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It Did Not Come from God - Part 2

John Lomacang


John Lomacang, an ordained minister of over 20 years, currently serves as pastor for the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has also been a popular Christian singer and songwriter during his years of ministry, hosts 3ABN’s A Sharper Focus, and cohosts 3ABN’s House Calls. He has shared the gospel in 31 countries, sung with the Heritage Singers, and been a vocalist for 3ABN, Amazing Facts, It Is Written, and Voice of Prophecy.




  • June 19, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Our precious father in heaven we thank you for the reality that the topic we're dealing with today Lord is not the topic that brings me the greatest joy I love lifting Jesus and I pray that today lord as I communicate information that I will not forget that the greatest deliverance is not just intellectual understanding but the person of Christ to Jesus and so it's in the Holy Spirit here this morning as we walk through this valley mazes that have been established in our world to darken the minds of our young people to sometimes cause some of our people in our leaders to go astray and we know we're living in an hour Satan is not only coming with a an intensity and a rabs as never before but we know that he is more subtle than at any other time in history so speak to our hearts this morning in May Jesus depraved in your precious name I pray. Now some of you I know that thank the Lord for the audio and visual team but they all do their best to switch back and forth between the slides and my face on the screen because some of yesterday mentioned that while there was slides on the screen you couldn't see my face and vice versa so bear with us because what you see on the screen is not necessarily what's being on the final recording they do a wonderful job and switching back and forth but today I'd like to invite them to bring the screen up because we are on our 2nd topic today I mentioned we are at Station 2 what station are we at. We are at Station 2 which is entitled The revealing now just delays and foundation what the unclean spirit series is is a lot revealed to me about 10 years ago. What was happening not only in our world but also affecting our church the subtle changes in our worship style in the demands for different kind of music in the watering down of our messages and the over emphasis of more music heavier music music that does not identify with our kind of worship and I asked myself where is it coming from and having been delivered out of the music industry I used to play R. and B. music and I played guitar in a band when I was a young man Worley music I was a disc jockey that means I played in clubs to turn tables in the World Trade Center on Broadway in New York I was a night life a person a gambler a pool hustler and an intense partier but I still want to church I went to church out of obligation knowing that I was raised to go to church I was in the building but I was not in Christ and so I know very well that not everyone in the building is in Christ and we bring into the church because the church is a hospital for sinners can I get an amen every one of us is at a different place in our walk with Christ every one of us for that reason in the transition between where God found us and where we're headed we bring our paraphernalia with us we bring the world with us and until we are changed from what we were to what God wants us to be which by the way is done at a different pace for each individual Everyone has a different walk with Christ but in the process we often come into the church and because of where we came from we often like to bring the things that we were comfortable with into the church with us to maintain our level of comfort but what has happened is in many cases. I've heard this over and over my wife and I have traveled together in more than 60 countries and what we've heard from Kenya to the Philippines from the West Indies to places in Asia and Europe what we've heard in many of these places is people are saying what is happening to our church what's happening to our worship why are we becoming our people less emphasizing our message and more emphasizing music in our sermons are dying off and we're losing our distinctness and as I began to research I discovered much of it has to do not with coincidence but what they cleverly devise a plan that the church has been adopting from the world and instead of bringing the world to the church the church is going down to the world and notice the scripture in the Bible that Satan reveals exactly what his plan is look at the Revelation Chapter 16 and verse 13 Here it is on the screen and I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs read that with me coming out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet for they are the spirits of demons performing signs which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world that's including us to gather them to the Battle of that great day of God all mighty and in the book in this dark in the book darkness before dawn this very timely quotation that God gave to Ellen White fits into the context of our presentation look at it. Satan has long been preparing for his science effort to deceive the world he's been working on this ever since his fall Little by little and that to me says subtly little by little he has prepared the way for his masterpiece of deception in the development of spiritual wisdom he has not yet reached before accomplishment of his design but it will be reached in the last remnant of time do you believe we're living in the last moment of time of course we're living in the last days I mean that's undeniable if you look at the political landscape around us it's hard to keep politics and religion apart today I mean our world has regurgitated some of the vomit of politics our church is affected by it but we are people that need to be distinct from the world but Satan is including not just the whole world but he as Revelation 12 in verse 17 says he's angry with the woman who keeps the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus so