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The Racial Divides, Part 5

David Williams


David Williams

Professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology at the University of Michigan



  • January 1, 2010
    9:30 AM
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the window again and nodded at him on all seminar today might have someone handing out the handout the handout is at the center of the review decade ago I think the disease is still relevant this is the third to part series that will be covering today and I'll just highlight what we have covered so far we had a return on yesterday and today the most important of the three anything so the first series last time yesterday we talked about the scientific research that suggests that all human beings have a proclivity it seems to be pretty natural to develop an group favoritism and outgroup discrimination that a soulless people can identify themselves a growth this thing from another group they tend to develop positive feelings the wood bedroom and negative feelings with the other group went to the negatively serotype we looked at the example of Jesus in his ministry how he related to people and the point that I want to make when we wanted to make yesterday was that good intentions are not enough because many people rise above their dad good intentions and in fact do negative things in terms of relating to others when we look at examples by even more recently what happened among seven at Venice in one during the genocide with an Adventist conference present on the sun a medical doctor were extradited from Laredo Texas by the United Nations basic crimes against humanity for what they had done in organizing the massacre on Sabbath morning at nine o'clock killing over two thousand seven minutes because they belong to different and so we can fit and completely since it is not our problem all of us are capable of those natural tendencies in the afternoon I looked at series looked at separation an old organizational structure that although my separately on the basis of race look at Zimbabwe looked at South Africa we look to the United States in the United States in particular the history of how all of conferences will organize we looked at synthesis the wife's role of attention on race over time many Adventists believe I have been told so by Venice in the US and in South Africa the white one this racial separation and segregation it will have an sabbatical is exactly what's is the white wanted out we look at his statements and what she really did teach and didn't teach as solid as the sunlight in fact with the champion of racial equality and only on the very a very difficult circumstances when whites in the South were working among blacks the sun as the light being chief among that when they were aptly shot at an almost killed she said you've got to work separately unsellable to submit away because we will be unable to continue our ministry thank you so much work and even among blacks over whites in the South we then look at another myth and that is a myth that's widely held both among black-and-white the benefit lack of regional conferences of this because blacks demanded them in fact regional conferences existed because the white advent of the Adventist woman died because she was refused admission at the Washington Adventist Hospital and blacks formed an organization demanding equality within the administer at the time in nineteen forty three Andrews was the only offenders institution accepted by students black students looking time this link I could not attend most Adventist campgrounds could not go to Venice hospitals and back in nineteen forty three a black minister tendon the meat and the General conference in reviewing her cafeteria with next-door when the meeting broke for lunch the white ministers could go to the unit of accurate likenesses without the good on the street to find a colored only at the theater that was the state of disunity we reflected the culture that's what the American society was undefended Adventism was exactly the same but the depth of this Adventist which was reported nationally in the black press in particular where the phone calls and organizations of reform but didn't demand that conference demanded equality minded integration we ice cream advances we want to be a part of the Adventist community we should not have discrimination and the solution proposed by the GCN responsibility metals why don't you start your own conferences and so that's the history today what we want to consider and in the two series this is really on this one topic of Christian unity we want to take an in-depth look today and in the first cell on the second hour of what the spirit of prophecy in the Bible has to say about Christian unity I'm not talking about the racial divide because Christian unity is much much bigger than that the racial divide it has to do with a number of people just Damon might help us without an out handouts that you please help those who just got into have one with the silly Willy wanted to a study of the Bible is very promising to understand what it says in terms of how we get it what are the enemies of unity and how can we have the unity accord beside this is a seminar I mean I may get excited untreated times because of the seminar so it's informal tool engaging the all I do raise your hand if you have a question or comment as we proceed and I'm happy to to entertain prices especially as we have a much smaller group today with this wellhead as we pray before we begin by the Manhattan we thank you so very much for the promises you have given us in your word we thank you so much for your grace that is greater than all of all sin we thank you so much for the call that you have given us to become one evening zero one deficit day as we open the pages of your word give us your wisdom give us your understanding but most of all Lord make us what we are not and give us the power of the Holy Spirit so that