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  • April 13, 2019
    6:30 PM
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Only a father thank you so much for this time in this fellowship and time to reflect on your word and we just pray right now for wisdom on both for us and each one here in this room you promise. When we don't have what we need when we recognize that you have all we need you are there and we just praise you so just bless this panel in the questions may all that we say and do glorify you right now thank you and your precious name. All right so our 1st question that we've received is for Dr Doctor Dr Jackson. And it reads This is a little brief overview of this person's situation and they say I'm a young adult who is positive and I've always believed it to be God's will for me to be involved in medical missionary work after applying to one of the medical missionary institutions and informing them of my status as it was indicated when applying to stay if one had the illness I received a rejection letter upon asking I received a rejection letter apart asking if I could be guided into a program more suitable for me I was told I could not be admitted to their institution for any program at all I was devastated and I have been struggling spiritually since it happened does my illness disqualify me from medical missionary work and where do I go from here. You know. I was illness does not disqualify him from doing medical mission work. To be a blessing in disguise Now we work with people HIV positive eccentric So there's hope then also for training there's other avenues that they can receive the trains which we also offer that so I said to the person of one No it does not disqualify you because infirmities is not a criteria for ministry right and so if they need further how do you need to address to the top to me. Because we seen H R V Not just hit the food a reverse reverse. Let me say I've advised 2 U.S. presidents on a HIV and AIDS and help direct money to Africa through pet far and I've done a lot of program work and my last public health position in Pasadena that was one of the pride of the work we did was to bring in money to assist individuals suffering from or just infected with HIV virus the fact that someone who says they teach medical missionary work would not take someone with HIV tells me they don't really know the medical side it's a statement it actually don't understand the disease and they don't understand that disease I would question how much they know about any other disease so that would really be my answer is that it is a blessing in disguise you should go somewhere where you can actually get really good medical training. Next question yet people have access. For presenters but. Please feel free. This one is for April this 1st asked Is it OK for girls to ask you guys. Absolutely not just kidding no it's OK It's OK we actually talked about this beforehand because I believe this question may have come up before in another one of these sessions and so as we were preparing for our sessions down there there were several questions that were listed and that was one of them and there were I'm sure more than one question that had to do with. The woman in the situation being the aggressor I guess is what we think of in this case Sometimes 2 people that come together have personality styles that fit each other where the woman might be a little bit more type A and the men could be a little bit more reserved and for those 2 to be together we think it's fine if the woman asks the man out I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Though it may put certain men off. But that kind of man is probably not the one that she wants to be with so we think it's OK but it may be a little bit awkward in some situations where there's any kind of biblical mandate that says women should not ask a man out. Unless you can show me that. I personally think that if you want to have a godly man leading in a marriage you need to allow him to lead from the beginning and not start the process God is able to bring that person along so I would say take that initiative in the beginning some of the responded because that that's good I didn't think about that aspect. Leadership is an interesting thing when the Bible talks about spiritual leadership in the home I don't think it means that in no case can the woman voice her opinion about something need to be a certain way a given example in our family April and I have made a decision that in certain cases sometimes we may have a disagreement between each other for which we do not have. That there may be there may be a case where both of us disagree about a particular issue in such a way that we need somebody to break a tie OK I feel one way about something she feels another way about something and this may be about something that's not necessarily spiritual right how do we decide who the person is who is going to break that tie well in our religion will we have done as we have said there are certain aspects of our home that she has the tie breaking vote and there are other aspects of the tie breaking vote give an example with our children we have decided that April has a better understanding about certain things about childrearing than I do so when it comes to that if we don't agree about a particular thing and we decide that we're going to go different ways we're not going to go different ways we're going to walk together sometimes she is the one who gets the tie breaking vote some person might say that's her leading. I don't know how you would put that but the reality is just because I am the spiritual head of the home does not mean I'm the best person to make every decision when it comes to child rearing we have determined my wife is better to make that decision than I. Say So anyway I think it might be the same in this case I don't think that just because the woman asks the man out on the 1st day it means it's setting the relationship up where she's going to be the leader and he's not I don't agree with that anyway. This me the 25th will make 22 precious years that I've been privileged to be married to my bride Alexandra. And 22 years ago in 2003 my wife proposed to me. And. You know she proposed to me and you know I obviously said yes. And we were excited we were in the church but there was much that we did not understand we often mingled a little bit of what we thought was right and also what the Word of God said as we began to read Advent his home in Child Guidance and you know these books that we understand to be inspired by God. As we began to read those teachings and one of the books I read was education the book education in there talks about Eden being the model church the model school and also the model home and as we began to study Eden we started to look at all the principles you learned through Eden. And in Eden I believe God left an example and I don't believe it was a mistake for the Lord said that what he did was good after he did it and that was that God when creating the relationship between the man in the woman and marriage he brought the man to the woman and I see due to full demonstrations of how we love Him because He 1st loved us you know and it follows the biblical example and so when I see in scripture if I look at Eden and allow that to be the model of even how the relationships are to come together then we would all have to admit that according to the Word of God The man is brought to the woman not the woman to the man and so my wife said you know as she realized this she says I wish so much you would have proposed to me. And I said I hear you go and. In 2017 we were at Meet ministry and Lord bless and many many ways and I had the privilege of before all of these witnesses I went on my knees and I proposed to my wife to re marry me and you know it was a beautiful event and we ended up having another ceremony where we were able to look at it and we were grateful to experience more carefully and more closely the biblical example of what God has said and you know we are Christians were called to live by the word you know I'm saying we all got an opinion and I understand that but even our opinions have to be submitted to the Word of God and I just want to get to a place where we look to the words a lot OK what do you show us in your word what is the trend of Scripture and the trend