he's already got the world the only defense against the world completely being annihilated by sin is the Lord has established his church and he said on this rock I build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it and so hell cannot stop the progress of the church hell the gates of Hell are backing up as the church is going forward but as the church is going forward Satan is devising plans whereby he can come in in subtle ways for example if someone said to me not to move let me use an example if someone said to me and I'm going to if you can follow me carefully this cell phone I'm going to put it right here. If someone said to me don't move that and I had 6000 years to move it I could move it a millimeter and over 6000 years I will move it down to the other end of the stage and you'll never know I touched it not only that during the Dark Ages many things that laid the foundation for spiritual ism let me talk about spirituals and very quickly many of the things laid by the foundation of spiritual ism was was inserted into Christianity and today much of what Christians believe has no Bible support at all so we have to be very careful when we begin to adopt practices from denominations that don't have the light that God has given to us and that's often what's happening because today through the i Pad the i Phone The enjoyed whatever device you have. Most of us in our youth in our young folk in our churches many of us as Adventists to listen to some of the same Christian music as people of other denominations so right away that's already broken down the wall they say well I listen to that artist and so do you I like his music and so do you and so we find a commonality right there and we say well since I like that artist and you do too we have something in common and remember Revelation 17 says that they will have one mind and when you get this one mind it begins to erode the things that you don't have in common but because you do have something in common you begin to ignore the things that you don't have in common and then you have phrases like Well we all love the LORD Well that's true but to whom much is given much is required and say to knowing that devised a plan as we have great evangelist in our world Satan searched and looked and there was a man he chose that has become the prophet of the occult world. That all of those in the intertainment industry know very well those who are power players money moguls music industry moguls movie moguls rap artists rock artists R. and B. you name it they know who he is because they use his Bible to devise all the things that they do in their music in their dress in their styles in their in their movie productions they use this particular bible let me introduce to you today those of you who were not here yesterday the modern prophet of the occult movement His name is Alice to Croly he was raised in a Christian home but there was a deep seated desire in him to be more than what his father and mother desired for him and somewhere in his own life this seed of rebellion was planted and it was nurtured tremendously when his father passed away it became a trauma in his life and he walked away from anything that had any semblance of Christianity he got involved in black magic white maggots magic sex magic P.O.D. drugs heroin he was a bisexual he practiced that and all the things he did he did that because he joined a campaign to destroy everything that had to do with more reality he was so wicked that friends barred him from coming into France they label him the most wicked man that ever lived and that's in modern times he lived between 847 and I think 18 between the 18 in 1900 had the date I shared yesterday it's on the video that they recorded but he in that time in the course of time he wrote a book that he says was inspired is called Liber AL villages in Latin or the Book of the law and he claimed that the contents of this book was inspired by an evil spirit. When he and his wife were on their honeymoon in 1000 or 4 in Cairo Egypt and over the course of 3 days he wrote down everything in this book that he said was an evil spirit told him that he whispered over his left shoulder and this book is a transcription of all the things he says and said this evil spirit has told him Now I'm going to shock you in a couple of days you see how far this book has gotten but I remember in my research I had access to a copy of it and in the very beginning it says do not read what's inside this book because there are forces that you will unleash that you cannot control in the very same way when we read the Bible we pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire our minds to open our eyes in the very same way they pray for evil spirits as we have good angels they have evil angels as we pray for the Spirit of God to lead us to accomplish God's will they pray for evil spirits to lead them to accomplish their will and this book has taken off but the question is how would a single man get his message to the world look at this passage Matthew 2819 we are familiar with it the Bible says Go therefore and do what make disciples of all nations and so Alice to Croly and what the occult world is by the way the word occult means hidden or more specifically hidden in plain sight so if you are an Adventist and you were at a religious convention and there were people there that were of different a nomination you can speak to Adventists with terminologies that nobody else in any other done nomination would understand we have our own vernacular Amen we have our own terminologies that's why we have to be careful when we speak to people of other denominations because sometimes they don't have a clue what we're talking about but in the very same way. Alice to Curly in this booklet our village is designed a language and a means of communication that is hidden in plain sight and others until your eyes are opened you will never even be able to notice it but when your eyes are open which this seminar is going to do when your eyes are open you are going to see it so clearly and so distinctly but one thing I want to encourage you to do don't find an owl behind every tree because