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The Racial Divides, Part 4

David Williams


David Williams

Professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology at the University of Michigan



  • December 31, 2009
    3:45 PM
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okay I want to do that again we go back to the topic of unity and and the challenge that God it's given us a I just keep emphasizing common in unity exists in the month that is the strongest witness attending born where I want to go to is what led to the formation of regional conferences in the first place and so let me get away I have gotten the try to find one on second so we all okay I think this is where we stopped talking about Adventism in nineteen forty three okay back in nineteen forty three get into the outcome here in a voice from the back am it thank you thank you so much okay in October nineteen forty three the scene by all brother by an Adventist in Washington DC took his wife Lucy to the Washington side cerium and hospital in Takoma Park Maryland the medical treatment that was an analysis of the Adventists got sick mistake in his life the best hospital both brother Byatt and his wife were black but of a very light complexion his wife was initially admitted to the Adventist hospital however witnessing violent sexual racial and Kennedy became evident by the husband completed it within people working wrote on the racist colored in the clerk double check to see when we caught it and she said yet visible with sorry we made a mistake because invented with old and not provide medical services to call the patient's without examination of treatment losing led unwitting men and hospital room with wheels from a hospital room into a hallway at the hospital staff called around on the hospital saying we made a mistake mix at the lactation can you accept eventually three-month hospital operated by Howard University in Washington DC accepted losing by and she died shortly after she was accepted from pneumonia I don't know that an autopsy was done some not so what's he died out is what the belief of the black Adventist community in Washington DC in October nineteen forty three that losing buyer contracted pneumonia while we can in the end the dampness of October this is getting silly in a hallway of the hospital to be accepted in the hospital she was stressed out than in a hospital gown with a back exposed not properly dressed for hours while the hospital was wait into trying to show a transfer of her from the admitted facility to another facilities are not sure if you actually got the pneumonia and hallway with the Adventist community in BC believe that she got pneumonia in the hallway and visit Venice is a guy so the block administered in Washington DC went up into an operable to apply the brethren of the WG turnover president of the North American division went to the Ephesus church in Washington DC at the time is now called one part church the next Sabbath he chose the specs for his sermon first Peter four twelve which states beloved think about strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you though some strange thing has happened to you he had hardly sat down completely new Sabbath morning message window the teams will Montgomery brother James Law Montgomery is the father of Alma Blackmun who for many years of the revocable college is quiet he was sitting in the front of the church these steps of the congregation before the closing theme must stop and delivered a speech to the congregation he said think it's not strange comment on the settlement had been reached he said he and I think it is mighty strange that is the college Washington missionary to which I send my children yes I think it is strange that the review and Herald cafeteria right down the street on which I cannot be served I think it is mighty strange so he really took the sermon attacked the seven publicly in front of the entire church and that is served with a group of people gathered around by the Montgomery and in several Adventist style guess what they did they formed the committee and this committee made up of the lustrous Adventists and these the area included people like even the guy is a big night for the first black woman in the United States to receive a PhD degree and she was the second Adventist it included people like on the one temps on one template another advantage to the noted author of the Holland Renaissance it also included you don't some prominent advantage of the time said that varies at the night before the organization recalled the organization the national Association for the advancement of worldwide work among blacks called at seven Adventist Scott was elected as Secretary of the organization she had served as the president of the Howard University alumni at one point in the past and at one point she had organized the entire alumni of Howard University overnight defendant telegrams how would alumni differently there is this then we will follow the same model and following that model we would contact black Adventist leadership around the world overnight they send telegrams the black leadership and leadership in Jamaica in Africa they printed up stationary that very night on articulated a set of demands that it presented to the General conference on Sunday morning they did a lot of work that Saturday night and that Sunday morning they got a commitment from L the GL lack of any president of the General conference that he would meet with them in his office the very next day Sunday October seventeen nineteen forty three so this was a huge event like I said the brass plaque press reported this story nationally on the story was that Adventist lady died because Seventh-day Adventist Hospital refuses to provide treatment that was the galvanizing event that led to the formation of this organization that that met with the cheesy president and and and stated a number of demands importantly the stated goal of this organization was not the formation of black conferences the organization was demanding complete integration into the church of a mentioned before the break in nineteen forty three Adventist could not attend most black event is not attend most Adventist colleges and universities in the United States they would not accept them based on the rate equipment attend most company difficult medical tools institutions the group was