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Don’t Forget Where You Came From

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program




  • April 6, 2019
    6:00 PM
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Sweet Jesus thank you for this privilege to study your word together hand I just pray that you would speak to us in a powerful and convicting way in the time that's a lot to do you know what I need to do and you know the real estate I have and I also know that you are God and so Lord I pray that you would do what you need to do and I would just be in your hands and I ask this in Jesus' name amen. The seedings message isn't titled Don't Forget Where You Came From sorry so. The best advice I've ever received in ministry I said sorry because I'm not sure what I said was in the share and those were my seminar is changed you can find it on the audio verse probably or something it's called til 2 journeys are not going to do it right now so the best advice I've ever received in ministry was from Taj pocalypse one of the army guys and it was a as I couple of years ago and I every time I get to meet someone who has done evangelism for longer than I have I always ask them the same question What is the advice that you wish you would have received. Knowing what you know now when you started what do you wish someone would have told you when you were starting knowing what you know now in the edge of the Taj gave me was not what I expected I expected tars to give me a direct answer that he didn't do that he answered my question by telling me a story and Jesus did this so this is not an un-Biblical premise. And so anyway he starts telling me the story and he starts Tell me about the man at the pool but that is it in John Chapter 5 and if you heard me preach it all I cover the story a lot in a lot of different areas but this man in the pool Bethesda Jesus comes up to him and asked him a seemingly obvious question he's been an invalid for 38 years and he asked him Do you want to be made well now if you had been an invalid for 38 years what would you say you betcha. The answer The guy gives is lames not because he's lame it's just the fact that he he himself gives it not the best answer but then Jesus tells him something he tells him to rise to take up his mat and to walk and what TAR said was the rising makes sense and the walking does not make skirting the law to make sense but he said what's with the mat your thought about this right rising makes sense when you're paralytic walking makes sense in your paralytic but why pick up this sticky mat is just as reminder of 30 years of shame rejection abandonment loneliness it's a reminder of all the horrible things that were in his life and then Taj when he said that's precisely the point what Jesus is telling this man is to not for good where he came from. It's a reminder of the fact that this is who you were when I got a hold of you. It's one of those Ebeneezer moments in your life and it was such a convicting counsel that he gave me right he could have just went for the juggler and said Look man don't get too big for your bridges 8 about you but he didn't do that what to do was to telling me a story did something that I have never forgotten has changed my life and I've heard so many stories from people whose message do the same for them all because of advice I got from a fellow minister of the Gospel This reminds me of 2 people in Scripture of their stories this council of not forgetting where you came from some of the leper and Mary Magdalen 2 completely different life stories but their journeys converge of all places at the feet of Jesus Simon is a religious leader who contracts leprosy and that's a bad day any day that you contract leprosy it's not a good day but it's not just this because there's a high cost when someone contracts leprosy 1st of all they're isolated they have to leave their community they're completely cut off from any form of intimacy no hugs no handshakes no close close proximity to your family you're isolated from the community you're in El Castor can't be touched but what makes it even worse is the fact that you are viewed by your community because what Jews believed that you were cursed by God and magine being a minister of the Gospel who now the entire community believes has been cursed by God. And that's not very good. But the amazing thing is Jesus miraculously healed this man and completely restores his ministry does imagine you think your whole life and ministry over in Jesus comes sets you free and Restore is you how. You think they would put a whole lot of gratitude in this man's heart that we have the story of Mary Magdalen Mary was abused at an early age with all the details but something happened to her an early age that leads to her running into a lifestyle sexual sin she feels damaged she's not good enough she's worthless and she just goes at this to make her feel worth something and to provide for her needs and that just this she also is an outcast in this community right she's listen a very small community of Bethany and they used to be this line in this in this in a program called Cheers back in the eighty's and in the jingle leading into the program they said we want to go where everyone knows your name everyone knows your name and Bethany everyone knows your business and everyone knows that she got problems right this is the talent Out Kast and Jesus in his miraculous superhuman amazing awesome Yeah and this Jesus test this woman free completely free and I had the book with me I was there reading a book a couple weeks ago that talked about the fact the L.