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You Must Be Born Again - Part 1

Jed Genson Jodi Genson


Both our title and our fitness are found in the righteousness of





  • June 18, 2018
    9:30 AM
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Our father it's such a joy to be able to come into your presence this morning thank you for your people who have come here pretty oh bless them and be with them in a special way. Far as we go through these talks it's not just the ology it's just real life stuff you've done you've taught in our minds how it works so you are sure what these folks are going. Deeper experience with you a more peaceful. Walk and so we invite you into this room father in the name of Jesus Christ. OK the new birth experience you know I I have a friend I had a friend who died now but older gentleman and he showed it that he had it up topic pregnancy and we use that experience West was not fun but in order to share Jesus Christ with people and that we're going to same situation she was going through and we were able to encourage and share with folks who have gotten through that experience I shared with somebody and then they shared a somebody else and finally some person asked me if I would share to Camp me in Washington State so I share that and this gentleman after the meeting came up and said I want what you have I had no idea what he was talking about I said What do you mean what I have no you have something you have something I want it and so in my mind I'm praying a lot of what is he talking about and so the thought came to my asking about his relationship with Jesus Christ and so I asked him so built house things with you in Jesus you guys all right you friends says well you know I went to a series of meetings about 25 years ago. She get a paper. OK And where was I. I want them to tell me. OK And the guy's name was what did. They all call you got to answer OK so. With Mark you know my mind asking about his rights relationship with Christ and so he said Well I went to a series of means about 25 years ago and learned about the Sabbath and 2300 days and all these types of things and so I gave my life to Christ oh let's grow within this nagging thought keep coming back asking about Christ and how he fits into his life I said well what about Jesus how are you do with him now. Well you know I worked my way up through the church I was a deacon an elder and I became a had elder and I've been head out for several years and so the Navy in question came back asking about Jesus and so I said well how are things with you and Jesus and then he hung his head says I don't even get emotional I don't even know if I know him OK now I have found this to be true in a number of our members and so that's why we're starting at some of the basic things about the gospel and how it works OK. Desire of a just page 300 the proud heart strives to earn salvation but both our title they haven't and our fitness for it are found in the righteousness of Jesus Christ deal like that. Does that take some stress off of you OK you don't have to try to be good enough for God to like you'll He loves you a proven across he went through all that strife and everything just for you and me individually OK without me just said you can do nothing. I like that one see the product art strives to earn salvation when we want to have a part in this thing there must be something I can do to earn it or. Enough work for some I grew up and non-Christian home my dad was a a logger and we followed the timber around wherever there's a job and they. Enjoyed playing pool and dancing and sitting in a tavern and those types of things and so I grew up on the streets basically a lot of time well they were you know in fun this is my bedroom every once in a while and things were so late I would end up sleep in the back of the tavern I was 6 or 7 years old and then on weekends was really cool I really liked that because then I could go to the local theater and on Saturday nights they had double features so I could spend almost till 1 o'clock in the morning in the theater and then I'd head home I was 5 or 6 years old a long ways away walkin over a scary bridge American toy freak out most of the time just fearful and then I would go home and no one to be there. Oh yeah allowed I mean yeah I had another office in there in the tavern plant who missed you know. Washington State a little town called North Bend it's east of Seattle about 26 miles right at the foot of the cascades to beautiful Some really a beautiful place to grow up OK So that's how I grew up no Christian flew influenced my home my dad and my mom both to Lord's name of a not speckling taint and I knew about God and so. First grade I got kicked out of school for swearing. Because that's what this mine fire environment is all about you know my mom swore I'd ask for their friend swore every bit of swearing so I thought that was just normal behavior and so I grew up swearing so 1st grade I was sent home I found out that was not normal behavior so they sent me home and this is this is a future later on after I I grew up in this and 1950 Mercury beautiful car which she still had the things worth a lot of money but so I just started hanging out with my friends and and doing the what my friends did. And not and God was not a part of it for the equation. But then I had to find the truth out here are true condition apart from Christ apart from Christ we are dead in trespasses and sins show wrath. And apart from Christ we love darkness and hate the light nights away I was. Had had no desire for spiritual things are from Christ Our hearts are cold and hard like a stone so I was totally self-centered want things my way and didn't care about of the people apart from Christ we are at enmity or what's what's in the word for him and he is a has a hard word for enemies we're a hatred we're against God And so that's that's the way I was. You know apart from Christ we continue to fall short of His glory I really like this text now I used to read it over and over again different times and it says. That all of it all of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God right I just found out a few weeks ago after studying the thing and reading the Greek that it means you're continually falling short of the glory of God It's not like one time you continue to function so that's good news for us because that means we continually Jesus Christ every day we're come with his righteousness and apart from Christ we are lost OK So each one of us no matter how good or have bad you have it we all have to recognize that without Christ we're lost. And hopefully that's why we're here because we realize that OK. John 3235 this about nicotine does anyone know about nicotine us OK he was he has his way was paved to the king right. Rabbi teacher the law paid big amounts of tides he taught the Law He was a child of Abraham he was his way was paved and then he comes to Jesus Rabbi we know that you are teacher sent from God for no man can do these the science that you do it unless God