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The Racial Divides, Part 6

David Williams


David Williams

Professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology at the University of Michigan



  • January 1, 2010
    10:45 AM
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you want to get started back since time is really taken away and this is our final seminar on the series been doing on a community within the church and for this final hour I will continue on what we began last Ellen know that something one humans is right in which we talking with unity and we talking about John seventeen Christ's prayer for unity that emphasizes three times in John seventeen Christ prays the night before he dies three times a phase that they may be one even as we are one the board of his prayer was that his followers would be one and secondly he says that when his father was a one even if he and the father are one then the world me will know that he was sent and then the world will believe so that community is witnessed then community is evangelism and and so forth so we we are talking now about the power of unity and how we really get this unity is is what we've been talking about we we just looked at we stopped in the last hour Galatians three twenty eight that there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither slave nor free there is neither male nor female for your all one in Christ Jesus and the centrality of being in Christ as being the basis for always unity I want to continue with another passage of Scripture collections three eleven which saves the same methods of relations from just fine to make the point that it's a central theme in the New Testament we see it coming up again and again Apple talks about enough with all not a renewal in which there is no distinction between Greek and to circumcised and uncircumcised barbarian assists in a slave and freeman but Christ is whole and in all so what was talking about we need at Christians is to put on Disneyland uses image for full becoming a Christian which is which provides for us but we need alone and this renewal of this new man in Christ in a divided world week class third with the added with the difference between Jew and Gentile mattered when nationality matter what your social station in life matter pools lazy there is now no distinction in the household of faith because we have been renewed by the power of Christ that the unity the divisions according to religion to a great according to culture all Scythian according to gender male female should no longer matter because of the power of God working in us Paul teaches the fact that Christ did for us a second Corinthians five fifteen Christ's death for us should change our entire outlook on life because Jesus died for all we no longer live for sales our outlook is different I will focus is different we live no longer for all sales but we live for him and because we live for him we now look at humanity through heavy size spare prophecy gives us several secrets of unity first one am looking at selected messages volume one page two fifty nine the quality of believers as one of the secrets of unity than other children am gone out one Christ my phase how does Jesus look up on tasks upon society distinctions upon the division of man from his fellow man because of Carla Ray's position well worth all attainments he got the question and answer continues the secrets of unity is filed in the equality of believers in Christ the reason for all division all discord and difference is found in separation from Christ Christ is the sense to which laws should be attractive for the narrow we approach the center the closer we shall come together in feeling and sympathy in love groin into the character and image of God with God there is no respect of persons so we maintain this unity in Christ through exposure to the Scriptures is another sequence of unity the Bible is clear another secret is one of the equality of believers in Christ another secret is through connection to his word by the Holden we become change sanctify them through thy truth thy word is truth was they knew King James version saved sanctified them by your students your word is truth so so we believe in equality which is what the new vision the new wheel while the crisis provided us and then we get connected with God through his work or controversy phase three seventy nine in God 's professed people would receive the light of the signs from his word they would reject unity for which Christ prayed that which the apostle describes the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace so another key to the unity him to run received a life at the shines upon us from his word one of the things we join in the same reason is talking about how central the Bible and spread of prophecy makes Christian unity and one of the problems we had at the people is that we needed this methanol we need to accept the word of God is given us and in his strings pulled for and seek to fulfill his word another key to unity is the power of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is the agency of the Godhead that produces this unity in fact we we read in John seventeen that the maybe one Jesus says in us the children will be one in us it is through the power of God that we can be one the gift of the spirit that great at all read which the father gave his son he gives to his father was and that makes them one the more Christians are taken up with the glory of God the more we focus on what God wants us to be the less desirous of gaining attention for cells of having glory for ourselves and the left is falsely out the quarrel because if we are focusing on the big picture and we are focusing on the Google reach that goal and has given us an all opportunity of being service with him the things of this world liberal strengthening them in the light of his glory and his grades testimonies the church volume eight page two forty three in order to be united we must believe ourselves on the price for men bubble carcasses must be molded in harmony with this character a wills must be some what will then we shall work together without thought of collision bit.ly will say we work together without