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How to Read Ellen White, Part 2

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator



  • December 31, 2009
    3:45 PM
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father as we take a few moments this now to look at some history and then later as we continue on our consideration of the subject of inspiration we pray your last father were not interested in just getting it right are interested in you getting us we want to be yours we want to be used by you we want to have your mind our case what have your Spirit in our hearts we just pray that you will use these things to that end users but it was story start off on the eighteenth of February nineteen oh two the Battle Creek Center Hamburg underground and a number things were important to know about this without a Senate candidate was approximately a one thousand and facility only said some years before that was ten times too large not really an asset that seems to imply a hundred facilities may not did anything again Doctor Kellogg was not into the time he was off on a trip first thinking about it was when he landed a singular point when he arrived in Chicago is walking across Chicago's L Grand Central Station whatever they call it their and he heard the voice acting is a exact answer me on automatically as reimbursement diversity we got on the plane train or restrain any of the colonists doing because Kellogg was like your super double platinum frequent flyer guy is raising is and he said yes or I will be needing a large lap desk three license paper and pencils in the street is an enormous elaborate a hostile lineup for him and one time he arrived at Battle Creek and plans on up for any senator and revisions and refinements in a no-no the hotel was I feel around to suing Kellogg sanitarium that he was designing was bigger and better rather than the smaller and more diverse outlay considerably better to have Hughes entering scattered around the country than one big one in Battle Creek Doctor Kellogg playing that particular point in time was kind of off on his own little in my great Nebuchadnezzar who is known that one type of trip and so he designed a larger better place including thousand dollars chandeliers at one thousand dollars of the ninety thousand dollars dollars ninety five hundred is no need a lot of money to build a Senate hearing thinking planning and willing to allow right right books practically sleep actually more often he did as he was pedaling bicycle ride around his driveway in early-morning eating and exercising habits not proceed on a stool in the middle of the indication and indicator will that was not bang on the needing copyediting despite impressive the language is an interesting guy well Doctor Thomas book tolerated a great deal of controversy and maybe demand with the title it leaves you with all the living Temple and this is what is pantheism came out most clearly been created some problems skipping a lot of the details suffice it to say that by September of nineteen oh three Doctor Keller still not gotten his okay for the church to print the book living couplings when Mister got this a.m. as anyone attempts fancy but that was unsuccessful sometime in September of oh three companies regularly I is a charset know when I'm going to do this were not happy with the booking after the six revisions even a degree of Richmond was rethinking up and so they said we will not buy the book Doctor Allison fine I'll get it printed myself and so he went to a local printing in a letter to a private publication worth anything when you bring my blood and if anything happens you for a small fee not because any file pay the fee so what was turned over the management was turned over to the commercial side of the review and Herald publishing Association which was then printed book on December thirty nineteen oh two the printing plates for the living Temple were sitting on the floor of the unit out publishing Association rating on presses the next morning to begin rest upon the after after New Year's Day I suppose or something me nothing were thirty first negative thirty first whichever the place was narrated on unimpressed and some of those great cases that talk about the word writing things in the sky have sometimes he comes pretty close and I'm so busy at the living Temple was nothing on the press and the review and Herald because nothing was printed dresses everything was not one to be so easily went down to the unit 's largest Free Press in the area and he had to create a limited edition of five thousand copies which dealt down there at the Battle Creek Moon movie was and so he began selling these these books well one time and then just a couple of the finest time of the awesome Council which is held in Washington DC that next year nineteen oh three radio of the moon animosities and they didn't work up the medical workers by and large but it might have fallen in line with OxyContin were supporting him in his promotion of the living Temple and the concepts using there in your congressman would him him in Missouri cannot then I hope your new address and that brings in the time to learn he started out in a minute the region the latest because it is the all-powerful nineteen oh three the London medical and educational personnel of the church were really waiting rate pressing argument example and its contents except Hillary Danielson 's presidential conference chairman of the proceedings most of that he was and that night he walked home from the conference session a very good man by name of Doctor David Paulson accompanied him and as he came up to Carol house which is the name of the boardinghouse of Doctor Olivier also staying in Doctor Felsenthal is just awful anything if you don't accept this work and see what the Lord will only will bring us in a manner which was the meanest denomination that was little from exposing of the Daniels walking the house and in his account was written thirty some years later he made his limited knowledge of Mattie I don't like in his account he says that the all and like the main state of the the Houston Wilson and Matt Kennedy came to the door with a cry of Daniel will come in a