of scripture is that God speaks to the men the man goes to the woman and this is how the relationship is established and I believe we need to let that be our model because I don't believe God makes mistakes. All right our next question is directed for Jacob and Yvonne Reed what do you do as a woman if a divorced man is wanting to date you I repeat this is what do you do as a woman if a divorced man is wanting to date you it's a question you need more details to answer is he Scripturally divorce or not if you are not Scripturally divorced you just say thank you but I'm not available for you I mean you need to say a nice way. If it's a scriptural divorce. Then you have scriptural basis to remarry you can't just say you can't is not qualified to disqualified because he was divorced it has to be. Scriptural and if it is well there's a whole bunch of things to look at in addition to that. But I will say there are things that you need to look at Additionally if a person is divorce why are they divorced where there are issues with him that going to be a problem for the new marriage. So it is I would say it's it's a yellow light but not a red light it's a light that you just want to look a little bit detail maybe speak to some of his counsellors to find out some more details about him. Spread of prophecy there are several counties of a man that was divorced the wife left him she got remarried. Sister White said to the family that was against the marriage she says there's no reason why these 2 cannot get divorced so the man has a right to the affections of a woman so you cannot just say just because he's divorced but why why is the divorce to be better question. All right thank you Jake of the next question is for the way. And the question is referring to dress reform can men wear shorts in public. All right so again this this question is coming because we were talking about dress and sexuality in our class and one of the things we did according to the Word of God is we looked at what does the Bible refer to as nakedness because our modern day minds and modern day approaches to the Word of God are quite dangerous if we move it outside of the realm of Scripture we allow often intellectual genius in these type of terms to override the clear statements of the Word of God and that is problematic so we let the Bible define what nakedness was so we looked at a few passages Isaiah $47.00 we looked at Isaiah Chapter 5 we looked at different scriptures that defined nakedness and one of the things we got to was dealing with the lake and we were talking about the amount of the leg being shown in these things and therefore it was talking about the bare leg the uncovered by cetera and these things are nakedness and should be hidden and so the question now becomes is it OK for men I see nothing in the Word of God I mean really and truly I understand that this is probably weird to some it's not weird to me at all but I now understand it's a very strange thing when we actually say are we really supposed to make all of our decisions based on the Bible. Some people are very uncomfortable with that they think that's a bit outdated and we need to add a little bit of human thought in there but that's just not the position that I come from as a minister called of God So if I look to the Word of God and if it says very clearly that the leg or it being laid out there before others is something that the Scripture calls nakedness and I do not see God repeal that from his word nor only apply that to the female then God makes it very clear cover the nakedness. And that very much applies to a man as it does a woman and so these are things that we all have to accept you know it's like when God If God is talking to someone and talks about not eating a bad way but he speaking specifically to males does that mean that that council does not apply to the females of course not God is giving a general principle even though he might have initially said it to a male figure or to a female figure nakedness is nakedness you can't tell a woman cover your backside Oh guys it's OK for you to show your backside because God didn't directed to a man in the verse that is nonsense so yes the Scripture is clear that our nakedness should be covered the leg is a part of that context of nakedness therefore the leg should be covered both for the men as well as for the woman. Often things that are of a moral something moral in the Bible also have something that's helpful and. Besides the moral issue when you're not evenly clad when your legs are not evenly globe your arms are not evenly close the blood tends to pool where the clothes are. I think it's woman who wear bras all the time even the nightime I think they have a 70 or 80 percent higher amount of breast cancer because it's an extra layer of clothing especially with not cotton so if I'm wearing shorts and my legs are exposed my blood is going to be more in the organs and it's not freely flowing so from a health standpoint standpoint and vision to the Bible is not a healthy thing and again as you mentioned it doesn't matter if a man or a woman the blood is still going to be the same All right our next question is for melody and you know it seems like men are not in a rush for commit. What should a woman she's ready but it. Is. You focus on your relationship with God and being faithful to what God has called you to. And she let him worry with the man and what's happening in that that's not your business to hurry it up or slow it down God is in charge of that so it's not your job to worry about how fast that's going to happen and trust me I've been waiting 2526 years now. And there is no greater fulfillment than being in the center of God even if my dreams haven't worked out exactly as I thought they would when I was in my twenty's I am so thankful that I'm where I am today so God's plan is best even if it's not necessarily in the timing or the order that you thought Don't worry about if he's taking a while he might not be the one for you I waited for a summit some of you already know and I'm so thankful that they were not the one for me so don't worry about that let God and prod him if he's supposed to be otherwise God has a better plan I think that there are. For men fear failure is something that's going to keep you from fulfilling the call has in your life and if you feel God's calling in a direction God ask you to man up and commit in a make a decision I think that that's something that we need to be more more diligent in intentional and God has made us to initiate God has made us to lead and we're not fulfilling our calling we're afraid in Seoul and this is coming from someone who had a lot of fear in their life for a long time and it took me a while my Christian experience to grow into that so just for standpoint for minutes that's our call and if you're not sure I think if there are open lines of communication between both of you as to what your concerns are and where things are going a lot of these things can be dealt with and better brought into the open so the woman is not waiting for the man to do something you both should be talking freely about where things are where you're wanting them to go and if you're not in the same page and you both need to make a decision of what you're going to do you're not moving the same direction and move on but I think open communication can address a lot of that in ways that it probably wouldn't be as much of an issue our next question is for any you married couples What are your thoughts on having sex on the Sabbath. It's. All right back intact. As a wonderful question. And my wife says hot. I do a presentation the whole scenario. Present. What is the Senate full What is the Sabbath for this we need to understand the sanctity of the set all right I understand that and when distance sex you don't equate sex with the SAT though it is a gift from God. Have you ever heard of. 3 day Prince 3 days do not go near your wife in 3 days you better that. You know what has found. On. And what was that 3 day principle is prepared for worship prepare for worship law 3 days. In their forty's about to read to meet God for worship. And then when you understand the physiological aspect of sex on sabbath that is not your day of your pleasure. As the god's day man so I am going on to be glad to give my whole document on my study on that that the Sabbath