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Defining Sin

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)


  • September 15, 2018
    3:00 PM
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Our loving Father we are truly grateful for the privilege and the opportunity now to prepare our hearts to receive the Word and we know that you have something very important very specific and very special to share with us and so we pray that you will please grant issues and truly give yours and. This is our. Jesus. I want to invite you to turn your Bibles with me to the book of 1st Kings Chapter 8. First Kings and we're going to watch after. Going to Chapter. I want you to watch what the Bible says as we consider 1st Kings chapter Solomon was. Doing the dedication of the temple and in the midst of the prayer there were some things Solomon said that were very interesting and I especially want us to take this to heart as we consider studying Lord what really needs to take place with us that we might be prepared to receive the rain the latter rain that we may be empowered to finish God's work the Bible says and 1st kings we're looking at Chapter 8 if you there please say amen the Bible says In 1st Kings a verse 34 then hear how in heaven and forgive the one of my people the sin of the people Israel and bring them again on to the land which thou gave us unto their fathers now watch verse $35.00 when Heaven is what heaven is shut up and there is no rain. Why was there no rain the rest of the verse because they have sinned against the if they pray towards this place and confess the name and turn from their sin when thou flick This them then here in heaven and forgive the sin of thy servants and of the people of Israel that thou teach them the good way where in they should walk and give what rain upon by land which thou has given to the people for an inheritance the thing that caused the rain to not fall the thing that caused the heavens to be shut up it says it was because God's people were playing with something they should have never played with and that thing was called sin and as long as God's people were continuing to fall into sin the Bible says there would be no rain it was only after there was a confession of sin and there was an experience with God with it was victory over sin then God was willing to open up the heaven and let the rain fall we spiritually speaking are waiting for the latter rain the Latter Rain is absolutely necessary this is the adulterated outpouring of God's Holy Spirit we're going to need this. In order to give what we read in Revelation 18 which is called the loud cry the mighty cry to really point out Babylon and all of this deceptive power and force is going to require an endowment from heaven that is nothing close to natural and only that which is supernatural and in order for us to receive that wearing God says there is a prerequisite The people must get to a place that they no longer do the thing. That is cause heaven to shut up now I want you to watch this quotation with me very carefully and I want you to consider it very deeply because I know where everything is going God has laid it out to me Son this is what I want you to cover with the people and so as we prepare to go through this I am asking you please remain in a prayerful state of mind because we're going to cover a lot notice. God leads his people on how step by step he brings them up to different points calculated to manifest what is in the heart and watch this some end door at one point but fall off at the next at every advantage point the heart is what tested and tried how a little closer Oh my brother says you need to be praying this is a very serious study sometimes we get victory at one point but God promises I'm going to send another test and when that test comes God is going to test us how a little closer notice it says if the professor people of God find their hearts opposed to this straight work it should convince them that they have a work to do to overcome if they would not be spewed out of the mouth of the Lord said the angel God will bring his work closer and closer to test and to prove every one of his people so can any of us escape this test no every single individual in this room under the sound of my voice every single individual is going to be tested not merely tested we're all going to be tested closer and closer. Then I says some are wanting to receive one point but when God brings them to another testing point they shrink from it and stand back because they find that it strikes directly at some cherished Idol you know what God is doing in these quotations we're reading thus far he's doing what's called a cleansing work that's the cleansing work until 2300 days then shall the sanctuary becomes but God cannot have a clean sanctuary until he 1st has a clean people according to Leviticus 16 verses 16 to 19 the Bible makes it crystal clear that the only reason that the sanctuary got dirty was because of the transgressions of his people and so God cannot have a clean sanctuary until he has a people that stops making it dirty and that's you and that's me and there's only one thing that requires cleansing from the sanctuary and that is sin and so what we're doing is we're not reading a process that we should feel we are reading a process that we should praise him for earlier today rather Michael quoted from John 15 and I don't know if you saw it when he said in verse 2 Jesus made it clear on the vine you are the branches and then he says every branch in me that bears not fruit I take away what he says but every branch of me that bears fruit he says I purge it and the purpose of the purging was so that it might bring forth more fruit What does the word purge mean you can literally look at John 15 in verse 3 it says now you are clean through the Word which I've given to you the word purge means to cleanse think about it God actually says every branch of me that's actually bearing fruit he says I still cleanse it why does it kinds of tree that's already bearing fruit he says because they still got some dirt spots on it and I want more fruit. And so my brothers and sisters you need to understand this is something we can thank God for we don't need to be for afraid of this we need to say Thank You Lord we need to learn how to start praying all Lord please purge me purge me father show me every stain on my character show me every black show me every imperfection because the whole purpose of him doing it is that he can use that precious blood that is the super detergent it has enough power to wash away sin and so when we're reading this don't be afraid of it don't be intimidated by it don't be afraid embrace it thank God for thank you lord the chill test me even closer because you see something valuable in me now notice it says. This and cherish idols that are still in our heart that's why the test is closer then it says here they have opportunity to see what is in their hearts that shuts out Jesus this some things in our hearts the shutting out Jesus and we're not even aware of it I'm going to show you today some startling things now watch this all of this quote comes from Volume One of the testimonies page 187 it says they prize something higher than the truth. And their hearts are not prepared to receive Jesus individuals are tested and proved a length of time to see if they will sacrifice their idols and heed the counsel of the true witness if any will not be purified through obeying the truth and overcome their selfishness their pride and evil passions the angels of God have their charge they are joined to their idols let them alone and they pass on to their work leaving these with their sinful traits and subdued to the control of Evil Angels that is very concerning brothers and sisters that's why when God shows us our plague spots don't run from it when he shows us this is where you're still and clean you very clean on this side but you have some uncleanness on this side when God tests us a little closer and shows us some of those plague spots you need to say thank you Lord for showing me that thank you Lord for showing me that you're trying to save me and you want to use me more powerfully I remember telling my wife in the beginning of 20161 of the most incredible years of my life I told my wife I said honey I said we've been to almost 2030 different countries preaching the everlasting Gospel we've been all over the United States we have done many many things and accomplished so much there are