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How to be a Missionary on my Campus?

Chantal Tomlinson


  • December 30, 2018
    10:30 AM
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DEMICK they just want to thank you so much for this time that we have to share on how we can be more effective missionaries be on campus or to our neighboring campuses and wherever we study wherever the students that we can support the military that may be with us that we may speak. And they may show us. How we can be like. Jesus Newman. So you're for this workshop are split into 2 sections we have the 1st and the 2nd part the 1st part will really be looking at kind of the vision the mission iteration behind being missionary campus then the 2nd part practical ways in which he can share with those around you so the aim of this 1st part. Is to highlight the great opportunity that you have asked students on campus by campus and so equipped with since gives an idea this is a very short time period that there's so much more that I could share but I really just want to kind of get a thinking there's a lot. Of things that happen as I've been saying so it's the same thing as well as. I still really give you kind of an area as to how you can do. So. That so just to give you some background for myself so I am not currently a student I just finished. A master's in research but prices that when I 1st went temples I was studying got. And in the next side of those who share more about how. To really be passionate about sharing those on campus. But after I got involved in campus machines I really got to know saying Man I just want to keep. Acting and minister to other students because the idea of going in and not having that mission it's. Really didn't seem attractive I think just keeping a student keep supporting the group than I had nothing that so that led me to. The next. And so happened as well there on that time this mission was really growing to the point where our conference really took hold of it and so I didn't need to help with the conference to help other students and other campuses to carry them. And in the process I've been a wild lives i 1000 in the school than I've been learning about how to summon issues and how to manage the sustainably so business management basically somebody thank you so that's Isn't it about me and how did I get into the campus ministry. In my 1st year of university when I 1st went to university I had the idea that when I when ever I was doing I wanted to use whatever I had planned so I already had that in my mind but I didn't there how that was quite. My guns University and the firstly from Australia to invest and make sure that their charts I had the addresses of 2 churches in the city and I chose a long process and the 1st Sabbath I went and a great experience as well as much time at someone's house and then. I was very shy at that time and they have used BY I was to lose every Friday. Join if I was there and the. Very high church was very active now this is something that is very. Very sadly. Having a vibrant young department is really helpful because even if you don't have an official club on campus this is a way in which. They can be inspired and he nurture it to actually be active missionaries so that's where I believe will start things to me this time and Penny to this ministry so I got really about the person and sort of the 2nd year of my time in that city we actually went away to invent all right by the conference and it was a students thing and in this day it was really a way to inspire students to be mission. And to be bold about it and say. This To this day and there's a speaker who just can't. Be missing how many Demas went to the mat and he was highlighting the fact that sometimes you the. University and the parish shy away from sharing the gospel you may go to church and they know going to church and they may remember you do said things of babies and things there really. Was something. That started this. Look Chris isn't. What am I really daring and is my spirit what it should be and then. There Since you are sharing how they were sharing the gospel officially are. On campus the latest one is in my head misses. I think my university to do with a group like this so. I let that idea try to get one out at best to get some of them to start people at campuses added a quick version that didn't work out because you need to be a student on campus. So the vision died out lay dormant until the following in spite of the recent fling that minivan to the States who for months was a good lead in the things that they're doing some a great while were there we were encouraged and what we were learning practically so much shame at university I happened to have a list of students on my phone and I wrote them together is that if a guy has idea that campus have vastly different cities to share the gospel everyone as a whole is basically that's how start so the 1st public pictures there were 2 groups from a couple 1000 years that were running so we started the name Kristi that then society was just brainstorming and thinking in general needs. To students on campus and so we thought it was really great we had a small but we have amazing experiences where there is ego wants you to start at home to charge independent hands and when we started the company coming along way you still plan you and use really as a basketball and around that time he was then having to. Present it going to. And you really enjoy hounds and going in. And say he found that the campus was really. Coming in over the next couple of these events. And you should be. Made that decision coming to the campus and so after they stopped the 1st 2 years. And made. The logo on my. Picture and that was a way to kind of unify the groups around the time on the camp conference things. Who we belonged to who was checking with adoption and things are in the church so that was that's just an introduction as to how I got involved. And as this this. You know missionary campus I just wanted us to look at the question of. Who is a missionary the question. Ever