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Walk of Fame - Part 4

John Lomacang


John Lomacang, an ordained minister of over 20 years, currently serves as pastor for the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has also been a popular Christian singer and songwriter during his years of ministry, hosts 3ABN’s A Sharper Focus, and cohosts 3ABN’s House Calls. He has shared the gospel in 31 countries, sung with the Heritage Singers, and been a vocalist for 3ABN, Amazing Facts, It Is Written, and Voice of Prophecy.




  • June 21, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Loving Father in heaven thank you this morning for another opportunity to communicate We pray Lord for your Holy Spirit we know that when we deal with a topic that is as intense as detailed and in some cases as dark as this topic we lord need your Holy Spirit give our mind the wisdom and understanding that what we communicated day will not only be clear but your Holy Spirit will take it and package it in such a way that it will create in us and urgency for our families our churches our schools our colleges and that you will give us wisdom and understanding on how to take a different direction and prepare our hearts and minds for eternity in Jesus name I pray Amen I'm going to begin with a scripture and this scripture is taken from 1st John 4 Verse one it's on the screen so you can follow along with me and we've been dealing with spirits and Alice to Croly or some people say Crowley doesn't really matter to me which have or you say it but I'd like to begin with the scripture today because we're talking about regrets that I've gone out into the world and the series is called unclean spirit and as I said on Monday and I think I read it reiterate this on Tuesday we are living at a time where we have spoken about the beast you know Catholicism sick sick sick we've talked about a past a Protestantism but very few times and this is amazing to me very few times do we talk about their originalism. And spiritual ism is a significant component 3 unclean spirits like frog coming out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the be out of the mouth of the whole prophet or they are the spirits of demons or devils going forth to the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the Battle of that great day of God Almighty so in our congressional halls in our political hall in the entertainment industry the music industry. Television programs behind all of this are demon evil spirit working in the minds of those that are fashioning and molding and putting together the things that are affecting our churches and affecting our young people notice the words of the Apostle John and if you like read that along with me Beloved do not believe every There it but Hesse the spirit whether they are of God because many false prophets have gone out into the world on Monday and Tuesday I introduce to you the prophet of the occult world a man by the name of Alice to Crowley Alice to Croly whichever one you prefer and his Bible Libera out the liturgy for the book of the law has become the manual for the entertainment industry for the music industry elevation mogul the wealthy one percent those that control what happens in politics and religion those that control what happens on television and media and there is a world under this world that many of us are completely unaware of we only become aware of it when we see the impact on our children when we wonder why they're going the way they are and then we discover that yeah. There's a spirit in control of them of which we have no idea how they got that way and as I mentioned that's why it's so imperative and I say that again it is so imperative that as parents and leaders and guardians of children whether grandparents aunts or uncles or schoolteachers or professors and whatever position you're in if you have the responsibility to guide children know what they're watching know what they're listening to we are no longer living in the Popeye and what are some of the crazy cartoons we had Road Runner Flintstone Yeah the rap we're not living in that fans anymore we're living where cartoons are downright evil This isn't a nickel Odeon taken over by the occult world because Satan know if he can mold the minds of our children before we mow the mind of our children he's got their mind and he wants to train up a child in the way that he or she would go and surely enough he's creating an entire generation you know they are more atheist today than at any other time atheism is growing because people just don't want to know about God agnosticism is growing because people don't have any understanding about God and an agnostic is simply a person that has not made a decision one way or the other but the table going to talk about the Walk of Fame the Walk of Fame and as I introduced you yesterday as I introduce to you yesterday I talked about. The abolition of that are a part of the tapestry of art that was created by Alister Crowley and I talked about the Alpha and the Omega we talk about 666 some of the hand signals but I want to go further today because as I mentioned to you whatever we don't cover the day before we cover the next day so I try to continue if you want to hear yesterday we have about an amazing to me we bought about 60 of these D.V.D.'s with us and as sets of each we only have a left of part $1.00 and $4.00 left a part 2 and after the after the program today you'll be able to get them in the back of the auditorium but in this apple Escobar I talk about the word abracadabra war that I say average Deborah or many of us know it as average Deborah you may be old enough to remember the song that was put out by soft rock group years ago after a Deborah it'll reach out and grab you took some of you back that night well they're not saying those words Obert Tralee because abracadabra in