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How To Raise Funds For Your Food Product

GW Chew


The proper steps to take in order to raise funds for your food business.


  • April 14, 2019
    4:45 PM
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I want to start out as the evening I guess that almost late late afternoon we're going to start over the course on what I'm going to do I'm going to do a quick buck 5 minute pitch you guys get that I'm going to a 5 minute pitch after the opportunity in the last year to do a lot of pitch competitions and a lot of success and I'm going to actually pitch my business to you that OK can I put in a bill who you and I actually won in money but I'm going to pitch in our business you know use as an example of a pitch for business but we're going to sing a lot of song and song I like to do another cooking class of the goes like this if there's fruit Sangram then vegetables. And see is our ally he say so good so good to me we lessen our lives to the less to live. Hey Friends man a misstep to and as I always say going to give us something to sue on our rights when we're on the founder of a company cause something better foods and we actually manufacture plant protein our mission is to democratize the access of healthy foods in minority communities I was actually raised the hard course of a country boy I so much meat I mean everything from fried chicken to ribs the pork chops the ham we even ate squirrels. In a Vegas world before. But this this type of lifestyle eating all this meat this excess of me consumption in my family we had a lot of disease a lot of my family members that prematurely my dad passed away 3 years ago at 62 years old many of my aunts actually died before the age of 55 and a lot of it came again from that soul food type of lifestyle with the same this lifestyle was detrimental to my family amazingly in 2001 I became of the now again I wasn't raised a 711 S But in 2001 I became a vegan if anybody know anything about 2001 the vig interest on the market tasted like 11 a purple and they were horrible I mean the 1st time I had a frank it was like whoa what is this now I love some of the stuff but I'm a grown up when you even realize that fried chicken are kind of your 1st takes taste on some of the stuff that was back in the day wasn't what I was familiar with so 1st the hour to an end experimentation literally 50 years of experimentation to understand the secrets of why I love me so much and to create something better and we discovered that eating meat was an experience that involves 3 amazing factors and we like to say it was the texture taste and appearance and so we created something caught better too he says the best tasting plant based protein solution with a texture and case that satisfies your biases are from me and it looks and feels and it taste like meat and we call our product better to better text or better taste better to acid a looks like 2nd it tastes like chicken but guess what it ain't sick it is Christiania else that it is why in the middle of all it's delicious. Amazingly a few years back 2 years ago we started a vigorous man and open in California in this restaurant we didn't have the opportunity to be able to test our our delicious better 2 proteins in a restaurant setting into this time frame we've gotten little the hundreds of reviews from our customers we had a company that came into our restaurant and they said whatever kind of food was a re she was able to approximate the soft nerves of fat that you find in a Wal-Mart or properly grilled revised steak he sells stuff that you rarely even find in a roach the stage and it was amazing our food critic came and said that and so we actually an item unity we've been able to do a lot of education community education health education and we're seeing some amazing things to the point where we got a purchase order a letter of intent from Whole Foods Market to go on a $43.00 stores. Now what's amazing is that we got this purchase order about a year ago a letter of it sent 2 days ago I got this e-mail now if you don't know if you know what is e-mail us this e-mail is the next step after you get a letter of intent from whole foods from the distributor us and they gave me the purchase order saying in $48.00 hours we need you to fill out a $21.00 page document and that document is standing up to be able to get your product into these stores so here's the e-mail right here ordering sports Q So you know was more powerful for me is that literally 10 years ago I was I went to Whole Foods got accepted that it had the capital to do it how many years ago 10 years ago again in 2014 I got approved again in a Whole Foods but guess what I didn't have the capital to get us out of it were years this that I give or. Kimono you know Sebastian alabaster master bash Damon he'd be Bless my soul today. I did a sermon on that same story because I was going to the same experience I mean the whole last 8 weeks I mean I'm like stuck in a life. I'm stuck in 2nd 2nd Kings that job all when it's things that you've got nothing else you can pull out but 2 days ago I'm talking about 2010 I'm a young man 25 years old I go to Whole Foods have a product ready to go I'm excited for the last another year 2014 I get approved the whole foods again I'm in Arkansas I got approved again in the last I guess well not yet and now it's 21 thing I get the e-mail the order the actual orders on the screen that e-mail came to my e-mail and here is this. 434. So the salad is will come but God is able right now if anybody knows anything about the food industry right now that plant based proteins plant based foods is increasing like never before many of you guys heard about commies like a possible food these companies are raising billions of dollars millions of dollars aiming for what you call a $1000000000.00 valuations and we're remember that you have major food companies investing into major investors investing at the food companies to be able to