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How to Find Your Life-calling

René Havstein


  • December 31, 2018
    10:30 AM
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They're having a problem thank you for getting all upset that you may have us on the stand in our own life calling Catherine Today the things I meant. Yeah you have many doors in your life. Many possible ways to watch. And you can see one of them is yellow here maybe it's the right door but I I just started to share a little bit of my own experience and I. Mean I did that I used to work at doing that had been to school in Norway I worked there as he took off. In mathematics and that it was a very nice job. But when I look back. At the time I was. Then that even though I was there were many things I was outside and. That the school work at the gym. Is a sum of my students and I think for them about 5. 8 I came for everything back to that. So even though I kind of had that a normal job I was doing things with the students of outside that that worked and they gave that mission where if you were to ask me Renee what was your life calling it was yet. I could say what I worked with but having a job or a work. Is not the same as the life of hauling. A life call them something deeper some kind of understanding of why I have. What life means I have equipped me to do. And many jobs have it is that. Like calling in something these are. 2013 and now it's 2015 and it's not and they're not I am able to answer that question where is my life. I don't think it's a black and white thing it's something that there's a lot of the time. Something that happens when in the course of the year. That I went from I I don't you know to. I think that if. You look at them because of that so they put all of you you know up I guess it was like to know what was your life calling. God's purpose. Yes maybe we will get closer to which door if the right one with you want to look at it like that. OK so I remove my arch that part of this where I shot the 1st part of the Bible and find that. Each truth. And the are Life column 3 things that is good since I'm in place before we even ask the question one might think that it's good to have those things. That will get it right this 2nd part I have at the bottom sitting out there on come in and they will share their story on how they all thought just like me went from not knowing their life I'll do it much more times a boy and mother can put words to it and how the journey I'm off it can have this year all that there have been. And then I also have. Pat. And I hope this doesn't contrive to get together to ensure. That I didn't always have them and that. We miss in the past if I actually get selfish and what is your life. Not just you know the theory and the story from others but that actually something happened that got. So that's. You think we can do it for. Very less Let's open our Bibles 1st it will start quiet. On common grounds. Matthew chapter 28 referring to look at their goal all our lives caught. Might not be so surprising but I think you should read this way. Matthew 28 and where is 16 and. That's very fine and the great commission so heavy if I'm just who was coming with you says that. This house OK No no on this mountain Jesus tells talking to the samples What does he say Can someone be. 1890 years and who then was it or he was talking to. The polls and what the hell and maybe. These are again. When you see yourself as a part of. The result of this just you're sitting here today is part of that gospel went out and you are all from a very. Fair statement do. You have. This is talking or getting this great commission to his disciples actually means of. So even though it's quite obvious points. Then the goal. All your life all your that. Is focused on the that. We. Will. Give you that. Read. A quote from the life that. At the moment it's 53 to save souls should be the life support of everyone who profess the right price. It is not so easy for anyone to help because the spirits in this hearing turn. In the message of young people. Above all others you know are talking about because. We should join the day engage the energies of the soul is the work off one. Example for whom high society makes this the main. Orphan were all your life you may keep your special. Life what you will not is if you read the life you don't use so much that the very life call in. Life where you have that life will be with you that life where what you do in life but in this day and age we use more may be holy but kind of. That. Whole phrase would cry in this drab and noble words and become whole. For a mission there. The war there are 2 types of missionaries I was in there's only one is missionaries but some are at home and some are foreign be received in addition to work at home or in far off climes and yes that's a short form of appliance. For visiting our souls. Yeah so those mean that everyone is holes through. So hard so hard. But it doesn't matter because what is the goal no matter what life where you have it is to. Say exalts calls when there are some of the best of the very 1st thing. Or yeah that's it should be about savings also I want to ask you this question and it is something you just answer to yourself in your heart is this a couple managing the primary goal of my life or. If not. Do I want. Some of you maybe start to know a little bit what is this my calling what is my life worth while some might not know about do I want is to be so with all this. Is a question that you have to ask yourself. Why. So. OK That was the 1st one and that was that 8 so we will summarize the life and death so you can be able come back to them. OK now I want to give you some confidence in the column that probably. One of you or I have reviewed already and you're going to read. Through Any passage into my hope so let's go to John. John's episode and whereas. So. For. This Jesus he's speaking to His disciples. OK so here this is. Where he says talk and you talking with them is saying something. Do you this mean verse either says I Go away something that has sent me and you ask me we have ongoing. Try and come back why I. Asked you. If I would say goodbye I'm going. Home the national T.V. where. You know you have about the. Workshop. And these guys were leaders of with the or you yes. And then I would go away and there. Was. You know any why I did not. Know I know. That's going to. Let the rest think it's. Because that's the thing to do so you'll have to build your heart why what. Do you decide I'm going away why why would you need them. Why. They love. Me or. I think there's