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God vs Discrimination

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • May 18, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Well today we are going to be taking another look at a well known story. A story found in 1st Samuel Chapter 17 I don't need to tell you that we're living in an increasingly polarized world I don't need to tell you that men and women boys and girls young people in old people are feeling disenchanted disenfranchised overlooked discriminated against. Today we're going to be talking about God versus discrimination God versus discrimination discrimination is a big issue today isn't it people are worried about it people are thinking about it people are talking about it people are seeing it and people are experiencing it. Why is there such a problem as discrimination what is discrimination Well I thought I just give an example somebody is going to say. Look in the mirror Chester why should you be talking about discrimination right. I I probably don't know much about discrimination except that it's everywhere and what I'm really here to talk with you more about is God the God part because I believe that God holds the answer to the problem of discrimination. I believe that God holds the answer now it's interesting I I've known for a long time this fact The fact is that taller men are no more money you realize that on average your height matters now there's been various theories about that I had students that were much more you know birth of vertically gifted than I was. Remind me of that at times as they look down at me and say you know taller people get more promotions and taller people make more money and by the way that is very true in the pastoral ministry as well on average it's true it's just the reality almost any career almost any vocation you look at is 3 ality. But I read recently a a. Article in The Telegraph which is a British paper and so some of the statistics are here in British pounds not not all in dollars but we can do a little quick conversions basically this recent study it eliminated the factors of environment in other words some people are shorter because they were more mound nourished they're less likely to be successful in life right some people are obese because of their poor environment perhaps their poor diet as they were being raised they would of course you would assume maybe be more or less successful in life but what they did is they they tried to eliminate those factors and just look at genetics if you're taller or shorter because of your genes if you're more slender or you're heavier because of your genes that's what they want to look at and this is what it said in the genetic lottery slender women and tall men really do seem to have hit the jackpot after a huge study that found height and weight are critical to future earnings for every 3 inches taller a man is he will earn on average $2000.00 more a year Likewise every extra stone a woman ways for you British mathematicians What's a stone isn't like 15 pounds or so how many. 14 thank you for every extra stone a cough a woman about $2000.00 a year this is shocking but its data is statistics that means that a 6 foot man is likely to earn an extra 100000 dollars over a working lifetime compared to a colleague who is 5 foot 9 like I am an overweight woman in contrast could see her lifetime earnings cut by more than a $125000.00 and comparison with a trim female. Now what I'm saying is that we have a problem. Humanity has a problem too often we think of discrimination just as sort of a binary problem you know maybe race is the only factor it's not there's all kinds of discrimination going on in this world and it's not fair it's not right the reality is that people look at certain things when people look at us what do they see when people make decisions about our our capabilities or our higher ability or about a promotability or whatever it may be what do they see they see our size whether we're tall or short whether we're whether we're slender or more healthy whether we're attractive What kind of dress we wear whether they think we look intelligent or not they see our race or ethnicity they see the car we drive maybe the house we live in the job we hold and they make decisions based upon those things about our value and ability as a person is that true that is the world that we live in now it's no wonder that people feel disenfranchised right it's no wonder that people begin to complain and say well it's not fair because it's not fair. I would dare venture that almost every single person has some handicap some some thing the negative that sort of counts against them that in the whatever culture society town family home they live in they have something to overcome because it's an obstacle to success however we were to define success but I have good news for you this morning. God doesn't see as Mancy. Let's pray Father in heaven today we thank you we thank you that we can open your word and find answers to our problems today Lord we're living in a broken world and we long for that country to be a part of that city whose builder and maker is God You have said that there will be a new heavens and a new earth old things will P. Bast away and all things will become new they'll be a land in which righteousness dwells so Lord as we look forward to that day a premature prepare our hearts to live more like you now as we study today in Jesus name Amen. In our passage in 1st Samuel Chapter 17 in verse 4 the Bible records the story in a champion went out from the camp of the Philistines name to go lie if from gaf whose height was 6 cubits. And a span Now one thing that we know about Goliath is that he was big no matter what we debate about these measurements and what they would actually can tally up to he was big that was the point of giving his measurements year was to go to impress us of the fact that he was big when we talk about his spear and how much it weighed in his shield and how much it weighed in his armor and his helmet and all the rest. The purpose of all this data is to show us that Goliath