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The Clinton Campaign, the Johnson Amendment, and the Mission of the Church

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan




  • June 18, 2018
    9:00 AM


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We pray before the Lord hopefully by ourselves today and then hopefully and many other groups in seminars and other locations and even tonight Lord on this platform in this place I am completely dependent upon you Lord to make this live and we are all completely dependent upon you for the work that needs to go on in our hearts and minds perhaps the changes perhaps the resoluteness for lives that are already focus the way I'm going to talk tonight thank you that you love us may we realize one life is too short to show how much we love you and help us to focus them the right way this is my prayer tonight in Jesus' name amen the picture of the red car that's about to appear on your screen is not an actual replica it's not an actual picture of the car that changed my life but it looks pretty close I was young pastor and 30 years old and had just come to a new church and the head elder had a vision now some of you know the head elder some of you are probably related to that head elder who I still revere as a father in the faith a spiritual man its name was and is El when Shaul and L. would own a car like this. You know after you've taught a full life at one of or more of our institutions like he did at Indiana Academy and brought you Academy and some other places. And God blesses you sometimes with a little way to relax and to have a little bit of fun this was a car that he really enjoyed but God started moving on his heart and he came to me one day and he said pastor I have an idea and if you're going to be a leader you need to be a good listener and so I thought well let's listen to the good idea and he said you know there's a program coming up in the church called net 95 and 95 is something that I think should happen here and he says I'm willing to sell my little M.G. and donate it might have been all of the money to get the equipment to do net 95 and I thought to myself oh boy how do I tell this man I think 95 is a terrible idea now I hate to confess that to you but you know some of the older people are much wiser most of the older people are much wiser than the young people and Elwyn soul was a man of prayer and a man of persistence and so L. one soul would come by and see me every once in a while and say Pastor What do you think and then eventually came by he said Pastor I sold the car and pretty soon it was looking like it was going to be impossible for me to say sorry we can't do that so he put his money in a tithing will open it went in a fund for net 95 and we bought one of those great big dishes you know the kind that looks like they ought to be used at. A mountaintop observatory and or maybe for a satellite company. And you know we were one of about 600 churches that joined in the 1st series and I can't tell you how thrilling it was to me on the 1st night when that signal came in and there was when Lee Phipps singing lift up the trumpet. And then Elder Finley came on and he was preaching about Daniel Chapter 2 my heart thrilled as the Spirit of God moved through the man the message and the medium of satellite technology and at the end of net 95 we baptized a biologist and a nurse and a lawyer and a businessman and a paralegal and about 2 or 3 other people and those individuals were all relatively young and over a period of time with the commitment to serve Jesus they actually became some of the leaders of the church totally transforming the experience of that church in Indiana all because a man had a vision a man had commitment a man put his money where his mouth was and a man who prayed didn't give up and I want to praise the Lord for those godly people who believe that this message ought to go forward. The Bible says this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached and all the world for a witness unto all nations and then the end shall come this is tucked away in the chapter on the signs of Jesus coming but Jesus won't leave this topic alone when it comes to the last parting words he says Go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even unto the end of the world now what I love about the Bible and especially about the teachings of Jesus is how simple they are Jesus made it easy to understand he set the bar out of place that most could reach it easily and even more could reach it with a little bit of effort of understanding and with some good teaching it's not hard to him embrace the meaning now I want to combine with it that Scripture that was on almost every 7 day have been to church sign for a generation or 2 you remember those signs back before we had message boards and electronics we had 3 angels and we have the world and there tucked away in the writing was a very large but we had this message and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach and to them that dwell on the earth and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of water I learned that is Pathfinder it's been in my mind for years it's important we understand the message it's an amazing message I've done a whole series of sermons just on those 2 verses. And they are deep and beautiful and awesome but there is a problem inside of Evan to some and rather than talk about having to maybe I should say there's a problem inside of Adventists maybe what I should say is there's a problem inside of me there is a real tendency for us to come to know only the church and not the Lord of the church there is a tendency for us to become accustomed to the good life the American dream and not really dream about what Jesus has in mind for us and I'm going to put a definition up on the screen it's the definition of the word ethnic It says right here it's an adjective of relating to a population subgroup within a larger dominant national or cultural group with a common national or cultural tradition I want you to know that the admin is church is a pivotal place where if it's not careful it will start looking like Judaism without the Chicago Laurie in the temple we're in a