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Ellen White vs. the World Wide Web, Part 2

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator



  • January 1, 2010
    10:45 AM
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well yeah you are laughing and feeling lonely and want to see to the bottom of some issues as there are technical things that are important there are things that can green green confusion that the Lord will more interested in having your heart and perfect minds meal you must have both at least likely that father parts the first video help us learn something from this little story in the time he's been here now in Jesus name we pray latest in Bible versus is the most famous verse in the Bible I'm sure you know the first half of the first digital thirteen fifteen and he said though he slay me yet will I trust in him does anyone know the second half of verse in no lien releases I have to immerse this a person is but I will maintain my own way easy for him what you say to say I am not admitting my deal on me I know my conscience and he wants it easy on his radio has appeared to go with not even a slavery unjustly I will still trust your money to do the book of Job and family in my opinion is the greatest this iron commentary is always at least on the experience of the righteous financial mega- scurrilous or TrackBack from your own interests glowing in a story about after the millennium of yours I no not really twice I believe the only easy president has ever served into the two distinct periods Georgia mother Theresa his involvement with anarchism and no readily having all the way back to the visit of wood when he was a young man shortly there after the disappointment he had a Asian making no wonder they were traveling through pretty close the deal on all in a lot of traveling rather facilitate and he wasn't easily this is something of an infidel at the time he wants them pretty closely he later said that James was a little intimidating but even then I like well initially was converted by GM Andrews will in thing as you can enter him I then converted to another and in the freezer and eventually George was the pioneers in Boston he is not certain why you are largely worthwhile he wore himself the wrath of trying to do the large work blessing for that I admire along the way he made serious mistakes you may recall yesterday you you the first the first and first hand out and thinking about someone who wrote a series of articles and review talk about inspiration gala started out as you sing out that he came up with the idea of degrees of inspiration and identify what he had not meant any harm he was trying to support Arthur Rothstein and Afghanistan is remain on the job I don't like Penny correcting he was when he was correct your brother and sister if you going to be corrected please let it be a surprise if you are an efficient way and if you already know how you doing him to help his mother was absolutely totally shocked when he got his wife no one I would've would've rather had both my arms shoulders and upper something like a brave start now okay if anything is wrong for yours came out and eighty eight neighborhood will Asian up there in Minneapolis okay yours bullying was always our same as doing the right thing and putting the brakes on and trying to oppose the work of Jones Lang he was wrong he believed he was right appraisal or the people with the right and honestly as you I'd rather have someone who honestly believe he was right doing the wrong thing than someone doing the right thing honestly when the wrong view and a half and a half and leaving meager a lazy Sunday the way we use and you go over here talking to you personally you were helping many unfunny guys intelligence I pray that you Jordan mother was not in Minneapolis he was in I was he said well in his estimation he was it because our life is not suspending him in his arguments with George worked with Jones Lang and he suffered a nervous breakdown he was pretty tough shape you wrote this he said as analogous came back from Minneapolis the Minneapolis meeting I seem to be left alone so I called me up to her room in the hospital talk to me three or four hours when I had seemed as though it would burst and I was in awful condition it seemed as though I could not endure it but I did I said very little I did not say anything disrespectful my dear good life three years held against me because I cannot get angry and will persist away with all my might I say his sister wife is a prophet of the Lord as I have always and still do believe this is written in nineteen oh four she must have known my poor wife never could get her feelings fully run around until just a little while before her death so that she could feel sleepy and I really think well I talk about here in Jordan about his experiences what do you do need to understand and an even easier honestly feel your life and the Lord says you're wrong what do you do when you go he slay me yet will I trust in nevertheless my own way Lonnie came before him checking on you honestly what George did George was set his life was sick they moved down to Florida and they spent the next twelve years semi retirement remembering only very slowly with George from around George was unrepentant and you couldn't ask him what is that I will than linger in a I don't think anyone should you know we do this with little kids I am you you've all seen the manifest sincerity and then you know that the actions and I look like journalism Leningrad and I feel fine I don't I'm sorry you like and that is probably as is the next thing you know okay I know you and I will if you don't believe in wrong you can Muslim reading here now I am quoting from the other was written as a personal letter to one of his best friends finale might have heard of the name of John Harvey Kellogg in nineteen oh four as Kellogg was leaving the church reminds villagers wrote he said I cannot and will not make a confession as I have told systemwide over and over again when I was in Florida that I