was big and I would propose to you this morning that at the outset of 1st Samuel Chapter 17 the very beginning here of the story of David and Goliath which we are so familiar with in this very 1st preamble we find illustrated the power of human discrimination. When people looked at the law if they were scared because he was big when people looked at the law if if they were a Philistine they wanted to make him their champion because he was big. What mattered with go with was how tall he was how big he was how strong he was and he was the hero of his nation based on these external somewhat superficial qualities that Goliath possessed the problem with reading the story of Goliath if you were a little Philistine boy was you probably weren't anywhere near his size the hero of the Philistines was someone who has a genetic or maybe even some sort of a hormonal abnormality right he was the exception to the rule it's hard to inspire someone a little boy growing up and reading the story of Goliath it's hard to inspire them to to just have a have it have have motivation to be very tall one day you understand my point the problem with seeing as man sees and valuing what man values is that you place in too often in too many cases you place high value on things that we can't change I can't change how tall I am. I can't change whether I'm good looking or homely unless I mean it help if I did my hair probably better but. There's certain things I cannot change right and the way man sees man values those things that that that made that we have no power over the Bible says can eat the open changes skin or leopard his spots the rich is a rhetorical question the Avett obvious answer is no right neither can you change your heart it's you who are custom to doing evil so humanity values then and makes heroes out of people for certain qualities that some of us will never possess and it feels as a person who is somewhat inferior or viewed as inferior we view ourselves as inferior in some way discriminated against no matter what that area in our life is that we feel we're being discriminated against it feels as though we have no power and I understand why people getting I understand why they feel it isn't fair because it isn't fair. I'm thankful the story of David and Goliath in the story of Dave and Goliath. I'm thankful. But that Goliath is the Philistine and David is God's instrument do you understand why because as we read the Bible we discover we discover that God is not limited by the things that man judges us by fact if you turn with me it turns me back one chapter the 1st salmon Chapter 16 and we're going to look. At verse 7 1st Samuel Chapter 16 and verse 7. But the Lord said to Samuel Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature because I have refused him for the Lord does not see as man sees for man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the at the heart friends of mine this morning men and women boys and girls young men young ladies I want you to know something our hearts are all the same if we all were to have our chests opened up you would not be able to tell by the hard whether we were hard whether we were tall or short I'm not the cardiologist here so I may be corrected here at the end but. We wouldn't be able to tell very much about how intelligent we were it would be able to tell how much money we had we wouldn't be able to tell about many of the things that man judges us by because it in essence our hearts are all the same when God looks at the heart when the Bible says that God looks at the heart what we are hearing is that in God's eyes the playing field is level in God's eyes those other things that man sees they don't matter they're not important they don't determine our success or failure they don't even determine how effective we can be in changing the world in influencing others for the Kingdom of God. Because all of us have the same capacity if we have a heart and I realize the hard to speak about the inner person it's is not just the muscle there that's that has multiple chambers and is pumping in our chest but you understand what I'm saying we all have the same level playing field because our hearts are broken and and fall in as they are naturally they all can be transformed changed a new heart put in and we can all have the same power of the Holy Spirit in our lives so when God looks at the heart the good news is that we have a level playing field we don't have to be worried about who's going to make more who isn't listen that's just for a short time here on this earth here on this world 70 years if we work that long or however long we live 70 years is not long compared to turn a deal as it. So many years is not long compared to eternity we have eternity where there is no discrimination we have a God Now who does not discriminate lets see what the Bible teaches about discrimination we're going to start in 2nd Chronicles Chapter 19 2nd Chronicles Chapter 19 in verses 6 and 7 son Chronicles Chapter 19 verses 6 and 7 not too far here and beyond for Samuel and if you could just say Amen when you have arrived there all right 2nd Chronicles Chapter 1000 verses 6 and 7 and he said to the judges do not take heed what you are doing for you do not judge for man but for the. Lord who is with you in the judgment now therefore let the fear of the Lord be upon you take care and do it for there is no iniquity with the Lord our God no partiality nor taking of bribes what the Bible here is saying is look he's talking the judges of Israel he says you are you are judging in the place of God And so you have to judge the way God judges right and in God's judgment there is no partiality they don't look at one person another person and think well they'll be easier on this person harder on that person no there is no partiality with God and that's the way we should be right we should be the same way with no partiality in our judgment I like the way it reads in John Chapter 7 John Chapter 7 and verse 24 and we'll see a number of verses here in the New Testament that we can learn from about impartiality and about discrimination John Chapter 7 