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How to be a Godly Man

Thomas Jackson


  • April 13, 2019
    4:30 PM
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1st Corinthians Chapter 11. First as one through 3 there with me all right the Bible says Be the followers of me even as I also am of Christ now praise you brother in that you remember me in all things and keep the ordinance as I delivered them to you but I would have you know that they hear of every man is Christ's and the head of the woman is the man and the head of Christ is God But God has an order that he is step which has order as we go back to Genesis chapter one we realize that God created Adam and therefore we place Adam as the hit ship of this earth and then we go on travel on down to the page routes you see the 12 trials when you travel on down into the Patriots and prophets in the sense of where you see the priesthood you travel on down to the New Testament time you see the 12 apostles therefore. Culture education and I experience shapes our perception and conception and it serves as a criterion for us to look through the lens of culture and society factors to interpret the word of God. This is where the challenge of faith comes from we find that our faith is based on the Word of God very important understanding and so it would take you know take 21 days to develop one new thought pattern that now I was telling my students this week. And I really inspire stabilises we had to give up a lifetime of education and I said Now I counted on him I said the one years my education from high school. To undergrad to grad and on to the doctor so we talk about over 20 years of formal education 20 years of secular education then count that with your upbringing in the home in a community all of that shape I want to stand in the US then when I'm sent in somebody understand in that shape so when we come into the truth to the Word of God. That definitely creates a cross a cross God said this is the way you go my inclination tells me I'm going this way and there's nothing wrong with that give what would become wrong with that when we struggle with the pride you know pinion but when we get across to where the victory lies is in the will and my really loyal to you would you get to say you get one percent because when I talk to folks understand the conflict I don't know everything but I do know our educational experience shake so when we go into the Word of God we still go into the Word of God with spiritual cataracts that mean there scales on our as that we only see him blurry because we are fearful of stepping out now not good enough if we want to make we are fearful of stepping out on God's word because we don't know what to expect when you study the children Israel 400 years in Egypt 400 years in Egypt he brought him out. A man he talked a 7 day journey to the Canaan land in you know in 40 years to do what I'm saying 40 years it will want to take it one week for them to go into the promised land so less on can stay we bring into God's mix a culture of mine that has been produced by experiences and that's where we interpret word of God so many folk that some of the labor force once again has a high cost we're going to see a future he's just rehearsing love in the making this morning we share with you love in the making is that God is love. He made him a God in His image and his likeness so therefore Adam was an expression of the heart of God Keep that in mind preserving the sacred circle there's a statement and it is all 178 it says there's a sacred circle around every family which should be preserved no other one has any right in that sacred circle the husband or wife should be all to each other so was around that family how many people are in the circle only 3 The children are not even in that circle the in-laws the outlaws the grandparents there's no one else in that circle a self or man Y. and Crites when anyone else intrude in then socal it will create disruption and death the destruction and said as sacred circle would need to be what preserved right keep that in mind preserve her as a mention our only been married for 47 years the 1st 5 years though we were church going folks but did not know true and once the Lord got a hold of this heart of mine he did a radical change into this heart of mine then added began to spend time on my knees and studying the Word of God How to be a space walk because I had no example in my life what a husband or father looks like Saw hardworking men were going to be sure light bills of pay grosses on the table cars etc etc But knowing how to emotional e. Invest their lives into the children may do not know how to do that because I'm so few prayers as about it and going to share some with you man when you turn turn with me to the book of songs 144 I like someone to really verse 21 the men folk songs 144 Verse 20 which keep their man tough about it sons and daughters right when he says Talk about a development process sons will grow up and. Grow up as youth as plants daughters will be like cornerstone polish at its ability to pass we have 2 children a boy and girl menfolk we're going to see it come to the children and believe it or not especially the daughters mothers spend time nurturing their baby in the conception out on the paps downloading from info if you've got children nor is your position in the family in relationship to that daughter that will in pack rest of her life FUCK UP THE FUCK UP WITH dog though we have sussed it says the daughter would be like cornerstones What is the cornerstone Now we know the chief cornerstone was the Chief Cornerstone Christ he holds it together cornerstone is that very stone that holds that building together then it says that she will be Polish after the submitted to a palace is not just talk about the outward beauty the symmetry is talking about the Inwood dormant. Is that that girl brains a brightness to the home she brings a brightness to the home is something about a daughter that lives up the family and as that daughter is developed to become the cornerstone and become as it were the similitude of a palace it will hardly be depended upon the father relationship with his daughter. With his daughter we'll see it will go on Clay said to a child a daughter and a son and