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If Salvation is Free, Then Why Does it Cost Everything?

Gabriel Arruda


God has given 11 steps that that church needs to go through every time it’s in a crisis. Listen to find out what those steps are and which one we’re currently on as a church.


Gabriel Arruda

Speaker/Director for Freedom Health Ministries


  • March 30, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Romans Chapter 5 Please turn in your Bibles would be to Romans Chapter 5 in verse 18 Romans Chapter 5 verse 18 it says that therefore as by the offenses of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation even so by the by right just by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life what it calls elevation a free gift and the justification of life same book chapter 3 in verse 24 Romans 324 Let see this again being justified how friends freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus is salvation a free gift yes or no absolutely it is something that God is giving the most priceless thing in that he gives it free incredible the Bible plainly declares that yet on the other hand we have some Bible verses that seem to say the exact opposite don't weigh Let's go to Luke Chapter 14 starting in verse 26000000 story Jesus said if any men come to me and hate not his father and mother and wife and children and brother and sisters yea and his own life also he cannot be My disciple and Holmes whoever does not bear his cross and come after me cannot be My disciple for which of you intending to build a tower sit is not down 1st and count the what. Count the cost whether he how sufficient to finish it. So not Jesus is comparing the kingdom of God to the several things and he says in the King James if you don't hate your father brother sister mother more than me which means love less if you don't if you if you love them more than me and you can't be my disciple you can't follow me you're following them not me and he says yeah if you don't take up your own cross and follow me you can't be my disciple either and he says you don't want to think about this eternal life is wonderful it's worth it but if you're serious about this you need to sit down and count the what. Count the costs so I want to have we have Jesus saying listen it's a free gift on the other hand he says count the cost as this is a dichotomy in Scripture there's a very good answer. What about the rich young ruler who came to Jesus member of the richer in the early almost became the 13th disciple if you will he could have been and Jesus said yeah you can follow me but was there a cost for him remember what did he say to you no go sell you have come follow me the cost is too high for the there was a cost for the rich young ruler and Jesus says Whosoever will save his life shall lose it and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it Matthew $1625.00 then we can go on but we have these scriptures that seem to indicate there is a cost quite high cost and then on the other hand we have Bible verses saying it's a free gift is the Bible contradicting itself how do we explain this. And so you know a lot of people would resent this maybe you have gotten into a business deal like this where something was offered free up front you sell great this is free it's free for those who have a subscription but what's a subscription as a 100 bucks a month. But it's free yet for those of a subscription Well how much is a subscription $100.00 a month and so I got it it's as God is offering something free on the 1st and then charges us on the back and it it seems to be. Like a bad business deal but is this how God works know there's a good answer for this how do we reconcile this how do we make a how do we reconcile these 2 concepts we see in scripture friends it's all about definitions and we're going to define 2 very very important things Number one what does free mean what does that mean free and also what is salvation what is that let's start with the 1st question what does 3 mean and what we want to understand is dysphoria main no effort. Let's think about this we're having a pretty good winter but let's say the California Water crisis gets really bad you know what we've been in a drought let's say it just gets like 10 times worse and there's hardly any drinking water. And the Safeway down the street here and South Lake Tahoe puts an ad in the paper and it says free bottled water you're like wow free bottled water we hardly have anything coming out of the top and it's free the moment I read that ad does a bottle of water just appear in your hand it doesn't work that way it's free right but what needs to happen in order for you to get that water. I gotta say for you gotta get your wallet no no you could actually leave that as free right get your car keys open your car get in your car you gotta drive there you probably get a press through the crowd because a lot of people going to be there you go to look for the free gift right you've got to find it you have to acquire it go to the cash register yet that's free you can go and then when you get home you have to open it and take it in in order to absorb its benefits was it free did it take no effort no see that's the implication is when something's free it means no effort that's not necessarily true something can be entirely free and yet take effort to obtain another example that is exercise fresh air those things are free but do they take effort you have to work to prove you have to work to get exercise and so free what free means is whatever normal currency is exchanged for an item is not being asked for that's what free means it doesn't mean no effort just means whatever the normal currency is