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Ellen White vs. the World Wide Web, Part 1

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism



  • January 1, 2010
    9:30 AM
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father heaven we thank you that we can come before you today and study together and we just pray father that the spirit that inspired the province would guide our study of the gift of prophecy father we really want to be heating all the light that you sent to your people we want to be rightly dividing the word of truth we want to rightly portray you and your truth to the world around us guide us this morning give us wisdom and understanding illuminates our minds that we may understand spiritual things you ask in prayer in Jesus name they now some of you living here anyway I want to tell me yesterday payment is in the SMR now you say I know a lot of people like New Year's in all the different seminars and an almost endless ability almost holding a seminar that continues my class and all built on the same subject is any kind why the comeback or at least the feeling miss things I almost too guilty about that we cannot yesterday that some of you need a receiving and when you seen how many we did not receive if you think I will here surpass him him filling in and out right away and actually going anything up on into my house and more if you run out of but I want to start out today just finishing up one on something we were talking about yesterday okay and so they don't have the handouts I think there around somewhere but this is the most Communist elite dominated hand receiving here very shortly we were talking yesterday about rightly dividing the word of truth in other words when you read either the Bible or Illinois and here certainly what we call hermeneutical principles the issues of policy don't come the wrong conclusion there are ways of reading and wrong ways of reading anybody think I can make it mean just about anything I told people before that I seems just about anything out of my I couldn't honestly I think it is a secret rapture of the Bible don't kid yourself then there are some of the Zionism is seeking a Senior graphic don't ever go to the Bible that you want your file but it is context they don't use it and rightly dividing the same thing goes for any inspired riots we're talking about the three general hermeneutical principles yesterday the first one being to consider all the prophet has spoken in other words if you're wanting to know something about what what God says about something and join us as we would not think it is probably read a statement by Ellen White wanting to run a yesterday don't you think one statement will any interest in research the more you read that says that certain topic the better your understanding omega else for any aspiring source to think things through the Scripture William Miller's method of studying the Scriptures totaling strongly endorse it was not part outbursts until there's nothing left of it the exegetical study with there's not anything absolutely wrong when I have decided the best way to stay in my will is will interpret itself comparing Scripture with Scripture I is Alan Whitehead says the formation of doctrine in the early theater talk about that yesterday in the early atmosphere if he was we gather together anyone for anything the Scripture and the Lord and Savior are envisioning your explanation seated on times when leaving her passages of Scripture that explain the ones they were studying I think that's incredible I think it's important we know that the only been coming in here without here's what I said but even through the vision zero you okay so here is the script for letting Scripture interpret itself when you are trying to study some something in the Bible the best thing you can do is fine now like William Miller did he importance and find out all the places in the violinist will that is that I hang out whenever the subject is an young get a better understanding around their full understanding will not intend to on the subject that makes sense so is the number one considering all the property spoke on and on this evening all elements right is something in a day is make an application I mentioned this yesterday a lot of times we just don't want to acquire self started suckling right in front of us we don't want to look at when we want to know the truth have to apply ourselves knowing a man by the second hermeneutical rule was to consider the context both the internal and external content system of units you do some of this before I mentioned yesterday resource and inspiration is Doctor Stanton 's book receiving the wearer at what is on his inspiration and understanding inspiration hermeneutical principle etc. but when you consider the context be the internal context means in the race itself if you're reading something across something that is what the context say about when reading a leisurely read a sentence with the sentences inside of say sometimes you can read a sentence when you read a whole paragraph has ultimate meaning right before and after safety happens in the mildly very consider the context and one of the things we were on yesterday 's in considering the context the external context that in the circumstances around which the statement appeared sometimes there are considerations may be Ellen White made a statement regarding something that especially applies to a certain culture a certain place to start my certain circumstances time place and circumstance of things that need to be considered I was talking that place yesterday when we finished up we talked about the