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How to Meet the Enemy - Part 4

Jed Genson Jodi Genson




  • June 21, 2018
    9:30 AM
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We're going to talk about how to meet the enemy today and. Then tell you just a brief story here we were taking We took our students on a weekend campout This is Highway 410 going up to should not pass and beautiful Washington State civic northwest and once you get up to the top of the past there's this beautiful lake and to Mt Rainier just kind of sticks out there snow capped well we we had had a wonderful weekend our coming home driving on this nice little mountain highway Highway 410 when I'm looking off to the side and I see the river and there's this little road over there with a little rocks come you know big boulders coming down it must have been what 30 feet I don't know but anyway all of a sudden I see a car coming and he doesn't make a curve and he goes right ah right down into the river. So. This 1st here I'm going to a minute I am going to relate the story to this verse 1st Peter 58 beasts over let's say it be so for be vigilant for your adversary the devil as our roaring lion so walks about seeking whomever he may devour what does that word sober mean. Alert aware serious Be vigilant What does that mean. Watchful OK now this is what sober means the word is naif it literally means I am calm and controlled I have presence of mind I have my wits about me now can you see how this verse is going to relate to my story here I am. I've been sober all morning and I see this car going off the cliff and I go. That's a car just sort of like. We drove into the. Camp or I don't know where they are we've got to get some help and I'm just like freaking out I think in this guy's going to die I drive up his one campsite and go call 91 quick and 91 so then we find somebody also in any way find out the guy didn't get hurt crawled out of his car and you know I'm just like oh and my daughter and my niece were in the back seat and as we're driving I said this stay in the car they're like OK. NATO means to be calm. You have your wits about you and presence of mind so when we have to meet the enemy we have to have a presence of mind we have to have our wits about us and for some of us that's going to take some work because we have filled this mind some of us have more years than others with a bunch of garbage that has to be replaced you can say just get it out of your mind now it's all good but you've got to replace it and what do we replace it with scripture the Word of God Now I have a hard time memorizing anymore because I'm past the age of 30. So but is it impossible you know what does it take. Perseverance being vigilant Right OK So now here we have confirm out here we go I have some marching orders for you today this is this is Authority now says confirm an established them in the faith and educate them like well drilled soldiers how to meet the enemy's attacks and vanquish them them him so that's what we have to do so I thought when I read that I thought how do we do that well through bible study and prayer we got so we have some ideas here for you now steps to Christ page 71 says this When the mind dwells upon self it is turned away from Christ the source of strength and life we dwell too much upon self in what ways how we dwell in upon self what I look like how do I dress what else Ruth how you feel all that's a good line trying to be perfect worrying about making a mistake and we worry about our salvation too what if I'm not saying we sometimes we have been in so many circles where people do not have assurance of salvation somehow they've gotten the idea in their mind that if I say or vi have assurance that I have salvation in Christ Jesus that I am self righteous God wants us to have assurance of salvation he does not want to doubt his love nor his power to save so we need to focus on some other things hints at a Satan's constant effort Ruth said to keep the attention from the Savior and thus prevent the union and communion of the soul with Christ why is it that we don't take time. For Bible study meditation and prayer because there are things out here that are coming in to distract us from that union and communion with Jesus Christ now I am not saying this to put any kind of complex on anybody but I know this for sure if we don't take the time to be diligent students of the Scriptures we will be overcome by the enemy OK we will be overtaken by those temptations we're going to talk about temptation and how you can be victorious over it today so how does he do this the pleasures of the world life scares perplexities and sorrows the faults of others our own faults and imperfection by separating us from Christ he hopes to gain the victory notice it doesn't say he has gained a victory that he hopes to gain a victory so the temptation of sin whereas it began. The sex that insults center worry about. But appear Oh don't mix up the center and indulge anxiety and fear as to whether you shall be say hey that's not our job. We're dupes trust in Jesus Christ he paid the price OK all this turns a soul away from the source of strength commit the keeping your soul to God trust in him and here's the key talk and think of Jesus talking think of Jesus OK where does temptation begin. In the mind James 114 and 15 says. Every man is tempted when he is drawn away in his own last and enticed then one last has conceived it brings forth sin and sin when it is finished brings forth death. No. Now. Is the anti and the one that always kind of jabs and yeah but our own lusts our own desires because remember there have been so many from the time we were born I mean we just raised