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Mary Magdalene and Our Salvation

John Chung
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John Chung

Dermatologist in Dalton, GA



  • April 20, 2019
    11:15 AM
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THURMAN total this morning is Mary Magdalene and our salvation. Is almost sounds heretical but. You know. Imad Q 2639. Jesus prayed. All my father if it is possible let this cup pass from me. How many times did you pray the prayer. 3 times. This is when you was experiencing the. Carrying of all the guilt of your sins of the entire human race. So that my father. If is possible let this cup pass from me now what is this cup was talking about. If you look at Revelation Chapter 14 versus 9 to 10 he says then a 3rd inch of Paul of them thing with a loud voice if any one worship the beast in his image and receive his mark on his forehead or on his hand he himself. Drink the wine of the wrath of God which is poured. Forth strength into the cup of his indignation. Saw this cup the couple visiting the nation this cup is. Filled with the wrath of God. Or the question is what is the wrath of God. Right. We imagine God being so angry inches you know pounding the table why in the world. But Bible gives the definition of what wrath of God is in Romans chapter 1832. This is for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and are righteous and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness because what may be known of God is manifest in them for God has shown it to them for since the creation of the war all his invisible attributes are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power and Godhead so that they so that they are without excuse because although they knew God they did not glorify Him as God nor were. Thankful because and became futile and there are thoughts and their fullest hearts were darkened professing to be wise they became Paul's and changed the glory of the incorruptible God the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible men and birds and 4 put it animals in creeping things. And. Therefore God also gave them up the 1st $424.00. If you keep going verse $26.00 also says God gave them up to their vile passions 1st $28.00 God gave them all over to be mine. Throughout them God basically is God giving them up. Giving the sinners up to their own devices. So when God gives Europe what happens you are separated from. From the source of life right. That's the wrath of God. And this is the cup the wrath of God that Jesus did not want to drink. Now. To throw out the God he did not want to experience or other god. Or in 2nd Current in $521.00 it is for he made him who knew north in to be sin for us so Jesus became for us he became sinner she says became. He became the murderer. He became the deef he became the child molester. He became the liar he became Deo daughter. It is any single thing in anything you can think of he became that. He became sin for us. So what happens when you have sin in. 59 verse 2 he says but your sins have separated you. From your god. And your sense have hidden his face from you so that he will not hear. You know what Jesus was most afraid of. The one that the cup that he did I want to drink. The wrath of God. Because Jesus was he became sin for us. What happened wrath of God. God had to separate himself from Jesus. The separation. You know. How many of you think. Newborn babies are cute. You know as soon as a baby is born every law this baby thought cute you know there's a really good lie detector test anybody says they're cute. I don't think I've ever seen and brand new born baby looking cute. And now one of the most disappointing thing for me was my one my daughter was born. I was you know I never. I expect that you know because this is my 1st born I was excited and. When she came out I go. I mean she was ugly I hope char doesn't hear him the Thurman but. Oh I thought disappointed. You know they become cute after. After you know like 20 years and you know but I. Not so cute you know. Anyway. But you know it's not my responsibility because I was in residency I was always working I was on call and. So my wife Linda took care of are 247 you know she was there all the time feeding her and sleeping with her I mean just and I was fine with that and she's. She was the worst child she's always crying but you know. With her mother is everything's fine but anyway. I was just you know I was glad that you know my wife could take care of her all the time anyway. So why did this was Friday afternoon I was at home. And China was about 4 months old. And my wife says you know I need to go to church to practice special music with this group. So would you watch Shana. And I go. Nor problem all or cheer you know. The 1st time in her 4. Months. She separated from her mom. And here I was trying to take care of her and hears crying. She stars crying and I