something. More to. The whole. Nation office for all you know they were waiting. For for 4 decades or hundreds of you know they were waiting for well they're coming off. The 5. I was in the high twenty's. You know that yes more than normal your occupier in this line coming in here all the way. No matter if you're a little great. In the middle you. Yeah I think. You know what. That. Was and. Then I'm thinking not oh jesus don't need you and you need that's not what you. Have in that situation that you that you should hear the white. And you feel that whatever is it. Is not whether that. That's one of the type of The minute I thought that is the event. By he say. OK you. Have nevertheless I felt that it has used to Europe while. I had the strength I go away I have a new thing that. If I do not go away that how it will not come. If I think parts and. So this intuition that that's nice is. The best for them that they work because if I do not go away if I can do that I have something that. It says and that is. That I will help them all to. Do this really doesn't bother us. You know they didn't get along to. You that lets you know they thought monkeys have to see. What seen from the type of car knowledge was. Best. Let's take this confidence for life all because maybe that's a positive you'll see you this is the life calling I have for you. Tell me that you just like or dislike for my deal. Most of it. I know it was. And you can feel like that this has sort of all in. Me. That I want you to know that you can't you can't track. With what you have to live on for you. Back. You know all of this. Because we get this is. Bush House in the last part of me and then. I see that. Our plans are not always all that he may see that we're up and call to use up more of the intention. Was to build the temple involved in. One thing the usual that and using that and that's the hospitals that is the walk themselves and all they have to do your. Mother the graph. Paper thing and not do. What you very far. See it was. No. Holes in the. Yup. He's one of the senses the green of the sounds of the sound of snow refuses to permeate health this this is. This. Jesus most of it isn't your fault. It's. The cause. And I want to. Point. And we are never called that long. Ago. And that is a thing I want that. Many things to use a thing but in doing that are giving up that we've seen in that. Even though we don't call the office of ended all things with them. We may be sure that God is up working out for out. So I hope you can get it caught you want your bit you know also that if you're that anything also. But whatever life at all do you believe. You can chuck. Even if you have to surrender some things that. Maybe maybe call few away from your family you know. Being right I think hope some of them come to. See that he has how much how to get off of you. It's not like you will say. I have forgot to think about how many think. I shall be all this and all that's all I'll get you know all. And he will. Now the. Question for you. Who. Are in your heart. Your garden meagerly might also have I'm not. Sure. Who are really one of. The ones you. Brought always one of my best change so a little bit are you related to. The times you discover how obviously contrary to what if you leave. This wrongful car once. You know. You can have confidence in where it is Steve. Lots last thing it may be seen you know and. I won't do any good Reese. Or where perhaps. Where for all this. Of all this so we want to do some Bible text Let's start. There the whole winter that's. Again we'll have someone to meet you that's. A fault all and part. Yeah we're going on the missionary trip and then there came the question move Green this person called John March and what happened then. The thing worse. So. Barbara. You want the brain to. Use. The I guess you know a little bit in the in the Bible that the. Job. You can remember that made you. And it's all right you want her to keep open. All of these for you that in the. Home sometimes and he just. Comes in you know and they soon then you know that your welcome He's a. Bull part all of. Our energy and that energy is also coming out not all things are like you know I'm going home mommy you know I'm you cannot afford to have these people in the works and I'll always. I think God will do you know. All I want and then if you don't. All have one char and I think that one of them and I. Can talk to for this is March place through all the minutes. And just see. How all that changed. For a number of. Them are being talked about a. Little and what this was all about that involved that. You will what we're seeing that. You are right. And. Something has happened somehow all softened a little bit. More. Or. More no. I think it's looking for new uses and why. They changed. All. Of that focus of it. While specifically talking about Wal-Mart. This. Is part of all the see you. All And I think that. We're moving for rich and listens to circle and because forth there is a very volatile home where the once a column. For the 11th. Month I believe you know Regards and. I have learnt what I have all not. Learned in what ever they. Hope that I don't know how to. I mean the whole. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both. From you. And this. Is the kind of looking back at all the experiences I whether I have food whether I have not have whether I am doing well not doing well you know I'm also that and was part of me. The. So somehow in this mission. He he who is the top. The man and all. And I think that's also why he. Knew him well and. That. He came in contact. Are very small and. Part of us also maybe you know turned out the good as many. More. Years. For you. To do this where else. Can you see you know he was not just. Wrong all. These what he himself. Needed. All. Their land to be content. So that's the last I want the. Him I want with welfare this morning. Matheson I. Have them and the 1st. Are the one not the. Second what's all the are. All are now. And then. One here and all of that. You can describe them. And money. I'm off. Talking to them evolve a viable you know. Who own I didn't vote for this new mama why aren't you doing and you know. What. I remember how to write what I will how I was the only one which was also very it's a lot and. I remember I like god. When So I have my 1st normal Bible come that I always defend I want the ones that you know. You know I'm you know I'm always you know. I mean obviously the normal person that I mean just you know he come and say hello and I think. It opens the Bible you talk to get. You come of that to you in their own