me of all this tell us and we have habits that we've developed over the years and so all of these things can work against us they can work for us and we good habits or they can work against us this one here might mind character and personality Volume 2 page 432 says there are thoughts and feelings suggested an aroused by Satan that annoy even the best of men there are suggestions but if they are not cherished if they're repulsed as hateful The soul is not contaminated with guilt and no other is defiled by their influence now I I hear from people I sand continually I'm always sinning is this a true statement. Some of you say yes some of you say no a temptation a thought in your head is not sin are you with me I thought the comes in is not sin you have not sinned because that thought is suggested to you. What does it say that the thoughts and feelings annoy even the best of men even our conference President even Paul even David even all of these men but it says if they are not cherished that's the key we're going to get into what do you do with your thoughts you just let them run wild and just say or assist the way it is so how can I tell when I'm being tempted. US raises. Here's a whole person so we're seeing all the time they were in the halls. But then there's loads of it was love. You know that the Lord will knock you. You know it's. Like you've seen your way you know that you know. I'm going to. Know OK. We're going to feel the pull of the flash anybody felt that in your experience. You know what it feels like OK So anybody ever do a tug of war. Yeah OK what's what end do you really want to be on the winning or the defeated side they went inside so as your polling that is your polling on that tug here the Paul the flash you're going to say you're not the boss of me anymore you don't give in to it but in the strength of Jesus you're victorious You see it's not me doing it it's him doing it through Me OK so the pull of the flash every person will feel the promptings of sin. Temptations from without find an answering chord within K. So there are certain things that are are answering chords within my heart that are not in his heart certain things like music I go into a store and if there's a certain I can even for the 1st couple of notes of that song it's going to click I know that song and then I want to start to react to the song like I used to react OK am I being tempted to go back there what do I need to do I need to choose who I'm going to serve so I send up God help me here because I'm weak this is my absolute favorite song and his me the strength and the power to say no to the flesh and yes to the spirit upward look this is a devotional book page 90 temptation is resisted when man is powerful e influenced to do a wrong action and knowing that he can do it resists by faith with a firm hand upon divine power unless there is a possibility of yielding temptation is not temptation there is no possibility of mean yielding to the Marber old man there is no possibility of me yielding to liquor I don't have a weakness there that's not an answer in court of mine like it would be for him but there are other things like insecurities. As an answering chord sometimes those thoughts come in that are that are putting myself down those are things I also must. Choose. The flash and the spirit elations $517.00 says for the flesh wars against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh and these are contrary the one to the other so the 1st indication that she will have the pull of the flesh is what how are you going to know that you're experiencing the pull of the flesh there's going to be a warring going on I want this but I should it I want to say this but I know it's going to be her fault you see there's going to be this warring of the whole in the spirit and internal struggle the great controversy page 88 says the Christian will feel the promptings of sin but he must maintain a constant warfare against it here is where Christ's help is needed human weakness becomes united to divine strength and faith exclaims thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ 1st Corinthians 1517 the Christian experience this walk I'm a visual person this walk in holiness this walk in sanctification is one victory after another. One of these hurdles may trip you up and you may fall that doesn't mean that you're not that you're kicked off of your line of sanctification No you get up. First Corinthians 1557 you shall receive power as another devotional case 356 in temptation and clinician must be over ruled by reason how many of your power are parents and here you are the reason your children are these impulses the inclinations you be the parent. That makes sense inclination our natural inclination must be over ruled it now by reason we call it the the lower passions we call it the higher passions who controls the minds now Jesus controls the mind the Holy Spirit controls the mind the scriptures are in your mind so when you are in this temptation all of that must overrule how I feel and how I want to react now it's a constant warfare it's not a one time fits all a constant warfare I have to continually war against my. I'm not saying it loud because it's recorded. OK I have to constantly war against it it's like it comes up so quickly. Here's your homework assignment. Once you guys to experience the pull of the Flash for the next $24.00 hours I want you to be aware of the pull of the flash now it doesn't have to be necessarily a temptation is just going to be you deny yourself some little pleasure today now some of you may say I don't have a problem and I'm not going to go to the mall with kitchen and get one of those coconut bliss bars. But if that's one of