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My Single Joy

Melody Mason


Melody Mason

Coordinator of the United Prayer program and assists with the Revival and Reformation Initiatives at the General Conference


  • April 13, 2019
    4:30 PM
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He only Father thank you for bringing us again together here for the 2nd seminar and I just pray that you will speak through me and and give encourage meant to those that are here today and just open our hearts to your father to a deeper walk with you that's what we desperately need Thank you Father in your precious name Human my single joy discovering the more a life more abundant in Jesus so when we think about our walk with God I shared in the 1st session about being in a very wilderness experience mentality and you know I knew that God called me for something deeper but I didn't really understand what I and I very much unsettled just you know a superficial walk with God it wasn't a bad walk but it was superficial and he's calling us to life and life more abundant but you know what brought me to the point of desperation and really like meeting more was going through this dark experience in my life where I literally came through and my whole faith was questioned and God's goodness is question and why is this not working as I thought and all of that coming out of that experience I began desperately crying and praying like Lord I need a deeper walk with you and I was sincere like Earlier I was praying but it was more superficial but now I shared some of this in the 1st message I would I would I would take my Bible mornings and I would be just be reading the scripture Lord you said you can do this with my heart you can do this and I'm asking you to do it I want to see this fulfilled in my life and I would sometimes you know he'd wake me up a strange outburst in the morning you know this is something you might say like I want to have more time with God but I can't get up in the morning I'm so tired it's like a can't wake up and you know that the enemy puts a little card blanket over us in the morning I think about you know 4 or 5 o'clock or 6 o'clock in the morning you think. OK I don't want you to be clear headed I don't want you to get up you know you just get up when you need to go to school you just get up when you need whatever comes to her as like oh. I have slept all night well maybe I have it maybe I was up to you know till midnight doing such and such or whatever but I just can't wake up to have my time with God And that's that's what he does because he knows how vital it is that we did in God's word and we spend time in prayer he knows that if he can break that connection with us we're not going to have that relationship and. So I was battling these things myself and I'm just like Lord I am determined I want more and sometimes you know I'm fighting the sleepiness So I would get up out of my bed I'm not even to stay in my bed and I would walk around my room holding my Bible and just because I you know I'm not going to fall back asleep in bed and I'm determined I need this and so I'll be holding my Bible Lord help me help me claiming these verses where he gives us victory and he helps us and I think I wrestled I'm specifically talking about the sleep issue maybe like a week every morning I was out doing this and then like on the 5th day I woke up I was completely clear headed no left or gee over me and it was just like like this whole drug had been lifted like I was taking a drug before and now it was all gone and I knew this is a spiritual battle that we are under and because I saw such a change and difference in my own life now I speak of course very forcefully on it because I'm like if you're struggling with left or gee play and pray until you see break through until God delivers you from that if we challenge God if we put his words to the test he will answer and you say Lord I want to have more time with you want to spend more time with you so bored wake me up when you want me to get up in the morning how desperate are you to have a deeper walk with God How desperate are you to have more of him you know that that earnestness I believe is a big part of his ability to work when he sees us just pray these lethargic prayers like Dear Lord help me to have a deeper walk with you help me to do good on my grades today keep me safe thank you Lord thank you for this meal have a good day Lord Amen you know. Earnest sincere prayer how desperate are you when you want something course we want to husband we want to life partner we're more desperate for those prayers right but do we recognize that the thing that we really need to be more most desperate for is our walk with him our relationship with him because until we have that relationship with him even if you did have the greatest life partner out there the greatest man comes into your life he's not going to be good enough for you he might be a good person but he's not going to be good enough for you because you are looking to him for that fulfillment instead of to Jesus and He alone has what we need and so God has taken me through this journey because I my whole the 1st whole part of my life was built over the fact that I was going to marry that childhood sweetheart of my high school sweetheart we were to go off to learn to work for God Of course we were going to do good things but my whole life was built around him and the strain and so when those were mantic. Things when those dreams were shattered in my life I felt like I had nothing left to stand on because what was my life built on it was built on a person who was built on a dream and when he walked away so did all of my foundation so God had to take me through this painful process over a number of years 8 years for that 1st relationship 8 years for the 2nd and then almost 2 years for the last person that I almost married and God had to take me through these experiences specifically the 1st one the 1st one was the most influential because that's what I literally lost my faith but then God brought me through that and then I feel like it's kind of like when he's tested you on something and you've learned your test he's going to test you again. Now you say that you trust me. I mean I don't believe and don't take the sarong way I don't believe God is cool I don't believe like he's he's intentionally trying to hurt us I don't lead. Not at all remember he says All things work together for good the Word says he is good so we can trust him but he does have to prove do you really have faith if you profess to have faith he's going to test that faith. You know there's no testimony without a test and so he had to walk me through this and so I go through this another 8 years with somebody different and I was just like Are you serious I've been praying and waiting for this guy for 8 years and it's not working out either you know but that time my relationship was founded on God and His Word and not on the person and so on my life was not devastated I cried my tears but then I moved on relieved to finally know the answer and that was that he had a better plan for me so I have no reason it meant absolutely no reason much to about what has happened in my past about the previous unproductive relationships and friendships that I've had I know that God has kept me for a purpose as we've already talked about and that I'm where I'm supposed to be today of course I still dream and hope and pray in my heart that he has a plan for me and I felt like years ago that he told me that he did it the right time that that would happen but I'm determined to wait on Him and trust him in the middle of the story even when I don't see the end of the story but how in earnest are we to have that walk with God and to seek after him you know we're told in God's Word if you seek me you'll find me when you search for Me with all your heart there's a story I like to share about a young man that wanted a deeper walk with God So he was talking with his pastor and he said What should I do how should I you know have a deeper walk with God and the pastor says will come in let me let me baptize you and I'll show you and the man says well I'm already about ties as well it's not about the actual ceremony but I want to show you I want to illustrate this to you I asked how can I have a deeper walk so come and I'll show you so he comes to the baptistery and. Gets sand and the pastor says I'm going to show you you asked a question I'm going to show you so he puts them under the water as if he's going to baptize them but he does not bring him back up he's holding him under the water and of course the man of the water is thinking What's he doing holding him to the wall. Or or say not bring react and then a few seconds go by and then he begins to worry pause you can keep going to the water and he starts to thrash a little bit and then he's like he's trying to rally. The body really starts to thrash in the past or brings it back up from his sputtering and coughing and and