we can go forth from this place to become what you would want us to be so that we can bear the witness to the world is looking for and go home to live with you forever is a friend wonderful name of Jesus amen okay any questions before you begin on any of the things I said I said a lot I did fly was since five minutes so if I is anyone to question anything I said okay yes yes okay but the question is a little sad to leave them so he had a question about when black conferences got started where they in particular areas all would be in areas where they will buy conferences what the what happened within the church was within union conferences that existed they took all of the black churches in the particular union conference and made them a separate conference so an example of that with many when he led Huntsville Alabama sometimes a lot of drama is in the Southern Union as the a bold black churches in the Southern Union a part of this South Atlantic MI things right something of a gutted letter from the Atlantic on the North Carolina South Central conference and so there's overlap in the territory between it and other purposes many of the other comes lamentable state lines and regional conferences go all the states in particular union yes okay all right thanks any any other questions or comments okay what we wanted to we will spend a lot of time with all of my presentations I began with with tools reminders will come back to John seventeen the prayer of Christ but I begin with these reminders this is the core underpromise and the plaintiff three times in John seventeen Jesus declares that his burdens this prayer was that his followers would be one and that I emphasize that one of the things we don't see is that the centrality that Jesus gave to that the need for Christian unity and the fact that unity is a powerful mechanism of witnessing he said when we are one then the world went me know and believe that he has been sent to the world when we are one and when we are perfected in unity then the world will know that he has been sent so the unity among Christ followers Jesus himself said is a powerful sign and evidence of unity and it's one that will have an impact on convincing the world eleven unit to go together you can have unity without love and hair was a powerful promise Jesus spirit of prophecy safe investments insurance forty nine page one eighty nine but if we humble ourselves before God and become I guess tenderhearted and pitiful they would be one hundred conversions the truth when now there is only one willing to the amazing it in your church for everyone convention that would be a hundred well we wanted to talk about how the weeds get this kind of love that the Bible is calling us to let me begin with my presentation today just like giving you a little background of some of the challenges that the administration faces today in fact I would say that the challenges around race ethnicity nationality and nationalism than if the space is is a major challenge that the administration recently may have been in fact dramatic demographic changes in the administration started in the United States to date the administration worldwide membership in the UN the US is relatively small although be entitled to membership and it's estimated that only about ten percent of the worldwide membership of the administration 's white lights about forty five percent of the North American division membership about twenty percent of the Atlantic Union is whitened with forty percent of the seven units like this example the two unions with a majority of the membership is in fact nonwhite Hispanics about twelve percent of the North American division membership and one of the more rapidly growing groups within the church today is a Hispanic population black inventors asked three times the percentage of of of event this competitive percentage of the population included twelve percent of the US population what about thirty six to thirty eight percent of the Adventist church in the North American division there is strikingly seventy five percent of new members annually the North American division and this is the division of statistics are immigrants from countries in the developing world what one of the striking take-home points about this is the Adventist church in the North American division now is not within the nativeborn population of any race most people being I don't join an insurance professional phases manually in the United States and Canada are immigrants most blacks have black immigrants most Hispanics a Hispanic immigrants most Asians and Asian immigrants so the administrative is lots of becoming immigrants or geneticists drooled Adventism in many of the what would call a Western industrialized countries if you go to many of the vote the European countries if you go to London you go to Paris I go to Amsterdam more much of Adventism is in fact reflect an immigrant church so we meet we really are facing challenges as a church in reaching the secular mind and an region the secular mind in advance industrialized countries but I think it's not just the secular mind according to Gallup 's research done by Gallup the most religious subgroup in the developing world with African-Americans lack people in the US are the most religious people of any of the twenty meter desolate country 's leading that group up into the weekend most blacks been baptized and not American version debate immigrants from the Caribbean and from Africa so the church is not even successful in winning a very religious subgroup so it's been the major challenges and I'm I'm suggesting divided we fall one of the reasons the spread across his face is that we not doing as much as well as we could kiss his division nothing to spend time on this site talk of some of this time yesterday briefly but there have been several examples in recent times sounded typically not reporting the review which advances have been involved in ethnic conflict in the world and the Solomon