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A Sheep Among Wolves

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.


  • April 17, 2019
    10:45 AM
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Father in heaven we've come together one last time as we linger in your presence Lord we plead father for one more blessing from the throne of grace before we all dispersing go our various ways father we've learned a lot over the weekend and our minds have lots of new information and I pray that you would part the way. And help us together today to learn one more thing that will draw us nearer to you speak to us Lord for we ask it in Jesus name Amen. Blessings how many of you like blessings and then I love blessings I love scene that song there shall be showers. I love singing that song blessings are all over the place in the Word of God There are lots of places where you can find blessings in fact in my humble opinion every time you come across the promise there you find a blessing. And in the greatest sermon that was ever preached by Jesus the Sermon on the Mount there at the very beginning he goes through a list of blessings and if you want to go there you can Matthew chapter 5 Jesus lists these 9 different blessings and we're not going to go through all 9 of them but very quickly here we can look at some of these blessings were 5 the Bible says bless it are the meek verse 6 bless it are they which hunger and thirst after righteousness verse 7 Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy mercy bless it are the pure in heart for they shall see God great blessings lots of blessings that God wants to give to us and at this point in Jesus's sermon I'm tracking with him it all makes sense but then something really strange happens in blessing number 8 and blessing number 92 things that he mentions that you would not consider a blessing Jesus says this verse 10 bless it are they which are persecute it for righteousness sake for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven bless it are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake and if that weren't enough rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted they the profits which were before you. We don't think about is a blessing doing bless it are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you false way I'll be honest with you I've never gone to church on Sabbath morning and heard one of the dear saints during the praise and prayer requests time say I am thankful that God has given me the blessing of persecution this week I never heard that in fact what we usually hear goes something like this I'm thankful that we live in a country where we are free to worship God according to the dictates of our conscience and we're not persecuted for what we believe that's usually what you hear right or maybe you hear something like I've gone through a trial this past week and I'm being persecuted by my coworkers or my family would you please keep me in prayer that is usually the stuff we hear on Sabbath morning right but Jesus at the very beginning of his sermon he goes through all of these blessings and people like yes the peacemakers there blessed blessed are you when you are persecuted wait a 2nd hang on a minute I didn't sign up for those kind of blessings the book desire of ages makes a very interesting statement. Why is it that God's people are blessed when they are persecuted desiré just place 3 or 6 as this it is fellowship with God It is what it is fellowship with God that brings them God's people the world's T. let me ask you question Is it a blessing to have fellowship with God yes or no yes. So there we find a blessing but she goes on and she says they are burying the reproach of Christ they are treading the path that has been trodden by the noblest of the earth not with sorrow but with rejoicing should they meet persecution how should we meet persecution each Fiery Trial Listen to this Don't miss it each fiery trial is God's agent for their refining each is 15 them for their work as cold laborers with him each conflict has its place in the great battle for righteousness and each will add to the joy of their final triumph I would submit to you this morning that we should think God both in times of peace and in adversity but I want you to go over with me a couple of chapters to Matthew Chapter 10 and Jesus is giving his what some people refer to as his ordination speech as he's sending out his the cycles to go and be workers and he says this in Matthew Chapter 10 and verse 16 Jesus makes another startling statement to his followers it says Jesus says be hauled I send you forth as sheep. In the midst of wolves big therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves in that little phrase I send you out as sheep among wolves Jesus defines the identity of his followers what are they they are sheep and he also defines the identity of those that His sheep are going to they are what now do I really need to explain to you this morning what happens when sheep are among amongst wolves I need to explain that we all understand right is it a good outcome usually or a bad outcome and you know it's interesting to me that it doesn't take a lot of wolves to cause much damage among sheep and in fact in the natural world what you find is it doesn't matter how many sheep there are if there is one Wolf there will be damage but I want to tell you something this morning we're going to find out here in a few moments but that's not the way it is in the spiritual world because God's sheep can triumph over the wall it's going to see how that happens here in just a few moments but Jesus defines the identity here of his followers that they are sheep in the midst of walls but I don't want you to miss an important comparison you can write this in your notes Isaiah Chapter 53 in verse 7 Jesus of the Old Testament prophet speaking about Jesus describes him as one who was brought as a lamb to the slaughter when you send sheep in the midst of wolves you are sending them to be slaughtered. And so in essence