literally take the place of meat this thing a 2050 that regular animal protein is going to be and it's not going to be sustainable that is not going to be enough or the climate the earth is not going to be able to maintain this type of enemy factory farming is taking too much energy too much resources from the earth and we have to change the way that we're growing our food and so companies people like Bill Gates many major investors are putting millions of dollars into companies right now you've all heard of the cost Julia has the worst the bionic burger you've got the impossible whopper another company guys might have heard of others call it a guardeen they decide how to a company called a Con Agra the 8.8.1000000000 dollar deal so you have investors companies coming into the food space the plan they space the very nice space investing millions of dollars to be able to guess what 2030 years now to try to make some money but you're a trading about is that we are the church had the formation of 120 years ago and we don't get too excited about it even now people are. I'm going Machin. I'm going to K.F.C. get matching pants we will work that is all about the facts. And I grew up on this stuff and the reality is the world is saying no this is not the way this is as a better way and I believe the Holy Spirit is working about in my opinion. A bit of travel to country and I get to go to some place where the poor in a few months back one of the most big and friendly cities you've got cities all over the country now you got places you never thought would be gone begin to try to go big and inner cities people can I get a call at least once a month and I smell want to start a restaurant in my community can you help me people want to see big and restaurants and the time is actually now being in market literally in the last couple years of my from 2014 to 28 seen the unison grew a little east by 600 percent the growth this is actually nominal U.S. market $21.00 is that we have $5200000000.00 business and 2020 so the opportunity is really massive the world at large are becoming what you call the not all gone Vigen but they're becoming what you call meat we do Sers they want to eat less meat they call themselves flexitarian heard that term before people are excited they want to eat less meat they want solutions your coworkers are talking about it your community is talking about it and guess what god needs are like the car missionary Shabbes is anybody there missionary chef has got to place the burden on your heart to help people to eat better to be to use your order for somebody else that was the vessel to fill them up with the oil that they can eat healthy to have longevity that their minds to be clear that they can hear God's voice because God is coming I mean what we're talking about is not just for me again when I thought about it and I say you know food is not the suddenness this is sexy is exciting is it can be romantic as as my massive ration said but mamma won it's a life or death issue every time you eat you choose a life or you're choosing Ben and if we can be a missionary chef we can help in the vegetables to choose life and not death. So we have an awesome opportunity an awesome obligation awesome responsibility to be a missionary Shepherds are. Another gasket next out of the mix and I've been I 8 hours Mamet's is not a class Come on now you look at the customer profiles of people who are going big and you have a lineal the new millennium is there come on out with a millennial that young too excited where I millennia old many millennia was in college as a day are going plant base for environmental reasons they see the environmental issues the water consumption the energy consumption they see this war going to self-destruct They're like man apparently all this excess of capitalism and greed left this world and approach her across a new reality as well by one day but I say we still can because stores of our planet image in Essen are best left their responsibility even as question the biggest or is a myth so they're saying listen Environmentally we want to make a change this thing ethically they're looking at the the Animal Factory farming and they're saying this stuff is this is totally this insane and you get factories like in a small space like this it might be like $100000.00 chickens one exaggerating but it's ridiculous what they and I have in a small space and we eat this stuff without thinking about it so they're saying this is not right we need to make a change in many other messing people in their family diet prematurely that are saying listen I want to eat healthy foods I want something else have a lot of flavor is the list is to live a healthier option ethnic Russians that are tasty you got flexitarian again consumers are saying 8 out of 10 of bigger products are bought by who flexitarian is why because they want to take control of the hell they want to be able to save time on your prep so they're looking for pre-made options they're looking for mildew livery services they look of all these things right now they're looking for these things and then you have the baby boomers the baby boomers and they're all right now in this room knows they're Listen if we don't change beyond that. That's the bottom line my mother called me as their mother sees she almost being an arm was going to turn to get Miss but she had that to get prediabetes she started taking our stuff out there to tease the baby boomer and her numbers went down and she saw So people my mothers like me I want to see my grandkids get own she said their talk of me says I'm won't be around for my grandkids whatever your motivation find it because what you eat will kill you my dad has bad cancer isn't as bad as saw it with my own eyes and he's a good could have done better he would have done better but he didn't know how to not follow the sharecropper clear message I mean night ABOL going 180 tonight 88 I'm still on the farm he still sharecropping in 98 so yes