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Eight Days That Changed The World

Jay Gallimore


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


  • April 17, 2019
    4:15 PM
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8 days that changed the world 8 days that changed me 8 days that changed Western civilisation 8 days that you wouldn't be here if those 8 days had not happened 8 is that change the world we should spend time contemplating the life of Christ so I want to talk about that week that's often called The Passion Week or the week of the crucifixion and the resurrection and just about not just about all of the New Testament books spin a large chunk Matthew Mark Luke and John spent a large chunk of their gospel talking about those 8 days a lot of times the parables and things that we talk about we don't realize are actually coming out of those 8 days we don't realize sometimes that Matthew $24.00 comes out of those 8 days we don't realize that a lot of the great teachings of Jesus come out of those 8 days now there's a lead up to those 8 days and I want to go to the scripture and give you the text and then we'll move into the prep of those 8 days Jesus is moving with his disciples toward Jerusalem they don't want to go this time they're going up to resurrect Lazarus they're going to come back they're going to go again and they don't want to go this time because they're saying to Jesus they're going to kill you if you go and Thomas says finally in a resignation he says well let's just go with him and we'll die with him that's how far our much far they look Going to Jerusalem. But Jesus is resolute Jesus set his face toward and they followed him afraid the Scripture says and when they were following him the theme of their subject was who was going to be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven this is a big this was a big discussion among the disciples and we'll see that actually invades the last supper when we get there so they are they are having on this is when John. John and James mother goes to him Jesus is followed with an entourage this is a ministry that needs a lot of helpers and these women are having a crew contributing a significant part to the ministry of Jesus so the mother of James and John goes to Jesus and wants to know if Jesus would allow one to sit on his right hand and one on his left and this stirred up a big deal among the disciples a big deal now that happens just after the verses that I'm going to read you so and this is in John I'm sorry and Mark Chapter 10 verse 33 and 34 Jesus pulls his disciples aside and talks to them and says this to them now let me ask you a question as I read this ask yourself what part of this could the disciples Miss behold Jesus is talking verse 33 we are going up to Jerusalem and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priest and the scribes betrayal is there and they will condemn him to death the crucifixion is there and deliver him to the Gentiles are to the Romans so we know who's going to crucify him. And what kind of death it will be because the Gentiles crucified the Jews stoned and $34.00 and they will mock him and scourge him and spit on him and kill him and the 3rd day he will while rise again it just didn't stick it was the 1st time that Jesus had told them that and thought read this these are disciples that love Jesus maybe except for Judas when they really loved him yes I know Peter would deny am and that's the case for all of us to remember that we don't even understand ourselves but they loved him but they were so saturated with the popular theology that they couldn't figure it out they just couldn't climb over it they just had to have a Messiah who would come as the lion of the tribe of Judah instead of a lamb particular sacrificial lamb the world by the way has a turned around this time they want Jesus to come like a lamb you know 4000 years of peace with the avenues to telling everybody our friends we're telling our Catholic friends we're telling our Muslim friends we're telling our evangelical friends we're telling our Babbitts friends we love them all don't worry we're telling our Hindu friends we're telling everybody Jesus is coming again and power and great glory and it will bring an end to this age and it will be the start of another age but it's very hard for them to clamber over that's because at a theology that appealed to their carnal earthly nature so Jesus is headed now to great things have happened before that week starts one of those is the resurrection of Lazarus the resurrection of Lazarus and shock waves through the Jewish leadership. Isn't shock waves to the fair seas because they knew as mighty miracles but they were prepared for the resurrection of a man who had been 4 days dead and the sad you see these who had not paid so much attention to Jesus now became very threatened because now Jesus had resurrected somebody from the dead that no one could deny they were the ruler rulers they were the chief priests and they had a lovely theology I put that in quotes and I say that with tongue in cheek Hallelujah to wrong but they have a lot of theology they embraced and that was that there is no resurrection of the dead and the sad you see these were kind of like Diest Not exactly but pretty much they believe that God had just kind of created everything he had no more interest in his children and they didn't have any interest in anybody else either except themselves that's why they didn't have any compassion that Jesus had just kind of walked off and the laws of Moses were given so they can live a good