little-known night what she had her hand how excellent deliverance it was a packet of letters from California written by Ellen White someone before and got in the mail just shortly before they write just on time this is when Ellen Langer this is the package of letters that contain the iceberg vision driven Allen and good will and should be seeing the Eiffel envision when a sitdown meeting with Thomas and Mrs. nineteen oh three this is like for nine years before the him I am in a manner like Tower Taipei the lighthouse of the Titanic was not a thunk it legally try to avoid enthusiasm and anything is getting slammed into it head on all the people in this together the prominent precedent now unfortunately the simplicity on you know I think we must be needed immediately okay and that was that was missing she was her influence was successful and in the on ninety oh three Doctor Kellogg's book was recently turned down this week okay lessons were learned from this number one numerous awards for his people and to Italy California now you and I might think that was a good thing sounded not infidels it was not entirely happy with two the answer was obvious this writer Peter Attaway she is locking up what is so things again to use later Alan Daniels wrote this if there is any secret stealthy influence at work all through our ranks of renouncing the message is the spirit I think now coming to our general conference brethren who attend the meetings made it everywhere it works like eleven or intently comes he will what were they say primarily what they were saying is that William Clarence White W C White Lily White Helen's second son manipulated his mother 's writings he was seen as the gatekeeper to her attention her thought he was seen as moving sustaining the starting attack diabolically controlling things behind the lines I was young it would be a source of concern unfortunately some kind soul there are sometimes all went to the trouble of trying on wife that her son was the second of my chameleon tactics she said I learn rewards are circulated in WC white manipulates his mother 's writings all know how my studies many places not his writings when he is separated from metering lysozyme for the years before this year and we have when we need to get a planet must be done so little in issuing books but I actually deny the charges okay good now historically speaking than you think me know here in this whole experiment already been tried it already damn this is not the first time around that this hill is unique there was a lady learning-disabled if you have been an extremely good memory you might recognize the name Jean René Socialism they are sent in a single she wrote the book not I but Christ which is a great song and one if I am tempted to think that it was a song which she knew she needed to take the heart but somehow failed to do so and so he who had been working for Ellen White in a variety of capacities began to claim that she is was responsible for portions of our what was he responsible for well she cited if you think CNN is reporting that it was generally in the most you can lay claim to was a few flowery expressions and it was sort of the less I say that and it ended in a uncontrolled the dreamy romantic turn of mind and she was immediately and in what is your piercing Shelley the NSF anything I is you and is now losing of the outstanding expressions and how uplifting was okay fine so Sandy had worked for a period of time as a number of capacity I actually fire on three different days and as you get hired back by withholding an amazing abilities of the number on his title the Fanny Bolton story to the whole thing in graphic detail if you are interested in taking on CNET Valentino became famously theogony picture is seamless it was original but she's not keeping improved online some writing the Lord was agreed and he told Ellen White all about this way confronted her five times she was taken away from all assets of literary work internetworking in a household that had nothing to the writing and eventually she herself decided to leave sister once employment outlay had some interesting things to say about this now this is important because there are those who claim to know what I been manipulated and distorted and falsifying annihilator growth okay including she said I do not want any person who will deal with her prerogative to change the mastery to the written matter that I so give them into their own cozy beautiful in their native language I want my own style to appear in my own words their thinker and author vast I want my own style in my own words and she summed it up in one of the most sustained and erotic toy things I've ever seen in an online speaking of anyone he said she is a farce him moderately harsh assessment from a generally very generous lady and okay so why is this of any interest to us now well it's because the tacit argument what what if someone starts to mess around with her pussy on the large experiment at the answer is outgoing and she and Danny could represent me and my word at her originating that beautiful expression losers with her and she would make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God some familiar reason make of none effect the very last deception of Satan will be to make of none effect the testimony spirit of God there are people out there for whatever reason none of which are good people out there claiming that this paragraph please been mixed up muddled metal with an ample supply of lessee there are still people living generally today the accusations I think I'm discouraged and scientific survey it is that I would say that there are four individuals that are usually blamed for this sort of thing will he wife a G Daniels Urias Smith have been modified out of three important offices or three of Willie Agee Daniel or Uriah Smith are generally being blamed as the ones who were manipulating as their proxy my personal favorite is the claim that year Ryan Smith had much to do with manipulating in nineteen eleven revision all the great controversy and my hunch is that it is here I am once missing with a nineteen eleven edition three hundred it probably would've been on the sections dealing with the