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How to use Medical Missionary Work and Reach Secular Society

Christian Karlsson Simon Karlsson Kristopher Sandström


  • December 30, 2018
    3:30 PM
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So as a dentist we have a long and interesting history with a healthy message and Hoffman we were ahead of our time as well. But it starts much longer than that. If you look at the Bible in health as I said God has been interested in preserving true knowledge of health principles from eating from the beginning. When the Bible was written course this isn't the time of the 14th century B.C. Moses is the author of the 1st 5 books if we go into his his setting when these books are written in the time the medical center of the world is Egypt So Moses was a prince in what's Egypt right and he's learned all the wisdom of the Egyptians so it is brought up in this culture where they are considered the center medical center of the world and so everyone from Bob Dylan to Syria they go to Egypt to learn the knowledge of health that that the Egyptians that have. And the Israelites of course slaves in Egypt during this time but you have Egypt has had goals associated with medicine they have many different religions a server Rick writes and songs associated with medicine and the medical textbook of the time that everyone kind of referred to that the priest and the learned scholar studied it became known as the suppliers and I mean it looks so and seeing this part of it is basically they're cutting edge tech medical textbook in the time when the Bible was written so this is very interesting like what did the other people believe about the health message during that time. And that there are some really good things in the papers but pirates but also some really funny things as well and some of them for instances if you have a splinter they Gyptian to believe that you are comprised of different elements. They need to be pulled out and set on the Gulf they're involved in all of it so if you have a splinter you wake up with a splinter the remedy is that you should take. To excess here catch a moth it's that. Killing boil it and then drain the oil of that small taste of blood from a worm boil and crush this in oil mix everything with a feces of a donkey and fresh milk and then make a poultice some of the mix apply it to the opening and it will pull out this splinter that was so they applied Don't you see these on the open wounds which of course lead to infection that's in the case here and of course many people died from a small blizzard so this is one of the things they didn't really have true knowledge on and if you keep reading there this is a good think about the setting of ball in the Senate but keep going it says that if you woke up with pink eye now if your supplier said that you need to be poor why of a young virgin girl into your eye and that would cure your pain guy so this is the cutting edge medical practice of the time when the Bible is written. And in that time we find physical medicine coming into play involves the use of this ignorance in the nation and he is a special knowledge to these are live. Independent too and the answer lies you know they were unenlightened that people living in the desert they didn't have universities etc but they had a knowledge of hell that was pre-dating them thousands of years and I just want to have a quick read of some of the principles they were ahead of one of them is victory ology it says in the bit Leviticus and numbers that if you touch the carcass or something dead you will be considered unclean of course this germ theory wasn't developed them till 1900 years but actually 3000 years or more later in that 98020th century AD But when they talk something existed they were considered unclean God couldn't talk about bacteria running around like little things on your body he just said he lets a dead something disease and your own pain he has to watch yourself this wasn't discovered until you can us symbolize really working in the University Hospital of Vienna he noticed that they had a lot of cradle fever in the hospital so that women giving birth they would die because the surgeons or the people that delivered that the babies they would go from cutting in dead bodies could more of a cheery straight into the delivery room and they wouldn't wash themselves or anything so affectionate right and he said what if we practice it is the core principle we put a washing station in between and he cut cradle fever on 2 under one percent. So the Israelites were not allowed to eat an animal that had died by itself they were are allowed to drink water when an animal had died and they didn't know why right God couldn't describe a little demon living in the water you know how did you how did this guy that you can see. So he said don't touch those things those are unclean. And they come to I did they had a place outside the camp theater life where they did their business right folks who need to do number 2 get sick can go out so they can imagine it was about how their other poor right. Or thought it was about doctors and everything but going over the about these guys I'm the one that famous example in public health is the Boer War earth and that 20th century where I have more people died in this out of African war from behind the waste management and from what I've done in this of course management of healthy clean with your waste management these are public health principle thousands of years ahead of science and no other nation practices the Egyptians they would bring their dead one into their house that had a center in the middle of the house where they would cremated then they wanted to keep them close and God said take them away with him hogtied your own clean etc This is very different quarantine also thousands of years ahead of time put out of your camp people that are less present center if this principle would have been practiced then of course the Black Death of the 14th century that killed almost 40 percent of Europe's population could have been averted so the Bible you can hear was legally ahead of time. And I find that to be extremely frightening actually 60 percent of the Europe's relation. God told me is a night when he took them out of Egypt with all their malfunctioning out of practice he said I will put none of the diseases on you that I put on the Egyptian If you follow these principles right and so he gave them special instructions so they would have always a disease is all the Egyptian now has done a lot of C.T. scans on mummies. This guy specialized in it and these are the diseases that kill the Egyptian These are lifestyle diseases infectious diseases that kill us today as well and God said you follow these principles you will avoid many of the. Even Moses mother they believed the chances. That might be the biological mother logic the adoptive mother of Moses they found her mommy and she died from obesity liver cancer so the Egyptians had a lot of these wealthy nation is easy their goal says I'll take you out of the easiest and I'll create a healthy principle that if you follow them you won't have these problems. He put them on the streets guy thing initially they were given a very planned based and market most to complex carbohydrates to consume his money we don't know exactly what was in that thing but there's still see this thing for 40 years and I say that to that healthy age if the low carb high fat community but they were only supposed need mana actually. For 40 years but they wanted me to go get the meat and they suffered a set out on a right to be given a list of being on teams the Bible says God gave them the grain of have the you know the angels are at least interesting they are. Fast as well the Is your life all said all the facts belongs to the Lord you shall eat neither fats nor blood Now if you studying cholesterol you know like attention only thing this is fascinating why would God talk about these things they didn't know anything about triglyceride level cholesterol level but it is especially in the fat of the Asli where a lot of the saturated fats a lot of the high cholesterol content in the blood is the carrier is the and infectious disease. Cetera various things and I like that that God's purpose was to make Israel a pure happy and healthy people he removes flesh from them in a great measure God might have provided less as easily as Mama water restrictions placed upon the people for their God He says people lie he says we're going to do totally different things we're going to have a step for Life Health Week with you guys but it's 40 years and we're going to change some things around so that's basically what happened. After is are out. There the fall of Jerusalem in 87 he then all those the biblical help is lost and so the world suffers from ignorance and they have all these weird ways of taking care of the waste management if you live in the cities you're in the Middle Ages now to discuss things people would throw their excrement anyway rats and diseases there was no quarantine that's why people suffered so much and most medical breakthroughs happen after the reformation in the 18th 100 actually so that's when we see a revival of the health reform. And a lot of it is happening in the movements of the Adventist Church and the sobriety movement there now during the telling of my time you look at public health quickly and it's 50 percent of people die before age 30 many dies from their early years and those often infectious diseases lifestyle diseases you don't want to get sick in this time they had really weird practice that they would drain your blood they would make you drink the uranium and masses and whatever you think I want to go into what that thing is on the right. In this context then I don't wise and the Adventist Church is given a vision on physical health reform and it points them to these principles that we were highlighting and passed through them. I don't like an 848 receives a vision about the dangers of took ACO and other stimulants and I remember this is the context she's living in this is from the 1920 S. It's still so much 80 years after she receives these ition and says that these are some as you could find in the newspaper because her field cigarettes are just as pure as the water you drink if you read that in the news paper recently more doctors smoke camel than any other cigarette and I like this one. Blowing her face and she'll follow you anywhere. If you are single here maybe when the relationship I mean are