Islands there was an and cool and Adventist Lumumba peoples on the church but Adventist members in the Fiji Parliament held hostage to early reports that the toothless Adventists involved weld that were within hundreds University alumnus and how the formal advances that were involved in addition to wonder genocide on the wonderful examples of the Wanda which advances of one ethnic group advances of the other ethnic group and save them from from debt so I don't want to give the impression that all that happened was bad and old capitalist it will beautiful stories of success we Adventists will choose rescued event this season I protected them to open tensions between Croatian and Serbian sudden event is in the early nineteen nineties that led to the in the former Yugoslavia to split into two conferences because Serbs and Croats Adventists couldn't get along together and in the will divided into two separate conferences brothers and sisters in the Lord couldn't work together on a sociologist and sociologist study race and in American society and sociologist up about something called the tipping point and is true of her loss the range of institutions in American society and that is when the percentage of blacks resistible twenty five percent whites leave and it doesn't matter what is the neighborhood what is an institutional context was a church context if this is a phenomenon that's well documented and is pretty robust and so old about twenty five percent of Black feminist and North American division hold membership in predominantly white searches are very few whites hold membership to become the black churches I am suggested to you that racial division within the North American division is costly in terms of redundancy I live in Boston now I use a live in Vietnam Michigan area it were to lead Venice high schools within about three miles from each other one operated by the Michigan conference is starkly white conference one operated by the late recent conference this darkly black conference and to lead Venice high schools and I had a friend who came to town was looking for places sent us this and he went and visited both schools he came back to me that David the actual high schools this is why don't we combine our resources and have one excellent school you to identify schools within three miles of each other but I rules importantly and I'm not into the politics and so on but it's what it saves what it does to the Christian image that we present to the world and that is my burden of the prisoners presented weren't enough to talk about it today talked about yesterday 's what this recently happened in South Africa where the church division GC Union force why conferences to march with the black in color conferences and group of white defendants sued the union conference and the division because of the reorganization and death in October this is not ancient history in October of this year on the high court in South Africa had a rule in this case upheld the right of the admin assist to lead but throughout the case saying the high organizations have the right to do what they had done in bringing the churches together think of how embarrassing that is when administered excitement searches from one traditional white conference and two from the other conference are still win the division and the union cause the force them to merge together with their brothers and sisters of a different race this is not ancient history in fact I read from the high court judge ruling on the case said you seem to be men of God and it would be great if you guys could result it on your own but if you can I will rule so if this is just a terrible image to the church these are not statements from a benefit is that the suspect from other research out there that is a lot of tension between the races in the United States and this is Elizabeth and Newton Massachusetts said I'm fed up with whites who don't have a clue what it feels like to be continually day in and day out in every social professional situation judge first by the call of the skin might simply no basis upon which to make an informed judgment about whether racism exists in the country does racism exists in the country outside a few quick slides from my own work-related work that I do professionally America has an apartheid system we tend not to talk about it but it's really powerful and just for comparison purposes I'm show in the level that the segregation index in South Africa during apartheid it was nineteen ninety means that ninety percent of black South Africans would have to move in order to have an even distribution of blacks and whites in South Africa what until you hit the Census data for the largest cities several of the largest cities in the West in the two thousand census and you could see the level of segregation in America's largest cities that only slightly lower than it was on the legally Monday the five in South Africa researchers call this residential segregation and it has been known by colorful longtime myrtle with an important book on the American dilemma nineteen forty four he said understanding the racial division by residents with basic understanding racial inequality in America the credit commission said it was the source of racial inequality John Celica Stern at Duke University said that happened the races live separately in the US was the single most successful domestic policy of the twentieth century America one of the single agency was the most successful one of the most successful domestic pop it in the US the twentieth century more people have just walked and could go back and give them a handout thank you so much my helpers so the point I'm making is that this dramatic segregation what is the segregation have consequences this study by Harvard economist David Coppola he finds it if you could eliminate the separation by race and residents in the West you completely erase black-white differences in income education and unemployment and reduced black-white