your things deny yourself that saying no to the flesh if it's if you're having potatoes or Sam's chicken in the cafeteria deny yourself Sam's chicken and eat salad. Say no to the flash just experience what it's like. I am. OK so. What if I am surprised or deceived into sin does that happen yes now I want to say something here this is this is very very important for us to understand there is deliberate sin where you choose to disregard the voice of the Holy Spirit saying don't go there and there's this other where you're just walking along and you fall hey there's a difference when the Holy Spirit is speaking to me Stay away from that don't go there remember and all these verses are coming in but I'm thinking you know what I think I'm just going to do it anyway that is called transgression you have stepped across the line it is iniquity because you have with your mind decided to rebel against God and it is sin because to do right and not do to know to do right and not do it is sin so there's a difference so what I'm surprised to be sieved I was surprised I went into the Dress Barn to get some things I put them on layaway and I went in to pick them up but I didn't try anything on so when I got home I tried them on some things didn't fit so I went back so you know these things didn't fit I think I got the lady in a. Day and I know she was not in a very good mood but you know I went in there like like this. You know I think I just bought these wonderful articles of clothing and these 2. No I went and I said you know I'm sorry but I bought these things and they don't fit and I exchange them they're on layaway sorry so I'm like what you know so this is this reaction like what do you mean I can't exchange these what do you mean I can't get a refund sorry that's our policy so I just this this sensation we talked about David's has it is just like comes in and I think I've got the script on here and then it builds up and builds up and then I spake with my tongue I got a little angry with that woman because she would not give the customer what's due the customer. And I threw my things I'm a Christian I am born again Christian but I threw my stuff on the counter and I said I'll never shop here again and I stormed out and I push those doors so that they slam and my face is hawt I used to fight my brothers like this. Just coming out of you know. And he looked at me says what happened to you. But I was just like and then it's like this conviction I didn't act like that I told you about my struggle really with resentment right from the Word says you know you think you're pretty calm but you've got a pretty bad temper. Tone I've never had a temper yes you do accept it come on let's get over this hurdle together OK so I knew what I had to do when I have to do. Go back and tell her that I did not I didn't go back and say I'm sorry I said I apologize I did not represent Christ to you. I have received Christ in my heart and I did not represent him to you I failed him for you that's worse than saying I'm sorry I blew it you know I mean sometimes we have to whose face did I slap. Yes and I had to apologize to her because I wounded him sometimes we have we have to do that our high calling here's the good news page 49 if through manifold temptations we are surprised at the sieved into sin he does not leave us to perish I was I was surprised my body my physical reaction took over I was at a point where I could not even hear the Spirit saying come out but like I told you yesterday sometimes he will allow you to see yourself so that he can help you with your problem. No. I'm reading I'm not saying no no no that is not our Savior he was tempted in all points like as we are and having been tempted he knows how to secure those who are tempted to those who are tempted. You got to number one OK. If you make failure is an arbitrator in the sand do not feel like you cannot pray but seek the Lord more earnestly the blood of Jesus is pleading with power and I always have a problem with that word but it means worth. Advocacy for those who are backslidden for those who are rebellious for those who sin against great light and love and some of those are your children right but the blood of Jesus is cleaning with power for that she said for those of you may not have heard it that if we could look at everybody as Jesus sees them then we have more of a tendency to treat them. Oh if we see Jesus and them. Because Jesus is in us. Then we will be able to love like him because we see him right same continues on Satan stands on our right hand to accuse us and our advocate stands at God's right hand to cleave for us now i look this up standing at God's right hand refers to Messiah the Lord Jesus Christ in his media Tauriel role to catch that and he is of equal position on our power and authority with God Jesus Christ standing at the right hand of the Father means he is mediating for us if he is sitting it is different he is in judgment OK So he is not in judgment here he's in mediation for us good news he has never lost a case that has been committed to him a man 2nd manuscript releases page 344 and you go to those who are tempted I would say do not for a moment eg knowledge Satan's temptations as being in harmony with your own mind. Because were living for Christ now. Turn from them as you would turn from the adversary himself Satan's work is to discourage the soul Christ's work is to inspire the heart with faith and hope Satan seeks to unsettle our confidence he tells us that our hopes are built upon false premises rather than upon the sure word of him who cannot. There is a controversy going on and you are in the middle there is Christ on the right hand Satan on the left who accuses us