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Present Truth

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written


  • April 11, 2019
    7:00 PM
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Let me ask you a question Have you ever run a marathon how many people who are marathon runners one are right on one and a half I think we have 2 and a half someone is volunteering you as a marathon runner so let me marathon running was a lot like skydiving I was always going to do it I was always going to do it when I wore a younger man's clothes I was certainly going to do it I was going to get around to running a marathon there were times my knees hurt my back and I got a little bit of that I grew up playing rugby and so you carry that with you they weren't good excuses in fact I went out once and bought 2 very good days of running shoes determined that now was the time I would run a marathon I would train in my new Brooks running shoes never did get around to it every time I think of my birth date my age I think honestly it's probably. The runner in our family right now is Melissa I'm very proud of her in December an American marathon runner a young lady from Nebraska she was running a marathon with the goal of qualifying for the American Olympic trials the time she was aiming for was 2 hours and 45 minutes face she did a run was to $53.00 but as she read and she was running well running freely and she realized she was on pace to run the marathon in 2 hours and 43 minutes she would have qualified for the Olympic trials with tons of room to spare for the 1st 20 miles she felt great but then as she said later the marathon did what marathons do and she started to slow down she was in trouble at the 25 mile mock she saw a man in a Jesus costume holding a sign that said the end is near. Of course it's only 26.2 miles and so the end was near but she thought to herself I feel like the end might be right now for me she didn't know how far she had to run the final mile but she knew she had to really dig deep and she did it she whispered to a man can you help me he started to coax her and encourage you he ran ahead of her to the water station grabbed a drink brought it back to her and to help help her a lot until she came around the last big end and the finish line was in view and her friend said her legs were wobbling and it didn't look like she could make it 20 miles great 25 miles you know OK but that last mile. And she wasn't sure whether or not she'd make to $45.00 that was the time she needed it then just a few paces short of the line she fell to the ground but she would not stop and she rolled to the finish line and made it across now you carry a chip with you somewhere that recorded a time as 24500 the qualifying time except the time from the start is done indicated that she had run into 45 and 7 seconds which means she missed qualifying for the United States Olympic trials you don't typically see people rolling themselves to the finish line in a marathon that's what this lady did I'm hoping tonight that we are not like the unfortunate marathon runner who ran well for 20 miles who ran not so well for the next several struggled the next one and then just really struggled to find a one. Roll to the finish and Miss qualifying on if you open your Bible with me to 2nd Peter 2nd Peter in chapter one it will look in verse 12 and this is Peter I'm jumping right to the verse that you expected that I would use innocent in title present truth with Peter said wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things though you know them and be established in the what present truth the New King James Version says the present truth its interesting other versions say something like be established in the truth that is with you all the truth that is present with you the truth that you have but we're OK with that we've made peace with the translation that says the president truth and we have grown to appreciate the concept of an Al position of present truth and what does that mean we believe that truth grows we believe that truth has been for certain ages down through time Martin Luther did not keep the 7th day sabbath Martin Luther did not understand Daniel 8 and verse 14 but modern Lute is calling was to preach the doctrine of. Righteousness or justification by faith why because the ruling church in Luther's day had doc in the truth people could not see the light of the truth the Gospel was hit in and they had essentially been enslaved by the ruling church that made them a source of income that kept them deep pendent of the church and were all that from being their freedom to think for themselves Martin Luther said no no no this whole idea of justification by works the church will say oh we never really believe justification by works salvation by works but that's what the church will say yes they really did and yes they really do this is no we want you to believe what the Bible says and that is that you may receive the righteousness of Christ through faith in Jesus Christ it was a landmark teaching it was a phenomenally high opening the heavens of deposit in the light of Christ shines down in the truth Ellen White said in the 2nd volume of the testimonies the present truth which is a test to the people of this generation was not a test of the people of generations back if the light which now shines upon us in regard to the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment had been given to the generations in the past God would have held them accountable for that light and so evidently God did not give the line did not shine the light there's no fault on God's pot he knew in 1517 that the return of Jesus would not be for 500 more years or so or thereabouts and so the present truth for now the truth which we have the truth