collided to sixty minutes of collision when the current as we work together and she continues the spirit of God alone can bring about this one this despite himself confronted by his disciples united with him they would be united with one another in the most holy faith when we strive for this unity as gorgeous eyes it will come to what's know that the other passages of Scripture that say that that that we have at the heart and the fact that one of Brooks we have to be have to have a desire for it we may have to have a burden those who go unsourced after righteousness shall be filled if we in all literacy and condition and we are content with the status quo and we have no desire for riches we will not experience the unity that going wants us to have we have to strive for it going to have to do it enough but we have to send out when needed for what God is able and willing to do for us another quotation in the power of the Holy Spirit of the key to producing unity when the Holy Spirit controls the minds of our church members they will be seen in our churches a much higher standard and speech and ministry and spirituality that is now seen they will be in NY continues that healthy inquiries of unity and love which will bear testimony to the world that God has sent his son to die for the redemption of sinners the point of emphasizing again is that when we are controlled by the spirit they will be a healthy increase in unity and love and also needs that the we need a healthy increase in unity and love and that is the promise that that will be balance one of the things that the Holy Spirit I was submission to the Holy Spirit will do it will lead us to use our talents in the service of God it will make his service Central to what he wants us to accomplish for Christian service three three forty three three forty four the Lord placed within our hand certificates in order that we subdivide them with those who are needy but it is the practical given that will be to lots special panacea for all selfishness is an important point we don't exist for ourselves in front and also that we have a balance of the Lord the FSC woods of global resources and will and do some things if we think of the Lord 's prayer what Jesus teaches the brainless right I will find the work and have its instructive condensate to pray my father who are in heaven but I will find it it is just a break give me this day my daily bread give us this day our daily bread they know what sometimes go of Disney Disney brave enough for me and for my brother and sister in the challenge we have to ask do we use all the going to give love selflessness Los Altos if that isn't focused on community is the focus of all of us it is thrilling exercise of this practical love that churches would draw near with together in Christian unity when the burden for the needs of others when we are burdened in an extend that will sell into visible cells to others that is one of the things that would shrill is never together in unity through the love of the brethren loved God is increased because he has not forgotten those who were in distress I will ascend to God for his skin so sweet we have work to do thanks own self-serving father this is a part of what Dean says that unity another quotation on the necessity of service Christian service is forty seven never come to church reached a position the court decided to reach until it is bound up in sympathy with this missionary workers never come to unity for which Christ for he exited on till spirituality is brought into missionary service on until the church becomes an agency for the support of missions sold sold demon of lost sales and service in mission having the burden of meeting the needs of others being central is part of what is required to bring us together in unity the spirit of prophecy also talks about some of the key enemies of unity and head out I have five of them that she talks about and we would look at the quotations gossip envies suspicion and then the spirit of criticism pride in own opinion on pride and selfishness of all linked at specific enemies of unity hair is that the Bible on gossip province in twenty twenty to twenty two photos for the lack of wood the fire goes out to Wiseman says and where there is no whisper of this is the good the term being used in Kosovo contention twice the record shop called hot embers and wood to fire so is a contentious man to kindle strife the words of a whisper I like being two morsels and the glued down into this in the most licentious body is the text of the Bible of the power that it needs can create a conflict and discord in addition and unlike Vicodin the battle commentary volume six page eleven sixty three she says it will stop frequently to destroyers of unity among the brethren talking with Doctor as one of the identified enemies of unity there are some who watched with open mind and is standout is the beautiful imagery no except the picture of the win going by the largest looking for something else it's like the plot of the paparazzi the job of little incidents which may be trifling in themselves with which I repeat that an exaggerated unto a man is made on the friend of all were the motto seems to be in NYC is required when we were reported these detailed barriers are doing the devil 's work with surprising fidelity little knowing how offensive that course is the God deleted a recognized author and add a new source of this unity in the church she continues is the same passage if these people would spend the time of two very think they would spend half the energy and see you that is able to this unholy work in examining the parts they would find so much to do to cleanse their souls from impurity that they would have no time or disposition to criticize their brethren and they would not form on the power of this temptation the door of the mind should be closed against the estate or I have said it this is a Bible commentary volume six page eleven sixty three to six BC is Bible commentary by the end of the battle commentary day of the Michael's this is one in six meeting of the thank you by the way I'm glad you sent me that I have said this is a seminar titled my paper the question into the common view free to stop me