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How to be Happy - Part 1

Gabriel Arruda


Everyone just wants to be happy, but so few are. The Bible has 6 ancient happiness principals if which we incorporate into our lives will make us truly happy people. If you would like to learn about healing autoimmune diseases see  ReverseAutoimmune.com


Gabriel Arruda

Speaker/Director for Freedom Health Ministries


  • April 30, 2019
    11:00 AM
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And before I get into the message I kind of want to offend the topic a little bit. You know perhaps some of us might be tempted to think. Is this really like a you know prosperity gospel kind of message is this an unspiritual topic did you know the word happy in the Bible only King James occurs 25 times 25 times in the Bible the word joy occurs $155.00 times so God is really wanting us to instruct us about how to be happy and how to have joy but also a good question is I think is out of this we have a particular message and we need to stay razor focused on that message God has put us here for a very specific purpose and we need to fulfill that purpose and so the question is how does this topic relate to advancing the 3 angels message who knows what the 1st Angel's messages fear God and what. Give glory to Him So one of the major focuses of the 3 angels message is to give God glory to give Him glory and you know what friends a sour disgruntled Christian does not give God glory. They don't but you know what there's a lot of them out there. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people who are looking for for a new church is they weren't even nice they weren't even nice I went in there I laughed no way they weren't even nice I love this quote from ministry of healing page 47 being the strongest argument in favor of the Gospel as a loving and lovable Christian. Metal loving lovable Christian and it just attracted you to the faith I have it's wonderful and that sour pusses already there loving and I love. And you know to be honest with you friends some there are some 7th Day Adventist church members that are about as lovable as a cactus tree and it's kind of a joke but it's. True there are some that are they're just disgruntled individuals they're not happy they're not nice and friends to truly reflect God you have to be happy you have to have joy in your life Amen and so we're going to talk about that and as we get to the meat of this message you're going to see this is no prosperity gospel message so what is happiness all the verdict is in that evidence is really clear the conclusions of probably hundreds of psychological studies have found and all the evidence points to one direction that happiness is based on your above the. Happiness is based on your beliefs and. Though the evidence points this way the majority of people do not notice this you know the common person things happen this is based on guess. OK feelings money here kind of getting there what else go go go broader it zoom out zoom out. What is. Your stuff your circumstances where you live where you work how much money you make how good looking you are at least how good looking you think you are you know the circumstances have everyone thinks how do you this is based on circumstances yet the evidence is very clear no that's not true what so ever and if you think happiness is about circumstances then you have already bought into one of the biggest lies about happiness and as it is very little to do with your circumstances happiness is all about beliefs beliefs and it's what you believe about your circumstances are very very different and you know the proof really is so obvious you know the proof is we really don't need those hundreds of psychological studies to tell us this because we have lots and lots of people that have. All the things that everyone thinks would make you happy and yet they're some of the most miserable people out there we're talking about musicians we're talking about actors we're talking about producers we're talking about sports stars models wealthy business owners people who have what everyone thinks would qualify happiness and they are absolutely miserable. Jeff Bezos owner of Amazon gentleman who has salary in the billions just recently got divorced I don't know how many of you have heard that it's very sad very sad I mean I think he's been recently called the most wealthy person in the world. Just just put it How happy was that whole think about it they no longer want to be together Madonna was quoted as saying my misery is as deep as my joy. Miserable person in their private life Michael Jackson was obviously a very tortured individual everybody could see it it was just so clear the King of Pop I mean just the epitome of what the entertainment history looks for yet this ripple not a happy and a vigil O.J. Simpson a. Very successful football player he was stated after he kind of semi retired he would sit at home and both the New York he said I'm just so hurt I was just so bored I was miserable I was totally miserable this guy was worshipped by the the N.F.L. in the sports world Robyn Williams killed himself. It's tragic a very successful career as a comedian took his life and spent his career making people laugh took his own life and then many of these teen stars shortly after their team careers you know where they end up in the psychiatric ward Lindsey Lowe and you can just go down the list it's bizarre. And the list goes on you know. We're self-employed and we have our own business and so I follow some businesspeople who I subscribe to their newsletters and I like to hear what they have to say and one of them is a gentleman by the name of Noah Kagan and he's built a really great business it's a 7 figure business and he's invited to speak at a lot of these business conferences and so forth and he put up a really interesting graph also watching him talk at a conference and he put up a really interesting graph and had 2 lines and it was you know one of those graphs or you know the lines go like that and then one line went like this and the other line kind of went bad and went down and he said that that top line the one that generally goes up he says Do you guys know what that is that's my income that's as the business grew that's my income and you can see it just you know was generally trending up quite high so do you guys know what that 2nd minus gas gas people are like ah well you know was it your your profit margin it was your that it was your that or that something that just was really out of place and interesting goes that's my happiness. And he really wasn't and they had no correlation whatsoever it was really interesting he actually he says really he's really in the data tracking data and all the stuff he tracked is happiness over the years like he'd like would give it scores and and there were times where his money went up in the happiness went to him. And he was like That's my happiness and relation to how much money I made and that there was no correlation whatsoever between those 2 graphs it was fascinating do we really need more evidence than the US and on top of this we have so many studies and on top of that we have our own lives. And what we're going to do is we're going to look at 6 how being this beliefs from scripture 6 and if you want to be happy if you have all 6 of these beliefs you will be one of the happiest people you know. Now did I say your financial troubles would vanish. That I say all your problems will just disappear now they won't but I guarantee you you will be one of the happiest people you know you will be extremely happy in spite of your circumstances and some people have some of these beliefs but the idea is that the more that you have to have them here you're going to be so this is a 2 part message this part we're going to cover the 1st 3 happiness beliefs and the 2nd part will cover the last 3 let's get into the very 1st happiness believe how being this belief number one I could talk about this in a long time but I'm not going to be here all day. I am not a victim. Happiness believe number one I am not a victim. Friends believing you're a victim is probably the fastest way I'm aware of to send you down to the road depression I'm serious it is the quickest way to drag you down super fast as soon as you believe as soon as you buy into the concept I'm a victim you have got on the Autobahn of depression and you are speeding down at warp speed you are going to go down fast as soon as you believe I am a victim because a victim what by definition victims are helpless victims or hopeless of victims have experienced total loss irrepairable loss that is a victim by definition they cannot recover what they have lost and it is impossible to hear the word I used impossible friends to heal as long as you identify yourself as a victim forget healing it is not going to happen it is impossible for you because in your mind's eye you are 8 a loser you have suffered irrepairable loss but I've seen over and over healing happens friends when you move people from being a victim to being a victorious. That's what healing happens when you move from being a victim to a victorious when you loot move from being a. Those are over 2 again that's where healing takes place. You know I have personal experience with this when I lost my mother due to auto immune disease and then 5 months later I found out I had the same disease it felt very natural to feel like I was a victim I felt very natural and there were several solid years where I really could not work that much because I was trying to recover and those were years of trial for me they were and during that time period I started spending about an hour and prayer every morning I always prayed but I I simply had doubled my prayer time is what I did during that time I had the extra time and I really felt like I needed to do that at that time and many of the concepts I'm going to share with you through this message actually came to me through those hours of prayer that God spoke them to me during those times I've been created and they're not new but God. Brought those concepts to me. And as many of you know God intervened and learned a 5 step protocol that put my automated disease into her mission praise the Lord and we wrote a book about how we did it and we have it on our website reverse autumn in dot com and every month thousands of people are coming to her side of me and dot com A lot of people are learning this and we actually get testimonies from people who are putting this protocol into practice and they're actually reversing There are having symptoms so it's so encouraging you know what a waste of time it would have been for me to be sad during those years when God was actually doing a good thing. Think about that what a waste of time it would have been God's doing a good thing and I would just what if I just wasted it feeling like a victim the whole time. But we're going to look at the Bible character that according to human standards had every right to consider himself a victim if you could think of a Bible character besides Jesus that is like the poster child of suffering who would you say that is. A job you nailed it let's turn to the Book of Job the last Bible character anyone ever wants to identify themselves with a Job Chapter one will start in verse 13. First 13 it says and there was a day when his sons and daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother's house. And there came a messenger to job and said that the oxen were plowing and they asked the speeding beside them and the sea begins fell upon them and took them away yea they have slain the servants with the edge of the sword and I only am a skeet alone to tell the 1st 16 you know while he was yet speaking There came