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Maximizing Executive Function

Wes Youngberg


The importance in maximizing your brain function as an entrepreneur. 


Wes Youngberg

Author & Founder of Youngberg Lifestyle Medicine Clinic


  • April 14, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Couple couple things this in particular if you notice here the the actual topic is maximizing executive function and we're talking about executives all of us involved in entrepreneurial work but also the executive function which is the way the brain works cognition in general how do we maximize executive function I had a new patient just just last week who I skydive with in a consultation she was very itchy she was all alone in a room she didn't want any of her family to know that we were talking and she she shared with me that she had 10 years before lost her business that she had started on her own it was a very successful home care business that the health care business that she lost because she had lost her executive function she had lost her ability to do what she was best at and that is make decisions and remember what she needed to do next to to be effective in communicating with clients and she is she's essentially lost and within a period of several years because of her steady decline of cognitive function she lost her entire business but it see it was it was during that talk that I realised that the most important job for me during that one hour long sky phone conference was to help her get a sense that there was hope. To give her a sense that something could change and ice and that because I knew it and that she was whole fall that change could occur she would never bring anybody else into that discussion she was afraid of bringing her sister and a friend a colleague a neighbor and I know as somebody who's worked with with hundreds and hundreds of patients who have had significant cognitive decline and less They have a health partner that can work with them through specially during the 1st $3.00 to $6.00 months until their executive function has improved so much that they can be successful more on their own and less to have a health partner they're not going to succeed so family becomes very enter Grohl and whether or not we're going to achieve success especially when we're dealing with the number one health concern not only in America but in the world which is diminishing cognitive reserve that's the number you know that in Europe the number one cause of premature death Alzheimer's number one beating cancer and heart disease I believe this number one in the US we just don't have as good a statistic says the Europeans do OK for various reasons but in the United States it's actually the number of 3 cause of premature death but that's just the beginning that's not even the most important problem the real issue is that it is the number one cause of a lost years of living while you're still alive you have you dramatically decrease your ability to function and that can last for 10 to 20 years and nobody's talking about it especially within families and less and less there confiding with a close friend and what they're seeing in their own families. But more and more people are going to be talking about it because there is actually great potential to reverse cognitive decline in many respects but only if the conditions are met only if we do what is necessary to appropriately address the underlying triggers the underlying causes of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease Well I also appreciate that suggestion that you talked about what constitutes opportunity anybody who's in business for more than even a few years or even a few months knows that that failure what is what is considered by the world this failure is often times one of the best things that can happen to us because it generates opportunities that would otherwise never have happened it generates offer opportunities that otherwise would leave us in the state of constant mediocrity I will say that the 2 best things that happened to me as a professional was losing my job both times it catapulted me to a much higher level than I would either wise been the 1st time was like I was I was on the full time faculty right here at the School of Public Health a lonely nursery I lost my job after just than a year and a half of being a. Instructor and professor there along with a whole bunch of my colleagues because of reorganization politics except for a and at the effort that was very bitter How could this happen to me you know I spent all this time and effort in developing all these great programs and it was just stripped away from me. But looking back at it even after about a year I realize and tell us the best they that could happen to me I've been on the clinical factory now for the SCA Loma Linda University School of Medicine School of Public Health since I left for the past 30 years almost and I found that I'm much more valuable to the university when I'm not being paid by the university when I when I've generated my own revenues and I can do what I believe to be best I don't have to worry about the politics of an institution so I interpret near a ship is a wonderful thing that that God once more and more of us to be involved with the 2nd time was when I had spent 14 years with my wife Betsy and my family in Guam as a medical missionary had a wonderful experience there learned a lot and then I was recruited to come back to Southern California I I persist and he said I'm not going to do that I'm not going to come back to Southern California Why would I want to leave why many ways why would I want to live the Paradise leave the paradise of Guam and but when I started praying about it after a colleague of mine said Wes are you actually praying about this I go like do I really need a prayer I knew God made it made sure that I went to Guam. So should actually be praying whether God wants me to leave Of course the answers are always yes Yahweh is free but every opportunity or or a situation that comes up so we ended up coming back to Southern California working for a large family my family practice medical group in