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Ellen White or the Bible, Part 2

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator



  • December 31, 2009
    10:45 AM
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this afternoon everybody talking about how to read Ellen Weiss and dealing with the inspiration and hermeneutic principles and integrated principles of integrated types of principles that would you willingly ready reading the Bible prophecy there are ways of reading what is written where you come up with a whole different conclusion than the author intended and people have done that with both the last paragraph that you focus on this afternoon to review and assess some of the human work prayer and immigrant talk about the role of the prophetic again in relation to the Bible and formation of my doctrines and we're going to first look at the early Christian church and never going to look in happiness history and find a parallel son putting me on this time and neither has things our heavenly father father is praying that you will be with us now and less the time we have together as we seem to be more firmly grounded in your truth in these last days we ask that the spirit who inspired the profits would give us understanding in regard to the prophetic gift in Jesus name he came at them once you open your minds of these were with me once again and we finished off our last session talking about the role of the prophetic gift and what were going to do is focus on one of those roles and particular feed verse eleven it says and he himself gave some to be apostles some prophets some evangelist some pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry one praise for the line of the body of Christ verse thirteen notice carefully till we all come to the one in all that they are the reason I'm emphasizing that he is there's a lot of talk about unity and importance of unity the understand something if you read acts chapter two the Bible says that disciples gathered in the upper room and they were all on one of core and Bible says in acts chapter seven that the people gathered to stoned Stephen and they were all of one accord so they were in unity and axially rainy review next seven waiting United online is important unity in and of itself isn't it great just because its unity if you're united and selling a prophet of God good idea right and so the final speech here begins the spiritual gifts of pastors and teachers and evangelists and prophets and apostles one of the role is used is to bring God 's people to the unity of the faith identities of believe God will have his people to believe the same things about the Bible and about troops networking to go to another place in the Bible spell that out notice how Paul brings this up till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God to a perfect man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ that we should no longer be children why talk to and probably carried about with one every wind of doctrine and doctrine means teaching I've gone there when a person get a doctorate it means that qualify feel siege a medical doctor I feel he was to be a teacher and teach you how to be healthy so you wouldn't need his services I've been teaching and doctors in your doctrine is changing and what Paul says here is that one of the important roles of the gift of prophecy and the other spirit of justice to bring God 's people to a human being of understanding on Bible teaching so that we no longer be taught still enthralled with all the different teachings that are out there what else is the gift of prophecy is authoritative not just opinion for example if you believe something about anything and I come and say well my opinion is whatever just as I have an opinion on it is that change your beliefs and that right the only way that my opinions interchangeably from the only way one of the primary ways is if what I say I have some weight behind some authority behind it I compensate us say the Lord is a little different subject isn't it a little different matter because now there's some authority the implication is that all of these gifts of the Spirit have some authority especially the gift of prophecy that they are to bring God 's people to a oneness of their doctrinal beliefs so that no longer talk back and forth with everything are you following me to go to see this played out a couple different passages the first launch a look at this verse Corinthians chapter one first Corinthians chapter one this is a fascinating passage when you look at the Corinthian church you're going to find some parallels with our church today firstly the Islamic and starting verse four first Corinthians one numbers for policy think tank might not always concerning you for the grace of God which was given to you by Christ Jesus that you are one in the race was Athenian red mainly blacks benefited right you are interested in everything by him in all utterances is an addicting games in all knowledge was utter speech for church where the utterance of being preaching and teaching right to hear the church and Paul says praise God for the grace that was bestowed upon you that was given to you rather by Jesus Christ here was a church of any race even made me even blessed and benefited in all of your preaching and teaching and all knowledge is knowledge me in the conference what you think in our church year your knowledge and gotten all temperatures are understanding through okay so here's church that by the grace of Christ has been increased in their teaching of the true in their preaching of the truth and in their understanding of the true party following notice notice what he says reading or signing in and you are enriched in everything by