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Satan is Defeated - Part 3

Jed Genson Jodi Genson




  • June 20, 2018
    9:30 AM
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Father in heaven thank you for this new day and I pray for your Holy Spirit I pray that we can make this message so clear and simple that we'll go out of here rejoicing because we've been set free and Jesus' name amen OK today's title is the truth Jesus is the truth Monday Tuesday Jesus is the way he is your justification he is your sanctification He is also the truth and the truth is that Satan is defeated. Satan has been defeated. This is Zoe is my niece's youngest daughter she is 10. She is athletic she loves to play football her favorite team is the Green Bay Packers and she is the only girl on her teams folks are all her school's football team she plays tackle football. And she I think she's a receiver because I swear when to practice one time I saw her coach said run out so she ran out she caught the ball and she made it she made a touchdown but this is only OK now this is Danielle Danielle is her older sister by 11 months and 3 days Danielle is a girly girl Danielle loves music and she loves dance and she loves talent shows and she loves dresses Zoe does not like dresses now typically they get along really fine I mean their clothes they love each other but sometimes it doesn't always go smoothly and they've gone into a little squabble. And so Danielle told Zoe to stop doing whatever she was doing and dad and Zoe answered like this. You're not the boss of me you heard that heard kid say that you're not the boss of me. Oh OK There you go OK well. Don't we don't we sometimes feel that you know towards someone else who tries to bully us or someone is being bossy or you're not the boss of me I don't have to do it you Tommy Well that's kind of what we need to say the devil you're not the boss of me anymore right so in the morning this is how we. This is how we tell him he's not the boss of you in the morning you say Lord in the morning I will direct my prayer to you so in the morning you get up you say you will hear my voice ascending high that's how you receive power. To say no you are not the boss of me Satan is defeated and I like that idea he has no more authority over you Scripture says and here is 214 that Christ took on human nature human nature our nature that through death he might destroy him who has the power of death that is the devil through death Jesus destroyed the power of the devil he did it back then which means that it's not alive anymore right if it's been destroyed 1st John 38 he who sins is of the devil for the devil has sinned from the beginning for this purpose the Son of God was manifest that he might destroy the works of the devil and another one desire of a just Page $311.00 says this the plan of redemption contemplates contemplates what. Our complete recovery from the power of Satan Christ always separates the contra soul from sin now back to my illustration Christ came that he might destroy the work of the devil he always separates the contract soul from sin how does he do that by taking your sins upon himself the father it was HIS good pleasure to lay upon the son the sins of the world why because of love so if the power of the devil is crushed. Then where does that leave us. Liberated we are set free from that and we need to read we need to accept that we need to grasp it we have been set free continuing he came to destroy the works of the devil and he has made provision that the Holy Spirit shall be imparted to every repentant soul to do what to keep him from sinning now I'm going to throw out this word that some people do not like to hear it's called being made perfect in Christ some people gasp will never going to happen it's impossible what does what does it say here he has made provision that we through whom the Holy Spirit shall be imparted given to keep us from sinning. Now if we do away with the Holy Spirit what hope do we have none OK Luke 1019 Now listen to this one behold. I give you the authority who is Jesus talking to. And to his disciples right to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you we've given we've been given power and authority over the devil and over his power through whom. Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that keeps us from saying Now let me explain this I'm not saying that. Mr tempter comes to me and he tempt me to eat a snickers bar and so I just stand my ground I say you're not the boss of me is that how it works. Absolutely not it's through Jesus Christ he's the one through the Holy Spirit that keeps me from sinning just talked about the power of choice yesterday when I see a Snickers bar which I have to confess is a weakness of mine when I see them and they have those jumbo sizes that have 2 in there I usually buy one so we can share them but I know he's not going to eat it. I have a choice to make. The Holy Spirit reminds me that you know what your health is really important right now make a good decision. Say. I that's right you can choose not to so. Lost here. OK So if Satan is defeated why is he able to cause so much trouble have you guys thought that man well let's take a look I thought this was so cool job 3811 says this far you may go no farther I think God has put him on a leash. You know those retractable ones can go a little bit but I'm holding it this far you can go and no farther God allows him to test us he allows him to tempt us but who's in control of the leash. Praise the Lord right. Oh yes but the good thing is as he has left it up to us to inforce that that previous decision that final. What is it when you're in court you have this. Verdict Yes the final verdict. Out of Mind character and personality. Page $24.00 it says God has given us says staining grace through the merits of Christ sufficient to withstand Satan and to be more than conquerors So how much is given to you. What does that mean. To be sufficient is enough to take care of business not more than not less than