another but approximately can talk about and leaves the station on both find and should begin by saying it is not the opposition of the world that endangers us the most we worry about external threats this thing is not the external threat the no biggest problem it is the evil cherished in the hearts of professed believers that works follow most previous disaster and moles retard the progress of blood sports was not a terrorist from outside focus is the terrorist from within is what I'm supposed to say that works I will most previous disaster and molds retard the progress of both scores there is no sure way of weakening our spirituality than by being envious suspicious of one another full of faultfinding and evil so my so that those our dangerous internal to the sins of the spirit and the suspicion faultfinding people some I then bought things that that really affect us she coats James three sixteen and seventeen in terrorist attacks away and me and felt thickening the fifth confusion and every evil thing on their with a wisdom that is from above 's first fuel than feasible gentle women seeing you full of mercy and good fruits without partiality and without hypocrisy we talk about the enemies of unity as the Bible and spirit of prophecy has identified them in fact one of the interesting things that unlike and then you know when we believe we read in the book of acts of the power of the early church on the Apollo and the cost of the most solid and was evangelizing the world and on and until in the world upside down for Jesus what led to the demise of the success of the early church 's greater processes it was the spirit of criticism that destroyed the witness of the early church that was the first volume seven page two forty one after the descent of the Holy Spirit the disciples went forth to proclaim a risen Savior but the early Christians began to look for defects and one another dwelling upon mistakes given phrase to unkind criticism they lost sight of the Savior and the great love he had revealed the sentence they became law strict in regard to output ceremonies more particular about the theory of the faith mostly bare in their criticisms in this league you condemn others they forgot their own arrows they forgot the lesson of brotherly love that Christ set forth and sadness of old she says they were unconscious available but is a lot in this message is the nation that and it shows the dangers the potential dangers that we face the early Christians who started out so well both sides of the Savior and his love for others when we recognize when we are and what Christ has done for us and we have an appreciation of all only need for his grace it changes our outlook than others the scene every other child of humanity a soulful price the I assault rifle love as much as he loves me but I think that's one of the reasons why it might save it would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour every day meditation upon the life of Christ especially to those in moments of his history to remind us of what he's done for us to remind us we are to give us hope but also to do with the vision of follow-up alcohol of potential and I will ministry in terms of reaching out to others this is a striking indictment and that they be lost sight of the Savior they got straight on to roles in regard to output conformity more particular about having the right doctrine more think in the criticisms of one another forget and that whatever the no own weaknesses we forgot the lesson that by the list in the brotherly love that's one of the ministers faced three pride in our own opinions is one of the dangers she identifies those who think that they will never have to give up a chair received never have occasion to change an opinion will be disappointed as long as we hold all own ideas and opinions with determined persistency we cannot have the unity for which price break God and heaven alone are infallible we have many left learn and many many on the and and and and say that as we as we approach this topic and as we approach to Scripture in general too often we approach the Bible looking for thing that is consistent with what we believe of evidence support our views and she is saying we need to approach commonly asked in the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us into all truth recognizing that we don't have it all right here we don't have our act together completely it is a lot of things that we formerly believe that we need to unlearn and then lots of new things are going once attentive at all to I don't pride you will own views and ideas can be an enemies of of unity is another strike in statement of pride and selfishness were related outside five minutes would remove most difficulties the early writings page one hundred and nineteen system even I I I I chuckled all the time of the readers bring abruptly because the stuff she comes up with sometimes it is so striking his pride and selfishness were laid aside five minutes would remove most difficulties we face with faith and in relate to each other okay so I talked about unity and any abstracts I talked about how glottis at the unity I want to end by placing him more specifically to one of the topics that I dealt with yesterday when I discussed the unity as it affects church structures the unity we have business not just an abstract idea a unity that will be visible to the world that will convince the world has to be a unity in action of the work and sleep that is evident to them but it has implications for certainly how we were live in our homes how we live in our churches but it also has implications the spirit of prophecy indicates how we organize our church structures and how we work together as revenue the Pulitzer structures themselves illustrate that unity is about the time of NY there was a proposal to have the this is a novelty in Europe format conference the nihilism was than that I get along with his hand in the areas out with friends and so they align with difference with the proposal was all the night theme this foot needs and organize the church specific to each nationality W conference of each nationality so you have the language they argued the call toll-free at alike in dealing with this