not demanded separate conferences they were demanding full integration is that when I frame members we are children of God open the doors of the church equality to all members I think another important point to keep in mind is the room that was formed and made this demented General conference with only group it was not a group of passes it was a group of lay members who were concerned about this event and came up with better resolution that day I guess that these are the three principal demands the integration of all Adventist institutions grade the black representation of all levels of administration greater accountability for black men with financial contributions they would think we are paying type of mechanical and the tides helps to support the institutions we can't attend institutions is not based these wooden demands I think it's important to realize what the demands were well the general conference responded so he called the meeting in Chicago of all-black departmental men and passes of the lead in black churches from around the country met the next spring April eight eighteen nineteen in nineteen forty four in Chicago their agenda called for the demands and so the demand these were the three principal demands of the group and that's what the agenda call for however as the need to rule on the the leadership of the General conference instead of following through on the demands that the group had been organized that the guy with the question came up with the idea instead instead of following through on the demand why don't we do the wheel black conferences start your own conferences and then the black leaders will be in charge of their own work and they will have responsibility for their own work so the proposal conferences in that meeting came not from the demands of the members but it was if you want to call it a compromise was on the alternative proposal when that proposal was data people like the investors who has written about this who within the median talks about the fact that the lady upholds the idea they didn't like that that was not what the gainful that was not what they will call and what it would not point the separate conferences but this is what it can accomplish a proposal the black ministers said I was fine with that you don't want to share power with that they wanted to do all in think we can do alone think of the black clergy went ahead with it and why could you happen to go along with it all the latency .com followed with the men had a very different set of the men said it was not what we had asked for and sold as a result of this April ten nineteen forty four the General conference in Spring Council voted to start black conferences Lake region conference led the way with the first conference in the lake union and then the Northeastern conference in New York most was the next conference that started those were the events that led up to the formation of black opposite specifically any questions just this one make sure we we are clear on on what led up to it and how the conference is given to be okay if the General conference leadership of the time to go back and read what positions have been believed that since the wife wanted separation and judgment date they use is the wife's meet meeting all the time on Jacob Justice who wrote a history of this time and he was actually in the meeting he has a book was not public creditors Angels anemone and possibly has experience as a student at Andrews and early nineteen forties when he was a political twenty one students and an output black students had to room with other black students and he's went to speak the present inventors of the time and he said the money stolen this is a brother this is what does the white ones we were doing so the believers know it in fairness the separation that existed in the chart with exactly the separation of business and society we talk about ninety forties we talking before the civil rights movement so the society had all of the separation is not like the administered with all the limb on the separation was conforming to the one conformity to standards and so I think I think people were doing what the society wanted to be done quickly and actually uses the wife at the support and said that's likely going through the history that didn't last all of what this is the white recommend when did she recommended really put what she have to think in the context I don't think it is a correct reading of the white citizens the white wonder that in fact as the white went on recklessly that she will be separation and allow separations and withdraw to do this now when those black whites will work with black partly being shot at and she says okay with me we got a final way to move the work while it until the Lord shall submit away so she never suggested it as a permanent solution but does that mean we go to continue to work and when whites without we go to when blacks in the South we've been killed if we if we try to do it together let's figure out a way to do it differently so I think I will think it's fair to say that means it right I continue some couple more examples of that it wasn't definitely the case with church leadership historically have been very conservative one he is maybe I given a couple example in a minute but I wanted to be a very public note has been a letter from as president Branson that he rolled back in nineteen fifty and if this is a positive letter he writes perhaps no religious group in the United States of the world claim so loudly that it is international in its attitudes and services as a set with Adventist and yet in the matter of legal segregation we are trailing behind the procession is the juicy president send a newsletter out to all denominational leaders in nineteen fifty and I'm saying I don't want to paint the picture that everything was negative this is clearly a very positive statement we seem afraid of using presence right to venture any changes in the relationships which we maintain a half century ago notwithstanding the whole world about that has made and is still making changes in life how I feel you after the World War II the government had done some integration in factories as a result of the war effort shall we be the last President Branson Wright's child living a life of the Christian bodies to break away from our historic attitudes and chart a new course in a with human relationships