the occult world is a word they refer to of double How are they use that word to conjure spirit abracadabra in the in the letters that are included in that you find other A. R And in each of those there is an occult significance the crown the wand notice I highlighted the wand war that I highlight the want to follow carefully up sword Rosie cross they add significance to each of the letters so even in the word itself is a hidden message crown wand Cup sword rosy craw when you look at the word abracadabra it is also used in the Harry Potter series. It shows up a number of time and they modify it and they use it in different terminology but what I want to point out let's look at this very carefully. In the movie the order of the Phoenix you have the word avatar cadaver Avatar cadaver it's a word that they use whenever they are being pursued and what is amazing to me is Satan can out cannot cast out Satan can I get an amen the devil can I get rid of the devil and so to use a tannic tools to protect yourself from say tannic entities is ridiculous but the reason why they do that notice carefully the reason why they do that is because they want young people to think that by getting involved in the occult world that somehow they have a power and a an ability to protect themselves better than the average individual if I go on further on this by my wife and I once when we had our nieces living with us we went to a store that many young girls know it was called 21 you know young girls they shop that store and we noticed at the at the checkout counter because you know at this when you check out if there's something you forgot us right at the counter Well they had a 7 part series of books for girls to buy on how to cast well and I had to was just blown away by that I mean you figure it to be shocking or maybe some kind of some kind of paraphernalia that a girl might need but surely if you're looking for a blouse or shirt or pants or jacket or whatever the case may be you don't get to the counter and say you know I forgot my book on Bell but there they are 7 books and we open began to some through here is a spell to use against people that you don't like here's a spell to use if you want someone else's boyfriend and it went on and on and on and on. And I was surprised they beautifully designed it they may make you look so palatable and so female you know appearing in all those soft colors and what amazes me more than anything else is it's selling to the devil makes you think that by participating in this dark world somehow you have access to power that the normal person doesn't well there is a power there is a demonic world but the power is something that we cannot control but it does control us in the order of the Phoenix whenever Harry Potter and his cohorts were being pursued by villains so to speak they would say the word avatar cadaver it was a killing curse causes instant painless death to whomever the curse hit there is no count occurred or method of blocking this well so you might wonder now how is it that Joy unrolling known as J.K. Rowling her pen name how is it that she was able to sell 500000000 Harry Potter books because it appeals to the carnal sense of unregenerated hearts of children 78910 that was the general range of the children reading those books so watch this now you have these millions 500000000 books not counting the videogame not counting the D.V.D. series not counting the other paraphernalia all those children they are the generation that's being molded so our society is becoming more and more demonic leave focus more and more spiritualistic League years not spiritually geared but there are a journalistic League years that's why we have to be very careful what's in our home so you find avatar a diver and they use a wan to cast. This curse on whatever entity was pursuing them and so I followed that carefully and this is a picture of the one that there's a young man holding the one in his hand and what amazed me is when Harry Potter came out so many so many little boys wanted to look like Harry Potter so they bought those around glasses or whatever it was and they walked around and you could go to a toy stores and buy the won and the won was made of wood from a holly tree wood from how it treated words from a holly tree Howley wood Good morning Ward from a holly tree Holly wool the kingdom Satan How would some say the word is for good purposes others say it's evil purposes some say use it to cast spells on other people others say that you use it to protect yourself from spells being cast on you either way Satan cannot cast out data what is the Bible say about being involved in this kind of life Deuteronomy Chapter 18 per cent well there shall not be found among you and I cut the tech short Affleck's that tomorrow there shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire or one who practices together witchcraft or a soothsayer or one who interprets omens or a sorcerer the Sorcerer's Stone the Sorcerer's Stone It is amazing to me how Satan could take something so demonic and he really he repackages it he doesn't she doesn't try to get rid of it he simply repackages it. Years ago and sometimes churches do this we had what that with that thing we do honey when whenever we do during the holiday season why Dallas and why the elephant gives you that before while thinking you know what you don't buy something but you just wrap something you have Iran your house there we did that before we did it at our church in France is a fun thing the funny thing about it is you can wrap people think that the wrapping is equal to the content Have you noticed that so what some people have done is a rap do you go for rapping and people get enamelled by the box when on the inside it's just a roll of toilet paper. That happen to you before and then sometimes the wrapping is hardball and it's a little last day if