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God's Love Letters

Thomas Jackson


  • April 13, 2019
    11:30 AM
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2nd Corinthians Chapter 3 2nd can rent the NS chapter 3. There with me. So let's begin at verse one and we read on down to a verse 3 together you're ready let's read together do we begin to command. Or needy as some others pistols we continue a combination of you of letters of commendation from you number 2 year appeals written where known in rid of all men for as much as manifestly declare to be the apostle of Christ's minister by us written not with in but with the spirit of the Living God not in table the stones but in fleshy tables of hard living the pill souls of God Love in the make it very interesting concept would you say so and love in the making and I'd like for us to this look at the Word of God Now on the screen you see it says the purpose of God in the what in the creation of man go back very important to understand that the purpose of God in the creation of man turned with me to the Book of John John chapter one. Take mental note of these I want the Holy Spirit to really God and direct us that we can see the connecting link in love. It's love letter in John chapter one the Bible reads in the where in the beginning was the world and the Word was WITH God and the were was God verse to the same was in the beginning with God verse 3 all things were made a by him and we found him was not anything made that was made in verse 4 and him was life and the life was the light a man in the beginning was what the were so that takes me back to where the beginning so go with me to Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one we are fine in the beginning was the word very important understand that all right Genesis Chapter one Verse one the Bible reads in the beginning God created what the heaven and the earth so in the beginning goes back to creation where did God do in the beginning. Heaven and Earth so in the beginning God created heaven and earth very important in a stand that so we find your words are the expression of the heart out of the heart the buns the Mao speak so words are expression was in the heart got spoke the word life came that we saw manifest it was an expression of God's heart you agree with that very important understand that so the wonders of creation reveal God's glory. As we look at the solar system nature eccentric separate we find expression of God how are very important and standing expression of God's heart of all creation expresses God's care you agree with that all creation expresses God's character we find in the book of Genesis 126 God said what let us make man. And I like is in the image and he said that he was a man our image according to our what likeness therefore you find the word imagery you can just take note of this Genesis Chapter 6 verse 5 the imagination of the thoughts you'll find in Hebrews Chapter one Verse 3 Christ was the express image of the person of God The word image deals with them ah you understand that it is what the man to God said in my or rightness So when God create a hit man he created man with a mind like his mind or you with me ladies and gentlemen other words we need to take out the lip is too far that says Let this mind being you so in the beginning you'll father my father Adam was created in the likeness and image of God Therefore Adam had the very 9 the God and therefore Adam was an expression of the heart of God Do you have just said Adam was an expression of the very heart of God Adam was on God's mind in eternity then it was manifested when we read in Genesis 126 who want to keep that in mind therefore in the beginning man was perfect upright whole no propensity to evil no sin you agree with that perfect or. Adam was placed on this earth to be the steward of this earth and we understand as a controversy went on in heaven you know to story and therefore the enemy was cast to this earth that eventually would become the headquarters of got vast universe this earth not Jerusalem this earth would become God's headquarters and there those of us who would be privilege to be students on this renewed earth so as we go back in the beginning we understand that it started out perfect all the oxygen and indoor foods if they was just right and to Adam relinquish his right to govern this earth into the hands of God's adversary we know the whole story because prior to that God wanted to produce as a brought out got the sea to replenish his earth we were to replenish this earth a need to replace the fallen angels and therefore Adam forfeit that right that you're so glad that God does not give up on us so therefore man is an expression of the heart of God Of gotta get this UN are an expression of the heart of God. So systems of fall we find ourselves in a mess don't wash brought it out the fact is 2 years transpired to Adam added sons and daughters that God made me stall and this is the whole process of the plan of salvation to restore the image of God in the soul the man every chick in come from a crack up. Not those who born in the cities don't known about chickens. They do come from great comps are you with me. They do come from Greg comes every chick come Greco crackup the Bible tells us to be whole I was what I am born and see so since the fall of Adam is projected nater inherit that fall in nature. In laws the image of God the very expression of got so all of us start off the ground 0 black white red yellow rich poor Oh I don't care who you are you started out in a crack home no way means a dead that's why you're in trouble you don't know why you are here we are born in crack homes so we have no advantage over one another your education your money on a get when it is your heart has been disconnected with God and God. Came on expenses there now check this out it depends on the force of the crack that takes place when