life now and they were strict adherence because I thought they got benefits out of it but when the resurrection of last came just barely 5 miles from Jerusalem and last years as walking around and I don't know how many people are out there to see the resurrection of Lazarus but a lot of people and that was taken right back to them they get that they're threatened and the popularity of Jesus had gone up and then after the feeding of the 5000 refused to be a king and he sent them away and then he later gave them and said look he says you know you're going to have to eat my flesh and drink my blood Of course he's talking in symbols and they really understood that but he lost a lot of disciples returned his own disciples the 12 says are you going to go to and they said No Lord where would we go but now his popularity has rebound. And he is more popular than he's ever been before this there are don't know how many people thousands upon thousands of people headed to Jerusalem for the Passover week the pastoral week is the biggest event in Jewish in the Jewish calendar so thousands of people are pouring on everybody's lips people are talking about Jesus this is gotten around now you know everything from feeding 5000 feeding 4000 healing the blind he just for form the Americal of blind Bartimaeus and Jericho with thousands of people and attendant 6 so everybody everybody is talking about Jesus and the hopes are building that he isn't D. the Messiah of the world in the Jewish mentality the Messiah is the promise that is the center to not only their culture but to their faith and to the scriptures it's the only hope they see for themselves and the truth is that that promise and that Messiah is the only hope the full world has that I have and that you have so when when Jesus resurrected Lazarus they are so upset that they now I want to kill Jesus they were killed last was to the world eliminating the evidence these are smart people by the way they're coming and I want to add something's up talk about the chief priest of the Jews and the leaders in the sand Hedron not everybody Hallelujah even in the sand Hedron went along with them in that good news even in the Sanhedrin there was a rumor of at least 2 Joseph of arm of the naked Demas and the Bible says that later many chief priest you know it's been a sad it's a been a sad thing in Christian history particularly in the dark ages the medieval time when Jews were persecuted simply because they were Jewish. It's been wrong it's been horrible I don't have time to talk about all of that but let me tell you this that without 12 Jewish Apostles and without a Jewish Messiah and without Jewish people who accepted the Lord Jesus by the thousands in the stablish Christian churches in Judea we would be here today so we thank God for that but back to the story then another shocking thing to prepare the way was the was what happened in Bethany with Simon the leper who had been healed of leprosy by Jesus and he gave a feast I don't have time to tell all these stores you know the stories but I want to cut to the chase here Simon Berry are let me back up Mary Martha and Lazarus was the one home that Jesus could go to and relax in that wonderful that he had at least one home and there was no one who believed in him more than Mary and Martha and Lazarus and if you listen to Martha on the day when Jesus resurrected Lazarus she said she put a combination of she only here I think about one more time in Scripture and when Jesus says to her that he's the resurrection of the life she says I know she know that God will give you anything you want our paraphrasing here because you are the Messiah the Son of God she put those 2 things together so Mary is there Martha is serving Lazarus is there Mary comes in because she'd she took Jesus at his word when he said that he was going to die she thought of God if he's going to die go do something for his body and the nicest thing you could do is get a nice smelling thing to keep down the D. odors of decay and a new want that dead body and she spent a small fortune on that Spike nard. And then she heard people talking about the fact that Jesus was going to be the king of Israel so she's a well I I'll just I'll just a normal him with this and one of the most beautiful scenes we have in scriptures a powerful scene Mary comes in and you know it's all men around the table that's OK it was that cultures are good things are bad thing Mary comes in breaks open the spike nard and comes up and annoyance the head of Jesus and annoyance him with this and she's crying if you had 7 devils if you'd heard the voice of the Lord Jesus 7 times cast 7 devils that have been controlling your life wouldn't you love the Lord Jesus she's crying and you know how we are as men we feel awkward if women you start crying around us we feel a lot. It's OK we need to hear that too and. Then of course there was Judas and this is why this has importance is because Judas pops up because he's in charge of the Treasury anyone used to steal from it and he says while while wasn't this given to the pool it's amazing how people will use good things to down better things what is better than honoring the Lord Jesus and Jesus shows our nice side of him that I like it's that you see it every once in awhile that strong lion of the tribe of Judah side and he looks over and the disciples started Marman cause Judah started it and Jesus said in that no nonsense voice leave her alone. Leave her alone. And that rain call in Judas his heart and Judas finished his thinking and then that was the cause the start of him going over to