thousands and hundreds of thousands of people I was told by one organization even millions of people who have heard messages that God has given to this instrument and I said Honey I don't know what it is I said but I feel like God has not scratched the surface of what he wants to do with me I said I don't know why it's like this something he's calling me higher too and when I think about all the trials that I went through in 2016 it was like all hell's fire broke loose on me but God now here in the latter portion of 2800 now I get it completely. And God says Duane I was purging you because I wanted more fruit I'm not satisfied with the fruit you've given me so far I want more and you will find that God wants more from you as well and so it's said. Those who come up to every point now watch this this is the context of everything we're discussing those who come up to every point and stand how many tests every test and overcome be the price what it may watch this have heeded the counsel of the true witness and they will receive what the latter rain N. be fitted for. God is getting us ready you hear me God is getting us ready the devil has been put in his team together for years we see the papacy making movements for Sunday long we see the United States of America consistently making movements that are leading to the reunion of church and state we see the movements of the devil trying to confuse God's people in the remnant but God says that's all right God is more patient than even Satan so it's patient but God is far more patient and God is sitting back and God is saying that's all right I've got a team that I'm putting together and God knows I've got a team that they're responding to my voice and oh yes right now you don't really see them just like if I told all of you let's go outside and let's look at the sky and you all come outside look at the sky and if I said to you aren't those stars beautiful Many of us say Brother women I don't see a single star except the sun that's the only thing I don't see any other one what are you talking about and I would say no put your spiritual glasses on you see when you look into the sky. The stars are there you can't see them because it's daylight but when the night comes. Every star that was already there will be begin to shine bright and beautiful you see nighttime is coming spiritually speaking in fact Matthew 25 calls it midnight and when that midnight cry comes my brothers and sisters there's going to be a whole bunch of stars that are already there that's going to be ready foot and ready to follow the master's command and so right now we may say oh where are the workers where are the preachers and teachers and evangelists Where are they it seems like I am the only one standing for God's present truth and God says this as he said to his servant Elijah of old I have. Who have not bowed their need a veil God is putting together an army God is fitting a people to receive that letter A god is fitting a people that are prepared to go through the Final Crisis and actually go through translation but it's going to be imperative. That we listen carefully and receive carefully the test that God is bringing to us right now I used to be a bigot and I could stand here before you and say that because of my past life is not my present life and by God's grace it will not be my future life but I used to be a big I grew up in a city use urban community black youth and you know I feel Christianity was irrelevant I feel Christianity did not meet my needs and to make it worse I was constantly surrounded by you know the Nation of Islam and these type of groups you know Malcolm X. I started to study Malcolm X. so closely he became my hero I loved him and I remember that I was taught by these organizations the white man is the devil Christianity is a white man's religion. And they would say all these different things and I mean they were very very clear about it and they would challenge me there's a think about it doing in the Bible you have a white Jesus you have white angels you have white patriarchs you have white prophets you have white Apostles. He said the only black person in the Bible is a man by the name of Simon the siren who was carrying Jesus His cross that books not for us and I say you write and thing maybe turn away from it so here it is I'm grown up on the bigot and then one day that's why I'm telling you God is so good he really needs you where you're at. He know I love Malcolm X. so much that one day there was a minister who was holding a meeting 15 minutes from my house and he had a picture where he was like this in the picture this had that nice little poles you know had his fingers like that Malcolm X. would often sit with his fingers like that on his face and I wanted to be so much like Malcolm X. that if you used to watch me sit down you see me doing the same exact pose that minister got that pose going on and I'm looking at a brother and I said man he just looks deep he look like Malcolm X. And so it is I decided I'm going to go to this meeting and he was teaching biblical truth from an afro centric perspective he began to show the Afro centricity in the Bible which I did not know I did not know that there was so much Afrocentric city in the Bible began to study the thing out and before you know it. I ended up getting baptized into the 7th Day Adventist Church. 26 years ago and here's where it gets interesting 1st 4 books that were given to me creeping compromise reaping the whirlwind enemy at the gate answers to difficult Bible texts all written by the same author Joe Cruz and when I got those 4 books I ate those things up and I started studying those books I said these books are incredible and because my mind was so bigoted I thought that the only deep people on earth were black people like you can't write anything you can't preach anything can't do anything unless you like and so I literally said this guy Joe Cruise is so deep must be a black guy that's what I said LOL the whole one day I went to bed and got up early in the morning then I turned on the T.V. and turned it on to Be Black Entertainment Television and when I turned on that thing of all people I see a white man here a Caucasian gentleman silver hair he's right I want to white board and all that white board it says 126-538-2709 extension 88 says Revelation 1217 and then he says remnant when I saw that I said hey that's 7 the admin is a language I mean I immediately picked that up and he started to walk through this 1260 year prophecy and connecting it with Revelation 12 and I'm listening like well this is interesting and I'm watching this why Brother break down the Word of God with power and clarity and next thing you know his name pops up on the screen Joe Cruz. When I saw that I said. Joe Cruz has a wife I don't know why I mean I was shocked and I said you know what I guess God can use any. And next thing you know from that day forward all of those X. 17 all those calls were all made of one blood etc This neither Jew nor Greek bond or free male nor female all are one in Christ all those verses made sense and that's how I got cured from my bigotry and it's that man Joe Cruz that he wrote that book reaping the whirlwind this book had a statement in it that was very profound to me I mean I began to love this man even though I never met him face to face I would listen to him and listen to those radio programs when he was the head of amazing facts and I would read almost all of his books eating it up I love this man and this is something that he said to reap in the world and that I thought was so powerful and I know is very appropriate for the time that we spent together and study right now he made this statement the most tragic thing about the worldly state of the church most tragic thing he says is that she doesn't recognize her own miserable plight she is comfortable with the way things are going platitudes and generalisations roll over the ears of loud to see and without making the tiniest impression books and articles have also been written about the need to repent of this loathsome attitude which God detest yet we see the situation almost growing worse why he then says Why hasn't the message been heeded I've analyzed many of the appeals in our publications and they are wonderfully presented but as I studied deeper I discovered that almost none of them spelled out what to repent of it was a call to repentance but it wasn't spelling out what to repent of he goes on to say. Suddenly it became clear to