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The Ascension of Christ

Carlos Muñoz



  • May 4, 2019
    10:00 AM
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Father we thank you for the opportunity for the blessing for the privilege that you have given us to come to the on the Sabbath your holy day in this holy place to study your Holy Word and we just ask father that if there's any. Spirit that is of confusion or any thing that is not of your presence that may leave this place and may we do well in your holy presence we thank you Father for the music we thank you for the privilege in this honor again and we ask this in Jesus' name amen amen so I make a basically make a living or dedicate my life to doing 2 things I teach prophecy and I train in evangelism what I do I teach prophecy and I train in evangelism So obviously by teaching prophecy that automatically implies that my favorite book is The Book of Revelation anybody else here whose favorite book is The Book of Revelation raise your hand. OK Very good I see a few hands and I know are that's why I ready here OK so I know that one of the reason is because of there's a lot of confusion around the Book of Revelation right as it can be complicated to some it can be for some people who are afraid of it right and then end my prophecy seminars one of the things that I do is I teach people I give them the tools so they can be able to understand the Book of Revelation so they can be it's accessible to them so that they can also learn on their own way of study and so one of the principles to understanding the Book of Revelation one of the keys is that the chapters in Revelation do not follow a chronological order they do not follow what. Chronological order very good in other words some people when they read the book of Revelation they'll read Revelation Chapter 123-4567 All the way into 22 and they think that by reading it they're following a chronological order now if you study if you read the book of Revelation in that way you're going to get very confused right and when I started because I was not raised in an a Christian home when I started to study the Book of Revelation of the Bible on my own that's one of the when I was looking at a different interpretation and understanding is that's one of the things that I notice that a lot of people are very confused or they're very they're very distorted in their understanding of the Book of Revelation because they read it chronologically but the Book of Revelation is not written in a chronological order there is a chronological foundation to the book but if you read the chapters in a chronological order you're going to get very very confused and so I'll give you an example in Revelation Chapter one we see that there is what the 1st Vision is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is standing amongst what let's see what is he standing among us the candle sticks right he's standing among the candlesticks Now we know where the candlesticks are where the candle sticks and what part they're in the sanctuary in the holy place so so automatically when I see this vision of Jesus standing among the candlesticks my 1st question is why is he in the Holy Place Why because most of Christianity has Jesus on the cross us 7th Day Adventists we specialize on teaching of Jesus where. In the most holy place but yet revelation starts with him in the holy place and so the question is I don't know if we're going to be able to answer today maybe some other time is why is Jesus standing in the holy place to start off the Book of Revelation Why is he among the candlesticks but that's not the point that we're focusing on this morning now going back to the original problem if the Book of Revelation is not written in chronological order that means that Revelation Chapter one is not the 1st chapter if we were going to funnel the chronology of the history of Revelation is there but with me now my question is let's see if there's any theologians around here if we were to put revelation in chronological order you can tell me what would be chapter number one if we were to put pay attention to the question if we're going to put the chapters in Revelation in chronological order can then embody tell me what would be chapter number 112 excellent very good go with me place to Revelation Chapter 12 go with me please to Revelation Chapter 12 let's take a look Revelation Chapter 12 and we're going to start on verse number one Revelation Chapter 12 1st number one if your city sounds if there is and it gets to visitors and they do not have a Bible in their hands please share the word of God with them amen Revelation Chapter 12 verse number one right in the middle of revelation we're going to start Amen it says now a great sign appeared in heaven a woman clothed with what with the sun with the moon where was the moon under her feet and on her head a garland of 12 stars let's stop there the 1st vision are at least this vision in Revelation Chapter 12 starts and it speaks about a woman and the woman to stand is clothed with what with the sun What does the sun represent in this context the righteousness of Christ Amen She's covered with a crisis of God and she's standing on the moon or she is for her firmament is the moon what is the moon represent in this context. Well let me ask the other question does the moon give its own light know where does the light come from from the sun in the sun is Christ so if she's standing on the moon what is the moon where does the moon get a slight from the sun so the moon is a reflected reflecting the sun of the glory of Christ that means that what does the moon represent that she is standing on the Word of God a man or like this the Word of God So the foundation What does a woman represent my love ones the Church of God's people right in the so many different ways Christ compares the church to his bride so we see the woman of the church she has founded on what she supposed to be founded on the pastor know on what she's standing on the Word of God a man that's the foundation of the church it's not a human being it's not a man on earth as Jesus Christ is the foundation of the church as a body with me amen and it continues to say verse number 2 then being with child she did what she cried out in labor pain and labor and in pain to give what now this 2nd verse is a direct citation is directly connected to a very interesting verse in the Bible can anybody tell me what verse is connected the 2nd verse the woman is about to give birth who is about to be born the Messiah so what what other part in the Bible is connected to the 2nd verse. Genesis chapter 3 verse 15 I will put Emily between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed you will strike his heel and he will crush your head so remember after the devil thought he had trapped god gods human kids Adam and Eve The Devil thought he had one God says I'm going to tell you something right now you thought you think that you have one you think that you are able to take my children have them this way but I'm going to tell you something today I want you to know that out of this woman right out of the woman is going to come out what a seed right and out of that woman there's going to be a war between your seed and her seed and out of this war you're going to give the seed of the woman you're going to strike him you can to give him a mortal wound but he is going to survive that moral woman guess what the see that comes out of that woman is going to what he's going to crush your head he's going to destroy you amen So what we're seeing in Revelation Chapter 12 verse 2 is what is that this child is about to come forth a man the Messiah is about to be born a man