there they're really good at Vibe or. And these visions and these is scientific breakthroughs Adventists work cutting edge many of the things the 1st study on smoking and cancer correlation is led by a group of Adventists from the moment in the ninety's and they find the striking correlation. And I was also on sugar to sugarcoat pluck the system it hinders the working of the living machine and the. It wasn't 870 now this is like 6070 years later these are the ads you could find that how people view sugar sugar can be the willpower you need to under read write it's good for the house to be children which is less fascinating 3 teaspoons of pure going to sugar they contain fewer calories than one medium output so better be sure they're knuckles right and here's a key celebrity train with Domino Sugar Man you see those very sexy people and how they keeps name by eating sugar that's the mentality that even 70 years after what she has revealed so super fascinating She's also of course on 2 vegetarian diets plant based diet and she talks about flesh meats she says they constitute the principal article food a common tablets tables of some families until their blood is filled with cancerous and scrupulous humans. She wrote this in 864 that was 150 years before. The W.H.O. promised the Lancet study on the carcinogenic seems to be on the red and processed meat that to me is an evidence of her inspiration so that's just one of the things that she saw harbored recently published that a 3rd of early deaths could be prevented by everyone giving up meat so we see the Adventist Church was given a special message just like the Israelites were given a special message in a time of ignorance in a time of ignorance right and so like everyone else I would say perfect health depends upon perfect circulation in 864 she wrote this today they're finding that healthy circulation is key to longer life if you look at the mansion all timers all of those cognitive diseases the restriction of blood flow so way ahead of her time and the Adventist church was that this spirit of. Medical knowledge in their time but we didn't really do as well with it all the time sounded better than others here's Of course an article that was published about the Adventists that lived around 10 years longer than the average American so they will when you study public health you hear about the Adventists all the time especially in Loma Linda Lee in the blue zone people that really practice the health message they are just like this are life I will not put any disease on you that the other nations have not the love in their group they have the same effect right so it's very fascinating and we see that the health method has been Kerry kept alive from even to today but hidden in the dark many times and so that is where. I believe we God is going to use this to help movement today and a lot of it is spearheaded by him and that whatever a movement but there is also a big place for us to be on the scene and they are a long way of course I remember studying theology and I read his quote and it changed the direction of my home ministry because I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines but medical missionary work children so that shouldn't suffocate the proclamation of the 3rd angel message but this is very important and in this time that we're living we see all these things coming out we have to use this right for me to go. So that is a little introduction into why we are driving this and that for a lot and why we're passionate about it so I'm going to talk more now. On whether you are interested how many of you are actively doing some health work in your churches in the city and the view. You want to do with even more in your church has as good a moron as we're going to see it if it's not an old song a song that I might quote What's the exorcist about medical missionary work and this is after picture also from our week set for life and this is from last year excellence we were in school now the southern part of Sweden and you all know of Christ methadone and that's actually the only I'm not going to if you want to reach people you have to use this method no matter if you qualify for that residue and so I want to read it because this is the core of steps alive cried method alone will give true success in reaching the people the savior mean gold with man as one desires their goal and a cult with meals with mountains at well I was amazed of there and who is that's what I thought I was 67 years is that I've never never experience. How you can connect to people in such a deep level in all of this 67 days I mean after. Being front for some people for 23 years you don't give a comparative what's what kind of friendship you can develop for the 7 days when you live under the same room or the same thing the House that's living and spending the whole day for 7 days straight you get a really tight connection especially if you listen to their problems and their goals you really connect and you get their best friends more or less in 7 days and that's why I think the Christ not alone is so all successful that's what to say here with evil status while in the Inglewood land it became the fronts. As one who decided their goodness showed his city by the 4 that we tried to do that in minister to the needs very focused on their individual needs before they come to week everyone had it sounds like form about what's what their goals are for the week and there was a Sunday and what kind of health issues if they have some health issues so we wanted to go focus on these type waves and they want their confidence that he bade them follow me that's quite about the. One on that this guest I think it was the 2nd year and she was originally from China and she said that she had never heard about that just before and after that week she just was amazed then asked me Is this all that and is this niceness you guys all of this mean and I just love that yes just for a. Song and then you will talk more about that later about the confidence and the trust and the barrier stuff that doesn't help work can break down with some basic I've never seen something even come close to this. And this is from a few years ago as well if you read this quote It's quite amazing read the scriptures carefully and you will find that Christ spent the largest part of his ministry in preaching the gospel. About Percy if you're falling asleep in restoring the suffering and afflicted to health he spent more time actually healing people helping people with their have than they did then preaching about heaven so that's should give us some perspective of what to do. And I don't know how many of you have heard about the book called it this or some of us it has if you ever heard about it I'm going to be rather that's. Yeah that's one of the best because I double checked to transform my view of badness and it's totally amazing to read so I would talk about my more later but this books is based on this quote. And this also add that slide would have a picture on the side of you see. My brother brother at the lower call for unity and from one as we had to the one in faith I want to tell you that one of the Gospel ministers of the medical missionary workers are not unite the what this place in the church there is placed on our church their worst evil it's not just an evil it's that it worst evil. That can be places of our power for quotes and it's based on this because it's not based on the book but that this book is actually based on quotes. Of the pressure to listen to they feed it or both and while good when I was there and also at my school it was a speaker last year it was written more books but this is a fantastic book he's a history teacher and it's a lot of Adventist history of this book it talks a lot of Kelong and his ministry and it takes the whole health message question was talking about it goes into detail in it and there are a lot of island wide quotes it's quite deep so it's not easy to read in that way but it's super exciting and he actually asked the question a bit in the beginning of the book Why hasn't Jesus come back. Isn't the interesting part. How many of you want to have an ounce of the question your recent book. I want to say what is that but it's it's actually gave me a new perspective on what actually had to happen before you can come back and I can tell you one thing that helped Mathis and help work and that that's a lesson for 2 months to do in many ways is a crucial part of what we need to do to finish the work so I really strongly recommend that book. 7 of all everywhere get at it super easy. And you probably already did quote the medical missionary work it's never been presented to me in an other way than as being the same relation to the world as a whole at home as a whole at the arms up to the bottom as Christians that is not to replace the Gospel but it opens the door it's break time barrier and they will share it with a bit from our week's How can I do this and people coming to church and and. Transform the lives of the resold section of the help that this. Has anyone ever heard from Major Franco church members that all the like and how evangelists that. Now that's not important and that it's just fanatics who focus and we'll see if that doesn't matter what deeds if you go to have never had on her that's important that there is a serious and we will see now why is this important. And that. If you have questions or a thought is just to break in and ask them directly is over the misstep because you want to do this and so you lose get some inspiration from it. One difficult out of the experience in evangelism that probably us well is that you do a great amount made by health explore maybe a health week or maybe lectures or whatever you do and you meet contacts and you do a great dinner but what happens after that. They move on with life and nothing happens you have a great example we don't have a system of reaching the people and this demand is inspiring and we work a little with this when we started our lives like a lamp in Norway in the clothes in Madison a few years ago we tried to use the quote and implemented in a piece of metal way. And all evangelists and should have these pretty faces I want populated with it but it's an important principle context. And the type of activity that if I hear an example what can I contact type for example be in their lives or. Who. Are cooking classes out doing bicycle can tell people come from I'll call it out by the record and take part of that I think we have a lot of health experts