state of the day since he died in nineteen oh three so now something else anyway here I have to definitely nice eleven I only give him a lot of credibility there is a synonymous and immunity are okay back to nineteen oh six now Britain and Italy will do anybody had actually sought doing a very nice twenty six and twenty seven or something like that that was the dying tabernacle the big church began his church in Battle Creek that was that was the headquarters church will be general conference in Battle Creek and him following the fire nineteen oh two they moved it to come apart out of Washington DC because the church was the last time England was the flagship church even though the general conference in moving the review and Herald and will still come in a big thing well and so happened back in those days this particular all and his churches was owned by a Board of Directors that he was illegally we can't have something lying around that of the United is not owned by now really something lying around no one owns it similarly got allowance of value all of the literature is owned by a Board of Directors the United States economically something as a individual or as a corporation the corporations that send the undersigned tabernacle of Battle Creek Board of Directors and no board of directors there were seven members was retiring three of the existing seven members were little disgruntled church in Halloween for Doctor Kellogg and his concerns and complaints we got seven member of one retiring our meeting with three pro- sanitarium Thursday and three approach probe nominations I think it may go to become the remaining questions will be replaced this with any retirement well most the things that young nation was on the Johansen moved on Helen moved down Battle Creek College and I often have very a spring Talladega and downright Doctor Kellogg and by this time very sadly and general name of Alonzo Trottier Joan Vicki Jones who was primitive Doctor Helen back pocket by this particular time they were trying to to win control of the object in the structure and alignment this is that I see Natalie as a medical work in Battle Creek will try to secure possession of the cabinet this evening is so simple that I greatly fear this may be accomplished this was written long before this was written quite a while before it happened why it was like way ahead of the curve the story about the Elijah telling that the king of Syria are killing the King of Israel with the Syrian army was up to prevent an also-ran I can tell and Jones were really frustrated having a profit on the other side for logistical purposes is a major difficult cash and no element is surprising and also part of it well I went heavily more here Singapore in July community unless it is a fantasy I will now think there is presented in a well-designed lighting is not another eighty Johnson will make every effort possible to lessen the tabernacle in order that any any present their doctrines we must not allow an house to be used for the promulgation error until our work is done in Creek okay only getting out of hand here and erroneous ideas you something clearly had begun to jump put her in a box again what was this creditor and you know when your prophet of the Lord the most disquieting thing possibly is a Catholic ball testimony bank I was shown something that was not true that it would be even better it it could be shown that she was influenced somehow that will display little background to understand the concepts in this doctor so nonprofit Michigan and Association was under investigation for financial mismanagement and fifteen member committee had been named or had examined the corporate records and finally delivered a favorable verdict of it was ever concerned somebody's in all not because not doing the things of the money over there now is a result of this committee to committee fascinating one months and making Wayne and Young with complaining wrong with what was going on not matching their money and one member the committee was I don't have the only in late February nineteen oh seven a letter from Battle Creek arrive in unusual it was eyewitness accounts of bribery or maybe questioning being paid a letter serve on this committee which can examine Doctor Salam 's financial dealings and that it is a violent as is known then the pain line among it had all the details including a check for exactly one thousand three hundred twenty four dollars and eight cents which was drawn up for the law and delivered to his house on one particular morning exact message illnesses please send me a check drawn up for one thousand and forty four dollars and eighty cents and also finance okay fine and later that hate interesting set of circumstances be thoroughly letter to Alan Whitehead happened to see the bank will pay just coincidently happened to showing the one thousand three hundred twenty four B say anything mean that they put the patient is obvious Doctor Kellogg's check was drawn up in the morning and then signed and delivered to brother Melvin and deposited it in his bank now okay the problem with that of course was that building wasn't working the only woman he had log anytime recently and as a member that fifteen member committee is not supposed to be paying people who are investigating you on committees are nice and this was very damaging information they came down like anonymous the letter was signed a friend of cause and it was actually quite a bit of trouble saying no I might want to keep my name out of this but I can tell you this person and this person I verify this and make sure you I I I I I know putting an awkward position by not giving you my name in a hybrid and I don't want having personal doing this but if you contact this person they can verify this much is going to contact this person they can verify this is the start that was February late February nineteen oh seven to go in early March nineteen oh seven a letter from Elms Haven Verizon Battle Creek testimony condemns building for accepting improper payments number one describes all the bank book she was shown in visions and Belgrade produces his name will no such entry for local bank denies receiving any such nonwhites