just crying just like wailing almost like I'm torturing or you know I'm doing everything just doing. I mean I did everything I put in the car Carthy I started driving maybe this will help. I job you know about 4000 miles but she still would not. Stop crying. Oh I was I've had it I just. Whole time out on the how long it was a couple of hours crying continually. I said. I can't take this. Article to where my wife was practicing with this group I said. Take Your Daughter. I can deal with it. You know. There was a listen. First time. This 4 year 4 month in 1st home in poor month she. Was separated from her mom. And I saw the intense agony from this 4 month old but you know what. When she says thought. The separation from his father. Because of because he was carrying all of our sins. Because he became sin for all of us. For the 1st time in the history of eternity not 4 months eternity. Jesus felt the separation from his father. The wrath of God God giving his son his courses disciples in get so many he said. Pray for yourself and also pray for me 1st time here. Please pray for me what were they doing. Sleeping. You know have you heard of Stephen King. He wrote all these horror novels right. I've never read any of his novels but I you know I know that he. Is a he probably is a very successful and a great writer you know somebody asked him a question what is. The most of 4 words. You can think of one of the most awful word. Most fearful word. And this is what he said. The word. Alone. Alone. He says yes. That's the key word the most awful word in the English tongue murder doesn't hold a candle to it. And Hell is only a poor synonym. Alone. There was Christ. Bear the sins of the world. What he dreaded the most was the separation from his father. That's why he prayed. On the cross what he said or how did you pray my God my God why have you forsaken me. Why have you forsaken me. Why have you been separated or are you you ARE YOU HAVE BEEN is your gone out on the war you are. Alone absolutely alone. On long because. He didn't feel the presence of God His Father alone because. His courses disciples were sleeping nod one person not one being in the entire universe. That he thought any support from. Up suddenly alone in the universe. But that's an introduction. You know we read about Mary Magdalene who were she she was the woman who was Cardinal Daughtry. Jesus. Did not condemn or. Or thought she was Sister of Lazarus. Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead. Jesus cast out demons from her. I believe it's like 7 times. Sure so great for. You know if you look good gospel mark which is read. Mary Cain. Mary Cain with this alabaster box. Spike in art. You know how much she brought. One pound worth. One pound you can find in John. First 3. Mary took a pound the very costly oil of Spike Nord. Now this spike nard. Is then is a essential oil derived from a flowering plant. Which grows in. Layers. Nepal China and India. Have been used over centuries as a preview. And you know the distiller root of this plant. Which makes essential oil is used to honor people of high esteem. Now how much did it cost her to get this one pounds worth of spikenard. One year is wage. $300.00 Nereus The barber says you know talks about the new areas as being a days these wage. Basically she spent one years we. To buy just this one jar. She comes remember which they did Jesus die. Friday. Here there's some controversy one was the real Passover You know I believe passable was on Friday. Because the day that Jesus died because he was the real. Passover lamb right. So. Here was. MARY. I mean if you look at it if you look at Mark 14 birth once it was 2 days. It was 2 days before the Passover So that means it was Wednesday she did this. No word what did she do with this you know when this Joe or. Alabaster box. Is a soft lot of dentists know what alabaster is you know. Is a soft rock but you know when as long as this perfume or this oil is in the box. Of the of this container. There is no smell is it true. It is. There's always in the jar there's no smell but. What. Could Mary do. She brought the char is a soft rug easily broken as soon as this. JAR was broken. The oil. And one pound I mean just filled the entire room with this perfumes and. Mary poured it on Jesus head. There was so much just soaked his entire body from head to toe. To toe. And you know this smell this oil you know this. You know I prescribe the medication called corporators or solution is a liquid is a steroid solution for certain scalp condition is a solution so you just put it on and just. Disappear it doesn't. Affect your hair you know because he saw into the scalp and one time. My nurse instead of sending. Solution. For better thought it meant. Anything that applied to the scalp twice a day. And you know the person doesn't know or through the period goes home for this conversion. This is me is basically Vaseline be. Emergent