also very good contacts and we have a lot of these what could be confidence what kind of activity confidence building head out of the. Numbers and. Help expose go to the Web Is that what you said. For example gravitation Yeah drug rehabilitation absolutely just sit down and individually with people and mix of absolutely yeah of course help with like that's what I've been and similar is really a confidence building and condition and what could have been. For. A small sample of both confidence and also conviction of course. And the 2 of the 4 and the grassroots doing interviews we sitting in the serious of meeting meeting it's absolutely a combination have man help us maybe do a lot of these kind of appearances and then we jump directly to this and that is you don't get a lot of results so you may be a standout 100000 flyers for a big. Next year are big sermons and had people come it's not super effective take that online and what if you could have a system where you have this and you do the mid fifty's and then you can at the end of a much more effective way of financing the and I'm just sort of going to see a little bit what went down in our local church in Prague that I know that we're lacking but all of them and they're now the places in Sweden as well we have about this topic on my site club how many of you have a type of life that's not been in your church but on the I have experienced and that now a few of you yes. This is becoming a trend now more and more in Sweden I think we have our own 5 club things we've done and a few in Norway as well and what was a way to cover this is that we. Want someone it's crucial to have the consistency if you only need $15.00 or 3 times the years yeah you do stuff but if you can hand and about one plant every month for example or more of them you get that people become a club because it's like a culture so we have it once a month and we have a longer break in the summer but we have a 9 and 9 past year and what we do is that we do are simply that we have a cooking demonstration about half an hour and there people listen and we show 3 types of the rest of it and they get the rest of it all. And then we have a house like short for about 20 to 30 minutes on different types of kind of issues you can be. Really stick at it can be both this year we will have about how to be healthy at $100.00 that's the next one in general we will have and the question will come when the factory remember. He is there to eat the practical of the cocoa the need good it's about diet then and then and more fuel have won about that how about how to have a positive view on the state and or the death how to die or less to have are a mix of peace both spiritual. And health in so it's holistic health and after that we have a discussion group at the same time it's a eat the meal together and the crucial part here is that the you have church members who are going for the event that can sit down and eat together with the guests and also discuss these questions and that's been one of the struggle in our churches sometimes all the church members are based in the kitchen and preparing and then all the guests there see the need for the ship together and then you you do this more or less the whole point and I guess more one of you have the same problems it's hard to get people involved and people we manage time to just focus on the event the number of the people. OK we will not talk much more about that everyone is a threat so I have been instructed on that on this here and there we will go into this debate as to what is the step I've come up with. As good. As anyone being there working or helping out on our Health Week isn't that because that's what I work with yes of you I'm going to let you work in how to relate that work. As I don't know how many I work at the life of that or them with a yeah you could say more or less is that for life if poor people ergo Leo reportable and Wildwood of course people may say hi and it's like got a life of Tantalus moving. We've been started in AS 2012 Exodus it was here as a size 6 years ago that we're in the group together it was just to stop for myself and to others Kristen joyless later we were a group of people young people who want to do something and help and they had a very small week to this and well and that's what 2013 with is it for even like the concept we have now we did one week as you can see and 2014 with it 2 weeks and then within 3 weeks and here how many weeks to do the whole point of them for 5 days by the state around 3 weeks without it is in Sweden and also in Norway there was none we know that we have had visitors from from them from England from Marc from Finland and they are from Congress around Europe who are interested in the concept and have wanted to to use it to do a week in their own home country and that's why we are for this year actually developed a manual of practical and to the point so that you can get with your whole. Or not rather with the design yes everyone is interested in getting a manual of how we do what we are free to do that if you just give us or even that out of this. Workshop we will send the thing a few weeks when it's done. So we have done this for 56 years and it's going to where it learned a and. Interesting experience to do it and we will share it with something simple that actually means. This is a live picture this is from this year this earlier this summer we were 8 didn't guests and they just both the staff and the guests that's outside of that 4 hours from here. Rented a place in that country and then. Steps to life stands for what Christians started with these principles of Biblical and Adam and his health message so we have a hope there that plant based diet force we have no maybe no X. No no no meat and we tried to have this natural as possible try to avoid. What you say about the process that if you'll just I mean we've tried to use whole wheat and stuff for the last year on their own we call it mail to create your own and then we accept it so we try to do it it's a good estimate of us or less possible as well and I don't want to feel fear and his performers die as you could say but if you read their concerts and buy some food that the food you serve on weeks and sound goes like this they shouldn't be healthy as US health reform or even home so we also tried to implement the principle that manner of these eat meat that milk and bread in fact the food so we don't you don't make it super super healthy and very boring and dry and so we have a little bit more liberal so that tastes good but it's much much better than what they used to. Have. And you research it yourself you know that there are scientific studies on the weak on the blood levels of cholesterol and so if you if you will share with you later and we've had a very good result for us you will see. Us one step forward to share this is a schedule how we have done it this year and then I'll go through on it but what we actually do in a way because I want to be practical and if you have questions just raise your hand and ask them so we don't so you can ask them right away you see it it starts small tax there but it's optional asan then and and some assign They were always through 7 day weeks and we have an intention of starting on a Sunday that's because we get to wear nice and being sad about the last day and we will have a really nice back with that and a closing program where people share their testimonies and what they experience throughout the week and this is always the high point that the most interesting part of the program that's where important it to have this order and got it's been very successful and we start with just registration and welcome and then disruption for Sunday evening Sunday afternoon it's the meat on their desperation and not so much else and then on Monday morning where early in you know we had earlier about amateur levels that you should go to bed quite there are a pair of them or something like that and then it's good to get an early start in the morning so we actually have blood tests 6 o'clock between 6 and 7 30 in the morning before the breakfast to have correct levels so we take cholesterol with a. Blood sugars with a protocol for rights and we measure their circumstances here and wait for them and then the basic. Tests are the same and we do the same thing. The last time they were 6 actually 6 days later so it's it's it's not a long time. Than we have we reached a breakfast at $730.00. And that I will show a little bit although program what we do. The program steps life is where it became official base. I don't want to talk to minister appealing about what's. He says education education education that that's what the focus should be one be help people with well if they understand why they do what they do they will do it it's in the future as well it's a very he's a bit healthier healthier. But what about when you come home I think you're going to correct me if I'm wrong I think the 1st year we had steps to live I think we had like 29 elections in 6 that is. The smallest for elections that I am aware of this notice that is good but we've noticed that it was maybe a little too much so I lost seriously or maybe just had. A feel like shit but I thought on the $8.00 and $1.00 thing and but it's one educational focus that's what we usually get a positive comment on because they learn so marks and they get so much material resources in a very short time that actually because office father is a doctor who's helping here he's been working at the last the center of Sweden is the yeah you guys to do what we did in 3 weeks to do it's in one week and yes that's a good result so it was very impressed with that so it's a very. Tight schedule so the same. Intensity Exactly and there. One the truthful part is that we have something called interval training in the morning and for those of you who are only this morning I had the means will run this morning as well. And we had to do before breakfast at around 7 o'clock we got we join everyone who wants to go and I want to make sex that most people imagine I mean and the husband is not only helping people come so many people have never exercised or not used exercising but actually most of to get their young for this exercise that 7 o'clock in the morning and work was over there some warm up and then we do something we got into all walks or into a run in the use one minute interval so we run for one minute but 1st 2nd and then we radical walk slow name for 30 seconds or one minute and then the good thing with it is that we