reputation was down in flames cataloging and associating control and I'm sure now I will because the first thing around and is actually happening at March five dollars the author of enormous anonymous letter eagerly awaited a condemning letter from using it never can the Tabernacle Board of Trustees eventually transferred ownership of the church to the West Michigan conference and you can never have exact never happened the point here is simply that the information is online received did not come from that kind of a source she had her own sources she was not interested in an anonymous help which is the underlying written by Belden himself you don't want to know that his bank what was going and he thought he could trap oil turns out equipment well in the process of transferring ownership of the Godhead after the Michigan Congress was legally involved three separate meetings with little complicated at the first meeting building shouting accusations for most of the meeting at the second meeting he spoke thirty four times thinking the the maximum financial water each time he spoke at the third meeting George Amazon Georgiana John Edwards the city is needed to revive the euro since eighteen fifty one why but at fifty years he was one of the members of the committee of the of the Board of Directors in the elderly church but he was worried he knew this was a tough situation he will no thing inside out it was when they got together before the meeting and dear Brother Amazon kept wringing his hands and saying his only sister language here and only sister were here but she wasn't she was in California only sister what you ten minutes before the meeting was to commence it was a knock at the door little Western Union telegraph was standing there he said telegram for pastor and an camel now when you have the shortest known testimony that no one ever will it said simply Philippians one twenty seven twenty eight fidelity way the text reads only let your conversation be a hippie the gospel of Christ that whether I come and see you or else the asset I may hear of your affairs easily fasten one spirit was one mind striving and not anything not been verified by your adversaries which is in them and an angel and a provision to you of salvation that God gringos has well when it was over it was all over Michigan got possessed the tabernacle and brother Melvin was very very frustrated now there's one quote I like to read here that I think is is important I'm sorry Ashley Henderson marked already there we know something manuscript releases volume six H three hundred thirty three mistakes to let after Howard is not a nonexistent event you gone to reprove his people through individual he does not leave the one corrected to get matters and message entities and the message to be corrupted in reaching the person it is designed to correct God gives the message and then takes special care that it is not corrupt either going to be minor issues of some ascribe some place this is all probable in life and does God neglect his work never him you never okay for the subject has been the inspiration and what we're talking about here is the inspiration of the writings of Ellen White talk about the fact in our last session that inspiration is generally thought inspiration there are times when God has specifically dictated information to the prophet for example the ten Commandments are verbatim as God spoke done but as a rule the Bible was given through thought inspiration guide gives the profit the thought and then thought then that probably communicated in his own language same thing the same way inspiration works not only in the Bible with you all the prop guys raised up including Alan mine and we talked about how a person holds to an understanding of what we call verbal inspiration it is impossible there would be any discrepancies any kind of minor errors in anything that's written to say that I don't want somebody to start injection developing their ideas on huge errors in the Bible are in the spirit of prophecy they are not there but you will find minor errors in these things because they come through the channel of humanity and I think it needs to be understood I run the school of evangelism called Emmanuel Institute of evangelism in one of the greatest I think one of the greatest fallacies that that's taking hold of young people today I think you can convince somebody into the true vine just get the right set I remember when I first came into Christianity unity is starting with somebody you know you really think that you come here after some mentor in fact one of the subject was dominated to emulate that because you're still convinced that the only reason I'm deciding and you cannot tell you what most people when they're not making decisions because getting enough information is because and not willing to yield their heart the information I received is the one who gave the information when it comes to truth and comes the Spirit of truth it's not so much semantics as it is an issue of the heart and John gave his message to the prophet the method is is reliable and trustworthy man I want to tell you something that the Christian faith is just that the matter in reading and believing the Bible is a matter of faith there are people who read the Bible have no faith their people who read the Bible may have faith that I'm one of them and because of my faith in the word of God God is able to transform my life to writing continues to transform my life through it and I can testify to the power of God in my life because I exercise faith in his word how many you can do the same worrying question the word of God the same is true with me as your processing time I spent in the writings of Ellen White has substantially changed for the better how many can say the same thing I told people before Ellen White is a false prophet and at least don't get himself a new false prophet because the money as his winning too many people to Christ but of course Ellen White is not a false prophet by the says by their fruits you shall know that I wanted something a couple things in your hand out there and I'm going to this really briefly I want to talk again about this this question that comes up first of