I was was in a ration in possum unless our services were thought that's our close our words to that experience growing up so for me this is not a play around issue when you see death and your family you recognize that this is a responsibility and obligation that God has called us to do as amazing. And I'm not boasting but as God has moved miraculously in my experience in this last year we won a 1st place in 2 major press competition one a national competition one a regional competition one was called the NASA food expo as one here in Anaheim a few We must like a month ago and where are the natural food expo there's one in the East Coast in Baltimore I want to Baltimore in September we want 1st place in a national pitch competition. In May last year we had a want to San Francisco some of the best food companies in san francisco we won 1st place in the pitch competition in San Francisco. And all glory to God. They are going to stand when this happened when all of this happened we were approached by some of the best. Major food companies and best years companies like Kellogg Kraft General Mills We had a conversation with all of these major companies you know can you imagine you were you on your cell phone and this chief scientist of Kellogg gives you a phone call what would you do and what do you think he called the when he said again he wanted their recipe did he say look I'm a have my guy my finance gotta give you a call now you know ma'am Lamson Now I was a sharecropper. I came alone way I mean I came from the bottom and I got Morningstar Kannan me I mean can you imagine you know but then it was a little small voice and it was a little small voice and something was saying to me that maybe what they're presenting to you might not be God's plan for your life God might have a higher purpose higher ideal for what I'm asking you to do now if you know anything about the art I want to talk this a little bit about some of the investment aspects of this industry now when you get in the food the way that I've gotten the food into the deeper levels of food you get you look for the star look at the money anybody you look at the money. Come already ahead of you I don't know whether you can be you can be 10 minutes you need the money now a lot of times he would tell me they don't want actually the money they provide is like I asked nobody no money. You don't want do that too long because guess what you will soon run out of money so you gotta get to a place in your life and you need money you got to have a business plan you got to X. files for some money and no more that you got a proud up somebody else got residual income a residual cash that they got in the bank what is money that they don't need put their life livelihood that they can actually invest into something it's OK you work hard you took your time to work hard at something an idea this people have expendable cash ask them for. A moment that that's an exchange somehow we think it's like an evil thing to ask people for money the church don't have a problem with it do they get. The church be as excited Oh Brother Man the laws work needs the movie or I guess what the health ministry is also does work there's a business to it guess what got these money for that too nothing wrong with asking people for money come on now so if you need money X. you have not because you want X. not the lady needed some oil she had X. for guess what for the jobs if she said Oh a license I'm not going to have no job are some nobody. Alive to say Go and X. for not just a few He's like go out and decent jobs and so again there's people out here and yourself and your circle of influence people that can help you Afghan people that's in my circle I got I got I got a loan program is one program and I want an opening called the One Way Project there's nonprofit organizations in every city not every I can see every see the many cities that I actually are designed to help small companies get off the ground and sometimes the loans are really good loans I got a loan for $20000.00 over sed to the 1st 2 years with interest only and it was on a 4 percent do I mean is that at some is that a good deal. 2 it 2 years it was only 4 percent my mother why not even given that there. Be a serious mention of masters not you my mama given added a minute but you mine I gave it to me and I went to the Mad Men is what I like give me 20 percent this good. From our point is the point I'm saying is that again this program the many cities that actually are there to help you there is S.B.A. programs in cities that actually can give you free consulting they will say hey how can I get resources to be allowed to do a full business there are people that literally are coaches that have already done what you're trying to do that they do it for free they will consult with you they were coached you they will give you information they will show you how to do spreadsheets how to do a bit of profit and loss statement all these different things that you need to be able to build a business one reason I got to where I got the day I was willing to go hit the pavement and go find the help that I needed and I found people man that's the beside me I mean I'm far more narrative of people people that it's believed in the mission that I had and they help me with their blood sweat blood and tears. Amazingly I give all glory to God This week we're closing on 300000 dollars 300000 and God did that did it come easy absolutely no was a challenge alone no way no but that's a listen I've got a plan for you and I'm going to open up some opportunities for you and I'm going to make a way. We actually had a term money there and anybody had turned money down before and I was tough. You know there are certain investors in the food space right now and especially that the food space is really big at restaurants you know you get like simple like caterers you have people that do personal chef work I'm talking now more so about the type of model where you make of product