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C. Raymond Holmes

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  • January 1, 2010
    9:30 AM
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are you wanting to it's time to begin the limo everyone is in the area I see some new faces how many of you are here for the first time in this seminar while you are out of disadvantage because if you were not here yesterday you didn't get you didn't hear what we were talking about if you study a Bible book I should've mentioned this at the first session when you study your Bible book each session builds on the next point aren't on the previous one because your studying the whole book it's not a topical study that just choose a topic and comment if you want to get the whole impact of the book that were studied to attend all of the session so your unavoidable disadvantage because I don't have time to summarize everything that we talked of all yesterday for four hours I didn't mean to chase you all maybe you should okay let's praise as we begin heavenly father as we open your holy Word id. this morning we pray for the presence in the ministry of your Holy Spirit to his art teacher impress your truth upon our hearts and minds and move us to believe it all day it's unlimited we pray in Jesus name amen on Wednesday night and during the brief the monthly plenary session highs said that if you come bring your hand on your heart so that because had the knowledge even of the Bible is not enough God will not only does something for us in Jesus he does something in us I'm talking about the inner being ultimately the right doctrines is essential but those doctrines are intended to produce a believing face a life lived in faith and obedience and if that doesn't happen there is no salvation even though you may know intellectually the fruits of doctrines were beginning to get into chapter four of first John and for the benefit of those of you that were not sure yesterday I'm going to repeat the verses that we read we read the just at the close yesterday chapter two beginning with verse eighteen through twenty six and that involvement to a chapter for the first six verses soul chapter two verse eighteen while I think we'll skip that part of real gold to chapter four because we were talking yesterday about the fact that in all roles the most memorable words in the New Testament God so loved the world J Wenzel and now here in chapter two beginning with verse eighteen he says don't want the world do not love the world so we talked about the difference between those two but that was yesterday so let's go to chapter four beginning with the first verse beloved do not believe every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they are from God for many false prophets have gone out into the world by this you know the Spirit of God every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flash is from God and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God this is the spirit of the antichrist which you heard was coming and now is in the world already little children you are from God and have overcome them for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world they are from the world therefore they speak from the world and the world listens to them we are from God whoever knows God listens to us whoever is not from God does not listen to us by this we know the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error here is the Wright controversy of the way John puts it as it affects the very face in the lives of the members of God 's church and as that controversy impacts the message on the mission of the church in the critical time of the last hour John Mike the five times as the last hour the trouble for truth let's will determine whether or not the church is fully prepared to meet the demands of its mission in the last hour and I mentioned the fact also yesterday the mighty century was the twentieth century that's the century I was born in nineteen twenty nine amount eighty years old the twenty first century is yours and this time last demands that that century is going to place upon the mission of this church is going to be different than it was in the twentieth century more essentially but more critical perhaps because of the time and if you keep up with the nose you know very well that we are living in a time of political social cultural and moral and religious chaos and confusion today while John is to only New Testament writer who uses the word antichrist which has two meanings against Christ or opposing Christ and instead of or in place of Christ he does not specifically identified the antichrist it doesn't tell us exactly who that antichrist is I have something feelings on up to us if we are interested in most unconcerned enough and certainly we ought to be if we are the church of the last hour of we will search for the biblical in the historical evidence that helps us multiple Christ is especially the books of Daniel and Revelation by comparing God 's word with the record of human events from their time up to the time of the last hour out what John does tell us is that the presence of the spirit of the antichrist and false prophets are proof but it is the last hour but the mold is not enough to know it should set alarm bells ringing in our ears causing the church of the last hour to be most diligent to know the truth so they can overcome them as John says and chapter four verse life for you is in you is greater than he who is in the world the devil and the antichrist and he also calls our attention to one of the effects but the spirit of antichrist ties on the church that is faced with the demands of the last of our mission and this is the saddest thing of all I would go back to chapter two verse eighteen when he says it is the last hour and as you have heard that antichrist is coming so now many antichrists have come therefore we know that it is the last hour they went all from loss but they were not all of us for if they had been of us they would you will does anyone know that it might be complained that they all are not told us