moment in time where adding to some is 5 generations old for some it should only be one generation old for all of us we are the children of God We're not grandchildren and if we're not careful we will find ourselves relating to the church as a religious club and we'll go there on Saturday because we always went on Saturday but the sermon is a very interesting the people aren't always so nice. And it's really a place I go because I don't really want to tell my mom and dad I don't want to go anymore it's really just a place I go because it's it's a habit we have the ability right now of becoming a group that has an ethnic identity we're a subgroup inside the American culture and a subgroup inside of religious culture and it's possible if we're not careful that we will become only an ethnic group not a spiritual movement now our society right now is is becoming more and more narcissistic What does that mean it means it's focused on itself you don't have to look around too far to see that this is the I generate season and there are people who have written articles on the topic of this next word cool it's an informal word that says you're trying to be fashionable or attractive or impressive now I've never really been a fan of the word it's OK to use it in certain circumstances but I always found I went to public school for the 1st 6 years of my life and I always found that it was the cool kids that made my life difficult and I can remember being chased home from public school by the cool kids and I can remember my back against that cold chain link fence while the cool bully was several of his school friends were threatening to do me in when I left public school and I went to church school I didn't leave all the coolness behind there are people who are still quite focused on impressing others with themselves and our whole culture is like that is a matter of fact the clothes you wear if they don't have the right symbol up here or on the back if they don't have the right swoosh on the shoes or the right little fall leather patch right back here on the right side of the waist. If the car isn't exactly right or the phone isn't the right model whatever it may be then our fragile identities might not be what we were hoping they would be not so a impressive fashionable or attractive we weren't called to be cool and we were called to focus attention on ourselves we were called to focus attention on Jesus and by the way Jesus was absolutely NOT COOL a minister right as a matter of fact Jesus at times endured the wrath of those that were cool in order to make sure those that weren't cool and were on the outs with a bit the cool crowd actually understood what love and acceptance really was the problem was was that even though I was trained as a minister I didn't realize I was subscribing as much to the cultural mantra of fashionably attractive or impressive as I was and God had a plan to liberate me from it he made me do some things that either I was going to be true to my calling and you remember last night I talked about Moses needing to learn honesty it's an honesty when you know this is what I have to do and I know people are going to like it I had to do some of those things that absolutely was going to rob me of being fashionable or impressive or attractive and over a period in time Jesus was taking the world's mantle of self focus off of me and he was giving me a freedom. To just be like him now that process is an ongoing one I hope it's going on in your life but I want you to be aware that when you can talk about God and the Bible in the church but you can't look somebody in the eye and you can't talk about Jesus there's a problem what I found in my life was that I could put the witnessing hat on. I'm not to people between church and home but even though I wasn't 2 different people in church or home what I found was was that when I felt self-conscious talking about Jesus with somebody and I couldn't keep I contact I realized there were things in my life that were accusing me and I didn't have the freedom that I needed to have I'm convinced that our church now with its wealth and its education and its recognition amongst the pantheon of Protestant churches that we are hoping to hang on to something that doesn't produce the fruit of the spirit and doesn't make you happy we will have to go back to the place like the generations before us where we were respectable but we were different and the main person we represented was Jesus. I want you to be able to kneel down by your bed or wherever you pray by open window wherever it might be like Daniel and I want you to find the place where Jesus can speak you where it's not a spiritual monologue and what happens is that along the way when he ask you to surrender you like go of but what you get to embrace is a fuller sense of confidence in Christ. I'd like to contrast that word with this one now our society is not much about this word anymore having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance and there's an old song song I Love says tis a gift to be simple to is the gift to be free to is the gift to come down where we ought to be and when we find ourselves in the place just right to all be in the valley of love and delight when true simplicity is gain to back out and to been we shan't be ashamed to turn turn. Will be our delight till by turning turning we come around right I want to be like Daniel who can circulate amongst the most noble men and women of the governance or the industry or whatever it might be of this age but I also want to be like Daniel who has never embarrassed to let Jesus shine through in the small or the large I want to be like Joseph who was faithful as a servant and a slave who was overlooked and abused and when he came to be a man of influence and responsibility the character that Jesus had fashioned and his open profession of Christ was a shield to him and the world took note of the excellent sea of God but I never want to be embarrassed to talk about Jesus and I tell you the songs are singing tonight I mean you know a sermon is never done until you preach it but boy I'm missin B.N. out here for the songs when I hear the captain cos the only thing we were missing is the