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Born Again - Part 5

John Lomacang


John Lomacang, an ordained minister of over 20 years, currently serves as pastor for the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has also been a popular Christian singer and songwriter during his years of ministry, hosts 3ABN’s A Sharper Focus, and cohosts 3ABN’s House Calls. He has shared the gospel in 31 countries, sung with the Heritage Singers, and been a vocalist for 3ABN, Amazing Facts, It Is Written, and Voice of Prophecy.




  • June 22, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Loving Father in heaven we have come we have asked you have granted sent your Holy Spirit again Lord as we talk about this very sometimes clandestine topic it could be overt or covert we just want the message to be clear we understand that the forces of darkness have come down having great wrath because Satan himself know that he has but a short time Father we pray that your people will be sober and be very vigilant because our adversary the devil walks around seeking to devour our churches our young people our families our children our marriages our institutions and as we are informed we also pray that we will be transformed in Jesus name I pray Amen Today we're at Station Number 5 and this is the last stop this is the last stop this stop is entitled born again what is in titled born again now what you going to discover hold on a moment you're going to discover that in the Christian industry terms that are being used in the Bible for Christianity are being twisted and the same terminologies are being used in the occult world but a completely different meaning is given to it now I a couple of days in a row I introduce you to a man by the name of Allister Crawley or CROWLEY whichever one you prefer a man whose book written by the influence of spirits has now become a phenomena worldwide the Bible as it were for the industry of entertainment of movies of Music Power moguls of politicians is used by people at levels that you would not even imagine and the entire purpose of it just like the 10 Commandments give us success in living in obedience to God's law. They follow these laws and principles which I told you if you didn't get it whenever you open the book of the law whenever you open the book called Libra out there litigious or in Latin the book of the law there's a warning in the very beginning and I remember opening that looking at the very beginning says Do not open this book because contained here in our spirits that you cannot control so I pray because I know that when I put the 1st Sousa gether I'd be typing on my computer and I said my wife once come look at this what I'm typing and what's coming out is not the same thing so I knew that it was a tremendous tremendous. Spiritual battle and even putting the information together and a cult leaders one of the major occult leaders of this organization or tio contacted us and told us in an email that everything I said about them is true but they just wanted to get together with me and talk about it well I'm from New York sounded like a set up to me so I gave no place to the devil and as I mentioned before just to reiterate to those of you man out it may not have been here. The intertainment lawyer for Janet Jackson contacted me as he was perusing the Internet just as he his wife was spending time on the internet after learning about the Sabbath they wanted to find more truth and they kept searching the internet and he said my name kept coming up and not knowing who I am he decided after the 5th time well let me see what this guy has to talk about and he said he watch this series 5 times that's 25 hours of viewing and left a lengthy message on my answering machine we're good friends now and he said it's amazing that so much of the world and our culture are not aware of really what's happening and so just to lead out today when you hear the word universal you have universal movies universal universal is the parent company under which 99 percent of the record and movie labels exist like Sony would be under universal so they are the universal controllers of entertainment on every level and this young young we're there and just to give you a little snippet the reason why the issues that we confront are so vitally important is because when we when we have an evangelistic series as pastors we gather around the materials and we say Lord wherever this material goes we pray for your Holy Spirit to go with it. They do the very same thing in the occult world they have a room is called Behind the door when I talked about that that was the one thing that. Activated or initiated a phone call from this person whose name I would not mention publicly he said when you mentioned that in your series I had to call you because my question was How did you know on the 13th floor at various universal locations they have a room where they take that D.V.D. or CD before it's duplicated or replicated and it's before it's mastered and they pray around it which is warlocks wizards and they pray that wherever that D.V.D. goes an evil spirit will follow it so that's why one of you young people listen to this type of music or watch the types of movies you want to why they behave the way they do because they're opening doors and they have no idea because it's designed to appeal to the things that they like so today I'm going to show you some other ways where this terminology born again has been completely reinterpreted and distorted in the intertainment industry let me begin by introducing you to another writing of Alice to Croly 777 and other qabalistic writings of Alice to Crowley are you fine 2 pictures representing this book 777 it's another way of communicating now let me just say something had a time if you travel on a Boeing 777 Don't worry about it but that's not the point because he had 727737707717727737747737767777 now they have 787 just the 7 lines but it has nothing to do with this. Got it out of the way but one of our very famous artists that is now deceased Michael Jackson when they put together his anthology this is Michael Jackson past present and future and this is book one on the very cover they had a statue of Michael Jackson and most people that did not know what to look for would not find it but on the arm band which I highlighted where the numbers 777 indicating that he in some degrees implemented the theories in the beliefs and the religious practices to some level of Alice to Croly because they all in the industry in some degree use whatever portion as many of us use certain portions of the Bible they implement certain portions in their own lives to access the power that is promised through the power that exists here so let me introduce to you some of the ways that 777 has been seen but you didn't know it here's one way many of you seen the call this is called the The diagrammatic lightning strike the 3 sevens all painted in simply a lightning bolt let me go ahead let you know and understand what this means 777 in mythology represents the weapon of zoos it means the Destroyer it was worn by the Nazi to represent one who has power over another that's why they had it in their uniform you would see it on their uniforms and you'd wonder why they had that short short lightning strike because in reality during their time of to ridicule rain militarily they had power they had is that it is that an understatement. They had power and so they wore that on their military uniforms they were not the ones that came up with the idea but this was a mythological application long before so the Nazis simply adapted that to let you know they had power but it's also used in the industry in the music and the entertainment industry here's an album cover Lady Gaga you see right there in the center of the album cover on the