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The Prophetic Significance of the Health Message

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training



  • December 31, 2009
    2:30 PM
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Don Mackintosh the significance of the Health Message

Father in heaven we’re indeed thankful for life. We’re thankful for a land at least at this time we can still open your word and we can study. There are parts of the world where that’s vastly limited, so we thank you for America and for the opportunity that it still affords. And we’re thankful that we have a sense of urgency because we know it won’t always be that way. And we’re thankful that when other things begin to shut down, when jail ministries start again and all of probably the most prominent speakers here at GYC are doing jail ministry, that the people in this room will be doing health ministries and you’ll be able to use that at the end of time. So bless us to that end, in Christ’s name we pray amen.

Did you ever think about that? It’s true, you know during times of conflict that’s certainly been true that the health message has been the last thing standing. Speaking of last thing standing, my wonderful presentation that I slaved away on is sleeping after lunch. Alright, we’ll do it without that.

Our topic is prophecy as it relates to health. Now the Adventist church was founded as a result of the preaching and teaching of what books? Daniel and Revelation. Daniel and Revelation are just the core cardinal books of the advent movement. You take away the preaching of Daniel and the preaching of Revelation, there’s no need for an Adventist church. it loses it’s focus. Now recently, I was reading several of the leading scholars in the church that are concerned about this. One said that the preaching of Daniel and Revelation is largely being left to evangelists, and largely being left to people focus and specialize on that and that the normal pastors and churches are getting away from the preaching of Daniel and Revelation. And he said, “this is a crisis.”

Lots of our core identity was worse than he is. Another said, if we lose the preaching of the apocalyptic, of Daniel and revelation, we lose our reason for existence both as a church and as an educational system. I believe that’s true. Do you believe that’s true? I’ll say something else to you, if we lose the preaching of Daniel and Revelation, we actually lose the intellectual foundation for scientific thought. Now you say wait a minute what are you talking about? Well, I’m talking about the fact that people that have studied science and it’s origin, in fact there’s a book I read recently called, the origin of science and the science of it’s origin. And this book painstakingly went through the history of the development of scientific thought. And guess what it discovered? Scientific thought was only developed in the cultured that were called Judeo-Christian cultures. Many cultures had still births in science. The Chinese, the Hindu, the Mayan cultures, but they never were pronounced developments. They only went so far, it was according to these researchers from Cambridge University and Oxford University, it was only within the Judeo-christian realm that science really begins to thrive.

Have you ever heard that before? It was this idea, another author said, the idea was this, that there was in the Bible a certainty about who God was based on what he said would happen because it did happen. In other words, these authors begin to say, why was there such certainty, in the thought of Christians. Why was that certainty there and how did it lead to the development of science? It was because when they saw the stars moving. Let’s talk about Capernicus. He would be called by someone of the early scientists, would you agree with that? Why was it that he had a certainty that when he looked at the stars he could figure something out. You know why he had a certainty? Because he knew the story of Bethlehem. And he knew that there was a star that moved, and he knew that God ordered things and this caused him to think there is a meaning, there is a purpose, there is an organizational structure, there is something there and those luminary bodies that can in fact tell me something about who I am, what I should be doing, where I should be going. How many of you can see how a mindset like that would lay a foundation for scientific thought?

Now why was he rejected by the church, the medieval roman catholic church at that time. I’ll tell you , there’s a book called Capernicus’ revolution, that I read a couple years ago, that opened this up to me. Kind of like a capernicus’ revolution into my own cranium. And as I looked at, here’s why they really rejected it. It wasn’t just because of he went against the normal teaching of that day, that everything revolved around the earth instead of the sun. it was because of Capernicus’ connection with a certain guy by the name of Rhectis, I think his name is. This guy was the math teacher that came to study with Capernicus and guess where he was from. It was not Louisville, he was from Wittenburg. Now where’s wittenburg, and who was teaching there? Luther. You see Luther sent this mathematician over to meet with Capernicus why? Because he said, wait a minute could it be that the protestant reformation was foretold in the stars like the coming of Jesus was foretold. Did you follow the logic there? So the church turned on Capernicus’ some people think largely because of his theory, but I want to suggest something provocative that I haven’t yet proved. But I think just piecing this together I think they could have turned on him just because of the association with the protestant reformation.

It’s fascinating to me to see what happened after the Galileo, thing when the church turned against Galileo. It was after that time that most of the writings about science, what we have today that body that believes science is not an evil thing right? Because it’s just documenting what is. Bu that body of scientific thought, it developed most fruitfully under the protestant realm after the time of Galileo. And it was spread largely by that protestant reformation around the world. Can you see the prophetic significance of the development of science?