as Jesus is doing his ordination sermon for his disciples as he's getting ready to send them out to work for him he's basically saying you are going to do the same thing that I have done now maybe you as I and many others have heard this idea that the safest place for us to be is in the center of God's will I hear that before I want to tell you something brothers and sisters as you read through Scripture you will actually find that that is not Biblical physically spiritually the safest place for you to be is always in the center of God's will but physically it's a different story because what if the center of God's will for you is to be a sheep in the midst of wolves is that a physically safe place Yes or No No But is it a spiritual thing absolutely we have to reprogram the way we think because many people think that if it's dangerous if it's going to cost you your life if it's going to have high stakes then it must not be God's will that's not what Jesus told His disciples you go for all throughout Scripture and you find time and time again yes there were times like the 3 Hebrew word these where when they went into their fiery furnace God protected them and God will do the same thing in the last days but what about the Old Testament prophets who cried aloud in spare not and lost their life because of it you have to change the way we think because it doesn't matter if we lose our lives what matters is that we're doing our father's bidding and if he chooses to protect me as I go forth as a sheep in the midst of wolves so be it if I'm more valuable to God to have my life brought to an end so be it I have to leave that up to the Lord. So we've talked a lot this weekend about missions in you know ministry and going out and be witnesses and all of that yesterday morning we talked about the Gospel commission and how God wants to throw us out but the devil has these 2 ditches on either side of the road worldliness and isolation that he's trying to get us into but what I want you to understand the small any is that as God sends you forth he is not sending you down a path of roses he is sending you out as sheep in the midst of war. And as we go out as sheep in the midst of wolves should we be surprised when we are attacked should that surprise us should it discourage us should we expect it OK So we have that we have to think these things through when we go out to be laborers together with God There is a price that is involved in going out to be a worker for God It is dangerous it is risky and it is unsafe to be a sheep in the midst of wolves but brothers and sisters that's where God calls you that's where you need to go and God is calling all of us he is sending all of us for her story about some missionaries who wanted to work among the but tok tribe in Nisha and they was a missionary couple they went to go live with these people and as they began to share with them the good news this tribe was 100 percent Muslim sheep in the midst of wolves they went to bring to them the good news the glad tidings of salvation and shortly after they got there the elders of this tribe of people took them and murdered them and ate them several years later there was another couple. He said Those people are God's children and they need to hear the gospel and they had heard the story about the missionaries before them who had gone there and had been come cannibalized sed they said they need to hear the gospel they are God's children just as much as I am God's child and so they decided to go and bring the gospel to them but the talk tried and as they began to share the story of the good news of salvation those tribal leaders they remembered the same stories that they had heard from the previous missionaries but this time they listened and as they listened to those stories it was transformative in their lives and within a short period of time that 2nd missionary family that went there converted the entire tribe of Muslim believers to Christianity brothers sisters I want to tell you something this morning it is worth it if you look at it from a heavenly perspective it is worth it to be a sheep in the midst of wolves we just have to trust God that he is doing what is best now lest we think that Jesus was just calling his disciples to be sheep in the midst of wolves just down in your notes if you would 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 and verse 12 where Paul talking to the young men Timothy he tells him that all that will live godly in Christ Jesus what might maybe I want you to notice as we go through this talk together the Swan and I want you to notice the definitive way that Jesus describes that persecution not made come not might come but it will come to all who what live godly Now I know that all of us have the desire to live godly lives Amen amen you're a little unsure an hour June. We all want to live godly lives we all want to be ready when Jesus comes we all want to be like Christ we all want to have the character of Christ perfectly reproduced in our lives but do we understand what it's going to cost us to have that happen if we don't count the cost when the trial comes when the persecution comes when the death threats come we might say maybe I don't want this guy to count the costs because all who live godly in Christ Jesus Paul tells us will suffer persecution in fact the E.S.B. version makes it very plain that they will suffer persecution there's no ambiguity here it is definitive listen to the statement from the great controversy page 48 it says this The apostle Paul declares that all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution Now listen why is it then that persecution seems in a great degree to slumber Yeah are we persecuted here let me tell you something brother and sisters if you are going through a trial of like a Sabbath work issue or family not in agreement with you of your in your religious convictions I want to tell you this morning that's not persecution OK we're going to have to grow above these types of things because what what is coming before us is