yes I do find that in the southern. This book like you. Live. In common they are like I'm here with you because. They do have long something I mean as a goal and all the pursuit and pain all of you. Know I mean all of these are real I will not offer you all that but I have imagines a possible reason why. Maybe I need it I have to come from a bathrobe it or. I thought you had you know. And then because you know that you need something else. I know you're are you that all. That I have had an angel coming down thing yet. But I have a message. And it helps me also that be a good. Thing that will hold a little bit because no matter what happens I know that I will come to the mission are. You. Meeting in a way that people the best you can do. It will help. You I don't remember most is either. You know. Schools. And then you know your child he had bought. Them all dating back to marry him or any addiction you know. And then when uses and you killed it. That. You need to vote for that. Part of the work that's how we need the one doing the mission and how I heart disease or. Yeah let's move the. Whole. Goal into all the world. And. Every feature I come as a follower is not all I'm called to be is. Ordinary since I'm all maybe you think that I. Do all little small learn or even and all of that along with. Thousands of. Your. Gulf War while. Those who. Service. All returning. This. Were. All. Parts. For parts. Laurie. This life and the. Mission mission. Also. You mean. You think. It's not. Something for you. That. You know. Or. Let's you know but. You know no. It's. Not sour lets. On realize that I only need. 2 things for. Me Was this will make. My own we're. All. The 2nd thing. God. Wants. And the last thing. You all do. You need. This we're. Going to. Move. So up into things that not have. I mentioned I am working at Matheson we support. And have been there for 3 for us and through that time then the have gotten to know other people is one of them are another one and I also see in them that they have journeyed from not knowing what is their life calling or bike worth and now they are much more candid both and I have asked them both if they wanted to share our experience that very. Put on a picture of events. Is really asking to share. At a think of like math part of our history has been for me and to think of a man. Then and I meant it in earth then their oath something down that I always like to remember every year on my birthday and there was very it when I wrote it down it was very it very sincere and very honest and I have it still in there right madame and I had a prayer to God in a slower than 18 hour and kindness dot kind of on the paper but but I don't feel like it and I don't see any examples before me and a lot what is like hardest lifework are how can a young man help in a way you know what allegedly a very it was a very heartfelt prayer they wrote down there and I'm still a junior. But not every year when I look at the now 24 so the last 6 years of my birth that I always could see they got us answered. More of this prayer and the hilarity always be happy be thankful it is and so are when I was 18 and didn't know a VERY MUCH WHAT TO DO know where to look at the what to do but then that I came at what I knew I knew that I wanted to do you. Actually do something at this minute for something or God And yes me and in my mind it was here or there for God in the past. Not the past or so that's not think so I was and from Austria fissionable is the past of the hour. That's up for me so I want to make the some delicious will. Say my 1st step was really asking sincerely and I see the goddess answering and then I want to Matheson there's something really nice happened and that was that we learn things similar to well what's But chess' share Actually I think one of the 1st leaving the point of the just this idea that God wants to use everybody every every town it and we are all individual are separate talents and are different personalities and when I say we get this part of Matheson and when I enter this it was really really like a father who was a really I can't I can be hard but his great reaction to something that's great and the kind of opened it opened my vision very much because honestly the care to do something it's not me that's the it's sort of uncomfortable you know for. US So our. And there was really there was a great experience that kind of opened the kind of way that matter arson and I can just think this is the most easy and then as I'm dead not this in this program we have it's like there's like we have education in the classroom but also education it's a practical work and diving in the things I grew up on the country set and there and done things outside and work them out. But it was never never an option in a way to do something practical because that's not how I grew up medication was you do something you study if you want to do something you stop and so I was asked to help help and I did practical work. And the 1st thing neck nominating the practical with that proposition changed very much but the 1st thing when I heard this I. Really think that if you can where. You know there's something about whether they're in the right people were so it was kind of. They have. Some of them more in wireless or that other people so I mean something that I've been seeing the point is that Matt many gifts and talents are more in a practical practical. The bottom had in the back to the side of life you know so far. And as a. So there was the in the 1st year when I was there not the 2nd year. And then I really embraced it a bit it looks like just from home and I think all this is nothing Betty if you're if you're there and someone Dallas' that but for me where I'm not the drill this kind of you know you study study study and then. You know if there are. You know you go for part of this so are there was a bit hard for me and bits you may get have had to surrender it in the simulator if you're going to be made Harpeth the as well but I wasn't there to spread a saucer of West to. Do something with that and God's work because well the ownership before every parent can be used. And then actually go to the high results of Arnie and then that you know and their e-books are Guarini and I can't understand that actually. I'm of French and you know a book about irony and there was like. A sort of gardening can actually be an option for making and being actually so I think about that before and then and then and kind of became my friends with that are burnt by running into a fire me I was a little bit I had to do. To accept that Malpas apartment on