they get it the force of the crack take place on the outside of the aid that chicken will Dad Hello out there is the force of the crack take place on the end SAT of the the chicken will live do you understand this as it is in the physical sort is in the spirit you notice the statement from Christ object lesson page $175.00 it says delivered from with in is this Christ desire nothing so much as to redeem his heritage from the domain of Satan but before we are delivered from Satan power with out we must be delivered from his power from within if you get that. I think that I don't want the rock to fall on me I want to fall on a rod to be broken when we read in the scripture if Philip is true 1213 he says for it is God who is God which work it in you both to will and to what to do is good good pleasure he works within you never start on the outside to do something on the inside you got to start with the heart are you with me so far so we all the Ground 0 we all come from crack home God was not a absentee landlord he still actively engage in working on the inside and bringing forth the manifestation of His Glory keep that in mind very important understand that love broken marriage crack ingests months folks I know so dearly decide they don't want to be married no more no more then there's those who contemplated been married which I had to say as a serious contemplation for many peoples get married for the wrong reasons. For the wrong reasons so 1st of all let me step Mr problem day and conclude with the solution 12 a lot it's 12 hours when the heart is locked notice that it can not give love Number 2 when a heart is law it cannot receive love and number 3 it cannot receive all give love is double lock. Just then I'm saying even though we said he will understand love but when that heart is lot it is hard for us to receive love when our heart is large is also difficult for us to give love when his double up we cannot be the give all receive because to love like God love makes us vulnerable you get what I say is risky business loving like God love I know that Catherine tells me that is risky business and not one human being under sound of my voice is willing to take that risk with out God empower you are you listening he does not do away with human love he take human love any rate package it in and below. That is supernatural cause alone we talked about is a supernatural love I ha still is a lot are a D. fine. A neglected heart a self focus heart a real check to how morally corrupt they are these lock hearts intellectual hot up with so intellectual cable wall dissecting analyzing but yet our intellect has blot our relationship with God A D. found a dominant heart a driven heart spiritually heart soul spiritually we no earthly good judge mental heart These are 12 lot it's. Let's go back and see do we. Do it do we fit on these lockers hostile hard to find hard neglected hard self focus hard rejected hot morally corrupt heart of intellectually locked the founder of the dominant driven Spears judge mentor hard on 12 it's we find product to truth about private a private problem is a guarantee of a shallow on fulfilling relationship a prat problem will blot the resolution of every problem a problem people said is so many problems and so many solution is only one problem and one solution Proverbs 262 says the curse calls that should not come so therefore if there's a lot of heart the effects of a lot is caused by something underlying which is the pride problem pride problem not is this what is proud proud that is rejecting God pride is exulting view of self pry controlling God and others and use that control into how do we control God Well we go to God with our plans and God when you bless my plants and then we add a little salt to said according to you we'll. But deep in there ha come on talk to me deep in your heart you know you won't God to bless you oh planes come out of me I know that for SAD you get to put Jesus net so you can be sure that is appropriate for you as God to bless your plant day and we sheep is the ad said quarter you will and you will be folk we can control and others. One of my weigh in relation to self pity is a pride problem that you have and it isn't because self pity is self focus anything is self focus is pride remote was nobody understand me. Nobody care for me even That's the reality but the focus is so overwhelmed me to the fact that we expend energy thinking about stuff keep that in mind very important to type surprise obvious and hit pretty. Obvious. All There's a lot of accolades and pat on the back when I was growing up as a young man serious pride problem my mother says son to use male yourself. It invite her day before so do you smell yes that's a. Sign you know what I'm talking about you walk around you like a peacock proud prop but the most dangerous one is hidden prac hitting pram has a point. Where 2 people here say we have a class here and this gentleman here has capabilities of performing this gentleman has the same capabilities and I choose I said take this individual here and you say well you muse in your heart I can do that why did he use any amount why did he pass me back he know I can do the same thing that he does why did he choose me in Venice and say we muse in the heart. As a private problem that he didn't press he had brought me here all sent around self to restate because I want to get to a. Most important as basis of certain is self centeredness is the source of so much of what we experience in Proverbs 13 it really ought to look it up because you wouldn't believe it if you didn't read it for your own selves Burstein only back cry coming contention but with the way all of vice is wisdom it says here and many people at 1st would take issue with this is that way to men Prag can not be the only thing that causes contention is try and can not be the only thing that it goes on and says Here proverbs $1714.00 says that