hand in all utterance and in all knowledge even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you with the testimony of Christ a is the spirit promising a listen to me carefully this is another one of those passages in fact there are a number of Bible translations anyway in the uniting with him radiantly when you say there inverse six okay our testimony about Christ community says something similar our testimony about Christ where we talk about the last session this is speaking of the testimony of Jesus to get the prompt e-mail saying is that yes ladies and as our testimony about Jesus but we know that's not true because of the next verse and it's amazing to me that the translators didn't read on and grasp this notice when he says in verse six again even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you and he'll comes to know if meeting of the spiritual gifts hear the testimony of Christ is the spirit of giving the gift of prophecy Paul I praise the Lord for bestowing upon you all this grace that has been raised your teaching of the through your preaching of the truth and your understanding of the truth even as the testimony of Jesus has been confirmed in you when you sent me even as this happens so that even as human Garner and he seemed to the testimony of Jesus that is the gift of prophecy so you are increasing your understanding of preaching and teaching of the me ask you this is parallel efforts that you know what church is a Seventh-day Adventist church leaders and the mishap any none is better than because they are not doing more powerful freaking because I get across to him a powerful teaching because of the processing surfaces so that was one of the roles and functions again is a policy notice because I is administered as a weaver six zero seven eight against the humans are not yet eagerly waiting for the last the revelation of what was written on the second coming as soon as I hear the church has been in re in their knowledge through in appraising the communication of the truth because they are processing and are looking forward to seeing coming of Jesus amen Doctor is in listen to me carefully this church is understanding preaching and teaching were powerful only had they recognize the role of the gift of prophecy in their mid- and even as back it was confirmed and then solve increased and were enriched in the other and if this church in Corinth had decided to get the proxy wasn't so important it would diminish their preaching their teaching and understanding for are you following that I didn't make it up it's right there in the Bible in any church that fits the bill would deal with the same ramifications if we has a seven banister 's look and say wow sauce we do get depressed he confirmed it us we do have had a direct teaching and ranging and understanding because of the gift of prophecy are eagerly waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ in preparing for that hey if we decided to get the property is not so important there goes our preaching and teaching it is our understanding Seventh-day Adventists today I actually looking for the truth in other churches because they think they know who their nominee in my hearing in my church because that is asked to write home about is the thing you come to my same isn't true no notice with all the same person I gone is faithful by whom you were hiding reversing regressing who also will confirm you to the end that you may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ not a single length whom you recall into the fellowship of his son Jesus Christ our Lord verse ten now I leave with you brethren and here's all exposition of unity because my complex unity and they had people say you were never all in and see things the same way I figure that said before you know when a army light blue e-mailing rain and that may be the case but when it comes to spiritual things knows the false leads here I plead with you brethren by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ that you all live speak the same thing and that there be no excuses in the King James divisions among you but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and St. John's speaking the same things think the same things that your understanding of truth are saying how in the world is supposed to this specifically through the gift of prophecy were going to the book of acts were going to see at work in the early church but let me make a point accept fifteen is never going let me make a point right here the question is often asked should Pearsall yes Shelby gift of prophecy should Allen why anyway I didn't do with the formation of our doctrinal understanding from what we read in the Bible what a lone Canary and thirty yes they call expect the problem has something to do with not understanding sure you get that we no longer be taught to every wind of doctrine that we come to the unity of a series in first Corinthians chapter one of the church that using race in their understanding and their message and their success because the place they allow the gift of prophecy how do you work in the early church did the early church allow the gift of prophecy took back their doctrinal illusions know anything is not asking if the gift of prophecy and I will speak specifically of our life is Ellen White to be the basis of our doctrine no but just because a product is the basis of your doctrine doesn't mean that the province and have some say in the for example put yourself in Jeremiah 's day Jeremiah was a modern prophet she wasn't in the Bible which might have heard of any of God 's people to listen to him instead of the five not his ministry in fact to be noted that while the prophetic ministry is always been the point got people to live the