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Building a House for my Wife

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program




  • April 3, 2019
    7:00 PM
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God in heaven I think you for the privilege to pray to pray together and the fact that we are always welcome in your presence that we were always on the forefront of your mind and Lord I just pray as we come before you right now that you would minister to us in this place that you would speak to us and that I pray that you would do something in this room in this moment that none of us would soon forget for your glory sake we ask this now in Christ Jesus name him in. Building a house for my wife what on earth is this man talking about so we're going to talk about the 2nd coming of Jesus and can I do that as a 7th they have this preacher is that allowed for you I see it has I with the 2nd coming of Jesus and we as 7th Day Adventists have for years been communicating the close imminent coming of Jesus Christ we believe Jesus is coming soon is that true yes or no we believe that what we I think we believe that. Jesus isn't here yet so the must be something about believing that they haven't fully wrap their minds around because there's some work to be done but that being said we are presentations regarding the 2nd Coming have largely been in kind of a polemic arrangement where we have communicated with the 2nd coming is not the 2nd coming is not the secret rapture it's going to be literal visible audible every eye shall see him and is that true yes or no that was 1000 percent and we don't need to run from the peculiarity of our message in the 2nd coming but I do have a question do we need to communicate what it isn't at the expense of what it is. Scripture. From Genesis to Revelation has something in mind is quite interesting I believe that the narrative of the 2nd coming largely in Scripture is actually painted amongst the backdrop of a marriage and if you're aware of the kind of linear nature were scriptures pointing is talking about a marriage Jesus is coming again to claim his bride and it takes her back to be with him to live with her forever in fact Genesis once Adam and Eve are created the whole story basically begins with the wedding then we get to the Book of Revelation we get to the close of this amazing story of the plan of redemption and what happens there is it will it's another wedding and so I have this kind of thoughts and I didn't go to college like you guys you may be smarter than I am but I'm just left with the impression that the book begins with the wedding and it ends with the wedding maybe something about this narrative involves a wedding what do you think I've just left with that impression and the 2nd coming is actually couched in this language let's talk about this go to Song of Solomon Chapter 8 was the last time you went to the Song of Solomon in a sermon I may have to censor some of it maybe that's why I go to Song of Solomon. Song of Solomon chapter A Do you know where that is in the Bible do I even know where that is in the Bible look at this guy's bumbling up front Song of Solomon Chapter 8 beginning in verse 6 Song of Solomon Chapter 8 in verse 6 this is the Shula might Solomon's girl speaking to him she says Set me as a seal upon your heart as a seal upon your arm for love is as strong as death jealousy as cruel of the good as the grave its flames are flames of fire and it says a most vehement flame now people wrestled with the Song of Solomon being in the Bible over the years in fact Martin Luther to the best of my recollection was wholeheartedly against it it just seems so ridiculous what is this you know love story this kind of hooey gooey love store doing in the middle of sacred scripture like why is this here it's very hard to kind of see where God fits in the picture for some but here's where we get some help in the original language it reads differently in verse 6 but the translators didn't really know what to do with this last statement most vehement flame the inner Study Bible picks up on this is this is what they say they say best translated a flame of yah literally the Lord this expression reserved for the thematic climax of the entire psalm reveals that JA way is the source of human love and thus provides the basis for the typological interpretation of the song so this whole thing in the Song of Solomon is meant to communicate something very important and just take a step back and look at the very commonsense things about this this is a book about this son of David pursuing his bride Yeah Song of Solomon is about a son of David pursuing his bride Hey but doesn't the scripture don't do the Scriptures talk about another son of David somewhere else who is that. Jesus maybe the Song of Solomon is communicating something about the big picture of Jesus pursuing his bride and that's why it's here maybe it's not out of place maybe it's communicating the grand narrative of scripture and God's pursuit of his bride the church and so yah way is the source of love and that's what we find from this text skip down to verse 10 and I'm going to skip about halfway down the verse because I don't hear snickering in the back of the room but then it says that I became in his eyes as one who found peace when Solomon and his girl and this thing is consummated and brought together there's an abiding since of peace brought into their experience now the word Shula might is actually the female equivalent to the Hebrew word piece Solomon's name is the male equivalent of the word peace and you've heard the word shalom right Solomon's name is tied to this and so when peace in peace come together there is this sense of abiding peace this is what God is longing to bring to his people that will we surrender and give into the pursuing the love of God there is this sense of abiding peace that comes into the believers experience I'm sure many of us can testify to this I did not have peace apart from Jesus I don't know about you I did not I thought I was happy I wasn't and in fact I wasn't even looking for God but I praise God for the fact that he came looking for me and then and when I surrendered