some people go to the far far extreme and remember our talk about sin symbols they use symbols of communication hands symbols different styles of symbols that's how they communicate but but don't get so overbearing that while an evangelist is preaching and he may do something with his hand you say Ah he's a part of the occult world because this has to be a complete package not just a single hand gesture Amen but Alice to Croly chose disciples and here are here is a picture of some of the disciples that young people know very well these are the people that the young folk know very well you may not know it but your grandchildren and your children and their children children are very familiar with it beyond say put that up again beyond say Jay Z. Lady Gaga Kanye West Adele tailless with Nicki Minaj just to name a few somebody said to me Pastor John is it OK to listen to that particular kind of music and I say like my dear brother who is resting in Christ now elder Brooks he said when you are converted you on ask what is good to listen to and what's not good to listen to because the Spirit of God will convict you and give you wisdom Amen so when you say Well is it OK that means you want to find a way to get as close as you can to the edge and still be saved and as a young man I know what that's like because when I was a disc jockey. When I was an Adventist a young man who knew the advent message but didn't want to live it I want to different denominations to try to find out is there a church I could join still party still gamble it still be a pool hustler and still be saved and the answer was No that's why I'm here today because it's not it's not my way but it's his way and you also find that the reason why these artists fall for. The appeal to same and fortune and wealth is because Satan has lied to every one of them here's the lie Matthew Chapter 4 he lied to Jesus here is a lie speaking of Christ the Bible says and he said to him that is to Jesus Satan when he came to tempt Jesus in the wilderness he said to him speaking of the war old all these things I will give you is you will fall down and do what worship me what we don't understand is all about worship everybody warships something it's all about worship somebody once said If you want to find out what people worship look at their checkbook everybody worship something it's all about worship why because Jesus is the only object that we should He is the only one we should worship but each one of us was created with a vacuum that can only be filled by Christ but when you try to fill it with anything else it's another form of worship that's why the Bible talks about spiritual wickedness in high places all through the Old Testament every every event of apostasy by Israel was a substitution of true worship and that's what the devil is seeking to do with us if you think that he did that Israel is not going to have a worse well think again because we are Laodicea. I think we're rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing but we have a greater need than we can ever imagine and I right now there are those according to Matthew 16 verse 26 Look what the Bible says for what profit is it to a man if he games the whole world and loses his own soul what will a man give in exchange for his soul the next video is a testimony of someone in the industry who is telling you what the price is and what many people were willing to pay to be a part of this industry and listen to what he says about the real outcome of this industry here it is. If your if your ultimate goal is to be famous. And do a lot to like sign your name in my tracks you're going to find a one way street and. I've seen so many people like 1st take their their moral values. It's not worth the energy it's really not worth. It it's not worth it anymore it's really not worth it but the devil says I'll give you all of these things but what many people don't know and there are many artisanal that include some of them later on in the in the in the week there are other artists that says very clearly I sold my soul to the devil they tell you that now let me assure question Have you heard of the Rolling Stones. They've been around for 400 years. And these it seems that way and some of those individual artists or individual musicians in the Rolling Stones I asked them How have you been around so long how is your music continually famous from generation to generation and they all make it clear we have a contract with a man and these are what men while the man while they are not the man Christ Jesus is on the other one person that could give you that kind of fame and fortune but what many people don't know just like a contract when you buy a house read the fine print the devil will give you fame and fortune but at the end of this journey your soul belongs to him so it's lights camera action but this but the curtains are going to come down on that stage and when they see they will be willing and weeping and gnashing of teeth the example of this young lady I'm going to show you right now. Young lady by the name of Katy Perry she was the daughter of a pastor out of actually still is the daughter of a pastor and she tried to be in the music industry she wanted to be just like. Just like Amy Grant and I'm going to play a video now that didn't play yesterday but you can hear in her own words and I included the text on the screen so just in case you can't hear it you can read it she's saying in her own testimony this was my aim but because it didn't work out I sold my soul to the devil now I tell you that So when you hear it you can listen carefully here it is one of the 16. You know household where all I ever did was cause for music in a place to go traveling ministers and so I can sing about you know what was going on in my life is 15 and that's how I got into this industry as I say I want to get. It in the working out so so nice little people. So nice little people. And Katy Perry. Because one of the hottest artists actually young full Katy Perry is one of the hottest music artists in the industry everything she touches turns to goal but one the goal disappears they all begin to see really what's behind