everything with the water and likewise are you trying to build in the past you know. How do I have a personal revival on my walk with God when you desire that as much as you desire that next breath of air you will have it how desperate are you to have a deeper walk with God Well I came to this point of desperation in my own walk and said Lord I must have more I want to have a deeper walk with you and that is when things literally began changing in my own personal life I always felt like I had a good life before before I walked through depression before I walked through the heartbreak scenarios and these different things that happened I had you know a good Christian life but like I said it was that wilderness experience Christian and then God took me through this darkness I literally lost lost my faith or walked away from my I was kind of in no man's land I share this with the earlier group and that is I wasn't like off serving the devil I didn't want to do that but I didn't feel like I could serve God Either I was like stuck in the middle because God let me down he had broken my heart he allowed these guys that I loved or the 1st guy that I love to walk away so so I'm in no man's land so he brings me out of that depression and all of that and heals me and sets me and then I walk through it again with another man but that time I don't fall into depression and then your scope by and then another person. Anyway. So. So this whole process I'm just saying Lord I need a deeper walk with you I don't want that mediocre Christian experience any more I want more and that's what started the. Whole journey for me is just like then in Ventura now all of the stuff that I've shared in my relationship and all testimony has only been like over the last maybe 12 or 13 years it's not like it's been that long and yet it's amazing seeing what God What God has done in my own life in the last 1213 years I remember I was still working as a nurse and Loma Linda at the time and I was you know I was felt like I was a good nurse but now I was a nurse on a mission I wanted to see people come to Christ and I started praying the Lord put me with the patients that you want me to be with and I'd be and I'd end up with these suicide patients who tried to kill their life and I'd be able to share with them how I had wanted to take my own life and how God brought me through and saved me for a purpose and I'd be with you know. All their Hollywood celebrities that were were dying and that were on their way out and be able to share with them Christ and God open the doors for me to share with doctors I had doctors say can you share about the hope and the joy that you have in your life Buddhist doctor and share the great controversy and gospel message topic and open all these amazing doors and I started praying you know like Lord you know I really it's not like I'm really working with drug addicts and all these different things I don't even know how to relate to them really I'm in a very sterilized clean you know but I was reading this testimony about someone that worked with these type of people and I was like Lord give me a heart for this and teach me. And God lead somebody into my life I start taking care of I bring basically this person that been a drug addict and into my home to live and take care of and so God opens ALL THESE And normally you'd say like what in the world were you thinking in my old life it would be totally horrendous but in this new walk that God was giving me an experience I knew that he was leading me in these situations and I saw miracle after America after miracle happen and so it's just beautiful is this powerful but it came out of that lure do something suspend the 5 whole adventure in the 1st in the 1st session. I shared an. That I just shared this afternoon you know I share some of that prayer testimony and the things that I've been seeing God doing through the prayer. So now let's talk about just the whole single. Kind of the single journey in the single in securities and some of the things I don't even know what all I have here so we'll just talk about it as we go but in my own testimony some of the things that I've struggled with and I'm sure that you have to if you're single and you've been waiting you just kind of look around and you're like Lord what's taking so long did you forget me and then you start to question like what's wrong with me like this is happening for the in the in the what's wrong with me I mean is it my looks is it my personality we women have a lot of insecurities and it's just naturally the result of send I think but we just I have struggled with those same thing the same things that you struggle with what is wrong with me. You know the tendency for singles us to say. If I don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife my worth is low but these are actually lies of the enemy we are valuable because he emptied heaven be half Do you recognize that he would have emptied happened just for you you could be the all me person and it's hard to imagine the only person on the planet and he emptied have Jeff for you. I know that the way it can be discouraging here is some I have found this on social media I thought this was funny my prince is not coming on a white horse he's obviously riding a turtle and he's definitely lost. I don't know if you've ever felt that way but I felt that way yeah. You know we can make our plans but the LORD determines our steps. God has a perfect plan for us you never does it all at once but step by step because he wants to teach us to walk by faith and not by sight and that is what he has been doing in my own life teaching me to walk by faith and not. By sight however when it comes to our relationships and this can apply in many different areas but of course I'm talking specifically in the area of singlehood here are we guilty of idolatry think about this we might not valid down to an image of wood or stone but are we guilty of idolatry are we demanding that God give us a husband or a wife anything that I demand that God gives to me becomes an idol in my life. So think about this these desires that we have where are they. Have they become idols you know life is not just about reaching a destination it's about who he's making us in the journey and that something is of already shared today you know I know that I would not be the person that I am today if it weren't for this difficult area in my life now really I have I like I say I feel like I can't complain I've had such a blessed life really in so many ways we all have our trials we all have our struggles just in the just in case you think well your life may be perfect if it were not as for so and so no I have my struggles my family has the struggles in fact right now I didn't mention this in the last session but some fires that we've been going through is my mom my mom came down 2 years ago with lung cancer she has stage 4 lung cancer and we have a very close family and so you think about the fact she's just started to have grand kids and course her oldest daughter isn't married yet and forward you can't take her yet I mean I know someday they're going to get old and this is going to happen but not yet I mean she's almost 70 now but you know this is still too young and so of course we think about these different things that people go through and you know like I know you know some of your families probably have cancer but surely God wouldn't let that happen to be you know isn't that the way sometimes we think we put it on other people and we forget the fact why are we exempt why are we exempt from the pain in the trials that happen in this world we're living in a world this stunning this world is not to be our whole he's preparing us for another home this is not that heaven heaven is to come this world is not heaven and so the question we should really be answering is why not me why do I get to live and move and walk around why am I not the one that stuck in the wheelchair why am I not the one that is struggling with why am I not stuck over there on the other side of the ocean with those that are struggling with these hurricanes and Cyclons and just lost all their homes why not me. You know so how are we using the billet in the advantage in the place that God is the given to us you know where are we in our mentality to walk with him it's not about reaching a destination it's about who he's making us in the journey so I want to talk to some just talk about some keys to abundant living as a single and when I 1st share the seminar it was for girls and guys so you know you might see some points for both but I'm just going to go through some different keys here and again feel free to raise your hand if you have a comment or question to insert but we'll just talk as we go. So a tick key number one today I choose to receive my singleness as a gift from God This is what God has given me today it doesn't mean it's going to be the gift for the next 10 years or 20 years of the rest of my life but today he has entrusted this to me for