then I basically I started sharing a sort of sharing showing him down its own stuff without asking trying to Tonopah the Bible I didn't pray I thought I'd learn a lesson from the U.S. I thought if I would ask him I'm pretty sure he would just back off like the other guy so I asked a lot of sharing with him and he was so convincing one Bible study he was convinced basically that dispute is true the recycle I started studying regularly with him he connected us with a bunch of friends that we started chatting with and I think it's quite likely that he wouldn't have happened if I asked about praying with him before and so I think when his abilities careful about what I did do with him though and other times when I've done this. Next time with a day or something often in the end I pray and the next study I tell on the 4 normally I think it's important to pray before we study is it OK for have a short prayer and usually it's fine. But for the very beginning when you get an interest when you start sharing it might actually close a door that otherwise would have been open OK Number 5. A couple more points and then we'll soon take a break and when we get into actual study Number 5 is come close to people and minister or. Come close to people and minister certain you know Jesus came to see. And to say to those who are lost we are called to see cripple to go not to sit down with and go JESUS went where people were he spent time with people he connected with people and so we are called to devise well. Enough to call and ask where in school invited Paul may be home for dinner for us socially and then to get to know them with the purpose of trying to connect with them and eventually witness to them maybe go on a mountain hike with them or a camping trip or something like Care Group more social thing like when we try to come close to protect with them and that's usually what needs to take place before they are will be ready for starting the Bible and when you do that in a good way in a smart way you will get money opportunities to share the contraceptive pill. So we see that Jesus came close to people to mingle with them and then he also met their needs they thought he was someone that cared for them and you know sometimes you have this thing people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care but when they know how much you care then you can also share you know sometimes we stop with the caring but we shouldn't that's a good start but we shouldn't stop there you know I have one story up to illustrate the power of this probably how to master it but when I was by working up in the north starting with this lady and she had a friend that she wanted to join the Bible study too so several times she invited her and we were praying for her and after this 3 times this lady said that she would come a while but she never showed up so we tried again and again week after week and we prayed for her and they were friends you know she tried to invite her but it even worked but one day we heard at this lady hadn't she was quite all she wasn't so healthy and stuff so she needed someone to help her like Usually she had people cleaning the house for her but for some reason for several weeks I think they had not done it they have not done it and so she was living there house and no one was cleaning it and we had about and we said OK we can clean the house I'm in my friend I will be working we went over there we clean the house and she was very happy I tell you when we did this to her she was very happy and she said she really appreciated and she said you must descend from God. And next Bible study that we're going to have with her from guess what finally this person can which has were so long and never worked but finally we helped her and finally she came and now she's started to come week after week after week when you can close of the blue and you Minister and when they see that you care about in your nice person you will get opportunities also when you pray look for opportunities God will open doors and hatch for you to shatter word of God with them at the right time Number 6. This was actually from the north there when I was 5 and working not the most how the world Hammerfest but equality Anyway man of the nation by number 6 I like number 6 schedule it gets up time soon the thing is it's one thing to get someone to tell us to a Bible study. And but it's another thing to actually start studying I get off and if you can do it right away that night pumpin complicated by the way but it's good to do it soon to do it soon especially when there is an interest when someone has an interested party it's important to do it soon when it's dry while the iron is hot to your stuff expression this is an important principle in soul winning invalid some when it comes to also giving Bible study and you can be sure if someone has an interest if they said yes to study the Bible you can be sure of the enemy the devil he will do everything he can to try to make that not happen right so you need to try to get him to do what arsonist possible so they wouldn't change their mind so we start to see the beauty of the Gospel in the power of the word right and it's a Schedule a time and do it's a necessity of one study try to schedule the next one and try to get. Going soon. Up there 1st in fact the north of Norway and we had a house Expo I wanted the guys that came for the Health Expo were missing their new front he came there and he was really he was really happy for the help Expo he wanted to stop smoking instead he picked up everything of interest and helped lecture since also Bible lectures some Bible studies he was very interested and he actually told up it's an answer to prayer that you are here doing these things in the city hours like wow when I moved up there a couple months later to the follow up work of the context we have got I'm he was I was thinking I remembering this kind of thought This is one of the most interesting guys and it's a I look forward to meet him and to start with him but I will never forget when I came to the store to invite him for a Bible study group who are going to stop it you said the following to me said the following he said I had expected to hear from you soon he's in to tell me much more but he never came to the Bible study group I tried several times I was there for 2 years working with 3 different people when the next person came my son into the door to try to ask him I sent a 3rd person I tried everything to be sneaky given to several chances in never works he never he was so interested it's an absolute pray that you are here but we can so. We need to learn to strike when I run the whole can of one of him in Arnolds. Point airports and take a break point number 7. Well this was actually a picture of this guy coming in through the door they're welcome down the aisle. Is sitting there and most of the pocketing electric there and OK So point number 7 here it on a similar note. When he starts starting the Bible with someone how to mind Senate how to keep it going one important thing here is make it read bill are actually studying this is an important thing I think you know if you haven't noticed I think human beings we are happy creatures have more home on the edges against. Human will human beings are happy Trichuris how many of you. Have like a place in your local shop that you see anyone Yeah I see some people smiling we're off that area so maybe not exactly the same spot yeah kind of the around