effort was successful the twenty five one ninety six according to the light given me of God so it's okay with you saying she didn't just make it stop is my death idea what God has shown that separate organizations instead of bringing about unity would create this before brethren will seek the Lord to give a humility of mind those not think it is necessary to open a separate women's uneven conferences will see the Lord decides them to work together as president if we are to carry on the work will successfully haven't defined among the English and Americans should be united with the talents of those of every other nationality and each nationality should labor earnestly for their own nationality villages in no to sit each nationality should labor earnestly for every other nationality however it should be denounced the Christ pray for his disciples that they should one is a lot in here she is saying that indulgent of which is which is a very profound notion and Cheryl Church growth circles today that the way it would be efficient in evangelism is get the rooms you want with little glass in a middle-class community and have established a little blast search because it will have a great affinity with middle-class population and then you would be more successful in which an group the end-of-life phase etc. conferences based on nationality violates John seventeen and I am suggesting that if separate conferences based on nationality violates John seventeen separate conferences based on race also violates on seventeen she's also saying that in the model of working you want to think not only of having people from a particular language and culture group work to bring in other groups as well so you have everybody working for each other and soul that is what will give success to do the work and importantly that is what is necessary and the price for air of John seventeen I don't know if she could be more specific if it could be clearer of what we need to do and what the Lord wants us to do in terms of unity as from this quotation and in fact I repeat again name and union existed among men of very dispositions is the strongest witness that can be born that thought has sent his son into the world to save sinners the strongest witness so we want to witness for the Lord that began with love and unity that is the strongest witness that is what the world is waiting to see that the miraculous power of the grace of God and to follow the Holy Spirit transforming us that the world as we can see the understanding folks I'm a sociologist I'm a sociologist who studies race in American society among other things and from a sociological point of view continue and separate conferences based on race makes sense the conventional wisdom sayings that any attempt to develop a recently combined structure is naïve impractical not consistent with this screen not consistent with which human nature is I have been told by others and racism of the green green in the culture and institutions of American society and of a lot of evidence to suggest that is in fact true it has been a dramatic change in racial attitudes over time with commitment to the norms of superficial and up-to-date on that yesterday moreover decades of research in the United States on racial attitudes has revealed the uncomfortable with well established fact that there's more prejudice within the Christian church and outside of it that's true it was a book published in the six is entitled the bias and the pious and the point of the book and review the scientific evidence that show the relationship between prejudice and religion and what it was that members of churches prejudice and nonmembers it found that people go to church prejudice and people don't go to church they found that the global conservative theological beliefs prejudices and those who want more liberal beliefs that's my conservative theological movies and things like that believe in the Virgin birth of Jesus believe that the Bible is the word of God that about is inspired by God people who all that in the United States partisan people don't delay in general the more you are the more likely that we prejudice and S what people say the thing that we can do this is ridiculous I mentioned that with the sociologists but my brothers and sisters I am first and foremost the Christian in my Bible tells me in the spirit of prophecy tells me that separate substances the you always stand and talk to you contrast God 's revealed will in the seventeenth chapter of John we have been studying that sees the syndicate 's unity is inescapably fundamental to the gospel unity is witnessing is the strongest weakness that can be born commonly and union the strongest witness the oneness of Christ followers is the acid test of his authenticity and ultimately proof of the power of the gospel the ultimate proclamation that we can make to the world that the most high rules in the kingdom of men the ultimate evidence that there is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Immanuel 's veins and fitness salons beneath that flood can be transformed and lose all their guilty stains yet it is true that social scientific research suggest that prejudice and discrimination associated to be inevitable but we also believe we are Christians but the power of God is able to do things that went on the wife cannot do we also believe that Christians that God can do the impossible the unity that will convince the world must be visible and readily evident to the world it cannot be limited to some doctrinal unity of some mythical invisible unit typical to work and see that the world must think and practice a unity that demonstrates the gospel of Jesus Christ strong enough and powerful enough to destroy the sectarianism and the selfishness and ethnocentrism that is so natural to human nature assembly face but aren't they advantages of regional conferences with question we have provide important benefits that the located opportunities for leadership on the part of the vision of life and did not occur before then visited but it is possible and the multiple facilitated events with the coverage but is it possible that a growth rate and leadership opportunities could have been a great is little following