that and you know the strange thing about it is the music is designed in such a way that it does grab you because his design to reach those recesses of our souls that have not yet been dedicated to Christ and so whenever there's a seed in us remaining these kinds of artists and music and she's an attractive young lady and periodical air are you now and then some of these artists that are in the music industry they all sing Amazing Grace and somebody has to see their their Christian and they do that to seduce us into thinking they're Christian like beyond say an artist one day she sang Amazing Grace and she said it so wonderfully people said See now we're going to really buy her music because she's a Christian would to God that we will be awake Here's the question who's world should we accomplish look at what Jesus said Luke 22 verse 42 Father if it is your will take this cup away from me nevertheless what are the next 3 words not my will but yours be done in the occult world it's the opposite way around not your will but mine be done and I'm going to open up a door in just a moment here and show you how they desire how they lay out the plan to accomplish that the other question is. Whose world should we pursue Romans 12 and verse to notice the writings of the Apostle Paul and do not be conformed to vis world but be transformed by the word Renu in of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and what else perfect will of God all is your mind is transformed so watch it is the devil seeks to keep your mind from being transformed he wants your mind to conform so when you can form you cannot reveal the will of God But when your mine is transformed only then can the will of God be revealed and for those of you who like religion he's created his own religion ours to Croly with a combination of the occult world and the principles of masonry and say tannic principles he formed a religion which in the Greek form simply means the Will here is the key of the copy of the book live at our villages Alister Croly created a religion called fairly modern religion and the lemur is simply the Greek word for we'll let me continue with the screen again here now as to Crawley joined in 1900 orders Templi orient us or the order of the temple of the east in 1900 in when he joined it he later later became the head of it as he incorporated into this and I'm going to show you today because this organization is in every state is in every country and on some scale it's in every community it's there silently abiding working and sometimes they do good works to make you think it's a nice cute organization let me tell you something anybody could feed children feeding children don't mean you're Christian and building houses and cutting grass doesn't mean you're Christian. But they do good things so that you can ignore the awful things they do look at the next slide in 1912 Alister Crawley was appointed head of the British we begin to transition and change the way that they did business and it was a here's a slide that shows you the home page of the US Grand Lodge Ordo Templi orienteers and there's a saying on the I'm going to read it for you now show a little later says is this peace tolerance truth salutation on all points of the triangle respect to the order to all Whom It May Concern greetings and health and then the saying at the bottom and that's by the way any Gyptian simple the the wings bend down would do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law so in other words do what you want that's the whole of the law the focus of the law of the Lima is to train you how to accomplish your will and I did my research and you know you have won in Michigan here's the home page for that for limit order here in Michigan is West Michigan and you don't have to go there but if you want to verify you can just put West Michigan for them and you see on their page all of the programs they offer the 3 mo Bible and they give definite credit to Alice to Crawley for establishing this organization but it is a religion it is a war it's a religion everything is about worship say that with me everything is about worship we think it's about entertainment No it's about worship it's all about worship but me go further the law here it is Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law Love is the law Love under law there is no law beyond Do what thou wilt Now we make a point when I did the series originally aired 3 A.B.N.. I received an e-mail from a grand wizard of the O.T. You don't know how I got my email in my email passed a law making a G. Mail dot com was an email from the grand wizard of the audio and he said your program when it was on 3 A.B.N. one of my disciples told me about your program and I watched it and he said and what you said about what you said about us is true but I want to meet with you to talk about it. I'm from Brooklyn that's a set up. That's a here. Let me let me let me open it not only that he said let's meet at a vegetarian restaurant some of you think that being vegetarian is a religious cult we're all put some of us to shame in the vegetarian lifestyle so they said let's meet at this particular vegetarian restaurant on this particular day at this particular time and what you'll discover in the series is they do everything according to particular numbers it all has an occult say tonic meaning or significance my wife and I looked at that and he began the letter by saying go back to that caption he began the letter by saying love is the law love and the law there is no law beyond do it's our world and in the end of the very In the end it do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law he ended it with a. Postscript I looked at that my wife looked at that you know what I did dearly. Give no plays to the dead. As I say in New York I have an old conversation with you and in the letter he said You'll be surprised how much we have in common he said we have a lot in common and I say this exactly what it is that we have a lot in common with the Catholics and a lot in common with the Buddhists you'll be surprised how much we have in common with you. And I thought to myself that will remain