will do with that everyone to participate so we do run one minute forward and then the faster one they walk backwards or work. Poorest the slower ones you always meet up in its intervals so that means that the Fast and the slow can do it together hold the group together and that's been very appreciated as well so everyone can go at it no matter who some people have what we call that a WALKER Yeah I won't care and they are some people going very sick enough to able to exercise a lot but they are going to anyway so they still do every morning except Sabbath then they have rest. So that's been way to push it we have a lot of focus on exercise in general in the program we have at least one exercise per day X.. One hour gusting to one of the run in the morning and we do different strength exercises usually Outdoor to see this beautiful day and this is the place where this summer and. We also have something we call the digestive walks but I don't know what that is. Exactly off the food itself the kind that you call the diabetes folks you actually walk directly off to between you know the 45 to 60 minutes of to eat them the blood sugar issues so that's the highest point and if you then walk off the roads you have to come down he also says that the food then the gesture of the food is something we do with each meal and we also have something we call our activity clock or activity bound or the what we call this. Head of media and that counter and that's been going to appreciate it because then they can see how many steps to take per day and they also write down some of the steps that they can so that small things like that at such a lift the program is totally plant based everything was served as I said before doesn't this look pretty good. You know this is. It's a little embarrassed. And it's very delicious out if you have the your own conference but it's there in that healthy popular with potatoes here in Sweden. And it will. I want a strong emphasis one will see the goals of people who come from you share one of the highest goals will ever one is that they want to change their diet they will usually lose weight and so we have a strong emphasis on actually teaching both and that sure some of your cooking the History Channel saw an activity involving them in cooking and here we see from this year. And this also part of all the show. Demonstrating different precipice and this issue is one of the most selfish of the programs in the program. We also have a slope where the guests themselves. Cook themselves so they can actively do it that we want to actually it implement even more what guests you for the say that they want to have even more actively involvement in it because it's one thing to see it but it's even better if they can do it with their own hands. So that's what sort of appreciated. We've tried to have and somebody specially when they spend time to make sure to do it as much as possible outside it's a very very good. Production as well so you should have a hike on the side of a hike in the middle of the week from nearby a nice place. And there were pictures on the just walk actually in the forest there and you see that you look happy or sad. You get happy by exercising is the best medicine for depression. So you see this is I feel it's quite tough and this is in the forest in Sweden and it's it's a very nice warm. And yeah a big part of the program is also that they get this individual treatment so individual and coach or you could say we have a big emphasis on educating and one of the core things is that we have a light each guests who can have a personal lifestyle coach and that person is responsible for 2 or 3 guests and the coach have an introduction talk with them where their share their health history and. They also hole up talking the end of the week and that they also help them if the rest had a problem. And with each day they have they have a slot on the schedule where they have the individual program. Record into all walks before and they haven't actually done that it's a time where they have an individual program and there is where they are either gets your therapy. Doctors to sit. Had them exercise counselors people who help them with putting on an exercise go also people help them with diets like diet coaching Oh it's an official name for each of these coaching's and treatments especially the coaching's and they have to put down what this might go with when I come home you should try to put down to thieve goals like I want. Each pope to live maybe I want to go home or I'll stop eating. You know human consumption for example. So they for the goals they put down and say everything is going to go based on the same with exercise I was not exercising 5 times that week when you should help them to give you what keeps you from exercising and what keeps you from eating this way and this I think is the strength of our program compared to others is that we have a lot of one to one time with them where the staff in effect if you could say that I mean everything with doing stuff like this. Voluntarily So if you don't pay anyone and the strength of the program is that you could have a pretty low cost for the guests they pay you for. 600 euro to do this 5 to 700 euros for 7 days everything is included and that's where if you think it's really a problem of the twice. Times as much if you're going to do it. For profit and there's also the positive is that we have a lot of stuff we usually head for 15 to find the guests we're usually 15 to find stuff as well so it's a lot of volunteers who want to help and that's usually what they say the guest after we get what they appreciate about the most was not the food exercise but it was the atmosphere and the people who cared for them. Each time it's amazing to hear the testimony and that's very important that we I mean what people appreciate with this is typically have a holistic approach we're not just looking at us or me or our market we tried to look at the whole person so I'm going to focus on spiritual health and physical health and mental health and social well all the aspects are in the week and that's what usually people appreciate that that they see that this is a holistic way of doing health and they haven't experienced that in their ordinary and hospital care. As I said before it's a lot of focus on teaching and we have a 7 minute lecture Pocus on all the different aspects of well what's important to think about if you want to organize a week yourself do you think we start with the spirit of topics or with. One spiritual topics. Exactly we try to gain the confidence and trust of the people and this year for example we had an atheist coming. His wife had been up there a week or 4 times before a fetus before and finally decided to join us well and he was well but at the 1000000000 I know or. Spiritual stuff but it is this and that and it was already involved in this gushing groups and so on. You were. Made to work 2 out and just 6 them on that because we used to have that kind of a shit Sometimes we're more out of this but it's always more on this and it's usually the know there's one more excited all the way because all this is new for them and this never heard of them but they don't they are excited. But it's good to have them makes They're actually it's good to have you out and just if you know that it's because it's a good you can influence each other one of our goals because that's what life is that we want to have the local church connects to the guest of the words so that's why we're trying to be the sound of our material to the head of quarters here and at each show which in Sweden are really getting a flyer information about what it is some of the vehicle quit giving the talk on for example and then the invites going to be tried to encourage people to share it in the church and I'd like to have a friend or someone you want to meet some health issues as months is one way to be more gets you also do some more of them on Facebook closely to the seat there are places we're going to be in and it's a lot of work by mouth because with one of many years plus we don't do a lot a lot of stuff here you should have added on the 2 minutes to be doing about stuff but I think that's wrong a few months before on myself and that their magazine advised of you we have an article like that with this well in the Swedish attitudes paper it's called me when I think we have you should also some marketing and so it really is also. A lot of people. With. Great become very. Exciting 30 percent yeah that's a good point pushes back and that's what we want because if they're coming from a health club they have somewhere to go back it's just coming from nowhere with no local church for the past month or. It is going to be less so we try to do that more and more we are growing more collapses more and more people coming from the clubs and usually they know some that this somehow that's what they want because they can continue there's a lot of question. Yeah. Yeah question what is figured out that's that's what are important because we are trying different methods for this one I don't know more the song you are on the other end of the I mean we are in Sweden now and sweetness counted as the world's most secular country who is where far we don't talk religion with people more or less so it's been a struggle for us to know where to set. The bar more that's how much you talk about those who shout at the end of the spiritual stuff and we have to try to be different for different areas and I remember like the 1st 2 or 3 years I think we've put something we sang. The prayer before eating the last 34 years ago haven't done that we took that away we recent that I think God can bless a more attacking way of doing it so some of it you know we assess questions we pray for ourselves but we don't before Scott of the long church people can learn the song that's the end of the soup comfortable with that of the meaning of so that's an excellent example of how we have never prayed out and tried to find a good way so we're not super spiritual we say in the beginning that we're at just a basic Christian principles that we don't hire the Grattan tests and we are public about police to tell and we mentioned you should know about the end of the start as the interests of. God we show that spirituality is a very important part of living a healthy life I think it's about bringing people who are existing social. Spiritual religious ready for the scene of life for them and then everybody said this this and this would ease into the cushions