life ministry incidentally so you got Jeremiah 's day you got a contemporary profit but even if you did not expect his people to allow Jeremiah 's prophecy is that their understanding of what was written but they say that again did not expect the writings of Jeremiah to affect the way God 's people understood the work surrogate why else would he raise up a prophet let's go to the New Testament here's a thought that all you get a prophecy and gone back to his people when except the Council of the possibly apostle Paul in many people 's understanding of the word in your kind heart sank as he is the word I knew exactly most of the New Testament but gone daily living in holiday policy in the Bible here comes this kind is right on Eagle rock one of the rock something is said that all state funding within the doing God 's will no God raised up Paul again in the message for his people and Paul himself everyone expected people thinking is the basis of their understanding in the area of doctrines we do now John is seeing its inclusion in the Scripture but Paul expected God 's people to go by the Scripture and so this will be singularly early church available an accident chapter fifteen is a situation that has arisen in the early church now follow along here and gone people are are reading the Bible in fact ninety nine death and find my place here eligibility Exodus chapter twelve with me this is a little bit of background on this Exodus twelve and one of the numbers forty three hundred Passover regulations is some funny the Passover specifically got indirect or Gentile if they wanted to eat the Passover Limited says Exodus twelve verse forty three and the Lord said to Moses and Aaron this is the ordinance of the Passover no or no signal worry is that every manservant was bought for money when you have circumcised him then he meetings a sojourner and assign a hired servant shall not eat it etc. the solitary media outlets but ongoing no processing economy don't need to edit a general idea there is no counsel is something again let's take part in the path of awakening a circumcised and other such passages as a winning investment Lorena Michael but I coming to different conclusions and as a group of gods people is saying a lot again housing and I believe the Gentiles even join in their handling of the Messiah they also have to be circumcised with the apostle Paul understood this like the one giving Iranian circumcision the heart is that it is more of a spiritual application so you have a controversy they were all reading the same time coming up with different ideas on what you assurance that God has given a commission going in a message to the world happening in a message in the world and in agreement with cell the wondrous arena finally swam under three Venezuelan referendum on their own claiming that while the Bible with a different idea what's going to happen in interesting to me in this is a whole meditation on church organization and I'm not going to fully into my life is here in my evangelistic series the apostle Paul this links Reagan accepted fifteen with the minimum on the point verse one and segmenting down from Judea and Scotland restaurant unless you are circumcised according to the custom of Moses you cannot say therefore when Paul and Barnabas had no small dissension in dispute with them they determined that Paul and Barnabas certain others of them know I really want to the apostles and elders about this question so there is really is a no-no I don't believe that they need to be circumcised saying only I think you really need to music that saving habit dispute is holding you I'll say I'm a communist background Congregational church in believing you will surmount your family we want we have altered this today all the different denominations but there's no punishment with human headed and misunderstanding they said let's go back to headquarters the General conference as it wherever Mohammed is and so they went back to Jerusalem and took this issue back to Israel's non- jumping ahead to verse six ninety miles an hour staying together to consider the matter and when they had been much dispute Peter rose up and said to them men and brethren you know that good while ago God chose among us mine mouth the Gentiles should hear the word of the gospel and believe some guy who knows the Harding knowledge down the Gentiles by giving them the Holy Spirit just as he did to us and God made no distinction between the Jews in them the Gentiles purifying their hearts by faith now therefore one can test God that putting a yoke on the neck of the disciples which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear but we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved in the same manner as their verse twelve then all the multitude kept silent and listen to Barnabas and Paul declaring how many miracles and wonders God can work through them among the new the Gentiles and after they had become silent James answered this we believe the brother Ryan he appears to be the one who presided over the Council not Peter by the way James answered saying men and brethren listen to me I think the testimony was always going on they're all reading the Bible becoming a different nineties sublimated as a meaning all come together on a community hammering out we need to cite out they all come together they all disgusted the Bible says there was much discussion or dispute in the new King James version seven when there had been much disputing Peter rose not know what you're doing when he rose up when you say you will all how they got so find my mouth that the message should be given to the Gentiles question when did God choose and how to guides used by Peter 's mouth the community acts chapter ten the