wedding man at Venice and and I'm not I would encourage you to get on the biblical research Institute website goes to the whitest thing only on CD-ROM and reading the paper by Roger Kuhn on the wedding day is an extensive study is very good very balanced position that he has but I just want to say that the Santa seems to not wear me an analyte in a statement in the testimony as to ministers acting and easy listening as he spoke a certain situation came in the discussion was was agitated about the wearing of a wedding man and he made a statement that it had it with her daughter-in-law and now Tasmania is right James says Manny wasn't that he is missing the Australia act and there was pressure in a certain culture especially among her own family was dishonorable month where letting me and so Allen Weinstein she asked her mother Longhurst and mother Lois and I doing a lesson well go ahead and remain in I think it's radically says it wasn't long after this exhibit on doing the dishes are doing something or the other and never put it back on again anyone heard was more he wanted to appear respectable in the culture he was in his US traveling with her minister husband and not appearing with a wedding in assessing regular meeting lowlife he was traveling around someone anyone okay what is his estate in them is listed in the book a test with minister who ran yesterday where he says that in countries where the customer is imperative we have no burden to condemn both of where the marriage wedding ring and we are anything it is a conscientious and electronic missionaries feel that wearing a beret will increase their influence one job until their Christians will be manifest in a Christlike character in their words and their works in the home as our general statement if you read the whole thing was nondestructive and letting processes that we would be better to steer away from it we don't condemn the people that the only need to wear conscientiously in the countries where the customer is imperative it was an allowance and we as Christians in general were born with carnal hearts with carnal natures the Bible says in Romans eight seven the carnal mind is enmity against God is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be we are naturally opposed to God only through the gospel but not enable us to come in line with his will and so it is a major push the envelope him and I make some allowance we can you say okay great as if that's a religious experience only wrote about are certainly the site was destroyed this is like a story Jesus is doing communities joining Seasonale weakening seasons is the only reason for your health reform will create health reform in the internal conviction and had to follow the work of the leading of the Holy Spirit Christianity and so I think we have to be careful overlooking things sometimes I come seminars like this hoping that I'll tell than Alan White 's okay with what they're doing I heard a sickening sound pretty strata please write about it because God is finding out the carnality on Renée sure to prepare us for coming because without holiness no man will see the Lord there's going to be a generation that's going to be alive in the whole Christ coming in the clouds of glory and be stricken to read and write SN is coming those people must allow the Lord to purify them for that I find at three versus one following the hologram on the father has bestowed upon us that we can be called the sons of God when he goes on to say we know not what we shall be but we don't know that we shall be like him because he comes we shall see in the idiocy in a lesser life is a God given gift of prophecy the last generation that will be able to stand in the coming never seen that more frequently as other things that you read and study in the word and oftentimes seem to have our ways of getting around it in the word we disable I don't think I seem that way at my interpretation and like I said okay well let me give you my interpretation and he is in the process and any is very misleadingly so that we don't have the wiggle room that we have and this is why people find an issue with this paragraph like I said yesterday it is not a matter of what is it is fired not in spite of matter I will really keep sending nine is a problem in the church and on the wedding and I'm not telling you you you where I'm telling you when Allen Langley her statement was an allowance Crist 's Senate seat for the highest standard and in her skirt statement itself was made in the contact of a certain place countries where the costume is imperative on the last term in principle we can look at him I touch on your meeting this morning is that we need to know the difference between policy and principle I see is a rule in short our policy is that this is the way to doing this is what you should do a principal is the reason behind the role policies can change over time but the principles are internal okay and so let me give you RSS policy and principle when I was a young man and I figurine young man my brother and I used to go and shoot pool and I was living in England somehow we would go to the bowling out the window oftentimes you can blow it was interesting to me has just turned eighteen and he handed the eighteenth issue will not keep this in mind of him walking into the bowling alley the Galileans are up here in the gasoline to a bawling on your shoes and but there is little room where the pool table Martin is a half block this life I can see over we can see what everybody's doing over there and over again over but I can go over there so I was eighteen and so I thought what will the world that doesn't