all along these lines people often ask develop my throat was inspired is there a difference between the books and the letters are the compilations uninspired I fear the little news flash for you and Altman and child guidance and not the only compilations there's some very hot the compilation of the writings of Ellen White probably the most prominent is a book called desire of ages the compilation and you know that I saw the last compilation minister healing compilation of compilations ever done in Elimite day lace icon at his home were done after Alan White died under her own direction and counsel that her writings when the economy before happiness people know some people misuse compilation of the things they wanted to accomplish an inspired and let us know my Arnaz inspired the issue is not what fire versus what is everything so my throat porn inspired private conversation conversation about the weather conversations and e-mail might rightly was probably heard it said were inspired but we only gave Council on spiritual matters whether she received the vision are not the councils inspired counsel the problems we've been having are not because something with all I thought that was I thought that was inspired not inspired about good that's good to know that's not been the issue whether something was inspired or not the problems we come into LIRR because we have is my the inspired writings rather than whether the writings were inspired or not I want to go to page page on setting here in a minute or there's a lot as a lot in your handout of you don't have time to cover page seven bottom of page says how to read Ellen White's and it takes a second Timothy chapter and verse fifteen second Timothy chapter two and verse fifteen and this is what the Bible says second Timothy two and verse fifteen B Dylan sense for me to be delicate white immunity delegate in her car and got a find yourself be diligent to present yourself approved to God a worker who does not need to be ashamed why rightly do finding the word of truth nothing rightly dividing and also wrongly by the way with the phrase means the policy and Timothy B baseball and be diligent in your study of the Bible so that you don't make an application of the Bible it really is there so you don't apply Niskayuna certainly would not continue to apply to give you an example John is not to be not done that with the Bible says so we can determine if somebody does something wrong or right our business whether he done something wrong or right have the Bible saying no listen to me care them I'm also very clearly says that where you warn somebody as a watchman on a tower if we see them doing something wrong the Bible says in Matthew chapter eighteen and my brother sins against this regard telling us all while you don't respond when I'm driving and not be following the same guy did not intend when he said he'll decide that we should discriminate in this summer the words is used in two ways in the Scripture in the New Testament one is that Jack and Hemingway oneness of God and discerning way God would have us to discern between right and wrong something on the man's soul something I'm been called the Bible ultimately but I can tell you that man's law because it's not my determination it's not my call and say the rightly divided Word of truth is not only to misapplication their people that do that thing that had known to anybody but that's not what the word meant calls asking a judge can you not judge one another all I learned that Angel is in second Corinthians believers Chapter six I think we remain over here we got to read and write the data rightly defined not only the Scripture of the writings of Ellen White there are three principles of reading hermeneutical principles that's the theological term for form for reading and rightly dividing the word of truth the first one page eight you have a list there are number ten three and hermeneutical principle principle three hermeneutical principles the first letter a taking into account the twenty fourth twenty five EU member Jesus was on the road to romance a couple of disciples and that they were wondering it at all had taken place incidentally everything is taking place in the Resurrection crucifixion resurrection of Christ was prophesied about and yet here they were ignorant of the whole things and when they were conjecturing about it all he says that all you fools and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets spoke spent our first hermeneutical rule will be trying to understand the Bible or the spirit of prophecy is we have to take into consideration when we're reading what other things on the same subject have been set if we only take one fax if we only take one statement from Ellen White we may arrive at a very wrong conclusion look at the bottom of page eight number three at seven isolated statement may lead to very wrong conclusions the first statement is from second testimonies three ninety nine it says they should not be placed upon your table very playing very straightforward in the text that okay look at the next one V Eleanor says while warnings have been given against the use these are diocese MA in families where the children were in two yeah Steve and half of the self abuse yet we should not consider it a denial of principle to use what pangs of hands which are well cared for and suitably fat gain the first one billionaire next statement sometimes the last thing the next pay she's is going into your diet something you have left out is why your leaves into this decades of healthy bowels use these eggs or Roth do not for a moment suppose that it would not be right to do this don't eat eggs sometime you a you must be a three and married everything you see that perplexing isn't it how we supposed to read that all women must not be inspired one of the statements are all the statement this is what we do we come in many challenging issues with a life-giving reality there either I want to eat anything that first thing in a centenary day in size when a rapidfire instead a slow and what gives your what's going on now jumping in the kind of the next point which is having who the contacts just give me a little background the first weekend