Temecula just an hour south of Loma Linda our north of San Diego and and things went great for 3 years at the end of the 3 years of my contract that's how I got to negotiate a better contract here I'm bringing in over $400000.00 a year to this to this group and as I went into to the negotiation they say hey you know we want to thank you for your service over the last 3 years but we've decided not to retain your services which shocked that was the best thing that ever happened to me professionally because it forced me to pray and ask God for what is the next step I knew God had brought me back because I didn't want to come back it was God had created multiple experiences those Gideon experiences those fleece experiences to make it clear to me 100 percent that he wanted me to take that job but God wanted me to take that job not because he wanted me to stay there until every tired but because it was the next step and something God was planning for me beyond that. And that's what allowed me to to if forced me to become an entrepreneur if forced me to get into my own private practice where now I can go anywhere I want in the world without getting a filling out forms in triplicate and waiting 3 months to get approved or not and I can set my own pay so what I need to do in the stead of being forced to see 20 patients a day see 6 patients a day hour every time because that's what's necessary especially if we're going to be successful in reversing cognitive decline in a patient critical so. So the don't don't despair if you are trying to start up a new company and you're struggling along the way because those are opportunities for you to grow in a powerful powerful way. Just recently Peter versal young man who actually grew up in Guam his parents were medical missionaries lived right across the street from our family and and he is now involved in a start up company said he said Well Uncle Wesley calls me Uncle Wes could says I need you to be a help us with this program would you mind being one of our medical advisers and that's it certainly this is called Sonora sero not alive we build profitable farms that grow fresh healthy local food and any climate there essentially is designed these pods where you can they can grow this is it's a hydroponic system where they can develop jobs for our ads in a sick cat in these colleges and hospitals and clinics all around the country. It's a wonderful opportunity here's the here's their mission statement at Sonora Serrano life we believe that everyone should have access to healthy local grown food in a way that is most profitable and sustainable we empower local communities to participate in the food systems in a way that brings jobs money and access to healthy food for everyone our partnerships with schools hospitals upper Columbia Academy already has a working system Loma Linda University is working with them to establish the same things to provide these type of foods to patients and other organizations in local and in your locality allowing us to build a model that fits the needs of your area rather than a one size fits all approach so it's wonderful being able to work with entrepreneurs who see an opportunity an opportunity that dramatically enhanced as the health of not just a few people but everyone who is willing to listen and to participate why do we care why do we care whenever I do presentations regardless of the worldview of that organization I always say hippie because because the Apostle John once wrote 2000 years ago Beloved I wish above all things that you would prosper in being good Hell even as your soul prospered so recently I was asked to do a series of meetings up north and and out we were talking about giving people hope people who have out of control diabetes people who have Alzheimer's or who have mild cognitive impairment and have been told by their doctors. I'm so sorry In fact it's just just a few days ago actually on Thursday I was Skype ing with a physician. Who works with the V.A. system and he's a geriatrician I mean he works primarily with elderly individuals and so most of what he does is diagnosing Alzheimer's He's an expert in diagnosing Alzheimer's and he had actually was consulting with me he was we met at various medical conferences and you know what I'm doing and and so he was just consulting with meat so that I can be his health partner to help guide them through some of this health issues that he has and and he said to me says you know Wes I He teaches at one of the big universities in this country and medical schools and he says he says what I train my residents the 3 most important words that you need to learn to say to your panic patients and say it in a way that means something to sympathetic is I'm so sorry is ness add in that said in other words this if that's that the the last message that a patient hears or a client hears from you they're basically hearing from you have nothing for them you have no answers and the reality that we have been given a health message that has significant answers for most individuals we have opportunities to impact people and ways that we haven't even conceived of yet mostly because of our lack of faith. I personally I recognize from time to time my lack of faith when it takes somebody outside of 7th Day Adventists I'm it takes somebody outside of Christianity to do a study or to present a concept that that makes me feel somewhat ashamed because I think I should have known that all along we have this in our message I just simply didn't have the faith that this concept that this construct could be applied in an effective way to people who had cognitive decline to people who had significant cognitive impairment I just assume that that was just too late and that's just simply wrong and you know what's what's exciting to me is that God had been preparing me for this for decades and though in the field of addressing diabetes reversal and dealing with all the politics for decades when I gave talks and diabetes reversal being rebuffed and being told that this is absolutely no evidence that diabetes could be reversed course of say well I'm just talk to a couple 100 of my patients you know I mean