a reason well I use the skin often even though it's painful it's kind of a cross kind of hurts it's a little bit thorny Well I use the gifts for his glory or am I going to allow it to push me to the ground and I'm going to allow it to destroy me. It's OK by the way to have unfulfilled longings it's OK to be lonely these are natural things and these things that happen in our life are actually meant to push us closer to Jesus those should be things that drive us to the cross What do we do with those unfulfilled longings do we go you know lusting after those romantic fantasies or fictions or those you know romantic chick flicks and stuff that's out there what do we do with those unfulfilled longings do we fill them with superficial things of the world junk food. Or are we willing to wait for God are we willing to give those to God because you know your ability if God does bring somebody into your life in the future your ability to enjoy that relationship to be fulfilled in that relationship largely has to do with what you do now with those unfulfilled longings with what you do now with the life that God has given you and that's difficult I know I've struggled with these things and I haven't always I haven't always. Handled them in the right way but just saying it's OK to have and to filled longings you are normal God gave you desires and longings but I'm fulfilled longings are actually material for sacrifice Lord I give you my unfulfilled longings they give you my desires I place some upon the altar Lord they're yours only you can help me with this loneliness you made me to be one you know with another person and it's not happening but you are one with me and you are the one that fulfills. I love this this is kind of a paraphrase of Psalms 56 a bit tears are prayers too they travel to God when we can't speak to yours our purpose to I have a number of different means the stuff from social media that I'm going to share here so if marriage is the ultimate goal in my life it's actually becoming an idol anything that I demand that God gives me has become an idol so if I choose to embrace today singleness as a gift so I choose today to embrace singleness of the gift and thank God for even when I still have those unfulfilled longings even when I still have to come home by myself to a lonely house and empty how you know all these things I give that to God. Chris the story there's a sweet young lady I remember. Her brother kind of teasing her and she was she was older you know like in the upper thirty's and her brother was a little bit rude and he's like Kristin you think God's called you to singleness maybe he's called you to singled us and her sweet response was. Well today. So today he's called me to be single Today he's called me to give this to him I don't know like I say about the future but today he has I've already talked about the fact is God good is God always good you know if we look at God's Word His Word shows us time and time again he is good we can trust him he is good God is good not because he gives us answers but because he gives us himself. Alternately if we realize that he is the greatest fulfillment that we could ever have he is what we need. He is good. Above the distractions of the earth god sets him through and all things are open to his divine survey and from his great and calming Turnitin he orders that which is Providence sees vast. Would you like God's Basti says and Jeremiah 2911 for I know the thoughts that I have for you thoughts of good and not of evil to give you hope in the future you know I believe God does have a vast plan for each one of us and I believe he's put these longings that are hard in our lives because he intends to fulfill them you know he created us as women to be a help meet and to be a command companion and to have that Godly leadership and protector in our lives that's what he's created but we have to understand as I've already shared multiple times that he has to be the 1st Brass God has to be the 1st or he brings someone else and when we rush ahead of the stablish in that relationship with God We're going to be very disappointed when it comes to marriage one day you'll wake up and be so glad you didn't settle and chose to wait on the Lord and that's still. Psalms 8410 Yeah I love this no good thing will he withhold from them that walk up early for a day as a single and I courts as better than a 1000 married with a galling yoke of regret. I don't know who just came and talked to me a moment ago but but. But as you said if you're new such and such a relationship you'd be glad you were a single. So you know we would rather be lonely and single then married and. Yeah yeah so you know which is really no worse. Than to do well in the tents of the uncool yoked and. Excluding eternity so this is not an either or and I'm not trying to obviously today to convince you that it's God's will for you to be single the rest of your life I'm not trying to do that at all I'm just trying to help us recognize how to use the gifts that God has given us today and to be fulfilled and content today. No good thing Billy withhold from them that walk upright lay so keep this in mind if marriage is God's best for your future trust that God will give you marriage in his time however if this is not God's best you don't want it. If this is not God's best for your future you don't want it so trust God to give that to God you know. It's a little funny sometimes for me to share because. I've had some people say well you know I'm sharing my testimony where I am in the story is not finished well if I if I trust and we don't go out of my good in my going to be in my forty's and I'm still to be single to you. Know that's not the point you know God has each one of us on a journey he's had me on a little longer extensive dirty in this area and you know there's others out there that have been on the stern English longer than I have I was speaking in a fair conference in Oregon and a lady in her seventy's came up to me and she said I'm still waiting on God he's given me he's given me peace for each day of the journey and I'm like Lord help me not to make it to my somebody you think. That we have a situation in which. I'm OK but if he does he's going to give me a story go along I think about that right now right. If I don't. Know my word. Anyway God gives the strength for where we are OK So you know when you're 20 or you're 15 and you don't have anybody in your life and your friends do you're wishing my clue or I might have to wait until I'm 20 you know. So at the soonest Lord help me. OK this is something on what rights and this is so powerful if you have correct views of the marriage relation many seem to think that it's the tame of perfect bliss but if they could know one quarter of the heartaches that men and women are bound to by the marriage vow in chains that they cannot and dare not break they would not be surprised that I trace these lines marriage in a majority of cases the most galling you know there are thousands that are made it but not matched. Seriously do we recognize we cannot safely choose our companions we cannot safely go about it our way the old. Only a safety is allowing God to choose for us and being thoroughly and totally committed to have the books of heaven are burdened with the woes the wickedness in the US that lie hidden under the marriage mantel this is why I would warn the young who are of marriageable age to make a slowly in the choice of a companion the path of married life may appear beautiful and full of happiness but why may not you be disappointed as thousands of other stuff OK So we need to recognize the seriousness now I believe that it is possible I've seen it happen in my parents' lives and in many of my friends that are happily married I know that it is possible. And I know that it's possible for each one of us to be. Equally yoked and manage but God has to do it his way when she goes on. I'll just read the bold part it's from the marriage hour that many men and women date their success or failure in this life and their hopes of the future life. So I mean this is like the outside or so after your decision to accept Christ this is I think the most important decision you will ever make is who you're going to spend your life with what is the choice better single better being single is better than feeling alone in a relationship one person said. So you may not have a choice whether you are single but you can choose what you do with your singleness every day we make choices good choices bad choices what we sow sometimes what we learn and who we become in the process is more important than what we're waiting for I'm just always pulling these off of social media so I have a whole bunch here and I can figure out how to maybe give you copies of the P.D.F. so if you want Mary's response to the angel you know the angel came to her with the news that she was going to be Jesus' mother and you know all of this was very unconventional and it actually put marrying him in a very bad light as