my life to Jesus there was this sense of abiding peace that swept me off my feet and brought purpose and meaning to my life this is what God wants force and it comes through this grand narrative of love and pursuit go to Zico Chapter 16. The narrative continues good is eager Chapter 16 looking different themes through scripture one of the purposes of Army Bible camp is it teaches how to study the Bible had to connect the ends in Scripture to dig deeper for ourselves so we're just running through one thread of scripture tonight is even Chapter 16 beginning in verse 4. Actually we're going to verse one. Again the word of the Lord came to me saying stone of man cause Jerusalem to know her abominations and say Thus says the LORD God to Jerusalem your birth and your native idea from the land of Canaan your father was an am right and you and your mother was a Hittite as if your nativities on the day that you were born your navel cord was not cut nor you washed in water to cleanse you you were not rub was salt nor wrapped in swaddling close says no I pitied you another translation says no one loved you to do any of these things for you to have compassion on you but you were thrown out into an open field when you yourself were loaded on the day you were born if you're not familiar with the Book of Ezekiel there are some very graphic illustrations throughout this book this is one of them tugging at your heartstrings and just imagine a precious innocent child born not properly cared for the birth cord not properly cut and just thrown into an open field and abandoned and the way the narrative plays out here and God is kind of saying is like I was just walking down and I saw you in your need and it did something for me it moved me into Listen to what happens and when I passed by you in verse 6 and I saw you struggling in your own blood I said to him your blood live yes I said to him your blood live then the process of investment begins I made you thrive like a plant in the field and you grew immaturity became very beautiful will skip a few things your hair grew but you were naked and bare and when I passed by you again after this maturation process and I looked upon you it says indeed your time was the time of love it was time for you to fall in love and so what does he do so I spread my wings over you and I covered your nakedness Yes I swore an oath to you in entered into a covenant with you and you became mine we have a neat. We as a people have a need in fact this should remind you of Revelation Chapter 3 talking about the church at Laodicea that you don't realize that your poor blind and naked you are unclothed you desperately need to be clothed and what were they going to be clothed with in Revelation Chapter $3010.00. Christ's righteousness I bet you there's some familiarity here in this situation a bit is very similar that when we submit to this and go all in with this relationship we begin to be close with Christ's robe of righteousness but the point is he came looking for us when we were in a deplorable condition and he invests in those he grows us and when he sees it is time for us to fall in love he clothes us with his garment you know our situation is very similar we are unloved in the sense that no one can love us and Phillis as God cam this is one of the greatest weaknesses of humanity that we're running to everything but God to fill our brokenness our needs and God is making a bundle of those things can't feel you some of us go from relationship to relationship to relationship to relationship when they eventually all find the right one and all feel whole no you want there's only one husband you're looking for his name is Jesus a myth that doesn't mean you can never get married the point is if our priority is to look to people to fill us we're always going to be unloved we're always going to be on filled and God is trying to make it clear to us I am the only one that can love you in the way in which you need it only I can give you your identity your worth your purpose and your value Amen God wants that to be clear and we respond to that and allow God to invest in us we will fall in love will be in this thing for life this is what he wants for us God doesn't want us to remain in that condition of loneliness and rejection and so he comes looking for us and sees something of value in us even though we are a mess by the side of the road did you know that this is one of the largest components of the faith of Jesus Jesus sees something in you that even you don't see in you and he treats you accordingly. Far better than we deserve and that awakens a desire within us to live in all honor of the faith that he has in us amen this is what God has called for us to receive and it's also what is called for us to live here they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus they not only receive the faith of Jesus they live out the faith of Jesus in the community around them so God literally desires us to live and is willing to do whatever is required for our growth in our health and his work in our lives is what leads us to become beautiful and that consummation of this is us being clothed with his righteousness Well you know it's amazing to me that God is willing to love us with a perfect unselfish love and the amazing thing about a gobby is a GAAP A loves whether you ever respond or not a GAAP A does desire a response but it does not require a response if you understand it's not all give if you reciprocate no love just gives period that's just how God does life now does God want you to respond yes hollow you and amen but he's going to love you to the in the even if you don't says in John Chapter 13 that having loved his own who were in the world he loved them to the end to the very end. All right and this is a 1st on chapter 4 verse 19 that we love him you know the text this because He 1st loved us the only way we're going to find ourselves falling in love with God is by 1st encountering his love for us which is one of the reasons why I believe the 2nd coming narrative is packaged like this that he's not looking at fear as being the primary objective to get us into this category in the White House trying to find that quote