what evidence do you need and now of course we have research upon research documented that diabetes is reversible but but now we're struggling with the concepts and politically and within medicine of whether or not cognitive impairment is is in different aspects of it are reversible and that's that's the new political challenge right now and yet we're seeing the power of reversal and and song to be sharing with you some of this this text this text that is so powerful because God wants to give us hope. God wants you and not I to share that hope with everybody that we're in contact with as we whether we involved in nutrition or and fitness or in any aspect of health care we have an opportunity to give people hope so wonderful it for I know the plans I have for you declares war plans to prosper you are not harm you plans to give you hope and the future now for those of you who know your Bible you know that there's conditions that come with this statement this is an all hey you know it just got it just pray and God is going to heal you God is sharing us with us God lines that set the physiologic the spiritual basis for healing we need to understand what those guidelines are and if we're willing to follow those guidelines we should have hope our job is to let people know that there is hope based on that OK so one of my favorite books growing up when I was 15 years old my father encouraged me to read the book minister of healing it changed my life it gave me hope it gave me an awareness that that health and healing is possible for nearly everyone who is willing to work at it and figure out what the underlying issues are for them one of the statements which which puzzled me as a young man but now makes perfect sense to me after 30 years of experience with clinical lifestyle medicine is a quote from the ministry healing that says the only hope of better things the only hope OK for better things isn't it is in the education of the people it right principles guidelines actionable I had a mess. Not just feel good stuff but actionable items let physicians teach the people that restored to power is not in drugs but in nature. It disease and this is key disease is an effort of nature to free this system from conditions that result from a violation of the laws of hell now when I 1st read that it is I less interesting but you need to understand this is a revolutionary statement even now this is not being taught medical school go ahead OK what he would have a disease is is an effort of nature to free the system of conditions in other words stop treating the symptoms because if you do that there is no hope now sometimes we have to treat symptoms but that's we can't stop there because treating the said symptoms does not address the actual cause of the problem there is no hope when we don't address the multiple actual causes of the problem so. The Alawite goes on to say that in case of sickness the conscious B.S. retained it because it is really implied here the cause is should be ascertained unhealthful conditions should be changed wrong habits corrected then they'd serious to be assisted in or afeard to expel him period t's and to reestablish right conditions into system so let's just. I mentioned to you that that I had this experience maybe 5 years ago when I read this young 2014 read this this study and the journal aging by Dr Del Bredesen who at the time was at U.C.L.A. Department of Neurology center for Alzheimer's research and he was talking about reversal of cognitive decline a novel therapeutic program and this is one of those Aha things where I've been I've been studying health all along and had been learning how to reverse this diabetes and then I realized from studying this in expanding my understanding of of cognitive decline that that may driver of the loss of brain function that may drive or that leads to L's timers is insulin resistance so that's why I was so grateful that God led me to work with Life and Health Network and Danny Kwan in developing the diabetes undone program because that is the very 1st step anybody should follow if they if they want to address their risk of cognitive decline or help them reverse cognitive decline that they've already been experiencing that is the 1st of why because Alzheimer's is essentially And we've known this now for over 25 years insulin resistance of the brain it's also being referred to as Type 3 diabetes so so that's the 1st step it's not the only stuff but it's the most common driver because almost everybody that you know has insulin resistance almost everybody and weak I can do tests to document that in every single case very very few people only the healthiest 510 percent of the population don't have insulin resistance. Disco's way beyond whether you're at optimal weight or whether you work out this disk has to do with many other factors and can only really be assessed by appropriate tests and so so it was in 2014 that God Dr Dale Bredesen into my life as far as I know he's not a Christian he certainly certainly believes in evolution but he's an amazing researcher who is gracious and humble and eager to teach everything that he's learned over the last 45 years in his work when Dr Harvey Kellog was asked me How do you keep up you know how do you keep up and how do you how do you how do you stay 10 plus years ahead of the rest of your colleagues and says simple this is whenever a new program and a new idea a new therapy comes out I evaluate it based on the construct of the message if it fits within that contract if there's no income grew A T's I accept the aspects of that that make sense and I I adapt the aspects of it that don't make sense that aren't consistent with our health message that's why Dr Kellogg for so many years of his professional life was way above he was the head not the tail he was the head so. So that so that's what we need to be doing is taking advantage of these concepts that give us greater understanding and faith that things we've known all along we just need to apply them in a more robust and more appropriate and manage of a way so. These are this just let me just go through this real quick because otherwise I'll never get