he continues we wish to appeal to the mountain for the book publishing houses I was sanitary and schools in the East North and West to give you immediate study to this matter we believe that in most places in these sections of the country they can be complete integration of the races in our institutions without serious difficulty this is a decent president in nineteen fifty in this set are the time and most of all institutions would tell still segregated new thing and not this can't be done without any difficulty it will other groups beginning to do it because we don't have to be the last we should be doing this he could understand the continues we understand that in the deep South available institutional voice have voted to discontinue segregation in some places it requires some courage he admits to launch into such a program would be an I have untreated headed in that direction the government the churches and the business world are leading the way and why should we hesitate to follow that is a very positive message that is a very progressive message of the General conference president back in nineteen fifty eight a month later Supreme Court decision of Brown versus Board of Education was handed down so even before that happened there was lots of other things happening the DC president spoke a leadership role saying folks we don't have to be father was we can be leaders there is a lot happening for this change in we can change also sad to say that didn't happen I gave the example that you know some of all schools didn't make progress until considerably much weight as someone with the last nineteen sixty eight that the Martin Luther King was assassinated when Southern actually integrated so so some schools did earlier than others such as so I would say many of all institutions will slow we would not lead in the global followers I want to give you another example of the problem in and then I want to talk about when we go from here Doctor Frank Field many of human node of the front tail he became the Provost of Ohio State University 's now retired Admiral Scott which will black advances in the Ohio area and again I'm looking at nineteen sixty one the Institute month I wanted to enroll the doctors at Mount Vernon Academy nineteen sixty one to sixty two month when Academy refused to allow the daughters of two prominent highly educated seven event has girls thought was an attorney Frank it was a PhD professor at Ohio State to to attend school on the refusal blacks held a knife again another committee the laymen leadership conference and demanded a meeting with general conference present the best of the DC concert president refused to meet with them in nineteen sixty two it was a general conversation in several the first Sabbath on the ninety fifth to the defection with San Francisco newspapers run a front-page story print in the demands of the black localization agreements leadership conference which any man's wood end of racial quotas in the charts and the desegregation of blood minutes institutions the next few days more stories when in the local and national pretzel remember that maternal contraceptive taken place and the needles out of the section says the fact that Adventist institutions and not let blacks and institutions and ninety six at two civil rights movement is a hot topic in the United States this is a national news story on Wednesday of that we only after the church has been publicly embarrassed the GC president calls a news conference to announce that the church will desegregate and that the front field and prospective only allowed to go among for an Academy so they did the right thing but it's a sad commentary that did the right thing only after it became a national news story it was a major source of embarrassment exactly at a time C dental compensation it's it's another sad movements in the church okay go ahead and less the current arrangement but folks I think the time has come for us to take a hard new look at it what church structures that organize separately on the basis of race at the encyclopedia save the arrangement is not ideal however the chapter describing the formation of regional conferences in the recent history book published by the church is entitled under the direct code separate conference is a relative fellowship separate as a relative fellowship now tell me I my mind may just not be able to wrap itself around the I don't understand how separate conferences could be wrote about it is part of what I describe when I say we are celebrating what exists now I mentioned this in response to a question that the formation of regional conferences can be viewed as a progressive step on the part of the administration most of the US denominations earlier in the late nineteenth century divided into two separate organizations based on race that's true among the Pentecostals is from among the back this is true among the Methodists big have been so completely separate denominations based on race the weekly worship while it is still the most segregated Alawite in American life and imaginable but eighty percent of all black people in America attend predominantly black churches of all the major social institutions in all societies the church not the administration of church in general is still the most segregated Americans of all different races work together to give the study together entertain each other sell them for a worship together I believe that the unity that John seventeen talks about applies to our church structures is not just about doctrinal unity the unity that will convince the world of the spirit of prophecy phase that would convince the world that Jesus has come in the unity that is visible to the world it cannot be some esoteric unity that existed at the visible and I believe that young wife agrees with me on that are naturally agreed within the mic on this earlier in the twentieth century there were proposals need to organize him and says on the basis of nationality in Europe the proposals were in eighteen eighty five it examines an opulent conference the Italians that have billing conference defensive have been on conference the argument was deficient evangelism those who understand the language those who understand the cause of the group can be more effective in any front with the concrete and white since no if we do this we have violated John seventeen explicitly to say that can