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The Revealing - Part 1

John Lomacang


John Lomacang, an ordained minister of over 20 years, currently serves as pastor for the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has also been a popular Christian singer and songwriter during his years of ministry, hosts 3ABN’s A Sharper Focus, and cohosts 3ABN’s House Calls. He has shared the gospel in 31 countries, sung with the Heritage Singers, and been a vocalist for 3ABN, Amazing Facts, It Is Written, and Voice of Prophecy.




  • June 18, 2018
    11:00 AM
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Good morning everyone is so glad to so glad to be here I was honored when Elder Michel if extended the invitation to me to come and to share with you the topic that we're going to be covering for the next 5 days now let me just put a disclaimer out right away to those of you are here and to those of you maybe viewing or those of you who are on the line streaming this is not a tip toe through the tulips topic I want to I want to pray I know that they pray but I want to pray before we go into the topic because what I'm going to be presenting over the next 5 days is a topic that you may not be confronted by but your children your grandchildren the children in our schools the children in our churches it's not only affecting our young it's affecting our leadership it's affecting our church in shaping the future of the things that are taking place in many of our colleges in our in our churches around the world and everywhere that the Lord has allowed my wife and I to go to present this topic has created not only an increase in knowledge but is also affected change and so over the next 5 days the topic unclean spirits is a topic that you must be prayed up in order to walk through the doors when I was 1st introduced to this topic or about 10 years ago a little less than 10 years ago I decided to do my own homework my own study my own research and so I've also prayed and asked the Lord to. Give me guidance as to what I present to you today because some of the materials that I present or palatable I would say in maybe a younger audience because I do music samples but I don't do any music samples of any rock groups or hip hop group so music groups I don't do any music group samples but we're going to be covering some videos of testimony of those who are in the industry. We're going to be looking at various aspects of what this presentation on clean spirits is really all about so I'd like you to bow your heads with me before we go into the topic and we want to ask for the Lord to lead and guide in making this message clear loving Father in heaven thank you for the opportunity you present to us we want your message to be clear we want to make the trumpet and the sound of the trumpet very clear and distinct We want to awaken our people to the Times in which we live but Lord also we ask for your Holy Spirit to come and to bring to the hearts and minds not only knowledge but an understanding of your perfect will for each one of us in Jesus name I pray Amen Now most of the time I'm going to be on the screen I know that if the cameramen want to go back and forth this is a very screen intensive presentation so I'm going to ask those who are in charge of the video to I Want me to be less on the screen because the screen is what you want to look at and what you want to get the information from so I'm looking at the screen in the house right now what I'd like you to do is switch that over to the euro thank you very much we're going to begin at Station one of the reason I refer to as a station one I consider this a journey and you are about to get on a train from which there is no exit on till the ride is done. We're going to be traveling for 5 days together and the key scripture for our presentation I'd like you to read it with me it's from Revelation Chapter 16 verse $13.14 let's read that together if you can see that are you ready here we go and I saw 3 on clean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet for they are the spirits of the Demons performing signs which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the Battle of that great day of God all mighty as we sit here this morning with the 1st presentation in the series of 5 is it did not come from God Now many of you are probably unaware of what's taking place on the i Phones The enjoy devices the laptops the i Pads the Kindles whatever kind of electronic device is being used today by your young people you may not be aware of what's being fed into their minds through the media on a constant basis but I've seen not only as an individual that has done research but at one time I was involved in this kind of industry myself so having been there having been a disc jockey having been involved in the nightlife of New York City and clubs and playing music when I played guitar and seeing the impact on the world we live in quite a different world than our young people can you say men. And so our world today as we think of the reality that we're coming toward the end we must keep Also in mind that there is a mission heaven has a mission consider the mission of heaven the mission of heaven is carried on by what I might refer to as the true Godhead the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit but there is another mission that is taking place in our world because we are in a constant battle between light and darkness truth and error Satan and Christ we are all involved in the great the gray the great controversy and as we get closer to the end we know that the controversy is going to intensify because the devil knows that he has a birthday short time so the Bible talks about the mission of Satan also consider the hierarchy of worship there was a claim that Lucifer made that as being fulfilled in startling detail in our world today we find these words in the book of Isaiah Chapter 14 verse 14 he said these words as he began his mission at the outset of a great controversy Satan made this statement he said I will ascend above the heights of the clouds together I will be like the most high let's look at the false Godhead the false god there is the Father Son and Holy Spirit but there is a false god head you find at the top the dragon then the bottom left the beast and the bottom right the false prophets now most of our theology focuses on the beast the mark of the beast for beast of Daniel the Beast of Revelation and then we