is not given for you and I to have sexual pleasure. God give us a time table for that and the reason of 3 a principle even from a physiological aspect when man contingent continues to release certain semen he loses 3 day supply of sink zinc has a direct impact upon the neuro transmitters and so even temperance in sex is something that got to be considered so no. Decision the word no sex on the Sabbath day. Someone I want to don't want to refer to the same scripture that was just referenced just now. I say 58 I say 50 a verse 30 now let me just say. I made it always agree with everyone on the panel I think it's OK. But my my positions come from Scripture usually as well as a 58 verse 13 this is the text that was just reference if thou turn away that food from the Sabbath from doing that on pleasure on the holy day and call the Sabbath a delight and show honor him not doing that on ways nor find their own pleasure nor speaking that on words does not have to like the self in the Lord OK. So according to the texts it's in the same text we're not doing on pleasure on that day but we're also calling the Sabbath a delight so I don't think the text is saying there's something wrong with enjoying the Sabbath or enjoying yourself on the Sabbath which was a call of a delight right. OK My personal feeling is that the question of whether or not you guys have sex on the Sabbath needs to be decided by each Christian couple on their own based on their prayer and their moving of the Holy Spirit in deciding whether or not they want to do that I do not think we have a clear you should not have sex on the Sabbath and here's why I say that Adam was created on the 6th day right the 7th day is the 7th correct by the way the text says that Eve was brought to Adam I just looked it up doesn't say Adam was brought to life OK. So God had Adam named the animals before he created Eve correct he had a name all of them a lot of animals. Every animal we know of Adam had to name while he was out there naming animals he realized that he was incomplete and that's when God put him to sleep and then created the woman brings the woman over to him he says is a bone in my bones flesh of my flesh then the Bible says that God gives the command be fruitful and multiply now I have no idea what time of day this was all I know is God did not only create Adam on the 6 day he also created the animals on the 6th day so time is passed not only from the creating the animals know who created Adam but also from Adam naming all these animals then he creates Eve and after he creates Eve He says Be fruitful and multiply Now Adam could have waited until Sunday to lay with his wife he could have but with the amount of excitement that he had about seeing this beautiful perfect woman for the 1st time I doubt he waited it's possible that Adam and Eve brought in the Sabbath by having sex. It's a possibility not only that not only that please. Place. All of that is what you I suggest in the scripture you listen I'm sent how it is and how it's mind as you say you are not just you cannot assume there's something you cannot assume you said there's no script you cannot assume that Adam easy had sex on the Sabbath you're correct and I didn't say I was I'm saying I didn't say that they said I said they might have here's my point that's what this one percent worse of error you said might have the question very important when you said might have what does that create in the minds of people the speculation if I can I raise my state I just want to you I can finish my statement with I'm finished I'll just look at let me finish my statement OK Here here's my problem with this whole with this whole issue OK I believe that God created sex in the beginning before there was sin and there was no shame the Bible says Adam in his wife were naked and felt no shame. I believe that our discomfort with the idea of sex with the Sabbath comes from a shame based model I believe that we as Christians if we are in marriage we are walking in what God originally designed for us and that for us to have to make excuses means we're probably operating from a shame based model I don't believe God created sex to be shame filled I believe sex comes shame comes with sin and God did not create sex as an afterthought it wasn't like the children of Israel who were walking through the desert and he gave them an A and then because they were complaining because of their sin he gave them meat to eat I don't believe this was an afterthought what God said I knew that Shimon beings were not going to be able to keep from having sex on that allow them to do this it was something God created in the beginning and everything we know about sex now isn't largely a perversion of the devil. Devil can't create anything God created sex and god sex that he created for marriage was not shame based so I don't believe there's anything shameful about bringing in the Sabbath with your wife. The way that God designed it to be shame free I don't see a reason why she had any shame with that that's my personal opinion based on scripture and I can prove from scripture that sex was not shame based. OK let's what I'm saying All right let me just say I very briefly. And I want to I want to say we should move on because many of our young people aren't in sexual trouble because they have issues about whether or not have sex on the Sabbath they haven't issues because they haven't sex outside precisely they have sex in really really tough situations in bad situations so I think it's a worthwhile debate in a room full of maybe married couples who want to have that discussion but for the purpose at a conference I think we probably are wise to move past this one that we can come back around to it later on or something but but I think there are some other question that are probably very relevant right now but remember what my my my my thing was what I think it is I think every Christian couple should pray and be led by the Spirit as to whether or not they think it's OK to have sex in the Senate that's what I think. All right I'm going to move out of the next question next question is for Mike Mike what are your thoughts about L G B T militant activists equating the quest of their rights to that of racial rights. I repeated it says what are your thoughts about L G B T militant activists a military activist equating the quest for militant activists equating the quest of their rights to that of racial rights. From what I've I've heard the black community is even up in arms about the the comparison and to to prove that you're a minority status you have to prove people you have to prove that you were born that way there was actually an in there was a team of 4 individuals and 2 of them are women and 2 of the more men and they were all homosexual and they were doing this research or they were they were putting forward this this paper to show that homosexuals are born that way and as they were doing this promotion the idea is to get minority status you have to show that you were born that way and you have to be you have to show that you are a minority status and there is something else to that and they were basically using the race issue of the fifty's and sixty's as their platform so the same suffrage that that black people went through in the fifty's and sixty's was the same suffrage that gay people were going through so the comparison was made only after they established the fact that gays were born that way so that's how the comparison started to come but. Again the black community does not agree with that that comparison. Yeah and you know very serious about this as a black man I am thoroughly fended by those in the community trying to compare the struggle of what black people. And I don't take away from Indian or any other culture where there's been a struggle in that culture I think I think it is really offensive to try to equate the 2 it's almost like a low blow and we have to understand that Michael is here Wayne is here you know Ron Dayne you know many people that are not even part of the 70 AD minister but they are making statements I was once transgender I am no longer I was once gay I am no longer you can't find one black man on earth that says I was black but no longer you can't find one person so obviously is a choice factors somewhere in there and to try to create the 2 is insulting it is silly it is