I like to tell people, I’ve been working with talented health evangelists for a long time. I wouldn’t call myself a talented health evangelist. I would call myself a talented team player, but I’ve had these questions. We get so many people that are intellectual people that come to health seminars. There’s two things about people that come to health seminars number one, they’re being moved on by the Holy Spirit. How do you know that? Because Ellen White says that, she says whenever someone tries to better themselves, that’s the holy spirit working on their life. And Ellen White doesn’t even have to say that, the Bible indicates it because when the Holy Spirit comes, he convicts of something that wrong, sin, and of righteousness. So Wrongnessness and rightnessness okay. So of sin and of righteousness and of judgment to come, that’s health evangelism. Someone gets sick and they say I will go to the doctor and confess my sins, right? Or if they don’t they take they’re HC1 and they say your sugars have been up for an entire month have you been sinning? All the way along, stop it. So they convict them of sin, and of righteousness, the right thing to eat, the right time to eat, the right way to eat, the right foods to eat, the right route to eat. Not through your ears or through your nose but through your mouth. And all that stuff and if they follow that what happens? They come back and their sugars are right and they’re saved from that problem of Diabetes. That’s health evangelism, it’s a movement of the holy spirit.

As I read my Bible at the end of time God’s going to pour out his spirit on this earth yes or no? and there’s going to be a might moving of the spirit and one of the things that people are going to be interested in is their health. This is why these intellectual folks that come to the seminars, they start to come to the health seminars they begin to say wait a minute. Why is it that your church has these answers? This is such a exciting opportunity that you have to share with them the truth of the gospel at that time.

This idea of the connection between science and prophecy. I had a man in one of my health seminars recently and by the way, at amazing facts college of evangelism where I teach, we do two or three health seminars a year as part of our school. So we have an evangelistic campaign, and then for four months before that campaign we’re doing all kinds of things in the community. And like I mentioned just before the break, we’ve used Dr. Nedley’s depression recovery in the last several cycles. This is one of the best programs I have ever seen in leading people from health to him. we between 70% and 80% sometimes 100% of the people that go through those seminars with Dr. Nedley that then want to study the bible afterwards. Because when Dr. nedley was developing this and we were kind of working on this together. He said, how can we get people into the Bible? I said, look if you as physician say that you need to study the book of Daniel as part of their treatment they’re going to listen to you. If I say it, they might listen to me, I doubt it. And so he did. He said it right in there.

And this is what we had done for years before this, every chapter in the book of Daniel leads from a disappointment to an appointment. It’s starts with a depressant, and it starts with rectification of that depressant in order to get healthy again. Everyone starts with a disappointments and goes to an appointment.

And when you starts with a paradigm, these depressed folks would begin to see that and they would be amazed. And we go Daniel chapter 1 through 6.

Let me give you one example before I get into my presentation today. Even though I’m kind of into it. Let me give you an example in the book of Daniel, it will come alive to you. Do you know that when depressed people are depressed many time they’ll have all kinds of dreams. Did you know that this is true? Exaggerated dreams. Now in the culture of Daniel’s time, dreams were something that were very much studied. Anytime someone had a dream that was bizarre some one would hear about it, and it would get to the king within a day. Because he was trying to keep in touch with all these things. They thought that the gods were trying to communicate with them. And this king was having all kinds of dreams.

It says, the king dreamed dreams Daniel 2:4. And it says he could not sleep. And it says that he was anxious. Let me ask you a question. Someone who cannot sleep, and someone who’s had all kinds of dreams and someone who is anxious is suffering from what? Depression. And I’m telling you these folks go Wow, and in the midst of his depressed state, what does God do? He gives him the dream. There’s an article in front of it, the word the. And it says, The dream. It was different than all the other dreams. It was The dream. And it was so compelling that the said, I have to remember that. And as the answer.

I did a study of dreams in the bible, because there’s all kinds of bizarre books about dreams. If you go to the library and look at a book of dreams, you’re going to have dream catchers and everything on the front of your car by the time you leave. So the Bible has to guide you, right? The Bible says that dreams come from the abundance of business. One of the things that dreams come from is unfinished business in our lives. And the king had some of that unfinished business. But there’s other dreams, there’s good dreams. Number 12, God speaks to people in dreams. How many of you can see that that makes Daniel 2 come alive.

The issue of Daniel chapter 2 is how to get connected with the source that can really help you with your problem. And that’s what he really wanted. He wanted to be connected, he wanted to have a relationship with somebody that can transcend the anxiety, the depression, the problem that he was it. And how many of you think that’s what people want today. I’m telling you, these people’s minds, as they see how God has ministered through the book of Daniel to their needs, they fall in love with God in the Bible. I don’t know about the prophecies yet, that’s 7-12. They fall in love with the God of the Bible.

Have I laid the foundation for you to see the prophetic significance of the health message in some way? It’s related to those preaching of the books of Daniel and Revelation. These are some good books, I’ll just go through them quickly.

Modern Adventism, whether it likes it or not, is firmly rooted in the apocalyptic vision of Daniel and Revelation. Early in the twentieth century when the Adventist church began, a bunch of evangelicals came and told the Adventist, we’re going to split up the world among the Angelicans, Methodist, Presbyterians, and what not. And we’re just reach all the world for Jesus, and you take this part. But the Adventist said, No, we don’t’ want to be a part of this. They rejected that logic and claimed the whole world as their sphere of influence. Why? Because they were impelled by an apocalyptic vision, straight out of the book of Revelation, that they believed all the world needed to hear. I still believe that. And I believe those books are the key to answering major health issues in the world today. And I believe they laid the foundation for the early advent Movement that had a health message that spanned the globe.

