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How Low Can the Church Go

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan




  • June 16, 2018
    11:00 AM


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Or we have been worshipping we are gathered at the conference namely. We are sneaking your spirit to bring your word to life and arise our hearts to lead us in the narrow way to comfort and strength in the US will encourage us Lor help us to hear that a watch before my lips in a garbage or the door of my mom is take a call from on the altar. Roof. Great Lord touch the heart of the year while bitterly. Well might. Want you to know Satan has a church it's not exactly how you think it comprise writing in the General Conference bulletin at $8097.00 though I said Satan has church upon the earth which outnumbers the Church of Christ Christ calls it the Synagogue of Satan because its members are the children of sin and transgression they've seized on a god they've cast as Divine Law side they have confounded the distinction between good and evil I need you to hear that phrase again they have confounded the distinction between good and evil but the world's read them or we'll have a church in which these essential differences will be made up here I want to look at a slide for a moment to be the only slide I use this morning you can't read it but you can see how the lines go now I want to explain to you what the lines are on the left side of the slide you see a red or maroon line it starts out at 0 and it quickly jumps up that line represents the laws that have been passed in this country prohibiting same sex marriage. I want you to see in a generation how rapidly things can change in 1096 the Defense of Marriage Act was passed and right away about 30 states they're clustered there in the 1st years following that sign on and they have laws banning same sex marriage now Jesus loves everybody and Corinthians tells us and we're going to look at Grant the INS quite a little bit today God can rescue us from anything but I want you to notice the cultural shift over the next 20 years almost every state in the nation takes its cue from the Defense of Marriage Act and establishes a law against same sex marriage but slowly the bottom line the Green Line starts out those slowly at about $22003.00 Massachusetts passes a law that allows same sex marriage and you see a few more adding on and I want you to know that on Tuesday pollo in camp meeting we will be at the 2 year anniversary of the Supreme Court's ruling to legalize same sex marriage those lines show how rapidly things change now in the midst of it all it's not too hard for us to know even with that slide that the church is under siege for over 200 years up until $965.00 the church in America grew numerically every year since then the church has found itself on the wrong side of the statistical analysis our churches at 7 day ad minister in a place where they are particularly vulnerable and we need to go back and recognize that we have weapons of warfare that are mighty for pulling down the strongholds that are siege in against us. But if you listen carefully you'll hear between the lines and some of the rhetoric that the church is the problem. As a matter of fact the people who hold the microphones in our country today are not bashful about making sure that everything we've stood for as a nation is really everything we need to stand against now and I'm here this morning the sermon entitled How low can the church go the child to encourage you and challenge us was prayed for by our minister director that we might be ready to meet Jesus in the church is it the problem when my mother was 18 years old old she left the church it probably coincided with when she left Broadview Academy you know it's hard to get the church out of a person my mother's watching today and I have a depth of gratitude which is hard to imagine for this lady but she couldn't get too far away from the church you know why because she had a praying mother my grandmother had one of the most unique names you're ever going to hear her name was Jedi like the airplane the Ola which is not a name you hear very often smarm now Piolo is a Greek word it means divine and I want to assure you that my mother who served the pure Oriya church in Illinois for approximately 50 some years loved Jesus and she loved his church and Mom was being prayed for by her mom well I don't know how it worked out my grandmother somehow arranged for me the oldest of 4 from my mother to take us to church and I can remember going my 1st real memory of the church was in the early seventy's I came to the primary class a little bit late they were sitting in a big circle and I went in there and sat down and pretty soon they came around they handed out some teachers us I flipped it over I didn't know much about the Bible but I knew that it was a book of the Bible. So people started going around telling what book they had and now I look back on it and I'm awful glad I didn't get a guy Zephaniah or Deuteronomy or something like that I got the only book in the Bible that has read latter's so I'm OK this will be easy so it's almost my turn I've got my card in my hand and as they come around to my point in the circle I'm feeling pretty confident this will be a good beginning and I hold up my book and I say I have got the book of Job. And everybody else thought it was funny too with one exception I didn't want to go back you know send your children to the Sabbath school