the 1st 5 years of marriage was not the way to lower it so the daughter became the bit of straight now in a merry member meaning we did as many here and I said as 3 God given in a needs environment at will and I was sent here to let MacLeod time I mention 3 needs your ministry need. Love. Security significance so in order. Significant and security keep that in mind it's right keep that a man 3 days along with clear all this up as we move on how many times a marriage is out there enjoy and. A skate now how many folks in here are married who is married got a clue how many are on the verge of getting married has he any OK on the verge of getting their union right place at the right time rather I place it right how many ages and he had been nosy. Very good as move on than design I we found a God's purpose for your marriage marriage is a covenant and not a contract we brought that out is not agreement between 2 people or 5050 that's a contract a covenant is a promise you promise to stay in that relationship based on biblical principles and therefore God is a covenant keeping god so therefore he does not break his coveted though we will experience consequences for straying away from the company but God does not change you can sense when he make a covenant is forever he said I made a cover with Abraham Isaac and Jacob and with David and when the children years were a 1000000000 he sent them a card and to get to me he said for my servant say I keep my covenant and he used those nations as a stick but he maintain is covered you get what I'm saying he did not divorced him a chastised there you get what I'm saying contract divorce now there are biblical ground there's only one biblical ground for divorce divorce is not God's perfect. Divorce was given for the hardness of our heart. So we look forward skills committed adultery on free to get married to another person are you free to get married to another person the pain that you experience in a divorce when a person Cino new you still get their pain. So therefore you got to be on your guard anyway so therefore marriage is holy marriage is a gift from God to us the quality of marriage is a gift from us to God. We realize God is love now this reinforced keep this man God is love. We found out that God's law is a personal law God's love is everlasting God's love is enduring that means it goes to the stones keep that in mind God's love we found that God is self-less of the center passion chosen devotion to the well being and happiness of others above self like in 100 I stated that to a whole oneself in a V. row position due to the high value you place on another person please that is Regina man's man that love to fly mare and I say I love my wife that I must meet the very definition of love I place myself in a 0 position at the expense of the welfare of my wife. And not even considering myself me now how can that happen from a selfish heart are you with me Liz just you and I come into this with selfish heart that means that God is asking of you and I something supernaturally that you and I cannot produce but why would he ask us since we cannot produce that he wants to recognize he will produce it in us if we know how to cooperate with him there makes isn't very poor this is a hike out. Now God is relational. He created for his glory days God His relation his person he is not a herman is not isolated we are relational people we get connection to the human family relation keep that in mind so we found out you and I was create aid it with the capacity the capacity to love in the relation like so it is ordain we can have this experience. Go back to Genesis you remember that was at the top of the triangle God was on the left hand sad and in the bottom we fan along the lonely we see over here now we found out May was Adam along alone he was alone was the definition of been a long and was the definition of been lonely anybody long as a physical. Is emotional So Adam was not emotionally it were not destroyed at this all these animals he was not think about all I feel him why not feel him to because God is the one that feels you know with his spirit he had all this keep this in mind then soul and receive from God to share with you identity purpose self worth security and happens all that was downloaded to Adam at creation it was not derives from another source not only did Adam we see that we go back back to 18 we discover that God created either when he put added to a deep sleep and we found out that God is a personal God and while he added wistfully God download to be the same thing he gave to add to Johnston and so aid was created with the same qualities that Adam had it characterized so that menas has been brought out there was a quality she was not the less we used the greater as a quality the difference is that of the emotional makeup of a woman and a man. And the way man and women think but God created that way because it's complimentary you understand what I'm saying Well God gave a woman is so important but God gave a man a complimentary So keep this in mind they equality was extatic wish creation nothing we can do or process we can take to do anything to that because our ribbit establish quality very important once a man found we his purpose his security is happiness then he is able to take responsibility of another person you and I can not. Truly be responsible someone else we don't know who we are where do they buy that when we still struggling to find that identity in our purpose now it is not only a job which is important but I tell the individual who's really get married do you know who you are do you know your purpose for being on this earth do you have a love that you can impart to others and happiness to send out tons and once it disperses happens read the person's happened because there was things in the lives they felt they were doing that will make them happy so if things make you happy then that is your happiness that's not true happiness because things of value to you to remove things out of your life if a person make you happy that President remove all your life. But when the happen is derived from God that happiness cannot be disrupted by anything that may be sorrow or what have you but your happiness remained the same but you think by that you know believe