the Sadducees the fair seas and plotting with them to kill Jesus that sets the stage because Sunday morning the 1st of the week there's 8 days here Sunday through Sunday Jesus does something they've never seen him do before because all before he's just said you know you're not putting me on David Strong leave me alone I've got my work to do but today he's different and he tells us disciples to go to certain village and get a donkey and the cult probably almost a full grown colt and they bring that in in courts with the prophecy he sets on it and all of a sudden thousands of people around there hear that Jesus is coming the crowds begin to grow now they you know if it were a royal on top entourage that was coming in they would have banners and they would have all kinds of everything waving and they would be rolling out the red carpet and all that counts and they didn't have any of that but what they did have is they recycle started pulling off their our coats one of them throws it on the donkey Jesus sets on that donkey the one that is the colt and he began storeyed down toward Jerusalem and people start taking the coats off and throwing them on the ground of the donkey Toronto over and they be and so what can we wave and begin to grab the palm branches and break them off and begin to wave that it was a it was a scene great in fact one insight that we have says that it was last risk leaving the donkey thank about that for a moment. So here's the resurrected Lazarus here people who have been blind here people that couldn't hear people have dealt devils people had leprosy lives have been changed she's on everybody's lips and you can't stop the praise the praise is just everywhere children are singing adults are praising God they're quoting the psalm they're saying Jesus and he's allowing he's allowing them to treat him as the Messiah because he is the Messiah and so as he starts that journey down down toward Jerusalem they get down toward Jerusalem the sad you see is the reverse the chief priests are very concerned about this and they come running out and they complained to Jesus Well you know you do this and he says something to the effect you know if they don't do it stones will cry out Oh May the Lord always use my mouth and praise and not stones we don't think God enough at any rate that didn't work and so they they started complaining to the people and they weren't listening they were so happy and then they turn to the Roman soldiers and they thought maybe they'd have a case or you know the look at this crowd you know you're not you're here not out allow that you've got to put a stop to this old Roman soldiers go up to Jesus and they look at him as what's going on here he says My kingdom is not of this world and taking one look at him it just calm them and they felt more like kneeling down before him and then they turned to the leaders of Israel and they put them in their place as the procession goes on it ends and. In a paradoxal way Jesus begins to weep in the middle of the celebration not just to tear his body shook was sobs and he wept over Jerusalem. You know I want to be saved because I don't want Jesus to have to weep over me I don't want him to weep over you he goes home spent the night the next morning he's on coming in with the disciples and as they come Jesus is hungry and in that palace. Climate a settler there was one tree among all the others that was in full leaf and should have had fruit on it and Jesus goes and he looks for the fruit he doesn't find anything and then contrary to his usual nature disciples were surprised he curses the fig tree doesn't use swear words he just simply says you are going to die and no one is going to eat fruit from you again they're shocked at that they leave there and they head into the city this is On Monday they head into the city and Jesus comes in to the to the cattle traders again this is the 2nd time he's done this he did the 1st part of his ministry now just before his crucified and resurrected does it one more time now this is this is a horrible thing. By the way the people that were making the real money on this was anice because he's he's really he's the real chief priest in the OK ifas is there and as is high priest until his death he's really the one that's recognized by the Jewish people K.-I forces put picked by the Romans That's his son in law but these guys are making a mint on this and this is the deal if you felt like you needed to sacrifice an animal you bring that sacrificial animal with you and before you can get into the temple you go past the skies and believe me they're going to find something wrong with your animal is going to have some blemish on it and then before if you're going to make a sacrifice you come all this way you're going to have to buy one of those at some kind of exorbitant rate double exorbitant rate not only going to pay a horrible price for it but you're going to have to pry temple money and the discount rate is awful. It was like running a religious mafia that's what they were doing and Jesus that lion of Judah if you please that divine divine this of him flashes through his humanity and he goes and he starts to turn the tables over as he does he says in so many words as we would say in English get out of here you've taken you've taken my father's house a house of prayer and you've turned it into a den of thieves and for the 2nd time and they are probably valid to themselves they would never run away from him again but the whole group runs as though they're scared for their very life and the one another one the most beautiful scenes I don't know