Genesis chapter 3 verse 15 I call it the mother of all prophecies because if you understand that prophecy my love ones the rest of the Bible in the best of Revelation will clearly guide you to a greater understanding is already with me amen and so we see this fresh wonderful ways and the woman is about to give birth to the child in other words the Messiah is about to be born a man now had Jesus been born yet in verse number 2 no he was about to come so that means that then who is specifically talking about what time frame is it this is right before Jesus comes forth men who are God's people in this time frame the Jews write the nation the literal nation of Israel are God's people there waiting their weeks protecting the coming forth of the Messiah Let's continue to read verse number 3 and it says. And another sign appeared in heaven behold the great fiery red what a dragon having 7 hands and 10 horns having 7 heads and 10 horns and 7 diadems or crowns on his head so now appears in this vision the dragon and it says has 7 heads and 10 horns now the dragon represents whom I love once Satan the Bible says very clearly but in this context is also another representation right of the Dragon is attacking she's coming forth to this woman now do we find in Revelation another woman that is sitting on top of a beast that has 7 heads and 10 horns also yes you know why my love was because this battle that is being carried out is that other woman standing on the beast is already following these are the parallels that we find and make us give these connections so that we can understand the Book of Revelation so share the woman she's being attacked by this dragon Let's continue to read verse number for his tail to the 3rd of the stars of heaven and through them to the earth and the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth before to the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth to devour her child as soon as it was born so here again what is happening is that the dragon is waiting for the child to be forced to be born why with what purpose what does a dragon want to do he wants to kill and why does he want to kill the seed. Because he's the one that's going to and then his reign right he's the one who's going to put an end to him so he's thinking I've got to get rid of this kid right basically if you want to sum up the Old Testament or the Hebrew scriptures it's basically the dragon trying to impede the seed from being born that's it so here is this great moment this great the great controversy the great conflict is at this moment it is probably known as at the peak of this moment is that the seed is going to be born and there the dragon is waiting to devour him now I have a question is the dragon waiting literally to eat him is he standing in front of Mary as she's about to give birth is he really literally going to devour him no it's symbolic language right how does the devil try to devour destroy Christ when he was born by that the Herod right Herod had the all kings other 2 years old so here again this dragon while it represents the devil we know who's really the dragon is representing it's representing what the Roman Empire right because Herod was a puppet of the Roman Empire and so we see that the dragon is what he is the one behind all of these empires same thing occurs when we go into Daniel another prophecies that everybody with me up to now and then now was the successful Let's continue to read number 5 and she bore a male child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up to God and His throne was the devil successful my love ones and men how Luria know he was not now is something very interesting in Revelation Chapter 12 Revelation Chapter 12 verse 5 talks about the birth the life the death the crucifixion the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ in one verse and the question is why why does Revelation Chapter 12 that one verse cover all of the life of Christ from the moment he is born to the moment he ascends It's very simple because the focus of Revelation Chapter 12 is not on the child it is on the. Woman A man who has a fascinating chapter we don't have time to go into it but here is where the focus is all of this I was leading up to this point in verse number 5 it says that the child was what was called up to God and here is through whom everybody with me now the question is it's clearly pointing to the ascension of Jesus Christ and so what we're going to study this morning and I want to share with you especially knowing that there are guest amongst us is that the question is what happened in heaven before during and after the ascension of Jesus Christ Amen that's what we're going to study this morning what happened why be and haven't before during and after the ascension of Jesus Christ is already with me everybody ready you see bells on I ready for the rollercoaster and go in place of Daniel Chapter 7 we're going to start our study and Daniel Chapter 7 now if you know years in your Bible and if you know prophecy you know that Daniel scepter 7 verse number 9 is not talking about when Jesus Christ ascended to heaven so don't think I'm here trying to teach something heretical I'm just going to use Daniel Chapter 7 verse 9 and 10 as a sticking point as a hook to bring you in to what the question that what we want to answer is what is happening in heaven before during and after the ascension of Jesus Christ is already there Daniel Chapter 7 verse 9 says and I watched until what till Thrones how many pronouns does it say here it doesn't say right it's an indefinite number just as there are pros we're not sure how many Let's continue to read and it says and the Ancient of Days of days was seeded now who is the Ancient of Days in this context. God the Father now don't say don't go by God the Father just because I said or because the person next to you said it we have to go by it because it's what the word says amen I'm going to show you and prove to you that the Ancient of Days is God the Father Let's continue to read and the Ancient of Days was seated his garment was white as snow and the here of his head was like pure wool history own was a fiery flame and its wheels are what a burning fire so if the throne of God has wheels that means that it moves I had a student one time tell me very very conspicuously tell me how does that mean that God's throne is like a wheel chair not a wheelchair but it moves it's implying it's not literal right what it's saying is it has it has wheels that means that the throne of God moves guess where the throne of God moved in $844.00 from the Holy Place To the hour a man is continue to read it says a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him a 1000 thousands minister to him 10000 times 10000 stood before him who are those thousands of thousands and millions and millions and billions and billions that are standing before God the Father on his throne. The Angels write Amen so the angel saw this obviously my loved ones this scene cannot be happening here on Earth right it must be happening where in in heaven now look how it finishes the court was seated and the books were open so obviously I'm very clearly this is a court scene right and we know that judgment began in what year my love ones 844 so you're probably asking what does this have to do with the Ascension of Christ because crisis and into heaven we know through prophecy in the year 31 why are we talking about 844 I said this is not the purpose I'm just using this because verses as a hook to bring us into the study that I really want to go into now understanding and knowing this my love ones this cannot be happening in the sanctuary here on Earth as are but with me this must be