broadside the leadership opportunities are possible with me in constant structures if we develop ones that are built on principles of equality choice growth experts confirm and I mentioned as a minute ago that racially and culturally distinct charges make more efficient evangelism that's what the experts think but I leaned this question with you if you have a right to sacrifice the truth of the gospel for the expediency of efficient evangelism more important if we win personals by distorted uncompromisingly Gospel what on earth probably one than to the need for efficient evangelism should not allow the truth of the gospel to be denied by maintaining a church structure which reflects and appears to approve an evil system the time has come for seven Adventists hold beyond that which is expedient that which is partly right we have to do what is right for the evidence for moral book what dates are they to church growth experts use to reach their conclusions more than one hundred shares of Adventist mission outreach has provided compelling evidence that the gospel message across boundaries of race nationality and culture because all the missionaries that went out not belong to the colleges to which they went the fundamental problem I believe is that are the church and that the people oh and thinking about unity our current thinking on race relations conceived the frailties of human nature instead of emphasizing the night seemed impossible to the cross they are no successful models and from a purely human analysis we say based on history with an experience that is unethical in the best we can do but the question I want to leave you with is not the gospel the power to transform human nature and to create racial reconciliation and harmony such as the world has yet to witness I believe too often in a church we had to cross never happened I bought tied when it comes to the questions of race when it comes to questions of race is God day dually serve a living Savior it is time for us to move beyond what is expedient to what is morally right we need to carefully evaluate what drives that will behavior we need to give you time to think the theological imperatives instead of the practical and sociological considerations what wants us to write the demands of the possible scored once is to proclaim to the world that the latest Jesus loves us just the way we would Jesus loves us too much and that is in the same in the New Testament church the principle of unity was expressed in practical and visible ways across all barriers include enriching one's for example in the church at Antioch we read in acts thirteen in verse one there was Barnabas and Simeon who was called Niger Lucius of styrene and money team member of the court of heaven and the text console in other words and the church in Antioch Woodland Hills Africans in a Roman aristocrat pictures and NCR with a multiracial multicultural multi- class integrated search and a vigorous witness incentive all races and classes were worshiping unfounded to bring together what is significant the Bible scholars of the church at Antioch it was a Fiat that the followers of Jesus Christ will force all Christians they demonstrated in their life in their ministry and their work the power of the gospel to transform and to unite people the Church of Antioch was proclaiming that God was alive they were demonstrated in the community of faith there is neither Jew nor Greek because racial superiority is gone there is neither slave nor free because classically RT is gone there is neither male nor female because sexual superiority is gone after one becomes a Christian you are still black or white so highly educated me of all females with these distinctions along the left of the no longer create Barry as the Fellowship TSS in the power of the Holy Spirit I felt his people overcome that unity does not mean that black Christians and Asian Christians and Latino Christians need to be made into the image of white Christians of vice versa it does not mean that there will be a dull and monotonous uniformity about humanity and that all styles of life all worship need to be identical unity does not mean that we as individuals all are the group was our individuality unity means that for the grace of God we reflect his image the differences of color club back my original enrichment in fact the Bible tells us in Ephesians three it was with you will do things that we are able to comprehend the fullness of what the VA without will not be made frequently without them will not be made perfect either in fact and I like the fit beautifully Bible commentary volume two page ten twenty nine she says there is no person that is not nation that is perfect in every habit and every thought one must learn of another and that is why God wants the different nationalities and races and classes that people don't mingle together so that we can be one in judgment and one in purpose and then the union that is in Christ will be exemplified so in fact the differences among the God has placed them there in Richmond but we can fix from what others have to offer if we never associate with them if we don't mingle with them if we have no contact with them unity is Chevron together all the time all the gifts that goal effectiveness and the worship of the church and in the leadership of the church in the local level at a national level and international level I also want to talk about something else sometimes let's talk about unity that people tell me the problem is quite simple all we need to do to bring about unity is to eliminate the regional conferences conferences another problem this symptom the Lake regional conference is no more of a problem than the Michigan the Allegheny is no more problem than the Chesapeake conference we don't need to eliminate the regional conferences what we need to do is eliminate all on the car instructors and build new ones meet the new principles the regional conference of the because they were excluded from the otherwise the death eliminating them to solve the problem doesn't get the fundamental problem of Sharon again in the problem of the Bible we need to eliminate all the carbon structures and build new ones the new principles to practical