-Y. to lose to that this was not a one encounter and 7 demons left it was multiple treatment she had to go through we don't know all the what that looked like it was multiple encounters to set her free and then the person made the point of active being in the headspace of Mary that you get set free from demons and then all a sudden you've got demons and then you get set free from demons and you have demons again and they said there's nothing that hurts more than a fall when you thought that you had been set free. It's devastating and this woman goes through that 7 times but what I see about this is that the pursuing love of Jesus is tending ships. It cannot be cleansed and he keeps laboring for this woman until she is free so a feast is held in honor of Jesus for 2 reasons one last verse has been raised from the dead and Simon the leper has been cleansed of his leprosy now he's just. The priest formerly known as Simon the weapon or anyone else think of it you'll get it if you don't get it this probably for the best you shouldn't get it anyway. And so anyway he sets them free and at this feast they're actually related so that's kind of a joint issue they have in this party for Jesus and someone shows up in completely steals the show right this kind of a town rejects and certainly isn't being in the best with their family at this stage it seems so we get to more chapter 14 where this whole narrative takes place turn with me there if you like will be on the slides as well Mark Chapter 14 Mar chapter 14. And beginning around verse 3 but I have a couple of slides as well March up to 14 he says and being in Bethany at the house a sign of the leper is Jesus sat at the table a woman came having an alabaster flask a very costly oil spike nard then she broke the flask and she poured it on his head now after having a large gathering like this there's going to be music and on the if someone is raised from the dead right and so one is clear as day of leprosy how many people this room have raised somebody from the dead just does a basic survey of the congregation it does happen by the way as John Baxter an interesting story he was in India doing mission work then up raising somebody from the dead and now every time someone dies in the village to bring a dead body to his house this stuff does happen to be a way to imagine raising the dead and some as close a leprosy hey that's amazing and so you better believe this isn't one of those small gatherings the house is packed I'm sure and there's music involved there's food involved and then all the sudden people start smelling something and wonder what on earth is going on and it's like this hush comes over the crowd and what do they find a woman weeping at the feet of Jesus. Pouring out her offering him but this was not some ostentatious display look at how holy and pious I am Jesus I just want you to know that I am awesome No she's not doing that she's being quiet she just wants to give Jesus what she can right she just wants access to him but there were some who were indignant among themselves who said why was this fragrant oil what's the next word wasted just imagine you're giving everything you have for Jesus and followers of Jesus are criticizing you and say What a waste Lady Why would you take something this expensive and waste it on Jesus and it's followers of Jesus that are doing this that can happen sometimes can. From I've been sold for 300 dinar and given to the poor and they criticized her sharply you know Mary's accuse of being wasteful for your her expensive gifts but I wanted thing is she is the only person in the room and seemingly in the entire ministry of Jesus who actually gets it Jesus is going to die and she wants to do something about it because the disciples completely reject this message what do you mean you're going to die that's dumb Jesus why on earth would you how we're going to get the land back to the Romans how we're going to get our supremacy into hell by descent of the right on the left at your throne if you don't like it makes no sense to them and yet this woman seems to be one of the few people who actually gets it that Jesus has to die. And she gives him a think offering before he dies he sees that she gets it and puts it into the murmuring he says Leave her alone why do you trouble her and then he says she has done what type of a work for me a good work for me ever gotten flack from the brethren for doing a good work for Jesus hey she understands if you have the poor with you always that's really what you're worried about Belle is going to be here a while but me you don't I'm not going to be here for a while and she understands this and you've missed a blessing fellas here you are criticizing the only person who seems to appreciate what I'm doing you don't have me always she did what she could she's come beforehand to know what my body for burial in assuredly I say to you there were ever this Gospel is preached in the whole world what this woman has done will also be told as a memorial notice not to be but to her something about what this woman is doing right now is so important to Jesus that when you decide to tell my story don't forget to tell her. One question I have is how often are we hearing this story pretty salons are the gospel. That's not the only murmuring that came from Mary's offer go to Luke Chapter 7. Luke Chapter 7 and will begin around verse $36.00 she's weeping at the feet of Jesus she wets them with their tears dries them with their hair and she had no one to speak with this fragrant oil again not looking to draw attention people's noses are what tell them something's going on over here look 7 going to go to verse 39. Now with a Pharisee who had invited him saw this he spoke to him self saying this man that if he were a prophet now anytime somebody starts their explanation about the character or the ministry of Jesus with the word if I have problems with that. I got big problems with this reminds me mediately of Matthew Luke Chapter 4 were Jesus is tempted in the wilderness the devil says if you're the son of god make these dolls become bread now to can text realize this the Bible says that in Jesus all things were created and have their being that includes angels that includes Lucifer and this guy has the audacity to get in Jesus's face and say if you're the son of God do something. Now fellows I don't know if you've had this happen maybe on the basketball court maybe somewhere else maybe B.C. you know before you knew Jesus someone gets in your face and tries to tell you if you're a man do something about it what would you do do you think Jesus knew that he was the Son of God. Do you think Jesus could have proved yet sit was tempting him at the root issue of his pride right so the way this guy says if you were a prophet he would know who and what manner of woman this is for she is a sinner 1st of all this guy should know better Jesus literally radically transforms this guy's life and he's going to question who Jesus is for one to this guy's a pastor and his view of the world is if there's people who are gross they've got issues they got broken is good and God wants nothing to do with them doesn't want to touch them doesn't want to be near them