happening where in heaven now this happened we know in 1844 but let's go before this happened go if we please to Revelation Chapter 4 Revelation Chapter 4 is the chapter that we are going to see where Revelation chapter $4.00 and $5.00 break down detail what happened in heaven before during and after the ascension of Jesus Christ is already with me amen and it says Revelation Chapter 4 who is there it says after these things I looked and behold the door standing open in heaven and the 1st voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying Come here and I will show you the things which must take place take place after this immediately I was in the spirit and behold there what what how many grounds who do you think this drama longs to. We went into a new chapter 7 he said to who was there there was for Owens plural indefinite but here we have a throne one throne we can assume that this is the same throne that God the Father was sitting in Daniel but let's confirm Let's continue to read it says it's throne set in heaven and one sat on the throne and he was sat there was like adjuster and a Sardis stone in appearance and there was a rainbow around the throne in appearance like an emerald around the throne worked what $24.00 for our own this is already with me now over there it says in Daniel 7 it says there were her own words and now it says that there is one from the father and now we see that there is how many Thrones $24.00 you're seeing that you see are you seeing the connection between Daniel and Revelation or be with me now there are specifically 24 Thrones Let's continue to read and on the thrones I saw 24 elders sitting clothed in white rose and they had crowns of gold on their heads and from the throne proceeded lightning thunders and voices 7 lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the 7 Spirits of God and before the throne there was a sea of glass like Crystal and in the midst of the throne and around the throne there were what. 4 living creatures full of eyes in the front and in the back in the 1st living creature was like a lion the 2nd living creature was like a calf the 3rd living creature had a face like a man and the 1st living creature was like a flying eagle look at what it says here the 4 living creatures each having what 6 wings were full of eyes around and within and they did not rest let's stop there for a 2nd now it's telling us and showing us a vision my love ones of Heaven what I one of things I love about this chapter is that when John is trying to explain what he's seeing notice he can't use he can't he has words like it was like this it was kind of like sardines it was kind of like Emerald it was he's trying to use Hooman words to explain a heavenly vision is already with me so can you imagine what it must be in heaven is like it's kind of like this and it's kind of looks like this but it's not like I he's trying to and he can't find words to explain what he's looking at and then he comes and he explains what he sees so here we have let's let's review he says he sees one sitting on the throne we're going to see that that's God the Father right then he says there how many Thrones 24 Thrones and horse riding on those 24 Thrones 24 elders that he says that in front of the throne was what the 7 Spirits of God write the 7 lives and the 7 Spirits of God and then he says that around the throne you have what 44 living creatures or 4 living beings is already with me follow me. And you follow me in a follow me all right so let's begin to break this down because what I'm going to show you now is maybe you haven't studied especially for our visitors our our guest is that this is the scene of what's happening in 7 before Christ arrives into the heavenly sanctuary so let's start with the 4 with the one on the throne we're going to see in a 2nd that's got the father they also have 4 living beings or 4 living creatures Now what is the key to understanding these 4 living creatures it's very simple it says right here in verse number 8 that the 4 living creatures have 6 wings if they have wings What are the 4 living creatures then Angels very good right there you have different level of angels you have Cherubim you have Carolyn's and it's very difficult for me to say it in English I'll say in Spanish get a weave hasn't said a phoenix all right and so you have this you have this scene of these 4 angels if you want to go study or deeper into this you can go ahead and read Not now but when we finish is E.Q. chapter one forward gives the same vision that John says very similar where John sees I'm sorry is equal sees the throne of God and He has 4 angles on the 4 corners and they're moving the throne around that starts in is equal chapter one it's another fascinating fascinating vision but that's not the focus that we were just pointing to who are the 4 living beings are but with me now he says there are thrones 24 Thrones beside the throne of the Father and there are 24 elders sitting on the throne now the question is Who are the 24 elders now. This can get controversial but here's a point this is not doctrine OK this is not doctrinal most people believe that most people also most certainly there's a there's a debate in Adventism between who are the 24 elders there are many or one side of the baby of the debate says that the 24 elders are from the redeemed that came up of Christ right and and I respect that I'm not saying that that's not that that's a wrong interpretation understanding and I'm not saying that my interpretation is correct either under same These are things that we can study I see I see things in a different angle and there are number of reasons why 1st of all if the father is sitting on the throne What does that imply if God the Father is sitting on the throne What does the throne imply kingship right he is the king he has the power he has the authority he is the supreme judges everybody with me so the throne implies kinship he is a governor he's governing over the universe so that means that those 24 elders that are sitting on the thrones that means that they must impose some type of What to they must be kings to a man they must be some types of rulers or governors also because they're sitting on the thrones and there's another verse that kind of made me think really think about this Matthew 1928 Jesus says Truly I say to you in the regeneration when the Son of Man will sit on his glorious throne has Jesus sit on his glorious throne yet. Yet the throne of glory comes when Christ returns is already with me so it's saying in the future regeneration the renovation when all things are made new again is saying then the sort of man will sit on his glorious throne and you who have followed me will what will also sit on 12 throne so when is it implied that we shall sit on thrones when he sits on his glorious throne has that happened yet no just I'm just tickling your mind and then I'm just tickling your mind so this is not happened yet now let's continue to read my love once and he says oh the 7 Spirits are going to go forth without talking about the 7 Spirits now we're going to talk about the 24 elders in a minute Amen but I don't want to tell you who the 24 elders are I want the study to say and I want to come through inspired writing everybody with me amen and again this is not a doctrine right we just study we're coming together we're trying to understand things better in a deeper way now who are the 7 Spirits it says that the 7 Spirits are standing in front of the throne now number 7 let's see what is number 7 represent perfection completeness total Mistry I'm going to show you now that the 7 Spirits represents the complete the total presence of the Holy Spirit told me to Revelation