but sufficient he's given us sufficient grace right Grace that word that means something we don't deserve something we can't earn but it's given to us and enough of it. Power yes sufficient to withstand Satan and be more than conquerors. I like this text in a 2nd printing is 129 that that it is through. Forget it my grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in your weakness it's like he says I love it when you're weak because then I am strong OK he needs to be strong in working through sanctification is that union of humanity and divinity working together for your salvation not that you earn it you already have it but for your fitness for the kingdom he is a bully What is it what's the bully's job. And him a day Sion right I worked in a GED lab I'll tell more stories tomorrow I think I'll tell you what I came from a Christian school a bubble of protection we had this atmosphere that we controlled we knew what everybody was supposed to think lesson to eat and how the response to dress and now I am in this public school system with at risk teens I now have gangstas I have felons I have pregnant teenagers I have drug deals in my classroom in my 1st day I'm there by myself and in walks my bad boys OK so they walk in there holding up their pants they've got their hoodies over their head their walk in and their dog and this teacher this white woman older middle aged woman and I'll tell you what I was totally intimidated by these boys. And I'll tell you how I got over that to morrow. They like to annoy you right they want to break down your wall of resistance. They want to get you to the point where you know if you look directly into their eyes it's almost like they've got control over you they say don't look into the eyes of a lion while for a reason. I found this I thought was kind of cool it takes forever to find yourself but it only takes one second to forget who you are he is a bully he wants to intimidate you he wants you to forget who you are you have a little purple card on there to remind you who you are in Christ he wants you to doubt your kinship with Jesus what is his relation to you was a Bible saying what is Christ relationship to you as a say. This is shepherd a friend but he is your brother a joint error with Christ. Yes and he wants you to forget that relationship so we tend to for many years I tend that's not the right word. I kind of separated myself in terms of relationship that there's the father and he is way up there and I know that I cannot approach him but then there's Jesus and and Yes Jesus loves me this I know but still there's that is like I didn't think I could have a connection a living connection with him nobody taught me how to have that so it takes forever to find yourself but only a 2nd to forget who you are. He did this with Jesus as judge mentioned the other day when Jesus was baptized Jesus heard this is my be loved Son in whom I am well pleased he had his his identity made known but he also had this sense of assurance I am well pleased Wouldn't you love to have the father say that about you this is my beloved son my daughter in whom I am well pleased you have made me proud and I beam over you I read Joyce over you with singing Do you believe that. We have to we have to remind ourselves of these things. He said if you are the Son of God and he says that to us if you are the daughter of God then why did you blow it so miserably. If you supposedly have authority over me now and you could trample on me then how come you're acting like that. How do we respond if you're like me sometimes I kind of in up in a puddle because he intimidates you and yes he's telling you the truth but we've got to remember who we are in Christ and who he is and that we are he is a child and he's not going to leave us to his hands. Luke 2267 tell us if you be the Christ the Son of God But Jesus said If I tell you you won't believe. So what can we do we need to know our identity I did not have the privilege of knowing my father my mom married him she was 16 she and her friend went down on the lamb at River during their Rose Festival time of Portland Oregon the naval ships to come in and dock there and so the sailors and Marines and all the you know sea vacillating military with their Coast Guard and my mother met this handsome sailor he was tall had red hair and freckles and blue eyes and she was just and so my mother and her friend made it their civil duty to kiss the sailors goodbye as they disembarked while she ended up marrying this guy but I never knew him he left my mother when she was pregnant with me and he did not know about me so I grew up this is me here on sickle I grew up not knowing who my daddy was I've had 4 dads dad number 2 was abusive to my mother dad number 3 and it up in a penitentiary and Dad number 4 is who I call my dad today I adopted him you know I took his last name but these bible verses here these are really important to me personally and I hope that if you have you know a similar situation they'll be important to you to Jeremiah 15 before you were born I knew you excuse the typos in there before I was born he knew me and he called me by my name and he says you are mine says the Lord and the next one here says I will be a father to you and you will be my daughter says the Lord Almighty don't worry about an earthly father if you don't have one you have a Heavenly Father. So I'm 2710 and John 1627 together so when my father 1st thinks me then the Lord will take care of me for the father himself loves me the father himself loves me that was really an eye opener for me because I always hear Jesus loves you but what about the father the father himself loves you it was the father in Christ reconciling the world unto himself he wasn't just up there saying Oh I hope this ends soon I can't stand the misery no he was all in all in Jeremiah 2911 for I know the thoughts I think toward the use of the Lord thoughts of peace and not evil to give you a future and a hope I grew up in secure I was a skinny little girl I think I got a picture of a