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The Sanctified Life, a Lifelong Process - Part 2

Jed Genson Jodi Genson




  • June 19, 2018
    9:30 AM
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Her Father which art in heaven Lord you've given us the gift of life today. That means you have a purpose you know us living more today we want to know you in a deeper way than we've ever known you before you come you speak to our hearts this is not just the ology or anything it's real life stuff. How does the Gospel work we talk a lot about it what's the nuts and bolts about it so Lord yesterday we talked about justification that you're the Justifier. John 146 says you are the way you are the truth and you in the life and so we want to make that a practical experience in our life how you are the way in our life how you the truth so please bless us as we share together today you know we love you and we think in Jesus name in. OK Yesterday No I'm not going to them and say this was a definition simple definition for justification All right Terry you did justify I never said justified never sin and God looks at us and he sees you as Christ perfect character wrapping Asop OK how Today we're going to talk about the 2nd part of the Gospel in John 14 or John Revelation 146 we have these 3 angels that are flying in the midst of heaven right and so sometimes we just brush over that 1st Angelo but the 1st Angelos is carrying the everlasting Gospel and if you look at the world everlasting Gospel is kind of confusing there's a lot of different ideas about the Gospel but the 2 main points of the Gospel is where justified by faith in Christ alone and the 2nd part is are sanctified by faith in Christ alone sanctify this is a part that. The humanity and divinity are combined and are working together to spend our lives over to Jesus in and in the practical aspects of our life things that we war against the temptations and things of the flash and how we have victory over the sinks so. What happens after I give my life to Jesus Yesterday we gave our lives to Jesus Christ brand new fresh never it's never been like that before it's brand new and you're justify your claims from your sins and righteousness and you are covered with his perfect rubber righteousness right you do that OK now he gives you his own righteousness he went through that quite a bit yesterday. And this is the present truth January 30th 890 the moment the sinner lays hold of Christ by faith sins are no longer upon him cry stands in the sinners place and be querulous I have borne their guilt you should be bearing your own guilt right now you gave that away yesterday you should feel guilty about anything we've given to Christ we accepted his peace and joy and forgiveness I've taken his sins I put my righteousness upon him in Christ the sinner stands guilt less they may like that you know it's just lawful same in this class would like to. Read you and Harold July 22nd 884 the moment you surrender yourself wholly to him in simple faith James exception you and surface you in His arms of love he holds you you more firmly then you can grasp him he holds you. Jodi had a story where you found the statement it's not our holding on a crisis him holding on to us or to share that thought you had how you came up to that conclusion because we're in California. OK I don't I don't know if any of you have had this experience where you've been in a Sabbath school class or a prayer meeting and it's testimonial time and people will be praising God for him for helping them find or you know whatever the situation was and then someone will come up and say I let go of the hand of God and I fell this week and I don't know what to do and there people are constantly letting go letting go letting go have you heard that and maybe maybe have experienced that I've let go of the hand of God and I blew it while I I was really wrestling with that it didn't sound good to me it didn't sound right you know it's like this cut across my grain and it almost left me with no hope I thought does my salvation depend on my hold on Christ and so I asked the pastor I asked a Sabbath school teacher and they couldn't give me an answer and so I continued to wrestle with God in prayer and then one day as I was studying inner and doing my devotions I was reading through the book of Acts of the Apostles and I found this wonderful statement and I can't quote it verbatim it says that we can't move. It says something like this if our salvation depended upon our hold on him now is that a direct answer we could not be saved but it depends upon his hold on us our grasp on him may seem feeble and it is isn't it. But he holds us like an elder brother a man and I'll find that for you know sin it to you in an email. Thanks I didn't plan that I do that a lot to her. Let me see if I do have it. Yeah I well. It's actually Apostles 22555552. By $52.00 2nd Perrier says it goes on says his love is that of an elder brother so long as we maintain our union with Him No one can pluck us out of. That so our challenge is to return maintain that you maintain that union with Christ OK We start out with John. 14 Yes morte Yes OK. OK. I said that it's OK come to the light and try up in KOD then Shell your peace be as a river and your rights as US as the waves of the sea Christ object lessons righteousness is right doing us a definition for Rice's doing what is right OK now you're number cells because we're carnal and we're self-centered we can't do what's right but we connect ourselves to Jesus Christ and he's done what is right