in Austria and Italy I mean as late normal and and then you know for me matter is a beast starting something and then a subpoena or maybe a more practical purpose is the more practical and then to accept the pain every known to be a fire there was very hard for me also in the way but then as a process that it's actually it I really it was a comment in the 1st moment just accept it but then essay. You know just as a not. I really see that this is what well what is the thing that what I really like. And what comes to it what makes this. For me that attracted to me this option of irony is because of him can actually be possible and then because I saw examples all from other people how they used me and fire me as a minister to both share share of people. I meet explicitly you know fresh mentors along with going to music session reading of the Bible and they're like you know you minister didn't you see one the confidence and you think and I have gotten a system of going where actually where you have very much contact with people or people who have every week to you divine truth and I have heard testimony of people shared our are used to this week because of the giving good food to people to actually really open them up that you can share with them more about your faith that you can really build trust and the. So are. There was there was one things I saw are that's actually a. Plan of minister one that can take in farming and something very and I have never heard about this to be as a. Farmer for the something from you know well but now I understand it and it possible and yeah I mean I'm still imagine it but I really I feel God has put the burden on the heart of us are the who has put the burden on how to serve people through that through agriculture and pray for them good health food and also to act out with us are there as a ministry for and this Are there many Charlotte this and the actually are can the people pandas and their god has. Really blessed me in this chain and has taken a while and it does and it was something actually this strange That's the very uncomfortable but. And it is it. So. Happy with that and see that honestly so I'm sure he will. And future then on the path. That. Then I still saw like mouth for no that's all it is you know you have heard the speech and now he's not just you know this company is like calling you know is the whole of the new all this possible. Opera business I.V. and all these things that are coming on and it's just going. It has been nice to get. Someone every for me. You know yes. It's as if and I guess it didn't happen overnight. Process. So see. Ya I just want to read one quote there that made it like I didn't know what they even share before where they did it now so maybe it's kind of maybe it's not but there it talks about Jesus that you came from heaven to be our example spent nearly 30 years of his life in common mechanical labor. So I. Thought but during this time you were studying the words and the works of God and helping all who. Reads what is public ministry began and he went about healing the sick comforting the sort of well I'm preaching the gospel to. This is that we're all his followers. Yes So this current mechanical work I think we've got to have is question that all how can you know where God because I think that's kind of well. Expressed. It is a part of it there is something there plus. It's nice to hear. I want that the 4 of you. Have come and I wanted to show you a picture of 4 different people and I'm able to name them. The names of these 4 people go characters. Yourself again and the 2nd one they read it and their mom. Take up and forth on both of them. Have you considered. That all of this has a quite a long period of time. In common that they believe. Are common maybe company Caterpillar that's. Just a place not a welcome you say wasn't Joe also joins us live calling or life were what was that. Called Hope and. Many. Have All right do you know about. This story doesn't stop there it starts when he you know ends up in the well and he gets taken to do you know how many years it's between. Coming to Egypt and whether he's the manager of the convent. Along with. Their 13 years. And then David we don't really know but. Even herding sheep for quite some pattern and then he was anointed king but still early even though he was annoyed that it took some kind of it for God opened the way to Saul's trying to get rid of him and so on. How old was David when he became the king you know. 30 years old. How old Joseph is the former barrel. He has. A lot of visit here and started this probably even with. All those around him and he started to be a director of man's land. Mr very. Right it might just be random. Yeah. Jake up how long did he have to stay at Layton's place. And Moses in the desert for 40 years yeah so that is quite some preparation that comes into it. So we shouldn't think of I think I'll have to go away for a something something. I had some calls all sorts of stories that one whom she saw more of this. This is about Moses and. How Mike writes class quite a little bit off. The education received by most of us as the chains gratis on what's very thorough nothing was neglected that was calculated to make him a wise man asked that Gyptian understood we stop this education wass help to him in many ways so what's their education he got in Egypt use us more it was a help in many ways bought the most valuable part of his fitting for his life or what's that received while and for us a shepherd. As he read this Blas through the wilds of the mountains and into the green pastures of the balance the God of Nature taught in the highest in grandest wisdom in the school of nature with Christ Himself or teacher he contemplated and there are lessons of humility Miss Faith and Trust and a humble manner of living all which found his soul closer to. Now why did Moses need to learn all of these things well. That's the now and then this long book talks about that but I wanted to the last one here last prepared here she was ready to heed the call of to exchange his shepherd's crook for all that authority to leave his flock of sheep to take the leadership of more of them and 1000000 idolaters rebellious people so in a way most S. he had one of the biggest mass that in put on man is such a big group of people that were courting their wife and daughters in the valleys and you know the golden astore and all of them. And in order to accomplish that that training he got in Egypt will have. By was not the most essential it was that which he got you know caring about the only thing she have you does something