difference is a single mother with a two thirds because what we have in the US is the concentration of poverty and social ills that cool current with the degree of residential segregation the sociologist writing about this pointed out that the worst urban context in which whites reside is simply better than average kind of the black communities I mention this only to say is that blacks alike looking very different worlds even that of the missing society and that the definitely different levels of inequality so this is context this is from the economic report of the present in nineteen ninety eight showing racial inequality in income in the US and what I'm showing you is how much money black families spend on average of midwife income the high point was nineteen seventy eight when fifty nine cents of every dollar white black and although whites and that's how you interpret a start and you could see throughout the eighties it fell to the level than that of the lowest fifty five cents in nineteen eighty two and it wasn't until the nineteen nineties that the caught up to sixty cents today for most of the four cents that is the racial gap in income that seems a lot much like the racial gap in wealth every dollar of wealth White have blacks have nine cents the Latinos have twelve cents the huge differences in economic resources within the church and I think shapes people 's perspectives in dramatic ways that we seldom think about it also huge differences within the church okay someone asked could I define well what researchers call wealth income is the flow of money into the house always your salary your income wealth is the economic reserve the household has the world refers to the money you have in the bank the equity in your home the value of the second poem that the own although it landed the own all bolted the own is your property and to define wealth we take all of your assets by Carlson Landon car and have you ever seen those properties only subtract from that for the liabilities all of your debt is their credit card debt though mortgages is the fact that the left is network for equity okay this is huge differences by class in the US and register show you how class matters that is the virtually everything this is just all entities scored with just twelve hundred with a high score this is national data from PDF in Princeton New Jersey the benefits of these goals of those purposes not from the USOC at the discloses the school of the students they can end of high school that determines the quality of school beginning to them showing you how it's strongly confident by family income to the family income and economic resources dramatically determines outcomes in the US I also wanted sympathy one other example of the dramatic example of that discrimination still exists in the United States even though we are doing very well on endorsement of the principle of equality the best evidence of that comes from studies will you take black-and-white persons who are identical in every regard the only thing the differences of race so in employment you take people would think I 's resumes to send to apply for jobs this was done in the study Milwaukee Wisconsin for black to black men and two white males was sent to apply for three hundred and fifty entry-level jobs at all we use in the fake resume for the resumes were identical one black and one white mentioned that he is serving a three-month prison sentence for cocaine possession what this found was that you could see the black and white did not have a criminal record were more likely to get called back for job than those who did but what is very striking here you can see is the black male who had no criminal record is less likely to get a call back the white male who's been than the white man with a criminal record for the blackmailer 's record was clean you can about all that point job in a white man with a criminal record but he could see the dramatic differences and this is just one example of under the Sultan article studies that show these things because many people think they don't when the evidence is quite overwhelming is also evident the dissemination matters in terms of health why do I mention all of this before talk about unity I think it's important to have an appreciation of the seals within which people walk the Senate even on tough to understand where people call come from and in terms of vapor springs and the white perspectives in the minute before move on from that I want to share with you a quotation from systemwide in the book the southern work that these issues of social inequality that Adventists tend not to be very involved in we can historically been involved in issues like the temperance and is using the Sabbath observance politically but not involve issues of social inequality are those this is an important context by looking at what's his wife at the thing about going concern about the plight of blacks in the US scared like wrote the Hebrew nation is not the only nation that has been and will bond agent who's grown incensed company is of the Lord of hosts the Lord God of Israel has looked upon the vast number of human beings was held in slavery in United States of America more people walk in and become enough on each blots on the block default of slavery upon this land the mattress of friends that were enjoyed by the colored people he moved upon the hearts of men to work in behalf of those was so cruelly oppress in the next statement is a white beacon goal at school concerning the captivity of the colored people as fairly as he did concerning the season slaves to the study of American history and readable in the role of Abraham Lincoln and so on I'm saying from a spiritual perspective somewhat the same we are looking at the activity of God going back to the Lord will all three players not the U.S. Congress then with the Lord one but he designed to work still for the program as he did for Jerusalem Israel only took for the educated refined and a noble so the