make any sense to me so I remember asking the lady behind the desk what's the deal with a keener loyalties and I don't know their lot rules that they have on the books that bad you know I don't understand why we haven't even if the rule of the law looks in Ohio was a horse watering trough every block is it really was we didn't follow it nothing about her when you be required to have them were squatting on every block policy is the principle behind lots of horses what would you do if your horse carrying some heavy person around all the time you wouldn't be around horses they are thinking you are squandering cost of being unwanted horses make sense the problem lies in the time that I had I ask this latest question healing forces around any more than your car so the policy was out in was the principal and what would happen if we were to realize that principal horses there is gas stations right there is Miami Nestlé so you can see the principal residence in the principal and why the principle of equality policy changes in other words in the policy stated in the principles you can get rid of simple you have to reapply the violence saying a lot what is written in the Bible is principal there are some policies there are some hard fast rules but a lot of what is written in principle Christians mostly form their lives based on principal diagnosis principles and we live in a different situation one of the reasons that calls are so attractive to people is because I called to tell you exactly what to do when you knew how to do it and a lot of people would prefer that I don't like to have anything on that church members and that you listen to music I listened intently when I listen to my solicitor will you carry around with you all the time every time you hear a new song and maybe I'll learn the difference of only now learned to apply and sometimes we make mistakes we knew that my God talks about Christian liberty in the modern-day person at hand sometimes you die I know each one of you probably done certain things as well and tentatively due this afternoon I'm going anyway I have been in here on the ground before so you trying to Christina 's will is merciful and the situations you trying to imply a certain principle is applied Wong you learn from that any real live so we learn and grow as Christians we learn the principles in the Bible but when we're reading principles in life reading policies in the Bible in times of change that policy no longer applies newly found this Christians to find the principal and reapply it were really wanting to be ready when Jesus comes now here's some examples in the writings of Ellen why have you heard that Ellen White is unconvincing the riding bicycles they listen to this statement you just don't love this him and tells us that their teachers and students page three sixty seven account verification the exhibition is this a three sixty seven it's from Hannah yesterday the clinicians in bicycle craze aren't you cannot just have this kindled against those who do such thing as an thing often times a person may be introduced to say I was crazy and inspired because it doesn't make sense to us but it made a lot of sense to the people in our life that let me give you the background people were of course I only remember the first bicycles when they look like they are real little tiny Macneill they were not really convenient transportation it was a craze is back only that meaning that people that were really handy for writing myself and bicycles cost a lot of money just like any new beta comes out and in an is no competition a marketing and antiwar pain an exorbitant price for bicycle so myself that they were actually driving their family and necessity is so they can keep up with the latest grade is and this was happening among Seventh-day Adventists who are proclaiming to the world around them that we believe Jesus is coming soon we have to get ready and I will and what happened as it was destroying their weakness they were spending the money that could've gone into the closet I was thinking extravagantly and someone in the use of a bicycle in and of itself but the expanding of more money than a person should be named something that really wasn't doing any good it wasn't long before my sales I want to modify anything probably one of the most economical means of transportation but anyway the next statement that I have here is a little bit more light on it instead this is a review here on August twenty one nineteen ninety four season instead of investing one hundred dollars and a bicycle you would consider the matter well under now is a lot of money in eighteen ninety four I think of myself as they were on right you would consider the matter well it might be the price of souls or whom Christ died and for whom he has mean you sponsor so there is little light on the principle of a your money to be put in a better place in extravaganza etc. now Holocene regarding bicycles has changed I believe times of change the situation has changed but one principle can we really find that principal things today what might we really want to expensive cars at a extravaganza me there are cars with things that you need an American cars that you don't need as I actually saw the other day and I keep my eyes deceive me or is SUV and I thought this makes no sense to me the first is a sports car dolly because I think these are not parallel obviously when you know something cells that the manufacturers wanting getting on but that would be an extravagance I hate to step on your toes if you drove your import SUV that would be an extravagance likely of course would be an extravagance is okay