me why there was little response those eloquent appeals to turn from sin and bring no response because allowed to see and cannot see I said wow louder science cannot see so here's what he says next they are incapable of discerning sin vague terms like sin do not really register with them they need to have seen what defined described and delineated we have assumed too often that the Holy Spirit will take over and teach the details if we just provide the general appeals the true message to allow to see it will both lead to clear that sins are being committed by the church members and even by the institutions of the church unless these evils which bring the displeasure of God are corrected its members the whole church stands accountable for them review and herald December 23 1890 the Bible is very clear on what sin is it says in 1st John 3 and verse 4 turn there with me 1st John 3 and verse 4 there are many classes of us that are here some are very studious some may not be and so I want you to see what the Bible says as we look at 1st John chapter 3 and we're considering verse 4 The Bible tells us what sin is. And it is something that plays such a tremendous role in the judgment pertaining to the Latter Rain pertaining to the seal of God pertaining to salvation. The Bible says in 1st John 3 and verse 4 Whosoever committed sin transgressive or break it all sold the law for sayin is the transgression or breaking of God's Law This is talking about the 10 Commandments OK many text that you can look at that Romans Chapter 7 and then you connect that with verse 7 and then you look at Exodus 20 verses one through 17 specifically 17 comparing it with Romans 7 and verse 7 the Bible lets us know that it is the breaking of God's 10 Commandments that this is sin the reason that this is important is because as we study we're living in the time of the anti typical day of atonement we're living in a time of judgment because we're living in a time of judgment what is the standard in the judgment go to James Chapter 2 The Bible makes it very clear what the standard in the judgment is so here it is we're looking at the Book of James and we're going to watch after James Chapter 2 and I want you to see what the Bible says as we consider verses 10 through 12 James we're going to Chapter 2 verses 10 to 12 Amen James Chapter 2 verses 10 to 12 when you get there please say amen All right the Bible says in James Chapter 2 starting at verse 10 it says For whosoever shall keep the whole law how much of the law the whole thing for who I was I keep the whole law and yet offend and how many points one point he's guilty of how much all so notice that the whole law. If you break it in even one point we're guilty of all of it now he specifies which law he's talking about he then says in verse 11 he they said Do not commit adultery said also do not kill Now if thou commit no adultery yet if thou kill thou art become a transgression of the law verse 12 so speakeasy and so do as they that shall be what judges do by the law of liberty so what is it that we're going to be judged by the law of liberty which is not other the law that says Do not commit adultery and do not kill that is part of the 10 Commandments you got that So this is that is the standard in the judgment right now Christ Jesus in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary is doing an investigative judgement on yours and my life and the question is are their lives in harmony with my law that's the standard there's not going to be a black side of heaven there's not going to be a white side of heaven it's not going to be a Hispanic side and an Asian side and is not going to be favorites on those who are male versus female God is not concerned with all of that God is going to have one standard that every nation kindred tongue people and gender will all have to come face to face with and that is the standard of this law is your life in harmony with my 10 commandments when you think a commandment number one commandment number one says Thou shalt have no other gods before me coming over to the US are not making to the any graven images do not bow down to them do not serve them no worse than 5 the Lord thy God I'm a jealous God commanded number 3 do not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain for the law and I hold him guiltless that does that all command number 4 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 they shall the labor do all the work for 70 the Sabbath of the Lord in it or not do any work commandment of the 5. Honor your father and your mother that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God gives you command number 6 Val Shalt Not Kill Command number 7 thou shalt not commit adultery commanded never a now shall not steal command in number 9 do not bear false witness don't go around telling lies can have a number 10 thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house wife or anything that belongs to the neighbor be happy with what you have be content so now that's the 10 Commandments This is the standard in the judgment but the question is how deep really are God's commandments think about it the Bible says I have seen an end of all perfection but it died commandment is exceeding what broad God's commandments are very broad very deep so when you look at God's commandments we need to understand there are a lot deeper than what they appear on the surface and what God says is if you are going to receive the latter rain if you are going to be sealed with the seal of the Living God If you are going to pass through the judgment where your name remains and your sins are blotted out then there must be an experience of victory over sin but we must know what sin is and sin is the breaking of God's 10 Commandments but we need to understand those commandments are a lot deeper then we think there are a lot deeper and so what Jesus says is I want you to understand the surface but you must understand you going to have to go deeper than the surface you see inspiration says very clearly. Mind character and personality book one page 32 Paragraph 4 the law of Jehovah is exceeding broad Jesus plainly declared to his disciples that this holy law of God may be violated in even the thoughts and feelings and desires as well as in the. Word and it's getting deep it's going to start getting deep Jesus wants you and I to understand that the integrity of this law must be held in tact the world at large is trying to say to us right now God's law is for it that's why David the Psalmist says it is time for the to work all Lord for they have made for dialogue God must have a people that can express the integrity of God's law to show our greatest love to Jesus you know it we can say we love Jesus all we want but he told us how to love him he said if you love me then keep My commandments that's what I want I'm not asking you to do a lot of the other stuff you do people say they love God and they go and worship and make a lot of sounds and do a lot of activities and they say this is show my love of God Jesus says listen there is a such thing as paying attention to my love language and Jesus is love language is keep my commandments out of a pure heart keep my commandments but he wants us to understand that those commandments are deep and so as we prepare to go through this my brothers and sisters I want to understand God wants to unfold some things to us he wants us to pay just a bit closer attention because he's going to test us closer and still closer you remember the 1st commandment Thou shalt have no other Gods word. Before Me. How do you know when something is your god it's very simple what do you put before God who's in your life that you will soon obey them before you will obey God whoever that person is that is your God What is it that God has told you to do that you clearly know you should be doing but because you want to demonstrate faithfulness to someone or something else you put that thing in front of what God has clearly said in his word whatever that thing is that is your god now I'm going to show you a very common God that a lot of people have in this world for Libyan's chapter 3 in Philippians the 3rd chapter there is a certain kind of God that a lot of people have in this world and it may very well be that we ourselves have this god in our lives and so it is that the Bible says in the book of what Philip means one chapter chapter 3 I want you to notice what the Bible says in for Libyan's chapter 3 I want you to watch what it says as we