contention is to begin a strike so strike has to be called by more of them proud man is what so and so has done to me others will say you don't understand this is just a type of person I know the scripture says that only by private Come contention is not one of the lean calls is the only call me is not a call is the only cause then it goes on for the sake of time I got all kinds of problems but a prat isn't one of them. If I get such low self esteem there's no way anybody can accuse me Oprah when you look at yourself as being on Worthy that's proc on as practice your member Marion erred he says we have to redefine what Pratt is is not just thinking you better than somebody else but in the simplest terms it is seeing yourself as the center of everything. Me. Self-centered is is really the root of all Prime Numbers Chapter 12 verse 2 mirroring Aaron Moses and brother came against him criticizing him because of an interracial marriage say it has the lord indeed spoken only to Moses has he not spoken also by us the scripture then says in parenthesis in verse 3 that Moses was why. The make is man on the face of the earth is the taking of fence at what they said he began to pray and into see you know what happened to Miriam right turn leprosy so Moses did not take offense to that the Bible said Moses was the meek is man that's very interesting for the Satan want to buy this and Moses was the most makers man on the face of earth stop and think about that we don't know how many people there was on the earth but surely there were millions and most of those would make as man of all these people what make this really amazing statement is that he was the one who wrote it. I just raise your endorphin level. Are you with me the book a Moses Moses wrote that he was the meekest may. I process to your human intellect what you think by that. Come on talk to me cause this says this there's something behind that he came wrote that but let me be a recession fears most didn't just say yeah I'm a big God downloaded to Moses Moses was expressing the very thoughts of the guard concerning you my you can that that was not cracked God told Moses write that. When you get to a 1000000. Now you can't you said well John Doe I'm John Doe Yeah I get 10 degrees behind my name to. God and tell you right now stuff. I you know if I get where I just say God Oh Moses to write that that was the very thought some God concerning Moses you got to get that now he was the meek is man called God saw that. There's move on a move on self sin and this is say you can come to a place where you make Jesus Lord of your life and love him of his kingdom and other people more than you love yourself that is very difficult to love someone more than your self. It goes on you will find that when you do that and deal with so that the strife if you like was according to the Kalash and 3123 Galatians $220.00 ha so therefore God has set on the throne in the wrong songs 1271 he got to give us a new heart God want to take what at Stony our out of us new home preserving this marriage circle that's my brat from my side Where's my bread from my side she's John hack. 47 years. You know we were we met in high school I discovered her. Anyway won't talk about it. And we've been in his work for 42 years for the 1st 5 years definitely was a bumpy road to Jesus took control of this old man's life 47 years seemed like yesterday. But that doesn't preach it produce every moment. Which. Even woke me up from the day I'm serious as a stooge story arcs atop OK 3 tides a marriage has 3 tight 1st one enjoyed 2nd one indoor 3rd one X. Cape. I know several people been married for least 50 years and the husband decided that he did not want to be married anymore or you listen to me Our been married 47 years and as our thought about that and think about their in a new dawn is a marriage but I said 47 years but I've been on my wife for 50 years that's a lot of time even though I'm old but I'm not cold. I be $72.00 in 7 more months. But in my mind I said always public is no way is something I have now while I'm going to look for another one no way you can add that to your google your youtube an example how can you reinvest 50 years those groups an X. 2 X. case in another sense something wrong with legally remarriage but I cannot see that enjoy indoor Xscape folks been married for 50 years and found they've been enduring because endure can go to enjoy or can go to escape if you want to say you got to find out where are you in a marriage enduring you tolerating you suppressing and not surrendering. Enjoy divine design very important God's purpose for your marriage marriage is not a contract is a covenant contract is between 2 parties 50 percent you give 50 I give 50 that's country so therefore you don't leave a 50 country. Marriage is a covenant based on a promise. And that means a 2 part of it one person to live with a promise the other part and still stick to the promise are you listen to me that's the stories so when the plane says marriage is a gift from God to us the quality of our marriage is a gift from us to God. In Genesis we go back God extatic temerity institution has been stated here God put the blessing of society in the family 2 twin institution the sad it and the family the twin towers like took place in 911 and those 2 is a to Sion is the very personal vendetta been happening vengeance of Satan to his straw or the home and to try to do way with the set that's his role. So many of us don't know what true love is how many of ever express this I love that dress she got on I love that carriage Kate cake I love that new car every said those things I love Come on anybody sure now that which you say you love the shoes the car the cake those are in animated object do not have a frontal lobe can not respond to you cannot say the cake is a thank you. Come or talk to me. Again say well I want to love you back so when we make those statements