people here on the sizes of the car sleep so well I just had I don't computer I had my battery know-how was talking to gallon the guy said he will have to mother batteries were replaced with a hundred and fifty dollars hundred sixty dollars he said that hundred and sixty dollars under the battery somewhere else he does not we need tomorrow as well this aroused my people so quick to learn all that is not something that is okay is when you don't understand anything Arizona work as well as our matter is my free batteries for your battery is sometimes people tell me what is this car is made in the area you live three or more of those cars the one thing that matters you were one of these is a situation here is where anything stories of what God has entrusted us with some nice appraisers another one anyway to summarize myself and your voice it was one of principal only when we read the writings of Ellen White without anything of policy and principle this is the only think of myself and incidentally is critical right away the young amateurs if you have a microphone off come on that's what people are molten and their site is statement like that without the context without the background when you understand the context and background in the background briefing here and anybody not know that doesn't make more sense acne is concerned the only reason why crazy it is a gorgeous and this is what bothers me about the critics Bigelow in the background without many of them knowing no one is in the background if you know the background because you trying to make it look a certain way and that and that's what mine recently was me greatly they cannot take all the information anything in an intimate all the information regarding the subject in on the net dishonest all the way around here's another one training for young women young women you ready here education faces sixteen and seventeen girls learn to harness a final horse and he used the saw and hammer as well as the rate in the holiday would be better added to meet the emergency life so how many of the young ladies here know how to harness driver horse and how many of you know okay your apostate and as you said okay what the principles stated in various ailments the principal the finish floor the emergencies of life okay so we really want is what one might say a important for young girls and audited today and maintain entirety while Ryan I'm still completely on board with a hammer and saw the rate in the way my wife Stephanie tells me that she well this was in primary for quite a while we've been married we've been married balancing out with it we celebrated our twenty fourth anniversary this year and we had been married for probably ten years before I think of as her mother had told me all that needs to be really handy with tools and I will fix in every things you like to know how you have your little finger is as is usual with you let me know the principle there don't understand different policy principle and as a matter of eighty one if you really listen in a person is really wanting to follow the truth there will be things that you come across in the Bible and in the writings of Ellen White will take more research into skimming over an application on it and he you have to wrestle through everything a what's the real purpose behind this Russell uses his policy began to look at the context you can read more on the subject all the prophets but when these rules and hermeneutics will a video you how much benefit we use I mean everything in between human being and I think that nothing will lack the faith because things like myself think it's because I couldn't understand what was being said in other people who stayed in the church with a gift business themselves around my sexuality sounds crazy but I don't read any of that stuff I think one of the biggest problems were having sitting in the church is that we're not reading ourselves we got to be willing to relieve ourselves without he willing to make application ourselves I hope most of what a lot of my Minneapolis knowledge is presently outsold by going to this analyzer that I heard it I heard that we need apply ourselves to reading more about the Bible and the spirit of prophecy is an interesting statistic boring from research that was not a serving is not our study was done in the University sometime back and this is printed in the book that you believe anything at a number the actress who regularly read Ellen White's writings read more about the Bible and the happiness you don't get in the mindset about hearing all that only three only satellite only timely from past visits to Langley on the resume read more regularly in the writings of Ellen White state if I was more so in running this this thing comes up I know Julie deliberately put on his life for the Bible first of all there shouldn't be any kind of issue there is outlined in the Bible and what he says is the same as what the Bible says bigger implication often people say things like that you might somehow contradicts the Bible is not the case is not the case in a person who is the reason right now I need to write an outline and are constantly saying studied where is Edwards they were in so that in the reality of the experience anyway in the long term that are more things that are more things happening on a test on this briefly and is timewise I wish we had a lot more balance is a big word today got any balance I just want to make a statement that we need to be clear on balance is not the difference between what God wants Wheatley one of the only unhappy meeting is that a lot of people use the word today well I know it was very obsessed