also another and said the fire of God is fallen from heaven and how the burnt the sheep and the servants and consume them and I only alone and I only am a scape alone to tell the 1st 17 and while he was yet speaking there also there came also another and said that shall be. Hands made out 3 bands and fell upon the camels and have carried them away yea and have slain the servants with the edge of the sword and only em escaped alone to tell they were say a teen while he was yet speaking There came also another and said by Sons of my daughters were eating and drinking wine at their in their eldest brother's house and behold there came a great wind of from the wilderness and smote the 4 corners of the house and it fell upon the young men and they are dead and I only miss and I only am escaped alone to tell the. Spouse there. How many would feel like a victim. You would feel like a victim once you I mean who would it and let's face it friends we drive are toast and it lands on the jelly side and not the bread side you feel it effect of them actually are why I mean what is it always have to happen to me. Here is job he's lost everything in such a quick amount of time. And he had every right according to human standards he had every right to feel like a victim. And so the really incredible thing is that no one in history had more reasons to declare themselves a victim and yet he did its job was a really incredible character and he was really amazing Now let's look at these verses what about what about these afflictions seems to indicate that this isn't normal that he's actually being picked on by God I hear some of your thoughts what about these afflictions All right so the timing of the afflictions they all happened when. One or after life as a coincidence I mean you know one of these tragedies happens maybe in a person's entire lifetime where they lose everything or they lose their kids but seriously for within like a minute it. Doesn't seem a coincidence. What else there is plenty of clues here. Look at the verses what about these tragedies strikes you as you know this is a normal but not the fire from heaven as well as a supernatural fire coming from heaven a great wind that who's ever heard about wind and just you know knocking the walls out of a house that happened during tornadoes but just a random act does the afflictions seem supernatural in nature and also the number of them as well. Yeah. Fire from having no facts. Everything seem to indicate you are getting picked on by God and you know whenever you say you're a victim what you're essentially saying is if you take that logically to us and you're saying again I'm being picked up by God. Because these are things I couldn't control the circumstance humans could control the circumstances what does the buck stop it's God's fault I'm here I'm a victim I'm getting picked on by God No one had more evidence and the history of humanity of being picked out by God or feeling like they were picked on by God but notice what job did verse 20. Then Joba rose and ran to his mantle and shaved his head did he feel great now he was afflicted and he fell down upon the ground and he worshiped and he said naked came out of my mother's womb and naked shall I return to their the Lord gave and the Lord have taken away blessed to be the name of the Lord and in all this Job sinned not nor charged God foolishly. That is it credible that is just absolutely amazing job is an incredible character in the Bible now there is something about what job says specifically in verse 21 he reveals what this secret is to. Protect us from becoming victims specifically isn't 1st 21. And the thoughts what is it about what job says 1st $21.00 that's the secret that protects us from becoming victims. Nothing was mine anyways does Joel feel that he deserves to be treated nicely. He doesn't feel that way he there is 0 entitlement and job 0 absolutely not he does not feel that God holds him a certain standard of living and this is this secret to protect Hugh against one of the worst gorgeous mental Skordas and that's the scorch of consider yourself a victim. You know. One time Jennifer and I were packing up for the trip we were about to take. And. It just wasn't going well we couldn't find things that we needed and you know we told ourselves you know this trip we're going to go to bed early before we have to wake up and you know leave on the plane the next morning and we think we're working on it was getting later and later like oh great there's another trip we're going to bed late right before an early plane ride you know we're going to start this way again you know and we can't find stuff and remember we're looking at our bed and as we're trying to find this or you know different things things are falling out of the place and it was just annoying it was just really annoying and I was so tempted to feel like a victim and the thought went through my head and I don't deserve this but something really weird happened as soon as I thought that another thought rushed into my mind and said You're right you deserve much worse. And I was like it just made so much sense to be just like you know those it's true it's true and you know according to Scripture. Do you deserve. Roman 623 the wages of sin is death that's what the Bible says we have and he sent us and here. All of us all of us or $323.00 says for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God And so according to Scripture we deserve to die you do not deserve to be on this side of the ground according to Scripture God does not owe us anything for us he does not all of us anything anything he gives us is from the heart of mercy and but nevertheless job's attitude it seems extreme doesn't it it's actually appropriate it's actually fitting it makes sense when you understand this and so when you're having one of those very testing days maybe one of those days you got