consider verse 17 and we're going to take it down to verse 19 the Bible says in Philippians 3 starting at verse 17 brethren be followers together of me and mark them which walk so as he have us for and sample for many walk of whom I have told you often and now tell you even weeping that they are the one of the cross of Christ they are the enemies of the cross of Christ is that good or is that bad well that's very bad now what is one of the signs that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ it says in verse 19 whose And it is destruction whose God It is what. Whose God It is their belly and whose glory is in their shame who mind earthly things what is the God that is mentioned in verse 19 there are a lot of people that will clearly know what God says when it comes to what we should or should not put within our bellies and some of us can look clearly at the Word of God Some of us can look clearly at the Spirit of Prophecy if you're part of the remnant family and we will look at the Bible will look at the Spirit of Prophecy we will clearly see what God says and we will say I don't care I'm going to eat what I want to eat when we put anything before God's instructions that thing becomes our God and God makes it clear for many of us our God is our bellies you see God said a long time ago in the that it is the 11th chapter and the 11th verse he was speaking about that which is called unclean unfit for human consumption and so the Bible says they shall be even an abomination unto you he shall not eat of their flesh but you shall have their carcasses in abomination he was speaking about things like pork bacon ham he was talking about things like shrimp lobster crab he was talking about things like rabbits and rodents and eels and snakes and clams he was talking about all of these things and he was defining them as that which is unfit for human consumption and when we study these things when these things are presented to us God says I want you to pay attention to it and I want you to take heed we talked about earlier take he follow my instruction and let not your will but let my will be done when we say I don't care that bacon smells good. I don't care that shrimp smells good I don't care that blank you fill it in smells good I want it and I'm going to eat it God says then I need you to understand if you are putting that before what I have clearly stated and clearly called you to than that thing becomes your god some of us labor the lemon what we already responded to that and so we don't eat the unclean God says Alright well that's OK but then God says Well how about this one you see God prophesied about the condition of animals in the last days and were God prophesied about the condition of the animal kingdom in the last days he did not just prophesied about the condition of animals in the last days as it pertains to the unclean God gave a prophecy in the Bible that he talked about the condition of animals in the last days pertaining to the clean and so God began to call his people away even from the clean animals because he knew something was going to take place notice what inspirations is in Hosea 3 and verse 5 the Bible says afterward shall the children of Israel return and seek the Lord their God and David their king and shall fear the Lord and His goodness in the what days in the latter days in this context 1st and foremost talking about the Assyrian kingdom taken captive but then afterwards is talking about the last days in earth's history now watch this in chapter 4 of Hosea notice what Hosea says next here the word is continuing the same thought because verse 5 is the last verse in chapter 3 so it's continuing it says here the word of the Lord the children of Israel for the Lord have a controversy with the inhabitants of the land because there is no truth nor mercy nor knowledge of God in the land do we see this today. Is there a lack of truth is there a lack of mercy is there a lack of the knowledge of God in the land yes there is how about this one in then it says by swearing and lying and killing and stealing and committing adultery they break out and blood touches blood do we see these things happening today we see every single one of these things happening today watch the 1st word in verse 3 it says in verse 3 Therefore what is the word there for me it means because of this as a result of this so because of all of this we keep this that was happening in our world God says something very important to us therefore shall the land mourn and how many people every one that dwelleth there in shall language you know the word language means to become and feeble and diseased it says and everyone shall languish notice this in every way that one of the original language and then says with the notice the 1st thing on the this with the what the Bible prophesied that in the last days the beasts of the field are going to become enfeebled and disease not just the piece of the field but it also says What else with the. Fowls of the heavens not only the beasts of the field so this is why you got you know your mad cow disease you know chicken is the number one most contaminated meat that you and I can eat loaded with all sorts of different diseases chicken and so it says the fowls of the heaven again you can look at chicken turkey you can you can go ahead and put a lot on that list as it relates to the fowls the bees or the field the fowls of the heavens Now watch this not just the beasts of the field not just the fowls of the heavens but it also says yes. Fishes of the sea shall also become disease and taken away. God prophesied that in the last days the animal kingdom is going to become more and more on fit for human consumption he did that in love and so while many of us both they say oh I don't eat the unclean animals but many of us are still even the clean animals now go to Genesis Chapter 9 watch this when can eating a clean animal become a sin notice what the Bible says in Genesis the 9th chapter Genesis Chapter 9 can eating a colleen animal become a sin absolutely notice what the Bible says in Genesis the 9th chapter in Genesis Chapter 9 notice what the Bible says as we consider verses 3 and 4 the Bible says in Genesis 93 and for every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you even as the green herb have given you all things verse for flesh with the life there of which is the blood there of one of the next 3 words forward shall ye not eat was that clear was any Jewish people around Was there any Jewish people around there's not a single Jewish person around so this is not a Jewish Law This was something for gentiles God says even if you eat the clean animal What was it that had to be completely extracted from that animal blood now go to 1st Samuel 14 notice what the Bible says 1st time you're 14 so is it a sin are you suggesting brother lemon that it's a sin if I eat the clean animal with any of the blood still intermingled in it's me that is what the Bible says 1st Samuel we're looking at Chapter 14 the Bible says it 1st Samuel 14. And I want you to watch what he says verses 32 and 33 the Bible says the 1st time your 1432 and 33 and the people flew let me give you the background the children of Israel went to war against the fearless times and King Saul had the nerve to make them fast you don't fast and go to war you understand that you can be too weak you get that you to be too weak you not have energy so they fasted they went to war and they began to fight against pillar science what does the Bible say took place it says in verse 32 and the people who flew upon the spoils that means they defeated the 1st time so now there's all the spoil left over so says the people flew up under spoil and took sheep and oxen is that clean also clean animals yes it is they took sheep and oxen and calves and threw them on the ground and the people did eat them with the blood but see that what is the Bible called then verse 33 verse 33 the Bible says then they told Saul saying Behold the people sin against the lord how do they do that in that they eat with the blood and he said you have transgressed roll a great stone and to me this day when we eat a clean animal with the blood still intermingled in its meat the Bible calls it a sin it's a sin that's why in Jewish culture they have something called culture is ation they go through this very rigorous process with salt water they take that meat and they beat it and get all the blood out and pump it out and then after that they go ahead and prepare it to be