family balance if you any balance you what God said is true it is always balance the balance it might just selecting a little part of it that's what you wonder understand the general tenor of what God said let there there many times that we use a workaround for really talking about spiritual laziness in on history and analysis can you try to avoid doing something we need to be honest with ourselves as we really believe that Jesus is coming soon and I will tell you with all my heart here in our name and reprinted last night here in Italy I think I be here now I will be here in two thousand minus US media have in mind how numerous and because God 's people have been wax in pressing forward and workouts called us to do but God is not going away forever the Lord will he will not keep silent the Bible says and I want to tell you something when you look at the world around us and you see what's happening in the fulfillment of prophecy you see what's happening in our economy with see what's taking place in the world we do not have much more time I don't think there's any another generation I could be wrong I don't think we have any time to put all spiritual decisions I think that's why you're here and got Brian and meaning apply ourselves as never before this is the will of the Lord and acquire self-dealing and by his grace amen I want to lose a hand in hand today using titles alimony versus the World Wide Web I want to talk about some of the criticisms there are generally found on the Internet some of them are are are also espoused within the church not all of them do you have a handout with everything that one and just because forsaken times earnings and a half timely cover on the jump through it one of the things in life you would meet dating at the paper here I'm going to have somebody take this marketing technique to the back and see the visit in their wonderland like the last session if you have questions it's hard to the floor in a setting like this is that hitting on the audiotape the massive paper in the back hands if you have questions you'd like us to answer during the break I would ask you to fill in our papers will will delete handling it as a Revelation twelve seventeen with me as attacks most of you know very well not shed easily identifying characters of the mind of the remnant church there is that we see very clearly this one that I think we tend to overlook Revelation twelve seventeen the Bible says that Dragon was enraged with a woman and went to make war with the rest of her offspring of the remnant of her seed is anything gained to keep the commandments of God you have the testimony of Jesus we talked about that already commands of God obviously that and that's pretty plain and when he is reversed to the gift of prophecy will to live the identifying characteristics of documentary the third one in Pendragon was in raise with no one if you're looking for God church in the end of time you got to find one that will absolutely hate anything that will hasten that sure as well back maybe we hear about the church good things or bad thing Jesus had gone a little will to you when all men speak well of you for so to their fathers and all bets before you as well the false prophets they don't speak well to profit something as well with other people come up to me and I want to do this with anything anywhere in in evangelizing Munising I'm enjoying the meetings underwritten so much effort and mindfulness and things on the Internet and there's a lot of things that I hear church and I like the sound is the Lord that's one of the identifying marks of the manager and is accurately that's what it says in the final meeting to be ashamed other in on the last lap on the Internet critics as farmer in this minister is proclamation but we talked a little earlier in the recently slow in Michigan and one of our a couple of our leaders went down to here we had an overwhelming Ronnie Ray has been writing trying to counter some of the things that matter is is going over twenty years argument and Retzlaff made the point that answers allow a look at everything through the prism of Illinois they are like color every doctor will assist you when you don't know will call on only in minimal Alaska real fair question and I truly align the mirror and or their writings that were given to guide the church should the church not writing seminar in color and everything in the Bible is a way we did in Jeremiah today Whitney Ronald Ross to allow what Jeremiah said to color our understandings of what the Bible said Wendy Wright those who ignored Jeremiah 's message and didn't know how Jeremiah 's message that he was working in the Babylon and we give you a parallel the Bible says in the New Testament the last day 's church is going to be fighting against another system called Babylon is a name the Bible gives to the media altered the time and the Bible says and there are many many people that are brought in as Babylon Babylon becomes a hold of every house season on every unclean and hateful bird in other words Babylon becomes any contract in Babylon they go captive in about one hundred value something just like those in Jeremiah state did not receive the message of the modern profit and subsequently went captive into Babylon so in the last day those who don't receive the message of the prophet got his senator into traffic in Babylon and loss I'm a guy for Illinois radio they were he said all who believe the Lord has spoken of her sister wife and given her a message will be safe on the main illusion that will come in the last massive point is being made there is an important topic and so what happens is the devil