is with him and then jews answer doesn't something Jews answer the question but he really does. Just answer and said Most assuredly I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God and so each one of us have to be born again now with Bill this guy that. That asked me that question as God providential leading WE WE end of scenes house for a week and we were doing some health talks in his church and so. As we talked to him about his experience with Jesus and it was obvious that he was having a hard time connecting with Christ because he had a terrible temper missing throw tantrums and throw his hat down on the ground and jump up and down on it and witness now you need some Him That's not normal behavior for a Christian there are enough you realize that are not Christ in you the hope of who are you know love joy peace you have the fruits of spirit and so just tells him listen you've got to be born again this totally blew us away what do you mean I'm a child of Abraham I taste the law I'm you know I do all these different things so he didn't know how to handle or how can a man be born when you soul can enter into the 2nd time to his mother's womb and be born what crisis trying to emphasize the fact that just there's no way in the world that he could save himself it's impossible for him that to come back to his mother's womb in the morning again so Jesus translate listen you need born again you can't do it neither can we we cannot do it and the sooner we come to that realization and the more we see that we need Christ then we're going to end up as peace joy and love that he offers to us. Now to start hitting home to don't get discouraged it's really great news if we see our neat. OK I tell you the truth a lesser man is born of the water and of the Spirit he cannot enter the Kingdom of God Now I've been born of the water 3 times. My mom met Jesus she became a 7 damask Christian when I was 14 left the tavern we started eating veggie meat and water and sunshine and exercise and always different things she chose our lifestyle style changed OK And so I was born at 14 years old of the water so 27 fundamental doctrines at that time they added 128 now and so I learned the 20 seven's didn't change my life I didn't meet Jesus Christ but I knew about the stay within the Sabbath and $23.00 hour days and and where Catholics are enemy those types of things OK. OK not sure I thank you for laughing so much or OK. So you have more of the water but the spirit is something you and I cannot do this is a power outside of ourselves and I want to share some experience of how I start experiencing this power outside of myself it was so much fun and still funded and spent 40 some years now. John 512 he has a son has lived us not the Son is not life so it's the opposite of not having the son is your dad and if you have your son a son you are alive and for he enjoys. What do we do with our sin problem now we realize that we've all sin and come short the glory of God and we're going to continue to fall short of the glory of God And so what we do about that we need to look live this is what Jesus told nakedness right you told a story about Moses and the serpents and the people wandering around in the wilderness in the servants were buying them here in Britain by saying. You know I was against the serpent some might have been. But you know since our in our case a lot and he tries and discourages and South Korea's and all those types of things so yes and so they start crying into mold and say the Serbs are burning us to save us and so then Moses went to Jesus or guns and he listen these servants are biting your people what should we do about you know they said Well make us staff and put a brazen serpent on it hold it up and when they look at it they will live well some people didn't believe him it's too simple it can't possibly be that simple just look in Libya but the ones who did look and live they live OK So he's telling us today that what we're have Rastan in down discouraged all the whole world's falling apart how do we look unless. We have stop we've got to breathe we've got to relax and rest in Him believing that he loves us He paid the price for us my sins have been forgiven I'm a new creature all those things we need to remind the Evil One that because of the Atonement yet one minute now I am one with God Yeah OK And so that's how we look at Libya and if you do that all those troubles and whatever is happening the day the flat tire in a car when you're in a hurry had run out just appointment and now tires flat oh no and then they lost your keys or you know all those types of things all irritations of life now it was going around and say OK. I can how it seem around you right now I'm praying you can. Sit down have a drink of water well the world's promising a way I can just do that now promise I'm going to be there see my eyes will just take a break. All right OK looking live. Numbers a 219 this is a story right here and Lord said to Moses make a fiery surf and set it on a pole and everyone who is bitten when he looks at it he will. As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so must the Son of Man be lifted. Unless you are converted and become as little children you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven OK now what's a little child's Like if I told little child something. Are they going to believe me are they going to. Not Believe me how do they how are generally Little Children Act and. They do it all day you know I tell my last 7 year old have you sent them here is on it now I'll start laughing as a child I'm just kidding OK it's not real then he gets over it but I know it's not right to do that with Sometimes I miss him. So so we as a grandkids are for a. OK. But yeah you know by you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven so when you did come as 2 children when God says something to believe it. That's the bottom line this righteous by faith thing we talk about all the time we got tens of thousands of books written about it and sermons and trying to explain it it's simply taking God His Word that God says I can keep you from falling and you 24 you believe that they really mean that yeah he can keep it for a while he's kept me from falling several 1000 so I claim that promise to God you said you would keep me from falling and he says he's done it and he's he's powerful he's on our side. So what's a pro How is a person born to hear this by seeing elementary but a lot of people don't really don't understand it especially when we do these meetings we have 27 meetings and very little of it on the gospel feel noticed on it's all about information and so we need to get down to was was it me what what was a look like you know how does it work in the parable parable of the law sheep Christ teaches that salvation does not come through our seeking after God but through God seeking out for us now you like that because so often trying my God where are you I know you're out there someplace and he's always there he's always seeking out for us and he was seeking