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Is God Enough?

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program




  • April 6, 2019
    4:00 PM
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God in heaven thank you for the privilege to pray to serve you to know you and Lord I ask that you would speak to us one last time together as we address a topic I think is very very important to us and even you believe was important you said as it was in the days of Lot So it will be in the days of the Son of Man and Remember Lot's wife there must be lessons here for us in the context of the 2nd coming do you want to learn I have or coverage on this morning we hope to have some more now we ask for your blessing for your presence and for you to teach us above all else in Jesus' name amen I believe Jesus is coming soon to claim his bride Do you believe that I believe that Scripture tells us that before this happens there is going to be a time of great distress and a massive crisis that will come upon earth and I believe that what we're about to cover can help us to better understand and prepare for that crisis many of our people are wrestling with trust issues they're convinced that God is going to ask things of them that they really don't want to deal with at least not right now right will say Jesus I'll do whatever you want but don't touch this not right now Jesus I want to get my education 1st I want to get married 1st I want to pay off my debt retire 1st then I'll go all in Jesus because don't don't go there right now some of us are just hoping against hope that Jesus will not cross that line of those things that we just don't want to deal with at least not yet but it's not what God is going to ask of us that we really need to be concerned about listen to this our 1st lesson is to learn the will of God even though we passed through trying circumstances and then knowing his will were to do what obey unquestioningly and then she says such obedience will how frequently be rewarded always so our primary objective as Christians is to find out what it is that God wants and to a ban question only and when we do this obedience is always rewarded. That's a blessing to hear that and then because sometimes you just wonder like like every time because sometimes I felt like I wasn't maybe you're being rewarded in a way that you don't appreciate right now but you will appreciate later that doesn't mean you're going to understand how you're being rewarded but we are told that you will be here with me so so serene During to the will of God is not what you need to be afraid of here's what you do need to be afraid of a book of your seatbelts for this one when God lets man have his own way it's the darkest hour of his life. It was like a freight train plowed into my bedroom when I 1st read this when God lets man have his own way it's the darkest hour of his life how many people can testify to that today I want to confess before the saying that's my story Jesus All right 4 of us will pray for the rest of you I guess when God lets man have his own way it's the darkest hour of his life I believe that these 2 principles of obeying unquestioningly and always being rewarded and doing our own thing and going through some stuff the darkest ever life I believe this plays out very clearly in the contrast of the lies of Abraham and lot go to Genesis Chapter 12 there's a call given to Abraham he's not Abraham yet but I made fudge and call him Abraham before he's called Abraham and just chill out I'm tired OK Genesis Chapter 12 Genesis Chapter 12 beginning a verse one now the Lord said to Abraham get out of your country from your family and from your father's house to a land then I will show you do doesn't even know where he's going. So immediately there's some cost here right God gives a cold Abraham and he says he meet it says I need to leave where you live I need you to leave your family and you're pulling up stakes before you even know where you're going to land at the end of the day how many people have been in a life situation like that before I did that once I literally stepped down from a job before knowing what it was I would do next I just knew I was going to move to a geographical location but I did not know what I would have employment wise and God provided him has been can be scary when through this he says I will make you a great nation I will bless you I will make your name great and you shall be a blessing to how many children is able to have at this stage 0 kids but I'm going to bless you and give you a family right now to make you a great nation I will bless those who bless you I will curse him who curses you and you in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed Hey that's a big call isn't it that we get to verse 4 which is 12 verse 4 so departed is the word spoken to him and lot with him and Abel was 75 years old when he departed from her on so when he is called out of Babylon as was talked about this morning he 75 OK now we get to Genesis Chapter 13 so what is with Him lot is his nephew which is basically to become a son to him because he's taking responsibility for life we get to Genesis Chapter 13 we get to verse one and when Abraham gets into Canaan land the promised land that God has called in to listen to this the neighbor went up from Egypt so at 1st I 1st or later in chapter 12 when they get to the promised land there's famine in the land they just imagine you're following the call of God he says go to the land I'm going to show you he does show you and the very place that God leads you can't even provide for you you have been a situation like that. So he's in a situation where God calls him and there's famine and so even if he has to go down into Egypt to be provided for 1st band and as he's in Egypt he ends up doing something that he shouldn't have done he says to get himself out of trouble he says that Sarah is my sister and she's my wife no she's my sister again it's been a long day so he says that she's my sister and you say Well that is kind of a true statement Well let me just ask you this question Is he treating her like she's his sister and just say I'm Yeah so it's he's not treating her this way but he gets there any does this right in front of LOT LOT sees this act of distrust on the behalf of Abrams and the white comments on this and she says that this decision literally put his wife's life in peril it's something he should not have done right he endangered his wife by making this decision and he did it at a distrust he felt that he needed to provide for himself as a trusting other provide for him so even though Abrams referred to as the paragon of faith the guy had some battles what you read the Romans for is not the way the Genesis reads Romans 4 says that he did not waver is the unbelief regarding the promise of God but was strengthen his faith and gave glory to God being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised and even a man what a man of faith but when you read the book of Genesis it doesn't read that way he laughs at God He lies twice about his wife he ends up having the kid through Hagar what you mean he never shirked their unbelief you know that tells me that when God gets ahold of our story he writes Our story Amen. When we surrender our brokenness and the failures of our lives to Jesus Jesus literally rewrites our stories even when we've been faithless He is faithful to Scripture says has a king david too after David is dead and buried God says you've not been like my servant David who always walked in obedience continually and you think. I have a question. Remember that time when. You know all that but when we give our brokenness and our stories to Jesus and confess he writes our stories