imagine being as a missionary does everyone agree with that. So I looked at the dictionary definition and it said that missionary someone stands on a religious mission especially one sense of where Christianity in a foreign punching. So the question from that is especially one sense initially says a person sent on a religious mission is there anything specific. So we just cancel the biblical example. If we turn to junk shop to follow. The story of the. The woman at the well. And we see the inside her experience. And how she was a missionary and in the same way we are to be missionaries so I well read the full story of the Navy familiar to us just the highlights and key points. For the women at the well she was the woman that basically was in the crowd but we see that Christ in this sense was a missionary to her in that God led him to the place. And we see a parallel here with us on our campuses international students it may be that God leads us to a certain university to a certain who are to a services social group for us to be a missionary to someone's isn't because he just didn't need to go through summer and in fact culturally it wasn't something that he should be doing as a Jew but what led him to summer to meet this woman and in the same way. We should be led by. Led by God so that in our various communications with students in our interactions with them God can lead us in the series so when he went there we find that is a very practical situation that opened up the opportunity things to actually share the gospel because he sat there and he said the woman came and he asked as a children's ward and it's in the saying we will go into the king the 2nd session how moving the means of mingling with students is a way in which we can then share the gospel. And then we see as we continue on the sea that Jews are they will use the physical example of physical water to show these ancient Ansel's as the living water that the same thing with very practical situations happen to. A fellow students professors those around the state university to prayer. But the part I want to highlight and worse is the fact that. Later on in check to. See that in later on in verse 29 of Chapter. She just so it's of course she forgot about why she was even there and she ran into her village and she told everyone come and see a man told me over things that I did Could this be the crowds then they went out of the city and came to and search and then what actually talks a lot about how. This was an example of the missionary come to Christ she met him silver the water and the experience was just bottling up in her that she had to go. With this and then the others came to him and it's the same with us as you know is that while we are having that connection with God in this field that is. The natural impulse that the wrong. Others can come to some skin to read this quote in the Desire ages page $195.00 it says that every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary he be James of the living water becomes a fountain of lives they receive becomes a giver and so the person being a missionary accomplishes the cycle in which you receive parents and then when everybody for her you then go out and share with others now maybe that this is on an individual basis $1.00 to $1.00 that have conversations differently may have absence of your friends maybe on a larger scale we start a group we have a group that is going imagine together but either way and in a small always was the in the smaller ways more public settings this is the commission that we have. To further illustrate this show you know this text in Matthew 28920 which is the mission that. Christians this is what we should do it we should be doing this is our missionary mandate so it's no different for us on campuses and I actually think it's a very neat things that can actually show those who can read this and sex together. Very very poor and the nation is about finding the area living under the sun. Teaching there. Was American. Eagle. So this is basically a blueprint is that how. The missionaries we had to go the 1st thing that occurred so as a whole in the past you know. The question was going. Through your who are 5 how many of you know. And do the people around us know that where do they know that even the gods that exist changed lives in the meaning in the time when students and it may be having me questions about. What it is many different theories are many different thoughts and many different well and you have your anatomy neat ways in which you can spread the gospel and something that was shared with me. My SO MANY of it is the fact that when you're at university you have the any. Impact because it's all over us especially in Europe you have people that consul. And say Can you imagine if you were sitting next to someone can you share the gospel of. Christ and they go back home. They have their family and they then go in and show China and that's part of China that just you share some. Or you can take it to the other side that you may be sitting next to someone in South America show them their land and they go back. There and they go back and so it has a ripple effect that being in this very small area this time here for 5 how many years you can actually and this is something that saddens me that as you know. We can really help a certain person. Because it may be that you meet someone that comes generally. Wealthy that someone really in the wind chill that is impacted by the boxful and then. Who has a maybe what you need and certainly need them or you know you have a growth. In which you can reach people. From around the world so the question I want to ask is does the Bible inspire the writings and speak of being do we have an example. That's right so. That is the best example of the one that is going to highlight and that's very much we have done you and and so we know. That you learn as a student in the sense that he let his her lentil that was to me. Culturally Lanny and when we trained to study our. You know in the ballet thinking. And that interview. Same time you. See that. What lessons do you learn from them. In Malaysia. 