he will help us to do what is right in every situation and you're going to have to ask yourself what what is right in this situation what should I do and he will help you and it is by the deeds that all will be judged our characters are revealed by what we do the work show whether the faith is genuine so we go out and do good deeds just so we can be saved as at the Woods and now it's kind of your natural thing as we're connected to Jesus we will do right things this is just a natural thing. So you begin your walk in holiness now what we're doing right now. Completeness maturity however you want to say it. Holy completely holy to God It begins to renew our minds do we need our minds renewed. Now for my since I was born I filled my mind this garbage things that was not true holy just are good in the music and tv's and all that type of stuff so I need a new mind Romas 12 to be not conformed to this world but each transformed by the renewing of your mind now Riemann doing our mind it comes by saturating our minds with the Word of God and having God speak to us in so his words will be in your mind we have negative thoughts I don't know if you've ever had negative. Happen to you. You have negative thoughts about people. You ever worked with. Many people here work out of the home so you have a you have a group of people you work with you ever have any negative thoughts about the way they're doing things are not doing. Maybe your pastor even negative thoughts critical thought I would have done it this way why are they doing it that way they should know that that way I would have this way my way is better. And impure thoughts This is why I like to cut my head off sometimes I get so tired of impure thoughts especially for guys I'm just talking for guys but there are billboards there are all kinds of a goofy things bombarding us with sexual immorality OK So any idea about that corrupting influences on the mine television. Turn the T.V. off get rid of it. Reading materials. And it dictions and this is the neat thing about having the Holy Spirit here life now because you're walking in the spirit and the Holy Spirit is going to let you know you're out of line that's his job you know you probably should be reading this you know you probably should be watching as you probably should be listening to this so we need to listen to that voice now yesterday I talked about listening that still small voice in our minds right. That's not something I made up and it's something this found in the scriptures. Soon Isaiah 30 verse 21 as if 3021 in that errors show here a word there's that word again a word behind these saying this is the way walkie in it when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to laugh so God is going to address our thoughts and letting us know which way to go OK look into 5 let us mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus what kind of mind of Jesus had a pure mind give me another some more things about his mind is pure positive was he always looking for ways to like help people so great I love it OK all right uniform so that's the kind of mind he wants us to have to and that's not normal Nina we need to be born again we need you have a new mind he's promised to get to us. He's also told us in the scriptures the things that we can think about now there's a number of things that we shouldn't think about that God's given us a scripture to share what we can think about so we can think about things that are praiseworthy. Noble things lovely things things that are true a lot of things that come into my mind aren't even true and signing a check myself and wait a minute that's true and what I was thinking about the guy. Is a true no i just another as I'm sure then get rid of it just reject it reject out in a lot of things that we have worried about or things have never come true like like going on a mission trip how are we going to get the funds together and God provides a funds or we're going on a trip or something and we start worrying about how we're going to get there how all these parts are going to fit together that's really were is blind and cannot cannot discern the future yeah isn't there a lot of truth things. That we still see. Yeah. There's a lot of truth. You know how true we answer right. But there are some. Raising of. Your own excellent thing Facebook My wife says there's nothing on Facebook true why do we look at it and I'm saying it well I might use. You to there's not a lot of truth on there. Yeah. Yeah so. But yeah and really in reality she's right because there be some guy on there was some. Some health thing that he's done this and then that and you need to buy this this vitamin or you need to buy what and decide even true you know so in a lot of respects that's Cers so excellent things think on things are right and holy and just and good and pure. And we can take them on Jesus we can take upon his life the life that he lived and when he gave up for us it's always safe to think on those things said Grant us 15 I love this when I use it a lot especially I 1st read my life to Christ because I had my mind was so full of garbage it was a constant battle to bring it into subjection to Jesus Christ so I love this text casting down the imaginations and every high thing that exalt myself against the knowledge of God and bray into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ it really truly works I've done it and it works so. These yet tell yourself the truth this is the truth right here your child a king a man OK your child a king a lot of our people forget that but it's