difficulties learning to making such changes are enormous and may appear insurmountable and that the real divisive racial differences do not exist an event happened in the history of conflict is not productive will come in the distrust and suspicion that has been molded by a hundred years of racial dissemination tension and misunderstanding in the church will not be easy it will take time to work through these obstacles but we cannot allow practical considerations to meet date theological imperatives there is no fight the plan to accomplish this but nothing is too hard for broad and is grateful children that they contacted difficulties is not an acceptable excuse for disobedience when I talk to church leaders about this they talk about the difficulties and how it is possible how we will will be doing I don't have the answers the Holy Spirit does anything for ongoing need the Holy Spirit and seek his guidance he will show us what we need to do we don't need to worry about it going to give us the grace and to strengthen the power price of the glyphosate one seventy three if we surrender our life this service we can never be placed in the position for which God has not made provision ought unready for me to present unready solutions I'll be ready to obey him it was not until the feet of the priests are the River Jordan so what in obedience to God command that enjoyed and we bookmarked it created but it is electable across weekend sit on the bank saying we don't know how it's going to happen we need to decide to do what God is that benefit do I see it go to provide the weight because he has already made provision of what we need whatever may be our situation as it searched and allies become a guide to direct the weight one a local projects these we have a still consular whatever Allah sorrow bereavement the loneliness we have a sympathizing friend is in our ignorance we make missteps I could not leave us his voice clear and distinctive signs saying I am the way to transcend the life John fourteen sixty shall deliver the needy when he cries the pool also and him that hath no help of the resources available to us if we want to be obedient God will reveal his message to us God 's message to the church of legacy challenges us to a higher level of righteousness it also declared that we need to repent individually and cooperatively of sale that we do not normally recognize the thing the messages are delivered via its undersigned thing that annoyed then the wall Monday on the way of their condition could posit that thing that we the church does not acknowledge this deeper level of guilt that we have not yet discern a part of that be the inhumanity of man to man could this absence of righteousness out completely visibly demonstrated by the Finn of racial division in elements I believe our lack of unity is a misrepresentation of what character of love to get hold of the methods of latest Seo would bring about revival and reclamation the greatest and most urgent of all the morning the spirit of prophecy states would revive reclamation is more than sloppy holding feelings confirmed that your prayers as we think about the Reformation when you think of what's happening within us individually what sort of the things reclamation is a radical break with the reclamation if filling things differently she said reclamation signifies a reorganization exchange ideas and see a reason in habits and practices inside the ceilings inside of you is reclamation it's about doing things differently the need with what Gore is calling us to do reclamation will not bring forth good fruit of righteousness unless is connected with the revival of the spirits of the two things going on and we know will one reorganize and for the sake of reorganizing but motivated by the power of the Spirit we are doing what one wants to do revival and reclamation of the duly appointed work and in this work we must plan revival and reclamation then we required a revolutionary break the tradition revival and reclamation would require us to do things differently than we found them I read this location before but I read it again because appropriate now and white ones us that those listening but they will never have to give up which I receive never have application to change an opinion will be disappointed I flawlessly will own ideas and opinions with the determined persistency we cannot have the unity for which Christ prayed on the heavy alone not infallible we have many left to learn and many many who unlearn my point is what credibility can we assembled the Adventists as Christ remnant church that people remain so clearly divided structurally and institutionally rightfully for the demonstration of unity is Neville Hall urgent than right now we live in a divided world racial alienation is one of the biggest problems in American society Billy Graham recently ruled that in Christianity today we need to gain a new vision of what it means to be all one in Jesus Christ on the matter of race relations Adventists a privately first century the evangelical non- Christian world has been very active in the last decade is a lot happening we not the only church provided there is a lot divided and has a lot of activity in the Christian world right now on this topic but we are still driving off the and not being very involved what do we need we need more power the Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit moves about human minds all picky complaints of activation between man and his fellow men will be put away the bright beams of the sun of righteousness will shine into the chambers of the mind and heart beat I will worship of God there will be no distinction between rich and poor white and black all this will be melted away this is what happens when the Holy Spirit comes in the spirit of prophecy things when we approach God it will be as one brotherhood we are pilgrims and strangers bound for a better country even a heavenly bed and they're all pride all accusation deception will forever happen in every match will be leaving aside and we shall see him as he hit location from the spirit of prophecy when the Holy Spirit is fought out there will be a triumph of humanity in seeking the salvation of the souls of human