big bass drum with someone you know keeping cadence it's a March and those old songs are good because they're old they're good because they lift up a beautiful simple Jesus and they give us the freedom to smile and be happy in our inmost soul and they encourage us to be delightfully different in a world that's lost its way now not everybody likes it and I want to encourage you to be self aware I don't want us I don't want to ever wound our freedom to talk about Jesus because we're not self-aware either be self-aware try to be sensitive to your environment and how you're coming across now I started with a car and now I want to transition to how you drive. I once was a part of building a house my house and you know I was building it on a shoestring and people with loan me things and I had a contractor in the church loaned me a bobcat Now this story came back to my mind recently because I watch what I'm going to describe you happen right over here on Interstate I don't know the one that runs north south I drop my daughter off at Warren at the mega booking program and then I had take a big detour home and I watched happen what I'm about describe you I used the bobcat to move dirt around and then I loaded the bobcat on the trailer and I had a 40 kind of line van it was built on to have tons chassis A 150 and it was a tandem axle trailer and I was kind of a newbie at this and I didn't load the bobcat on right it was too far to the back of the trailer and I walk I had a half mile long gravel drive and then I got out on a very narrow country road where the speed limit was about 55 miles an hour maybe 50 and I hadn't gone more than about half a mile but I got up to speed and all of a sudden I realized I had a problem the problem was was that the bobcat weighed more than my van and it started doing this it started the tongue started moving from side to side and pretty soon the whole back of the van was convulsing like this and I'm thinking to myself how am I going to get control back now I watched this happen on the interstate just a week or 2 ago and it was so bad they were in a white truck pulling a big load of carpet they had torn out of somewhere and it got so bad the tires were screeching on the back as the back of the truck was trying to direct the motion of the truck. So my heart starts to race the adrenaline is shooting into the veins and I'm thinking to myself I've got to stop this man I've got to stop this trailer if there's an oncoming car and I don't get this under control there's going to be a head on collision or worse maybe no not worse or just about as bad I'm going to lose control and run off into one of these cornfields and dump this Bobcat over and how my going to explain that but I noticed something every time I stepped on the brakes it got worse now I'm a problem solver and I figured out pretty quick I was going to have to do something very counterintuitive if I wanted to get control of this van back I was going to have to take advantage of the V 8 engine that was under the hood I was going to have to step on the gas I was going to have to take the inertia of the 200 some odd horsepower and tell the trailer you're following me and so with the sweat beginning to build on my brow and the white knuckles on the blue handle I put my foot into the pedal and I accelerated and I want to tell you something as I accelerated I recognize I was winning not losing and I when I got that trailer following that van I was the carefulness driver to slow down and I don't think I've ever driven a slow as I had that night between my house and the destination I was headed to now why do I tell you that because I think there's a lot of people leading our churches that don't know how to drive now I'm not the most experienced person in the room tonight but I will say this. It seems like most often when I've gotten into the driver's seat in a church that we've got the same kind of problem going on and I'd be so bold as to say the denomination has the same problem going on we've got theological discussion and division on the trailer and we're trying to get it to stop and it seems like and we've got financial challenges and institutional challenges and it seems like we should probably do a little bit different but tonight I'm here to tell you there's only one way we're going to find our way out of the dilemma worry and where the issues behind us that are dividing and dragging us down and trying to take control of the direction of the church are going to be conquered and it's going to be conquered with the subject matter I need to talk with you about I'm going to teach you how to drive your church I've come into churches that are so poor that they're not putting the light bulbs and all the lights in the sockets trying to save money I came into one church where the vacuum cleaner was broken and it was not a little church it was a $400.00 member church almost and we spent a half hour talking about what we were going to do with the broken vacuum cleaner any one of the members around the board could have said I've got $200.00 let's fix the vacuum and move on but there's something about collections of people where personal commitment and risk taking seems to drop out of the formula I told you last night about the rang clouds gathering for that little Monticello church I didn't tell you what happened we had an evangelistic series and God sent of souls. Souls that were old souls that were middle aged I don't know if we had any young souls in that campaign but tonight I'm going to tell you something if you feel like you're at the head of an institution and what's behind you is trying to direct which way you're going you need to listen carefully tonight because tonight I'm going to teach you how to drive it's a little bit scary to do what I'm going to teach you to do but if you don't do it personally in your personal life you won't be able to do it corporately when you're sitting on a board whether it's for your local church or a district or a conference or a division you have to practice this in private you have to practice it corporately But if you'll do it I promise you Jesus will take the wheel on and I want to start out by saying this we tell ourselves that we are