that's good news for us good news for me that's what has to happen for Aber but we get to Genesis 13 when they go back in the Canaan land the land cannot sustain law and Abraham they have large flocks their herds been recording one with another and so Abrams has Look if you go right I'll go left if you go left I'll go right you choose now he's the patriarch he's basically serving as a father figure he should be the elder who gets the choice but he's being benevolent whereas what choose Vegas basically right like it has everything a man could want right they have apples they have a Whole Foods they got they got a library they got a school system he chooses everything that his eyes can see and would desire he's looking out for number one he's not looking out for it he's showing no appreciation to has been a factor in the White says it's none he says I'm going to do me I see what I want and I'm going for it but he also understood that this is not a place they want to live he had an understanding of this she says Lot manifested no gratitude to his benefactor Instead he still Fishley endeavor to grasp advantages lot overlook the moral evils encountered their right he knew they were there but he chose to explain it away I mean yeah I know that we're I'm going to be living is a terrible experience for my kids spiritually but we're right next to the school right the grocery store they've got Whole Foods right they've got a great library we think of all the things and we excuse away the fact that the environment is not going to be in our children's best interest this is a lot did he overlook the moral evils encountered there he chose in all the play of Jordan pitches tend towards autumn but how little did he perceive the terrible results of that selfish choice. Again when God lets man have his own way it's the darkest hour of his life and lot is about to enter this but once we get to Chapter 13 versus 1418 God then promises Abraham what he sees so lot makes a choice based upon what he sees God promises Abraham who has surrendered his choices to God whatever he sees had lot just waited God would have given him a blessing that would be appealing to the eye but instead he does me and we can do this sometimes can't we we choose what we think we need and what we see instead of stopping to ask God to remember our 1st job is to find out the will of God even though we pass to trying circumstances and he says we're to obey unquestioningly and such obedience will always be rewarded Aber was rewarded had lot made that decision has Purdy's right he wouldn't be where he is right now. Abrams soon after this move to Heber in the free air of those upland plains with their all of groves and vineyards their fields of open grain and the wide pasture been circling hills he dwelt Listen to this content with his simple life leaving to lot the perilous luxury of Saddam She is such a wordsmith isn't she but she convicts you but she also kind of like serenades you with her language the Spirit of God just worked amazing to this woman the perilous luxury of Saddam then we get to Genesis Chapter 14 and Genesis Chapter 14 is rough because what is it happening is the people of the plain rebel against the folks who are leading over them it gets nasty the people come and they sack Sodom and they take all these people captive but here's the thing that lot doesn't know. Just imagine if you were a lot in that situation and you've been the city's been stacked and you're taken captive and by the way at this stage he's living in the city somehow he went from living in the plains outside of the city to living in the it's just more convenient I mean I got this commute day after day after day it really would be better for us and we explained away the fact that this environment isn't where we should be but we have all these grand reasons for why it's OK says me right so I was living in the city the city sacked he's taken captive he in his mind has no idea that God is about to rescue him he's none the wiser and when you get the backwoods areas in the south they had this thing that's called the warning shot you never heard of the warning shot what they're basically telling you is I'm reloading get off my property right they shoot in the air was and they sure towards you the 2nd time this is basically the warning shot and lots of life and you would think that this would be enough to straighten a guy out I mean if someone's foreign a firearm in my direction that would sober me up real quick You're right I shouldn't be here let's go somewhere else and so you would assume they were able to grab some of this train servants and they go with like farm implements and they beat the bad guys and bring them back 1st of all law Abrams will not take a single bit of the booty that comes from this none of it you know making me rich only God's going to make me rich you keep it give them in theirs and I'll pay a tie that what I get but I'm not keeping any of it that's not what I was in this for I just went after my boy and so anyway he gets set free and you would assume that this would awaken a sense of gratitude and a change of direction to lots of life but the problem is when we get to Genesis Chapter 18 Where is lot living exigence Shepherd 19 he's living in so when I go in there yet to walk through Genesis 12 through 19 but the point is the warning shot clearly did not have the right effect and it's devastating really. Because he had no right to be saved you know in his fleshly since he made a bad decision when God lets man have his own way the darkest hours life but here's what I see even in those dark moments the grace of God is still a work even. So God comes looking for this guy even though he made a terrible decision to give another chance and you know the amazing thing is he makes a bad choice and God still isn't done showing him grace in God is more merciful to us than we deserve even in our darkest moments that's Genesis 14 there is one more thing that I'm a skip that for time's sake that's pretty good enough aren't this what we're told we should choose the society most favorable to our spiritual advancement and avail ourselves of every hope within our reach for saving will oppose many hindrances to make our progress towards heaven as difficult as possible is that true yet there's a real devil that's no joke and he's not wearing a red leotard with horns he's looking to get in your life and some of the ways he shows up in your life is a promotion it's a move it's stuff that would you you may think will work well but it's not in your family's best interest right so anyway we may be placed in trying positions for many can I have their surroundings what they would but we should not voluntarily expose ourselves to influences that are unfavorable to the formation of Christian character but when duty calls us to do this we should be doubly watchful and prayerful that through the grace of Christ we may stand uncorrupted here's what happens though some of us will have the idea that God calls people to dark areas now is that true yes or no yet God does call people to dark areas but listen to me very clearly just because God calls people there does not mean that God called you there and some of us have put herself in situations say Look God wants to reach people in the city that may be true but if you can't control yourself and you don't know how to protect him prepare your children he probably isn't calling you to live in the city he may be calling somebody else and largely what he's asking us to do is live outside of the city and the work the city from without. But anyway I digress just because God is calling people there does not mean that God has called you there and so we need to make sure that that call is