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How to Read Ellen White, Part 1

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • December 31, 2009
    2:30 PM
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Chris father in heaven finally you have given us the prophetic gift so that we would be safe from the attacks of the enemy in the last day is that we would be clear and unclear in our understandings of truth in our application of truth in the church and in our own personal lives and bothering the spirit inspire the profits would give us understanding now in spiritual things as we study this afternoon asking Jesus name amen okay those of you who haven't been here I'm sending this along with a Fiedler date has been sharing some experiences from administers three net gives support to the things that we're looking at him from the Scripture and from the Pentagon why and so what I like to do before even getting to hand out a statement is not on here but how many of you have done a study into Helen White who always writes herself writings about how and why how online is anybody here done reading on different books like books by Kirk Douglas so our books by writers who for example a lot of what I'm sharing with you is not stated in here and greatly indebted to the writings of Roger to and Herbert Douglas regardless of the book on the messenger of the Lord which currently uses a textbook on the spare processing these are great resources and I need to let you know that you have been the only CD-ROM okay very good you don't own or view on the latest version when I first thought the only CD-ROM I think it cost me two hundred dollars and it was worth every penny for somebody who is preparing for the coming of Christ wants to know the counsel of God for his people is no more valuable resources I think as we talk about this afternoon just having access to those right now you can connect had money in the life-saving arena we don't like to think .org and you and you can get it online for free this is nice to have the resources in the drop the price is twenty dollars this year and besides just having all of the only published writings Herb Douglas is the messenger of the Lord Roger Cohen 's books and a number of other resource materials are on disk along with a lot of research papers many online estate are on disk along with the writings of the pioneers being on this one of which I had right here class time is a great second accident movement I had a tiny library sphere this they sell this book isn't selling a ten dollars selling here for five is worth every penny this is a book written by Dan Locke were all a man who lived through all these experiences in Rice fitness history and are just phenomenal and so I just want to let you know that this book is on this along with a lot of others is people like myself to read books actually than reading on the computer sometimes a viewing necessity but that's a vital resource to have the CD-ROM and again there are number of resource materials if you want to know more about how and why can we can cover in this time the white estate is a great resource along with the atmosphere research Institute is another one and and again writing is my project can be very helpful running away six years and taught classes on the spirit of prophecy and the seminary figures as well this is an and so will in all yeah absolutely something he mentions that the CD-ROM as well as books that are apologetics on the third prophecy where they just deal with a lot of it is on a diet is not the questions that critics of bringing about your prophecy have been had they been around for over a hundred years him something I got some great new revelation in our house when I found out in around a hundred years in the anthem I know how many times you get books on CD-ROM that is been in existence for fifty years seventy five years and more advanced a lot of the same issues so anyway I totally know that that much of the material I gather here is not original with me how to read Alan might want to talk about inspiration and and get a little basis of the understanding of inspiration was in a notice there in the introduction A inspiration is the process through which God communicates his divine messages to his people specifically through his messenger understanding how God communicate with the property is just as important as believing that God communicates with the rock which we will see in our time here today I believe in the prophetic gift without a working understanding of the nature of inspiration will invariably lead to misunderstandings misapplication of teaching disillusionment and possibly even apostasy from the pain and will talk about how bad has happened in history in fact they probably has some examples of that as well is it something to share with you now I'm completely moving through this these first points here because one spends more time on some other points there the most underlying communication number two on your handout A revelation revelation is what we call the action disclosing the information Jonathan out of Houston he received a revelation that's how got he can be in the information on his inspiration P is the process by which God enables the product of both receiving communities the revelation that he received the revelation is the information he received the inspiration is working of the Spirit of God only one line to know how to receive the information and give you the information the last one there is illumination illumination is a work of the Holy Spirit enabling the