also talk about apostate Protestantism we talk about the false prophets. Many false prophets and false Christs will rise but I noticed a number of years ago which also led me to dive into this topic is we talked very little about spiritualism and spiritualism as a norm that is diluting worship in a way that will startle you unless you paused and saw the impact on Christianity around the world but it's not only affecting Christianity it's affecting society it's affecting society at the deepest level and what I'm going to talk about today is not just an attack on the church but it is a tax on every system in our world that supports more reality to some degree and it comes with a global warning here is the global warning from the Book of Revelation Chapter 12 in verse 12 the Bible says whoa to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea for the devil has come down to you having to gather great wrath because he knows that he has a what short time when I graduated from high school I won't tell you what year that was I'm still young can I get an amen when I graduated from high school and there's some of you that go back beyond the late seventy's maybe some of you graduated in the sixty's in the fifty's in the forty's in the thirty's I take my hat off to you if somebody graduate from high school in the twenty's and you're here this morning but whenever you graduated you can see there is a progression in our world the closer we get to the end the darker and the more I want I want to find the right work the darker and the more seeds Haneke our world is becoming. In every area in attainment there were times when I was growing up that there was no need to put a disclaimer on a television program before it began those of you there remember the Honeymooners or Ozzie and Harriet I'm going way back way before my time but you might remember very well that in those days you could feel fairly safe to put your children in front of a television or walk away and come back in maybe an hour or 2 or 3 or 4 however long they watched and you may feel self assured that their minds were not polluted well those days are no longer here the world has changed tremendously Satan has taken over every sass it of communication here's what I know why it says about that and my brother bring me up just little bit because I can't really hear myself appear I want to talk to her but listen whatever White says in the book darkness before dawn page 23 very powerful quotation she says Satan has long been preparing for his final effort to deceive the world do you believe that we're living in the days of his final effort course we are to notice what she says Little by little he has prepared the way for his masterpiece of deception in the development of spiritualism he has not yet reached the formal accomplishment of his design that's what that's one element wrote this but she says it will be reached in the last remnant of time I believe with conviction we're living in the last remnant of time and so based on what she says he is light years ahead of us in accomplishing. And she says the development of spiritual ism the full accomplishment of his design if you had 6000 years to live can you imagine what kind of rock music the the Rolling Stones could produce if they were around for 6000 years can you imagine how a dork and how demonic entertainment can be if a movie produces live for 304050600 years can you imagine how scary movies would be if people that produced demonic movies had 3 or 400 years to develop their art and make it darker and darker and darker Well that's the kind of world we're living in because even though people may not live that long Satan has been around since the very beginning of the great controversy that's why the apostle Peter tells us these words in 1st Peter 5 in verse 8 be sober see that with me what else be sober that means be away much of what happens in our world today happens because we're not awake be sober be vegetal and because your adversary the devil walks about like. Roaring lion seeking whom he may devour I've learned something about the way that lions work when a lion roars you hear the roaring in this direction but you run in the opposite direction and I learned that the one that often roars the lion that roars is often the male lion when you run of the opposite direction away from the male lion the female lion is way waiting to collect groceries so while you're running from the sound there's a lion on the other and a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour Satan has surrounded us and in this presentation you also discover that we are confronted by 2 forces light and darkness. Good and Evil very much alive in our world today but Satan has an approach that he has developed since the very beginning of time since the Garden of Eden he has developed an approach that is far more advanced and far more refined as we live in the time of the end I'm laying foundation with Scripture because I believe it's important that when we lay foundation on God's Word we have a sure foundation can you say amen to that Genesis chapter 3 verse one consider the Garden of Eden no of a serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made that he was subtle in the very beginning imagine how subtle he is today knowing he has but a short time that he was subtle he's far more subtle in the last days which you also discover in this presentation as it is that we are the hall on the in the battle for the mine listen to the words of the Apostle Paul in the book of the fusions Chapter 6 in verse 12 he says for we wrestle not against what flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness and what in high places let me pause and say something here that I want to I want to be very clear I am going to try my best not to cut corners what we're facing today is not just in the music industry it's in politics it's in the courts it's in religion. And there are things that I just discovered again this week that when it says principalities and powers it means a local principalities it means principalities that run the government either your local community or your state and the organization I'm going to talk about today is all over the world so what's happening around us is not something that's coincidental and it's not just entertainment is not just music it's not just a song it's being put together with clever distinction like a person putting a pattern together to design a suit it's even more