a prophetic movement but I need you to know that you can't be a movement if you don't move so let's remember that if we were to boil down everything that Jesus said the simplest thing would be just the 1st word go now I'm going to run you through a series of slides and I'm going to comment on them and I hope along the way you start catching my drift because after doing this for almost 30 years at about every church that I've come to I've come to have a quite established confidence that the God who said Go can give the provision for going and some of the provisions that he sends won't tell you go so let's go to the 1st slide I happen to be quite fond of it that happens to be my youngest son now that was about 12 years ago is he happy or unhappy. He's a very happy camper he's probably 9 or 10 years old there he's happy because he loves to work he's happy because he's in a foreign country helping build a church for God he's in Peru he's leaning on a scaffold he's with his daddy and he's learning how buildings are Bill and he's learning how God's people work together he is a happy camper does he look happy here yes he's standing between 2 Peruvian boys he'd never seen him since he had never seen him before that river in the background is going to be a place in which the watery grave is going to lead people into a confession of commitment to Christ he's singing the songs that water was so cold that even with my insulated waders on it was shiver us if there's such a word and I felt sorry for the kids that I put down into the water because it was glacier water off the Andes Mountains but I want to tell you something they didn't seem to be hesitant to go and God had brought us to this place there's something about getting outside of the ordinary dynamics of your life and going let's go to the next slide and this happens to me my 2nd son the son I just showed you is graduated this may for manners University with a business degree this boy is now physical therapist living in California but for about 10 to 12 years every March on March 18th because his birthday fell during spring break we celebrated his birthday on a mission trip. He is now a young man and my prayer for him is that he will use his education and the fact that he lays hands on people for their physical improvement that he'll use it to advance his cause this man here is a business man for almost 20 years he was the head elder of the Cicero church he was the business man that was baptized in that 95 he moved to Florida recently to help a little church get going there he has the kind of job where he can be fluid and move around and work from home he has used his wealth his education and his influence to advance the cause of God This man here he's a seaman contractor he's one of those He's a big boy now and I don't say that diminish in a diminutive way but he's a fun loving man but he was one of those kids that had to go to several academies to make it through and when he made it through Jesus wasn't through with him when my house was being built he came out and he did the contracting work he was a backslidden 7th Day Adventists and he had several bad habits and one of them he practiced he tried not to practice in front of me but he'd have this huge wad of brown dry leaves in his cheek and he'd walk around and when when he was working at my house he'd get a white styrofoam cup and spit in it and oh that is nasty he did such a good job and I realized that he was a backslidden amas that had he's wearing he would come into church and drop his kids off for Sabbath school and then he'd come back and he'd slink around the foyer with his head kind of down in his message was don't talk to me when he finished doing my work on my house he handed me the bill and I wrote him a check and I put a 100 dollar bonus in it because I wanted to know I appreciated what he did and I'm not a stingy 7th Day Adventist. I don't know how many weeks or months later he was at the back door of the church where my office was and his heart was breaking some of those bad habits had been eating away on his marriage and his wife had left him and when he came in to the church that day and he sat there and he visited the emotional favor of the relationship was moving towards me so I could move it towards Jesus and that afternoon in my church office I was able to lead him to Christ and I want to tell you today just like everybody else I showed you he's now a missionary this next person lady sitting on the right in the yellow blouse is my administrative assistant I want to know right off hand she's missionary she works in the morning for the village church she works in the afternoon for a half am and she works for free as a freelance Bible worker which is where her training is that bringing souls to Jesus but wherever she goes she's a missionary The man sitting in the right front he's a farmer a big farmer he owns property on the outskirts of Indianapolis but the city grew and they bought his property it was a very positive financial experience for him he moved over to Illinois where he bought thousands of acres of property but I want to tell you he's sitting in a little missionary church in the Dominican Republic and I want to tell you whether he's in the United States or he's out of the country he's a missionary there's a full power radio station down in Terre Haute Indiana just went on the air similar to our strong tower stations but you know those little churches in that segment of Illinois and Indiana are very well to do but this man said Look you get to a certain amount and I'll put some in to make this thing go and I want to assure you he never told me I don't think how much he put in but I want to assure you he took his billfold and as a financial missionary he moved the Cause of God along this little church wasn't to exist we want to build another one but these people appealed to us on the spur. The builders and the contractors where would we be without our builders and our contractors they are solving our problems they are confident people they are making it work this little church was built and then this little house was built and you know when the missionary spirit gets into people it's a powerful thing so the