childish and it's very offensive. Right thank you. Next question is for Andrea. How practice we do you continue to show love and also evangelize to the homosexual family or friend with tact. Of those who are in my talk today I'll tell you that this story. I had my daughter called and asked if she could bring her girlfriend home and I sure. Well I said sure and then I prayed. Because I didn't know how to handle it with tact and so we 1st we had some rules that I love my daughter and I love her girlfriend but I don't appreciate the relationship nor the relationship between them and so I talked to my daughter about that and she knew that and so she said OK that's OK So she brought her friend and we. Had a lovely time they were very respectful of the parameters that we had laid down with those parameters was probably well just that the relationship was not to be showing itself in our home but they couldn't sleep in the same room they were they were to be separate and and be friends while there in my house right no P.T.A. no public display of affection thank you and so they did that and her friend was quite lovely and in the morning they got up and my daughter's I want biscuits and gravy for breakfast and I said well then you're going to have to help make it and her friend said I don't know how to cook she said my mother never taught me and I said Well today you will learn and I said you help me make the biscuits and I'll make gravy and so I taught her she just and she made them by herself and I just instructor her and we have a great time and we ate breakfast and then they they went outside with live on a farm and my daughter took her out to shore around and when they came back and I came back and said Mom she's out crying in the pine and I said why is she crying and she said because she feels more loved your house than she does in her own. And that was this was my 1st experience was you know inviting one of her friends to my home and I felt so blessed that she came to my home and felt loved and so I just try to. Tell them what happened oh yeah. What would I do without him. He's my detail guy. Yeah so anyway this friend she actually came 3 or 4 times always respectable We would talk about Jesus My daughter loves Jesus and we would and she went to this friend went to a Christian college we would talk about Jesus we put her on our prayer line we prayed for her all the time 2 months ago she gave her heart to Jesus and left the homosexual community. To. A man. Yes And she called me and we talked for 2 hours and she was on fire for the Lord so you you love them you love them and you but you don't tell them they're OK where they're at but you love them as they are just like when I was in sin Jesus love me. Thank you for that story our. Next question we have is for Dr Walsh what is your philosophy on birth control. I don't prescribe birth control broadly more so because I don't I don't work in a situation where I need to sleep. The Catholic Church is a very hard stance against birth control. And a lot of you know I've talked to a lot of people who you know their approach to birth control is more natural so they will you use which is actually quite effective different natural methods where it is no chemicals involved but a reason I don't like writing for birth control and I won't I won't get the illogical it dissolves the medical level because there are side effects and there are problems that it can cause especially when you take it long term so I usually. Try to talk you know if a patient really wants it I mean if they want to can get it in our in our culture I mean about Frank you can get some of the stuff over the counter now. So my take on it really is think about it because if you can be honest for years and years and years and years we don't really have the science that says you know what happens after you've been on it for such a long time so I'm very careful people and I talk to them about you know they have to go back to their spouse and really think about how many children do you really want and how are you going to manage that and there are very natural ways to not use birth control and not have children with that said if I don't shame people if they're on birth control you know. You know that's that's between them and God and their personal opinion and personal choice but I don't you know I just don't have a hard and fast stance on it neither would I The way I have a more of a hard and hard stance against taking medication you don't need to take because of side effects. All right thank you our next question is for the panel and they just may ask How can someone except God's. Well I like that question a lot better than the last one. But let me say this I think one of the reasons sometimes people can't in my opinion of witnessing to patients and if you listen to my sermons on audio verse there's a gentleman that I witness to in addiction medicine clinic at Loma Linda University of V.A. hospital who told me and I mention this to the group downstairs that it was with me who told me that God that he had done too much wrong hit send too much for Christ to ever accept him. And I think sometimes the barrier for a lot of people to accepting God's love is that they think they have out sinned God's ability to save them that they have done so much wrong a god could never be merciful or gracious towards them and I like to remind them as I reminded this patient that if he had been the only one would ever send Christ with a left Laurie to die for him and I told a group downstairs the man began to weep. And he looked me in the face and said You mean Jesus would have died just for me he said How do you know that and I said because he died for a wretch like me. And he went to the ground crying I went to the ground crying that man gave his heart to Jesus Christ on a Florida hospital on the literal floor of the hospital that day so sometimes you have to remind not sometimes we always have to run people that they cannot outpace God's grace and the story of a prodigal Samson David after Bathsheba are all stories that tell us that God is always always has his arms open to receive his back lot of people don't feel they can be loved by God because they think they have done something so terrible that God can no longer love them. Saying 1st John chapter 4 in verse 16 the Bible says and we have known and believe the love that God has for us and then gives us a context that God is love in those who abide in his love abiding God and God in him but then goes into verse $1000.00 it says that we love Him because He 1st loved us and the amazing thing is God is always the one to initiate to take the 1st step God came seeking to save that which were lost he's not waiting for us to get something right to then approach him he always makes the 1st moves how do we do that immerse yourself in what Scripture says about the love of God for you and ask God to make this real for you if you don't believe that God can love your Except you. God is very practical you can ask him to convince you make it clear to me that the way that you felt about the woman called adultery in John Chapter 8 is how you feel about me and I think one of the greatest illustrations of God's love in pursuit of man is the incarnation of Christ. Jesus came to seek his own and His own received Him not and yet he loved them to the end Jesus came and gave him gave to the end and Jesus says if you see me you've seen the Father I think it's easier for us to find a sense of affinity for Jesus than it is for the father he's more of a mystery to some of us but Jesus says if you want to know the father's like look at how I do life. And to spend time in Matthew Mark Luke and John and see how Jesus treated people to look just like you and you're going to find he loves you just like you love them and he's in the love you to the end. And also like to add to that I've known a lot of people who they know God loves them and that God forgives them but they won't forgive themselves and they have to if God has forgiven you forgive yourself for whatever it is you've done if you have prepared to and you mean it God has forgiven you so forgive yourself. The steps to Christ says on page $37.00 it says Do not wait to feel that you are made whole but say I believe it it is so not because I feel it but because God has promised I found this quote from Education Page $294.00 and it's almost my montra it helped me to understand that no matter how depth how far you've gone in the depths of depravity that that even your mis understanding of God's patience and. Long suffering cannot be worn out it says Page $294.00 The Divine Teacher bears with the airing through all their perversity his love does not grow cold his efforts to win them do not cease with outstretched arms he waits to welcome again and again the erring the rebellious and even the apos date his hardest. Touch with the helplessness of the little child who's been subject to rough usage the cry of human suffering never reaches his ear in vain though all are precious in His sight it's the rough the sullen and the stubborn dispositions a draw most heavily upon his sympathy and love because he traces from cause to effect the one who is most easily tempted and most inclined to err is a special object of his solicitude. But also I think it's very important to stop looking at your sin for me when I began the journey it was overwhelming to see everything I have done and recognizing that I was not able to take it back and wash it myself but in 1st on $19.00 it mentions If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness So recognizing that there are 2 parts to that that if we confess our sins so I do my part and knowing that God He is faithful and just to cleanse me from all my own righteousness so over time I have to recognize that I had to have a genuine relationship with God because through that I was then able to see that that is who he is he came to set me free from what I was doing because when I like I had mentioned earlier just beginning the journey it's overwhelming when you recognize how filthy you are compared to clean God but through the process of knowing God I came to realize his lovingness. So OK. Quickly so I briefly. One of the great challenges with individuals receiving the love of Christ and I relate to this very much is we don't know truly what is faith or how to exercise it and so you can hear the words of God but there is often something in us that makes us say you know we don't we don't believe it and so when you look I like to show individuals what faith is in super simple terms so they can start exercising it in Matthew 85 through 8 the story of the century in. He tells Jesus my servant is sick Jesus says I'll come in he'll I'm the services Nope I'm not worthy to have you come speak the word only and I know my servant will be healed Jesus says in verse 10 that was great faith and what he did was he trusted the word of God only to do what the word said it was going to do so what is faith trusting the word of God only to do what the word says it's going to do that's what faith is so I if I can get the person to understand that then I say so let's go back to Romans $838.39 for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord I encourage them to accept this word only and do not even consult your feelings trust this word only and start to encourage them to think along those lines when they do that that is the journey certainly not the end but it's a beautiful journey of living by faith. We have a lot of questions that are coming in now so I'm going to try to keep everyone very right so please don't be. Offended if I cut it short. OK Our next question we have is for. And the question is as a woman Overcoming Sexual addiction what should be my approach to relationships and physical intimacy how do I keep pure in thought and action. Having healthy boundaries is important learning number one God's views on sex so for myself I've been really learning God's views and with that when I have relationships with other people learning that I have to have healthy tonic relationships and that entails keeping sex out the equation including like coddling things that are just like very innocent and just recognizing that these little things that we do the feelings that arise during that process ultimately you want to bring it to something else so it's best to stay away from it as we say in the Word of God. You know staying away from the appearance of evil that I answer the 2nd question the 2nd question was how do i keep your thought. I think it's. Having to keep in mind to maintain the victory and recognize and to do whatever that means day by day for one of my for one of my. Things I realized I had to stop looking at because where I worked I used to work on a construction site so one of the things daily I had to deal with which I quietly dealt with was I would look at the because I had there were lots of tradesman's throughout the job site so I tended to have a habit of just looking at the men size you understand what I'm saying great if you do not it is OK so I realize that cheesy a learn to bounce your eyes same thing when I'm sitting on the stop I don't look at a female when she passes like I could look at the sky I could look at the rocks there's other things to look at but it's continually keeping my mind focused upon Christ and just being diligent about that because it's very easy to go back to that lifestyle because the instant gratification so as I've been in crisis and learning about that I recognize the value of nature and seeing creation how there is that process of waiting because with the sexual addiction it's a very quick instant gratification whereas with cries learning to wait it's a struggle but at the same time there's beauty in the struggle. It's critics question is for them to have to move on to get really quick of what's going. On this. Next question is for key he the question Is social media and movies are 90 percent almost 90 percent bad especially for the youth it's hard to use Facebook or Instagram or watch movies responsibly without falling into pride or other says Shouldn't our message about media be total OP didn't see to our You Tube abstinence Tori for you. Abstinence. We you know the bias is clear that we shouldn't put anything for our eyes that's evil. We shouldn't believe anything before our eyes is going to cause us to sand I recently went to a school. And we were talking about how they had. Struggles with technology because of the way the school did it on technology becoming ever more present. And they were having trouble controlling it because kids are oftentimes know more about technology and bills too and who knows for them and I gave everything and I just told them Well I mean it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to cut it off if it's such a problem. We are often times to break or cut things out of our life. Because we think it's going to be an answer but I guess I would say what's more important to be alienated from the world or the remaining to God right. Thank you next question is for Dean how can you overcome the fear of being in a relationship. With. Yeah it's crazy like we go through situations where actually still central with the things that are so like for some of us just a few years you know except in love like I would have been with rejection I had to come to terms with I was born to bless me and I was made to accept the fact that I could be accepted and do their work God had to bring me face to face with the core beliefs to work hard in the process and so yet in my call this is not something this is Today we're having what he had put the situation that was better than I thought it was or that I could run from say God face to face with the reality and I didn't want to accept it and I had to yield to His truth and so sometimes you can have a very good if we recognize that we're believing things that are the truth of God's desire for us to have a vision Chippewa afraid of it that we need to bring those years to Jesus and I will says a few years ago God. Has Not Been here was to give us power power to believe the truth of the water he wants to give us love the loving he loved most to give us a cell my building. And so your raw power is raw and the love of the process. And that's not what God wants us so we can take it was capped and you'll be into Christ recognizing the need for relationships God desires this for me and there's reasons for this ask God what is it it has been so great you don't know most of us probably do or just rejection family issues whatever go to the rich drug use or the Jesus as the leader walking he freedom and the force of the relationship deal with it and see God receive the good