important to remember who we are you know say in trying to get Jews to forget who he was in Matthew Chapter 4 went to the temptations got to just told him in his baptism this is my beloved sent does my son right here and so then in the next few verses then Satan comes along and says Well prove it prove who you ARE WE DON'T HAVE TO THIS is the truth right here where child of the King of Kings we should live like that. I'm a new creature today so I use a text yesterday 2nd cricket's 517 are new creatures the old things are passed away the old life they're gone forever it's not part of us anymore and I'm precious to God you think about the cross and what Jesus Christ went through for each one of us individually or against Samedi thing all the suffering that went on to go 70. Because of us because his love for us you're very precious to him you're special to him You're never alone is always there is always behind the scene he's always with you your habits changed you know what I spare my life to Jesus Christ lot of people struggle with smoking and they just can't get over it but when I gave my life to Christ and believe it my whole heart I was a new creature I believe by my faith to God He came into my heart and my life he changed my desires so I did not have a battle of smoking I was smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day. When I quit and God took it from me you just flat out took it from me and I can't say that I did it because I didn't so he did that with alcohol tobacco and all the other negative things in this life he just took away from us so our Him our habits changed because of Jesus Christ we we have. The New have a start developing Oh oh alcohol. Yeah he definitely changed my my desire for that and so he started having me drink so a course of water every day to clean me up. I'm still doing that. It's amazing how important water is to us you know I stopped eating pepperoni pizza 2 o'clock a morning. Guy told me you know this isn't the best thing for us and you know he gave me a choice he didn't force me but I had to make that choice because I had a habit of eating late at night and gross nasty things like fried baby shrimp and all this stuff that when Holy Spirit came in so you know this is not good for you you need to use on about and so he gave me this choice and so was I ever tempted to eat pizza at 2 o'clock in the morning yeah so I recognize that I go wait a minute that's not me anymore and so I chose not to do it that's divinity divinity and. Humanity combined working together God didn't take it away from me he didn't force me not to do it anymore but I made those choices based on education to. OK And then there was you know more fruits and vegetables this was a cool thing about going home. And seeing my mom you know I was at the end of the road and I didn't have a reason to live anymore and the Holy Spirit came into me I didn't know the Holy Spirit and I can say that now you know just flat out told me he said you need to go see your mom in so my mom was a some of them if she wasn't always that way I grew in or not grew up in a non-Christian home and they were living in a tavern they worked in tavern they ran the tavern I slept in the back of his having slept in the car different times all kinds of weird things like that as a young age but now my mom's for life to Christ her whole life changed I saw God change her life and so now here I am at the end of my road. I really think that was where I thought she was weird because I wasn't into it and I really didn't believe in the park got you know I was just a name basically was a swear word before that. And so but when I saw the change in her that really didn't impress me who was in was that happened there so I'm at the end of the road and then this thought came in my mind that's where I really started to listen to this thought that you hear a voice behind you saying this is a way in this word said go see your mom and I thought wow that's really weird science been home for several years and I thought you know maybe I should go do that and see me was something wrong with her Well the thing was it was sort of there was something wrong with me wasn't something room in her and so I got home and she started nursing me back to health and eating vegetarian food getting fresh air exercise and you know drinking water all these types of things and at that point then I really start seeking after if there's a God or not oh yeah I did it you know I was ready you know I knew I needed help you know I was a mess so and that at work you know that's God getting my money back and so that he took you know he changed my music lights and just likes so I went from listening to Led Zeppelin to Amazing Grace. And this is a balance of my heart is balance was with rock and all. But God did it he gave me a choice a member thing I told you yesterday about driving around South a still this is after us baptized out Christ for my life to Christ I'm still driving around listening to stuff. On Christian things in a still small voice came in over the music and told me that Jesus in this movie could be in this inquiry. And so you me and decide who you want to live for now and that's why I said well God I have lived for myself my whole life I don't want to do that Ingmar it's a dead end road and so he took that desire away US took away. So I started listening to him and even this is really strange but classical music. Was in the US. And that was that was me when I joined I met. Her mom gave me a perm. Fro me in have a for oh. OK it was a service. Oh and you had a royal. OK