who brings up our past who can find every you know how it is in politics when they're having an election every dirty piece of laundry comes out and that's what Satan does a crisis on the right hand he's mediating for us he keeps record too so when you have messed up and you have re Penton and you've confessed and you're going back in his direction he writes it down it's covered by blood you are clans do you are forgiven so Satan has nothing to accuse you to him before before him to get that. It's between it's between those 2 and we're stuck in the middle we just have to choose who we're going to have defend us and that is Jesus so when are you the most susceptible here is going to run through these here so number one when you are irritable. Isn't it true that when you're already in a bad mood you are more susceptible to falling. You are an easy prey for the devil. She's got up to earlier is she went to bed too late and I know that face so I'm just going to annoy her today and cause her to trip up so watch when you're irritable that's when you need extra grace when you're hungry right I get this low blood sugar thing when I'm hungry and I'm really irritable hungry so this is the chicken story. I was doing some work for the school where we worked I had a lot of errands to run on by myself and so I went to this before a restaurant I thought I'm just going to get some lunch here and then go find a quiet table and I'm going to sit down eat it without interruption and do some work right so I get into this buffet it was granny's buffet and I go into a lovely salad bar all this color and spinning and you know all this wonderful stuff and I though I'm going to go over to the steam table now and get me some steamed carrots because I love steamed carrots and broccoli and maybe stab a potato or something I don't know so I'm over there and all of a sudden. There's this aroma. That is hum and it's like grabbed my nose and pulled me over to its direction it's a very familiar aroma one that has an answering chord with no disclaimer It was chicken. It was OK so I find myself wandering over in this direction and it was the kind of chicken that was crisp on the outside and I hear this Y. saying go ahead Joey you know how you used to like. Nobody knows that you've chosen to be a vegetarian you're all alone on this plane go ahead and grab that for and spear a nice big piece of that chicken and put it on your bike so I'm I'm like. What's going on here and I find myself picking up the fork to do it. Now the Bible says you'll hear a voice behind you seen this is the way walkie and so I'm just I'm wondering it's like Eve wandering up at the tree and like what is happening I don't get this who are you listening to. That I have put that fork down and I got away from the situation and I was just like sweating I thought. Whoa now that may seem like a really silly temptation would it have been is it stand a chicken yes or no know what it have been sin for me to eat the chicken where would the sand have been. In listening to the voice of the serpent the moment I would have taken that chicken and put it on my plate I have listened to the circuit and I have chosen him as my master are you with me the pull of the flesh there was that answering chord within to go back to my old ways. Now I could have repented afterwards and I would have been fine with God but I'm talking about being aware being sober being vigilant and in no uncertain terms obeying the voice of the serpent no matter how little the temptation or silly me appear. When you're tired oh my. You know what they do to prisoners in war camps right. Sleep deprivation because breaks them down so when you're tired that's why it's important to keep good track of your health when you're lonely are we susceptible when we're lonely yes when you're idle was the Bible say I don't hands are the devil's workshop I The lips are as a mouthpiece when you have spiritual confidence is it true I mean if you have spiritual confidence was a scripture say Let him who thinks he stands take he must he fall that he sepsis that come upon the world at the close of time are going to be so strong that if it were possible could do you see that even the very elect the very elect and only those who are diligent students so the scriptures will be shielded by the over powering overmastering deceptions of the devil. Yeah. Yeah because the premise is why I prayed for God to humble he humble and he did and he will for us too so another when you're not watching what is it that you see that you trip over something when you're not paying attention. Pay attention those in the scripture say to watch and pray when you're under stress now this is actually my laundry basket. When you have too much to do you're under stress we get like this I mean in our home it's just the 2 of us but sometimes we have a lot of stuff going on and I carry a lot of stress I'm under a lot of stress especially preparing for seminars or whatever we're doing and so I am more susceptible to falling during that time getting impatient with him or as speaking something or feeling like I'm the only one you know and I mean so when you're under stress makes you take time to breathe go for a walk get away from the situation. How do I meet the enemy here you got this how you guys why you're here today you want to know you shall receive power page 356 when temptation comes upon us we need spiritual discernment that we may detect the Satan's agency and do what claiming to Jesus every moment is necessary to fight the good fight a faith or doubt must be resisted and faith must be encouraged James 478 says this submit yourselves therefore and to God So there's 3 parts to this one is submit yourselves