area because. The next question is for. The Jack says it is is there a reason that people are getting married later in life compared to the Deaves days of Ellen and James White. Say that oh I don't see that people getting married later on is a life I'm saying more young folk getting married from my perspective even at the age of 18 and 26 there are those why get married but I don't see to compare snow. OK. I just yes not just this point you know. Just when you are. Longer It's all there for. The proton seems to be here. A generation where. They want to be more considerate. Of her. But that's only just. There's there's also a selfish interest. And waste else there's Joy She's right there is less just. For those 2 That's why. I do a lot of coaching and pre-marriage team and those range from 20 to about 30 years of age and so. You know statistic and so one thing the majority of people that I'm dealing with on a twenty's and thirty's. Now. Young age and they see that especially those in the church they taken as that time is moving on. And they need to take a siesta time and they making moves in possibly at a young age all the folks yes but US Hard to say so testicle even though millenniums and you own selfishness we find what that age group was the millennial this age group the millenniums are they fifty's no no he's still young folk. All right our next question is for take up the question for a question Is it what is a scriptural divorce. Well. Obviously not but. This is the worst. Devastation where it. Could. Be for a divorce that is not good I. Love you. But. If you present this to me. And. You know we're. All right next question. To the panel is it still possible to become a whole or even a quote unquote virgin again in the spiritual sense after having $100.00 plus Partners male and female. Do we believe God's word if any man is in Christ he is a new creature. So today is a NEW DAY Let's change this to whatever. It might be what are the things that I think are going to. Go on what I've heard about in the physiological physiological world I could live very well let's move. On to the church and we know that with sexual abstinence even physically abolished there are changes that have a baby. In the body getting it in their response to sex that really would be moving back to where we moved and had not met and you smoke and stop smoking and many things like that but. I think what's most important when you ask a question like that about the virginity issue is that there's really a lot of stuff arrested about. And you sir probably tell us that you know why they're made in the brain that is horribly exact the one that I made probably salvage what happens when a SEAL always used to make a behavior every time we see in the brain. And here you think otherwise they could never be effaced those groups sorry you see the golden calf is going to waste the boy but how come when we're going to be coming in a new creature new creature burst into your glorified body you create. That here that with deep the movie with the flame. And it can be restored to be completely. From a minority of the time it will stand because what's really deep down is pure. Like it wasn't. And also I just want to echo that because there's this book I was reading youth are you preparing for your divorce and coming from that similar background of having multiple partners that was a concern of mine too like how how is it possible for me to be restored when I've already made such a big mess and the book at had mentioned you could still go to the outer pier so for me that was encouraging because to see that there was still a 2nd chance but with having that 2nd chance I actually had to put the work in and that meant cutting off those old partners because sometimes you try to keep those partners for those just in case moments but I've been realizing the value in learning to trusting God Soli. Next question is for Andrea the question is What would you say to a parent who was told by their L.G.B. T. child. You can't have any communication with their child unless you support their behavior I love my child I can't bear the thought of not seeing my child again. You may not like my answer. God has to come 1st in your life I love my child too and if she came to me with that ultimatum would tell her how much I loved her but that I had to stand for what God says and God has to come 1st and I don't want you to go away from me I love you and I want to have a relationship with you I would plead for that relationship but we can make idols of our children. We can serve our children above our cod and we do not want to do that and so I would say that you plead for the relationship with your child and do everything you can to keep it but if that is their ultimatum I have to stand for God 1st. The next question is for John and April how does one overcall or deal with other requit love. Unrequited love. Explain what that is. Return So pride love somebody and they don't love me back the kind of thing. Stuff and. Well what we really started our sessions with tonight were this this presupposition that anyone who is in a Christian relationship must realize. That if they're looking for another human being to provide for them ultimate fulfillment and they're looking in the wrong place the only place we can find our ultimate fulfillment is in God That's the Jesus Christ so everyone who comes into a relationship with someone else is not really ready to enter a true Christian relationship unless they are 1st trying to get their ultimate fulfillment in God I think that even a person who has under quoted love will realize that their god has never turned their love away and if you go to him 1st for your ultimate fulfillment I don't think it's going to matter that much that some other human being does not return love to you it's trying to get that love from God 1st and foremost I may sound hokey but I think that's how it works. Next question is for melody as this. Individual How do you deal with people asking when you are going to get married. Questions coming from family in church. Yeah I just say the when God thing God's perfect time but he has me on a more important task right now so I talked about that a little been my seminar don't let that get to you just go forward. I would strongly encourage you to leave us alone. I mean. When you know yourself slightly previously that really this is what God is doing in a person's life isn't even that person's choice this is here and it's kind of frustrating for you for this but this is kind of frustrated situations with people looking at yours or something while you were alone and just your brain and its funny way of being single minister is not easy on Pastor St no degree you have white like it's like to start to look for pastoral ministry. And so yeah I think that you know what it comes to in like parenting the grandkids whether things. Are at your office to lead these precious souls of the feet she says and let him lead them where he's lead when and how and let him worry about his time until I feel the same way about character growth like how fast you grow your business your job is to stay in the soil and you go regardless leave not to live your ways of doing it is difficult especially once you get for the 30 put to feel like what about this person this person and yet pressure is totally necessary single this is hard enough without the injured to see this much Jesus is Bill's amazing skulls I'm never going to have my life and I'm coming to understand that the reason for that as I think that there's also something else is going on there it's it's almost a passive aggressive way to condemn someone and nobody knows that I'm single more than I do and so when I think of so when somebody asked that question it's almost an implication like what's wrong with you. That you can't be married and I think that you do a disservice to Christ because in the bible it's a blessing to be single and to work single mindedly for the Lord and I think that we it's a natural thing and I think it's kind of a cultural thing in church to assume that if you're not married there's something wrong with you and I think that we should be more supportive of people that are single and to support them and lift them up and let them know that they have a calling that they have value a lot of times it's the single people in the churches that