Chapter one Revelation Chapter one lushness Revelation Chapter one Revelation Chapter one we're going to read at verse number for everybody there Revelation chapter one verse number 4 it says John to the 7 churches which are in Asia Grace to you and peace from him who is who was and who is to come who is speaking about their most people say Jesus but is not speaking about Jesus in this context is talking about the father I'm going to show you now the one who is who was and who is to come and from the 7 Spirits who are before His throne the Holy Spirit and from whose the 3rd one mention. Jesus Christ amen he says Christ the faithful witness the firstborn from the dead and the ruler over all the kings of the earth I have a question do we see the 3 persons of the divinity here yes the one who is who was and is to come is God the Father the 7 Spirits is the Holy Spirit and then it says Jesus Christ the faithful witness Amen so here is talking about the 3 person the 3 persons of the Godhead God the Father God the Son of God the Holy Spirit Amen Now when we go back to Revelation Chapter 4 I want you to notice something there is a cut there is a difference between Revelation 4 and Daniel Chapter 7 and Daniel Chapter 7 it does not mention the billions and billions and billions and billions of Angels and there are 2 possible explanations for this one is that Daniel John just doesn't mention them in the same way that Daniel didn't mention that there were 24 elders specifically and that their words for living beings around the throne or which I'm going to show you is what I believe is the reason that John doesn't mention them is because the Angels are not there the angels have what they have gone to take Jesus Christ and to send him up to heaven Amen and that's why John I'm going to show you doesn't mention them because they're not there Christ is about to what crisis on his way to ascend into heaven and I heard a man who gets OK Let's continue to read Revelation Chapter 4 let's read Revelation Chapter 4 we stop at verse 8 and then. It says the 4 living creatures each having 6 wings were full of eyes around and within and they did not rest their night saying Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty who was who is and to come right there where worshipping God the Father who sitting on the throne burst 9 whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne who lives forever and ever the 24 elders fall down before him who is sick who sits on the throne and worship Him who lives forever and ever and cast their crowns before the throne saying you are worthy your good Lord to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things and by you they will exist and were created Here's another key why I don't believe the 24 elders are humans redeemed why because prophecy clearly teaches and the sanctuary clearly teaches that no human being can be in the presence of God the Father who is the only human being that can be in the presence of God the Father Jesus Christ amen So here we're seeing this throw this fascinating scene the for the for living beings the 24 elders there worshipping God the Father is he sitting on the throne now look at how the change moves chapter 5 look at how it changes and I saw on the right hand of Him who sat on the throne and what a scroll written inside and on the back seat will do with 7 seals then I saw strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice who is worthy to open the screen the scroll and to loosen its seals and no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or to look at it let's stop right here now we have this fascinating scene everybody is in place the father the 2 the 4 living beings the 24 elders the Holy Spirit is right there in front of the throne and now it says that the father has what in his right hand. A scroll with what 7 seals and it is written how on the inside and on the back up and down all over the place it's completely written so automatically when I start studying this 3 questions come up like that number one was the number one question what is written on the scrolls right what is written on the scrolls Number 2 is one where these school one was this sealed and then when was a SEAL because obviously you have to write on it it can't be sealed the ceiling must happen after it is written on everybody with me and number and the last question I have to ask myself is is there any place else in scripture that we find the scroll is there anywhere else in the scripture where we find the scroll written inside it now not me and Daniel but before Daniel remember it's sealed so that means that it has to appear someplace in the Bible where open and accessible does it appear anywhere else in the Bible my loans is E.Q. Chapter 2 go with me please Ezekiel Chapter 2 right before Daniel is equal Chapter 2 watch this is equal chapter 2. Is equal chapter 2. We're going to go to verse number 9 is equal chapter 2 verse 9 I meant if any of you are interested in the study I'm just I'm just skimming over the top if any of you are going and wishing of going deeper and going little bit more getting a little bit more juice out of this because of time frame you can give me your email at the end write me down your email on a piece of paper and I will send you the whole study Amen and a number of other resources only if you're interested if you're not don't worry I will not feel offended is equal chapter 2 verse 9 everybody there it says now when I look there was a hand stretched out to me and behold the what. A scroll of a book was in it then he spread it before me he spread it that means he opened it before me and it says and there was written on the inside and on the outside and written on it were what lamentations mourning Zand woes now I have a question Is this the scroll that appears in Revelation Yes it's written on the inside of the outside what's the difference between this role in the sequel chapter 2 and the scroll in Revelation Chapter 45 The one in Revelation is sealed this one is what it's open right so that means as E.Q. has access to the information he is able to see what is written in all of these scrolls and he's looking at it so that means that this is the scroll before it was sealed or closer but with me now what is written on the scroll it says very clearly here in verse number 10 that there were lemon Taishan ZX mornings and woes I have a question in the Book of Revelation does there appear Lemon Taishan mornings and walls yes in abundance write the whole book is basically about that so what is it telling us that appears in the scroll there are a number of things that appear but I'm just going to focus on one part of the book what appears in this book is What is the explanation of the description of how God is going to end with this Earth. Amen it's God is explaining I'm going to write that I'm going to show you why how I'm going to end with this world of sin here is the description of the end the bends with which I will put an end to the reign of sin on this earth for my children Amen that's why if you make a study in the book of Ezekiel Jeremiah then you are obviously Joe well and all of them are what are called them prophets before Christ appeared they all saw revelation in one point or another if you study it in detail you'll see that all of them all of the profits before Christ they all saw revelation and specifically revelation 16 which talks about the 7 plagues which are going to undo the 7 plays are going to undo the 6 days of creation all of them sort Isaiah sort why because they saw the scroll what a man so they all had access to the information that's why they were able to see this is what's going to happen at the end because they were written off