could not see the seem to be right and Justin required on she is writing all over the Minneapolis meeting and things of that kind I inherently wrong right back to her that utterly useless for me to go making confessions I can hardly recall but only what was going not going as you how I was going in your game he believes that she spoke with more than he was an ESPN but couldn't understand and critically make sense and yet he held the the word of the prophet there are many timing your life when you need to do that because it's a hot tip for you you don't know everything God have decent marketing you are smarter than the result is mindfully wants us to do Josh I leave you maybe I just first twenty fifteen the righteous judges all things are like Congress is now and it will save I really want anyone to seek understanding of what he understanding humans you and you know you understanding is not coming what the Lord is adding yet another going on the Kellogg he said I was a close in trying place believing as I do in her testimonies well it took twelve years it took twelve years he nurses his wife until she died in Florida and nineteen hundred and ninety and less time Butler was a different man I can't honestly say that I know of a specific case where he said I was longing every point for Alan White never said I was wrong I don't know if that particular letter it might've been written by going it right to her and acknowledged the Philly to the general correctness in general terms if you learn over long time five things in a somewhat different light now international employees writing to his friend John County is in twentieth thirty years ago I used to say sometimes I often talk to believe the testimony 's morning in the Bible and in a very unjust statement how can you say about that doctor that is the way it used to seem to me and this is the case with John Kellogg announced he will be more than vinyl and John Kellogg was a sort of this paragraph until like a rusty nineteen ninety five I think for many many years that you are one of the strongest leaders because when you are likely not saying they and why on what ground is different as well I will venture to say most everybody believes the testimony fairly strongly as long as they favored them to see and stand up for them and fight our battles in Illinois and John Kellogg when they become questionable about the questionable about testimonies is when the testimonies begin to reprove them imprison anyone in certain balls and wrong courses are methods or motives of action that is limited Satan begins to move out at the finger and you know Doctor always enjoy them visual innings that I don't hope what I wrote in my pictures on certain group in love you know I is in living out a finger in Iraq now now it seems almost full for me to CVS I recently divorced you I very much dislike to say because it seems to my friend and rather unpleasant attitude that he would stand up for the testimonies as we nevertheless are just as soon as they begin so certain faults in him all easily now David's reign myself I have had to reorganize how humans shame to them very quick and that's true it was a great fighting ring we had a passing interest in administering religious testimonies and your brother he is your brother age are either gay or gay and in Australia George's father Peter Whelan I have a feeling this is wrongheaded and I and yellow light near you that it is easy that are doing this strong as an island seem to greatly design on that happen time and time again they come upon me like a meeting of online hailstorm we were out in a hailstorm Doctor is not you cannot realize all community experience when the little chunks of ice come down and hit you in a way you don't want to be an experience it yourself with the testimonies they always take you in a place where you never dreamed of being to blame and isn't that what they are therefore they all see you in a place you ever dreamed of being to blame for our using arena in the appraisal and he was going to take a lot of setting where you can really come to the point cheerfully accepting them I feel very thankful that God although I think the testimonies as sharply I think is most any man has any digital all I can do to regain my confidence I never have enough everything never has focus lighting handling slighting the other in a single if I can recall was a horse worth following you may be harmful you may find something from our friends on the area and you scratch your head on a notebook that resin is a place of faith and the placement date you have all the answers all the time we don't allow any of you and Wil Wheaton closes on a happy note and during the other hand sometimes very very bad reviews in the especially conservative Adventist press telling you I am unholy Haiti and online was the internal optimist the Journal holder culture of whole and I see out of the other one was humbled soul before God yet another sister nailed another of younger years you've been learning less than fifteen Jesus brings the Lord I would like to have something like that phentermine in my own face one quick contrast Dudley Marvin Hanner for far less reason to form greater offense agreement without feminizing maneuvering when Mister Rivas was canonized closest friend eighty early eighteen eighties Marie Webster and Dudley Marvin Hung out here and understanding of the call each other DM and DW because you need things like that and D W Reavis records the turning point came in I like when you start up one night in the park across from the largest church in on it yesterday 's breach in need of losing anything in the world or are not imagined I could be a great man revisits some had no inkling that Fox is a disorganized mind at all he sat there for a long time money so that these DM the message me view anything you are again using the drinking began to retrace your steps departed ways in nineteen oh three Rivas invited can write to a get together of some nature of the other interview Harold became visited that all the old hands me another