skinny little girl who here now if you 626 look at the birth of the air for they neither so nor read nor gather into barns yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not of more value than they growing up thing and I have no value I'm just skinny little girl here going to school no friends my mother used to cut my hair like this tell me if you tell me and you know the name of this hair cut. STRAIGHT No I wasn't down and around. A Dutch Boy everybody here Dutch boy haircut and I had to wear saddle shoes with a thick sole because my mom couldn't afford to buy me shoes I wanted those nice patent leather shoes but I always wear a hole in the toe so I do wear those you know fix old shoes and I had to wear a stirrup pants those stretchy kind but I didn't have a waist they kept falling down. But this is me my identity I was I was every bullies friend. I was called Dumb do we when I was in school so I couldn't do anything right you know they always played games at school and everybody had to participate when your class was out there you know they choose sides. Line up line up I'll take you you you you you Oh that's due east She's the last one all right come on over doing. Well there's a song that I really like you kind of encapsulate this experience of mine. Says. Down on the schoolyard they were choosing up sides and one child stood there with tears in her eyes I'm making a personal. She had been here before and somehow she knew she'd still be standing when the choosing was through but from up in they haven't The father looked down and he saw what happened down there on the ground and his angels rejoiced as he said to his son watch what I do with that one for the last to be chosen are the 1st he will call and what he does through them will amaze one and all. It won't be the hero who carries the ball the last to be chosen are the 1st he will call so you know God took me from this skinny little girl. Wallflower nobody likes me I'm going to be the last one here can't do anything right to going out in the middle of the ball field while as they played kickball and I hated kickball they always put me way out there because they knew I wouldn't do anything so fat to me comes up everybody is as bad to me as up let's back up back and so they roll the ball in fact to me you're kind of as fat jiggles you know and he does alone lodges that poor goes way out and I'm stand there like oh oh oh balls coming toward me and I doesn't like this and I caught the ball and heard just a few moments I was a hero but it didn't last. So growing up to see my mask this is Helloween. I never wanted a scary mask I wanted a pretty mask I wanted to be pretty I wanted to be special so I'd hide behind a mask God did not for sake me he says I know the plans I have for you and he took this shy insecure do nothing right little girl that was skinny at one time and I've changed. We're doing seminars and we're sharing our story with hundreds of people I stood in front of thousands of people in the Philippines and preached an evangelistic series not the whole series just you know a couple meetings but I couldn't I could have done that but what can you do with you who are you what is your identity OK here's my identity I am complete in him collage Institute and anyone else complete. If you're complete What's missing. Not the right I am greatly loved. Too for I am precious Isaiah 43 for I am his friend John 155 I am more than conqueror through him Romans 837 I am a child of the king a joint air with Christ John 112 Romans 817 the events in early childhood affect who we become as adults is this true or false. But we don't have to stay that way true or false we were working in a foster care facility we were it was a. Not in a home but it was like a group home thing and we were dealt with teenage girls terribly traumatized girls and I listened in on one of their counseling sessions now I don't know if anyone here has mental health counseling background anybody here OK All right so some of you have some of you have a background in this and I don't understand your methods but I do know this when they were counseling with one of these girls 16 year old she had to go back and remember everything again every time they had a counseling session they had to go over the same material so I asked the counselor she had a master's degree or something doctor she was a doctorate I said Well these girls ever be able to move on move past and live a normal life she says no they won't. I disagree with that I think the power of God can Renu the mind and he can change the circumstances and make you something precious so you don't have to relive and be that person who was traumatized you're going to remember you're not going to forget your past as you can move on that's right you can Satan's most effective weapons if you guys know what they are don't tell me because I'm going to tell you. OK Once upon a time the Devil decided to have a garage sale OK he did it because he wanted to clear out some of his old tools and make room for some new ones so he puts these price tags on and a gentleman came in and he looked at the different things and arranged on the table where the best tools of the devil's trade though worn with age so criticism had a price tag of 200 $50.00 on it and then next to it was this curb cutting tool kind of like sharp real sharp and it was labeled bitterness $500.00. And the other tools were labeled and priced according to their worth but in the corner this man saw a tool that was very well worn and it was almost rusty and the handle was kind of worn down in he says. Hey is this price right there was a tag on it and said $12000.00 for this tool and he says wait a minute how come this tool is so much. Says well because this one is discouragement and it's my best tool my most effective tool discouragement criticism. So the best tool is what discouragement how do we get discouraged through criticism criticism hurts I'm guilty of it my tongue can be harsh and critical. I may not mean it to be that way but it comes out that way