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11 Steps to Survive the Current Church Crisis

Gabriel Arruda


God has given 11 steps that that church needs to go through every time it’s in a crisis. Listen to find out what those steps are and which one we’re currently on as a church.


Gabriel Arruda

Speaker/Director for Freedom Health Ministries


  • April 30, 2019
    11:30 AM
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We are going to talk about the Aladdin steps to survive bitch the current church crisis. So the Church of God What is encountered with the crisis goes through 11 steps this is what has happened in the past and this is what will have to happen also in the future and I believe this is a timely message that I'm about to give because I do believe the 7th Day Adventist Church today is in a crisis I'll be very transparent with the I'll be very honest with you I do think we're in a crisis. We are Bill I don't know how many of you realize that we are a seriously divided church I'm just going to speak from my heart here on one side we have up many divisive groups just chopping up the more conservative branch of the church into a 1000000 little pieces all kinds of teachings and theories and on the other side we have liberal theology just completely obliterating our traditional historical message especially amongst the leadership and worse of all of that the hatred between these 2 groups is startling friends if you ever go and look at some of the avenues websites that are reporting things and just look at the comments on A C I get discouraged it's disheartening the hatred the hatred friends that exists in the church to other people that don't believe like us in the church look at the You Tube videos the different sermons us out of the sermons on You Tube videos it's absolutely appalling the comments that people have made on these videos and not even Christian it's not just not ads they're not even Christian. Many of these wheels of complacency do we have worldliness to deal with and an almost universal lack of personal of Angela's and the lives of the individual church members and many who are one are not decidable and they eventually go out the back door. And all of this friends all of this in the face of a world that gets darker and harder to reach every year are we in a crisis Amen we are in a crisis friends and we do need to wake up but we're going to see 11 steps from Scripture that I believe outline our duty what we need to do please open with me in your Bibles to 2nd Chronicles Chapter 20 and let's look at these 11 steps from scripture pray that they guide us in what to do in this mess that we have 2nd Chronicles Chapter 20 starting in verse one and 1st 2 and it came to pass after this also that the children of Moab and the children of Ammon and on and with them of other besides the Emma knights came against Joe hosts of fat to battle then there came some that told your host that saying there come in a girl great multitude against the from beyond the sea on this side to Syria and to behold they be in his own tame are witches and getting. Stopped there. So the children of Israel some Israelites saw a group being it was actually 3 enemies it was the most bites the Ammonites and you read later you find out was that even mites who had it come together and work planning a massive attack on Israel and this was a huge army a way outnumbered the children of Israel. Now step one I actually didn't see it the 1st time I studied this until I'm actually my wife brought up it's a very good point step number one is you have to recognize a threat when you see one of the children of Israel recognize that the right and then the Israelites they wanted and they told the king they told King Joseph facts and so this might seem kind of like well yeah you know there are you have a bunch of people going to come attack me I would have obviously considered that a threat but you know we're actually making a huge mistake in the church today and I believe the church can make 2 mistakes here in not recognizing the threats the 1st is not recognizing a clear threat that is real or real threat that's there there's some good mistake we can make however is calling something a threat that's actually not a threat at all so there's a huge threat here where there are now and we're picking on this thing and it's actually nothing that's a huge mistake. And as a church today I believe we're actually making both mistakes. You know some friends of mine and I back back in the day when I was a bit more rowdy you know a lot of I don't know right now but you know a lot more we were out at the lake in falls of Lake here in California Folsom Sacramento area and we were out there at night and we were unfortunately under the influence of marijuana and we were had done that we were walking back and it had gotten dark and we're walking all this dirt road and also someone says snake snake you know there's a lot of rattlesnakes around there and it was summertime and we look and there's a target being right in front of us and we start freaking out all the yelling and getting rocks and where he worked like rocks were hitting this thing with rocks and oh it's running as it's coming down the hill we're running away from it and going to the woods and we there was this big commotion then someone I think was me actually so will close to it dude this is a stick who was a stick that was laying on the road that we thought was a snake and we were freaking out it was like 10 minutes were freaking out this thing's chasing us you