ours and if that call is ours we should be doubly watcher and prayerful that through the grace of Christ we can stand and corrupted which implies that we can stand and corrupted by the grace of God Amen if he's call you there he'll keep you there but if he's not calling you there that means that God is letting you have your own way which is going to lead to the darkest hour of your life do you want that what shows Saddam is a place of residence because he looked to the temporal advantages he would gain then to the moral influences that was around him self and his family and it cost him dearly so what did he gain so far as things as world are concerned his possessions were destroyed part of his children perished in the destruction of that's wicked city his wife was turned to a pillar of salt by the way and he himself was saved and she says so as by fire and short barely Was it worth it nor did the evil result of that selfish choice in here but the moral corruption of the place was so interwoven with the character of his children that they could not distinguish between good and evil sin and righteousness and here's where it gets raw data has a devotional life but his kids don't know their head from a hole in the ground spiritually dead praise dead saved so as by fire at the end of the day but the kids are totally unprepared for the environment that they're living in and they are casualties because of Dad's thoughtless choice will read later that mom was lost because Dad tarried these decisions matter guys and they matter certainly at this stage in her history right some of us are getting a call to the mission field we're going to a call to mission field maybe in the States maybe somewhere overseas and it's very difficult difficult for us to make a call because we put down so many roots in a place that maybe God never wanted us to be we can't get out. We've got mortgages we've got job responsibilities we've got school kids we get we have all kinds of stuff and it's difficult for us to go through what God asked because we can't we can't leave and so we just put down deeper roots and try to read it right it out again when God lets man have his own way it's the darkest hour of his life then we get to Genesis Chapter 15 and then Genesis Chapter 15 it's generally championed as this amazing text about the faith of Abraham but we seem to miss the glaringly obvious statement that is not the faith of Abraham because God shows up in Genesis chapter 15 of verse one says after these things the word of the Lord came to Aber been a vision saying Do not be afraid Abrams I am your shield your exceedingly great reward in short I What you're looking for Abraham I am enough for you and you would assume at this stage going to say amen Jesus you're everything I've been looking for that's not the way the text reads you know Abrams says no you're not you have not given me a son you promised me that I would have a son and I don't have a son right now in fact some servant in my house is going to be here even able to wrestle with believe in the promises of God you know that tells me Aber was referred to as a friend of God That means that whenever I'm wrestling with the promises of God He still loves me he still bears along with me and he's trying to change my mind but he's not done with me just because I'm wrestling him in but it certainly would please him greatly L.-Y. says another place that we can please God by believing his promises you want to make God happy believe what he says about you but the way this situation Abrams wrestling in his flesh he says Lord God who will you give me says I go childless in the air of my health as Ellie's or Damascus you've given me no offspring indeed one born in my house is my heir but God is so gracious with a broom he says this one shall not be your air but one who will come from your own body shall be your heir you know he says after that step outside career. I want you to look to the heavens count those if you can you probably can't but if you could that's what your descent is going to look like I think this is amazing in the midst of Abrams stumbling and believe God tells him I promise you is not done it's not done let's keep going and then it says and Abrams believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness Hey we love quoting that verse but it gives a whole the hope to me if I read what happens before that verse in the head he wasn't just some guy who was bullet proof and always believed he struggled to that's good news so we always live a life of struggling I sure hope not but it gives me hope in the sense then God gives the promise of circumcision talks about circumcision 17 actually but in just a chapter 15 he does say this your descendants are going to go into captivity it's going to be bad but after 400 years I'm going to hear their cry I'm going to send them a deliver they're going to plunder their captors and I'm going to set them free and are going to bring them into the Promised Land and that's exactly what happens later in Exodus but God makes this promise even then I believe one of the reasons why was so that when the Israelites came out of Egypt they would make the right decision at the base of Sinai and they would make the decision Abraham made they would trust Christ to be the righteousness instead of themselves they failed that lesson they didn't remember their history hence all the Lord has spoken we will do we will do we will do and a covenant was made that never should have been made and so the cavity maybe they were him but God is good to them God still provided and in fact one of the seeds of Abraham Josephs goes through a horrible hardship I've talked about him as well with this horrible hardship you think why your god gives him a promise why on earth my going through all this pain what Joseph did not know was that Joseph never would have been the prime minister of Egypt were not for the fact that he was in prison there what happened and what happens while he's in prison he's prepared for the famine. He prepares for the famine he's given information to prepare for the famine and then all the grain all the money 1st of all comes in then all the animals come in and Egypt is exceedingly wealthy at the very time that the Israelites are captive in Egypt and then the Israelites as God says in Genesis 15 plunder the Egyptians and use those goods to build a sanctuary for God to Tabernacle for God and to worship Him God literally used this situation it seems like nonsense and a total disaster maybe feeling for saken by God to fulfill the promise made to Abraham years earlier all the riches of the world came to Egypt not for Egypt Egypt which is the Bank Israel took that with him to build a kingdom for God a man I think is amazing and God told him all this beforehand so they wouldn't get discouraged but we forget our history it's kind of the sin of God's people so then we get to Genesis Chapter 16 is there I have a great idea listen to what she says Genesis 16 now Sara Abrams wife had borne him how many children none and she had a gypsum maid servant whose name was Hagar So Sarah said to Abrams Nell the Lord has restrained me from bearing children you know when God calls you into places and it doesn't go the way that you thought it would go our human flesh is very prone to blame God for our problems the Israelites God brought us out here to die All right we all do this God you called me here and here I'm going through this stuff she's blaming God for her not having children because the only reason she may have had the hope of hoping for children was because God promised her womb is closed it's closed for business the only reason she's even thinking of these things is because God gave her hope. In pulses that hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured in our hearts the Holy Spirit was given to us made a God of hope or May the God of joy and peace fill you with all hope in believing All right so Genesis Chapter 16 she's wrestling with this right now and so she says Look go into my maidservant and we'll have a children through them and a broom can sense and this act of unbelief causes problems big problems I can think of one ISIS. We're dealing with a multigenerational holy war because of this act of unbelief by Abrams and Sarah I you have it tells me that when God lets man have his own way it not only leads to the darkest hour of his life it can also lead to the darkest hour of many lives and many generations to come some of the decisions that we make have multi-generational consequences it's no joke guys God longs to spare us from that and one of the ways that he can spare us from that is by US choosing to believe what he says and the weight on his timing Rebecca and Jacob they were in it some issues too they tried to do their Look God said we're going to have this so let's just do it and that's not what God is wanting cause him problems she says that God would have provided in his way in his timing had that but how he's going to bless right now if I don't do something right now and nothing's going to happen that's none of your business your job is to do it God has said in a God says he's going to do it to let him do it otherwise it causes problems that we had to deal with in the future all right then we had to Genesis Chapter 17 where there's a change of name 1st of all there's a sign of the Covenant was circumcision were God's teaching Avram is not about what you do. You tried that before let me make this abundantly clear it's not about what you're doing it's about what I do that we get to Genesis Chapter 17 and God changes their names why is this significant in the Hebrew culture a change of name is a change of character God is literally speaking faith in despair and Abraham's experiences. He says in a longer view is there I I view Sarah I know interviews a broom I've used Abraham the father of a multitude and in this experience they have a decision to make and we also see in Genesis 17 a really even wrestles he laughs at God when God makes this promise to me Genesis 17 because it's been years like I wanted to believe but it's difficult for me to believe right now because I've been waiting a long time these promises don't assure me as much as they used to in the past but but John Bunyan picked up on this the idea that the character the name are synonymous how many people read Thomas progress how many people when I say Have you read Pilgrim's Progress what you're really did is you listen to the dramatize version and you think that's really a blessing doesn't matter you got it right and it's different English it takes a while to get used to the cadence like i Disk it the intro and start the book once I finish the book that I could read the intro again because it's way different but the main character is a Christian is talking about his heaven we're journey what's his name Christian Hey what's the evangelist name in that book evangelist right John Bunyan understood this Hebrew theme that a name and a character are synonymous So God gives them a change of name and a change of character he sees something better in them and better days are to come now we get to Genesis Chapter 18 I've talked about this this morning 3 people come up to them to Abrams tent The 1st is the pre-incarnate Christ the 2nd 2 are angels and when they visit them Abrams says stop here rest awhile refresh yourselves I have my wife cook something and then they say where's your wife she's in the tent in this day after the time of life if you're going to have a child how long is the time of life 9 months. And so this kind of sounds ridiculous because hey we've been and just in case you didn't know we've been trying for a long time with no luck so what does Sarah do she laughs and God calls run says what I just know that I didn't laugh No but you did. And this brings Sarah to a point where he was 11 goes so far as a say that when she believed she conceived is Duchesse the faith of Abraham that matters in this narrative when she believed she conceived well as interesting so it's basically this direct conversation that God has with her that leads to everything breaking loose they have a kid 9 months later there you go but Genesis 18 and so the 2 angels leave and they start walking toward Sodom Jesus stays with Abraham and he's wrestling because he knows Abraham knows where a lot is and he knows that they're about to destroy Sodom and just imagine if you have family members that you love dearly in so my mom was in for Georgia and if I hear that for Georgia has been sacked by terrorists as being burned to the ground how do you think I'm gonna feel I would be worried deeply concerned how do you think Abraham would feel when he walks out his tent the next day as he's a mushroom cloud coming out of Sodom 2nd to be easy and he says can I withhold from him what I'm going to tell him what I'm about to do I can't because he knows that he's praying for him and this is something I see here God loves us enough to know that we're praying for people that are on our hearts I've had this happen numerous times were God goes out of his way to inform me of what's going on in these people's lives even if I can't talk to them sometimes I don't even ask sometimes you know social media sometimes someone else's talk says Have you heard about so much so what's going on no i didn't i do i do is that serious because when we're praying God cares because we're giving God permission to do something he couldn't do if we didn't pray and so the more informed our prayers can be the more he can do. And so he's saying I don't want this to go down like this and so he has this conversation with him and so he says here's the deal Abraham because the outcry of Sodom and Gomorra is great verse 20 because their sin is very grave I'm going to go down now and see whether they've done all together according to the outcry against it that has come to me and if not I will no you know it's happening here God investigates before he Rynders a final judgment this is not a harmony of the way that God is light he he investigates and God is not investigating for his sake God is making it clear to us that he is investigating so that we will understand the decision he's about to make is a just one you with me and this teaching is seen in Genesis 18 and so that he says if not all know because I mean does God have to condescend to a human being to come down and go walk in a sudden to see if it's bad I'm sure there's some other way he would know right he's God but he does it and then neighbor only gets concerned and he says this he says would you destroy the righteous with the wicked suppose there were 50 righteous within the city would you destroy that place and that spirit for the figure right is that we're in it far be it from you to do such a thing as this to slay the righteous with the wicked so the righteous should be as the wicked far be it from you and then it's very clear in this next statement Abraham now knows who is speaking with he says Shall not the judge of the Earth do rightly I don't know about you but I've never called someone that I know the judge of all the years it's kind of reserved for deity it's clear he knows who he's speaking with and he starts pleading for mercy what about 40 about 30 about 20 in 10 and interesting the thing is when he stops pleading it's then that God self forgiving mercy and he stops at 10 but think with me guys you have lot you have Lot's wife you have virgin daughter Number one you