non- inspiring theater or reader in comprehending and applying the message received a couple points here and I made this earlier today there are a lot of things today that we tend to call inspiring that are not inspired at all and move on their inspirational and and and help your spiritual experience oftentimes the same on his fire but in this thread is something that inspired is something that came from a profit and we say for example we read some good Christian book and everything is the author was a prophet of God and we had very little understanding of profits in Kansas City was one of two things of which we can call everything inspired like that it tends to diminish in our minds true inspiration in other words no longer IA and authoritative voice in the out after our likeness becomes an author like a like amount paid over somebody else's people tend to read in Dwight Nelson was the examiner 's office and Haryana I was inspired by these things we say even then I was inspired really you illuminated in the technical theological sizzler illumination is the Holy Spirit God helping uninspired person understand your things why because the finals the spirit of things are spiritually understood are spiritually discerned I've known people and you'll known people that have ran a spiritual writings in the Bible but they don't get anything out of the Symantec online on the normally my because they lack illumination illumination comes to the Holy Spirit this is why we pray for divine guidance from the open word you can read the word lately and respectfully we were very pleasantly has at hand from a very human standpoint I'll say so these are the interviews of the theological terms for inspiration on inspiration over talking about is when God gives a message to a profit and enables a person to receive in communicating that message is often in the prophetic writings apart from anything else the violence angry distinctively to crop it becomes somebody who carries a message that has a lot more authority in way and then I'm twenty three I'm not inspired there becomes a single I feel inspired but it's not in the technical sense in what I set out in the Whitmore Village announcement only says about the idea of illumination thereunder C from the realtor on October one nineteen oh one she says the Holy Spirit is present with the one the earnest searcher gives illumination shines upon the word stamping the truth upon the mind with the new rash important the searcher is filled with a sense of peace and joy never before felt the preciousness of through this route is realized as never before a new heavenly light shines upon the word of the notice the word is the same what happened in illumination the Holy Spirit has given understanding I knew heavenly light shines upon the wording illuminating it as well every letter were tinged with goal God himself has spoken to the mind and heart making the word spirit and light in the last sentence in bold italics eternal life is the receiving of the living elements in the Scriptures that doing the will of God if you do it you're reading the word not we know where you are not receiving the word amen finally the worst kind of deception perpetrated on yourself his self-deception on using prepayment of anything or anybody is self-deception the final set practice self-deception when we hear and don't deal the work James is your don't be here is of the word being you and you were not here is only defeating yourself and so it is important that we understand the Holy Spirit gives us understanding spiritual things illuminate online and moves upon our hearts to follow-up description is just dawning on me again time is after one is the absolute worst time for preachers read anything is under you have to try to be a little more animated and make sure that only goes off during the class okay I have handed out how I feel my church members this is a right-of-way the best thing you can do it any time the messages being raised is number one hundred Bible and follow along if you have something to follow along with all along with it and he knows very hard to follow sleep when you're taking out but it is definitely your vinyl siding is said and you've just eaten lunch and a pastor friend of mine told me that when you eat lunch what happens is the skin of your stomach stretches out people drive is now nine and oh my believing that but it seems to be after lunch that can be a tendency there are three K page one hundred three there are three general views of inspiration their letter a suburb or the mechanical units he basically says that when God him I hated everything so that when I grow they will remain when God said someone got young engineer through the Bible obviously where that is the case in gospel thing Ramses Hilton they were written down just as God said there other times in the Bible where that when the account was left to the last response to the author 's own and more they had come out hard meeting handouts for others in all of these of the session so I begin to hand out our handouts down to Satan and the maximum amount you and him jumping into the next evening 's plenary or the all new inspiration this view of inspiration rather than God dictating word for word and methods for the prophet but not using his profit the message and allows to communicate a message in the prophet 's own words now gone still I said because of his message and in this is important what license downloading more preserves his message but I does not dictate the message okay these are viewpoints okay that people share some people