eaten when you eat it you're going to think you're eating your belt it is not very flavorful which is deep because that means the thing we actually really like about the chicken is not the meat it's the blood it's the blood that gives it that flavor if the doctor suspects you have cancer. Heart disease all timers or whatever was the test that they got to do they got to do blood work why do they do blood work because they know that disease flows through blood to God prophesied that the animal kingdom in the last days was going to become diseased and God prophesied the animal kingdom is going to become disease and if you eat of those animals with the blood still mingle in their meat you're sinning and you're going to make yourself sick that's one of the great reasons why God has given this movement a message of health reform which calls us off of that which is bad and destructive and calls us in to that which is good and helpful it was not a message to be shunned I told you last night that one of the fulfillment of prophecy is that many will reject God's health reform and I will do that and so God wants us to understand we can even eat the clean animals we could be sinning against God Some of us say All right well I'm just going to be a vegetarian I'm going to now go ahead and go total whole food plant base for now or I'm going to eat tofu don't go to Proverbs 23 I got something for the top leaders. Proverbs 23 I got something for the tofu leaders Proverbs 23 I like this notice what the Bible says and Proverbs 23 The Bible says In Proverbs 23 starting at verse one when thou send us to eat with a ruler consider diligently what is before the now watch this it says and put a knife to thy throat Now what does that language mean put a knife to your throat kill yourself it doesn't mean just take a knife and just go thing you know just about it near my neck. When they say put a knife to your throat he's saying kill yourself before you do this so what is it that he's talking about he says and put a knife to their throat if thou be a man what kind trawl by appetite you know brothers and sisters even when you make a decision to start eating good whole foods and eating good healthy foods don't ever forget the Christian Temperance Bible hygiene page 51 it says it is possible to eat in moderately even of wholesome food it does not follow that because one has discarded the use of her full articles of diet he can eat just as much as he pleases over eating no matter what the quality of the food clogs the living was seen and thus hinders it in its work somebody says wait a minute are you saying Brother LEMON That Over eating is a C.N.N. I understand it's not advise of all but is it our C.N.N. I'm not saying anything I'm just quoting go to the book of easy kill Chapter 16 and let's answer that question the Bible says in the book of Ezekiel we're going to watch after is equal what chapter Chapter 16 notice what the Bible says and we're looking at Chapter 16 could OVER EATING be a sin that is what the Bible says it. Is 16 and verse $49.00 the Bible says the whole this was the iniquity Now what was it iniquity Now what's the effect of iniquity. As a side note you can write down Isaiah 59 in verse 2 and it says your iniquities have separated between you and your God So iniquity separates us from God You cannot have salvation in iniquity you understand that iniquity is that which separates us from God So it impacts your salvation so now look at verse $49.00 it says Behold this was the iniquity of sister Sodom now was the 1st thing on the list that's called iniquity pride question can pride affect your salvation yes pride goeth before a fall was the next thing on the list after pride fullness. Of what bread was the issue the fact that they were eating bad food no what was the issue they were eating too much of it it's called gluttony over eating the Bible says that when we over eat that this is iniquity because it clouds the mind and it causes us to forget you see why does God give us such strict principles the reason why is because so then with the mind I myself serve. Was a standard in the judgment of the law of God and it's what the what that we serve the obey that law it's what what the mind so how you eat and how you drink has a direct impact upon the condition of the that's why God takes what you drink so seriously and all my friends will be people that will tell you what you eat and drink has no bearing upon your salvation I will tell you that is in extra biblical statement that is not Biblical if I go to somebody can I smoke cigarettes Oh no no no you can't do that OK I drink alcohol can I get drunk no you can't do that these are things that I'm putting inside of my system that have a negative impact on my mind. The problem is that because we don't study food we don't study its impact we neglect the fact that these things can truly negatively impact the function of our minds and that's how we can make really really bad decisions what do you think Moses said in Deuteronomy or was it Deuteronomy 2021 or Deuteronomy 2120 is is one of those 2 And Moses said if any of your children be a drunkard and a glutton the instruction was literally elders are to take those children take them outside to a specified place and stone them to death why would God give such strict rule is because God understands when we do things that medicate and we ate the mind we open the gate way to do what ever Satan wants that's why God says I want my people to control their appetite there comes a point in time that we can prove by our indulgences that our bellies are our gods now that's just one you remember Camembert Number 2 they also not make into the any graven images right bowed down to the I don't remember that so the Bible clearly says You remember this they also and I'm a going to be any graven image they also are not bow down by self to them nor serve them for the love I got him a jealous God Well again when we look at this commandment immediately we say are not like those bad Roman Catholics they ballin down to images and power and down to statues we're not like them we're not like those Buddhas gone around ballin down the statues and all those things we are not idolaters but then when the Bible clearly tells us for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and then it says and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry God says if you're stubborn God says I look at you the same as the one who bows down before the statue. How many of us are harboring a stubborn spirit how many of us still today say nobody can tell me what to do I'm the boss of me you can't tell me anything who you think you are how many of us still maintain an attitude that we feel no one has control over my life I do and I call the shots of what is good and bad and indifferent I'm the one that will make the decisions some of us have erected an Idol we just forgot it was us and we bow down to it every day stubbornness is an idol my brothers sisters and some of us are almost proud of our stubbornness not understanding if we're stubborn we can not make it through the judgement we cannot receive the latter rain and we will not be sealed with the sea of the living God We cannot bring sin into this equation and so when we talk about victory over sin we're talking about victory over our appetites in the context of those who are slaves to unclean those who are slave to the clean water eating it outside of what God says or even those who are plant based but they're over eating and over indulging and still making themselves. And taking charge of what God purchased with his own blood we have to understand this is sin if we find that we're still stubborn and nobody could tell me anything whether it be because of my age or because of my gender or whatever it is that makes us think that nobody can tell me anything God says if we have that kind of attitude heaven records us as idolaters and there is absolutely no difference between us and those who bowed down to those images and kiss its feet Thou shalt not commit adultery Jesus made some very plain statements about this Jesus said but I say unto you That whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her. Has committed adultery with her already in his heart Now please understand what it says look at on a woman to last after her it is not that when a man sees a woman inappropriately dressed in he Caesar and he goes oh well and then he turns away and he says are a lot of me not to look back there anymore and he keeps