for us today is rather different from what it was in the past it can take the truth that we had in the past. But it speaks to us today in a full bright a light truth advances and here we are in the end of this its history with the truth that has advanced and we find ourselves the hare olds of that mighty truth now I would like to look with you at a passage 2nd there Saloni and chapter 2 and will start in verse one and this is a lengthy passage 2nd theirs alone in chapter 2 and we start in verse one which says Now we beseech you brother and by the coming of Jesus Christ and by gathering together unto him and so the the context is this is presented in the light of the tell me the 2nd coming of Jesus. That you be not soon shaken in mind will be troubled neither by Spirit nor by would know by letter as from us as that the day of Christ is at hand in 1st there's a learning step before he had spoken about the return of Jesus and now it comes back around because there were people who thought that if you weren't alive when Jesus retune then you couldn't go to heaven so Paul is writing this book clarification and he says even if you gotta let a portably from us don't believe that Christ's coming is at hand he says Let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away what thirst and that man tell me soon be revealed the son of perdition and he describes the son of perdition by describing him as the one who opposes and exultant himself above all that is called God All that is worshiped so that he has gone sit in the temple of God showing himself that he is God We are talking here about major in time the last days deceptions the fullness of which we have not yet seen remember you not that when I was with you yet with you I told you these things and now you know what withholds that he might be revealed in his time now you know what is restraining. For the mystery of iniquity it is already wook only he who now lets that means Hindus will let all Hindu until he be taken out of the way and then shell that wicked be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming even him whose coming is to the working of Satan with all power and signs and the line wonders and with all this evilness of on righteousness in them that tell me perish because they did not receive the Tell Me Love of the truth that they might be saved and so Paul is painting this scenario this picture he's graphically portraying what will take place down here in the end of time he is saying Jesus hasn't come and he's not going to come because there are going to be great last day deceptions we understand that as involving the man of sin the Roman Catholic papacy and this thing is going to hold certain things in check until it be taken out of the way the devil will work with all deceive the wilderness about the righteousness there will be a line one does and there will be sidelines in there will be many records these amazing things almost hard to imagine things are going to happen in al of very midst we're not there yet I believe and I believe you believe that the devil is paving the way right now laying the foundations right now it's interesting if you look around the world and you see in fact I want to share this with you the number of people in the United States who classify themselves as having no religious preference they referred to by pollsters as nuns and nuns they have nothing none that number since 991 has risen by 266 percent it's a big number so that today 23 point I think one percent of Americans according to one poll describe themselves as being a nun What religion do you have none. That's more than there are Roman Catholics which sits at around 23 percent and Protestants which sits in the high $22.00 point something. So the devil is certainly doing a great work in the number of mainline Protestants in the United States has told in recent years according to this day so you can see with the secularize ation of these United States that things are spinning out of control what Satan has done of a 6000 years is study the human mind and work on the human mind so that these days you have people who are simply thinking Satan's thoughts does that explain much of what we see in the world today when the governor of one of these United States is us so what would you do for a baby that is aborted but survives the abortion and he says something like well we would make sure the baby and the mother comfortable and we would put the baby aside in life and I did a good school in other words we'd leave the baby to die ladies and gentlemen this is perhaps one of the most barbaric things that you see in your life now you might say oh you don't have a problem with abortion in which case your thinking the devil's thoughts it's murder always was always will be we're living in an age where people are simply thinking the devil's folds if you take a look at the great moral study going on in these United States right now you can call him him you can call him it's crazy the devil has taken of the way people think and it's causing them to think his thoughts perfectly good people people who might otherwise admire people who have studied God people who advise on steeple who have achieved. And that thinking the devil stored so that the folks some of whom we look up to we think what could they be thinking and unless you are rooted and grounded in the WOULD OF GOD you're going to be swept away and led astray and God please help young people who don't have depth of experience that the devil is simply saving the world up for a massive deception we understand now that truth is relative you have your truth there and I have my truth and there's no such thing as absolute truth why is this happening because the devil is setting people up to be swept away in a cataclysm of deception down here