vision of the seas your member that was let down from heaven list .gif here they had an issue that isn't me to remember you telling unclean animals and doctors arrived only three times Peter never goes filming his computer wondering about what the vision means he goes through the door and is a Gentile at his door and through the course of the whole experience fear goes on December twenty eight telling me not calling me currently right so he can envision right in your handout another go into the time to go and reread it but your major Bible commentators on non- Adventist all upgrading it here is referring to his experience with the house of Cornelius and vision so follow along here this doctrinal confusion they're all reading the same bother coming to different conclusions when they do they go back to Jerusalem because at the theater 's fans often sad I saw in this following is not the Scripture midmorning as the Scripture is his vision then all I want to get out anything and allow our experienced bears witness to his vision then James gets up and knows what Jane said verse thirteen enacted and become silent James Hansen segment and rather listen to me Simon has declared how God the first visit of the Gentiles to take out and the people for his name and win this but where the process agreement you need to the nation become followers of his testimony any testing at all I don't wear anything in all agree vision agrees with Word attack on Linux agrees with the word in their marketing mix in the early church in the life the way they resolved their doctrinal controversies came together and start eating out and part of the studying session in the early Christian church was in the voice of the profits would come in and get guidance and counsel and they were a part of farming the doctrine of the early church he found that the local now if I was coming into July day and here we have Ellen White claims to get across I think my knowledge did you have anything to do with formation of doctrine question and I'm being a little non- actually going to turn to Scripture in saying something like that so there are many unanimously falling into this mindset today I really hope they solace internal environment my lonely we only don't we must take the Bible and being profoundly been when they do that because we look at the biblical will get the house even when you even if I all these people believe everything is in the process and is thus saith the Lord 's guidance and in this passage to be understood by the practice to be understood and they look at the passages and Elizabeth FSA it makes it agrees with the word agrees with the Catholic province of the reason assessment of Scripture and doctrinal teaching this article and formulated the following now I'm going to do is have daily share with us how we see the same thing working in the early Adventist church and how God utilizes different property in the very same ways we just read being utilized in the Bible and final basis is the same thing and nearly atmospheric so let's get your loan might swap here and give us just a moment but historical setting to start with an engineer millwright and he just gone through this whole episode and he noticed in our annual holiday up to a lot of people who dismiss the whole thing at the end of eighteen forty three Miller was hitting three seven thirty one ago that Miller knew that wasn't the way to work because Miller always conducted individually here using pointing a spring fiesta nice once it was limited and kaleidoscopic equinox he was raw sort never cited the calendar that was his big thing okay is a on March twenty first in total alignment Omar 's twenty person that people expectation of March twenty first batsman and realized it out and give you nothing whatsoever to do with equinoxes and highly lunar -based learning the new moon the latest recalculations is more we got things more reality is also a polygonal use is illegal and I don't know what's happening people leave the movement through the summer using Nieto had fifty one counties money in the previous year to hang on hang on you finally get to Exeter New Hampshire William me know those days cost and Josephine is understand James Landis Sweet nothing to tell us what was with them wheels James is one of the one of the speakers but it was just me James is one of the speakers was on the stand telling the people in adult protein style that was the already knew what anything is in the light only has a boyfriend of my now on for what you do it again and again right now write access no human others I is in your disparate people he got another interesting event like this we have nothing if the user here for the future if we know last nail salon don't forget what we in the wigglers of letters that what you know to be human psyche are okay and you will learn some history here really okay SSL whose rider writing horse riding up is astonished this is nonsense as Mrs. house you can let me as a lay brother and still we are ignoring all that is vacant what would you do him and I have had no different anyway what we now refer to as the midnight cry he went through Matthew twenty five citing citing scripture in Matthew twenty five thermal inversion needless to the whole thing in the calculation you went in with me and the property of the year so what's up with a knife I think Musselman 's midnight have to deny three months okay so we can result in dangling out there and he said many positives of the sanctuary most of the others a little like me noticing is not the plaintiff once I found in the right path on this half is October three two thousand eight waste of memory that the next day Lord worked with higher medicine to get him started on the road to companies you know