that's a very good thing there is. The structure of the grand final arc is a very effective is that in the morning we have a lecture that's usually And on some official if you call it by a cover of song physical health and the lungs as well have in the evening we have a more spiritual or more existential coping with it one of the favorites favorite topics for the guest kind of times has been the talk about forgiveness. Yourself brother Jonathan. Share the last few years and it's been people that cry and afterwards that people have been sharing their lives and I was amazed by the man the people in the world who have a problem with forgiveness a bit and that's our bad relation with someone so that's a spiritual pope because not super spiritual but it's very spiritual in a way and was what we all know that is one of the strength of our program is that we have this soft issue of questions and or soft beams in the evenings and what we do it we have like a 20 to 30 minute topic in the evening and all of that direct of that we've formed discussion groups and we sit down both the guests and the staff members before guests and before staff in 3 different groups and it's a group for each nights and we discuss what questions have you gotten from the lecture was what was the best and we have some pretty major questions what's your experience because we're given this for example and it was what hope do you have proof to assure that so we have these kind of questions focused on this so. Some of this fear themes and that's in my opinion as being one of the most lots of things on the police to have these discussion groups I mean we had the atheist This year it was like soup with all these discussions and super interesting and weather here is coming from these groups and people share their lives and it's wide open atmosphere so if you want to organize to us that's a life or similar type we would strongly recommend to have these type of issues and do our. Discussion group in the end of the near cycle bidders and every participant also needs a pastor very spiritual counseling as well so this whole thing where they don't say what. A lot of things come out there that's usually what leads to bottles. Praying for them. Exactly and pushes us that we have the spirit to pardon in the individual program of every guest get they get that one must post their treatment at the caucus that they get official therapy and they get exercise and diet and they also get that we usually put this one state 1st a Friday the day later part of the week and they also get the spiritual talk and they said the goals in the spiritual health of the person have the others and do do a basic conversation more on their leaders for some people who might be forgiveness and bitterness for others that might be exploring their spiritual interest in the Bible or other themes and and that's where you can maybe share it with a lot feel your experience with this group of talks. This or the several people reveal. By time you get spiritual health. Or some confidence or do they show for life that there are some who are going to share and see this home for everything voluntary participation but so far behind anyone who backed out of the meeting. Didn't read. And use a lot of questions of all this after this and then the. With trying to force it because that's what I've seen in a while the other places I mean America for example is much more religious as a people there you can talk about God with everyone and that's a quite different focus when I worked at a life of something while good for example people are much more open and talk about here is where it. Fronts we encourage the for example spot to pray with their guests if they see it see if the Holy Spirit leads them so some of our staff has prayed before our had occurred between meant that we also do or before. But we don't do that or the last like a mandatory it's if if they feel it's it's a good atmosphere and most people ask they have said yes even if they're not religious and by that I mean people are much more skeptic to to escape the other day and what we're learning in this is that it's much better if we create the curiosity and we gain the process and we don't talk or press Christian songs or Christian prayers that Christianity owned almost always as Christians in the end of the week because the later Hoffer do it they have questions One Who are you on this why do this and why do you do that and why do that so people have come a question that's much better that they ask than if I tell them OK we have this we do like this and this and this because they were last going to gain the confidence to try to take their fight the friends style of the spiritual thing but we don't hide it but we have noticed also in the lectures that we the beginning without a little bit more spiritual have been the beginning of the week especially in lectures and some people didn't like it so whipped up in the more think it was on one in the middle of the meeting and it's very rarely but we know this that it's better to not have so much spirituality in the lectures even AND WE WAIT WAIT UNTIL Sabbath or Friday if you have Friday and Saturday more spiritual focus and people like Carmen they were good for us and they were there for things most people never for 3. Things are. Just not huge there for us to see who. Has. The. Past because right now the beauty for life and everything we know how to be. Prof is right and the same spirit that's the only consistent lifestyle changes. And we also know that we don't have to convert them in one week we saw some seeds and we count the hope of God to continue the process maybe the local church or somewhere else so don't feel the pressure of converting them formally in one way a question there. Yeah that's a good question. No we usually don't do that because we are we don't go to church and sub out because we are we should out in the country somewhere and sometimes we're not close to church and we I know from home for example they go to church with their guests they have mostly Christians come to our Fred home and then while we did other clubs. We haven't done that we usually go out in nature and it we usually have a servant but we don't call the sermon we have spiritual topic usually about people or about nature or a song type of spirit the words that rest usually ask of you from various of the rest and we should talk about the Sabbath how the Sabbath you see it and in the animals and in nature and not in I worry about tapping away what we talk about resting connected to Sabbath and we used to sit out in nature one time with. A lady who had the sermon out of the box you stand still in the water and the rest sat on the beach for nice that's why I'm here so we were out the nature of we have some walks in nature we have you from that acquits from that lecture from the week that they walk. Tracked down south of the Ask questions about how we have to remember from the parks and that we have elections rest inside. But we don't usually seeing some hearings on that or of the church and. You didn't mention the think that maybe we're having the most here and. We're going to move on here mentioned that you should have a social activity in the middle of the week where we see Christian songs and non-Christian songs together as a group as you see here both the staff and all the guests that's already one of the usually one of the most appreciative things of the program I remember a while ago as well but sometimes it's nice assent as we focus so much on on the hard stuff like on their health programs and on the what to eat and how to exercise that we forget the social park I mean the longest living people in the world where the strong social connection and relationships where we bought and so we're trying to implement more and more we have done that the last few years with on more social activities because perceiving that how important that is and yeah. Yeah under discussion group are going to talk about that as one of the most important part of the program it's super important and that's where they will put you should open up and you connect with them as a friend so you get to know them to share stories to share experiences you for half an hour have it in the evening offered and even lecture. How many of you have heard this about this book and Terry what the hell I might have seen that and I want you to think about it. As quite provocative it's an American is done with that we did the last 2 years I think we'll show this 13 years ago we showed a cow scare said the same maker and people usually are quite amazed because they already believe in it before the see the movie so they are very open for it and they are amazed about us HOW I mean this makes such a strong impression of people so it helps them to continue on that and the plant based off if you haven't seen this movie and they're interested in helping people with diet and health you should watch this one it's on Netflix on You Tube and everywhere it's probably the most see any document of the last year on this topic so it's it's a must see and. And they also have a picture actually from all the chatter they had some some songs together and so we made it so she looked a bit did and lecture them out there. And now we have usually won it before instead of by the thought of if you have 1 in the morning and that we go out to make sure that we have one talk in the nature and then we usually have before that back with us I have here like it's 5 o'clock and suck it up you know we have a lecture it's called Hello what do I do when I come home so that's quite a card that interactive talk about OK how can I apply this principle I've learned and what should I be aware of when I go home so we have actually feel like for some that day. They swell up with our morning they cheer and this is on the on the last evening it's yours of the best part of the week you see we have made a nice. Nice tables and then the signed it when it nice and people dress up sometimes a little bit and during the last 2 days we ask you know what lifestyle coach they ask to be guests if they want to hear something on this last day and it could be everything on it this year we have some downstairs professional dancers so there they share the music and they were like showing their professional dance. Sometimes they have been singing sometimes they read the poem and most of the times they share like in words what the weakest month for them and we have recorded some of this and the times that both the staff and the guests have tears in their