with your lady. And then you know putting it in the lap and this. I'm trying to run away and the yes is it would. Be patients like with the. Baby princess. This is she then. She where she's number one to do all this on the 99. Because I didn't like it why did you go there you do not you know you know I have some patients in this I think there are common labor for you if you have to choose life calling to be with the Army or the have the vanity the learning the. Part of life. That's nice. OK I think you asked me but. That's another story well why. Yes And then I said I think that. I have a little bit the sense I made them feel share because they can say or it isn't any that I actually haven't discovered my life full of yet. But they have very good at work has already been put together because it wasn't the case. At 1st and then asking to share something I was thinking. Well I don't feel like I have really landed on something already but then I thought. Also you know there might be people who are probably the most vicious or they have been already working or having staffing and they realize probably that's not their actions. As planned live by their. So I went Yeah I said yes to that that's and they said that maybe I can just share my experience so far. As will leak. In 2011 when I finished high school I actually I wanted to become a physiotherapist since the 8th grade so poor on a higher salary was I was telling every hour we have to get there so even when I was already said these have been elsewhere and 2nd yet some of my old classmates and that reckon that wasn't going to be of reservists. And that's that. It changed and but not not my interests change that I have to be honest I ave I was in high school I think it's really search God's guidance and yeah man let their actions are all I I had this thought that you know it's very naive Now I know it but then I thought everybody who finishes high school then they just decide where they went to. GET IN can study then I think. That's what they're doing for the rest of their lives later I figured that wasn't the case at all and I think those kind of people are very few new sort of have happened exactly that way and so simple but yet so as I said I wasn't really focusing on its role and I was if I was praying at all about it I was praying probably for passing exams for getting the grades but not for what he's planned for me actually. So I actually couldn't answer the figure therapy studies because it was very expensive and it's. Unlikely as possible to all for a certain amount of students to set it for free if you have not once when it comes to your high school rates but I was there so I would have to pay and I didn't have the money so I thought OK I am ready for saw it so I decided to apply for something else at the same time and I'm very sadly and continuously I've had a life for me through studies. Other people said whether you like how did you decide to become a well I just. Yet and maybe can start what many options and then I show you and. I think it was very irresponsible but that's where I ended up for quite Yes and I was setting up an admission established and I'm thankful to God that he was with me during that experience the I had many nice experiences. Too many lessons. It was a good time but not all of them but there are easily something for. That part of me part of me as well to who I am now. But still I cannot say that I was searching that guidance in choosing it and I can't say that God was leading me there because he wanted me. Later on yeah I think she got me disappointments I was sort of this fight with. The 7 program I was over talents with many things and I am a person who embraces challenges so it was me that I didn't want to do something difficult but but I really didn't feel in my own with that I didn't feel it was my goal and yeah what happened next was that. Praise God He used to spend situation for something good and since I was at that time so I'm certain what I would like to do next AM I have heard about him as he will as well and that's how I'll get it and I don't and yet I believe in God holding it there and then I was praying about it. And I went there and I have to say that that was really one of the decisions I made in my life. And it wasn't it wasn't it seems it was trying that ups and downs and and I have got too many challenges but when I entered medicine I I really. I didn't know how to answer a question something that's so that whether your talents whether strengths I didn't know how I could serve God I thought OK this person has that this person has that what can I serve God and I have developed that this is your nest served absolutely my life but I didn't know where to start I don't know even in my own church I was doing very small things my church wasn't a church which would involve youngest members are so it was like maybe they ask you to do something. I mean I didn't see any any help and I didn't know where to look for it so I'm so thankful that I went and that is because I learned there a lot about myself my strengths and the gifts that God has given me the fall so. It doesn't change that possible from myself and looking at my weaknesses to looking at that step. What I have in common with family. Only I was actually also asked the say it's not this isn't after the one year of study it's the same there and. As a practical work. Since. That time he took over the guardian for the work and I was asked to stay there. As you lay there and work there 1st for one year and then for a 2nd year and when I was asked to go there and work for me I really thought. God you have a really good sense of humor because I was you know I had probably the least experiencing I mean before that I didn't like anything when it comes to Wheeling and such things which was mostly made association with it before and of course I. Got experience when you're in medicine working outside realize that there's something more to it but. Only when I was working out sites for those 3 years. I went Really. Really Be thankful to God for this experience that I can be a part of growing plants. And I don't know how many of you have experienced that but it changed. For me completely when I got to be involved in a process from so easy to harvest the whole process and that was something that I think was really good for me both physically mentally and spiritually. But something that they enjoyed even more or yeah at least as much was working with the students in that and actually it went to my focus when things went from growing plants to people. Yeah including myself and I realized that I got