like my man over here Stephen at the he had a man a mixin about to get the man a mix is that a good product I met the man a mixed. Danny Kwan has the black the black ice the patch but those are consumer products that goes out of a package and it goes into a retail store grocery store are you with me right those products are really capital intensive you have to get manufacturing in place sometimes you might find someone else to make a product for you if you make it yourself you need equipment you need resources Anybody got a good cookie that nobody ever That's the best cookie on the planet me but I got one of those of you or you got the recipe there you know the best is the best dairy product ever anybody got there but going from actual cancer or your kitchen table to your family to a packaged goods product there's a lot of steps in between that and getting on a shelf you are with me today right and so that's the process that I've been going through for years because again what you cook for your person or in your house it might come out totally different was it goes into a freezer case for over 3 months that makes sense so the lot of things you have to work through that's where sometimes you might see a few chemicals in additives because again it might this be shelf life realities and sometimes people say well I don't want to put the additives to us now you get a change or now you have a 14 day shelf life that change your whole operation if you have a short shelf life that means that if you sell to a company what if you are sell those products within the 14 days who is the cost of that you think whole who's going to cause or they're absolutely not you've got a cost in there so you get tough decisions the make when you want to get your best recipe from concept to actual shelf. And that's what I've been gone through and it's taken a long time but the process has been odd blessing it I'm in now again going about the money again you have investors in the food space now there's investors called Venture capitalism out of it a catalyst for their visit catalyst the whole mission is that they want you to they're going to pour money into your business and the whole NGO is that they're going to want to guess what you get a big return in their return it's going to be like they don't want to X. or 3 X. or 4 X. their money they give you a $1000.00 they want $10000.00 back they actually might want $20000.00 hours back for their best 100000 they want you to pay them back a $1000000.00 on their investment and I don't know how to business you can create that can actually you can actually get a better 100000 in 5 years be it a painter back a 1000000 in a bargain a business like a loser if you do let me know in the way that those businesses actually work is that is built on you having to sell your company within a short amount of time so you're getting investment with the with the with the reality that you are a shark Thank you Gary by Watch start I get all excited Shark Tank not mean that all of them but a lot of how some of their deals alive venture capital deals in the are awesome and goal is that they're getting investment 3 seed money or seed investment with a long gain there really quickly within a 5 or 7 year period that they're going to exit their company through an acquisition to another company and they're going to sell the company to somebody else there's anybody here building their business with the mindset that you're going to sell your company and buy Dona that is going to create a product in 5 years ago understandable anybody got their minds very wrong with that So again many investors in the investment space venture capitalists or engine investors are investing with that mindset or buy with me right to say I want to get investment you really get serious about this many of the investors are looking at money from the perspective that they want to return they don't want to average return they want to really really guess what good returns. And so a 1000 get sound raising money so now you need people that believe in you that's not going to have those same terms of that model that's going to look at investment on a different platform that makes sense so now you have to go to your friends you've got to go to family to get up our local banks that believe in you again but if you want to go that route that's the route that you can go I made a decision it says Listen I'm not going to build a business with the mindset that underscore to sell my company a fab years and been a company for my community I'm building a business for God number one and I'm going to build a business that he owns that he can be responsible for because you got understand when venture capital is getting to your company they want you to grow really really fast you get to get more money over time and as you get more money they get more control of your company as well and so now the leadership of the company has a board over that sees it and that money that board a lot of times they have a different mission and what you might have so you have to make a decision on what kind of money that you want to get before you start taking that money the very 1st day you take a check understand what your exit strategy is going to be you didn't know that before you take the money make sure you have a legal document as a lawyer here found a lawyer mention you lawyer and you understand what you're signing before you take that investment about working today so again there's companies I hear there's going to profess allies look at it from a different approach I like that this be a part of a crisis in the way Christ operates a lot different in the world operates by the say the 1st chef are the set of 1st one to present by the say they're now on what is a carpenter but he's also was a chef a man you like the celibacy does Mary Had A The Fab lows in 2 fishes café now I'm not gonna say these fragile fish when they had a fabulous 2 fishes out there but I think their faces some kind of