that. Houses land money all those things have a place but if that's what make you happy then you setting yourself up already for disappointment I know that from a personal experience question some of you know that already let's move on quickly. So Adam was created to be God's representative keep this man Adam was cruel aided God did not take does inform 2 people son tames that we sold that God created Adam and gave him what you call or Dane hitch and their emotional reason physical reason meant a reason why that is but the time they give us spend more time Janet later on now God created Eve afterwards and I put up the object of love so since Adam had to ride his love from God then God created a nother person complimentary for Adam to demonstrate that Godly love that he received from God You know you get a waterfall come down from the mountains get a little reservoir collect the water and has that outlet you have seen waterfall runs into a little reservoir in a spills out in a water is so clear so that reservoir receive water. To give out a swamp. We see but don't give out so when you see a swamp is an environment where virus bacteria thrives in your life man lie been ordained by God to be receptive to all and a giver. As well lived to be we see to good we see to give and that's life that's life we see oh that's death. Spivak we see to good we see the divide is that God man wanted God's original plan for Marriage a spiritual union between God and man spiritual union between God and wanting physical union as is brought out really between man and man and woman intimate relation between the 3 dolls in a sacred circle very important in Genesis 22123 we found out that he was made from the rear bad knee where for matter there was a purpose for that from a sad but I showed you it was a largely anatomical the rib is designed to protect the heart and the vital forces the rear in Romans $514.00 for us to read a $1545.00 and it is a type of price we read year in Jeremiah $6.00 to $7.00 to read 11 to Revelation where one into either is a type of the church therefore they are part when we go back. Let me know talk to me is there where you want to go. So you find that Adam and he in a spiritual sense Christ in the church very important and stand this principle. I get a move fork out that are so price of the church if Asian chapter $5.00 Verse $28.32 there's a relationship there so therefore we find now even though men folk are year versus a few women coming year I just want to just blessed women with something let's look at this little poetry of yours It says Dear one when I created the heaven in earth I spoke there in to be when I created man I formed him in breathe I breathed life into his nostrils but you moment fashion after I breathed the breath of life into men because you have nostrils are too delicate allowed a deep sleep to come over here so I could patiently and perfectly fashion you man was put to sleep so that I could not so he could not interfere with the Create a Timothy. From one bone of fashion you chose the bone that protects man's life I chose the real which protects his heart and lungs and support here just as you are meant to do on a daily basis for you he has no protection around one bone a shape you mold you I created you perfectly and beautiful your characteristics are as the real this strong yet delicate and fragile you provide protection for the most delicate organ in man his hot his heart is the center of his B. his lung holds the breath of life but the real cage will allow itself to be broken before we allow Denish to LART in so poor man as the real cage support the body. Heart of the family is marriage and what breaks God's heart is not the same it says here the crawls is a revelation to our dull senses of pain that from the very inception seeing has brought to the heart of God. We find that marriage is the heart the marriage then as I mentioned is designed to protect the heart of God My marriage is designed to protect my father. Who is to hold the institution because it's through marriage that God want to manifest to I love this whole world what truly love look like what love truly looks like so marriage is not about being happy is about Been hope when we are connected with God happiness comes automatic did you get this far. As it sounds $14415.00 happy is the man and ONE WHO THE LORD IS a god when we receive Christ will we see happen is and that which comes externally is nothing but desert but my happen is already in place before the things come because there will come I'm not disappoint I'm still happy somehow to read Psalm 625 very quickly for me some 60 to 5 as we move on did you hear what you just read. Is says My expectation is for. From God don't we have expectation from people. But the magic question what do you expect from your wife come home and vote so my talk to the mayor which you expect from your wife your marriage or as your lovely wife all right would you would you miss a certain. Respect like that respect good somebody else keep that in mind. Commitment what else. For a person is. So pawpaw would you expect no one why he Gaby think that's a rack and we'll come back to you man how long you been there 8 years tomorrow Praise God you have an expectation of never ever no say you come to the wrong workshop did you. Close You set of fronts. I come back like those days on our. Server service who. Where she is here now she's down OK. All right I or somebody respect respect on service loyalty loyalty All right Good God yes yes sir love WOW resounds you too far again I'm in fault because the same question I raise you out said in the same seat some time ago. I said. I should handle expectational my wife not like a business or ministry you know when minister we get about 20 folk 20 stale folks working you know ministry they get be some expectation right on but that Scripture says My expectation is the lord how do you reconcile that how you don't mask and how you reconcile the expectation we have with the Scriptures and you can somebody help me understand their. OK. Was told God is now living her because she refuses. And you expected service from your what. Overvotes No not now. Well you in a marriage now. Going to marriage now we live in a marriage now. Enjoy and do escape you enduring now