church I was at in Indiana was a church of about 400 and you know Hello I said She says the bigger churches should help the way the littler churches Well this little church here was the 2nd church we did this with this little church didn't have a lot of middle aged men and they needed a new roof why I want to tell you the men and the boys from the Cicero church piled into vans and cars and they drove down to Lewis Indiana and they got on that rough and in a short period of time it was off and in a short period of time it was back on and then I have to show you one of my favorite pictures if you've ever been to Washington D.C. you've seen one like it where they're pushing up the American flag I call this my church Jima picture the steeple had to come off and then when the shingles are on the steeple had to go back on and there's my sign with the steeple in the background friends raise your kids to be missionaries now I want to show you this picture this is the inside of our church and Cicero was remodeled I want you to look at the floor look at the floor it's a beautiful beautiful floor when the missionary spirit gets a hold of the church everything works better. That floor was installed absolutely free night after night by a very business oriented contractor who was a missionary minded young man he just happened to be the son of our former conference President Magh gala more installed that floor for free because the Spirit of God was moving on his heart now we can ask our contractors to do this and I'm not sure if we asked him to even do it for free but when the Spirit is in the heart of a man or a woman they do things for Jesus that they would usually do for money these are 2 busses they're parked outside our university in Mexico monorails our young people in Indiana Academy and our students that Cicero admin asylum entry they got the privilege of taking international trips they would never have any reason to be at Monterey Los university except for one thing they're on their way to Mexico to build a church and along the way they're networking and some of the people they meet they meet later on at Andrews University or Southern University These are experiences that when the missionary movement captures us enrich the lives of our kids next picture you say Pastor why you showing me a picture of Glacier National Park well tell you why in this picture I'm 51 years old and it's the very 1st time I've been to Glacier National Park in my entire life and you know I am there. I'm there because the village church is working on the forecheck Indian reservation about 8 hours away which is like a how obscure point to jump when you get that far out west and in 51 years of age I'm going to go to Glacier National Park but you know what's better is that Pastor Joe at the village church is taking our young people on a extreme Bible workout they helped on the reservation and now they're going out into nature to dig deep into the Word of God Those kids are 14 years old when they get to go to Glacier National Park I had to be 51 when our young people are engaged in the mission they get the blessings that some of us have to wait to get to the middle of our lives this lady here she's a missionary her name happens to be Laura and she is the leader the head of our neighbor to neighbor community service program I want to tell you something she's advancing the cause of Christ she is rallying volunteers and she is caring for the poor in our midst but she is a missionary and these children here they are all elementary age children they're standing in front of a church in Nicaragua with their teacher who at that time happened to be my wife their principal less Neal and about 6 or 7 or 8 of them all full of smiles they've spent the week serving Jesus away from televisions away from cell phones away from the Internet and they are happy happy children of God my son a little older in this picture serving the Lord and by the way by the way my son is now making money. And all 3 of my sons called me today for Father's Day and I enjoyed visiting with them and I brought up with this one especially I said now son remember I talked to the about those churches we're trying to build in El Salvador I'm hoping that the 20 somethings in my church or in my network will raise enough money to build a church and he said to me oh yeah Dad I'll talk with Nathan Nathan my other son I've already talked with him I'm not letting these guys off the hook if they don't know why they live and how to dance a cause of God What's the purpose of living now this church here when I arrived on a Friday night 9 years ago they were sitting under a tree with no leaves on it with one bare lightbulb hanging from one brown or black indoor extension cord the class of 2009 from India Academy went on this trip and some didn't want to go and it was a little bit dangerous because we were crossing the Mexican border back when they were cutting people's heads off we did our due diligence and we prayed there was a boy in this class who didn't want to go he was kind of used to the city life and he wasn't too shy don't think about letting people know he didn't want to go but I want to tell you at the end of that trip that boy I wrote the cover page for the Indiana Academy newsletter and he talked about how much joy he had having sweat and mud and mosquito bites all over him this couple here the guy on the rights the biologists He just retired from Eli Lilly his wife is a Ph D. teacher who taught for a while at the Andrews University School of Business they were single until they went on you got it the mission trip and now they have 2 beautiful children and they have exercised their gifts for God The guy on the left was in Rwanda when the genocide took place he was laying on the floor as the bullets were ricocheting off the hallway walls he came back to America the family was in a form of crisis he got into. Hard metal music and drugs defied his mom and dad some of the best Christian people I know but you know God's Spirit doesn't leave people alone and eventually because the church was moving and because there was a sense of adventure in Christ there was something that caught his attention and he started moving with the