72 minutes. It was well over. You know. Our vice. Presidency. And I think that's an important. Being missionary on campus really stems from understanding ardency do we know who we are and price you know what we believe doing very neatly because we find an army. Taking away way anything that. Can be sent away by friends that are in the same way Oh you can. Change that or not and so your understanding identity you are price and believing in that is very. Any other parent. And it's yes exactly that is also very important then people highlighting that because he had friends that when the campaign that music theory you could get it from saying let's pray that the King is going to kill all of the white men if he doesn't find an answer to this. And that and so it's something that very much and. Less need to have. Friends any time that he. Lets friends and I know. That you will have a family there's a group of friends that we just hang out time and chat and you know just chill and Byron and there was one moment that we really like inside just. Like we don't know whether I think it will go that is inspiring. You are just the rock musician that started a program so about friends who each other in the morning and read. And write things and then we pray to different requests for friends and I would say that as one of the most powerful experiences is. That time and time again but had I not had those friends. The temptation will eat friendship only companionship so if you get found it is very Another thing to say that's something that's very important that knew he had friends around and you know many of. You still have friends who. Say that that's definitely a very. Variable name and have those friends pretty that. They're just going back as well as the house. Is amazing because there are. And then I was in the Larry and I are now someone's church. And I was telling about meeting the sounds and then you don't hear so now. So you go through us together and she was wanting to start anywhere but what was to go. Hard on another and. Pray and ask. Open. Up Nicole. So looking at. Elyse writing she has she has a section that selected messages that speaks specifically about him. Going to be thinking big. So this Course says they say have the spirits who have the truth through it into their very being should be encouraged to enter colleges and live the truth as Daniel who. Each one should study to see what is the best way to get the truth into the school that the lights may shine so how do you discuss these see examples and have an eternity they will their great consequences. Ready just that. Despite what was going on around him and we see that she says that she studied to see the best way to schools and I believe that one of these ways is by registering us on the side of the university temples because that is a very open way that there at the moment I don't isn't in the very with a religious. Sense which other. Families at the moment it's something that can be done there and to have a program that's a view to share the gospel. It may be that in some places that is not possible so it's important to study the best we may be that having characters the message that we will ministering to people women want friendship vandalism and so. That any American sexism like this is it wasn't a great loss what is the best way to get. Around and continuing she says that all those who asked to becoming established rooted and grounded in the truth should enter these institutions of learning as students they can keep the living principles of the tree and observe the Sabbath and yet they will have opportunity so what are the must buy things. In minds and hearts under the influence of the herd the seeds will spring up to bear fruit to the glory of it and we will result in the singing. And we see that it's important that you are grounded and established in the church because as you as we saw the woman at the well as she receives prayers and she believes in. And if you're not rooted and grounded as his house on the sound of the rock when the winds calm and the child home and their friends have persecution then he certainly didn't grow up and I think this is this is often the the problem I see many young. They are maybe already shaky in that which is why when they see that. But for those who may be parents or who marry young people before you know that it's important to cultivate supposing that relationship so that the ground so that when they go into the schools that they will have the mindset to be in the way to be or women just. Passed by and then consider about later on that when they go they have is in their heart that yes go to the schools a missionary degree would be a secondary thing but my main purpose is that which is. And I just want to share. If you had of the series cooling. It's run by the turn a team from the England conference and they've been putting together a series of figure on. Church history from the reformist time right the way out into the of insists the brain is so we see that in not only history we have the example we know that history repeats itself and I believe that when it said and actually exciting time when students are realizing this and see that we have to be missionaries and so we can take hold of that so she ends this section then of what I say. But I guess they don't present this method of labor so there is danger that those who have no connection with who place themselves in the school. And instead of correcting error in diffusing lads will themselves be led astray but then she says this is the part that I think is important but this work must be done and it will be done by those who lead. So even though there's a great danger if you're not grounded in Christ and in doing this there's also a great opportunity he says this is a work that will and must be done and I believe we may have some in here that willing to take this. To read this. To be missionaries on campus so I just want to the group that we the groups that we run in England on campus this is the the mission and the aim of the objectives