don't get included in social events because we don't have a partner to bring and I think that there should be more emphasis put on the blessing of being single a friend of mine has a piece of paper on our Mir and it says this she says I want I want to be so hitting Christ that a man would have to find Christ to see me. Next question is for. Dr Walsh I have many people tell me it is not fair or healthy for someone not to have sexual release not having an avenue of sexual release is seen as a death sentence. Oh is that just not true. Not a whole lot of science I need to give you are not one the truth of the matter is. You know obviously sex in the right context does actually improve or enhance health that's the way I would say it so when married couples are are sexual in a way to God as outlined there is a good that happens in it but if you've never been sexually active in the in the in the the confines of the way the scripture describes it I don't think you don't get that there's no deficit there's nothing that doesn't happen for you. Somebody mentioned zinc earlier I mean you get to keep all that zinc right. So. I think what is what is what is more dangerous is trying to find a way to satisfy yourself outside of Christ will and that is not good for your health finding peace in Christ Jesus is one of the things that our society is learning the hard way is very good for us the rise and mental health problems suicide drug addiction I talked about that in one of my sessions downstairs all go back to the principle that God made the human heart so big that only he can fill it if you try and fill the god sized hole in your heart with anything but God you will become addicted or habituated to that thing so what will really most enhance your health is being intimate with the Lord through his word by the power of His Holy Spirit. One of the things I had to realize was that I was not going to die because when you had it for so long and on top of that in the wrong context you become to a place where you believe this lie thinking that I'm going to die if I do not have it I'm so as I've been on this journey I've been realizing what I just truly need to have a sense of kind of a replacement is a better don't mean so instead of going to sex for that dopamine fix there are other healthier alternatives that I could go to so like working out having like new activities stop isolating myself so there are alternatives but I had to come to grips and realize that I'm not going to die like you're not going to die if you don't have sex. Just briefly Jim you know what. I mean you know you hear a lot of times you tell people. I need a plant based diet and they look at you like. Well what do you eat if you don't eat meat but that's it that there is nothing else on God's earth it. Ready to put into your body. And gets even worse if you tell him you know you don't eat cheese and then you know and those kind of things in the world has taught us to have the same view towards sexuality you know if you're not overly sexualized or what do you do when there's a you know young guy 3 or 3 young. Men so. We have to I think one of the most important things we can we can do is. Stop listening so much to the influences of the world the My School that are easy these questions these questions don't come from God They come from worldly loss of pain and vanity and they come from the emptiness of other people who are not finding satisfaction in God and then trying to place that same decisive dissatisfaction on you. The next question is from Michael. Please tell us whether you have any advice to give to sisters of brothers that noticed that notice met and seem lost with respect their sexuality. Yeah let me read again please tell us whether you have any advice to give to sisters of brothers that notice met and seen last with respect to their sexuality. OK great I have 3 sisters who I had no idea where even praying for me I suspected one was but my other 2 sisters. I had no idea that they were they were praying for me they never stuck their finger in my face and told me that my gay life was an abomination and that I was going to burn instead what they did is a as Andrea demonstrated they love being my sister never refused to invite my lovers over with me for holidays she never stopped me from interacting with my nephew she really demonstrated Christ like love but she recognized that prayer was her 1st line of defense rather than her last resort and I think that when you know it is like let's say you notice your brother checking out guys that's an issue but it's not something necessarily that you want to confront or open up unless they were willing to but you have power available to you you know Ellen White says that prayer moves the arm of omnipotence and so if you need a little bit of power on your side prayers should be the 1st line of defense that you go to in helping to assist somebody that you think or fear may be strained. For the whole question is should you pursue a godly relationship with the past partner you had sexual relations with. If you know genuinely you are doing you have turned aside from that old lifestyle and you have now become a new creature and if you know that that person also by the fruits that they are showing that they also have become a new lifestyle so that means our old things our old habits how now now passed away so being that you guys are both new. I would believe that it is OK considering that both of you are generally have generally left that old lifestyle and no longer parts Hey King in that lifestyle and have come to an agreement in recognizing that OK as we enter this courtship we have our boundaries set we are going to honor God we are going to honor our bodies because we knew we know what hat we what happened in the past and we do not want to displease crys So moving forward we're going to keep these boundaries we're going to keep Christ 1st and continue moving forward as we are new in Christ. Next question Michael what are your views on introducing children from pre-K. through 1st created L G B T Q Now in most schools they are introducing the subject to the young ones without parents' consent Yeah I think it's a form of child abuse myself in the European Union they have been trying to push this agenda through the sex education system that from 0 to 4 years old they want to teach children lustful masturbation not just how to do it they want to teach them how to enjoy it by the time they're 8 years old they want to teach them homo sexual practice meaning that the teacher will step out of the room and put the boys with the boys and the girls with the girls and by the time they're 15 years old they want to teach them B.D.S. sandwiches. Sexual abuse how to abuse your partner all of that in my opinion is definitely nothing short of child abuse but what happened back in the forty's the thirty's and forty's is the U.S. government funded. Kinsley Alfred Kinsey they gave him funding and they actually had him to write these studies about sexuality and in his studies he gave men stopwatches and asked them to molest their daughters and sons yet they paid them they these men were paid money and basically the stopwatch was to control the how the length and duration of the orgasm or whatever and his his findings brought forth that children were actually sexually active and aroused so he did a study with a 6 month old female infant and kept awake for over 24 hours and determined that she had $22.00 orgasms in that 24 hour period of time she was stimulated orally and digitally and he determined that an orgasm was passing out vomiting and screaming and so this is what the whole world now is using is the basis for sex education for young people. It actually is still treating the media we have here and so it's coming more or less from the top down we're seeing a lot of science backing for this we have to recognise it for what it is it's science falsely so call. I've seen me here recently where for example I don't know I is for moving this course he's known as the science guy has built up a level of trust we have been trained to trust science and society. But many times. The sacrifices are always and. It's not healthy I see you know in one of the on ice programs. They were actually using the analogy of ice cream and talking about different flavors of ice and how you know you can have combinations of