eyes as he can hear these forests for example this couple here and they were Christian coming in more or less what they say after a week that we decided we want to find a good church community and be thankful and people home of that and having to show it's just a place for us and them all of us that we want to come out and just what they're passionate they want and we will share a few stores pts. With this as well but this stuff the best part I think in the program they scare their experiences we have something beautiful songs pieces instrumental and solos usually we have like a banquet evening together with and share their experiences from that week. And hear about a song from from the staff the fish air then and then the swell so it's based on social and I's principles here are the youngest volunteer for this year and that's my daughter Z. made to her as well and I did mention about the literature we have table each share we have had both spiritual. And police to Calif more of us who have helped to die for example as medical Kuno about. This China Study is also a famous cult book you have some recipe books and Mr Fielding steps to prise some fried into the out some white books on health to try to have that many of the people that buy them to talk good off the books that can buy them during the week because education is the most important thing if you can have them to read the book and understand it and see the comparison they did continue with this when they go home and I want to talk more with the last thing I'll say is that follow up is also crucial and we have all their lifetime guests and they've got a coach of the 7 baseball a walk off the one we. Were in up to 3 months where they ask in the end do you want to have follow up with the one week one month or 3 months and they do that either by phone or by e-mail or Skype or whatever. And also if leave months you should do a reunion that everyone who wants to can conquer the same place on your face to see how have things been going and we have this 2 months ago to have the union focused on those where it makes the experience most people that continue on this base diet that they wanted to exercise and do these things. And the follow up is very crucial and we tried to connect. 2 local churches to do a help with ants and livestock labs because if you don't have follow up then stop doing it and one thing I didn't mention is that the spiritual part from the stuff is super important every morning at 6 o'clock the staff meets to pray and have a short devotion and talk about the day it's always a struggle to get all the stuff to have to come some more sleep in and sleep but we have a very important set up if we don't pray for the guest and for the day together everything is useless god complex if it were done this for every year we meet at 6615 every morning for half an hour to go through the day with a prayer to have of all together and that's one of the strengths think that's what I was brought up with us is all the stuff for Adam just sometimes made exceptions in the kitchen but then we have the added tastes Yeah. And the word important part and to pray and have the body together super Borton. I had the privilege. Of researching. This project to see my university studies so we all the blood samples that we collected during the years from these weeks I have done just the physical and I listen. To them sitting there lots of my cities. It's been really messy I'm going to present some of the findings there. Of interest. Because then you know there is a lot of. Things about kind of twee we see in a newspaper it's there's a lot of things from the name there's. I think she said you need to get this up and then to this do it is OK This is not again it's very confusing and I think that when we do health weeks from the percentage from ation to the public if we need to be science based we kind of just take some of this is we need to have something there to support us what we said right. And that's really important because if we say something that is not scientifically sound that is not true people will not believe us and other activities so that's where we have a lot of science backing us up so we can be proud of what. The right thing you think over the years for the course of my part of the community so we can say I don't want to you know we need to combine in some. Areas there is. We need the other there's. So I should say I did a research about how some of them have political risk factors that we measure during the week change during the only 1st 7 days or 6 days and how they change. By months afterward when you have. Every every lation cause or sometimes we need to get again after 5 months for a follow up with a blood sample again so that that is my basic research because we don't want to only change the last 47 days but we want to change that to make do to last for a lifetime hopefully the one way to measure it is during the full cost of living but if you just look at health there is something called Health Promotion and it basically that is what we are doing it steps for life. Sort of but then you can see that that's swimming in the pool and. There is something called health prevention and that is preventing people. To falling down the big waterfall that is coming there and what does it most health care do if they do health care rehabilitation when people already have fallen down the waterfall. So isn't it better to promote else that people can swim safely and then not serve fall down the waterfall and you need to give them medication and take care of them I mean all of this part of health care is important but it's really very glad that people are risking them here and if you have some risk of the Arabs I mean the best of luck to be called on that all right. Xaus say that I think is a funny picture of that shows different aspects of health and I think we should be involved in all of these things ministers but I think most of what we do is see here and we also do some things here because people have already many times fallen down in the water when they come to us right now so we need to be involved in the aspect as well. Think about it but there are many factors are things that impact health and this is a Swedish pictures. But we have for example dietary patterns we have social gatherings we have people think Gerard's if people smoke. And Italy and social networks health is a big complicated picture it's not just the. Diet we should focus and I think that's the like the important part is you need to part with steps for life because we try to look at health from a holistic perspective and we try to see all of these things in the lives of people come to us. Out come back to the cell a bit later. But in my study I was looking at the risk factors you know what you said you know the risk factor exists. And somebody gave an example of a risk. Factor for a cease. Fire As for something more small small you know. Like a war yeah everything here is very sick factory in risk factors in Sweden and they are measured by something called disability adjusted life here standing on Match of your life years are. Like you are just going to have cheap Chiara for our security can be anything that disables your life quality and you see all the popular they're the most important risk factor for being sick is dietary risks and there's worldwide not only Sweden has it worldwide You can go in and see the statistics for its worldwide so what people the hollow people eat we should say is the most important risk factor for it is it's quite interesting right so we have to work. And. We can ask the question what what Which of these diet the various characters you think he's the most important because dietary risk factors can be a lot of things we consume even on their own this these dietary risk factors and split it up in a lot of risk factors and what do you think comes on the top of this. Sugar more suggestions. Very. Obese another didn't just keep the works of people who live here. Also. Very separate. Because this is an important question suppose many people $11000000.00 deaths each year be prevented. If we do the right thing and. Lead us to the. Let's see because I think this is this is something interesting because we certainly don't talk about this much. All. The media so what you just mentioned are things that we are not supposed to eat right as a respecters but the truth is the biggest respect there is are what people are not me. It's not what they already but what they are not as. Some of the lack of a whole grains in their diets by the lack of nuts and seeds a lot of sold worldwide. At least lack of fruits lack of vegetables and then comes the process to meet. Their rights they're the most important thing is what we're not. And I think that makes it. A little bit turnaround but I think this creates a new perspective for us as. When you do that week's ridiculous maybe girl is if you should look he should these days. Have raised their diets but instead percent what they should eat more as long as there was something better it was the it's positive sentiment to this day what size that's necessary. So I think this is really where ever if you look at Sweden I guess it's the same in all of your countries this is to recommend that level of the fruit and vegetables you should it be a study of this in the body which is just levels and so we are the one. In your complaining that is low already. Or they simply just people are not being a whole grain bread for example really hard stuff. Like. Sort of just there and teach people to base their own bread I mean they gain a lot from just one simple dietary. Changes right. Right right right yeah that's how some of the even better know if you are on the. Flour from relatives. But if you know they were told what you do when you go to the spa or buy the holder in the flour. This 2nd best so I think I want to stress this point because sometimes we are talking what we should not do this business of the Who does this who got it it creates a lot of negativity about health but it's going to. Tell people what to do is the right right because we have we have a lot of things to do. Before we look at what is it comes out of not doing this or not eating the very good these that we should eat we get high blood pressure we get a lot. Of my stomach gets a lot of fasting blood glucose we have too much sugar in the blood and high cholesterol and these 4 parts. Is what I focus on my in my studies because these are pieces of measure go. In their blood samples to give itself a life. I presented this