that we have as a public campus ministry so we have a twofold mission the 1st is to retain some of their bent public campuses so. Maining isn't just a rating and then. That was one of those actually one of the things I was spending on my home and. Many young people go away to university and they wouldn't come back to church that just. Kind of twenty's in the charts and I thought Why does that have to be the king's you know it's an investor that's why I made sure that I purpose in my house because I didn't want to be a part that statistic that was just crazy to that city and then just leave in the press and the 2nd part of the mission is to train so have there been public campuses to fill the Great Commission. I'm being when I have a compass is they Mr preached at us in Brussels or the unique message that we have of the Church of derangements which is going as we saw in the great mission cheating them. Teaching them all things so all the things that we understand is true them from the Bible and eventually backers and now this is not to say that the theory is that someone may become baptized there are cases is actually a testimony I want to share with you someone serious limits of that insist on campus came about as well and these if we can play a part in this purses then sort of people being led away from that time in university we can actually have 2 of them to cross so the idea is to their mission. Involved send them insists retain them in in Christ in the day and train them in the service so that instead of leaving university with the mindset just what you're really going to get. That they may leave actually more empowered which is part of the. Original have that person's education that who actually quit the service and move on part rather the less. So looking at the impact of successful campus ministry as I mentioned we have there's a parable in part that you can have that we can have an impact who professes because it may be that you be in it to be. That mystery just the way that. Christ's presence in the. Region verses. Which you have an impact to do and eventually. One for maybe that we would see the seed. And basically this has been the HI EVERYONE great was great. The ME not just come with me to see the impulse in Cygnus in mind that I never that nation such a villain denomination I went to in the past I was christened as a baby. In that Judge Brinn not that comes me say when I went to Cuba one of my good friends did not mention it we lived together and secondly it was the living together that I check those it actually didn't given me any finite they got they had by visiting they didn't mean that I have to cut when you are trying to be needed as a great believe different and. Different places. And they as well so I've been by the meal will this is when they came out flat initially and say yes the same. Thing me if I'm also joined by the the mention the city. Through the files that he's a little too much truth in the Bible. Prophecy to them to be prophecy the great control the sea the factory the savage the help Mrs. Simitian a lot of how you have members will and any new thing is true and sitting together as a group is. Wow this is all in the Bible who I will do the puzzle pieces fit together and that wow this is incredible and. True. To the line and the reason why we and this will please you that we have asked Christian so I do the truth again and about when did you use this in the Bible in my final year of university I joined in the general Did you see in the due time I got Isn't that just in the May And when I changed I was became very active in a why that was cool and then there was as well as. I am very grateful to have ministry because without my friends being the Holy Spirit and thought using How do we do the witness to me that this you get and fighting on this NG was both in the I was about know the truth I know that I was still writing in search of our love not know. How silly it was a new child. And what is not true but I know now because of the why of these that we did and when we did the Bible study we made by will inch. In a incredible what we can and this is true this is true the need to be told the people out that do that and have as many as you it's so easy to do that so we can watch it and do it get out there and people tell us ministry the truth how to you don't seem to be a. We didn't see the new NOT to this well to you my friend was my thing yes a Bible study yet the truth yes I know you've gone on and even though I didn't you go to school I knew you and I had so much better relationships there are those. That I did school and that you know in the Bible. And the thing was goes with other people so you know how do you help a good lot of what you are doing is amazing and we got to keep growing because without it I mean millions of that today are in the cities are by day and image and active in the community Amen and use the palm of. And yeah I would be too I am of the I am today not have come to this truth initiating but that there I am for that for a very great book was written the people in my life and putting that not all these I get. But I will give no go of. Those you can see. Me about. When they I did. Not she did what you doing and keep writing to me. So you can see the truth. Bubbling out. Of others and so the question I want to well say that it's time to be about father's business on our campuses and are you ready to be a Latin university campus. Are you ready to help them be prepared to be. We have about 10 minutes now for any question. Just a question of why I think that. And I think it really stands. Well equipped to say that students are not in tune with purpose and grounded in the truth and have that missionary spirit. The universe. What was probably brewing inside is that experience along with the different challenges that. We've been hearing all the things that are interesting. More tangible maybe than what they've experienced before that joy in a way that. And this is something that I I often try and think of because I didn't really have that sphere and while it so I try to put my