anybody wants and it's the one that they keep trading for they keep giving it away because they don't like the packaging but on the inside as the vest is don't get fooled by the wrapping that's the point Satan knows how to wrap what is evil in an exterior that appears to be good there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end is the way there you see the life of worship is under attack there life of worship is an attack on our life of worship Joshua as the children of Israel are about to cross over into the promised land he made a very interesting observation and hear the words in very significant. He says and if it seems what evil to you to serve the Lord shoes for yourselves that this day whom you will serve and notice the comparison noted that notice the choice is whether the gods which your father serve that were on the other side of the river or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell notice their gods fall to God Some of us come from homes where these things were normal I met some people that said I was a warlock I was a wizard I've met people through the years that have said I was a witch another young lady once I met she said I was being groomed as a child to be the bride of Satan and the good news now as they are converted to it Holy Spirit filled 77 I said Holy Spirit fill that's the important thing not spiritual Because it be any spirit but Holy Spirit filled God can deliver anybody from anything but but but Joshua says we've got to choose between the gods we once once knew and get this or the gods in whose land we dwell America this world there are gods many and lords many we've got to choose between the gods we serve that were on the other side our prior life opera connections our prior entertainment the things that prior had the things that held us at one time or the God on whose land we dwell and we are surrounded by many god but I like his declaration that we that together but as for me and my how we will or the Lord you can serve the Lord unintentionally though you can serve the Lord arbitrarily You cannot serve the Lord by default you have to serve the Lord in their IT and in truth it has to be intentional That's why Paul says press toward the mark. The mark you gotta see the mark and you've got to aim at it you know there are various kinds of sin one sin is they see the mark and they don't even aim at it that's iniquity they see the mark but they don't even Amen it unintentional sin is they see the mark they aim at it but because of sin they fall short of them are that's were God's grace come in comes in and then there are those that are aware of the mark they're pressing toward the mark and by God's continued growth and grace in them they are hitting the mark but you've got to be intentional about it you've got to decide whom you're going to serve we're going to talk about the attack on the God of worship and what I'm going to do today is we're going to experience the power of music now I have my I know my guys in the back already let me just go ahead and I had a soundtrack playing in the back of me just go ahead and turn it off yes I had just done that you know breathe again. We're going to experience the power of music what you're going to see are 3 videos and the only difference between each of the videos is the music and what you're going to experience every one of you is going to experience I am going to intentionally manipulate every one of you instantly Your feelings are going to change at the drop of a hat the moment you hear the music your feelings are going to change there's no rock there's no hip hop there's no headbanging music it's going to be subtle music and watch and the reason I'm going to give this demonstration is because this is what happens to you you see television wouldn't be of any impact unless you had sound unless you had were now the most horrible show would do nothing to you without the now the devil studies. And he chooses the sound to get the impact so let's look at these 3 videos and I'm going to talk over them just to Qana be a little narrator 1st. Meeting what you want to do. By the beach. Boys nice. Day at the beach maybe Lake Michigan or Mary or whatever. You're relaxed. Or well you want to. Then I feel good kind of felt really relaxed like OK honey I don't really need any more veggie me just leave me by the ocean now notice the different they motion. Master mom. Something's going on. With the music they use when your cell phones stop working. You have one far left. And after that music that's the place you don't want to be I'm all right let's go almost it. Bring it up for me my friend bring it up for me please. There we go you face. If you. Can't buy a new car he. Your family is almost And here nobody knows how to get away from the need you the beach all of a sudden is the the seriously new on every door in your mind coming up to you is this the day my life is going to end that's how you feel when you hear that kind of music right. Notice how easily your feelings change how quickly did your feelings change come on let's say like by that what many of us don't know is that movie producers today they are literally doing case studies in some cases because you know nowadays we don't have any one version of a scary movie you have heard of adjacent movies Friday the 13th some of you know that I understand you're converted now but you used to be there one and then Jason 2 then Jason 3 to Jason for the Jason but now it was the same Jason over and over you you'll be saying like all OK already enough of that but what they do is they get case studies they literally connect lead to the heart in the minds of people and they invite them in to watch this and what they are seeking to do is get the most emotional response so they know that this next version is a lot stronger and more scary and more intense than the prior one and what they're