that's the saddest thing of all it makes as we say one dog from us but they were not of us for they had for if they had been the lots they would have continued with us he says but they went out now when I was working on this study is that the invasion was very strong month to deal with this to somehow tiptoe around what John says here in the second chapter but we can do that generally foregoing to be true to the text because this is central to first John and to the theme of this series of studies we we would not do justice the first John if we ignored what he does Senator is talking about the section about abandoning the loyalty to the church of the last hour loyalty to its message and its mission is saying that the faith of those who went out was not firm enough not fully established in the truth hence they were easily swayed by false prophets personal what crimes the false prophets to believe lives furthermore the fact that they went all indicates that they were really not all lost the sense otherwise they would not have been persuaded by vitalized blood would have continued with us as he says is isn't this the side experience of the Roman church we all know former members that have left us Lehman even pastors and even something alone scholar features perhaps even relatives of ours loved one some of our best friends have become our greatest enemy spiritual and then we feel that they have betrayed us even reminding us of Judas who betrayed his Lord for a few pieces of silver you remember only a friend can betray you an enemy cap and trade because you know who he is but a friend Tim to try it because you don't suspect the betrayal or the disloyalty of the front but in reality it is God 's truths that is betrayed that Matas of some of these leave us as well as John says clause trouble for us for former brother to set up websites published literature that misrepresents what our church stands for and what would relate and in so many cases it simply because of some bad experience that they may have had along the way I remember picking up one of these magazines that was published by some activists dissidents I wrote an article violating the whole was testifying to the fact that in order to find Jesus she had to leave the subject of his church on I read this article and I sighed I just don't understand these people what has and what they can find Jesus I found it in this church if I hadn't I wouldn't have commented that I will never join you one life was a Lutheran pastor went to Andrews University my first goal was to see if Jesus lived on this campus and the lives of the professors of the students if I had not found evidence of of Christ's presence I would've left and also my response to her our home was not my experience I haven't heard anybody preach or teach but we learn our salvation by obeying God 's law nobody has told me that her preachers daughter plopped onto many of the classes of I took doesn't graduate student of our seminary I don't understand these people I just don't know most of us are aware of the Adventist website websites that do so much damage to our mission and it makes us sad makes me sad why is it that people are more ready to believe the stuff they read on the web and on the testimony of the Bible alone while you can bet that the devil has his finger in the web is pretty clever and he'll use the same means that we used to spread the gospel message around the world he will use the same means to deceive us that's why John says we have to be able to distinguish between the spirit of truth in the spirit of error so that when we read this stopped when we say this stuff on the web we can tell the difference and that's up to you what to me and you have to be prepared so that you are unable to do that now you may be thinking faster homes you left your former church isn't that the same same online sure some folks would see another way when they hear me say what I just said but the Protestant church that I was a part don't was in the process of abandoning the name Zoloft script are abandoning the Bible is the only authority for faith unlike and it still is I could tell you horror stories about what is going on and what is happened in that denomination there were involved in a shield trouble right now the struggle was theological heresy and doctrinal apostasy but I was determined to stay with the Bible and I still laugh that's why I'm here last fall my wife and I were invited to attend the meeting with some members of our former denomination who work concerned about things that were happening in their church they belong to a reform movement within that denomination under their very concerned about this retreat from the Bible alone and I asked one of them if what was happening in the church was could be considered a form of apostasy and he said yes well done my next obvious question to him was okay you believe in soul while scriptural Road Newton don't you and he said yes I knew I'm so I said what those the Bible the word of God alone saying that God tells us to do in that kind of a situation and the answer which he didn't propose because by and large Lutherans don't study the book of Revelation it's a total mystery to them except for the seven letters and maybe the chapter on face the answer is if we adhere to the solo script Torah 's revelation eighteen for all dogs are the apostate church my people because as I mentioned yesterday loads are discovered you cannot reform and apostates charge because there is no basis for Reformation of the Bible has been thrown out the only thing you can do is follow what God says in Kemal find a church that adheres to look true to the word of God why I'll John says in Revelation if you don't feel participate in her sins he says come out of her my people as you participate in her sins lest you share in her place but is it another say participate in her work of apostasy and deception as well as the ultimate consequences of that which is judgment others a big difference after all between falling for the deceptive lies in the Antichrist and false prophets and obeying the call of God to come out if you leave a