myself in that position and. I really think it's because I've had experiences since university where questioned more about. Why I believe. And what keeps draw me back. And giving my life to God in that way is what's helped. And this is something that was kind of instilled. In her. To be able to think of different things and I think if. It's this is no. It's easy there's no confidence. From my experience. In this let them talk the action. Will be covering them Christ methods in winning so that's. How we can actually be a missionary campus practically so musical resources and again you have sometimes a question. How many of you familiar with this quote. And this is really the Grant Well they've actually. Hired the campus ministries so it says that Christ method of learning will give true success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with man as one who decided. He shared his sympathy for them ministered to then me and one that confidence then he bade me that. So what were they to do. Each aspect of this and so have you discussed in. Just a couple minutes and then. How you think. That you also have some great ideas as to how this can be done on campus and then we'll be back in and I'll share some of that. So the 1st 2 are how can we make. You understand it's having. So many means yes. Interestingly any car so. Maybe has to very. Well give you a minute just to discuss as it happens even as that happens to those who don't live in campus Well kitchen it sees me they have to. Make a let's come back together. What do you see how. These ideas you can see. Me. Maybe saying the thing that unity. And. The looking for the vision and things that might. Be not only things. But just. Some. Of the. Right. Chip. Yes a Leatherman of the ways in a very practical situation waiting for about us just optimization with. Other. That's really good to. Say as we would have been a better society that other societies of common interests. Could be paying chest so. Named Senate there's kind of crazy and wonderful societies our universities are providing it doesn't make. Joining a society of interest and. I joined a new school site. And there was a variation of the Americas that was a very small. One of them and it's amazing the opportunities that come from that they would have social events. Being hunted out and so they often didn't have a very you know something like why they have the station. For me now and I. Thought. So then I have. Joining other groups are really. Really really. Sorry if you already have. Going to the library and just sitting around and think maybe Burns's you already me that we. Need. Yes. That's also. Just. I think that's right. Yes. So as my friend Ray Sheridan is in the house at. Her friends and this is a single sit in the cooking time and that's a really good time singing You're going to. Maybe even choosing to say. And they sometimes. Scary sorry maybe do something. But taking opportunities to say what do you think of the way that he thinks a minister and I really need a full and just down to the station. That's. Right so to be going through and this career be sharing what. We do practically within our club but I'm just thinking of looking at ways that as an individual and maybe even if we have a car ways in which you can mingle so be thinking individually and also if you're able to have a group how we can be implementing these principles so Christ also designed how do we decide. Against another couple of minutes. To discuss. Then he would like to share his best. Very. Nice. And. I think the message is sent to us is that the entryway is the way that. Over the not hostile. Especially students tend to maybe even analyses away. And they say maybe exams have the stress of the thing is the time we desire that is that hell her way naturally just simple to. Make sure that a desire. And prayer is. Always that. Even to say that this needed me and. That's something that you know. That means that even though they may not believe in you believe a lot of new. Option. That takes us to lead us so. We're not looking at what we want to give but just being. Friends with. And I think that's something that sometimes it is Christian there are places we sometimes think yeah we think of all the things that. We're just. Back to being our friend someone the last time the leaders were looking up they need to stop that was a day later on but also didn't appreciate given the lights and listening shows that you care a lot and I think in this world what if you don't get that that human interactions level that you know. That's something you need to work on as 1st. You know just for men to vote for. Mr. Zanti we. Can. And I know. We're in the. Last minute and. You know my notes. And. So I think. It's. Not. You know that. I mean. I just mean it there's. An irony. Thank you. Yes this is are is a. They all happening every. Study and just be happy with knowing everything and everyone knows that we can change that we want to help them as well do this together. And. So the next one is showing sympathy which I believe kind of overlaps. With but I'll give you a minute just to discuss it any other way think sharing. It is in a sense about thinking how can you show them that you're trying to understand what exactly is. Here. To discuss how. Many ideas. To get sent. There is a basket that exists in the. Patients to understand when someone. Else's. Cancer. Yes that's that's something that I think it is good to me that the ability that period happens when she's in any working talk show getting a contact and trying to keep in touch with if they share something to follow up with that so you mention that explains and certainly How's that going and showing that you remember there's a lot of people who don't remember you tell. When someone remembers. Something. Then you nice person. And. You have a problem remembering his name coming. Any just very soon to them again you couldn't genuinely interested in having the facade that. Really. Means and time that. You really begin to really want. To share with you by you caring they mention. That's an important way need I feel