it moving that brother is called victorious but when the brother sees the woman coming this way and he can already see the hourglass and he's staring her up and down as she's walking she walks towards him the walk past him and then all of a sudden he goes and looks back there what's happening is he is looking and he is lusting he's allowing his imagination to create some pictures in his head and sometimes it gets to the point that the man's mind simply says she is so pretty and she is so sexy or nice looking that if I could I would in the eyes of Jesus when a man gets to that place in his imaginations remember he in touch anything when a man gets to that place in his imaginations he has looked upon that woman and lusted after and as a result of that Jesus says you just committed adultery when Kim Carr bashing when Jennifer Lopez when any of these women who are known as quote unquote sex symbols when they show up on M.S.N. and when it says Kim Kardashian is showing off her new bikini and that brother takes his little mouse and goes click when he goes to that point and he says Click and he cracks and he then says all right I'm seeing image number 5 image number 10 image number 15 that man has just committed adultery certainly when they go to the point of graphic websites you see when God wired our bodies. He wired our bodies and I always teach this. Was not made for men and women you can't read that anywhere in Scripture sex was not made for men and women that's not in the Bible sex was made for husbands and wives that's all that you get in Scripture Now watch this so that means sexual pleasure was only only only to be experienced in the marriage covenant when a man has sex with another woman that's not his wife when a man has sex with another man when a man has sex with an animal or when a man has sex with himself God says they all are a species of adultery and so when we begin looking at this commandment No wonder it was Joel who said I made a covenant with my eyes how then should I look lustfully at a young woman this is what God says he wants for all of us as his men he says to his men I need you to show that I self man and I want you to show yourself as one who is under the control of my spirit and so when it says see him card Ashley and in her bathing suit while everybody else is clicking you are passing and it doesn't matter who the celebrity is it doesn't matter when those temptations come and those urges drive in that is when that young man begins to fall on his knees Lord help me that's when he needs to get out of that room that's when he may need to even surrender his i Phone and go back to a flip phone. Do you remember what we wrote earlier be the cost what it may be remember there are more to say that inspiration volume one. Page $187.00 B. the cost what it may we must come up to every point. And so God says to the young men he says I need you to control yourself yes these women have not been taught dress reform yes there are very few who lead by a good godly example but that is still not an excuse for us to go a listing and a whoring after these precious daughters of God But God also wants the daughters to understand something you see again this commandment the 7th commandment look at this ladies because I'm especially talking to you now this commandment for bid not only acts of impurity but sensual thoughts and desires watch this or any me practice that tends to excite them purity is demanded not only in the outward life but in the secret intensity emotions of the heart so notice any practice that site sensual thoughts and desires sister. If God is going to condemn a man for looking at a woman lustfully then God is going to condemn the woman for dressing in a way that causes men to look at her and lust after her when a woman wears clothing that site sensual thought and sensual passions heaven says that woman is sinning that is a sin Now watch this what exactly am I talking about told you we're going to be very very detailed I want you to watch this I thought about what picture can I use without causing excitement you see sisters I need to understand something very powerful ladies I'm letting you know up front you are very powerful people very powerful and God knows it but guess who also knows it. Satan chooses women. For He can we use them more if successful e then he can men that is manuscript please book 10 page 76 paragraph 2 Satan literally shoes his sisters he says I'm a choose women he says what he says because I can use them more successfully than I can even use men you don't believe that ask Evie used Eve to get Adam he used to lie to get Samson he used the Moabite women to get the children of Israel the devil knows when a woman is under His control especially if she's pretty Satan says I will use her to destroy many a man and so sisters I'm sorry to tell you you're a target you are bonafide target I'm showing you from God's words of inspiration for the testimony of Jesus you are a target because brothers will compromise all most anything under the mystic spell of a woman and Satan knows this and is for this reason sisters that's why I'm telling you we're told our words our actions and our dresses our daily living preachers gathering with Christ or scattering abroad this is no trivial matter to be passed off with a jest the subject of dress demand serious reflection and much prayer my brothers or sisters we can't get away from this counters on health 600 we have to understand dress is not trivial right now one of the saddest things happening among 7th Day Adventist powerful present truth preach just as well as teach us as well as listeners and viewers is when we get on Facebook we show people stuff they have no business seen there is so much cleavage there so much backside there's so much by this so much crotch this so much of the body. That we're glad me posting on Facebook hey look at me where such and such a place and we're just at the beach or at whatever listen that lady to my right right there as my bride and I assure you it is by the grace of God you are going to continue to wonder at the mystery of that holy place you will not know by the grace of God what the particulars of my wife looks like my wife would tell you she was standing here you will not know what the particulars of my husband looks like the body is to be seen by the ones who have made the covenant it is not the average man or the average woman's business to know how we're built and how we're structured and our curves and all these things that's none of their business. And sisters listen please do not act like you don't have any sense when women get in the mirror and say I'm talking straight to you when women get the mirror you look at yourself you look at yourself you know you don't just look at yourself like this you look at yourself like this you look at yourself like this you could just feel like this you look at yourself like this you look at her you're looking you're paying attention you're making sure hair looks right fits just right sometimes the cleavage is up and we pull it down we know what we're doing and God says as a sin allowing your body to be seen when you know it's going to excite sensual thought sensual desires God says When you were called in like that that's a sin what are some clothing like that you know this right here was that all had to use a mannequin I was not going use a real person that caused the most problems was that all that's a miniskirt is all right now the woman who made the mini skirt that's her right there Mary Quant. Mary Quant is the one who is the region ater of the mini skirt and like much clothing that we see today every designer has a philosophy every designer has a message behind their creation just like God when God created us right there was supposed to be a message behind the creation we were made in the image and likeness of God we were supposed to let the world know what God is like. And so it is that designers today when they make their clothes they have a mission behind their creation Mary Quant she told us exactly what was the purpose of the miniskirt she said a woman is a sexual creature she displays her sexuality instead of this core business of hiding it today she dresses to say I am sexy I like men I enjoy life many clothes are symbolic of a woman who wants to seduce a man. She said that's the message when a woman wears a skirt that shows peeks of her thigh and all of her leg and then when she sits down it rises even higher when she stands up sometimes it hugs