when I read since these findings published version of the January eighteen forty eight will assist you while you know things really started out okay so the Lord is something else sometime in December in chapter seventeen -year-old girl shoulder that out I want to take the message to people that every seventeen -year-old adolescent tailspin of the second hour seventeen -year-old is very go by heyday specifically then I made all the lining of their assignment that I him and I don't know the residence is just some follows that one of these ways people was called the role infinitely wise but had a real promising target honey if any labeling them November eighth and wiggling even when you talk about the things that we know that you know but when you say not in a large ugly okay that's important because not only cannot we get off the ground unless illegally square one again why did they have the visible light when you learned by the physical phenomenon of early days of release and verbally look at the only person they can remember that this is all little below same pilot on the path on the way to heaven through the light at the beginning of the bathroom that was me and it's on only one to answer the problem with the minute I was all about what had gone wrong now did you like this in all of divine approval philanthropic on that Mrs. yes the owners in no get used to it and is doing okay you are going to have to believe with the profits at a recent debate at some point that a lot of stuff against you and really makes evening of it every time some genius at John Hopkins comes along and demonstrate something new this don't ratify start our health message eloquently while that's cool on the other hand if I is another Windows as well he had occur less often I originally was going to let anything of him but that the Lord is establishing online the Ellen Harmon at the time and you have a mess just like they did with the inactivity Peter was that he tells the stories of this list is missing the previous you have a historical basis for your latest reprocessing will as well remember most stories Emily Ramsey probably okay I love the physical phenomena that is going to regret I personal favorite was the time that he appears on Ellen Armour whether visible or after marriage and she was young she was sick and had tuberculosis I K G wavelength ninety seven pounds dripping wet and she's in the vision and the blacksmith two hundred and fifty pound blacksmith at night I will is waving their hand gracefully in this vision is a fifty pound blacksmith guy comes up slides across the floor gracefully get along and not allow them down ninety seven pound little girl not push around two hundred fifty pound black and he is great okay let's move on establishing thought particularly is a great account invited in for selected messages ninety eight number two oh seven Bridget was already had our review and Herald article that but first let in as well seven is probably the easiest place to find them and Ellen White Howell about what we refer to now it certainly is the series of meetings I put yourself in a position is open there were an estimated one hundred to one hundred fifty dollars and Miller writes on October twenty fifth eighteen forty one hundred and fifty thousand real close census of an of my scarring left because this late in the spring okay and Don are ready this was this is already fairly clean out on a hundred and fifty thousand years later they tried to get as many as they possibly could in Vermont enhanced the heart of the heart of Nora Milliman found a hundred one hundred thousand people we need to be serious I cannot find it in my heart to believe that the display in eighteen forty four was a harder greater test and got the Lopez and is there is an exempt and that I was one hundred thousand okay city is meeting research and consulting up and start trying to wrestle Mister in this series the meeting lasted for about two and half years from one fifty seven fifty nine and any contract among other things he said he only had one here they had one here in handling your industry was between four months between and beyond three months between inherently to lease between ethnic interest at all to any of all the pleadings need to relocate about its account episode is looking to many of our people this is for no neighborhood will not realize how thoroughly the foundation of our faith has been only my husband so my writing seventy days late Elder Joseph B father here is going on again presupposes the result and how their fire management and others working only sure among those who after the passing time in eighteen forty four search for the truth as for hidden treasure I met with them she says it all they outpace anyhow yeah diagonal visual input as well as the auditory only thing similar thank you growing top of page seventy year hand out okay so I'm about halfway down maybe not quite the first paragraph there I met with them and we study and pray earnestly often we remained together until late at night and sometimes through the entire night praying for life studying the word and number nine the meetings were somewhat infrequent and instead of an agent may table the sunsets enough information together was a result while you are not going to get all the people every time you know you have an opportunity to meet with some time in our challenges of their leader when it is you spend time studying is the timeframe is entirely with groups working these things to again and again these very came together to study the Bible in order they might know its meaning and be prepared to teach it with power when they came to the point in their study where they said we can do nothing more no one in the point where they