very interested. In character development and. Psychology leadership and one of the years when I was working at Madison I was asked to go along with the students who hunger as. The 1st 2 elements it was actually. The 1st year I was working there so I was very fresh as a student leader myself and what I was asked of are there with the students and I didn't go out by that all. And I really I really had to say that I would throw a want you know real leadership experience. For me and there's a real life and it wasn't easy it was very it was very very challenging. I had got uncomfortable experiences when I realised that in my eyes I had failed. Yeah and it was you know the people that that time but later as I was reflecting on it I realised how merciful God was that he gave these puzzle pieces and I and how much I learned them how we can grow through those challenging times and yeah and these are just some of the puzzle pieces that have gotten the say that during my time at Madison I really realize that I have interesting also to Lance when it's gardening and other ones. Working with people but I'm still searching for more specific directions and last year when when I was still at Madison primary. I was looking at of the Arab set and I found an opportunity to got a cat that the family that kept me Worth area girls and as I was reading that description of the job after I thought it was amazing because I wasn't searching for anything at that point I was it's really something without any specific purpose and I felt like it's kind of the same to me and I thought maybe it's something for you to consider. And so I applied and everything went very smoothly the process and the new. Role in the summer as opposed to leaving office. I ended up waiting for my visa to come until the end of November. So I'm still here and so I don't. Yeah I'm not going to either else but I can see that you know it has been a very difficult time because my life and shaping the match and rest of Elysium had plans I could see the legacy of leaving and. Yeah I like also years ago when I had prayed for guidance in choosing the right direction this and. This and I could really see that that that was always there when I was looking for that So one theory for you a curse from for me proverbs through 6 which says you know all the ways acknowledge him and he share their record and it is really my experience that when we search dad's guidance in all our ways he will direct our path and even if it is the smallest steps and I think from my experience I have learned that following God's call on your life takes 2 really important things one is unity and one is courage. To listen to him and to be brave enough to follow their guests as Rene said so that it's got makes you start very small shoot innocent party things. Shake you know that person that wants to see you so yeah and. Also as in I have and have really went how invest their parents are and I experience around this morning that I can see that he even gets the best of best according to his plan if we ask but if we haven't asked he can sit still in the mess where he can make out the feel of the situation like we had pulled ourselves it's not the best things Carol yet and I'm looking forward to discovering the rest of the final pieces of that whole you can on the way and see the whole picture so if each. Of you in the same. Room. Thank you for sharing there are and. I think also in this testimony see that it didn't happen overnight it took some experiences and some yes some go of the many times in various I went to the same grave have matters and so I know a little bit of how many there are actually vents. Yeah yeah. And that is a lot of the S. of myself it takes time it takes talent this. Is something else how is it I would call missions work matters and that's something I would suggest calm later. Because in this society they're living maybe I've heard a thought that visions Who are you going to waste here. You know you have to do in universe in these things and it's kind of considered a waste because it doesn't give you. At the Greek or something and that's why it's and a considered a little bit like common you know of one of her sheep. Do something great you know move on and live. By that for both of you know some talk and I thought it actually took a couple of years to create. From this this is the work where you math and it's not it's not just one thing it's a whole broad scope and you might find other places in this world that have this problem and you know many ministries have this a false image of their. Mission where it missionary you need to be somebody to especially ministries the challenges are so in the end you need to be not just doing one where one or a lot and that helps you to see yourself in different areas of life and suddenly somewhere on their own they are like wow I don't. Work with people going from I have a midwife to be. Something that you know but it took some experiences for her to realise that yeah. The drop in the health. Has Let's read this cult in education it's it doesn't it's not the house. That's the point but it's it's a part of us understand and I call. Many do not become what they might because they do not put forth the power that is in them they do not ask they might lay hold of the minds. Many are diverted from the line we stayed in mine to reach the true success so all of you have lived where God has this I knew with the skills that you have to to have success. Seeking greater on here or more pleasing tasks they've attempt something for which they are not that but you are fitted for something and that's life rights that we all want to find many a man whose talents are that that for some other calling is ambitious to enter a profession and he too might have been successful as a far more you know a forest. And partisan misses where even hats. Or a nurse fills in that the for the position of the minister a lawyer or a physician there are others again who might have felt responsible call him but who for want of energy application or perseverance content themselves with your place. So you see governance equipped before something it's important to look for service that it was actually released when you understood heavy I can I can work for God in what he has to do he didn't need to take on kind of something that did not fit with who we must be something that he's to be a part. That. I was running and I was I wanted to share a little bit of my own story. Because. I decided just to study the how teacher and then. And it actually was so all that. I was studying at T.V. was as a student they gave me