you're him earlier I can find a free later but she says she shouldn't be the terrors of God I'm kind of summarizing which is it really necessary that we use the tears of God to bring the sinner to repentance she says It savors of selfishness because what ends up happening is if fear is our motivation for following God it's essentially self protection it's self preservation it has nothing to do with love I just don't want to get in trouble and there are far better motivations for this if she says that Jesus is attractive. And if we uplift what it is that Jesus has done for us it's far easier to be willing to go along with the expectations that Jesus also has you with me we don't have to downplay the expectations but they find a context and we find an intrinsic motivation to walk in those requirements when we understand 1st and foremost that we are loved you with me love leads to an obedience that isn't selfish so when I pass by I saw that indeed your time was a time of love I saw that through my pursuit in care of you that you were ready to fall in love that it's time for you to fall in love and you know many of us need to have that experience many of us need to come face to face of the fact that it's time for us to follow of for some of us for the 1st time and for others of us is time for us to fall in love for the 1st time again we've lost our 1st love like the Church of emphasis what began as a faith that works by love became eventually just work. It's actually possible to lose your 1st love while in a faith movement and you think everything's OK because you're doing you're still doing the stuff but it's not a faith that works by love you're just working and you've lost sight of the fact that you lost your true 1st love which brought that pure unselfish motivation at the beginning OK good Hosea Chapter 2 this narrative continues throughout Scripture go to who's there. Who's a Chapter 2 after the Book of Daniel was in chapter 2 kind of the context of this is that God had married his people and we have been radically unfaithful in the language of God even uses regarding the infidelity of his people the unfaithfulness of his people to the law of God you know a type of language he uses largely the language of someone having an extramarital affair he talks about adultery right you've committed a harlotry you fornicated God is implying that we were married and you left your 1st love you have abandoned this love relationship and it's heart breaking to God It's devastating to God So this is the context we've spurned his love and gone to other lovers and you would assume someone in that condition has gone through this enough times you're going to say I'm done I can't take this anymore I'm moving on to somebody who will appreciate me but look at the way in which God responded who is in Chapter 2 beginning inboard in verse 14 Therefore behold I will allure her I will bring her into the wilderness and speak comfort to her speak love to heard another translation and it shall be in that day says the Lord that you will call me what. It's on the slide just like right there totally right right in front of your eyes in that day you should call me it maybe just freaks you out a little bit is what the text says God sent it what does it say my husband and no longer call me my master something about us encountering the undeserved love of God leads to us having a shift in perspective on how we view him and our standing with him and then when he sees that we're ready to fall in love the very next thing that happens is he drops to one leap he says I would trade you to me forever yes I would do to me and righteousness and justice and loving kindness and mercy I would chose you to me in faithfulness and you shall know the Lord very interesting isn't it then I was sober for myself in the earth and I will have mercy on her who had not obtained mercy then I will say to those who were not my people you are my people and they shall say you are my God when God treats us with undeserved pursuing love we feel like we're just grows it does something wrong has to forego so far as to say that the goodness of God leads to repentance this is what this is meant to do and it gives us as paradigm shift that we're no longer looking at God as he's grovelling slave just hoping will be good enough at the end of the day we now come to recognize that he literally is the love of my life God literally is everything that I've been looking for and craziness of craziness I'm everything that he's ever been looking for. He's found his beloved I've found my beloved and my beloved is my name in. It's not just a little sign they use it your weddings he was talking about the grand wedding. It's not just all that's convenient let's put that up in our next to the cake when you think like that yeah let's do that you know this is about God's pursuit of us and he's wanting us to say I do and respond accordingly so what has to take place for this to become reality how does God wind us back and how does God in that doing this the very next chapter begins with a price being paid to buy back an unfaithful woman this beloved is the gospel plain and simple and you know we are not capable of creating the type of love that God deserves or desires it comes from us 1st encounter in his amazing love for us and this is why God is always the one to make the 1st move this is why he's always want to take the 1st step even though we fail and pursue other lovers but this also leads for us to have a change of desires no longer wanting to live for me and get mine I now want to live a life that would on or the one who gave so much for me it leads me to want to live my life in harmony with the things that would please him and there's no stench of legalism and true love and then there's no fear of obedience there's no fear of the commandments in fact it says if you love me you keep My commandments how I'll help you verse 16 John Chapter 14 verses 15 and 16 this is what God wants he wants us to have a change in our ambitions a change in our perspective and a change even in our motivations and the only way to really find that is a 1st be swept off our feet by his pursuing love of us. That's not creepy that's just