know and considering this thing a threat when it wasn't a threat at all it was a stick and we're making both of these mistakes as a church we're not looking at the clear threat many of us are and on the other hand will it cause something a threat that's actually not now what do I mean by that is how are we doing that let me explain. You know many in the church recognize hey something has to happen or sleeping this is a dead church obviously we need something to wake us up right and so some have therefore believe in concluded that we need to come up with some radical new truth to wake up God's people. And so we have many of these out there I'm going to mention several days if you believe in any of these please don't be offended but based on my studies what I'm about to mention all of these are not Biblical and by the way what I'm about to share is the official position of the some of them in his church and that's the church you're sitting in today some will say well there's no Trinity there's no Holy Spirit we just got there we would just wake up as a people some say we need to keep the feast days if we got that we would wake up as a people and there's this 2520 prophecy we need to believe in that is that they we need to believe to send the lottery in to wake up God's people did you know the ceiling happened at 911 all my teachers this ceiling happened at 9110 my goodness were the last days we need to you know get excited. It's distractions friends or summer setting dates for some cataclysmic event and everyone gets excited for a few months friends do we need to get ready yes or no M. and we need to get ready do we need to wake up are we sleeping Amen amen Absolutely we do but Wolf we do that for once we should always do it based on truth and not error when ever people wake up based on error it hurts it always ends up hurting and then back into Let me share some cause with you from the Spirit of Prophecy specifically about the time citing 1st testimonies page 72 she says Time after time will be set by different ones and it will pass by and the influence of this time setting will tend to destroy the faith of God's people. If we're going to set times are going to set dates maybe not for the 2nd coming of Jesus but for other significant events and when those things pass isn't going to help the church. According to her it's not it's not going to help the church it's going to weaken their faith. Notice also early writings page 75 the Lord has shown me that the message of the 13 Joel must go and be proclaimed to the scattered children of the Lord but it must not be home on time I saw that some were getting a false excitements arising from preaching time but the 3rd into his message is stronger than time. I saw that the message can stand on its own foundation and needs not time to strengthen it does that the Rangers best just need time to make it exciting enough. To this now it does its strong it can stand on its own it doesn't need a time it doesn't need something you know some day for a cataclysmic event or a season for a cataclysmic event it doesn't mean that it's powerful enough is what she's saying. Also last quote here testimonies to ministers page 55 let all our brother and sisters be aware of anyone who would set a time for the Lord to fulfill his word in regard to a 2nd coming or notice this or in regard to any other promise he has made a special significance so close appreciation of special significance is the latter rain of special significance she says watch out be aware of anyone who would set a time for the 2nd coming or any other promise of special significance watch out for that why because it's going to pass because it hasn't made that has not been made clear in Scripture and it's going to hurt the people's faith when it doesn't help. This isn't the 1st time this out of the church's been through this several times already it's happened in 855 and several times friends we don't need some revolutionary new truth we need to be obedient to all pay the trees we already have Amen we don't need to create a problem we need to open our eyes to the problems that are already there and you know friends if you think I was going to give us some marvelous new truth when we are ignoring plain basic teachings. On it's not going to happen teachings that 99 percent of us aren't even keeping runs what was the last time you shared that there angels message with a non Adventist. Open your Bible or even shared the gospel of Jesus with someone told someone that death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ with someone who has done everything almost last time that happened was last time you took a new believer under your wings and disciple. Or was last time you invited a church visitor on a Saturday afternoon I invited them over your house republic almost last time maybe you did it recently praise the Lord keep it up but you know I believe the answer for most of the church is has been years it hasn't happened for a long time now for many I think is yikes I've never done that I've never been friends these are the basics he said the peaceniks this is the foundational stuff of the church and we're going to talk about some secret little true that all the a small group of us understand or not even. Doing eventually isn't preaching the gospel we're going to set dates for the close of probation in the lot of rain and we're not even inviting visitors to our house for Sabbath lunch plans it's not going to. We're not even doing the basics you know I believe there is a secret truth that most of the church