finally one of the aligning down relays can write it off in a storage room and on the back review building at Wilcock hitting a long time to time we must never have a good personal heart-to-heart with him immediately to his account I reminded him of what I told him years before Chicago he frankly emitted when I predicted it come to pass that has to be blunt about it was Dan and I were this was the beginning of twenty rule has stopped himself entered his heart I tried to get to the workers there is justly assure you that they will forgive all taken their self-confidence demonstrating that might be on a focus on listening to my thing up I forget I I never heard anyone we moaning such deep contrition and that once leading light in our message it was a heartbreaking meaning here is the city where he confirmed that the former president left a long heartbreaking moments and weaving he said I would be glad to come back but I is to raise I am gone forever gone slept on my shoulder he thanked me for all I try to save him from that that said our he said VW whatever you do don't verify a message was that little story before summer Internet friends who know better and of course there is the counts now I feel which can write went through in times I say I instead clinging to the casket weeping he said there goes one and three months later he published his book on only brother and sisters there is a place for faith even when you don't understand your hearts is the screen of all that comes out of you Erie R ears first laser brothers and sisters is your heart in your head is theoretically right your heart is wrong now we want to be Mark Austin dimensioning in the story the reading room generally come from this book in the article that actually looks they did I really appreciate that I say I I I you I the Christian life is a life of faith only herself says that God is not ever remove all rooms are now he could any of it when they got anything to remove every possibility of down but God knows that if he did that they'd never be any opportunity for you or for me to exercise faith whether that's why I like busy as he shared these reasons but learning what I learned through experience it was a hard experience with the faithfulness of God and in and the need to trust in him and is the reflect a little bit on our last session we are talking about plagiarism and Ms. Ramey is Catholic man who ran the writings of Ellen White basically disintegrated and missed the ball or not focusing on the messages it's amazing to me as I reflect on my own experience in an and we can think of I don't know if anybody's ever compiled a list like this and while all people who have become activists because of Ellen White's writings specifically the book great controversy I know Doctor Samuel Kevin tells the story of his conversion can be administered his sister became an happiness and he wanted to talk her out of it and convince her she was in a Falls Church so he said that when he figured the best way to do it was to start with the church 's fall asleep a couple of great controversy to read it to disprove valid license I started with the wrong book and David was burning through the great controversy are planning obviously knew the Lord that the Lord news using a controversy in my conversion and how many of you and single running again after masking online data handling I don't ask the next question is that well I'm one has to ask rhetorically how many of you don't tell me your hands have read anything or much of anything in writing the online many of you probably think it is if my experience in other places is the same as it is your notice is that everything acquiring CYC is that there are few people are regularly reading what Alia says wow the world can you take anything we hear more from the critics and hear from the one who wrote what the critics are not fair how do you like people don't want to find you thought you because what people said about you without ever talking to you when we fairly the issue is one of the Lord trying to compare his people for his coming the devil is my the devil knows the purpose of the gift of prophecy is passing through the rain fell in line better than any of us knows that her the devil will come of all who he the counseling argument to Ellen White better than any of us knows the outcome he knows that will be secure against his temptation and so he does everything he can to derail us while doing it in the remainder it is in the humanities is a lot on some of the Internet criticisms on to highlight a couple of them that a number of things that including a eating country in Canada's read through whether helping someone I want to set my active military status as other Internet criticisms unfulfilled prophecies is listed there and I look to your worms vision if you look at the statement bears some point you don't want anyone to waste time on pages one thirty one one thirty two I said I was shown the company present at the conference is a conference USA out three May twenty seven eighteen fifty geez I was shown as company president the Congress said the angel how the words of an angel who worms some subjects in the seven last plagues so will be alive and remain upon the earth to be translated at the coming of Jesus will be no rent is now gone so the angel said some of the people and if you happen right here some of these people will behoove the worms in a northern grade that some of these people here in only a Jesus comes this is the Lord and the voice of an angel for life how are you really is coming in this generation and what many people in the house of course if anything began to compile a list of all the names of the people present so they would know because we don't do before everyone in this room I think everyone will be gone no one is becoming a son in his room a son and wife Martha Manzo released to anyway this is how they may begin regardless what happens in Vegas is one of the common criticism linear that I think this income and everybody guided from Alan White is a false prophet something