in the end of times they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved and for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie that they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness to listen to that that they might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness we would without wanting to offend the Scripture we would say those who did not believe the present truth the present truth 13 but we are bound to give thanks all way to God for you brother and beloved of the Lord because God has from the beginning chosen you to salvation through and if you examine the rest of this verse there are 2 things have chosen you to salvation through one of them is belief of the truth and what kind of truth would that be given that we can stain that would be present truth so God has chosen you to salvation through 2 things one of them is belief of the present truth. And I want to share with you before I come back to this something in a white said way back the 7th will be the great test of loyalty for it is the point of truth especially controverted when the final test shall be brought to bear upon men then the line of distinction will be drawn between those who serve God and those who serve them not while the observance of the full Sabbath in compliance with the law of the state contrary to the full command that will be in the value of allegiance to a power that is in opposition to God the keeping of the true Sabbath in the B.D. and to God's law is an evidence of loyalty to the creator while one class by accepting the sign of submission to earthly power has received the mark of the beast the other choosing the token of allegiance to divine authority receive the seal of God Hiya great controversy Page 6051 of the major facets of present truth is brought to be a present for us today for those who receive the truth but she fetishise up a little bit much earlier in a ministry to the Writings page 63 there are many precious troops can dined in the wood of God but it is present truth that the flock needs no I have seen the danger of the messengers running off from the important points of present truth to dwell upon subjects that are not calculated to unite the flock and sanctify the soul and Trinitarianism is an example of that it is just not uniting but dividing the people of God I'm not on any kind of wall with these guys but there's a pot of me that would like to be because every time I turn around I'm getting another e-mail from somebody saying. To stand that you are Trinitarian and I'm done because I can't believe that and I've received wonderful life it's really fascinating the arguments that people make for any Trinitarianism one of them is that the trinity is a Catholic teaching. So fascinating did you know that what we believe about the state of the DID is a Jehovah's Witness teaching what we believe about the Sabbath is a Baptist teaching a 7th day that is teaching it's just crazy to suggest that we wouldn't believe something because some of the church believes that that's madness but what's really interesting if you go back and you study the church fathers that the Roman Catholic Church appeals to AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN And AGAIN you will discover that the Unity Church Fathers believe something called Eternal generation and this always comes as a surprise to people and when I write back to Andy Trinitarians about that and say well would you explain this to me it's the last I hear of them and which is too bad I'd love for them to engage eternal generation suggests that the sun exists because he is being eat only generated by the Father Jesus had a beginning but it was so far. Back Well I mean it's not even with thinking about where it where it was and he came forth because his father brought him for have you heard that before interesting it's Catholic and they say oh we don't want to believe the trinity because it's Catholic but they're believing a lie that was generated by the Roman Catholic Church Fabius funniest thing in the world they believe that the Holy Spirit exists because the Spirit of God is being eat to the newly generated by the father I'm not saying all Roman Catholics believe this but the Catholic fathers the early Church Fathers believed and taught this and this is what has crypt into a congregation knew you and has sucked people right out of that huge Why would we about this it's a little bit like about Daniel 11 Do you know why there's so much divergence in opinion on Daniel 11 it's because it's really difficult passage of Scripture if it was simple they'd be uniformity on it. And because some people don't study the Bible it's easy to come along and make a compelling case and pit them against the pasta pit them against the conference praise and pit them against what traditionally we believe it's like that with the Trinity It's a challenging thing to understand how can 3 be one amid a Muslim man in Beirut and I said I'm a Christian is a Muslim there is only one God What was he saying You Christians believe there are 3 gods the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Of course we don't we believe there is one God the Father Son and Holy Spirit that there are 3 separate persons in the Godhead and they unite to make one God That's what we believe but people are seizing on this it's very easy to confuse somebody on the subject because the Anstice to many of the questions clearly and so we have division I would wish that everybody who has decided to make anti Trinitarianism or non Trinitarianism their religion would just say you know what I'm going to do no I'm going to just put that aside for a month and invest the same amount of energy that I'm investing in this into proclaiming present truth were never a good thing let's just put that aside