yeah so now he the next he start with with me was changing my dress in when I met her I went to the NIA tell you a story this is part of. I was so excited with the fact that crisis may be a new creature that start telling everybody about it and on the streets I work in a car dealership people come in and I talked about Jesus and he's really cares about him he has part of change our lives and so I started getting a trouble doing this because I was doing it with 2 times in a row talking to married women you know and I learned a lesson very very early onset of this Christianity thing you don't study you with married women alone. And so they were getting this other idea about me and so after the 2nd time I realized this is a problem so I prayed God I need you to help me you know there are many Paul 2 decision only only be Paul the rest of my life trying to help me so I don't get in these situations anymore so I started praying in 3 days after praying in a still small thought Word came into my mind says you need to go to Yakima for church he didn't just like to you know it was 70 miles away. Didn't know anybody and yeah I didn't know he had a church Yeah come on but I bought obeyed. OK we're going and so I had a friend as hang out with him so we both went over there walked into this church. 6 or 700 people was a big church St I know as 13. It was big it was huge and all these 3 piece suit guys walking around you know and I had blue jeans and old leather coat my hairs on my shoulders and so I walked in the door and the lady the greeted us she told us how to get to the youth thing so I walk in there and I look around and it's all these preppy people in there and I'm not preppy and I'm realizing I'm fitting in this thing. Now. I was a little over the heel of you but so I send the back row and I'm just glad to look checking everything out and I really paying attention what's going on and this young lady was up front singing a song by take 3 as a kind of folk song and I listen as OK and I we came out of there what didn't pay attention her at all but her and her friend Debbie came in or do some selves to us and welcomed us to church and come on back and that type of thing and so we drove away we left and I got about a block away in a still small voice came in my mind the same one I'm hearing like go see your mom now it's going to go back and meet the girl. So I we go back there and she's the only one left there but also was gone except her and Debbie and the pastor because she got in trouble but by the pastor and so she was it because she was transferred to control the church I guess. And so. Yeah right so. Anyway so what we walked in there and a leader who had welcomed us so he went you kids core my house and have lunch and that was really cool because then it gave us a chance to to get to know each other a little bit and so we went for a walk in the alley we were talking back there and so we decided what not Rainier you know what up there saying sons' play the guitar played the flute and had a really great sound of it was unusual for me and you know it was foreign I really liked to line so the next week we decided going on the beach to go down that washing Coast Oregon coast in that next part coming out and we pick up a hitchhiker So I want so I'm not going to going. But the point that story is a guided tour wrecked in me so this young lady who had given her life to Jesus Christ and already to say there was no good man in the world anymore and so I was kind of answer to a prayer. As well. And we've been working together for 40 or 40 years now I know I knew her for 6 weeks before we got married I mean 6 months sorry. But. It was 6 months but anyway the point is that you know God directs us together and you know we've been working together sets so. Yeah and so the next thing I was work with me I was hired as drastic I say I was impressed to go get a suit which was really foreign to me and wear suits so I got the suit and met the girl got married and we've been working to yes. Oh my language barrier i told us to kick out a 1st grade for swearing. So God works with us our Let our language to know. Yanna and he will let you know if you're on the line if I say if I even see a slang word now it's wrong you'll tell me you know you shouldn't send or the way I say things like I was a principal high school for a couple to do high schools and getting on people's cases that deserved to be got on and then he would tell me you know what you said was right but the way you said it was wrong and so he corrected me and I like that I want him to do that. So I'm OK he has for 2911 oak Kruk communication with Sen and something that no corrupt words proceed out of your mouth but what is good for avocation that it may impart grace to the here so where to be savers and to are our own people too so we should have grace mixed with our words so that we are saving our own people in the churches so inboard means were not angry and throwing fits in the queue as in people I don't know if you've ever seen that happen but I have this not fun I was in a church one time with there were 3 retired ministers in the new guy in the new guy was not preaching what the old guys preach and so to him got out and they were going to punch him in the borning serious I said Hey you guys I went no time now you can do that we're Christians right so yeah so we can't let. Words are going to hurt people either we can't let the things that skipped out of our Miles. God put a hunger and thirst for Russians in our hearts we 1st got married and I really was hungering and