As we revive that teaching, they’ll bring revival again even today. Adventist said, we look we want to go to every single nation. What happened? Adventism became the most widespread unified protestant group in the history of Christianity. Think about that statement? The most widespread, unified protestant group in the history of Christianity, says this historian. How many of you are thankful to be a part of that? We have nothing to fear for the future except we forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history we’re told. I think this is so true in this area.

I’ll just tell you what this says, I asked Ron Clouzet who’s one of the presented here in a plenary session. I said, Look, is public evangelism, that four to five week campaign still effective in reaching people. you’re there at the north American Division institutes of evangelism that Mark Finley started years back, there was Mark Finley and then there Russel Verl and now there’s you. And something changed, I know back in the time when Pastor Finley they said this is the number 1 way to reach people. I know now there’s all these ways. I know you’re there in the pulse of everything. Is there something new that you’ve learned that really can spread the message of Adventism better than the four to five week campaign, or better than preaching Daniel and Revelation. This is what he said, he wrote it back to me in e-mail. The answer to your question is briefly, Yes this campaign is effective and it’s baffling nothing else in Adventist evangelism is proven more effective. For some reason that does not surprise me at all. That’s how this movement started.

Whatever you do in health evangelism, don’t miss this point. You have got to link it, whatever you do it you have to do what? With the preaching and teaching of Daniel and Revelation. If you’re not linking it with the preaching and teaching of Daniel and Revelation, don’t do it. Maybe that’s to strong, but link it. I’m telling you, you say it doesn’t work. I beg to differ. In these depression recovery programs, we’ve had baptism from every single depression recovery program I’ve ever been involved in. the last one we just finished a month ago. We baptized 37% of the non-adventists that came to that on the opening night. Because they saw the connection between that and the book of Daniel. There’ll be more that come ultimately and they came to a meeting, and they said it’s you that helped me so much. I thought God didn’t exist, I felt so bad, but now I know he exists. He’s worked through your ministry. And they come and hear those truths. I’m telling you never do some evangelism without linking it with health evangelism and linking it with Daniel and Revelation.

Now Daniel of course the first chapter is all about what? Health. But you have to be careful with that one, some people don’t come in through the health message. But if they’re in a health seminar that’s very true.

So there’s this huge connection between Daniel and Revelation, I teach all this at another course at another time. But it leaves us as a people to a prophetic responsibility. And these are familiar texts to you. In our three angels message, the first one is “and I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven heaving the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth, to every kindred, nation, tongue and people, saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth. The sea and the fountains of living water.”

Then that’s connected with this other concept throughout the Pauline Epistles and other places in scripture. “Whatever you eat, whatever you drink do all to the glory of God.” The prophetic link with our message, and then ultimately the whole earth will be lightened with glory an aspect of which will be whatever we eat, whatever we drink, whatever we do all to the glory of God. That’s the prophetic basis.

I believe that the Adventist church is the final exodus. There was a first exodus, and they came out of Egypt with all it’s diseases. Deuteronomy 7:7 says they had the diseases of the Egyptians upon them. And as they followed the Lord out on that exodus, he got rid of all those diseases. The latest edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association has research of the mummies that now they’ve looked at those mummies and they’ve discovered all the diseases the Egyptians died from. It was so interesting that the American Medical Association put a report of all the things that they were dying from and noted that they’re the same things that we’re dying from today. What they did not note and what you need to note is that the way God’s people got out of those diseases was all the principles in the Exodus.

If you want to hear a study on that that I did. Last year they asked me to do health evangelism too. I think they forgot this year, but that’s okay I’m glad to be here. Mrs. Finley and Dr. Nedley joined me this time. If you want to listen my study on that, it’s last year’s AudioVerse file from health to him. and I wen through not only that but also the book of Daniel and you can listen to those on line on Audio Verse. I’m not going to do that again this year.

In my remaining time with you in this period, I want to look a little bit more deeply at the connection between health and the doctrines of the Adventist church. by the way, I wouldn’t do this as a study with people. people are interested in how the bible answers their practical needs. You say well come over and study theology, most people wouldn’t come. But there is theology in it and I want to show you the connection between those. So how is it that the message of health related to the scriptures the doctrine of the scriptures. By the way, if you want to have a good chapter that summarizes all the Adventist beliefs in one chapter. What chapter would it be? Revelation chapter 1:1-4. The revelation of Jesus Christ which he gave to his servant John and he sent and signified it by his angel who bore witness to the word of God. Bless are those who read here and keep. What’s the first doctrine in Revelation chapter 1? The Word of God. What’s the second doctrine, verse 5 and 6. “to him who washed us with his blood.” So that’s salvation right?

What’s the third doctrine in Revelation chapter 1? Every eye will see him. that’s the second coming. What the fourth doctrine? I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day. What’s that? That’s the Sabbath. What’s the fifth doctrine, I was walking among the seven lampstands. What’s that? Sanctuary. What’s the next doctrine in revelation chapter 1? I am the one who has the keys of death and of hades. State of the dead. What’s the next doctrine? I am the one who was and who is and is to come. I was, I am and I can see into the future what is that. That’s the spirit of prophecy. And what’s the last doctrine in Revelation chapter 1. To the seven churches which are at Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamus, Sardis, Thyatira, all those churches in other words, the Church. the doctrine of the saints of God.