doing is they're getting your body to full on you with dope means and your adrenaline rushes and what happens is during the movie especially when you're in not only that not only scary movies but you get to those dramas were from the word go that the action movies from the word go like. Die hard that I had with a vengeance die hard with an angry cop direct connect we cop with vengeance. Diablo and then we covered vengeance and then we wiped I mean you keep acting and what happens the word the the time the movie starts. And they're going to remember and you're like and when the movie ends your life fall into the couch because your body has been drain of every emotional fluid that can be mustered up to keep you going and they know that what happens when you come to church the pastor says let's sing Blessed be the tie that binds then. And your body says I don't feel anything this is not what I want I need me some head. And I mean me some kick in music and what happens we go from worshipping to worship experience have you heard the word we don't want to warship we want to worship X. Syrians we want to roller coaster on Sabbath morning we want the pastor we want the praise team to kick in kick it punch it kick it head we want those 711 song 7 words repeated 11 times and they him know oh it's a losing relevant because of what we are and knock elated by during the week so what happens is that I did this series in the Virgin Islands in St Thomas during a hurricane week so we could do it on Saturday night though they had to move it to Wednesday in the Virgin Islands in St Thomas on Wednesday night even during the hurricane week the place was filled to capacity and 30 to 40 percent of the audience was made up of people that are not at Venice and even not ave pastors and after that night we literally had a call with pastors and other denominations determined to change their style of music because they realized it was no longer about God's word but is about how I felt. It's about how I felt when I came to church not how I was fed but how I felt so you have these warships feelings. That you might as well go to what was that big ole. Music Fest years ago up in Chicago Woodstock and some of our church services are nothing more than another word. And we're changing our names we no longer want to be identified as 7th Day Adventists we want to be the Community Church but we don't realize is the word the phrase 7th Day Adventists is not just a tile it's a message can I get an Amen so we're losing our identity and we don't know according to Scripture that every time a king of Israel was in apostasy he disguised himself so when you worship style when you are no longer identified by your worship style you are on the path to apostasy I'm going to be frank I mean I'm a pastor John but I'm going to be frank when your doctrines are being deemphasized and what you want in place of that is a good feeling you are in a past and it's not necessarily where you presently are but where it's leading you in the end is the way of there doesn't seem like it in the journey the devil never tells any of these rock artists that you're going to burn into hell you never tells any of them you're going to burn in hell when Jesus returns never says that but he gives him fame and fortune and visibility and all these materialistic things because some of the other things that he does occult communication some of the hand signals that we use. The 2 horn salute here you have an time of A and a daughter the Church of Satan the 2 horns salute represents the 200 God of occultism the god Pan let's look at some of the demonstrations of this now the horns of baffle met here is a go hand in and lot of times and people do that you know and how why let me just get it right and why it's like hang loose don't get that mixed up with this. Hang loose you know in the Virgin Islands a girl like the guy that's a Virgin Islands the I but don't get mixed up with it and so a lot of times not knowing what this means not knowing why these Hollywood artists and why these music artists clash like this or go like this we have no idea but they're communicating their occult language let's look at this very carefully this is not a night of as a goal pendant it's a representation of harmony between 2 polarities the light and darkness good and evil bafflement points to the full and dark moon the hand gestures express the perfect harmony between 2 opposite polarity the dark moon represents our action and our will to action toward our goal the full moon represents the fulfillment of those goals now let me just go and illustrate that I had another fire there and he didn't do the more to remind you because it shows you actually the dark moon in the POMO what happens is in the occult world and I'll show you some examples in a moment here the pinky represents our action towards our will the index finger represents the full length of the goal that we're accompanying our will otherwise I'm starting out but I've completed. Boom I got it they're beginning and ending that's why one is smaller than the other the the action toward my will the fulfillment of my will so when they go like that they're showing it hey we got it they're communicating the sick sick sick the communing the communicating these hand signals and you have all the mega football famous artists doing that here's some examples look at the pictures here you have well they call a queen the but the answer you have her highlighting the 666 over her left eye and then in the picture to her left you have her if you look carefully you see the goat head on that amulet on that on that kind of a. Costume that she's wearing the you see that right in the center of that but you also have the the arms that are going above you have those representations of the extension of the horn that is a part of the picture on the costume that she's wearing