these issues of any quality issues that concerns got on the other hand of talk about what quite what African-American slaves in the United States there's also a lot of frustration on the part of whites in his own example I'm picking this again from a published paper not as an Adventist begin I firmly believe this unidentified reinterment in New York said that so-called minorities the taken over our country I'm very tired of hearing about how hard they have experience in the dog like the way they treated the need to go back to where they came from there is another perspective today in the group most discriminated against his white males no place that I'm aware of makes me right in the back of the bus or use different restrooms in this day and age we got the message we make corrections get on with it so there's frustration and anger on the one hand and then on the other hand an example of how the two races view things very differently this is national data thirty one percent of lightspeed affirmative action is necessary compared to eighty one percent of blacks support affirmative action so there's very different perceptions on that in an arranged of other social issues however I don't think there is enormous common ground regardless of race and ethnicity we all share common concerns about finances but what helpful for the well-being of all families people of color and whites together dislike high taxes crime poverty poorly trained teachers inferior schools job loss under list goes on and on much more important than this is my burden today within the household of faith we have a common vision for the future on a common source of power a common goal that we working on a common save you a common Holy Spirit was able to enable us to do wonderful things and so we begin with John seventeen in verse eleven Jesus 's final crazy seasonal Golgotha skill the burden of the soul is being fought out I am no longer in the world Jesus praises his father and yet they are in the world holy father keep them in your name that they may be one even as we are one verse twenty one that they may all be one even the field by the arm and me and I knew that they also may be one in us so that the world may believe that you sent me the glory which you have given me I have given to them that they may be one just as we are one I in them and you and me that they may be perfected in unity so that the world may know that you sent me cry burden is for the salvation of man as he saith Golgotha skill at CC feminine as he looks so sad to the loneliness of the cross under the cup that he have to drink Christ's soul trembles as he recognizes that it would all be in vain unless the world knew about his sacrifice somebody had to tell them somebody has to do it the world know how much quarter love them somebody have to lift you up so that he could draw all men unto himself and Jesus recognize that there was only one way there was only one plan that would work Jesus recognize that all of his eggs in one basket the only way that the world would be convicted of the power of his saving grace is that he would have to provide the ultimate demonstration of the power of the cross to change human nature Jesus recognize that he would have to convince a skeptical world that there was power in his blood to turn hatred into love the turn selfishness and deceptive and to turn green into generosity a deterrent indifference and eleven service yeah Jesus was convinced that only way that the world would believe in him was to show them and women who could live together in unity the one of his followers would be the acid test of his authenticity and ultimate proof of the power of the gospel and rightfully on that night for this demonstration of unity was never more urgent than today we live in a divided world groups within all society are divided on the basis of race or nationality of try of class and gender the rich versus the pool of times versus the have-nots all of the divisions of the world are replicated in the church everyone in our world is simply looking out for himself the module Apollo agent appears to be get out of my way and let me get what I cancel myself while the getting is good social scientific studies indicate that it's only as some superficial concern on the part of most Americans to the plight of those would disadvantage people are committed to principles of justice and equity but in the abstract Christians and Christians must take the lead in building unity in the church and in a world Jesus was his father was to live lives that testified that the love of God can destroy all human barriers that separate people this is the way Jesus saved that we can prove to the world that he is the light of the world what Jesus is saying what the world is not publicly debate is not a statement of twenty seven beliefs but as with all of faith is demonstrated in action and that is accomplished and that which is impossible to do without find assistance what will attract the attention of the world is not the truth about what doctrines but a manifestation of the love of all adoptions in all lives it was Jesus who said that all of Scripture can be summarized into one for let the word L O V E love to God and left a man who focus on the world clearly indicate that Jesus object Jesus Burton the night before he died is the foundation of mankind and his saving efforts to extend however Jesus recognizes that he can reach the world only through his father was only as his father was become transformed the with a level of unity that the world has never seen Christ prayed him sane for a unity that would convince the world of the truths of Christianity and the power of the gospel missing it is more natural for men to be divided into the United is most human flamenco via pardon to come together real unity between Christians would be a supernatural fact that would require supernatural the nation faced by the disunity of Christians the world I love seeing the supreme value of the Christian