as missionaries help them the know somebody might show up there that day and how can you help it I mean everybody knows that you pronounce the Book of Job as job except me but I learned it that day my mom wasn't giving up I'm not exactly sure why it was probably Grandma too behind the scenes a year or 2 later she sent me to Pathfinders I went on a went on a weekend campout which turned out to be arraigned past some of you can understand that they used to have old green pup tents that were made of canvas it was long before the high tech days and they only sort of said water and I can remember a 10 mile hike in bean hole beans and and lots of interesting memories but it wasn't enough I really didn't want to go back and then in our centennial years a nation my mother while we were at my aunt and uncle's house who lived near Broadview Academy we were enjoying a family get together and my mother took me out on the porch and she told me my world was changing OK that 12 years of age I'm taller than my mother and I was curious what she had to say and I don't think I could have her anything worse you see my mother was a mother she wasn't a self-esteem coach. She was someone who understood what was best for me and she had the courage to enact it my father is a great man doesn't go to church but he's a man of integrity she'd been working on him for a dozen years finally she had the pieces in place and she looked up mentally and she said Ronnie in a few weeks you're going to a church school and I couldn't have had anything worse said to me all that flashing through my mind is that I'm ignorant about the Bible I won't fit in there any better than I did in where I'm at and that's the last place on earth I want to be one year later I was in a Baptist dismal tank with my sister one year later I had received my call the ministry after our church schoolteachers nurtured us and giving little sermonette I don't like the word but that's what it is and that's what it was and one year later after that my mother received a phone call it was in the evening I think it was a Sunday it was the summer again and this time it was not a very good experience it should have been a personal visit I'm going to tell you that right off hand it was administrative malpractise and I just want to encourage all of you that are leading in the church to lead with heart and head and take some rest because the way this worked out it shouldn't work out it was a bone call there were 4 of us put in church school all at the same time my mother and father had not done the best job of keeping up with the bill but you can imagine no budget for Christian education and then a Budget Report good it's not wrong that they needed to talk to my family about money but it was a mistake that they called and told us that we couldn't come back to school until the bill was paid now you have to remember this is a backslidden lady. With anon Advena such as been reported the been put in a church school 2 of them are baptized one of them is stood before them and has the evidence of God's Spirit with the spiritual giftedness and it would have been all right if they would have come by and said Mrs Kelly is there anything we can do to partner with you because we really want this to work but something's not quite right well I want to tell you my sister gosh Chindits years I slunk down the stairs into my basement where my room will agree my sister was sad my mother was mad and my life looked like it was heating him because I love my teacher and I love my classmate and I love my school now why am I preaching this sermon today and why am I going to talk about the church for 4 more times after this because number one I love this church I'm here in spite of the ups and downs the bumps in the bruises I'm here in spite of the challenges I'm here because Jesus is leading this church is going to lead it all the way up to the gates of heaven and I'm planning to be there when those saints go marching in this church is God challenges but this church while it has problems is not the problem this church is the divine instrumentality of salvation for as many as will hear and it is our privilege to give the message the 2nd reason I'm Pete preaching the sermon is because the church school I attended which went all the way up to 10 grades before we were done isn't there in the morn. And the Academy I attended which had 71 people in my class and over 200 in attendance isn't there anymore although my Cademy principal is here today and I just want to honor him by telling him what a blessing he was in my life I'm praising God today and I'm preaching on this because there are things about the church and experiences with the church that some have never had and don't know where scripture reading this morning was from the book of Isaiah Chapter 28 in that day the Lord of hosts will be a crown of glory in the Died them of beauty to the remnant of his people this next verse especially for a spirit of justice to him who sit in judgment and now the last verse for you and for me and pursue strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate listen the church is under siege by society there is potential division from inside there is unsettling us in the young and sometimes in flexibility in the old we are looking for principle and power and a rebirth of God's love and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit but I want to tell you the church is done when the church is God's fortress on the white rites and acts of the Apostles his