that's being asked for that is not being asked for that item and so what we're talking about salvation What's the currency friends what is the cost to get into heaven what's the price tag. You know. A good question to ask is Why are doing to us have eternal life the angels have eternal life why do they get that they have never sinned they render perfect obedience do you know what the price tag is on salvation do you know what the entrance cost is to get through the pearly gates perfect obedience. Those people are safe twin had nothing. So I have a question for you this morning do you have the funds to pay for that price tag. You don't have it right. But that someone paid it for you I salute Lee let's confirm this in Scripture go to Matthew chapter 5 starting a verse 8 blessid are they which are what appear in heart for they shall see God OK 1st thing who gets to see God Those who have a pure heart can have a pure heart in sin no sin comes from impurity also a verse 48 Same same chapter Matthew 5 are sporty it's about the 540 it says be there for what friends are perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect What's the price tag for heaven. Perfection friend's perfect obedience Revelation 2214 says Blessed are they that do His commandments that they might have a right to the Tree of Life also turn with me to Hebrews Chapter 12 and verse 14 follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man shall see who. The Lord and we could go on and on the Bible's clear perfect holiness as what it takes to see God and these are a tough pill to swallow and as tough as it sounds it's Bible teaching that it takes perfect holiness to see God Well then what you're thinking what I'm thinking is great I'm already done I that ended for me a few minutes after I had the ability to start sitting I did so if a 100 percent spot this character is what it takes to get into heaven then even just once in one small sin is enough to keep us out what hope is there for us we're going to look into that but frankly it's important to understand this because we have to realize sometimes when we go on years and years in the Christian life we just wanted to have a listen you have no business and have it a moment when you realize it's perfect holiness that gets into heaven we realize. I'm so blessed that code would let me get in that place I so don't deserve being in that place perfect holiness gets into heaven I'm far from that but we're going to talk about this in the here in a minute crisis done something to make sure that someone like me to get to praise the Lord the same in. Praise God. But some people might be thinking really is the bar the how even just once in that's enough I mean if we met someone that committed just one of us and you'd be like oh you know like wow only one but I want to Dave or me right you know like whoa someone has committed once then how could you say that person even back but let's think about this imagine someone standing before a judge someone who actually committed the crime of murder and the judge says well we're here to talk about the murder you committed on such and such state that meant as a judge but listen I think this is kind of the reaction there was one day I remember this year there were 364 days I didn't move murder nobody no murders and we're just going to talk about that one the judgment isn't to talk about the 364 days that no matter how been the judge to talk about that one day that murder did happen that's not how it works in court if there's a stain there's a stain and think about it even the for right now if you became the holiest person on earth and you stopped sending you just never sin from here on forward would be good enough no because you have a record already in the past and friends one spot one stain bone out of 5 and that's it and so there is a cost of salvation there's a price tag is perfect obedience and really that implies a perfect heart a heart that is perfectly in line with God and no matter what happens in my life I am going to say yes to I choose I choose I'm entirely I choose him eternally do you have that pain that you don't. I don't have it. But did Jesus pay that currency for us he did Jesus did he live a perfect life does he have that currency he did it he did it he lived a perfect life as God but also as. Man and he's able to take that perfect human record and put it on top of your faulty sinful record it's not incredible when we know that there is no pearly gates scene that we often see you know in the comics you know at work Peter standing at some desk but for lack of a for the sake of illustration imagine there were and there was a you know we know there are books with the records and the angels looking over the books and he's looking over your life Yikes what could he see what would the Angel see instead of seeing your life's he would see Christ honest instead of seeing your anger he would see Christ meekness so seeing your pride he would see Christ humility. Cripple incredible you get to go enjoy paradise which is a place only for people who read a perfect obedience to God you get to go and you know what that does that acts called justification it transforms the heart to start rendering the very thing needed for had perfect obedience that's possible the Bible we were studying about balance out of school book revelation there is that going to be a group people get victory over the beast over his image over his mark standing on the sea of glass probations close there's no mediator in the sanctuary no more ability to send sins up to the things where there's no one there to mediate for there's no blood they don't need one that's just what we find in scripture it's incredible So