another example in a journal she said this would not lead to you and you and all how many in the work but the separate interests and we would not work to was the unity of the Lord the men's event agreed performance separate conferences based on nationality the next day and white addresses the median and even some of the questions he says does Jesus understand the Germans does Jesus understand the French or even that he gives his messages to his sermons designed only for a select group of people she answered Jesus knows precisely what each person 's needs Christ will make us one even though we are French German All-American we can be one in Christ I want to go to have a cup quotation deathless research volume nine page one ninety five one ninety six she says on the same issue another time all caught into the light given me from God separate organizations instead of bringing about the unity will create discord if you love brethren will see the Lord together in humility of mind those who think it is necessary to organize separate German and Scandinavian conferences will see that the Lord desires them to work together as brethren however it should be to me for his disciples that they should be one so the spirit of problem misses the deadline confronted the issue twice when people were saying we need to organize separate promises the defendant in Europe immediately will will rationale even argue because the language differences and she said that venue within your language differences and cultural differences we should all deny separate conferences because it will give us breathing efficiency any vines with the Capri and she said all along that to the light didn't let me from God separate organizations instead of bringing about community will create discord and if separate organizations based on nationality vitally the light didn't come from God to exquisitely in this passage refers to John seventeen we need to serve the prayer that we should be one how on earth the separate conferences meetings unrated not violate John seventeen and finally the light given our profit from God I think of this player the Bible is clear on the spirit of prophecy is clear we cannot continue to violate these principles well is it possible for us to make a difference I want to tell you that I think we can do it and my strong rationale for why I think we can do it is because we've done it before earlier in our history if you go back in early Adventist history many of all early pioneer loudly proclaimed what the life and only start up again to prejudice and discrimination of that society boldly in obedience to God so for example the majority of Christians could not uphold slavery in the mid-19th century many good and regular members of the Methodist denomination condone slavery and then charge the Methodist church in the US split over the same if you need in forty four a year later slavery divided Baptists insistently many of the early subnet benefiting from a Baptist or Methodist background in eighteen sixty one three denominations were torn apart because the members defended slavery many find Christians defended slavery all insisted that it was an economic or political issue but certainly not tomorrow one in contrast animal life and testimony through Church volume one called slavery of sin for them all in white demanded that any advances publicly defended slavery should be disfellowshipped from the church and unlike with proclaiming the going was alive and I'm showing you she was not conform into the dictate of a society she was kind enough on what she believed was right and in life was not alone many early advances identified with a fairly radical abolitionist movement in the country I mean many offenders don't know this but Sojourner Truth one of the black pharaohs of abolition benefit of Adventist family did eventually late in life would you settle in Battle Creek Michigan became an event is unattended the Battle Creek Tabernacles she is buried in in the same cemetery close away Evan like this many students from the Adventist College of Battle Creek which subsequently moved to Barton Springs regularly visited the home doesn't make it conform with the captain had much to do with inventive except the Sabbath he helped form the abolitionist society in his hometown John Kellogg school of early pioneers them very not that well known for two things one of the things that is that John Preston Kevin and his wife sold their private rocks in bucket and write to the raise the money that started the publishing work in the administration but John Preston catalog is also known because he was the father of his two sons join out to catalogue the doctor who invented makes and will take care of his brother the business manager of the hospital 's data the Kendall company his fun don't think of in Battle Creek Michigan was one of the stop on the Underground Railroad for the slaves from the South to know John binds him the first president of the General conference earlier left the method is visible charge because it supported slavery it's and Watson Bridge New York was also a station on the underground railroad the legally transport in fugitive slaves from the South and North so on selling and managing early event this will actually actively been called in leadership in fact Kevin White's SNL advocated civil disobedience when the fugitive slave law was passed definitely successfully will increase to one one two she said the law of the land requiring us to deliver a slave to one that we are not to obey so she actively advocated not sure if I had that quotation appear only mislead by habit the that the example to just talk about thorium not turn in the thing if you're following me John Joseph made his role John Preston cannot this rule don't mind than his role as David the law of the land and NYC is pointedly limits into his master we are not to will be and we must abide the consequences of violating the law so even if you undo a punishment that will find that with potential imprisonment to sin with the consequences but we would do what is right because it is right I mention the other point that she called slavery but since he said that blacks had a right to the blessings of freedom in southern work page fifteen and the majority of Christians and not oppose slavery and white city as the equipment is limited because Fellowship she said to one support of slavery