tries to scare us and make us ashamed he is called scare tactics in an misalignment is what will my daily run some very excellent point that they are called in Guatemala the madman the only reader of course across time and across the car on the T-shirts and everything else it wasn't that way you nearly church Christianity is become popular we need not be ashamed of the truth so the devil uses this these scare tactics he brings up all these criticisms not only to create output create Shane thereafter Mister don't have I don't necessarily doubt was written in the spirit of prophecy but they don't want to look so different and unless we get over that will be lost and a desire to be like the world will be our downfall the devil knows he knows it Falwell the first thing on address here and I don't have time to get all the details at this issue of plagiarism how many of you heard that Illinois is a plagiarist okay this is only one of the most common things I run into is that the whole plagiarism issue Illinois the ability to take her hand out here I want to look at all where do I have it plagiarism charges the Madonna seems to the bottom of page two number one work plagiarism comes from the Latin word for the area meaning kidnapper is defined in the American Heritage dictionary as to use and hast hot as one's own in other words plagiarism if you think so many else's writings you you you write and publish them under your own name and hope that people will think it was all from you and not somebody else pay plagiarism is a literary masquerade top of page three point number two A borrowing on the other hand occurs when a writer and utilizes and employs the words of another for the purpose of making a particular money for an example sermon illustration and you will have opportunities to three do not strive for originality your favorite appraisers are not original I guarantee that I can safely say no preacher 's original we got our information from somewhere else besides the live of their illustrations and the here and anyway here's the first time to think about my family as we and he is in no a injury when you become a preacher is coming out at home win policy manual some increases in the illustration all using myself the night was incinerating is that AA is a lie run with it I get anything for myself when hanging through the game the Lord account and plagiarism and literary borrowing I don't want to give the idea that well because the Lord will disallow everyone in unison sounds like Symantec okay I'll play his longtime Legion literary noir but there is a difference is a legal difference in the literary borrowing is personally placed on the else's material but it was narrative essay I wrote this I haters and here's a good resource and business now I say that if something was found that when expressive point clearly that an author would take it and he even given so different things would be employed in the writings of others no one is missing incidentally I didn't borrow all this for a couple reasons and will look at some of those reasons notice top of page three C Elimite literary borrowing plan is thinking about the time and I'm not referring to V Village notice B on page Lionel but there are many cases of literary borrowing the Bible it was not uncommon at all you read Ecclesiastes twelve ninety Singapore Indonesia and Solomon said that when using in the Proverbs and we understand Psalm is the author of the proper these meetings SEC starts out and set in order many problems very clearly stated that he did not write any gathering them when you look a little and read the introduction of Luke's gospel is the very same thing he basically says that Theophilus greyhounds and they had a right to go I want my own he compiled in other elder accounts that have literary borrowing it in the life of Jesus himself did the same thing if you go to John three and Jesus talks about being born again and he said everyone is born a second win for wind and everyone is born of the Spirit is just like the working of the win your memory makes an illustration he's drawing directly in the reference here from Ecclesiastes eleven five Solomon doesn't vary in their examples I can give you going to that very literary borrowing in the Bible and Helen White is no different we talked yesterday about verbal inspiration for Italy's number the real problem with this person is verbally inspired writer ever you go somewhere else I mean even everywhere dry but we got gives approximately times at the processes output in order wanting something fallout from other people yelling for help creating a fuss about cretins and how it brings are all liars you Missouri died from Roman literary sourcing his nation we can go on and on with that I want you to notice talk more about that illiterate barn how much right under number three one will lack of formal education and the Lord supplied the last person on Willy reported in her early experiences when she was sorely distressed over the difficulty of putting into human language the revelations of truth is they are to her she was reminded of the fact that all wisdom and knowledge comes from God and she was sure that God is still raising guidance she was told in the reading of religious books and journals she would find precious gems of truth expressed in acceptable language and that she would be given help from heaven to recognize these into separate them from the rally of error with which he was sometimes find them associated in other words here's this girl third-grader formal education wondering how I made a history was alert and I'll direct you at times and places where you find