really hold strongly to this verbal and mechanical youth some people hold a plenary on the glassy there is a neo- orthodox view is sometimes called the existentialist view in another viewpoints is other ways rest as you might've integration basically says that the message received by the prophet may not have even been true when Mister Lebron let me explain that in the FBI the orthodoxy is the interface between experiential view for example this is what sometimes people ask the question legitimately how can a person claim to believe in the Bible and yet deny a literal six-day creation that he wanted that for me when I was that I was applying for in six days a large crater to having them you're right but when the needle what is when Melissa 's roadmap now down with reality in the list they may not have been reality as long as it was in reality most everything in his own understanding we draw out of what he wrote our own experience so that suddenly the word of God instead of being completely inspired we find the authors were inspired by the Bible was written in the Bible may not even be absolute truth it sure was true is the most is that the mean I guess I take my own meeting out this is how people today and claim to believe in the Bible yet they deny creation they deny the miracles of Christ deny the resurrection is accountable for negative all I believe the Bible they say because they're healed inspiration is faulty and so once again it's important we have a wrong view of inspiration when you have wrong is a Scripture and the devil has been described right and wrong is an all-in-one France and the devil we use that he has he's it we'll see how that works and saw not been going to all the details of the neo- orthodox view however they had to how I got the wrong about copyediting on one hundred jumping around and just as I review this handout and maybe some personal modifications and where I was going to throw a legitimate to number more than any STA and in parentheses the biblical view of inspiration of these different viewpoints to share with you is the biblical view within the Bible will hold to the concept of plenary inspiration of the inspiration if you look at the Texas Air a second MP3 him as I came about in the Bible right now many new memorizing Taxol is given by inspiration of God 's problem or not for correction for instruction righteousness etc. all Scripture is given by inspiration nowhere there is used in the Bible inspiration underneath is agreeing with the news though it means literally I read in one author put it this way almost like the way I'm speaking now is on using my grad and my breath is passing over my vocal cords and forget and I forget what was going on this computing God revisited God is breathing through the local court of the broad as it were what we see is a beautiful union of divinity and humanity we find us throughout the Scripture is the mystery of godliness Jesus Christ upon his divine self humanity the word became flesh we find the word becoming flash has gone through his divinity unites with falling humanity and uses me human vessels to communicate the truth of the word of God the Bible was written by men hunting a you a happy blarney that when you criminally while my husband never heard that before it wants it wasn't what do we say well you have to understand is great first of all is the word of God and God chose to communicate humanities that we hear something that we need to be clear on however God chose to communicate his word is not able to preserve his word if you want and then you got the reservist working the manual route and we can't just got printed and is a element comes in here inspiration all Scripture all Scripture he says is given by inspiration of God is God three-dimensional at first Thessalonians two hundred thirteen the Delaney Paul brings this thing out here versus twenty two verse thirteen speaking to the Thessalonian believers make an excellent point here first Thessalonians chapter two in the New Testament come here to use there all grouped together in alphabetical order very convenient for Thessalonians two verse thirteen notice what Paul has to these believers versus Lemaster were thirteen for this reason we also thank God without ceasing because when you receive the word of God which you heard my from us you well and not a lot more to management and unions through the word not also let me over the world gone or not you'll recognize that even all the mad Kane hearing we humanity it was still underlying asset and this is what the Scripture is this country is a divine message working through me humanity gone moves upon the human agent and communicate sister lets that are not attached in first Peter sorry second Peter chapter one right after the reliever is a New Testament handbook of James the first in second Peter second Peter chapter one verse twenty one we really do well certain verse nineteen seventy one verse nineteen the Bible says and so we have the prophetic word confirmed the King James version says the more sure word of prophecy Peter just get finished share him I witnessed how and then he says but we have a more sure word of prophecy is going as high indices that are inherent in the scene as our senses canvassing is the word of God will never deceive and so he says that his eyewitness account while we have a more sure word of prophecy known as when you do well and he has a lightning science and art players he says the word like a white in darkness your economy can weigh anywhere darkness in an unfamiliar place in a start you'll get very