that we had decided that I can study under the test of a profit is the ongoing conditional processing I have spoken in the Scripture and given the precedent that he prophesied something about a certain hello are you certainly wanted to sign a term from their sins are right this is everything and he will when he was going to do the classic case in the Bible is the case in Jonah Jonah this is your message forty days and Nineveh will be overthrown there was no air and so there was no conditional element in the message itself yet it was still conditional we know because killing himself was not to have only wanted that was he knew the mercy of God anything I know they are free and if you think that it is not a lot going on in this is why when you reason anybody went up on the hillside in higher income now and when he got mad and he got given the Holy Spirit is the norm it is planned I don't feel that landlord is no master plan for people who don't was thinking about his own reputation the whole idea what he was wearing there on the false prophet Jesus called John the Baptist greatest in the profit to be had I went on to Joan of the greatest of the prophets don't have more success than any other month as far as I read a whole and even see in your lifetime you will repent and when you hear my freezer not only will the weather and so this is this is in his unconditional prophecies in the state additional element but if you mean all the top of the skull and if you read my daily analyzing writings you'll find there many statements he made about how Christ could come earlier if you people had done the work in a reference here to second Peter three eleven and twelve in theory speaks of how we can hasten the coming of Jesus Christ same principle as they put on the day something that is very interesting on this whole form site here this is something that happened John Locke growing product sandlot for the writer of the book is a greater movement among other things as an actress historian who is aware of his visions on law world leading minister and and and and really the first real historian Janice Hillman was not present at the meeting that he obtained some of the lists that had been made right from sanitarium California on August twenty eight nineteen eighteen some three years after Mrs. Weiss his lance into Collinsville sixty three has been this season only twenty seven yet remaining alive player tracking these people he also mentions that will sister wife disapproval of the keeping of such list and this interesting insight this is a long process about nineteen oh four as told to me my brother Nelson at the General conference in nineteen oh five p.m. George Hammond on remaking a list of those who attended that meeting and now create anything in they went diseases asked if she could remember any name they had omitted to write your American meaning anybody out brother Nelson told me she said what you are doing I replied getting a list of those who attend that meeting she said she asked me what are you going to do when they I replied I'm going to be so printed as well people listen to what Illinois said she replied then you stop right where you are in this him working for us on the message they will be watching the review every weakness he knows that I found my center is exactly what we do we think we are waiting for Jesus to come he was waiting on something or somewhere in international thing and I believe the Lord has a time when he will come again I believe he could come earlier of course the best way to what happened is when that is what happened on Friday near mines around the following the fact of the matter is everything is across the life of Peter himself syndication is coming that will storm 's vision was a conditional nation there was an additional issue and in any of her health is response implies that he was going to be looking to see who is happening doing the work and if we don't do the work they went to evolving payment and are you here I hear you breathing I think I need to make sure they were tracking together so this is the kind of thing in their culinary conditional processing questions there is a key questions and issues that come up when people get on the Internet I'm not I don't have time for every time I addressed that help people it's like studying counterfeits a person who wants to know counterfeits has to study the genuine because you do not have time to citing counterfeit people is not coming up with new counterfeit cigarette the study the site some of the arguments in an interesting way are not new but they're all in and repack is always something that will bring out this is what fascinates me is granted the non-Christian man can read the writings of Ellen White in thing these are inspired in an essay I was not sure if this is the door to to him sometimes there are things we have to put aside as a you know what that is not clear to me once clear to me is the message here is burning power I have a hard time believing that Indiana is honestly read the writings of Ellen White recognize the inspiration there are a lot of things that we go today we rally around and eliminate online here let's talk about creation but will rally around creation yeah of course in the evangelical world gets all about abortion we can all talk around again and feelings is because were all calling her the Associated Press literal six-day creation and what are you only committed to Christ in your personal life the living Christ in your hole in the history of Christ in the workplace being a Christian he will price the lender you win the word .com UN councils a specific direction do you yield your window to the will of God we can all rally around immediately great things and call ourselves what do we do when the testimony comes to me comes to you personally as short as so many have gone through history I believe it's definitely limited I believe it about what that means all you know I think the way and is inspired on access things inspired by you with me this is where the rubber meets the road brothers