these are the pictures of Bianchi as she refers to her alter ego called Pascha theory she says there are 2 sides of me and when you get into that world they have this idea that when I get in touch with my alter ego I'm able to accomplish what I'm not able to accomplish as a normal individual I think I showed the video yesterday was yesterday where she talked about her alter ego that can sing higher can do more she says I'm not necessarily shy but I'm more reserved but in my concerts when I can hear up Sasha Fierce she's able to do things I'm not able to do and she says I reserve for a jest for the stage so when people meet me they think their meeting sucks your fears but I leave for just for the concert they're telling you they have an alter ego they have a split personality and these very dual personalities people often diagnosed those as what the what the. Because a friendlier one in fact is just evil spirits that are living in living inside of them because that's in fact true when it comes to Christians don't we pray for the Spirit of God or live inside of or know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you which you have of God and you are not your own computer that now to the occult world know you not that your body is the temple of the evil spirit which you have from Satan and you are not your own Now let me give you a text wake up your neighbor Ragga what this what you together as unity awake as soon as the. Roman 616 Are you ready and I want to show you by that 2nd that you are never in control what I just say you're never in control listen to Romans 6 things that affect me just bring it up or I'm going to open the sword very carefully I got a lawyer just impressed me this year the Roman 616 the most to me one of the most powerful verses in the Bible there are powerful but this one gives you the exact picture here is Romans 616 do you not know to whom you present yourselves do you not know not unusual do you not know to whom you present yourselves ladies who obey you are that once ladies whom you obey whether sin leading to death or obedience leading to righteousness you are once a lathe or the other let me make it let me make the point again you are never in control I want to be a slave of obedience come on to morrow I want to be a slave of obedience to leading to righteousness not of sin leading to death. There are only 2 forms of slavery so the word slave is not bad it just means who is leading when the Lord Jesus is leading you are not on a road today but to righteousness and profession of character when Saints are leading it is sin leading to death in the end thereof is the way of death and what happens is it seems innocuous whatever doesn't make you think it's anything big to worry about a couple of hours a couple of other examples here it is Bianchi again and you have the pentagram and the hexagram combined together in the picture to the right once again a disciple a disciple of Alice to Croly flashing the 666 let's go further and find out what Alice the Crowley is communicating he has an entire system of communication now I hope you read it because I told you today we're going to fry the egg the old Kio that's the auto temple The oriented or the order of the temple of the a system that Alice to Crowley took to the next level by including principles of masonry and Egyptology and spiritualism watched it the old Tio is in possession of one supreme secret the whole of its system is directed towards communicating to its members by progressively plain in this all important instruction Now one of the ways of their communication you'll see this is jump out at you right away here it is the 5 ways that the O.T. or communicate one let them learn to say it right backward let them learn to do what else walk backward. Let them what listen to recordings backward that's where the messages are hidden let them practice seeking what backward let them learn to do what reading backwards and there's a reference right at the bottom of the page when you think of walking backwards Who do you think you were Michael Jackson came out on the American Music Awards the day he was the day he got elevated so that grand the level of megastar was the day that he 1st introduced his moonwalk Now I know he's not the 1st one there all the artists that did that but as the day that he introduced the moonwalk and everybody went nuts now they didn't go not because of his dance moves they went nuts because of the fact that they knew he's in now nobody reacts like that if I did that nobody's going crazy if you are so about her but this moonwalking and the bafflement hand sign he highlighted in tender look at the picture he put why pieces of tape around the Pinky and the index finger so you don't miss it because I mean if I'm way back you way back you really can't see that but if I put white tape around my fingers the index in the pinky you'll be able to see that he's communicating don't miss is communicating very clearly and these symbols the goat sign is continually used by artists in the industry use one that I don't think you'll ever Miss Lady Gaga has on a Go Horns hair I don't think even if you were blind you'd see that that's a huge representation let's keep going here is Rianna on the left wearing the grim reapers outfit what she did where she painted her index finger and a pinky with a red fingernail and put some false nails on there so that you won't miss it and she wore their black outfit then you have Nicki Minaj on the right and you know young people know that is. You know people know I'm mentioning names that are just striking chords in their heart then you have Criss Angel this very demonic ANGEL Yes the triangle We'll talk about that in a moment and then you have Jay to think it the wife of Will Smith then you have Courtney Love and her daughter and you have Kiefer Sutherland these are in the movie industry