thirsting I wanted to know Jesus so much I just said saturate my life in the Bible I go to prayer meeting I was I was in a little dinky town with just a handful of church members I would go there him a long haired hippy freak with like people in their seventy's eighty's and ninety's and I'm enjoying I just want to go there and hear people talk about Jesus in the Word of God So that's what God does too if we want to hunger and thirst after knowledge and after Russians and why no Jesus Matthew $56.00 Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be killed that's a promise that God's going to Phillis the things that he once loved you will hate and the thing you once hated you now love and I've experienced that in real life and my wife and I both thought that whoever wrote that was crazy we would never stop loving the things that we love in the world in guy has done with us so God puts in the team for sin in our hearts so we're not going to be watching C S I and trying to discover how the body ended up in that certain place in that shape OK that's not part of it actually fossils the near you come to Jesus in a more clearly we discern the purity of his character the more clearly shall we see the exceeding sinfulness in the more really realize what Jesus Christ went through for us and you know really in reality after looking back. Jesus filled all those holes that God had taken out that I was I was so precious to me and I will hold on to Jesus fill those. Holes there will be a continual reaching out of the soul after God. A continual earnest heartbreaking confession of sin and humbling of the heart before Him Lord I need you I need you more today than I did yesterday so it's humbling at every dance step in a Christian experience pounds with demons and we shared that yesterday. There is born within you a desire to share with others this is it the next step and sanctification you not only claim this up and takes things out of our lives the bad habits and Asta if we're willing to give them up but now he with me he woke me up to the needs of people around me so I'm going from being a self-centered person so I want things my way now also and I'm looking at other people and realized there's people out there who have mornings and I do and what can I do to help them and so the 1st thing you do us. Oh no sir just one come to Christ then there's mourning his heart a desire to make known to others what a precious friend he has found the saving and sanctifying truth cannot be shut. In his heart so you guys remember where you came from before you met Jesus what you were like you have a story to tell this other people need to hear your story that only you can tell them OK if we are close their rights as a Christ and are filled with the joy of his in don't drawing spirit we shall not be able to hold our peace in that's true I told you about the girl in the plane I didn't want to talk yesterday and God put me in a position where I had to share what I was doing in my story if we have taste and seen that God is good we shall something to tell now have you found out that God's good phrase got 3 people in your proud you happy happy for you. OK now is good right is good. Is on our side. OK now in Mark 519. Jesus told a demoniacs to go and tell what the Lord has done for you we don't have to go to Andrus to figure out what to tell people this is a personal experience between you and Jesus Christ and you have a story to tell others now what Jesus told the demoniacs go home and tell what I've done for you sheep so this our van is a joy after we know our honeymoon we got married and then they came out of the can van it was all. Like. And so we we left on our journey on our honeymoon and now we start picking up we start to camp a hitchhiker's and sharing Jesus with him so we're going down to Columbia Gorge is a beautiful place that goes out that we're going because it's a few minutes of ignorance Wes. Yeah if you're really missing a lot of young Ben And so we. Were driving down the coast down the gorge and there's a guy hitchhiking got a dog he's going to California of course they over the area was going to California that. Picked him up this is a him. And we just start sharing about how Christ had been changing our lives and the reality of God in so we talked to him and talked went 80 miles out of our way because he kept talking to him and sharing things going to Daniel to an image and all you know all S. and then we let him off in a place called filmic Orgon. And he's still inside the room and. Would take with him and he goes Who are you people anyway this is just beside us I was like the Lone Ranger you know at the end of the show the guy who was that masked man who's kind like that and so we enjoy it so much and he was a captive audience he couldn't jump out you know you want to write and so. So we really enjoyed doing that together God softens our heart of hearts to God as this is a press sanctification OK So you saw it as our hearts now when my mom had me drinking my water going for walks eating vegetables and those types of things well I would go for my walk is a little town about 1200 people I go around this one block and I see this lady in the hospital bed and also in a so still small voice came to my mind. I really do appreciate the still small voice I don't you think and I'm tired I mean but I liked it but I start arguing within the still small voice that go ask the lady what her problem is. What. To do that so I'm walking I see Rover there. You know it's the front in the picture window how she's laying in a bad OK so go