doesn't know about it's called righteousness by faith. It's not that we don't maybe understand it intellectually but by experience we don't we were not experiencing it in our lives if we did we would be like the early church turning the world. They experience righteousness by faith they won out they preached the message regardless of the consequences filled with the love of Jesus they shared they shared they shared and they were persecuted and they were successful that's exactly what will happen to us so no wonder friends the message to the last church to Laodicea is you think you're rich increased with good you think you're full of knowledge but you're poor you were blind you were naked poor of good works and you know just me I don't just mean mentioning these things doesn't this prove disprove them. If you're interested a resource out of recommend to you our Universe dot com I also have written on every sing one of these things so if you're interested I could send you the studies I've put together on these topics that's for another time but 1st we have to recognize with the real threat is for not even doing that friends who are not even that's not even going past that number one we still got Temple steps let's go to the next step verse 3 Verse 3 for our 2nd step what happened and Joseph I did what friends he feared and he set himself to seek the Lord and proclaimed a fast throughout Judah. So who did this who let out in the US. The king King Joseph Perhaps the king let out OK here Step number 2 we need good spiritual leadership. Do you recognize that one revival has ever happened amongst God's people has been without good spiritual leadership not one think about it throughout all the millennia friends we're not going anywhere without good spiritual leadership in the church someone's gotta do it and so instead of hating her leaders we need to pray for them Amen as bashfully the ones that are making the big mistakes we need to pray that they would be humble men like Josiah who would see themselves to set themselves to seek the face of the Lord in an urgency. You know I saw a billboard the other day I was a Christian billboard and usually I don't appreciate those because they're usually something like X. except Jesus are going to burn in hell forever and it's not the best witness but this is what I really appreciated it said real Christians love their enemies. They will billboard while does the Bible teach that it's true real Christians love their enemies that it's the primitive godliness that all my writes about great controversy that's going to come back that the early church had a break people's hearts when they're mean to you and you give them nothing but love and respect in return that it's the best argument you could ever you could ever present to the world and you know. I do think we have leaders that are making big mistakes but friends instead of hating them we need to be praying for them amen praying that God gives this church good spiritual leadership because we have not seen in all of time any revival has ever happened with our good leadership someone needs to do it. And the rest of verse 3. As our 3rd step so the 2nd step is good spiritual leadership but what do they do as well what did Joe Josiah prove proclaim. Prayed for rain and fasting fasting and affliction of heart Step number 3 fasting and affliction of heart they were facing a huge threat they said it it's time to stop eating and just do all pray we are in this real tight situation friends are we and the facing a huge threat so loosely they fasted should we be fasting and praying as well not incessantly also we need some time but you know periods of fasting and prayer absolutely France they fasted because the situation was extreme Do we perceive that we're in an extreme situation you know they always fasted when they when they perceive that this is extreme when we perceive it's extreme while fast and pray as well. Did the disciples of John fast and pray they did Jesus also imply that his disciples after He ascended would fast approaches Well you know the various fasted and prayed twice a week the disciples of John once a week apparently and we don't know exactly how frequently the Apostles did but fairly regularly frenzy is so biblical fasting for it's everywhere in Scripture when fasting and praying as a church you know I have the privilege of growing up. In the Roosevelt church John we're talking about this earlier group in the Roosevelt church from the time of about 9 to about 22 or 21 when I went to college and it during the early period that church went through a tremendous revival the revival was so full of the extent of it was so large the conference actually came to study what was going on because they had not seen church growth that rapid in like a really really long time so like OK we need to study this what's what's going on at this church you know it's one of the things they did weekends of fasting and prayer I remember as a kid and you know I was just a kid I was really interested in like climbing the trees in the in the parking lot stuff so I mean my head was in a different place back then but even back then I remember seeing church members in groups and seeing tears run down their faces as as they're praying and people being convicted of things that wrongs they had done and confessing sins and as a kid I remember thinking yeah that that seems like a real spirituality you know that seems like the real stuff you know and I haven't seen anything like it since why don't we do like regular fasting for at least