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How to Have a Vibrant Bible Study Experience?

Vincent Bujor


  • December 30, 2018
    12:30 PM
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Father you have no mighty God we want to thank you so much for this beautiful day we want to thank you that you woke up woke us up this morning that we have the gift of life Lord and as we're coming together to study your word we pray that there we may gain something new out of the work that it will be a life changing experience for each and every one of us so that we can see the beauty and well the awesomeness of your work the word we are looking forward to that we prayed the Holy Spirit may be present right now with us and that he may guide us into all truth in Jesus name Amen. So before we talk about studying the Bible we have to know what the Bible is all right if you want to know how to study something you need to know what your study that's clear enough so let me ask you something what do you think is the Bible. The Word of God Amen that's true what else. You know let me start simply All right the Bible is a text OK The Bible is not all the attacks it is an old text OK it was written a long time ago we have to remember that when we study God's word what else was the Bible written in Stockholm Sweden. No right. It is a foreign text it is from another country you know when you go to other continents it's even from another continent if you will right so it is not really common for us to know the culture and the context of everything that that that surrounds the Word of God OK So we need to understand that when we look at the text and also this is the most important thing obviously it is the valley spot right we claim that the Word of God is inspired and this is what we believe a Sunday Adventists. It's also sophisticated text if you if you look at prophecy of your work out whether the founders of our church have been studying right you know that it is very you can go very deep and we actually got to take a look at that today but I want you to remember to notice something. The author of the pencil took R.K. I'm going to read this quote It's from one of the favorite my favorite books it's called Peter Exxon's profits page 245 the author says most fitted to take preeminence among the great of the earth to shine in the courts of its most glorious kingdom and to sway to scepter of its power his intellectual greatness distinguishes him above the great men of all ages as historian poets philosopher general of armies and legislator he stands with our peers. This is the description of the man who wrote the 1st 5 books of the Bible. It was not just like a read of a guy who set down and wrote some words this is phrase this was probably one of the most intelligent people at that time OK. You have to imagine God is like I need someone to write the 1st few books of the Bible who am I going to choose and chooses God OK. OK then you might ask a Do I really have to study the Bible I cave maybe we're all sitting here because we want to study the Bible and then adds I mean some people are asking this question is should we St I study the Bible is the life of the bosal thought a spiritual thought in the morning enough you know if you really have to read the Bible every day let me let me show you this quote here. The Bible was not written for the skull all are alone on the contrary it was designed for the common people the great truths necessary for salvation are made as clear as noonday and none will mistake a lose their way except those who followed their own judgment instead of the plain you reveal will of God You see that so when you look at the Bible should we see the Bible as a historical book that's all in there for the scholar Oh no it's for the common people it's for you and for me that's something to remember is actually from the book so it's a crisis 89. All right and all we've got to take a look at how to study the Bible we need to remember as certain I would say. Well attitude certain attitudes say you need to. Take into consideration when you study the Word of God OK I'm going to give you some examples here reverence when we study the Word of God We should be reverence we should come to the word humbly I'll explain that it was at least let me ask you something else what else you think is important besides reverence when you study the Bible and the other. After abuse and ever. Open my Yes actually that's going to come later well what else I have a 3rd point here yes. Who's a man as well yeah that's true. Actually I have here something important patience all right when we go to the Word of God and we only have 5 minutes and I like all of them we find something wrong great you know and then I'll know the time is right OK I've got to go you know this is not patiently studying the word OK So this is what we actually need I'm going to show you that later and then what you already I think what you already said curiosity right and openness we should expect true things from the Word of God up let me let me. Explain to them a little more detail OK reverence OK how sometimes people are arrogant when they come to the Word of God and this is happening in our church friends this is not something that is that is totally you know it's all we have the other churches this is happening in our church too we have our own opinion and our expectations before opening the word you know we've been on this story ah yeah I already think what's this is about I don't you know this is this is the context and I only believe this we just really superficially or we don't read it all have you have you experience that Sabbath school someone says oh yeah I know we don't need to open the text that we already know if you don't even read it anymore and you know it's a crazy story the church where my parents go to my parents told me that a couple of weeks ago. The pastor from that church is 7 pay ads for pay the pastor was preaching and when he was preaching the divine message right the sermon at the beginning he said all this text from my you know a new chapter is so and so but yeah you all know the story we don't need to go he's open to any more yeah and he was just preaching like that do you really think you can get a blessing out of the Word of God We are not even opening it from from your memory for the things that you kind of you know filter and then you remember just half of it but that's enough I'm just going to you know this is not going to work out as the same thing right we believe we are you know the tests Oh yeah I know the story of a perhaps the I don't want to I don't need to look at it any more. And then this is something very important friends we use the tax for only agenda I have had people preaching that actually famous evangelists in our church who travel around the work you know and they have servants. They they have they have an idea they read one Bible verse OK and then they say oh this is perfect for this stuff you know and I'm not saying that the thought in general this is evil or not of God You know I remember one sermon it was about the lukewarm Frist OK does the Bible says something about the lukewarm Christian yes or no yes OK so we know what the lukewarm for Sarette presents and all that but he was taking that text and he was taking other texts about the same person the Bible just putting it together the but the your original texts had nothing to do with all these other texts and it was just putting everything together trying to glue it together and for his own agenda I mean you know the core message afterwards was something that you know we can believe as Sunday as it was not something that was not in line with our with the beliefs of the Bible but it was not the story that the Bible was telling and this is the last thing right we take the text out of context. We read a verse Oh yes this is why I say you know the funniest example I have is from my 1st life when I was newly converted. I had this I met this girl in church she was she's a 7th Day Adventist and and she was a little bit already she still. And. And I was reading what I one day I was opening Jeremiah the call of Jeremiah you know of violence as I sat right Jeremiah the 1st chapter he says that I know but the Jeremiah Jeremiah basically says I'm too young for this or I can't do it and I'll and the Lord says no you're not to be honest and I was reading it because I was kind of doubting whether or not to continue things with this girl right there Marty young or not so you know I read the sex I was like Oh you see this is the Bible says you're not like this is perfectly lovely and I was completely ignoring the fact that this is a forum for some specific purpose right of context and I was just thinking that worse and say ah yes perfectly for me if it's for me something important guys and then and then patience This is from the book education by an author called oh why she says on page 123 no one with a spirit to appreciate its teaching can read a single passage from the Bible without gaining from it's some helpful folks but the most valuable teaching of the Bible is not to be gained by occasional or disconnected study it's a great system of truth is not so presented as to be this certain by the hasty or callous reader OK So that means if yours you're reading the Bible really hasty really fast and you're just going to the rights superficially you're not going to get anything out not that much at least she says many of it's strangers lying far beneath the surface and can be of taint only by diligent research and continuous effort while. So that means if you would really want to get something valuable out of the Bible you need to do the deep. Look at the word she is using here treasure Can you believe that the Word of God has treasures that you have to dig for right I mean this is amazing Let me show you something else 1 May read the whole Bible through and yet fail to see its beauty or comprehended steep and hidden meaning one passage study until it significant is clear to the mind and that's relation to the plan of salvation as ever that is of what does it say more value than the person all of many chapters with no definite purpose in view or and no positive instruction good so in other words if you are doing your warning to both write and say OK I want to read at least I don't want to study 5 minutes I want to read a chapter but then some some guy this is happened this happens to me too I say I want to read at least a chapter so and so I open the word and I go to chapter and there's a lot of chapters I am and this is a really long chapter in our case but I said I kept So instead of reading Chapter pasting through the chapter I'm not even looking at the tiles I'm not looking at the contents I'm just reading through and they're like oh get bitten by the chapters over at perfect All right thanks let's pray and let's go up you know that's that's my business through the day this is how. It's better this quarter saying it's better to