a mystery because heaven or conversely. And 912 hours to Crawley adopted the magical name for Mitt Now I want to show you something Buffel met this magical name and let me show you where he got this from just keep the size of there and I know that you're doing something else otherwise he adopted the magical name bafflement this is an ancient name connecting us to an all Greek god which was a very sweet tender God look at the slides again here but for Mitt or the god hand the God of romance and music now if you look at these 2 symbols the one on the left is a terrible card which is clearly the mixing of 2 genders you'll notice that the very bottom man and woman are joined together by a chain that showing you today that the power behind this this homo sexual movement and I'm going to be story the power behind the confusion of gender is today is nobody but the devil but the a cold world is pushing it look at the television shows the new normal modern family and they laugh they make it comedies so you can last your way into the acceptance to say well there's just a comedy and we become accepting of that kind of darkness because it's funny it's not funny but now on the right how many of you remember Hercules years ago. Here of Santa story. I mean I remember that that's what music does when arriving or. Well he had a little guy that always ran behind him with a pipe and that's him right there on the right play the part he was the God or man to music now most of you would say as perience I will not expose my children to that can I get an amen but what you don't know you already had. Because the cold and the and the demonic industries that controls much of the world is a lot smarter than you they didn't change the meaning behind it they just change the person that represents the very same beliefs so are you ready the god Pan bafflement the God of romance and music has been redesigned to this character Peter Pan the god Pan The God of romance and music they knew very well you wouldn't fall for that so they decided to get their own imaginary world the magic the magic kingdom. The Magic Kingdom Cialis to Croly and Walt Disney were contemporaries so they both decided to pull you into the C. Maj unary world and they redesign the god ham to be Peter Pan So when you watch these cartoons nowadays be careful what you put before your children because it's not as innocuous as you think it is my sister in law found out I was listening to I use Macs for computers I'm also a P.C. guy out you know have a P.C. and have a mac and so I'm not going to talk about computers particularly but I remember very well because I am a techie I'm a gadget Tyria OK there I said it it's kind of healing to just get it out. But I remember going to the Apple website over and over and I kept seeing the symbol it's coming it's coming it's coming and I'm thinking a new i Pad a new device you know how that goes what's going to be the next thing that has a drug as a drug as a person driven by electronic drugs what else do I need for a fix just kidding. But I kept looking and they put the Day Nov 16th 2010 Nov 16th 2010 so what day do you think I locked into my mine Nov 16th 2010 so I went to the Apple page on November 16th 2010 and I thought what are they going to be unveiling this at unveiling Nov 16th $2010.00 I went there and here's what they unveiled a picture of the Beatles relax and I thought what does the Beatles have to do with Apple what do they have to do with anything. So I began to do my homework and I discovered that the 1st rock group that became disciples of our sister Crawley and his philosophies and his religion is the Beatles and then it became clear to me how did they become a worldwide phenomenon overnight all the kingdoms that you see I will give you if you fall down and do what worship me so when they came to America from a very dark country a great Britain is a dark country couple of years ago 3 B.N. We went to didn't evangelistic series in in England in London they are 85000 registered witches registered and only 42000 registered clergy they outnumber clergy 2 to one that's the ones that are registered so you come from a country and you find that this country's philosophy is very dark but you have a group that's relatively unknown and they're seeking fame and fortune and the devil promises I'll give it to you if you simply fall down and worship me and the symbolisms out that were established by Alice to Crawley were used by the Beatles in all of their song and I'll share some of those with you today when I did the series once I was invited to I think maybe in North Carolina or somewhere my wife and I really don't know where we go. We does go and we come back and look at those ticket stubs all we were there and pictures remind us but we were staying in the home of a nonevent as family somebody said well there are no hotels nearby but since this family has offered you'll stay at a nice home where was it always for a wedding that's right it was for a wedding and. We stayed in the home of this family and I was sharing this and the mother said Hey my little son knows a lot about this let me go get him I think is 14 years old she said 2 years 2 years ago he had no idea how to play it he had no he didn't know how to play the piano at all 2 years later he's a master on the piano and I said How do you do that and she called him downstairs and he said to me he said Oh I bought the Beatles Anthology meaning the Bible of all the Beatles songs and he said and I learned them just like that and this kid is like I'm saying really so when I shared with him about this he said Oh I know that and then he began to point out those songs in The Beatles Anthology that had the lyrics dedicated to the to the religion of Alice to Crawley I said This kid is only 14 and he knows that he said Oh so I know exactly what you're saying it's true all of the songs of the Beales year they connect in some way to Alice to Crawley and he began to point the lyrics out I'm sure one of them with you today so Alice to Crawley and you see in this picture of the Beatles they have the yellow submarine they have the symbol of 666 that's what that is but for some