most of us as I think this is this is that many people are member I was preaching in a church in the north of Norway one time and I came back one year later than in front of the same shots one year in the twin and I sent it off at least 50 percent I would say maybe 75 percent of all the members there they thought like at the very same place of the year before there's a we are habits greasers you know and a thing is it's good to know and it's good to know and this is something I think we should use to our advantage and this is why I think it's enough to get us started with someone tried to get another one try to scuttle the next one right away and try to have just going with several thought that if you get I would say when you started studying the Bible with someone the 1st like 34 studies or so are the most important one if you get through them then you have kind of gotten into a habit if you had like 34 weeks when I met them then you will probably continue for quite a quite a while. So it's a really pretty special in the beginning try to make it a habit try to make make it a regular thing and this is also you know when they have an interest in it to take advantage of that because if it goes too long the interest might fall away so it's a strike while Armacost try to make a good habit and take advantage of the fact that we human beings are habits creatures try to make a good habit to enjoy Yes so let's read a couple of quotes on our look at a couple of course in this not less. We have let's see here I think that should be on the 2nd. Yes To course Number 14 will take time to read all of it but here it is talking about if you look on the both parties talking about in soul winning a staff doesn't beginning many are convinced of stainless in the middle of a scene parting or when it's just you know talking about the right moment in the end of the quarter talks about the golden opportunity passes and they have not and they go farther and farther away from the truth far away from Jesus and never take their stand on the Lord's side so here we are here we learned there is a right moment and so winning the recent golden opportunity and also the next quote talks a little bit about this. Quote number 15 it says when persons who are on the conviction on are not brought to make a decision at the obvious period possible there is a danger that the conviction will gradually we're away. And the end of the next quote 60 than if they were impressed and convicted and did not yield to that conviction it is harder to make an impression on their mind than it was before and you cannot reach them again so it's as if this golden pole opportunity passes basically test you will be harder for you to reach the heart later on. The court because their heart with the heart I'm still a bit like if you were with your hands if you're not used to working with your hands you might make it quite some pen on your hands when you are you know physically but when you get used to it the skin gets thicker right and you can handle it similarly when we receive the Spirit when God is calling on us and God is trying to reach us if we resist every time it will be harder to be true to the heart so by God's grace when it's a lunch a to see when people are interested to see what that golden opportunity is we need to learn to strike while the iron is hot and to take the opportunity to sit down with someone to start it to build to be persistent to make it happen not let time go on and to be studying while the interest is there so this is important to as we start studying that we're actually with continuous while we keep studying so. Kind of to repeat this point so some of us to get going with Bible study ask lots of parrot doesn't happen that would happen if we simply that number 2 don't ask. Start sharing number 3 prayer God will do miracles he will open doors he will live in contact with people and from he will. Abandon the life that will prepare him to say yes to your question at the right time Number 4 don't pray sometimes we should share without saying Hey come with it now but the Bible and pray together sometimes that's fine and it's good I like it when it comes out but maybe not the 1st time always Number 5 come close to people and minister today or need. Get to know them connect with them spend time with them try to help them show them that you care for them pray for them number 6 schedule a get up time soon when there is an interest make it happen make it up with or to sometimes maybe you need to sacrifice to do it sometimes you have to say something else because this is very some matter of life and that sometimes you have to ski from Neil or whatever to make it happen you know because they have time here do it might save our soul I tell you number 7 make its regular. Studying So you have this can help. I think if you use these things will God has some I'm sure got to put he wants to start everything on this would be this has been very helpful to me and I think it will be helpful so now we're going to go into the actual study and I would share 12 less sung some of them I would check quite briskly and it's kind of like. Yeah I don't know election in a way I wish we had more time but anyway I thought even though we don't have time to cover some of the things so much. Good to mention the masses than. More and more Osprey Five-Star this is something you learn more and more you know so I want to introduce you to some idea that it could have in my not really try to do it just good as we can but I'm better 1st lesson is make it practical when you have Bible studies with people it's important to make it practical and I want right a religion which is not practical it's not genuine but like this this is applies to preaching as a pastor to Ching Bible studies we need to put the leg on our lessons and. On our faith legs on our lesson on our faith and my talks about preaching you should always have a practical lesson and I think Bibles tied you should always try to have something practical in Can someone tell me what it says in John 7. Life. So now. Once we discuss when he has a son so basically this is like they the core of the Christian message right it's a living relationship it's practical Christianity a living relationship so the men thing as we started to babble with people is to basically leads people to sexual relationship so one of the most important things we can help people with is practical guidance help them to know how they themselves can read a Bible Study Bible teach them to pray before the start of the Bible right so it's time to how to pray generally teach them to serve Him So this is something that course we want to share information and tell them doctrines and so on but the most important thing is actually to lead people to practical Christianity so I think it's good to always try to have something practical as you study even but you need to adapt it if you study of course within it is the practical or some might be looking a bit different right than if you started with a committed Christian already or someone that is from out the nomination but try to have something practical and I could be if you study and then have to you could maybe says something practical on prayer for instance you know banging a pred like sneaking some practical lessons throughout the studies even though you also study a more topical so this is very important. Number to make it personal this is also important it will give you more power to. Your