just well only a couple of verses then to read an entire chapter. You know and and when see you once you understood that you will see it will make a huge difference in your personal the most perfect. Curiosity is this is the 3rd thing I told you that we have to expect great things from go up we have to ask the question what does the offer that the person who wrote this book want to say and though I do I want to see here you know and then someone else said earlier you have to ask God for is them friends I read this quote It changed my life it's never what does it say never should the Bible be study without prayer before opening its pages we should ask for the light of the Holy Spirit and it will be. Amen right it doesn't say it might be given it says it will be given. OK great so if you want to take a look at the word of let's say we have the whole Bible you know where do we start where you want to start today. Many pages right here in this Genesis rather the beginning of the book right that's certain to end its genesis one. I'm going to show you something we're just going to we can't we won't read the whole chapter actually a very good Genesis one and this is the this isn't part of this entire chapter this is the whole this entire process but we're just going to focus on the Discovery the 1st day I'm going to read it for you I'm reading from the King James version it says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and your was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and God said Let there be lights and there was lights and God saw the light and it was good and God divided the light from the darkness and God called the light Day and the darkness he called nights and the evening and the morning were the 1st state to him and so this is the 1st day of creation I want to show you something very interesting. You know how many words we just read the 1st thing in this is the original language by the way in the group OK roughly 31 words. Just to give you an understanding what it means this is the one text that we have where we can see how God created the 1st I mean have is and you're right the 1st say OK. The entire creation process has 470 words in the original language to give you an understanding that this is not the law for I put down on some of the references here usas Declaration of Independence 1320 words Shakespeare The Tempest this is by the way his shortest book with 16600 words down the force Robinson Crusoe 121000 words this is OK I'm putting these up not because I like these books or I support them or whatever but I'm showing you that like this is famous literature writing in the history of human beings OK of the of the century and they used 1200 sorry yeah 1120000 words I mean compared to Genesis 400 percent what does that say about the text. And that's right it's short it's condensed it's very precise. Why do we need to know that when we study God's Word we need to understand that every single word how it is written there has a purpose. We will see that later I'll show you what it what I mean because it's my glowing eyes if you if you see that. You will understand that they are our passages in the Bible that when you when you look at the words you look at the names you look at the location you look at the details the author was saying and you're like why is that you are when you start looking for it you will find great truth great things. Now is my favorite part of guidance I want you to this is why you need this for me I hope you can everyone can see it this is the 1st text that we just read you know the 1st day of creation and then I put the 2nd day of creation right underneath so this is a text I want you to look at this guy's Can you see something productive you can see it I highlighted words I highlighted the words that are repeated in this passage light lights light light light evening and morning were the 1st 8 evening morning were the 2nd day waters waters waters waters waters waters and God called and got a call if you see something here what does that say about the text friends with repetition Yes that's right it repeats itself and it had and it has the words. It gets even better friends. Light light light light light right we see that 5 times in the 1st day of creation and look look at the for faith wait a minute live life lights light light light light the light you see that. One So what does that mean when you so we have we have key words in the 1st day of creation and we have keywords in the form of ration. I have another slide I didn't do it here but if you look at the 2nd thing and the 5th day and the 3rd day and the 6th day you see 26 and you see the exact same thing let me show you something here it has a structure. The techs and this is not only for the story of the creation of the world almost every story you know in the Bible has a structure the thing is we don't see it because we're not studying. What if this those other repeated words in the 2nd day the 3rd day of creation of the 5th then the 6th day we have the same thing with the 1st of the 4th day I just showed you that it was green. Light darkness day night same thing for the 4th day light darkness day night the waters that have the waters have been right earth tree planted seeds and then the same words are repeated in the 6th day where what about the 7th day any words repeated there are no pump why not how do you call this structure does anyone know that this is a parallel structure of the texts. Do you know another structure or another form how it takes how we structure give you hints Oh yes I heard right there a parallel structure and they cry as unwary Kayasth extract. Outs I'll tell you later why it's important but you can you can see right here A.B.C. right and then a want to be one and see one and then there's the opposite pretty high as an A.B.C. And then there's a there's a climax and then there's be one or yes the one you want to say one why do we need to know the whole resized off word sometimes we don't know where the focus of the Texas but when we look at the structure we we can sometimes not all the time but sometimes see where the focus is OK. And let me ask you this then what's the what's of pocus all. Of Genesis 1123. The Sabbath. Is no Mazie. You see how I mean this is from those guys because I eat what I'm doing right now here is a good friend of mine Chrissy's doing the same seminar with the same idea he's taking 3 workshops just to just focusing on this this is huge friends right we can focus on that for hours just to unlock the story seen the key words this structure and this is by the way this is not only in the Old Testament this is the New Testament as well and by my own locking in the structure you can see the clinic's what the story is focusing on. The Sabbath you know sometimes people get annoyed and 7th Day Adventists because we put so much emphasis on the self but check this out friends because you know if the Bible does it I mean if if creation you know all 6 A's you have all these parables you know but they are banned there is the pope is that Aquinas the 7th day everything is their friends. Should that be the same thing right when we study the Bible when we celebrate the Sabbath Amen. And I want to give you some examples you can write that down and check it for yourself if you don't believe it you should you should you should write it down anyway or take a picture or whatever and just go through it here a quick. Examples for parallel structures in the Bible and for R.K. structure is found in a single pass as passages such as Genesis 11 want to know what's the what's the story of Genesis $11.00 tonight and you want. A certain there let's see if our selves Genesis 11. There's a big building. No way yes power baby all right. This is a Kayasth extract sure check it out for yourself good look at the text you can see it starts with the key words from the prototype from the body goes to the middle of and the middle verse basically is the climax we have that also in cycles no of Abraham Jacob's Josep. All the stories high Yes and it's start somewhere in there somewhere about the focus is that in the middle you can take a guess friends what's the what's the climax of Joseph Story What do you think. Of that. OK that's best warm climates you can you can you K.-I you can say that but there's something else happening that's even more intense. Oh yes. When the brothers come and he shows his true face he says I am God brother this is the climax this is where everything points to the story. You can do that for other stories as well right for Jacob Abraham here the parallel structure you have that as well in the cycle Genesis one through 11 and then the books the the whole book of Exodus has a pop Errol structure. So amazing right a lot of people don't know that and I think when we when we start to look at it we don't need to become experts on this I don't want you to start tomorrow with your morning the motions and look for perils structures altered by oh I mean this will be kind of theoretical right there is more to it but I just want to show you the possibilities. OK Because I want to do it I want you to. Look at the context we're going to look at some examples quick question for you friends what's the theme of the 1st career of the ants 30 love. Right we know that something more difficult what's the car what's the theme of the 1st car and B. as Chapter 12. Chapter before what disqualifying markers you know that. Yes a man's Virgil Good Sense right so I give you another and Paul is talking in chapter 14 about spiritual gape. So like wait a minute spiritual gifts for gifts love like what does love have to do why why why in the middle I suppose me and he says he's talking about spiritual gives all the time everything's going to be all about spiritual gifts but then sometimes or says chapter about you know all of a sudden there is this chapter about love why do you think it is that. We can support you. Amen amen. What. Exactly he's saying and he's saying that in the verse in chapter 132 he's saying you can have all the spiritual gifts but if you don't have love matter. See how there is the focus if you just look at the context you know something else the famous verse graveyards are very easy to see and for God so loved the world as you sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life so friends what's the context who is Jesus speaking this to. Hope is think of the illness a stranger on the street a homeless person. You know who you think of the Miss. The master of the walk he was a he was a rag do you know what it means to be a radical do you know what it meant back then. People had to go through an intense training like by the age of 12 people had to memorize I mean the kids had to memorize big portions of the big old testament that and then by the age of 18 they basically if you wanted to become a rabbi you would have had to memorize the entire Old Testament and then they would go to rabbis and they would say they would say OK you know