exact than that it's on every level because Satan is intellectual He doesn't begin and a lot of times we hear the music and we say well that's trash that's go to music it may be God or music to you but it's designed to reach people at every level and I got I got an e-mail just recently from somebody and they mentioned they said to me and I'm kind of kind of jumping ahead of the curve here but just to make a point and they they mention a particular genre of music and they said to me is it OK to listen to this kind of music and I'll reveal that later on and I are in my response was when your heart is converted you won't really ask the question is it OK to listen to that kind of music or this kind of music the Spirit of God will convict you can you say amen to that so when you say Well is it OK to listen to this or that is indicating that there is some how you want to kind of get as close as you can to the edge without going over and still feel that you're in a safe platform a safe foundation but we cannot be that way but today now seeing that Satan has principalities and powers and rules of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places the question is how will Satan communicate his message to the world. Now my wife and I although I am a pastor in the Illinois conference my wife and I. Are part of a ministry 3 angels broadcasting network that is sound in affective way of communicating God's message to the world through satellite through Internet through television through radio through the printed material through apps on your phone the very same methods we use Satan uses the very same mediums that can be used for good can also be used for evil so I'm not going to villainize devices I'm not going to villainize instruments because the very things that we use for a good seat Satan can also use for evil the question is how will you communicate his message the answer is he will find a messenger so now come with me to the messenger that Satan has use he's call the modern prophet of the cold world a man by the name of Alice to Croly or Alice to Crowley the modern prophet of the a coal movement a cult means hidden or eclipsed in other words unless your mind is conditioned to understand what's around you let me give you an example if you were in a religious. Setting or you were surrounded by people from different denominations in somebody mentioned the phrase the judgement our message how many people will understand the term in that in that congregation how many how many will understand that how many people that are Adventists will understand the judgment our message but if you are not a part of particular denomination you would understand the terminology this world is written this world is developed on a system that's hidden until your eyes are trained to see it. When I was doing the series unclean spirits my sister in law lived in Orlando Florida she still lives there today but she said until some of the things that were revealed in the series were talked about and she saw it for herself she had her granddaughter sitting in front of a television watching things on television that she did not understand the implications of until she watched the series unclean spirits and then she saw this very very clearly in other words let me use an example that we could understand when you're Adventist and you use terms to people of the other denominations that are not Aben a stir means they have no idea what you're talking about but when they become Adventists all of a sudden their eyes are opened in the very same way you're going to see when the series is over the next 5 days you're going to be able to see in a way that you have not been able to see before some of you when you were young have you ever played the game red car blue car white car does anybody know what that is when you sit in the back seat of a car new not driving their 2 children they say let's look for all the red cars anybody know what I'm talking about and all of a sudden while the dad or mom is driving you will be amazed how many red cars there really are but the reason why you didn't notice them before you you did not say let's look for the red cars but the moment you said let's look for the red cars all of a sudden there are red cars everywhere all their yellow cars everywhere Allister Croly was a man that shows to be a modern prophet of spiritual ism Let's give you a little bit about him Alister Croly was born as Edward Alexander Croly 875 to 947 he was born as a son to a Christian family his father was a Plymouth Brother and preacher. He traveled not as a full time pastor but he travel and spoke from location to location and Allister was the young boy in the family circle every day and when his father would read certain portions of the scripture Alister according to the historians and according to those who followed his life story Allister was that young boy that when there was a story read in the Bible he would tend to take the side of the bad guy for example if the story was about Cain and Abel he would take the side of Cain if the story was about murder or violence he would take the approach towards murder or violence and then as he grew he became involved in something called Western esotericism see that with me esotericism is not a common word but what is that he was also a young man who had become so evil his mother and I say this to his mother named him the beast his mother he became so dark and so evil when his father passed away Alice to began to study things like black magic white magic he began to study things that began to lead him Father and Father way from God and to this very day those who are in the occult industry you see a book title there the illustrated Beast and also Alice to Croly to the right you see that he's known today and Franz listed Alister Croly as one of the most evil men that ever existed now the question is what is esotericism What is that let's go and see what that is esotericism is a message intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with specialized knowledge or interest in other words unless you are part of this particular industry follow me carefully. Unless you are part of this let me make it very clear you may not understand the lyrics that are in the songs that your children are listening to or you may not just understand the symbols on the back of the album covers or you may not understand the way they dress the way they do why they use particular colors why they dress in