have virgin daughter number 2 you have daughter with husband in the city one you have daughter with husband City 2 how many is that that's a minimum of 8 people there could be more. We just know that when he says he spoke to his sons in law they thought he was joking We'll get to that later when Lott speaking to them literally Abraham distills things down would we at least leave my family. I mean the city is really this bad would you please get my family out of there and he says that there's Tim you know are there 10 you know so he leaves Jesus Walks to Sodom and. He goes to Sodom and it's in a 2nd $1000.00 the little white says about this and I love this she says once he had saved them by his sword now he endeavored to save them by prayer there are times when the way in which people are saved and pulled out of the burning building is that we got to do something God is asking us to take direct action sometimes God's asking us just to pray that's all we can do we can't take direct action Abraham employed both he wants this boy saved and this is the thing is so frustrating certainly to God what has a 0 appreciation for the fact that someone is working their guts out to save this guy's life he's living on borrowed time he should have been dead in Genesis 14 he's living on borrowed time and he has 0 appreciation for this whatsoever he has no idea how hard Abraham is working for him to even have a chance you know that tells me Don't stop praying for your kids does it and some of you have stories my kid was in a car accident and should have been dead in their way from the Lord and they lived something else happen my children's life was in peril they're away from the Lord right now and God spared them he's hearing your prayers don't stop don't stop praying for them this may be the best thing they have going for them right now they have no idea they're living on borrowed time but if you stop praying when they have you with me so we need to Genesis 19 the 2 angel show up and a lot knows how bad this city is because as soon as he sees innocent people he goes and makes a beeline for them and says you can't stay here. But but apparently I can cook had no problem being here but knew you shouldn't be here he knew there's still a nuff inside for him to realize it's this place is right she says Come live a lie place they're going to know what camp in the open square has no you don't understand you need to leave you kind of my place right now so they go to his house the men show up to the door and they have an unholy request and will leave it at that and the angels literally strike the men with blindness and he tells them he to get out of here and you need get out of here right now and the way which lot responds implies he has no idea the sense of urgency he's still making excuses he still tearing it is kind of there's just like you're you know you're right you're right I'm going to call you Hall in order truck for next week we're to go to Goodwill and stuff away for charity that's a good thing right and he does not understand the imminency of this disaster that's upon him and he's not taking it seriously why because his whole life is tied up in a place that he never should have been and he doesn't want to go and this is a that's concerning to me it's very easy for us to excuse things away and we decide to that when stuff hits the fan in the Sunday last hours going about then I'm going to get serious and we actually think we're going to do it and to that I'm actually going to want to change then what I see from lots life is he didn't want to Jesus pull them out of there kicking and screaming God has sent miraculous angels from heaven in Jesus himself to save his life and he's kicking and screaming the entire way he doesn't want to leave and yet we have the audacity to think that we're going to want to leave when that happens that's presumption guys doesn't work he was saved so as by fire but he lost his wife his kids were messed up last 2 kids in their husbands at least it's not worth it guys so in Genesis 19 this is what's happening. And they've been to get him out of the city and then they tell him keep going and go up in the mountains and he has the audacity to tell the angels that God has commissioned to save his life it'll never work I'll die are you serious if God does it angels from heaven to pull you out of the cities so you don't die you think we're going to send you so where we're going to die since stupefy 6 guys it makes a stupid it because our judgment and we end up arguing and fighting with God while he's trying to save our lives and that's what we're going to find ourselves and we're just selling out totally to put down roots structures in the world in a place that God never intended for us to be when when in His mercy He sends angels to call us out of there we're going to do the same thing we're going to fight him hoof and claw and hope that we make it at the end of the day because there's still enough to know that yeah he's right but I just don't want to let it go I can't live without this my whole life is this I'm going to mortgage man I can't leave or we get tied up in these things we don't realize how bad it is. And so eventually they get out of the city and as a fire starts to fall and lot is still tearing with God His wife looks back in his turn into a pillar of salt and white go so far as to say that she died because he tarried it's his fault he didn't lead he wouldn't leave and God is saying is life saved trying to save his life and she's lost in the process she didn't have to be and in the context of the 2nd Coming in preparation for the 2nd coming Jesus says 2 things to different places he says as it was in the days of Lot so will be the days of the coming of the Son of man apparently there's lessons in the life of lot that we would do well to learn right now before that time comes he also says another thing remember lots wife. Their whole life was tied up in a place they were never supposed to be and they could not imagine happiness apart from the life that they had chosen for themselves the problem is when God lets man have his own way it's the darkest hour of his life we just get used to it but when people lose their vision there comes a time in which they get used to it and they're used to only seeing darkness so different spiritually you compensate and you just keep living life in darkness is difficult is uncomfortable at 1st but if we just keep shunning away what God is trying to tell us we just get used to it and the new normal we don't even remember what light looks like because we just acted we do you also see here miracles want change people's conditions the 1st is Genesis 19 when the angel strike them into the city with blindness you know what the text says you would assume they would follow the news and say I'm sorry a lot pray for us police you're the text actually says it says they wearied themselves trying to find the door even a judgment from God would not stop them from pursuing their perverse desires miracles don't change people's conditions we think stuff hits the fan so they allowed Jesus fit if it Jesus comes and we're just going to want to change everything that's not what I see here another example this is from the next chapter 14 the Israelites have been delivered from Egypt they get to the borders of the Red Sea it Egypt has been leveled guys just sacked by the hand of God 10 Plagues directly against their deities their deities are worthless and humiliated they bury their firstborn the ground is still wet from burying their 1st borns. And they had this brilliant idea where we lost our free work and so they get their chariots they chase the Israelites and then they get to the base of the Red Sea but the problem is