once a year or something where we stop eating we have looked ourselves we pray to God we're in an extreme situation help us lest this generation pass we all go to our graves in this miserable world without seeing the promise of your coming as well because we didn't do what you said why don't we do that. When God's people believe in trouble they fast and pray Step number 3 fast and pray let's go to verse 4. For our 4th stop here. And you to gather it themselves together to ask help of the Lord even out of all the cities of Juda they came to see the Lord out of harmony of the cities. All. All June it was in. They were in Paris so they all came this is another key step they had unity they all got together and said listen we got us their differences aside we have a huge situation it with here I mean I like the way you you know you'd say this I don't like this thing that you did but we need to make things right and we need to get together in unity. Is that what happened with the early church before God poured out His Spirit exactly what happened friends I had honestly I look at the church about how is this going to happen we are so fragmented it's ridiculous has to happen God's going to prophecy as we start in South school God's going to do it somehow and some generation is going to fulfill it why don't we take steps for it to be Arjen the church must begin unified before he comes let me read a wonderful quote from last events page 193. The great outpouring of the Spirit of God which lays the whole earth with this glory revelation 18 will not come until we have an enlightened people what does she mean by human life and people. Is that no trinity is it $2520.00 because she says that nobody experience what it means to be laborers together with God. And like people do it Jesus did it Jesus did nothing but work in his in his ministry he reached out to there are times of rest but he labored as well when we have entire whole hearted consecration to the service of Christ God will recognize that by fax by 0 point of his spirit without measure. And I want to help or. But this will not be while the largest portion of the church are allowed to leave verse together with God. You realize Jesus isn't coming until the my shorty of the church are working together that's what it's us our prophet sell tells us that and so we have to look at the majority of the church and what's good what's going to constitute the majority of the church in the end that's a whole nother topic but the majority has to be working and then till that happens. We're not going anywhere we have to be unified in what we believe we have to be unified and what we do. Not until the largest portion so unity next step versus 6 and 7 vs 6 and 7. And said it all along or to God they started praying praying over the LORD God of our fathers arts not valid God in heaven and the rule is not now over all the kingdoms of the heathen and in the dying hand is there not power and mights so that none is able to withstand the curse of an art not our God who disagree about the inhabitants of this land before they people Israel and gave it give it to the seed of Abraham by friend forever so Josephites asking a series of questions to God and what is he doing and these versus tell me what is his focus his problems God but power that's greatness God's goodness he starts focusing on the power of God you know what makes our trials feel really bad this is the thing that really stings about our trials is when in our mind's eye we are allowed the problem to get bigger than God. That's what really makes That's the bitterness of trials for us when our problems get so big they actually eclipse our view of God How does this happen here's the rule what you focus on gets bigger. That's the rule would you focus on gets bigger and so if you focus on your financial problems that's what's going to get bigger in your mind your financial problems if you focus on your motion on your relational problems what's going to get bigger your emotional and relational problems they're going to get bigger and so you know what do you want do you want God to get bigger would you want your problems to get bigger. God We need to focus on God isn't that what you're most about doing here he could've spent 2 verses talking about the Army is this size they're really mean they're so close we're a bunch of wimps you know he could have done all this stuff but did you do that is it God isn't your hand on the one that has power even over the human missions then you promise that Abraham that this will be our land forever he's focusing focusing focusing on God friends that's what we need to do in our trials when you have money challenges you need to focus on God's ability to provide that's what you need to think about that's what you need to put your mind on we have a relationship challenges need to focus on God's ability to change hearts another relationship challenge we have health challenges need to focus on God's ability to heal focus on the fact he's a healer He's called the Great Physician You know Francis is so meaningful to me because this has been my experience obviously sometimes I can get really down if I think and I focus on how backwards many of our churches are honestly it could get me really down if I focus on that. But when I focus on God when I think about his promises when I think about his greatness when I think about his his infinite capabilities his almighty power it just fills my heart with hope and fills my heart with courage and I just I think so much. So you know what there is there is