unconsciously what we actually saying about love is what that thing do for me do you get what I just said somebody and I say I love that Kay It helps you know when the down with some of it kicks in these neurotransmitter that says that. That's why you love it because it's satisfy you you put on a car you dress it makes you look good you winsome approbation of people so when we use that word love we use in a sense is a very subjective the love we looking for is someone responding to our Me It's satisfying us and when we're no longer satisfied like oh say I fell in love. Very important understand God's love letters. Parachute don't work when you close hello are there you want to try. It only works when he's open Ah turn with me to the book of the Libyans every move I turn to Philip in chapter 3 now what we're doing is down have let's see the high call and we talk about God's love in Philip is chapter 3. The possible the speaking then he forget those things in the pairs you catch as in verse 13 Paul was a fairy Caesar the fairy see prosecutor of the church hunted down folks eccentric So you know the story but when you mad G.'s on the road to Damascus the man became from from Saul to Paul he became trains for transformed then a verse 14 is at present towards the what the high call the mom the pride in Christ Jesus so the high calling is what these meanings should be stablished So what is that high calling this find out something from inspiration I call higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's idea for his children godliness God likeness is to go to be rich so all the workshop these meetings is a cough for the high cost and therefore it will create a struggle that's good news in your heart and my heart it has to God is not going to lower the bar to get you there is never going lower the standard in the God that I serve you serve is not going to require of some of us something super natural that the human heart cannot attain will provide the power to do it. So people come a church that's why we don't we don't want to hear no challenge and search for his servant and makes us feel good God I want to stir this tree in your heart the fact that you and I have not begin this journey as he wants to so he don't create challenges in our. Some of these workshops on change and all the ones of my wife and I will give special we come down to the man she had to sometime go with a group for the sense and then this I call this one marriages I disintegrate because we said a low standard rationalism this you go to all the presenter of meeting spend weeks and months trying to find out what is right is about face it says righteousness is holiness like this to God and God is what Love to you drop down it says righteousness is love and love is the light and the light of God is good that righteousness is holiness the high call it is God limits like this you read that you can judge this down I'm not going to go through those verses. Romans 8 verse one through 10 knows a statement here because of Christ because a right says the hope of glory Christ in me so Christ when he come into my like he brings right just this with Christ come into my life he brings Holy Sanctified love you agree with that keep that in mind very important understand this statement from on a blessing it says here the writers of God is embody where we receive writers and there is by receiving his do you get that God is not complicated I don't need to be a theologian to understand that if I know how to receive Christ into my life he brings righteousness and love very important understandable Christ perfect humanity is the same that we may have through connection with cries to you had a perfect humanity. That were perfection scariest specially 70 vinous Christians God is not looking for nothing less than perfection is people nothing less as the head of humanity Christ lived on this earth a perfect consistent life in conformity to the will of his Heavenly Father and therefore this can be done by us by His grace Christ triumphant at the bottom of that is says his perfect humanity is that which all his followers may possess if they will be subject is objection to God as he was so we had to study the life of Christ the source you can pick up Proverbs Chapter one The wisdom the knowledge that we need. Is Come on down like in 3 D. this the 1st day destination 2nd day direction 3rd day decision 3 days we find the destination to go where we going into now was to go for us the gusts that. I heard you say heaven I put in the scripture and on the screen for live in chapter 3 is godliness that is the go when you have gotten is you what a mag have heaven so when you strive for heaven you bad pass and godliness do you get that my goal is godliness God likeness that's the destination. We find our destination is reached by the direction we take you get that says My goal is God in this then I got to take a pass the way it was when it says here we find the path of the method says I understand the high calling then I will wall the path that leads me to the high cost you get what I'm saying goes on says here a compass was a purpose a compass for direction our compass operate on 2 principles true no or magnetic north all conferences operates on magnetic north that means the Navigator has to adjust his compass 30 and degree just to get it back to True know what is true north Geographic is the North Pole it does not need any adjustment are you with me compas magnetic north which needs adjustment but true nor needs no adjustment so what do you send Jackson here therefore we want true know so what is True know all God said there is a way the same right to a man but the end of his death so magnetic north is trust in my understanding that always need adjusting hello so we do not want magnetic north we want true north I go to God's Word to find now how to be. A woman how to be a woman we go to God's Word we don't go to a marriage