criticism hurts especially for children I was criticized often not so much by my mother but by my schoolmates by my brother's criticism hurts and you've heard that sticks and stones may break my bones but what. Words can never hurt me that's false they hurt right now critical words tear through the heart leaving a gaping wound that takes years sometimes to heal you grow up with it you live with it it's a constant neg to you criticism you start believing what you're hearing about yourself that's why it's so. Effective I guess whereas out the life forces were breaks down your confidence and then if you have no confidence course not in yourself but but you just feel like you're you're a nothing then that's when he can just like snap you right up right take cautions for 6 here's the remedy this says Jodi it's directed to me Jodi let your words be all ways with grace. Season 2 of salt so that you may know how to answer everyone you know what properties salt has I mean what's a good for anyway what does it do it's a pretty reservation right. Slavery and cleanses let your words preserve let your words cleanse one else what happens if you put salt in a wound and stings do are words need to sting some time not in a critical way you know there's a jacket is really. Doesn't go with your pants. But. But sometimes our words need to sting so that we can preserve right don't they rub some of you folks who are I never did this but my grandfather used to take salt and rub it on meat man that would hurt take it to grind it in it's not this fine refined salt but it was really course salt but it was to preserve it and sometimes it hurts to preserve OK so we don't have to mean our words to be hurtful you know what I mean the difference there came bitterness and resentment defy all bitterness and resentment now Hebrews 1214 says See to it. Make sure that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no better route to grows up a bitter root grows up to cause trouble and the file many presentment this route the gross to me and it it causes trouble here at these roots they go down deep this is Grandpa. Jed's dad now he lived with us for about 4 years I took care of him. When he came to live with us after Judd's mother died he was walking and then surely there after he ended up paralyzed he had a tumor that metastasized on his spine that left him paralyzed so I was his care provider I was 23 years old I had my daughter was just very young I learned how to take care of a Q.B. dial service I learned how to transport from bed to a chair how to get him into this whole year lift and move him around and give him as well they can go to the bathroom take care of us catheters I was a practical nurse taking care of my father in law and it was 247 at his beck and call I had to make sure his food was right he was also diabetic he had emphysema so you know there was all kinds of stuff that I had to be responsible for and so home I started to feel about my freedom I don't have any anymore one time I wanted to get away for the weekend and so we made arrangements to go to visit my parents across the mountain and I made arrangements for someone to came in and stay with George and it was a young man that George liked Well and and so I took him in and we told him ahead of time so this was not a surprise he seemed to be fine with it you know how when people seem to be final something and then all of a sudden it blows up in your face well this is what happen every night I would tuck Grandpa and I called him Grandpa and I'd kiss him goodnight on the forehead and did that I said tomorrow we're going to leave go over to Yakima Sol remember Tim's going to come over and take care of you and boy did he let me have it. I'm your responsibility I pay you the state pays you you shouldn't be able to leave me with anybody and blah blah blah Well I'm going to share this verse tomorrow so don't hold it against me if I tell it to you now. But in the book of Psalms David recounts this experience he had says something like the fire burned within me and as I mused and I thought upon the situation to just build build build build and then I spake with my tongue if you had that experience like this volcano inside that's what happened to me and I said this to him Now normally I'm not disrespectful to my elders but I said you are a selfish old man and all my word I had this bolt of lightning that came down from heaven and just cut right through my words and conviction came to me that no Jodi George does not know me you do and that was wrong and I fled to my room and I fell across my bed and I wept and I wept and I said I don't know what's wrong with me and he said this in a we're talking about voice in your head right he said this what you are experiencing is reason to print Ari ass easy and T M E N T resentment resentment is sin Jodi but we can do something about it OK he doesn't leave us but sometimes he spells it out for us sometimes he allows us to make a terrible mistake so he can teach us the problem problem was not George the problem was deeper I had a root of bitterness that had been growing and he wanted me to get rid of it he said let's cut the tree what is it take the axe to the root of the tree let's get rid of it so. I did I submitted myself to God I said Lord I don't want this I don't like it he wants us to see ourselves in that situation how we look if we had a mirror we could see our face and what it looks like and how red it is and how angry we look and how distorted our faces so that we can say I don't like what I see sin has got to become distasteful to us and we don't want it anymore and I'm on my I'm in my sanctification walk here and I fell but he says that's why we're doing this it's a work of a lifetime you don't just get over it so. He said Now you need to go make things right so. I thought oh man this is going to be hard but I did homeboy when course my eyes are all swollen goes I think right and I sat down beside his bed and I said Grandpa. I'm so sorry so sorry that I spoke to you the way I did now I was expecting