flavors all in a context of sexual. You're doing the context of media is you're using something that people like me identify with and you're you're creating. An association with kids. That's very dangerous you it happens all the time for example in advertising. Because they're trying to get people to release certain chemicals in their body why don't we warn Dorf Cox Ito's and things like that by associating things with normal things and so that's what your scene was it's very dangerous but I'd like to add one more thing that I think is relevant there was a study done with these male prostitutes from Afghanistan and in Afghanistan culture it's it's unlawful for a man to have an affair with another woman but it's OK if he has sex with a male So what they've done is they've actually kidnapped. Boys that are. Sent and what they've done is they've repeatedly sodomized these boys and then they train them or groom them to become these transvestite prostitutes they interviewed some of the prostitutes and they found that many of these young boys were never attracted to same sex but because of the repeated victimization they found the behavior easy to engage in so again by by implementing education to our young people even before puberty what you're doing is you're training children to grow up to become bisexual homosexual and to a gauge in the sexual practices and again and that's why I believe that it's all multum at least child abuse because children that have never been exposed to sexual things I was never molested as a kid and it wasn't until puberty where were sexual thoughts or whatever came into my head but I have a colleague who was molested 4 years old by a male and that's what began this journey from the moment he was 4 years old he was obsessed with with sexual thoughts about that same type of person that molested him which was an adult man and so you can train young people also in sexual sin. All right we're almost almost out of time here just one or 2 we'll see how this one goes this one is to Dr Jackson and Dwayne Levin what is the significance or value of making this statement bride from my side is this something all men should do publicly to let their wife know they are valued. You know. I don't know if there is any of us in this room that has never been influenced by somebody else. And so I think it's OK to be influenced by others because you know Christ object lessons talks about the talents and one of the talents is influence we all have it what we want to do is do it for good so the day that I heard Brother Jackson in my term dead when I heard dad say my bride from my side many years ago my 1st thought was yeah that's true you know it's like the bride did come from the side so that all tomorrow I was a girl I said you my bride from my side and you know she was just like you know whatever and I was just all she likes it so from that point forward I said well I'm a color that all the time and so it just really stuck with me because I find that it just reminds me very much that our marriage is still fresh it's still new you know often they go from Bride period to just wife period and maybe there's some people that literally make that distinction with the verbiage where you no longer look at your marriage as fresh and new and lively and all of that and now she's just my wife and so for me I'll go ahead and work with that I mean I call a bride from my side because I heard it sounded good it made sense there was no sin in repeating it and it was a blessing and so ever since then I've been doing it but he influenced me for sure for that. Last question. Last question for Michael how does one captured negative or elicit thoughts and submit them to the Lord. Better capture them. One of the things as I've been on this journey because I've been in the lifestyle for about 4050 plus years as I've been on this journey to wholeness. It's a daily activity of daily asking cries and flipping into 5 Let this mind being you which is also in Christ Jesus so when those thoughts arise I have the ability now to take hold of it and to put it aside. But it's a daily activity it's a new habit that has to be built because one of the things like I had shared earlier like on the construction site I was already used to just looking browsing around that's right normally did for all these years so now having to build a new habit and realizing this is not pleasing to God and at the same time it's also hurting you because now I'm having all these all these images I have a constant fight these images so the best thing to do is to realize when these thoughts Durai as to bring them before Christ and then also when those thoughts do arise if you are taking time out to memorize scripture Psalm 11911 tells us how I hid in the heart that I might not sin against the so there is that value in recognizing I have to know God's word in order to fight these sin thoughts that come about. That was a thing that happened I became a vegan when I accepted Christ then and that was a real challenge when it came to ice cream and I remember it was one night I come home and I knew that I had vegan ice cream in the fridge and I had this fantasy I was going to put honey on it and sublethal and said I was going to put some blueberries and raspberries on it I was so hungry but it was 930 at night and so I said All right well I came inside and the Lord and I were having this dialogue and I said I thought I can't resist I'm going to have that and the Lord said well can you just wait and at least take your shower before you have a nun like all right so while I'm in the shower I'm washing my head and as I'm washing my head I'm thinking Oh and I've got I've got like maple syrup maybe I can put that in said one I mean I'm thinking about what I'm pro longing myself to do and the Lord was just asking me to cooperate with him he knew that I couldn't have the victory on my own but as I'm in the shower and I'm thinking about this ice cream that I'm going to have all of a sudden the next time I thought about that ice cream I was already in bed the doors were locked the dogs were walked and I'm in bed and I sat up and I called my guys great. And what was so amazing is the Lord was teaching me and example of how he was giving me victory and not just in sexual areas but also even dietary or whatever appetite is if I would just submit to him resist the devil and then he will flee and what was so beautiful is it was another situation I was going to prayer meeting and I had a pretty hot car it was a Mercedes convertible 2 seater and I had my Bible right beside me and I'm on my way to Jesus and all of a sudden get to a street light and the person that pull up next to me noticed the car and then I noticed that he was gay I could just it we call it gaydar I don't know if you've ever heard of it so all of a sudden I said to God I said I want him more than I want you and I was just being real and when the light changed I forget if he followed me or I followed him but I wasn't in a mood for prayer meeting now. Unfortunately I lost him or he lost me and so I wasn't going to go to church now I went home frustrated already the the switch was on and I prayed to God and I was looking up every verse that I could find in the Bible about victory over temptation and it wasn't cutting it and it was in Orlando Florida at $730.00 in the summertime so the sun wasn't going to set for 2 more hours and I closed my Bible and I said to God I said I'm going to go to bed now and if it if I don't stay asleep I will get up and I will find sex I live within 2 miles of 5 gay bars I could get on the Internet and have an illicit situation in just moments and the most that I could do the only thing that I could do is I could go to bed because if I could shut down my mind I might find victory but I needed his cooperation and I told the Lord if I wake up in 2 hours or 4 hours I can get sex until 2 in the morning and I went to sleep that night at 730 while the sun was still blazing and the next time I was conscious it was 6 o'clock in the morning I slept almost 11 hours. But I woke up praising God because I did everything that I could do and he filled in the rest and that's a process that. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how do you know if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio purse or.


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