done. With this talk. And these are statements coming out of Dr better since research in Alzheimer's treatment there's not a single drug that gives anything beyond a marginal and sustained symptomatic effect with little north on disease progression in order to get effective improvements in Alzheimer's we must address the underlying causes of the disease sound familiar Oh did he get this from Alan White Probably not but he got it from the same God right that a caught him how to use his intellect and apply it properly. And and so and focus on the combination strategies now one. Nutrition might be the most important factor but they don't the one writes about it can't be the only one we become champions of one thing and we call that our wellness program we have to be champions of balance the ministry of healing doesn't just talk about nutrition it talks about many things it talks about many things that we need to be champions of and in a balanced fashion help people understand how they play a role in healing of disease it's a it requires a comprehensive network based synergistic approach it will be necessary to target multiple pathways simultaneously don't try this I tried to trigger for a while that didn't work I'm going to try exercise and that didn't work either and I'm going to try this and try that got to do it all together OK. You can take baby steps but you've got to bring it all together also it's not going to work. OK So and these must be done simultaneously in order to effect an improvement in symptoms and pathophysiology the goal is not simply to normalize metabolic function but rather to optimize this I one of the main things that I that I do with my patients is teaching them not to accept normal blood values or normal statistics for their out because normals just simply means you're like everybody else who gets cancer who gets heart disease who get strokes who get Alzheimer's so a norm normalcy will get you sick so do not accept normals only accept optimal for at least drive to achieve optimal cis is critical critical for us to be successful just as in other chronic diseases the goal is to reach a threshold of that that tipping point such that once enough of the underlying cause all network components have been impacted that path though logical process would be halted or even potentially reversed I mean this could be a chapter out of mind here or you know another another part of the ministry of healing right and yet he gets criticized all the time for his approach just like Dr Dean Ornish 25 years ago was criticized for his his major research showing that coronary artery disease was reversible and there are still some some cardiologists out there saying it's not reversible. Because if they don't promote the underlying triggers addressing Dunder line triggers of course it's not reversible OK. So we need to win it when we're dealing with the problem is so complex this Alzheimer's this is a slide of Dr Bredesen we need to recognize that we're dealing with a building that has 36 holes in a roof fixing just 12 or 3 of them and going to going to do a lot of good. It's him every hole we fix is important is necessary is just not sufficient one of the main principles I learned in cancer in cardiovascular epidemiology right here just right up the hill from where we're meeting today and Loma Linda the old sanitarium that's where I went to school over 30 years ago. And name principle is that in order for something to work it has to be necessary but it Ass actually must meet sufficient breath of treatment or else it's not going to work OK So let's let's do a quick case study here like so many people Dan a 67 year old television network executive from the L.A. area knew his cognitive function was declining 2 years 10 years earlier he had become aware that name recognition was compromised and that he required that he required reliance a note taking and looking up information that he normally was able to remember I'm going to read this because otherwise I'll take too long it's a great story at the 1st consultation I had with him actually drove down from L.A. He told me about a trip that he had taken overseas a business trip with his. Based on his television work. And. He had indulged in a large steak after which he experienced a significant cognitive the compensation he experienced strange caught the compensation of his mental abilities this of course was great as it and stay his amazing cognitive reserve that he had have he actually had a photographic memory and for him to experience a conscious of the compensation was very scary to him he had had this form of eidetic memory allowing them to recall details from board meetings he was the top executive in this network and so he'd go to board meetings and he could recites word for word decisions that had been made over 10 years before at previous Bordman meetings and he was the go to guy if there was ever a discussion about what happened in the past they finally come back to Dan and say OK well what actually went down down with it what is the truth and you did you'd explain to everybody satisfaction what the truth really was but this was failing him now and he was very concerned about what that meant you see his great his mother had died at age 93 well withdrawn with that method great life isn't it it's not a great life it is if he spent the last 20 years in cognitive decline in the last 10 years of full blown Alzheimer's and so he had secretly harbored this concern and distress in his life for a long time. When confiding this concern about his his failing memory to a colleague his his colleague said Tim says What are you kidding me you're the smartest person in this whole corporation and to me he kind of he kind of you know. In an embarrassing way said You know I went admit this to this to me anybody else but you know I'm here seeking your help he says they're right I am the smartest guy in the corporation but I am not what I used to be and I'm wondering if I am if I'm following the path that my mother had followed Well we did comprehensive testing on him I mean we've this is real comprehensive This is not your you know your Sunday morning blood