far to you can do yourself great injury cancer something to send me the word of God is to the question in this dark world like a light in a dark place with you you wealthy he says like a light in a dark place until the date on the morning star rises in your heart verse twenty knowing this first that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation for prophecy never came the will of man but holy men of God why smoke as they were moving by the Holy Spirit so there again you have a little bit the process of inspiration gone to move on man the user may communicate the truth but the Holy Spirit communicated through the man I defined message and now in a more practical sense I cannot seem to thought and it is the gospel writers this is to me this is the best example you got four different Gospels three and Emerson are those who are synoptic means is made up of two words are the prefix S wine and which is the same optical view to the same deal Matthew Mark Luke already very similarly we go to the gospel of John what happened this similarity is quite different where Matthew Mark and Luke him how he got it pretty closely John is like a dealing with all different styles from a different perspective yet with all of the gospel writers there are variances differences now if I didn't say a word were to the prophet would even be possible to have those variations on as well I dictated a variation that the variations in in the Gospels alone tell us or at least delivered to the back that I communicated a message to the minds of those writers and men in their own words they contain the massive day I still does the same thing today not only withdrawn with individuals because every individual has a unique experience in life you have any a unique experience in life that qualify you to witness a certain individuals that nobody else in the Yunnan there are people human when a student I have never witnessed them even if I was in your hometown even on your place of work his emissary don't work right or there anything you can reach that I could never reach why because God has given you experiences in your life that will be only help somebody else who has similar experience and so is the gospel writers you got one it was a doctor you got one was a tax collector you got Johnny was a fisherman I'm not quite sure what Mark was but the bottom line is you've got you got all these different view points gone gives the understanding of the message to these different writers and they communicated in their humanity from the perspective they saw it this is how the Bible was written this is what our inspiration is all about so you're going to find discrepancies for example two of the gospel writers I have this right now is getting I wanted to as well then present in the demoniac disorganizing demoniac or the one pneumoniae anyways got right here reading one of the gospel writers are two of them talk about I think to talk about one demoniac among talks about to my how is that while we can conjecture as to how is the reality is there are several explanations they could have simply been that I incidentally read in the Bible you find it when they landed on the shore in the pneumonia came out the disciples went the other way so they might not down how many people where they are on historians down and say you seen the one guy and laugh as you find discrepancies discrepancies don't bother the Christian new understands that inspiration is as plenary as long inspiration because he understands that in his own words that he saw that the situation and I am in the communication that you once the signs of the Holy Spirit that we know that there were one or two but if you're holding to the concept of verbal inspiration you got anything from because John does it make mistakes like that and I'm not even going in the same even thought the president is not integration they understand into perspective and I have to even be careful with that because I like miniature fans have by now you have respected by her perspective feelings and work to keep the Sabbath and I know they were not talking about that were talking about his youth issues in the Bible that are clearly not weighing on anybody's salvation their communication in the story and got to see it put them all if you hold to the concept of verbal inspiration and got dictated word for word goblet made sure all three synoptic God will carry the same number of demoniac 's following Wednesday this is where the challenge is coming when a person has a wrong understanding of inspiration the Bible gives us understanding and inspiration and if you look through it and sent anywhere this is limited or going over here this is not that he wanted going on inspiration get the book might have to stand up and call receiving the word excellent book on inspiration and what is this thing and I'm not covering that in this time together we don't have time to do that I just wanted to get some when you leave in understanding some of the challenges we run into in regard to the spirit of prophecy I went in and I was finally getting a handout this is how Illinois describes this process in the writing of the Bible based to the bottom of the page that last follows this is at present in different individuals the truth is brought out interest-bearing assets one writer is more strongly impressed with one of raising the subject those points that harmonize with his lot Zorn 's power of perception and appreciation your mind at will really pay close attention to the details of the neuronal surprise why isn't there anyone visiting this