up late for absolutely no reason you just happen to get up late as you're walking out of your house stuff is falling out of your hands and you're dropping things and you're late for work in the very day you needed to be you know smooth traffic it's the worst traffic when you're having one of those days and you're tempted to say man I don't deserve this say you know what you're right I deserve much worse. When the work is challenging and nothing's going right in your jobs harder because your coworkers are doing their job right and you're tempted to say I don't deserve this and you know what it's right I deserve a lot worse when you're losing your health and you can't sleep full nights and you're experiencing pain in your life is limited and you feel tempted to say I don't deserve this remember you're right I deserve a lot worse it sounds morbid but it's actually so free rides this is how we release ourselves from being a victim this is how the less the skate the snare of victimhood I guarantee you will feel so much better because what it does is it immediately transfers you from being a victim to a victim or your not being persecuted anymore you're actually I'm just blessed to have a car to get to work I'm just blow. I have a job to be late to it I'm just blessed to have coworkers I'm just blessed to be living I'm blessed to have food all this stuff it's extra benefits that I don't deserve I deserve what happened to Jesus on the cross according to scripture that's what I deserve but I get to have a job I get to have a car I get to have a family I get to have people who are close to me that annoy me sometimes I get to have that stuff it's a blessing and immediately takes us from the loser category to the winner category you're getting so much more than you than you than we deserve the Bible says the LORD hath not rewarded us according to our iniquities Isn't that true when I want to us would be here if that was true. I saw a funny T. shirt one day gentlemen and the teacher said Some days you're the pigeon some days you're the statue. You have one of the statue days. It just seems like life is coming down on you if you think about it when we compared with you hope could it be now this is interesting Could it be that the days when everything seems calculated toward a new way that we're actually just in the same situation Joel. Think about that could it be that if we could pull back the veil that separates the physical from the spiritual world we would see Satan standing there pointing at us saying your whole well. This Adventist here so fake. So fake. The only reason why they do the things they do is because you put a hedge around them you blast them you protect them flip them a little bit you'll see they'll curse you to your face maybe if we could pull back the veil we would see the demons that have a accurate record of our sense we can see seeing them self accusing us before the Lord before the angels the testimonies actually say this is actually a Exactly what happens this is no fabricated story there is no fairy tale this takes place could it be that those days when everything is calculated to a new way or just in job situation and we have an opportunity to vindicate God's character. It gives a lot more meaning to those annoying days doesn't it paints it in a completely different light and could you even take it to the next step and say you know what I need this I need this I have a problem my patients have a problem with getting annoyed and irritated easy I need this opportunity to make a change could you even take it to the next step you know that would take you from being a loser to winning and so that would take that would take you from being a victim to someone who was being provided a wonderful opportunity for victory how different that would be it would just change everything so having this belief number one. I am not a victim. And not a victim. Does anyone want to say that with me is such a wonderful thing to say together our way and not of it Amen Amen that's having this belief number one having this belief number 2. I don't exist to be happy I exist to love and obey God That's happiness believe Number 2 I don't exist to be happy I exist to love and obey God Let's see that from Scripture Let's go to Matthew Chapter 16 Matthew Chapter 16 and verse 25 for whosoever will save his life shall lose it and whosoever will lose his life for my sig shall find it just one of these incredible. Concepts of Scripture that work things are seem to be turned out of their place when you lose your life when you give up my way my purpose making sure I'm happy and take care of me when you give that up you actually get your life when you spend your whole life making sure I'm going to get what I want to look out for number one I'm going to take care of me you lose your life that's exactly what the scriptures state and Jesus would credibly wise words so the idea is happiness never comes by seeking it. Now that's Now that does that help me understand what happiness is so elusive to so many people it's counterintuitive right happiness does not come by seeking it imagine you wanted to this summer go into the foothills and look for gold and you wanted to get to you know gold digging and all that stuff and a little hobby and you bought a book about how to find gold and you got the book you open it up and it said 4 were stop looking for it. They are. Going to be fun please you know. That doesn't make sense it's counterintuitive writes I get gold by not looking for it it's that happiness seems to be the same way the main way to be happy is by and not making the focus of your life to be happy you will never be happy if if you make being happy the whole point of your life let me say it another way those who spend their lives trying to be happy will never truly be counter-intuitive Now why this is kind of a strange concept right it's because happiness