notice in the middle statement she talks about families with the learner student inhabitants self abuse we would call this masturbation today and it's been scientifically shown that they can enhance the desires of certain classes of people in habits like this so eloquently counsel probably to a family that was dealing with that type of thing in the first game in the nation appear in your fatal magnetometers suffering from high cholesterol necessity speaks very specifically to that person situation and it applies today in the second situation to his general counsel is wise not best in every situation if not a denial of principle that you take some time why because he's dealing with a broader group of people the last statement he makes is to a doctor fill in the space was his craft that she was rethinking the recall craft had gone with it where to go to all you I thought was mistaken okay stay inside he wasn't using any dairy products and he was able to get enough well-balanced diet here in America that he really didn't need of some of the things that he was missing from the dairy foods were winning win over Australia and wasn't able to get as as well-balanced diet for whatever reason he began to suffer from vitamin deficiency and Helen languish on this invasion because the name is valuable to the cause and she wrote to him and he said look you need to go get a Canadian which he did and ended up saving you from the health hazards that he would've dealt with may not follow the counsel got three different statements not I happen to disagree one of those statements a number of the things on a emissary the first one the number one OECD days a number to anybody who reads a nap has turned apostate and their agonists to think this way today he followed them saying I believe it but I don't think somebody we take his apostate in the San Jose you've got to read all the profit is the weather happened anyway is there anything else that that's the red sea canal and white rice or a subject of the Bible and in all course you obviously and in one day or one week remaining in your exhaust everything has been written a simple point is when you studying something out actually studying out with David and we have a problem today that's described in the book of Isaiah to get attacked off the top my head where I have to no one stirs himself up to serve the Lord de Leon you get it we got a problem with the music were listening to what we do is number one we don't study the subject and we sure hope that everything is about betting on it saying something when you got people starring themselves up instead of waiting to be startup and searching thing about this is what that first terminated principles as if we wanted to know the truth and officers have been investigated on our own an appropriate asset in thing something that I wanted I need to understand more about this missing about a that the beautiful thing about today is you get on the Internet or on CD-ROM and search only threatened decided and we know things about and you get the more you read the more of a well-rounded understanding at what point was in the state in Assam and sang their the first German of the principal read up on what you're having questions about K consider all the prophet has spoken B on page nine consider the context both internal context and external contacts among them and over every last one of these things here and journal content is context that would be in the statement itself in other words you read a sentence you read a paragraph what what is wet with the rounds that sentences what's the saying that the actual statement appears in that internal context external context would be what it went that with the current culture the statements given in what people like what's this place and the time with the setting that I was given in thing here are some examples of context first of all the the first when there is recognizing the fact that word definitions change over time for example the word nice there nice in Illinois statement showing or requiring great precision are sensitive the sermon it didn't just mean friend noticed the same international Limited forty seven to deal with human minds is the nicest job it was ever committed to mortal man it's so nice to deal with human minds are two things difficult you read that were nice and I remember nice and because times change the way the word is used has changed we may get a hold of her life he only reason them along what was intended not because the statement was or wasn't inspired because we are not reading it correctly you understand that you another one down Mariners C J game definitely means something different today than it used any NL life statement showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement solid debuts today is to talk about children that are happening day really we can avoid that terminology because it means something different than an insult comedian sensible when you're trying to understand something rightly divided Word of truth and inspired source whether in the Scripture the writings of Ellen White it helps us understand whom are looking at the context of the riding where the words mean for you and it's something that strikes us as I is one that the way she says that I don't and I don't understand that maybe we need to look at the definitions a little bit one very handy thing I don't work the way to state by the way sell and not getting any royalties on CD-ROM but I'm still very excited about it twenty dollars and all these things in addition everything else the CD-ROM and Internet in this session I thought that earlier the only CD-ROM with all or publish writing non- resource materials is available for twenty dollars as I think you hundred percent in half the stuff on it still worth every penny the nice thing is you can researcher writing but there's in eighteen twenty eight Masters dictionary on precedent and on the Internet as well and so gives you an understanding of the words that they were used in her dancer help okay a number to the bottom of page nine understanding is a hyperbole hyperbole is just an exaggerated figure seems like one in twenty one hundred will likely make statements like this