the good news. Because every single one of us is desperate to be fully known and fully loved we want that more than anything you already have it before you did anything right you already have it in Jesus name in Romish after 5 or 6 says that God showed his old love for us and that while we were still sinners Christ died for the UN golly that means that he had love for you before you did a single thing right and there's not I better love him so that you love me back no no no no no the only way you could love him is if you 1st came to realize that he loved you this is why this narrative is in Scripture to awaken us to this big cosmic reality so the theme of Jesus coming as a husband a would is also found in the New Testament Check this out going to John chapter 3 verse 29 and I'm really excited to say this right now because someone in this front pew is going to be the same wedding that I am to be a I sure hope so if not your sister may not like you anymore but. Are good to John Chapter 3. So he's an illustration for this now that I've been asked to be the best man at my best friend's wedding John Chapter 3 beginning of verse 29 Check this out Jesus is now coming on to the scene and his disciples are baptizing people and this kind of makes the disciples of John the Baptist just a little bit uneasy they kind of feel like there's some competition in the ranks here they don't know how they feel about this as they complain about this to John the Baptist and they had just this guy's bad guys and people man doesn't that bother you and listen to how secure a John the Baptist is and his identity in Christ and in his call John 329 Listen to this he who has these. Bride has the bridegroom but the friend of the bridegroom who stands in hears him rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom's voice therefore this joy of mine is fulfilled John the Baptist's is not insecure about the fact that Jesus is getting followers you know why because it's never been about me he says my entire job was as the best man to ensure that this guy and this girl get together and when this process takes place I can step off the scene and let them do their thing right just imagine so my best friend Mark is getting Baptist and getting baptized that happened a little while ago he's getting married this year of all dates on my birthday. And he's asked me to be his best man at this dude ever forgets my birthday he is toast I will shame him for the rest of his life and repent every year for doing so is getting. To know that so I'm getting him to be his best man on my birthday of all days and just imagine what would happen if I decided to make this wedding is the best man about me what a disaster that would be your sister would kill me if I did that in her wedding dress with her eyes probably that would probably be enough. It would be a horrible idea and John the Baptist understands this has never been about me it's not going to be about me and my only job was to ensure that this union happens but here's the point guys Jesus begins his ministry with a marriage in mind but it doesn't stop here then we get to Matthew Chapter 26 when Jesus is rounding out his life and his ministry go with me there Matthew chapter 26 at the 26 I don't hear a lot of pages turning I thought I was a Jew I see Matthew chapter 26 there is verse 27 Matthew chapter 26 and verse 27 and some of you may be looking at something you what on earth does that have to do with the wedding. You're about to find out Matthew 2627 says this then he Jesus took the cup and give things and he gave it to them saying drink from it all of you for this is my blood of the new covenant and that word new is actually supplied sex in my blood of the covenant which is shed for many for the remission of sins but I say to you that I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until the day when I drink it new with you in my father's kingdom and when they had sung a hymn they went to the melody of all those Here's why this matters in 1st century Judaism when a young man finds a girl that he's interested in and he's in it to win it he approaches his parents this is a classic courtship to chill out some of you but he approaches his parents his parents talk with her parents and they end up having a feast and at this feast the 2 of them the guy and the girl sit in the middle of the room at a table and at this table of all things is a glass a Greek Jews and what is it taking place is whenever the feast kind of settles down the guy takes a drink from the cup and then he passes the cup to the girl this is the proposal if the girl responds by drinking from the cup she's saying yes I'm pledging to go forward in marriage if she doesn't drink the juice it's embarrassing I just can imagine whole feast got this whole situation girl one drink my juice this is so embarrassing no one's going to be here for this wedding and it's a magic like how much fear this would put in a guy to ever ask a girl again at least when it when they were doing it recreational dating was even on the radar right because there's a whole lot of cars and I sure if she just cute or I really want to go through this whole process maybe nights they go wait but here's the point guys what's happening here in the upper room and Matthew chapter 26 Jesus performing a covenant. He's seeking a covenant now no he's not marrying doods don't freak out about this but there's a big object lesson is being used here it's very similar language it's all marriage language that Jesus is doing and bringing them to a love commitment to himself but it doesn't stop there because the girl does say yes and then you know the next words are that the guy's This Let not your heart be troubled I'm going to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I'm going to come again and receive you to myself so that where I am there you may be also have I heard that before have you heard that before hey who said that Jesus and what of it was that context the 2nd coming he's using matrimonial language in Matthew 26 and in John Chapter 14 and here's how this works in a 1st century Jew is such a way Sion once this guy has the girls I mean it's a when it decree agreement whatever he