other day that the rabbi was looking for followers and then and there so they were going to read it on here fully you know and they were just waiting on the words that also Jesus was saying disciples meaning follow me that's actually what the Rabbis would say to their followers their disciples right and so if you I'm just giving that example you make understand the context of it better if you if you go to the rabbi and and the rabbi say OK he says see you saying what 3rd word of the worse of Chapter 17 of Exodus and then you're just. An no wrong you know and I'm exaggerating here but this is basically how he was testing you know this is Elizabeth and if the person was good then he could follow their habit and he could eventually become a rabbi as well. This process we could see most was going through OK this guy who the entire Old Testament probably that's what we know so far today and so cheeses is talking this several friends that we always call soon see all the people in such a beautiful Morris right for God so loved the word world. I mean this is the context of John very 60 OK. Just for think about this when you read a verse in the Bible every verse you out this is what I'm doing right now every verse that someone is quoting everything that I see I you know if I see a nice picture on Instagram with a Bible verse I just think about here what's the context of this like Who is this who is applying to right who is Jesus speaking these words sometimes it can have a totally different meaning because another example John said let's alternative John 7 I want you to buy a basically friends this is one of the funniest stories of the Bible if you don't believe that the Bible can be funny or you will you will notice in a couple of minutes. There is another story in Acts you probably know that story where there is the evil spirits right and he chases these people are right in that and they are naked in everything that's so that's you can call that a funny story but I John 7. Is also very interesting. But we don't have time to read all this let's read 52 I'll explain the context for you afterwards can someone read verse 52 for me please Does anyone have an English by OK. Perry. Look into these and you'll find references enough. Thank you OK this is literally taking. Out of it in the middle of the story you have probably you have no idea who is this person saying that to you know of who's there I'm going to tell you Jesus if you read it you'll see yourself it's a whole chapter 7 Jesus is preaching at the feast of paperback OK the feast. Lots of people. The Pharisees by then are already pretty angry so they say. We're going to get this she says and then look look look at look at verse 32 for me please Chapter 7 verse 32 it says the fairest see is heard that the people murmured such things concerning him and the fairest seas and the chief priests and officers to take him so they were like are we going to send these officers to take Jesus you know and I just imagine my my funny and my you know it's like they have these big guys tattooed on everything so we got to she says you know we got to get Jesus so so they actually sent people to get him and then when the officers arrive they're like they start listening to Jesus' words they hear him pretty cheap. And they just run their Yellow God he says you know they'll start listening to the sermon like. They write it up and they sound they started reading her voice uses the same and then and then there are more goes home I guess what they always arrest you want to go home to and so they return and then we were through with me verse 45 then came the officer student chief priests and Farris C.S. and they set out to him Why have you not brought him in other words where is jesus guys there was your only joke. But what they say the officers answered never a man spake life this pop. This is basically here what is happening so it's a funny story this is the context so that only they that so we have the Pharisees the officers right and and then make the most he says there are 2 if you read verse 50 and they get him a set out of them he that came to Jesus by night being one of them does our laws judge any man and you for it hear him and know what he doing in other words can we just as Jesus before we actually heard was. And then this is the response of the parents OK can we reverse 52 again please can you read it again please every night right from Galilee to looking for these and you will find that the prophet does not come OK thank you if you study this story for your more morning to both ends or in your Bible study and you read that verse what do you do I mean what do you think is it true in the 1st set. This is a ball play right they say hey listen in the Bible we have all these prophecies no prophet came out a gallon Jesus came out again only which means he can't be a true prophet he can't be the Son of God. You know we have the we have the privilege yet I mean this is this is what they are saying but this is not true OK So so what you know we have the great gift of having the Internet OK we can within seconds find out whether this is right or wrong what I did when I read that I was just I actually I was different I was in a bible study group in Switzerland and I was we had a Bible study upon the whole story down south and then one guy said why do minutes this is not true what they're saying I was like really he's like Gap they were we have profits from Galilee. And so I did my research and this is what your friends this is what I encourage you to do if you read something like that if you want to know if this is your job Google it like seriously. Just just go and type in profits of out of Galilee maybe John 750 to do if you want the reference if you want to know if that's you know the same prophets from Galilee and you know there's a maybe an article talking about there's this is what I did and I found out that they actually were really pretty famous prophets out of Galilee Gelly is a region of friends OK it's not it's not a city it's a region 3 confirmed profits out of Galilee we have a lie just I mean this guy was pretty big. My cap and Jonah OK and then Farrah Caesar alive no no no one was coming out of Galilee Never mind it's a straight line. Yeah this doesn't. Follow it's a definite no no I mean now it says the city. Yeah but again these are the final region and when you look on the map you know what Stanley like it's like I don't know the state of California like it's clear and it was clear during that time they knew that. You know this is so I didn't know that because I was always sorry that I was like OK when the fairy says set that in it's in the Bible it has to be true you know doesn't have to be true like there's a lot of deception when one of the devil is talking with the devil is quoting in the Bible the good thing everything the devil said saying is right is true though of course not right exactly and there tape I mean this is not taking way out of context if you were right if you want to pray you can prove that you can go to Michael one verse one you can see where Michael was from you can go to 1st King 171 it says it talks about the watch we're going to go there later actually and then join us 2nd Kings 1425 you can check these references if you want but I just wanted this is what I encourage you to do when you read a verse like that and you have doubts Google it like just do some research you don't have to put it on your computer you can take your phone and you can quickly why are you reading your Bible just check OK what's going on here you know all right we only have a couple more minutes left so I want to I want to share this one with you this is the last part of the context I'm giving you different examples how you can include the context in your Bible study because it's basically the most important thing OK. First term for me to curse King 17. It's one of my favorite stories so anyone know of the song These are days of the life that these are the. Right. OK Can someone with that verse please. And like to fish with. The head with and sort of set up as a festival or this road before who makes them there some of the you know rave steers but according to my lawyer thank you yes. You know there is this is just you would think the starting point of one of the most incredible stories straight like you have the fire that comes down you know and that is consuming this sacrifice against 450 prophets of bail just incredible but I want to know that I want you to know that something we just talked about that the Bible every single word has a place what is the 1st word of this verse. Oh wait and when you write one of the best stories you can write on Facebook like a great status or you write a book do you starting a book your Facebook status women and. No this is like this way with doesn't make any sense right we know what I mean you probably know that too that in the original language we didn't have chapters OK So so we have to understand that OK so if it says and. What does that mean so that there was something before our eyes so what was before her with me to. Actually. First games 14 versus not 14 verse 9. This is OK So as you hear the context is. We can read all of these chapters but I'm going to tell you that you already know that probably we are where not the the the people of Israel were divided into 2 parts right we have the laws that are killing them and the submarine came right so there was we came for the northern part as for the southern part right for. Yes And so and so let's reverse 9 of chapter 14 this is talking about the 1st king of the of Judah the north of the Northern Kingdom OK Can someone read that. People. But. Yes I'm sorry. I'm not OK thank you this is a prophet of God speaking to the 1st king of a theory of a Judah and this king is called Jeroboam OK you might have heard of him Jeroboam the 1st and. We're going to go there later actually And so it's only had a 6 King before he lives I came sixteen's the kings were Jeroboam the 1st then we had our Sorry gotta look it up without a noble heart nay bad name Deb Bay shop and Zimri OK so 1st King 1625 please can we go there request I'm just giving you the snippets OK the part so you can understand what what the context is this is the of this 6 KING So the last king says Jeroboam was the 1st then we had all these other kings and how do we all keep them but I didn't ask you that but it's it's it's obvious because we read the 1st what the Bible say about this 1st king Jeroboam Was he a good guy or a bad guy and he was a bad guy OK. 1625 please 1st came 1625 I'm going to read it for you but on the wrong evil in the eyes of the Lord and the worse then all that were before him how long do we know how evil this already got. He says you know the Bible says something said did worse than all of the kings that were before. So just to give you that understand if you want to know how evil that guy was you have to study how evil the other guys while we're before you can actually