ministry and Barbara Starr is one important way we can do that is true sharing testimonies so it is part of God's calling on our life for what he wants us to share specifically our own experience what we have learned what we have found how we have seen also to pray how we are not God's promises are true in our lives and it's just for want of this the world is perishing. And the next quotes were not always but it's in the end the what that which would be most effectual is the testimony of our own experience this would be the most powerful thing you can share many times your own experience your own testimony even though you don't have like a super crazy testimony it still has power when you share your personal experience and it's different ways it doesn't it's not that sometimes you think of testimony thoughts are conversion story not only that it can be anything it can be an answer to prayer you share you can be how you have been if you study about that how you have found hope in the promise of of another life friends of the rest rection a company or something something like a personal experience you need to learn to be able to share our personal experience now why shortly before we move on any thoughts wife testimony is a powerful thing and comments into why they think it's a good thing to have as a check to make it more real that it's that this is a real thing it's not just theory this is real Yeah. People can relate exactly if this is a wow this is your your life this could be my student life yes it's real it's a ball it's real other. It's hard to disagree it hard to argue a testimony that's a very good point to. Say give it gives more power it gives And it's also interesting isn't it people if you share it when you preach the most interesting part is going to cause them to share their own experience that returns are often the most powerful and similar and I think if we're able to witness it when we can share a with our own story and body can still give some quite some extra power that you wouldn't have if you did not have that intro to know and so so so this is a good thing. Yeah Number 3 use stories and illustrations this is also very good in preaching and switching given Bible studies this is used a lot of this didn't it all the time and in the Bible we find stories we find it was racially fine pictures got us much communicate that actually we are told that just us never spoke. Without using and I was Russian It was not ready for without a parable he did not down so basically he had a reputation to always use illustration always use pictures and stories on this kind of things down why do you think this is a good thing so you story some of the stretches and a cop now yeah. Is it on the stand kind of. Flesh out that point if you only like if you don't have that it's like very theoretical you know other thought why is it helpful with stories on distractions. Catch up tension you know when someone's it's interesting always and so on and then the picture share a story right. We want to hear you know and like you say. Something we can remember many a time or maybe every time you see a specific object he would think of the lesson that's what Jesus did write it lots of this everywhere you look you see something that reminds you of a lesson from this that's right and then it can be a blessing not only once but maybe for the rest of their lives Scott can remind them of the lesson from this you know so in. Our number one write this is just an illustration a while and you may not really stretch and it's not right what about this is about different kind of illustrations so I imagine quite a number one in that square that is when you have illustrations from the list the nearest life that's quite number one a square number for it's 21 of the stretching from your own life where Astoria right is Tresham square number 2 is a story or illustration that is kind of in your life and in the listener's life as well it's kind of something that in both your life strength and quite a number treat it something that it's not in your own life and it's not in the listener's life now which grad you think is the most effectual illustration or story. So if you can the panel a bit by I think many times. Number 2 I think it's usually maybe the best one if it's something that is in your life coming to me personally can be a story but it's also something that they can really relate to or at it will be the most effectual usually. And of course sometimes if it's only in your life it can also be powerful if it's only in their life it can also be powerful but generally if you never share something that it they can relate to what I can recognize you know it's maybe not the best if they're really interested in soccer for instance if you can maybe you said it was about soccer or something they would really have to get it to remember it yeah so like if you find illustrations from their interest as you get to know them and you know if you live up in a fishing will it in the north maybe you share something about fishing and how he liked this did that too right when he spoke to fisherman he said I would make you a fish or old man so I think that is the most powerful illustrations and story when you come when they can relate to it they can connect to it they these things they see in their everyday life you know so it's good to try to find it here and to try to adapt illustrations when possible but yeah. So I try to make illustrations relevant practical from everyday life and generally I think illustration should usually illustrate some of the main points we try to communicate to us thought they were US Army isn't the point it can be a distraction sometimes but you want to try to illustrate some of the main points to try to get across to us today that that's the best illustrations I think anyway moving on number 4 Ask questions. Like as you give the study has to share truth also don't only share things but also you know do it use questions as your share why do you think this is a good thing this is that a lot of that as well actually when I was talking with people communicating with people yes it helps them understand what the real advice to might read it and they don't really get it Joe. Yeah there are they wake up maybe like they need to think and it's out of the. Right so they really need to to say it in your own words you need to think about it and you need to understand it better Don Yeah. So that's some helpful things it's it's help them to pay attention get interested think they need to think more and when you think more about something you will remember it better as well I think I'd also helps you when you get started with someone it's help you to make sure on time the shot they really get what you say sometimes in battles that it can be good to Austin you know did you understand what I was saying here do you get the point sometimes it can be good I'm good very good question also when you started by police according to this verse what when will this is coming down or what who will sit is this when it comes to whatever that then any sort of like you point them to the word you have to say that this is in the words some of this is not just what I'm saying but but sometimes but it one important thing it helps you to see what they are because a couple of times I sometimes I've been surprised when I started a Bible with people that I thought they got more than they did you know but when you ask you will find out if they don't get