exceeding abundantly above what you might be experiencing right now now I'm not saying that that isn't a trial but it's not the type of persecution that you find define in the Bible as persecution OK now listen to this she goes on and says Why then is it that persecution seems to a great degree to slumber she goes on the only reason is that the church has conformed to the world's standard and therefore awakens no opposition. Now listen you can throw hand grenades at the church all you want and rotten tomatoes at the church all you want but the church is YOU The church is mean and if there is no a persecution that's being awakened and the reason for that lack of persecution is because of worldliness in the church I have to ask myself the question am I contributing to that because we can talk about G.C. leadership all we want we can talk about Conference leadership in union leadership and all that kind of stuff we can throw hand grenades into those camps but brothers sisters it all comes down to this person right here now doesn't stop there she goes on it's a great quote you want to go back and find it great controversy page $48.00 she goes on she says this let there be a revival of faith and power of the early church and the spirit of persecution will be revived and the fires of persecution will be really kindled what will happen what will bring on the persecution and revival a revival of primitive godliness like the apa stalling church that will ignite the flames of persecution you know this is clearly illustrated in the life of the disciples as you look at them during their 3 and a half years of ministry together with Jesus where they persecuted not really I mean they were part of a group of people that were very famous but their lives were not in jeopardy even though they were fearful that they might die at the time of the crucifixion they weren't really interested in the disciples they wanted Jesus dead and it's interesting that as you look at that time period in the disciples lives of that 3 and a half years together with Jesus what were they largely largely arguing about who would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven therefore there was awakened no opposition to the church and there was no kinda lean of persecution against them. But what happen when they can when they experience conversion in their lives Matthew Mark Luke John you flip over to the Book of Acts and what you find persecution after persecution after persecution but don't miss this point as a result of the persecution what happened to the church it grew by leaps and bounds and it's interesting to me that the very thing that we are fearful about the very thing that we try to keep at bay is the very thing that the Book of Acts tells us is what grew the church of course it was because the Holy Spirit was upon those men that awakened all of that opposition the world's not going to oppose the church unless the church is filled with the divine power of the Holy Spirit and Acts Chapter 8 The Bible tells us and Saul was consenting and his that is Stephen's death and at that time there was a great persecution against the church which was Jerusalem and they were scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria except the Apostles what that the persecution do it was. It scattered them right you know we feel comfortable in our little groups we like to be around those who think like us and act like us and talk like us and like us and dress like us we feel comfortable when we're like that but according to scripture that's not what the God wants what God wants us to do he says you are the salt of the earth and salt needs to be spread around and so when God's people tend to congregate themselves together we find that sometimes he will bring one persecution and that persecution will what. It scatters them and notice that the Bible goes on to say in verse 4 as a result of that Gadarene the Bible says therefore they that were scattered Why were they scattered because they were persecuted they those that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word. Did they allow the persecution to keep them from doing their divine mission no they did not they continued burying the good news wherever they went in other words the results of the great persecution the result of it is that the Gospel was carried to the far reaches of the world and the world was turned upside down in one generation I think maybe we're praying for the wrong prayer maybe we need to pray for a little bit of persecution you know it's interesting to me I read a book called The insanity of God It's a fantastic book if you haven't read it you need to and basically the author Nick Ripken was going through and document team Christians in persecuted parts of the world and this is what Nick Ripken found out as he was trying to learn from the faith of these incredible men and women what he found was this those who live in areas of great persecution they do not pray for the persecution to be removed they pray that God will keep them faithful Well they are persecuted are we praying for the wrong prayer it's interesting to me that as Satan persecutes God's church what he ends up doing is accomplishing God's purpose does he not taking the gospel to the world he persecuted the Son of God What did it result in salvation for the world so we go back to our passage Matthew Chapter 10 in verse 16 behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves but ye shall be there for wise as serpents and harmless as Don Yes there's a lot packed into this little verse and we're just going to try to unpack a little bit of it we won't have time to do everything but the 1st thing you notice is that the Bible says Jesus says Behold I what. I was I sent It's the same thing as the gospel commission right God is sending his children we already talked about this in our time together yesterday and many of those that Jesus sent they had other occupations they were fishermen they were tax collectors they were lawyers they had all different occupations but all of their