City of Refuge which he holds in a revolted world and he be trail of the church is Chancery to him Jesus who bought mankind with the blood of His only begotten Son from the beginning faithful souls have constituted the Church on Earth in every age the Lord has had his watchman who have borne of papal testimony to the generation in which they lived these sentinels gave the message of warning and when they were called to lay off their armor others took it up. God brought these witnesses into covenant relation with himself Listen to this uniting the Church on earth with the church in heaven he has sent forth is angels to minister to his church and the gates of hell have not been able to prevail against his people now we're going to look at a number of verses today but we're not going to look these next ones up you can reference them but I want to remind you before I jump into how low the church can go is that the church according to Paul Ryan and to Timothy in chapter 3 verse for 15 is the pillar and the support of the true those pillars are being hammered on but they're not going to fall the 2nd thing you need to know according to Fiji's 122 to 23 is that the church is the Body of Christ. And you're part of it I don't know what part you are but you're part of it and nobody ever hated his own body and the 3rd thing you need to know is that the church according to fissions 310 is the theatre of grace so the intent that the wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the prince apologies and powers in the heavenly places this is an amazing thing God would use us to explain himself to the universe that take your Bibles and open them up the book in Matthew Chapter 16 how low in the church go Matthew Chapter 16 will be looking at verse 13 Matthew 16 verse 13 and I'm reading out of the New American Standard Bible Matthew Chapter 16 versus 1320 and by the way if you want to check it out get a New American Standard and read the commentary with that and you'll see that the commentary in The New American Standard a very very close and it's not very far off from the New King James or the King James. Matthew 16 verse 13 now when Jesus came into the district of Sesar IA Philip I was asking at the cycles who the people say that the Son of Man is they said some say John the Baptist and others Elijah the still others Jeremiah or one of the prophet but he said to them who do you say that I am Simon Peter answered You are the Christ the Son of the Living God and Jesus said to him less are you Simon bar Jonah because Lesh and blood did not reveal this to you but my father who is in heaven now this next verse contains the perseverance of the word church in the New Testament I say to you that you are Peter and upon this rock I will build whose church I'll build my church and the gates of Hades or hell will not be able to overpower Well I'm not going to go there but I need you to know that this church was not built on Peter the Bible make this exceptionally clear the subject matter of this narrative is Jesus the church is built on Jesus but if you're in doubt all will clarify inhibitions $119.00 well he will say Jesus is the cornerstone and in 1st Corinthians he will tell us no other foundation can be laid than that which was laid Jesus Christ but there's a little bit more we need to see verse 19 I will give you the keys of the Kingdom whatever you bind on her show them back around in heaven whatever you loose on earth shall have been loose in heaven the point Jesus is making is that I am turning over to you as a body of believers no one individual I am going to put in the hands of the church the stewardship of the divine. The idea that the church would be empowered to bring with it and to draw out and to establish a heavenly citizenship to make a connection that goes from mortal to immortal is an awesome privilege and responsibility you can't carry forward this work with a casual commitment to the church it's the stewardship of the divine Now Matthew 18 will cover the same subject matter Jesus will tell them you've got a problem go to your brother and talk about it cellular if they don't listen take somebody else Jesus and then say if they won't listen to 2 or 3 Tell it to the who do the church and if they won't listen to the church treat them as a pagan or a tax collector now Paul will clarify what that means little later on but I want to tell you as we start making our journey into how low the church can go the church will sink low when it doesn't have the ability to be part of tonight's topic and it doesn't know how to hold people accountable this is almost impossible in the age we're living in because we are so minimally bonded the reason I can hold my children accountable in my home is because my wife and I are exceptionally bonded these kids have been launched into in adulthood where they can fix the need because there was no division between us but I want to assure you the church is the family of God just like our cellular families it takes encourage men but it also takes accountability. Turn over the book Corinthians 1st Corinthians Chapter 5 we're going to spend most of our time looking at the church of current 1st Corinthians Chapter 5 How low can the church go now it's hard to imagine then a short period of time a group of people that Paul spiritually birthday will tell them you may have many teachers but you've only got one spiritual father could be in a situation like this. Earth Corinthians Chapter 5 Verse one it's actually reported that there is