goes back to his father's house and he builds an addition on to his father's home and this is where I says In my Father's house are many mansions it's actually many rooms so what he's doing is he's going back to his father tells he builds in addition to the house by himself no one helps him no contractors are involved just this man building extension on to his father's house and no one helps him yes but he is not able to go back and get his girl and till his father says the house is good enough and even the Son does not know have we heard that before no one knows the day or the hour not the angels only the Father and when the father says it is good enough then the Virgin cousins with oil in their lamps lead the party all the way back to the girl's house so what was she doing during this time she was preparing. She was preparing to be a wife she was learning under her mother preparing for a home and there was also one other thing that she was doing she would leave a lamp in her window sill trimmed and burning night after night after night after night because just imagine if this guy's building a house with his bare hands and he finishes at 1045 at night he's not waiting until Monday he's leaving that moment to go get his girl and this is why this virgin cousins are leading the way back all the way to the house and then they had the wedding that night done game over like they is just beginning really but they go for this and that's it's the real deal this is how they do this and all of these narratives that are use regarding the 2nd Coming all have a wedding motifs in them that she says is using Regarding the 2nd coming and it's fascinating to me absolutely fascinating which is why we have the title for the message building a house for my wife so Jesus ties matrimonial language to the 2nd coming if she did not leave a lamp in her window sill what she's saying is I've given my affections to someone else and so this is how he knows where to go 1st of all and to he knows that she was waiting very very fascinating so this teaches us something of great great importance and it's this commitment I believe the way which 1st century Jews were preparing for marriage is very similar which we should be preparing for the 2nd Coming I believe there are very similar themes in very similar lessons that we can be learning this guy had to build a house by himself before he could get married fellows can you imagine that was the case today. You cannot get married until you build a house with your bare hands. Never going to get married will be unique my whole life. Right this is serious because just imagine that the father is not just to say yeah give me a cow that's good enough no I need to know that this guy's committed getting a callous one thing but building a house with your bare hands waiting a link of time that's hard but it made it abundantly clear that one I'm going to provide for this girl into a minute to win it I'm committed I'm not messing around this isn't just a fact you ation right I mean that would be like the most severe case of infatuation if you built a house and you were I don't think someone would do this every brick this guy laid had a purpose and a goal in mind he didn't get to see her but what motivated him was being able to have her as his own so that she could be with him where he is that was his motivation the intrinsic motivation for him was love and commitment in his preparations. And I believe there are some similar lessons for us there he can't go to see her until his father says that the house is good enough and is NO idea how long it will take that Texas Matthew 20 $436.00 no man knows the day or the hour not the angels only but my father only in the Subash of Rex in a friend of mine and another army feller. He was telling a story about when he got married and at his bachelor party a sanctified bachelor party no foolishness but he's at his bachelor party and he said that his friends did something for him where they were writing letters to they all wrote a letter to him as kind of a prayer and some advice and one of his friends said this he says Sebastian my prayer for you is that after you get married and the flame of romance has died that it will always be able to be rekindled as long as you maintain the embers of commitment. Profound words deep words and an honest reflection of what actually takes place there are times when there are highs and lows where you're you just could not think of anything but them and other times where it's not there are these processes but what is that keeps you going when that fire starts to burn down or to calm down it's the commitment that you made of the beginning that's what sees you through those darker in those colder moments and this is a point that is making to him and this is Sebastian says about this he says if we get in a relationship with the groundwork of commitment has not been laid we're setting ourselves up for failure our culture doesn't cause you to focus on commitment it causes you to focus on romance but what do you do when the fire of romance dies that's the question here with me it's a fair question and only the embers of commitment can bring it back and I was very similar in our experience write the church it emphasis lost its 1st love but it wasn't told you're done move on no it says come back to your 1st love you've lost it you can come back and what would keep that early church going in the 1st century church would be remembering what it was that made them committed in the 1st place you with me he says we need to make sure that our road towards marriage is a single person is paved with tests of commitment otherwise we'll find out in our marriage that we weren't ready in the Jewish culture they found out before you were married he knew what it was like what was like to prepare for a relationship and the same thing for a woman and he gets no affirmation is he's building right there no messages there's a text message saying you know I'm rooting for you to make me a nice house make it pretty he gets none of this there's no affirmation whatsoever he's building in these building alone. But what was it that would drive him what was that intrinsic motivation she's