is a byproduct happiness is the byproduct of doing the will of God. Who's the author of Happiness. Goddess right he's the one who defines it and happiness was never meant to be a destination in of itself was never meant to be an end point God designed happiness to be the British sold of doing the right thing it's a reward happiness is a reward it's not a destination it's a byproduct friends it's a benefit. Let me share something from the pen of inspiration. My life today 166 only by following Christ example can we find true happiness when he has accepted the heart is subdued and its purpose is noticed its purposes are changed. What's the perp What does everybody want they just want to be happy when you accept Christ in your heart you actually should have a different goal because maybe he was trying to save his life shall lose it he was who gives his life up will find it you have a different purpose it's not to make me happy it's to serve God it's to love him it's to obey him to serve Him That's the goal that is the essence of my being that's what I get up to do because I'm a Christian now and the incredible thing is when he would make your life that way and you're going to be happy as the basic thing you'll get you'll get happiness what you do that says also his service will be. His service will place upon your noble structure and that will not increase your happiness that's a double negative let me say it in the positive sense God won't place a restriction on you that will decrease your happiness all the restrictions increase happiness in complying with his requirements you will find a peace contentment and enjoyment that you could listen never have been the path of sin. When we place ourselves one place our lives in God's hands and we subject ourselves to his restrictions this god of instructions he does it's very clear we actually will have been us that we could never have if we pursued a life of sin. Real happiness is found only in being good and doing good the purest highest enjoyment comes to those who faithfully fulfill their appointed duties. Just. Groundbreaking when it comes to happiness and the way the world looks at it and then I hope our high calling page 152 never will the human heart no happiness until it is submitted to be molded by the Spirit of God he who loses his life will find that he tries to save his life will live 6 do you want to be happy. I don't want to be happy I'll just be honest I want to be happy stop seeking after me don't make it the point of your life if that's what really what you want and though why is this man Solomon 2nd to Christ after his decades of being a genius you know he saw the very thing I really appreciate this because he summed up in just one wonderful verse for us Ecclesiastes is 1213 I'll just read it to you let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of mere fear God love him the wisest man. And everything will follow after that city 1st the kingdom. God and all these things will be added unto you if you want to be happy stop or selling and stop asking yourself what would make me the happiest and start asking what would please God The most What does God want what the Lord want me to do here and if you just start doing this the incredible thing is you will be happy it will come to you friends you'll find it not because of the circumstances but in spite of your circumstances. So point number 2 happiness Principle Number 2 I don't exist to be happy I exist to love in a way God is or how this is the secrets of Scripture how to be happy it's OK Our 3rd one. Very similar I exist to bless others happiness Principle Number 3 I zip just to bless others. So you know Jesus told us how to be happy let's go to John Chapter 13 John 13 starting a verse 14 it says. If I than your lord and master have washed your feet he also ought to wash one another speaks for I have given you an example that you should do as I have done unto you Verily verily I say unto you the servant is not greater than his Lord and neither he that is sent greater than he that sent him this verse 17 if you know these things then what friends happy are ye if you do think that Jesus tell us how to be happy. He did you know you ask pastors ask a pastor not of this pastor. Communion service more people or less people are going to tell you it's always less people avoid clean inside because I don't want to just look at my brother speak you know what if he's got fungus served on it oh whatever I just it's humiliate I don't want to do that I'll go to the you know the church down on the other side of town they don't want to do it but what did Jesus say about foot washing in the attitude of service that's how to be happy everybody happy in the Sabbath that's what they're doing and then there's our it's stupid at. And why does service make you happy it takes your thoughts off of. Take your thoughts off yourself and really start helping other people you get other lives you like and I do not have problems compared to other people really they just your problems just shrink when you start helping other folks and honestly there's just a joy in helping other people there is a joy there is a blessing that can not come any other way according to Jesus what's better to give or receive. More blessing to give than it is to see you know I find it really interesting to see what's comments about invalid's everybody know what invalid is so if you can't take care of themselves they're sick it's very interesting to see her comments about invalid's she says essential self paraphrase help get them doing as much as they can do if they could live their hand and write letters lift your hand or write letters they could hold their about then talk on the phone oh well she didn't say that obviously but you know if they could open their mouth and talk to people do that if they could get out of the garden all by all means get them into the