and sister all who believe that the Lord has spoken to assist away given her a message who mean Christianity is person I will never meet your personal savior and tell you recognize yourself as a personal center how do I world Café I all around the soldiers nailed his hands across know you in his hand and wrong it was your sin and it was my sin for him there and when we say I want to serve you Jesus begins were trying to take that seeing how my life is not therefore set out to choose the lead paint it out and you know how he does that he revealed to us and we got choices to me God reveals those things to us that the spirit of prophecy in the Bible and now I have my and me we can get hung up on the mechanics of how things are written in the testimony is sometimes unrealistic even to our own selves we're just trying to avoid something that God has called us to do the writings of Ellen White herself playing any such opposition there are legitimate questions that he was a man is like they said the brothers and sisters I think more of our issues today are because we're trying to find it easier Christianity and the kind of Bible teaches in the writings of Ellen White couple of the things that come up on on the Internet that I will address here just briefly like I said I don't have time to get into all of them just to give you an understanding of the things we get hung up on all kinds of things that I next to nothing about the why were you talking yesterday about private letters what about a private letter telling Reuters a private letter to an individual here they are is that inspire will even ask the question something that we understand I'm an unlimited time to rethink things now my tongue pan along those lines but we only gave counsel she knew how people were going to regard that counsel letter was a private letter versus a public letter on public television writing and thinking I wasn't inspired to the challenge with the letters we had his mother was inspired on any a and the implication is that the letter inspired because it is it makes sense to me as if I am understanding counsel is I don't understand something doesn't mean it's uninspiring as an asset for ten years is a lot of stuff I don't understand is not inspired I understand that's only part of violence by now it's all inspired I'm the one that needs the Holy Spirit in you taking me usually comes up and I is is that we don't necessarily know the background they were given in where the challenge is coming praise the Lord is not in Illinois public policy writings information will think in the same message is if we would focus on those things where seven a.m. the thing I was on my wife's reason having reasonable price F I have apparently also gone through a poor time in the last couple ways I read it is an unassuming reading these things in life that we were missing out one and only a women determinations of the fracas was reading recently would you heal your mind will vanish certainly would go on brothers and sisters who have been reading these things you ask in the Holy Spirit and dying us in our understanding and my challenge to you as you leave will you only are we in the Saragossa he had himself the best thing you can do is take any one of the concrete beneath his books most of those catheters and will say that everything is on such and such description and reason dad reading the description and read the chapter and greater profit for example we can't risk of urine and redesigning strengthen your faith in the Bible and in the process well in life unless you're looking for a way around some in award time during his whole issue with plaintiff plagiarism charges want to rain again before anything else warns on Helena Saint Anthony said yes the man was to believe the truth no proof is necessary if a man doesn't want to believe the truth no proof is possible any of you done anything to sully no person is one of the leading online reasons not to believe around any man come to my searching visiting ministers repeatedly he was looking at his prophecy of Daniel nine twenty four and twenty seven in a twenty three hundred days and intimate anything you know I talk to my Lutheran pastor he just doesn't see what you see in and in Daniel eight nine with eighteen forty four I of course he doesn't say anything see he is predisposed not to see because anything that he has no sympathy seven a.m. the meeting understand is people don't see giving him all the text in the world and see you in their heart mind you certainly don't want Amanda never going to get anywhere without because they are decided not to decide some of the questions that come up and you think at the something wrong I have a feeling process without amalgamation this one comes up on the Internet where Emily made the statement about him I don't have the same even with me that she makes about the amalgamation of meaning these that will live physical things on this there's an interesting article written by asking Nicholas available on the Illinois website extends in very personal and I believe he makes is the usage of the word amalgamation in Illinois and here's what the critics say all my talk about certain races Amanda was a result of mountain mesa pygmies and people say oh it and the Internet critics say that that black people are the result of humans greedy many that's what they say that only settings in reading your amalgamation of managing these if you actually read the statement how must want something else only does not give amalgamation between man and beast Hamlet many people today don't understand Chris may understand by telling us if you only say the word amalgamation was never used to talk about really think people and animals it was always winning species people with people and animals with animals we have problems today and is recommended again because I think you know that the genetic disorders through that type of breathing are interbreeding right evidently there were problems that may have been right about now I stayed like that it was another word and I don't know