you must see your videos on some must let it be known that we have no such ones and I will fellowship and that will not walk with them in church capacity some very strong statements from Kevin White on on the topic of slavery what can we learn from the early advances that the important point I would see about the early advances is that their beliefs and their positions were not based on what society said it was based on their theological beliefs it was based on their reading of the Bible it was based on the study of what the word it was based on doing what was right because it was right not because it was politically comfortable not because this was something of this one sustained in the nineteenth century limited another place way in which Kevin White I think was very progressive in the late nineteenth century the view is shared by both the political and cultural leadership of the United States and even by many abolitionist is that blacks were inferior to whites you find this in the work of Stephen Jay Gould the historian who has been shown that even many of those who work in for improvement and recommended wife nonetheless believe that asked what inferior to whites in contrast early Adventists emphasized that the race is what equal that believes will be in full doctrines the doctrine of creation and adoption of redemption Christ's authority and reconciling workmen that all men were saved and none were mostly that all men could be saved and none could be mostly been others Christ came to was Richard 's volume seven page two twenty five physical senses the white Christ came to this very with the message of mercy and forgiveness delayed the foundation for religion by which Jewell and Gentile black and white free and bond that I link to get the in one common brotherhood recognizing equal in the sight of God something we see that the day and white faith everybody is recognized equal in the sight of God we think of course it's one of the Macon in the belief that all equal in the sight of God written in the eighteen sixties once again who believes that even those with thin for free the slaves so she was in fact very progressive and and very mad at my understanding of the Scripture and what God is called in this to do I like to to end this most likely decision and I'm really simply have some time for questions talk more that the article that was passed out has more background that stopped thinking about it theologically and on what oh what opportunities but I like to end with a wonderful story of a madman who rushed into the marketplace of the medieval village will that help this man shouted to the crowd that will be the salmon and doing that they come commerce God is bad in bed he sounded bigger than the much attention to them because the thoughtfulness absolutely crazy how living up there something going to bed and then he continued and as he continued people started to listen is that God is dead and he's got you in this stage Holahan tell me you said if God is the dad had tell me why churches have become like tombs you gone it and dad tell me why Christians do not live the life of Christ and that is the question I leave for each one of us today our life does outlaw ministry does all work done I will work with the unity within the church doesn't testify the going to bed avoid is alive if we believe that God is Venice Christians we need to live the life of Christ we need to strive for the unity that Jesus prayed for a better world may believe that the world may know that he has come because of the unity that is evident amongst the I shared with you early this figure probably save it is the strongest witnesses attending born is when we in the community existed amongst us is the strongest because it can be born and then we say KY three members I honestly believe from my interactions with church leaders black and white on this topic I do not expect that I could be surprising that could be wrong and I pray that I'm wrong I do not expect to see leadership from our church on the fifteenth I don't expect the feet I want church leaders take an event on the fifteenth it is not politically palatable to either group right now they had been subjected straight up tension that neither group classmates on the end no one wants to blink first I don't think either group Israeli sensually infested in it when I have talked to leaders on both sides of others that you add something we really have to address so I think what is needed are Christians who have a vision of vision is to be faithful to God of vision to be faithful to the gospel of vision to say we wanted tool what I want to do and when we raise our voices in this way I think I will need to respond but I don't think on their own they will do it and I for one wrong I pray that I'm wrong but that is my experience in talking to them it is a nice idea but but they want to see how I was going to work out I honestly believe I said this when we preach to sabotage through and we encounter someone who wants to become an Adventist school it's hard to separate through but will have a job that requires him to work on Sabbath what do we tell that person who I can keep working on Sabbath until you can find a way until the time is right or do we say if you stand up for God he will stand up for you if you stand up for God and be obedient to him but it's going to find another job all better job at the Christian Outlook tasks it will be caught staff is to provide going as promised to them that honor me I will honor when I talk to leaders about unity it's like how would you know what I wanted and if that was going to do what I don't have the answer of the Holy Spirit does what we need to do is commit to be obedient so I want to try to be obedient and I believe the Holy Spirit will lead and guide us he will never let us down he will never ask you to do that which we are not capable of doing with the first have to accept that a status goal is the probably we've got to do something about it we've got to move to a new weight one of the most radical thing that said in my article I think many people say okay what we need to do then is to get rid of the regional conferences and I say to you that is not a solution original conference is not much a problem with all conferences in fact original cover the visit that because blacks were excluded from the existing conferences so what we need to do I believe is