because they are sinners I don't want to pastor like that haven't you it's a problem the Son of Man came to seek and to save them which were lost and so anyway the implication here is everybody else has problems. That's the problem of Laodicea everybody else got problems. I'm good pay faithful tied show to church on time I mean sure I'm I'm a wicked carnal human being who selfish and judges everybody else around me but but I pay a faithful type and I show up to church on time I wear what I should YOU DON'T Simon's wrestling here with some serious carnality and the problem is she's doing for Jesus what Simon should have done right with the culture taught in their day was one solo as a guest in your home you serve them and Jesus reminds him of this good works 40 he says Simon I have something to say to you you said teacher say it there's a certain creditor who had how many debtors to debtors one owed 500 in Ari and the other 50 and when they neither one of them had anything with which to repay he freely forgave them both tell me therefore which of them will love him born Simon answered and said I suppose the one to whom he forgave more Jesus said to him You have rightly judged then you turn to the woman is said to Simon Do you see this will I entered your house and you gave me no water for my feet but she has washed my feet with her tears and wiped them with the hair of her head you gave me no kisses but this woman has not ceased to kiss my feet since the time that I came in you did not invite my head with oil but this woman has anointed my feet with fragrant oil therefore I say to you her sins which are many are forgiven for she loved him much and then he goes in for the kill and says But to whom little is forgiven the same loves Little let me ask you a question do you think Jesus is looking for reasons to forgive little that way you know the issue is Simon was forgiven little because Simon saw his need little. And Jesus is reminding him of this Mary understood who she was when Jesus got a hold of her and she remembered and there was no offering in her mind that was a sufficient value to give to him I believe the reason why Simon but the other issue behind this by the way who's responsible for this woman's lifestyle of sin. Simon is he's the one that put her in the tailspin in the 1st place you know that's call projection that's the way that Satan does life he projects his selfish character upon God and tells us to do him that way and that's how we started the rebellion in heaven that's how we started the rebellion in the garden and that's how he makes you fall and we fall projecting his unhealthy attributes upon God and we believe it and the pastor here projects his own history of abuse and nonsense and his sin upon his victim she is a sinner that we see but I believe the reason why Simon didn't perform the cultural norm of serving Jesus and washing his feet is because Simon forgot where he came from he forgot what Jesus delivered him from and so in turn felt no obligation to serve Him You don't want evidence that we've lost sight of where we came from is when we're willing to condemn others for the way that they give what they have to Jesus with what they know even if it ain't pretty. We find ourselves barking up somebody is tree because they may save in still a bit too out they may do stuff in your church that makes you a bit uncomfortable but if they're giving Jesus what they have with what they know he's glad to receive it and leave them alone amen and I assure you the fact that if they need to change the way they're doing things he'll educate them but right now he's glad to receive it and leave them alone every time we're looking down our nose at other people it's very good evidence of the fact that we have forgotten the where we came from and it leads us to not labor for their souls because they're not worth the effort. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Jesus wanted this priest alongside the gospel that the cross makes a level ground for all of humanity you know better than them they're no worse than you all of us were not for the grace of God deserved to die because of our sense but we have the grace of God and then never forget that they ever forget that you know better than them never have been and never will be. Another evidence as our unwillingness to humble ourselves in service at the feet of Jesus outreach Yeah don't do that what you mean share my faith when you witness like below if Jesus is going to pour all of heaven into one gift and put the eternal Fellowship of the Godhead at risk when we're not willing to give him to live for him it's very good evidence of the fact that we forgot where we came from. Jesus deserves better and have much better so when you see someone making a fool of themselves by giving Jesus whatever they can with the knowledge they have leave them alone he's glad to receive it but Mary remembered where she came from and this is why she gave everything that she had for Jesus Simon forgot and this is why he did nothing for Jesus he lost track of how precious it was to sit at the feet of Jesus and to have him as the guest of honor in his home and in his life and you know in all honesty the moment I don't feel like giving myself for Jesus or for his people are those moments when I forgot where I came from been preaching all day Jesus give me a break leave me alone I did my time don't feel like sharing with somebody right now I did my time I believe this is why many find themselves idle in their Christian experience and they want it thing is many of the same people have a whole lot to say what the what else is doing or not doing but I can change a min. We can come back to the cross of Calvary recognize that I'm no better than them I need Jesus so I don't know where you find yourself today maybe it's a story of Mary that resonates with you that you're giving what you have for Jesus and no one around you seems to appreciate or value what it is that you're doing you're giving and giving and giving the Church doesn't care the pastor doesn't care your kids don't care your husband doesn't care and you're tempted to just cash out like hell to do this evening is don't for good came from it's a saving grace guys don't let them take that from you it's the best thing you have going for you maybe as a story Simon that resonates with you you've forgotten just how precious it was to sit at the feet of Jesus and