left she has the diagrammatic sevens and they call the them diagrammatic simply meaning they believe in bringing power from above to beneath because lightning strikes from the top to the bottom in some unusual cases lightning strikes from the bottom to the top and that's an anomaly but for the most part it's clashes in the clouds in the strikes from the top to the bottom they believe in the diagrammatic away they're bringing down power from above and it's ass they're accessing this power from above Lady Gaga you see over her right eye she's showing the lightning strike over her right eye and you'll see it once again implemented here on Marilyn Manson this is a patch he also is a disciple of the of the Church of Satan you see that lightning strike in the center of that patch and if you don't take particular attention to the one on the left you have Marilyn Manson church of anti christ superstar and you have 2 angels and what are they doing there bowing to the lightning strike don't want to stress you out but you might wonder why Elvis is still being worshipped to this very day go down to Graceland and look at Elvis's paraphernalia my wife and I were down there about 4 years ago 5 years ago I can't remember exactly how long it was but we went to the gift shop they offered us an opportunity to go in to see Elvis's house but I'm not paying $30.00 to look at anybody's furniture so I settle for the gift shop. And I took this picture because almost everything in the gift shop that had Elvis's emblem on it even his plane had that lightning strike that lightning bolt and you wonder what is the is he a meteorologist No not a meteorologist he once again he did it did Elvis have power yes or no of course every birthday there's a pilgrimage down to Graceland still honoring whether he whether they see sightings of Elvis or not people are believing that somehow his music is what they might refer to as immortal but you have the book the group the Black. Rock group AC D.C. and right there in the center of it and some people have suggested that AC D.C. means anti-Christ devil child Well some people have said that's not the case and others have said that is the case but it still remains a mystery as to what that means but I wouldn't doubt that because in fact if you listen to their music you can think of any other source then a source that is against Christ but that is where you find it again and then of a very well known artist anybody remember David Bowie David Bowie was one of the rock artists that in many of his concerts and you put that name David Bowie on the internet you'll find in many of his pictures he still has that he was very proud of that he painted right across his face or in a shirt or his outfit but he displayed it always and then he had the Grateful Dead and it's amazing how the Grateful Dead place that they place that right where the mind is you notice right in the skull right on the top of the skull why because they know that through their music they have power over your mind that's why the apostle Paul says. Be not conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind Satan does not want our minds to be renewed He wants us to conform and not to be trans forms now during the week I mentioned we have to be careful even about our cartoons because Disney and nickel Odeon are proponents of this kind of world I was watching. Nickel Odeon once and after hours after I saw this I went to the internet to see if I could gain access to a picture of it and I was fortunate to do that this is a this is a still picture of an opening sequence to a nickel Odeon show and every of call symbol showed up on that opening on that opening sequence the lightning strike the circle with the triangle in it the all seeing eye it's all showed up in that one particular sequence Nickelodeon's Satan is not leaving any avenue untouched that's why the Bible says he's going out of the kings of the earth and of the how much of the world whole world to gather them for the Battle of that great day of God Almighty a very famous artists and some people I think well just coincidental no Here's Rianna the posters she was advertising one of her tours her concert tours and Rianna 777 live she said 7 countries 7 days 7 shows coincidental absolutely not continually intentional and they communicate so that all in the industry understand and know that they are part of the very same sequence organization of darkness something else about the occult world the occult world pervert the name of Jehovah. I want you to pay particular attention to these next upcoming slides but let me preface it by reading Exodus chapter 3 verse 13 and 14 notice then Moses said to God Indeed when I come to the children of Israel and say to them the God of your fathers has sent me to you and they say to me what is his name what shall I say to them and verse 14 His name is and what shall I say to them and God said to Moses together I am who I am and he said thus you shall say to the children of Israel who I am. You where I found that right away I knew that I had something playing Let me just stop it in the background here. Wonderful phrase a lot of it and so he says say to them who sent you I am centuries Well they call a queen bee they call a megastar beyond say has risen to such a level that not too long ago in San Francisco they held a church service called the beyond say worship service looking up on the Internet they said beyond say speaks our language so therefore she is our focus she is our goddess and they literally held a beyond say worship service I have a video here there's so much I have that I can't really show you don't have the time to do it but they passed out bulletins and when people came into this church they were singing one of the aunties song I'm a survivor young people of the song are going to sing it for you but so they have a beyond say worship service and beyond say had a tour that she had in various locations and she called it the I am tore now the I Am is to God. But the industry that rise raised her to this godlike level she feels now that she has the prerogative or the response or the right or the freedom she does have the freedom but she believes she has a right now to say it's not he is not the I Am i am the I am but it goes even farther than beyond say I'm going to show you a video now that's about 4 minutes maybe a little less than 4 minutes and I want you to pay particular attention because what is happening in our world today and I wish I want to show you the plethora of the very platform the broad application of where and how these artists come up with the idea that they had access to the phrase I am and why they believe I am is significant and why they believe that there is a power in the phrase I am now there's power in the I am a man but they believe by using the phrase I am that it gives them power that's beyond human ability and psychologists. Sociologists pastors and they call themselves mistakes people in the industry that call themselves religious have distorted the use of the I am so I'm going to show you a video pay particular attention to the way they distort the I am and I'm going to tell you this so you don't miss it in the video they believe that God gave Moses' the power. To perform miracles and they believe that the power to perform the things that Moses' stood in behalf of the deliverance of the children a vision for they believe the power was in Moses' they don't believe the power was in God and in the very same way you remember that sex in the Bible where it says in the book of Luke I say unto you today you shall be with me in paradise remember that one well what was the distortion where the karma was right. Today I say to you karma today you will be with me in paradise we know the Lord was I was saying to you today come up you'll be with me in