him to apologize to. I was expecting him to you know throw was arms around me and we could weep together and we can have this pact now we're never going to treat each other like that again and it didn't help and he said Well soon you know you'll have a bad day every now and then. So what happened what's wanted to what wanted to grow in my heart again. This. But now I can make a choice do I want to look like that again you know I had to submit that feeling that sensation to God and let him give me love for George and he we did we loved each other he was just it was awesome he was this old coot they called him. Some 38 force of my bill my guilt or my bitterness has overwhelmed me like a burden to have you to bear. You hold on to it it grows inside and we tend to suppress it until it eventually has to come out somehow right visions for 31 let all bitterness wrath anger clamor and evil speaking be put away from you with all malice and be kind one to another tender hearted forgiving one another even as God and Christ forgave you the cup gets heavier the longer we hold and I wish I had these little cups some of you were here last year and you held a cup little 2 ounce Dixie Cups that had just a smidgen of water in it and I had everybody hold it out extended like this I can do this no problem but the Pretty soon as like this straight out. It gets heavier the longer you hold it and it becomes painful so you gotta let go of it sometime you might as well do it now right Philippians 313 this one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching for those things which are ahead many of us know that forgiveness is a good thing right it frees us from bitterness frees us from resentment and helps our physical health right Laura you know that you teach it well how come we have a hard time forgiving ourselves the truth of the matter is you can't forgive yourself some of you might disagree with me but I've got a Bible verse that tells me that that is true. This is out of steps to Christ 52 jesus loves to have us come to him that this is not on your outline so Mark steps to Christ 62. Jesus loves to have us come to him just as we are sinful helpless dependent we may come with all our weakness our folly our sinfulness and fall at his feet and penitence How much do we have to get rid of before we fall at his feet we're supposed to bring how much oh give me your heart don't dissect it and keep part for yourself give it all to me it is His glory His prerogative his joy to encircle us in His arms of love and to bind up our wounds he doesn't leave those wounds gaping open and to cleanse us from all impurity Now I had a one of my little girls we were doing a week of prayer at a school and she came up and she was crying and she confessed to me that she had committed a sexual sin. But she wanted that pure heart says I can't have that pure heart and I said yes you can Christ can purify your heart he can change your mind the physical body that's temporary but he gives you back that pure heart as you walk with him and here is where thousands fail they do not believe that Jesus pardons them personally individually if you are holding on saying I can't forgive myself for my past sin and you do not believe that Jesus pardons you personally completely they do not take God at His word it is the privilege of all who comply with the conditions to know for themselves that pardon is freely extended for every sin not just the real bad ones for every sin. Complete pardon justification put away the suspicion that God's promises are not meant for you they are for every repairing tent sin or none are so sinful that they cannot find strength purity and righteousness in Jesus who died for them. Put it away remember you gave your heart to Jesus use surrendered to him at the cross he took that guilt that sin upon himself it does not belong to you anymore now you can wrestle it away you'll give it back if you want it but don't take it back don't carry it leave your burden of the cross and then walk with Jesus he was 914 the blood of Christ through the eternal spirit will purge our consciences from acts that lead to death this is not on your outline get used to it we're going to add stuff it may not be on your outline at it what does he do what is the blood of Christ combined with the Spirit do. What is purge mean. Purge your it's out what is the purge your conscience your conscience now your conscience is tender to the Spirit of God when those thoughts of your past come back and they will you just say this you're right old devil I did that and I have repented of that sin and the blood of Jesus Christ has purged my conscience from all guilt I carry no more stain. Upon my character if you want to talk further about it you take it up with my father and have a. Natural Response don't don't submit yourself to his suggestions I've got that on tomorrow. Yes ma'am for many many years I thought that was myself telling me that and it wasn't until I real as an admin to I learned that it was to double up on those nights and we had and I was an event for a long time before I really grasped that but that wasn't me saying that that was a double saying that then I had the option to kick him out a man that's it recognize whose voice You're listening to OK Another one is doubt in fear so I got to run through here and my husband's going to start telling me to watch the clock testimonies Volume 4 page 116 faith grows strong and earnest conflict with doubt and fear to want your faith to grow how many of you want your faith to grow how many of you are willing to grow it through doubt and fear earnest conflicts. I don't know I'm going to think about that when that's how it grows with doubt and fear now did any of the. Prophets and kings and Mina faith wrestle of doubt and fear this out of prophets and kings page $162.00 into the experience of all their calm times of keen disappointment and utter discouragement it is then that many lose their hold on God and are brought into the slavery of doubt. Known as the word their slavery to doubt