charge that is reprinting docile trolls and for another reason because you want to follow through now is this distinction clear one is a response to lies and deception the other is a response to the call of God based on his work alone and the choice is up to each one and it's all part of preparing the church in the last hour to meet the demands of its mission concerning the return of the Lord and the events that preceded the Bible tells us second Thessalonians chapter two not to be quickly shaken in mind or alarmed either by a spirit or a spoken word or a letter or a website let no one deceive you in any way for that day will not come on less the rebellion King James version says the falling away the apostasy comes first apparently this prophesy goals that experience is part of the preparation that doesn't weaken the church when those who are not all of us leave us help us think if we think that what you are thinking in human terms but when they leave us the church 's weekend on all mono things are getting serious sets that's what it means it's intended to make her stronger God is leading all season our team Sauber Holy Spirit is working why the wise even allowing why is God doing this why is he reading this the disloyal all of the of the remnant church because there's more room for valid isolation anymore but time is too short the issue is too critical personal time for vacillation things are getting serious those that are left are more united or certain more determined to remain faithful to Bible truth no matter what and that's exactly what God wants for his last our church so that when the crisis moments we don't even let me give you an example why by way of illustration to remember the story of Nebuchadnezzar 's image in the book of the stolen feet of iron and clay which much which means to defeat and legs are the weakest part of the image okay because iron and clay make the weakest part of the image what it stands on and where it stands is its weakest part the reason why the image was able to be smashed so readily by the raw was not because of the head of gold or vote in all the other Valium and size of iron but because of the trees unlike this week will run with and where did the stone hit the weakest fall training is done false and cannot be mixed because what you have if you mix truth with falsehood what do you have you have half-truths known to have falsehoods because you can't mix them up if you try you don't have half-truths or order of half also why is such that you have deceptive law so the stones smashed the image smashed the strokes from on the feet and the rock is solid it's unbreakable with no fractional weaknesses or it could do its job for what is the antidote to protect saw last our church from the poisonous effects on the enterprise and the false prophet it's in the text first of all chapter two verse eighteen church knows that it is the last hour it knows that the spirit of antichrist is in the world already chapter four verse three and because of its careful study of the Bible and molds its enemies and how that enemy operates it does not ignore the reality sweep it under the wrong pretend it is not so because the evidence of the Bible matched the evidences of history alas our church is keenly aware of the insidious new suit diabolical power of the spirit of the antichrist and is the Bible studies that enables the church still identified the antichrist flour and salt be prepared to meet it and secondly the church has been anointed by the holy one and you all have knowledge chapter two verse twenty you all have them all and you know I'm also chapter two verse twenty seven the anointing that you received from him the father and son what is not anointing that's the Holy Spirit right abides in you and its internal and you have no need that anyone should teach you normal Jesus said that John records his words in his Gospel chapter sixteen he says one the Spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all the true and I want to the mold is simple in John's thinking here that the relationship between the online thing and the troops the members of the last of our church are not taught by human or ecclesiastical claims of superior knowledge they are not all on and seduced by Tom and ceremony of wealth and power they know that the homeless person with the Bible in his hands as his disposal moreover is still not one and comes to the knowledge of salvation than all secular and religious authorities combine loser one said that a simple farmer with the Bible and is and has more spiritual authorities than all the bishops in the world why because lines do not have the same source as the true truth comes from the living word Jesus and is revealed in his written work which is inspired by the spirit of truth lies ultimately come from Satan are broadcast about by the spirit of Antichrist and false prophets and constitute as John says the spirit of error third alas our church abides in the truth which it has heard from the beginning and because this is so its members on why in the song nine in the father John says Chapter two verse twenty four now all by means to stay with it certain of it unmoved by fall so that means to remain to continue John John's gospel chapter eight verse thirty one John says Jesus said to the Joe's and by the way he was Re: heard of these odd it touched that Jesus said to the Jerusalem believed in him it am by the way every time most every time and yes it introduces a condition when you reload but it introduces a contrast but is usually introduces a condition Jesus does to the jewels let believed in him if you abide in my word you are truly my disciples if you don't abide in my word you're not my disciples you're somebody else's but not mine authorities say that you will know the truth and the truth will set you free now he did not say that we are his disciples if we settle just because we said so but only if we are buying stay remain continue in his word so lost her daughter off Protestants ought to know that if anybody ought to know that it should be Protestant Christians especially Sunday on Ellen White role