you're OK but I'm saying you have expectation and then I'm saying how do you reconcile that scripture Yes. Do you hear what these brothers say with their expectation were you repeat some of these expectations. Respect service commit men loyalty support. You and say want him to send that you know who read that text some 65 I mean why he says My expectation is of a low you sense something. When we have expectations which we all do special people we know we set ourselves up for disappointment OK to people who were there but what you know but I think Talk to me Do we now when we have the expectation of people do we set ourselves up for just say the probability of been disappointment. Yes or no. To moan but not how old is a closing question not open opening question requires different Taishan closing question is a yes or no. A Yes sudden oh all. You know I have my student tell me I'm controlling a man I said oh I don't troll your mom I understand up close and question yes or no did I do you opportunity to explain and I got one person on the set ready here ready he understand what a closing question is. All person call me on my phone. We do have expectations and all the things you said therefore you have an expectation and we're like yes we want God to resolve our problems or we leave out here God is not circumstantial right and remember the higher calling circumstances can outweigh the few we find the temperament and the disposition to stay constant the reality is acknowledging that I am of fact it because my expectations are not met and once we recognize that then God I see and then God has a solution to that prop who like that poem I said you know what is it a sense of entitlement that me I have a right for you to fulfill that. In. You know what and if that is the position you said yourself well we're not only spiritual problem you said yourself but there's a logic problem because you don't go into a moment of depression resent it and bitterness is going to affect your drill Glanton approach to the degree that those neurotransmitter can produce those suppress and borrow press or that precipitate dad be. If you feel entitled feel entitled We don't come to come to conclusion love marriage as I saw Let's get to the heart of get to the heart Soledad for we are established now always Sen as a come down to this last part is show specific role of a man is a high cost is a high cost very high cost Yes sir. I just read the scripture how you read the scripture you know we've got expectation but we need to know how the expectation function now lives if our expectation is of our. Entire domain for person to meet that expectation then we set ourselves up for disappointment so that expectation got to be governed by something higher than your human expectations was Sansa too far my expectation is of a lot of that simply means that when you face crisis in your life trouble. What pair of names do you see through your lens of God's name automatic when you face disappointment when you face trials automatically what lives are you look through your lens you look to your lives because as brother Mason entitlement you might not take that consciously but when you have expectations of individual you want them to feel those expectations you want them to fulfill the expectation do you know. Me So I'm just here to share with you you got to reposition yourself so you can still function as a godly man in lieu of the fat that would you think is your expectation not been met does not as my brother brought out very clearly there were no suspect they should make it affects you it can affect you to degree you begin to conceptualize in your mind of the person you married to that she might not care about right she might not care in this thing continue repeated that is circumstances feigning you. Mpeg I know you get what I'm saying in the assailant's sense. When you read it Ed you entitle show me where you read that and I just ask I'm not Santa I like to know what is your biblical basis that you and I are entitle for certain rights of why he has not had as good books. What is his expectation Why is Christ hurt and reason bring this up because that's the book Bottom line our expectations entitle it is purely selfish is purely selfish you know entitlement for the expectation is not so much interest in that So salvation is a fact that in fulfilled a commitment. A natural marriage is all it is only one marriage. A Godly mare's see in time when we talk about a covenant Christ was her to not let me share about Christ character the destruction of the weak. Because of a weakness is that love is love why is in love. Not an assistant that is true is true the destruction of the wickedness is that the love of God It is the love of God Here you get the wicked folks all they know how to do is drink home and kill steal in newer pristine they could. They be of their suffering. Even the destruction of the wicked is God's love. So moch one is what do we want our we entirely to nothing. Only thing we entitled to is death. We're not entitled to anything not even the coveted the covenant is a promise and that even if one person to live up to the promise that person remain faithful to that promise of the Covenant if that personal liberty expectation so I'm not entitle today it is God will give the entire book is about God So when I want to be sure that we understand that the entitlement that we talked about flow from the selfish are in tandem it is not coming from a covenant heart if we understand biblical marriage but suppose the person s'posed the wife as a brought out spose she does not live up to what you and I think she should live up to that's my point. Let's get to the role of the man real quick. OK let's get to the role I'm a keep that in mind I preserve in the role of the husband all the entitlements so 1st of all husband of all this can come in proper perspective herdsman as we know our house bank. Where the word house band me bringing together house being all right Skip someone is to say get to the right 3 for court cannot be easily broken so therefore we have man wife and price right societies composed of families of corn have in his home page 50 is the Foundation Foundation families God's plan write his psalms $113.00 in the foundation be destroyed what can