put the bathroom in on your twice a day cause bericht. Well week later Tom to come back in a week to make sure everything's OK we're sort of mad at me because. The artichoke. Wire and all that but all that or a minute. I just can't get it out of my head. I mean I was from I heard time just won't come out. And I've been doing it twice a day every day I go I will give it all a minute I gave you a solution to go forward because the you know the prescription was only was or it meant to go on. Source or you know it was supposed to be a solution not anointment. And so you know we had a little mishap but you know this may you just cannot get this or a lot of oil I mean this out of his head you know. Imagine this was Wednesday when this when Mary orders one pollen. One pound of Spike nard on his head and you know what at that time you know people didn't bathe all the time. It was next evening. When Jesus was having all this. Intense any of this separation. Being alone because of versions. And you know. I want you to. I'm going to give you I know there's some positions here in if you don't know I want to give you a little lesson those people who work at the medical school I'm going to give you a little headstart by this knowledge you know there is something off factory nerve you know what that is or fact is is right over here it has to do with your smell you know. If your faction there is not there because what happened you can't smell anything OK but that a factory nerve because of the off actually ball OK that goes straight to your something called the limbic system in your brain limbic system is the center emotion also or especially memory OK Have you ever had he smells a smell and you just a memory of something. You've all been experienced at right. There is a direct connection between memory and smell. You know one of the very 1st thing that goes with people with Alzheimer's Alzheimer's is it is a disease where people lose all their memory rate 1st thing that goes is memory I mean there are smell. Some people or. Some other one of the precursors for. Homer's disease is loss of smell some people actually lose their similar before ours armors. So if you lose your smell be careful. For you know. There is a. Direct connection between your. A memory OK and here was Jesus. All along. This intense any going through. In desire to be ages $686.00 is. Heaped. By sin he was being separated from his father the goal of was brought so black saw deep that his spirit shattered before it. Separate from his father. Nor human support. Was one thing there was hopping Christ giving him courage at the time this is where it says desire of ages $560.00. As Christ. Went down into Does darkness of his great trial is talking about this gives them an experience. He carried with him the memory of. Mary's deed. The memory why memory he constantly is smelling that smell of the spike in art. Even in the cause. Smelling Spike narked. He feels there's nobody. Not even his father is with him but the smell is encouraging him. And as he went down into the darkness of his great childhood he carried with him the memory of the Mary the an earnest of the love there would be his from his read him one. For ever. So you know I am nothing it was Mary. Who. Gave us the salvation. But it was Mary's deed. That actually. In a small way supported Jesus join the time of his greatest need. He was able to go through that. So in small way. Mere madness the. Contributed to our salvation. You know that is you know the spirit property. Christ on the cross is the gospel. Now. You know and you know we read in Mark any time when the Gospel is preached what Mary did. Or we remember right. Because her deed is linked directly. To the gospel the Gospel is Christ on the cross. And the morning. Jesus is risen right. You know who was the very 1st person. That Jesus appeared to. It was Mary. He wasn't any of his disciples. He was Mary. And here is Mary goes there and she is crying in because she is a worm is. She was a gardener talking to this person. Who took away my eyes here. Tommy also told me I like to know all you know you know mind I believe. If she had found the body of Christ. If that. Was now already. She knew there was another tune that she could take uses body to. The to mobilize arrests. Because it was too much awful and. Here she was crying tell me please where. I tell you from. That time. Jesus said Mary. When he realized she realized. That's my theory. This Jesus she go or than hold them you know you know just. She is all happy. Because she loved him so much. And you know why Jesus. To Mary you can find this in. John 20 verse 17. She says Mary. Detain me dart. Strong hold on to me. On the tin for I am not yet ascended to my father. I have not gone to my father. But God to my brother and to them I am sent to my father and your father and to my God and your god. This is a little we curious here is Jesus. Or the grass. In