go talk to the lady. Talk to the lady you know go talk to her I wouldn't do it so that the next day I come around the house I'd sear in there go talk to the lady go talk to no one i'm just think I'm crazy don't just go walk and some strange person in a hospital bed in her house so I argued her like 3 or 4 days a last day I was just like this no I'm not going to go OK OK I'm sick of it I'll go talk to or I'll go no I'm not going back and forth so someone had a videotape they were seen out and crazy looking so I finally gave in and let go when I talk to or not to the door. And. You know I see. The sounds kind of weird I don't know you but I've been walking by your house here every day for a couple weeks and I just wonder if there's something I could do to help you. And then she's told me she had rheumatoid arthritis couldn't get better the fluid in our eyes had had dried up she couldn't look at T.V. she couldn't read a book it just hurt too much of her time she blinked her eye lids with the like as a gravel in there just terrible situation so I don't know what to say ominous I mean I'm just call the world a few weeks Myra maybe a month or so I don't know and I thought I came in my mind share with with her what you've been reading and I said Well. You know I've been reading as little book called steps to Christ there when I have this book is there any way it doesn't have a book. Early as it great I get to keep these. So and so she says I said I could come over and read to you every day for a while oh which would have you also if you could see and say awesome now be wonderful if you could do that so I would go over there and read to her just a couple paragraphs and then share what it meant to me in I did that for several weeks and she was finding peace and joy in her condition because Jesus was talking to her and she was realizing that he loved her. And so after several weeks she died. But I know I'm going to see her again she found Christ so praise God and God knew that he kept pronto me go see your goal see here several times in my life this is happen where I've argued God in committee one more story I was. On the same wavelength here. I was build a house in Seattle I worked in that academy. During our breaks I take the kids different places we built things because that's what I do I built things and so I was build this house in Seattle and there was a fruit stand on the bottom is Hill over it stay in every day would go by the fruit stand and when the kids would say hey can we get a watermelon. You know so I go in there we knew you had to get this watermelon the 1st day I went there and I didn't use nail guns back in those days we use sinkers which had vinyl coatings on these 16 nails so it's green stuff again your fingers and so she noticed that and she said What are you doing picking berries you know what oh no no who are building a house for yourself or somebody else so well as for somebody else yeah that's the way it is down here always building things for other people this isn't a weird thing and so I go yeah and then this thought just still small voice came in my mind and said Tell her about the house you're going to build when Earth is made you know. I go I can't be telling her I mean this this is a business I can't meet tell her and so I go OK we're done and so she kind of care that I got up and I countered set on it like that and looked at her like this I said one of these days I'm going to build my own house and no one else is going to have it all really wears activity Well I believe it just cries going to make this Earth brand new and we all get to build our own houses and 10 years old kinds and crazy stuff and she has oh well tell me more are. Start sharing some more things are there and I said listen I've got a couple of books with me I'll just give you the books went out grab steps to Christ and health and happiness and game to her we left that was it and then who got that was really weird. And then a couple days later the kids is going to want to really. Sure drop in there she goes you've got your back your back you say my life you say my marriage I don't quite understand oh we're free I have to say here marriage yes those books my husband I were Christians and we've given up and gone because we have some hard times and we'd split for him left him and that book steps to Christ really touch my my husband's heart and now we're having devotions again and she's reading the other book OK God knew this from talking about you know this so start listening that still small voice. Just see what happens so the 3rd time we went to get a watermelon she was gone I go What happened to the lady in the water Melissa they move back to Missouri. Missouri not right I don't know maybe it's from Missouri but. I really brother so I don't mean to offend you I say this OK What why would you move back to Missouri you know but but the fly after the whole they have God how many opportunities these little slivers of time that we have to share with somebody and we don't take it we don't see it and so I want to spring out God help me all my eye so I can see some listening to you so I can plant a seed there and I've had some unbelievable experiences and someday if we have just a time for sharing those types of things I would like to do that because it's so much fun to work with God So OK so she passed away but she found Christ and then there's the homeless helping homeless people and we did that for a while. We fed people in the streets in New York in a van ministry we were there seeing people and just your eyes and hearts