it you know and that's a good thing you need to find out otherwise you're not really change them if they don't really get it so awesome something maybe none of that has Does it make sense I mean on the SHOULD were looked at and before you have an appeal or something to me that they actually Amish family it's a 1st step to them act on that yeah. And it reminds me also I think we don't want to ask like we don't want to ask questions in a way that they fitted. But it was off of a question they can't answer. But it's oceans make it's a complicated sometimes we count. Sometimes it's a case that compounds or you know about don't ask them about so many details in the prophecies but they can't you know but simple questions but it's still helpful it makes them think and you have thought about it before so but yeah OK so that's good that's important. Ask question number 5 moving on. Yeah. When you get Bible Study know the material well notice other well. I think this makes a big difference usually it's more interesting isn't it when you sit up someone really knows something they're talking about more interesting to listen it's more engaging it's more you also get more confidence in what they share but it's true they actually really they believe it you know. Makes something greater impression I think it's not like you have to memorize everything word by word but trust in always well try to internalize the message try to try to be free if you have a little bit of notes on the can be OK but try to not be to bound by it try to be able to I heart there is more it's a good preacher he said for preaching. To your sermon at least 5 times before you. And I think it's a good you don't have to memorize the sermon necessarily but if you walk through it 5 times you know I sort of I try to do that may or may not always 532 or 3 times I tried to walk through my sermons and I have quite right I'm not usually but I'm usually quite free from it because I really try to prepare a lot so I'm try to be very very like really a ton of my faith and then. I think that's a good thing and one thing you come to also this is what we learn at the rostral song it's a think it's when you have this Bible study it's. Well you can do and you can take notes right I'm not in your Bible and it looks like you know everything by heart so you should sing A live at the ticket for a good cause so that what you can do is to write some notes about for instance you can we have these symbols in. 2 letters which started for instance method a great controversy started so you have a circle just in the circle and then you have the next verse in the start and the verse before so then you see where you came from honestly where you would go next so then you actually it's not too hard if you have a simple study and it's not so long you can actually almost know it by heart with just a little bit of notes you don't have your bible on you can manage OK. Especially when I've done it a couple of times you would know it pretty well you know so that's something that can help and it still looks like yeah I think it is. In its ability to sometimes phone. But I think it makes a difference and even I think also something like memorizing scripture is also powerful it's powerful generally for our own personal social life but I space it out even know scripture in Europe by harsh he said like this person who really likes the Bible he really believes in this you know gives more it will be more comfortable so try to know it well I think that's a powerful thing not moving on number 6 case that sounds a little strange in Swedish but it's a good point this is basically an acronym standing for something real on her learning how to get by without it every. You know when we had a different but it was a 2nd but it always. Seemed saying. Simple saying so basically keep it simple That's the point keep it simple try to make it simple communicate simple it's about the people you started with on the stand I've already tried to avoid the language of Canaan sometimes we have this ad and his friends have some words on the person on the street he wouldn't understand what justification and so sanctification try to avoid this try to make it simple in words that they can on the shutdown Try to this is important you know I don't know if you never ever experience when I was learning the trade of an electrician I would visit some companies and some of these people are telling us and lots of things but they were talking about so many things I don't know the phrases I didn't know the lingo I so you're like so you feel so lost you know maybe he's talked with Cannick or some something like he said like I hear what you say Brad does really understand what you are saying you know and this is the feeling probably many people can have if they hear about Christian stuff so try to use common language keep it simple and also to guide them through study especially if they are very fresh with the Bible help them and they find a place in the Bible it's nice if the counselors themselves will help them to find their guide them to the right place in the Bible. And also I don't know if you've probably seen this slogan some time less is more this is also important when it comes to preaching Bible studies it's better many times to leave them wanting more done that they feel a little bit they liked it but it was a bit much you know even though they're interested it might be good to stop because if it's too long maybe yeah they liked it but they don't have time and they were saying the next time around and try to. Yaf not go too long I think a study maybe 4045 minutes somewhere cumbia it depends a bit on the person to some people consecrate the concept concentrate us along and so on but try to not yet try to keep things simple and not go too long. Number 7 up. This is one of the most important parts of status but is one of the I guess more challenging ones but it is something you will learn but I'm better off to get into something like this but a prince is important in preaching and giving vibes but it's and it doesn't have to be too difficult but I think it's important that it's in there I and I learned and the rash excuse to tell us to set up I would rather have an ace. I would rather have a do Starman with a uphill on a sermon without lucky in other words I would rather have a really really powerful up to an OK Bible study right or a sermon with a powerful appeal than a powerful sermon with bad or not so good up to now it's one of it's like one of the most but it can be quite simple I think for instance if you start a great concert or say that it could be maybe something like this based on what you know. What the Bible about this great controversy between Got uncertain which side would you like to be on base and why it's quite simple it's quite simple to ask for that but still they kind of get used to. Getting into the habit of responding to what they hear so it's not only information right and it's become practical one of the 1st guys I started weight I thought it was him wake up the week after week but I didn't make up before I went on missions or anything I haven't really learned how to get by without it and suddenly we tempted to study about baptism of suicide in many many facets and of course I think when you start about death and you have to make an absolute make some I made an appeal but he was surprised I was surprised but he was a trial I expected him you know with that isn't he heard about a sub