the tomb. On Sabbath. He rests in the tomb. On the 3rd Sunday morning he rises. Then he says on Friday it is finished. What the Lord do you think Mary I need to go to my father. I have to go to my father I have a mentor my father yet. This this is an incredible story what happens why did he have to go to his father. Because this. Time of Jesus is trial and throughout his life entire universe is watching Christ especially this event that. Has his death and resurrection. And the entire universe angels and unfallen beings are all watching. And they see Christ rye. And when Jesus says. I'm going to my father. What do you think is happening as was happening in heaven. They are all excited to have him right. Or heaven was waiting to walk on the savior to the so lusty accords. OK. As he draws near the City of God The challenge is given by the escorting in Jos lift up your heads or your gate and be lifted a. Year of lasting doors for the King of Glory shall come in. Joyfully the waiting sentinels respond who is this King of Glory. This day say not because they know not who he not who hears but because they would hear that the answer of exalted praise the Lord or more strong in my need the lord my didn't bear or lift up your heads or your gates even look them up. Everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall come in again is her is her the challenge who is the King of glory for the name Jos never weary of hearing his name exalted the escorting endures meek reply the more the host he is a King of Glory. Thunder and Psalms 247 A 10. Then the laws of the City of God are opened wide and enjoy Licht wrong see to the case I'm in a burst of rapturous music. There is a throne around there is the rainbow all the promise. I mean. Greatest party ever planned. Greatest walk. You know if I were Christ. Knew what I really deserve a girl would really want through a lot you know for this. This is this your mid are this. Mid August adoration and this incredible or. What calming Pari. Is he waves them back. Stop everything. Everything is not for party yet. He wears them back not yet. He can now see the corner of Korea and the royal role. What does he do here interest in the presence of his father. He loves his. Very The prince over his. Prince of nails. He points. His nails. His hands his feet. His head. There are make sure. What he did. Was enough to save mankind. The voice. Of God is hurt. Proclaiming the justice is this fight. Imagine. Father. Get my hands my feet. My head. There you know. Billy. Save all. MARY. Save Mary Magdalene. See the human race. Said enough father 3rd. World than my son. Now let the heavens choir sing. The reason why he said to Mary to nodded to me because I had to go to my father. Because he wanted to make sure. Elise Mir He was going to be saved but what he because they're worried. What. A city we're there we have. Here to make sure. You know. Something. You know won't go to heaven. Every one of us will have perfect bodies. Absolutely profit. Not a scar. Anything that. There is more of. A REASON thing here. As the alabaster box was broken. And the whole wood is fragrance. Remember only broken only broken char or the bar or or the bark or only broken alabaster. Barks. Can let out the smell of the. Ori the broken. Parts can. Release the fragrance. As long as is intact in the alabaster box. Nobody can ever smell that right. Not put in Jesus's head. Jesus would never have smelled that and gave give him encourage mint. But that alabaster box. Not just the box but is the broken a law Buster box also represents Christ. As the alabaster box was broken and thought the whorehouse would this fragrance so cries was to die his body was broken. But he was to rise from the tomb and the fragrance of his life was to fill the earth Christ in efficiency 52 says crisis loved us as given Himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God. For a sweet smelling savor. You know. I said earlier. Everyone. Will have perfect bodies except one. Who are always. Throughout eternity. Or have a broken body. That's crazed. For Eternity their house cars. On his hand and his feet. Broken. Why broken. Because it gives out. Fragrance. For eternity. Have scars on his hands and feet. Are all the memory. Can all need be produced. When the jar was broken. The broken body of Jesus will be a sweet. Burning reminder. Of his love for us. And the universe. For ever. So grateful. For what Christ has done for everyone of Earth. For a Dear Heavenly Father thank you so much for Christ and also what Mary Magdalene did. Where they you'll continue to. Continue to smell. The vice of Christ. And help us be more of a need to give to you what you want the most there is other souls. Put in your continue to bless this church. Each one of us to do your work and then do your in Jesus name Amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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