How many of you think that’s a good summary. When some one asks me what do Seventh-day Adventist believe. I don’t pull out my 28 beliefs. I pull out Revelation 1. Amen? Now I want to go through that again, because you’re all freaking out and you didn’t write it down. I’m going to show how each one of those doctrines relates to the health message. I feel like some times they neglect you. I had a teacher in the seminary he would spit on the front row. And I loved his teaching so much, and I wanted to be on the front row. And I worked in the emergency room, and I wore safety goggles. I said, go ahead brother, but I want to up here close to the front.

Okay, scriptures. The word of god we just went through this. He bore testimony to the word of God and the words of this prophecy. In other words, not just the word of God. It’s the prophetic word of God. And Like I’ve mentioned before, I believe that you know Hindu writings, have no prophecy in them. The Quran has no prophecy. The Bible has 28% some people say 30% prophecy and it’s because of that prophetic word that science developed in the cultures where the Bible was. Do you see what I’m saying? It laid the foundation of science.

Here’s those quotes now, Hindu, Chinese, Mayan, Egyptian Babylonian had in varying degrees starts in science that ended in still births. But belief in God’s omnipotence changed the view of nature from imprecision to that of the realm of precision. And this is what happened with those students of the Bible, they laid the intellectual foundation for scientific thought. Now someone says, I’m sorry I’m a scientist so I can’t believe in the scriptures. And I say, you wouldn’t have science without the scriptures.

Another quote, “the concept of an orderly world as deduced form the rational consistent God of the Bible provided a basis for belief and the cause and effect concept of science. The pagan gods of other cultures were capricious.” In other words, you didn’t know what they were going to do. And this does not fit well with consistency of science. So God can be reliable, he said what he was going to do and he did what he was going to do how he said he was going to do it when he said he was going to do it. Like I said, the first chapter in the book of Daniel is pointed to by the new England Journal of Medicine, January 2, 2003 as one of the oldest scientific studies known to mankind. Even the people in scientific realms recognize the debt to the Bible.

Second doctrine. To Him who washed us in his own blood. Grace to you and peace from him which was and is and is to come. To Jesus Christ. he washed us from our sins in his own blood. Salvation is the second doctrine that we see in Revelation 1. How is that related to the health message?

Did you know that the greek word for Salvation is Sozo is the same word used for healing throughout the new testament. And I love the story in Luke. Why don’t we open the Bible to Luke 17. Luke of course is the gospel of lights. How many of you want some light today? Then look at Luke 17. It’s a wonderful paradigm that I used in health evangelism many times because it tells you what to do when someone’s healed in your health seminar. Send them back to their churches and then they tell those people and then their ministers will come. At one point we had twelve Baptist ministers coming out to our health seminars every week. Then they would invite us into their churches following this principle.

But look at Luke 17:11. “and it happened when he went to Jerusalem, that he passed through the midst of Samaria and Galilee. He entered a certain village and there were ten lepers there who stood a far off. And they lifted their voices up and said, Jesus, master have mercy on us. When he saw them he said, Go show yourselves to the priests. And it was as they went that they were cleansed.” You know what the word there for cleansed is. It’s not sozo, it’s Catharzo. It’s where we get the word Cathartic. How many of you know what a cathartic is? It gets you on the move so to speak. Cleans you out. So they were being cleansed. A cathartic if you will. But then notice how it ends the story.

“ one of them when he saw that he was healed.” Verse 15. “returned and with a loud voice glorified God.” They’re goin got give him glory. Whatever you eat or drink do all to the glory of God. Came and glorified God. Fell down on his face at his feet, giving him thanks. And he was a Samaritan. And Jesus said, were there not ten Catharzio, in other words cleansed. But where are the nine. And none of them were found except this foreigner to give glory to God. And to him He said, verse 19, “he said to him arise, go you way for your faith has made you whole.” Or well, and guess what that word is. Sozo. Same word used for saved or salvation.

When we have a health program that merely catharzos people it’s not the full meal deal is it? We want people to made whole. We don’t want them to just live 6 years longer, we want them to live eternally. We don’t them to just avoid death. We want them to avoid the second death. And so how many can see how that’s related to the doctrine of salvation? Number 1 the scriptures lays the foundation for scientific thought, number 2 the message of salvation is really part and parcel of the health message. And you see this happen. This is from a CHIP program. I’ve done 18 CHIP programs. And you know here’s some one who comes before to a CHIP program and they’re there for ten to fourteen days. And this is the narrowing of the artery, or this the picture. It’s not really an artery. But this is an image of the heart showing the profusion. This is kind of red here. You can’t see it. This is the same area of the heart now ten days later. Cholesterol goes from 248 to 137. Ten to fourteen days later following a Daniel diet. And see how this profusion there is. Only that much there and then this whole section where blood is flowing out. It’s vastly improved. You know what that is a picture of on the screen? That’s a picture of repentance. Can you say amen? Have you seen a picture of repentance before?

I was eating this way, and now I’m eating this way. And when I was eating this way I was all clammed up. But when I came over here I’m all opened now. This is a picture of the grace of God documented by science. That’s why we say the message of health is the message of salvation. It documents the effects in people’s life of confession and then God’s gift of repentance. I want to have lots of people come to that awareness in my church amen. And it doesn’t have to be with the preacher preaching. You know, justification, sanctification. They’ll go what does that mean? But they know what this means amen. Because now they can feel they’re fingers again. And they can use all those places where they have blood flow. And you say that’s salvation.