after me. You know I and I like that too I could leave he did out me because I was so far away from him and I was not interested in not listening at all and so he had to really shake me up a bit. For this is what the Lord God says I myself will search for my sheep and I will find OK Now are we going to believe a God says to me so I myself God Himself will seek after his children and he sought after you that's why you're here. Is an increase this is a truth our socks so you think about God himself seeking after me Jesus knows us individually He knows us all by name you know the very house in which we live the name of each occupant you know is where you'll have you know the trials and things are in your lie and he said I'll never leave you or for sake you you believe that I'll never leave you are perceived you yes at times given directions to his servants to go to a certain street in a certain city to such and such a house to find the one but one of the sheep I had that experience. My back out I was doing by work in Washington State. And this one day I didn't have really any appointments and so I said look I want you to leave me to who you want me to talk to I was just praying that his thought came in my mind to go see Saul now Sol was a Spanish person Latin person who had come to the church one time and I went to visit him and he really wasn't interested and saw an argument Garson without he was really a interests are you sure that's what you want me to do and I thought Keep going coming back go see Saul so I turned and I went down to the street there went to salsa house knocked on the door oh it's you here you a book by Ellen White. Yeah I need a book or which ones you gave me this crumbled. Grand conflict or great controversy was all rolled up and he says one of these. Yeah I have some of those providentially this gentleman that before that had come by the church he had he'd been at a fair with 7 kings says I think he had 10 cases of grand conflict goes in Spanish in his one or if I could use them I didn't think I had a use for him but I'm not going to reject the books I fear there are good from God right. So I took the books and now here I was Saul now Saul wants ground conflict us I said war how media need all take 10 of you have a go yeah I'll get it right now so when it got the books so what do you do with this thanks. Wanna give it to my family they're down Texas and we're in Washington and surprise the Lord so after that we had several talks about the Gospel and spirit problem seen in all that so of good men of course he moved took off to Texas but God Gods in our lives he's a behind the scenes working things out all the time we've got to be in tune and listen it's so much fun to walk that way and sometimes as human beings we get impatient because what we want everything to happen right now OK So he has at times for you quick now every soul is a fully known to Jesus I want you to take this personally. As if he were the only one to whom the savior died Jesus knows who you are he knows where you are you know what's going on into your in your life now growing up the way I did course I didn't know these things but surely after that experience with the mercury the pitcher there I was drafted into the military during Vietnam and so I I went and I didn't go to Vietnam I ended up in Madigan general hospital in Tacoma Washington and worked with the doctors which is really a cool job. But he knew where I was and so he's used working things behind the scenes to reach me because my mom's prayers Ochs off for me OK because I left the church I was out after wild and crazy and so she's praying praying praying so he knew he knew me you know me by name knew where I was you know what I was into and. This is a book evangelism I've been showing that many have confused the idea in regard to conversion they have often heard that words repeated from the pope but you must be born again you heard that you must be born again you must be born. You must be born again you must have a new heart these experiences have complex complex people like wow what does it mean Avenue hard you must be born again to have to enter at you know my mother's womb again now the same work they could not comprehend the plan of salvation after a time some of these do receive acceptance with God and are led to identify themselves with his people but I have been shown that this is a very important they were adopted into the family of God before that time you know what happened God accepted me when I was when I became weary of sin and having lost my desire for worldly pleasure resolve to seek God earnestly OK And so after that military I I just went back hanging out with my old friends and playing baseball and drinking beer and smoking dope most types of things just hanging out no purpose in life just going for it and so. At the age of 27 years old I was at the end of the road and there was no hope for me and I was physically wiped out mentally as for spiritually everything was gone dead eyes didn't care about anything and then got sought after me I became weary of the way I was living. I became weary of the chase and women and drink and smoke and the music and eating pepperoni pizza 2 o'clock in the morning I got weary all of this stuff and I just got down at night I just praising God I don't know if you're real but I need help I am sick and tired of the way I'm living and what I'm doing and getting up in the morning and not knowing where your car is you know goofy stuff like that I was tired of that and so I just laid on the lines a guy so I'm not playing games with you I'm not going to be half Christian and not nominal Christian I want to know you and well I prayed that earnest prayer is still small voice communal my mind and just the thought and said I am real and I love you and when I heard that a blew me away because I knew it wasn't me it wasn't my father I cried this is really you you're talking to he and so I except a guy say God that if you're real that I'm going to live for you now it's been 40 some years ago now I haven't turned back I'm going back to the old ways because the Holy Spirit came and well in me that every night and start leading me and directing me and guiding me and so in a way that's still small voice would come in and say you know you probably shouldn't eat pepperoni pizza 2 o'clock in the morning instead of arguing with him and see us learn and now I start doing that my whole life changed. I was listening to. My music Hotel California the Eagles. I'm driving around. Listening to the song after I think I'm coming to Christ and a still small voice came in over the music and said. You know you give your life to Christ Jesus in his music can't be and. What are you going to do he didn't it wasn't the pastor unlike you Sam listen the devil's music my mom or grandma or it was the still small voice and I accepted that as God's word and so I swallow hard and shut off and every time I hear that I would obey I would do it and when I did my life was changing. So I think that that that probably tomorrow if I