things were invented now here's a very interesting thing anybody has any elements literary borrowing is tomorrow she didn't copy verbatim in some places he was for Israel particularly dangerous doesn't know how to write it they don't want to write it so that he is the author 's writing Alan White would take statements from people where the thought was conveyed but if there is an erroneous piece is what he reworded as you know how to reword it if she was just copying from other people in the matter is you see that even as he used other writings he would make them uniquely her own she didn't just copy okay and will what do there one chronic print has alleged that between eighty and ninety percent of alloy writings were borrowed from the works of others eighty and ninety percent employer and went to the YMCA in his private surprise reveals that with the exception of five books the no documented borrowed material that's uncredited in her writings amounted to less than three percent per book Alessi eighty to ninety percent three percent somewhere in a gross distortion of years unless from there the research that was done on probably the greatest amount of borrowing was actually done in a book of sketches in the White House hall was right at the moment in my own writing I think that's a handset with a seventeen year twelve is well great controversy great controversy in close when we seek will actually close it and in an accredited fifteen eleven percent of the book on great controversy uncredited five percent okay that's a far cry from eighty to ninety percent is like finding a twelve twenty three percent these are some of the more steps to Christ six twenty two percent actually involves three five percent faith in worse two ninety seven percent testimonies volume five two eight two percent volume four one eighty percent most of them is less than three percent so it's not like Elimite borrowed a lot of information he found that in having your writers here is the writing something defining the statement included in your written in on the site sometimes the concept of the findings is everywhere the concept is literary borrowing is the Chris has over a century now if it only plagiarized and and the false prophet the life estate in nineteen ninety one is a nineteen eighty one Sarah is a nanny while Arena wrote a book on the white line he is Almighty plagiarism etc. Walter Ray wasn't very strong verbal inspiration is to shut his face completely out of tomorrow if he was and he is really inspired by so he writes this book the Wi-Fi heart it was a rehash of old arguments but he young presented it again the demo must come up with new arguments this repackages the old ones over and over and over and so the wife Susan what are you doing that some of the things are going to answer this issue warnings on to the lead attorney for the general conference at the time decided that he was going to hire a private law firm any hiring this law firm the locker room was speaking is listed there I unsettling and a number to the begins ranting the findings of Vincent L Reinecke was a senior partner in the Diller Ramey and white limited law firm a law firm specializing in trademark and copyright laws it wasn't just you know a lot what they will and is now the mess they find it actually down in the specialist in this whole issue of literary borrowing Platonism etc. and what they did as I said to Mister Remington the case here Ellen White's writings and here are the writings he borrowed from and here are what the critics are saying and this is what we want you to tell us we want you to tell us number one Ellen White could be convicted of a crime and what she did was what she did a legal number two with you later number two acts of plagiarism you don't sue for plagiarism is another technical term is escaping me right now we didn't did you do something illegal number do he is difficult to pin anything on her what did you do anything I affect how Google and got her out of young being able to be prosecuted in ceramic as he talks about the case I have some of the curious want to share with you briefly this is available on the online CD-ROM by the way I'm just looking for it and I know I have it with me okay here we go again ceramic said when he took the case is actually convinced in fact my review part of an interview that appeared in the review and Herald he says I obtained a copy don't you know this about Vince Ramey he wasn't a regular practicing Christian and his faithless Roman Catholic and he says they say in the review asked him once you are retained in the case what preparation do you make by way of reading before researching the law as it relates to literary matters he says I obtained a copy of Mrs. Whites the great controversy which I read all the way through your Roman Catholic and great controversy and reading through these as their favorite radio asked him what was your reaction after digesting all this material magnetic field well he's it was an interesting question I started out I think basically neutral on the literary charges but somehow I is one particular Adventist authored the families of Mrs. Y and me dealing with it left me with the feeling that he was not in fact very well attended and he goes on to say I actually became biased against her in the sense that I thought she was what some people that is related latest critic Walter Ray Hattaway don't even later as you remain in track and remove your buddy got everything a setting I actually think convinced that he would be the Jack countered I find her guilty here's what's fascinating okay the man is again not a practicing Christian going to church