but I expected him to say yes but he was surprised by the question because I hadn't had no up till Up Up until then he wasn't into the habit of you know responding this is very important so make up is becoming simple but it's something you decided on have to for instance it could not it could be something like this in a pencil if you someone but it's not so much into the Bible because after maybe after father like this are you willing to give God on the Bible a real chance in your life to be like this and try to challenge doesn't have to be difficult but this is an important part to try to and this is one of the parts that it's you know why you need a person sometimes fantastic to do on their own right but if your day or if you or your you sit down with your A friend of them and you see someone you asked them you. Wouldn't you want to give you want to receive it on air shaft. Like that it would help them to actually buy or doing that and to actually make decisions you know and the mass. Very important and we could and I want talks a lot about up to like the importance of anyway make up and learn to do it better and better. OK moving on with the question. What is it up to repentance he remembered about reversed you would know what I'm looking for but I thought let's serve something that I think. That what I've got. The love of God allowed Yeah and romance to for right to test the goodness of God or basically the law got a character of God And yeah going out of our way to put it it leads to repentance Romans to quarter to 4 sorry to 4 it's not necessarily on the standing the facts with the anti-Christ or not the 2300 year prophecy right and 44 that can be useful information but that in itself is not really what leads to repentance or a new life to conversion to but it's there is to goodness of God It's the love of God So basically the point is also very important it's focus on the goodness of God on the love of God in Christ and Him crucified anyone know what it says and starts going to. Paul right for I determined not to know anything amongst you accept Jesus Christ and Him crucified that doesn't mean he he only said just this is that was the only thing he said from the pope anonyma there is the letters that are critical to preach quite some different topics right but what it means is that this was the focus this was the center This was the main thing he tried to read the love of God When you look on the other shot again and again and again when they preach to preach Jesus on Him crucified lift up Jesus that was the standard that was the center of attraction that was what converted the heart and that's what we need to have a while when we share so I think we should always try to to share Jesus share something about God's character that's basically the points of the doctrines I like to look upon an apostle every doctrine is kind of like a piece of the past and let's rebuild after act of the character of down. And when you have that in mind when you kind of that it's a myth one of the many thing you want to convey is basically what this what hellfire tells you about God himself was willing to go through you know basically hell fire to die the 2nd that my soul is suddenly sorrowful even out of the earth like when you try to connect what he tells us about God That's when when the power would come and just to give an example of that Daniel to I think probably all of you know that there are 2 right one way you could do that we don't have to that I like to do to try to center it in the love of God in just us it's kind of in the end of the study I like to say something like that says something like this you know you read in the days of this Kings God would set up His kingdom you have come to an end he said we live in the 5th and in these days in this time sometime during the divided year of God we'll set up His kingdom right and then I started tell him about the Kingdom of God I say you know this is this is great news this is amazing news the God's kingdom it would be much more look Sharia some beautiful done Babylon even though you know with all this gold and everything right I talked about that before it will be much bigger much larger down Greece's to Kingdom of Great It will be much stronger and more powerful than the IRA monarchy of Rome you share all of these things like this is an amazing place you want to want them to go you want them to want to go there right and then when you say like but the best thing the best thing with this kingdom. Is stick of this king on. This. He's not a king like now become a star that's killed his servants when they don't fulfill his wishes. Just to use a king that was willing to live the stroll not have them so live that wonderful place with perfect peace and joy happen. To come down to this earth to live the life of a servant to to live a poor life on Diop terrible day so that read about turning back to watching can get the Shans to come apart. When you do this and you might ask something like whatever you will but why would I want to ask do you want to be a part of this kingdom or whatever you want to make up in the particular time but but many times when you you can have a powerful study or sermon but when you center within just a few it just gives much more power usually that's usually many times sometimes we reach the mines and when you teach instead of what we should try to reach both the mind and the heart and centering it in just a so sharing a story that is something about that takes it from here to here and for people to want to receive it and live it out so there is something again all the things you know you learned more and more as you do you not do it perfectly when you start but try to tell people what and show people basically what you have about down this is the simple part of it and important part OK And then on number that was written on the call to not take time that I think number 9 is one of the most important things I could tell you have a landing mindset. And one of the most important points today I like to say but I like this US long as you are green you are growing so unless you are right you start to roll. Along up your brain you are growing up and you are right you stuck right in King up for the 2nd principle and I think there is much truth to that you know I was brought up in choosing men and women for his service. Gathers not ask how much eloquently how right how much training you have he says that the walk in such humility can teach him my ways can I can I put my words into their lives will they represent. We are humble enough to land to grow we can learn a lot we might be on land but got country child. On the way you know I'm not I talk to some people in the break you asked me a little bit I don't have I don't have any theological degree or anything I went to a mission school but I started getting Bible studies before going to Mission school I didn't know what I was doing but I you know I've tried to always learn and grow and I'm still learning and I would say I'm I've been given by started for preaching for like 12 years but I'm still learning I tell you I'm still learning so there is an art to learn more and more of it I think we should have a learning mind to try to learn from people that are good Indian Bible study. If you have the chance to join someone but have more experience to sit down with them I think about that it sometimes come on much more than that the many many hours of to change. I would love to sit down with