jump ahead but when we get in a sanctified life part of it. Has to take things out of our life that's a sanctification for so I guess I'm still working on justification here I'm sorry I jumped ahead so this was this is my baseball team and that's me I was a long haired hippy prick at that point but I see God changes this and sometimes you just have to because your hair falls out and it doesn't matter you know this. Is a cool way more. OK. Yeah I was when I seen you OK But you know I bore you already OK. Alright. Jeremiah 313 The Lord has appeared of all and to me saying yea I have loved you with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness have I drawn you in this is where God reached down to me it was. With loving kindness because I had been taught growing up and even coming into the church. It's idea that God went on my case and God did Mommy having fun and he's always looking on my shoulder to see what I'm doing wrong so I can figure out ways to keep me out of heaven you probably raise them when you probably didn't hear that but that's the way I heard it. So. But he started showing me things in my life in a loving way things are happening where. I was sharing crisis I was so excited about the fact I just had die for my sins and I was whole and complete in him and it was a lot of things I had to do except accept the fact of the sacrifice for me and I was so excited about that I couldn't be quiet because I grew up with you have to do this this and this and this before got a wife you are before you can be saying and now things I was reading and in steps to Christ and some other books I realized wow this. This See it seems to easy I just need to look at him alone you know like that. It's really sweet. So they're worth living kind of I draw on the number one you are born of God but I suppose I should certainly in my slides my journey know nothing to read I'm fine just as it laid out for me now it's just we're heading talk about so OK John John when 313 for you were born not of blood not of the will of man or flesh or not of the will of man but God OK you're born a spirit this is when that still small voice starts coming in and talking tuning in telling you to go places and go talk to that person and share something with somebody John 38 The wind blows where West wishes. And you hear the sound of it but you not know where it comes from and where it's going so is everyone who is born of the Spirit so this isn't like going through feelings and emotions and all and. It's you can tell that you're changing and other people notice you're changing the same man what happened you're not the same person. So they'll say they'll be able to see it so here's the wind blowing because they were doing that ladies back in the old days in a dryer still do. OK. And then number 3 you are born of the word of guy so he has spent time in the Word of God. The more we spend time talking listening to him the more his words are in our minds and there in our mouths 1st Peter 123 having been born again through the Word of God which lives in abides forever so this is our born again I spent a time in the word after that night when I when I heard that still small voice I spent a lot of time in a word it's really hard at 1st because it was so foreign to me you know was kind of boring but to actually believe that God is talking to me then I got more focused on the word sorry a little booklet steps to Christ I don't know if you have ever heard of this book or not but if so is beautiful in it help me understand how to walk how to abide with Christ you know so totally awesome I said God I want to teach people less if you'd open the door and he did he put me in a high school where I had my own cricket on the set and we stayed stuff the Christ for 20. 25 or 6 years anyway so high school kids to walk some became ministers was really nice and some are doctors and nurses and lawyers and some lawyers in there too but the others they all we all went through that book in a practical way so it wasn't just reading it but how does this thing work where the rubber meets the road Romans 1014 How then can ye call on the one they have not believed in and how can they believe in the one whom they have not heard and how can they hear without someone to preach and so then God's going to speak to your heart you're going to be sharing Jesus Christ as people and he's going to open the door for you to to teach and to do evangelism and all these things to reach people because you follow the criteria realize that he's real alive and well and you want the whole world to be saved now you know a change your likes and dislikes this is the America you think a person is just totally world loving you could care less of all people and then he starts changing you to where you're observing things and then wondering how you can help people it's ridiculous there's a time I don't know if this is in here Joyce That is the. Mexican restaurant story and there. I don't I think this is safe but this is this heaven where well I think because we've put this thing together and sometimes are stories we leave out and sometimes if it isn't but this is a story I really appreciate because it shows guys interaction with us in a very personal way and so I got up in the morning I committed my way into the lord it's very important and then David says You heard them where you made your way into the war and when you do that whatever happens during the day you know God's there because you community are way into the Lord. And so no matter what happens just a minute she learned I know that you're behind the thing I don't know why it's happening but I'm believing you're here with me and I'm going to go through it with you I'm not going to get upset it's going to rest. So. Oh yeah so I committed my way into the Lord and then joining my Wintel we're going to have lunch before we did a Bible study and on the way in we were going to go to all of barns you know the soup and so Barton's cheap. And we pull a stoplight in the stocking on my mind a still small voice said Go to the Mexican restaurant over there so I was at last OK And so I turned she was what are you doing that well I just feel like we need to go here I thought we're going ot barn I know but I think we need you here so we went there God and sat down like 5 minutes or less there's a guy over here choking to death and so just hey that guys are pro so I jumped up actually did the Heimlich work and been educated by Ever try to actually work and so. He was it was so excited to use pretty epic in his wife was all crying and in and Anyway so we did that and then we gave him some material gain a D.V.D. on the final final events in some materials and then we prayed with him and I told him No I believe God saved his life for a Reason a Purpose. But see the things like that that help it will have soul happens a lot you know fortunate for listening that still small to also do all kinds of things. So. You know how can they someone's gotta tell him right I mean that's our job if we go to Chase and seen that God is good then