hope there's a chance it can happen it's wonderful friends we need to do this privately and we need to do this corporate. Focus focus focus on God's great ness focus on his goodness focus on his power his great love what you focus on gets bigger so would you want to be bigger your problems are God Step 5 they focused on God's great yes let's go next step verse 9. And he starts doing something else if when evil come up upon us as the sword judgement or pestilence or famine we stand before this House and in the presence for the name is in this house and crying to be in our function and then the world here and help what's Jehosaphat doing here. Because a better question would be Is this the 1st time we've seen these words in scripture. It's not actually Joseph that's actually quoting another passage of inspiration he's quoting from 1st Kings Chapter 8 which is Solomon's did a good Tory prayer when they were dedicating the temple Solomon when they dedicated the Temple he said under inspiration if Israel is in trouble they have a fair enough they have a past once an emergency and they come to this temple and prayed to you you will hear. So you know what Joseph that's doing he's quoting the promises of God so key friends so important when we're in a time of an emergency he's claiming according God's promises that step number 6 claiming I'm quoting God's promises so when you're discouraged because you see the church a big mess a good one as I as this 16 verse 3 and the Gentile shall come to that light and kings to the brightness of a rising you know is talking about the church you know the Gentiles at some point oh they're going to be running to the Adventists that's what this verse is saying Kings are going to be running to the Adventist why because they have to light that's a that's a prophecy says that encourages me that encourages me tremendously when you have problems with your finances the silver is mine the gold is mine say you have the LORD of hosts but what about who has money is a sunny place it's all God says that this is the Bill Gates is money is it you know whatever rich person is that their money it's God's money it's his own why don't why do we freak out about this won't remember these things when we're challenged with our health bless the Lord Almighty us all who forgive all the iniquities and heal and all diseases when we're broken in the hearts he heal the broken heart and bind up their wounds when you're fluent in. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivered them out of all. In the world you shall have tribulation but be good cheer I have overcome the world this is the this is what God wants us to be focusing on when you're in a challenge when you trial Jennifer refer to memorizing scripture we need to have this stuff on speed dial friends do you always have the Bible just open in front of you to the exact 1st you need one temptation comes to use how it works oh we need to have that in our minds just memorised on speed up we need to have it when Satan comes to you he better worry about this or you better forgot about that you need to have that verse right there for us this is what you post but he didn't have that scroll in front of him he was quoting 1st Kings Chapter 8 from memory he knew what Solomon's prayer was all about That's step number 6 claim God's promises it's going to step 7 verse 12. Verse 120 our God will bow not judge him for we have no might against this great company that cometh against us and neither will know what to do but our eyes are pumping. Beautiful flowers how does Joseph relate to this direct. Focus on God What's the 1st thing he said in the verse do they feel like you know we've got this is how we felt. We have no what we have no mind against great company Joseph and saying we can't to this we can't do this doesn't know what to do according to this verse. What does he say. He said he did not of turn his attention to God but on their own he says for we have no might against this great company that come up against us neither know what to do We don't know what to do about ourselves so because about what do we do we turn our eyes to you we don't know what to do with we know what to do maybe we want to pray because we don't need God because we know what to do we just go on and do whatever we need to do but we don't know what to do God So we turn to you we focus on you know Step Number 7 well large and look entirely to God so uncomfortable when you when you have to do that but it's so powerful friends of problems in our church you know what they're too much for us they're too big they are too much for us the division the the liberals hating the conservatives and the refuse all of the whole unions and divisions to go along with the world church and most of the church is not doing about it it's too much it's too much for us not just that the threat of an impending Sunday are the type of persecution of real persecution that we're going to have to deal with no by no cell phones it's too much for us we can't deal with it it is overwhelming it is too much for us we have no might against this great company. So what do we do. Our eyes are upon our eyes are up just telling us exactly what we're supposed to do friends we need to learn to look to God now with their little problems and then. When the crisis hits we trained our minds to look to God we're going to do fine but if we haven't we're going to sink like Peter. We need to learn when you're discouraged look to God when you're overwhelmed to look to God when you're troubled look to God make it a habit