occupation no matter what it was was trumped by the occupation of being sent as a worker for God Right OK So I want you to notice Jesus is sending them and he knows where he is sending them to the next thing we find in the passages that he says he's sending them where as sheep among wolves in in all simplicity what Jesus saying here is I am sending you into dangerous places where is he sending them do wolves have sympathy for Lambs do you expect the wolf to say how you do it do you expect the wolf to come up to you and say hey brother I notice that you're having a rough day today can I help you out and pray with you behold I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves Let's go on a look at a couple of other passages here Matthew Chapter 10 notice what it says in verse 17 it says but beware of men for they will deliver you up to the councils and they will scourge you in their synagogues 1st $21.00 and the brother shall deliver up the brother to what death and the father the child and the children shall rise up against their parents and cause them to be put to death verse 22 and ye shall be hated it of all men for my name sake but he that in jurists to the end Shelby say verse 23 but when they persecute you in this city what does it say spread the gospel someplace else. First 36 and a man's foes. Shall be they of his own household as much as I would like to say that things have changed in the past 2000 years but time between the time that Jesus said this and now I can't tell you that is the same thing Jesus says in John Chapter 15 in verse 20 Remember the word that I said unto you the servant is not greater than his lord if they have persecuted me with the rest of it they might persecute you know they will persecute you so listen to me carefully this morning if you're looking for safety and untroubled life freedom from danger the message is clear from the Word of God stay as far away from Jesus as you possibly can are you tracking with me the message is clear if that is what you are looking for what is put before us as the great American dream to live prosperously in a comfortable life where you are not persecuted if that's the life you're looking for stay as far away from Jesus as you possibly can because anybody who wants to live a godly life according to scripture that's what they have to look forward to but brothers and sisters God's people do not become discouraged by things like that because they don't look at things from a heavenly perspective or from a earthly perspective they look at things from a heavenly perspective they understand that this what time in this world is but for a short season and if they are faithful during that small season of persecution they will have eternity to look forward to with God in the kingdom of heaven these types of things who have for people who have a relationship with God who walk with him every day these types of things do not discourage them and I want to tell you something this morning brothers sisters I was fearful of the idea of persecution. I remember as a teenager hearing about all of the coffins that they're building in internment camps that they're putting together and all of this conspiratorial stuff and it scared me out of my mind as a young person the type of torture that they're going to do and the old things that they're going to reenact and what what I found out is that I was paying too much attention to that and not among enough attention to him I want to be one of those men that as the reformers of all this they go to the stake they're singing there shall be showers of blood things as they're going to be burnt alive at the stake praising their Lord that they can stand in service for him and show love to the world Jesus said Greater love hath no man than this than he. So last part of the verse that I find very interesting as well behold I send you forth as she's in the midst of wool it's Then Jesus. Is ironic he says this be there for wise as serpents and let me ask you question how does the human flesh respond when he's in the midst of angry wolves What do you want to be like do you want to be as harmless as a dove you want to but. You want to give it back to them don't you if you're going to hurt me I'm going to hurt you if you're going to say mean things to me I'm going to say mean things to you if you're going to gossip about me I'm going to gossip about you we feel it's our right to do that but what does Jesus say to be harmless as doves Charles Spurgeon said this finding sheep are strange animals and fighting Christians are so a self evident contradiction quote that when in your next board meeting Jesus command to his sheep is a testing command. I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves but you better be as harmless as a dove if you're going to win those wolves for me and brothers sisters if you think you have a lot of patience right now get in the midst of the wolves and see how long that patience lasts because let me tell you something this morning you will not humanly be able to be as harmless as a dove if you do not have that living relationship with Jesus you can't do it you've all done it before I know I done it many times where you make this resolve that you're going to be a better person and then you you do it in your own strength and you try to do it and you're you're you're successful a few times but then there comes that pesky old wolf that just jabs it right your side and you give it right back to them it's only having that converted heart that time after time after time as Jesus was ridiculed and ultimately persecuted that he was able to say Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Every time I think about that I think there's no way I can do that my own strength when you are sorely tested slandered hated mistreated abused threatened with death it is not easy to bear all things believe all things hope all things and endure all things this is why we have to be connected with God morning by morning day by day we do not know what is going to come during that day we have to