Here’s what happens to the depression recovery program. I’m telling you the most exciting thing I’ve done besides being the father of four is the depression recovery program. And in these programs, when they come. Here’s a picture of eighteen people that came to this program. This is the best inventory test. Shows mild-moderate, severe depression. Many of them were severely depressed. All of them were moderately or severely depressed and these are great candidates for paxil or whatever else right. They came to Dr. Nedley program, used the different modalities that he talks about a little today. He used these things. He put them on the Nebuchadnezzar new start program you know. Seven years of all that stuff, but it’s only a few days.

The first couple days those people come you should see them. They’re majorly depressed, they don’t believe in God. I do religious surveys when they get there. Do you believe in god? NO. why don’t you believe in God? How can I believe in God when I feel this way. If he’s supposed to be there. Why isn’t he helping me. They have no belief in God. They would call themselves atheists. Because they say if I feel this bad and God doesn’t help me and the who cares about God. They’re angry at God and they’re angry at me. Because I’m happy. Lots of people get angry at me about that. And I’m there saying Praise God from whom all…. They’re going, what is wrong with this guy don’t you know we’re depressed. I say look if I start looking at you, I’ll get depressed. Look at me. And they hate me at first. Oh man, we get these comments. Oh that guy. We like you Dr. Nedley, but him, no.

Dr. Nedley just goes Hahaha. And then by day tree or four, they’re out there walking and doing all the exercise. And guess what happens? They start to change and by the end of it they’re singing hymns and they’re writing testimonies about how they love God and how God has come alive to them again. Could it be sometimes we’re dealing with people who say oh he’s an atheist. We’re not dealing with the physical things that lead to that belief. How many think health evangelism is important?

Now what happens? After ten days, is amazing. See some of you are going to sleep. After ten days look at what happens. Can you see those farms? There was a total change. Now where there were all these severely depressed, there’s only 5 that are mild or moderately depressed. That’s a 100% response rate. And it happens. How many of you want that to happen in your church or in your seminar group. And people begin to say, God has saved me from killing myself, from my marriage going south. And guess who helped them? You did. But not only you God did. And you give glory to God. That’s the message of salvation. Tell me if you see the connection?

Let’s go to the next one. Sanctuary. Remember we had the word of God in revelation 1, we had the salvation. The next one should be second coming. I could talk about that maybe later. But I want to talk about the sanctuary so I won’t miss it. “I turned to see the voice that spoke with me and as I turned I seven golden candlesticks.” The book of revelation is built around sanctuary scenes. Revelation 1, 4, 5, 8,, 11, 19. And then concluding with the sanctuary of God is with man. All the way through you have these sanctuary scenes. And this is the first one.

What does the sanctuary have to do with the Bible? Have you ever heard that the health message is the right arm of the gospel? What does that mean? I looked it up one day and I discovered something. It’s fascinating when you actually study the Bible. If you actually open it up and something you heard you just trace it through. I traced it through every use of the word Right. Right hand. I’ll just show a couple texts. “Thy right hand oh Lord has become glorious and powerful, thy right hand Oh Lord has dashed into pieces the enemy.” Remember that Exodus 15:1-2, “I will sing unto the Lord for he hath triumphed gloriously. The horse and rider hath he thrown into the sea.” And as he lead them out of Egypt, it’s clear that he lead them by his which hand? Right hand. And I’ll bring you and plant you in the mountain of your inheritance. The right hand lead them to the place OH lord which you have made for your own dwelling. The Sanctuary Oh Lord which your hands hath established. So the right hand ministry, God lead them to the sanctuary.

Do you know in the same chapter. Well, I guess it’s not the same chapter. Another chapter talking about the same experience. Psalm 78 is all about the exodus as well. “He brought them to the border of his sanctuary even to this mountain which his right hand had purchased.” So the right hand lead them to the sanctuary. But then in the context of the sanctuary these things begin to come alive. This right hand ministry, the gospel medical missionary work. As the right hand is to the body. All these right hand things that Ellen White talked about were based I believe on her study of scripture. Because God lead them to the sanctuary with his right hand. And when they got there to the sanctuary, what does it say? Same chapter, “If you diligently hearken to the voice of the Lord Your God and do what is right in his sight, give ear to his commandments, keep his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon you which I have brought upon the Egyptians. For I am the Lord that heals you.” The sanctuary was tied up with this message of health. And the sanctuary was a building of healing.

Outside the sanctuary was everything that was diseased and unclean. You could not bring that into the sanctuary. There was no swine’s flu, because there was no swine in the sanctuary. There was no swine even in the camp. It wasn’t even around, amen? That was kept out. But then when you went in.

Did you ever notice this? The reason I noticed this is because somebody asked me, well didn’t Jesus eat meat and fish? Well, what’s a good answer to that? I begin thinking abou the sanctuary and I realized that Jesus was fulfilling the outer court ministry in the sanctuary and it was on earth. I said to you think Jesus is eating fish and having a stake with the father up there right now. Do you think they just went out and hunted some caribou, and they came back and they just got some things out of the tree of life and they killed a few porpoises and maybe something else. A whale for the angels, the filleted a big whale and they’re eating it all? And they said, No I don’t think so. I said, why not? They said, well, there’s no sin, there’s no suffering up there. I said okay, good.