and to God that word submit is Hoople Postle which means that you are that you are under you submit yourself to your superior officer it's a military term submit yourself to your superior officer who both means under and tussle is to arrange so when I think of him put him putting them together I'm going to arrange myself my thoughts my feelings I'm going to arrange themselves and submit them under my superior officer. OK the next one is resist the devil and flee and he will flee from you now this one here means to stand against it means to turn your back on resist so when when we are tempted we must 1st submit to our superior officer when we are submitting to him where focussed in his direction turning our back resisting the devil and he has to flee from us when you back up against somebody I remember my horse would back up and everybody behind her would back up to see so you back him away resist the devil all right and then this verse here Isaiah 275 says let him take hold of my strength that he may make peace with me and he shall make peace with me so when you're almost ready to yield to lose patience and self-control to find fault words and accuse others then you have to pray this prayer Help me O. God So I'm tempted in those ways I am submitting to God and when I while I'm SO MANY I'm saying help me oh god to resist temptation to put all bitterness and anger and evil speaking out of my heart give me your patience and love help me to be kind and tender hearted forgiving so what I'm what am I doing I am being tempted fiercely tempted if I had been fiercely hot was fiercely tempted if I had reacted in the Dress Barn like this she was in my face so I would have just God help me put my anger aside take it out of my heart help me be tender hearted help me to find out if something is bothering her today let me minister to her heart today where do I get that strange. How can I get it from him if I'm facing the devil and trying to resist on my own power. It doesn't work. 3rd part draw nigh to God and I love that and he will draw nigh to you this means to long for his presence and I remember when our daughter was very young often almost every night she would slip out of her crib and I would feel a little touch on my cheek and these sweet little words would say. So what do you do you lift up on the blanket the little one called and you're just snuggled up that's what it means draw nigh to God It means that you want to be in his presence you want that security to enfold you just want to linger in his presence for a while John I to God and He will open up those covers and draw nigh to you Don't you love it. Bible says Come unto me who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest watch and pray this word watch means to have alertness of a guard at night the military they have night guards at night it's difficult to see the enemy approaching the enemy is hiding lurking but your to watch during the daytime dangers easier to see and pray what do watch against write those answering cords Luke 2134 this is off the Amplified Bible be on guard so that your hearts are not way down and depressed with self-indulgence and the worldly worries are distractions of life and that day will not come upon you like a trap. I thought that was pretty clear an order to keep watch we have to pray for in durance those soldiers who are out there sometimes they have to be out there all night they need insurance to be able to do that and it is written man shall not live by bread alone but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God so how that so many tell me how you live by the word of gun how do you live. OK but in a situation where you're tempted Jesus Jesus met the devil with it is written How do you live by the Word of God. OK So what do I do when I'm tempted to go back to my feelings of worthlessness my insecurities How do I how do I live by the Word of God here. I remind him who I am right before you were born I knew and I called you by your name you are mine says the Lord so when I am feeling like that no that's not who I am I belong to him What about when you're tempted to speak evil of another someone says James OK I used if you. Do not let any I'm wholesome talk come out of your mouths but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs that it may benefit those who listen or hear it OK what about when you're tempted to look upon something impure or something that's untrue to listen to those those rumors what's that Betty. OK This one here is some one a one verse 3 is I will set nothing wicked before my eyes you may be tempted to go home after now after camp meeting you guys are on your own you don't have this nice week where you're in a spiritual atmosphere constantly with all the meetings and the music and the fellowship you're on your own so when you go back to your home and maybe you have habits on the. Programs that you've been watching on your television are going to be tempted to go back and turn those on one of its M.C.I.'s I was sat in a wicked thing before my eyes evil stuff right now I know nobody here is there right impure violent things when he makes you feel guilty and ashamed how do you fight back with scripture. Verse John 324 if our heart condemns us God is greater than our heart and knows. How can I keep from following now the next couple verses are not on your outline so the key is to understand that he can keep you from falling 24 my husband's favorite Now on to him who is able to read this together now and to Him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you fall as before his throng with exceeding joy Who is that who is the him. To keep you from falling and to present you faultless fault less before his wrong