evening you with all of his marks as being a doctor and he refuses on video it was fascinating to him so he is an experienced truly into those specific things Peter 's sermon was drawn to dare I think here many people believe that Mark 's Gospel was a reiteration of what Peter Henry Mark sees things from a different perspective Matthew from his perspective of being a tax collector ending I now have to society he's going back that you're going to play into how you see things this is where this thing any he is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit presents what is most forcibly impressed upon his own mind a different aspect of the truth he went a perfect harmony through all and through his thoughts revealed unite to form a perfect whole I've adapted to meet the wants of man in all the circumstances and experiences of life now let me put it this way let's take this as an accident anybody ever been in a situation like this we have to gather the witness together whether they've seen something or heard something oftentimes they see it differently but apparently gallivanting every witnesses account if they're true witnesses of the situation that harmonize in San Jose as you have three witnesses eyewitnesses now all something different than what they saw in the information that the final is the same right and you can build your testimony on that even though this person has perfected a person that has prospective and his other person at another perspective the things that are in common with all the witnesses are the essence of what you're looking for and this is the situation in the Scriptures there may be differences in viewpoint but the reality is the core of the message is untarnished are you following me so are y'all awake are you going on here community all right now reading on here I think please communicate his truth to the world by human agency is and he himself by his Holy Spirit qualified men and enabling them to do this work he guided the mind and selection of what to speak you want to write so not only did he dynamite in receiving the Mac mini communicating and you and you a message and there is a distinct difference this writer was entrusted to earthen vessels using the words of Scripture yet it is nonetheless have the testimony contained in the immigrant expression on human language the next phase in using the testimony of God and he'll be believing child of God behold in the glory and powerful racing through and listening to the great controversy in the Vietnam minute introduction how Microsoft explains the nature of inspiration and a brief segment there as well as her own inspiration is really powerful and his next statement is a little bit even more to the point selected messages volume one pages twenty one as is the writers of the Bible where God 's hand in not just look at the different writers is not the words of the Bible that are inspired with amendment were inspired inspiration asked about the artist Angela says only they allow for a erroneous messages to be conveyed is error to be conveyed in the Scripture that's not what he's saying to sympathize about and sharing perspectives of the men were inspired integration taxonomy 's words for his next rations but on the man himself who under the influence of the Holy Ghost is in you with all the word received concerning the words receiving impressive the individual mind the divine mind is if you get used to the human mindset guy gives her thoughts and communicate that the best way he knows how this may be why do people ask me sometimes about things like the rich man last have you ever had an answer somebody on one of these things that they agree not to talk to me about the fact that there is not an eternally burning calibrating and Congressman Lance and he ran happen him will I know anything without using ever done that Lance is that number one the Bible writer put it in the best mercy now I probably didn't foresee what we're running into today with some of these passages doesn't make it any less true it is comparable doing when you design a building can be confusing to a person with some of the in hoping the hearing is that we have today in addition to that the dental two thousand years to trust that their and he probably wasn't so misunderstood that is now that's why I guess this for free there is living in a house in the Bible they just baptize people and not exactly six months and a half minutes in the meantime because in the Christian church people know what paganism lies in England Christianity was in there is a clear distinct difference there was no such thing as apostate Christie you have a thousand years and are they visited the store biblical through with something to me and taking one and so it takes longer now to filter through and clear personality error and erroneous viewpoints and in and in and in the days of the apostles because there was a man of paganism and Christianity and everything uniformly is so even think more about that as you go with this is how inspiration works works through the thoughts now I want you to notice on inerrancy and infallibility annexing their page three A because the Bible came through human agencies it is subject to errors some argue that the errors are the result of the copyists and not in the original on a graph that is the original writings of Paul here etc. either way it must be confessed that the file contains errors whether their technical errors are not an wording see the statement following his mom him Harrison the Bible are insignificant in light of the overall theme of the Bible