this duty to care for other people's homework they saw that maybe care for other people power in math and physics and so on outside No I went into the Preserve in the law office. The 1st I want to do this. And. That's tribalism. And you come back in touch I mean you know and I think. I started to try to help people work and something strange happened when I did it I mean the 1st times I did it I didn't notice it but after some time and all that room of about really healthy home fires sometimes you know I walk across the grass outside who are. Very well you know our car here I mean somehow. The. Door and I have our lot we have our home. And it's our through that you know of those particles I realise. In a city. That. Has to realise. So I think this little thing actually made me go a little bit on the right track as a teacher because I'm still kind of working within the brash indication. Yet anyway I vision of the church but but the calling didn't develop some of us even though I was a kind of. Writing. Or. Should trade I.V. work. So I was going to get you to fear for 4 years after having a spot and. There came a time where I realized I'm trying to do things for the students there are some something doesn't work. I also realize that I myself was a very selfish person I was not yes I was about around me and I knew the war on Labor. Yeah so I welcome if that I should go to math as some have that's where my life call it really. Started by the Senate more but before that real life hallway which really happens last year of this year then when the year as a student came you know I came to math something. New Was this. You know I had taught the Bible I have even been that sure aftermath of the 4 I became a student of math so even though. I thought of my idea of. How mathematicians are you know there's always 2 lines on the answer and the way you get that answer isn't. Like this and this and there's like perfect lucky there it's like my lines in these not more specific so I. Could give you a little picture of how I was as a person. Like that so knowledge here and decided to put me together in the room I want to be achieved with. Math of with another person. Very similar. Result. I was never Asian. I was 28 years old. I don't at least before I was older she was you know probably East Europe. And. Not you know not my Was did not also know everything and then we were supposed to do address things together. But both have this I am not once. So you know what I think. And want to know the source. Of Indian. Politics. There are acts as I do this music is not. 5 You know next door and after every door you must like. This. And I don't think it's a very right are arguing with the story not how you were out. And there is a defining moment between us went on for quite some time and then I remember that was one thing where there's. Not. That. They had made a challenge for us and it was all a paper and they have the right so it was just. It was our last well there and they didn't say anything about it so it's. Our roots so as a group we just have to read it and then the past is there and there are sort of up to it to notice as. You know let's do this. And you know you know all this you know I. Guess we know that this. Is the outward. As you just said it in. Your goals Yeah yeah it was. Arranged. So that really somebody was so I went away and I sat down the stairs there's aren't this. Stair this. Person who. Has. Bibles and one of angels here. Are all I'm. Not of this all of the Myself and these parents and that's what I thought you really. Have these people all through all this all is. Because. We were. All. All says. That because this. Story is needed is needed before God and say. This is your life on board with. And you're at the missions or 2 or 3. Or what isn't Israel or some place where this. Will happen is not lost and I think I'm here to say you can't. Miss this lot. This is the same we have the best schools in. The U. most of the kids. And more and more there are and yes the disciples going she says. Very very or not more than one birth and she is the mother. Elizabet the last one was needed. For a while to see through the wealthy markets. In any of the king with black papers. Nor. Yet before we are. Hearing that it isn't about. Something else you know of some years for me I also come. To some years before. I want but I haven't really come to what is my calling it but OK. Actually I was a student I know fighting with my office partner and all the office staff that year I became an outreach quite a bit and I thought you know hey I've seen all the mistakes that previous updates for the deaf and but when I read comments just part of the exam out there this is a business that it's going to work so well not. Thank you very well. Know. Very comforting a lot of other doing. That and it is brought so much on my hidden side to the surface. But God has a purpose. I'm there for the last A true yes of this. And that reason God said. Let type of uses it. Then I thought that there is a direct. And. After some time working at the rest I realized hey I'm doing a whole lot of this and I'm. Sure I'm teaching and. I'm just fine building and building buildings and. Mentoring and. Exercising the people I organize events I go for kids and I've even hate to when I was working if you threw it it wasn't. Brought. To you so I had never really realized the type of work that demanded me to be very roughly a member I was fighting with the students I was trying to do with them I was trying to do many things but I wasn't reading my work like that and I realized hey I'm not the Papal. Paper can be used for everything. Because I was never as good as a mathematician or a math teacher or the best physics teacher that you know that geology teacher I can just know a little bit of anything I don't know the P.H.D. in one thing I don't have one of these talents and the minute. And there at Madison I suddenly realized hey. I feel like I'm thriving when I'm doing many different things not just one and this and didn't know before I started to work. There there so that was a part of me realizing it's almost like I'm creative with this like not not say this that they are the best they're all out of. Not and then something that happened this year which also was very nice was that. If you already understand math it's only if. I move on this I'm. Sorry but that's the whole purpose of. It were any sort of. Missions of. Yeah and then there are so many challenges you know I often have to go home watts with people. Sometimes it's because I have a system sometimes because other people so we we walk around the parking lot line of art that haven't made it previously let me do some this and how long now I can help you through this and sometimes. Because. I have a big trash. 