salvation a free gift. Yes but does that mean there's no effort needed to obtain it all because there are some things that are free that take effort to obtain. Let me just address the question does this mean that we are working for our salvation no it doesn't now imagine that let's go back to the grocery store illustration magine there's no water in the shop to the grocery store you've got in your car you've driven all the way there you found the aisle could the manager say after all of your ALBERT Oh that still ended 5 seconds ago now it's $2000.00 a bottle to the manager do that does he have the authority to do that the Safeway supervisor the manager can do that it's his product he can sell it for how much or how little he wants to and so despite all your effort you could get to the grocery store he could end the sale and charge you as much as he wants it's up to him and so all that effort could mean nothing but without that effort you'd never be at the grocery store in the 1st place if the sale is still going let me tell you friends the sales going on for salvation. Is still free. And it will take great effort to obtain it and effort to keep it but it will always be free and you will not be required to pay the currency yourself which is a perfect record because you don't have it you couldn't pay it and Christ has supply that for you and we don't have the perfect car either but he gives us that as we receive that free gift it transforms us and so we can start actually creating through His grace our own perfect the Bible teaches us the only way we could have a group people who could live on Earth without a mediator in the sanctuary and that's what the Book of Revelation teaches for us this is actually the 7th they have this gospel you know I like that gospel because it's has a lot of power in it it's you know there's a lot of different gospels out there so Gospel say you know what send repent keep getting up that's the way it's going to be to the 2nd coming do you know that's not the out of this gospel. They on this Gospel says sin repent get up until God's grace is finished its work in you and you're not doing it anymore that's the out of this Gospel His Grace the sufficient there's a lot of power it's actually double grace out of us to compare So to being legalized we actually believe in double grace for us and the how was salvation Let's get to that 2nd question what salvation as a collectible I don't like you could put you know on your trinket shelf next to many other items is it a gift that you still away in a garage like a new car is that a thing or is it legal act in the book somewhere what is salvation lots of the Bible answer that question please turn your BY was to John Chapter 17 John 17 and verse 3 are here in the pages turning I assume you're there and that this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent. So what is salvation. To know. It's not a thing it's a relationship salvation is a relationship that his life he turned and what does it mean to know God Let's go to the book of name him a book we know will go to a very often one of the minor prophets name I'll give you a little extra time to find this one name chapter one and verse 7 OK because a pretty good Lord is good a stronghold in the day of trouble and he know with them that do what. That trust in him so wants talking about to know what it's really talking about doing what. Trusting God knowing God is equal is equivalent to trusting him and that is how we gain an experience with God So friends salvation is a relationship it's a relationship in which you relate to God by entirely depending on him and trusting him you trust him you trust that God You trust God because He has proven himself in your life over and over and over and so it's a it's a relationship it's not a what it's a who sell vacation happens when someone makes the decision to put GOD number one in their heart number one not 2 not 1.5 number one and one something is number one everything else is subservient to it everything comes under everything subservient to it so salvation is choosing a master and according to the Bible how many full time masters can you serve only one for can only do that once you know back in the ancient days. There were slaves that would live with their owners especially in the Roman world and that was a full time job from the moment you woke up to the moment you want to bet you served that Master how many of those kind of jobs can you have only one friends only 117 hour a day job you could have salvation is choosing a master salvation is choosing a way of life how many different ways of life can you live just one Francis only way of life you can live. I have a really good illustration that I used to illustrate this and. But I don't have the props that I normally use to illustrate it so I'm going to just tell you what it is but it's I wish you could see it because it's a really good illustration you guys know those Jim balls was really big huge gym balls that you see you crunches on stuff like that have your pick that one of those like the large version fills your whole arms right so I usually I then I invite a volunteer to come up here and I usually bring one of those symbols we don't have access to one right now and I asked someone to hold that and I say this is your life. This is Jim Ball resembles your life it's all your thoughts all your aspirations everything you do who you are your friends your family relationships it is your life and then I pull out another one and I say this Jim Ball is eternal life the 2nd one I've pulled out it's free you can have it here take it. To someone holding a jumbo are they able to hold a 2nd or that's a really good illustration I