that when trouble comes when something bad comes just boom look to God it has to be instantaneous it has to be something that's just part of our fabric friends rely on Him trust Him and when the crisis really hits you're going to find why because you've learned to make God your strength. Rely and look to God and what would happen if we do that the story tells us let's read the arrests Step Number 8 was found verse $14.15 this is exciting verse 14 then upon a Jay Z. All the son of Zechariah the son of Ben and I are the son of to heal the son of a ton I don't know if I pronounce that one right anyhow Levite the son of a South came the spirit of the Lord in the midst of the congregation interesting and he said hearken ye all Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem and out came Joseph Thus saith the Lord and to you Be not afraid nor dismayed by the Reason of the great multitude for the battle is not yours but whose friends the battle is not yours but it's God's Israel is overwhelmed they are threatened with complete destruction they don't know what to do so they look to God They totally trusted him they were light on him and what happened God poured out His Spirit it's so interesting step number 8 percent God spirits receive God's Spirit and so missed this god spirit is point all the people who are number one are living up to all the light they have number 2 have come together in unity and number 3 feel completely adequate to deal with the crisis in front of them God pours out his spear on that people do we see that the book about acts to exactly what happened in the book about us is just exact up attention of what's going on here. And so was God's answer to our weakness he pours out his spirit. One more overwhelmed with the church problems remember what was encouraging message don't worry you're not going to have to fight this war I will when you're over wanted the issues in the church don't worry you're not going to have to fight this one. When you're overwhelmed with your financial problems don't worry you're not to have to fight this one I will when you're overwhelmed with the relationship problems don't worry you're not going after fight this one I will amen Now does that mean we just heard a loud cheer our guys got it means I did nothing. Did they start to go out about all those you have read the story before you know the answer to that question God requires us to be involved he requires us to go out to battle but just remember you're not fighting God is in there don't worry you will have to fight this battle I got this one that's what God says and so step step number 8 they receive God's Spirit was an encouraging tremendously step number no later verses 18 and 19 verses 18 and 19. And Jehosaphat bowed with his head and his face to the ground and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell before the Lord and worshipping the Lord and the Levites and the children of the coed thoughts and of the children of the core Heights stood up to praise the Lord God of Israel with the voice of. God proud a spirit they gave them God's Spirit give them encouragement and what was the response they praise and they worship God they said thank you worship worship stepped night worship and praise God Believing had they been delivered yet. No they haven't been delivered yet praise and worship God believing God is going to deliver Why because he promised and God never fails on a promise he always always always comes through you know friends I believe God isn't pleased with a lot of the language and lifeless spiritless worship services that happen in our churches I remember when I was just really coming back to the atmosphere I was not only going to the start to come back to average church I was actually attending a another church a Sunday church and their worship services it just really felt spirit felt I can't get out of the church and was like oh I'm sorry Was this a funeral or a church service or. Is this a church bulletin or is this a funeral I mean it was just so a lot of our worship services are that way if you've travelled you've seen this you know what I'm talking about and friends God isn't pleased with that if you are giving someone a gift that you thought was really cool and then they didn't like it as I was with kids all the time I know they're going to love this new pair of socks and smart wall is just really good socks because like. Next day you know because that ever happened to you you know that feels like kind of testing but I thought that was a nice gift Have you ever done a huge favor for someone and they were poorly and great for your one time the church help this lady who had to. Didn't say thank you once she wouldn't even didn't have the decency to really show up even to the movie I just use I barely use go and she went silent we never saw her after that we moved everything it was in the rain and after that surely have to actually start coming to church which kind of made us think maybe that was the reason she was coming up so how does it feel when you've done a huge favor someone and then whatever thanks I guess doesn't feel has gotten a huge favor for us. Salvation so huge means everything for us it's your life and means whether or not you're going to exist for eternity or be destroyed for eternity. And then it's worship service thanks God Cor Yeah appreciate it. I was not pleased for us don't get me wrong I'm not saying we need to bring a drum set here and need to get up and yell and jump around that's not what we need to do you know what friends rock music