Jonathan on the and butter with him he has been doing it for quite some years and by the working and and and Thomas Well and and how they do it and you know down from home but I know Donny watching when he was sitting there with the Torah and he was so blessed Beth how he would start and how we connect with people and so that can be one we learn from people from evolution your own thinking of how it went you know about it yourself afterwards how the study wound down from tips to the back and then learn from resource of sermons trending online books materials books on how to become a more efficient in giving by this but in so doing this in itself very natural it's Point number 2. Which is use the resources. And on that last pitch it's number 3 in the handout we can take a look at that I want to mention some powerful resources stuff you should check out and get your hand and get your hands on the 1st one here is a webpage. Swished many I guess in the written off well from English to maybe not from just the other you can get but in Sweden like. A good series of Bible studies to start with also in the rhythm you have it there and also some training Afghan. And English yeah great perfect expensive guitar I thought is right after the live it down. So that's the next one I responded with Come started this is to start it will on momentum Mission School which is a good series of studies on the different doctrines that it's made basically for use to get out of the blocks it's the text basically shows how you can share it with a friend and so you have what you filed there I think that's one thing Swedish African all Swedish though so that's some great resource but it. Nice. So that's a really good started to start with or started to use I think that's basically the most mentally when I've started and I think especially when you start to get bible study short eventually you can make your own ferrous you can make it up if you can share some verses and so on but generally I think it's good we don't need to reinvent the wheel. Especially in the beginning try to take some of it out there and then maybe eventually make more justice more but it's good at least especially in the beginning you get into how it is to get by we started to use some good material. That is very very helpful. So moving on in fact study guides and story the lessons they have some good material some of them are more the main purpose of it is for people to rid themselves so they're not like as much of that that like how you compass on that is someone but they are good people you can find good sex some of the illustrations of love in there but you can use when you share and maybe you can give if you get a hold of them in your language you can give something like this maybe after you started on the same topic with different numbers on how you started. What I was then you have a matter of I was pretty are starting to get a few marks in that this is aggressive handbook I think is actually opened up and might have to pay for it I haven't used it yet Actually I have the small book it's basically different text different bible studies in a small book and it also tips on difference. It's to celebrate what they believe what we have in common is suggest which studies are good to start with which topics to start with which topic to west with it's a small little handbook from a good mammal it helps you to reach different people from different backgrounds. Yes true probably. Yeah there's a very good resource it's worth the money. Share in Starman to something that inspiration is maybe stories illustrations and it is fundamentalist can also be helpful. Stories for getting the. US has a great story when they're. Very good stuff this book is basically stories that you can use on different topics stories. And other things as well and how to take it basically from the head to the heart. For the 1st part is basically Bible study material that you can use and then the last part here in the bottom become equipped for getting by was that some personal some personal animus some. AT Yeah for instance for those of you who know Swedish if you become a part of. The group but Johns I would accept you're into it or it open I suppose the group on Facebook you have done has some good. Has been teaching basically on how to get bible studies and I have gotten into some things we haven't really time to cover so much for instance on a. More in-depth and outline and some other things so this is some useful training to learn even more than we have time to in 90 minutes to cover right then you have to get this book is very good getting decisions for Christs from a Taurus on many mission schools this is like a mandatory text book is quite short is it to rid but it's very practical very useful next book as well person by Mark seemingly very practical good on solo winning this books are very good to you don't have to read everything before starting Bible studies but try to learn it as much as you can and you know it's good material very good material that you have all you have are stuff are lots of good sermons and and in general about also training on this topic just well for instance done without us here he has some really good workshops in person about this and also giving Bible studies that you can find there from earlier conventions practice and from just west of your upcoming conference as well Derek Morris has a powerful workshop and powerful be cultivating actually from the conference here into Doesn't while very good very good it's on preaching but many of the principles are basically the same you know in a way giving Bible studies he's preaching but you don't stand on a puppet but it's approaching So it's you can also learn many good things from there so that some some some very good resource us so. How the learning mindset done 3 amount to will try to learn more and more and grow more and more. Resources can also big good when you give Bible studies with a problem sometimes maybe you watch other visit to get around creation and evolution or something or you give them a book or something to rid in-between. Next time until next time you missed a minute to get the more into the word morning to into understanding different things to use the resources event to get started save companies shed it give them a little pamphlet a little book Letter. Borrow them a Davidian maybe they will get an interest on the mention of construction adding with them it can also be useful to start up with status OK 2 more points then we are down and we can have some questions or someone want to add some more common sense stuff number 11. This is basically personal lies and adopts the status. What I mean without is try to and this is something you were not the person in the beginning but the it's good to do it and you can do it better and better the more you get into giving Bible studies but I want to mention it since Yeah. To show really bad things to happen that it's good to think about try to for instance personalize it try to if you have countries between different illustration maybe you take on this one if it's better for this person on this story this is perfect you know that that will give more power to it or more personalized maybe how much content some persons who would have a little bit more in that you know they want that or to counteract that you need to make it more simple and shorter. You might want to personalized uphill that might sometimes not the men difference maybe because