movement and he was a skilled Mason and over time God's Spirit got ahold of him and he went to India where he started preaching the gospel and it wasn't too many years after that then he ended up as the associate pastor of the church where now he's filling in while they look for another pastor the guy on the ride went on one of those mission trips he's a gifted carpenter and he led the church you know Indiana Cademy is a smaller academy and they had one of those homes out back for the girls being that you pull in on a truck if you take good care of them they're good homes but not everything on Academy campus gets the attention it needs and the houses become dilapidated they tore it down they pulled it out they put a foundation in and that guy on the right who hadn't been coming to church but who started coming as the church started moving in one day you know the Amish raised churches or raised barns in one day they frame the building they put the trusses on they seeded it with a very organized group and this young man who's now a middle aged man led us on the journey because he's a missionary this guy here I need to be careful what I say about him he built the United Airlines terminal in the Indianapolis airport he builds Walmart's in gold gyms and Applebee's if you saw him you would never know it he's a one man walking the land through this he is a businessman who knows that his business is in place to advance the cause of God. If you are a business owner today I hope you understand that your business exists and the blessings that flow into your hands are a divine intrust meant to bless the poll more and to strengthen the Cause of God Every one of the bricks our church school it had problems for some reason it was a very poor block you're looking at a nice looking building every one of those bricks and blocks on that building was donated and put in place for free because the man I just showed you believe the cause of God should go forward and when there wasn't enough money he stepped in to take care of it we're looking down on a church in Nicaragua I'm looking down on the campus in hooli aka Peru Why do my kids get to walk on the reeds are like Titicaca Why did they get to go where Fernando and Ana stall advance the cause of God amongst the Incas because the Church of God was moving in the form mission fields I showed you that picture this man's a dentist but he loves advance the cause of God This man is a in its worker a was an Indian Academy I don't know anybody that gets more done than this man gets done but I want to assure you he's a missionary for Jesus this is Ian man is about to graduate as a teacher is a completely bombed out just before we got our supper in Nicaragua the bus driver cooperated with some local thieves and he parked the bus where they could get on without being seen and they still computers and video cameras. And he's sitting around waiting for something to eat while the police report gets filed it's a pretty bad way to end a mission trip but I want to tell you he's a missionary at home he's a young man and when he's on duty to run our A.V. team he's at church a half hour before the Sabbath school starts of the 1st service and he's up there making sure everything's just right you see when you're a missionary out of the country it's hard not to be a missionary in the country God's people are mission minded they are missionaries this couple here they were missionaries in Africa in Tanzania and Kenya he was an airplane mechanic and pilot he came back and he taught at Andrews University his wife was a teacher at the village school they moved on to the Fort Peck Indian reservation to reach those individuals who had not yet experience new life in Christ we came out we put a new roof on on this church which is the oldest church on the reservation and I can't tell you how much goodwill it generated amongst a group of people that are somewhat suspicious of outsiders this man works at left OTEC but he wants that mission on the forecheck reservation to go forward he is a missionary by day he's printing books and selling books but by preference and by passion he's thinking about the people who need to be reached on the reservation Here's a group that went diabetes is a terrible problem on the reservation. They were so suspicious and the emotions were running the wrong way but they opened up the college the only college on the university and they allowed us to serve vegetarian food and give away recipes on the only college and I want to tell you as of just this last year God is opening the doors why to our now Neil medley has been there they're using his die they're using west young birds diabetes reversal program and Neal medleys depression recovery seminar as curricula I and this university that's the church where I pastor you know us by God's grace I'm hoping and I'm disappointed that every single one of the almost 1000 members that are on the books and 500 that it's and our missionaries this is the village school we're training missionaries Andrews University what Cheney missionaries I'm going to skip through some of these but I can't skip this one I bought a book a few years back at the used books sale over here that we have at our camp meeting and on the front is a picture and picture of the Mission Hospital out west on one of the reservations it's in title the century of miracles it's 100 years of history of the admin is church. And you know this picture right here if you looked at it real carefully and you could see it up close you might recognize somebody because in this book of a 100 years of miracles they took the kids from the Michigan conference out of school and they put them in the book and I want to promise you those Sabbath school teachers were raising up these kids to be what missionaries Absolutely I too I was preaching once about this book because I had the desire to give each of my children one to set on a on a lamp table in their home so they could remember why they have an advantage occasion and why as professionals they have more money and privilege and influence than other people and somebody's watching on live stream and they bought another book and they sent it to me you know what whoever that was if