6 and there if I don't like it and it's not something you know. What I don't love. You. As a. Whole in words. Of. This is on. A lot of my share of our God help me out here is you know you me and so on. Is that. There has been many steps off his. Home or to this building. I might be super tired before I do so out of all. Who are we. It's like I'm just on fire I'm not but and you're going to. Move you know all of these. So when I went home this Christmas lights whole all of this on it or it's my mom this. Is dreams you know for all these men to talk to people. In exact words it's almost like this is what I was meant to do I would never not know that the words but in the home is the environment this is Madison kind of. Nessa's one of many things that makes the relief. Because I haven't tried to write it down which. There's a lot more to the story but I tried to write it down. And of course well I was casting on this on. Not seeing OK to use all my time energy and resources to help young people experience true Casey developing a Christ like character and just preparing themselves for service. You see in this is this is not that I job it doesn't say he's written a you should work at. Work it matters and it's not my calling my calling is. Is this maybe if that helps in the future. I am not saying that God you're not allowed to that are my calling but for now this is that and it also helps me to kind of single out maybe some places where I could see myself and mission schools of ministry of being one of them because that's where I really feel that yeah I think feel that which which I feel is my hope I can see myself doing this the rest of my life. At the same time as I know I got you are allowed to change that I don't run ahead of him but as it is now then this is my life. But I didn't know if I am still him yet so I hope that today through this testimony as you saw a little bit of what someone wants people to. Conclusions. And it talks some yes for all of us and it was not the university the part of result of some of us stayed in their education had some of us changed and some of the normal for coming from that we all. Gradually pounds out what is God's line of work for us. I think that they're not really in the last 10 minutes we have I have some. Order before we do that unites have some questions trying to star in me after hearing that. It's. One thing when. I know and while I thought of us have passed the cave of the merrier. I can explain the tests and I can give you the papers and you can can do them. That's well at least a little bit sorry about that our army what's ours OK so. Yeah. Just to understand this 1st house the. Actual fee. And honor I strive to do is to write a little bit about what the happy with it is it's a power of capability and capacity of tension hence the aura means for example the faculty of it's the it's the fact of the of men we say so it can be that faculty off that out to use words like to feel it is that we all have then. So everyone has its Yes. Yes. This can be developed. And quite much so that you would call it the balance but. Those things in your battle are still active. You can say yes so at this also happened is that you are very good that way or that are highly developed. Our Wyatt's coal some also are natural aptitudes or built this yeah so that's more of talents so so that's what it says my path to this you can try to think What am I good at some things go good at some things you are not OK. So or. So this one you can go together to win 2 it's very good if you don't seem to starve yourself but ask your friends to for example to take some of this in all Omble that energy drive getting things done listening social understanding practical I was done theoretical understanding you know there are so many different ways you can add value am I good at this or bad at this and it's good it's your friend that becomes your friend if more of us. Than yourself. Because we don't want to say I really think that this is a live this is the same. Yeah and the reason why. It's good to think about this is because I don't know why it has a corporation so the natural act is you like that that they will point in this in the direction of the life where it can help us understand. What it could be. Do you have some. Kind of thing that you can look at what what is what is already in that 4 and 5 what is there. And it can help you to use the back side as well. Because. Research costs and. You can. Get answers from the other places like you could say what it was that Michael that is I understand that the Greens are all there but there's all the other things what are my passion as a bath you can be good at something I did not feel like it you know passion is something that yes you know when you hear a teacher that and really love the thing he's passionate about it and he's put you know and Jesse is passionate about this. Then you have the last month you know start opening doors and all of these have calls that kind of goes along with it but they all go in the bell so what this task here is about is to try to actually work on these areas not that you want right the way but you have this. Here you will ask yourself What am I passionate about them and good that but God has not opened the door you know that would be where these 2 circles cross yet you would ask Where has got open doors and how about something I'm passionate about but I'm not good at it. Maybe I did some work maybe. Here you're with us one of my good that we have got has opened doors for this but I don't really have the passion. And maybe persona of Europe to find something in the middle where all of that and you have to especially if you talk with others and half and even all 3 going fast OK. Yeah I think I should not hold him longer so I. Reviewed. The last. Verse out. Comes that just. Get so you can do it too until you get there. You have to get off but the sharp end of the prayer. There have the fall or I want to pray for it's one of us and we are all on the journey understanding what kind of life call them life or that you have ways of US Some have gotten further than all this on this journey but we're all with. I want the present for. That next year's. Powerful way. Give us all. More or more yes I'm comes. What we will or. Want your license. Is. This media was brought to you by audio force a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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