that you can sometimes be doing and have to be. Just being to listen and praying to God as a friend to show us how can. Can. And I believe all of that leads to winning. We see that this is a step by step process. Given as to how to reach people and it's primary incidents way but inside I'm working right is going down and sometimes you get to the end without having to go to this person winning some of. The different people that may take different amounts of time so people make the person wins. All the people in me just really when there is just the that friend just to be consistent with being there for them praying. He can be that bridge you know if you don't see evidence in their friendship because be surprised when someone sees that you care the Friends of them when they're in trouble. And I've had a few instances where I write that and friends for different things and you know just been there for and charge me and. Be together and even. When they have a crisis the cool thing missing really for me we. Share can you encourage me and they. Care and things. They know that anybody even though they know that and. So. The women that confidence there are. So whether they're ready. We can share price. So we're going to now discuss all the needs because the quick then talks about Christian minister and so this isn't what this is an aspect that is really at the crux of campus when she's looking at the needs of students you know when looking at planning events. Basically there's no point at all thinking that people need. In this series and they don't actually need to panic thinking well that's not a need that. Doesn't make sense so simple and needs so let me end in your dreams again to discuss the needs of students in a new university where you are many. Students. What did you discuss just out of NISA physical needs wasn't physical needs that students. That's just the toughest gap are all right. How do you. Actually. Move. That's where. The. So there's a very practical needs that I think is universal. They need away from her definitely cooking cleaning all of that even things like financial management. Even looking academically is. Knowing what career. Very practical skills that university may teach you something that you. Think that. There's a difference in the way the. Very practical suit is something that you know initially we didn't have was a promise to really think that it was a training. Mission. So we actually started out in the meetings that actually. German. For that game what do you say those. Students are there. Variables is one thing that one of the things that. Is Important Well they're individually sharing a meal with some of those have having seen this. Initially. There was a moment she was you know that she and she jerked from a neighboring city she's gotten me things issues into the evening. She made a lot of different things that we had initially and then for the next 2 years we had things that. Healthier types of person wholegrain Christmas so we tried to keep it natural healthier vegetarian and. I think now that meeting they have one of the Leyton cherished. It depends on what you aim to provide and it's time to make things some groups just. Trying to go where the help. Is important. How about any immigration. Access. Close. Stress management is a. 6 year round exam time. Just around. The time is coming slowly definitely. Yes. And I think that's something that they need to that I think this is physics are rising. The number of young people that a person especially around the university. You know I think what we're discussing earlier with depression Martin is a. Chance to win the confidence that a good way to be. Even inviting you have a part. Of that. I didn't care. And that you know there. Are. These needs that are important to think that whenever you want to think how can you be a missionary and have this when you get to the point is looking for those nice and innocent. These are some of the things that he loved can't what can I do what can we do to help meet me. As Christ. And then we see the final part of this person that he then. In so. Mighty is how can we share who invited him to slippers. And interested in Iraq's alchemy even how do you get. When they are. Yes. This. Is. His. Own. Personal. Use more. One. That many. Say being propelled by someone who is interested to have that balance. And also believe that they are as well and that communication is even the same to say well I don't know barristers about would you like 1st to read us together and says that I was losing and. Then starting that questioning they may go on to study the Bible. And that's where we come in and then be very sure. When that means that. Of C. as well as part. Of our own studies as well in the great stimulating and. This only points than anybody can as he said but you can then they ask questions and then you can then by I think. You can then study that. And indeed go naturally answering the questions. And they can learn more about. Me. Here as well. Or. Secondly radical Islam testimony is how. They have Christians will now that they know that's something that. I think as well get into practice and they meaning shames us and. Tell us we met Christ. How he met her once and then how changed. Communities is insulated and so sure that in her. These are just and as we've discussed. These are some of the things that. The president way that me and we can actually share person tempers so. That in the thousands and saying something comes up that. Contradicts the background then we have. You know that movie and it's a story that people only have to defend maybe animal on one on one basis in the film. And so many ask for example to do the 7. Something. And that's where being grounded is and goes and you understand why. The existing that someone. From the Bible and one on one friendship evangelism housing is probably. The the best way to start this versus only as. Building a relationship with. And it is apparent even with professors. Professor that I had so when I was. Finally. And there was a professor that interested in doing research in