paradise the karma made all the difference in how that text was understood the devil remember that and he did it one more time are you ready here we go. I. Was. In a code that could set humanity free it may seem impossible but Moses learned something from God that day that changed the world in fact we still talk about the miracles he produced when God gave Moses the name am that. There was a simple code that went with it that unlock the true power and meaning of the words but the name of God was banned and uttering it was sometimes even punishable with death and so the code was lost. A code is a system of letters numbers or symbols that communicates information when converted into normal language if the most this code could unlock the power of God's name today is it possible that we would have the power to create miracles just like Moses did 3500 years ago for the 1st time world renowned scholars psychologists and philosophers where we feel the Moses code and how you can harness its energy to change your life today we have the power to destroy the world many times over but the Moses code unleashes a new kind of power one that creates worlds and helps us fulfill our individual and collective destiny. Most of us were taught that the name given to Moses was I AM THAT I AM That is it makes sense without the code in. In reality the name was much simpler. The Moses code is a common symbol something that we see and experience every day. That Moses code did. Come out. The most is code is a comma comma I don't think I am that I am with a comma we're not saying that the most this code is a comma we're saying the most this code needs a comma I am that comma I am there a name of God I am that I am. Has intrigued me for many many years when I was a child I was told this by the adults around me I am that I am say of the Lord and I thought what the world is at me I am that I am and one day a spiritual teacher said to me I want you to change your life in 24 hours I want you to walk on the street for 60 minutes today and I want you to look at everything you see and I want you to identify personally with that whatever it is to grasp the powers of other people and why no other rich person driving by the should but be a chauffeur driven Cadillac whatever it is just look at it is say I am that and so I did that I walked on the street I was with a friend I was saying in my mind I am that I am that I am that whatever I looked at if I saw violence on the T.V. screen I am that if I saw something beautiful happening in the park between a mother and a daughter I am that I was just saying that to myself and I myself to identify with all that is in the From that I was with look at me and said What are you doing I supply to say I have that she said to you not that at that here you are said I know I am that you know understand I really am that she said no no you are you your body made up in your head I said Listen to me I am that I am. And I said oh my God Did you hear what I just said I just sat I am that I am the great name of God I am that I am. Has been misunderstood from the beginning of time simply cut simple way cut for a human way of saying an enormous truth I am that I am. I. Am that everywhere you see you see me people used to say God is in everything really everything is in God God isn't just saying that I created that God is this feel this presence that is everywhere it's for all this God is saying I am that I am that i am that person I am that I am that experience I am that I am every thought that that there is many of us are still stuck at kind of a 5th grade idea of God And so we we have you know I am that I am is this man in the sky with the white flowing beard and his big long flowing robes God made us in its image and we've been trying to return the favor of a sense. God made us in its image and we've been trying to return the favor of the sense God made us in its image and we've been trying to return the favor of a sense of God actually is each one of us then that would mean that each one of us is in a body and of God If that's true then but with the possibilities being what can we create now is time for us to consider what we can create from that new experience if same Dean I am I am really can unlock the power of God within us the next question is for how extensive is their power can we move mountains and create miracles like Jesus and Moses if you get it you see the mass distortion. They're saying that if we can gain if we can gain access as each one of us is an embodiment of God That means if we could harness the power that God has we can move mountains create miracles and design our own destiny the buzz word in the event Jellicoe world is destiny that's why you hear all these nominal Christian preachers destiny they believe that by harnessing the power that they believe Moses had can turn them into a modern day Moses a modern day Jesus a modern day God and they can orchestrate their own destiny and notice how they put the comma this is a I am that I am and what bothered me about this is a lady said we have this distorted picture of God as he says Man of the sky with this long for this beard and as long flowing robes Well John in Revelation describes him that way but they say that's a 5th grade perception of God And so what they've done psychologically mystically has brought God down to a common level and you see that's why those who harness power and let me tell you the devil said that he would give Jesus It's amazing here carefully the devil said that he would give Jesus all the kingdoms of the world he in a boastful. And out of context way claimed to have access to the kingdoms of the world and he said to Jesus of the Creator I'd give it to you if you fall down and do what worship me it's all about worship and so when these megastars I showed you the video a few days ago but I want to show you some still pictures as to the power that the I am beyond say has on her audience before she even performs look at the look at the look at the faces look at the way that people are reacting and these are pictures taken still representations of the video these are pictures taken of the audience and beyond say hasn't even come on the stage yet she's not performing she's not doing anything this is just the anticipation they're getting close to the point where she's about to come out and these are the reactions of the young man they cannot control themselves you tell me that there is not some kind of spirit in control of them and in fact the and say Jay Z. Adele Kanye Celine you go down the whole name you got on the whole list of these mega stars they have all access to power that they are in fact working through that is in fact manipulating our world to a degree that we have not even imagined not only is the world distorting the I am but the occult world orchestrated the road to destruction look at some of these stars that have used the term I am in their artists and in their in their. And in their CD covers. You have Mariah Carey to the right I am Alicia Keys to the to the left I am you have Christina Aguilera on her album cover I am you have Chrisette Michele large album cover I am you have not hip hop artists the bottom left I am you have a young man just simply call him chipmunk. There is his album cover him another group called Man rose I am Mary J. Blige I am and you are $0.50 I am that I am then you have another album cover to the left will. Then Kelly Rowland here I am then you have P. Diddy or Puffy Combs or P. Diddy whatever you want to call him I am the occult world also distorts the mission of Jesus now if you want to verse $21.00 when Jesus was coming as our Savior to the earth the converted tax collector wrote these words and she will bring forth a son and you shall call his name Jesus for He will do what save his people from their sins