have that walk with Jesus that's alive that helps us to purser Vere whatever may come our way what did Paul say in Romans Chapter 12 verse 21 be not overcome of evil but overcome this in the statement. I found this in my study and it really kind of made me pause this from the review and herald people 26 of 892 you want to write that down review and herald April 26th 1892 Listen to this Jesus says Behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves but you need not meet the wolves in the same spirit that they themselves possess you are to be harmless as dogs listen to this in meeting those who are fierce of spirit you must manifest meekness and law would you manifest OK so I'm a sheep in the midst of wolves how do I act I act how meek and loving Listen to this meek and loving and the manifestation business of this spirit will frequently change the spirit of the will. What does it do and no wonder for transformation will take place they will go from being a wolf to a sheep now to tell you something today Brother and Sisters Only God can do something like that what does it take to transform a wolf into a sheep meekness and I find it interesting that she doesn't say anything about doctrine there you find that interesting. You know I find this many times throughout as I read the spirit probably not understand I was an evangelist for 7 and a half years I believe in doctrine I preach it I teach it I believe it's important to understand it but I want to tell you something this morning brother sisters it's not doctrine that transforms a wolf into a sheep what will transform a wolf into a sheep is a converted Christian because it's a converted Christian that can be meek and loving when they are being persecuted by the wolves. The world is not looking for more fancy thier theoretical doctrine the world is not looking for clear explanation of the 2300 days in the 70 weeks although we need to study that stuff but what the world is looking for is a Christian who will return good for evil and when people see that it touches their hearts it changes their lives and they say that is a person that has a relationship with Jesus and I want that same thing brothers sisters Jesus is not sending his sheep to be in the midst of wolves just for the sake of the slaughter there will be casualties along the way but with those casualties will also come conversions where wolves will be transformed into SHE 2016 there was an ISIS soldier who took especially great pleasure in killing Christians in gruesome ways he loved it he would dream and think up these gruesome ways to bring these people to their death one day he started receiving dreams man in a white shirt cloak and the man would say to him Why are you killing my people and you had this dream several times several times you would dream this why are you killing my people and then one day as there was this Christian man who was kneeled down before him he was getting ready to take this christians life the men stretched out and he handed the ISIS soldier his Bible here this is for you. Killed a man but he had this Bible in his hands and for some reason I believe it was the vine Spirit of God that impressed that man to go read that quote unquote infidel book and as he began to read the Bible the Word of God came alive to him. And he went around seeking for a missionary What was he looking for you see Listen brothers sisters they can have these visions and dreams they can even read the Bible but they need a person. To lead them in this process he sought out a missionary and asked the missionary to disciple him and as that missionary took that man underneath his wing he was a what he was an ISIS soldier and as he taught him from the Word of God that man became a Christian I look forward to seeing him in the kingdom of heaven one day another Paul right brand plucked from the burning one for the Kingdom of Heaven let me ask you a question in all honesty as Christians is persecution and death the worst thing that can happen to us really is it is not what we fear like it's the worst thing that could ever happen to us we think to ourselves Lord forbid that God would only let me live 25 years instead of 80 years or 90 years and I praise the Lord for letting us live long and prosperous lives and you know we tout the fact that where you no longer live in people as I have missed and awesome because of our health all that kind of thing and that's wonderful I'm thankful for that but really is death and persecution the worst thing that can happen to a Christian it really isn't but listen to this it is only when we no longer fear death that we are free to live bold lives for Jesus right if the devil can keep us under his thumb with fear of death and persecution if you can keep us under his thumb he will effectively keep us from reaching the unreached right because as long as we're fearful of death and persecution there's no way we're going to go to the country of Iran there's no way we're going to minister to Muslims there's no way we're going to minister to radical Hindus in India as long as we are afraid of persecution and death. So the devil's like it's OK believe your 20 fundamental beliefs as long as you're afraid of death and persecution because if you're afraid of that I got you right where I watch but let me tell you something brothers sisters when you tell that old devil listen I'm not afraid of that any longer because I've got my eyes fixed on a better place and you can take my life if you want to or not but I'm going to do what my master calls me to do it's when that happens that we can live boldly for Jesus and do incredible things for him and I found it so interesting that as I've studied this concept of persecution it has taken the sting out of it and what used to be fearful for me is no longer read this wonderful story about a man by the name of John Patten he was a Scottish Pastor very successful pastor back in the 800 S. He had a burden to reach the unreached in the in the on the islands of the New Hebrides these people were savage people in fact he had a