garden specifically she says get in the garden get them busy doing anything to take their minds off of themselves you know if you ever go through psych ward and I actually haven't but I've talked to people who have worked there and have these people are obviously they're mentally unstable they're out of their minds to let you know these people are the most selfish people you will ever meet in your entire life some of them are so selfish they actually identify everyone as a job or a person of them so the nurses and the nurse the nurses a persona of the. Janitor is in the generation he's a person of them that that's how focused they are people running the people there are just another version of them and the most mentally unstable people in the world are the most selfish people the most self focused people in the world we're talking about loneliness earlier and it's so important to get out and to interact with people do something to take your mind off yourself if you were here on May 2nd 1007. It is a life of service only that true happiness is found it is in a life of service only that true happiness is it in a human thinking where do I really that happy lately if you've been having any of these thoughts a good follow up question would be how much service have you been. How much people have you been serving just for the sake of serving you know not because you had to because I have kids enough to feed them that service but I mean disinterested kind of service like all the but benevolent ministry how much of that have you been doing and you may see a correlation between how much service you've been doing or not doing and amount of happiness you have or haven't been having. Proverbs 1421 here that despise of his neighbor sin they hear that have mercy on the poor are happy. Be happy have mercy on the poor take care of folks that have less than so if you get it according to Scripture and a life of heartfelt service is a happy life. So. How happy are you. So let's let me summarize this is our happiness points happiness believe summary happiness believe number one I am not a what I am not a victim happiness believe Number 2 I don't exist to be happy I do this to love and obey God that our last happiness belief for today Number 3 I exists to bless others as you incorporate these things into your life you're going to be really happy person it's probably the scripture all the scriptures making that you're going to be a very happy individual Lastly I like to talk about beliefs. Because I believe search for a key does seem like they would be but beliefs are actually kind of tricky and it's because we say we believe things that when it comes down to it we actually don't. When you work in ministry and you have the privilege of spending a lot of time with a lot of different people you realize that people say they believe things all the time that they really don't and you know as I use this experience reflect on my own life I see the same thing. What you truly believe in the isn't revealed by what you say but it's revealed by what you do that's what you really believe and you know I meet people all the time that they say they believe in spending quality time with their families and they don't do it I mean people the time that believe and being honest and they are dishonest frequently they believe in being generous but they're not generous they believe in being nice but they're not always nice so it's not about what we say we believe it's what we do with that exposes our true beliefs and this is why it's fuzzy is because we can't trust what we say we believe as an accurate indicator of what you actually believe you know that's why there's something called an investigative judgment that's why we have to do this because not all of the profess to be of this or all of Israel. And you know if I could just summarize 844 really quick 844 the whole purpose investigative judgment all that complicated the algae to make sure there's no hypocrites in heaven that's 844 to make sure there's no a prison. And you know the practical application is his God's work of making sure you're not one of those hypocrites God trying to make sure that's not you it's working doing everything it can working day and night to make sure that's not us so beliefs are tricking and you know when we realize this we realize there's a difference between what you think you should believe that what you actually believe. There's even a difference between what you want to believe and what you actually believe that could be a difference so how do I know if this is so mysterious how do I know what I actually believe a concept does not start becoming a belief until it starts the fact being what you do. That's when something is a true belief something you really believe when it starts. It getting incorporated into your heart to the point where it starts affecting your life the way your life looks that's a real belief and when you understand this and you realize I need God's hope even to believe the truth I think I'll be able to believe I cause I you know if it's understood in the context of my life being changed I need God for that and that's what true believing is and so God wants us to believe in a way where it actually is changing our lives not just changing the words that come out of our bow and this actually adds a lot of significance to that verse that said But what I believe but helped out by what help my unbelief does it don't you understand that in a different way can you relate to that here I believe but it's not really translating to my life and how my own belief I must have some unbelief a certain point and that's really exactly what we believe to a point. That's it one our beliefs only go so far we believe until we believe until we believe God is in control until I lose my job. We believe God is a God of love until I was a family member in a tragic accidents we believe until