and its core through the clarity of a single doctrine normally hinder a single soul foundation noticed this statement this is a powerful statement from Eleanor and I have to I would have to make a dynamic personal application of this statement to an innocent whole thing seems only version of the Bible that something Allen Mike never get herself Jesus didn't read the King James contrary to popular opinion I am nothing against the King James the some people act like it's the only Bible version you can use it back I remember having somebody my wife was involved in a homeschooling e-mail will and one of the nine ladies rolled out on on on this in this will run out and post it on this post to post instead what is the address believed differently from whatever AC was proceeding in general or whatever one of the greatest plays host at this answer well unless you really King James Bible you really can understand what is going and my wife called me and I said your feminist pastor and I can show up in any translation and so he wrote back on their general that and then the lady wrote back and said what kind of agonist is Sony location like you can't really be a faithful and not using the right Bible Jesus you people don't know what would Alan wake says about this I mean major facet in fact misuse a book I had a new book and instantly receive the violating and Gail Remlinger and she's got this book is listed on how the King James the only viable use in one of the problems with the new translations is a new translation for seven while Alvarez Brad Mumphrey Ellen Jesus is to set a new translation think that they get everything change the undulating hellfire at the idea of people have is that the newer families and family errors in every model has erroneous translational problems including thinking this is what Alan white yourself that some look to lessen greatly with engraving me very soberly and seriously sometimes looked less gravely anything don't you think there might have been some mistake in copy Western translators eloquently says this is all a lot possible this is all possible this is not probable in the mind that is so narrow that it will hesitate and stumble over this possibility or probability would be just as ready to stumble over the mysteries of the inspired word because their people minds cannot see through the purposes of God all mistakes will not cause trouble to one sole upon leaving the stumble that were not manufactured difficulties from the plane is revealed through I am in the preparation of his divinely inspired words of finite man the word is word arranged into both the old New Testament is a guidebook to the inhabitants of a fallen world bequeathed to them by studying and obeying the direction not one soul loses way that is only listed there may be hot gift errors or whatever other minor errors in fact is God who inspired the word has so reserved the worries nonelected dels overburden even getting errors and a copy is the translator that people won't be able to be saved through the following said yes when it went this is his healing from it from there than in the him upon his grace cannot justify any better in their own words things may not be working just right that is doing the wrong immediate errors even in the copyists are our potentially in the phraseology of the libel law is never anything might enforce out the message of Scripture I reserve the messages pictures and in which she sang a person has down this is only a minute if they are discrepancies would then how can we trust the Bible is to have problems with that in any action around that they can have confidence that in spite of it all God himself to preserve the integrity of the message this goes with the Bible and angles with the writings of Ellen White and will flesh this out as we look at some other things here were in the bottom of page three move on here at page six ranks he can come back and talk about how the prophet receives the messages at the bottom of page six how the prophecy of the messages the first exhibition areas numbers twelve verse six and like a little data with me numbers chapter twelve verse six number twelve number six notice of the Bible says then he said here now my word is in there is a prophet among you I am the Lord make myself known to him in line a vision I speak to him in a dream I communicates the message to the prophet in visions and dreams I've had individuals actually come to me who think that they are receiving and they have dreams even spiritual dream people have all kinds of dreams right now you're not dreaming is a spirit of renouncing to notice their letter on and in this letter and said I didn't circumvent my numbering over my lettering over one eighty six the first point there is not as messy visions and dreams second point is not sent his angel to communicate the message you'll see whether you're looking at the right Daniel Horton you know some of the writers got enumerated or the Protestant enumerating every time that Daniel and John they were entertaining Angels there when they had their visions or dreams the prophetic vision is something that takes place during the day versus the dreamer safely while they were asleep really why Alan I asked his mother 's mother you have dreams like other people have green season was absolutely everybody dreams he said well you know the difference between a prophetic dream from God and a regular dream and she said it simple the angel that attends the vision of the day attends the dream at night in other words there was an angel messenger presents interviews