in more reality among you and the immorality of such a kind as does not exist even among the Gentiles this someone has his father's wife verse 2 it gets even worse they're not ashamed the New American Standard Version says you have become arrogant and you have not mourned instead so that the one who had done this deed would be removed from your mitts this is clarification on Matthew 18 or I on my part though absent in the body but present in the Spirit have already judged him now that's not condemnation of the person but it is judgment against the action who has so committed this as though and has so committed this is though I were present in the name of our Lord Jesus when you assemble and I with you in spirit with the power of our Lord Jesus I decided to deliver such wondrous Satan or the destruction of his last so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus how low can the church go the church is so low in Corinth there where that supposed to be a city set on a hill where it's supposed to be the brightest it's the darkest. Now I need you to think about this you may be in a church that has challenges is your if you have membership you do belong to one. It has challenges it has problems it homely doesn't have a problem this bad because it's not just that there was immorality is that the ill immorality was celebrated under the Suppose an umbrella of grace. Now I'm sure listening to me here today there is and are people that are struggling with immorality I want you to know the church is a good place to go they will love you they will encourage you and they will challenge you to find the path and help you find the path of happiness this is not an impartial sin but it is a serious problem because the church is celebrating its a mismanaged concept of grace now we talk about the church is a hospital a hospital for sinners I don't want to buy a razor hand but just think about for a minute how many of you hope before can't mean is over that you can rush down to the hospital not too many and why do you go to the hospital go to the hospital because you're sick now I think it's important for us to understand that hospital experiences are self esteem journey when the doctor sits down to talk to you if he's kind enough to you to give you a accurate diagnosis you might be hopeful enough to get out of there and think that you'll live another day or 2 how would you feel if somebody just left the hospital and they couldn't wait to find you and they got they were sitting across the table from you and they leaned over and they said You won't believe what happened to me I went to the hospital and while I was there they they poked and they probed in they they took a needle and stuck it in me and and when they were all said and done they told me that I was sick. And they gave me this nasty tasting medicine. I think sometimes the modern day churches want to act more like a Leprosarium where you come and you don't go and you stay the same and I think we've forgotten that sometimes it is actually the churches job to wound people that's not something that's done cavalierly and it's not done carelessly but probably 27 tells us that the wounds of a friend and the trust with an enemy multiplied we've heard we've read we've seen in the spirit of prob the that there will be a jew people in the day of Jesus appearing who will have an on expressible fury against their pastors because they refused to tell them the truth that was hard to hear but James Dobson used to say I'd rather tell the truth hurts than healed than a false good that comforts and then kills the church sinks its lowest when it doesn't know what true love is and doesn't know how to administer it so how do these rules and standard of conduct that he and will spend the night on that 221st century church now that he entered It's not legalism though my kids they didn't have to work to become Kelly's. Off forum that was given to them by their mother now but I want to understand the way they live defines what we've put into them the way they live is the definition non What it Kelly is and I want you to know something the rules are not there to make them Kelly's But the rule do protect their spiritual mental relational and physical health Western culture is about self-expression Christian culture is about self-control. And the church says no so that weakens receive Jesus in a way that allows us to walk the happy path churches like preachers and teachers and parents are to stand in the way of self destruction that's what the Apostle Paul was doing with the Corinthian church and you know after he sent that letter he wrung his hands and he got on his knees and he thought should I have sent that letter the answer was yes. Sir back to Perth currently in street Allo can the church go 1st current in 3 verse one and I brother I could not speak to you a spiritual meant that as man you could say people of the flesh is the influence of Christ I gave you milk to drink not solid food for you were not yet able to receive it indeed you are not now able to receive it but you're still flesh or sense there's jealousy and strife among you are you not Leslie are you not walking like near men when one says I am a pall another I'm of Apollos are you not near Men What then is Apollo and what is Paul servants through whom you believe even as the Lord gave opportunity to one don't be confused Paul says I planted Apollos water but the only reason it grew was what God went to church gets into the posture of celebrity teachers or