we're going have something to say right we're going to we're going to share it people just have to we can't keep it we cannot keep it inside I've tried it doesn't work I WAS AMAZING faxed and they asked me to come down there and teach 5 sessions so I flew down there. Taught 5 sessions I was hoarse they had been there burning fields off there could hardly breathe so on the way home I'm praying God please help me to sit by somebody that doesn't want to talk I can't talk through my voices too hoarse so I set down and release it and far from me nobody is in the middle so OK good I can just relax so I started not knocking then Lisa's lawyer from Sacramento. And no. What are you doing here well I'm still teaching some classes Oh really what about and right now I'm saying you can keep it in size I told them my life story and how God became real to me in a still small Why should I have Weiss we go Really now and so I we're not sure on a more spiritual level you never some material may be needed in your name as a Jewish you live in Idaho Falls Idaho and I still remember that I still pray for but anyway God help us people set up those appointments for us all the time we can commit a way to him OK So we need to teach and preach it and live it and and so there are 36 The heavens were made by the Word of God we're the Lord and all the host by the breath of his mouth so God actually speaks life into us here recreates this hello is a steak and instant justification takes place in an instant so I can't. Do you want to be made a well number that's been the Mansour sir I have no one to help me into the pool just told him pick up your mat and fall and walk immediately there's the answer immediately a man was made well you pick up his mat and begin to whine OK what happens in the new birth experience you receive the gift of repentance this is not something that unite can do this is something that God does it's a gift from God It says in Acts actually apostles he gives you true song for sin and true sorrow for sin is not saying I'm sorry oh I'm sorry I'm sorry and step on your toe No it's heartfelt sorrow breaks your heart you never want to do it again and that's where I was and so when I met Jesus Christ. I had a sports car. Had a girlfriend had a job. And my mom and my sister spent all night and up perming new years of 196776 things 76 praying for me praying that I would accept Christ as my Savior OK And this is what started happening behind the scenes I had no idea they were praying for me all night long but I lost my job I finished job up in money lost my job my engine my car blew up my girlfriend sleep with my friend. And so I mean like everything was taken away though right. And so. I needed help that's why when I prayed that God I need you so he gave me this gift or repentance to sarve percent when I gave my life to him I hadn't really repented I just saw my need for him and sometimes they get it too mixed 2 things mixed up we got to pick 1st and then God all will hear me but it was me I gave my life to my chosen 1st and then he gave me the gift your pins in. One day came to me the still small voice and said you know you're holding on to some things and before you can move on your relationship with me you've got to give those things up and I swear what do you mean a whole month things well I had resentment towards my friend my girlfriend you know I was angry about that and so he said you need to pray for those people well that's the last thing I want to do right they hurt me and so I thought well God I I really don't want to do that and we're not a nice cantered nation I really don't want to do that well you need to you are to move. In so many opened to me this is really cool this whole grand scheme of the great controversy and he helped me to realize if those people did not repent and change and accept Him they would be lost forever and ever and I couldn't stand thinking about that now that I met God realize he's real well now I want to be with him well because I want to be with him I want other people to be with him too and so I started well OK OK Lord I'll pray for start praying for me really hard but eventually I managed I really meant it and start praying and then like 5 years later the still small voice came in call Rick we're in a world that comes from CO Rick I don't even know Rick is why do you want to call Rick call Rick so I went around trying to find how your horse guy finally found out where he had moved us I called him. And he started teasing Manson Rick I give my life to Christ I'm a Christian now he started laughing and calling me names on stuff and I said OK we'll talk to you later bye and I thought Oh Lord that was a lot of fun why why why is you have me do that. And so a number of years later this is right this is a true story 15 years later 15 years later Couric I know this is not from God. So but it kept happening and Couric So I said got I don't even know where he is and he gave me some ideas how to plan is number you know is it OK OK So I call Rick this is an hour and 15 years later Rick this is Judge show I want to talk to us today this is unbelievable I'm a believer I go Hey wait a minute what do you mean you're a believer I have 7 Jesus Christ as my personal savior because you're kidding me. Yet once here and so we renewed our friendship actually got to meet him and his wife and stuff we talked over the issue a number of years before that but God gave me the giver pens and love for Him love for this guy that hurt me so bad when I hated it. So that's what truly pan is he God will do that for us and when you look at the whole great controversy issue I don't want anybody out of the king right really it's going to be so much fun we get there and to be with Jesus and walk by the river of life with him hand in hand you put his arm around you and says I love you so much thank you for being faithful to me he's going to be out of this world literally. So God gives us to give her ignorance. Romans $24.00 Do you not know that the goodness of God leads us to repentance now the bar of the Bible says that our Karl hearts are empty towards God so how can we love God if if we're imitate towards and we hate him we don't want to know him and yet it's the goodness of God So home somehow we need to come to the point where we know guy and that's what God did for me when I started seeing these things he was doing in my life and directing my life and answering my prayers he has just my best interests and in his mind my best interest in his mind OK so it's a goodness of God when I saw that he had my best interests and my then is easy to submit to Him SIKKA I don't know why you're doing this I don't know why this is happening but I know you're in charge you're behind the scenes work everything out and so it's it's really comforting and peaceful and all that. How will you know that you need to repent Well for one thing the Holy Spirit is not going to leave you alone is going to Cuba can you which is really nice. I'm glad you did that with me some of us are really hard headed and it's hurting