and guide her through the subject so if you haven't read and you think that maybe God called to prophetic ministry it must there is an angel guy I give you that dream your not-for-profit the Bible speaks of people have dreams if you look at the bear in the Bible you have Nebuchadnezzar who had a dream that he wasn't a profit the Egyptian pharaohs both at the time of Abraham Ansell said everything and look at the script references references had trained pilots likewise had a dream to have nothing what fantasy was nonprofit and also the next page in the early and movement and I have a fulfillment until twenty young men receiving visions and people rather receiving visions and dreams and I believe in God this is a couple things there does looking at our address history William Miller received dreams there were spiritual greens that actually finding that they were perfect he was not a prophet in that sense James Lyons had a spiritual dreams able to look at his own book life incidents things ninety seven ninety eighty shares one of those dreams were gone directly into a spiritual situation but he's not probably never going to be multiple and is Amanda James Wang managing who got guided my dream these nonprofit Jan Long Grove Hill states Annie Smith is a great man in whom if you've never read this experience before this account existing from reporting to think Naismith same dream same night not even the guy heading into the true neither of them were brought to say having a dream does not significantly a profit will communicate to the drop in the vision or dream and that his nurturing will be attended by an Angel that will guide a profit through the process and inspiration is not some happenstance thing when somebody was fired of God is not like that incumbent supplier you know I examine saying nothing is important over talking the inspiration because I said I had people that that the instantly that statement my own wife in her son asking question is recorded thereunder H the people have gotten this idea that I know I had a dream and spirit agreements or maybe got on you administering on your note is going to ministry I do not think I can guide a person legitimately got to the spiritual dream even a minute dream is something about that user in a unsurpassed for them meetings like Remus was along those lines multiple screen is along the lines multiple this is a man who drew in a dream saw me in writing and found that a message and the man was accounting for them James like on the increases in the hometown and kind of people come out in multiple cells the how this guy come out anyone on surprising and that anything man-made elegantly materialize every night when he left town multiple is not binding by multiple safety noises before you came in a dream between making an account is just a slightly regressed Gantt chart it's like you had charts and he said he was preaching in his innocence he was wanting for anything in the town of recognizing as the man in my three sonatas got people like dreams that doesn't necessarily make them a recipient of the prophetic gift all that okay just looking for a shirt covered with a need to all of Islam and the thing normally go to page five and I know I'm jumping around a little bit here to as I was reviewing this I thought there was some things I wanted to limit discovery page five bottom of page I'm not talking just momentarily about the nineteen ninety nine conference this is something a surfacing more recently and discussions see there is a documented use of inspirational possibilities of Scripture inspiration in a film with his phrasing on the unit that it has neither advance nor fundamental questions always believed in what we call audience for a him now I used to believe in verbal inspiration of the various is in fact you look at the bottom of page five eight is entitled in nineteen ninety nine so much in a notice A by the year nineteen ten two major schools of thought have developed within mainline Protestants regarding inspiration number one Modernism now do you challenge the divine element of Scripture denying divine inspiration the Virgin birth and where Christ resurrection etc. and then you have fundamentalism if you emerged almost as a defense against modernism holy and divine inspiration of the Bible and verbal inspiration and so the fundamentalist view almost like as everything in the modernistic and believe anything you know the Bible is the divine word of God which we believe when and which we agree with and they understood that the Bible was verbally dictate which is of the view that the Scripture gives that that became common to human points now go to top of page six kilos V there in nineteen eighteen the first major fundamentalist conference was held in a fundamentalist hand standpoint we believe in the whole inspiration of Scripture and we believe in verbal inspiration the first major fundamentalist conference was held in Philadelphia called Philadelphia prophetic convention it was well attended and gain greater notoriety in support of the fundamentalist as opposed to the modernist movement got a lot of media coverage and everybody who believe in the Bible and in and when you finalize this fire will jump on board again in the spring of nineteen nineteen the second fundamentalist convention was held in Chicago on the campus of the Moody Bible Institute and it was a great media success now what happened is in that same dear D in the summer of the same year the Seventh-day Adventists held a Bible conference in Bible history teachers conferencing with a good portion