Jesus is speaking here and he's having a little bit of a debate I guess with the Pharisees but notice what he says here in John Chapter 7 in verse 24 he says Do not judge according to what. Do not judge according to appearance but judge with righteous judgment do not judge according to appearance that's the way man looks man looks on the outward appearance right but the Lord looks upon the heart and Jesus here he says don't judge according to the appearance don't make discrimination based upon what a person looks like or what the situation looks like a good get to the bottom of the matter John Chapter 724 tells us we find here that there is no discrimination also in the work of the Gospel Matthew chapter $28.00 and verse 19 it's very clear that they work of the Christian movement was not to be limited to any one socioeconomic strata of society it was not just for the rich it was not just for the poor It wasn't just for the Jew It wasn't just for those and in Asia Minor that part of the world the Middle East we find here in verse 1000 of Matthew chapter 28 it says Go therefore and make disciples of how many nations all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit one of my favorite things about being a SAHM Davus Christian is the cosmopolitan nature the worldwide nature of the global church family that we enjoy it's it's just an amazing experience I've had the opportunity of traveling in many parts of the world over 55 countries I think and in you know obviously poor places and rich places of all different ethnic backgrounds all different languages and to be able to go to church on Sabbath morning and worship with people and find that common bond is just an amazing experience an amazing experience and by the way next year 2015 is the 2020 sorry next year. Yes thank you. Please don't discriminate right now. Intelligence isn't the most important thing. 2020 is the next global gathering of our world church family it's not going to be far from here it will be in. Indianapolis Indiana. And so you know if you want to go on a Sabbath or weekend perhaps and be a part of that there would probably be 50 to 70000 believers from all different walks of life all different languages all different backgrounds and it's an amazing experience to to be there and be part of that and by the way I should mention this on a smaller scale much smaller scale we have what we call camp meetings here and if you're not familiar with that the conference gets together in Georgia Cumberland we get together once a year for what they call can't meeting although it's not camping anymore it's in the campus of Southern avenues University and it's held in. Starts on a Wednesday and goes for the weekend and that's just coming up in 2 weeks so there'll be no church here on Sabbath June 1. Because we encourage you to attend and be part of that can't meet just about a half hour away and it's time to fellowship with a larger family of believers. But that's the way the Gospel is intended to be it's not just a wrist it's not a restricted gospel is not a restricted message at all 1st Corinthians Chapter 12. 1st Corinthians chapter 12 and verse 13 turn of the they're real quickly 1st Timothy Chapter 12 and verse 13 says for by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body whether Jews or Greeks whether slaves or free and we have all been made to drink into one spirit what are the things that level the playing field in God's eyes Well 1st of all he looks on the heart and we all have the same fallen nature the same fallen hard to begin with but we can all praise God have the same reconverted heart by his power by His grace notice here and in 1st Corinthians he tells us that whether we're Jew or Greek In other words no matter what our ethnic background is no matter what our racial makeup is we whether we are slave or free in other words no matter how well to do we are or how poor we are it doesn't matter because the same Spirit is given to all the same Spirit is given to all we can all have the same experience in God's eyes I'm saying we have no difference the playing field is less level we continue on Romans Chapter 10 a few more verses here real quickly what I want to see what I want you to see is no matter what your situation may be God has a plan for your life that isn't limited by what man sees on the outside God has a plan for your life and young people speaking to you especially God has a plan for your life that cannot be limited by what people see cannot be limited by what's on the outside Romans Chapter 10 in verse 12. For there is no distinction between Jew in Greek. For the same Lord overall is rich to all who call upon him James Chapter 2 and verse one James Chapter 2 and verse one just a couple more verses here as we see what the Bible says about how God wants us to treat each other James Chapter 2 and verse one my brother and do not hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ the Lord of global glory with partiality in other words if you are Christians you ought to be like Jesus in this area of your life if you are a follower of Jesus Christ you ought to be asking him to make you blind to the external things that men naturally see. And willing to see the potential in every single person it doesn't matter whether the president the United States or their murder on death row it doesn't matter whether they're rich or they're poor the color of their skin the the shape of their eyes the language they speak it doesn't matter because the Holy Spirit can do something with every single individual the Holy Spirit can do something to more verses Revelation Chapter 7 and verse 9 the last book of the Bible Revelation Chapter 7 verse 9 we find the. Promise of a global harvest a worldwide cosmopolitan multiethnic multilingual read deemed or throng Revelation Chapter 7 verse 9 out of these things I looked and behold a great multitude which no one could number of how many nations of all nations tribes peoples and tongues. Standing before the throne and before the lamb clothed with white robes with palm branches in their hands crying out with a loud voice