waiting for me. What would she think of this house when I bring her here right there was intrinsic motivation that was deep he just kept building how would she view the house when he brought her here all she had or all he had was her word that she would not give her affection to another all she had was that he would he was going to make a place for her that's it they were committed even though they could have done something else they could walk and you could walk from Jesus couldn't ship anyone of us could walk so what is it that keeps us in is it fear is that we're talking to taken Pascal's Wager maybe maybe to work out maybe it won't but let's just play it safe or have you found something in your experiences or something about Jesus that has swept you off your feet that has led you to be a whole heartedly committed to him till death do us part that's the question you with me have you found an abiding love in your experience with Jesus Love should be the motivation for preparation and true love is committed that's the point. At this for time see going to John Chapter 17 John Chapter 17. Some background on this the Gospel of John is actually the last book of the Bible that was written. Now the Book of Revelation was the Gospel of John it was written around 809095 or in that timeline John is the last living apostle he's going to be the last person leading the church who actually knew Jesus personally and is looking at the landscape of what's available to the church what do they need to know that they would know if I didn't tell them because I knew him personally John not only knew John John only knew Jesus he loved him and not only that Jesus loved Him Jesus loved all of them obviously but there was a deep abiding connection that John had and he was one of those people who clearly understood how to articulate the love of God for God's people and so was John surveying the landscape he realizes that he focuses on a few things one the love of God and the divinity of Christ these are 2 main things that John hammers home in his Gospel seeing the situations are happening in the church that is soon to be in the hands of people who did not know Jesus personally and he wants to write about this and deal with this but there's also something else John includes in his narrative John chapters 131-415-1617 extension 8 narrative largely filled with red letters Alessio the understudy Bible which doesn't bother me Jesus didn't speak and read font but for some people it's a big deal but anyway. The point is there are a whole lot of statements from Jesus long narratives from Jesus that you do not find in any of the other gospels and John realize this is of paramount importance I believe is a few reasons for this to geek out for a brief 2nd I believe that these themes are alluded to in the book of a fusion ZX John died as the pastor at ethicists I believe John understood that these things were looted to and you wanted to unpack them and give them to us and one of those things that we see in this narrative is we get to better understand Jesus's prayer life many times throughout the gospels it was a Jesus fit the whole night in prayer but we don't know what he said we have a few instances but in this one not only do we get access to a prayer from Jesus but we also get to see that Jesus was praying for you Jesus was praying for me I don't know if that does for you but that warms my heart. Because that means I'm not lost on up or sick and I'm not someone who Jesus was you know doesn't really care all that much about that he was very intentional and not only did you pray for me then but the Bible tells us that he ever lives to intercede for us and then we have a living intercessor there's a God in heaven who loves and cares for us and an amazing Savior but in John Chapter 17 listen to what Jesus prays to the father on your behalf he says in verse 24 Father I desire that they also whom you gave me may be with me where I am that they may be a hold my glory which you have given me for you loved me before the foundation of the world Jesus literally prayed Father I want these people in heaven and then Jesus longs to see you in heaven this is the great desire of his life that's why he went through the chaos that he went through and suffered on your behalf was to ensure that this could actually be afforded and so in John Chapter 17 Jesus prays with fervency father I want them to be with me where I am I want to see them their father please do not let this suffering be in vain will you bring them and it doesn't stop here because whenever Jesus dies and his resurrected then we're told in this reader prophecy that when Jesus gets into heaven the angels erupt in praise you have never seen a worship service like this in your life I don't care what you see on youtube I don't care what Hillsong is doing you have never seen a worship service like this in your life. Never the angels erupt in praise and for the 1st time in 33 and a half years Jesus finally gets appreciation that he deserves because he did not find it here he did not he came into his own and his old received Him not. And you would think that Jesus would be a little hungry right a little to the point that he is desperate to start to receive their respect that he deserves it never felt that way you're just longing to finally get the respect you deserve no one in this room of the only person in this room was ever want to respect I'm going to pray for every one of you right now because it's it all right we've got one. Week and it will all those comments. In what would be the situations where we don't feel appreciated my brother in the back did raise his hand Hallelujah appreciate your brother thanks for not leaving me hanging and so any way we can be in these situations and yet Jesus when the Angels erupt in praise of spirit are spread across the literally tells us that Jesus pointed to the angels and says no no and he stops their worship and he presses into the presence of the Father and he has one question was it enough. Can those whom you have given me be with me where I am there's nothing more important in Jesus not even a worship that he deserves but you know this one thing are you happy with the house that