to get rid of all the current structure is and build a new one with the new principles on principles of inclusion of involving everyone in it and then definitely a different idea than many people think but I think that is what it will take but we have the bottom line is the status goal violates God 's call to unity and we have to find a way forward any questions for me anything is unclear anything you think I said was wrong all incentives able inappropriateness I have been so late I presume method like this in South Africa let's restrict their in the early nineteen nineties and used the member came up to me and said that if I didn't move for domestic with so much history it was more my Adventist review article which talks about Ephesians and what going on in the debate was much more the methods are more on one online the business review article on I was told by one of the leaders there that the finish did not belong in a church on Sabbath if the political methods and belong to the political meet in and I I I tried to defend myself likely and when I did it imagine people interrupted the young man black young men got and said when he joined the administration South Africa India nineteen ninety during apartheid he had been a Catholic thought he found it through in the administrative and became an event is and when he came in and I will verify this story is contained within the public meaning is and when he came into the church and saw that they will separate black conferences why conferences and call conferences and he started to ask questions about it he said I was disfellowshipped from the church this was a white leader at the Johannesburg central character is that I was disfellowshipped from the administration because I started to ask questions of why is it me a segregated along racial lines and people got up with their testimonies that this is the true Pollock times I think is true in South Africa is true in the US we need but I think we need a new generation of young people who will say to follow leadership we need to be obedient we need to do what God wants us to do I will share with you tomorrow morning is a lifesaver the reason we have not moved the world the reason we have not been more effective in all outbreak is because we are not united if we want to fulfill God 's mission if we will fulfill the gospel commission we have to address this problem of unity world cannot see unity amongst us and the most effective strategy of demonstrating to them that there is a power greater than human nature at work in us is the unity that exists amongst us I think it's not an option to remain the way we any questions common in times like this that it can handle so I am at my eye thinking that a very great question and I want to find some wonderful quotation from an online is in my talk tomorrow morning that speaks doing that then this article limit when he does read this I think it's because it's beautifully I make the point on the bottom of the second page the written the differences of cultural background can provide spiritual enrichment has want in life they did there is no person no nation that is perfect in every habits and thought one must learn of another therefore because we're not perfect because each nation and group needs to learn of another species therefore go on one of the different nationalities to mingle together to mingle together to become one in judgment one in purpose then the union that there is an price will be exemplified does that mean idols I I know I don't have all the answers so that that mean that there is no place for an ethnic specific church I don't know that many don't I I do know that it's clear that this is very clear that Gore was the different nationalities to mingle together the place in life it is important it will all look like they would be even more trouble in the world more conflict so there's a reason why different groups have strengths and we knows that if we are completely separate so I think this is Claire they must be mechanisms where we mingled together that is a hundred percent with that that's what she said there therefore Court wants the different nationalities to mingle together to be one in judgment one in purpose then the union which it varies in price will be exemplified I think you can go back to teaching Europe again she says I'm in the argument made sense that the different language groups in Europe the different cultural groups organize the work separately she says know that my list on seventeen ago to work together to I think we have the fine waived faith in the situation in California doesn't have regional conferences but I think that the life of the venison and unwanted minutes in southeastern California conference in Southern California a very separate even though there's no overall structural conference structure yet yes him by the thing we don't know each other although it from but right it's not comfortable it is not competent to get happening what is my problem on income and thirteen where the church wasn't back integrated around class and racial lines by looking at the membership of the church of Corinth and I'll make the point that the church was called Athens on a block and I'm not wherever it was in the first place the church were called Christians are the followers of Jesus will call Christian it aren't you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you after the right idea when you finish it you were up with the right and it's a place where we have a description of the description of the members by Jews and Gentiles in a Roman aristocrat worshiping together and finish up in together so I do think I I I I honestly don't think that there is necessarily a one-size-fits-all and is one thing we need to do but I think we do need to commit to be obedient and God is going to show us what to do I think the status quo is just business is violating what Gordis it's to be is parked and Holly went with the concrete which of the examples I gave found that the US example nine sixty with these things cause the look of embarrassment it was thought the charge look at what just happened in South Africa the story was covered in the news in South Africa Adventist Celina Memphis because they been forced to come together as one if this is tragedy yet is Arthur's on the I think that's a great question I have several locations in the greater probably rather look at