you know understand how evil this guy was I have you another example right if I say George Bush is an evil person OK if you are OK I mean he's not a good guy OK Well but if I say he is the worst person that Hitler OK Sorry about that for. Bad but then everyone knows oh man like Hitler was this bad and he is even worse OK So this is what the Bible strikes it to tell us OK that day he was worse than everyone before him the 1st guy Jeroboam he wasn't that bad he was he was he was just kind of you know this because you know all these for all these Israelites there were going south to Jerusalem to worship their God you know the Temple that Solomon right and and so he was kind of like everyone is going south and they're all the thing why in my country I don't like that you know I want people to say my country so he built that all church to worship the God of Israel in the market heart of Israel and Judah because he didn't want all the people to go down obviously this is was against God's will right because we know the 10 Commandments we know that we shouldn't worship God befalls images while the guys work even worse you know when you look at the stories you see that they didn't even like they they stop worshipping the God of Israel you know they started worshipping false gods afterwards and now look at this friends this is this is now it gets exciting OK bear with me a hat verse 30 Can someone read verse 30. Of all of them were or OK we know that so a hand was even worse than already everyone it was before I read verse 33 pretty please. And there are more. Than all the. While if you were to catch back then all the kings before him in other words a had was the worst of the worse. I mean this guy OK you have you have all these kings they do bad stuff but then there is a half and the Bible says then all the worst and all the kings of Israel that were before him. Before they can be Elijah in chapter 17 you know he literally this is 2 verses before a line jumps it before they can be in their lives. There was a 16 chapter introduction of how bad the people of Israel go we always sing this you know the night saw it and these are the days of the lives and we all want to be alive today is I want to be a great prophet you know. This is the time of the life like Ahab you know back then was. How do you how do we get a $100.00 we start this by just looking at one word and right this is the context all right I told you that So what does it say about the text it has what. A climax I told you a little bit about that in the structures right when we're talking about the perilous structure and then the. By This is another this is another climax and you know you this is already Listen this is just a small Bible study you know we believe you can make a sermon out of what is the context said you're serving the Lord it right the context of a lie Joe He was the one of the greatest prophets actually I was as the greatest prophets until John the Baptist and the context was he was in the worst of the worst literally I mean you know this is the context of we know how he was serving the Lord and. OK draw most on here for the 1st part at least I want I want to I want to show you what you OK I'm going to ask you this 1st one thing is the central theme of the Bible the central theme and the idea is. Salvation Yeah that's pretty good. This central theme of the bible of the theme above about which every other in the whole book clusters is what the friends the redemption of life. Their restoration and the human soul of the image of God from the 1st intimation of hope in the sentence pronounced and even to that last glorious promise of the Revelation these shells see his face and his name shall be in their foreheads Revelation $22.00 for the burden of what everyone every book and what every passage of the Bible is the unfolding of this wondrous The man's uplifting the power of God which gives us the victory for our Lord Jesus Christ 1st Corinthians 1557 he who grasps this thought has before him and what's infinity field for study he has the key that will offer to him the whole treasure house of God where while Remember we talked about the 5 old having Fred-O. you have sources write their education 125. The book education by a Whites page 125 we talked about having treasures right in the Bible discovering treasures this is it friends. Another one this is taken from the book Gospel workers 315 the sacrifice of Christ as an atonement for sin is the great truth around which all other troops cluster in order to be right Anderson and appreciated every truth in the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation must be studied in the light that streams from the cross of Calvary I present before you the great grandma you might have mercy and regeneration a Salvation Army them Sharon the Son of God the on the cross Listen to this phrase this is key friends this is to be the foundation of every discourse giving by our ministers but other words every sermon friends should at some point be about Jesus and plan selfish OK if you understand prophecy if you understand the read you know the Book of Revelation perfect he will always and always point to Jesus. You know I sometimes I wonder why why why some people and at least the I don't know how this year and in Sweden. In Germany a lot of friends I mean a lot of people in the church they they don't like oh wait they don't see her as a prophet they just you know the things that she writes and they have a problem with Revelation and with the pope prophesy of things and I wonder why is that you know I don't really know that answer I mean they're the most mostly it's because of a lot of things you know personal personal history you know people miss folding scripture maybe or pointing it out wrong I don't know I I don't know you know but this is about what you know one thing might be that when people were preaching all of these things. That they left out she says you know and then if you leave out Jesus what's the where is the great main theme you know it's still true by OK Don't get me wrong I'm not saying you should include Revelation all these things right. It's still it's still important but if you leave the great team out. Where you have you know. And just to give you an example that this is not only Spirit of Prophecy this is also biblical guys check this out you service if you search the scriptures for in them he would think you have eternal life and these are day which testify of me this is Speaking of John 5 we got another one when he is walking when his the side with the cycles you remember that rites and John and Luke. 24 when he was resurrected and he comes back to his disciples. Verse 27 of Luke 24 and beginning at most and all the profits he that's Jesus expounded to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself you know that bad must have been a bad that's a bible study that I want to be a part of I mean sees us explaining himself in the Old Testament that raising. Show you something else Redeemer figures if you wondering if you're reading all these stories you wonder where students in the Old Testament all of the show you know what Abraham I said Joe said the most is Joshua judges the judges David Alija. Oh sorry no you again. All that really were figures everything if you know if you study their lives you see there are they are really dealing someone worse you know some something something. During the course of their life just take most is right that the liberals from your part of Egypt into the Promised Land What does Jesus do with our lives he takes us from the earth right Sue the promised land to eat and right back to it back to the new earth then let's take. Let me let me think well we can take we can take We're talking about Joseph what Justice Joseph into insanity he redeemed them right he gave them their word back and he forgave them right as much as Jesus forgave us again see the parallel here. Something else I actually had a says just to make you understand right to the text for peace the story of redemption over and over again check this out if you don't believe me. Let me let me show you this Christ in the Bible this is pretty this is a lot you can really see it probably I can pull the source for you this was part of a doc Batchelor sermon called all Testament types of Jesus and he's quoting a guy called Royce sad affair and for I can't really read what it's that's really small and yeah the source is right there I can give it to you if you want it's from a book called Be able as straight talk biblical Christianity versus religion OK And basically what it's what it is it's showing where Jesus is in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation you always have these parallel hurdles or of these on these are things right for example or maybe even even in Scripture passages where Jesus comes up right I'm not going to read this you know but this is just to give you an example right revelation words Jesus revelation the lion and the tribe of Judah the Lamb of God the bright morning star the Alpha and Omega OK let's take let's take Matthew the king of the Jews Matthew if you read the book of Matthew carefully you will see that the focus of Matthew that the focus that he has he always tells everyone Jesus is the king of the juice that's why he always at the beginning says the one who came from David right. Servant mark the perfect Son of Man and then John the Son of God right to remember how the book of John starts in the beginning there was the word right the Word was WITH God you know this is how it starts so this is my last point for you today the text friends points to Jesus everywhere all the time it's all about Jesus. If you do your morning devotions if you're studying the bond with your group remember all these things please OK this is key if you want to have a new experience if you want to propel your morning devotions a new heights right you want to soothe look at these things and because this is not only a certain that I'm giving here this is not just a straight talk this is something that we want to do together we actually will have time after a short break now just study together and sue to find these things I have a story for her for you we're going to look at it we've got to look at all these things and we've got to make it very easy for you are very practical effect as you can go off next week or you go back home and you can understand the story and see it in your lights. You know this is a kind of a leader a conference Leadership Conference if you will A.S.I. right and you might ask yourself OK on Am I really a leader you know if I want to have a group if I want to lead a study really it was talking about that yesterday right. I'm reading a book right now. And it's it's book by Cindy touch and it's called Ella Why don't leadership and she basically takes you know those sources from away from other our. Books that she fives and she's basically saying the 1st phrase in that book Fred is this is something like if you're a Christian you're a leader why because. As leaders by definition influence people OK if you are a true Christian you are influencing people OK So this is why you know you don't have to be afraid to call yourself a leader you don't have to sort of thing to do the set of a 3rd to become a leader you know it's easy you know and I think that when we study the Bible and when we apply this I'm going to talk about this more tomorrow in the in the workshop of our groups and how the robot revive your local church right. But if we apply this prince we'll have a new experience literally like I've seen it when when someone has told me about all this stuff here my morning the Boesmans life changed completely you know I started to do things I've never never done before and and it was just such a blessing so before we started this is even more important on a practical guy OK and you have heard a lot of maybe good ideas maybe not. If you want to implement them let me show you practically what it means what the next step is OK The next step before we go to look 19. I want to tell you I do my work in devotion so that you have an idea maybe at school maybe you get some inspiration out of it maybe I don't know I have this book here this is called My prayer log or you know mine devotional book however you want to call it it's a small. 