are open to the needs of people God soften my heart to helping other people. Our worldly interests are replaced with heavenly interests which we spent 25 years in Christian education. Because I want kids to understand what I've gone through and they don't have to go through that and they can find Jesus right now and not go through a lesson and that's that was my point yesterday you don't have to go to hell to understand you need Christ in each one of us must get to the point where we see it without Jesus we're nothing can hope you got that yesterday oh OK since you have been risen raised with Christ sick those things which are above where crisis on the right hand of God So you're factions mind of things above not on things of this earth for you died yesterday and. And your life is now today she didn't was Christ in high right we have to start thinking this way folks really were not the old creatures anymore that died yesterday were brand new and God started a new life in this yesterday OK when Christ who is our life shall appear then you shall also appear with you know in glory because we're going to be living the life of Christ recalling to be looking for the needs of other people and taking care of them so the old man is dead that old nature knowing this that the old man is Chris vive him that the by a sin might be destroyed that henceforth we should not serve sin for he that is dead is free from sin we're dead to the old way of life. Therefore. Put to death your members which are upon the earth fornication uncleanness passions evil desires and covetousness which is idolatry we're being sanctified now are being made holy in it in the likeness of Jesus Christ we give the justification yesterday today we're being sanctified Now you yourself are to put off these things out of kolache insert he a anger wrath malice blasphemy filthy language out of your mouth I read I go man Lord I need help here and he did it and he to sway told me in a still small voice that slow down in THINK before you speak in that one thing help me to say no to swearing in dirty jokes and things like that Romans 66 or 7 being made free from sin you become the servants of righteousness. So now our job we're connected to Christ Our job is to take care of other people and watch for ways we can help him bless others and that he put on I never look like this guy I know. That's not me but that you put on a new man which after God is created in rightness and true owing us therefore as a elect of God holy and beloved put on Tender Mercies kindness humility meekness and long suffering that's what we are to put on in God will come and he'll do that in a sense we spent time with. Sanctified life is a self-denying life. The Christian life is not a modification or improvement of the old but he transformation nature of the nature. There is death to self and sin and a new life altogether I know this I think is one of the problems we have with our evangelism to get them to to believe what we believe in the 27 for 20 fundamental doctrines we don't teach them about it's not just putting on an old garment on same old body it's all new it's not it's not an improvement of the old God transforms us from the inside out yet to self and sin a new life altogether this is Paul saying this and we need to say this every day to Isaiah and crucified with Christ Nevertheless I live not I the Christ now lives in me the life I now live I live by faith in the Senate God who loves me and gave Himself for me to 20 sanctify life is not easy because you have to die yourself and the old nature doesn't like it to die once live the warfare against self is the greatest band that was ever fun yelling a self surrendering all to the will of God inquire requires a struggle that the soul must submit to God because it can be before it can be renewed in holiness and yes we can talk about that yesterday with the white flag and smearing up your will to God genuine sanctification this is a definition of definition for sanctification is a daily dying to self in David daily conforming your will to the will of God OK no justification was when God looks you he looks you just as you if you had not sin right and so now sanctification is this daily dying to ourselves and conforming our will to will those are the 2 definitions what does self-denying life look like. OK the last Tory Jodi got a call to go down to Maison facts I didn't and so she didn't want to go and so she had all this list why why we couldn't go like we had a cat what are we going to what the cat. All these little things you know and she made a list of and she was agonizing and she was crying and and I don't I don't want to do this I don't want to go so she made a list of 10 things why she couldn't go she went to sleep God woke up the middle of night with 10 Bible verses explain why she could go so it's really pretty cautious on no I guess we're going to California so we got to 27 foot that's 24 knots 2242 foot because I like to impress I am 42 sounds a lot more impressive than 24 doesn't so we're driving is big on you haul down California so yeah. So we get down there we rented a motel apartment which I paid most apartments but we that's what we had to do unloaded and so the next day we rent a storage unit to store the stuff that wouldn't fit into the apartment and I told her I said listen just follow me when we leave here just follow me because I don't know where this you harps you whole place is you know we're in a foreign area we don't know the people just follow me and so I get in a truck I drive down one block and I look in the