beings court will control minds human hearts with love as Christ loved on the color line would be regarded by many very differently on the way in which it is now regarded to love as Christ loves Mister mine into up your heavenly unselfish atmosphere what all penalties of being again from the spirit of prophecy is something where wall of separation have been built up between the wife and the blackfin and micro these walls of prejudice will tumble down out themselves have been the walls of Jericho when Christians told me the word of God which enjoins unbending supreme love to them Mika and impartial love to their neighbors but they are preconditions meant to say may have both hereditary and cultivated prejudices but when the love of Jesus fills the heart so we need the love of Jesus in the heart and they become one with Christ they will have the same spirit that he had difficulty brother sits by their side they will not be offended of his life am at in my phase the journey into the same heaven and will be seated at the same table and eat bread in the kingdom of God and Jesus and the Biden in all hearts despite the college level any other man who has the same Savior abide in his heart when the unchristian prejudices are broken down more earnest effort will be put forth to do missionary work among the college rates finally I want to conclude with the example of Egypt because the sobering example for us a was filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost pizza was using likely of God when thousands did Jesus with Pete was still practiced God to send him a special vision so that they think that the increase in his ministry could be expanded patient can't think of anything as great a prophecy space brought April on instruction and revealed to him the purpose of God that identifies the sanitizer between fennel is with angels to the blessings of salvation and yet none of the disciples to preach the gospel to the Gentiles in mind the disciples like the middle wall of partition broken down by the death of Christ the ability of those have been confined to choose for the hot milk upon the Gentiles as excluded from the blessings of the gospel now the Lord will sink into discrete the worldwide extent of the divine plan the time had come for an entirely new phase of work to be granted upon by the church of Christ the door that many of the Jewish converts enclosed against the Gentiles was now to be thrown open continuing from acts of the apostles how carefully do all the work to overcome the prejudice against the genocide that had been so firmly fixed in Peter 's mind by his socialization is into by the vision of the sheet and its contents both sold to divest the apostles mind that this prejudice and to teach to important truths that have moved there is no respect of persons that join Gentile alike prices and thoughts like what the joke was meditating on the meaning of the vision is very sad to him behold freemen think the arise and go with them the pizza this was a trying command and the command of unity for us and it was with reluctance at Everest in Betsy on the duty made upon him but he did not disappoint brucellosis of the iPhone that would be our desire when we leave here today it may be a reluctance that it may be a difficult step but we did not disobey under the following morning because it out for Syria accompanied by six of his brethren they were to be his witnesses for continual that he would be called to account for so direct a violation of Jewish teachings he struggled with it but he was obedient and what is our destiny what is the goal what is the future hold for us after this I beheld and low a great multitude which no man could number of all nations and kindreds and people stood before the throne and before the Lamb flaws with white robes and times in this case and he cried with along quite saying salvation to all of God which sits upon the throne on Wonderland in heaven will be united let's get our acts together on the power of the Holy Spirit to repent to go to the Lord to ask what his grades to ask for his follow so that we can be united on this earth so that the world may know that Jesus has come and that there is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Immanuel 's veins and send those lines beneath that flood can be transformed moves all the guilty stains and Mister Jesus that is my prayer for each one of us that Google for this place in court strength not on the political agenda but on a spiritual agenda that each of us to become everything that God wants us to be use our influence from others within our sphere of influence to accept God 's call to unity and become what he wants us to be overtime is virtually so maybe it's time for us and with a word of prayer and ask God to be with us as we go forth from this place when we stand with me forward by the new heaven we thank you so much for your grace that is greater than all the Boston we thank you so much for the treasure that is hidden in your word and for the gift that's the spirit of prophecy that so clearly outlines the challenges and opportunities that are ahead of us we thank you Lord for this sure is that you will never put us in any situation for which you have not already made a provision help us Lord strength let's will be a week and give us the desire that more than anything else we want to be faithful to you and we wanted to win your will in our lives and use our influence to be a force for good in the accident Jesus so we can finish the work and go home to live with you forever with each one about in my presence you know the needs of every hot give them that which they need most of you strengthen them with their week give them the answer to every question give them the victory over temptation give them the power over over bad habits give them everything that they need to that we can develop the characters that you wanted to have that we can literally the wonderful name of Jesus amen and amen this is all your verse fourteen lines generation for Christ you would like to learn more CYC please visit www. received my son when not working like this more free online services please visit www. audio verse got more


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