saying Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne and to the Lamb I want you no friends there is room in God's heart for every single one of us and it doesn't matter what we look like the good news is that when we get to heaven some day we're going to work but we're not going to find it's a whole bunch of people look just like us nope it's going to be a whole bunch of people who are just like us sinners who have been forgiven by Jesus that's what we're going to have in common maybe nothing else will be in common not the time we lived in in there is his her this earth history not the not the amount of money we had not the way we look nothing else may be similar but the fact that we're all ri deemed by the Blood of Jesus will give us something most powerful to hold in common and we're going to have palm branches and we're going to be waving them at all together will be united saying Hosanna to the King of Kings and Lords of Lords That's an amazing fact that this Bible tells me because God looks on the heart not of the outward appearance his people are going to be from every nation every kindred every tribe every tongue of no matter what the background is they're all going to be there in fact that's the message that we are to be giving today and revel in Revelation Chapter 14 and verse 6 his message and I believe this is especially talking about our time in which we're living. The message of the 3 Angels' messages the 1st angel in verse 6 I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach those who dwell in the earth every nation tribe tongue and people I want you to know that if it anybody ought to have eyes like the eyes of Jesus it ought to be people who have the 3 angels messages if anybody ought to be ought to be not a not discriminating at all in the things that man sees it ought to be those who are preaching the message for this time it ought to be us it ought to be people who have a heart the heart of Jesus to be able to see as God sees it ought to be people who are who believe that Jesus is coming and saving everyone who believes in Him It ought to be people who know that in our inmost hearts we're all the same no matter what our externals look like we're all the same and Jesus saves us all the same notice with me young people do not think that your capacity to accomplish in life can ever be limited by the things people look at not your gender not your race not yours any other status you have this is what it says desired ages page 250 on white right this he who love Christ the most will do the greatest amount of good who he who loves Christ the most and he is in a generic sense here he or she right nothing that man sees can alter that no matter who you are you can be the one who does the greatest amount of good are you following the tracking what I'm saying there is no limit to the usefulness of one who by putting self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and live the life holy consecrated to God that my friends tells me that in your heart in your mind. You possess I hope you're listening carefully young people you possess the capacity of infinite capability no limit is infinite hope but but listen I'm not that smart I'm not that tall I'm not that. Let's just stop for a moment let's stop Do we understand what infinity is maybe we don't comprehend it but let's just pretend I have an infinity symbol you know what it looks like those of you there in school you know at infinity 7 The looks like looks like an 8 figure 8 that's left onto its side right infinity it means there is no limit right this is what God says if you come to me and you make room for me to work in your life you will have much i Pad hour in you to change you and do use you and my power is infinite but I don't have much power I'm a short pastor OK So Chester I'm going to take your power let's say I don't know how to how do we quantify that maybe my power is 50 you know I take my abilities my looks or lack thereof my high my Teligent the money I have let's make it $50.00 OK What's 50 plus infinity excuse me it's unfit 50 plus infinity is what it's still infinity you mean I didn't add anything to it well let's suppose I'm really poor and even taller I mean shorter now I'm only adding 15 instead of 50 What's 15 plus infinity what is still just infinity. What if I'm really smart and I come from a really good family background what if I have I'm tall I'm good looking and I can speak really well and have all kinds of these natural abilities and and I have a score of $250.00 instead of 50 what's $250.00 plus infinity is still infinity Do you understand what worse what we're up against guys our abilities don't matter that much are the things that man season evaluates and quantified and tries of your well this is the person's going to be successful they don't really matter what matters is that we are united with God because with God we are infinite we have no limit to the usefulness of one who bled putting self aside makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit in his heart and leaves lives a life wholly consecrated to God I like this one too from Christ object lessons page 333 Our Heavenly Father alone sees what he can make of men there are before us possibilities which are feeble faith does not deserve and that is to say we look at the 15 the 50 the $215.00 we decide Well yes I could do that I could do that this person could do such and such but when God looks at us he sees infinity and he sees this person could change the world this person could influence thousands to to be in the kingdom of heaven this person could change their home their community their school whatever it is God sees possibilities we don't even see. We need to have we need to have eyes to be able to see more like God sees God sees the heart and when we allow room for him to work in our hearts he will do so in an incredible way and you know I've seen this happen as a teacher I have I have been at fault when I before I was a pastor I taught Bible and and other subjects high school for 15 years so I spent some time with young people a lot of time with young people and I remember falling