all black why they use symbols on their clothing but it's a message and a language that they learn so that when their friends see it or when they hear it in society they connect one with the other and so in this esoteric world it's a language that's localized only among a small group of individuals and they learn the language and they communicate it one to the other esoteric also means that you used terms that are only understood by people in your circle like with you use Miller right or Toman or justification or pre-millennial is a more sanctuary message or this veggie me. As though there is such a thing but if we say that only people who are Adventists understand what that means veggie me these esoteric terms so the word esoteric doesn't mean bad it just simply means a language and a communication style that only people within that particular circle really understand let's find out more about I was to Croly Allyssa Kohli was known as an occultist a mystic a ceremonial magician let me explain that very carefully he wasn't the kind of guy that made birds disappear or cards come out of had sore changed colors of scarves he was the kind of guy that practice magic for dark reasons to control the mind of those who are watching him to control their lives that's why it's called ceremonial magic he was also a practicing bisexual That's why in our society today have you noticed the closer we get to the end have you notice the booming booming focus even in our media on bisexuality it's not coincidental it's intentional. Because the intent is to destroy everything based on more reality going further he was also known to be involved in illegal drugs not heroin alone or cocaine but he was a person that was involved in alchemy a term that you may not have heard before learning how to mix certain chemicals to control the minds of his victims that's the kind of individual he was and he was also a social critic and when I say social critic not a person that says I don't like these particular things in society but he was a kind of person that criticized everything having to do with more reality according to one of the records Allison Crawley's instructor was one day giving a lecture on particular topics in the Bible and Alister in the classroom challenge him on these bible topics because he didn't like anything having to do with religion particularly having to do with Jesus or God Here's a statement I was to made he says I was not content to just believe in Satan I wanted to be his chief of staff now I want you to understand that just for a brief moment this is the man who has written the books that the intertainment the music the videogame industry the the hip hop rock this is the man that wrote the Bible as it were that governs the mindset of those individuals involved in in portraying movies and television shows this is the man that they have received their information and their guidelines from and I'll talk about that in just a moment but can you imagine here's a quote here's a quote just to give you an idea of how dark he was I was a cold he said one would go mad if one took the Bible seriously but to take it seriously one must already be mad that's the attitude he had toward the Bible. This is the individual that influences the artist that your children are listening to he also said the key of joy is disobedience that was his attitude so when your children when you can't get your children to smile Have you seen the attitude of some in society today they believe that the more serious in the more stoic you could look the more cool you are it's like that hard exterior it's like smiling or some kind of a sin it's the mindset it's the proponent it's the communication it's the teaching style if you can communicate this hard dark exterior somehow you're cool and accepted in society and stronger and more accepted into the circles of those who are who you're running with today that's the kind of mindset listen to the commentary those who did a study on when I was to call his life now there's a long reference but listen to the content of the reference most of Crawley's adult life was dedicated to indulging in everything he believed God would hate performing sex magic taking heroin opium has Sheesh P.O.D. and cocaine invoking spirits and even once offered himself to the Russian authorities to help destroy Christianity and I'm glad you're listening that's the kind of individual who is shaping organizations in every state and in every city I thought that Thompson film my wife and I we live in you know was fine for Thompson there were 3 A.B.N. is I thought that Thompson Ville was an exception to the rule until I was driving into town in the very symbol that's associated with the organization I saw on the billboard that kind of welcome you to our town I thought even here. Even in the state of Illinois and while I was in Australia not too long ago I thought Well Australia is a long way away surely they would not be affected by the influence of Allister Croly very much they have strong organizations in Sydney brás been Melbourne Perth they're all over Australia I was in South Africa I was in I wrote Be Kenya and I was shocked to see even in Nairobi Kenya vehicle world has a stablish itself there and I'll talk about that organization and I'll share with you and then I found out since I've been here there's one in Michigan there are several in Michigan they're everywhere why because they want to challenge Morales he and Christianity in every community and it in every level and they are involved in the police they are involved in the local law enforcement they are involved and judges they are involved and people in high places not just intertainment not just television not just music let's go on how to Dallas to get to the place where he was in 1000 know for he had in Egypt an encounter Alice to call you when he got married he and his wife went to Egypt to Cairo Egypt now why Cairo Egypt if you study in the Bible you find that Cairo Egypt its history is very occult based very satanic based has pointed out in the Bible the people of God would he free them from where showing you that the influences that shaped the mindset of the children of God were their bondage in Egypt now in a spiritual sense today the very thing that affected the people of God in the Old Testament is revived today to affect the people of God in the last days that's where Allister Croly learned many of the things that he uses today and I'm just laying