counsellor what does it look like to be married the Bible don't tell you that we want truth no. Well there's a way to say right now. In this death if. The Word of God is like a lamp to my feet and lighted to my path she said and I am the Way the Truth and the life no man cometh unto the fall of about me Christ is the way the truth God's way through no God said as a man think in his heart so is what so that all how I think will be manifest are back so therefore thoughts produce action action repeat it form habits habits develop character and that determines my destiny. Thought if I don't know how to love I don't know a lot of walking out of thought I got habits you don't change people by trying to correct has it got to be a thought transformation does that make sense one person and therefore destination direction and decision thought process we find in our destination is reached bad direction we take based on these seizures we make to get that then me once I see clearly the high called out my choices are dictated by that goal in advance that when you say you know when I was pursuing a career and thought professional basketball I set my goal on been one of the so-called great basketball player came out of Chicago so therefore I will play in the winter I play when it rains I will play I just I mean I just ate and drink basketball and when I met my wife in high school she hated basketball. So there for really had to be impressive and therefore hours merrit to basketball and I remember when I made the high school senior team I got number 2324 hours late I made the team and we had a coach he was a military man he said signs young man I do not want good basketball players I want a great basketball player and I told a story many times before he said you must 8 slate and drink basketball when I get my uniform one home happy as a lot told my mother made the tea and she was so happy for me I cannot wait tonight when night failed I put on number 23 you slept in my basketball uniform got up the next morning gone to the restroom didn't prepare for school my mother caught me out for review of eyes she says Boy we say boy if you're in the air you handle it. She said she looked me up and down she said would you get on rhetorical question I looked myself up and down Also I said I have a basketball uniform said Don't you have pajamas Yes ma'am what you do is sleep in the best ball uniform you see are stupid children. But there were mom you know I made a team a coach said he don't want good basketball player he won't great basketball players he told us we must eat sleep and drink basketball. So I slept in my uniform. She said. OK I will serve you your break for us basketball. That's what you say. You know stand it as a stupid teenager. Then she's download she's a sun which a coach was telling you what have you set your heart to you give it 2000 percent 2000 percent that's what it meant and therefore every decision I may shoot I go demene I would not get involved with street gangs I would not get hooked on drugs and I was not even a Christian but my go dictated mine actually do you want to set the pavement through Excel or Excel but the point is that our destination is reached by the direction we take based on the cities we make keep that in my very point understand that this Asian choices are the Word of God God says that sank upon by my word my word is true God's Word gives us the pathway in Genesis 126 we know God made man how in his image in his likeness we saw that. There's a triangle up there at the top of the triangle What do you see God down to the left side of the triangle you see will therefore when God created May He created man singular he created one human being at one time you agree with that. Dr brought out later on a long or loan I have time to quiz you by Adam was not lonely Hello out there lonely is emotional state alone is a physical stay here we got a group of people in here you can be listening to me but still you can be said here lonely emotionally empty searching no joy no happiness you get what I'm San all you all can leave this building and I'm here alone that's a physical state that doesn't mean I'm sad. Or mad you get what I'm saying to be alone is a physical state to be lonely is emotional state Adam was not lonely I'm inside this cousin coming down somewhere. Keep that in mind then God made he. Him in a I say man to a man hey man now you are without said death a god had a process put Adam into a deep sleep and which you are now ready know that God did not have to put Adam to sleep to make that woman Adam could be standing with his 15 to 17 feet high and God could have said come for a woman. Could he not he took dirt and made Adam so everything that God does. Has specific application to our lives so therefore God put it into a deep sleep which you bite her before so he can spin personal time with that one. That which he downloaded to Adam you see the moment he downloaded to see you listen to this Doug wrote a very clear women either you have a women's live or Adam's reason. I don't want become spiritual political are you with me ladies. You don't have to prove anything you were not created in theory you. As Dr wrote out yes men and women have different processes but that's complimentary praise God I'm so glad my wife don't think like me. I'd be in trouble if I thought lacka we won't be nowhere now on the scale. Honey Honey where are you. I love you. But the doctor wrote a very important did you get that keep that in mind and so therefore thank God like he said then take the bone from the feet of the cryo he took a real can then match complimentary deeper in that room for a moment very important in the stand that so Adam receive from God please get this folks and here we see identity purpose self-worth not self Eckstein 7th stay is contrary to God's Word 7 exchange is private self work your life has meaning is valuable Ah so the purity and happen is