you're here tonight I want to say thank you for being a missionary with me voice of prophecy our college in the Philippines I wish I had more time to tell the stories one of the lose Errol's on the Amazon mission an old way to keep track of where admin is Churches was at the General Conference and then here's a missionary help me get through school some of you may recognize him his name was Clyde you know him better by his last name his last name was Harris and he lived out in Oregon and some of you went to school as a result of his missionary mindedness too because he ran an organization called Harris Pine you know he donated the whole thing to the church. Then there's 120 actually 500 Caribbean missionaries they have form the letters or the numbers 120 to represent how many were in the upper room why they're going to go out sell books door to door they are missionaries are Pathfinders learning all their skills are missionaries and we join in the great missionary movement when we band together to do things like unlock revelation this man wanted a church in El Salvador the problem was the property had went down at a very precipitous angle and when the people from Cicero came by they said don't bother building there it's a waste of time and money you're pouring money down a rat hole but you know what this man wanted a church so he started building anyway every year those people from Cicero some of them I showed you in the picture would come by and they'd say it's a waste of time and money but I want to tell you after year number 3 when he didn't give up those people said we need to help this man and today he has a church are pioneers they lived to move the work of God forward ECUs the school in El Salvador a dormitory that's largely empty churches in El Salvador you think you have a rough these people meet under porch roofs but you know why the church in Berrien Springs where I'm leading we decided just the other day we're going to help them build 10 churches every church costs $10000.00 and you know every block costs $0.50 you know that means there's not a kid in our church who couldn't put a block in the wall whether they went or didn't go. I want to tell you something our church is to be like a screen I have a slide like this but I don't have it's a one to show you a screen where all the arrows that have been going every direction all of a sudden when we recapture the fact that we're the remnant church and we have an obligation to tell the glory of who God is to the world all those arrows start coming together and they all start pouring pointing in one direction because we are all born into the kingdom of God as missionaries a piece of rebar 20 feet long cos of ours you may not be able to go to a foreign field but you can send your desire with $7.00 put that piece of steel in the wall a bag of concrete $8.00 The goal I have a village is a goal I could wish for every North American 7th Day Adventists and that is if you'd like to get your church moving try to move another one along and see if God doesn't open the windows of heaven to help you keep yours moving along to those who take up their appointed work will not only bless others but will themselves be blessed the consciousness of a duty well done will have a reflex influence upon their own souls the despondent will forget their despondency the weak will become strong the ignorant intelligent and all will find an unfailing helper in Him who has called them to show a liberal self-denying spirit for the success of a foreign mission is a sure way to advance the whole missionary work for the prosperity of the homework depends largely under God upon the reflex influence of the evangelical work done in countries of far off I don't want you to miss this you've heard it before but I wanted it blazed in the frontal lobe of your minds I want to in the experience of your living it is in working to supply the necessities of others that we bring our souls into touch with the source of all what. Power The Lord has marked every phase of missionary zeal that has been shown by his people in behalf of form fields and he designs that in every home in every church and all the centers of the work a spirit of liberality shall be shown in sending help to the horror in fields where the workers are struggling against great odds to give the light to those who sit in darkness that which is given to start the work in one field will result in strengthening the work and other places now I'm not a doctor but I'm going to give you a elementary medical illustration if I were to sit down right here on the edge of this platform and I had a little rubber mallet in my hand and I said to one of these people on the front row would you come up here please I need your help I said Now here's what I want you to do with this rubber mallet I want you to take it I don't want you to slam it into me I just want you to nicely tapped on the tendon that runs from the top of my knee down to the muscle that makes the lower part of my leg work I just want you to tap So the question is Is this what I need to consciously create a reaction or would it happen automatically That's because it's called a what a reflex So my question to you is is it if we recapture a sense of how important 3 angels messages and that every nation kindred tongue and people needs to know and if my church actually can embrace a project and every child could know they could forgo a candy bar and they could stick the money in the sacrifice sock and they might be able to put another block in the wall Can you imagine for less than a candy bar you could put a block in all in El Salvador. I wonder what would happen to our schools and our kids and I wonder if they wouldn't be willing to forego some of the cool clothes and some of that expensive data packages in order to help somebody especially if they've fallen in love with a little boy or a little girl who isn't going to go to school unless there's a school to go to and going to sit under a leaf instead of sitting under a rough to sing their praises to Jesus I found everywhere I've gone that the financial dynamic of the church only goes up sometimes rapidly sometimes slowly and it's this recent We applied for some map money