foundation but in just a moment going to break it open but I have to lay the foundation in 10000 for when I was to call you got married his wife went to Cairo Egypt and while they were there his wife. I kept saying to him and by this time he was deeply involved in Masonry he was a mason he was involved in black magic white magic he was studying deeply the cold and they had a 2 room hotel room and his wife would say on on a few occasions while we were there for a little more than 2 weeks she would say to him Alister there trying to contact you and he would say who she say they are and he would say who and she would mention who and he said Well would you show me so they went to the local museum in Cairo and she could not communicate as well as he did but she said they told me what to look for in the Cairo museum to let you know who is trying to communicate with you so she led him to the Cairo Museum right to an artifact right to a statue that identify the very God that was trying to communicate with Allister through spirits listen to his testimony here it is it was on the 8th of April 904 Croly 1st heard a voice talking to him I was claimed to be a messenger from the god whore or Carette meaning Horus the child of ISIS and or Cyrus these Egypt and gods Crowley wrote down everything the voice told him over the course of the next 3 days and subsequently hydel did Libera our villages this is what he gave the title to and here you have a picture of the book this is a little out villages or the Book of the law this is the bible of the occult world now let me say something so go buy one don't buy it don't let curiosity kill your cat in my research I was able to gain access to a copy of it and at the very beginning of it please you know when we say don't what happens to human nature. We said no and they didn't want to do that in the very beginning when I looked at that in the very beginning of this of this book called Liberal our villages in Latin the book of the law was the phrase do not read the content because contained within our forces that are beyond your control now in the same and the very same way and I want you see how it parallels Christianity because when we read the Bible who do we pray who what do we pray when we open the Word of God we say Lord send your holy send your Holy Spirit to open my mind to quicken my understanding to communicate to me clearly what is in there more make it clear to me Send your holy spirit that I might understand what's in your holy word in the very same way the called The world has taken Christian principles and twisted them to the opposite so they don't pray for the Holy Spirit they say send your evil spirit to open my eyes and help me understand was communicated in this so what I did I didn't read it can I get an amen but I learned just enough out of the out of those who wrote about I was to call it I didn't want to expose myself praise the Lord I did not want to expose myself in curiosity I didn't want to be like Eve going to the tree of the knowledge of good evil just for the purpose of communicating to you you don't have to go into darkness to know that it's darkness but what you learn you've got to communicate it let me go further. This book was dedicated in Cairo between noon and 1 pm In other words 3 hours every day is when Alice to Croly wrote down what he heard he didn't write any of he said he'd simply transcribe what the Spirit told him and he said the spirit that he didn't see is form communicated over the left shoulder why left because the left is the side of the goat right is the side of the sheep this book was dedicated in Cairo between noon and 1 pm on 3 successive days April $8910.00 in the year 1904 The author called himself I was and claim to be the minister of whore park read that is a messenger from the forces ruling the earth at present do you believe that there are forces ruling the earth that are dark I mean just look around you we live in Thompson Ville Illinois but I'm from New York every time we go back to New York and if you're from New York don't feel bad but every time we go back to New York my wife and I say we can only be here for X. amount of days we want to go back to where it's quiet where the noise we hear all the birds in the backyard and the raccoons Amen somebody I mean not the gunshots and not people breaking into your homes but when you go to the cities you immediately begin to feel the forces of evil influence around you it's hard to walk down the streets in a major city without hearing music that you don't want to hear I told the truth when you go to the malls or when you go into a restaurant you sit down and get this they're piping music in your mind that you don't want to listen to but you don't have a choice you go to the closing stores you go to the shoe store you go to McDonald's I went to my physical therapist I had a little accident here and broke my knuckle I wanted my physical therapist a couple of days ago she tried to break my finger all over again they called a therapy. She said no and they have a sign in the wall it's H. O. P. he hope it's an acronym she said hold on pain ends and she's bending my finger to chewing my fingernails and grabbing the wall but we might go with that OK here's where I'm going with that were my go with that oh yeah so so while she's giving me therapy they're playing this heavy metal rock music in the background. And I said you know is it honestly that is not the kind of music that a person that's getting the therapy needs to listen to a man and I think I said I want to relax I'm more tense after I got here than I am now you know she did she said I'll change it for you so she changed it to the Beatles instead like there was a major difference and I thought to myself man and so I said to one of the people who are being trained that's not the kind of music you want to listen to when you're getting therapy you want your mind to be clear you want your body to relax but it is so hard and she said Would you like me to turn it off for years that well no it's up to you so she's at least change the channel it's everywhere that's the point I'm trying to make the influence is everywhere kids are walking through the mall I've seen this happen they can be walking perfectly fine and they pass a music store that's playing their music and all of a sudden they go ahead. You know what I'm talking about have you seen that before they instantly go into this mode they don't react to it why because