maybe processes and services if that is in his upbringing was Catholic and how he's reading through thing asking the question once you got in his or her writings was this a negative impression changed anyways I gradually turned one hundred eighty degrees in the other direction I found the charges simply were not true but I had to get out from her writings I did not get that either the people who said he wasn't later as for the people who said he was not the review sample was wanting was reading her writing is what one says anything in writing that change your mind Raymond responds it was reading her message is in her writings that changed my mind and I think there's a distinction a very salient difference here is the difference that you see I believe the critics have missed the boat badly by focusing upon Mrs. White's writings instead of focusing upon the messages in Mrs. White's writing to map Mars Christians couldn't see that he said the messages my heart is saying all the mechanical well when I was little and little thing is that everything around what you might enter messages Mister ran out with you is like moving in all candor she moved me I'm a Roman Catholic Protestant whatever he moved me and I think her writing should move anyone is permanently biased as well Whitley is what you mean by this he says a person belonged Mister doing good deeds and sanctions helping others really nice person and every time you really come to believe that you are but what was the last time you looked you really look inside yourself and found out I really like now there are a lot of things that Mrs. White is down on paper that well it ran seriously or have taught a person to look inwardly and honestly and if you do that yourself comes out I think I know little more today about the real and ceramic than I did before I started reading the message and Alan why not simply her right powerful testimony on the sleepover life brings up some really great things when I come to the conclusion of it and using what he says about the things you borrow he says he will use the writings of others but in the way she uses them scheming and uniquely her own family as well as legally and interestingly she invariably improved everything she's presumably a plagiarism bargaining on how to write even improve upon everything he goes on to say I don't know whether he was inspired in the theological sense I do believe that she was highly motivated and it wasn't God who motivated her that I don't eloquently I simply am her writings I was not there when she rallied and I supposed you with critics or even I have feelings unless you have some type of motivation using the cannot deliver in words that which I received from her writings and I personally cannot be disturbed by the thought that God may have inspired her to select something from a certain book and got inspired to select something that was written better by someone else that she could have written it so what when they got to his people would happen if a is not Christian me the bottom line is this what really counts is the message of Mrs. Wyatt not merely the mechanical writing words clauses and sentences of Mrs. White theologians I'm told distinguish here between verbal and great plenary inspiration to many of the craziness about altogether and it's too bad to I personally have been newly dealing the final 's writing I have been changed by them I think I'm a better man today because of them and I wish that the critic to discover that so powerful last question attorney Randy how would you sum up a legal case against Alan White as part charges of plagiarism piracy and copyright infringement our concern remedies response if I had to be involved in such a legal case I would much rather appear as counsel for the prosecution there simply is no an Internet critics say that Al microplate address any canisters is never addressed the issue that was in nineteen eighty nearly thirty years ago that was addressed so you read these things need anything from people there missing about this distance Remick said when we come back from regulators in a shared experience from our happiness of pioneers who himself had wrestled with the issue of inspiration and an NL in life and how we want to address the real issue here is dissident dramatist talking about is the reason God gave the spirit of prophecy is that we could emulate Christ character godlessness to grow in Christ likeness to be ready for Jesus when he comes and God 's people if they're serious about serving Christ and reflecting Christ need to take seriously the writings of the prophets Christ speaking in an hour of prayer in pray XOR last session here father in heaven I want to thank you again for the gift of prophecy father I pray that you soften our hearts to be willing to heed that which was written I pray for each one has come here Lord we have come to DY C world personal revival not just human seminars and hereby determines and forget about him we go in father I pray that you sphere will be poured out upon your people as we are seeking by your grace to heal ourselves completely to you and reflected to the world around us bless us now as we go throughout this day whatever were going to do that people may see you again your character in us and our spiritual life would be strengthened and improved an increase and bless the engines this movie was produced by odd numbers for CYC generation and Chrysler are you would like to learn more about you might see please visit www. she was a outdoor orgy like this more free online service please visit www. audio persons on more


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