well. As unmarried going to be a married person but what does she say to the Lord what does she say to the angel be it on to me according to the word you know the Lord knows and he gave her the highest honor there was pain with the honor but the highest honor OK Key Number 2 I choose to pursue intimacy with God and allow him to fulfill my deepest needs so I choose to pursue intimacy with God and allow him to fulfill my deepest needs. You know. This is made such. Well I mean the difference in my own life and I'll talk about more things on my double talk here but when we are struggling when we have issues think about this who is the 1st person that you go to when you have the struggles. Is it or is that your parents. Or is it God. It should be God. It's not wrong that you have friends that you want to tell and whatever but really God should be the 1st person that we go to and this is something you know he's been growing in my in my own life and I'm still growing but you know what when I am struggling I don't want to talk to I don't even my best friends I need to go to a quiet place where I can cry it out with God and you better believe I cried out with him. You know and this is so beautiful about our relationship with God God doesn't need us to come to Him with our plastic nice faces and be like you know Lord that is that he doesn't want us to say what we think he wants us to hear he wants us to treat him like a friend and he says just calm and I come to him I'm like Lord this thought of the same failure or this hurt and I will just go and I will cry it out with him and I'll tell him exactly my frustration my hurt my anger some to. Sometimes I'm mad god how could you allow this to happen and I mean even still and I trust that he's good I know that he loves me but he still sometimes what he allows makes me upset so I just go I mean a few weeks ago I was really frustrated with something and I had this clawing out session just me and God and I learned. That Lord help me help me trust even when I don't see it so I'm crying it out and then I'm like for you know for me you know forgive me for coming again and that I do you think the Lord is up in heaven and he's looking down a saying here comes the melody again it was more of her burden. When a she going to grow up. And be able to handle you know no he's still alive did you still love it when we come when we cry out our burdens in our frustrations and our anger and whatever we're going through even if were angry at him it's OK just talk it out cry it out whatever give it to him there's such freedom and peace and something that is really help helped me after I do this and you know different things different times but I'm just praying OK Lord help this this piece was just filming it's just like a release you've poured out before him and then you feel that sweet peace and I don't know where it came from I didn't feel like I had the strength to go for but now I do OK It's OK he understands this it's like he loves you he puts his arms around you you feel that he's near I mean there's even been times I've hurt so bad and I've cried and I literally felt physical arms around me and there was nobody around but I felt like I was being God and God is so personal something else that really helps me sometimes in these times is saying to God and this may found a little strange because you're upset you're crying whatever and I'm like Lord help me to praise you even though I do feel a. Little bit of or a very remote I don't feel like it and then I'll start singing change my heart I will come. Making it out to true change my. IP You lie you know I'm not a finger. But all starts singing these different things and tears becoming down my face in this I'm singing it's like the darkness kind of goes away and this peace come in you know the devil cannot stand to be in the spirit of praise he cannot stand to be when you see him when he sees you praising God and so he's not going to stay there and so you can be in the midst and I challenge you to try this when I was young I dare you to try this it will work you won't feel like doing it because you're in a huff you're in a funk you're spiritually like forward but I challenge you in this time when you're away with going to just say help me to praise you even though I don't feel like it and you start singing the praise and that spirit of praise will come back to your heart and the darkness will leave and you will be able to get up and go on strong the situation may not be different but you have peace and you have strength to go on and it is you to fall so God does this for me time and time and time again and when I'm struggling with these different things real issues just like you you struggle with and we all have these different issues I know that's the only solution I go and cry it out with him and get through that and then I'll tell my friends I'll tell my best friends and family but they're not the solace of my comfort it's God and what a difference that makes So I choose to pursue intimacy with God allow him to fulfill my deepest need so many girls want to guy to save the man did save you 2000 years ago. Yeah same. On the cross our relationship with God must always be more important to us than any earthly relationship. He is your fullness the fullness of him who fills all in all fills is to fulfill to complete to the end all and all each every any all he is our form. If you fills our needs and I have a lot of different verses I'm not going to go through all of those marriage is not a requirement for my present happiness or fulfillment only God can bring that truthful phone line I've already been talking about that God has made us for himself our hearts can never know rest and perfect satisfaction and still they find it in him. This comes from a book called Sacred singleness and I'll show you the cover here in a moment marriage was not designed to make up for what God lacked it was not that God was unable to meet the longings of Adam's heart so he created Eve rather he created marriage should be a reflection of the perfect union and fellowship that we have with him the entire Bible is a love story as a romance between Jesus Christ and his bride. God is the God of romance. Our earthly marriages are meant to showcase the ultimate marriage that we will one day share with him just the Song of Solomon so beautifully portrays but even if we never experience earthly marriage we can be completely fulfilled by an intimate romance with our beloved prince Jesus Christ the lover of our soul he and he alone is the one that fills all and all so God has made us this people for intimacy the tendency for singles to say is if we don't have that mate then we can experience intimacy but the fact is that God has made us to have the most possible intimate relationship in our spirit with him. Now I am her. I know I've talked with many girls over the years you know they have their list of their quote unquote what they're looking for in a partner in a spouse and I have my list too I started writing my list probably when I was 12 years old but let me just mention you know there are certain things that I think it's it's crucial that you have in a relationship and there are other. Things that it's not necessarily so important so what is the difference between character qualities and physical attributes of things you know for example you could say you know well I want someone rich because I want to be secure you know we women like security of course you know so you know he's handsome many threats OK You know that's what I need but reality is that is not going to be what's going to be for a lasting marriage right what we need is someone that's rich in their experience with the Lord has depths of character so if you have a list and I'm not necessarily advocating you know you all need to make a list but I'm just talking about this because we girls often make list. Is you know that you really think about the characteristics so many times young women fall into relationships that they should not be in because they are they their own motions are taking over they're not thinking clearly and they lose fact of the most important things and you are looking for a character for godly character for a man of God you know you get into relationships and you find some sweet guy he tells you you're beautiful he tells you that he loves you and he buys you flowers and whatever and you're just swept up in the emotions and before you know it you know you're doing things that you shouldn't do and then you know you end up getting married to hammer or something else going on and she find that's not the relationship that you're looking for that is how I believe so many people fall into these until filled relationships and marriages and these galling yokes is going why talks about because for one they're not grounded in their walk with God but for 2 they have lost sight of the things that really matter and so the 1st guy that comes along and tells you you're beautiful or they're so that or whatever you think