you just obey it whenever it comes that suggest to you go OK I guess that's the way it is you know all. Christian Education Page 112 but they the followers of Christ can make advancement only through conflict what's a conflict between. Truth an error what else. Yes what else yes what else you talked about yesterday. Your old man yes the spirit the flesh in the spirit through conflict because we have to continually crucify the old man put it to death kill it when it comes put it to death choose to put it to death for there is an enemy that ever contends against them what if you do presenting temptations to cause the soul to doubt and sin if we doubt to God loves us that he has our best interest in mind that he is with us he'll never leave us then that puts us out here by ourselves an easy prey that's what he wants he doesn't show himself to you as a monster that says Come with me little girl. He comes to you with all these suggestions in your mind that's why nobody here has this problem but if your mum filling your mind with garbage put it away. Christ needs to take residence here. This is me I'm just going to tell she shortly I miss my my darling little baby girl Beth over in the corner he came just so she can see what pictures I put up here. She was about 16 months old and I found out I was pregnant but I had been a topic pregnancy and I lost the baby and nearly lost my life because I was hemorrhaging the 2 brush or 2 and I was hemorrhaging so. I made it through that experience I still had my baby at home but I longed to have another child and it just wasn't happening so I started claiming these promises here some 37 verses 4 and 5 Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart so my faith is being exercised I'm claiming promises like I was taught to do OK coming your way and to Lord trust also in him and what is the promise he shall bring it to pass so I claim that promise and I went to a doctor and I asked you I said so. You know I'm not able to get pregnant again he says well all time without hemorrhaging you have all this kind of tissue damage and women who experience this rarely ever get pregnant again so I looked at him and I said well I serve a big God and he doesn't love me any more than he loves Sarah and if he can perform a miracle in a barren woman at 99 years old he can perform one on me who's not quite that old. And so I went home and in I just I knew he was going to give me another baby and I got pregnant again and I'm like whoa God is real he answered my prayer but it was a 2nd topic pregnancy so now what's the old devil doing he's taking advantage of my weakness or causing me to doubt and fear and putting these suggestions in my mind. God does not love you see you gave your heart to him You claimed his word his word means nothing to look at you you're all cut open and yours so or you can't move he just had an operation and it's dawn you'll never have a baby again. So I'm feeling it he gets you in your weakest point physically emotionally I was exhausted and of course I had these questions in my mind I don't get it God I don't get it I don't understand and we won't understand everything that comes to us and why it comes the faith has to reach out when overwhelmed with the clouds of darkness we must choose to believe Though He slay me yet I will trust Him and even if he does not deliver us from the fire old King we will not bow down to you. So the nurse told me I could get in the shower once you get up and get a shower Well I don't want to you know how it is you just go down you're depressed I was. So I'm in the shower and it's all steamy hot and this comes into my mind the Holy Spirit speaks to your mind where there are precious and words and love and and comfort he says so if God loves me I didn't want to because I'm wrestling with God I don't understand he gave it to me he took it away that's what I was thinking that's what suggestions are coming in. So he's OK God loves you know if I was a teacher you know that's not how you do it. So I said that 3 times God loves me God loves me God loves me and those clouds dissipated my discouragement was gone I was still in a weakened condition I made my way back to my bad I got my blanket up I wanted to go to sleep I didn't want to visit or I wanted nobody to come and see me I just need to sleep I've been through a battle and I need to rest well in walks the little chaplain she looks at my my bed make sure I'm who they said I was and then she comes over by my side and she takes my hand and she's comforting me and saying it's hard to lose a baby isn't it and all my it came right. Right back it keeps coming back but you have to continually resist through there was Spirit of Christ and so I took my blanket and I covered my head and I said God loves me God loves me God loves me and then this these words came out and they were not my words it was the Word of God and said this I have given myself to Christ and what he wants to do with me is OK for my life as he did with Christ in God Now that's the power of the Holy Spirit speaking in defending you before the adversary he does that and it was gone over the years the course of years it had come back but every time I had to go back and remember how I was delivered that's all we need to do remember how you were delivered 2nd to me 112 I had to say this I know whom I have believed in I am persuaded that he is able to keep what I have committed to him what had I committed to him my heart he's able to keep my heart he's able to keep me from falling. You shall receive power page $356.00 the moment every moment is necessary to fight the good fight of faith how long how much every moment for doubt must be resisted and faith must be encouraged we're talking about your fitness for the kingdom justification happens when you receive Christ that very moment your sins are forgiven you are cleansed you have his righteousness you begin your walk in holiness your fitness for the kingdom step by step this is the life this is it by default you're in it OK what is our most effective