wish I could show it to you but I think you're imagining it how many of those can you hold that wants all they want and so to hold that 2nd gym ball which resembles God like eternal life heaven salvation what do they have to do with the 1st of all. They have to put it down it's free but in order to take it they have to put the other one down there's only one life you can live you can live 2 lives friends one life one master and that's what salvation is it's absolutely free but it takes everything because we have to put down our own life and we have in order to accept God's life you can't hold 2 at the same time and that salvation is a free gift but I think it's actually more accurately described as an exchange this exchange of things whatever master you serve before you put that down and you serve a new master. Whatever life you lived before you put that down and you live a new life and whenever I see people make this decision they put down their life what their will their desires and they take gods that's when I see conversion happen working as an evangelist I get to see something incredible I could see people change transform right in front of my eyes it is supernatural when you see someone who starts coming to meetings and they're dark or they start coming to Bible studies and you know that they look like they don't want to be there you just see the stain of guilt in a messed up past coming through their countenance and as they hear the word hear the word hear the word they start changing and almost and see the Light Hope Jory being expressed in this person's face they start talking about God the startle you know feeling like I feel like I know him now they start saying things like this it's incredible it's amazing we have the privilege of studying with the young man who was in this kind of a situation he was coming to the bible studies and he was coming with a girlfriend of his whom just say he was not equally yoked with and she was constantly bringing him down spiritually speaking and he was there but he just it's like someone plugged a little hose in him and sucked the life out of maybe ever seen someone like that just like just just very like life was as galling you know at this ball and chain and but he was coming he was coming to the studies and he stopped coming after a while he actually transition to a different study so that was good we didn't see him for about a year then one day he actually came to our work place and we saw him he didn't even have to speak I could tell from the look of the space something had changed or like what's up what happened and he went on to tell us that. The dynamics in of relationship got really tough and it came to a culminating point where he literally had to choose God or my girlfriend it was a showdown he chose got. To choose the Lord let me tell you for me for a young person that's hard to do that that's a young person's version of giving everything giving your dating choices giving your relationship to God that's it's for the adults maybe a beginning your career or you know your family for the young person it's who I'm dating and he just went on to tell us that from that point onward the spilt the Spirit filled and he was a converted person ended up going to Bible training school and working as a bible worker and getting involved in ministry it was just wonderful to see this young man just blossom and over and over and over I see in people's lives what's the changing point everything else is God drawing God drugs are drawing all the bible studies all the prayers all the friendship of vandalism was the deciding point I give it all the God I put my all down I take this boom that person gets filled with the spirit you see the change in their life it's exactly what happened with me I would do this Jennifer went through the same thing doesn't always have to be a relationship but something some. Something that's sitting in your heart where God to be and God is addressing it and saying do you want me or you want that it's different for every person and so when we completely accept that free gift put down our ball take God's transformation happens and it's free but yet also it cost us everything you know friends I share this because well I'll get to there's a very good reason I share this but I want to be one Bible verse before I deal. Let's go to Matthew chapter 13 it's our scripture reading actually Matthew chapter 13 versus $45.46 could we read that together I'm going to be reading the King James again the kingdom of heaven as likened to a merchant man seeking goodly pearls who when he had found a one Pearl of Great Price went and sold all that he had and by it's so that Jesus is likening the kingdom of heaven to a big beautiful expensive Pearl and when this man this merchant him found this pearl it was so incredible had so much value he sold how much everything to go buy that Pearl because he recognizes that Pearl is like 100 times more valuable that all my current possessions it would be foolish of me to not sell everything to get that Pearl and you know sometimes when you make that decision the people around you might not understand I imagine if there was a vacant field over here and you learned somehow that there was a huge treasure chest this is the stuff kids dream about right a huge treasure chest just 5 feet under the ground in that property and people saw you sell your car they saw you sell your house they saw you saw every article of clothing you have you had to you know where one of those barrels where the cartoons all cartoons that have a bear on that like you know suspenders you're out there you have no earthly possession and you've got a shovel and you're digging in this field that