oh you know and well maybe this is something you cannot compromise on character you cannot compromise on character I have had different guys throughout my life many many different stories and I can tell you. And you know they'll be something and well he's a nice guy but I see how he treats his mom and he does not respect his mom let me tell you he doesn't respect his mom he's not going to respect you either. So I was getting to know this this man and I saw how you treated a small and he was an attractive tall lawn you know it's a little difficult for me because I'm so tall to find somebody is taller than me and all these different things and people might say you should really I mean give him more of a chance I'm like why am I going to allow my emotions to get more caught up in him if I can already see right now that this would not be a good work because I see the character issues character character character character that this is what you need to look for and pray for and of course you know if if if you're looking for a man of God he's going to have the character that goes with it but don't don't don't get caught up in the the affirmation in the you know there are men out there that can be a real gentleman to you. But how are they to other people how do they treat the people that can't do them that can't do something for them how do they treat the least of these people that would be under cast or you know you need to be able to observe somebody in a variety of circumstances not just on a date to see how their character is and that's why I say don't start dating somebody that you've not been around don't start dating a stranger don't start dating somebody you just met over the Internet that's another topic I'll get to in a 2nd but anyway because you need to know how are they in the core being if they say they're Christian it's one thing to say that you're a 7th Day Adventist it's another thing to be a truly converted committed 7th they haven't this question there are a good 1000000 men out there that say on their profile I'm a 7th Day Adventists and I'm looking for a godly girl and you're like I'm that Godly girl you look. Somebody I'd like to get to know and this is not the case this is not the case just just you know we know how to put our best foot forward they know how to say the right things but don't fall for that without the character Now here's something. I these are some of the characteristics that I actually wrote out that I was praying for in the future husband and back after I got through that 1st devastating experience in my life I had these different things I was praying for God began to show me how he is my heavenly love and he's ultimately the one that has what I need and of course I believe he can bring a godly man into my life that also has these characteristics but 1st he was showing the I fulfill these characteristics I'm just going to share a few things I'm not sharing my whole list with you but these are a few things how he showed me that he is this man so I prayed for a man committed to God and Jesus said I and my Father are ONE right. I have this whole list I call it my perfect Valentine online by the way so you can get the whole list if you want to or I can email it to you but I'm just sharing a few here so I prefer man who would be a spiritual leader Jesus an extremely declared I'm the way the truth in life no one comes to the Father but by me use the ultimate spiritual leader right I pray for a man of high standards and it's integrity others testified he did know send me there was guile found in his mouth I prayed for me out of the word Jesus opened up his arms with love as the whispered I'm the living word and I came to live with you I prayed for a man who knew how to be a servant then I heard others whisper with amazement Jesus made himself of no reputation and took upon Himself the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of man. I prayed for a man who was full of spiritual life he smiled again I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly I prayed for a man who would be the head of the home then I realized that Jesus had been knocking on my door begging to be allowed to be the head of my home and heart Behold I stand at the door and knock I pray for Man of Steel and velvet someone who could be strong but also tender at the same time and I don't think this is wrong to progress for because trust me if you have a man that has no backbone and that's why he's not going to stand when the hard times come you need somebody that is determined to stand upon God and when the hard times come they're not moving anywhere because they're founded on the rock but you also need somebody that is tender and you see tenderness and how they relate to the little things I mean that might be nature and might be how they relate to the underprivileged but sensitivity in the service heart and tenderness is very important and I believe that's the character stories so if they steal and steal and velvet then I remember Jesus' words as the nails were driven into his hands Father forgive me for they do not know what they do. And how he always noticed even when the sparrow fall I prayed for a man who knew how to love others even the I'm pleasant outcast Jesus replied in that while you were still centers of the lowest outcaste I died for you you were the outcast that I died for. I prayed for someone who I could share my deepest thoughts and dreams someone who would walk with me through joys and sorrows someone that would not only hold my hand but would hold my heart someone I could stand behind love and respect and serve I looked up in awe as he not only began to walk beside me and hold my hand but also began to share with me the hidden riches and secrets of eternity your heart companionship and beauty that I had never known you know it was not until I went through that heartbreaking experience I really really began to fall deeply in love with him it took I mean I had a good walk with God it wasn't like a bad walk as I've said previously but this is when my love relationship I really feel like took off with God when I recognized. Human did not have what I need he had what he had what I need and it was just like this whole you know and you're like I'm not trying to spiritually I'm not trying to spiritualize away the fact that we have real needs we dwell in physical bodies we want to have a husband to love and hold and all those things I'm not trying to spiritualize away the things but I'm just telling you that he can meet the deepest needs of our hearts God will do it and he's done it in very very real and tangible ways. And this is a frivolous this is a personal request this may not necessarily be but I think God is able right and I know this may be for less God in this small thing but you can could you send me someone romantic please. Could you send me someone who will love me so much the whole want me and only me and be willing to do whatever it takes to win my heart Jesus said nothing as he laid down his heavenly honor and came to earth to win me. Although I doubted his love and resisted his advances the birth he slowly sweetly tell. Nearly won my heart in love then he laid me to lead me to the Banqueting House and the banner he put over me was love and that's the banner that you puts over each one of you you know you may feel forgotten rejected neglected of no value because you don't have a man in your life or you don't have a significant relationship in your life do you know that God has come and he has put his banner over each one if you and he says you are why I paid the price of heaven for your life you are loved you were valuable Don't let anybody tell you that you don't have value don't let anybody tell you that you're not worth it or that you're 2nd rate because you don't have a husband you know the older we get the harder it is because you know people expect you to marry and people like you know and all your church family is like you know well you know new developments in your life lately. Anything going on trust me when something's going on you're going to know about it. In the meantime are you don't need to ask you know just is there something wrong with me as the saying goes there's something wrong for me you know what I mean I already feel that why you don't need to exaggerate the point. So this is just sort of the common thing that we have to struggle with as a single person because you know it always seems like well I don't have my 2nd half you know I'm limping along the best. But that's not the way that it is God has made us. To be whole and complete and full as singles for His glory and I ask Him Lord you know Lima sitting around today waiting for that husband that he's going to bring into my life I've given my life to God and I said Lord use me for you and I have told him very specifically if I can be more effective for your kingdom as a single. Keep me single. The so what I was but if I can be more effective for Your glory as a single Keep Me single and that is my prayer and