it all and brings up this paper is used to talk about the latest of people and animals in her day she could've chosen to use that she didn't want to know what he was talking about this article is several pages and resources of their well the Whitehaven agent enhances the paper after paper paper and I has a slight hepatobiliary critters out there who might see building he said that they gotten any of his answers section of their website and got a new link to do it to they were then itemized the major questions that people have this question is even the right we dance anything again and again .net let's look at another aspect of things but what with innovative immigrants bring an amalgamation Susan agreeing with people and animals etc. etc. until you something about we don't have a clue what they were doing before the line the whole dinosaur population question about the only conjecture are we gambling with genetic engineering today yes or no is concerned in the ethanol where they smarter than we were back there more than one hundred dollars million nine hundred and seventy years we will follow Alan why he did imply that there was some kind of genetic engineering is all wrong because I can't explain how to become ball because of the things I can't explain before long only to be inspired because I can explain a lot in a San Jose and the better we understand how my statements on amalgamation were talking about the intermarrying and as I think I maybe enter reading uncertainties that tighten animals with other types of animals anonymous were there even where the grass so we don't know for sure containing that discount all that was written all the evidence we have in the spirit of prophecy the transform lives and everything else would be to be more than foolishness it would be great it would be fatal to another thing is erotic to slavery wish a statement right-handed and year-end single realm I talked about how some of the slaves because the masses and ignorance of God I couldn't save you the next best thing we make them as they had never been in the main retina okay just a couple of interesting online system that and what happened is out of Sunday lesson well that sounds fair so their master to any ignorance and and so they can save now saving that doesn't sound fair in the anti-immigrant ego on this on these websites many of the big deal about this in all got these on Paris of you that mother looking at the wrong side of the issue if you e-mail him I have to say she makes it clear that there will be sent slaves that are saying is when I played in a very article he goes on regulator the finest slave will be ready when he's gone and we say so all the implication of the very statement is that he makes is the slave whose loss because he's been kept in ignorance rather than having the full penalty the slave master will suffer more of the penalty and the slave of the major league is on your that means he won't suffer any kind of punishment again as far as a duration of punishment in the announcement what that means in other words some of these things that you read Dennis error statements that there's not a lot to compare and very hard like head coverings in the New Testament me there people us a little about that today is all regularly long lines when I think apparently while we go back into the history of the early church it's hard to say I turned to believe that many returning cameras for a web my own perspective is that Ellen White was given a guy Josh turns to the end it was asked at one point in time of Ellen White whether they be another profit the guy pictures this was her answer this is written in the book in the book the Spirit train your cat somewhere else as we look at last minute e-mails asking about it and we looked up in the only race of it where was this an appropriate proxy traffic estimates recorded in their into hearsay account really like was there with his mother another gentleman asked as a guardian of an analyte for his book shut and looked at her books points to her books there he said if and only here for the rest of the what was the reason evening didn't answer maybe maybe I don't know you we don't need is a must seems that we got enough in testimony is the church volume five is a section called the nature and influence of the testimony for Alan White herself explain how we can read understanding is that you need to read that section and in section only shares a vision that she had an inner vision he saw many amounts of people they were kneeling before God praying and weeping their inner minimum frame are more like as I living as I rose up and I went to the table there was a table on the table is what the Bible surrounded my testimony and he said I was the countless people here in your why are they praying for an inferior land use is why I will not permit any other like a sign on we want like we halfway have enough light for the rest of the journey we need to make use their more things are so many things I want to talk about we just don't have time for Gilman S breakout masturbation some of the things only makes about masturbation and he is the only website stuff that people going insane and some of that comes from and I'm going to lately answer right now some of that comes from first of all partially quoting well I says Barnaby comes from attributing to her things that were written in the paper Solomon P only seated in row my other doctors of the day but let's put it this way let's say only write something that doesn't sound scientifically feasible and was you David was saying yesterday in an amount of money scientific discoveries like this on the ability to have faith is okay and also some proof and only seven scientifically accurate at all well there you have faith in the things anymore when you are performing out he discoveries and how they can be heard on our message is a place for faith in these things so what happens at the helm I felt something doesn't seem to be backed by science will throw everything out because of the color you see could be made maybe you don't