of the scroll Amen Now the question is when was the scrolls sealed when was it close what does it imply that it sealed or it's closed Daniel Chapter 12 years for 9 but you then you shut up the words and what and seal the book until when for the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the. Let's think my loved ones time of the end we have 2 dates for the time of the end was the 1st 1798 and was the 2nd 1840 for Daniel chapter and when Daniel sees the vision right he sees the the abomination of desolation he sees the little horn trampling on the plan of salvation trembling in the sanctuary and he says God it's when is God going to permit this little horn to continue to trample on God's plan of salvation and what is the angel tell the other one until 2300 days and then he says then get one cable shows and he says don't worry Daniel this is to the time of the In other words Pay attention please. Those that are guests here I'm going to do a little parentheses for a 7th Day Adventist the understanding of what was going to happen how God was going to end this earth was sealed in Daniel Amen Why was it sealed for the Messiah to show up for him to establish the foundations of this kingdom but then it says that there was going to be in the time of an end what he was going to what the book is sealed until the time of the end and that means that in the time of the end what was going to happen to the sealed book now I have a question if I break the 1st seal is the book open if I break the 2nd seal is it open what has to happen for if I break 6 SIL's is the book open what has to happen for the book to be opened or revealed to 7 seals have to be broken and in the 7 seals are broken pay attention then God was going to reveal again to humanity the end of this earth how God was going to put an end to this Amen and we know that the date of this time was 798844 my love one 7th Day Adventists this verse is pointing to us it's telling us you are the ones that are going to reveal to the world how I'm going to put an end to this word I have a question and I study because I was not raised as an Adventist some of their friends and I studied prophecy through all Christianity there is not one church on this earth that has a clear and logical explanation of the Book of Revelation of the end of his time like we do why because of this human this is a prophecy pointing to us he saying there is going to come a time in the time of the end when I'm going to raise up a people that I will reveal the final events of this earth and we are going to stake it out to the world community men who get excited I got to control myself. Yes because sometimes we're not aware of what the message is that God is showing us what he's trying to tell us what is our purpose here on earth is to get the world ready for the return of Jesus Christ a man for us to get ready and for us to reveal it to others going to heard him and now we know what the scroll is now there's a there's a lot more to it but I'm just giving you I'm just looking on the skimming off the top of it let's go back to Revelation Chapter 5 Revelation Chapter 5 who's excited him and praise the Lord I'm hoping that if you're not too interested in the present the Bible isn't that interesting Oh yes it is my love ones there is nothing like the bible let's go back to Revelation Chapter 5 Amen and it says in verse number 2 then I saw strong angel proclaim with a loud voice who is worthy to open the scroll and to loose its seals and no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or to what to even to look at it so I wept much why because no one was found worthy to open and read the scroll or to look at it so here we see John my love ones he's crying he's in pain he's saying who is worthy to open this book nobody now remember God the Father is there the Holy Spirit is there the 24 angels there the 24 elders I'm sorry and the the 4 living beings around and he said no one is worthy now the word worthy is a little it's a little odd for us if you go to the original language it means who has the credentials you follow me who has the credentials to open this scroll now the father is there the Holy Spirit is there it doesn't mean that they're not worthy in the sense of their divinity in the power of the authority what it's saying is there is one that has to have specific or don't chose to open the scroll not yet. The one that has the authority to open the scroll guess who it is it's the ruler of the earth now. Who was used to be the ruler of this earth who was the 1st ruler Adam who was the 2nd ruler in this timeframe say before this was the rule of the earth now if the person that grabs to scroll has the power and authority to open it to unleash the end times to finish with this Earth as we know it I have a question do you think God is going to give that power to the devil No of course not he's waiting he's waiting for what he's waiting for one to come let's continue to read her body with me it says in verse number going to 5 but one of the elders said to me Do not weep behold who the line of the tribe of Judah the root of David how is prevailed has been victorious to what to open the scroll and to lose its 7 seals Amen so amongst this vision they're looking they're waiting John is weeping why is John we've been because he says what sin is going to this earth he's living it remember he was persecuted all of the Apostles have been murdered and he they tried to murder him he's in prison and he's seeing this Any knows what sin brings He knows the end and he's crying because God what are you going to put an end to this world of pain and suffering and he saying only the one that has the power to open the scroll can do that and he's whipping it is like Who was it who can do it and behold the lion of the tribe of Judah has come forth they're seeing Jesus Christ as he's ascending into heaven he says the elders tell him don't worry about it here he comes here comes the one that can open the scroll hears the one who is right just and who has power and authority over all things he is the one who will hear he is the one who will say he is the one who restore Here is the one who will put an end to sane. And so they're seeing Jesus Christ as He being ascended into heaven but now the question is what is the 1st thing that Jesus done when He ascended into heaven. What is the 1st thing that Jesus done going to roll a chapter 12 Revelation Chapter 12 Revelation Chapter 12 everybody there it says here Revelation Chapter 12 are 7 and war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought but they did not prevail no where there a place found for them in heaven any longer so the great dragon was cast 1st out of heaven that serpent of all called The Devil and say in who deceives the whole world he was cast to the earth and his angels were cast out with him notice that there was a battle now we all relate this battle in Revelation Chapter 12 to the 1st time the Devil was kicked out and yes it is in the context but if you look at the order of the chapter it's not talking about the 1st time it's making reference to the 1st time but it's saying 1st he was cast out of Heaven he was free but the 2nd time which is the context he was cast down to the earth is everybody following why because the context of this if you follow the chronological order of Chapter 12 it's talking about when Christ ascended into heaven the 1st thing he did was what he kicked the devil out of heaven I heard somebody say Man somebody excited about this now the 1st question that you're coming especially if you're a guest or a visitor saying well wait a minute what was the devil doing in heaven a 2nd time I understand the 1st time right but why a 2nd time it's