weapon against these things praise song 8 verse 2 for out of the mouths of babes and sucklings you have ordained strength or praise because of your enemies that you may silence the enemy and the avenger prays silences the devil you want to you want to get rid of him start praising God he'll Tuck is tail between his legs and run this is my grandson. This is drool. Zum our means to sing praise ya means to give thinks hall is from Hallelujah give praise and all things Paul says and all things praise him. Song is a weapon now we can always use against the scourge of the ministry of healing page 254 as we've got us open the heart to the sunlight of the Saviour's presence we shall have health and his blessing so start singing anybody here a singer who's not a singer do it anyway just started singing because that's that is a weapon that you can use against the enemy start singing and start singing hymns the hymns are full of hope and there's message and they him. This is where we lived this is our 1st snow fall October 17th. In the U.P.C. this is a long driveway that we have we did not have a snow blower because we are transplants we're not born natives of the U.P. this is a mountain to me OK and it's wet heavy snow and we have to tackle it with our little plastic shovels so what am I doing I'm complaining that I'm I'm moping I'm wishing that it would go away but it didn't so we had to take this is this is what I did I started up at are the beginning of our driveway this is how I like to work OK this is this is me working I do one roll straight then I go back and do the next row straight. And I keep going straight he's at the other end. You know I'm just here in there and it's just like it's killing me to work this way. But I am I'm complaining to the Lord about this I'm just like oh this is going to take forever and I people looking at the long driveway and so he just says just just praise me just take one shovel at a time and so that's why I did. At each step going through I repeated scripture. For God so loved the world. He gave His only begotten Son I will never leave you nor forsake you. And then. Though your sins be as well if I don't make them as white as snow on the off it went and you know what pretty soon that driveway was done and I had peace I did it and I worked off calories and you know this from my benefit my attitude changed when I praised God and I quit grumbling about the situation. First US alone eons 518 ya gift thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus whole All Praise the Lord praise God in his sanctuary share your testimony as a way that you defeat the enemy what is a say in Revelation something about blood and what they overcame him by what's 1st the blot of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. Today right. You guys know the song. When Live when lives. Are 10. Times when you are discouraged thinking all it is just count your many blessings name them one by one and it will surprise you well lord OK that's enough. We decided cause we did stress management seminars giving thanks is a way to reduce your stress so we had everybody make I gave them a jar. And we put on it give things unto the Lord for He is good. Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Misbah and Sharon and called the name of it Ebenezer saying here they are to the Lord help us and then I will remember the works of the Lord surely I will remember that I wonder as of old I will remember the works of the Lord and I will remember that I want to as of old Count your blessings drop them in the jar and then it New Year's Eve or Christmas Eve take them out dump them out and read them the whole family gets involved reading how God had taken care of you through the year how he blasts you that's going to lift your soul that's going to defeat the enemy he was 135 through Jesus let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually isn't always easy to praise God. Sometimes it has to be a sacrifice of praise but we can thank him even though he allows us to be in that situation why because we know he is with us because we know he is love because we know that it is never ever ever been his will that his children suffer and be in pain and be discouraged and doubt till it's a sacrifice to praise God continually just shortly after my 2nd ectopic pregnancy I was. Rejoicing with with another family who just announced that they were having twins and it was still open OK I was still hurting and so I went outside this is in January course in January in the northwest we didn't have snow like we have it here in the U.P.C. So I went outside and there was still grass the sky was clear stars everywhere. And I'm just standing up there and it's like the Lord was directing me everything to do so look at the stars and say thank you for the stars OK thank you for the stars now the air is cold Prinz me for this cold air thank you for this cold air Lord now get on the grass and feel the do I did this every little thing that I was impressed to do I did it and I praised him for that and my my sadness my depression whatever you want to call it was calm and OK we will often have to do this it will come back to it again comes back to it again this is how we work with the spirit to silence the enemy this is what he gave us I don't know you can see that this is actually stars the dark night sky. Know his battle plans we're going to run through this quickly because I only have a few more minutes the great controversy page 518 to hold the people in darkness and in penitence until the Savior is mediation is ended and there is no longer a sacrifice for sin is the object which Satan seeks to accomplish and you catch that when there is no special effort made to resist his power when we just go ahead and go along with whatever he suggests and say I can't help but that's just how it is then when know when indifference prevails in the church and the world Satan is not concerned for he is in no danger of losing those who me is leading captive at his will. Continues but when the attention is called