what they did maybe push the tables aside but then that area is filled with people who are sick who are hurting who want to hear Jesus people are he'll they're listening to him one most beautiful pictures as he's sitting there he's got a little child on his lap I get this from the book desire ages and says that little child had fallen asleep on Jesus is that a beautiful picture that's what Jesus does when he comes into our hearts he kicks out the money changers he kicks them out and he transforms us into something totally and completely different well again they they were extremely angry about this and so the next morning on Tuesday morning the Sanhedrin meets again and they say to themselves we've got to do something I mean the whole world has gone after him and we cannot let him just take over the Temple precincts and act like he owns it he can't get away we've got to do something so Tuesday Jesus is going to spend the day teaching in the temple so they they meet early in the morning they show up there when Jesus starts his day and one of the 1st things they hit him with is who gave you this authority now 40 is a big deal. Everybody has authority in your life you choose your authority that you have somebody or someone or something that you listen to authoritatively what I don't want is to have my selfish self in charge what I do want is to have the authority of that unselfish Jesus who gave you this authority now they expected him to say Oh Martha already came from heaven and they were going to radically deny it and there'd be a big argument and they were going to try that they had a whole lot of stuff to come in behind that they wanted to discount Jesus and discredit him and front of this huge crowd that he was teaching the Jesus answers them with a question he says Tell me John the Baptist where did he get his authority at that moment Jesus they had taken Jesus and pretty much on the scaffold put a rope around his neck and with his answer he'd pull the lever and fall but with that one question Jesus picks them up by the nap of the gnat stands him on the same scaffold and says you could pull the lever if you want to what did John get his authority they the crowd expected him to say Jesus got it I mean that John got it from heaven but they don't want to do that because the minute they said that Jesus would come back and said he testified that I was the Lamb of God I was the Messiah of the world why didn't you believe. Let me tell you Jesus is still trying to reach those fair season Sajid's sees this is the last chance those leaders have accepted Jesus as the Messiah of the world and he's doing everything he can to reach them and they were smart enough to figure that out and they said well no E.T.A. got it from from beneath the people would stone them because Alfio out John was a prophet. So they came back to Jesus and they said in essence we don't want to pull the lever either we can't tell you and then parable after parable and then the question after question Are Tuesday is a big day and I'll just pick out a little bit of this day here but one of the next things that Jesus does is he looks out and he says a man had 2 sons once his father said oh please go work in the vineyard and the son says I will not but he went anyway later and he said he had another son and that son said yes I'll go but he never went and Jesus said so which one did the bidding of his father the will of his father well they said of course the the 1st one and then Jesus said something really tough he said the publicans and the harlots are going to go into the kingdom of God before you because they believe John the Baptist and then he told the parable of the vineyard the owner of the vineyard who sent who sent his servants and finally his son and they killed him you know the story and they were so intrigued with the story that when Jesus got done with it he says What will the owner do to those terrible servants and the Pharisees and the sad you see these are the chief priests responded he will destroy those miserable people and then they realized they'd pronouncements on themselves because they've been plotting that morning to kill Jesus the Son of God then one of them really slick they had really worked on this when they thought we could entrap him and they said tell us you are such a wonderful teacher be aware flattery you're such a wonderful teacher police tell us should we pay tribute to Caesar our not if he said yes they were going to discredit him in front of all the people if he said no they were going to Holliman for treason. And one of those greatest strokes of genius that is guided our relationships as Christians down through the ages was secular governments was this one and he says show me a coin and tell me whose picture that is and then he says in those marvelous words render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and and to God the things that are God's Aren't you glad you got that statement as coming out of Tuesday of that passion week and so the day goes it's a long day when it's finally done Jesus leaves those precincts we don't have much information on what happened A wins day as far as Jesus is concerned we don't know if he was Steve was teaching in the temple or if he was really perhaps taking some time off preparing for what was getting ready to come they will spend some more time with his disciples but we know of 2 things that happen the Sanhedrin met again that morning and when the Sanhedrin met the morning they are beside themselves because they can't find a way to kill Jesus and then Judas shows up 1st or you're going to