4th life this year. I have a 5 writers and a 5 format I think and just has some you know lights in it you can write down things here and you can see like I'm writing down some notes I have a prayer list of the people I pray for and and then I always have those things what I've learned today. Because every time I study the Bible although I don't pay this is great sometimes you get great information out you know and you learn a lot by the words personal application so I always have this this is thing where a sounding word what I've learned today and I just you know I think of are OK This is actually something about where for example let me just. Say give you an example. OH YEAH SO SO couple days ago I was studying X. 4 X. 5 the story were you know and nice and his wife are cheating on the air or Turks writes crazy story and they feel right and then I was reading the. Parable chapter in the book of Acts of your possibles and you know I'm always saying that. You know the tent you know the ties off or inside the tent of your own that is is should not be a fixed number and you should only give 10 percent always and always and you know not more and then your go you know she says it's available if you can if you want to if you want you can give more and so I learned in this what are you know what there are there is this and as I said OK what I've learned today because I didn't know that I said OK you know if I can try to give a little bit more from time to time with God loves right just a little practical things that you want to implement this is what I have here and then obviously have my Bible my study Bible if you're studying the Bible in English there's a great company I have been to something called random publications they are printing Bibles this one is a Bible with a white commentary you know I didn't do a commentary life she didn't write down the you know write a book answer can come of the whole Bible if you can do that what it basically is it's. You know all parts excerpts. You see the blue boxes here can you see that but this is all taken from her most famous books the conflict of the ages series right Peter and some prophets prophets and kings desired ages as your boss of the great controversy write these 5 big books and a great comments here so if you if you're looking for a nice new study bible or maybe you have a friend that you wanna share this with a 6 it's a great idea actually something that has been on my heart I want to translate the since you are into other languages into German Maybe one day oh great idea you know we're all from the US you're at least part of some of us who maybe we can get that going but the adversary by it was also a great study Bible you know if you want to look that out and then as a 3rd thing that I have is because I right now in my personal devotions I'M OVER THE CONFLICT OF THE AGE a series of things that I just told you write the 5 big books. Actually I says and of course she says that the conflicts of interest serious and the testimony for the 1st degree study nor should be actually how the every home every happens so you should you should you should know that you should study that you know and I'm not you know I'm not a guy who is like saying OK you know you have to every day you have to rethink the whole 2 chapters of Alawite suits of your good Adventists I'm not saying that but. I can just tell you my own personal testimony when I started reading Pete tricks on profits and why is it blew my mind. You know I've learned so much you know a friend in lies that one day she can be said everyone was writing 30 conflict over the age of cod the cyborgs is basically like going through a study of theology because you're learning so much if you are hungry if you really want to learn something you should start with the Patriots and prophets and you should go from there through the series because she's going through this for the plan of redemption or actually starting with the creation how everything started to happen and then how it all came down to you know to eat and then the fall of man and and the life of Jesus after Jesus the acts of Apostles OK the early church and obviously the boat that we probably all know the great controversy right. And this is what I'm going through right now I'm not at the end yet at the absolute possible right now this is where I'm at so if you're looking for extra material that you want to use for your personal bible studies I encourage you to study the concept of the answers here's the thing though it takes time I know all we are busy people we don't have a lot of time I was especially not in the morning well I encourage you to wake up early but that's another topic. Of what I what I currently do too is actually if you say that chapters can be long from time to time in life especially and then I don't know maybe some of you know that if you read. The 2nd book or call the prophet and things right. Some that are sort of chapters are like $25.00 pages Well you know in small print so you would need at least $45.00 minutes to just read the entire chapter and then you and then what I also do is I study the Bible verse if there is a Bible verse that were a chapter a passage that is you know in light of that. And they were all the magically you're just we're talking about one of the half hours of devotion I mean this is pretty long a lot of us don't have the time to do that every morning because we have jobs you know we have a school. And we can't wake up at 3 every morning and I understand that and you know this is the thing that I want to try to you know I want to say to you you do not have to do that like we just talked about you don't have to read the chapters and chapters focus on few things right but start reading that if you want and then you can just get if you get a blessing out of it on the 1st page or the 1st chapter you can sum up and say well this is amazing this is something new that I discover a med that's it you know you have to go through the time of chapter one day but I. Yeah so this is what I do if you say you want to do that as well you know you should you should start you know as early as possible and then what I also do and this is something that all of us should do I believe. When I study I have my. Smaller my pence here this is a point one millimeter has so you can write down notes in your Bible you know if you have these big. Things they go speaking German now these are these really big fads pencils or PENCE Right. You're running your Bible I mean you can't read anything there anymore right so if you should get one of these really small pencils or heads you can write down the holes in your Bible and then what I also have is just crayons right normal crayons say you can use to highlight things most of us highlight our Bibles. Highlight them just one column and the problem is to make a baby have a message and it's just like all one color I don't know the vote the problem is that sometimes it looks like this you know you have everything is yellow you know also pages and you don't even see anything anymore so so this is what I this is what I do I have these crayons and so I can I can just you know highlight this is what we do a screen right remember lights lights lights all one color and then another color was you know another word was red and I do that too and I think it's really really good option to not lose your bible interest to have an overview right of everything that you want to see. To get that's that's practical that's some practical tips so maybe your next step is going to a local store where you live and buy crayons buy small notebook write these things down friends if you study something if you if even if you just read a couple verses write it down this is what it was my sermon is like I just what I just look what I've studied and I see wow this was amazing and I make a sermon out of it you know you can get if you if you have to do a Bible study on short notice you know I don't know what do I study what if just check out your own book like what you have what you have studied and you can you can share that with others this is basically what I. What I encourage you to do. And then. And then I think we can get ready to any any questions may God have given you the chance to ask questions so far we can do that for a moment right now is there anything you want to know. Are you sure you're a real oh yeah please oh hard times when I was the. Car and we were over there yes a lot of open with all of your rights right here more. From my. You know I was a man because we've heard Yeah yeah that's true if you're in you know if that helps Yeah you have time job. I was starting right for America. OK actually I'm tired. Of him and then I'm tired I haven't. Talked to. I you are you typing a lot already writing down a lot worse how much maybe you should just have to condense it maybe just write some of all of the most important things I don't know of yeah that's a that's a good point you know I've done I've done some other methods of studying the people from the Stockholm church know that like you can actually do is study your Bible by writing down what the Bible says word by word this is incredible if you want to do go deep and you want to understand every word because so most of the times when you write it down if you copy a text you really have to look at the text you know like you have to see what's in there and that's helping some people but also other people are saying I don't have the strength to write. You know Genesis 11223 Write down the entire pull Tara chapter that's OK But you see there are different options right and there is not such thing as a Rights way of doing your devotions and a wrong way you have to see where you can get the most out of it and. Don't try to see why. You know I because we have people our church that you know there is so much emphasis on the warning devotions It's almost like it is it is it's a must and if you don't do it God will punish you you know this is literally all some people think our God is like you know as the I don't know if preacher was telling that story I would result on a friend of mine he was he was telling that in one of his sermons you know sometimes we don't have time to do the work in the ocean and then we go to work and then our car stops running and like course it's because I didn't do my work in devotion so you know and it's like you know I mean God doesn't work like this you know it's a relationship it's not an Exchange gotta say it's OK if you do your morning devotions every day I will bless you if you don't do it I will punish you right it's a relationship OK So we need to understand that. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do the morning devotions right I mean we're all clear on that but you have to you have to know that you're doing it for the love of God right because you love Jesus not because you know. I don't know because of something else so OK great that being said. But let's study I want to look at as we kiss we don't have a lot of time I want to look at a small short story today. And we got to go to that text using what is called the discovery Bible study has anyone heard what the discovery Bible study method is anyone oh no one that's exciting OK so I can share all right. Basically it is this covering the tax as a group together OK. When you're doing your morning devotions you're not as I mean you're not a Holy Spirit Jesus God and you have right now but you're not as if you're not normally not doing it in a group setting but you can use this approach for your personal the ocean. When you do this gov bubble study method you are going to the text and you let the text speak for itself this is what we've already done and then you ask yourself 3 important questions friends write this down you can do it for every single moment every single story every passage every text in the Bible these 3 questions are so important 1st what does this text say about God OK they were about we can ask that question what does this text say about God 2nd question what does this text say about Man OK we have learned from Luke as sorry from John 7 verse 52 that sometimes what men say is not always right you know so what does it say about man are is man patients or impatient is an. Idol of you know isn't a good man is a bad man in the story of what it what is what is he doing what is she doing and there are so many different things then the 3rd thing would be obviously what I can personally learn. From this text I think this is a personal approach this is important and. And if we are asking these questions we can see that we can get a lot of that out of it and we want to do that together by turning to Luke Chapter 17. And looking at a story dads you may all know it but we've got to look at it from a new light and I promise you everyone in this room will go out today and you will learn at least one thing OK for a little I think from the sea I also I guess I don't want to I don't want to make any false also you know praise of Paul's hopes but I think you are OK. Though 719 sorry to say 1719 war. Through 10 I know there are many people have joined us I'm going to go back to the slide. Where we had all these lists of what the text saying can say I mean all right look 19 what I always do when I have a group I will study always are we one verse each Ok so maybe we can start somewhere here and everyone reads one verse and we can we do that where you have different friends a different language. Everyone has an English Bible just go ahead. Jesus and the very very closely. For you if you. Really would. You sort of see pieces of could not go through the root of the grand part. 3 When he was passed away. Is. The sin of the people in this case. We're. Going. This is. The sentence of our board of. Horror and if I have anything I mean there are 2 or 4. Jesus said of him this is. This. All of this with all of the work. For the Son has. To say we're close enough. Thank you amen So this is a story 10 verses pretty short on it you know this is the only story in the 4 gospels were worth talking about if you're just sick you so it's it's this is the only tax we have to learn about one person and to learn more about Jesus I K.. So we're starting and I want to so what I encourage you to do is look at the following things your key words context the climax of the story the structure and of course the relational plan of redemption OK everything related to Jesus I mean Jesus in the story so should be too hard OK. All right so and now we're looking at it and before we do that. Let me think how we can go through this I would say it's always important to look at the context 1st OK remember that friends always look at the context 1st if you're studying a story are all excited about it and they're like hey wait but when is it happening you know sometimes it's important to know it before you start studying. Ah OK so. What's the context friends this is by the way this is a practical part of Hey I'm not speaking anymore you guys are talking again why what is the context. I just repeat your answers for the recording so we hear. Yeah the earth. Is over or very dead so I'm faded Tencent Thank you yes that's right. Well as before I mean you just have to look at your bible what was before. Mine. Oh yes heal a blind man maybe a little bit before as well whether what else. Oh. The rich young ruler a story that we made our law was well what does he say in that story just to give you an understanding look at verse. $25.00 of Chapter 18. And so read that or it is the come through when you. Reach for something. Pretty bold statement by Jesus here who was jet and who was sick here's again who was this guy. Was the original core he was rich. You think it's a coincidence that one chapter before Jesus talking about rich people not coming into heaven or at least being impossible or difficult then he says with the things which are impossible with men are possible with God and there's suddenly just a chapter afterwords there is a rich man as he hears you know as if he is actually. Coming to God and he's accepted Isn't that crazy. Is that a practical example of what Jesus was just telling his disciples a couple probably couple days before OK what's after that story. The parables once after the parables. Were as Jesus' goal of. Jerusalem All right this is by the way the 1st time he's publicly going with the multitude and let the multitude celebrate himself OK he didn't he didn't let them do that before he was always trying to calm things down right but this is the 1st time she says publicly going to Jerusalem and actually going into the city and then he's weeping over the city that's verse verses $41.00 to $44.00 afterwords. Another question when you read something a story from the Gospel OK from one of the one of the gospels right you always have to ask yourself. The time line where exactly is it placed So my question for you where do you think is it is that at the beginning of Jesus' ministry as it is a bit more in or less in the middle is it at the end whereas it is towards the end OK. Important to consider OK great so we already know a little bit about the context where you have come from for the month of. May just. As Or is frustrated that it spread throughout the whole region and it was. Triggered by a manager and one of the homeward Yes that's right has very good just over 600. Perfect yes. This is our take this is this is advanced study because this is basically combining all 4 gospels into a timeline to see where Jesus was and where he went afterwards because you know it's Lazarus is not based it's not written down in Luke Chapter 18 it's in the Jordan Lebanon and John 11 is a different book so we don't really know when was John 11 and when was 18 that's kind of hard to buy but that's a good point that's why we have sphere of prophecy that's a really good point thank you. What I want to do right now is I want to look at the key words and the climax a structure but before we actually combine all that we want to look at 1st but we're going to read each verse one more time and we're going to we're going to talk about it OK just thoughts share some thoughts that you have when you would read this in your morning that Beauchesne what would come to your mind OK 1st verse and cheeses entered and passed through Jericho anything you guys want to say about that. You have the full. Oh very good. Yes So if you look at the context again his context I mean this goal was to go to Jerusalem I'm actually right so he was passing through Jericho OK Interesting thank you very good we already talked about the end right the one word that you know of the story where this chapter starts with so we know that he was healing a blind man and immediately afterwards you know kind of Jesus was gone he was always on the road right we know that he was always moving he was not staying in one place for a long time and. Second verse. And behold there was a man named 60 S. which was the chief among the public cans and he was rich when there is a man or woman introduced in the by in the Bible. We always want to make sure that we know everything about that person to understand the story so what can we understand here about what can we learn about it here. Oh yes what else. Was public getting was rich Right yes there was. No longer. Yes Really no one on one time he did a sermon about about the hears about this passage and you know he said it's a dangerous it's one thing to be rich it's one thing to have. To be famous yeah to be if to be famous Yeah and it's a dangerous combination to be both to be rich and famous and say here is was rich and famous people knew that he was the guy had outstripped so many people overrate the guy was collecting the money yeah and they were they hated him I mean he didn't have a good reputation OK And what else then he let's go to the next verse. And he sought to see it to see Jesus who he was and could not for the press because he was a little of stature what do we learn from this verse all these. There was a desire right by my bible says he sought to see so he he he desperately wanted to see. What else something about the character of Saviors or in the not the character but. He was curious as he has a horror story right he was short. Yes. That's right R.K. interesting. Next verse i should all something that I forgot to tell you if you want to study the original text and you don't know any Hebrew or Greek by guiding I don't know any of these languages I haven't studied it but if you want to learn more about it and if you are interested in what the original text says there's a perfect app for you that you can download you can write this