the seeds have been planted there and they've been programmed to react to the very thing that has been conditioning them let me go on who is for park rat hole or pour not a word we use every day the name of the Egypt God is the same as a pocket tease the name the Greek god both meaning the infant child Horus Alice to Croly wrote that whore part caret represents get this the higher self the Holy Guardian Angel. Let me go on further what does that mean he is in essence saying this is the God that will help you be elevated to a higher self now not pause and think about that for a brief moment when Satan suggested that Eve disobeyed God did he not suggest to her that in disobeying you'll be elevated to a higher level he said you will be like God knowing good and evil failing to realize that in obedience is the only way that we can be elevated that is the only way that we could be in a god like relationship is to be obedient but he suggested that by seeking a higher level than God intended for you to have is where you have a higher self a Holy Guardian Angel and you'll find out more about that in the moment let me go further now what's the purpose of this there's a reference accomplishing the will it should never be forgotten for a single moment that the central and essential work of the magician is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel I'll explain this in just a moment once he has achieved this he must of course be left entirely in the hand of that angel who can be invariably And inevitably relied upon to lead him to the further greater step crossing the Abyss and the payment of the grade of Master of the temple now since this is completely foreign to you let me break it down when you come to Jesus Is it the aim of heaven to make you better than you were when you came to Christ as a know. Yes and who helps you do that the Holy Spirit the Word of God The more you study God's Word the stronger you become in your attainment of being a living in the image of Christ in the very same way in the occult world the more you study that which is dark the more able and qualified you become to be what they call the master of the temple and this means when you when you and I say this is somebody the other day I said to them until you cross over into the kingdom of light there are certain things you will never understand am I right didn't Jesus say that an idiom is unless a man is born again he cannot see he cannot enter so when you're born again they even use these terms in the occult world when you're born again spiritually there are things you understand then that you could not understand prior to that M.R.I. in the very same way because the occult world is simply Christianity in reverse light is darkness in reverse darkness is light in reverse is simply that simple but only a call world they take everything that's based 1st on God and they twist it to accomplish an opposite purpose so what they do is you pray this this guardian angel because each of us has an angel I think my angel is going to have agree here when I get it but we all have angels M.R. I do believe that in the Bible say the angel of the Lord in camp of the round about those who fear him and do what So we have angels and wives says in this world we have an angel alright and an angel on our left thank god for 2 angels but in the but in the call world there are evil angels. And their purpose is to guide you to the accomplishment of a darker purpose so let me boil it back down when you expose yourself to the principles to the music to the lifestyle to the entertainment it awakens in you a desire to go deeper and darker and let me even go another step it awakens within you a thirst for something that is louder more driving and if you'll discover today one of the transitions that we're going through in our church is our music is changing Have you noticed that now do you think that's coincidental No one the line of demarcation between those who are nominal Christians who don't understand what we do and those of us who have a truth that God has committed to us when the line of demarcation disappears and you listen to and you follow the particular predominately the same artist and same things you begin to merge in a lot of areas and all of a sudden that which begins to become less significant is the truth and what becomes more significant is just entertainment and lifestyle and feeling and that's the direction that is often taken when a person crosses over and minimize the thing that should be maximized and maximize the thing that should be minimized Now we talked about how that happens but now there's the here is the question here's the question the abyss what is the abyss the abyss is the place where evil spirits are by abide in other words it's that evil curtain that God maintains a separation between us and the Prince of Darkness and I say amen to that now let me tell you why if if Satan had his complete if Satan had complete control he would destroy us in an instant but praise the Lord when you step into a relationship with Jesus He surrounds us with holy protection. But when those who walk away from cries step away this surrounded by a different spirit altogether and the question will be if the desire of Christ is to accomplish a heavenly will the desire the desire of Satan is to accompli accomplish an earthly will if the desire of heaven is to be more like Jesus the desire of Satan is to be more like him but now the question is he has a prophet the other question is how will Satan's messengers spread the message here is the answer now look at this text Let's read this together Matthew 21st 19 together here we go Go therefore and would make disciples of how many nations all nations now that's that's the claim that's the proclamation of Jesus is it am I right they are called World has taken that and fashioned their own disciples to reach the world with their message so while you're sitting here in the mall on television on somebody as i Pad somebody is Apple device somebody is Android device somebody is music somebody is into tame and the gospel of darkness is going forward competing against the darkness of the light I mean the gospel of the light here are the disciples that many of you young people are familiar with these I call the disciples of darkness just the hands you but these well what I refer to as those who are in the upper echelon names that your grandchildren or some of your children or some of you may have heard