people it's OK so don't get nervous if a pastor says Are you OK don't get nervous I'll give you a job my friend passed a bachelor we are good friends why brothers and sometimes you say that's fine and one by 11 person sent me a picture of pastor when he when i Pad They said Is he a part of the occult world I said no he's not much. So that's what I meant because some people say you know 2 days ago and they go by this and there is a part of the code Well no it's got to be the whole thing together Amen that's what I mean when I say don't look for an hour behind every tree but the Beatles have used 2 symbols here particularly that you'll see in just a moment the significance of the occult world and 3 of the songs that are very well known that are songs that are deeply labelled with Celine against ology or silly Mick religious significance are these 3 songs that you've heard before Helter Skelter the one that shot John Lennon said that he listen to help to scale to over and over and over on the plane as he was on his way to New York when he planned was his name John Hinckley M.R.I. yet he said he listen to that song helter skelter over and over and over and over again to get his mind ready to shoot John Lennon but that was written by the Beatles but the lyrics are very slim equally based the philosophies of Alice to Crawley are there another one is Lady Madonna Lady Madonna the object of worship we know Lady Madonna is not a true God but Salema has false gods that they support than the other one imagined Imagine there's no heaven listen it takes away all accountability Imagine there's no heaven no hell below us nothing to live or die for Imagine all the people Living for today you may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one I hope one day you'll join us. And the world will be won the same prayer that Jesus prayed in John 17 sitting desires that we will all become one and have no accountability to the heaven above and no no reality to the helpful Oh do whatever you want because there is no accountability and I hope one day you will join us and the world will be as one but then here's a song Let It Be look at the lyrics of this very very occult base and look at that look at the look at the references to apparition when I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom let it be and in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me speaking words of wisdom saying word let it be now when I share this because I always get opposition somebody is always looking for reasons to just kind of downplay the significance here is somebody somebody once said well know that was a song about his mother when you read the history behind it. Have you heard of dual significance there's a dual significance in that song and I can give you all the lyrics but the dual significance in that in as they communicate in many of their songs is I want to communicate a message in such a way that I could hide it right in front of you and only only those of you that understand my language will understand what I'm really trying to communicate some of your old enough to remember back masking do you know that term back my asking. Well I used to play records in reverse and you find the meaning in the record well people that played in 4 will never hear the meaning but when you play it back with the meaning is right there in its hidden right in front of you let's go on one of the most significant albums that the Beatles produced Beatles produced is this album called Sergeant Pepper and and mixed into the entire choir of faces on the cover is a picture of Alice a crawly there it is right there I drew a little green arrow towards it but you'll look at the cover and you may even have the album. You may even have the album and not even though it but it mixed in all those individuals is the man Alice to Crowley or Alice to Croly however you want to say that what you don't know is the year that Allister Crowley died was the year that the Beatles released one of their one of their most famous songs and I'll share that with you tomorrow what the title was and it was in complete dedication to Alice to Crawley and the principles he is stablished to help them become famous but let's go even further it's not just beginning with the light stuff tomorrow I'm going to ask you to bring fireproof clothing I'm just walking us through slowly but let's look at another song that you may have heard before and you ask yourself who's the inspiration behind this OK relax is very Manilow listen to the lyrics and you tell me who inspired this and by the way Barry Manilow didn't write it Barry Manilow was very hesitant about singing the song until the person who pleaded with him told them it will bring him untold fame and it surely did listen to the lyrics I have been alive forever and I wrote the very 1st song I put the words and the melodies together I am music and I write the song my home lies deep within you. And I've got my own place in your soul now when I look out through your eyes I am young again even though I am very old and you know that I write the songs that make the whole world sing I Write The Songs of Love and Special things I write the songs I make the young girls cry I write the songs I write the song will listen to this all my music makes you dance and get your get your spirit to take a chance and I wrote some rock N roll so you can move music fills your heart well that's a real fine place to start it's from me it's for you it's from you it's for me it's a worldwide Symphony the writer of the song said these words Bruce Johnson Johnston has stated that for him the I in the song is God What does God write songs that make you dance get your spirit to take a chance that God write rock and roll so you can move Come on now really but that's what he said he says the I in the song is God and that songs and that songs come from the spirit of creativity in all of us right where the I come from that the Bible speaks Isaiah 14 versus 132144 you have said in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exert my throne above the stars of God I will also sit on the Mount of the congregation on the farther side on the road