the writers do so same attack is on the foundation the salad and the family keep that in mind our warfare is supernatural corn is 2nd to retain 3 and 5 we got to put man we got to dress up the dress of you then and I. All right so we find that the harder home is marriage and then I want you all the all the men folk eventually all go to feature fat as we come to some concrete practical to use but here feature 5 you begin to read it says some men in yourselves one to another in the fear of the law so 1st of all God. Exhaust told us to submit ourselves to one another in the fear of the Lord in the field the law or the love of God If the love of God is in our now wife has no problem submitting our sales to one another you get that keep this in mind the threat is the fear of the law you cannot operate trialist say you need to submit to me it must come from my heart that is fear with God's love kid as a man and just like those who think about get him air yes you need a job setter but the prerequisite for Mary is conversion you get there is conversion then leave born again ha there is evidence in the life of the individual that there is God is Rulon in their lives that is to prerequisite for getting married everything else calm job house etc etc You can have good job you can have a good home you get a good income but your heart is detached from God All right so so many yourself want to know that it says Wives so make yourselves unto your own husband and as I like with the data brought out and unto the law so my submitting to my wife the many to me as and to the lo now her submission to me is corresponded to my submission to the law did you get that. I think it will come up and it says here for the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church and he is the savior of the body brought that out so therefore men God place you as head of your wife if you just stop there then you have the right to be an arbitrary in your own rulership but God's men hear otherwise as Christ is the head of the church even as he gave himself for the church so that the years are more substance to his ship to give him say so the be head of the church and I said I what appears to make money that means you become very a servant a servant same deal to you oh I will find out more how that looks on it goes on Therefore as the church is subject to cries so let the wise be today own husband in every day as the church is subject to Christ so the wives see the church how she is will be subject rise then she learn from that experience how to be subject to a husband so she and I get in direction from others and use more be my subject she's looking at Christ as are going on of the her what he was sending them repeat as we look at the life of Christ and His relationship with his wife and how he really relate to her his life to her was attractive to the church and in that it brought forth fable response of the church to Christ is that amount is that would you say in yes or now it says here. Her husband love your wise even as cries also love the church and the of what. Someone put some skin meant for her husband love your wife. Even as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. Expectation. Pushkin nowhere you find written where the Bible says Why love your hurts. Is that in Scripture you will find that in Scripture. That means. You need money. You find no way in scripture I will go where the Bible says Why love your husband it says you reverence their perspective and the love that the wife show of force of husband is a result of his salvation. To us I just said man when that woman see you walking in price that resonate that precipitated a response from a heart of love respect and reverence is not something that you demand or you entitled to. You not entire do nothing when you in Christ's that woman will respond so you don't say now if you respect me love more if you do this the more. I'll be able to get it together. Come on that's common language among families you don't really know where in the Bible where God put Adam there and his relationship with Heather was dependent upon he behavioral. And relationship to his wife was not predicated whether she was this or that is because it was no danger in here to love her like God loved here who and that woman will be attracted to where this move on so the heart of marriage is the husband the heart of marriage is not the wife she is the thermostat he she tells you it is hot or cold. And hid it is 90 degree that the the mama says it is 9 degrees she says you call something wrong with you readily. Get menfolk you were just. It was 9 degrees in your house and the woman says she's called you the one that's broke you regulate to put your game which who open a thing like this man that was the part was the wrong one is part of music and finish of you. Had learned as to knows what Freddie does it is easier to build strong children 2 men broken me to do it. Is easier to build strong children then 2 men broken me. And we all come from crack homes. We come from broken homes we come up with 1000 on about your father I grew up with out of. Only men and one time I lighted age of 30 when I became a Christian and I had to go and talk to him send free and look to grab my brother has it. First and I see that I give you a nice and nice something from you but you forgive me. That's my 1st last and I saw my father a year later he died so I had to learn. How to be a husband and how to be a father and I had to go to the Word of God Cause only me was a man like I was cultures into tankers again for no meal. He wants and so God when raise up me to be example for the young me in this. The significance I'm a skip that I want to get to a point because men get to have all 3 days things themselves have all 3 of those needs all 3 of those needs a man we are solution we were created in a family to protect God's heart OK so god damn will make you help me one day as complimentary one does go on to work by also in order that you could fulfill God's Will not you know we'll to do what I just said you may have a business venture to say my wife that we want to get involved God made a woman to compliment you and I that we might fulfill God ordained purpose for us on this earth that's what I mean to be a help me. Help me husband