health. And so I wanted to do a project and said. That. I was planted with her as my supervisor and it's interesting that actually during the research. Research and. Then coming to actually learn about. This very academic. Connection and then it went on that in my research and I was researching him about this she wanted to. Continue doing business and help in a university but this came I guess you wouldn't say when the necessary stuff. Trenchant But through that academic contacts we actually have now become friends in that I know I can just sort of outings or missionary training she says that there's many different things and there is a secular heart but it's about being open and willing to be led by go in different areas smoke if I was going to share a bit more about that. Now this is something again that you could say Go workshop just that this is an answer and carriers of the cause had been sent here and there are these conference resources. And starting in a. Really great way. It's an open way you know as you are. There as you have to submissions and you know even those people they can get to as well even. In this. World isn't so there's many different ways that we can actually. Witness on campus some just not in other places. So one of my. Inspirations will kind of the structure that we developed 3rd campus and yet from a management training Vincent mentioned yesterday he is an elder in Australia and they have quite a few you know parents. In the city. And they started using it. As a way to carry their church and then ease their ironing that they may not redefine Sharkey's roles. And one thing that they do within the campus ministry is have a 2nd term solution so this is something out there you know suggests Sherman the United. They have there are you that kind of go through that purpose is a. Present. In the current you. Leaving. So what can happen sometimes of campus ministries is that you just want to get everything else. And there's no structure that. When you say so you could end up just being right this day being tired of trying to diminish you. Know what it. Can end up being frustrated so. The concept. Of the Bible. Which also said Christmas so you have the sewing periods where you are in the seat in the hall today that one is there growing under the soil then it reaches the point of that. And then you have this. And then you then and then that person again and we see that this is. Suggesting that at the beginning you may have a lot of students that you need certain that mingling. With you have a different schools. Of those students but then it narrows down as you go to really you then find other people. And that's. Not to say that. They just and that. We can see. That maybe just affiliated but not as. As interested in straight away. So this is the time period that we. Will academic calendar months and. Saying here is interesting year but what we do is in September to December are. Going. To. Generate some watches that cultivating So it's building on that interest me. Making time for September to December and then all of this time March to a group that's a time where we've actually recently tried to have a family. So around the end of the to have an opportunity where we speak messages. From the Bible and invite people to make that decision to make the decision to be baptized make. Use of the major decisions coming to the society things but we're trying to invite people to actually make. The commitment and then the action periods native animals. That's a period where. There's a sense that he connected with those concepts maybe having a summer camp a retreat where even the rules of. Doing something on land. So this is something that we found has really helped to streamline and to give. Everything that we've. Just named their leading groups so again we have the final funnel. So you see that you have a lot of contacts in the beginning to be the ones that are really interested obviously that you need to study the Bible and the spiritual base and that here is to mention is that it is. So maybe that is that they want to be baptized that's a time we can see if I was. To go through that discipleship are. You. Sure in that how you live when you believe in the. Parents. So now this is all kind of the ideal the final is different it really depends how much you want. But it is it doesn't work. But we do see that those are really the kind of evidence. It seems very fruitful and be able to see results so it depends on the different campuses can be from maybe and we mean when it's very even we can program it could be that into the thing so it depends of the resources in terms of people. Variance it doesn't necessarily have to be. An easy way to speak. To the decision so parents. This is on campus so this is a legible. Oh University. So this is where depending on where you are you may find that. Some universities get supposedly the. Top things that maybe. Maybe under the guise of health but you still haven't. Done this way that was in the lead. But anything that universities have been forced to have. By no is a very. This is what we've been doing in England just a snapshot some of that. So in the 7th year we have things like after the 1st name. And needs an. Immediate. Need. A nation some kind of activity waiting. To be interesting. You bring them together. To get. To be that you have a session may bring. Yeah that's why there's a society that we say that meets the physical spiritual mental emotional needs of students so when you look hard to. All of this. Say that we say that we're missing. But these are different things and you find that the interest in this. We had school sessions that just came to us by and there's. This idea that there is a science you able to reach students. At different stages maybe some environs Allee's That's an interesting plan some. Social aspect. But in our minds we know that we're just trying to mingle and. That will have an impact and so. In that setting period as well. People. And. Have. Said. It's. OK we live. I mean hello I think we ready said. Yes So we basically gave each. Thing. We said that we need