mare she's not there. What happened where she go so I pull over and wait wait wait nothing I go. In a while just follow me turn around go back story Geria. Did you see my wife last she left with you. Rick. So anyway long story short we drove around this little town for several hours trying to find each other and I'm driving this truck up and down streets why couldn't she just follow me. And so I'm starting to feel the pull of flesh you guys are felt a pull the flesh I mean I can like right on the edge like I'm going to scream because I have a time limit I have to get this truck back and I can't find her so I'm going up to a tight stomachache and anxiety and and then I know you're she comes now she's going right towards me just go around the block around the block and so we went around to different blocks I never did find her true story true story and so then I was really upset and so finally before I lost control of myself the Holy Spirit said pull over and wait for her which And I think I tell women as a woman private have done that hours before I did right but I did and I had an agonizing thing I can work this thing out I can figure it out so I pull over and I start praying you should pray for your wife she's just like traffic and she's in a new place too and she's afraid and then I start praying for her and then by doing that then I relax and I call. And now here he or she comes. She's full in the parking lot she got out of the truck my ticket and we had the look track phones we bought because we didn't want to run up big bills like we have now. And she said just keep this with you. So. So so often now. I didn't design it. But there was a dying the southeast crucifying of South and picking up a cross daily and following that they got those and they got the see if a man come after me he must deny himself take up this cross daily and fall now every day is new and different is exciting we don't know what's going to happen so every day we need to pick up that cross so that as we surrender ourselves to Christ every day we commit our ways into the Lord then whatever happens during that day we can say OK with faith that God is with me through this thing OK so we can endure it something I means to rule the spirit when passion is seeking the mastery Hashan was seeking the mastery with me but I didn't get into it I felt the pull of flash in fact if I had the time I'd read some more statements that were that are not on the screen that says if a Christian will feel the you've got it OK she can talk about that so to resistant Taishan to censor and to speak faultfinding words I've been there I taught kids for 20 some years and I had a lot of different times when I want to say something to have patience with a child who is dull and whose conduct is trying your Been or. But this is what the non-self is all about the Stand Your post a duty when others might Why do I have to do this I'm the only one doing the stuff they always ask me to do and I have to do in oils is helping them all alone so yes stop Stanley opposed to live responsibility whenever and wherever you can to work on even though your efforts is not appreciated and receive no credit my wife spent a lot of time planning things at the school where you work and she planted this. This appreciation dinner for our leadership she did all the planning got all a fundraiser together and sent our principal a minister to why. Because we appreciate him but she didn't get a appreciating appreciation for it she was only one didn't appreciate it but we worked on that's not why we were doing it to get credit for it now. OK take a cross means keep silent let others to praise let's praise you when you would praise yourself to see to the needs of others and do what you can to relieve them instead of pleasing yourself that's a hard one to practice Christian courtesy even when it is inconvenient to do saw So open your door to the homeless know to do so may tax your means and your patients we've got a number of people living with us since we set our lives of Christ the last time we had a girl as a prostitute and meth and feed him phenom mean that of mine. A person and it was not easy but we gave her a place to stay with a clean bed and her own bathroom and totally blew away and good food to eat and she was with us for about 6 weeks went through every can Cox tape we had every. Mazing fax tape we had to really soaking up the word in so she went home to see her mother where she had been home for a dumper years went home got hooked back on meth we are sorry again so but we did it we could we plan says I have no idea what guys going to do with that OK. The prayer Father my desire. Personal desire learned your church we knew you we are people here who are you know and you know our strengths and weaknesses. In your we believe you know the power to change us into your likeness to make us whole and complete Please be with each person here learned pray I want to see these people again in a sea of glass so keep us face floor surround us with your hands of angels 6 on St keep us from falling to 24 you said you would help us to submit to you Lord to walk with you daily Thank you for being here today or lot of examples low stories as pray that something will click and help is still walk with you. Thank you for answering prayer bless you the rest of this day and I think in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio course or if you would like to listen to more sermons pleaded visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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