faith it is our individual duty as Christians to demonstrate the unity of love with our fellow man which is the essence of the Christ's prayer the rank-and-file of four churches can do much on our leaders too much too much even if all of leaders refuse to do what they need to do we need to be faithful to Christ commission and do what the Lord has called us to do unity is the fruit of love and love is the evidence of this type of certain where this one that exists has visited statement from design pages or locking the wood with his spirit would love at the love the very principle to talk to the Christ without doing them in a little bit even one with another this love is the evidence of discipleship says the love of God at the evidence of discipleship when men are bound together not by force enforcement by love the show the working of an influence that is above every human influence that's what Jesus Sain and Johnson being the supernatural this is not natural to occur on its own with this one that exists with this unity exists it is evidence that image of God is being restored inhumanity this love manifested in the church was sorely stir the wrath of Satan I should another quotation I love very much yesterday from price of the questions which said the completeness of Christian Carter is obtained when the impulse to help address others springs constantly from within another statement from the spirit of prophecy deathless pictures twenty nine page one ninety four unity existed among the followers of Christ is the evidence that the father has sent his son to save sinners because the witness to his follow but nothing short of the miraculous power of God can bring human beings with a different temperaments together and harmonious action they want aim being to speak the truth in love so you would see is that dramatic demonstration of the power of God that the world is waiting for John seventeen talks about the goods of the church is one it would be evidence Jesus saying public system Christianity and a means of bringing all those who embraced the gospel of Jesus unity among Christ father was meant to make a grand impression on the world that lives but we recommend Christianity to the world when the world sees so many of those that were its children seems from what they themselves were they would be ready to say we would go with you because we can see that God is with you we can see that something special is the current among you the United of Christians in love and charity is the beauty of our profession that will invite others to join us when going to church instead of causing quarrels among Christians make strife deceit when the gospel of Christ makes men and women kind and loving when Christians become people who seek to preserve and promote peace people will take notice that we have been with Jesus they will take notice that we are different Jesus said the world will know and the world will believe when his father was half the oneness that he shares with his father and it's only the power of God that can makes bring different people with different capacities different tempers different interests and combined them into one body one faith one heart one love a chicken profit twenty it is the will of God that the union and brotherly love should exist among this people while we are not the sacrificing one principle of true so we don't compromise the program to have unity we don't sacrifice one principle of truth it should be our constant aim to reach this state of unity this is the evidence of our discipleship one of my burdens as not only do we add this United we are at an elevated field and we are satisfied with the status quo it should be our constant theme to reach the state of unity that Gore is calling us to why because Jesus says this power that will attract the world by this shall all men know that you are my disciples by a vegetarian diet I'm a vegetarian don't misunderstand me I'm a health indicator I believe in the health message but distinctly have love one for another bad as the Lincoln Bible puts it your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples another paraphrase the message this is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples when they see the love that you have each other so we we need to have that love that this is a follow-up that court date is a student first because three eight and nine people of one mind having compassion one of another love as brethren be pitiful the courteous not rendering evil for evil or railing for railing when contrariwise blessing knowing that the idea on to call that he should inherit a blessing we have been called to be people who are engaged in love for each other what is going really want from us definitely six or twenty eight page one eighty three it is not a great number of institutions is not the large buildings on output displayed the court requires but the harmonious action of a peculiar people a people chosen by God and precious united with one another their life with Christ in God every man all one woman is to stand in his lock in place exerting a right influenza and thought word and deed when will want to work as not until then this will be a complete symmetrical system will be looking for us to come together in love in action ammonia 's action working together to make a difference in the world there was another quotation is a lot in the spirit of prophecy and unity in its centrality deathless insurance one nine six two twenty one this is why got the title of my talk from if Christians were to act in concert moving forward as one on the direction of one power for the accomplishment of one purpose they would move the world I want to see us move the world I think that's what the time has come when the world is looking for the power of God to be manifested we have to be united we have to move together as one the unity does not mean uniformity that does not mean losing all individuality it doesn't mean bring it one of volatile and simple