have him in your home and in your life and my counsel to you is exactly the same Don't Forget Where You Came From there was a moment in your life where there was no hope and look I don't care if you're a 50 of generation Adventists your great great great great great great grandfather Modelo White's lawn someone cut you open you got hay stacks it comes out I don't care. It does not matter you need Jesus and it doesn't matter how Adventists you have been or will be right we're just as bad as the Jews right when we got this paper trail that Abraham we think that in titles us or something in a title is you to nothing you desperately need Jesus just like I desperately need Jesus Amen we're all the same none of us are better than the other and that's part of this message the Gospel needs to go alongside the gospel one you forgotten where you came from and 2 you know better than the people you're serving in that you work arounds. You know went through an experience in ministry where I just went into depression from a whole lot of radical poverty from. What a white refers to as a parent's failure believe in the promises of God for 5 years which led to the promised not coming about all this stuff just threw me into a tailspin and I found myself and traveling public ministry preaching the gospel to people while wrestling with the darkest experience of my life in depression a majority of my sermons on our universe are me preaching in the darkest experience of my life and no one knew even I didn't know but the thing that breaks my heart is not that there's more to that stories of the time this message is there with this little bit longer but what really frustrates me is that even in those darkest moments I was not the man that Jesus got ahold of in August of 2004 and I forgot that guy's. I forgot where I came from while in public ministry it can happen you get so busy the darkness is so dark that you listen to the fact that at least you're not who you were just remember who you were when Jesus got ahold of you you were doomed for death I would rather have the hope of eternal life or wrestling with darkness than to be thinking I'm happy wrestling with sin and despair and then. And the darkness does in a man and if you're wrestling with mental health and depression other stuff you are not a loser you're not and I don't care if your pastor or people your church a telling you you just don't have enough faith try harder don't listen to them this stuff is legit guys Charles Spurgeon wrestle tenaciously with depression Alija depression King David depression Jesus most likely depression are they losers neither you and it does in the man it does It was a dark spam but Jesus is faithful that does in. Here's the point Mary's offering was to be mentioned wherever the Gospels preached why listen to this the loneliness of Christ's you're been lonely the loneliness of Christ separated from the heavenly courts deal of people who did appreciate him living the life of humanity amongst those who did not was never understood or appreciated by the disciples as it should have been and he was often grieved because the disciples did not give him back which was due him. Grieved regularly they took they took they took but they didn't give and we did the same thing to Jesus we take we take we take but we don't give. Jesus deserves better than I have given him and I'm so sorry I wish I did I wish my life looked like hers she gave she got it Mary's like is a living rebuke to mind here's the point guys will close with this you may feel like your life is a total disaster right now and there is no hope for you her story can be your story man you may feel that you need 14 demons Cassady you it does not matter God is faithful if you keep coming to Jesus he'll keep setting you free but when you come. Don't forget how good he's been to you and your opening ways to come back when you needed to and if you're in a situation where you think everybody else has problems beloved You need to be reminded this evening it's not about you never has been never will be you need Jesus and I believe the point of this message being told alongside the Gospel is one God can save anybody no matter how deep how dark or how gross and the other thing we're to learn from this is a story assignment so Laodicean message you're not who you think you are in every aspect of your being emotionally psychologically spiritually and otherwise and you need Jesus and I believe that these 2 messages hand in hand yes you need a savior but you have a savior Mary didn't understand why it was that she did what she did you know what they say in this great prophecy the Holy Spirit had planned for her when the close of the stop when God the Father is looking upon the landscape of humanity and he realizes that his son is wrestling and in need of encouragement of all the people that God chooses to use to minister to and to encourage his son it's the very type of person that many of us would be uncomfortable with that they walk in our church next Sabbath. You know that tells me Jesus if you had a life to live brokenness and nonsense Jesus delights to use people just like you in ministry people just like you he's not limited there's room in the vineyard for you amen 100 percent guys don't forget where you came from God has been good to us. To listen and take that from the best thing you got going for you keeps us humble keeps us focused it's our saving grace in. God in heaven you know what needs to be shared and what we have and I just pray that you would bless us or don't let us forget we've heard this evening and I pray oh god that you would never let Satan steal our identity as a precious child of God ever again. Thank you for how good you've been to us forgive us Lord for not appreciating it and I pray that you would put a living and breathing reminder in our hearts to realize this thing is the real deal and as that offering that Mary gave to Jesus was a reminder to him in his darkest moments when suffering for our sins and tempted to quit when believing that no one will respond is what Satan tells of every inhale reminded him that is a lie someone will respond even if it's just for her. Lord I pray that the offering of your life would be a fragrance that reminds us to keep going and our dogs. We ask this now and she says. In this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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