during the testimonies volume three page two eighty one she said if it's gone all pours one syllable another of which is people are guilty it is doing nothing in case of an emergency and difference and neutrality in a religious crisis is regarded by God as a grievous crime two cents and the wall to the very worst of hostility against God while the indifference neutrality one were faced with a religious crisis either individually or as a corporate body is a grievous crime and the worst type of hostility against God undisputed that Justice John the apostle of love writing penalties the one who doesn't equivocate he draws lines that will line it draws lines but that's not appreciated in today's world not even in today's church the in the one lines drawn because when you draw a line you become accountable for what he wants to be accountable to their to anybody or anything that's the world we live in today I'm an American I love my country of always considered myself to be a patriot I still do I love my country I love the principles upon which this nation was founded because they come right from the word of God but I can't stand the culture today makes me want to throw up that's the culture in which we in which God has assigned us to talk for a formation while John began his gospel which I mentioned is my favorite of the four Gospels he began his gospel was in the beginning was the word which is the style of Genesis chapter one verse one in the beginning God created the universe we are human beings and everything in it and we're in the midst of that spiritual crisis today the way we've seen about human origins even our churches involved in this today pneumonia can read the church paper 's distressing in his Gospel he speaks update of the spiritual re- creation of mankind through face in the son of God Jesus and he speaks of it in these memorable words that unfolded so many times for God so loved the world of humanity that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life in August the biblical terms it's as whatever God makes no distinctions no racial ethnic language cultural nation national distinctions makes no distinction between doing that sinful fallen humanity does that he doesn't ever believes in him shall not perish but have it on to have eternal envelopes the world of humanity he made he saves the world of humanities that he made the connection between the world that he made on the world that he saves is choose us until John says in the beginning was the word the ones in the world was in the beginning was God in him letters in the word was life and the life was the light of men the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it John one verses one through five Jesus is the word of God the living word and he is the light of men and women and boys and girls phenols the way he shows the way he illuminates the way he is the way the only way to salvation and eternal life and then this little letter that is still relevant and timely for Seventh-day Adventist Christians John is not talking about the beginning but about the end he starts by saying in the beginning was the Word and his Gospel but in his letter is talking about the end the last of our children it is the last hour he says Chuck Stuber safety the historical context are very different everything he says in this letter has to be understood in the light of the last hour the important thing to remember is that in the beginning was the word on the same is solely in the in the beginning was the Word and in the end that is the word beginning in and are connected in Christ who says I am the Alpha and Omega the first and the last of beginning and the end them John called and those words and Revelation twenty two what is the meaning of Jesus he was there at the beginning and he will be there at the end as he has been all along the way he was there at the beginning of your life even though you didn't know what and is going to be there at the end not just with reference to the way you will night view of the world of humanity and events and calamities in his strengths but our own personal histories that's why I said if you come to the seminar bring your hand on your heart because I don't want you to just know about Jesus I want you to know Jesus do you know if you have if you're a born again believer where is Jesus 's in your heart is within you but the Bible says I'm so glad I don't have to live this life and fundamental and mouse fight the devil by myself desire with me and remembering that he will be down and go to work in the EU not for you but if you he did something for you on Calvary but he began a good work in you somewhere along the way when you surrender your life to Christ the Holy Spirit have access to your heart to your inner being you never had that access before but when you surrendered in the face to Jesus the holy spirit had access to your inner life that's why Paul says he who began a good work in the EU will bring to completion at the day of Jesus Christ the God who created us and gave us new life in Christ is going to finish what he started in view is to finish the job as he finished up with you most often is with me yet I'm eighty years old and normal recently I was talking to the Lord and I asked them all let me lives a long time a lot of people died before it is not only just lends so long but still be active in ministry and this is his answer that he gave to me he will begun a good work and you will bring it to completion at the day of Christ us at all okay I understand there's something that you need to finish in me yet I'm not finished yet because involved on this at work by his spirit re-creating us transforming us into the image of Christ I remember sick years ago my wife and I were studying with a young woman of our dining room tables and when we study that proves that by virtue of the Holy Spirit and the indwelling Christ the Lord is is is transforming his believers into the image of Christ her jaw dropped down to here she has been she had been a Christian for many many years a member of your viable middlemen anytime have never saw that before and her response