Well the occult world has gone to the level of taking the name of Jesus in distorting even that here a couple of album covers Rolling Stone magazine had a picture of Kanye West on the cover is called The Passion of Kanye West and he has on his head the stones representing the crucifixion of Christ and then you have the other album cover they casually call him today Yeezus we saw a game show not too long ago where they referred to him as eases surrounded by women has on the stones of Christ on his head and the cross upside down very much in a cult symbol turn the cross upside down and they go even further. And John one of us 21 another distortion of the mission in the Person of Christ the next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said Behold the. Lamb of God who takes away the word sin of the world my wife and I were in a mall somewhere sitting down having I don't even remember where we were where so many places were like a Channel 7 news and there they go again but we're sitting down at an eatery in the mall and we you know it's so nice to see people in public that that are proud of Jesus they're not afraid to represent Christ and we saw a young man walking by and he had a T. shirt on on the front of us is the Lamb of God and we said phrase the Lord someone is a proud of Jesus someone is not afraid to talk about Jesus well when he passed us by it blew us away because what was on the front and what was on the back was like what here it is the front of the shirt had lamb of God and the back of his shirt had a walk with me in hail and what people don't know is in the occult world they use the word Lamb of God Look at the album cover let me go back to it the album cover this is a rock group call RAS and I didn't even talk about the I don't even talk about the occult Godhead they have their own Godhead That's why whenever you pray do not ever say Mother God that are going to say that again because Mother God is an occult terminology we don't pray Father and Mother God Mother God is an occult terminology but Lamb of God and the album cover is called wrath their Cold War also usurps the authority of God. You find here Jay Z. on the left he has a hoodie with the phrase want to do without world showing clearly a proponent a supporter of the philosophies of Alice a crawly and on the right he has an album cover called D.J. storm presents J. Hova the God MC I don't have enough time to in it's on the D.V.D. series we're out of those we're all out of those but in the world of masonry there are 3 ways of identifying the 3 levels of Masonry the highest one is J. Hova but they are referring to our God Therefore there referring to an occult representation of the significance they add to their name when you reach the highest level they call you j over and in the occult world now show you this in the upcoming pictures a Mason an operative Mason is a person who literally builds physical building many of the buildings in Washington D.C. were built by Masons our country was established by Mason a principle so when you say I want to go back to the Faith of Our Fathers you better know what you talking about it was not until Roger Williams was asked resize from the colonies that America became a country based on religious liberty up until that point we were not founded on religious liberty we were founded on a system similar to to Catholicism which meant you had to believe a certain set of beliefs in order to be involved in politics and religion and you know what we're getting right back to that if you don't believe a certain set of beliefs. You cannot be a part of the political landscape we're getting back to the foundation of our forefathers before religious liberty was established and by the way Rhode Island became the 1st religious liberties religiously free colony in America so be careful when you say well no we want to go back to the Faith of Our Fathers However the the operative Mason builds physical building structures but the speculative Mason builds allegorical building so the allegorical building serves as the places where they worship the physical building was the place where the Masons worship the allegorical building meaning a symbolic a place of worship represents the places where they hold their worship and I'll tell you in just a moment where that is here's Jay Z. and his anthology he's showing carefully the triangle looking through with his left eye and Jay Z. In fact now let me show you the allegorical temples what many people don't know is the allegorical temples that these speculative masons use is the concert hall look at this picture carefully this is a concert where Jay Z. flashes the triangle to his audience and the entire audience raises their hand in acknowledgment in their quote unquote worship of the God he serves the occult while also exults the unholy 2nd testimony into in verse 4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he sits as God in the temple of God showing himself that he what is God So that's why when they call each other when they when they made the when they lift themselves to this point of worship we should never put ourselves in a position where we worship any man. Or anything that is as mentioned as I mentioned to you over the last few days it is all about worship it's all about worship that's why the 3 inches messages is worship Him who made heaven in the years because it's all about worship going further the occult world of misrepresents the New Birth Here's a hip hop Bible and I summarized this down. This this hip hop artist called K.R.S. one he wrote what he called the hip hop Bible and look at what he says about the hip hop Bible there is the reference at the very bottom he said it explores the spirituality of hip hop the divinity of hip hop listen to terminology I'm suggesting that in 100 years this book will be the new religion on earth that's what hip hop industry is all about I respect the Christianity the Islam the Judaism but their time is up hip hop is not just a form of music hip hop is the new religion of the music industry It's far deeper that's why you have I got hair. That dog I nobody dog I know this D.A.W.G. and they make a scene like if you if you want to be and you gotta be sour you gotta have your pants hanging down. You don't bro flashing symbols. Looking like you want to kill somebody What's missing is the fruit of the spirit if you don't find love joy peace longsuffering gentleness meekness patience another spirit is in control when young people can't even smile. I'm from New York but in just a New York my wife and I were down in New Zealand at a camp meeting in New Zealand. Cute little cute little silly. Girl from the Cook Islands and from Samoa they came in matters with hoodies I don't pastor. What. As I'd say New York you better check yourself before you wreck is ill and think this is New Zealand what is going on and have been a scamp but it's everywhere the occult world also perverts the new birth all of this carefully perversion of the New Birth rebirth of Freemasonry the rebirth which takes place at the end of the ritual where the initiate is raised out of a carton sends a powerful message to the subconscious there's a reference at the very bottom to just that death awaits the unfaithful and that may sonic redemption is possible only through secrecy another reason why this young man and a kind of feel badly for him because some of you that were raised during the era of the blue suede shoes. Elvis had a handler that traveled with him the 1st album that catapulted Elvis to stardom look at the symbolism on the cover and look at the title of the album cover the album covers reborn you have Elvis with a like a superman like a but below him is a Elvis in the coffin which means the old Elvis is gone the new Elvis is reborn the same terminology but it's not just