understand what God understands that the world 's scientific leaders don't understand monotonously and him all I know I will not counter the arguments of the scientists on his day we try so hard to counter all the arguments today about the people who are for abolition and the Lord will really say anything in there are still things we can throw designing I believe in creation is now my my my my favorite statement is not impossible Hebrews Chapter 11 I basically believe that the worlds were framed by the word of God say when you want to say is a rehearing hearing from the Lord God is got to inspire sources there comes a point where there are many things that don't make sense to us especially the things that apply everything was clear becomes confusing when the council is to me suddenly as I used to be meeting willing at that time I think so you know what Lord I believe this is your word I believe it's true I believe this is your profit I believe this to help me to see the way I see the men honestly brothers and sisters they has court fourteen teslas three work I am fine for ratification three ninety LMI says many are going directly contrary to the light which God has given to his people let's do this carefully many are going directly contrary why because they do not read the books which contain the life and now I can cost tens reproofs and morning as many people are going directly contrary to God 's will is not reading what God has given you an I was saying this beginning to close with five testimonies page six eighty one analysis of this is a phenomenal statement the lower cell is exalted the more will reign in the testimonies in the spirit of God the less those who trust only in themselves will see less and less time in the past it's a hard issue that's what it is you find Jesus and the ball on the rock Christ Jesus and Microsoft be broken with that old sinful nature be broken out in the enrolling is not easy but necessary plumbing goes on to say in another place there is selected messages AG three the enemy has made his masterly efforts to unsettle the face of our own people and the testimonies and when using Harris County they claim several father relations by the Bible but they misinterpret the Bible and all assertions and maintenance of prophecies in the Scriptures to prove falsehood now listen what you learn to say and your men have done their work in weakening the competence of our churches in the testimonies they have torn away the barrier so that unbelief and the truth shall become widespread there is no voice to be lifted up stop the force of error in other words when the devil has weakened our faith in the testimony will become the same as the spirit of prophecy makes this subject fleeing criminal we don't believe in this paragraph anyone in here all the errors businesses this is why we got all kinds of craziness ministers today this is exactly why because we all you probably have a human mind boy is unitary and helpfully warns years when we allow ourselves to lose confidence in the different Roxio out there battling again been successful in turning away the barrier that God has set up to protect us from the enemy attacks and hear him all the attacks family believed the testimony thing and one of them they notably the customer here's a list of two more things there is like masturbating for one thing is certain those are the fantasy take their stand underthings mammal diversity about their faith in the mornings representing the test and last I sent this one quoted many times the same there selected messages page eighty three many of the same man may get up scheme after scheme and the enemy will see because it installs from the truth but all who believe that the Lord has spoken his sister wife has given her message to be safe in the many delusions that will come in these last days brothers and sisters God help us to have faith again not just walking my site through everything to me once you throw it to me then I'll believe we've got enough evidence got gives us plenty of evidence he just doesn't give us all evidence however interview with the evidence we have written exercise faith in the Lord and trust in the Lord arena trust in the Lord when a message comes home to my heart tells me to personal things about the chain when the last time you will not speak to you personally are you going into this new year with resolution so many of you have resolutions on what needs to be worked on this new year and a person the rest of you need them the Christian life is continually aiming higher higher than the human highest human operators got plenty of his children all we can see why seen this here without having a firm resolve to make a difference in your own life her that Reagan himself in Christ to live fully for him to go wherever he found many are willing to say on that in a minute think that challenge crazy on this power has the father in heaven father we thank you so much for the language you given us through Illinois it simply lowered a reflection of what we find in the word and points us back to the word and it exposes where our own hearts are not in harmony with your wailing father 's human beings were just down by nature were stubborn and proud and it's hard for us to receive direction and Lloyd is easy for us to play church when in reality our hearts are divided and I pray Lord Jesus and believe not only has seminar but as we leave this team I see I pray that our hearts would be divided no longer afraid of the messages that we are yet to hear would be a means of helping us to firmly resolved to commit our lives wholly and entirely new please Lord bless each one here with your presence in the guidance of your spirit and encourage her to stand unashamedly for the me ask and pray at all and he says this him volume versus what I see a generation of Christ are feeling like to learn more about you my see please visit www. nursing my son when or if you like this more free online services please visit www. audio verse got more


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