now listen if you're not giving the map please please please please take care of your local budget give a percent or 2 to Michigan advance partners and give a percent or 2 churches are selfish not be corporately stingy or selfish could I get an amen our churches are selfish were 7th Day Adventists we believe that God can supply abundantly but I want to tell you something the 1st one of the 1st things we did it village when I saw that we needed a little bit of assistance in one of those early board meetings I asked after explaining some things to the board I asked them to pledge $50000.00 for a church on the reservation you know and they did and you know the other night after I've been down to El Salvador time of 2 recently I asked them if they didn't brace a number of buildings in El Salvador for the Cause of God and you know what they didn't we bought it voted a budget of a lot of $116000.00 which is they were your big church that's right but I want to tell you a big churches are not always rich churches and I want to tell you within a day or 2 my treasure came to me and she said Pastor. We just got $20000.00 from Michigan advance partners and you know when I walked out of that office said day I knew beyond a shadow of the Dow There was a reflex influence as we reached out to embrace God sent the money at the right time to say you know what is going to be located the other night after a Vespers where I was explaining what the trip would be like a woman walked up to me not a woman who's well to do a woman who's a professional person she was very private about it and very discreet and she said you know what I'd like to give some matching money to build a church she gave enough to build one but her money is going to multiply to build 23 or 4 the other day my Bible worker was in Apple Valley and we're going to we're going to plant 600 lemon trees on the campus of ECUs every lemon tree cost $3.00 for some reason Dennis page got it in his mind that this lemon orchard just had to happen so he had been working hard that day and Dennis goes into Apple Valley and he walks by the shelf and he sees some cookies that are marked down to 3 or $4.00 He grabs the cookies he heads into line but between the time the cashier could serve him and he could get out there and open the package the Lord said to him you've got a lemon tree in your hand and he had to think about that but he didn't think very long he took his package he got allied he walked back to the shelf he sat him on the shelf he went home and he put enough money equal could quibble and so at the package of cookies was he put it in the sacrifice sock in his covered the 1st lemon tree has been paid for Glory Hallelujah I could go on and on. I'm going to finish you need to understand that in 1984 there was an amendment passed to the law it was the tax law code basically Lyndon Johnson was getting beat up by nonprofit organizations that were calling him communist It was bad to be called a communist Back then there was a law written into the I.R.S. code called the Johnson Amendment what is said is non-profits cannot be a part of a political process for 20 some years 3040 years nobody challenged it but in 1902 there was a little church in New York state that took out a $90000.00 advertisement in USA Today and in the Washington Times and it listed all the reasons you shouldn't vote for Bill Clinton this was going to be the 1st time that this law was tested nobody wants to be the church crusher nobody wants to be the one that steps on the little guy but the I.R.S. got involved and they sued them it is probably the only time when a church has actually been litigated for entering the political process now there is something called a Pulpit Freedom Sunday in prison churches in the spring preachers will get up and they will break this law they will speak politically you know I they're emboldened at Liberty University President Trump has leaned on this order he's leaned on this law he can't change it by himself but he's going to try to change it he says if he has his way he will destroy the Johnson Amendment we know that church and state are going to unite when this amendment is out of the way it will be one less obstacle and friends what I want to show you tonight is that when the most powerful individual in the country leans on something it has a good chance of moving this man help Bill Clinton get elected he did it with one little slogan It's the Economy Stupid now stupids an ugly word it is used in the Bible. It's not a word I choose to use but tonight when we reflect on the General Conference in San Antonio and we think about the men of this world that Jesus says are more shrewd than the sons of light we need to remember that every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary and it's time to wake up and it's time to become a missionary movement again he who drinks of the living water becomes a fountain of life the receiver becomes a giver the grace of Christ in the souls like a spring in the desert welling up to refresh all and making those who are ready to perish eager to drink of the water of life this is Indianapolis this is where the next General Conference will be held and when the sun sets on the last Saturday night of the General Conference and we've seen the Parade of Nations or however they choose to give an exposé of the world movement Listen friends it's time to quit talking about how evangelism doesn't work it's time for us to actually start praying that evangelism will work and it's time for us to remember if you're going to be a movement you have to move. And so I'm appealing to you turn off the T.V. spend less time on Facebook come to the church and pray and let's ask God to refresh us so that once was moving will start moving again and our young people will have purpose and our middle aged men won't need to crisis as much and our older people will be gratified that that which we are standing on has a bright future as the next story of this beautiful cathedral of hope is raised up and resurrected for this 3 angels message to this to all the world in this generation this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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