down if you want it's called Loss OK like the grief we're word loss it's called Lost by the sights of blue it has like a blue i Q i can you know it baby yeah and it's actually the same program that our theologians and all our pastors and ministers all around the world use it's a program that cost when you buy the whole package thousands and thousands of dollars like this is one of the best Bible study tools that you can get but they have a free app and they have a X X genital guy where you can actually. Read your English Bible and you can type in the Bible verse and then it gives you the the original language with the translation OK so I already found a great death and what I do sometimes if I want to find your original meaning I google this and then you know a great thing this this app has if you click on the original word it gives you a word study that's how it how they call it and it shows you what percentage. Call off in this word occurs in the Bible and where else is a curse it's amazing like you can find 5 different things the act was or question. Yeah I F. O O O O Y. Yes thank you. That. Study on this from the ones that the namesake use they say in the original it comes from the word sucka which means to be brides pure Well you know their names have very meaning purpose. Think a little about his upbringing very appropriate phrase a certain direction of that some point. May have changed the direction of their base years then would you want to say to this woman. That's right. Thank you so much I forgot that actually I always do that you know. If you miss We talked about it could be Miss You know what we could be missed means it's 2 words Nicole and they most need call do you know what night is right the famous bread night nighty night you sorry night and I can German order yes germs friends a night that Nike excrete it means victory interesting and they lost means people so they got the most means the big story of the people interesting. I encourage you to if you see a new name in your Bible look it up try to find what it means it can give you so much extra information it's incredible we talked about a lie Jeff Alija we know that he is from the Tishbite. Do you know the Tishbite star I don't know it either know what it's like it's No one it's a nobody that the Tishbite are like not not important people. Does that tell us something about Alija he was a common man. Like if I say all of it is from the San Diego right no one cares who the San Diego are ours you know I'm like this is this is also important thing to notice right we know that the Tishbite are from Galilee we talked about that you know John 752 but because the larger was from there but yeah look at the names thank you so much it was a great great comments. We stopped at verse 4 let's reverse for he ran before and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see him for he was to pass that way. And he comments. By the trumpet. Yeah that's not the nicest thing to do right if you want to impress people you're like this this famous and rich guy probably had really nice clothes and he just randomly climbed up a tree I mean probably that's something to his appearance right and his reputation something else. You heard the whole. One. Ever Told. You men yes. That's true. Oh. Yes we're going to talk about that when we look at the key words of this chapter of this passage but that's already a great great so common Thank you yeah something else. You have rooms. For everything is important friends yes oh OK great actually set it up Cato with me to Isaiah 9 please. If you have references reference verses in your bible in my Bible there are a bunch of reference verses for verse 4 it's 1st kings 10 to 27 for the 1st Chronicles 202720 8 and Isaiah 910 are we going to turn your eyes they are 9 verse 10 just look up these reference verses as I was telling your friends there is no. Word in the Bible that is just there by accident OK Everything has a purpose and meaning and the fact that the Bible says said here is was as a kid just going out climbing up a sycamore tree and of all the 3 is and makes a difference OK we have to understand that OK let's go to Isaiah $910.00 and somewhere we death least. To. See who changed. OK thank you so this is another passage in the Bible worse sycamore tree is mentioned so we learn to look at the context what's the context of Isaiah and I tell you it's talking about judgment you know the judgment coming up upon the people and then basically in that process the same the sycamore trees are cut down there is a change happening and. And the Lord is basically restoring or he wants to restore the people right we have the connection to the plan of salvation again. But we don't want to study Isaiah 9 but I just want to I just want to read to the kid again if you are once you can write it down I did a little research. I told you google is your friend so if you want to if you want to know what a 2nd word truly represents in the Bible you can try to do what our high years theory to really take you know a core of concordance writings of look up the Bible verses where it appears and all that stuff and I agree to do that but I also encourage you to just school sycamore tree meaning Bible or something later OK and they will find things and important things you will find 1st things for 25 Micah 44 and Zechariah 310 and basically what it what it says in his verses is that of. A certain word for it is part of a the family of the fig tree OK and it stands for safety and it stands for the pieces of. It also doesn't. So let's think about that for a little safety piece or Sperry So here is was climbing up that tree and what does Jesus say when he comes to that tree. It was to have though. This if you exactly now come down from that tree of safety and 1st bury that you have come to me. Isn't that amazing. Yeah if people do that for. The Jews that's why you see. It ways that a question. Of yeah I believe that she was as knew that there was a person seeking Yeah. Yeah that's right and I also believe and this is something that is very important if you look through the stories of different people in the Bible who have been converted many times you think often it has been approved version in a 2nd and overnight by people people to see as you know the general life and everything is oh no that's not his friend's death. Yeah you. Read the. Who are. There and then right that's fair that's sure I want to I want to finish that thought of. The conversion things to remember if you if you look at different people in the Bible one famous story is X. 2 remember when the Apostles use was having to happen the Apostles were preaching Peter was preaching in front of a few trout right in Acts chapter 2 and then you remember that maybe they say they say what do we have to do and Peter is like repent and be baptized and that day 3000 people are back to us remember that OK this is you might remember I made off whatever but if you read the context you read the chapter what I want is saying today. It was not like that Peter was preaching an incredible sermon that changed thousands of peoples of thousands of people in one second I mean it was an incredible sort of probably right I mean we can report of it in the Bible. But prophecy tells us that he was basically harvesting what she says was sowing for years the euro this morning of restoring and yeah exactly here is Jesus doing all these you know the different things and he's going to all the people of our 3 and a half years and then he's like listen I need you to finish the work and the cycles they go up there on fire and they start preaching and suddenly the harvest is. All the people who did not convert during the time of Jesus during His earthly ministry they knock off they are amazed they say it now makes sense and the same thing is with the key is right he was you know when he read that chapter also desire of a just how I tells us that he I mean the text says that soon he was thinking about it and he was like Man I've heard about this Jesus you raise someone from the Y. This is incredible I want to see him I want to do everything I can to meet him and so this is how at this or we're coming so the key words here I want you to focus that there is a focus on on the words like there are so many ends literally look at this verse one ends to end 3 ads for N 5 N 6 and 7 and 8 literally every worst but the last words a verse has an end is going like do to it's like you know fast pace Zacchaeus was someone who didn't want to wait to see Jesus he was going and going like it says you know and he ran and he climbed up 1st for OK I'm not making this up Francis it's in the text and he ran and he inquired Duff and he made haste he was hurrying and so he has stood you know all these things and so that tells us about that about the character of sick use of the sky can you see how much we're getting out of the text right now. That amazing and all we did I mean we I mean you can read 50 commentaries on this but you can also look at the keywords and you see there is a bunch of ends and there is a bunch of stuff that you know Jesus means a key is doing he runs he climbs up he comes down the tree he hurries because Jesus is coming to his house this is the key word. By the way and this is crazy friends when I when I prepared this text I didn't really know what to say about the key words but as we were the governing the story together I suddenly saw I you know it's I don't know about you maybe you saw it's it was just always spirits just working I mean it's crazy so I don't even know where we stop we stop that verse 5 I think yeah can feel like a I'll read verse 5 we don't have a lot of time left but we got to do this. And when Jesus came to the place he looked up and saw him and said unto him so Chios make haste and come down for to day I must abide by house. As someone a different translation for that verse maybe can you look up in your phones in your translation. And. When you said that it's. Not fair to say thank you then it's good to look at other translations to understand it especially when I'm reading the Old Testament and I do not understand what the 5 old saying in that story I just read through a modern translation and then as they are this is the context this is the main point and then I go back to your original text all the 1000 delegates that's. OK great so so what do you think is important that verse. Tell. You his name in the video Julie knew it was her Yes So Jesus recognizes us right always think about these questions you're right what can I personally learn from this when Jesus is looking up that means Jesus is looking to us he's looking for us he did just just think about how the text read it just saw it was not mocking and there was a few years like hey folks do the same oh God here you know I'm right here I'm small you don't see me so I have to shout No she says looked up and saw. The growth resourceful. Yeah the crowd was looking but probably I would say I mean the crowd was