House bad house by buying a house together her husband the father the head of the household. The father should do is part 2 of making home happy whatever cares a pre-built is perfect thing they should not be permitted to overshadow their mean if you work for Pharaoh he's been you up 8 hours a day don't you bring this stuff on you better power to block from the home spin the time praying in Washington things are good enough so when you walk in the house and Mama lead the kitchen you don't have a briefcase down don't go to the room go go to a computer you get into the kitchen and start washing dishes who you can get in there and I'm not talking in my Brafman is that here she's read this she recorded she records she goes under that you know she record and you beat up on day you go in because you can see man you got high cause you got a higher calling he's a lawmaker he is the priest of the family Evan is home to 12 priests the father must not betray a sacred trust he must not in any point even of his parental authority he must be a law given but he must be able to know how to believe in justice and mercy he can be all just oh mercy he need to know how to believe in justice you see mercy opens the door for that so the justice thing is there demanding obedience so that her husband need to know how to balance Ted with his children justice and mercy are very poor he need to be to walk with God while the children to all those see Christ becomes present here too humid in our present hell matured experience what his influence of being a home would be determined by the knowledge of his time with God Read avenues on read read you are to learn daily Christ bring your will and submission with God then for. Take the word of God as the manual count of the principle heaven will ennoble your transaction so that means fathers you cannot start your day with out spending your tie in the Word and own your needs with God That is the 1st order of business you gotta be down with most of our. Gods or for us who are in them 3 our children some young ladies you really as a 312 you see Satan's order but want children then the May children bear rule children become the instrument and wish to delver use to bring disorder out of 10 do you know that. You don't know. That I got 2 children and therefore same would get in those children and you begin to take side that woman would turn her back on a person for the sake of the child that's sane or you read about if the whole of the sick in the head is sick the whole body is sick so the head of the family is the man this is where the tank is you and I am in we must be intentional with our lives we can now walk around here in like less of a bubble we must realize we are in a warfare and that we owe a strategic position in our family as the head ship and we are held accountable for the salvation of our homes salvation attorney for each of the 5 go with me real quick of my time left but I want to really leave you with Easter. Fish to fry. Gimme gimme some readers really quick. And you don't see Year 5 duties of a husband to his wife up 5 degrees is going to feed you for is 5 duties to the of these are 5 things that the husband to be to why. Do we see submission mutual submission as unto the Lord now the 1st duty of a husband to his wife is to love her this is a feature to lover of right the 2nd duty is to sanctify her the 3rd duty is to nourish her. The form of duty is to dwell with her and the 5th duty is to honor her so it's all my time now but I need and explain this one I the 1st 2 to love her does what he said the 1st to have a husband to his wife is the love of Greek word of God Now you might say well that goes without saying because often what goes under the name of love has little to do with love the word love has become a mis understood world for example people said I love my job I love my home I love my desert Julie what they are talking about is what those things do for them the home makes me comfortable the desert satisfy my sweet to the work satisfy my desire for career the word love has become a word describe the lust of the flesh and not the more you see when the Scripture talked about love it talks about cycle fights that you make for the betterment of someone else you can only measure your own love by your sacrifice do you get that love is in sacrifice therefore I am to love my wife cycle fish or me therefore I do not study my creature comforts I do not study my convenience I am under or Dane headship by God and therefore my love for my wife is psycho fish. Anything that going impinge on me demonstration and love must be cut out a low out there if you get that. Now remember you are really close and remember this is not pretty sympathetic by the woman or the wife behavioral god nonsense love your wife as long as she could go so clean Bay He said I love her as I love the church you get that unconditional you listen to men folk if you marry if you think about getting married are you ready to be sacrificial How are you thinking about it been signed fish to love the command for man to love his wife is never given to a woman in Scripture that is a woman is never commanded to love her husband a god pay and script she is commanded to be affectionate to him in a children time is to follow and to be obedient and show respect is to stop now is not that a woman should love her husband it is that her love is a response as I said to his salvation do you get that So you say you know you need you supposed to love me when you read Dead her love for me my wife love for me is a response of my connection with Jesus Christ children and I feel they company are right all right you get that but there's something about love now what about to sanctify her right where they come in the most Thou shall not steal Yes. Pray for me. Are you we're made to sanctify her Are We Now listen man get this men when you marry your wife are you listening when you marry a why you did not only marry you know why you marry her history. How many just get what I see you had when you marry when I marry my woman my wife 47 years ago I didn't know this a new and now I marry history the US that one time out you marry history how many of them went on the Ha alright actually that means before you met that woman she has a background in the