of course I don't know the end of the story because my story is not finished yet but I just pray Lord use my life and like I said you know being here in Washington D.C. And what I'm doing with the with the church and everything is never what I imagined or envision but you know what it's so much better the life that I thought you know that I was heading down I look back and I was like Lord thank you thank you for sparing me from that 1st boyfriend that broke my heart when I was 13 thank you for sparing me for marrying that guy he's a good guy that I love that I wanted to marry for 8 years but didn't thank you for sparing me from this other man he's an evangelist today wonderful godly man but he was not the man for me thank you Lord you know bringing me here I don't know what I'm doing here working with all the churches in the leaders and all these different you know what it is. I'm continually like Lord are you sure you have the right person what should I be doing here I'm a country bumpkin from the Ozarks of Arkansas I would do better you know I'm in a jungle somewhere. But here I am still and it's like trying to take for the privilege the life that God has given me is so much better than what I thought or dreamed and I have no regrets it's been painful spin hard as I look back over the last 25 years but I have no regrets his way truly is perfect and here's something else that I prayed for this might seem strange but a man that will endure pain and trials and this is something that I prayed for and I know that the man. And that God has for me is going to be somebody who has walked a similar journey that has endured pain and trials that can stand even when difficulties come. And and last but not least I pray for man who would be afraid of pain then I realized that it was he Jesus who was carrying my cross and making the ultimate sacrifice not just for anyone but for me tears rolled down my cheeks as I stood in on my heart melted course Jesus is not just any man he's all this and so much more use the true love that I'm still coming to know and he's that me and for you and it's well I wrote something out and I have all I have a blog. I think this is my morning sunshine blog The measurement of a me on. The talks about you know the different levels that God grows men through and it's not like you need to take a tape measure to some men that you meet out there whatever but it's just it's talking about the measurement of men and I think it's kind of an eye opener for honesty you know originally men start off and they're like you know you know I'm I'm so and so and whatever but you don't really see the caliber and the strength until they've been kicked off the horse a few times and they get back on and what is their response to trials and the hardship and you know that kind of kind of walks you. Through that but anyway yeah that's my blog and it's no longer a daily Bible blog last year I did challenge myself I was reading through the entire Bible in one year which I'm a person that likes to take it a little bit more slowly so I did die just my Bible reading the last year I was doing the read through the Bible it was really powerful so every day of the year I was blogging something that I was reading from the Bible for that day and it's all online at the heavenly sunshine dot blogspot but I'm no longer blogging every day there but that was last year. So 5 ways to make Christ your 1st love let me go through these quickly as I I felt my time was going to be up but it's just almost a 6 so give your best to hours to him the secret of a happy life. Giving the 1st part of your day the 1st priority to every decision in the 1st place in your life you know you think about newlyweds these are some friends of mine that got married last year and you just see you know what is the long way they would they just want to be together right and even if they're not talking they want to be together think about this you know to have a walk with God We should have an abiding experience with him that doesn't mean you're always talking to him doesn't mean you're always praying out loud but you are living in that oneness with God So you're walking as if he's with you when you drive and you go here and there you are always aware that he is with you and you're not going to walk into a place that you can't take him with you you want to keep that abiding relationship with you know I want to be with you one thing about design of the Lord that will I seek after and I believe that one thing should be him if you seek Me you will find me when you search for Me with all your heart. And he Number 2 already talked about this a little bit but lay down idols other lovers you know I don't obviously it's not a bad thing to have a desire for a husband it's not a bad thing to have a desire for a companion but sometimes I think that has become such a preoccupation in our mind that it's clouding everything else you know everything we think about everything I think that we need to come to a ploy of surrender where we just say Lord I give you this desire I don't want this to be an idol helped me to focus on other things my walk with you I give you this desire and I've had to come to that point to just lay it out and. Then there's a release when you do that because then your every move you make and every thought you think and how you plan your life and stuff it's not all focused on achieving that goal but it's Lord how can I glorify you in my life today removing distractions and I talked about idols you know there's many different distractions and things that good. In our way and one thing one of the biggest things I think and I struggle with this you know it's a struggle I have to learn myself oh I've got like 6 text messages from different people here you know when you get up in the morning what do you want to do I want to read what everybody write me what you know and what happened on Facebook last night and you know what's happening on Instagram Actually I'm hanging out on Instagram like I told you guys earlier if you want to follow in mind I actually share devotionals shots of devotional thoughts I do a Q. and A over my Instagram stories on Instagram under melodious echo so that's where most of my activity and I do post double post on Facebook but all of that aside this is a distraction you wake up in the morning and we've got to put the destruction aside I often when I go to bed at night most of the time I turn my my phone on airplane mode so that when I wake up in the morning I don't have all those notifications because I see those notifications and it's just like and it's just like something got a scratch I can't do anything until I see what those notifications are and then you get distracted and then you spend 101520 minutes and then it's like all I have 10 minutes I have my devotions and then I got to go. Turn the phone off put it on the airplane mode you know God is not just asking to be 1st in your life he has to be 1st in our day we have to start the day with a man is fresh before we get clouded with other things. The so that's why I say you know ask God are their idols in my life are the things that getting in my way you know you know my so caught up in movies or music or pop culture or relationships or romantic pursuits or maybe even hobbies you know there are a lot of good things 20. There are a lot of good things that we do in our life but good can be enemies of the best. Did you catch that well there are a lot of good things that we do in our life but the good can be the enemy of the best so we have to pray Lord don't allow the good to be the enemy of the best OK let's keep going here for you. Maybe we're using our light we're filling our life with superficial things but we need to recognize that only Jesus truly sad satisficing Christ for whom he has awakened such a sweet savior for God has been loses its power you might say initially you know. You know how long should a pray and then maybe I tell you. I can't do that or how would I ever you know what you start with where you are and ask God to grow all your time with him and 1st 10 minutes may seem like a long time but then 10 minutes is not near long enough and then half an hour and you know the more that you grow in love with someone the more time you want to spend with them and I have a friend who you know she has a set or did she have to federalize Clark I actually do this too so that I stop my devotions in time to go to work or whatever because I tend to get caught up in things from that I recognize the time has gotten away from me and I need to go so the more time that you spend with God I don't think it's about a clock say oh well I'm determined I. I need to spend such and such spend as much time as you need to get strong with God OK we each need different food to eat but we don't need to diet none of us can survive on a diet you know you go out and you would not go to physical war or battles on a diet you gotta eat a hearty breakfast you gotta eat a hearty lunch you cannot fight very long against