hard to get through but when you give in it's free. So you will know as you spend time in the scriptures. Always Spirit will reveal to you areas of your life that are of concern to God now as he did that with me he cleaned up my music in my language and my food and in all everything you know he's still doing it. Is repents a one time thing now. It's something we need to go through continually but it's not beating yourself up it's not like Martin Luther wherry he beat him into submission you know the answer he did that it's not that it's just still small voice and sweet love a guy that will come in and convict you of things and as long as you just say OK I got I get it yeah I'll do it where you want and you just let go and let him come in and take over it's a very peaceful experience trust me and then show him a show remember. Your way isn't all it did you ever gone through this where you ask forgiveness of something and then that thought will come back and hound you now in the past we always said well it's just Satan trying to bug us OK but I learned something because I went through that for several years with one specific specific sin and I kept asking forgiveness and SR I'm really sorry I don't I don't ever want do that again and then this thought would come into my mind Don't you believe that I forgave you or well. I guess I do yeah well then why you keep asking me to forgive you I've forgiven you get over it. Oh OK And so we were remember those things that we did in the past so why start doing which is all different I start admitting that I had done those things and then I started thanking God that I didn't do that anymore a man is like the lights went on It was a totally different experience with God has built a house in Seattle with a guy and I was about 80 Griese out with high humidity he said Buy me go over the many Mart and get a pop so OK walked over there walked in the beam art opened the door and as you walk in there's a cooler right there with this a beer case and it's condensation was running down the beer in a stocking remember what it was like when just you know it's not a big deal as have this a thank you gun. Thank you for delivering me from that that I'm not like and I don't do that anymore now I wasn't just a victory and I am I didn't have to go around feeling guilty about I had the thought we're going to have thoughts all thoughts but we just reject those and turn them over to Christ Christ object lessons at every event step in our Christian experience our repentance will be. Sure sorry for sin and that that saw for sin as you so sorry you turn away and you know go back into the same thing again same things surrender this is a giving and giving in to God in those promptings and sometimes it's very hard even even now every once and while my wife will have a disagreement not very often but why. My oh. Yeah don't start work. And so so so I mean in every war any war I mean someone's got to give in right. Because in this 100 year war and a 7 year war and all these different they just drag on because no one will get. So but I found out by learning to submit to my wife it's easier for me assume it's a guy OK it's becomes a habit no one liked and when some guys knew like me that's a good idea use meant you're wise. OK all right but yeah so to just let go and let God. Joshua 2415 we must do this every day you don't you can't commit yourself to Christ 25 years ago and live on that experience it's new every day new new battles new joys new fears choose you today who it was sir but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. We get the privilege of choosing Gods give us is beautiful thing a power of choice so every day we we get to choose who are going to live for who are going to serve and sometimes many times during the day when a temptation will come in is not holy just and good you have the opportunity there to make the right choice and every time we make that rice choice we are forming something we are forming a I have it a righteous Sherry ctor every time we make that right choice you are forming a righteous character which is what God wants to happen in US confession confessions. It's really a specific saying I saw like please forgive me for my sins you know God wants us to be service. Specific with him so what sin I still do them I come from work at night I go down and see God forgive me for my sins and then this thought would come into my mind well what Cindy commitment. I so long I mean anyway since I know I'm ascendant and well what did you do well I don't a great day I was happy I shared Christ with people I prayed for people and I saw I'm trying to contrast something I can think of in can you confess in a service voice commands and just thank me thank me do you mean to being now as a whole new concept to me you know so. Yeah they kept me he had the power to keep me so confession confession it's if you hurt somebody in God let you know this is done to me that you need to go make it right and he'll give you the power to do this I was working on a car dealership shortly after I gave my life to Christ and the lady was a Catholic who was the sex her husband was Kathy who owned the company and there are 2 other admins we worked there were in for this little meeting in the morning and she told an off color joke and so the 2 obvious guys were laughing at it and so I went along with it and so I'm like I'm laughing with them and I walked out and not even 5 minutes guards on my case since what are you doing. You represent me to the world you need to go back in there apologized in no way can I What do you what you kidding me I got no I can't do that it's still very sing so as I make her feel uncomfortable to go ask her to go tell. Her laughing about Nancy Jo. So when they're. High You know what I mean the project something about something I. Really should allow to test or you're told I claim to be a Christian and I don't see Jesus laugh and those types of things and I'm sorry could you please forgive me her mouth dropped open she was I go Oh no she goes I'm sorry too I claim to be a Christian and I should be tell most kind stories it work repairs are her art and that's where the cool thing about repents us now is just for us but it's for the other person too and so that was pretty eye opening so if you can fish or sense he is faithful in just a forgive me your sins and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness that's the word of God says that you believe that. OK now Rush is my favorite is taking God at His word and believing that he can do what he says he can do so we believe he can cleanse us for all of our sins OK I think in 2 OK So we need to confess I'm for sake him and he will cool and he'll forgive and quinces that's his part we are in this thing together but it is 55 when anyone becomes aware that they are guilty in any matter they must confess in what way they have seen so specific things you've stolen repay if. You know and if you've thought even a somebody if you criticize them if you're backbiting and you're talking mind people's