for a moment and what ever energy I've been putting into that I'm now going to put into proclaiming the 3 ideas messages man I think you probably see that will change just like that with people who have never really been active in proclaiming the 3 messages now getting about it and putting their shoulder to the wheel and advancing the mission of the church men we don't want to get off on the side issues what ever we need to selves before we allow this molehill to become a mountain is it present truth if it isn't then keep it in its context keep it in its right place what matters now share that with the womb and so she said. There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God but it is present truth that the flock needs no I've seen the danger of the messengers running off from the important points of present truth to dwell upon subjects that are not calculated to unite the flock and sanctified the soul Satan will he take every possible advantage to enjoy the coals but such subjects as your lists if you thus sanctuary in connection with the 2300 days the C'mon banks of God and the faith of Jesus perfectly calculated to explain the past Advent movement and show what our present position is establish the faith of the doubting and give certainty the to the glorious future these I have frequently seen with the principle subject on which the message is Should Well we have a message for today the 2300 day or the sanctuary as it relates to the 2300 days the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus that is not to say that we wouldn't preach anything else that is not to say that 3 Sabbaths out of 4 the pasta might preach on something seemingly not closely related to these things there are other subjects which much be presented other topics which must be proclaimed expounded. But here we have the burden of our message this is what really matters go back to a 2nd testimony and chapter 2 and you will understand why he is presented to us a power that has put down the sabbath that is seek has sought to change the law of God that has sought to make sin is obsolete has sought to have people relegate the would have God to 2nd place and promote tradition to 1st place we can have that why is this so important today we call it present truth we could call it sanctifying truth we could refer to it is transforming true we could call it preparing truth you see Jesus wants his people to be ready for the 2nd coming of Christ without spot or blemish or wrinkle or any such thing he wants us to be completely in Tiley so we his is and he says present truth connect to me through this not 9 tenths of the law I want all of your hug I want you to understand what is going on in the sanctuary in heaven this is why the sanctuary message is the important there was a lamb slain for the salvation of the world Christ died for your sins when you see in through his blood your sins are taken away and placed someplace through his sacrifice the record of your sins is entirely blotted out it was Jesus who gave himself in tiredly as a burnt offering for us men when we. Think of the major themes of the plan of salvation we are not confused anymore enter into the sanctuary and there is there are the 10 Commandments right there in the hot of the most holy place wait a minute I'm a sinner I fall and so far short hold dog on top of the 10 Commandments is the what must see see mercy and truth met together right just innocent peace have pieced each other the Bible says there is salvation through Christ nothing like the sanctuary service makes it so graphic and so potent and so powerful and so clear to 8 people who are preparing for heaven that's where we're going heaven Jesus is going to come back tell me just tell me this when was the last time you heard of a sermon about what it means to live on the side of a holy God without a mediator never you never heard that since it is interesting. Bread food for my division president wrote a book for a series of books specially designed for ministers I believe it was a series of books and bright puts it in his book called preaching to the times that we need more sermons that speak to the times where we live today including any listed in a ray of subjects living in the sight of God without a mediator in that interesting because that ladies and gentlemen is where we're all going to be one day relatively soon what they in the sanctuary service speaks to us about that experience it speaks to us about the experience that we need. Like nothing else does this is why it was given to us connected with the 2300 days and now you see that 844 the sanctuary the cleansing of the sanctuary began so the 70 weeks pointed to the 1st coming of Jesus the rest of the 2300 days 1810 years stretched down to 844 and tells us of the need for preparation for the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ now unfortunately of course there is a tendency not hard to find among the Conscientious the tendency to think or to say all to live out I shall get ready for the 2nd coming of Jesus I will prepare for the 2nd coming of Jesus I will be good enough to meet Jesus when He comes back and of course any body without thinking going on between the areas will not be good enough to meet Jesus when Jesus comes bag you see what I don't want us to be what I don't want us to be is like the marathon runner who almost made it to the finish line and then rolled who way to the finish only to end up 7 seconds too late what a pity it would be if we said present truth I got a Sabbath see a church on Saturday Saturday 2300 days absolutely stunning 457 used stretching on get down 227-803-1803 extension 480 short 844 hour of his judgment is come look at that. Or else what else without a moment's of God shoe got them all thank you Jesus oh yes I got that