the enemy if you haven't been eating in the same spiritual light you know how much more important or fighting the spiritual battle for our very souls and more dieting spiritually you have to have that connection with God You have to have time is where you have to be moving where you can't go to battle so what I say is we need different amounts of food but don't diet eat enough that you truly get what you need the key question is this person activity habit drawing me closer to Christ or distracting me you know sometimes we need to walk away from friendships because they actually pull us in the wrong direction you know bad company corrupts. Good character OK 5 ways to make Christ your 1st love embrace his forgiveness. Recognize that you are forgiven none of us have a perfect past we have all made very serious mistakes and what we have done and the sense that we've done there are actually what nailed Christ to the crossed but recognize that you were forgiven doesn't matter where you've been doesn't matter what mistakes you've made you know maybe you have sacrificed your purity already when it comes to romance that's OK start over today trust that God forgives you for where you've been and go forward today and say Lord I mean don't be a version that I'm going forward as a new virgin and you today help me to be faithful and till today for it and he takes you he's not holding over you the fact that you have been unfaithful in the past he picks you up today and sends Yes my child I will take you I will take you home I still have a purpose for you I can still do something beautiful in your life even if it looks like you've spoiled that you're like well God couldn't possibly have a good love story for me because he knows how I've already messed up my life no that's not that you know I was telling you those laws if the enemy the enemy is the one that tells you you don't deserve something beautiful because you already spoiled it you've already given your heart away or you've already given your body away or whatever the enemy that tells you is lies God says Come I'll give you a new heart I'll get a new spirit within you all make you a new person. Remember nothing is too much for God he's able to save to the uttermost the come under God by Him If we confess our sins He is faithful and just do we believe his word when we stand upon his word he ends faithful and just Jesus is the only real source of lasting joy unlike people in circumstances he will never fail you remember his fingerprints and your life you know look back at the things that he has done for your share this picture in the 1st part of my message look at the ways that God has answered your prayers you know this jar is something answer prayers that God has given me over the years and he's given me much more than this but this is what I was writing them down on papers and folding them up and putting them in a jar and. How encouraging for my faith you know when I'm discouraged now like Lord of you working in my life well look at what he's already done look at how he's like look at the answer prayers that he's given me I can't I can't think he's neglecting you know he's working now even when it seems like he thought Island of course I talked about my journey upon the promises and there are so many stories that I could share that I forgot to share during the 1st session where you can find those parring prayer and promise cards but on the back table we have bookmarks for revival and reformation dot org And that is actually the that's the ministry that I work with at the General Conference it's providing resources to help us as a people grow in our walk with God which is amazing because I've just been praying Lord to revive all my life and and use me to help others experience a revival and now God has brought me of all things to look at the church and revival Reformation ministries and so I get to create ministries to help people grow in their walk with God So you want to learn how to pray the Word of God You can download all of these I have 100 cards for personal growth for overcoming breeches for praying the word for. Preparing for a future marriage for. For your children or your spiritual children for overcoming trials the ministry in the Holy Spirit I have like 10 or 11 different categories and you can download them revive them Reformation dot org If you go to the front home page and you see the top 20 most popular resources there in that list right there so it's very easy to find prayers and promises for praying the words I forgot to mention that earlier cultivate a heart of gratitude. Talking about ways to make Christ your 1st love you know it's very easy to gripe and complain when we are not where we think we should be but we have been told in God's word. To be content and I have had to pray Lord give me up spirit of gratitude now today I don't have that dreamed of this or that or whatever give me gratitude today I want to tell you something really quick that happened just a couple months ago I had a birthday and I was struggling I feel like I'm a pretty positive person overall and praising the Lord but there are some things going on with my family and some new difficult circumstances and while I was positive on the outside inside I was complaining. Orde why and I was grumbling and so my birthday comes and I was crying I had the Kleenex box out and I'm like Lord I know that this attitude that I have is not honoring to you I mean nobody sees it because everybody looks at me like they go she's you know Miss Positive and everything's together and I'm like ah they just don't know the struggles that I'm having in my heart so I'm crying and I'm like Lord give me a heart of gratitude how I was praying and crying so I had this part time God gave me peace and then I opened up this Gift that this neighbor gave me and she gives me different knickknacks most of them. Because I just don't. Give it to somebody else so I'm sure she'll never listen to this but anyway just give our space you know so I don't know if it be a box of chocolate or some doodad to hang on the wall or whatever but I just had this long time with God and I opened up this gift and this is what it was. It was a heart of gratitude Well those are just purring for. This is beautiful how personal God can be and so I took that I love that like now I'm bawling and I'm like oh lord you can your heart of gratitude do you have to make it real. If you gave this you're going to make it rule and he just gave me such a heart of gratitude that day it was just like he restricted me and I'm like thank you Lord thank you for the single journey that you've given me for the last 25 almost 26 years now and this is a privilege that you've given me it's not the privilege that I wanted but thank you and all these different things that I was struggling with I began to ask God is so personal he is so good and he wants us to have a heart of gratitude he wants us to have a heart of worship but you know it's so easy for us to complain and then we forget to praise God think about the wise men when they came to worship Christ you know they travel days maybe weeks to come and worship the baby Jesus and we. Struggle going from 2 feet from our bed to the floor to worship Jesus and to praise him and to be grat grateful for him think about that you know there's something wrong with this perspective so we have to ask God to give us a heart of gratitude what does it mean to worship why do we love him and when I talk about being grateful I'm talking about ask him to teach you how to praise Him What should I be grateful for not just coming to God and saying Lord I need this I need this yes we do that but ask him to teach you how to be grateful developing a heart of gratitude is so important and I have more stuff I could talk about with this. There's nothing more beautiful than a girl who is in love with Jesus it's very very true Think about that you know you want to we all do these things to make ourselves look beautiful I've got to mention this. Most women and even in the Christian Department spend more time in front of the mirror trying to make themselves look beautiful than they do in front of the word trying to soak up what Jesus has Think about that in your own life where do you spend the most of your time we should be spending maybe 110th of the time in front of the mirror and this much time with Jesus that's where True Beauty comes in soaking in the Word of God soaking in that relationship not saying we should try to you know we obviously want to look our best but where is the primary focus that's where the church true beauty comes a man who's not after God's heart shouldn't be after mine. OK I'm going to have to keep rushing through some of the youth thing so we're going to skip over lessons from Sampson all of these things are written in my morning sunshine blog mistakes that Sampson made. God always gives his best to those who leave the choice to him My dad has always told me that and I believe that's very true