was I have to join these people that was not only a revelation ahead revelation to her what a wonderful heart experience to think that my Savior my mind gone through this through the power of his Holy Spirit is actually working in side of me to make me Christ like the saving of the world goes on until the very end and God 's people God 's church are a part of that mission to the very end and the object of God 's love is fallen world as he told us interested in John three sixteen that's the object of God 's love it is also the object of his charges low this is going make disciples of all nations teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you he says of the church I love the world I gave my son for the world now you will love it and you blog there and bear witness to my son for that same world so the church made up of God 's redeemed people is in the world with the specific mission making disciples followers of Jesus that's what our mission I'm not the world 's only hope my friends the message we bring it is the world 's only hope is pretty serious provided that the church 's faithful uncompromisingly true for the word of God and fulfills its mission we are not the whole of the world if we don't do what God has told us to do one substance into the world to the world take so far John has been speaking to the church not to the world John says about Jesus first John two two T Jesus is the propitiation for our sins I just say Jesus turns away God 's grass and not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world only Christianity has to message you got the sense of the church that has a mission in the world he says and by this we know that we have come to know him if we keep this commandment in other words if there is evidence spiritual evidence in your life that you have been born again and you are a child of God and the evidence is a believing face a face that obeys how while John's focus is on the church in the last hour he sees the church against the background of the reality of the world as it is in the hour the last hour he doesn't have his head in the cloud to another word he is very much aware of the condition on the world in which the last hour church is to marriage witness on fulfill its mission we must be aware of that tool than it does not condition that should stir the church and remember one I use the word church I mean you'll you are a jerk small the brethren up there somewhere it's not the GCR the union or the or the local conference or even books of the collective clergy you are the church I'm a part of you are not part of the church we together are the church and it's the condition of the world in the last hour that the Bible describes that should stir the church and motivated powerfully for the kind of sacrificial work that is demanded by the last hour so let's take a look at the condition of the world of the last hour and the demands that that reality places on the church in that time so that we know what we are up against and so that we can respond in the spirit of Jesus the New Testament uses three Greek words that have been translated world in English one is called matinee which means the population of the world are the kingdoms of the world the other is I on which usually means in a foreign eon of time including time and space the third-largest cause loss which means order or system the material world of things that have been made especially the human inhabitants much job it's interesting uses only the word cosmos in his letter when he speaks of the world because he is talking about mankind as a whole that has been alienated from God and is under the control of Satan and these also referring to the complex of ideas by which humanity has organized itself into nations and societies and cultures and it's not a pretty picture because he says as Paul says that she was me in second Timothy three because all of desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse deceiving and being deceived merrily living along because if after the ring deems as Peter says have escaped the violence of the world through the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ they are again mold in them that is to say the defilements of the world world and overcome by them the last state has become worse for them than the first model pretty picture and Jesus describes this condition and metaphorical language one he says no one puts a piece of on Sharon claws on an old garment for the patch tears away from the garment on the worst tears made me there is new wine with indole wineskins Jesus said if it is the students burst on the wine is spilled and the skins are destroyed Matthew nine the world of fallen humanity that is in the power of the evil one as John says is full of hate for God 's people in his chart I'm knowing that realizing that as a reality as part of being prepared to meet the demands of the last our mission so that our heads are not in the clouds either/or in the sand the condition of the world in the last hour is that widespread hostility toward God and his truth and his people and that hostility can be both secular apps and religious hostility in the presence of the accused did not delegation law should not surprise God 's people shouldn't surprise us because we don't understand his word he tells us what to expect so much of the surprises woman once there we need to be ready for it unprepared to meet at some of the work that God has told us to Satan is furious and John does this in Revelation chapter twelve is furious with the woman his church and went off to make war on the rest of her offspring on those she but Revere revere him observe the commandments of God and hold to that is to say clinging to will not let goal of the testimony of Jesus and Jesus prepares us to Linnaeus as you will be hated by all nations for my name 's sake and that many of you will follow way can take it these of the ones that John refers to us the ones that left us have left us will fall away and betray one another and hate one another and many false prophets will arise and lead many astray and because lawlessness and what this refusal