it's not just period and you know I have the statement here you may be familiar with it all my talks about what the ceiling of the audience that the ceiling of God is a settling into the truth. And sometimes that confused me when I 1st read it because I thought well what does that mean you either believe the south or you don't right you either believe the state of the dead or you don't but when I start unpacking this I realized. That's what it's it's a settling into the truth where you believe not until people who period the point of the see only has to take away the word until that's the that's the whole point of the ceiling to take away the word until you believe God is good regardless he's just good no matter what comes I believe God is in control of regardless of no matter what happens that's my firm belief and it's not changing no matter what takes place. And so there's 2 ways God helps us believe the 1st by teaching us to reaffirm our beliefs constantly Do you have to reaffirm your beliefs constantly your Christian beliefs many of these happiness beliefs I don't know if you noticed they're very unnatural for us they're very natural they don't it's not part of your normal thoughts if you just let your thoughts go you wouldn't normally think this way you would normally think let me give up my life and that's probably all be happy you wouldn't think that you're not a victim it's very natural to think those things and so we have to deal with these old ways of thinking you have habits patterns of thinking you have to deal with those and so your beliefs need to be constantly reaffirm the need to constantly reaffirm those and scripture even gives us an indication of how often the octave. David said evening morning and well I pray I've been incorporating this into my life because I find in the morning I believe God is in control and by about 2 o'clock who works really hard that I believe starts becoming really challenged and I start borderline freaking out because things are going the way that they I planned that they would or that I expected that they would and the ones I broke down and I don't know all these people I would be getting all these e-mails that cost I'm going to be upset because this isn't working and that God is in control believe starts getting. Well just we have to constantly reaffirm our beliefs and this obviously starts with the morning devotional you know. Sometimes I take it for granted that because I've been out of this church everyone has a morning devotion but I don't know I don't know that maybe you don't I would just like to challenge you you must have a morning devotion that's it. I don't know how to explain it so plainly it's like going to play basketball without a basketball but you have to have a morning devotions that's like you know going to the Indy 500 without your race car I mean it's just part it's the basics you must start every morning with God But here's where I'd like to challenge you additionally said to prayer others and you don't have to produce super long time 30 seconds per alarm for 30 seconds for a new and some time in the afternoon maybe 4 o'clock maybe 5 maybe 6 whatever works best for your schedule set to parents having morning devotion said to parents and I've been doing this for a while now and friends it helps me so much and one thing that I'm startled by and I never ceases to amaze me is that when I come time to that noon type of prayer or that evening time of prayer and I stop I just stop all the work. That is called myself running and pray I just see my thoughts I feel myself I feel tense my shoulders are I feel how tight I've gotten all the right all just only till noon and I'm already super uptight and it's just it's really incredible to me said to Parallels and then the next way God helps us believe is by testing really as we talked about this a little bit would you try this are your opportunity to take your beliefs to the next level. You know we believe God is good until it's trials of the opportunity to take that until it screwed it down the line just a little bit further so the next time you're going to trial Don't be upset but he will think it strange God is good. When the opportunity to believe is given the opportunity to deepen your beliefs and the more you believe the happier you're going to be it's actually an opportunity to increase your happiness is that not counterintuitive to how the world looks at trials that disasters but maybe that's how we should we need to train our minds think this way because it's not natural. And so as we close this morning I would like to make a very very specific appeal this might not apply to everyone but this is my specific appeal and it has to do with probably for most of us probably your folks my appeal this is there anyone who would like to make the decision to set to prayer us on for a new one for some time and the afternoon said it on your phone when it goes off doesn't have to be a long time for 30 seconds is that something you like to do if that is your decision then you don't have to feel guilty if it's not your decision but if it is your decision friends say Raise your hand if you're really going to do it you're really going to do it raise your hand said a prayer praise God evening morning and I met a man and God wants us to be happy does God want to be happy but we can't do it to him and we can't we have to do is play his program his will his way and His way is by and realizing you're not a victim you're blessed to be this side of the great you're blessed to have car you're blessed to have relationships as church to worship. And also realizing that. We are not losers friends again. That we don't exist to be exist to serve to bless Crom We exist to bless this point with these and of these become your national leaders. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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