like the one you have their cases it is not it is a solemn statement I make in the church that not one against one team whose names are registered upon the church books are prepared to close early history and views fairly without God without hope is when the common center I see how now one in twenty deny seller okay count off one two three four five zero one out of every twenty bigger screen and you got it allow figures of speech sometimes I know in this statement I think it's pretty plain she just sang because a lot of people are really connected and consecrated in Christ but sometimes it depending on how things work and we can we can all restrain certain expression certain phrases that some of what you get on page ten of eleven overall and one and moved to number five there carefully the immediate context this is a very democratic lessons page one fifty five it says never say or feel you are saying actually look at that little bit more tomorrow but the bottom line is when you read the context and minutes are people I know that our old randomness that is relevant in the church and you ask and you have the confidence in Christ Paul says I know in whom I have believed in the commons are saying this is why sure hope so when you die if you died today when you believe that you say watch now why would be made a knowing violation that they say they have confidence in salvation Christ for salvation because they like to end in the misunderstood the point he was making what seems like a diseases never say or feel you're saying but if you read the context of the statement price on what she's talking about Peter 's denial of Christ when it here before Christ I think United ninety three times visit on the Lord will not I know that you think I will I know myself better than you paraphrasing and she speaks of those people without once saved always saved mindset around saying they are saying is nothing they can do where they never be lost as if they couldn't choose to be lost if they wanted to they get overconfident in their spiritual experience don't realize the dental holiday I feel the ground he says Revelation and so he makes a statement that they don't ever say are feeling a say in the sense of once saved always saved after reading the context of the statement it's very plain we were going to cry sunglasses and read the context to be very plain looking the only things out of context he read the one most than a sentence or one little phrase and say wow it looks pretty plain to me if you're reading anything read the context if somebody listening to you you don't want them taking one sentence you said it is possible is something that offends anyone a sad mean I I I fear this day of video recording everything else or even just half off me I hear you coming to record something I even piece things together anymore in one sentence a person says the human they can say almost anything that you really want to know the truth and come to my conclusion he got consider the immediate context on the next appointment there is number seven consider time place and circumstances obviously when counsel is given when and why Alan why you are or are the vital has to be considered the Council was given to win the Council was given wide accounts was given what was the timeline and was given what was going on what was the plane 's flight is give anonymously over the time and I want to go to the place and notice on page eleven this is a real economy exceeded a topic division of letting me considering the place when you're reading a statement all I wanted and noticed this just estimates ministers healing out how my activists are the really sad thing that happened today certainly some of them don't ever study everything they believe in here's my hear from a lot of people a lot of time with church says and did nothing estimate of the wedding with churches as we can merit first of all anytime a person says now we can earn our allow their already advertising data distortion of why they were leaving when they believe if you're leaving about what you're allowed to do when you're not allowed to do your lacking a real relationship with the Lord if you understand salvation the good news is now I know how to be obedient because when I was carnally and be obedient because the Bible says Norman papers and carnal man can only go there we literally say well now I'm around to to push the edges a little bit now that guys face and allow the state me will notice a statement here twice as some have had a burden that let me say what is missing when it comes to things like the wedding band or or what what have you and in the wilderness is a minor the church that has matured said that churches allow this and we don't study ourselves that's a recipe for disaster that's not studying to show our cell through not being ready to get a answer with meekness and fear where to study the Bible some of them were not what we believe not because the church said so in the past SSL we should disrespect the church and the pastor but what people have not done is read it in this is not by any means comprehensive Roger Kuhn has a very comprehensive article excellent article on the wedding day twenty pages but it's worth every page you read of it and I get on the home website in fact I personally checked me and I think the biblical research Institute website is also available now might seem wrong she says somehow burn in regard to the wearing of the Mary's reign the feeling that the lives of our ministers should conform to discuss all this is what unnecessary let the ministers wives have the bolded language binds their souls to Jesus Christ a cure and holy character the truelove maintenance and godliness which is the fruit borne upon the Christian sheet tree and their influence will be secure anywhere the fact that a disregard of the custom occasions remarketing Summit is a straight line and is no good reason for adopting Americans can say can make their positions understood by plainly stating that the custom is not regarded as obligatory in our country place she goes on to say we need not wear the sign for we are not untrue to our marriage is now in the wearing of the rings would be no evidence that we work