outlook gets together to work for a common purpose the prophet Ezekiel saw the church working in this way and he described at the wheel in the middle of we the parents of the living creatures were connected with the wheels and all the intricate and unexplainable but the hand of infinite wisdom is seen among the wheels in perfect order is the result of its work every wheel independent but directly by God if imperfect needs with every other we then each one of us needs to find out will place by the way that the body of Christ different parts of the body then the Scripture uses different images the taxes in fact before the flood need to be working together we need to do all we can do right away this is a really important point before a I don't look deeply into the topic of unity what things I want to see it we visited each one of us as fellow Christians need to come before the Lord and for all that we happen all that we are on the blood of sacrifice we can claim that we want unity we don't want to be figured in Baltimore the one accept positions in the church you want to use up time for the Lord court has called us to use the gifts that he has given us the work harmoniously so we have to be multiple selves in order to have the community in fact is free to drop the price of admittance with resources three onto whomsoever much is given of him shall not be required to close from the we shall individually be held responsible the first time I read this at least a much younger person it really struck me we shall individually be held responsible for doing one shot glass then we have the ability to do cord want each one of us to do a lot more to his service the Lord measures with exactly just how much we did but every possibility for service he looks his standard is not what we accomplished what we have accomplished that I use capabilities as much brought into a kind of villas that are improved and why continues for all that we might become to the right feels about what's hot and corner holds us responsible so we really have to devote more than that she continues and I can't blame this is someone can help me with is the theme passage when reading from private lessons we shall be judged as an white phase according to what we have done all starting salary Ms. Savage article and what people ought to have done but didn't accomplish because we did not Q how will I will glorify God as he continues he will if we do not lose our souls we shall realize any maternity the result of all our newsgathering extracting she continues for all the knowledge and ability that we might have gained and did not there will be an eternal laws but when we give ourselves wholly to God and in all work following his directions he makes himself responsible for his accomplishment to think of the thing I can't understand I don't understand what it means to them saved in him and him but I'm still suffering until the loss because I didn't give my all in service of God on earth mind-boggling I can't fully explain it that's what she says suffer an eternal laws because we didn't give all to God but I like the way and with hope because we could become discouraged but she said when we give ourselves fully to God and that's what unity requires us to do how will all and seen all the work for the feedback directions he makes himself responsible for its accomplishment that at the statement I like very much is that God didn't call anyone the failure to guarantee success if we only do portable all we'll have to worry about the results we don't have to worry about the outcome we don't have to be fearful gone himself if you will be responsible for the success the goal you all and he's got to take it directly to a few ticks away feeling particularly anxiety predictably nervous that you do your best for the Lord and he is little work on the results of powerful promise but point in emphasizing it the point that we have to get going to walk all in order to have unity in fact this unity visible to the world they were listening to live in brotherhood in Christ it must show itself strong enough to destroy sectarianism selfishness apathy that befell the heart of Christianity the Spirit of Christ would draw members of his family together as one family prompted them to love each other and to work together for the good of the world in fact seventy Z deathless insurance one seven page two forty essays the world is looking with gratification are the disunion among persons infidelity as well please God is calling for a change among his people union with Christ and with one another is our only safety in these last days this does not make it possible for Satan deploying to our church members seen before how these people standing on the other bad of Christ's feet one another we have nothing to say is the doublespeak and we have nothing to fear from them why they spend more strength fighting one another than in warfare with my forces that silenced the devil that's not named USS deploying to the failure of the Lords work and what can be done in the world in fact first John three fourteen saves we know that we have passed out of death into life because we love the brethren he who does not love abides in deaths so that the challenges that Christians we can demonstrate that the Bible which is the basis of both the conflict all times as Christians we can declare and that Christ can and does break down the areas that separate you bus from each other spiritual regeneration is the dynamic of social reforms cogeneration can be active in all churches making a difference in our lives until seventeen emphasizes that this unity of Christ followers is fundamentally inescapable as the central part of the gospel it is something we cannot get away from the love and the unity of the father was a price we know that we have passed from death to life because we love the brethren in first John it also saves we've been with us because we love the brethren and we want to lay down our lives for the brethren that