preachers. The church is letting other people do it study when the church is hiding behind the opinion of an expert and they don't open their Bibles they're on their way to the bottom the prophet Reformation was not based on your ability to parse Greek or Hebrew the Protestant Reformation was based on your ability to read the Bible in your language and compare Scripture with Scripture. And in this age of intellectual ism we better be careful because we're running the Reformation in reverse the clear the holy prophets of all give the big picture and you can dig down as much as you want to clarify but the big picture is not derived from something only those with Ph D.'s or M. Divs can get praise God is right there in over 1st Corinthians Chapter 6. Chapter one chapter 6 verse one does anyone of you when he has a case against his neighbor dare to go to law before the UN right has not before the saying or do you not know the Saints will judge the world that is a phrase deep with admin of the ology if the world is judged by you and you are not competent to constitute the smallest law court is saying there is a problem do you not know Verse 3 that we will judge the angel how much more matters of this long so if you have law courts dealing with the matters of this life the you appoint them as judges who are of no account now this is a church so poorly bonded that they can't even get together and agree on an elder or somebody was the maturity Munder standing to help solve a problem and the church will sink very low when it's so poorly bonded they can't talk through their problems it was an embarrassment to Christ it was a dock on the Church for them to be airing their dirty laundry Ellen White will say we ought to suffer wrong rather than do wrong but we're not used to suffering through anything not even waiting an extra minute to get our bean burrito at Taco Bell I want to remind you that Jesus was a man of sorrows and sufferings and acquainted with grief we are walking the nail pierced the blood stained path or. And if you want to be a part of a healthy church and you want to help your church be healthy it's going to be very important you understand that there will be times when things won't be made right right away but you'll be surprised over time Jesus has the ability to turn it around turn over per script in Chapter 11 1st Corinthians Chapter 11 we go here at least once a quarter as we celebrate the Lord's Supper 1st Corinthians. Chapter 11 verse 23 I received from the Lord that's which I also delivered to you get down to verse 26 where as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup you proclaim. This 28 but a man must examine him sell why because there is probably jump up earlier into the chapter he says in verse 17 but I give this instruction he's not in any way able to affirm them perhaps they're conducting themselves in this part of the worship service I do not praise you because you come together not for the better but by the worse for in the 1st place when you come together as a church I hear that there's divisions among you and I'm prone to believe there must also be factions among you so that those who approve may become evident among you therefore when you meet together not to eat the Lord's Supper don't be confused what you've been doing is not what I taught you and it's not what you think it is. We're in eating each one takes his own supper parson one is hungering another's drop right you have houses where you can eat and drink or do you despise the Church of God Now the church is going down low when it can't maintain its own culture when there is not a culture where the manners and the habits and the courtesies are several notches above the regular society and I'm going to talk to the parents 1st right now this may I went to for graduation. All of them for 70 AD minutes schools and I will tell you that some I was sorely disappointed you need to remember that I was converted through a Christian teacher a 7th Day Adventist teacher in a 7th day at miniscule there would be few if Paul can brag about being circumcised on the 8th day and a son of Benjamin there will be few the could embrace with greater joy and humility and thankfulness than me my appreciation for Christian education. But we need some more going on in the homes to match up with what's going on in the churches hopefully and what's going on in the schools because I was my spirit was jarred as I sat through some of these experiences that were actually held in churches which is not a bad place to hold them and beyond the appropriate affirmation of achievement with the clapping of the hand you could hear the hooting and the hollering and the whistling forgetting that if the God of Heaven the put the breath in the lungs and the beat in the heart and the intellect in the brain and the determination in the soul and the structure of the family and the benefit of the school so that that child could receive that diploma I sat through ceremonies were respectable people people whom I honor asked people to contain their jubilation in certain ways and it appeared to use an expression of my mother that it went in one ear and out the other and didn't stop in between when the church no longer has cultured behavior when the manners of the church think the old the threshold of basic civility the church is sinking low and I'm appealing. To every parent and grandparent here today to kindly explain why we take our hats off when we walk in a sacred place and that if you're going to take your