into the trap at times of of making a decision that to say this person you know they they really don't have that much potential. If I told you specific stories I would be really incriminating myself but let me just put it this way there were some young people that I looked at and they didn't come from a good background they didn't have they didn't have the they didn't have a lot of advantages in life and I remember one of them said to me one day you know I'd like to be a pastor and I thought it was cute I mean I really didn't think that the kid the kid. This particular year I was teaching in an at risk environment. And you know when the I.Q. is aren't much above room temperature is just you just don't but I want you to know something that young boy gave his life to Jesus Christ and Jesus not only changes heart Jesus changed his mind I can't tell you how many times I've seen that happen or one time when I was a dean and I kept having this one boy get into trouble and he was always he was always you know it was the you know wanting to sags pants down where's man how do you walk like that and and I want to it was just you know oh a man is always trying to help him become you know something. The kid couldn't read and he's trying to graduate from high school and literally we had to tutor him and have students tutor him just to get him to pass his senior year he gave his life to Jesus after graduating went to work as a bible working for a number of years then he became an evangelist in the 1st time I saw him again after about 7 years he was actually preaching a vandal stick series he was working for amazing facts preaching a vandal sick series in a church that I was I was coordinating and I knew yearly could not believe it was the same person obviously of a racist reader obviously someone who had a command not only of scripture but of current events and what was going on the world and illustrations and and I could not believe it was the same person and what I've come to see friends is that we all have not much to give to Jesus We only have a little bit of gray matter a little flesh and blood it's not much but whatever it is when it's committed to Jesus it becomes impregnated and filled with the promise of infinity of eternity of infinite power of divinity God in us is an infinite potential we add nothing to it and so when God looks at you he doesn't see anything on the exterior like like a man sees he sees you and he says I can make of you if you're just willing I can make of you the greatest Christian that ever walked on planet Earth I can make you the best evangelist I can make you the greatest missionary I can make you a strong influence I can give you a mind you give me your gray matter I'll rearrange it. By the way I believe that. Somewhere I read that Daniel was one of the smartest people Daniel his 3 friends 10 times smarter the wise men of Babylon and I think that was all genes I think God blessed them so young people older people you're not limited by what man sees on the outside you're only limited by how much you give to Jesus you're only limited by how much you give to Jesus I told you I was glad of the story of David and Goliath the hero was David and Goliath because I'd hate to grow up thinking My If only I had been born the genes to beast 9 feet tall. The story of David and Goliath teaches us friends that God is not limited by what man sees David was just a little shepherd boy and when Goliath saw him is said Am I a dog you sent a little shepherd boy to chase me off with sticks and stones. Because he saw as men saw he saw the outward appearance when God looked at David a little scrappy skinny scrawny kid dark skinned tan from being out watching the sheep when God looked at David he didn't measure the size of his biceps he didn't see how much influence he had in the community around him by the way even his brothers were making fun of him. When God looked at David he didn't see how much money he had or anything else God simply saw a person whose heart could be used and so David goes up to go lie if not because he was strong not because he was tall not because he had genes that put him there David went up to the genetically placed the row of the Philistines at J. David went up as a person empowered by a heart given to Jesus. And David says to. You come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a shield. That I come to you. I come to you in the name of the Living God that's all you need you need God in your heart I need God in my life yes life is going to be hard people are going to judge this we might get passed by for promotions because of something we genetically receive that's a reality but God has a purpose for each of us and we cannot nothing that man's will determine whether that purpose is reached only whether we are willing to give our hearts completely to Jesus how about you today would you like to say Lord take my 15 or 50 or to 50 whatever it is take whatever I have take my heart add it to your divinity and help me to experience at least some of that infinite potential which you have for me to experience that you desire today would you like to say that the Lord used me in your service Father we just want to pray that you would help us to do to help us to realize your God who doesn't see as man sees Lord we learn a couple things from that 1st of all we learn that we ought. To see the way you see we ought to not judge partial judgment we ought to have a heart like your heart but we also see Lord that we can't use anything that we've inherited as a as an excuse to not be used by you were sinners yes we've made bad choices and decisions in the past yes but today we want to make the decision to unite whatever we have in our with infinity the divinity that that you can fill us with and we know that that little bit that we have or don't have won't really matter because you are what matters we want to come. Claiming. The God of David to be our God. We ask for this in Jesus. Name in this media was brought to you by audiophiles a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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