question to you when we had this short to me in the. Spotlight I don't know if you saw it what's your member maybe why did people miss that doctors. You have those are sick of course they are sick. Why are it's. Like that was a great lifestyle but if you're 70 percent of all visits to the doctor it's because of lives dying of disease. And it's quite a lot because it costs a lot of money saw what do the doctors do when people come to visit the. Model. Prescribe cards described in the kitchen. I mean I would not say that's always a bad thing right so people need to take the drugs why. The. Diet and what why why it with their diet. Because you know she boarded maybe they are in the water you know the waterfall they are falling down but the thing is these we know that the seas could be prevented by lifestyle change. Something to the even have the knowledge what they should do and that's what I love to come to many studies show that people know exactly what days should change in their lives people are not stupid they know that this is hamburger day meeting right now that's not good for. This candidate now so that's not the best for me I shouldn't drink so much in the cellar so people know what they should eat and what they should not. But. What studies show is that they don't have the power to change. And yeah. He. Was there. Because today there is still a lack of knowledge but. Basically people just many times nobody even all that many things what they said yeah so there is a bit the need for another service a lovely but many people know what it's what's wrong what they did wrong. They just they lack the power to change it and we can relate to them it's because there are things in our lives that we will change your part so that's what we need to help them with and humble Oh my. God if you do nothing. If you're a hard worker who. Knows we want to give you the tools. But we also want you to address these underlying problems while you can change the. Various whether spiritual health comes comes along also because people sometimes are addicted to sugar. But so many things because of problems in their life not going to be social relationships that could be problems with. The things that are down their spirits. They just don't care about their abusing their bodies because there are other things says under them so think about that when you meet people there is maybe something that is. One of the foundation of the problem that you should address to to reach to the other I think that is why steps life is so horrible because you have this mother died professional team that this is really only that you know that. That will never happen. So the fix this greatest of all stands for. Rights so life starts to change remember it's very difficult we shouldn't expect people just. Change quickly to take time you need to work with them and redefine have. The right. Tell your story about this woman and not just like right here between she came to do their lives Doris program I lost half life and she had a very high cholesterol she had been on medications and she said these are not helping. And she was there she was I can come back this picture but you see she took you know she wrote her wrote us this no. And she had a high cholesterol of 11 when she she measured it did her job March and this is it was basically the same when she came to us in July and after we got her a few weeks it had almost. Was almost a half and she went to her doctor and measure it again later and the last. And she said that this has never happened even the medications couldn't help me a lifestyle change could help and you saved our my life and she went home she planted a garden and she came back here next year and gave us this nice Yes it's for our Kayla stuff I see this year said that you have given me any life she grew more secure it was a good dog was more the GO ON provided with a heart for a good working or I just thought it was more that something like a car that was alive if you came all the more like what you could fry here. She said What's happening is the best of the. But in my life I began slowly to get my life back. So it was there it was a very powerful and beautiful story a success was not just connected yet she is visiting the health clubs that they have close to where she lives and she has never missed one except when she drove to the wrong place to express. This she said because my mom was helpless she almost assured me that she is negative she is still just living strong and keeping her cholesterol and. So it is successful OK. I want to tell you a little bit about who'll be succumbing to our A C S. I think if you just keep the context would you have to. Know if this is the way to every or. Pull. From to give it a try for the beef there. Is usually. Keep their relationships strong. Yeah around the time so much time I've skipped to it so people who come here or just are mostly over 6 to find their way in line and they are overweight right and most of them are already having higher likelihood So that's what you can expect the theory to some things like this OK Everything goes quickly into their results. If we look at all the people that said it went through our program. There was some that we couldn't measure and so about. What we see is that in one week we can expect like 11 percent drop in Congress no. Longer just by changing our diets for dogs who have the highest cholesterol from the beginning they were actually being 30 years so it's quite high. So that the people that need it more it works more effectively for them. Yes it's true that yes very demanding and you change. The way you do with their bodies you know. I mean so you know you asked them and they said or do they refer. To one of those maybe they feel really begin to vary their voice this is all over the years the riot here like this would be off so they can have more gas and stuff but. That's that's like saying if you're great talking to your board out there in your not smoking and you're sort of this kind of all the other life a little bit cause inflammation in your body when you start with that information stops a new socket he says actually we're very we had people who came to us and they couldn't walk and had to use one of these walkers area and then in the end of the week they could walk. A mile. And it's quite interesting help with the body adapts to. Health. Of. The Gulf of Sidra is something that I. Know this. Is a good idea that a. Young person who is most. The only time you deliberately killed me. If you want to go down into the details of why we are succeeding we don't have time with it right now but we're going to talk here after the results of the interesting thing with what we have here there. Was no case. Yeah I just want to just show you this. The changes in the bad cholesterol down there low density lack of proteins and the same thing here it's those who are having the highest numbers start to actually have the most benefit. And the things that they like which are now and they get deleted it. Really that is all he. Has Yeah. Yeah. You can still learn are they going to tell you that it's going to visions that you are. That sick to these numbers of us. And we leave the medication change after they got there but we can learn how you need to see a doctor and tell them about your lifestyle change and. Rehabilitation of the medicine you take since you keep on taking that with the new lifestyle you might this dangerous for. But for one of the help of. Several triglycerides is a dramatic drop in for girls at a higher levels there one with 34 percent fat is the love of life a booklet and this is a little bit unique for a program that tests not been shown in the other side later to find it was in the other programs that were similar it actually works harder sometimes after changing to plan besides. Why is that good. Just exercise as we combine an exercise we've done if you just take that apart focus towards my drugs as you combine exercise with diets because the White House. Says it is a. Second Your goes those who are in. Risk of having diabetes else at the White. Lupus levels didn't take to those who were not in the risk of those. Those. Blood pressure also for those who had high blood pressure. One week dropped 10 percent. By the time numbers. 15 here is recent. So it seems like those who really believes can benefit from less of this it works best for. The less that's. There And let's jump to base and look at the results for after 5 months so you know we see that there are a number of days like a little less blood pressure. Goes everything is going in the right direction and question is going to be busy for 5 months after joining the steps for life. And serious Yes we can so those who Kate to this follow our programs you're going to have follow up on all the weeks. We have to treat for what's right. For Dells and if they didn't improve more during the time they were holding so it means they implemented a new lifestyle they learned to get with them a. Change in style have changed very little rides and the end of the list. What they didn't do was they didn't lose words. Most of them because this program was nothing like that for them this is where. 