that's from the world it's our the world needs to stay in the world a man not in the church but Jesus so those who worship Him will worship him in spirits and. You don't need it doesn't need to be loud but you could tell when it means something to the people sitting in the pews when the main something because it's their life means everything to them and why why why why our worship worship services why does it end up this way at times because we have gone through this process I believe we haven't realized we're in huge trouble we have a big problem we can't do it it's God we're looking to you and then receiving God's Spirit in Deliverance we haven't gone through that and so we don't have that response of Thank You God the gratitude and that's why we find lifelessness in many of our services. And yet again has Israel won the battle yet haven't even won the battle and what are they doing praising God you know there's not many good things that you can do on credit but you know one good thing you do want credit Praise God you can praise God and credit you could praise Him for things he hasn't even done just because he promised he would. The things we wrote about and so I was called this morning wiping every tear away from our eyes as it happened to you yet no not you probably have more tears to show if you're going to live through Jacob's time trouble you doubly have more tears to shed but will that happen one day you can praise him for that now praise you God that you will wrap up this great controversy praise you know you're going to break and enters and praise you Lord that you're going to bring me to have been some day hasn't happened yet but you can start praising him credit right now as something good you can do are correct So step number one and worship and praise God believing he will deliver. Step turn. First 20. What they do they rose early in the morning and went forth into the wilderness of to CO and as they went forth Jehosaphat stood and said Hear me would you and the inhabitants of Jerusalem believe the Lord God believe Lord your God so shall you be established and believe His prophets so shall you prosper I love that verse so what do they do they got up early in the morning and they watched the grass grow. They went out to back. You see where they were going they were going to the wilderness of Tacoma that's on the way and going with a huge multitude camped they were going right in to back. So what's 1st Step Number 10 move forward think about it this way just start doing whatever you would normally do as if you knew 100 percent you were going to success if you knew 100 percent I would have success what would you do start doing that and why because God promised and you can take that to the bank start doing what will they do if they knew 100 percent we're going to defeat these people and I get a good about immediately early in the morning that's exactly what they did praising God So what Step 10 after you've been through all this move forward what God told you to do just start doing it do it move forward and praise God trust in him he's going to give you success he's going to give you victory because he promised so simple yet so beautiful but our last step stuff 11 verse 22. And when they began to sing and to praise the Lord. Started to praise the Lord to set Bushman's against the children of Ammon AMOA and a man mount Seir which were come against you woulda and they were sent. The last step is very simple after you've gone through all this after moving forward in obedience simply watch God's deliverance just watch watch it happen watch the mountains move in front of you watch the trials melt in front of you now do they still have to go to battle yes are there hardship still yes absolutely will you have victory if you're moving forward based on God's promise Yes so you can make things tough he can make them impossible it's going to happen and the huge problem that we face it's going to implode right in front of us and you see this is exactly the actually big they all started destroying each other so exactly how do we get are going to destroy each other before God bring down health. And it's going to be for your best good and God's glory. So 11 steps that God takes his church to go and as you think about this stuff you can see so many similarities to what we read about in the Book of Revelation some similarities to how it's fleshed out in the book great controversy but what can we do what practical things can we do some questions do you see the crisis the real crisis that we're facing are you keeping the main thing the main thing are you keeping the preaching the proclamation of the 3 injuries messages in this world the main thing or have you gone off into a diversion are you praying for our leaders are you too busy hating. Are you fasting and praying maybe we need to do that as a local church fasting pray are you praying for unity or are you trying to do everything you can to be at Harmony or peace with the brother or. Are you looking to God in your little problems right now. If just one of these points struck us here so you know what there's something I could do was raise your hand so you know what there's something I could do there's a step I could take there's something I could do there's some new thing and that God wants me to start doing maybe I used to do it I'm not doing it that's something that's been you just a strange you know what but it's old ideas and wisdom and this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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