they can't get to the Israelites why there's a pillar of cloud and fire look here we see this in movies or commercials or stuff I hope not but I had a life before Jesus my life is better since Jesus sometimes you state you think man I used to have a life but now I have known it all what I mean is I did a lot of things before I knew Jesus does make that clear but I see the situations were like you know someone bump somebody in a restaurant the guy's like hey you can't do that man and then the guy stands up and he's huge and I go I'm sorry my bad my bad I was just kidding right you would think that the the Egyptians would respond in this way either chasing the Israelites but then they come face to face with the presence of almighty God and you know if they say oh this is a traffic jam Well wait they're staring at a miracle and then God works a miracle and parts the Red Sea and the Israelites go through the red sea on dry ground and it's like they're at a red light let's wait for it to turn green and then when the pillar of cloud moves out of the way the Egyptians pursue the Israelites and they're chasing them through a miracle providence of God and they don't care that none the wiser and it's only after God starts taking the wheels off the Chariots of the Egyptians that they finally come to their senses and realize wait God's fighting for them retreats the problem is it's too late and at that stage the waves come crashing over them and not a single Egyptian survives they breathed their last breath that moment here's my question is God going to have to take the wheels off of your chariots before you come to your senses because if that's the case it's too late guys is he that to take the wheels off of my chairs before I come to my senses and again if that's the case it's too late when Bill to she has hers or Bill she has or saw the writing on the wall. It is too late maybe this is why Jesus is telling us remember lots wife as it was in the days of Saddam it was the days of Lot So it will be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man Maybe this is why he told us that there are lessons for us to learn and you know what God doesn't want us to be last we talked about this 2 nights ago this is why God won't leave he's not willing to any should perish but this all should come to repentance but we're going to do we act upon the warnings that God is giving now or you hedging your bets and hoping you're actually going to have a desire to leave later which isn't guaranteed and 2 we think we're going to bring people with us listen to this why did his sons in law laugh we think you know. It just put yourself in their situation we may bag on the sons in law but just put yourself in their situation watch shows up to your house in the middle of the night you guys gotta get out of here this place is so wicked God's going to destroy this place it's terrible you have to leave imagine what they're thinking you know you didn't seem to be as worried a week ago and this place really is all that bad why do you live here why are you raising your children here maybe that's why they laughed because Lott had made so many concessions now these trying to change course the people around him don't take him seriously and yet some of those are living our lives just like that but yeah I mean I I I'm not going to totally go like full bore into the world but you have made a whole lot of concessions and then we think that 1st of all we're going to have a desire to leave when stuff hits the fan which isn't guaranteed from what we see here and to we think we're going to bring people with us no way no way we're not adding any stars to our crown in that moment because our witness is no one void you were just like me 24 hours ago you think I'm going to sell the difference you're to scared because you didn't prepare God doesn't want that for you guys here's what that for me. Lott was trying to live a righteous life will being comfortable in the presence of foolishness and this never works it never works you can't fly a 2 sided flag someone's going to be your enemy at the end of the day you can't win them both so why not side on the on the banner of a prince Emanuel Amen so most maybe say look I'd never be caught dead doing fill in the blank but I do watch it on Netflix and it doesn't bother me the music I listen to Adore says such behavior that doesn't really bother me right it's my Facebook feed is filled with all kinds of trash and nonsense and I'm comfortable with it but I would never do what they do and we think that we're in these situations that it's OK The problem is it doesn't work guys God is asking us for a complete surrender God is asking for us to trust him completely to seek His will and to obey and questioningly and such obedience will always be rewarded but if God continues to have to let us have our way it's going to lead to the darkest hour of our lives the darkest hour of our children's lives and maybe for many generations to come that Jesus Terry's it doesn't have to be that way Jesus can tear down generational strongholds Jesus can set us free and start a new path but we've got to consent to that guys we've got to be willing to say yes we got to be willing to go all in and Jesus is worth going all in him in Paul says A Romans 8 if he's going to give all of heaven a one gift why wouldn't he give you for your experience but if God is going to give Jesus why wouldn't he give what you're going to need for your experience day to day and yet we just think I can't live without this God don't take this for me I've been there at the call of God and and my dreams come to a crossroads 13 years ago 14 years ago I made the wrong choice I thought Lord you'll be here in 3 years let me do my. I just could imagine happening is that this or don't take this for me this is the only thing in my life that matters to me you're going to take that for me I was just coming to know got to know you'll be here in 3 years and I still love you like I'll still try to be your servant but I need this right now Jesus don't take that for me I wish I could have that time back I wish I could I can God makes all things new God's able to make a livin 8 out of the mess that we make a life we're going to do with the decisions he's giving you right now you with me and the tragic story of what's daughters is this they become everything that he hated about that city we delude chapter. Genesis Chapter 19 get a verse 30 The funny thing it's not funny they funny not funny thing is when he tells the angels no I'm not going to go to these communities because I'm going to die there to go to the mountains no way I'll die angels are sent to set you free and to heal you and or to completely save your life you're going to say no because I'm going to make it the amazing thing is they actually acquiesce he says can I go over here is it not a small city they actually acquiesce they let him but once he gets to that city the fire falls he's so spooked he goes to the mountains anyway and then here's what happens when he gets to the mountains and it's ugly verse 2930 the lot went up out of the mountains in his 2 daughters were with him for he was afraid to do well and so are you know is it not a little one now he's afraid and he and his 2 daughters dwelt in a cave now the firstborn said to the younger Our father is old and then she says and there is no man on the earth to come into us as is the custom of all the earth that a true statement know that such a total fallacy but here's the problem the only type of man that they want is the man that's in Sodom where they came from no other man is worthy of my time or my affection their tastes have been groomed for something that's going to ruin their lives. And so they envision