through question most marriages that are contracted today are the contracted with wings overlapping in the world today I divorce rates are now so that the ring doesn't keep together the ring doesn't keep affairs and happening and I'm only going we need over the signs around primary fallowing is not a Native American now our commitment to the mountains and a history and is I feel deeply over this leavening process would seem to be going on among us and more many the cost of inaction not one penny should be spent for circlet of gold to testify that we are married in countries where the custom is imperative we have nowhere to condemn those who have the marriage ring let them aware if they can do so conscientiously but let not our missionaries feel that the wearing of the ring will increase our influence one jot or tail and they are Christians it will be manifest in their Christlike as a character in their worth in their works in the home in association with other it will be enhanced by the patient and long-suffering in communist etc. were talking about place in the significant point here is that when Ellen White gave the Council and he said you know what we has a rule don't wear marriage bans but there are some countries where the customer is really more required by society where does we we we don't frown on the people who wear the marriage ban which is as I encouraged even her ministers missionaries and we wouldn't know there that we would have a meek and quiet spirit to it on ourselves instead of the wedding band and that is more likely says he can condemn again in the state and here a wedding band but if you read the statement she was riding in connection with a certain place and custom and that has to be considered a lot of times we would rather interpret statements according to what we want to do a what is easier for us to do instead of what the real purpose was in a statement given time and summarize meeting briefly by saying definitely need it where we will be we don't have enough time to go on today rep times a day will pick up again tomorrow but I summarize they saying this there are a lot of allowances that God makes but we have made great essay as the people of God always look for the allowance instead of looking for the highest standard you want to kind of portray Christ to the world where you want to fully portray Christ in the world which one when we leave the council .in this scripture the spirit of prophecy we got asked what's the counsel given for what the what in essence saying and how can I want closest to cry sometimes you come to seminars like this that are hoping that after I will give them some way of ignoring something that they been convicted about the spirit of prophecy God forbid if I do something like that because the Holy Spirit convicts our hearts about what we need to do it uncomfortable but it's the way of freedom it really is gone sees where we wrestle and struggle multi- to some of our greatest struggles are or when we're right on the border of true Christian freedom when the Israelites came to the border of the Red Sea and they had crossed that wasn't that was a very difficult experience how are you getting across this one this is not just grown man it's also mothers and their children living in my child approximately gotten across any it was a fearful experience Egyptians had come up behind them there was no way out but when they went forward and say this here between victory and he found deliverance on the other side of the Red Sea and often times not oftentimes all the time in every life bring to you to at least one Red Sea and you have to cross my face and it will be hard it would be hard not because God is not there to give you strength but because your own fears will try to hold me back because the devil will try to hold you on the opposite shore but when you go forward in faith or God leads you say Lord I don't know where your meeting but I trust you because you've done him apprehending wrong and let me write my whole life and I'm going in faith when you take not of this were when you follow his counsel my phase you'll find yourself on the other side of the Red Sea the water school parking across the dry ground and you have a victory experience the calendar that God wants to give us he's given us the abundance of counseling he had his trying to fit us not only to be ready when Jesus comes but the world needs to see the Word become flesh again we had a demonstration of it in Christ and God wants the world to see a demonstration of it in God 's people he wants them not just be here Christ to see Christ in and so he worked with Leslie points out those areas in our lives that will help us a lot more closely with Jesus this is why were looking at the subject but if we allow God to guide us and sent ourselves to diligently studying rightly divided Word of truth will be those people God help us to be in the last days and I was getting more times a day this was more to say will do it tomorrow and I thank you so much for attending there are handouts if you didn't get one we have some others that you can see me about let's bow our heads forward prayer and God will bless the remainder of our day together heavenly father father again I just want to thank you that we can come here together we can study and meditate upon our faith the faith once delivered to the saints and more the faith that you would have us carried to the very end I learned seminars like this sometimes it becomes especially wearying as we sit and listen to one topic after another after another we so want to soak it all up but humanly speaking it becomes very difficult larger more messages that you have prepared for us today I just prayed it would strengthen our minds and bodies to receive the messages that you have for us and more to put them in the practice that we might reflect Jesus more fully to the world that we live in continues namely asking for anything is wrong this was his audio versus what I see a generation for Christ are you like to learn more about Jim I see please visit www. nursing my son when or if you like this more free online service please visit www. audio verse more


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