very simple to understand my love ones if you look and study the Bible what it says is very clearly is that this Throne Room this throne room scene is that it's waiting for a crisis come so the devil can be kicked out now let's go back to the question before we get there what is the devil doing in heaven very simply go with me to Job Chapter One I know most of you know this but if there are guest amongst us I want them to understand what we're studying so they can come they can follow along the story line human Job Chapter one. Job Chapter one who's there with me right before. Job Chapter one right before the book of Psalms you have the Book of Job Job Chapter one Verse number 6 it says now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan also came among them and the Lord said to say in from where do you come what are the gods hell say in say in get out of here you don't belong here no this is there's a council there's a heavenly Council and the sons of God appear and the devil shows up no notice God does not kick him out and the 1st time I see it as what is Why is God accepting him to walk in there let's continue to read it says in verse number 7 and the Lord said to say in from where do you come in other words he's telling the devil present yourself before the heavenly Council introduce yourself right I was kind of rude I didn't introduce myself when I got here my name is Carlos Munoz I'm an associate speaker for amazing facts and current director now you know let's continue. So say in answer the Lord and said from going to and from on the earth and from walking back and forth on it in other words the devil shows up and when he presents himself God says present yourself to the council please Lucifer Satan and he says I am the ruler of the earth that's why I'm here right I am the rule of the earth he has a legal authority to be in heaven why we had rebelled but guess what by becoming the rule of the earth he now has the legitimate legal right to go into this heavenly Council and to what to represent the earth they say what I'm coming from the earth in other words I'm coming from my from my territory I am the governor I am the Prince of Earth is everybody following. Now Genesis $128.00 Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and do what subdue it that's the word to govern over it and have dominion authority over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth when God created this earth He told Adam and Eve You are the king and queen of this earth amen it's all Adam you are the governor you have authority you have dominion over this earth and so what So God gave Adam and Eve Their wedding gift was this earth amen you think you were excited because you got some plates. God gave Adam and Eve a whole planet and he said this will long see you but there was a small test of faith right the what a tree a very simple and basic test one tree if you stay loyal to me if you don't eat of the tree you're showing that you want this earth to be part of the kingdom Amen you wanted to stand under the heavenly jurisdiction but if you have this tree what you're saying is you don't want me to reign over your over this planet you don't want to be part of the jurisdiction you want to do your own thing and we know what the result of what happened Adam and Eve chose to what they chose to this obey God and the earth what the earth came under the jurisdiction of whom of the devil now somebody is probably sitting here and saying and I don't worry I've had it before plenty of times you are just making this stuff up look at all this blood of Little Liars talking about what I'm talking about that the earth belongs to God Remember it's not what I say it's what does the word say go with me please to Luke Chapter 4 I know most of you maybe some of you know this already blah blah blah but it's good to create to take context for our visitors amen because I thought I was told that today is a day where visitors are coming in. So I hope you're enjoying yourselves right Luke Chapter 4 go with me please I'm going to show you what I'm saying Luke Chapter 4 who is there ready. And it says verse number 5 then the devil take him up on a high mountain showed him all the kings in the world in a moment of time and the devil said to him all this authority I will give you and their glory so one of the temptations is that the devil takes Christ and what does he do he takes them up to the highest mountain on the earth and he says you see all of this you see all of the kingdom of this world I have a 40 over all of this and then he says and verse number 6 I have authority and I will give it to you in their glory for this has been delivered to me and I give it to whom ever I wish if he says Therefore if you worship me it will be all yours what is the devil saying Christ as if you worship me if you bowed down and worship me all of this that you're looking at I am going to give it to you why because I have power over it because it was given to me I have a question who gave the devil the authority over the earth Adam and servant follow me so who was the person that was supposed to be representing earth in Job Chapter one Adam Adam was no what the governor of the earth right but because he became slave to the devil because humanity succeeded to him then the devil had the legal authority to go up into heaven into this heavenly Council and represent earth and that's what he's doing years everybody would have to now right and case you probably know it's a good remembrance that that was the purpose that was what Adam was there for that's why God Jesus said in John 1430 I will no longer talk much with you for the ruler of this world will is coming Jesus strike speaking about WHO about the devil right the devil was the ruler but remember. Not for long because what was the promise the seed shall come and you're going to hurt him but he's going to destroy you amen and so as we're looking at the scenery as we're looking at this breaking down we see what we see then that here it is they're seeing in the vision they're waiting for the one to give authority the one that is going to truly righteously save humanity and what is he saying he's saying they're seeing Jesus Christ let's go back to Revelation Chapter 5 please Revelation Chapter 5 Revelation Chapter 5 Revelation Chapter 5 let's go back to verse number 4 Revelation Chapter 5 verse 4 in men and it says so I went much because no one was found worthy to open and read the scroll or to look at it but one of the elder said to me Do not weep behold the lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David has prevailed to open the scroll and to do what and to loosen its 7th seal so the 1st thing Jesus does when he ascended into heaven is he kicks the devil out for the 2nd time and then and then what's the next thing do you think Jesus Christ just casually walked into heaven and like all good uses. There is Jesus a ha guys he's back do you think this was this is casual rolling into heaven he just he just ascended from Earth he walks in now how do you think he was received do you know that the Bible explains in detail how he was received go with me to some chapter 24 chimes up to 24 watch this in case you haven't seen this you need to see this because this wasn't just any old entrance What was the reaction of the heaven when Jesus cries after his ascent he's ascending he kicks the devil out for the 2nd time and now he starts walking towards the door everybody there some chapter 24 verse number 7 Amen. And it says Lift up your head so you gates and be lifted up you everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall come in who is the King of Glory the Lord strong and mighty the Lord mighty in battle