of the background if you start in the 2nd coming science of the 2nd coming with that person that it's not really a Christian background on the wall that they would probably be more like to encourage them to prioritize their addresses coming in to protest to find out you know and get to know God if it's a Christian or a wife might be to challenge them to relieve us from their life or I don't know it might be different you know so try to adapt maybe and the order of studies my it's very you know you have a suggested order soon in this serious of studies you know you should take a resource of Bible study serious you know it's usually on the order but sometimes maybe a changed order a little bit depending on the person's background or or so on. And maybe also a special circumstance I remember when I was working in the north I was starting with this GOD I WAS DYING IN counselor every study I knew this might be the last thought I had with this guy that made me that wonderful you know I did it differently than I usually did the start of salvation I had it much more I had it out and I would normally you know have the circumstances in mind that it. Don has a good story and he shares in one of this workshop. On this point to tell he met his wife which one time this which had a spiritual interest was a Christian interest but it was kind of an interesting. Person I guess this person was during full moon this person Praed he prayed to Mother Mary. He had a kind of interest but then they started talking and Don asked him emotionally if he wanted to study Bible one time and he said yes he could come back you know to study but then Don was thinking What should I watch so I shut his white which. I share with this person and he was thinking you know should I should get into the great controversy and talk about Christ on certain articles to some good I should I care about the state of the dead and set up the merriest praying to is not really matter Mary and maybe not right but I was thinking What should I share but then he was you notice that this person had a cat this white witch had a cat that's who Bill is was his reincarnate the brother actually. Doesn't help him in his life but he saw this person who loved animals and he didn't even kill flies sexually so I don decided to do which I think was God inspired him. He decided to prepare a Bible study on how God relates to animals. And he was seeing this amazing truth you know how God loves all of creation how he relates to animals and I want to share this study did such a confidence that they continued to study other topics as well you know so a doctor tried to think if you know maybe what is this person interests maybe this person is really interested in in the you know whatever at the particular topic in the Bible it can be good to start there and then you can get into other things eventually. It's good also to share relevant if you know about a particular need to a person or relevant interest or circumstances you know. Have you ever experienced that you read a story in Scripture and one point in life doesn't really speak much for you but another time in your life you're really blessed by that story ever experience that probably all of us have rights as I and that's how it is you know so if you buy it through God's guide on some prayer and so on if you can share things that you sense is relevant for this person in the situation that they are in maybe with being to some Bible text some promises in your study they will really be blessed and they were like wow this book is speaking to me it's helping me in my situation in my time that would give more power so again this is something you learn more eventually and this is you know but it's good to really do a perfect Bible study you know this is some good things to have in mind. OK This leads us to our last point. Wrap up and close up here number 12 is simply stocks don't wait until you are expert on this is also one of the most important points I can share with you here today I want to tell you Don't be overwhelmed I shared quite some things with you I don't expect you don't need to know listings to start giving Bible studies what I've told you now basically you are better prepared and I was much better prepared and I was with this training than I was when I started giving Bible studies don't be overwhelmed you will not know you cannot do it perfectly Do you not do all of this a stock but just stops you will not learn before you start it's when you do it that you really learn it no launch how many you can swim. How many of you learned to swim by reading a book. It doesn't work right you know you can't learn swimming by reading a book you learn it while you do it while you're in the water of course we can prepare and we should prefer a good movie to practice giving us started with a friend and I haven't it's before you do it with someone else you know that can be useful in the beginning. And it's good to prepare and learn and so on but you will never master it you don't really know how to get by without it before it's when you do it that you're known so don't be overwhelmed even though you only do 5 percent of what I tell you here probably will be a better Bible study on the 1st part is I gave God can use it. The 1st thought I gave I hadn't been trained I didn't I didn't really know how to do it but I wanted to try to share what I've got I was inspired to witness and so on so I got this friend I got this guy I knew a little bit in my school and on and I asked him and he said yes to a Bible study so we sat down basically what we did we just had this. Bible study guide or something we just basically read the truth together very simple I would be a bit embarrassed I want to want to do it that way today but that's basically why we did I felt like this didn't go so well I wasn't so happy about it I wouldn't miss up about it today but this guy after we did this you know what his son. He really liked it and he said hey can we do this every day our Like what these are the very vibrant study but you know one of the things that inspired me to get started with Bible studies and also preaching for that matter is this God can but less a bad Bible study but he cannot bless a Bible study done thus not exists. There is lots of people out there that do not know the Bible you know $1000000.00 times as much as them probably about the Bible and you would not do it perfectly but God can bless your effort as you sit down as you pray as you open the word god complex if you will bless it but if you don't take that step if you don't jump into the water it will never happen. So start you will do mistakes I did so many mistakes in Bible studies in ceremony I'd still do teaching and there's some embarrassed to some of the things I want to watch again you know whatever but I can still see how God used it people who were touched a tear sometimes and whatever decisions were made like man I did all these mistakes but still I want others sometimes I inspire me and God can speak to our donkey if he can speak to a donkey if he can probably is probably powerful enough to speak to me through a bible study or a sermon to and the same applies to all of us we are to Krista or verse God wants to use us to shadow and as we pray pray for guidance pray for the power of the Holy Spirit He will use us he will speak its power in the work as we open the word us we share things that we have known since who are maybe small kids people who would be blessed