Elvis it was used it came into prominence around Elvis's time the Beatles time wasn't very much beyond that particular point because this new ideology this new power this new control of the entertainment industry thought emerging like in the mid to late fifty's and then really gaining steam and around the seventy's and eighty's in late sixty's. Look at some of the other examples a very well known young man who lived in Brooklyn not too far from where I live he was called Notorious B.I.G. in 1904 he had a he had an album cover a CD called Ready to Die Now he didn't mean he was ready to be killed he means I'm getting to the place I'm about to cross over I'm about to die who I am and to step over into who they want me to be unfortunately 3 years later he was killed ready to kill March 9th 1907 an unfortunate unfortunate but after his death the next CD that came out in honor of him was called born again because his music really didn't seize it just continued going on going on and going on and even after his death many people had concerts in honor of him they had a concert tour called the Life After Death release 15 days after his death look at him standing strangely and ironically standing by hearse and on the back of the hearse life after death now look at the spiritual application we say in the Bible says accept a grain of wheat falls on the ground and die it abides alone and we know Baptism is a symbol of what death they use the same principles in the occult world this is what you got a dad who you were to step over into this new powerful industry so when he says I'm ready to die he means I'm ready to step over Unfortunately not everybody lives I talked about earlier she died young I talked about left Lisa Left Eye Lopez she died young Not everybody survived to cross over because the wages of sin is still at the Notorious B.I.G. Tor and then they put a movie out life after death the movie of his life. Also now because these are all after he died hypnotize the 1st song on the CD in his honor was life after death and another tore hypnotized by fame the Tories B.I.G. let's keep going let's keep going John 3 Verse 6 that which is born of the flesh together is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is what Spirit does anybody know who Calvin Broadus is if you know who he is raise your hand OK Now does anybody know who Snoop Dog is have you heard that term OK Watch when did he get that identity here it is he had an album a D.V.D. cover call murder was the case murder was a case they gave me but those of you who are young you know what I'm talking about but why did he come out with that he said Calvin Broadus died 994 and he was reborn new doll showing this whole ideology he stepped over and Snoop Dogg and told Power untold fame untold fortune he could be as corrupt as he possibly can and the amazing thing about the corruption they know these guys are into heavy drugs they know these guys into corruption and pornography and vice but the industry protects it because let me tell you why because that's the way they want your young people to go they want to make corruption and darkness look like the way to go that's why it's hard to get people to look respectful nowadays all you gotta do to be unusual is have your pants at your waist or not have a tattoo or not have holes all over your head or not to be plugged up. I think was passed I think was Doug and I or maybe another passion I want to. And so many want to just say this respectfully so many of the young people don't know they just don't know but their minds are being molded by the very images by beholding we become change and they think this is the way to go they think this is the way to be accepted and they are so desires of being accepted that they are losing their uniqueness by making themselves a pattern of somebody else here's another group showing the progress of their fame a group called Bones doesn't harmony the very 1st CD they released was in a cemetery symbolizing their debt their next CD was called Bones eggs and harmony resurrection the next CD after that was called bone dogs and harmony rebirth and the next one after that was bone doesn't harmony Eternal this CD particularly was so demonic they wrote the lyrics backward our carefully they wrote the lyrics in reverse this is very significant So what do you have to do to read something that's written backward what you have to do read it in a mirror it's clever in the occult world they know they cannot cast a spell on a christian one of the principals in the occult world is a Christian can cast a spell on himself by standing in front of a mirror of his own reflection in the masonry as above so below all the reflection pools go throughout Washington every you see a novelist a reflection the Lincoln Monument the reflection as above so below so they believe in the occult world if you stand at the reflection if you read this into the mirror you're reading it into yourself and their attempt was to possess as many young people as they possibly could so they put the lyrics in reverse and as the young people stood in front of the mirror to read it they're reading a curse on themselves completely ignorant of their. To show their intent after after the cemetery then resurrection then reborn then eternal their next CD really revealed who they are and this is the final CD the weedy board that's where they were leading the young people that began ready to die resurrection rebirth eternity and then Satanism that was the CD that followed that but then sometimes they use different imagery like the butterfly Mariah Carey The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth Mariah Carey this became so significant She has a line with the butterfly on it the butterfly is a symbol of rebirth Mariah Carey continues to flash that and she's a mega mogul powerful very influential and the thing about that is when we idolize these artists we follow their path there is an addiction and there is an admiration that comes along with it because the spirit that controls them begins to control. You find here Mariah Carey with the one she used to be married to their shoes flashing the the butterfly on her back it also touches the fashion industry let me ask a question Are you shocked that the occult world influences the fashion industry. I'm glad you're not because you have to actually surf the question why do people dress so provocatively because the because the occult world is also into controlling the way that we dress a very well known artists are very well known model by the name of Naomi Campbell. She wanted to she wanted to express her gratitude for her fame and so she tried to figure out a way to do this so her very wealthy Russian boyfriend had to have a house built for her to express her gratitude to the industry for the fame and wealth that she was able to amass and here is how she had her house built. She had her house built in the shape of the Eye of Horus and the habitable the habitable the livable part is in the in the center of the eye or if you want to refer to the eyeball itself this is the livable part right here how ironic I want to show my gratitude to the industry for my fame and fortune so I had a house built as an aerial view of it shaped in the Eye of Horus they make it clear the occult world also influences the mind there are books that young people have been reading when I was being raised remember vampires anybody all the vampires you know Bela Lugosi who are the vampires used to be ugly the guy that you don't want to have around you guys you don't hang out with but vampires a handsome nowadays and truly stunningly attractive because the industry wants young people to think that hey if you're fine if you're beautiful then you could be a part of this world and don't feel anything about it so not only in the music and