drop for cholesterol blood sugars and in a T.S.H. level this is with 2 or 3 Viles we're talking about 30 plus viles of blood this is very comprehensive The more we know about your risk factors the better you are able to reverse whatever problem you have never never seek to avoid learning about another health problem that you have because in fact the more health problems that you know you have the better able you are to actually reverse those conditions because we have more physiologic understanding of how this pattern comes together and what you specifically need to do that might be different from your your other friends and family members that can help you reverse your condition I'm so he he followed this this program. And it it's comprehensive He had only been sleeping 34 hours a night if you want to destroy your wonderful cognitive abilities just just be a hard worker you know just be a good administers and work and and sleep only 3 or 4 or 5 hours a night that's guaranteed to increase insulin resistance which is guaranteed to encrease buildup of beta amyloid plaques in your brain which is guaranteed to increase your risk of developing diabetes type 2 diabetes Type 3 insulin resistance of the brain Alzheimer's it is as I started talking with Dan about the approach the justification for the approach I shared with him some of these concepts from the Ministry of healing to which he was very interested in this this this definition of disease as an effort of the body to rid itself of the underlying causes of disease you now that bad a amyloid the that has been maligned and vilified in research for decades now and the latest is that the latest huge multimillion dollar trial to remove beta amyloid with antibodies has failed just a few months ago essentially every single drug trial done over $200.00 of them on Alzheimer's has failed a good reason for that is because this model therapy they're trying to do one thing they're trying to fix one of those 36 holes and that Rove and wondering why they're there research continues to fail and so the what's interesting is that the beta amyloid plaque that is widely recognized as the cause of Alzheimer's is actually. Produced by the good girl cells of the brain in an effort to rid the body of disease in an effort to rid the brain is the most important and complex structure that we know in the universe humanly speaking in other words efforts to prevent the brain from doing what it knows it needs to do to address the disease process and the inflammation process is always going to fail in less Did you did you catch what I said and we go back to that I think. Did you catch what I said I should have commented on that each network risk why did you even read this I skipped it the approaches personalized based on 150 data points including lab scans cognitive tests and history the protocol has continued optimization over time each network risk factor is addressed in the most rational pathological physiologic way and as far up your aim as possible I'm an upstream ist it's an optimist that goes to the extreme Why because sometimes we need to do that extreme based on world standards but then we get extreme benefits and we get a compilation of things that are still considered to be on attainable in medicine because we're doing what it takes OK So let's let's jump forward here. Dan started started changing the schedule to focus on the one thing. OK Or the most important things that he needed to do if he was going to be successful right he made it clear to his staff that he wasn't going to be staying in he that he was not available at 12 31 o'clock 2 o'clock in the morning if there was some big issue says that can be handled by somebody else I am not going to be addressing putting out fires at 2 o'clock in the morning I'm going to be sleeping and then I'm going to be more effective to you when I do come in so he started managing this time in their e effective manner he started exercising every day something that he had convinced himself he didn't have time for because of his you know the urgency of the moment the tyranny of the urgent Right and so he started now planning it as part he just cross out time if somebody needed a meeting with then he said you come walk with me because I'm walking right out is that important you're going to be walking with me for the next half hour or so many of his colleagues got healthier as a result of his of his commitment to exercise he he went on a 100 percent plant based diet started dramatically improving his blood sugars. Bottom line after 6 months Dan at his 6 month appointment with me reported that his ability to recall facts had greatly improved and stated and I quote While a recent board meeting I was able to effectively and vividly recall information from a project completed 12 years ago is something that he had not been able to do now for almost the last 10 years when we when we commit ourselves to the guidelines to the principles that are available to us today that are all SAGAL the in the medical literature and certainly within our health message we can see tremendous tremendous opportunity so. Bottom line is. The really issue is how much life we have in our years I'm starting to be less and less concerned about how many years we have to live because you know for so many people remembering this is about 20 years ago a patient saw me and she was 62 years old you know it's just a couple years away for me. And she said she said Doc I don't know I don't want to live pass 63. That's just a year away and she says yeah and so I said I asked her why he says you know docs just about all my relatives come from a big extended family once they hit 6263 they beast I start becoming a huge burden to the family their health has fallen so greatly that they just not enjoy life anymore and says I don't live that way I want to be a burden to my family I do not want to live a dysfunctional lie for 1015 years and so I said to her I said Mary says what if it's 63 you actually feel like you're 42 and that was a concept that had never occurred to her and she said to me I mean that's possible that's absolutely absolutely that's possible but only if we