it tomorrow morning Wichita clinic moment am really looking at the Windows rate and one run deficit but that was a rather thin unity and how do we get unity but put it in a nutshell heart of what I think needs to happen is leadership unlimited what I mean by leadership if you look at the history of Israel the history of Israel was that history of the nation following the leader in obedience to God on disobedience of God when it was the King that the Internet with those rights in the type of the law the reader the people identified in the fight of the Lord and when there was a king that they did was evil in the type of the law the people that he will indefatigable like that statement it is frightening is frightening because the place is a great responsibility in all religious leaders I don't I don't have the exact statement with something like this I don't mean exactly what it is fun but it's the instead trust me she says it is seldom that it search arises about the spirituality of his leadership if we don't challenge element learners to write method that's part of it I showed this morning my first thought I sure that that happens you said it's a normal human tendency researchers in experiments and ten ten generated with something as simple like the human half the room a blue T-shirts and the other half red T-shirts we develop affinity and the grievance with the people who are like us so it's a natural human tendency and we need to find above in particular if you are one thing and if we all accept the status quo was okay everybody goes along I mean it's it in the path of least resistance but if we challenge a woman was once difficult cool enough to be one of the corner nothing to my experience has been in agony when we close on this point in Adventist review page paper I buy a given you can read came out of this be that wrote the review and I I I'd mentioned early this morning that at that and it says had sent me a response and is struggling with what if any is to make a bit and then I read the critique of his response I remember if I'd publish it the action editor who was assigned by the editor to do this he made edits to the article which you always do everything read Oedipus that's normal but it was the tone of this letter when you sensitivity is that we may edit back is almost like this was not is was was excited to leave and go we not limited what most of the prototypical the call of a lot of stuff that I had was with cutouts was particularly reduced and this was going to want to get to is that we know in the Johnson the editor has decided to do this but we know that every black event this is going to be upset with us for publishing this best with an editor of the review sets of me and you know what is wrong they are wrong and out of touch I would agree that many black Adventist leaders will be upset with them for publishing this but the people in the pew are not I have preached this message in black churches and white churches and I uniformly get people saying I am so glad to have this method I am so titled on the political agenda is not a political agenda this is what is going on in this debate when this is presented as a special issue I the black-and-white responding positively the leaders are not really alarming about who's going to be shot how is it going to be I could hear let we need to do what one wants to do I don't want to be here for another hundred years we need to finish the work of Christ is called the beef and this is the part of the work that we neglect them so we need to do it and we need people who will reasonably closely rather than citizens this is what one wants us to be this is the unity we need this is part of our successful evangelistic outbreak I think that's part of what I think we need is that if we if we state the high ground like my point in the article is so often what we have done a race concedes the frailty of human nature we said folks don't want to mingle they want to stay with you on group led them the benefits completed when people are instead of saying this is the cross this is what Jesus has offered his grace can can can enable us to do a bit but have not been done more it is possible for a child in sleep of the right for the month of the gospel I think they will respond I think that's a challenge that is not occurring I think people will respond to challenge but we have to be committed to it we have to have a vision about it and I think people will respond I think I have spoken enough into final question for today but thank you for your time energy and effort and I pray let's have a word of prayer before we leave May God bless you in your work and your ministry all of us have a ministry is why we had us why we call the residence ordained a baptism to be faithful to God in everything that we do and I pray that God will help you in your witness that we stand as we have a word of prayer father in heaven we thank you that we can call you nullify the we thank you that you love us and you care about us we thank you Lord for your grace that is greater than all of Boston we thank you Lord for the power of the cross that is able to help us to overcome hereditary cultivated tendencies to his people we thank you Lord for the time we've spent here the bow humbly in your presence asking you Lord to shower more of your love into a lives to fill us with more of your Holy Spirit so that we can capture the vision to become everything you want is to be bless each one followed and my presence the date with their families with their extended families with their work as they witness and have lauded as we go forth from this place we will try on the power of the Holy Spirit not by might not by human power but through your spirit to let our light shine for you so that we can finish the work you have given us to do and go home to live with you and the rest of G Y C and thank you for this organization and for what is done in bringing us together thank you for your providence in bringing us together here today and dresses as we go forth from this place to be a light in this world of darkness is the wonderful name of Jesus amen this is all you persons were in place generations for Christ like to learn more about you my see please visit www. nursing my son when I will review like this for free online service please visit www. audio verse got more


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