we strike in the point is not in my notes but the spirit of prophecy phase you know that we have a responsibility to each other and she elaborates in Matthew eighteen with this gift if your brother sins you need to go and talk to that person and as things in the book design pages that are quite striking one is a bit if you sailed easily black duty of going to talk to your brother was failing God holds you responsible for the sins that that person committed and she continues to people that we might have to check we are just as responsible as if we didn't ask ourselves to strike a bit I can be held responsible by God the things you did because I had an opportunity to stand alongside you look much like an unfolding around your shoulder and talking about it and I didn't go of old responsible for your errors however she also saves you are not already going correct someone until we feel ready to give a life of that person that would eliminate a whole lot of problems in the church if we can cultivate an attitude yes I have a burden for you yes I would reach out and talk to you but I will not do that unless I see I can do my life for you with this love fest I definitely like talking to you effective because you will send the burden of love and the purpose of talking is not the correct them not to judge them the purpose the Bible think it's wasteful that person how powerful is this unity we are talking about death was a church volume eight page two forty two harmony and union existence among men of every dispositions if there's strong to witness that can be worn that the court had sent his son into the world to save sinners it is our privilege to bear this witness is not strike them in my phase the strongest witness that can be born to the world the court has sent his son into the world to save sinners is the harmony and unity among the followers of Christ unity is witnessing unity is in and of itself evangelism because we'll have that power to convict the world how do we get this unity what are the next textbook what do we need to do how can we get this unity maybe before I move on to talk about how we can get his unit in one the bar is the unity enemy almost up in all breaks I'm not quite a couple minutes have any questions for me on on the material covered from the Bible or from the sofa they don't all speak the same time okay maybe let me just say a couple petitions and how we get the unity and end of the outbreak we a few minutes from a break the point if you go back to John seventeen Jesus say that they all may be one I in them and thou in me the secret of unity because I in them and thou in me he identified the okay that was a father is in him and and and I in them and he will be in us so that the secret of unity is not something that we can get them all the secret is Christ abide in you no heart and soul we live in different societies though we live in different places until the price father was published in different ages yet we can be united because we have the constancy of the presence of God in us Christ is the center of one and we can only have the unity because of what Christ is doing in us to transform us I in them and that we need tell the that is not something we can create an own and if possible probably try to do it alone is not by human ingenuity in an event that we would get this we can have union with each other but it's because we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us the quotation from a Venice holding one seventy nine the course of division and discord in families in the church 's separation from Christ to come at the price is the company at one another the secret of true unity in the church and the family is not diplomacy is not management it is not a superhuman effort to overcome difficulties in Mike continues not only will be much of this is due but a secret if union with Christ that's a lot of circles the same from the edge of which they are many lines all run into the center and never these lines approached a sense of the narrative of the car to one another so that is our challenge I would challenge is to have that healing unity with Christ to have Christ the Biden in the heart and as we come closer the cries he is in all of us we will become closer to each other because Christ is the uniting force that keeps us back together to be as the cause of all disseminating is the reality of human sinfulness when sin entered the world we lost union with God and that this Freud a relationship with our fellow men when we accept Christ gives us a new heart and he gives us a new affection gives us in our designs in all designs in all prayers that we differ in worse the week different but we talk to God we still can pray for the same things we can still feel every child of humanity the way Christ use them and we can have that commonality because of the fact that one of us have price together the last X unbelievers with there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither slave nor free there is neither male nor female for you are all one in Christ thesis is clear when you become a Christian is still female youth still two more Greek but Jesus up on the same hand the Bible is saying here the use of external things no longer matter they no longer become the basis for our relationships is no longer become the basis for how we relate to each other think about is why because we are all one in Christ Jesus witnessed up able take a break I will continue for the next hell with those of the what able to come back talking about one of the areas the unity that a violent spirit of prophecy identify unwanted effects we need to follow to really make this unity really know life thank you and it's how I'll is that this was all you mercilessly license generation of Christ the rumor is like to learn more about you my seat please visit www. myself when I will review like this more free online services please visit www. audio verse got more


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