there's a danger that we may become Pharisees Pharisees who deal I ain't in the truth with a little T.V. all day and we delight in the truth Jesus with a big. I want you to go back with me to 2nd fish learnings because you know as well as I do that I did not entirely finish that passage and in fact I jumped to the end and did not read the nearly and start reading those 13 again but we have bound to give thanks all way to God for you brother and beloved of the Lord because God had from the beginning chosen you to salvation and you know what I did I jump to the end and sit through belief of the truth belief of the present truth salvation through belief of the person truth is it fair to say that it says that he a yes or no sure you're not going to come for salvation through rejecting the present truth you can't look at present truth in the face and say I see it I hear it I get it I want nothing to do with it because you'd be saying I want nothing to do with God And essentially you would be saying I want nothing to do with God's designated means of salvation Oh no anything about that so we've got to have belief of the truth and I've inserted the wood not to offend the text present through belief of the present truth but my system my brother let's read all of the verse God has chosen you to salvation through sang cation of the spirit and belief of the truth where unto he called you by a gospel to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ I want to tell you something I was a Roman Catholic my brother gave me the great controversy I didn't read it he gave it to me again I didn't read it 8 years after he gave it to me for the 1st time I read it sitting in a bath tub in London England very early in the morning 130 to 2 30 in the morning and I read that book and I said to myself Amen I knew the 7 day was a 7 that's it God wants me to keep it I'm going to do that and I did know I did know. 200002 days and I read that and I said OK. And I read about God's law immutable I said That makes perfectly good sense the scripture is a safeguard they have to be nothing else would do the job and I read cannot did speak to us as I I knew that a man that I knew that used to go to the funeral and hear it go to funerals and hear the priest say we can be happy today because grandad is in heaven and he's in the presence of God he's praising God and then we go to the cemetery and as the bodies being loaded the grave the same men would say and we commit the body about your brother to the grave where he will wait until Jesus comes back in the resurrection and goes and I thought a minute ago he was in heaven and now he's in the grave and I'm reading Ken Now did speak to us yes but what I knew friend of God is that a set of doctrines could not to me from a sinner into a saint couldn't do it the fact that I was able to say. I reject confessing my sins to a priest and I have instead taken my sins to go that's good you. Couldn't save me just couldn't the subject for this weekend is modeless because it gives us an opportunity to reflect upon what we believe what our mission is it's to take it to the world and what it is supposed to do in our lives God wants us transformed and you've met them and I've met them angry cantankerous saints who have no trouble opening their bible to enter a Chapter 7 and saying this is where the decree is. But they have a great deal of trouble smiling loving their enemies or being kind to their spouse sort of person you wouldn't say out loud but you think I gonna hope that brother isn't in heaven because he would make the place miserable or if he is in heaven I hope he meets Jesus somewhere along the way we cannot be that person oh wait wait we can easily be that person but we must not be that person the Bible speaks about salvation through belief of the truth the present truth remained that that's my Would not to offend the text but that's my Would through belief of the truth and through the all come on THIS IS SO GOOD I'M GOING TO READ IT TO YOU SAY TO FIT cation of the Spirit So why is the president truth given to us it's given to us so that we would receive more of the Holy Spirit of God or of Jesus my goodness when you look into the sanctuary service you say well I'm a sinner when you look at the 10 commandments you say but I've broken them faith in Jesus you say My life has been characterized by faith less ness and then your pray Lord I believe help thou mine on the leave the president has gone to mold us it start to change us it start to remake us it has to create in us a clean heart and produce in us the character of Jesus Christ Now listen not one or the other but some way these 2 things merge where we say you have the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and when our focus is on sharing Christ and living Christ and being transformed by Christ if we just get on with what we have to get on with thank God because I yes I singular focus. Evangelism So I'm glad to be part of it is written Alf focused evangelism is not evangelism we're not going to do it if we can focus on what we ought to focus on we'll go from here not simply committed to believing present truth but committed to allowing Jesus the way the truth and the life to have us entirely completely more and more and that we experience not only the belief the present truth but the sanctification of the Holy Spirit let us pray how Father and of God tonight let us be these people who miss out on qualifying by 7 seconds would you give us grace and humility and trust and surrender would you do that we needed and so desperately wanted and so would you bless us across this weekend speak to us minister to us we love you we thank you save us through present truth. Then through the sanctification. Jesus to. 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