Google. Arno but you can allow dishonest or no was some lady in the audience than and the fact that the lady that was out it will was out there somebody else has laws. In the purse you know the disease has a mirror produced by him and the miracle juice bar is a water turn into a turn in a why the aether the man a cast the man a cafeteria in the waters but Jesus as our example in like a like was said earlier Jesus took a little I made a lot out of it and Geiger take your lotto and do all that a man of the 5 principles far presses today 5 things calling from God Number 2 taught of God number 3 by the right arm of the gospel before well established plans in the 5 prophetic Work Number one the calling on again when you look at the food ministry the food ministry is not something that you can just say I just want to go and do again but a failure rate is as again it's crazy the investment of time of capital it can almost kill you after 3 restaurants in the last 10 years and I can tell you horror stories and great stories I mean both financial great financial like the worse it happens but for me I had asked myself why am I doing this what's your why why am I doing this ministry again for me I had this crazy experience when I was actually born I was actually adopted at birth adopted at birth in the family that I was adopted into was not an Asian family but they had the last name to. A black family at that I mean adopt their 3 weeks oh in the family's name the last name is actually see 8 devotees who have. It's the LAW me oh in my senior high school I had a board track scholarship my senior year you could see me there my seeing in amazed as they got all the lefty going to see him a year later on his presentation go all the way to the left even to see him again but I'm 70 years old for trash scholarship of the school was paid for and I was a good saloon as well but had a 4 scholarship right after some a scholarship my leg broke in a race leg breaks right right leg breaks the fibula to the brakes in the race I'm running again leg breaks in the race and then I'm sitting on the track my leg is broken and I'm confused. But amazingly as there's some alive my mother had a sense when I was a little boy to fill me to church we did my mother father was an advantage but he sent me to 1st Auckland who are evidence so I learn at a young age about the status and anybody knows track and field and most collegiate sports the meat order again always day on a Sabbath so my leg breaks right after I get a 4 scholarship Now next the normal Lebrecht in the Holy Spirit begins to convict me as a son I got a new race for you to run I guess some better for you to do so is sorta lower says a missile listening to give up the scholarship because I need you to run a new race so I imagine a young 70 year old go through his track coach has a 4 scholarship school has paid for what I was going to Howard University H.B.C. you one of the best A B. C. use in the country and literally I'm going to miss things are not going to take this scholarship and I'm following God's ways 2 years they're my eyes and the Usenet nor the world at the store but I knew God has something better for me to go to college. 1st year my 1st semester I was so focused on school I'm not running anymore I'm kind of abuser got baptized to their summer praise the lord amen got better as a summer I'm a focus now. I got to think when Nancy V.A. My 1st my 1st semester the 3 point line in business school I'm excited the point man to be a 2nd semester got a 3.4 in that it was a 3.6 I could do a lot of you know I got to before I was an they put me into the honors business school as a result of this they gave me a whole nother 4th dollar share. A lot of you know. They submitted to this a lot and skull lot of mirth did it so well we don't give you are not US there's another if we don't hear your 4 scholarship you know on his program at Howard University you should be proud and excited and I got a are a position so they will pay for my I get my how they will be free to love the work and do the N.R.A. and I was going to do the honors program so I got everything pay for and gag. But Sutton said in my heart that told me right after I got this he says Scheft he did call me Septuagint he said. He said Z.W. my 1st name an easy to quit college now you're educated he went on we met him and I need you to quit cause I guess not enough for you to do now after I was gone crazy at this time. When I heard a voice in my head I couldn't knock and I couldn't refuse it it was a calling I couldn't understand what God was the one he was calling me into something bigger than myself he saw me today in front of you or because he knew when I was at Howard I was all records out somewhere there was already training there was grooming I was already don't interested they're already had it figured up on me and this missionary thing in and being a chef and all that kind of that was the least thing oh mom. So there's I'm a take them out of the school I'm a girl my 1st out of Kalak quick college a pharmacy that I'm an organic farm pick investable. I'm not Lastly I'm at an organic farm 14 acres I'm picking Oprah up in green beans. This is a lot of business school why I'm in this in this farm picking all crop one day I'm picking green beans on the line so you are picking green beans and the rose they're green is above and here to the door out there I'm not exaggerating like 14 rows of green things a moment leaves like this like Lord this is a mare I'm like one green in the bush then this is this year was like everything was Pearl that you and I every plant Gallagher 100 green things on it and they like Gone of going to pick grain bins of like low necks that you know I hear a voice in the Lord Lord says to me the harvest is great but the labors are due the harvest is great but the laborers are few but I begin to say to myself God is calling me God has a plan for my life I couldn't understand it when I left school but I know that God passed something