movie but also in the books is a new level of vice and young people are eating these books up by the millions so it's not just having Harry Potter that's being ingested but all these demonic books conditioning the minds of the young people that's why they do these blood these blood covenants I cut myself you cut yourself make a Blood Covenant that's where the cutting comes in the shedding of blood and look at these cover album covers or these book covers and look at the titles of them here's one to the right. Vampire of ample or for night school look at them they all are accenting the I intentionally look at that frostbite these are all about vampire practices for the young but look at the people on the cover they look like many other young people today nothing wrong with the way a person looks but they're trying to attract a particular audience and they're making it look like if if you are a college student you have to look shadow cases Vampire Diaries these are books being sold by the millions and people are buying it and most of the people buying it a young folk they're buying it and they're conditioning their minds to think in that genre the devil has not left any particular part of the industry untouched because he's going out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to in the movies you find also Aeon Flux that changing the form of a new age they call this the age of the the changing age the EON of flux things are changing here is also something else you have to be careful of our sorority What did I just say. Sororities we think of them as innocuous and innocent oh no no the reason why sororities are found on almost all university campuses is because they are marketing the young people to give them an introduction into the Akol world so the established sorority Here's a sorority and I know this for a fact I got contacted by a young lady who was an Adventist she went to a university in Southern California and after she saw the series you got in touch with my wife and I we had a chance to meet her and she told us a story she said she went to a particular college and she went to a female sorority you know good girls whatever they have good girls about the good guys the bad guys but it's all the same thing so she joined the sorority and in the ritual they said OK on the night of the ritual the night of the initiation they had to dress in a black robe they had to go into a particular building the building was all dark walk up the steps the steps are all dark but she says as she was ascending the steps her mom she says she never forgot her mom and her dad always said big careful be careful what you get involved with and that was ringing in the back of her mind big careful so as she was ascending the steps she said this feeling came over her and I believe now that she told the end of the story I believe the Holy Spirit was saying if you're going to turn around do it now so she said in her testimony I said to those who were leading me up the steps I have to go to the bathroom she said she found a way after go to the bathroom she went to the bathroom and she found a way to escape the building they searched the college campus for couldn't find her she said she didn't stay on that college campus when she said I had to go to the bathroom she found a way to get up the college campus and she found herself home and she said Pastor John I know this for a fact because I joined a sorority and the initiation into this a tannic sorority through a satanic ritual was about to take place and the Lord deliver me at that very moment. So here's a here's one of the here's one of the images of a sorority this is where the Sanctus Dia's sorority and right in the center of that notice what it says or Kempley oriented the very religion that Alice to Crowley established will be here for the occult role also numbs the senses today I'm going to just do a couple of samples of music and I'm just going to give you little pieces of it are you OK with that because I want you to see that even in the Christian world even in the Christian world the occult world has permeated the Christian world music now I want to make this point I am kind of glad in some degree for i Tunes because i Tunes gives you a chance to be selective because if you go out and buy a CD of certain of these Christian artists on the CD You might find a nice really nice song but then a few songs later you're right back at the clubs because it's exactly the kind of music that you just got delivered from anybody know what I'm talking about you can have a CD with a beautiful Christian song you love it you know I know mama D.M. or Lear and later on Hip-Hop Summit give me some samples and then I'll show you the artists where some of the samples have come from these selected and just a few of them are right are you ready now the genres we're going to cover today in the Hip-Hop rock an R. and B. Christian music and I want to tell you some of this stuff is influencing the way that our young people listen to their music today and it's not it's there's no particular race that is. Is safe because some people may say well that's not in my culture Well I'm sorry it's in every culture here in the genres here the songs are because the Jesus mission of life message for you baby girl already all right is my desire revolution praise Joy one of the 1st examples and I'll just give you this this is this is song called All because of Jesus now you think beautiful song here it. Because A-G. give Jesus has anything to do. I think you get the point now sadly enough the group that has this particular song on its CD is one of my favorite groups because the other songs I like some of their other songs a beautiful and this group is cast in Crown but you have to know what not to listen to you see some of us are like garbage bins we just let anything get dumped into our minds you gotta know when you saw gone. Anybody know what I'm Tom A when it's not taken you back to where you just came from it's time to change here's another one different style music mission of life. This kind of here in the European tech. Time to collect the offering Jonathan peers another beautiful artist he sang with a grace a quartet use of a voice he has a nice nice song but on the same CD You see the devil knows what they do mix darkness with a light bitter with sweet and because so many of us are unaware of how it works we have no discretion now have you heard of a well let me just play this for you now tell you the artist behind this OK this is hip hop now. I think that's all you need. The same young lady that was invited by Billy Graham to sing for her his crusades she sing beautifully she played her guitar thing beautifully Nicole C. Mullen beautiful art it has been beautiful songs but right away Hey Nicole you gotta stick your way. Is Jesus in there come on talk to me absolutely not the same artist on the same CD as not just one but 2 but 3 on the same CD Here's another one listen to what it says in the beginning. Of the. New. Year what. That's enough do you know you are God has made you a shining star so did Earth Wind and Fire say that you're a shining star Alister Croly each of us is a shining star symbolism coincidentally Absolutely not and here's another one well I think I think I made the point you think I made the point I don't think you need to hear any more I think I made a point and I think I made a point and one can get an amen but now let me show you how hip hop has made its way into the church even more directly there's a movement in America called back to church Sunday and I contacted them by phone call because I thought they meant just back to church but they meant back to church Sunday in America there's a movement from Nate from coast to coast pushing people to go back to church on Sunday. So they took a survey primarily a