not all walking and they were all looking at the sky was about. I think probably the crowd started looking when Jesus was right there I mean that's how I of yeah. It's interesting this transitional Truffaut's this time of the brutal truth and she said some really crucial. That serve. Basically get someone to say that I think yes we have to serve the couple days ago right that is Jesus was inviting himself right was it silently for me I don't really care yeah I wasn't thinking it because. It's it will. Be about the pollution and here and we're going to look at this is it exactly a MAN Yes so basically Jesus giving that practical example that even if you're a rich man you can be saved. And he's this. Here in that way through care. About something that Jesus needs as well as your evidence was. There. Yes exactly that stereo out it was a long time ago when I read that chapter but I remember that thank you yes so. Yes So he was purposely going there. Remember. Since I've been no serious around my sis maybe arrogance on their rates of the hospital there. Seems to be a normal rooms many people travel. But I mean on the way to Jerusalem Yeah. We used to do this. It was the. Future I was greeted with one was a monument and ground no problems the one who is really good on the few moments of those few girls know the problems as normal Jerry going to look at the moment as you just become 60 if you've only just down the aisle and then he goes another 50 Konami's of course you could run into the rest to choose a man just to see peers. Interesting look for. Us to do this for weeks and it wasn't like that for now he didn't leave the room Jerusalem afterwards Francis is important to know. If I heard you if you have whatever Study Bible you have I encourage you to get a study bible in my study by of all. Yes this is the carcass of Cain and you can see maps I don't know if you have a map in your bible Yeah I don't find the map where I have a map. Maybe it's in my other Bible where you can see the routes of Jesus how he was travelling if you don't have any of that alliance how you just Google it just go away you know its uses the routes and you will find it I mean and then you can you can see that. OK. All right I heard something great can you see I say that for everyone. Rigorousness why. Me. Through the. Loop have you so has I have come to see an army of holds a man yes. Exactly he was involved. Yes. By of redemption Jesus came down to this earth to seek us right the same way as coming to 60 years to save him to save the last 6 or a parallel Yes that's right. OK we're all I think we're all over time already I want to conclude here with one single thing that I want to say. If you look at verse 8 it's a key has stood and said unto the Lord behold Lord the half of my goods I give to the poor and if I have taken anything from any man by false accusation I resort him for fault and it means 4 times as much as I had before what do you think whites of his saying that were words Number 4 come from. What context is that why do you think is you saying this. Let me read to you Exodus 22 verse one. Remember the Jews they had certain rules before Jesus came. And there were specific rules for just purposed. And so acts of this $22.00 verse one says of a man shall steal an ox or a sheep and kill it OROSZ or sell it he shall restore 5 oxen for Ox and 4 sheep for sheep for sheep for sheep 5 oxen for offer an ox this is a high is. Basically the highest about where the highest penalty for you have to pay if you are doing something wrong and listen this is a key as saying that Jesus does this day off according to Exodus 22 you need to do it out now as if you said I'll I'll do everything like a jewelry store and. Repentance and to be with you. In the form of. The old. Even with. The over the move. For all yes but that says a lot about how his heart was converted right and he gave his heart to God and. And also beautiful word of verse verse 9 and Jesus said unto him this day see that again life is always this and it's always like now it's happening now is happening and Jesus saying this say no you know salvation is come to this house for so much as he also is a son of Abraham for the Son of Man is come to seek answers save that which was lost Yes. You know. I believe I mean this is this is just we have now roughly 30 minutes. And only were a lot of people so a lot of different costume together and we get to the conclusion much faster. But for your personal time for your privacy is it clear now for you have you learned something today Bay you can let people meant for your study yes or no is OK praise the Lord. This is and it didn't take that much time that's what I wanted to tell you right I mean 30 minutes you can do it half the time in 15 minutes and you can get you to full facts out of it I mean what we now did literally we did a servant Right I mean this is you can preach with everything we just did You can preach for 45 an hour 45 minutes an hour you can preach all that but just for 15 minutes just for 10 minutes you can get all these beautiful thoughts out of the air let's just because we asked these questions being let's just ask the really quick and then we'll close in prayer What does the sex say about Gough quick guys what I would say says 6 Amen he seeks us he sees us before we see him or before others see us the word which is too small to vote when I was at the foot yet the world is too small for exactly no effort is too small. To hold this word for he did his big lead toward to see is a key is so God is doing this great deed for for us to see Guess what else is in our IT COMES TO SAVE US The sadness is hurry and come to a man there are some things in life president you don't want to do you know what to think about too much OK you is something survive you have to just go for it you know that giving your life to God is one of the yeah. It's a man who doesn't look after the rich past that at the famed actually he has had what else. There is always a room for sinners Amen Amen that's right what does this text say about man what does it say about this man in this story. Think there's a man 2nd chance for everyone else. It was. That were desperate yes this man was desperate there are there are people in our earth here today out there friends who are desperate for truth and it's our job these are privileged to work together with the Holy Spirit to find them what else are there was something here he was curious about to see to do good for me yes a man of God responds to. See. Yes is his effort yes he was open to us yes to he was actually ready right to do yeah but he's so there just. To see if. We should find what he says are all the easiest route Yeah sometimes you have to climb up a tree. To see and see but all I do need right at the outset OK so no need yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah the barrier sponsorships to get loose change your priorities change your priorities that's right you have to measure this guy's a key is probably have done so right for today. And why Jesus came is like today I'm going to stay in your house to get like oh I've got to cancel everything I've got to cancel my appointments Jesus is coming to my house OK great and then the most important thing at least what I think is always important to remember is that on the repentance the process right it's a process friends he was going and doing all of these things before Jesus said I come to you. He was not you know this is why you know it's important for our lives we have to understand that that when we were when we give our lives to God It's a process and we give testimony great testimonies about people who found the Lord we heard this this story about Matthew earlier was talking about this crazy guy Matthew Wright he was in the club and then he came back and all that stuff you don't want to think that this happened overnight and then he became the bad of the best Christian life why do you listen to this story carefully you remember Dad he was he went to church before and he was coming back this is what really in a hole is at the beginning you remember yes he was coming back to church after 8 years so you had a you just imagine there was a process going on when we worked with people for the salvation of others we have to remember that there is a process going what they have been done through things probably before we talk to them and they go through things be after we talked to them last thing what can I personally learn we do it quick because we're over time. Just let's like 5 things buy things we've learned today I have to purchase the very Amen you have to do something right God doesn't force us all for both of you to be a man there is no need for reputation or riches or whatever if you want to come to God you can come. As you are what else to do with. His was to help and that's what these are the this is the story. You will get who's observing the Amen Yeah so. Bad when you hear the Spirit of God talking to you that you do what what he's telling you what is impressing need to do to or based on your compass. Is on. Track with trust and what do I need to change in my life yes. That's what that's where you have to ask yourself that's what we have to ask ourselves some beings of all it's interesting to know if you. Want to and we've seen so so thinking so thoughts and action what was the thought of see here as if US and the action he thought OK Jesus is coming he's passing by the actual laws actually he. Climbed up the tree right yes over the I'll come here house to use the word or the group as a. Moral. Regard by then there are no where but you know we're like we're Jesus we have a picture of. MARGARET A man a matter that's right friends and it's so exciting when I do stuff like that it's just I mean God is amazing the Word of God is amazing and I hope you can learn at least one valuable thing from from the study today let us try to implement that and let us ask you know God for continuous wisdom and guidance and let's close with work prayer. In your lord's father in heaven we want to thank you so much for. The story the story of the key years of of one man whose life was changed because he made that. Step he took that step for the earth towards you Father we want to take that step today we want to take it every day and we want to come closer to you as much as the key is that we don't want to wait with certain things the Lord when you are impressing upon our minds to do something for you we do not want to wait this is just 2 of the many things that we have learned today and we praise your name that we could discover this story together and we pray that as we're going our own ways the next couple days weeks and months that you may be continually with us that you may show us more wisdom that you may show us more treasures in your word and that we may gain a deeper understanding of the plan of salvation and a deeper love for you Jesus in your name we pray Amen. 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