back I like to throw these parts in because this is not about drinking or smoking and some some people think Well I'm I'm all right because I didn't go far as he did but we're talking about sin and selfishness and so whenever we're we're involved in things that are not holy just and good are destroying other people's characters and lives that is not that South Korean to God's will and so we need to confess that. And it might wake somebody else up if you're hanging up people in the church that are criticizing the pastor and you're going along with it it might wake them up if you went and said you know what I mean convicted that I should be talking not about them. And I might wake them up to wow right I read this one time says one of Mr White's writings but she said she was around some people who were doing some bad mouthing and she would say this is I can no longer be in your presence if you're going to talk that way to go Wow be awesome be able to do that and so right after that I work in a high school I'm John driving down the road you go to the office and these 2 guys stop me and they're criticizing the administration and bad people I go oh no and I said it I said I said you know you guys if you're going to keep talking that way I can no longer be in your presence and I go away and they're like stand there in the melting like whoa. This is fun guys try it just try to see what have been some secret elements OK. OK confession or since Yeah receive the forgiveness I it took me years to for to receive the for again some of the things I had done and God would keep reminding me and I keep confessing he said no just admit you did it I did that I received forgiveness and now when I actually received it my heart to God I believe your word I mean except in the end it gave me peace like I never had before and I've met a number of folks and even in our churches that. Have not gone to this part yet they're still hanging on to things and they don't have peace and if you don't have peace Honestly there's something wrong with your connection price because price promised to give you peace and joy as far as part of the fruits of spear. So forgiveness means to pardon fully the counseling debt to be restored in relationship between you and your guy in Isaiah says that our sins are separate from you and your savior your Creator and so God has bridge that gap through Jesus Christ so if we accept that fact then our sins are forgiven we are pardoned we are new creatures in Christ Jesus you believe in. Day you want to have your sins forgiven you have a not nagging feeling of guilt shouldn't because God came to take our guild away nagging feeling of guilt you can't seem to get it you have to go away except for Guinn's forgiveness for your sins is available if you will place your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior all you have to do is ask God to forgive you through Jesus believe in Jesus died to pay the price for it for your forgiveness and he will forgive you if you got as I can stress and a few got except Africanus you got to believe it or you won't you won't get it you will receive it receive Christ by faith. As many as received him as John so then he gave power to become the sons of God to those who believe on his name OK So there's a number of folks it did not receive Christ when he came here on this earth and walked on this earth but God saying that to you Do you have received Christ he does power for you to become God. That's who you are so you don't have to walk around through life wondering what's my purpose where am I who has got a real is he like me or whatever you are a son daughter of God by His power by his power. This is a kingdom in C.L. the name. Of the post kind of cool picture because the reason I put that in there originally put in there because of something that Paul said in Romans 116 that I'm not ashamed of the gospel because it's the dawn a man's or the power of God into salvation that power of the Gospel is so powerful it changes our lives it takes us from being a total freak and drunken holist these people these kind of people into making as new creatures. Or loving kind in research that when I get there I'll tell you about. Loving kind forgiving of all those types of things so yes Sedona maze of laws things of it changes things you become. Dummies Yeah dynamite used to say OK he's dynamite so you become a new creature one way you know. We stated. We stayed we stayed at Bill's house that weekend I was sharing our experience with him and that Sabbath of the last album where there we were sitting out front and then the superintendent was have superintendence back in the old days and saddle school they had lead out and so the ass of a one had a testimony in I could get and so we hear the shuffling in the back of the room and this man is sobbing down the center hallway up front crying he said folks. You know I've been a so-called Christian for 20 some years now I've been an elder here at the church. But I am convicted that I have never known Christ as my personal savior and because he was out of control and you know he actually ran people out of the the church from being judged mental and condemning Tory and all these types of things and so he's crying up there and he said last night I got down and I surrendered my life to Christ totally and completely and I had such relief such peace come over me so he was just asking in the forgive me for what the way he had acted over the years so yeah I mean becoming a new creature this is Gracie crazy is now. 12 and she's 5455. So this a few years ago therefore you're a man being a Christ this is the text that Christ gave me in one of the very 1st text I remember reading if any man be in Christ he is a new creature the old things are passed away behold I make all things new become new and so I could say this text over and over and over during the day because when the old thoughts of coming in and the old habits and old said things I've done to get me down discouraged me I would claim this promise I'm a new creature today in Jesus Christ and you're allowed to say that from here on out every morning you get I'm going to a creature the new day I don't know what's going to happen today which isn't are going to mean it together OK you're a new creature to a pleasure remember that the old things are passed away you don't you're not the old person you're not doing the same old things and you knew him brand new you are justified you're just by made right with God Listen this and read this. To the next one OK I want to talk a bit about justification because we throw these big words around but what does this mean X.X. li steps a crisis I think she's got here already out of faith works 2 steps to Christ. If you give yourself to Him and accept Him as your savior then sinful as your life may have been chrissake you are accounted righteous now something you want to split hairs about account in and you know what that means and how it works but it's all in the righteousness of Christ your account of rices because when Jesus Christ right