5 months this short time. They were that doesn't mean that nobody lost weight. People who were very big big they lost weight balance for the whole group as a study. Or didn't show any significance. But people who were big for the last what. That's how you need to read the statistics just knows the significance in this for the whole study. Would say. As I said that this has actually been the way many years that's still not the ones that have all of the files and all the big numbers that. We only have. To we. Follow ups out of all the answers we did not everybody came to this for the numbers are different so you know there is nothing here right now unless. They could possibly be a good. Show. But this is based on very few numbers. All right so I don't know if you have time to go into this. But basically what it says is that the lower cholesterol is. The let's restrict off hardening of your arteries and that's why they're here to show you that this really has an. Impact on the risk of mortality because. If you decrease your low like the density of us so with the. 1000000 more. The risk for cardiovascular disease drops by almost 24 percent of us. And that we manage to do that you see. Here. Almost 1000000 more than one we saw about 20 percent drop in the risk for cardiovascular disease in one week of diet change it's quite a good death is. If you continue with that. Lifestyle I mean the risks decrease even more so that said that's interesting. Yes it's published in Swedish. It's. A girl in Swedish it's in the Swedish. You know it's called side effects. So. I have this translates for me. If you look at the blood pressure. And compare it to his. Diet to rich Roche to the liver and I personally. And we compared this DASH diet where they have me a little bit on their side their ears so on. We compared to a low sodium diet. You see that it's a low sodium there and dashed works pretty similar the combination of them would be best but the steps for life dyads in just one week works pretty good at this well it's almost as effective as 4 weeks on the dash most of the day by so even for low or high blood pressure. Steps lifestyles I think. Yeah I think the point I want to stress here was that I think the physical activity there. Just changing your diet is affected but it's combining it with physical activity we're all right. So. Summary there are these we love or love you it's the pressure lower cost less and we also maintain these numbers for doze for taking on the weekends. So this is quite interesting I think to me I think it's really shows that God really deal he was talking about to get instructions on what to eat right and I think it validates what he said was and the case for Christianity. Like this council. Is just cursed stuff for saying it's important to change. Your blood levels but you think it anything else can be important in health. Status is going to be the bushes. For me this person has some stories if you have the patience for that I think food is an hour an hour so a home movie you see this lady here her name is. And then. Once you take the steps to life it was quite good friends I said down very skeptical to many things and I have a paper here she told me this later she'd given told the paper like this because she had so much of pride it's in their hands and fingers. Her house that was. Paid for or so they probably had a lot of digs and that's not the best that you got to understand. Yet she was quite negative and that is the same to look at the world quite depressed and there are a lot of pain in her drawings she had so psoriasis. A private good this is the joint pain and the skin brushes and so on. And yeah it was interesting to see it what was amazing with Mark that was. Just one week she was shining like the Sun her depression was. You couldn't see it and see changed completely her lifestyle. You saw so that they didn't lose weight but then Mark that was an exception for that was when she came for a follow up 3 months later she had lost 8 kilos I think I think the last time her office in most 10 kilos in total so she seized total a chance to live and was in the most interesting with her you know what her husband when she came back with her car with his comment was. He wasn't so interested about the blood levels going down that's very important is that he got a new wife. And this almost is afterwards and he has been sharing what steps a life has done with his wife to all his friends at this time or that they were both in the program and they also invited 2 other friends with dancing there they like to do this different old Swedish type of dance. Year earlier they invited other friends to so they have been probably the you know asked about marketing before probably the best that marketers or it has been all guests who have been sharing that experience so the people who come close to for. This she has been on our program 4 times she was there this this is the 1st time 2013 was also here this summer 2008 did and that's one actually her husband who was there for the 1st time we have a picture of him here and stayed there the smart club. He shared actually in this example that before my wife couldn't hit play cards and a good share because she had sort of pain in her hands she had to stop with her work to get to because of the pain in their joints and theaters and he said I can't understand why but it's sense to be on the steps of life and change your diet. Yes no problem with her figure and they did expensive operations of all corporations would like to try to fix that you're going to sit in there have you didn't work changing the diets fix all that. And so she is just one example of Mother fantastic transformation of the seas continue to eat bass for the last 5 years and she feels so much better she lost weight she started to exercise and she has no pain they can do things that she couldn't do before. And yeah and he he said this he was participating in the discussion groups and. I hope and pray one day that they also will accept the spiritual aspect of our message but they are very impressed they always give a few 1000 across the next talk after each year to like support the ministry and they're not being Christians so that it's very inspiring to see how people are even of a faith support and we have the believes they have been spreading it all their friends to them and we get to guests every year from this couple and this is actually their presence here so it's an amazing story with more fans and no question has also had a basic story that you just want to say creepy I mean it's amazing how this very staunch atheist is our biggest promoter and he's always embodying the. First Governor. Yes the big man yeah. He's not everybody's The guy 80 years old don't go back to he did he believe that he is overrated that he was a jeweler's all. Right how about. Just a quick story that's more on the spiritual nature of Mary here she came to one of our health clubs seeing some of this health clubs and she heard about her talking on the addiction and depression and some of the root causes you know if his daughter also mentioned often we made Akkad our broken feelings or our. But are different but habits etc and she wanted to know more about this list the kids are interested in this list because she didn't have very. Risk factors etc But her main interest was these it's holistic a spiritual element as well. Her story with social sure there's a social worker locked with the press to move around so that are coming so she wanted to come just for that reason and she was getting very interested in the especially the existential the spiritual side of it she had just when she came to us she was quite depressed she had gone through a divorce or recently as a young kid I'm just trying to make sense of exchange here married a guy called Joseph So they said that he was a Christian you know as Mary and Joseph might marry them and they thought oh my god isn't all of this but then God had left them they felt because everything ended in ruin that separate but through this is sweet it spoke to several times my brother had spiritual talks with her when she came back to the union as well as his best he wanted to talk to a pastor just very hungry for this I know she's been she's taking Bible studies right now she's really open to to the police the package and she wrote me actually just today you know for the New Year she said meeting you guys was the best thing that happened in 2018 and I really that's so much more hope and faith for the future so we didn't push anything on her right she came home free and we we treat it like Jesus had been to minister to people's needs then there then they will ask for more as well so that's a quick story from down into this is that we have a co-op we could actually wish for one treatment or coaching hockey or the other could wear shoes most off your shoes because their shoes. Spitta talk which is part of their. Design versus shows us a lot of us can't miss the most. Get. It or. Wish to do is see the spirit of Hydra that's amazing how people. Set their Sweden. And this is what a strong that's what. We've we've been praying with her for her and we can be praying for her as well here's another story all scattered here his parents come to the health club here to go home and Oscar weighs around 130 kilos we have a theory he's 29 years old. He'll host and he came because of course he wanted to change in his life starts on his parents who are pushing mania so this is a challenge as well to sometimes get them themselves to feel that passion for change will be and. So he did very well during the week he has absolutely no Christian background but he was very interested he got along very well with the young people there right so there was a few older people but there are young people as specially the helpers and a few of us are past you're very involved in the church and he's very interested in what does that look like what it had been tism and we had talks after talks after was. You know whole week together eventually of talk about most things he's not talked to anyone about his life so he became very open to this he wanted to meet up when he lives here in remote not too far away so we invited him to social activities. Very few times you know it's really like warming to the idea it's a long step for him to go to his health is improving slow and steady I counsel with him every week check up with a how he's doing but it's really some people like this we need to pray we need to continue meeting with it's not that great sunshine story at ladies now 80 kilos but. But you know give their I hope and these other kind of stories and the people you meet every day motivate you to do medical missionary work and I think we were finishing with. Just a drop of the manual so some of this showed up very quickly because with mission yet if it is not in the sea of the everyone has written down the e-mails who want to have it so it was Sunday to us we are finishing it in a few weeks and we want to and end with the sounds and 9 cursed with the hope that the work that's that's what life has been doing for 6 years can be inspirational for you guys and that is if you go through here if you want to call some of us here and if you want to help to try to stalk one in your local church and then mark in Norway and Finland or in whatever country you live in we will have this man and I will enlist and Swedish so it's everyone here understanding this that that's why we have that if we have a boy and remember that I mean we have seen some examples now what the health message can do actually in transforming people's lives and it's also important officials saying in the follow up and to continue having called by the people that's the key is that everything that we get soon after we as well this media was brought to you by Adil 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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