given now Adam Riess see all of that from his relationship with God He did not receive that from me and he did not receive that from Mack and I may consist of one person he does now when you talk my struggle with identity Therefore when you see that pyramid those 2 souls were at the same adventure because God was the one to download to them who they were alone with the pastor said that. Adam had a job forget Mary who. Adam had a job. Adam knew who he was and was love and it was all ready happy before all he put together I will say it again. Adam had knew he was all he knew he was a man of the law I mean his image he knew his purpose of revealing God's character he was given a job to be the caretaker of even he was so sure all belong to Him and His happens all was the run from God anybody listen to what I'm saying here that those qualities did not come from and human being did not come from me would be compound waiting for the century because they was sick marriage havingness from love the law calls on me come and talk to May only get 10 minutes here. Now of them coming down follow me God is what keep this in mind when God created Adam was Adam create evil with this low yes he was when Adam was created he was created with his love because God said he made and in His image in his likeness so when Adam was created Adam was an expression of God's heart when you talk about love in the making me that's dotted with go through all of our Father in the beginning God created Adam create Adam with the capacity to love lie in God's Law father himself loved I mean God is so personal. Person keep in mind the Bible said God is everlasting God does not fall in love with me don't fall out of love with me because I don't love you or you listen to me now again this is me you lovers out here God love no no no he it don't stop loving it doesn't stop loving for a lot it's good his love. Endures the storm had a close friend years ago now I'm going to give all situation like married white when I committed adultery broke his heart he took a back. Story don't mean day she went on again committed adultery this time she had a baby what you think you did this to. They took a back and a baby come out talk to me that love does not come from the human heart that's what God done to us we go out whoring bring back babies to know the love of God and have that love permeate your be that love don't change because circumstances. That is the challenge of the human heart because we don't want that though we come here I want to know but this is like God's law knows no boundary the reason you and I send you the day because God is love no boundaries. The selfishness of the center chosen devotion to the will be and happiness of the. Self is koan 0 like intense always thought about what does 0 in love get to do with either. But anyway I thought about it says 2 whole ones self in a 0 position due to high value placed on someone else to get that that means if I'm loving like God's Law that me my wife I place a higher. I become Ciro I put a high value on her as a person and therefore my love of his God Love is not predicated it isn't to me my love for my wife my workers is not predicated upon their behavior. We live in a performance based society what we perform is what give us the accolades or the commendation we need to perform but God's love is not based on your performance and that doesn't me is that he feel good about our crazy behavior but the God that you serve Nassar know how to separate the sinner from the sea. And we don't want to do that we throw the baby out with the bathwater. Images who are just saying that means if the behavior is of late if you have the Spirit of God in you you still able to love that individual as God love you and hate to see. So we have to ask God God give me a perfect hatred for say as you hate to say Give me a love for the center so we're now why mess up with that person and mess up if you us a cure all in your relationship with God not that love would not run you down to the courthouse. Now if you know abuse situation the Bible tells us you get out of that situation and to is correct Did you listen what I'm saying the love that God has in your heart is not to put you in harms way is to keep you from being controlled by selfish heart God is relational we were created with the capacity to love like God and to be relation we have pictures of problem to break up because time now let me just say this Adam was created in the image of God He was created with this love he was created with our heart like that has the capacity for that love to flow through him to another person so therefore God said is not good for man to be along I will make a helpmeet from him so much less than men as well as the new we don't talk about the man. And him receive all that he needed to be an expression of God's heart so another reason I think when the primary reason that God brought even to Adam's life because not Adam now is standing in God's day and given this and God gave Adam and our Jake a WOMAD that he may be able to display his go or day in love to their womb. We. Adam did not need either to teach him how to love men folk. When you go to the Asian side verse 20 on. Their God said and brought out God said love your wives as I love the church and your work and say so many fold this is your final min poll has been call in a marriage to be a savior all to that marriage you can get in there min. The heart of society is the family the heart of a family is marriage the heart of marriage is the May high call. And the love that a man has was wife is not predicated on a beauty or behavior when she burned the grits or when he should act clean the house Hello out there you get him info you come back to this let me give you this situation you get 3 needs and we leave you with this we build on it God has given us 3 nice and all these 3 needs all of our behaviors stem from number one love Number 2 