before people are beyond say and Jay Z. and Lady Gaga Kanye West Adele Taylor Swift Nicki Minaj you know young people who look at these artists and say Now what's wrong with them well I got good news and I have bad news what's the bad news. Satan uses them as his disciples to communicate his message years ago I heard the story have any of you ever heard the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin It's an old story since most of you don't raise your hand every time I do a survey I don't really get much of a response but I always ask anyway but in the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin and this is Hamilton Germany Hamelin Germany had been overrun with rats and one of the locals suggested they said well we do we need to find a way to get rid of all these rats in Hamlin Germany and so one day someone noticed a pied piper who played a flute so beautifully they noticed as he walked through the streets of Hamlin playing a C. flute that they noticed that rats were following him they they like the tunes and they inquired of him and he said Is it possible that we can hire you and pay you to get rid of all the rats in the city of him and and so he agreed to the contract so the Pied Piper of Hamelin would go to various aspects of the Commune and he would play and then to get rid of them he pied piper all the way down to the waterfront and then he would get into his boat and because the rats enjoyed the sound of the flute they would jump off of the off of the the pier trying to get into his boat and what happened they all drowned he rid the entire town of Hamelin of all the rats but then the time came for them to pay the piper and they didn't pay him and he used his pipe to play music to lead all the children of ham on the way from their families Satan has become the Pied Piper of Hamelin and the very thing that God hears did him with in the very beginning because remember now don't forget it Satan was a master musician. He used music if you use music when he was a glorified Angel do you think he would not use music after he fell that's exactly what he's using today not only that Satan was a beautified angel every precious stone was his covering if he was a glorified angel and he was beautiful but he was corrupted by his beauty when he apostatized he's using the very same method today to lead people away from serving and following Christ Now the question you might ask yourself is what would make people want to follow something so dark here is what I refer to as the seductive promise and willing foundation today tomorrow we're going to go to the next level here is the seductive promise Matthew for verse 8 and 9 and by the way this is a quotation from the conversation that Satan had with Jesus Here's what the Bible says speaking of the devil again the devil took him up that is he took up Christ on an exceedingly high mountain and showed him how many of the Kingdoms all the kingdoms of the world and their glory and here's what the devil said to Christ and he said to him all these things I will give you and look at that look at the condition if you will do what fall down and worship me let me make a point very that I'll reiterate from day to day it's all about worship. See that with me it's all about worship if everybody is involved in one form or the other of worship it's not about entertainment we see it's entertainment on the same way we say it's about church it's about worship it's not about music it's about worship it's not about offering it's about worship when we worship God It affects everything in our lives thank you for the Amen when we are worshipping God in every aspect of our relationship is affected when we were ships 8 in every aspect let me rephrase that because we don't worship Satan can I get an amen when they worship Satan every aspect of their lives are affected in this industry I'm talking about which I'll cover in a powerful way this industry is very much affected by those who have made up their minds to worship the Prince of Darkness and by the way it would be nice if they left us alone but it's not Satan's job to leave the church alone but I like that I like what the Bible says Jesus said this and this is why the church need to have confidence in Christ upon this rock I build my church and the gates of hell what shall not prevail against that a man's a body so there is nothing that the devil can do to stop the progress of the church but he has said to those who are looking for fame and fortune and wealth and identity in the world he said I'll give you all of this if you fall down and worship me the price for fame and fortune in order riot is worship of the wrong God So we show them the kings of the world he shows them and this is a picture of Las Vegas you know Marc Anthony was from Las Vegas so I just gave a picture of Las Vegas he was just before me now Last Vegas is not the only city it's in Los Angeles it's in New York is it Detroit it's in Florida it's in France it's all over the world is in Edmond Illinois. Missing in the wrong state it's everywhere it's everywhere now I want you to hear something because I have a few testimonies here and if you cannot hear it I'll play it again but here's the point many exchange their souls for a temporary kingdom the Bible says the Matthew $1626.00 for what profit is it to a man if he gains how much the whole world and loses his own soul or what will a man give in exchange for his soul now what you want to hear next is the testimony of someone who began as a Christian but then transitioned into a different world all together have you heard of Katy Perry Katy Perry is the daughter of a pastor that's her whole life began when she was a young girl she's saying Christian music she wanted to become the Amy Grant of modern music but it did not work out so she in her interview about her fame she says it did not work out I wanted to become the Amy Grant of Christian music but since it did not work out I sold my soul to the devil that's her own testimony here it is and I included lyrics I included the dialogue on the video so that you can hear it. OK That went pretty fast go back. Wow that was pretty OK I'll do it I'll do it tomorrow whatever happened to that. OK Well we had tomorrow Amen I'll give it to you tomorrow because it was working perfectly fine just a minute ago but you hear tomorrow if you come back you hear the other portion of it she made it clear and think the Lord I told you was a Portion of Me Just