home her training her relation with him on how far up she hit her she has pain she has some scars she get disappointment that's what I'm talking about they don't surface you don't understand she brain the suitcase to the marriage baggage and you have. Honeymoon movie and then as years go on in the suitcase is open our memory or to move it goes on is a memory says you see this is what I said You see you do not just marry her you thought you were marrying her but she brought with her. Good and bad the good cause you will enjoy the bad part you don't see until after the honeymoon. And after marriage you discover something you discover I didn't know you were like that I didn't know you were force or you didn't 1st when we were dating I didn't know if you screamed like that I didn't know you snort like that I didn't know you couldn't cook at all I didn't know all of that you don't stand brother you stand that's history that's history I go to this room in ASH may I be the 1st to Mitt only way I knew something about my wife history because we grew up together but gone deeper than that I didn't know anything about it and said well honey before we get married let's check out your history book. The pretty things she nice get mare 5 used to the marriage all history came out are you with me so far now are you saying the fire if you love her doesn't want to send Now if you love are you hacked to be her Sanctifier you recognize now you will love her you have to be a saint for those who says what is a sanctified it says here the word sanctification mean to set apart for special use that is to place this woman in a unique category and take her from where she is to where she needs to go it is called in the scripture the process of sanctification or spiritual growth when she shows you her problems you now be calm her in problem solving that's what it means to love or so when these problems rises up if you are connected with God. You'll be calm a problem solver for her is that I said wow I'm no use like that without you would be for men you to love her you get to become sanctified you've got to take her away she hears where one of them go than me you have to be active with God to sanctify I went many men want to do is marry as though they're at the end a relationship when you get married you only at the beginning of the relationship 47 years I am at the beginning I'm learning every day in a more I see these things the more my life and my marriage I become joy of because I recognize what kind of a Red China hand and a fact is I must be connected with God to be my wife lover and sanctified it goes on and says here and your job is to take it from where it is where all to go because you are the sanctified you are Christ representative in your home what Christ is to those church you are to your wife you are the Sanctifier so that if she mass up. Your job is to help to correct it not. To get them involved you guess if you say something else. Because they already came over to. You with me so far God took So we are to love her are and we are to sanctified her. We are to work with her when she go into stress was Hugo's a man yes your homes are a way that's not sanctified. Hello given Baghdad stay. Who is not a homeowner issues are issues All right let's move on already to nourish lovers saying to fire you must nervous. What we need to do are what we need today are her husband who know how to nourish and satisfy the why now the natural man thinks of sex you are ahead of the workshop on sex so this nurse is much broader than that ha when the heart when you hear them so the nourishment to nourish or the Bible to feed to supply to sustain to cherish to harbor to support to foster to cultivate. The script to say is that a husband out to love the wild as their own but the spirit hears that cries gears and have said to the jury it has nothing to do with what she is doing to you in return because we are talking about scriptural love if you hate me I am going to love you if you reject me and still go on to try to please you because I love you to feed and to nourish you you get that so that wanna say I'm leaving you you say OK I pack your bag with you does not the Scripture OK as a scripture Scripture say you must prove. To show do you get them info from you guys give a little bit now the next thing to do well were for to do a a where for that's what next herdsman are commanded you'd wear with a wise This doesn't mean just to live in the same house. There's a Greek word to dwell means to dwell in close harmony close ally to be in close proximity it means an intimate world many men have this idea I go out and the provider you the why you stay on you do your job I do my job that is the natural hard to do well with her that's where the problem is the home is Marja Ah the role of the wife is to help but she is not to replace your role in our own you are to work in concert with her to create a spirit of harmony within to do that you must be there in the job take your friends take your recreation take it you not dwell in with you why you know fulfilling your Dain do you know why I did not marry a paycheck she marry you she did not marry a car she married you she didn't marry a bank roll she marry you whenever the outside things that you do for her replace your present with her then you are not living with her any more. Yes ma'am I had some in a marriage today job today promotion for God's sake to live with her you can not come home and turn on the T.V. and the computer and come home you must come on work for. Say got to go sometime it means tell her she's the prettiest thing you have to run to or that you could get her off your mind all the days when my wife we've been in managed to get 42 years there who should go out Community Care business I am I My plate is always full but there will be a TAM I'm not going to call my way. Even though she has left of our home beyond phone and check in on her every moment. I get my paws on my wife never was the mean that I don't trust I don't trust the devil do. You listen to me I'm in for he says or that you couldn't get to walk out of your man all day sometime it means dry and dishes why she washed you some time it means making one sand the beer while she makes the other say why because she was not given to you to