no form of happiness in following the will of God If I surrender to God to do it God wants I'm not going to be happy and so they say there's no man on all the earth to come into us that's totally untrue there's other men in fact there's godly men there's good ones that are going to for me what's the point and so they literally resort to the sin of Sodom to meet their needs. They get dad has a they get that pregnant hoops they get dead drunk and dad gets them pregnant and have a great idea tomorrow night was do the same thing and it's your turn and you know what a blessing lot leaves to the world the Ammonites and the Moabites to perpetual thorns in the flesh of the Nation of Israel it's a curse to the world it didn't have to be this way guys and at the end of the day he himself is saved so as by fire we're told barely Was it worth it just for some temporal advantages no it's not worth it and my question to us is are the things that we cannot envision living life without Is it worth it and are we believe in the lies that they were believing there is no way to find happiness and following God the only happiness is the system that I've been working within and that's gone life is a livable there's no life is beautiful our 1st responsibility is to seek the will of God and to obey unquestioningly and such obedience will always be rewarded so we're promised Do we believe that today that's the question so we need to Luke Chapter 18 almost like super close Luke Chapter 18 we're actually doing well in time to praise the Lord look 18 Listen to this. Because some of us are thinking the cost that Jesus is asking is just too much I can't do that I'm not going to be happy Jesus is going to take a step too far Look at 8 Luke Chapter 1829 and 30. No let's go up a little bit 1st 24 and when Jesus saw that he became sorrowful speaking of the rich young ruler he said how hard it is for those who have riches to enter the Kingdom of God because they think that happiness is based upon what I have not based upon what God has for it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God and those who heard it said Who then can be saved because their world view was if you're healthy you're blessed by God if you're healthy and wealthy you're double blessed by God And so this rich guy Rich people can make it into heaven Jesus that's challenging everything we've ever known he says it's hard because they don't see their need they're happy and content without me you know realize their need of me who then can be saved said these things the things which are impossible with men are possible with God Then Peter said See we've left all and followed you that's true Jesus was what we did and Peter did right we talked about this in the 1st of an hour right there left to massive boats filled with fish and follow Jesus that cost him a lot guys what does Jesus say about that 1st $29.00 so he said to them assuredly I say to you there is no one how many people no one who is left house or parents or brothers or wife or children for the sake of the Kingdom of God who shall not receive many times more listen in this present life and in the age to come eternal life some of us think that we just have to wait until heaven to be blessed by God The rest is suffering not at all King David said I would have lost heart not for the fact that I believe that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the Living God has blessings for you in the here and now is he longs to bless you and provide for you but if you are running to the things that pulls away from him at least in the darkest hour of our life. When God lets man have his own way it's the darkest hour of his life he doesn't want that for you he wants to bless you in the here and now and it was a blessing to hear after but do you believe that today are you living your life and making your life plans if you actually believe that were true because I believe if we don't believe this is true we're we're setting ourselves up for a heap of trouble later when the angels come to our house and try to get us out of the city but if we start practicing that that message of contentment like Abraham did content with his simple life leaving the perilous luxury of life of Sodom to lot if we learn to practice that life is most pleasing to God in the here and now before stuff goes south it will be much easier to follow his COLVIN Plus we're teaching ourselves how to hear his voice in the here and now or it took ages showing that there were there were no just you know speaking through the Spirit a lot it took people physically showing up and grabbing his shirt collar to get him out but you know what God loved him enough to do that and God loves us enough to do that if you has to but should he have to listen to this many who profess to be Christ's followers have an anxious troubled heart because they're afraid to trust themselves with God Notice they're not anxious because they're trusting God they're anxious because they're afraid to trust God They do not make a complete surrender to Him for they shrink from the consequences that such a surrender Listen may involve many times were afraid of what we think God may do we don't even know but we're so distrustful of who he is and how he does life our view of God is so wrong that we assume he's going to do the worse we don't give God the benefit of the doubt because we don't know who he is and how he does life how could I know who God is who we talked about earlier. Communing with him regularly studying his character because when you know his character and he comes and knocks on the door and ask you to let go of stuff you realize that the only listen listen listen listen the only things that God requires of us to do are the things that we ourselves would voluntarily choose to do if we knew what he knew and faith is choosing to believe that what God is doing is what I would want and I will go forward Abraham came to understand that I don't understand where you're leading or where you're going to here's what I do know I know you I know your character I know you would never leave me some place that would get me in trouble and not provide for me I'm going to follow you wherever you go if we learn this lesson of trust and reliance upon God we will be safe we will hear the voice of the Lord in that moment where he says now is the time to leave and leave it all and I'll provide for you wherever I'm calling you all provide for you but I need you to leave and leave right now and will be more inclined to do it because we're used to surrendering to God we've not we've not developed such strong muscles in resisting the Spirit of God that we can fight him off it's actually possible to go to war with the gospel and for you to win read the history of 888 we did it corporately and we can do it personally you can go to war with the gospel and when it's unfortunate and so in this situation here we are they do not make a complete surrender to Him for they shrink from the consequences of such a surrender may involve but unless they do make this surrender they cannot find peace. We're not going to find to do what we're doing right now there are many whose hearts are aching and or a lot of care because they seek to reach the world standard they've chosen IT services adopted it's perplexities in adopted its customs thus their character is marred and their life made a weariness some of us are so exhausted from just trying to be enough for the world but here's the problem you're never going to be good enough for the world and they're right ladies. Hollywood actresses apparently are not enough they're beautiful women but not to our standards without Photoshop give me more makeup you're not enough fillers you'll never be strong enough you