something out. Everyone lives as eternal fancy and. So they. Should have. A nice way to bring people together a bit of fun. Is an opportunity. To. Do that so you can really create. Doesn't. Think create. Yes. These are all I mean of. That have been. Around. Maybe that's something. Maybe not and. So it's something that can be adapted by do you know they can have a great. So don't actually say that no in the cultivating and that's that's that's really interesting you have a crisis and I pass. And we actually did this and you basically say to me challenge you can. Change in Egypt we will go. And we have you know this happens. And then it will that we we challenge the mansion we shan't be in these bushes different. And they will have a sheet where they tell you. Next week to challenge you should. So by the end each day transit and human. Lives you get points. And get bonus points for coming to the meeting so many other meetings get. Any other goals actually get them a point many times it is a very. Is that they may say there is actually to the meeting. At the end we basically have and English all of a meeting in. The end we have a winner and you have the window was. About. That there will be. Is always how great are they actually being a society and they're learning things as we get that trust in one's. Heart. To start only in a small way. And something. Genuine. In Australia they have people. That. Have. Really great opportunity. And I know our time is up so. So again in that part of a time we have a relationship. With. Relationships. That times have run ins and that I didn't challenge so that's again. And in that time as well even though at any point there are. So have you as a new. Interest. So the 1st is that it's like the freshest the 1st and all societies have those. Environments in there so our university and many others in. January time though have a smaller version. So in that's precious or reverses that's not the way you can vent so the real question is that you. Hear the silence or. Could be that in you precious A. Welcoming and needing help from A to B. can get contacts and you get contacts in the heavily. And then the 1st thing he wrote that would be the time when you had your Majesty. And then lunch ring discipleship training say many different things. For the visitor. That virus. From the doctrines and there's a man who. Lives. Where it's a. Balance. And. Whose idea you want to lead. And learn more about her her even though that may be yet it is still ready to that person being. The learning. That we can hope to. Work. And in England as well as a student can. Be. Missing. That. So. Yes OK. This is what when you have mental illness that. Charge you. Just bury it that. May be. Practically live and then. Things are very. Well I was running it. We didn't really have that much generally then. So really it was. Sensible. And this is mainly because I was spending a lot and doing. Things so the end of the green I wasn't really sure he made the post I know that but many. Anyway will understand. Why was that. There was. And despite. I really encourage students to. Take that step to give. Me No matter. And an early added everything else career he. Continually has so many other things that happen in my life that. Go just less than we need take care of. Seem that they feel a bit strange as we were yesterday here are. My business and. So yes I pray this has been a blessing this may be something that you may want to do after this workshop. You have a group from university so. It's a way look at how you can name these principles aside. To create that vision it's. Mainly that you very. Very have friends. Releases. And even leaders that want. Me to. Present the. Prize goes anywhere and. When it was here. Today saying wait you need that is what has. Placed you. So you know if you're not going to. Start it. All very. Very. Sure. Just pencil and with some resources. Friend. And interestingly this is a ministry that is growing in the in the General Conference and they've appointed a public campus ministries director so the church is starting to put more funding and resources into this ministry so we're really exciting time where there's a lot of hope of a know who and when I talk to those and being really like no one really knew about it but over the years it's really grown. Capitalize a little so these are just the resources I need to get. There any other resources that. This. When. We did the Bradley. Yes it was a graphic and I want to do that in the Senate. There. So adding isn't. Any final quest. Partners. So you can kind of me that her anyway. There's an amazing story with actually there's a girl that was looking at. Jewish friends. Coming to commit University. And she did another mass and. She thought that was fun to see then so you think the events through that. Movie how she was there a city that she had never voluntarily we didn't hear of our then social media is really that way you can get missions and have them around campus and there are all the living campuses also universities may have analytic screenings. Wait a minute or. Well. Wait maybe a sign and say have section to. See if there's many different ways that you are wishing. And one of the arrows that many societies have. Needed and mediations anyhow not people that we. Use any signals. We do grow 1000 pencils and they're. Really the rules. For. Certain other questions just close. Down the politest want to thank you for. Thank you for. The privilege. And. Any. Interest. And what I want to begin this for the times we have been. When they. Reached out. To. The individual. You have them here in a reason for their. Campus. Larry that they send you here. And share them. I pray that Mimi equip them with everything that they need when there are many other like many. Ideas I pray that we make it. Every day and is that. There really that Will is that many. Friends. Jesus' name in. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you know if you would like to listen to more sermon leave is it W W W audio verse talk or.


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