become your slave she was given you to be you helped me. Get clean you are to treat her like your queen from your spleen your bra from your sack. Does your wife feel special this is me many men do for all the women that they would do for their own wife were used to doing they used to open up the condo every single tack now she's looking to get in before you drive off. And. I know what I'm talking about when love Dyer's marriage there she is your queen and you roll out the red car pray pool out the chair open a door open export her game you got to do those days man she must feel special how do you make her feel special by your words and actions from the heart so we are on real busy right now right in the middle of something but you cross my mind. And I just want to call and tell you I love you and I can't wait to see you when I get home I got to run but you're my man she's going to be too long because she just made her feel special come out talk to my woe. I know what I'm talking about. Really I'm old same property and walking distance Honey I can't wait to get a. Sudden I get home turn a light on get this ready wash I'm going to tell you I haven't played in history for plate but my queen must play. If the family is going down ministry goes down church goes down I know my priorities my family is my priority so my children are grown and gone is it but my wife is my priority I got apologizes folks who still. Prayed for me and pray which are why morning even if you don't job we have some time going to be some place and time away be an area around 5 o'clock in the morning I'd be somewhere in the 8 or you get but we would never leave the house. Pre she gotta get up a family I got to get a bit 3 I'm not going to leave my house I responsible I'll say honey bee you feel like are on the bricks honey as Paul. Is going to our knees is praise the Lord we give him say to you more. Pray we. Pray. All this to find the man. We just find. A lady of days for peace provider protector prophet trees. As euro provider yes you need to provide security the physical needs you to protect her she need to feel safe your family you are the prophet you are the teacher good teacher you the priest you set the spiritual tone of your family that's the role of a God The house is not predicated upon the behavior of your wife because Christ love me is not predicated on behavior he loves me because he values me and that we support K. to my heart's in the what I want to respond to. I want to honor you does that make sense as a world where Christ man I guarantee you give yourself 90 days with this. Stock to see if you marry why no expectation how is the law if she does not meet your expectation does not tools so Lord. In this unexpected expectational you trying to show me stop you revealing my heart is like yours help me to help hard like you towards my wife. That my children see your family and neighbors and my church that's the role of God in me and that's the most rarities creature on the faces of Earth but this evening I just want to make an appeal to us and has nothing do with the fact of your stream God says there 1st be willing willing mind or. Seen the principle there biblical I'm willing for you to make me. A copy of. A column. If that is your commitment I like men for come up one pray because we live in some serious time I like the men folk to come on up because we want to cast that demon out of our homes we're not standing here because we think we can do it but if you believe all that was say which I believe in my heart is true and God said My grace is sufficient and all we need to do is to make the 1st step said Lord search my heart know my thoughts and see is there any wickedness in revealed to me my blind spots revealed to me the generational see. That you. Curse because all of those are by products of fatherless I don't know your father I just told you my little story about my father never had a relationship. But that is no longer excuse for me because what Jesus revealed to me I can become the man that he wants me to be in the Father which he is doing it I'm in that process I am at making steps and I'm going back as I'm making steps in that direction and I know that when then may it's lined up with the Christ that we know your life would never be the same. It would never in the midst of the storm. That would be peace anxiety is a this connected heart with Christ's own anxiety of anxiety. Has become in the words. Nice don't know man can we kneel together if you can kneel down this new. Spray brother. Loving Father in heaven we come before your throne them mercy and love grace. For we have a elder brother High Priests who is touch for the feel for beauty and this is why we can come boldly to the throne the grace and the times man I recognize your love for us because we kneel in here is evidence that you work in in our hearts in our lives and that you do now hole over us our past experience but you set before us a high calling and Lord when we recognize the problems in our lives that is fleete to you and confess those to you relinquish those to you that they might be forgiven him blotted out and every time you seem to be really hurt us in our mind if we already prayed about it gave it to you we know is not you bring a fork is the devil bring it to our attention so we come to you again and again and to that button that he's been pushing will be out of order. And there will come a time lord Very soon as Christ said in he came and found nothing in him so far we give you permission to him T. of us of our past failures are resentments a misconception perception even our attitude towards our wives though we have sincere ours to love them but yet product of our heart is the Sept It is a lot now removed his reception help us to draw strength from you that we might be an instrument in your hands for shower in these women with cut off. Provide the protection and direction Lord forgive us what we aired cleanse us and replace all these failures with your precious promise and a lot as we move on throughout this day I pray that we will today as we heard your voice not our hearts we can not give our hearts to you we give you could say take these it's make it like us one chooses we pray. Thank you. 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