to obey God 's law because lawlessness will be increase the love of many will call as lawlessness increases the love of people will grow cold that's what Jesus the somber reality you know we hear a lot of talk about love and everybody wants to talk about long but it's not the kind of love that the Bible portrays Mrs. mushy fuzzy kind of love that has no guts no backbone no real concern nor consideration moment willingness to sacrifice for somebody else or orphaned for a true principle but then Jesus as a promise he says the one who endures city and will be say and this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations and then the end will come much from Matthew twenty four sold Johnson stopping surprised that the world hates you Christians God 's people approval hatred goes all the way back to chain who murdered his brother Abel why did Cain killed his brother John tells us first John chapter three verse twelve because his own deeds were evil and his brothers were righteous people cannot stand righteous while we're we are now beginning to face the hostility of Western culture toward Christian dreams and ideals lateral line number thought I'd live to see the day but it's here and such hostility can be expected to increase especially in the last hour it is a fine one as John says many false prophets are gone out into the world where did they come from what do these false prophets represent the adults John tells he says they are from the world they come from the world the world of humanity therefore they speak from the world in other words with the world 's ideas on the world 's philosophy and the world listens to them of course the world listens to them because they're speaking the world 's ideals the world 's philosophy might like there is an exploitative they are produced in the context of that hostility in other words that's where the false prophets come from they are produced in the context of the kind of hostility against God 's people and it takes many different philosophical forms many unsold basically they teach ideas that represent the thinking of the world and that support this hostile view and they are listened to my love hostile world because they are saying what the world wants to hear John calls and deceivers because John does not equivocate to draw the line the arch deceiver produces his own disciples John says in his second little epistle in verse seven for many deceivers have gone out into the world the world of humanity those who do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh and to the church he urges second John verse eight watch yourself so that you may not lose what we have worked for but may win a full reward watch yourself he says about it it didn't say what the world he says watch yourself God 's people so that you don't lose what you already obtained watch yourself to be where taking the fall for the deception on matter how appealing it makes all fall away he says and betray one another and hate one another why not so you don't forfeit yourselves what you have preached to others so you don't lose the souls you have one by betraying the truth and soul by doing so for men and all I want to strengthen the church of the last hour spiritually so that his people will stateroom and united in Christ in that crucial time about unity is the perfection that we need from the world and essential for gathering disciples all over the world would know what he is going to be attracted to our church if we are not united together on the same thing when it comes to faith in Christ on the truths of legal because they will listen listen sources are these people know what they believe that it argue about this all the time and soul he says to that church the church of the last hour called first John chapter two verse seventeen the world all the hostility that's the world of hostility is passing away along with its desires it's been in other words Jesus not going to last and the reason is not going to last by the way addition is is that it has no truth foundation wonders mulching foundation the whole structure that you build above it philosophical or otherwise is going from so he says the world is passing away along with its desires but whoever does studies to say the church whoever does the will of God abides forever whoever does the will of God is going to last in other words he explains that in chapter three verse one the reason why the world that is hostile to Christians those nominal loss is that it did not know him how can a person who does not know God recognize God 's people is a the world is so far from God that it is hard to recognize his people which is why they have to watch yourselves as John says he speaks up to you and to make to the church of the last dollars watch yourselves do not love the world or things that are in the world is don't be like that in other words watch yourself don't be like them don't get like that don't fall for the deception why not Molly tells us Chapter two verse sixteen for all that is in the world the desires of the flash sensuality is talking about and we know what that means today and the desires of the eyes that covetousness and pride in possessions that's materialism is not from the father but is from the world in other words that's the way the hostile world is it's full of sensuality it's full of covetousness if one this everything than somebody else has and it's full of materialism and greed don't believe everything you hear in other words he's saying from the world of false prophets tested against the word of God listen to and believe only that which confesses that Jesus has come in the flesh that is the Cardinals test the safety on the protection of the last of our church lies in the fact that we are from God whoever knows God listens to us whoever is not from God does not listen us is our time on more on and this was his biographers for CYC generation and Chrysler are good might learn more about you might see please visit www. 's wife when you are or if you like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse got more


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