OK it's not something you did it's what he did she accept. OK. OK And then it goes on says step Christ character stands in place of our characters are selfish characters and mean arrogant characters and you are accept me for God just as if you had not sin you believe that when I read this one the 1st things I read my mom on the reception a crisis very hard when I started reading it was really hard I finally got through part of it when I read things like this I would jump back I got caught are you serious how can this possibly me I've been too bad I'm meant to wrong things to me about me you can possibly love me you couldn't possibly forgive me and yet I excepted that. You are for a guy justice if you could not stand your claim 2nd and continued step that fact you're clean now today just today don't worry about tomorrow it's not here yet and you can't you can't change last week's. OK Great 6 men OK I'll read this one this is not a faith and works very similar but a little bit more detail this is awesome book if you guys. Would like to purchase a book this very encouraging coalface and works. It's broken down a little section like this is justification this is what it means one paragraph so instead of reading volumes have people explain to you what it means it's one paragraph this is sanctification one paragraph daily dying to self and do we conform your will to the will die OK And we here go pardon this is page 1031 of 3 is called This is justification by faith as the title of the chapter OK pardon and just occasion are one and the same thing so even pardoned even justified so face the believer passes from the position of a rebel which I was a child a sin and Satan to the position of a loyal subject of Jesus Christ not because of any inherent good in my part nothing to do with it is totally against him good O. but because Christ Rees sees him as his child by adoption we've been dropped it into the family of God That's why I want to I want you guys a touch each other to realize that we are one or one family were humanity and if God wants us to become one OK. Sinner receives forgiveness for his sins because these sins are borne by the substitute in a surety who is Jesus Christ the Lord speaks to his heavenly father saying this is my child each person in this room this morning is my child father I reprieve him from the condemnation of death giving him my life insurance policy Well that's the life insurance we post we go to all the extent to get all these different life insurance policies in take care of a family and we die in here this is why God wants us that gives us his life insurance. The sinner he sees a forgiveness of his sins because these sins are borne by the substitute ensuring. Eternal life becomes his because I have given taken his place and have suffered for his sins he is even my beloved son does man pardon and clothe the beautiful garment Christ right in stands for what is before God just as if you never send sinner may err but he is not cast off without mercy His only hope however is in repentance towards God in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is a father's Praga to have to forgive or looked at word it was really cool in Webster's Praga it means he is overjoyed to forgive us we have the opportunity to begin to forgive us for our sins OK. As far as progress to forgive our transgressions and sins because Christ has taken upon himself our guilt reprieved us imputing to him his own righteousness sacrifies satisfy his sack satisfies fully the demands of justice OK So all that the saying is that if we accept His cries or personal savior as far as our life may have been we have peace with God we've been forgiven and we have His righteousness and for some folks that's hard to believe especially if you've been down the road a ways it's hard to forgive themselves but this is the truth this is the absolute truth so going for give yourself today OK All right. Justified never seen and. Yeah. But just thinking about it is just. You know what's what you're bent out right away and if you've seen the Quite a bit the times you think about that you have a guy how could you do that you know he does. But there may may have been your past experience whatever discouraging your present circumstances if you will come to Jesus just as you are weak helpless and despairing our compassion savior will meet you a great way off will throw about you his arms and in his rubber righteousness he present us to the Father and clothed in his white Rayment of his own character it's beautiful I think about where I came from and how he would mean to him how I sought out how he found me and then to give me this experience it's my more. The place of God in our behalf saying I have taken they sinners place look not upon this wayward child but look on me therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ you're justified there is no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not according to the flesh but according to the spirit OK integration chapter 5 there's a whole list of walking in the flesh you know you know all those those things walking in a flash he names of one occasion envy. Anger jealousy adultery pride OK All right great. Rooter are you cheating or you look at the. I just he's and I is a T. I taught written in County 9. So OK so what we're saying here is that there's no condemnation to then walk in Christ he is who walk not after the flesh and we're not doing as fleshly things so because we're not doing the same now we have peace with God OK. But according to the spirit our walk in the Spirit and God gives us joy peace love kindness forgiveness all such things we're walking in those things John 11 neither do I condemn you go and sin no more Mary said that to the lady caught in adultery Yes re to go sorry I'm wrapping it up they don't come back tomorrow we're going to talk about same to the cation which is part people don't like to talk of but it's easy if God's taking things in your life it's not you doing it's OK That's that I think this is. Well yeah the same to find life so my burden is I believe that we're out of time. But I mean I think. I mean yes sir in this world you know and I'm worried about our church because a lot of our folks aren't experiencing that and so I just wanted to know and experience so that they can have a joyful experience and to experience every day walk in Jesus so thank you for coming on I pray with you now Lord for such good news and for humanity for us it's so hard for us to comprehend. Thank you for your forgiveness thank you for giving us Jesus the way the way to salvation is the only way of salvation people come up with all kinds of different ideas the G. is the way and we want him to be the way in our life where we spent time with inward changed since you like to please bless these folks now as they leave Thank you for bring in here today we pray or come back tomorrow and we love you and we thank you Jesus a man named this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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