lift up your head so you gates and lift up your everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall come in who is the King of Glory The Lord of Hosts he is the came of glory a man there seeing Jesus Christ walking in and there asking Who is that that is walking towards the gate who is that that is about to enter into the presence of the Father and all of the angels that have brought him up or say Who is it then I ask you Who is that that's coming as if it's a question but I don't know that wanting all universe to exclaim and proclaim here is victorious from Earth he has come to give it a enemy he has walked on earth he has lived the love victorious life he has the fear of the devil he has defeated sin he has defeated death and now he's coming to take a stone at the right hand of the father Amen that's what they're talking about there we're I can imagine the glorious scene in heaven a man who. But then something else happens go back to Revelation Chapter 5 go back to Revelation Chapter 5. Revelation Chapter 5 Amen. Now look at this this is interesting verse number 5 revelation 5 side says but one of the elder said to not we behold the line of the tribe of Judah the root of David has prevailed his victorious to open the scroll and to loosen his 7 seals thus that vision right there see him come be Tory asleep through the cloud with the clouds of heaven the angels have brought him up but now look at the change of scenery in verse number 6 and I looked and behold in the midst of the throne of the 4 living creatures and in the midst of the elder stood what. I laugh as though it had been slain having 7 horns and 7 eyes which are the 7 Spirits of God sent out into all the earth firsts John is seeing him as the lion as Dick the son of David amen the victorious one the righteous one right the kidding the champion but then he says in the backs verse he looks and he doesn't see a lion he doesn't see the victorious warrior of David he sees a lamb why because now the focus shifts now it's not talking about him as the lion but it's talking about him as what as the sacrifice as the one that gave it all is everybody with me and he's standing there now he's seen Jesus Christ says here in verse number 6 he's seeing him in the midst of the elders he's sitting in there and guess what they want to do when he presents himself now as a lamb he presents his hands guess what they want to do well they want to just praise him again they want to reach out and scream but Christ does something very interesting desiré just Chapter 87 last chapter if you haven't read it. Then the portals of the City of God are opened wide and the exile it for Rome throng sweep through the gates amid a burst of red Chris music there is the throne and around it the rainbow of promise right this is what they're seeing they're seeing this fascinating Bijan they're seeing this come together and around it the rainbow of promise there are the cherub and the Sarah from the commanders of the angels hosts the sons of God to whom the representatives of the unfallen worlds are assembled now in Revelation it doesn't call them the representatives of the unfolding worlds but she does are you following me. Again I'm not trying to be doctrinal this is not an issue of doctrine but I think that those 24 elders those kings represent to the head of the governors of the unfallen world Zaman and look at what I continue to say the heavenly Council before which Lucifer had accused God and His Son the representatives of those sinless realms over which say and have thought to establish his dominion this is Joe chapter one basically all are there to welcome the Redeemer they are illegal just celebrate his triumph and to glorify their King this is what we're seeing in the scene but he what he waves them back in other words Well not yet not yet he cannot now receive the crown of glory he hasn't received yet my love ones and the royal road he enters into the presence of his father which only the only human being that could do that was Christ he points to his wounded head the pier side the market feet he lifts his hands bearing the print of nails he points to the tokens of his triumph who are those he represent he presents to God the wave sheaf those rays with him as representatives of that great multitude who shall come forth from the grave at His 2nd coming Amen He works in with them many presents them to this heavenly Council that we're looking at the voice of God is her proclaiming that justice is satisfied Satan is defeated Christ toiling struggling ones as you and me on earth are accepted in the Beloved in Jesus Christ before the heavenly angels and the representatives of the unfallen worlds they are declared justify that means we are for given where he is there his church shall be a man that's to what we're looking about my loved ones Christ 1st had to say Father is the sacrifice except that my father is an accepted and the father says Son your sacrifice is accepted and look at this please Who are you ready who is standing in front of the throne the Holy Spirit how do we know that the father accepted the sacrifice of the Son. There has to be a manifestation and in the Bible it says that every time got accepted one of his children sacrifice there was fire come down from right when when when when when Abel sacrifice how do we know got accepted the sacrifice fire when Solomon so in operated the earthly sanctuary the woman he built how do we know they got accepted in sacrifice fire when alive who was on the mountain how do we know that he accepted a sacrifice got accepted a sacrifice fire but all of those are types there representations of the one true manifestation that was going to come from heaven that was going to prove a point to that God accepted the greatest sacrifice of them all which was the death of His Son Jesus Christ how do we know that he accepted it look at it what it says in Revelation Chapter 5 verse 6 and I look then we hold in the midst of the throne of the 4 living creatures and in the midst of the elders stood a lamb as though it had been slain having 7 horns and 7 eyes which are the 7 Spirits of God pay attention to this sent out into all the earth notice that when they see Christ there standing in the midst there the Holy Spirit does not bear itself that he was there but he was sent out when was the Holy Spirit sent out on Pentecost my love going to pay attention to this Jesus Christ resurrected and he was with his disciples for how long Pentecost happened how many days 50 it says here look at this John 739 but this he spoke concerning the Spirit whom those believing in Him would receive for the Holy Spirit was not yet given because Jesus was not yet calorifier. When was Jesus glorified with or study he walks in and the spirit was then what was then given on what day do we know that this Spirit was given on the day of Pentecost why because Christ had ascended to his father and said Father it is done father and the father said I accept your sacrifice look at how it says here in Acts of the Apostles Chapter 4 when Christ passed within the heavenly gates he was what that's what we're studying a mystery of the ration of the jewels as soon as the serve money was completed the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples in rich currents and Christ was indeed glorified even with the glory which he had with the father from all eternity the Pentecostal watch this sentence is powerful the Pentecostal outpouring was Heaven's communication that the Redeemers inauguration was accomplished in Spanish it says that Pentecost was the man of representation that the heavenly ministry of Christ begun Amen that was the part that was showing it it has begun what has begun Christ as our priest in the heavenly sanctuary a man who according to his promise he had sent the Holy Spirit from heaven to his followers as a token that he had as a priest and King received all authority in heaven and on earth and was the anointed one over his people and then postulating stuff my love and and that's what Revelation is presenting to us that's why we see in Revelation Chapter one when we see we see Jesus standing in the midst of the 7 candlesticks one of the 7 candlesticks represent. Church the 7 churches which are the representation of what of the 7 stages of the church from the time of the Ascension of Christ 31 Pentecost until what until his return when he leaves the heavenly sanctuary is everybody with me and that's what it's showing us my love and it's showing us that we're not looking at Christ on the cross anymore praise the Lord for the cross Don't get me wrong but the cross is not the plan of salvation. For it's class to me I heard someone you tell me one time one time the cross is not the plan of salvation I was the cross is the beginning of the plan of salvation the cross is the door and then the plan of salvation is broken down it's developed is detailed in the sanctuary is there every step that you walk through Christ 1st on the cross then dies then really resurrects the Laver and then ascend into heaven and that's what we see in Revelation What is he telling the church he's saying my love ones my church listen to me you're going to see during the history of this church famine persecution tribulation apostasy it's all coming through don't get discouraged because I am among you I am here that's why he appears on the candlesticks my love and he doesn't appear in the most holy places because telling him before you get there understand that I am with you through this battle I am walking with you I am strengthening you I love you do not fear for I with you be not dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen you I will always uphold you with my righteous right hand that's what the message is in Revelation my love when starting off he's talking to you and to me now there are things that are happening in our church that when I can't believe this is happening and I have people call us in amazing times and I go oh the church is falling apart all this and I'm like my brother open your Bible and tell me why this has not happened before you have been reading your Bible because if you go to Times of Jeremiah the times of Isaiah and the other prophets This is nothing what we're seeing. Great Apostasy is still yet to come my loved ones are you following me but that focus is not to be looking at what's going wrong our focus is to be looking at Jesus because by keeping our eyes on him then we are my loved ones then we are to be participants of his ministry in heaven is everybody falling in everybody say men who Time is up. So much more but I want to break the time and then I have a question my love once is a book of Revelation a fascinating is this not a wonderful wonderful thing I just want to share with you one more quote. So much so much Hebrews 27 and 9 you father sent him Christ over the works of your hands you have put all things in subjection under his feet for in that he put all in subjection under him he let nothing that is not put under him does it appear as God is in control on this earth no it doesn't appear it doesn't appear that he's in control things are just getting worse and worse and worse his saying everything is on him but it doesn't look like it but look what it says but we do not yet seal things put under him right it doesn't appear as if that's the case. But we see Jesus who for a little while was made a lower than the angels for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor in other words despite the things that are happening on this earth we know Gen of Revelation Chapter 4 spoke is on the throne of God We know that Jesus and the father a sitting on the throne my loved ones and they are in control Amen they have the power they have the authority and all those that cling to him all those that want his intercession although that want to be part of his kingdom shall have the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives and they shall be sanctified restored and transformed into the image of Jesus Christ amen I have a question for you this morning is there anybody here that says I know and I recognize that I need to be restored into the image of Jesus Christ I'll come out confess to you right here today that I know that I do not pray anough and I do not study enough we were sitting over there the Sabbath the lesson on the cross object lesson right beautiful and maybe thinking I need I don't pray enough I don't study my word and if I am not ready for the things that are going to happen despite my king sitting on the throne. But he's there and he's waiting you men and I recognize that I need to do more than anybody else today that wants to join me and say I'm not ready for the things that are going to happen either I want to I need to pray more I need to study more stand up if that's your prayer with me today in this morning if you want to join me in saying Lord I recognize that I'm not ready and recognize that I'm not there but if we keep our eyes on Christ a man don't look at what's happening here don't don't keep your focus on the pastor or on the elder or and dancer on that or a mom and dad know we need to keep our focus on Christ Amen and if the pastor and the elder and mom or dad are following what Christ does then praise the Lord then that is an example that we can emulate but our foundation is Christ and if we keep our focus on him we have nothing to worry about because we understand and know that he is in control of men he is in power he knows all things remember it's all written down it's all broken down the question is whether you going to be on what side of the issue are you going to be on and that decision is made every day when we go what is your priority what is your focus where you put your time and your resources my love ones that is your priority and that is your focus and if your focus is none and the things of Jesus Christ understand this my love ones only those that are in love with Christ will go to heaven why because only those that are in love with Christ will keep their focus on his things if you're not in love with question going to keep focusing on this world and when this world burns down you are going to burn with it if that is the decision you make but if you want to go to Heaven keep your eyes on Christ Amen and keep that focus and he will get you there because he has never lost a battle that's why he is known as the son of David and then let's pray who Heavenly Father we thank you. For this amazing amazing just a glimpse into the Book of Revelation and Revelation chapter 4 and 5 every see all of these things coming together Father we thank you who so that we know the purpose of this vision father I believe is so that we know and understand that you are sitting on the throne and that your son our savior is standing there at the right hand interceding on our behalf and we can have trust and confidence in him if we schooling to him if we stay to him if we hold on to him daily we know then that our prayers are answered We know that you are insisting on our behalf for our salvation and for the salvations of those around us thank you for His blessing Father thank you for showing us such a wonderful vision that sometimes gets lost in all of the power of prophetic turn around and we thank you for this blessing and we as in Jesus name this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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