would say we can do nothing more than disagreements sure what I in what I think that we live a lie obviously I a L related now you want somebody to say what I believe there is I think you must be the enough and it was a nice day it out and evaluate any kind you think you're right I gave you think you might you want to be familiar yield with a leader and not really thinking about lately is nothing more than the spirit will come upon Ellen and I would be taken off at the passages we may suddenly be given to me with instructions as to how we recently drinking genetic light was given that health to understand the Scriptures in regard to Christ 's mission is to know that with anything right his mission his priesthood I will know if any further consent to think of the arguments they are really wrapped up in crisis mission is priesthood is there anything that they started was that the that we gone back and get our spirit intelligence we we resurrected all the problems they solve thing that I've progress in her Christ is present all line up to Thanksgiving from that time to the time when we shall enter the singing nuns may cling to me in each other's instruction of the Lord Anthony in Atlanta is not something that just fell into her lap the speed it was so they could understand it was the line of how the line of decency versus your Atlanta University of Illinois and delight customers a lot of money ways and listen one of the trip right and that's what it was in the beginning it will I could not understand the reasoning is rather investing in the Lord will establish this young woman is not she was not to be one more voice amongst the crowd seeing liveliness no thank you sister but they offer free shipping at an alarming as elegant as a victory this time I will not is it okay to daughters integrating and rented my mind was lost were not operating the meaning of the Scriptures we were studying this is one of the greatest those of my life and I was in and I was immediately bitter note that was video recorded show any of you like a lengthy hearing Joseph Davies is known as the roof what is it what it means you couldn't under any relevant frustrating for him to raise our life and I was in addition of mind at all principal point of our faith will make nuclear minds in harmony with the word about the revenue so that when the vision I could not understand these matters I like the nation request that we cannot at ability to understand and A frustrating I know but they know that they know that God had to set it up to establish confidence in his generally in an language rack from heaven the revelations given for two or three years my mind you need to be locked in understanding the Scriptures in the course of our labors my husband and I visited father and rooms with suffering intensely with inflammatory room is the GM's father Stephen we pray for him I laid my hand on his head and father and Ms. Lord Jesus made the whole he was healed instantly he got a lot about the room praising God and saying I never thought honestly before this life evil angels of God or in his honesty their hairs out and out admiring her Laura will learn and somehow the reality is that the unit is legendary inimitable and never saw the flames of good morning Lori was real and lasting design allows an angel 's hand was working on my head from that kind is enabled understand where you have to I wish I had in my head when ninety four it is important to know where this gift of prophecy came to help us establish the people that she was working with were not a little sort is not all his sit down and say well that's the I don't really feel like studying anymore let's let the seventeen -year-old girl beside him when you read about anything we know the relation is a source strong-minded boneheaded now tenacious aiding individuals for them to pay attention to what you they test on the weather and I was trying to Windows Vista had a little bit passing mention this already last week and is what happens when we don't honor the service will remain a experiment going on he ran to James White was an awkward position now despite Mister and Mrs. right there you're my daily high and young gentleman and a very good profit that can be tricky at times can and he did not want to appear self-serving and so the first five years the review and Herald have almost nothing that we would call spirit runs in a couple of articles not like they were not the Lord has shown me type of articles James was really a win-win to Joseph Smith in November eighteen forty one but after that there was a lot of negative publicity and process at that point again James was really reluctant to go putting it in all my life as visions from the Lord Ericsson will self-serving and so James didn't do that what was the point of having light if you don't share with the point of having wisdom from God if you don't use it well okay this is this is drawn from review review and Herald article eighteen fifty in January as designated by the Romero movie out of Battle Creek that they been in Vermont at the New England announcement because without there being fifty five in Battle Creek to hate him I sent you in the operational ballot tampering in the end with Hannah and I a general conference and was yelling we can have a different mindset a network General conference just something at a conference that was generally known only by inviting the whole field of general conference until the Saints got together and they look into this because it was on their thinking already and is the only salvation is another this was the region for someone's half she writes my spirit has been much impressed going to think that you use me a single incident for years after getting the visions best place I have