hat off you need to contain the way you express your jubilation It's not like I'm at a Tigers game or a Red Wings game or a Pistons game let's turn over the person at the institution I'm a pastor for and I'm a pastor I've been doing this for 30 years I'm for us a talk about it I hope you'll talk about. First Corinthians 15 we come down to the end of the 1st book and we see there's a crisis developed it's a crisis that strips any sense of theological crisis completely out of the dialogue points for verse 12 Paul has been making an effort to communicate that Jesus is actually a resurrected they now if Christ is preached that he has been raised from the dead how do some among you say there is no resurrection of the dead if there is no resurrection of the dead not even Christ has been raised and if Christ has not been raised then our preaching is in vain and your faith is also in vain Moreover we are even found also the false witnesses of God because we testified against God that he raised Christ and we did not raise it in fact the dead are not race or if the dead are not raised Paul going to get it very clear not even Christ has been raised in a crisis not been raised your faith is worthless and you are still in your sins. Now the last time you went to Sabbath school I highly doubt that there was a theological division on such a simple and true pillar of our belief in Christ you might have argued over the fine points of the end time events you might have just disagreed and discussed the componentry of the sanctuary. But your church was not so twisted up and pacing backward that they hadn't even thought through intellectually that if Jesus if there was no resurrection then this whole thing's a farce and Paul the liar that's a pretty messed up church now the devil would like to get us focusing on the wrong thing last night our conference President talked to us about our $28.00 fundamental beliefs and our witness are pregnant right there in the very beginning is the Godhead it appears that in some parts of the country from which Michigan is not exempted that going back I said going back and digging up theological discussions of the past and suggesting that the fullness of the Godhead doesn't dwell bodily in Jesus Christ we call that areon is a it appears that it's got traction in some places and with some people so the point of looking like an old discussion is new truth and some people grab on to some of the obscure statements out the spirit of prophecy that those early beliefs were the believe you need to understand something we have some damage believe in progressive troupe and you need to remember that where they started and where they ended up we're not the same place. If you believe in the spirit of prophecy and if James would have lived you would have seen a journey in which the glorification of what Jesus is to you and what he's done for you would be exponentially amplified because he was actually God and the Holy Spirit as well but some people hang on to the past they think because our pioneers believed it and some did for a while that they should believe it too but you need to remember something for years are pioneers even James and Ellen with the church on Sunday and they. Truth is progress. All wrote to the goal ations Why is it that we're returning to the week and the beggarly elements the church is low when it is banned and present truth in favor of theological distractions from back to Perth Corinthians 14 1st Corinthians 14 is the problem of speaking in tongues you can see why Paul didn't want to write the letter it's nothing more than twice and say nothing more but it is primarily one rebuke after another verse 18 Paul writes I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you however in the church I desire to speak 5 words with my mind so that I may instruct others also rather than 10000 word in a tongue we don't just have problems with the Lord's Supper in this church we have problems almost every Sabbath because people are so anxious to make sure they get their little bit in that they find self actualization with the crowd with an audience that they run right over order the church is low when it favors self-expression over group edification all says Remember your family are back to Chapter 11 2nd Corinthians actually we're going to go pull words that Corinthians chapter 11 the tone of this book changes somewhat sekret in Chapter 11 we have an awkward and embarrassing moment for the preacher 2nd Corinthians Chapter 11 he says I wish that you would bear with me a little with a little foolishness but indeed you're buried with me or I'm jealous for you with a godly jealously or I be trucked you to one husband so that to Christ I might present you as a pure virgin but I'm afraid I am afraid that as the serpent deceived by his crappiness your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and the purity of devotion to G's. Or if one comes and preaches another Jesus whom we've not preached or you receive a different spirit which you've not received or a different gospel which you've not accepted you bear this beautifully that's not a compliment or I consider myself not in the least inferior to the most eminent apostle Now if I had to stand up here today and legitimate myself as your preacher I'm not sure why anybody would stick around to listen it's not OK for Paul to have to remind them that he brought them to Jesus he was their spiritual midwife her say he delivered them into a knowledge of the truth he says in verse 6 even if