had dress the reasons you're feeling this way right now only if we had dress all those reasons that your your your aunts and uncles and your parents develop those problems so if you're willing to work with me there is great opportunity here OK. This is a love story John and Nancy real quick of about 4 years ago I was I was doing a diabetes reversal workshop for a hospital out east. And so and after the workshop this was mainly for doctors and dietitians and others but after the workshop this man came up to me and says you know my wife is diabetic can you help us and and so we talked a little bit and he sought to try to introduce some of the strategies but right around that time she had been diagnosed with full blown Alzheimer's and that just that just demoralized him and his wife and because they've been they've been given those 3 deadly words by their doctor. I'm so sorry there's really nothing that we can do so we can start you on Aricept. Said but just just want you to know the heiress it doesn't change the course of disease at all we know that it might help you feel a bit better to temporarily she started it and she actually would have hallucinations from an agitation so she could even take that. And so so for the next 4 years she would go through major sundowning syndrome every every early or late afternoon about 4 o'clock she would start getting confused tenacity did and would want to go pack her bags and move move back to be with mother who had been dead for over 20 years she would be seen things and loosen 18 and and literally would be trying to get out the door with her of suitcases and her husband had to basically manage this for 3 to 4 hours every night this went on for 3 and a half years and then the next morning he'd have to unpack all the suitcases and organize a room and. Take a deep breath and can you imagine that the challenge of being a spouse and dealing with that being a caregiver about abouts 8 months ago. I got a I got a call my clinic got a call from from John and said you know what. I read I read a study that was published in The Journal of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's it was a review of a study that had 100 case studies of people that were versed in cognitive decline I had the privilege to be one of the co-authors on that study with Dr Brotherson and says I wonder if you could help my wife and so we I could tell he was commit the he was engaged his wife had full blown Alzheimer's she scored 0 out of 30 on her cognitive assessment test 0 she was all the way then. She was if they sickly of that's developed you have De Lay in her room with the T.V. on all day most of the time not engage even with what's going on on T.V. not laugh at anything that talks you would try to talk to her husband or somebody in the family and. She she just jibber jabber there was no communication no real living going on at all and yet her husband would not give up on her really a love story and so he said I will do anything to help my wife regain even some of her cognitive abilities back because I don't have my wife anymore she's gone she is she is lost in a shell of her of self and and in brief what happened was that he started incorporating the Empire protocol totally changes that this is a lady who. Would always be asking for ice cream and candies and of course right so at that state of cognitive decline you're basically not even as intelligent as a toddler but you know what you want and so she choose who is in the best way she could she would ask for she you know people know what people like you know and sell family would just give her whatever she wanted that's just. Let's just be kind to her give her all the ice cream and in Snickers bars whatever she wants and so that was the 1st principle we went 100 percent plant base where as a husband he made sure that she got 3 meals a day that were loading her full of nutrients that work that were these nutrients were causing epigenetic changes in her health such that the unhealthy genes were being turned off in the healthy genes the health promoting genes were being turned on and she was again getting healing from the genetic epigenetic perspective in a dramatic way she started she started responding within a month she was no longer having her son down in central NY I did not expect that I didn't have enough faith I guess OK but but because it wasn't because of what she did it was because of what her husband was doing for her because a his love for her that she was dramatically improving we did everything he would and was soon as she started becoming more. She could actually hold onto a grocery cart and they would go why he would take her do the grocery store and walk with her for 30 minutes every day going around the grocery store she would grab candies and donuts and then he would take them and put him back so he got is exercise that she got here exercise but they only bought healthy food healthy produce and and so she followed the diet followed exercising and addressed her medical deficiencies she had all kinds of health things going on and we use various natural herbs and and nutrients as as supplements to optimize every category that we found on the labs and as we did all those things. This is now been over 6 months I just talked with and 2 weeks ago she has had no sundowning syndrome at all for 6 months at all. She she and I'm almost done here because she has basically said what he said you know what I have my wife back she's smiling at me she's talking to me in full sentences as well as the other family members she is now reading had life she can now likes to get in the car with me and read Science and says Honey supposed to turn here you know she has now location she is able to understand spatial intelligence she can actually look at the clock and know what time it is now she hadn't been able to do that for almost 4 years never give up on anybody follow a protocol that is comprehensive and if you use the principles that we have in our health message Date natural remedies and the simple remedies that come with that. God can bless. You and bless others through. 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