not just the music but the movie industry is not some coincidental way of communicating but an intentional way of communicating what they're what are they saying we have discovered our will and we have accomplished our will we have arrived we are a part of the family I'm moving quickly today then here you have Snoop Dog and you have Michael Blue blade different styles of music same industry you have Usher his funny today the past as I came out on the stage he had a son and a certain Usher and he said there are a lot of Russians around here well this is another issue but there's not a virtual one he was the mentor he was the mentor of another young man that is now fully in the industry but you have Adam Lambert you also notice he has on a shirt queen because Adam Lambert came out of the closet admittedly a homosexual but very much when he was on American Idol right after that he got fame and fortune and mega stardom once again communicating then you have Kid Rock and then you have doing Johnson who called himself the rock the all there's only one rock His name is Jesus can I get an amen Why don't you put the rock because he's not the Rock crisis the rock but Wayne Johnson now you know he's in almost every movie you could think about Negras stardom but you don't get you don't get to that level unless you have a contract you don't get to go up less somebody takes you up. Another young man a rapper name fabulous and then Joyce then tone you notice in this picture he includes a number of things he has the hand signal clearly on the T.V. Guide then he has a dripping eye the left eye will talk about that in a moment then you have the answer one of the awards wanted to the camera shot of her she decided well you know let me let people know hey I'm in there to say Hello Hi mom hi Dan boom I'm in 66. Then you have M.M. how many people take pictures like that he put the gold horns where they need to be right on the top of his head and yes for those of you that love her he period Katy Perry is also part of that and they go 80 Perry now hold onto your see the occult world also entices with god like powers I told you about this book the 48 Laws power now we have 10 commandments how many can Amazon we have him that's called the Law of God one we live in harmony with the law of God by the grace of God through the power of the Holy Spirit will we experience blessing yet in the occult world they don't have 10 laws they have 48 and this book the 48 Laws of Power was compiled in a study done over 3000 years fan of history and what was done is the person that compiled as well as the co-author. They researched dynasties and King and princes and governors and dictators and tyrants and what they did was they extracted from that time in their era the very the very tactics and principles they use to gain complete dominance of their country or of their nation people like Hitler and Mussolini and in the main dynasty and they look through all the pages of history over 3000 years and what they did is they said OK here's what he did to become extremely powerful and if we follow His law it'll work for our so they gave $48.00 Laws and depending on what you want to accomplish you follow that law it's use in the mega 1000000 mega billionaire industry you know a 1000000 years to be a millionaire is nothing any more like saying I'm a 1000 year but when you had billionaires status and you're in circles that only the mega wealthy get into those that worship in the grow in California the Grover the L. many politicians worship at the Grover the L. those that are part of the circles where the Rothschild families are part of these individuals that make the decisions in politics and religion and economy when you at their level you're living by these laws Here's one of the laws that are used often by artists have you ever noticed that certain artists are always looking different Have you noticed or they change their look one day they look at their blue here today and next day they have no here or the next week they have a symbol on their shirt and the following week they have a different kind of hero glasses or their walk with a cane in the next week their walk with them horns on their shoulder they continually do that because it appeals to. This deep in internal interest we become in now murdered by them and then we get to the place where we say I wonder what they're going to be wearing neck and it creates this fascination that's why people continually try to look like the person that they emulate or they admire the most What law do they use Law Number 25 Look at this recreate yourself do not accept the role that society forced on you recreate yourself by forging a new identity what was Michael Jackson's unusual identity what was it he had a glove he had a glove that's nice and ever and you know what everybody they want to be Michael Jackson had a glow they was they want to be so unique they became just like everybody else re careers recreate yourself by forging a new identity one that commands attention and never bore the audience be a master of your own image rather than letting others define you incorporate dramatic devices into your public gestures and actions your power will be in hand and your character will seem larger than life case in point Lady Gaga in 3 different Laura look at the difference to the far right is her image when she sings soft jazz some of the standard. Mama when she sings that kind of music that's her image to the right in the middle is when she sings that we're demonic still and to the far left is when she sings music that makes you look like she looks in that picture insane notice to notice this dark and different but I came here to tell you the truth 2 of the most famous individuals in the world. Co-authored a book called The Horny laws of power and their impact on my life to people we know very well Donald Trump and