find him and arrest him and they're not going to arrest him in the temple they're not going to arrest him in the crowds and they don't know where he goes at night and Judas for 30 pieces of silver the price of a slave is willing to sell his Lord and betray him the next day is Thursday Thursday it's going to be a long day is the day that they're going to prepare for the Passover Jesus and His disciples in the prepare the Passover. And then one of the most powerful moments the ministry of Jesus to reach our selfish arts we just don't get it I'm talking about myself I got fingers pointing at myself it's hard for us to get this remember when the disciples were trying to figure out who was going to be the greatest on the way to Jerusalem to that passion week that spirit had carried all the way over and they were still discussing that as they went into the Lord's supper and to the Passover everything had been prepared but they had not hired a servant and not one of them was willing to to do it because he didn't want to put himself in the 2nd class position because I didn't know who Jesus might choose to be the highest in the kingdom Jesus wanted so much to talk to them and tell them a distancing like I got through all the sudden Jesus stands up walks over to the bowl of water where the towel takes his own coat off and takes the water and begins to wash the disciples feet and now the mood in the room totally changes so like a wind blowing over a wheat field and that Shane runs into these disciples and they say to themselves oh this is terrible one of us should have done a we're letting the master walk why are we learning the end you know finally get to Peter appeared to express is everybody's opinion so to speak this is Lord you can't you can't wash my feet you just can't do that just I just can't let you do that and geez if I don't wash your feet you don't have any part of me now now Peter so much you would notice washed my feet washed all me all over Jesus said Peter it's just enough to wash your feet because what Jesus really after was not his dirty feet was after that dirty hard. Which is trying to do is wash the unselfishness he's trying to tell them my kingdom is not like this world and mocking them it's going to be an unselfish heaven to people that go to my kingdom they're not living for themselves they're not looking for what they can get they're always looking for what they can do and how they can be a blessing and how their life can pour out as a blessing to others aren't you glad for that kind of kingdom that's the kingdom I want to be a part of are to be a part of this world and that kind of a kingdom life can exist and that's great news we can exist in our society if I wash his feet in fact it changes all that aside the mood is totally different except for one person and that's Judas the sun shines on all kinds of hearts on some hearts it melts in other hearts it hardens by the grace of God Oh Lord I say make sure my heart melts and then it doesn't harden but Judas heart was hardened and finally after they all Jesus made this revelation was important for him to make that revelation because afterwards it would be important for the disciples to know that Jesus did know about his betrayer Any knew who the betrayer was says one of your betray me you could hear that he is that eyes that I I think there were horrified and Judas kind of got caught up in it and then all of a sudden he figured out that he's really all one had said is that I and so he's as I and Lord Jesus looks at him somehow in the confusion the other disciples didn't get it was useful to him and says yeah it's you it's you and the one who put his hand to the dip with me that's the one and then Judas stands up in the disciples thought maybe out of their confusing confusion and then they hear Jesus say just whatever you do do quickly I thought maybe want to pay for the meal or do something and maybe take care of the poor or something but Judas went out betrays Lord and he would never ever come home again. Jesus finishes the supper by the way the Passover and the Lord's Supper is stands between 2 dispensations the Old Testament is meeting its fulfillment the New Testament is unfolding all the prophecies of the Old Testament in Christ and will we celebrate the Lord's Supper we have the privilege of celebrating the unfolding article Agilent on the side of the cross I'm happy to live on the side of the cross because I can see the living Christ they they can anticipate the living Christ you get the closes and Isaiah Chapter 53 but they could anticipate that they could see the living Christ on the way to get a similar on the way to get so many Jesus gives him other teachings and clued in Matthew 24 he gives a Matthew for John Chapter 14151617 he talks to them about the Holy Spirit and He says those wonderful words in chapter 14 verse 13 I how many people do I have one will pray the Father how many people do I have and he will send another now how many do I have another can be the 1st 2 and then Jesus says those wonderful words I will not leave you orphans are you glad for that right this very moment every one of us in this room are enjoying their wonderful benefits of that promise then he heads into guess him an E. and now Jesus form changes he used to shake and tremble and make their way into the inner garden he leads most of the cycles he takes Peter James and John and then he goes in and he says Please pray I need your prayers please pray I don't know why but they fell asleep they were sleep just when Jesus needed them the most Does Jesus still need our prayers. Does it I can