Down here on earth though he was identifying with humanity and he came as that clean sacrifice in the sanctuary that was in the outer court. But when you move further in the sanctuary within the holy place you have this transition. Sometimes meat was brought in there to be eaten to show the transfer of sin to that section. But then there was new foods introduced. There was grace and grapes, bread. And then you had to move in to the most holy place. And you had fruits, nuts and grains. You had this picture of pomegranates on the robe of the high priest when he went in there. You had almonds that had budded and blossomed. So you had blossoms and where there’s nuts there’s fruits. You had this pointing back to what? To the original diet of Genesis 1:29. They moved from unclean, to clean, to clean and then what is it? Fruits, nuts and grains finally all the way back. And you have a picture of health that can develop step by step.

Does God love people out here that are eating the unclean animals? Of course he does. Does he want them to keep doing that? No, but you get them off that when they come to the evangelistic campaign. And then you might move them even further, when Ernestine Finley teaches them how to make bread. And Mark talks about what’s good, and the grapes and all that stuff. And they go through the CHIP program, and finally there’s right here with the most holy place kind of diet. By the way do you think you’re going to be eating buffalo in heaven? No. there’s not going to be any more sin, sickness or disease. How many of you are thankful how the sanctuary message summarizes the message of health? It does it beautifully. Among those who are awaiting the coming of the Lord, Meat eating will eventually be done away with, flesh will cease to be a part of their diet.

I used to read that and wow. But then I begin to see how the sanctuary moves people towards that. Can you see that? When you get to heaven, you see the pure river of water clear as crystal proceeding from the throne of God. And in the middle was the tree of life that bore twelve fruits, a tree yielding fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. Ellen White says, The leaves are the promises of God. And they hang down to this earth even today and as we claim the promises of God we can have the healing of heaven even now. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. How many of you want that? And as you’re reading those promises to the people, she says, take those that are struggling and read the promises to them over and over again. How many want to do that? You have to know them to read them?

Should I tell you a story, I’m running out of time, but do you mind if I tell you a little story about that.

I had a friend, he’s actually my brother-in-law who became completely involved in the occult. He became involved in drugs and he was so lost. He was suicidal, we thought we’re going to lose him. and just to make along story short. By the providence of God, God love people even if they’re doing the wrong thing. He loves you even if you’re doing the wrong thing right now. He doesn’t want you to keep going that way, but he loves you don’t ever forget that. He would give everything to get you back. And for some reason, God allowed me to find him through a series of phone call and different things. He was living with a witch, if you were here at the previous session, witches try to kill you. I went to this witch’s house trying to extricate my brother-in-law. I’ve never been to a witch’s house before and I don’t recommend it. And I went to the witch’s house. I got into this witch’s house and she opens the door and she goes, I’ve been expecting you, in this like legion voice. And I was like Haha. I didn’t say anything and for me that’s unusual.

She said, come in. so I came in. I’m not recommending into a witch’s house because I go into the house and she has this skull with red paraffin all over it. Looks like someone had stabbed someone and they died and the blood was still there. And then she had a picture of someone dying on this wall. And there were death pictures all over. And there was this sculpture of someone dead. This was where my brother-in-law was. And then she had this picture of the cross, with Christ on the cross dying. I lived in boulder Colorado which is surrounded sixteen miles of pure reality because there’s no reality right there in boulder. Nothing against you folks from boulder, but in this particular lady’s house.

She came right into the room, and she said to me, “this is our way. Death is our friend.” She said to me. I was like hmmm. I said, “as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I tell you that death is our enemy. And we must be going.” She began grabbing my brother-in-law trying to keep him to stay. I grabbed and pulled him out of there. He was so confused on the way back from Boulder to Kansas where I lived. He was confused, everything in his mind was scrambled. He looked like an omelet gone bad. He was saying so many bizarre things. The Lord brought to my mind, scripture after scripture to say to him when he would say something. It didn’t completely work, so I slammed on the brakes and I said, “don’t say those things again.” But the promises of God. I begin to minister to him with these promises of God every time he would say something God would bring some thing to me and I’d say a promise of God like ten times to him. you know what, it stuck in his mind. He goes, the only way I’m going to be healed from what I’ve been in is memorizing the promises of God. Did you know he’s memorized hundreds of the promises of God now. He got his mind back, he got his memory back. He just graduated from the seminary, he’s pasturing in Michigan now. He’s taking all the classes for his MCAt and he’s getting straight A’s. his mind is being rebuilt by the promises of God. Can you see the power in the scriptures. Don’t ever get in a health program where you say, I’m just going to talk about the science and then uh. No, find a way to get people linked with the real source of power.

There wouldn’t be any science without scripture, so why not go to the source. Do it tactfully.

Where are we? I’m running out of time.