study of society and they said Well now how could we reach all sectors of society we've got to find a way to do that so what they did was they put a video together I was going to say as I got the whole package I got the whole package so they put in the entire package all the material that they needed for us to have a campaign to encourage people to go back to church next Sunday and I went to the Web site when they 1st establish it and they had every church listed there under a Z. had what Adventists on the S. they had what 7th Avenue they want you to sign up your church to have a campaign to get people to go back to church when next Sunday so I contacted him as an average person I said Well now I can just say night next week and they said no our organization is particularly dedicated to get people to go back to church on Sunday so they put a video together and now I'm going to show you the whole video I have to show to you because I want to show you all the avenues of how they cover every genre they have every kind of pastor you could think of from clergy that was a robe to the hip hop guy with a metal pole pit to the black pastor with the hip hop they cover every genre so I'm not going to make it loud but I want to show you if this were not true it would be a joke but it's true. Like this. Yes. To Sure does that not stick a new one the one the church has to come that low down and notice they cover every genre the preacher in the role say on the pipe organ laying it down a black preacher shuck from the Midwest find a location they cover every genre and they're not saying go back to church so now you see why revelation call the Church of Babylon the cage of every. And every unclean and hated That's what the church has become this is a genre that's now that now I want you to get this now. Be very intentional when we begin to mimic that we have lost our mission when we one does wonder sports announcer when the football announcer when the basketball announcer dresses in a suit and the pastor. Sabbath morning the kids dress it down may god like common and common place we cannot represent now there's a place for that if you're doing something outside of that but I believe that if the businessman who's just involve the money wears a suit and you cannot go to the white house dressed like that and you can go to the court room and dress like that why do you come to church on Sabbath morning dressed like that bringing God down to a commonplace level the dumbing down of Christ you thought but what is the condition been and I told you I'll find a way to help you get out of it here we are what has happened Dr Archibald heart has talked about a condition that exists among us it's call and her Donia say that with me and her Donia a psychological condition psychological condition characterized by the inability to experience normal pleasure my wife and I were in Nairobi we were in Zimbabwe were in Zambia and we took some toys for the kids you know what toys we took with a balloon and were blown up the balloons and these kids are to go on a ball own they couldn't wait for us to blow the balloon up and when we threw the balloon up they were losing their minds now you do the same thing in America blow up a balloon and give it to a kid they'll pop it and knock you out is that what you get me for Christmas a ballroom here and now to the side of the house because they don't get what they want a balloon we've lost the ability in America to experience simple pleasure I don't have time to go over this one because Simon Sinek talks about I go right past it but I want to give you this this is why and I don't either and had only a process at the start that is when your baby. The low threshold that means between the stimulus that is the white small triangle to the left and the pleasure center the Red Circle to the right there's a last threshold barrier meaning when a baby is born it doesn't take very much for baby to get excited Have you ever done this in church in the church I was raised in we had one lady that always brought candy to church for the kid and every Sabbath all the kids around her because they knew she had to see rolls and peppermint whatever the case needed because of the sweet lady but we noticed that whenever during the service if anybody heard the sound. As a rapper opening up and we noticed this is amazing I think we noticed the kids would go in the direction of the sound because they knew what that sound was something we well when they were children. All it takes for a little baby to be happy is just give them a lollipop that's why they have lollipops for babies stop and cry and your Malawi. To be OK and they go. Because there's no barrier to their threshold of pleasure center it doesn't take much to give them pleasure a lot of look what happened stage 2 and I don't hear you begin to over stimulate the body in the mind it starts to raise the barrier to the pleasure center due to dopamine flooding what happens is you need more now you need more now to get the same high let me go in illustrate that your music has to get heavier. So you gotta get more because that's what you're exposed to during the week God forbid I come to church on Sabbath morning and it ain't like at least what I have like during the week so now I begin to say the church services or so Pastor we need a kick in van. So what happens is we would not go to church on Sunday for doctrinal reasons but we go to church on Sunday for music a reason. Because we can't get the same feeling on this morning the same feeling of morning we're not getting any pleasure centers not being satisfied because there needs to be more stimulus to really get above the block to our pleasure center that's when you're getting to the point this is when you have full blown and had only a only high stimulation can reach the pleasure center so the music has to be louder has to be something you have to be more exciting you need more lights more camera more action you need more stimulus because right now I am like this I am caffeinated to the nth degree with my music I'm on the edge with my entertainment do not bring me to church and Sabbath morning and bore me with reading jazz from the Bible and singing jazz from the hymnal and I have no problem with praise music just in case you think that but here's the problem when we become drug pushers on Sabbath morning rather than preachers of the everlasting Gospel we are going in the same direction of the world that the Archibald harp points to sell he says when a person is suffering from and had only a except for alcoholics in some cases because they have to find ways of winning them all you don't give them the same thing that got them hooked to get them and heard about this carefully you don't give them the same music that they're hooked to to get them and hooked you don't give them the same intertainment that they got hooked to to get them unhooked and I had pastors of other denominations that came to my series in Atlanta and then in the Virgin Islands passes a Sunday churches that said you know what now I know what's wrong with my congregation were kicking around Sunday morning but they are scripturally ignorant. They don't know their Bibles so now what the administrators battling with is feeling but I want to tell you if we get back the message Come on if we get back to message if we get back to message a not another state like a New York a no church could contend with us we have left the message trying to simulate our way into heaven losing our identity because it's more about feeling then it is about faith that's why as a pastor like Pastor Doug he's president of amazing fact that he works with the Northern California Conference on a president and I'm a pastor in the Illinois conference but I work with really and one of the reasons I like working with that kind