God would speak to the Hawks he will touch and you will learn more and more US into. Want to share one more story. Our spy working in this this is actually out of it down in Sweden west of Sweden and when I was terrible to know this lady she was quite old she was like about 8 years old and she was not a Christian not only washing not a Christian she was a Swedish lady or lady not a Christian not only that she had actually distanced herself even from Christianity because of. Bad experience of create she see how that is actually a negative impression of Christians on the show so it's not the best. Situation to try to reach someone you know especially when they are so old they might be even more rights they're set in their thinking on in their ways but somehow we're able to get to know her with some friends and they had invited her to dinner to and I did miss that we ate together we got to know her and while we talked you know we tried to find opportunities to witness to her and share and so on so eventually we are as we were dear. I basically had a Bible study with her on Daniel too and I shared some things that many of us have known from our you know for probably us right things that we know well and when I shared it with her she was I missed she was amazed and she was basically convinced that this is true she was amazed by the study she would like while this is true this is the Word of God and she's about it but she said she told me that she had never heard anything like this before she was about 8 years old it's years old just never had anything like this before and she said she had never heard of an Adventist live on the 4. But still she was old 3 years old still she was eager to listen and to accept what she her and then she said of some things that I will never forget she said she asked us. Why no one told me. For. Why has no one told him to speak for and this is one of the most secular countries in the world. There are people everywhere that God want to Rich and I would be open to listen on research. If they see what we have to share they are skeptical because they have misconceptions but when we start sharing about the Marilyn it's Nikki and pray for them one gets not only on the on God will open doors and their God will speak to their hearts Let's read a few things and then on the back and last page. Or actually 1st I have on the screen you know where this forest is and the Harvest truly spread but the labor source to the harvest is credit let's read the. Quote 25. Is somewhere in the bold part of course 20 trillion that's the ballpark or. Hurt us. We need missionaries like that missionaries who hear the voice of God and go where he sends them and also with a boat up in this boat it's funny for us all over the world men and women are looking wistfully to happen prayers and tears and inquiries go up from souls longing for the light of grace for the Holy Spirit many are on the verge of the kingdom waiting only to be gathered in an angel guided Philip to the one who is seeking for light and who is ready to receive the gospel and day angels will guide the footsteps of those workers who will allow the Holy Spirit sanctified their tongues and refined and their noble their hearts and. Powerful cords isn't it so it has been all over the world there are people longing basically for truth. God that's I think in Sweden Norway Finland. Belgium whatever we come from yes ALL OVER THERE ARE PEOPLE God is working in their lives and it says here you know and but many people need to feel it comes to them like that your PM and that explains to Word and it says God wants to lead us today as he led feeling in touch with this kind of people and give us the opportunity basically to share their word of God with them on as they were known versus number 22 here also I heard a voice of the Lord saying Who shall I sound and who will go for us tonight here in mine sang out to upwards to you so close or kind of it's kind of the same kind of warm but spitting to points the 1st one I want to encourage you. To basically pray that God will lead you to start with at least one person one. The coming year soon about entering town New Year rites so I will encourage you to basically make this your prayer that you will pray not only once but as you will pray throughout the in the new year you will have to make this your prayer that God will. Lead you to start to study the Bible within this one person you think you could do that I think you I think you could do it like you give him the opportunity to do it out of this if you pray right then if it doesn't work you have to try the right so that's one thing I would encourage you to press and kind of connected with that I would which would lead to a dot to basically that answer is to pray for say like at let's say like Tree people you can press them or if you want but select triple. That you know that when you think about it sometime pray about it like which people should it be that you will especially pray for in the coming year and not only that you will especially try to reach out to them to connect with them to meet their needs maybe to show that you care to spend social time with them you try to connect with them become friends with them even more maybe down the are your focus on maybe treatable maybe more and then the goal he will try to come to the point eventually God's timing when he will try to ask the question we are start sharing right you know nonbelievers do they say all the time they all start sharing things without asking when I work with this electricians to do this Chris is stuff it is immoral things they are start sharing it well only I didn't ask them to they didn't ask me for permission if they can do it let's share good things we both for just us them so anyway but if you pray pray for God's guidance pray on God might the miracles in their life something may happen to open the opportunity he would work I tell you for sure he will work there are people. So. You want to basically make that decision so that you want to do that the coming year. How many I want to do that I want to do that as well and I am. There and Father thank You for the missing privilege of being your ambassadors ambassadors of the creator of the universe Lord what you have given us and then for us it's such a treasure we don't really appreciate it as much as you should many times help us to do help us to really love you. And ask be so full of it that we have Compu to ourselves and other people will be curious and see what we are so passionate about give us and. Just fire in our hearts in our bones and give us with them intact Lord help us to be bold and help us to not be too bold as to be tactful. And wait for the right moment and help us to learn more and more how with effectively conservative witness for you share our testimonies of what you have done in the lives I pressed for each other wanna laugh here or thank you for the pit bull and duck you live up in touch with the start of the Bible with the coming year thank you for the people that will be in heaven on a horse all of. My efforts their efforts of every one of our efforts put it to good luck we will need that accepted Jesus or her assault or whatever through the. Sort of old theory work and. Thank you Jesus but the rest of it and. This media was brought to you by audio production a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to W.W.W. dot audio person dot org.


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