enough desire and I don't always listen to us weekly she says I had a choice I would rather die than have another vision amino acid analyzer that have no I would rather die than have another vision to share the vision it was it was this responsibility is now on her shoulders and Son of Man I sent is a lot if you don't cry out from the center diet is what you require your hand rather Diana visited this place I have not desired I have ever known it would cause me many hours of language their messages and give me anything enjoined upon me to be faithful anything in my feelings have been sensitive while the airline with your body for me I then obliged and living God is holy my sufferings of mine have been intense and when I see now little as needed and what Julio effect they have upon others have had on others I had been discourage leaders have been laid meeting recently less and less frequent in my testimony children on I thought that my work the cause was not that I have no further duty to do much the same my own soul and carefully attend to my little family and a good influence of my children and for them that anything that Pentagon most of us have a nicer she was feeling really bad about the possibility I greatly fear that seeing the children they might be left out of father 's care my husband 's wealth has made me tremble you to my prospects of dark and shiny and luxurious than nearly all the time during this meeting are seldom told my innings likely to be wrong to talk trials of darkness uninstalling down on the behalf I believe to be wrong to talk trials and darkness others it would have been affected is the reason we add our recent conference in Battle Creek in November eighteen fifty five gone wrong for us the minds of the services on exercise and sending you off the charts on which prophecy ranks right and if not Brown has been brought upon his people because the gifts had been slightly neglected there was a pleasing prospect that his smiles would again be upon us and he would graciously and recently revived again is to encourage the desponding and thinking soul and correct the recruitment during our coming fate hanging in peers the clouds and darkness within in honor and eternal son was being yet again this person will and will and consciousness will be learned in those around the family when I is what I must be living a even as a candidate can't really do his will Jesus not only one inning later Berger Gordon everything there and that was her testimony was the upshot they start out okay and that's what you ignore that was never in front of it out of sight out of mind is the way it works and so from that point on making it easy on you begin to find the I was shown that no more sleep than clear speaking start your equities are going out the door when he started publishing the testimonies the church recently ninety thousand people reported on the we tried already downplaying the spirit back then we were wise enough was sensitive enough to become depressed as a result now living breathing sometimes the things that are good one more quick thing our time is up due to circumstances that were just slightly beyond my control one of the very first start off the books I ever sat down and actually read through having polio the secondary curriculum the one I was quite young fifteen sixteen anything I read the book life sketches I recommend it to it will grow in your understanding of the work of the Spirit Bronx when I read this book I no longer suffer from the common and it is the dream they don't like was this greatly revered revert to read near universally beloved prophet figured and when she spoke the church said and had a prophet has no machine within Alan March heating and zoning okay I got a little brother but wasn't far from again and invented the term emotional distress that is as good as she is in her work understanding the truth in much larger arena is not sustainable because people are called reasonable learn as you whenever you will never come away from the book with the thought all the weak minded church leaders just blindly accepted and covered up for her that will be immediately and forever dispel now and how you either Illinois colossal cover-up any of you okay you got some two hundred fifty pound wax four years lighting organizing I am with you some of the failure will be noticing his feet no and how you want people to sign an affidavit that might not work it out and losing out Jan now left acyclic notices audience I was the business is a nice artisan Internet somehow we know about it but maybe like a with anti- wrinkle year and normally sells for ten five oh five dollars and the great thing and movement in Loughborough and it made it is you know your okay good number three twenty nine five dollars if you feel people leaning my life and mainland last name is unique when you people involved when you have some feeling for for the pioneers in archives you will never need that when some for a on the Internet says the role covering up her okay our time is up I spent over father we thank you that you took into your own hands the correction of human error human misunderstanding Lord we are blessed to have your counsel I pray you give us brains to cherish the blessing to seek it out to readers the prophet said many are going directly contrary given country life in heaven from heaven because they do not read the books which contain it father don't charge the singular when the help I know you know I will this was his audio persons were splicing generations for Christ through you like to learn more about CYC please visit www. CYC when I will review like this more free online services please visit www. audio verse more


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