look at this let me just check this for one single moment is that is that OK. OK great There it is OK let's just go do that is that it there OK. It's amazing how this thing works let's just go ahead and try to right here and I'm just going click it. OK well we'll do it tomorrow he doesn't want to but here's the point and I'll make this clear I'll make sure that it works tomorrow is that all right it was working perfectly fine when I tested it before you came in here let me make a point when I did the series for the 1st time in 2008 I would be sitting at my computer typing and I would tell my wife has to come and look at that and what I type will completely change it was not what I put on the paper and the battle was intense but the battle to communicate this information God God used it to deliver so many young people from this dog world Amen somebody who was a 17 year old young man I have about 4 minutes here there's a 17 year old young man I don't I did not forget that call my office I was at the church there in Thomson building called my office and he said Can I please can I speak to Pastor John McCain I had 2 videos by the way that work perfectly fine before this began and just refused to work it's not unusual we'll try it again and make sure you get it to market you have to see it the testimony of 2 individuals particularly that one is of that world that began in one direction and went in another one all together but that's the battle that happens so he said to me as this young man he said he said when you did your series unclean spirits and by the way I only brought a few of them with me there this is the 1st series I did 5 hours this is the one he was talking about he said when you did your series unclean spirits my friends there were 15 and 16 called me and they invited me to come over to watch the series he said when they called me I was involved in the god world that's when they dress all in black have you seen the kids black here black males black everything. And he said and I don't want to hear anything about Jesus and I was raised as an advantage by love the church I was in the world rock music my room was painted black I was just so far away from God but my friends insisted that I watch it and this is the guy on the phone he said Sir I want to tell you by watching this series the Lord delivered me from that world and he said and now I'm listening he said Now when I study my Bible I can almost hear the Lord talking to me amen So this is not just information we have just about 50 of those so and so people have taken these and share them with their family with their youth groups we have some people have said I don't know where that series is because one family member took it and when they done they gave it to another family member and when they were done they gave it to somebody else it's amazing how God can use this information to lead somebody and there was another series that we did in 2016 and we have them both this is a 3 hour series that they asked me to do another one in this is what your conference President saw and listened to and he said I want to invite you to Michigan I applaud him because I've been I'll be very honest with you I've tried to get into some of our schools and they want to having it I got a call from a dean in one of our large schools he said our students are being inundated by this worldly music I'm going to try to find a way to get you here and present it I got uninvited and so I but I take my hat off to your conference president that he's so concerned about the direction of your church is I would say get this and take it back and let let your youth group see it it's at the A.B.C. unclean spirits and unclean spirits some plug let them see it and God can reach their hearts in a powerful way let me end with these few quotations here transformed through power but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you. And you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria and I'm going to make one more time to play a video this is a testimonial Beyonce how Spirit comes upon her when she enters into her concert works. Many years ago I mean my alter ego Sasha and it's something that has stuck so when I was trying to decide the title of my album I realized it had 2 different sounds one represented who I really am and one sounded like want to go so I decided to split it into 2 because I feel like Sasha is a big treat for my parents it's definitely exciting being able to have an excuse to be so over the top. And I think you definitely hear the different I try to keep Sasha on the stage absolutely can Sasha on the stage and now she has a last name Sasha. Will not perform crazy and love it to be 2 words it was almost like coming out. When they meet me and they speak with me they think. I'm really. Not really more reserved and. Nothing like to do things that I cannot do when I'm in bars I mean I can try but then it just doesn't happen I can sing notes and sing strong and do all these things that when I'm just by myself I can't do and I remember right before I performed I raise my hands a and it was kind of the 1st time I. Felt something else. Comments to me and I knew that was going to be my coming out like. You're part 2 tomorrow our time is over our time is all done we're just laying the foundation believe me if there was any one of the presentations you should have this was today that's what evangelists says you cannot afford to miss tomorrow if you want to get ahead of the curve go to the A.B.C. you have all of this now there's no way I'm going to cover this entire series in the 5 days that I have but you have on here over 400 slide and detailed explanations that will lead your family and your children and your school and your youth groups at your church let's pray Father in heaven thank you Lord for your Holy Spirit who wants to do in our lives that which is impossible with our human frailty we do pray Lord that you will guide our hearts and minds that your god our leaders our pastors our teachers our schools that we might acknowledge the battle between light and darkness and that we might make changes to prepare our minds in our hearts for eternity be with our parents. With our young people may they feel their minds with the knowledge of a holy word of Jesus and rely upon your Holy Spirit to prepare is. With us Lord. Bless you know timing in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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