I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high that's where the I will comes from. Not from a spirit of creativity in all of us and furthermore what promise that Satan make the eve listen to the promise Genesis 3 in verse 5 for God knows that in the day you eat of it never was in the day you disobey your eyes will be what opened and you will be like God knowing what knowing good and evil he said You be like God knowing good and evil but there is but that's not eternal life the eternal life that Satan wanted either have was based on disobedience but the life that the Lord wants us to have is not knowing good and evil but knowing Jesus can I get an amen here it is John 173 and this is eternal life that they may know You the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you sent the focus of the occult world is to assimilate religion here's a picture the focus of the occult world on that is to is to assimilate religion together God Allah job Buddha Krishna we are one and when you begin to look what's happening in the religious world today when you begin to look at what's happening in the religious world today this coalition of religions coming together are all in an attempt to break down the significance of truth that God has given to us and to simply pull us all together in this desensitize choir of religious magma almost all religious confusion the intent of the occult is to desensitize us in sin and I want you to see something here a moment the intent of the occult is to desensitize us now I did some research here and in a moment I'm going to break the egg open and fry it even though we have 11 minutes and 45 seconds left a don't take long to fry by the way. But what I want you to see is how a cold world desensitizes us to sin Now if you've been around long enough you may remember the Ed Sullivan Show ladies and gentlemen tonight we have some very famous or he never turned his head like it was frozen but you remember when he would when they would introduce artists they would never focus the camera below the waist remember their you know whoever was there never focused the camera below the ways today the camera never comes above the ways anybody away did in not only that the way those songs are written today or not written to make you think that they're trying to avoid evil some of them are written to make you know that they are not trying to avoid evil Let me give an example of some of these songs written by rap or hip hip hop artists look at some of the title of the song and you'll ask yourself what exactly are they talking about this is just this is just 8 of the 32 that I found all the titles all these songs in 1901 was called Murder Rap Tupac your core murder was the case Gucci Mane 2009 murder for fun what if they're talking about murder murder to excellence Murder Inc Dr Dre murder by reason of insanity there has been a murder J.C. murder over hard and there's just 8 of the 32 songs what do you think they're talking about and you remember being raised Did you ever see this on any albums you bought now you see it now but when I bought albums back in the eighty's didn't have parental advisory explicit content you pull up to the light in the streets of one of your cities and the car next to you is like. And like your body is vibrating like like please change to green in a hurry. And it's like and you wonder and when you meet these kids and you say how you do and how you doing. Are you OK. As I their ear drums have been blown out I don't know how they do it and they have lived a 1000 watts and they got a sub and they've taken the trunk out and you open the trunk and it's like $12.00 to $15.00 in subs in the trunk in or year in. And it's desensitizing them and doctors are talking about ailments that the young people are suffering from that they should not at their age why do you think they're putting this kind of lyrics because they're conditioning the Mind you see the aim of the occult is clearly delineated here in Proverbs 23 Universe 7 the Bible says come on for as the word thinks in his heart so is he that's why young people nowadays don't really care whether you like them or law they've got friends you know their friends are Instagram Facebook snap chat used to be my space but that's kind of like faded out they always come up with a new one and they want you to send them to their room because they don't really want to talk to you mamma please ground me for 2 weeks in my room where I have an internet connection my cell phone my laptop my television I don't need to talk to you why there's such division in the family one person talked about trying to trying to take away Well let me use an actual story here I talk about some testimonies but this actually happened on the news and this happened in New York City on the way home from school a 14 year old girl dropped her cell phone by accident in the subway. She jumped down to get her cellphone Unfortunately she didn't get up quickly and the train took her lives and the news reporters interviewed other young people and said This is a tragedy you know what the news reporter was shocked when almost every teen he interviewed said I would have done the same thing he said you could get another cell phone he said but it's not the same I got stuff on the phone that I could not get on my new phone I would have done the same thing they would rather give their lives and I'm sure you have a tomorrow by the name of by a man named Simon Sinek and it's becoming so it's becoming so addictive that Apple computers are coming out with a new app you may have heard about on the news to gauge the amount of time you spend on your cell phone because there's a new addiction that's emerging in our world and it's from the use of your cell phone it'll be able to monitor how long you've been on Facebook or snapshot of one of the app is it'll monitor how long you've been on there and then if it senses you've been on there long too long it'll shut off access to that app so that you can somehow what Clear your mind or balance your head against a wall to the to the prohibition is lifted but that's what's happening in our world today you see the world wants to mess