I'm unskilled in speech I am not so in the knowledge but in fact in every way that we have made this evident to you in all things. The church is low when it doesn't honor the on arrival especially its leaders I want you to think about the culture of your church are you teaching your kids to speak when an older person addresses them are you teaching them to honor their Sabbath school teacher and their teacher and their preacher and their paths minor leader or are your children disadvantaged with the idea that you are the best listener to the deep backs of your partners in ministry we should be a place where there is more honor it doesn't cover up the problems it just creates the security to talk about them when we have to talk about them I have 2 more illustrations Acts Chapter 21 If yes were. Acts Chapter 21 verse 19 How low can the church go about to go a whole lot lower Acts Chapter 121 verses 922 tucked into this glorious victorious book is this very said chap I'll start with verse 17 you need to know Paul is come from the Gentile churches and he's bringing a large offering. After we arrived in Jerusalem the brother received this gladly and the following day Paul went in with us to James and all the elders who were present after he had greeted them he began to relate one by one through the things which got done among the Gentiles through his ministry and when they heard it they began glorifying God but they had to get on to their next topic the next topic please and they said You see Brother how many thousands there are among the Jews of those who have believed and their important conjunction and they are all zealous for the law and they've been told about you that you're teaching all the Jews among the Gentiles to pursue make multiple telling them not to proceed to circumcise their children or to walk according to the cause what then is to be done they will certainly hear that you come therefore do what we've told you we have 4 men who are under a bow now I'm not going to read the rest of the story I'm just going to tell it to all loves this church but back in Jerusalem the leaders are not willing to put their face into the wind about the fact that Christianity is not to be bound by ethnic Judaism it is not to be held back by the customs of the Jews it is to be liberated in a proper understanding of what the ceremonial law was to do and did as appointed to Christ and embrace the moral law as it lifts up the risen Jesus and Jesus fulfills all those symbols in types but the leaders in Jerusalem were not willing to bear the brunt of the persecution that would come from the unconverted Jews. So what does Paul do he does something very unique all is actually going to join with other men and he's going to go into the church into the sanctuary and her 7 days he's going to show that he is part of the Nazarite vow. And on the 7th day his hair will be cut off and thrown into the fire of the sacrifice and there will be a you that is sacrifice there will be a lamb that a sacrifice there will be a ram that is sacrificed just for a moment make sure you've got your thinking caps on Aren't these all things that pointed to Jesus. But Paul wants to be reconciled and Ellen White All right and actually the apostle that he knows as long as he doesn't get the support of the men in Jerusalem he's not going to get the checks and he needs to do what he's called to do so he goes ahead and he does. You talk about a spirit of humility you talk about a willingness to suffer and submit this was the golden opportunity for all in the white right we're all the leading brother in to confess frankly the God a rock through Paul and that in times they had erred in permitting the reports of the enemies to arouse as they should have been listening to the reports from the other me but they were listening to the reports from the enemies these are the leaders of the Church James and some of the other apostles and it arouse their oh ugly word jealousy. And Prejudice. But instead of uniting in an effort to do justice to the one who had been injured that's Paul they gave him counsel which showed they still cherished a feeling the pulse of be held responsible for the existing prejudice they did not stand nobley in his defense endeavoring to show the disaffected ones that they were wrong but they sought to effect a compromise by counseling him to pursue a court which in their opinion would remove all cause or mis Aborigine and. The brothers hope the ball by following the course suggested would give a decisive contradiction to the false reports concerning him but you know what some of the reports were not all they were true and they were the truth they should have been preaching they assured him that a decision of the formal council concerning the Gentiles think Acts Chapter 15 was still good but the advice given was not consistent with that decision the Spirit of God did not prompt this instruction she writes It was the fruit of cowardice and she says that Paul was not authorized to compromise this way he made a mistake how low can the church go send him out beaten with wrought stone shipwreck cold heathy robbers and above all this is concern for the churches this is the Apostle Paul rejected his heart breaking as he sends letters to the Corinthians in the Galatians and others came across an interesting quote This is for all the leaders that are listening to me here today so if you're a leader please listen to this here. From the Heart and the white devotional page to all 9 Hawking about