better for me to do from picking these grain be the start of smile I get up I'm excited and Guy says you are needed a star gone door to door. And these are subtle and some books don't don't well might they're the best preparation for ministry is that it's limited to the canvassing work of all kinds of little yourself out there. Going to the chemist and work the guy that took a stammering tongue couldn't talk young man he's a meticulous boy herself something I'm a teacher and how to talk a little bit so they say let me get his boiler the book the great controversy to design a distaff the Christ let me give him the book in the bag and now I'm nattering on doors and I'm selling books door to door can I get a mayor and a law say look let me take yours there further says you sell him books you get someone else or do you start selling food door to door kimono lot to get me some car crunchy but you can tell us as we don't box we got a gun or that we're not you have the we get the country but we can all we got there with bread and we go on house to house sell them books and we also sell Nagano or and we sell our bread door to door missionary says. I met a lady in a community had a bakery she says as a man we want to learn how to do baking on a bigger scale can we use your bakery the woman's A listers fans you can ask to use the bakery a morning or charge you $10.00 an hour brand new bakery I mean double decker of and of is a meat of it was like 12 the Wyatts was the long she let me use of a she got a brand new bakery now I'm going introducing her to start using commercial kitchen equipment Nestle you know I got this vision when they are making over and over the last like Turner O'BRIEN To which you made. That turn over to a chicken lay and added there on a graph it. May have been a lazy net to get work here's the pretty piece barbecue chicken Haggis said. After are gone and the Lord gave me a vision say I'm a teacher's boy how to make practical I like to say taught of God but as intelligent cooks do their best to do what to enlighten others the Lord who the Lord will give them still in understanding the word of the Lord forbid them not for our will reveal myself to them as their instructor it has been to me to build a me there with many women a capability you were being taught of who taught of God how to prepare wholesome Pilapil foods and acceptable manner so guess what when you become a missionary chef you have the opportunity to be taught of God. You better get excited the Holy Spirit becomes your instructor is not about degrees is not about understanding and wisdom of your own you become a partner with the divine with God and God says I can make all things possible so yes with God we get sick and that looks like 2nd it tastes like chicken but guess what a big ass take their looks like steak takes like steak but guess what it any because God did that I'm not taking no credit for so God can do it now yes well Guy says listen this same health message is an extreme way it's put a final message of the last day. Because I meet cooks they can cook meals like Sebastian said help people lose weight change the life of a clear the mind the friggin hear the final message it's come all your. Then he says listen as you do this take these plants the people asked their intellect and me in a service our work is to do a present before these people these men these women a plain statement of our plan of labor telling them what we need into help the poor needy to N.S.L.s to work on a farm basis and if this some of these will be impressed by the Holy Spirit to do what to end best for the money God is on your side he calls you he will provide everything you need again we learned years ago is there will come a time when guesswork milk butter will not be good are we living in that something. Are we living in that our children that are Thomas to come whether we know state or use an egg not cream of butter because these in animals are increasing in proportion to the increase of wickedness among men have we seen this today a very serious objection the prize meeting has found the fact that as these become more and more what lies spread among an immigration occurs because of sin because Earth the Brawn so disease and cancers and loans and liver and kidneys exist and their most innocent transposing into gas so. Came out when one thing January 16th 4 from the penetration of a quarter of our experts recommend a plant based diet based on previously published studies that have linked red meat and increased risk of health problems it also comes as the middle recent studies of how eating habits affect the environments the world is crying on the rocks are crying all. Prophetic work there's a work to be done where St in California a work that is Mr Ames neglected let us look at the late no longer as doors over the presentation of truth let us be ready to enter as soon as possible well organized efforts should be what put forth in different sections a guess what city says they want to scream Oakland you know our rest must look at it saying in Oakland you know when it was written in 10000 was there's been no restaurant in Oakland God did it and I'm a humble servant got a HUGE do to live the page of those books he was the usenet does me he was the huge Jew to fulfill the prophecy God needs missionary chefs where serve in restaurants the lama so long wrapped around the building we 1st opened hundreds a review I can't take credit for cooking classes in the community actually take credit for a success story as in any bias in the magazines A in February in a deeper magazine I can't take credit for almost a whole more self college dropout nothing good in me I'm not even a food scientists I don't know how you make the meat masel. I'm Sarah is that bore I do matter but I got right there the track runner the young man right there my business partner his mother father became Adventists he was an avenue to get on the stand and his mother father became Adventists about 10 