of discussion revolved around inspiration the dilemma faced by Dennis was whether to adopt the position of the modernist which of course they could the verbal inspiration in this is that her but there were a lot of at this member is being that way you see my feelings on sentiment Mister subscribed to the recent news of the fundamentalist which they couldn't or uphold the plenary inspiration you are constantly largely unknown time making themselves appear in favor of the modernist this is what happened you had the people who believed in the Bible and taking the fundamentalist minus really believing inspiration in the Bible starting to find my site here the atmosphere is the same if we come out and take a strong stance on law inspiration versus verbal and race like fundamentalist and being aware modernists and don't believe the Bible at all you see the dilemma and saw a Nirvana nineteen ninety five conference on ongoing and into much more detail here only to say that there was a lot of discussion about different things at the nineteen nineteen conference including including the subject of inspiration and was trying to figure where to stand on how to conduct this whole situation in light of the laity because many of you and us people like you because of all the talk about fundamentalism versus modernism and youngest people believe in a verbal idea of inspiration not only in the Bible but in regard to spirit processing so I look down number two there is a fear of doing the wrong thing they ended up doing no thing one of the attendees Janet Anderson in an almost prophetic statements expressed his concerns as follows can we hold something in the back of our heads that we announce we are absolutely sure about and most of the brethren stand with us on speaking out on inspiration can we hold things back and be true to ourselves and furthermore are we safe in doing it it was also left our people in general go on holdings of verbal inspiration of the testimonies but when we do now be preparing for a crisis that will be very serious someday it seems to me that the best thing for us to do is to consciously very carefully educate our people to see just where we really should stand to be consistent Protestants to be consistent with the testimonies themselves and to be consistent with what we know we must do as intelligent man as we have decided in these meetings are just some arising distantly into our next session they were wondering what to do there many Saturday on a superintendent for this verbal inspiration they said we need to help educate nastiness members at large integration is not verbal inspiration in our next session you'll see the implications of that in the writings of Ellen White and this man speaks up and his concern is if we just leave this thing under the rug because we're afraid of what's anachronistic and I think when we tell them the elements inspiration is fun inspirational verbal inspiration if we sweep it under the rug because you were afraid of repercussions on the repercussions pennyworth in the future but evidently they didn't go that direction that he was kind of leaning towards Bayside last week that under the rug anyway and what happens is for generations Anatoly Hoover will you are the inspiration of the Spirit of prophecy have so distorted in turn people on to the spirit of prophecy but they are a few one even hear about your processing that's what brought us where we heard it all because of a misunderstanding of inspiration and how it works it's a lover going to do in our next session is where going to look at issues and in the reading and understanding of Ellen White's writings upon inspiration perspective and try to understand how we can avoid making these applications and where some beatitudes that been made and brought us here today in meeting some of you and some of the that the misunderstandings or questions that you have may have stemmed from somebody or yourself having been slanted with this verbal inspiration mindset so that everybody get into her next time together and talk a lot about the just different accounts of Ellen White and how applicable they are to us once again people ask me the question usually people have a lot of questions what about this but about this he says this diseases this will be taken is inspired aviation is not generally whether it's inspired on the power reading and sellout hoping that you stick around for that as we flesh these things out and working to close that were a prayer here at either has with me father in heaven father we believe that we are living in the last mounds of earth history and lore some of the things were looking at art or today are even maybe a little bit seem hello everyone are just overly detailed that sort the enemy is working in this area right now and undermining the faith of many Seventh-day Adventists learned when any clear on the direction you would have us to follow we don't want to be encumbered by false viewpoints that will lead us into the engines one way or the other the father we want to be clear to follow the direction you would lead us and now we can effectively work and hasten the data coming in get the message out as far and wide as possible in preparation for the coming of that day we ask and pray for your blessing throughout the rest of today in our sessions and for each one is here in Jesus name we ask these things amen this means he was using value versus working blinds generation of Christ you would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. 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