you bought what are people to think about the. Fact that he is absolutely crazy and then you get to that treasure and you 10 X. everything you had before that's what the kingdom of heaven is like have you received that free gift France is Jesus your profile of great price. Have you found in Jesus something that is worth giving up literally everything in this world for the Apostle Paul said I Calpol pings last that I might obtain. Have you found that in Jesus if there is so if there's a struggle in your heart if you're not sure Might I suggest not because Christ is not that valuable but it's because Satan has blinded our eyes to make him appear not that valuable to us he is that valuable he is something that is worth selling acting for let me tell you when I made that decision for myself as when I realized God's love for me was unconditional I was used to so much conditional love especially in my dating relationships it was just all because you make me feel good I make you feel good I like what you do for me I like what you like what I do for you and you know when when that burns you when when it somehow you don't match up when you don't meet the expectations you get kicked out the back door and then you experience God when you're at your lowest when you have nothing to offer God when you are a nobody sitting on the curb and God says I paid everything for you you say. My whole life I'm sold I'm soul I will take you and that when that experience happened to me I said God I Try To my way I experience all the conditional love that the world has to offer I've never found anything like what you're offering me you got it when you got it I am with you at the end I have nothing on anything like this not from my parents not from my ex-girlfriends not from my friends at college not from teachers not from nobody no one has what you had when you found out where you found something in Jesus that the world cannot last a light a match to so you also levy thing you have everything will come subservience everything will be 2nd Jesus will be 1st and people will see it in your life. Then with some people might think you're crazy like the guy with the barrel with a shovel in the field you might look crazy to some people why would they do that why would they live that way why would you give up a good career why would they you know make those decisions that seem so limiting it's because they don't understand the treasure that you feel it they don't get it does Jesus mean everything to here is here Pearl of Great Price you know Friends us we sleep comfortably in our beds at night let's remember that there were times where Jesus had nowhere to lay his head for us the Foxes have holes the bird said Ness son a man had no place to lay his head let's remember that as we eat or delicious food Jesus had to fast for 40 days so you could overcome our tight let's remember that as we enjoy our friends Jesus was hated by the world he could not truly be understood by anybody nobody could identify with them even his disciples Let's remember those we drink water that Jesus when he was on the cross he said. For you so let's remember that we pray to God any time of the day you want openly and freely disc communicate with him that Jesus when he hung on the cross it Father Father Why has style for sake are you where are you I can feel it for you for us he did that for you Have you found in Jesus a friend more precious so precious with for seeking everything in this world for I have have you Jesus said count the cost it wasn't money but it was your life it was your way why do I share this friends because we have a problem in the church the church is full of people with the superficial profession I'm not saying this point fingers at anyone. But I'm saying that the truth we're told that clearly in the testimonies and we see it clearly in the issues that we're dealing with in the church and soon possibly very soon friends it will literally cost you everything to walk with Jesus Emma it's true we're starting you out of this morning it will cost your bank account it will cost you a stable home it will cost you the assurance of knowing where your next meal is coming from it's going to cost you friends it's going to cost you family if it hasn't already and we need to check ourselves friends before the crisis comes to know how I found a friend in Jesus so precious have I got something so valuable for him that I actually count those things Paul use the word down all us it's garbage it's garbage compared to what I have of Jesus have you found that in Christ now's the time to do it before the crisis hits because the time is soon coming or it will cost you everything to walk with Jesus step by step Is there anything in this world that you're still clinging to. That you know is not of God Anything you watch anything you listen to anything you still say anything you still participate in something you're not willing to give up. We're going to close with a word of prayer and I'm going have a special prayer could have a silent time for her and as we have a word of silent prayer between you and God you know the answer actually God is the one who truly knows the answer and you probably know what to ask him to reveal to you so anything between me and you think I have not surrendered to you Have I not laid down my life as there's something that's keeping me that's preventing me that's holding me back from taking that great gift of salvation that's free. But has the cost of the length down my on my putting down by. As we have a moment of silent prayer ask God Is there anything between you and me this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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