years ago after my ma conversion I said J.J. is like I want the best finance persons are no in my life he's trustworthy as I need a support man the boys will be mayor for almost 2 years now have paid him a dime. And when we work out last hours we went to Australia to get on business we went to Bermuda together we travel around the country rebuilding his business he put his time and energy he's not even adventurous but he believes God will simply people who believe because they see the vision of what God is trying to do and they dedicate their lives to see his work move or not born a best man I'm a wedding and God is using him to bless me less I'm in on a story take master of I can't make it all right there you go down to Oriental was his name than Soriano that oriental was a gangster rapper in San Francisco and Oakland he was not well known in the Bay Area the group was called for the loading dock Soriano a mandatory out of became a frequent customer restaurant him and his wife is as good as this is mother in law and they came I'm going to come like was twice a week Tory out of there my hey look I want to start of being a food truck as a man look at Gatun I got I got I got the me I got to me what's in the I got the ribs I got a chicken I got a steak he says I'm about to make it big in gumbo acid I gangsta rapper go but about the start of the gumbo business and I guys this is a made so look 3 weeks ago he star so done cause me of doubt or a cause that looks after the man and the temp ounce I get as a pick it up on Monday I make much impaneled together factory in Vallejo California we make this impels bring it to him as there you go Dan temperance that Soriano cause me 2 days later danced around as a man emergency emerged he on instagram he all Facebook don't is thing everybody get excited he like Maggette the big I'm the big concert of big in mob were from were from from gangsta rapper to Vigan mama. Do you hear me now I want to merge Johnny more meat as are getting how much you need to put these on the 25 pounds acid I am a go we go make it happen we bring 20 pounds to the restaurant the next day Now this is Thursday he get me on Monday to get me on Wednesday now we all Thursday he hit me again says Now I'm sorry to bother you I'm sellin out the wine is all all put in we also out. So oh. Here we are for Friday says chef he says chef man I'll eat em all Pal can you help me or I said to me 3 times is wait after that gas to brag man look when I see a black man as though some positive you don't understand. You on the stand as our guest silently go back home we go back to the factory the motto my wife and my wife a here today we got 2 kids the wife works in a factory as a wife I need to more pounds she looked at me like mad i got mad love you acted with too much but she made it to get it ready I come back on Friday remember gangsta rapper subsequent and out Soriano's Hey when I brought the last 10 pounds down was like Yo he said man I was thinking man this bill like I used to be in the old days I said what you mean that he was like Yo understand 10 pounds here can pounds near camp here he was like Yeah you know I used to be adult Dylan eyes the be adult bill and he like man you know he says I said done I suggest what da you an adult there are no more you are hope Dylan. I said you were from a gate or you were from against the dance a big guess work against her to a big in gumball dealer. As I don't get no better than that than had a pair of head to head a get together last night we all went last night hang on and on here all of us family there his sisters this is Chris Prince there and they were celebrating on my T. shirt last night at his pop up last night and down was tell his family says listen you know I'm encouraging ya to go on the plantation. He said it's changed my life I used to be a gangster rapper now I'm door clean rap right now at the use the same beats but if you listen to my message isn't as positive just feel me so what I'm saying is is that God needs missionary chefs in these last days to feed thousands. The same way that God use easy with these is he said the 5000 God needs missionary chefs to feed the thousands and God has people like Dan who are going to get excited and they all start selling dope and they don't start selling hope and as they saw selling hope because the people give their heart disease. Some closing on this point as we close out this evening we have a question as the period God wants the HUGE you is going to be silence and yes our you will have difficulties Absolutely but is it a calling or you will in the be taught by God do you want to use the message as an entering wedge that you understand it or are involved in something that's prophetic is bigger than you and then when you understand that God makes himself responsible for the results as by his as we can these we thank you so much we thank you for parting with us parting with us cold labors together with you I believe God as you call it in these last days not this to this make food the food is only a vehicle to the soul. The food is only a vehicle a conduit to the soul of the heart of the people or that is pray that we always will remember the purpose yes we need money yes we need all these things but youth out of their guises Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God in your right isness and you say that all of these things shall be added unto us help us to do not worry for a lot all these things and your hands affray for the people today lord it's your bless their business bless the dreams that you give them what they need and that we have by soft talk with the poor do everything that we can the be there the listening ear the help the wood to all the things that they need to be successful that are predators and but it is a myth this media was brought to you by audio production a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave the W.W.W. audio verse the word.


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