explain everything about that but there's something about our prayers that energizes the powers of light against the powers of darkness Jesus did not want to go through that crucifixion he did not want to go through the human torture he never thought about himself he'd been preparing his disciples he had told Peter that he was going to deny him 3 times before the rooster crowed twice and Peter said no they might leave you to but not me Jesus now all of you will for sake me before the night is done you're going to for sake of me just begin to pray in the garden I don't understand all of this but he was pleading with his father not to have to go through this I will tell you this that if the Heavenly Father could have done anything to save us besides sending his son to Calvary's cross he would have done it that's why we cannot be saved by the law as wonderful as the law is and as wonderful it is for Jesus to live out that law in our hearts and I've done to get into that but the only way the father could save us is a send His only begotten Son in to Calvary's cross when guess him in the is done the mom is coming in the middle of the night they probably had several 100 people it's kind of an amazing scene they thought they were going to have to chase Jesus through the streets or something I don't know they Jesus why it was you know I was in the temple with you all the time are you coming out against me now with clubs spears swords I'm the one he says let these ago you're looking for I'm the one and then that Mahdi Angel had strengthen him shows up they are far like dead people you think that would be enough when you. Or when Peter drawls his sword Bless your heart Peter cut off the high priest eared Jesus put that sorta way people that use a sort of a die by the sword put his hand on the ear you think that be enough wooden but somehow they recover they had discovered one thing these chief priest had then discovered that while Jesus used these marvelous powers to heal and even raise the dead that he would not exercise these powers to save himself now they take him back by the way the receipts trials all of them basically illegal 6 of you have an us the trial before him and I have time to get into all of that you have a trial then before chaos is taking place at night and then they have a rubber stamp Sanhedrin at the dawn and then they rush him to pilot pilots all of a sudden figures out that this is not real good accusations and he doesn't like these guys anyway and for once in his life he decides not to rubberstamp them and then he finds himself in kind of a trap and then he finds out that Herod is in town and the Jesus is a Galilean and so he just kicks the can as you would say over to pilot since Jesus over there last pilot worry about it and you can imagine how disappointed he was when Herod imes our pilot but Herod when Herod sins him back and then pilot shows his weakness he has Jesus scourged Now listen let's not you could just die from that and then he brings Jesus out the whole of the man and he thought that would maybe satisfy them it only whetted their appetite they solve the weakness and they went for pilots juggler vein crucified crucified. Then part of one more thing in the midst of that pilot's wife since him a letter have nothing to do with this just man have suffered many thanks pilot now as he tries to save Jesus but then they begin to say listen if you don't if you don't crucify him we're going to tell Caesar and we tell Caesar you're going to be in trouble and he was already in trouble so to save his own hide he decided to do what he knew. Was unjust folly washes his hands I am innocent of the blood of this just man Jesus tried Jesus I love Jesus He's the in comparable Jesus the incomparable Jesus there's no one like him Jesus tried to soothe pilot by simply saying pilot those who delivered me to you have the greater sin power never recovered and so we see the scene of the screws of fiction I not going to describe that scene except of point out a couple of things again you see that in comparable Jesus and pain and suffering is crucified at 9 o'clock in the morning he's dead by 3 but he sees his mother and he says Warman behold your son she's on John's arm John behold your mother there's something extra special about that she says remember his mother took care of her even though he didn't have a penny dying a criminal's death. But he was in shrine in the affections of John John took her into his home to care of her to the day she died she sleeping somewhere in a dusty grave somewhere and F.S.S. and on the morning of the resurrection she'll see her son not hanging on a cross but coming in the clouds of great glory I don't have time to go through all of the 7 sayings but there is one saying that I will finish with not finish with but I got one more thing to cover and that is when Jesus said My God my God why why have you forsaken me it wasn't because God the Father wanted to for sake him it was because God the Father was treating him ill it was because the both of them had agreed together and they could see it Jesus had to go through this he had to suffer at the hands of lawless men and what they heaped on him should have been heaped on them so that what should have been heaped on us we may Xscape and here's the great truth of Christianity God the Father and His Son are God and son sacrificed himself to his own justice and set us free to decide heaven I think was rejoice because I knew when he said it is finished that there was a resurrection coming the disciples can see it there on the upper room weeping and mourning and