significant number 3 security love to know that someone is unconditional committed to our best interests significant to know that our lives have meaning and purpose and number 3 security to feel accepted to have a sense of belonging you get that all of us have those 3 internees and all of our being Hevia. Is a byproduct of those 3 in needs that we seeking to get but we seek to get them into legitimately do you want to just say. We want love we want significant We want security so what do we do we come from places in our lives we get baggage in our suitcase heard rejection abuse you get what I'm saying. We come from that background because we look for that and because we have not had that result we go out and try to find love significance and security illegitimacy I grew up in Chicago Dan inner cities young man joined the street games when he joined game and and for love security incentives Why do young teenage girls will listen to the sweet nothing of a young guy and fall he has a way he'll to have it then go to bed with them and have a baby looking for love significant and security I can tell why people take drugs why people get on alcohol all of our behavioral. Is in search of those 3 need. Legit immolate. If you give if you tell me some different are we can err then I say no it's not a no it's not a fall state we would dress a certain way we put marks in our body we put holes everywhere in our body and we look at them support but that's solve this impugned inside looking for love significant and security do you want to send 3 needs they may leave you with this this is what marriage is all about when God may Ephraim reappear at the rear and atomically physiologically protects the heart in the vital life Adam. Is a type of Jesus Christ wanting some type of the church marriage was designed to protect the heart of God you get that marriage was not designed for your happiness your joy marriage was designed to protect God's heart. Breaks his heart. What breaks his heart. So when I raise my voice and my wife she raised that might involve us but what does it does do to the heart of God when I keep the high call for me in my marriage my behavior my relation my words everything I do in my marriage is about God's heart. Happyness is a byproduct of holiness. And I make a sincere you make God. Let this resonate with heart not the way society would treat this holy cult is all about God and marriage is the arena that God who displays his glory who in the devil. Is not going said bad folk and let that happen but it's out in print he's a liar as was my house we will serve God and men folk men folk you are the heart beat of marriage and we need to know how to be what God wants us to be in our marriage that are all spring who see what it looks like today they don't see and know that that's why means like this so important that we come to see it not theoretically Now we knew we need know how to translate that into action may God give us grace to do as we pursue. I call. My marriage is to reflect the heart of God a man. How many see that I may see. And those who are contemplating marriage once you understand that high call than you do not make decisions well she's saying good he's single he preached good she could good those of maybe some nice elements but where is the heart of that person now suggest to those who had been his and even contemplating who are married please pick up the book evidence on those who are contemplating marriage to see me there's about 8 chapters tell anybody with thing about gay marriage I need to read those A chapters if you can go through those 8 chapters in a fervent is and say I'm ready then you have God approved I have many people come to me want to counsel for marriage I member file is a close out as a family they want to get married and therefore they want to get married within a month they saw me and said that it Jackson will you do you do coke can you count as a sure and I was at another place I said Well give me a call talk to me so they call the game forms they came to visit so I set down with them than doubt there was time again married in 2 months they already had marriage counseling from the past and etc etc And I said let me and I one way show time as and now you already had marriage counseling you already set a date and why you want to talk to me you not come to me to find out whether the guy want to get married you can meet for approval now if you want to Provo how to use amigos. If you want counsel now you got to be willing because is risky and you loud me to counsel you is risky business do you still want me to cancel OK will put it when I say they don't get married getting a marriage too much when they finish only 3 times and I finish with that they were ready. Christian. People but God see the heart. Not as we see it that's why the Word of God is the mirror. Please take God's word. Let him be the man of your cause menfolk if you don't know how to be a husband like I do not know how to be a husband go to the polls man Jesus Christ. He would teach us may God bless us as have the word pretty good. Father God in heaven we thank you for these moments in time that we can sit at your feet to have you to minister to hearts of Father I pray that we cannot give you our hearts but we give you can sit to take our hearts because they belong to you and that you will keep them pure because we cannot keep it for your father and that you will save us in spite of on Christ like self and that you would take these Harz shake modem and fashion them and today become like a hard Jesus that is loved by flow through us spontaneously and Lord give us grace to maintain this walk with you so go with us through these precious hours continue to drop from our heart and awaken to desire that. Jesus and His love how truly experienced. Jesus prayed that this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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