and accentuates the hips structure she said that was designed to communicate to a man please have sex with me any garment that excites send sure thought or sensual desires is a species of adultery and it is a sin for the daughter of God to wear such things I told you this that is going to be very specific looking same issues that are here when asked what miniskirts will lead to she answered with one word sex that's it she made it clear that's what is complete. Now I'll be honest with you I'm a really be honest with you you know we're in trouble you know why we're in trouble because brothers and sisters it would be one thing if I'm walking the streets of Los Angeles and I see ministers to the left and right I would say oh this is terrible but I expect this but what hurts is when you see that thing in the church I mean I've seen so many miniskirts and stilettos stilettos are often those super high heel shoes award by prostitutes why do the prostitutes wear because they know that when you stand it's going to accentuate the cap and make the lake a very sexy feature it also causes the back to arch in which accentuates the backside so in other words when a woman puts on a stilettos combined especially with a mini skirt it really communicates please start thinking sexual thoughts you might actually be a very kind innocent young lady don't get me wrong you see got a proverb 7 look at what the Bible says watch this proverbs 7 if you look at proverbs the 7th chapter in the Bible says it like this and I think this is very important for us to consider proverbs looking at the 7th chapter and I want you to watch what the Bible says because it's ever so important proverbs 7 and I want you to see what the text says right there in verse 10 proverbs 7 and we're looking at verse 10 the Bible says if you there please say amen All right the Bible says In Proverbs 7 and verse 10 it says and behold there met him a woman with the want. Hire of an harlot notice what was referenced to heart a tree was it the woman's personality was it the woman's behavior no it was her what attire you see God knows that clothing can communicate that's why I put it in the word clothing sends a message so when the Lord says our characters are judged by our style of dress. And so what God is saying is that we need to understand when we wear certain closing it's going to make a statement I've got 2 black voice I am not number one I think it looks ridiculous but outside of that I am not going to let my sons with their pants hanging off their backside oversized hoodie Timberland boots in a baseball cap turned sideways and especially walking like this. I'm not going to let my sons do that you know why because if I let my sons do that their character is going to be judged by their style of dress and there are many people that's going to begin to probe them watch them and even sometimes the ones with the legal right they're going to pull them over and harass them even though they're good boys what I'm saying to you sisters is that some of you and please understand sisters in John chapter 3 in verse 19 this is this is condemnation that light is come and men love darkness rather than light today I'm showing things that some of us are saying wow this brother just showed me that my belly's my God while He just showed me that my clothing is adulterous or whatever the case may be I want to let you know you are so not condemned the Bible says this is condemnation light is come into the world and men loved darkness rather than life in other words if you're here in some things today and you're saying well I didn't know that never looked at it like that I'm convicted you're not condemned you're blessed and what God is saying is to say hey follow on walk in the light as I'm in the light but if next week you still show up in your mini skirt if next week you're still showing up and you're still allowing your belly to govern you and all these things oh yes you know you have much to fear you have much to fear God wants to make this thing plain we cannot keep doing this and I'm telling right now it damages some of your ministries. I tell you right now they are ministers right now and some of that and you know it hurts to see it because you know I see a lot and I stay silent 9 times out of 10 I'm like they shouldn't be doing that and if my daughters are going to problems with their dress my wife or whatever I'll soon a just say hey let's pull back lay low maybe I'll pull back from ministry then we regroup let me go ahead and give some more attention to my family the see what we can do but what I'm not going to do is let my wife or my children in rebellion just start coming up before the Saints and here I am looking all clean and Christian and proper and my wife or my children are dressed in ways that is flat out disrespectful to the gospel just disrespectful to the Gospel sisters I'm sorry tight jeans does not belong on you as God's people you're showing your crotch people who literally see the crotch when you wear your tight jeans they see the full accentuation of your backside they see the full accentuation of your hips often the sisters will wear these shirts that are so tight it reveals the curvature and shows how big their breasts are my sisters that stuff causes sensual thought it excites central desires and passions that type of garment is a sin you should not be wearing those things you're going to cause distraction. Where there's praying Lord lead me not to them Taishan come to church and then being led into them by the service of the most high you've got to figure something else out you can't keep wearing these clothing that attract you have no idea how many men struggle with perversions if you knew how many brothers are struggling with deep rooted perversions while they're given Bible studies. While they're telling everybody about Jesus they got beam ends in their heart that they have not gotten victory over those essential passionate demons and then they come to church and then they're hoping Oh Lord help my mind stay focused I can get a picture of you and here goes a sister coming up in her mini skirt personal letter tight fitting clothing and then she's singing in moving her body side to side and that brother is saying Lord I can't hear a single word because I'm focused on her body. I'm thinking about my weakness this is real talk I'm giving you real talk and some of you parents in the room you need to have sweet talks with your children let them know Honey listen we've got to take heed to the Word of God We can't keep dressing like this and do it like this Brothers we got to know listen brothers there's a message for you 2. Brothers once obese once was skinny now all of a sudden they get a little body and also and a zip in their jackets a little lower almost and they were not a tight muscle T. shirts my brothers this causes sensual thought this excites passions if you are blessed with muscles hide it and wait for your wife you understand that hide it hide it this is real talk notice Muscle and Fitness magazine women show a stronger attraction toward men with a figure consistent with the ideal hunting physique it says strong shoulders narrow waist and broad chest and shoulders women prefer a man to be tome but not brawny and bolt out to the max that's this that's why I'm telling you. God says no if you've got that body you need to cover this I got nuff respect for my brother in law has a magnificent physique I mean he has a physique that will make women drool. My brother in law when he gets around people covered up you can't help but the KNOWS it to a degree I mean when when a guy's just walking like that you can't help but notice OK there's a big guy he's working out but he's not letting everybody see all the 6 pack in it all the the lines he's got and everybody sees he understands that vision belongs to my wife he understands that and so what God is saying is he says listen I don't want people committing adultery and I said you know you pray for your ministers don't make it a moment to attack what I'm saying to you is that we all need to take heed to this we all just got to get to a point to say look I cannot represent Jesus as specially his present truth his last day message and here we are come before the Saints showing off our bodies we just can't do that family is going to work against us not for us many of us have conferences and all these things and listen to me you've got these young women that are there signing people up welcome to the dozen So