never provide well enough you'll never be as competitive in this that or the other thing none of us are never going to be enough we're never going to be enough for the world and yet we will sell our souls to try to be enough and we spurned the idea that God is enough and it's devastating to him because he knows what's in your best interest you don't and yet will sell our soul to be enough for them and will refuse to believe the fact that he is enough for us to our breaking to him our Lord desires him to lay aside this yoke of bondage we thought his yoke was heavy. He invites him to accept his yoke he says my yoke is easy and my burden is light but listen to this worry is blind and it cannot discern the future and yet many times we trust our worry over the will of God. But Jesus sees the in from the beginning in every difficulty and how many difficulties in every difficulty he has his way prepared to bring relief no good thing what he would hold from those that walk up rightly Amen sista Christ tells us that all of heaven is interested in our happiness did you know that all of heaven is interested in your happiness but you may not know what's going to make you may think you know is going to make you happy but you really don't. But wherever it is that God is leading will lead to your true happiness and you enter into such a joyful experience that the disobedient can never attain she says heights of bliss to which the disobedient can never attain our heavenly Father has how many ways a 1000 ways to provide of which we know how much nothing but those who accept the one principle of making the service of God supreme will find perplexities vanish and a plain path set before their feet one of the reasons why some of us are resting so strong with knowing what the will of God is were not surrendered. And if you're not going to listen to what I tell you why I tell you. Some of us the reason why we don't know what God wants is because we don't what we got once even though we don't know what it is. So we're no place to receive what God wants but if we uplift a crucified and risen Savior if we were to reflect upon a crucified and risen Savior with a thoughtful hour every day and we reprogrammed our minds to see God in the way in which we would see Jesus in Jesus his full beauty we would not fight him the way that we fight him we would recognize if he's willing to do that much for me the least I can do is say yes even when I don't understand and this is why it's so important for us to uplift the character of God the true character of God's love his other centered love his unselfishness because when we understand this we're willing to give God the benefit of the doubt in the things we don't understand if he's saying go forward and I don't know why and it even seems painful I'm going to go in a way because I know you and I know how you do life and the beautiful thing is you don't have to blaze that trail by yourself because in Matthew Chapter 26 we were told Father if it's possible please make another way but if not I consent Nevertheless your will be done you know what gave Jesus the intrinsic motivation to even muster the words nevertheless it's you. It's you your face comes into the mind of Jesus when he doesn't want to do this anymore when he's wrestling tenaciously I don't want to do this when his humanity shrink from this responsibility in this moment your face comes into his mind and he says nevertheless father if this is what it takes all do it and then his flesh rings back again Father police when he sees you again Nevertheless if this is what it takes we'll go forward one more time Father please and she says when he surrenders that 3rd time she says his decision is firm and he will save man at any cost to himself heaven was not a place to be desired while we were lost and if he's going to give all the least I can do is respond accordingly are you with me and I believe the we understood this one principle of doing life will be ready then Sajak me shakin the Bendigo did not develop some superhuman mutant faith in a moment on the plane of Durham we think that sometimes that man I hope I respond as they did then you're not going to respond as they did then if you do respond like that right now she says they were faithful in every duty so all they did in the plane of Dura was the same thing they did the day before when they had a turn in their taxes when they had to do their homework when someone's wallet thought of their pocket right in front of them when they had a chance to cut some corners when 7 gave them too much money back at the cash register they were faithful in every duty they recognize that God values the small things why because the small things make us in the person will be when we face the big things Daniel is faithful in every duty. To Bendigo were faithful every duty I'm not I wish I was but the only thing that's going to lead me to be faithful every duty is understanding this principle that God is enough God is enough he's my strength he's my shield he's my inheritance he's my provider he's everything. And I wrestle with this guys I've got baggage in my life I've got brokenness I've got family stuff and I've set myself to believe certain things if only I had fill in the blank then I would be whole and it's a lie and to take those caught captive regularly to the obedience of Christ because Colossus tootin says I'm already complete in him X. 17 says that in him I live and move and have my being in fees as one says I'm already accepted in the beloved god it is enough and I want to believe that today I want to live my life as if that were true Jesus lived that way Sajak me 2nd Abednego and Daniel they live that way and by God's grace I want that to be my story even and I want that to be your story and God wants that to be your story but will you respond will you choose to believe the things about you that God believes that's the question but only presenting the goodness of God will lead us to make the right decision this is why there is no chasm between dependence and surrender they all go together the Gospel and the law were meant to go to get this whole purpose the intermediate message the law in the Gospel combined you get up lift the loveliness of Jesus and present truth you can have both it's never been an either or proposition was ever meant to be and if we believe that the requirements of God no longer sting and scare you because you realize I know who is asking many of us are living experience like Pharaoh we have we have the conviction of Moses come into our life and say God says you get rid of this in our responses who is God that I should care because we don't know Him Jesus knew him said in the Bendigo knew him Daniel knew him this is eternal life that they may know You the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent you can begin to enter into the privileges of eternal life right now but we take it. Let's pray God in heaven I think you that you have a love for me every person in this room and whoever will hear this later that knows no bounds that you truly are enough Lord Jesus I pray that we would live our lives as if that were true forgive our unbelief Lord terror that sin with the blood of Jesus Phillis with the spirit of Jesus and I pray Romans 82 that the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus would make us free from the law of sin and death and as in John Chapter 8 that we would be free if the son makes us free that we would be free indeed Lord make us into the type of people who would be faithful then. By being the type of people who are fi full now we. We ask these things in Jesus name. In this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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