I've built father is that enough there's another house he's building in John Chapter 14 that he alludes to but you better believe he was building something while he was here a minute is it enough can those whom you have given me be with me where I am and the father says yes and we're told as aggravators in that moment the father embraces his son for the 1st time in 33 and a half years son I'm so proud of you yes. Then Jesus accepts their worship then Jesus accepts their praise and this is why Revelation 12 says Rejoice in the heavens but whoa to the Earth this is in direct response to the cross event direct response. You're always on the mind of Jesus there has never been a time that you have not been on his mind from a turning to pass even now and when you suffer when you cry when you're having these lonely experiences and you feel that no one cares and no one knows there is someone who cares and there is someone who knows a man he's acquainted with every grief every sorrow he himself has cried and he knows there's a savior in heaven who loves you more than his own existence and he's proven that with his life Jesus didn't just talk a big game he lived out a man you matter deeply to our savior Jesus ministry began and ended it with an emphasis on his pursuit of his bride then we get to Revelation Chapter 19 and what do you think we see. No one knows. Revelation Chapter 19 and verse 7 says this. Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory for the marriage of the Lamb has come and his wife has made herself ready Jesus is longing for this and the only thing that's going to motivate a wife to make herself ready is knowing that there's a loving husband who's coming for her. Or you with me if you feel that someone is just you know against me or isn't for me or isn't thinking about my best interests is just trying to take away all the stuff that I want to have to try to raid my pantry and raid my closet and make my life miserable if we have an unhealthy pictures of god it's very difficult for us to be in a raptured with the thought of the 2nd coming no pun intended it's very difficult for that that premise and that event to store our hearts and so then we have to start asking ourselves a question when I think of the 2nd coming of Jesus what goes on inside Is it fear is it apathy. Or does it stir you does it move you deeply to recognize the fact that the object of my affection is coming to bring me home I can't I can't tell your story this evening I don't know but this is thought of on its reflection that should be going through our eyes but listen to this Jesus didn't just come and die for you listen to this by his life and his death Christ has achieved even more than recovery from the ruin wrought through sin are you with me Jesus didn't just hit the backspace But what happened with Adam and Eve He accomplished more than restoration for what was lost by Adam and Eve she continues she says it was Satan's purpose to bring about any turtle separation between God and man but in Christ we become more closely united to God Then if we had never fallen does that mean that God wanted us to follow it she this No but this is just an object lesson in how God does life when God gets ahold of something it gets better and then when God gets ahold of a messy situation it gets better and I love this even the sanctuary service taught you this when you take a walk of shame from your tent all the way down to the beginning of it to the opening of the sanctuary service you think people are going to no no I'm just taking the sheep for a walk I mean I would never sit now everyone knows. Everyone goes I just I just do the preset vice on a recipe like no that's everyone understands Bob sint they all know but it didn't matter what other people thought because never that man sacrifice that animal before the priest and that blood when on his behalf he was right with God and it didn't matter that's the point of the sanctuary service life gets better with God no matter what shame disappointment would in this brokenness you have when you bring that stuff to Jesus it gets better a min. And even when God gets ahold of our situation as a race We're now closer to God than if we had never fallen in taking our nature the Savior has about himself to humanity by a tie that is never to be broken through the eternal ages he is linked with us God so loved the world that he gave it was the glory of God to give his only begotten son John $316.00 he gave him not only to bear our sins and to die as our sacrifice he gave him to the fallen race there is a very tangible way in which God lost Jesus for ever there are aspects of Jesus's eternal nature and his divinity that Jesus did not take with him when he became a man he was not everywhere all the time and he's never picking that back up again are you with me there is an eternal loss of the father suffered in that sense Jesus is still God But Jesus is God and man and it's a heavy cost guys grace a cheap I hate even hearing this phrase cheap grace there is no such thing there is no such thing you don't give the life of the Son of God and call that cheap let's call it something else something that's not the gospel but let's not call it cheap grace Haven Grace is God's full and ample provision and nothing about that. So he gave him to the fallen race to assure us of his immutable counsel of peace God gave His only begotten son to become one of the human family forever to retain his human nature this is the pledge that God will fulfill his word unto us a child is born unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder while a close with this thought imagine with me that you were that man that young man you found your girl you built the house your father said Yes. Version cousins lead the way it's the middle of the night and you get to that home and the window sill is dark How would you feel in that moment. You gave your word girl I've been workin day after day after day you meant so much to me like I would not do this if I wasn't totally into you I gave everything I stopped everything I was doing to make this for you and she gave her affections to another it would be devastating you know Madge and how Jesus feels