Bill Gates after reading the 48 Laws of Power they themselves co-wrote a book the 48 Laws of Power and how they impacted my life Pollak here what law impacted them most significantly according to their own words lot number 3 conceal your intentions Law Number 3 law number 27 this in the book I'm telling you like it is today play on people's need to believe to create a cult like following one of the 27 lets go on the specifics of all of the 27 principle number one in law number 27 Keep your message vague keep it simple your initial speeches conversations and interviews must include 2 elements on the one hand promise something great and transformative on the other a total they can one of the 27 talk to vaguely and you have no credibility but it is more dangerous to be the that's one of the 27 2nd principle in law number 27 emphasize the visual and the sensual over the intellectual surround yourself with a luxury dazzle your followers with visual lender will their eyes with the spectacle not only will they not only will this keep them from seeing the ridiculousness of your ideas the holes in your belief system you will also attract more attention and more power you might even tickle the mind perhaps using new technology Yeah just to get your called a pseudo scientific near as long as you do not make anyone really think. Org principle on a number 27 The sky is your source of income your followers want to believe that if they follow you all sorts of good things will fall into their lap by surrounding yourself with a luxury you become living proof of the soundness of your belief Principle Number 5 and one of the 27 set up an us versus them dynamic to strengthen this ban manufacture the notion of a devious enemy out to ruin you there is a force of nonbelievers that will do anything to stop you any outsider who tries to reveal the charlatan nature of your belief system can now be described as members of this devious or if you have no enemies invent one law number 28 Enter actions with Bowl while the Boulder though by the better con artists know that the bolder the lie the more convincing it becomes the sheer audacity of the story makes it more credible distracting attention from its inconsistent this is what is used by power players like Kanye West here's a picture of one of the most famous hip hop artists and so when you see that these artists they use these ideologies to keep you off kilter and what many of us don't know let me make a point are you ready to embrace many of us don't know that when we focus on left wing and right wing that if you are a bird you need both wings to fly there's something called the head jelly and dialect but some of you might know about let me let me give you an example and this is what's happening in America this is happened from George Washington to our present administration has Julian dial this is how the vote happened if you get shot if you lose your child in gun violence or come to a mother and say I'm so sorry you lost your child I'll do everything I can. This to support the fact that our limit gun and access but I'm not saying I'm getting rid of my 2nd Amendment but you now will vote for me when I go to the next meeting I support the 2nd Amendment right and by the way I support the 2nd Amendment right it's one of our constitutional and Bill of Rights but what happens is you tell me you support my right to own a gun and you tell her I'll do everything I can to limit access to guns and you know what happens you both vote for me even though you both the head jelly and dialect we are manipulated in America thinking that somehow whether Republican Independent or Democrat that they are they have our best interests at heart read your bible America one day speak like a dragon and the very institution that motivates and control the music industry the mega mobiles are behind the political landscape in our world but we don't know what happened because the church and 7 more more angry with the other side then unified in carrying the Gospel forward that's why my clarion call has been there is no such thing as right and left we have to focus our mind center and get back to our message not the message of Washington not the message of Europe but the message of Jesus Christ and proclaim a message that will get people ready for the coming of the Lord rather than divider but these guys are smart they are out for power Kanye West the shortest music video ever produced one minute and 38 seconds and the entire focus of the video was HOWARD Well look at the video Roman column very significant of the horn he has on the head of Horace that large amulet around his neck and is a coincidental and I had to modify this because it was very graphic. To the right and left you have 2 females with the gold horn once again a clear indication that this is a tonic we motivated what's happening you think that children don't have money you go to the mall you look at the downloads you realize my wife and I my wife hear this with me this morning have you heard of the game Candy Crush now and ask how many of you have it on your phone but you know Candy Crush What was the amount honey from 128000000 dollars 128000000 dollars a month is made from people that are playing candy crush because they continue to download more money to break up candy $128000000.00 a month the fastest growing game among adults and children $128000000.00 a month what would happen if Christians would put that toward the proclamation of the everlasting Gospel breaking candy ran out of time gotta buy more time judging judging they're not foolish How are players find ways to manipulate our minds here is co-occur dashin on a very significant album cover we'll talk about this a little more notice or notice the caption of the article I now have the power when she decided and this is what I mean when you read the article further she decided she was kind