to eternal things and souls are inquiring what must I do to be saved he is on the ground seeking to match his power against the power of Christ and to counter act to the influence of the Holy Spirit if we get rid of the Holy Spirit who are on our own. He wants to counteract the influence of the Holy Spirit in your life again on page 531 of the great controversy Satan is well aware that the weakest soul who abides in Christ is more than a match for the hosts of darkness who in here is weak me you are more than a match when you're on your knees for the hosts of darkness and that should he reveal Himself openly he would be met and resisted therefore he seeks to draw away the soldiers of the Cross from their strong fortification while he lies in ambit Bush with his forces ready to destroy all who venture upon his ground what are those strong fortifications Here we go number one faith to Bible study and prayer witness seen promises of God knowing God's character and truth those are our strong fortifications but what is his ambush philosophy and reason to replace faith so arguments to replace Bible study and prayer being kept too busy to work for the master doubt and fear making the promises of God none affect pride and self centered. Instead of revealing the character of God of love and selflessness a wall of resistance replacing truth making our own opinions more valuable than truth what is our defense. The great controversy 531 again only and humble reliance upon God and obedience to all his commandments can be secure remember we're we're walking in holiness it's our fitness We're not walking based on our own wisdom our own a strength we've got to do it in him that's why it's righteousness by faith in Christ Jesus justification by faith in Christ Jesus it's all in Christ Jesus none of it is in ourselves we're walking with him he is working through us he is teaching us and as we obey then we're secure no man is safe for a day or an hour without prayer especially should we entreat the Lord for wisdom to understand His word here are revealed the wiles of the tempter and the means by which he may be successfully resisted Where is it. Where is where do we find in our word right we shouldn't treat the Lord for wisdom to understand his words now this is my class here you're my class some of you came in late so you didn't hear what I told myself but I tell my students in my class you're going to memorize between now and tomorrow John 173 Write them down John 173. Romans 11617 I'll give you an easy one John 316. 116 and 17 I mean I gave you 3. John 316 Don't tell me to repeat I can't I forgot already some 1441 he says he trains my hands for War The question is not whether you want to enlist here drafted when you receive Christ all of this comes along with it folks. You are in this battle. You are in it if Asian 614 says this stand therefore having girded your waist with truth having put on the breastplate of righteousness Why is it a breastplate What does it protect what else your longs your heart all of those vital organs The long as you're breathing right so Prayer is the breath of the soul so it protects all of that. All right and Romans 1010 I probably should've waited til the end to give you those memory verses. With the heart of man believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made into salvation Romans $117.00 OK here's part of that verse for the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live for by faith Romans 43 Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness what is righteousness again. Doing right doing right righteousness is believing what God has promised he will do what is God promised he has promised to keep you from falling does that mean does that mean that he can keep you from following. You know. To revive all your needs. Yeah but 1st Corinthians 1013 says he'll make a way of escape for you that's right so it's kind of a combination that's how we work OK He will provide all your needs Philippians 419 that he will never leave you nor for sake you he verse 135 he's promised that nothing can separate you from His love for omens 838 he's promised to give you eternal life 1st John 225 and his promise that he will fight for you in Deuteronomy 322 no weapon that is formed against you shell prosper What are his what are his effective weapons its criticism bitterness resentment doubt and fear. Discouragement So when he brings up your past what do you to do are you going to become a puddle. What are you going to say you're right I did do that but the you talk to him Lord about that that's right. Very put on righteousness as a breastplate protect your heart protect those vital organs with the righteousness of Christ it's all about him. This one gospel workers page 160 the enemy of God and man is not willing that the righteousness of Christ should be clearly presented for he knows that if the people receive it fully what will happen. His power will be broken in their minds remember he has no more authority over you. How is it that his power is broken in your life by receiving the righteousness of Christ in your own by living by faith in His righteousness by letting him fight for you. If he can control mind so that you doubt an unbeliever and darkness shall compose the experience of those who claim to be the children of God He can overcome them with temptation so our challenge is to come on to Jesus let him live in you and don't fight the work of transformation work with him in it. So let's pray. We thank you God for giving us an insight into the righteousness of Christ so that the power of the devil can be broken in our lives. Help us Lord today to think upon these verses to know them to hide them in our heart so that we have an effective weapon to use against him when we're tempted today Lord help us to praise just find something to presell Lord for and watch how you work through praise. And work through the scriptures and making them a come alive in our experience I thank you jesus name. 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