Sabbath. Are you getting a little bit excited about the connection? The Sabbath, how is it connected to the health message? Of course, Revelation 1, “I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day.” I’m going to show you this quickly. In creation, God used his right arm to create intelligence. My right hand, I spanned the creation. Remember the right arm ministry is the health ministry. In redemption, he brought them to the sanctuary with his right hand. He said, I have purchased this for you. He was redeeming people with his right arm. The fascinating, interesting, gripping thing that really got my attention so to speak was that this idea of creation and redemption, they are summarized in two places in scripture. One is Exodus 20, the other is Deuteronomy 5. What’s in Exodus 20? The ten commandments. And when the Sabbath commandment get down there what does it say? For in six days I made the heavens and the earth, the sea and everything else. In other words, he says, My right hand ministry, remember it, but remember I’m the creator. And remember it by keeping the Sabbath, amen?

And then what’s he say in Deuteronomy 5? At the end of the Sabbath commandment, for I’ve brought you out of the land of Egypt with my powerful arm. Which arm was it? Remember we learned? My Right arm. Can you see how the Sabbath commandment is linked with the right hand ministry of God. It is no secret to me that at the end of time the enemy of Christ would try and attack the right hand ministry and mark his followers in their forehead and in their which hand? Right hand. Attacks that. Can you see the prophetic significance of that? And the Sabbath is all about that. By the way, he wrote the law with his right hand it says. A fiery law came from his right hand. This is a neat thing, it’s practical though.

Did you know the most dangerous place to be on Sabbath morning is at home in terms of health wise. They did a survey of Saturday morning television programs and found that less than 10% of the foods advertised were even nutritious. And even the ones they think were nutritious were really bad. And what they basically said was that of the 344 commercials, 222 were food and in 19 hours of time basically none of them were good except for two and those would be questionable by our standards. The only fruit that was mentioned was fruit loops.

So I show people this sometimes and I saw look, on Sabbath morning, if you want healthier kids to grow up. You have to get them out of the house on Sabbath morning. You got to get them somewhere, anywhere else but in front of that TV and you just have to get them out of there because if they’re watching that, then they’re going to want to do that. And there’s a reason they put things on TV because it leads to action.” And this one mother said, “Yes every time I go to the supermarket, my kids screaming, I want that because I saw it.” More people know Ronald McDonald that are eighteen months old than know Jesus Christ. they want a happy meal, even though it’ll make them sad.

This one lady say, “Where am I going to go, what am I going to do?” I said, “Look, I got some friends, and they have this little program every Saturday morning and they tell Bible stories and different things, you can just drop your kids off there, and we’ve got a class for you too.” The safest place to be on Sabbath morning is in Sabbath School. Can you see the connection between the Sabbath and health message?

Speaking of connections, I better connect the dots here before the next session.

State of the dead. Remember in Revelation all the doctrines are mentioned. Revelation 1:1-4 was scriptures. Then verse 5-7 was salvation. And then 7 we didn’t cover was the second coming, gives us a sense of urgency. And then there was the Sabbath, and then there was the sanctuary. And now we’re on the state of the dead.

Now how is the health message related to the state of the dead? Well, we’re trying to avoid it amen? But there’s something more. You see at the end of time when Christ comes again, he’s going to reach down his hand just like he did here. Just like he did so to speak with this apostle. “When I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead, and he laid his right hand on me.” Can you say amen to that? “Saying to me, fear not, I am the first and the last, I am he that liveth and was down and behold I’m alive forevermore and I have the keys of hell and of death. I can give you victory over death.”

Now how is this related, how is this message of health related to the doctrine of the state of the dead? This was a fascinating piece of research down by Ferrarro, 2006. You see, people are beginning to look at religions and they’re wanting to understand what motivates people. have you noticed this recently in the news. This guy had explosives in his underwear and so they’re studying all about his religion. Why would somebody do that? Right? And I have to submit to you, that they’re going to do that to you too. There’s going to be a time when they’re going to look. And they’re already looking.

Look at this particular study. “Obesity by religion.” They found out the Baptists were worst in terms of being obese. And the church of Christ 22%. Methodist church 19%. Catholics 17%. And reformationary Protestant 9%. Seventh-day Adventist 3%. And they begin to notice, wait a minute why is that. And they begin to study what are the beliefs that lead to this. This is was in this journal. “We usually think of religion as contrasting negative behaviors,” Ferraro said, “But some denominations put great emphasis on separating the mind or soul from the body. Which may lead to over eating.” And then he quoted all these Baptist preachers in their sermons and he says look, that theology of once saved always saved coupled with this idea that in death the soul goes here and the body goes here. Those two things combined are what’s giving you bad health.” How many of you think that’s pretty good. How many of you are thankful for the doctrine of the state of the dead as it relates to health. The Adventist church says, it’s just like the bible says, Beloved we pray that you would prosper and be in health even as your soul and body join together in this wholistic unity that allowed us to develop the health message.

I just say praise God for that, amen? And now there’s other’s coming to that. All kinds of scholars are beginning to see that. I got to close with this one because I am now going into the time of Dr. Nedley.