without a doubt make sure they dress better make sure they dress in ways that can they can glorify God and not cause people to look at them with sensual thought and exciting sensual passions really I'm serious I have no condemnation I'm sure I'm a man worthy of condemnation I love you enough to tell you this without condemning I'm just telling you I'm just letting you know because I really believe this is our crisis our Right now we are not spelling it out and as a result of that year after year event after event and all the powerful preaching in the world and we still dress in the same something's wrong with that somebody is not study so might not pay attention we keep reading the same stuff over maybe not reading the other side of the testimonies we got to get to a point that if we don't do it all of it all of it I call this simply form fitting clothing we talked about be careful of form fitting clothing saints be careful remember the Bible says that our shout not steal. If forbids overreaching and trade it requires the payment of just debts or wages if any of you owe a company right now and you made the agreement you intelligently went into the deal and if you made the agreement with the company I will pay you all the 1st or the 15th of every month if you made that agreement you intelligently walked in the situation and you have the money to pay it but it might mean that you have to might make some sacrifices on other areas of your lifestyle if you don't pay those just debts the Bible says you're a thief the Bible says I'm a thief some of us are dodging bills got collectors calling us all the time and what God is saying is I'm trying to send you a message of mercy you need to let those collectors know I will pay my just did it stop dodging your collectors you made the debt pay you made it pay you might have to get an extra job you might have to work a few extra hours pay your debts if it's a just debt you got to pay it if you don't you're stealing and that's a sin and so it says it forbids overreaching in trade and requires the payment of just debts or wages open easy if you're a business owner of any kind you make sure you pay your employees if anything let you in your home suffer but don't you let your employees suffer be like Jesus take the hit yourself and bless and benefit the others but if they work hard for you pay them their wages it says it declares that every attempt to advantage one's self by the ignorance weakness or misfortune of another is registered as fraud in the books of heaven that's why gambling is a sin gambling is a sin because it always attempts to take advantage of people who are ignorant weak or some misfortune of theirs but game for us that's why gambling is a sin. And that's what got people should not be involved in gambling it's all a species of shout not steal but watch this how you think those 2 people feel about each other I think if you're happy I think they're a little more than happy when you think about that image Oh I heard somebody say it begins with a letter F. flirting flirting now I says Now you need to listen to this now watch this Thou Shalt Not Steal was written by the finger of God upon the tables of stone watch this yet how much underhand stealing of sex in is practiced and excused a deceptive courtship is maintained private communications are kept up until the affections of one who is inexperienced and knows not where on to these things may grow are in a measure withdrawn from our parents and placed upon him who shows by the very course in pursues that he is on worthy of her love the Bible condemns every species of dishonesty sons and daughters of God page $63.00 Paragraph 4 what I want you to understand family is God takes this thing very very seriously the standard in the judgment is his law and sometimes when we look at just those 10 commandments we say oh yes you know I don't have another god I don't have idols I don't have any of these things but we learned that God's commandments are exceeding what it grow deeper than what they appear God does not show that to us to discourage us as I told you he's going to bring the test closer and closer because he wants to wash away all of our sins he wants to present us completely clean you see look at this very exciting quote as we close. I was saw that no one could share the refreshing unless they are tame the victory over how many percents every perception over pride selfishness love of the world and over every wrong word and action we should therefore be drawing nearer and nearer to the Lord and be earnestly seeking that preparation necessary to enable us to stand in the battle in the day of the Lord let all remember that God is holy and that no one but holy beings can ever do well in his presence early writings page 71 paragraph 2 God says I gave you this message because I want to fit you for the latter rain and for translation and so my brothers and sisters God says I want you to consider these things now here's a secret you'll never change for a man you neither know nor love won't do it and if you do it it will be temporary what God wants for you and what he wants from me is he wants us to understand I want you to when I want you to make it I want you to overcome as I overcame but this will only happen when you get to know me as it is your privilege to know me my brothers and sisters what I want to encourage you to do is you need to get to know Jesus get to know him as such a way that a love will be produced that will make these things we study today easy you will find I love to please my wife actually find tremendous enjoyment pleasing my bride I really do when she lets me know anything that makes her happy as long as it's moral legal and ethical I will do what I can to provide it for my wife because I love to please my wife. And we are fitting to marry God there's a wedding he's we're pairing us for and he loves to love on us because he's already shown us his love but now as his bride we get to show back our love to Him And Jesus says I don't want you to do a lot of gifts and gimmicks and all these things Jesus said very simply if you love me just keep my commandments you keep My commandments let me do well in your hearting give you real power that you can obey every single thing that we study today and I believe with all my heart God give you victory because as we overcome every peace it pride selfishness love of the world and every wrong word and every wrong action when we get victory over this God says they are ready to receive my rain and give my loud cry and this to many patriarchs prophets Apostles and the blood of Jesus himself that has been spilled to compromise this standard God is not going to dumb down this standard to save any of us what he's going to do is say Come unto me all you that labor in a heavy laden I will give you rest take my yoke upon you learn my cumulatively and I will give you power I will give you power to do what ever I see question how many of you understood the study is going to stand it how many of you by the grace of God are willing to say all or. You show me some sort of things today this is cleanup that I need to do but as long as you're with me. I will cooperate with what you have shown me today if you want to cooperate with God and today's a brand new day please so signify by standing to your feet I'm serious if you're going to cooperate with God. Stand you not going to cooperate Please remain seated if you're going to cooperate. And. You'll find that God will bless you he's going to bless you on the expectation. That you are decisions with. Father in heaven we are so grateful. For your wonderful words of life. We thank you Lord. That you have tested us a little. Because your desire. Is true. And I thank you oh God I know I wanted so desperately to finish earlier but I know not how this. Give your people what they need so I pray that this is cause any education that you would please give me. But Lord I believe. This message is so necessary. And Father I'm just praying. That what has been said here. Not merely to those of us that are here standing position but if this goes on the Internet goes out to the press or let every brother and sister. Take heed to the. Day we all climb just a little bit higher. Ultimately to see the face to face this is our prayer that we do ask in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio. If you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a Visit W W W audio verse or. One.


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