of sick and tired of Kim getting all the attention so she decided I need to do something ridiculous and crazy to get attention too so she decided let me go ahead and enjoy Let's go ahead and join and you know what the car dashing family is known for nothing of family famous for doing nothing but manipulating the minds of our young lady but notice what she has on our head and I don't want you to miss it. She has a head harness what she's indicating notice her eye the left eye being seen when you join this industry what she's indicating is you need really become a still a city industry that's what headhunters is all about you are no longer in control they will give you the fame and fortune in the notoriety but you are no longer in control don't miss that so when you think that is something that can be easily broken try to do it among your young people how to take away their music try to change the way they listen to things and watch and you see that there's going to be some kind of adverse there is a lot of resistance because the spirit that is inside of them is far greater than jest your human ability to break that addiction that's why there are certain things and Bible says can only come out by fasting and prayer Robert Green the $48.00 Laws of Power the book he wrote now a new one of these rap artists said his name is $0.50 he wants an ad a 50 is a lot of power and he said the loss of power in the book that Robert Greene wrote is amazing you got to be from the inner city to understand this he said is nothing but it's nothing more than a con game that inner city people play on each other every day so keep the bring the life of the street and he's writing now called The 50th Law power $0.50 and Robert Green is now writing the book not is what he said understand people Welk handsomely attacked you in life is what is. On the 11 of their main weapons will be to instill in you doubts about yourself your worth your abilities your potential they will often disguise this as their objective opinion but invariably it has a political purpose they want to keep you down that's what that's worth $0.50 a thing so he wants to now add a 50th Law Now we have a minute $38.00 seconds to morrow. And I don't know what time it is it's well before I should have 10 more minutes that's OK I got to go by the clock it's an imaginary object what I want to show you tomorrow is another approach and this may seem innocuous and hard to understand right now but I'm just going to I'm just going to lay the foundation right now because tomorrow I'm going to have to move at hyper speed because I'm going to give you not only am I showing you every day what we are involved in but tomorrow I am going to show you what to do about it so OK this all exists so what do we do about it what do we do about it and then I'll show you how and what the professionals are doing to deliver individual and young people from this kind of cancerous industry and how it in fact is successful let me lay the foundation budget and introduce you these 2 books to other books another another work written by Allister Kohli's called 777 and other qabalistic writings of Alice to Crowley or Alice to call it this is being used in the industry one that was very much a part of the library of Michael Jackson just quickly just a what your appetite this is the anthology of Michael Jackson put together and you have here Michael Jackson history past present and future and on his arm sleeve you have the number 777 will begin there tomorrow and then I'm also going to show you them are going to ask for an extra 15 minutes or 10 I'm also going to show you that there is a great attack on Jesus who is the I am now watch this this is your assignment when you leave the campground be mindful of the many ways you see the phrase I am the. Not coincidental but intentional the entertainment industry wants to minimize who the I Am is and want to bring the I am down to the common platform of sinful human being it's another tactic of tearing down the blasted Thank you T tearing down the righteousness of Christ by using the phrase I am in a very dark and common way we're going to talk about that tomorrow and we're going to end by giving you and I hope I can get it all in today tomorrow don't say anything just sit there really quiet and stuck it all in and if you didn't get it all they do have videos but today if you want to get the whole thing you could be headed occur we have a D.V.D.'s left and part $1.00 and $4.00 and part 2 if you want to get the whole thing if you missed any of it the whole thing is available in the back and you can get it as we leave let's have a prayer together loving Father in heaven but I know we've covered quite a bit over the last 4 days yet we have Ratched the 3rd and I do pray Lord that you'll give me wisdom and guidance because I know I've said a lot and I pray that our minds have in some way absorbed it and if we haven't we pray that we can say Lord revealed to me what I need to do as a parent as a leader as a teacher as an elder pastor as a person that is called by God to live and prepare for eternity help me Lord to do what I must do the government own household to guide my children may I do as Joshua said Choose this day whom I will serve while they were living in the closing hours and moments of Earth's history and we know that Satan is becoming more and more diverse he's converted after the modern order of things. But may we be so cold to you that every attempt to make a break down our relationship with you will fail because we have made the decision to draw near to you and you have drawn near to us and I'll be with us Lord in the remainder of our encampment bless us to accomplish your perfect will in Jesus' name I bring in all of God's people said amen this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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