our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on. Object that we're waiting for. Oh how to evaluate a potential life partner way every sentiment watch every development of character in the one with whom you think to link your life destiny the steps you're about to take one of the most important in your life should not be taken hastily what you may love do not love blindly examine carefully to see if your married life would be happy or inner harmonious and wretched what the questions be raised with this union help me heavenward will it increase my love for God will it enlarge my sphere of usefulness in this life if these reflections present no drawback if this is truly a man of scuse me of character. Then in the fear of God go forward. That's more about Samson. I wrote about the roof those well I'm not to talk about this because we're out of time is it OK for a girl to initiate romance. If you want to godly leader you know you better wait for him to initiate if you start initiating in the beginning of the relationship you'll be leaving the relationship the rest of your life and that is not what we want we want to wait for that man is going to come and he's going to be the wooer in the winter just like Christ came and woo and won his bride we need to wait for that follow his example and I write about that a woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek him just to find her I love this so we are hidden in God He has to seek US internet dating. I have stories I could tell about this but I really believe I have friends that have met over the internet and are married today and some of them happily so so I know that I know that it has worked personally for me I believe that it's kind of trying to take things into our own hands and I also believe it's very dangerous because it's kind of like a shopping catalogue you you see what they portray on on their profiles and everything like that but you don't know if that's the true person and I unfortunately have experimented with internet dating in my times of discouragement to not knowing what I was doing I would be tempted to be like well he's not around maybe I'll see if there's someone hanging out there and God showed me time and time and time again this is not where you're supposed to be and I've been burned a few times by people one guy started to get to know and actually even went to see his family and then he got very violent and I was like how you know and so I got out of that we were boyfriend girlfriend but we were getting acquainted and you know sense that if that man has gotten married and already been divorced. So God assured me there's been many times in my life that I have tried to burthen Ishmael and I'm not exempt from this and I'll tell you that God Thankfully has not allowed me to do that but I have come very close to trying to burthen Ishmael you know what I mean when I say that right taking things into your own hands and that's why I counsel away from internet dating because I'm like you know God knows where you are you could be serving in Jerusalem and he could bring the person along to be with you it's not like he's not an expert at doing that we don't have to go out looking and fishing God knows and when you are ready and he's ready he's going to bring us together at the same time but you need to focus on your relationship with him and being where he's called you to be and stop making your focus trying to find that me because you're only going to have you know so my counsel is to stay off of Internet dating if you're there just don't even go there say Lord I give you the key I give you the pen to write my story and I trust you to work this out. And he will do it. I actually think I have some points mixed up here because I've done a couple fours and threes a couple times so forgive me for this. See what I'm going to close here with. You know so many of us are like the tiny fish on the ocean were clutching our little pool of water it's our self our personal desires maybe our unfulfilled relationships and we're just longing for this where if it were afraid to yield our dreams are afraid to give these things up to God for fear that he doesn't have what we need but without little We're like that little shell were afraid to give up our water for fear that there will not be enough in the ocean to refill and it hasn't over ocean of infinite perversion that he has and he's waiting he wants to do that in your life you want to do that in mine and like I told you some day I'm going to write a book and it's going to be called true love is worth waiting for and you will see and I will see how. God has been faithfully working through different areas in my life and how he's worked through yours. How do we surrender to of him the give him the will that is what it all comes back to is give him our will Lord take my heart I cannot give it a sigh property keep it pure for I cannot keep it for these save me in spite of myself my weak arm Christ like self mauled me Fashion me raised me into pure and holy on the spirit of the rich current of love conflict as I saw all I need to stop because I know that we are running out of time we are already past time but just truth I think this is my last point that I'm closing on from this day forward choose to be morally pure and save yourself for your future spouse. Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes Senate avoid all things that are going to lead you down inappropriate roads OK you know for guys it's free sometimes we get involved with Primark a fee as well but for girls it's more likely the romance novels the emotional things that give us the happy fairy tale if you know but that is actually only preparing you to be unfulfilled in a in a human relationship avoid those fantasies avoid anything that would lead your heart or your body away you know we as women even struggle with these sexual urges and desires and acting out sexually and even. Fantasizing leads you unrealistic expectations the grass is always greener somewhere else lust heartache all these different things and I just wanted to mention masturbation because this is a problem that women face even in our church it's astounding to realize how many struggle with this what is masturbation it's basically like having sex with a demon Have you ever thought about I heard this one time this is like wow this is really true you know masturbation is a completely self focused activity right just you but it's actually you an. In an evil spirit it's you in a demon and think about that. What. A deadly thing the an enemy is trying to pull us into these nets of fulfillment these are actually ruining what God wants to do in our life we need to flee the things our body is the temple of God so don't build castles Oh Oh Oh my word I have so many things here I think that this was a 2 part seminar that I actually did. Start asking new question not what will make me happy but what will bring God's glory how will we living our lives for God you know that encompasses what we think it encompasses what we read encompasses how we drafts you know we can get into a whole modesty issues and I don't you know my focus wants to be our Jesus in our heart relational heart reform I think the other reforms follow but I think modesty does have a huge part of this and by the way I'm wearing a long skirt today but I'm not always wearing a long skirt I'm not saying you have to wear long skirt I wear pants I wear jeans and things like this but I am always thinking you know what is my dress reflecting to men and what is it reflecting to God you know the hemline if you think about it is often the eye line where is your Him line or your clothes that is actually where people's eyes go whether you're a girl or guy you tend to go where the line is you just see that so do your clothes to a a a kind of a frame for your face and for God's glory to be seen or the clothes that you wear actually drawing attention to your body to the things that would make a man lust after you those type of things we need to ask and we need to decide between us and God I can't decide that for you to just say Lord teach me how to honor you with my body with my life with my time with my drafts with my relationships all these different things give them to God surrender them to God don't feel like you have to be sexy to win a man's attention that you have to be you know it's a temptation especially as I get older be like you know. Do they still see and I know that's not the point my point is it's my my relationship I'm committed to God God can bring them on at the right time OK. They are my father thank you for this time together and I just pray that this can be an encouragement to the women here today and that you will just use. Something here to encourage most of all father to draw our hearts closer to you and recognize that you are the one that alone can see our desires and so thank you so much for hearing this per person your precious and. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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