of ministry we are committed to preaching in and the high looted 3 angels message is one that will counteract the count if it is time that we get back to our message can I get an amen and so when you do that you will discover like. What the young people the December was a in December G.Y. see I'm so glad to know that there are young people in our church that are not seduced by this and this academy glop great a late seventies Academy the reason why we send our children all we have here is because they're not seduced by this they got standards in this conference but we need to carry this message all the way across the platter of our conferences Our leaders need to understand the power is in the message Paul the Apostle says preach the Word be instant in season out of season reprove rebuke exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine where the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but according to their own laws will heed to themselves teachers having itching ears and they will be turned away from the truth and be turned to fables that's what's happening DO NOT pattern yourself after Joel Osteen or T.D. Jakes. Now let me make it very clear there's sometimes I'm driving in my car and I want to feel good and I listen to Joel Osteen but I'm not ever giving up my message for his message Jolo stink can convince a cow that he's a chicken He's a feel good kind of guy and I came in that since I don't have any problems with him and he just could preach the pain of a car but I am not giving up my message for their message I'm not changing I gotta be careful John's all go too far I'm just simply saying it's time for adventures to get back to the error message Amen and you'll find that there are people waiting for it they say why is there not rain so what's the solution do not give people what they're addicted to to get them an addicted because you're just increases the capacity for them to be more and heard Dianic beyond the point where they can agree with simple pleasures get your kids from behind the video games to the garden to the bicycle take them out and do community service we were done in Zimbabwe and it was a 17 year old girl down there and we said What are you doing down here she said well I'm on vacation summer vacation she said I've been here ever since 11 years old she said one year biased appearance took me to Disney World and that was the summer I hated I said you hated this where she said because I was here 111213 and I missed the 14th year they took me to Disney World that year and I hated it she said because I believe that people need to know more about Christ than just now do I he does know I don't have a problem with simple pleasures but here's the point it all it isn't an occupational pleasure you forget why God has called you. No sin in certain things but when it becomes your an occupation it lead you away from the mission that God has called you to and just a few more splotches form or are you OK with that what happened to this book what happened to the book that Allister Crowley produced is what has happened to it that book Liber AL villages the book of the law here's what has happened to it and made 2009 for Lima and the Book of the law the Bible this spirit the spirit is inspired book was recognized by Her Majesty's court service in the United Kingdom as a religion it's now a religion in United Kingdom as it has both a holy book the spiritus book The Book of the law and a deity primarily primarily for the purpose of the oath that is the most with these dark spirits of this occult world as required in the law so all they did to get this to elevate to the place of a bible is they said we have a religion we have a Bible we have a book we have a deity you have a Bible you have a religion you have a deity we have a Bible we have a religion we have a deity and they elevated to the same level in the United Kingdom as the Holy Bible Now you may wonder why they're $85000.00 registered witches in England and only $42000.00 registered clergy in 2016 we went to England and gave an evangelistic series against all counsel and everybody said it was 3 A B. and you're wasting your time to go to London it's a waste of time they're not going to hear it but God has called for another reason we had 6 or 7 or 9 locations of people preaching we had a lot of souls baptized but that's not why God sent us there while we're working on the evangelism in different locations different churches. One of our engineers went to the entertainment companies in england and made a proposal to put 3 A.B.N. on they don't put religious programming on television and you care or God had a plan you can now go to the United Kingdom every household has access to 3 A.B.N. every household it's a government standard you don't have to buy a special package you don't have to buy a special machine in the U.K. in Scott learn and in Ireland they all on standard television has access to access A 380 S. because the everlasting Gospel has to go to the world and let me end it right here but know this that in the last days perilous times will come when men will be lovers of themselves lovers of money lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God have we gotten there yet the final call is back to true worship fear of God Come on let's end this together for God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made the heaven and earth the sea and the springs of water can I get an amen Now you may get off the train we've come to the Final Exit this is a summary file it down we're out of all the D.V.D.'s but let me tell you one of the reasons I believe that we have to get back to the 3 angels messages is we had some booklets at the A.B.C. the 3 angels messages and summaries they are arriving again today because they went like brushfire let me encourage you you can get in touch with me or contact 3 A.B.N. it is time your president has expressed interest in getting these books to your conference is in the size that you can pass to your neighborhood your friends get him by the boxes it's time to get the message in the hand of people because we believe that Jesus is coming again. So pray for us as we go and communicate the message Pray for us as we are faithful to the call of God thank you for staying with me a little longer today than but we were able to get this completed let's ask for God to guide us now you have a responsibility to go back to your churches your school your leadership your pastors help them now get back to the preaching of the gospel rather than the Anarky L.H. and of the same Let us pray Father in heaven thank you for your goodness and your mercy and your Grace thank you for the fact that you love us with an everlasting love and with a loving kindness you draw us we pray Lord that as our world is unfolding before us and is becoming more and more cancerous darker by the moment Satan and his demons are working with fury because they hear the footsteps of an approaching God help us to get back what you've raised this church for a proclamation of the everlasting Gospel may we be parents may we be leaders restore our US already in our homes help us to love our children enough to say no but this is the way walk in it help us to pray for that medium not to hate praise music in only the him but how we praise you and how we worship you help us not to sacrifice our message in the process and may we not only come to know Jesus but may we exude him in our lives in our pulpit in our schools and in our conferences made big in our homes and when the time comes for us to stand before our God. May we hear the phrase well done thou good in. Your family and our children be in the kingdom because of the stand. Jesus name we pray. In this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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