Medical Enlightenment in Advance. Remember in the book of revelation 1:1-4 was the scriptures. And so on. Verse 12 is the sanctuary. Verse 17, state of the dead. But then the one who is and was and is to come, remember that? That’s what I’m suggesting ties together with the spirit of prophecy. How many are thankful to be a part of the church that has the spirit of prophecy. Now let me say this. The bible laid the foundation for scientific thought, did I make that case earlier? On the basis of What? Bible Prophecy. 30% of the bible is prophecy. But the Adventist church not only has the bible, it has been given the spirit of Prophecy and sometimes we’re ashamed of it. But when it comes to health evangelism, we should not be ashamed because the person who is not ashamed will be unleashed for the gospel. Did you hear that earlier?

There’s other people unleashing this. I talked to you about Colin Campbell, professor emeritus of nutritional bio chemistry and the China Study which was the largest epidemiological study ever done in the history of mankind because it was done in China and there’s a lot of people over there. And the government basically led out in it. They said you go to the all the towns and collect all the urine samples and analyze and figure out what was killing them and not. So they did this big study. He was amazed at the simple things and the simple country areas were what would save their lives. But when they got to places like Shanghai or Beijing where they were westernized, they were dying like we are.

When he was coming to visit the church I was pasturing in Kansas. Before he came, I wrote him an e-mail and I took Dr. Nedley’s book and did an Appendectomy on it. Do you know what an appendectomy is? It’s taking out someone’s appendix. And there was an appendix in his book and there was all these quotes by Ellen White in it. And I said, what I’m going to do is just take the quotes out from Ellen White’s writings and I’m going to send him those in the first e-mail and then I’m going to see what the says. What do you think based on science because in the second session Dr. Nedley had put down all the scientific research that showed those to be true. And I was going to send that as the second e-mail. Kind of my little witnessing experiment.

I sent it to him, I sent him the first e-mail. And I’m kind of embarrassed to say this. Have you ever been embarrassed by how long your e-mail is after you read it later when someone printed it out. It’s like fourteen pages long and you oh, no. well, the e-mail I sent him was sixteen pages printed out. And he was on the road doing lectures and he printed it out. And he told me, he was driving along in the car and he was going sixteen page e-mail from this guy in Kansas. But I got to read it because I’m going there. Well, he begins reading it and gets really interested in all this stuff, these statements by this lady Ellen White. And I’m asking him whether he thinks they’re true or false. And this is what he wrote back, would you like to see what he wrote back in the e-mail. Well, maybe you should come back tomorrow. No just kidding.

This is what he wrote in the e-mail because I never had to send him the second e-mail. This is perhaps one of the most significant nutritional researchers in American history. He’s had over 78 years of scientific research given to him and he’s not that old yet. So he did a lot of work in the amount of time.

“I am not aware of anyone,” hes talking about Ellen White. “who was more on point then Ellen White. Given her background, she is truly an amazing woman. I’m convinced that almost 100% of her statement are now substantially supported by the scientific evidence that has been developed during the past twenty to thirty years.” Can you say amen to that? How many of you think this guy should be an Adventist minister? “what I have come to realize and to even deeply worry about is why it is that this message of Ellen White and others is been so mislayed on shelves out of sight.” Sounds like he should be speaking at GYC. You seem to be a saint. And you need to be unleashed, amen? “it is abundantly clear to me that now is the time to bring this forward in whatever way that each of us are able to do so.” Can you say amen to that? We need to maybe put him on our health evangelism team. By the way they’re doing a movie on his life right now. And I’ve talked to him recently and he plans to bring up some of these things. How many of you want to pray for that that that might happen?

I end with the last thing here which is the church. remember in our scheme of Revelation chpter 1 there was scriptures, salvation, second coming, Sabbath, sanctuary, state of the dead, spirit of prophecy and then the Church. Does the doctrine of health have any connection with the Seventh-day Adventist church. the church of Laodicea? Well, I believe it does. Adventist have been one of the most studied groups in terms of their health. There’s over three hundred studies done on seventh-day Adventist. Seventh-day Adventist are known around the world because of their stance on health right?

You’ve got magazines coming out with seventh-day Adventist living longer. You’ve got msnbc saying if you want to live long, live like the seventh-day Adventist. The Adventist health study 1 and now 2 coming up, saying that Adventists live longer and have a higher quality of life in their lives. And you know why that is? Because there’s a group of people that believe in the bible as their rule of faith. There’s people that believe in the salvation of Jesus Christ and live it in their lives. There’s people that believe that Jesus is coming again and do everything they can to hasten it. And there’s people that believe that the Sabbath is a symbol of creation and redemption. And there’s people that believe that God’s going to raise them from the dead. And there’s people that believe in the spirit of prophecy.

You know why Adventist health study 1 and 2 were so successful? Because before any science was talking it, there was a group of people that simply said, I see that the Bible says it, I see that inspiration says it, and I’m just going to live it unashamedly. And because they lived it unashamedly in that generation, the power of that message has been unleashed in this generation. How many can see the connection between health evangelism and the doctrines of the church.

Let’s pray together.

Father in heaven, Thank you, thank you, thank you that your message is not just an intellectual message, but it’s a very practical message that impacts our health and gives us help not only for mind but also for body and for spirit. We praise you that we can be a part of an advent movement, and we can be a part of a movement that wants to share the message of health. Help us to do just what Dr. Campbell said, to wisely but deliberately and unashamedly share your message. In Christ’s Name we pray, amen.


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