Moses when I read this I was stunned she was talking about Moses going into the wilderness Reporter years you know we messed up everything it looked like she says short sighted mortal would have dispensed with that 40 year train amid the mountains of Midian deeming it a great loss of time but infinite wisdom placed him Moses who was to be the mighty statement statesman the deliverer of this people from slavery in circumstances during this period and this is what got me to develop he is honest. On. Now I won't repeat the rest of the thought but I would tell you my mind started circulating What was the honesty that Moses needed to develop. What was the honesty that every lead or need. It's the honesty of knowing that you have a responsibility to do what's right even if it cost you the favor of the people you are. Always literally almost ripped to pieces. Because of their bad advice he was in the temple and someone saw him and they said he's brought Greeks into the temple and in the name of desecrating the temple they grabbed him and they would have torn apart except for the secular Roman How low can the church go where they can go one step lower and this is low as I could imagine it ever go I don't like to say it I don't like to think but on a Thursday night New Testament church fell asleep while Jesus was shedding great jobs and. It was on an early Friday morning that one of the members of the New Testament church showed out with the betrayal coin jangling in his pocket it was a little later on that same cool Friday morning that one of the leaders of that New Testament Church is articulating that he doesn't know Jesus and again I really don't know Jesus and finally he's cussing his way into freedom of association from Jesus this was not just a member of the church this was ren G.'s I want you to remember that the Church of the Old Testament and the Church of the New Testament are not separated by anything except their histories and some of those were divergent the church that rejected Jesus took his life the church that's being born is proclaiming his resurrected life rent this charge couldn't go any lower than it gone before so if your church is in trouble taiko. If your church is under siege have courage if your church has a few problems maybe even a few compromised leaders if your church doesn't have the culture it's to have hang on we should remember that the church in feeble old and defective though it be is the only object on earth in which Christ beast owes his supreme Rijkaard nothing else do the word study the phrase supreme regard is used only 2 ways and most of the 60 some ways it's used is only for the church sometimes she uses the word the phrase in an ugly way because she has to talk about the Supreme regard of one of the doctors she's writing to or himself the church is low when leaders are insecure and lack spiritual integrity and are fearful but none of that is new it's all old. Now I want to tell you I know for a fact that there are many people here listen to me today who do not believe that the church is the object of supreme regard nor should it be there are people here today that have been mistreated by the church probably everybody at some point time and if you're honest you may have done a little mistreating yourself I hope you can say you're sorry and if collectively the church has done wrong to you I'm sorry and I hope the people who have done it will someday come to the place where they can say they're sorry but in the meantime. We need to know that being Sabbath School Matters we need to know that being at the mid-week worship service matters we need to know that the shortest mission trip is the one from your driveway to the church's parking lot and it ought to be taken off and we need to know that we are stewards of the divine and what is bound on earth will be bound in heaven we have the sacred opportunity of proclaiming the true message of the 3 angels in an age in which things are about to turn backwards again this world is fragile don't operate under the idea that it's going to stay the same you can only stretch em pole you can only nod on the cords of stability you can only hammer on the pillars of truth for so long and eventually the world's going to say somebody save us from the chaos of secularism. We're almost there supreme regard my wife is sitting out there listening to me I want to tell you something I know a supreme guard me I hold her with supreme regard she holds me with supreme regard I want to assure you I love this church and I'm appealing to you to not just verbalize the words I'm appealing to you to rethink connect in a way that says That's my body that's the theater of grace that's the pillar of truth and if it's under siege I'm going to be there to make sure it survives. We are living in an age when the world needs the church and besides how many other little Ronnie's are running around the Midwest maybe even Michigan where their grandma praying for them and they need to go to campus obl or they need to be at the B.S. or they need to be in the church school how many other little Ronnie's need to be encouraged to go into the ministry or into the teaching profession or whatever profession you go into for Jesus. This is where we're at friends. And I need to remind you that even though it looks like it's coming apart coming on done and coming down it's not this media was brought to you by audiotapes a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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