groaning and all those kinds of things it's because the sun and settled all their hopes and joys both of says you season the very seas the readers of Israel had not forgot and they did not misinterpret what he said and they went to pilot and said look he said he would rise again we don't His disciples still in his body tonight sin the $100.00 soldiers over there and guard the tomb put a seal on it if you break that seal to pain of death. Sabbath. The cycle should have remembered and exercise their faith they should have been all over Jerusalem telling everybody tomorrow morning Jesus is coming back from the grave you ought to be there we're going to be there and still having 100 soldiers witness that resurrection there have been 10000 people out there to see that listen let me tell you that what happens next all of Christianity depends on the Resurrection none of us know resurrection no forgiveness of sin if the resurrection happened and it did and I don't have time to go into why it's a reality and not a myth resurrection happens Genesis is true if the resurrection happens the 2nd coming is true that Marty angel this charge from heaven to go to that tomb reaches that to rolls back that stone like it's a parable of a soldier see all of this and they are absolutely frightened to death they see Jesus come out as a conqueror their head faces filled with fear they go running and stumbling black back to the city and everybody they say they say he was the Son of God He was we he was the Son of God We saw him we saw him run as we saw him come from Act He's alone I evidently some the Sadducees affairs he's had some other people around there and they heard that they grabbed the they went to them and said all they said oh you got to get these guys in here don't get the pilot before it gets to us and I think I think they were so shocked as the soldiers just poured out what had happened they could hardly talk but finally they figured out they'd better pay money they came in loaded with truth and went out with their hands full of money. I don't think pilot for a minute was fool I think he these guys are going to sell their life for money they told pilot the truth and that's why there was never ever any peace for him he eventually committed suicide by the way Judas had hung himself his his it was a terrible sight on the way to Calvary and people look at the dead Mengal Judith's and thought even now the enemies of Christ are receiving the retribution the women had come that morning that come from different directions that come before the sun 1st light of the sun it was still dark I don't know if they saw the flash of light or what but when they got to the tomb they were going they're happy they just had spices they love Jesus everything for them was dark but when they get there they see these angels who tell them about Jesus and his resurrection Mary come from another direction so that I think there must have been a scene rejoicing with those women the likes of never seen before and Mary shows up they they run to tell Peter and John Mary shows up she looks in the tomb she sees 2 engines standing there and then she she backs out because your head eyes are full of tears she she doesn't comprehend what's happening here and then she sees another form and she's listen if they don't have a good place for Jesus she's got an empty tomb she has a place for his body and she says tell me where you take him thanking the gardener Jesus says Mary she recognizes the voice what a change happened in a moment when she realizes her lord is risen again I'm telling you dear friends. Jesus and you know that I'm just declaring it I'm just declaring it because we are still his witness to an unbelieving mocking world Jesus is alive Jesus is resurrected from the dead he's resurrected in the flesh and he's coming and gray clouds of glory to take us home I don't want to miss that I don't want you to miss that we need to be telling the world listen Jesus is alive we can prove it from scripture we can prove it from ancient sources and all of that kind of thing but let me tell you the greatest proof Jesus has changed my life I was riding on a plane from Boston to Arab Emirates and I was running beside a young lady who'd been in the US of worked in the US she got her from India she got her degree she was a Hindu We got talking about religion and a really nice young lady and she worked in Boston among the most worse lives that have been just destroyed by drugs alcohol and all the world rust she's I work with the worst of the worse and I said to her you know I said Christianity has power and she looked at me she said I know she says I saw the worst case I have ever seen she said this woman's life was absolutely totally ruined with drugs and all the rest of it. But she said and there was nothing they could do she said she gave her life to Christ and she says 180 degree turn she says it just totally and completely changed her life. We are His witness. We are His witnesses that he has changed our lives we are His witnesses. Feel. His father in heaven forgive all of us for the times we have forgot to be witnesses. I mean we leave today we leave this moment as we think about that time long ago. When Jesus did what he did for us. Steel Wheels to us. It's like we were still there. Because he's so alive and living in our hearts. We leave this place determined that Jesus will always abide you know this that his love unselfish love will always shine through us. And that we will embrace her. Because he's commanded. To love is he. And Jesus. 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