there is going to come a day beloved the Jesus is going to come and on that day he's not looking for people to judge or to destroy God says I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked nun I wish they all would repent and come back but there's going to come a day in which Jesus will show up looking for you his bride what does he see in that window sill right now and what would that do to him to know that the love of his life has given her affections to another the appeal for salvation is not just an appeal to put an end to your pain. It's an appeal to put an end to his When you come when you think of the 2nd coming of Jesus are you thinking about him rethinking about you and what you aren't one of those who consistently through scripture is a goddess for unite against you will you come back will you respond to the faith that he wouldn't pay a price if he didn't think you were worth it Revelation chapter $3.00 verse 20 evangelists uses text very frequently and for good reason it's a beautiful text in fact in there is a language it says when he says Behold I stand the door knock in the original language in the Greek it actually is in the continue to move which means that he has been knocking he is knocking now and has no intention of not knocking tomorrow. Which implies to me that there must be something of value in that home or else he would be making a fool of himself on your doorstep day after day after year after year are you with me. Here's the thing guys you know whose door he's knocking on according to a few verses earlier it's someone whose religious experience makes him want to vomit he sees something of value even in them maybe you feel that your experience right now is a disaster my experience is a total disaster it's a mess God should even bother wasting his time on me Revelation 3 says a totally different picture I know your story in fact I know more about you than you do and I'm still knocking I still want you and I'm still coming back for you in John Chapter 13 the text closes out by Jesus telling Peter you're going to fall you're going to fall and when you come back I want you to encourage your brother in and it's in that context the very next words out of the mouth of Jesus are let not your heart be troubled Peter. There is no chapter break Jesus tells him you're going to fall and I know it but don't let your heart be troubled. You believe in God believe also in me and in my Father's house are many rooms and I'm going to make a place for you Peter you're going to come back I need you to come back Peter come making a place for you I want to lamp burning in that window sill I go to prepare a place for you if I go to prepare a place for you I am coming to receive you to myself so that where I am there you may be also and where I'm going Peter you know you know but will you respond My question to you this evening is is that lamp burning and maybe your situation is one that's pretty seemingly abysmal not only has the fire of romance died but even in your experience so had the embers of commitment. It's all dead it's all cold what a waste of time I am for Jesus you know what scripture says you can find fire from the very flame of yellow way and. You can love Him because He 1st loved you so what if your story's gone cold so what if your story's gone completely dead you can encounter God's love for you and that fire can be rekindled Amen you can come back Jesus raises people from the dead we've seen it Amen 3 resurrections in Scripture he's not playing around your situation is not over doesn't have to be he leaves a choice with you what you do with that lamp is your business but he's coming back for you he knows you fall and he knows you've messed up he's still knocking on your door even if your experience makes him not he's still knocking on the door but when you come back guys maybe you thought you weren't going to be good enough and is coming for everybody but me now you're seeing from scripture that's not true Jesus is coming for all amen but unfortunately all are not going to be in that number When the saints go marching in and that's what breaks his heart this is what devastates what will your decision be that's the question let's pray God in heaven I think of that you have a love in your heart that knows no bounds and having loved us who were in the world Lord Jesus you are loving us to the end I pray that we would respond to that tonight if we've gone cold and dead and there's seemingly no hope I pray that they're encountering the very flame of yah way our experience would be rekindled we would be healed in revived and that our lamps would be trimmed and burning in that window sill waiting for that day oh jesus when you come to claim your bride I pray that is Satan has discouraged us and beat us down from our failures to make us believe that you're coming for everyone but me. LORD me that there is a change in our hearts in our minds appear that the truth would cast out all fear all lies and that through your perfect love we would be complete indeed cover our sins of unbelief cover all of our sins Lord with the blood of Jesus and I pray that the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus would make us free from the law of sin and death that that mighty wind from creation would recreate us we're told to Romans chapter 8 and worse 11 that the very spirit that rose Jesus from the dead can raise me from the dead spiritually I need that Lord we need that keep that promise of God we pray and lastly as was quoted the ceiling during United prayer you said that it any man comes on to me Hamma I will in no wise cast out to serve the Lord took it a step further and she said if we claim this one promise and that's the only promise we have in that moment we are as safe as though inside of the City of God I pray that we would believe that tonight or do you would revive our hope that you would revive our experience and you prepare us Lord to meet you on that day. Not only us Lord May you give us a burning desire to share that love with others we ask these things now in Christ Jesus' name. In this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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