with exceeding enjoy it is his exceeding joy to do that he is able the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations 2nd Peter 29 so he is able What is your part you have a power of choice you must choose who you're going to serve recognize it as a temptation and choose which way you're going to go God has given to man the power of choice it is theirs to exercise you cannot change your heart you cannot of yourself give to God it's affections but you can choose to serve Him you can give him your will don't you love it when your child submits to you your child gives up his or her stubborn will to you and the effect is the best. You can give him your will he will work in you to will and do according to HIS good pleasure it's when I submit to Him I don't feel like it Lord but I'm going to do it anyway because I want to do your will and when we do that and he works in then what he's asking us to do it is our joy to do OK when he wants us to go a separate way it's our joy to do that choose you today who you will serve but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord Number 2 you need to consecrate yourself to him step to Christ page 70 says consecrate yourself to God in the morning make this your best best 1st work don't start your day until you have done that if you're not in the habit of doing it and by the way it has to become habitual then do it when ever it comes to your mind but more to say consecrate to me consecrate to me Let your prayer be take me a lord as holy dine I lay all my plans if I feed use me today in the I service Abide With Me and that all my work be wrought in the this is a one time matter. Daily matter. Each morning consecrate yourself to God for that day surrender all your plans to him to be carried out or given up as his prominent show indicate thus day by day you may be giving your life into the hands of God and thus your life will be more old and more and more after the life of Christ remember this work of sanctification is to restore in fallen man the image of God we do it by working together with him by submitting our will to him by concentrating our life to him so as we do that day by day guess what happens our life is being molded more and more after his number 3 trust him to keep you in my favorite tech 2nd term of the 112 for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day and number 4 fix the word in your heart that I word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against the some 1000 verse 11 number 5 watch for Temptation Triggers Hebrews 121 let us lay aside every weight and the sin that does so easily be set or trip us up some of us are holding onto our little darlings those I didn't say Little Debbies are little darlings those little things that we don't consider to be grave enough to submit to Him We think it's of no importance no great importance and surely it can't keep me out of the kingdom right. Ask him search male god and know my heart try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any we could win me if you are serious about this fitness for the Kingdom of God If your desire is to be with Jesus for ever and ever and ever let me tell you it's not a matter of being a church member that gets you there it's a matter of God changed my life stripped me from everything that's going to keep me from the kingdom and that's painful that's dying to self crucify in the old man I don't want the old man anymore. Number 6 don't give Satan a foothold put on the largest Christ and make no provision for the flash if you're a former alcoholic don't go into the bar to win a soul you understand make no provision for the flash get rid of your computer if you can't handle it for me it's dancing in music and clothes and all of this stuff and and you know also I have to I have to choose what life I want now and the one I have is so much better than it was before number 7 you must get away from the 10th Taishan we talked about this 1st Corinthians 1013 goddess faithful who will not allow you to be tempted above what you are able but will with the temptation was going to do make a way of escape Come on let's go here that you may be able to bear it. And he says Come my people into your chambers and shut the doors behind you some time you have to get away go into your closet and shut that door and pray and pray until the end of nation has passed I'm telling you that it's a constant war there. Number 8 remain steadfast and immovable elations 51 stand fast in the liberty you have received and don't become entangled in your old ways there's a song and says. I've ben through the water and I've come out clean I've got new clothes to cover me and you don't put your old shoes on your brand new feet when you've been through the water how does that make sense. Don't go back don't let those sometimes our friends have to change even our circle of friends in the church might need to change so that you are free to let Christ lead you number 9 regular church attendance Oh I cannot emphasize this enough where so it's so easy just to stay home and watch 3 A.B.N. or the whole channel or listen to strong tower radio we need one another we need one another you need to hear the testimonies of those brothers and sisters in the church and you need to share what's God's been doing in your life and if you have a burden you need to find that per partner and pray together 1st sake not Paul says the assembly of ourselves together but hear so much more as you see the day approaching I'm talking Sabbath school and church and prayer meeting and Vespers if they have it and socials we need it God instituted it that way Number 10 by the blood in the testimony they overcame him the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony we talked a little bit about that the other day so what if I fall OK here we go talk about I fell there we'll just move on no I I don't like eating in the car and my brother had a musical program in Seattle we were living close by. I didn't have time to have dinner at home so we talk about and I say to my husband in the sweetest way possible honey can we please sign now we don't have time so we order our food and you know what ladies you're in the passenger seat the driver hands you everything and you dollars the food right my daughter was in the back my brother so I have everything and I'm passing it around he goes south you get out to the road and it's a busy busy It's 320 there in Federal Way Washington you finds us opening I had just put my beverage up on the dashboard. He pulls out and slow motion I see this going. Down my clothes and then my shoes and I reacted I punched him I said I hate eating in the car so. All right what if you fall so I had to apologize to him testimony 7 vault testimony is going to. Page 17 remember I said I have this temper God can reveal to me then. Nothing is apparently more helpless yet really more invincible than the soul that feels it's nothingness and realize holy on the merits of the Savior God would say and every angle in Heaven to come to your aid rather than see you fall I believe those angels are right there kept me from doing worse I mean. So number one. Remember if you make a mistake come to Jesus right we shall often have to bow down and weep at the feet of Jesus because of our short comings and mistakes but we are not to be discouraged even if we are overcome by the enemy we are not cast off not for saken and rejected of God No Christ is at the right hand he is standing at the right hand of God who also makes intercession steps to cry speech 64 turn your feet into do into Vick to turn your defeat into victory remember this if you make the stakes you certainly gain a victory if you see these mistakes and regard them as beacons of warning thus you turn defeat into victory disappointing the enemy and honoring your Redeemer he's never done that again you turn that defeat into victory but I haven't. Punched you again. Number 2 remember there is forgiveness. Someone 30 verse for there is forgiveness with you that you may be feared the US gone do you make mistakes the Lord may permit you to make small mistakes in order to save you from making larger mistakes go to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you and then they leave. And heavenly places page 124 Number 3 Remember do not get discouraged none need abandon themselves to discouragement and despair Satan may come to you with the cruel suggestion yours is a hopeless case but you and you are all done too many bad things just forget it. But there is hope for you in Christ remember it's all in Christ for Christ by Christ you go back and you recall Ossian's any fees and you're going to mark that how often it says in Christ for Christ by Christ through Christ God does not bid us overcome in our own strength is overcoming important is it a prerequisite for entering the kingdom of heaven. How many of you believe that. Revelation says to him who overcomes I will give overcoming is not about you it's about him it's about his strength his power united to your weakness that's where overcoming comes in he asks us to come close to his side remember we have to submit and draw nigh and he will come nigh to us whatever difficulties we labor under which way down soul and body he waits to make us free that's the ministry of healing is to 49 so on your outline there number 4 get back up your horse people the pen of inspiration records the sins that overcame in like Noah Abraham David and Solomon Peter's denial of Christ the sharp contention of Paul and Barnabas the failings and infirmities of the prophets and apostles all are laid bare but seeing where they struggled and fell where they took heart again and conquered through the grace of God we are encouraged and led to press over the obstacles that degenerate nature places in our way Christ conflict and courage 60 Number 5 Remember you have an advocate that word for Advocate is also used for the Holy Spirit did you know that advocate. Our friend the one who pleads for us if any man and the parrot paraquat us right we have an Advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous the Holy Spirit Simon Simon Satan has desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat and I put my name there but I have prayed for you that your faith fails not as Jesus mediating for us I have prayed for you that your faith says and number 6 Remember Satan has been defeated 2736 says never shopped I'll be any more he says never are you going to annoy my children and never are you going to bother them never are you going to cause pain or sickness or death never ever ever again my children are going to live in a place without you there he's got your back he's watching over you and he has the power to keep you from. No one should leave your discourage. Our hope is in Jesus and remember the OK this power hits. Our father haven't shared a lot today what information I pray Dear God will apply these principles to our life and then get up and walk walk with you walk in the light as you are in the light please bless personally each person here in this room lesson with your Holy Spirit to hear that still small voice saying this is the way Joaquin do keep them from falling like you promised you would learn we love these people these are my family now and asked me a blessed is the rest this day in Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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