up your mind they want you to think but what is the aim of Jesus look at this what is the name of Jesus Let this mind be a new which was also and what which was also in Christ Jesus he wants our minds to be like his that's why the devil doesn't want our minds to be like cries he wants our minds to be like he is and you know what put it where it needs to be the devil is all ready defeated but he wants us to go down in the kamikazee of destruction he wants us to join him in this rebellion scenario he's lost already the Bible says that Hell is prepared for the devil and the Saints. I am not going to join them in their final party and don't allow your children that's why let me say something appearance I have about 5 minutes I'm going to open another can hear let me say this for those of you that think you want to be your children's friends you have the wrong position about parenting some of you say well they might get mad at me though so I train up a child in the way they should go and when they are all in their brains are fully developed they'll thank you for it that's the new scripture you don't train them that way they want to go any more than you leave your garden soul of we when you see we need in your rose bush you pull him out pull the weeds out of your child's lives some parents I know some parents are finally taken control that's why I love this school we sent our kids appear to grade like evidence Academy you know why because they don't let them spend the night with their phones they're here for education to know Jesus Praise God that some conferences are taking that stand but when your kids go to bed they should go to bed with the phone next to your bed not there is so they can actually sleep we have kids at home from school now and I said what time you go to bed well late like how late well way you're on your cell phone texting your friends yeah in the past when we got text it meant somebody gave us a Bible text to read nowadays text means something completely different and Facebook means we used to face in the book another facing a different book altogether that's why when you think about it it's really an attack on the life of worship and will also examined the impact on the lives we will also witness the battle between desire and will and I want to say this to lay some foundation for tomorrow because tomorrow as I said Bring your fireproof outfits because we're going to dive into a lot of graphics. About what's actually happening I needed 2 days to lay some foundation to kind of slowly and they all that is today was called the revealing but tomorrow you going to see some things and understand and I've been very selective in my approach to that so I won't burn you out too quickly because you know you could go from you can go from no knowledge to so much that your brains will just begin to melt with the overflow of information but I want to gradually reveal it to you so that you can carry along and follow along but after we're done I'll tell you how you can get information very quickly but look at this and I talked about this but here it is the Bible said in Revelation 12 or 7 in a laying the foundation for tomorrow and war broke out where in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and as angels fought but they did not prevail can I get an amen they didn't win there and they're not going to win here nor was a place down for them in heaven any longer so you know what they look for a new place here it is so the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who deceives the whole world he was cast to the earth and what else and his angels were cast out with him that's why on Fox television there was a there was there was a movie a new sitcom that came out simply called Lucifer. How in your face can that be on Fox Now Lucifer was there 14 verse 12 says how are they all fallen from heaven or Lucifer son of the morning How art thou cut down to the ground which did weaken the nations and Lucifer and there's a new hip hop song out now by hip hop artists where they say it's straightly Lucifer son of the morning oh Lucifer son of the morning and you got your young people are the losers son of the morning loser group one of the they don't know what they're saying they have no idea but the beat has caused them to fall into this an ocular state and they are literally charmed to the place where they can't tell the difference between right and wrong light and darkness good and evil because they've given their minds over to a platform where Satan has sole access Well just to teach you to morrow let me see let me show you where we're headed tomorrow this is where we're headed tomorrow we're going to show you the rock groups that are proponents of also this dark occult world Led Zeppelin they have an album called Stairway to Heaven is not showing you heaven where Jesus is but Heaven where Satan is a fall in heaven Led Zep and a picture of a fallen angel on their album cover because they are proponents of this fallen angel and I will leave it there just continue your appetite but here's what I want to say it is time for us as a people of God to get back to what kind of worship true worship say with me what kind of worship true worship the hour has come in which the true worship or worship the Father in spirit and in truth for the father seeking search to worship can you say amen Let us pray loving Father in heaven we are locked in an all out battle between light and darkness truth and error Lord give us discretion and wisdom to make a right decision as appearance as guardians. As people in the position to guide the minds of our young Help us Lord to see that it is not by giving them complete access to the things that will destroy them but by lovingly guiding and molding their influences that we will prepare their minds for the place where Jesus is worshiped guidance we as heavenly Father give us wisdom and understanding that when the time comes that we stand before you we will hear the words well done Val good and faithful servant in Jesus name I pray can we all say it Amen this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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