particular burden John had a particular burden for one island and on this particular island there were missionaries that went there and moments after they stepped on the island they were cannibalized they weren't even this able to say Jesus loves you that boom right away they were killed and John had a burden for that island and his church members did everything that they could to try to convince him don't go there is an old man in his eighty's in his congregation who repeatedly told him the cannibals the cannibals you'll be eaten by cannibals John Paxson replies Mr Dixon you are advancing years now and your prospect is soon to be laid in the grave there to be eaten by worms. I confess to you that if I can but live and die serving and honoring the Lord Jesus it will make no difference to me whether I am eaten by cannibals or by worms and in the Great day of my resurrection or my resurrected body will be our will rise as fair as yours in the likeness of our risen Redeemer Paul miss for Jesus I'm not afraid of cannibals he went and worked on that island and converted the whole island to Christ he broke that yoke of bondage of fear of persecution and death he broke it off and he won hundreds of cannibals to Jesus I'm going to wrap this thing up now but I recently read a book. About 2 people that you probably maybe never heard of maybe you have John and Betty Stam find their book and read it sometime it's an incredible story but they worked with the China Inland Mission back in the early 1900 S. Betty was missionary kid her she was raised in China loved the work over there had a passion for the souls in China John had recently had a burden to reach the end reached and so when they got married they decided that you know they wanted to work in China fact they both went through the training in the China Inland Mission which is quite extensive to learn the Chinese language and be able to minister effectively in that country they had just finally gotten their 1st location as a couple missionary couple they had their new little baby girl and one morning it was a gray December morning there was a knock on the door John opened the door and there was a man on the outside informing him that the communist soldiers were not too far away and that he needed to get his family and get out of the city. So John wasn't you know he wasn't an alarmist he'd been in China for many years at this point and so he had seen these kind of things happen so he went to go investigate to find out if it was a credible source and there were conflicting stories so he went back home inside Yemen be a good safe father husband and so he was getting his family together to leave and just as he was getting ready to leave his house the communist soldiers took over the city and in just a few moments there was another knock at the door and it was a communist soldier arresting them they were hauled off through city after city after city as prisoners of war and they finally reached their final city one morning they came the soldiers came they stripped them down to their long underwear bound them up and parade at them through the streets telling everybody to come and see their execution there was a Christian man who was considered to be a luke warm Christian when he saw John and Betty he knelt down in front of the soldiers and pled for their lives the soldiers bound him and took him to the place of execution as well as they were walking somebody said to them Where are you going John said I don't know where they're going but I'm going to heaven before his execution John wrote this letter to the China Inland Mission my wife baby and myself are today in the hands of the communists their demand is $20000.00 for our release the Lord bless and guide you as for us may God be glorified whether by life or by death that day they were decapitated for witness of Jesus. I don't like stories like that. And I don't tell you these stories because I'm trying to scare you in any way but what I'm hoping that you will be inspired by when you hear stories like that is that it is possible through the power of Jesus to meet Death triumphantly. To not fear it to not compromise to avoid it but to look at death in the eyes and say if it be God's will so be it and I don't know what John and Betty's death is going to do to the kingdom of heaven but I trust that God made the right decision for them. R.H. Glover wrote in a review in The Herald October 9th of 1913 he said this is the very soul of missions is sacrifice. You want to be a missionary you want to go forth as a witness This is the soul of missions sacrifice he goes on and nothing less and nothing else then Divine Love. Can call forth the sacrifice. That is. Divine. Father in heaven. There is no way. On this earth. That we can do what you have called us to do in our last. So far that's a day before we leave we throw ourselves helplessly upon. The known Lord that you are not calling us to do anything that. You have not done yourself. And that is you have been victorious. In saving this world. That somehow you can the ends us whether beyond life or death. To bring salvation to others. Father and lead us I pray. Help us to find that right way. As father. And then you give us holy boldness. To defy the enemy and any threats he may throw at us. To boldly move forward. To claim new territories for Jesus. Father I pray that somebody here at this convocation. Would go to some part of them. Were Jesus's name. Has not been modern. But they would go there and plant a standard of Christianity. And that people would be one into your kingdom. Because of the sacrifice your church. And father really when we think about it. It's not much so. Because we have happened to. Lord as we keep our eyes looking toward heaven help us. Put our arms around as many people as possible. By your grace and bring them to the kingdom of God. Thank you. For allowing haven't touched this place this week this lasts. For we ask you to see. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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